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THE MIGHTY EAU CLAIRE RIVER Last Fall, the V1 crew took a trip down the rivers through downtown Eau Claire, an easy excursion anyone can try!


Chippewa River State Trail

Trails on trial some local rail trails may be at risk after a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling WORDS BY JEREMY GRAGERT // IMAGE BY ANDREA PAULSETH


isconsin pioneered the concept of turning an abandoned railroad line into a bicycle trail with the ElroySparta Trail in 1965, and since then the Rails to Trails movement has spread across the nation to benefit millions of Americans every day. Abandoned railroad lines that were built and busy during the Chippewa Valley’s lumber boom have been converted into bicycle trails over the past 40 years, and in earnest once the federal government passed the National Trails System Improvement Act in 1988. But the concept of what is considered “abandoned” is being called into question after an unexpected U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month said that government easements used for rail beds expired when the railroads went out of business. The case, Marvin Brandt Revocable Trust et al. v. United States, went to court when private landowners in Wyoming resisted the conversion of a railway corridor on their property into a section of the Medicine Row Trail, “asserting that the right of way was a mere easement that was extinguished when the railroad abandoned it, so that Brandt now enjoys full title to his land without the burden of the easement.” Brandt won the case despite losing in two lower courts. Railroads reached Wyoming in the first place due to a long

history of the federal government using railroads to fuel westward expansion of the United States, most notably (but not limited to) the 1875 Railroad Right of Way Act. The majority opinion of the court – which by the way was a striking 8-1 – said that the government no longer had a right of way because the 1875 Act only afforded the rail line a temporary easement across the land. Could this case be setting precedent

to address the uncertainty, but it will take some time. “Due to the complicated nature of railroad law and circumstances surrounding each individual rail line, we do not anticipate reaching any concrete conclusions with this preliminary research,” Brown wrote in an email on April 8. She did acknowledge that the state does have some rail corridors that resulted from the 1875 Act at issue in the case.

Could this case be setting precedent for the future of Rails to Trails, or even jeopardize our own existing trails that meet certain criteria? for the future of Rails to Trails, or even jeopardize our own existing trails that meet certain criteria? Should we be assembling an elite team of railroad history buffs, lawyers, and trail lovers to research the impact of this ruling on our potentially embattled Chippewa River State Trail, the Red Cedar State Trail, and the Old Abe State Trail? (Where is Frank Smoot when you need him?) Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources state trails coordinator Brigit Brown has already begun working with partners from across the state to begin VolumeOne.org 32 Apr. 17, 2014

In a March 13 post on the Bicycle Blog of Wisconsin (wisconsinbikefed. org/blog), Wisconsin Bike Fed deputy director Dave Schlabowske wrote that he learned the following after a bit of research on the State of Wisconsin Office of Commissioner of Railroads website: “Wisconsin has 970 total miles of landgrant railroad lines, of which somewhere around 660 miles are in service with perhaps 220 miles out of service and potentially subject to abandonment. But there are also miles of right-of-way … granted by the U.S. to 13 Wisconsin railroads

under the 1875 Railroad Right of Way Act. At the end of 1875, there were 2,566 miles of track in Wisconsin and almost 4,000 miles of track were constructed in Wisconsin after 1875.” Anyone interested in taking on this history project to research the impact on our local trails could start by using the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s list of conditions. If an existing trail meets any one of these conditions, that trail would not be affected: 1) The rail corridor is “railbanked.” 2) The rail corridor was originally acquired by the railroad by a federally granted right-of-way (FGROW) through federal lands before 1875. 3) The railroad originally acquired the corridor from a private landowner. 4) The trail manager owns the land adjacent to the


rail corridor. 5) The trail manager owns full title (fee simple) to the corridor. 6) The railroad corridor falls within the original 13 colonies. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy believes that the vast majority of rail-trails and potential rail-trail projects will not be directly affected by the ruling, and most of those that will be affected are located west of the Mississippi River. Living in the Midwest often puts us in an interesting crossroads of American law, politics, and history. Stay tuned as more research is done about the impact of this ruling on our local trails, or let us know if you do your own. Jeremy Gragert of the Chippewa Valley Transit Alliance can be reached at jgragert@gmail.com.


Chippewa River State Trail This 38.5-mile trail runs between Eau Claire and Durand, partly following an abandoned railroad corridor. There are 10 public campsites along the trail, plus lots of services as it runs through cities and towns. It’s open to cross country skiing in winter, and parts are open for snowmobiling. Old Abe State Trail A nearly 20-mile long trail, Old Abe connects Chippewa Falls to Cornell, WI and their state parks. It’s an old railroad corridor that now is open to bicyclists, snowmobilers, hikers, horseback riders, and inline skaters. Horseback riders and bikers 16 years and older need a state trail pass.

Red Cedar State Trail This 14.5-mile trail connects Menomonie to the Dunville Wildlife Area, and then south of the river it connects to the Chippewa River State Trail. This trail is open to hikers, cyclists, cross-country skiers, and snowshoers. Buffalo River State Trail

Connecting Fairchild to Mondovi, this 36.4-mile trail mostly follows the Buffalo River and passes by Eleva, Strum, and Osseo. It’s open to horseback riding, biking, snowmobiling, mountain biking, and cross country skiing.

Wildwood Trail Running between Woodville and Spring Valley, Wildwood Trail follows an old railroad right-of-way and runs 7.6 scenic miles. Snowmobiling, cross country skiing, horseback riding, and mountain biking are allowed on the trail. You can find more information about these trails and trails nationwide at TrailLink.com. VolumeOne.org 33 Apr. 17, 2014

SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE the people you meet in the great outdoors put nature’s value in perspective WORDS AND PHOTOS BY ROB HANSON

Lake Eau Claire


’ll never forget the brilliant defiance in Herb Comstock’s laugh as he recalled a recent conversation with his doctor. It was the last 10-hour shift of my first season as a fisheries technician with the Department of Natural Resources, the day before Halloween 2013, and Herb was one of only a handful of fisherman still braving the gloomy, windswept chop of Lake Eau Claire in pursuit of its jumbo-sized perch and walleye. Now, obviously most people don’t take chemotherapy lightly. But then again, guys like Herb don’t take their deer hunting lightly, either. And before he would agree to continue taking a chemical that might save his life – but is guaranteed to make him feel like death – Herb had more imminent concerns. “Not until after deer hunting,” he proclaimed. “Yep, I told the doctor I’m not going to get sick and miss hunting season. When I get back, then we’ll talk about it.” I laughed: Who could argue with that kind of gumption? But in the end I walked away with a lump in my throat. Despite surpassing his three-year life expectancy by a decade, his worsening condition had become apparent throughout the fall. Herb – a lake resident and a guy who enjoys nothing more than putting on a fish fry for his kids and grandkids – and I chatted at least a couple of times each week. He was always willing to tip me off on what lures were hot, and impart his wisdom as butcher of 34 years on everything from cooking fish fillets to properly handling venison. But I had a feeling this might be our last chat – and not because I would be on a different lake the following season. There is a lot in the way of adventure one could write about after spending 40 hours a week for months on end in a boat. There are camping and fishing tips, and unique sightings like the snake that tried to steal a stringer full of fish or the man-sized muskies that would put the fear of God into anyone who dares to dip their toes. But what comes to mind more than the where-to and how-to aspects of adventure is the spirit of adven-

Herb Comstock ture that is embodied by characters like Herb and so many others around the world who seek fulfillment in the outdoors. People who not only choose to seek recreation in the natural world, but need to. People who more often than not take their lifestyle to its logical conclusion, becoming heavily involved in their communities and putting a focus on stewardship. A hill may not stand up to a mining company if those who hike it don’t speak up. Few are more protective of a precious fishery than those who like to fish it. And in a way, for people like Herb, nature will sometimes reciprocate. A former lake association president and DNR technician in the 1960s, Herb was diagnosed with mul-

Few are more protective of a precious fishery than those who like to fish it. And in a way, for people like Herb, nature will sometimes reciprocate. tiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer, 13 years ago. I visited Herb on April 9 this year, coincidentally on his 73rd birthday, and his attitude about attitude hasn’t changed. “You just make up your mind: It’s not going to get you until you’re ready,” he said. In the acclaimed book, Deep Survival: Who Lives and Who Dies and Why, author Laurence Gonzalez outlines living for something greater than oneself as one of the top attributes of those who survive being trapped in nature by terrible circumstances. I’d like to think many people live a sort of inverted version of this, wherein the struggles of modern-day life or the clutches of serious illness are the disaster, and living for the taste of fresh air and adventure is what keeps them going. I’d like to think experiencing the sunsets on the lake, the excitement of not knowing what was on VolumeOne.org 34 Apr. 17, 2014

the end of his line, and making it a point to climb into that little aluminum boat day after day – even with a toxic chemical weighing heavily in his system – are all a big part of why Herb answered his phone all these months later. While traveling far and wide in the past few years working and playing in some of the most beautiful wild places, my goal was always finding some idyllic Zen state in nature. But without exception, it always winds up being the people you meet along the way who really define the journey. Maybe it’s National Park Service workers who hump through rattlesnake territory in the Grand Canyon in 115-degree heat to save a tiny fish, or the laid-off Wall Street businessman who took his bad situation and transformed himself into a successful mountain guide – a stranger who only by chance shared a drink and a glorious sunset with some friends and I on a mountain in Utah. Or maybe it’s Herb himself, who won’t be climbing any mountains anytime soon, but even on days when no one else was catching fish, would putter up to my boat to let me know he was just one fish shy of his limit and would be back in half an hour. It was almost always less time than that, and it never ceased to amaze. Most of these people wouldn’t call what they do “culture.” It’s just how they live. But as much as an arts and music scene can rejuvenate a city’s downtown, outdoor activities can be equally transformative for both the adventurer and the world they love. Here in the home state of Aldo Leopold, and a place defined by its seasons and natural resources, some might argue there are few better places to reconnect to the natural world from whence you came. So this summer, as you paddle the Eau Claire River or hike the Ice Age Trail, or dip a line in Dells Mill, don’t forget to allow your surroundings to enrich your spirit and the spirit of the community. Rob Hanson spent a significant share of 2013 in a boat on Lake Eau Claire working as a fisheries technician for the state Department of Natural Resources.

HOLY SNOWSHOEs, EAU CLAIRE! I know we’re pretty sick of snow by now, and the mere mention of the word is becoming forbidden, but bear with me for a moment, because this is pretty exciting. The United States Snowshoe Association has chosen Eau Claire to host the 15th Annual U.S. National Snowshoe Championships in 2015! It will take place Feb. 27–March 1 at Lowes Creek County Park. The championship rotates annually between four regions, and next year it’s the North Central Region’s turn to host. (This year’s championship took place in Woodford, Vt., while last year it was in Bend, Ore.) The event will include Junior National 5K championships, Senior Men’s and Women’s 10K championships, and a 4x2.5K Snowshoe Team Relay event. Why choose Eau Claire to host? Well, it helps having an estimated 7.4 million winter sports enthusiasts living within a 200-mile radius of our fair city. Being the scene of big snowshoe events like the Powder Keg and Rumble in the Jungle sure helps, too. So while we may be sick and tired of snow now (I sure am), mark your calendars for next winter and prepare to be amazed by the nation’s best snow-top speedsters. –Allison Puestow

A RIVER ADVENTURE FOR KIDS Calling all Indiana Jones enthusiasts and Dora the Explorers ages 8 to 16 for the annual Chippewa River Adventure Camp on Saturday, April 26, from 8:30am to 4pm at Round Hill near Durand. “I love the outdoors,” says Sam Worple, Trip Leader at UW-Eau Claire’s Environmental Adventure Center and coordinator of this year’s camp. He and other trip leaders want to share that love. This year’s activities include archery, rifle range, and trapping for sure, with others in process of being decided, according to Worple. Other activities in the past have included canoeing, kayaking, fishing, map and compass, outdoor cooking, and a GPS treasure hunt. Each adventurer will have the chance to participate in four activities during the day. Worple who has led the fishing station quickly rattled off everything covered from baiting with a worm, setting and rigging a bobber, to casting the line. Any fish caught is returned to the river. A new station this year is trapping, and includes an experienced, long-time trapper of beaver, muskrat, and raccoons along with his nine-year-old son who will help teach other adventurers. The cost is $40 per youth and includes all instruction and equipment as well as a brick oven pizza lunch. Parents are invited to attend at no additional cost. For additional information or how to sign up, call the Environmental Adventure Center at (715) 836-3616 or contact Sam Worple at worpless@uwec.edu or (608) 302-7430. –Barbara Arnold

VolumeOne.org 35 Apr. 17, 2014


Bloomin’ Idiot Marathon & See Dick Run Apr. 19,

6:30am • Bloomer High School, 1310 17th Ave., Bloomer • $15 advance, $20 day of event • 835-5897 • indianheadtc.org The Bloomin’ Idiot Marathon is good training for EC marathon. It’s a hilly 22-23 miles to route. Run as long as you like. Day of registration begins at 6:30am. Bloomin’ Idiot Marathon begins at 7am. The See Dick Run runs features two, four, and seven-mile options beginning at 8am, plus a children’s run at 9am. Print your registration via the provided website.

Phenology Hike for Elder Explorers Apr. 24, 9:30-

11am; May. 15, 9:30-11am; Jun. 5, 9:30-11am • Wise Nature Center, Beaver Creek Reserve, S1 Cty Rd. K, Fall Creek • Registration and full payment required by two days before hike. Friends $3 (per hike), Nonmembers $5 (per hike) • ages 55+ • 877-2212 • beavercreekreserve.org Participate monthly or register for one week at a time — the choice is yours. Led by BCR naturalist, the 60-minute hike on the Reserve trails will document the changes taking place in the woods at the Reserve. The hike will be capped off with coffee and a treat and further discussion. Expect about a mile long hike with uneven terrain and stairs.

EC Half Marathon Build-Up Runs Every Saturday until Apr. 26, 8:15am • Owen Park Tennis Courts, 247 1st Ave, Eau Claire • uwec.edu Looking to train for the ECMarathon suite of races? Come join us for tips, training and camaraderie. All ages and abilities welcome. American Cancer Society Relay for Life Apr. 25,

7pm-7am • McPhee Physical Education Center’s Ade Olson track at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire • 836-4741 • relayforlife.org Hosted by UW-Eau Claire’s Colleges Against Cancer student organization. A cancer survivor will speak at the event kickoff ceremony at 7pm, Apr. 25, with the relay to follow at 7:30pm. The night’s activities also will include entertainment, games, performers, prizes and speakers.

Chippewa Trail 50K and 10K Trail Apr. 26, 8am • Chippewa Moraine Center, 13394 County Highway M, New Auburn • $60 for the 50K and $30 for the 10K on or before Apr. 24. After then, add $10 • 967-2800 • indianheadtc.org The Chippewa 50Km Ultra Marathon and 10k are beautiful trail runs along the Ice Age Trail in New Auburn, Wisconsin. the 10K is race #1 of the Dirty 30 Trail Running Series. 50K starts at 8am. 10K starts at 9am. See contact info for details. Chippewa River Adventure Camp Apr. 26, 8:30am-

4pm • Round Hill: From Durand, cross the Chippewa River heading west. Take a left on Cty P & follow the blue signs to Round Hill about 5 miles • $40 • ages 8-16 • 836-3616, 608-302-7430 Come explore the natural world, get active outdoors, and learn something new. Activities will vary but usually include canoeing, kayaking, fishing, archery, map and compass, rifle range, outdoor cooking, and a GPS treasure hunt. Students will have the opportunity to participate in four activities. Register with UWEC’s Environmental Adventure Center.

8th Annual Jeanne Richie Memorial Puddle Jump

Apr. 26, 9am • Phoenix Park, Riverfront Terr., Eau Claire • $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under • 852-3800 • longfellow.ecasd.k12.wi.us Day of registration begins at 7:30am. The timed race will follow the Chippewa River trail in a 5K loop. A wheel chair division has been added this year; wheel chair racers will begin around 8:50am. An un-timed quartermile children’s race begins at 10am. This event benefits Longfellow’s After-School 21st Century Community Learning Center and student scholarships.

2nd Annual Walk for Hunger Nyre You Apr. 26, 9amnoon • Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 2245 Hayden Ave, Altoona • 829-7024 Pre-registration is required by Apr. 1 if you would like to purchase a walk t-shirt. Registration on the day of the walk begins at 9am with the ½ mile or 3 mile walk starting at 10am. Join us for a silent auction, bake sale, food stand, DJ music in the parking lot with Zumba/Dance Fitness class at 9:30am and walk

warm up at 9:45am.

The Amazing Eau Claire Clean-up Apr. 26, 9am-noon •

Several locations throughout the Eau Claire community • 839-5039 • eauclairewi.gov This event sends volunteers to locations throughout the city including community parks, neighborhood playgrounds, picnic areas, and recreational trails, where they clean the areas, plant trees and prepare flowerbeds for spring planting. Following the clean up, volunteers are invited to Boyd Park for snacks and prizes. Apply before Apr. 18.

MLB Pitch, Hit & Run Competition Apr. 26, 1-3pm •

Seymour Ball Park, 6500 Tower Dr, Eau Claire • FREE • ages 7-14 • SeymourBallClub.com This is the local MLB Pitch, Hit & Run competition for boys & girls ages 7-14. Please go to SeymourBallClub.com for more details.

The Color Run Apr. 27, 8am • Carson Park, Carson Park Dr., Eau Claire • team (4+ runners) $45, individual runner $50 • thecolorrun.com With no winners or official times, The Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality, bringing the community together to create a five-kilometer canvas of colorful fun in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. Traditional Ways Gathering at Fitz: Identify and Eat Wild Edibles, and Make your Own Soap May. 3,

9am-4pm • Fitz Property (see contact info for details) • $40 (includes instruction, class materials, and lunch) • 836-3616 • uwec.edu This special gathering in the great outdoors is designed to get you back to the basics, meet new friends, and connect to our rich Wisconsin heritage to “the land”. These skills are great for anyone who spends time in the outdoors and wants to be more self-sufficient.

March of Dimes: 2014 Eau Claire March for Babies

May. 3, 9am • Carson Park Pine Pavilion, 101 Carson Park Dr., Eau claire • Registration is FREE. Donation requested. • 831-0194 • marchforbabies.org The March for Babies in Eau Claire welcomes walkers/fundrais-

VolumeOne.org 36 Apr. 17, 2014

ers to our family friendly, 5K route that meanders from Carson Park over to Phoenix Park, then back to Carson for a finish line celebration with music, food, kids’ activities, prize drawings and fun. Visit online to sign up ahead, or register at 9am on day of event. Walk starts at 10am.

Warrior Charity Challenge May. 3, 10am • UW-Stout

Nelson Soccer Field, Menomonie • $10/person (includes t-shirt) • 379-2369, 726-3077 Half of proceeds go to Chippewa Valley Veterans Homeless Center. Presented by UW-Stout Vets Club. For more details find this event on Facebook (search for Warrior Charity Challenge).

The Color Dash May. 3, 1pm • Wakanda Park, Wakanda Park Rd. and Pine Ave. E, Menomonie • $35 team, $40 individual, $85 family (all prices +$10 for day-of registration) • 232-1664 • thecolordash5k.com Menomonie Theater Guild is sponsoring this great family event. Color Dash donates 50% of race proceeds back to MTG. 100% of all concessions benefit the local community. Start a team and make it a family, friends, club or work event. Register at thecolordash5k.com. Packet Pickup 11am. Eau Claire Marathon May. 4, 7:30am • Carson Park, Carson Park Dr., Eau Claire • See website for admission cost • eauclairemarathon.org 26.2 mile Marathon, 13.1 mile Half Marathon, 5k Run/Walk, and 26.2 mile four-person relay. This is a USATF certified, Boston Marathon qualifying race that starts and finishes in beautiful Carson Park. The route utilizes our city streets and area bike trails, with multiple river crossings. Find this event on Facebook too.


Did we miss your recreation organization, or do you need your listing’s info edited? Email Tyler@VolumeOne.org, or call 552-0457 and ask for Tyler. Note that we took out recreation organizations pertaining to wintery activities and sports.


Chippewa Off Road Bike Association 2809 E Ham-

ilton Ave, #127, Eau Claire • info@chippewaoffroad. org • chippewaoffroad.org The Chippewa Off Road Bike Association (CORBA) is a volunteer organization established to promote mountain biking opportunities in the Chippewa Valley. Whether you’re a snowshoer, cyclist, trail runner, geocacher or casual hiker, check out our membership and volunteer opportunities. CORBA also organizes many popular races throughout the year.

Eau Claire Team Revolution (E.C.T.R.) • 864-9308 •

fitnbactive@gmail.com • 715fitclub.com ECTR is an exciting networking experience dedicated to bringing active people together in the Chippewa Valley area. ECTR connects fitness team members in for any purpose. Do you need a partner for your recreational, fitness, or workout goals? This is your resource to find that person, or group.

Chippewa Valley Dance Club 833-1879 • Email@ DancinGoggin.com • dance.spinstep.com/Main/CVDC • DancinGoggin.com The Chippewa Valley Dance Club (CVDC) is a non-profit ballroom dance club by Goggin Ballroom Dancing.

Eau Claire United Soccer Club, Inc. Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center, 3456 Craig Rd., Eau Claire • 830-0782 • ecusoccer@sbcglobal.net • ecunitedsoccer.org The Eau Claire United Soccer Club is committed to teaching fundamental soccer skills, instilling confidence and building a love for the game of soccer, while developing players to their highest competitive level.

Chippewa Valley Roller Girls contact@chippewaval-

TIME TO GET RUNNING. The Eau Claire Marathon gets moving on May 4 at Carson Park in Eau Claire with a 26.2 mile marathon, a 13.1 mile half marathon, a 5k run/walk, and a 26.2 mile four-person relay.

Club Run Maximum Performance, 2530 Golf Rd., Eau

is a non-profit, parent run competitive swim program designed for educational, competitive, and recreational purposes and is geared for children ages 5-18.

Claire • 514-4455 • maximum.performance@yahoo. com Are you looking for people to run with and guidance in your running plan? Come to Club Run and get the best of both worlds. You get people who run your pace and you can also get a customized race plan with a RRCA Certified Running Coach.

Eau Claire Aquatic Club • 559-1758, 559-1707 • ecacswim@yahoo.com, ecactreasurer@gmail.com • ecacswimming.org Eau Claire Aquatic Club (ECAC)

wagnerpj@gmail.com • ecfolkdance.org Dancing the traditional dances of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Israel, United States, the Roma (Gypsy) and many other countries, ethnic regions and peoples of the world since 1979.

com • sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/ecpieriders Bicycling group riding going on frequent 20-30 mile road bike rides and some 40-60 mile rides on weekends.

com The Chippewa Valley Cycling Club (CVCC) is dedicated to bicycle racing in the Chippewa Valley, headquartered in Chippewa Falls. The CVCC promotes several races each year in the Chippewa Valley area. Interested cyclists are encouraged to join club members on training rides every Tuesday night at 6pm, AprilAugust, leaving from Spring Street Sports.

leyrollergirls.com • chippewavalleyrollergirls.com Join the tribe as either a skater, referee, coach or a volunteer for the area’s first women’s flat track roller derby league. Seriously, these girls are awesome.

Eau Claire International Folk Dancers 835-4247 •

Eau Claire Pie Riders 831-6210 • neldon5352@aol.

Chippewa Valley Cycling Club 839-8111 • cvccbike.

Chippewa Valley Paddlers Date varies • Location varies • stonecottage99@gmail.com • groups.yahoo.com/ groups/CVPaddlers Canoe and kayak 14+ mostly flat water rivers. Paddlers of all skill levels welcome. Solstice celebration and river clean up weeknights. Three parties per year.

May-mid Aug.

Eau Claire Archers 2145 Murphy Ln., Eau Claire •

271-4466 • erdman41@hotmail.com • eauclairearchers.org Eau Claire Archers has open outdoor shooting for our members year around hosting 3-D and field archery shoots open to the public.  Their  80 acre club is located just west of Eau Claire. See contact info for details.

Eau Claire Bit & Spur Saddle Club 10409 West Cam-

eron St., Eau Claire • eauclairebitandspur@gmail.

com • eauclairebitandspur.com Dedicated to enriching the Northwest Wisconsin Equestrian community through quality events. They promote the development of equine sports for social, charitable, and educational purposes and ecourage national and international amateur athletics.

Eau Claire Horseshoe Club Carson Park, Eau Claire •

Dean Chaffee at 861-3470, Lonny Trangsrud 514-1051 or Kenny Rentz 495-5290 • echc@cvol.net • members. cvol.net/echc The ECHC invites men, women, and juniors at Carson Park for an inexpensive summer of friendship, exercise, and competition fun. Season: early

VolumeOne.org 37 Apr. 17, 2014

Eau Claire Wrestling Club Weigh in Club, 1903 Keith

St., Eau Claire • 2225 Keith St., Eau Claire • 852-6300 • eauclairewrestling@yahoo.com • eauclairewrestling. com Giving athletes a solid foundation in the basics of wrestling, so as to prepare them for competition with similar clubs throughout the state. ECWC aims to instill a love of the sport and an appreciation of the skills, time and effort that is required to succeed in not just wrestling, but in any life accomplishment.

FLEAUT (Eau Claire Floating) • facebook.com/Fleaut

Float + Eau Claire = FLEAUT. We are a community of people in and around the Eau Claire area that love to float down the river. Who’s with us?

Indianhead Track Club First Monday of even-num-

bered months • wagnerpj@gmail.com • indianheadtc. org Members participate in running subgroups, fun


runs, and races around the region. Open board meetings are held every other month.

KAMO (Kids and Mentors Outdoors) 2nd Tuesday of

each month at Yankee Jacks in Eau Claire • Yankee Jacks 2300 W Princeton Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703 • (608) 575-7786 • bwgruber@gmail.com • kamokids. org KAMO provides outdoor experiences to children including fishing, canoeing, camping, hunting, wildlife viewing and hiking. Mentors who pass a background check are matched with local children to help provide them with outdoor experiences. • Find us on Facebook

720-7367 • info@stayatthehideaway.com While this quiet and comfortable resort off Lake Wissota mainly provides great getaway fun with their cabin rentals, they also rent out fishing boats and pontoons.

Loopy’s 10691 Cty. Highway X/ Bus. Highway 29, Chippewa Falls • 723-5667 • loopy@723loop.com • 723loop. com Rents canoes, kayaks, and inner tubes all summer long with a free ride up-river allowing you to float back down the Chippewa River to Loopy’s and your vehicle.

Overdrive Cycling Club 403 Water Street, Eau Claire • 832-6149 • overdrivecycling.com • Facebook.com/ OverdriveCycling Community cycling club goes on 30to 50-mile bike rides. All abilities and forms of cycling are welcome.

Mi Zi Zak Kayaks 29588 Wi-40, New Auburn • 967-2301 • Looking for a kayak or a canoe to take out on an adventure? Get them here at Mi Zi Zak Kayaks.

Pure Water Paddlers 559-4078 • geo_peter_94@

Riverside Bike & Skate 937 Water Street, Eau Claire

yahoo.com • purewaterpaddlers.com Pure Water Paddlers is a group of canoe and kayak enthusiasts around the west central Wisconsin area. Its goal is to provide a wide variety of paddling experiences for paddlers of all skill levels.

• 835-0088 • riversidebikeskate@gmail.com • riversidebikeskate.com Offers canoe, kayak, bike, skate, and trailer rentals.

Red Eye Ski Club 836-9915 • membership@redeyes-

Reilly Chiropractic Walking Club • 723-2892 • doctor.

reilly@gmail.com • chippewachiropractor.com Looking for a reason to get out and get moving? Join us for a 30 minute walk. All ages and abilities welcome as well as strollers and friendly leashed pets. Pace is set by those who are present.

Scandinavian Couples Dancing 271-5238 • earl@ earlharpas.com • earlharpas.com Learn Scandinavian couple dances including waltz, polka, schottische, and more. Beginners welcome; no partner needed. Sunday Night Pistol League Westgate Sportsmans

836-3616 • uwec.edu Maintains a large inventory of outdoor equipment. Rents tent and camping accessories, canoes, kayak (plus accessories), winter sport equipment (plus snowshoes), and fishing rods and reels. Equipment available on a first-come, first-served, daily, weekend, or weekly basis to UW-Eau Claire ID holders only.

Hideaway Resort 5967 167th St., Chippewa Falls •

Menomonie Group Cycling Rides sites.google.com/ site/menomoniegroupcyclingrides • Facebook.com/ menomoniegroupcyclingrides • Occasional group rides in Menomonie, sometimes on the Red Cedar Trail.

kiclub.org • redeyeskiclub.org Membership is open to Eau Claire area adults who enjoy downhill skiing and snowboarding. The group organizes ski trips and other events throughout the year.

Environmental Adventure Center 105 Hilltop Center •

The Chippewa Off Road Bike Association (CORBA) is a volunteer organization promoting mountain biking in the Chippewa Valley. They organize many popular races throughout the year such as the Red Flint Firecracker (above). Club, 4909 Sportsman Dr., Eau Claire • 832-4548 • ecwestgate.com Group meets at the lower bar every Sunday. People are eligible to be a part of leagues if they are a member of the Sportsman’s Club.

Wisconsin Bike Fed 955-4596 • matt.andrews@wisconsinbikefed.org • wisconsinbikefed.org The Wisconsin Bike Fed, celebrating 26 years of bicycle advocacy in 2014, is a statewide organization representing thousands of members across Wisconsin and has staff based in Eau Claire. Its mission is to inspire, motivate, and

unite a strong community of civic, business and political leaders, motorists and bicyclists to move bicycling forward in Wisconsin.


Beaver Creek Reserve S1 County Road K, Fall Creek

• 877-2212 • bcr@beavercreekreserve.org • beavercreekreserve.org A nature center which carries an extensive line of field guides and rents out skis and snowshoes seasonally.

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Riverside Junction • 456-2434 • riverside@bluebuzz. net • riversidejunction.com Offers canoeing and kayaking on the Eau Claire River including trip planning and drop off/pick up, and rental. Spring Street Sports 12 W. Spring St, Chippewa Falls • 723-6616 • springstreetsports.com See contact info for details.

Stout Adventures Room 56 of the Sports & Fitness Center, UW-Stout, Menomonie • 232-5625 • stoutadventures@uwstout.edu • uwstout.edu UW-Stout has an amazing outdoor rental collection. University ID holders and community members with driver’s licenses can rent hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, winter sport (skis and snowshoes), and rock climbing equipment daily or weekly. Geocaching GPS now available for students. Zacho Sports Center 2449 S. Prairie View Rd., Chppewa Falls • 7154-723-0264 • zachosports.com See contact info for details.


Beaver Creek Reserve S1 County Highway K, Fall

Creek • 877-2212 • beavercreekreserve.org This nature center has workshops on topics varying from environmental education to snowshoe making, bird walking hikes, and holiday craft making for kids.

Environmental Adventure Center Hilltop Center, 105 UWEC, Eau Claire • 836-5601 • uwec.edu The UWEC Environmental Adventure Center offers archery, climbing wall, ropes course, bike center and more.

Gander Mountain 6440 Sculy Drive, Eau Claire • 834-

4594 • gandermountain.com They offer occasional classes on hunter’s safety and fly-tying, to name a few. This store’s equipment goes beyond its “hunt, fish, camp” slogan, also offering gear for canoeing, snowshoeing, kayaking, and geocaching.

Mi Zi Zak Kayaks 29588 State hwy 40, New Auburn Small, local, and friendly: experience mi zi zak kayaks variety of canoe and kayak classes such as there Women’s Wendesdays “the alternative to happy hour” on lower long lake Chippewa County or take one of the Kayak Saftey Clinic.

Riverside Bike & Skate 937 Water St., Eau Claire •

835-0088 • contact@riversidebikeskate.com • riversidebikeskate.com This aptly-named riverside shop carries canoes, kayaks, hockey skates & equipment, and bikes. Repair service available as well. Sometimes teams up with Pure Water Paddlers for educational sessions.

Simple Sports 326 Main St. E., Menomonie • 233-3493

• simplesports.us Specializes in bikes (all-terrain, BMX, cyclocross, Giant, Surly, etc.), bike racks, biking equipment, and accessories. Sells bike racks for vehicles. Carries skis, snowshoes, snowboards, and hockey. The do bike repairs with occasional bicycle maintenance classes available and a possible snowboard tuning class this winter.

Stout Adventures 712 South Broadway St., Menomonie

• 232-5625 • uwstout.edu/urec/ Learn about having fun in the great outdoors with the wide variety of classes offered, such as kayaking, rock climbing, and cooking.


Brunet Island State Park 23125 255th St., Cornell • 239-6888 Many campers are drawn to Brunet Island State Park’s quiet lagoons and channels, perfect for fishing, canoeing, swimming, or just watching wildlife (the park is well-known for its roaming deer population). If you’re an adventurous camper, check out the Old Abe State Trail, a 20-mile abandoned railroad grade that connects Brunet Island with Lake Wissota State Park. Chippewa Moraine State Rec. Area 13394 Cty Hwy M, New Auburn • 967-2800 • dnr.wi.gov Situated along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, the 3180-acre Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area offers unspoiled beauty with kettle lakes and many glacial features. The Chippewa Moraine is one of nine units of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve. Coon Fork Lake County Park Augusta • 839-4738 •

co.eau-claire.wi.us 108 sites. The campground is located on the east side of Coon Fork Lake, and is for use by registered campers and their guests. Facilities include: a boat landing (only electric trolling motors are allowed on the lake); dumping station; a swimming beach; volleyball court; playgrounds; toilet facilities; water pumps; two shower buildings; hiking trails, and boat and canoe rentals.

Country Villa Motel and Country Camping 10765

County Hwy Q, Chippewa Falls • 288-6376 • countryvillalodging.com Country Villa Motel and Country Camping offer guests a quiet, country atmosphere. Whether you’re in the Chippewa Falls area for Rock Fest, Country Fest, Country Jam, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, Oktoberfest, or just for a seasonal getaway, relax amidst beautiful scenery and affordable lodging.

Duncan Creek Campground 12528 102nd Ave., Chip-

pewa Falls • 723-1222 Featuring 35 sites. Campground offers spacious campsites, electrical hook-ups, playgrounds, fishing in Duncan Creek, canoe access, nestled the cool of large deciduous and coniferous trees.

Elmer’s Campgrounds 8027 Hwy 12, Fall Creek • 832-

6277 Featuring 30 RV and 5 tent sites. Firewood available, pet friendly, playground, RV Storage, laundry and more.

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Harstad County Park Augusta • 839-4738 • Feat. 27

sites. Harstad Park overlooks the Eau Claire River, giving this 43 acre park many scenic views. This park is for those who enjoy the quietness of nature, with no electricity or running water. The park offers facilities to accommodate the family or large group gatherings including a large reservable open shelter and ball field. Because of its access to the Eau Claire River, fishing and canoeing are favorite pastimes for many park visitors.

Irvington Campground E4176 Ct. Rd.D, Menomonie

• 235-2267 • menomoniecamping.com 45 sites. The campground has wooded and open site areas with full hook up, electric & water, rustic & seasonal sites available.

Lake Wissota State Park - Camping 18127 County

Highway O, Chippewa Falls • 382-4574 • chippewacounty.com If you live in Chippewa Falls, you’ll find this campground very close to home. The park offers all the watery fun associated with a big lake, but also has a lot of secluded trails for hikers and mountain bikers, a playground, picnic area, and more. It has all the amenities of home (toilets, showers, electricity) and is perfect for families.

Loon Lake Campgrounds 10279 280th Ave., New Au-

burn • 967-2148 • loonlake-campground.com 13 sites. If you are looking for a place for you and your family to enjoy the summer, look no further! This campground is tucked away on quiet Loon Lake in New Auburn, Wisconsin. This lake is shallow and quiet, which makes it the perfect lake for paddle boats, canoeing, and kayaking.

NCN North Campground N8390 Hwy 12, Black Riv-

er Falls • (888) 345-CAMP • info@campncn.com • campncn.com 75 electric sites, much more space available. Adults only, as NCN stands for “No Clothing Necessary.”

O’Neil Campground 14912 105th Ave., Chippewa Falls • 723-6581 • office@oneilcreek.com • ONeilCreek.com You can camp, fish, or just relax. They have plenty of activities for both you and the kids, if you are so inclined. They have a general store, and there are two golf courses within 5 miles of the campground. Pine Harbor Campground 7181 185th St., Chippewa

Falls • 723-9865 • pineharborcampground.com 45 sites (half RV, half tent). Offering organized activities such as Christmas in July, Halloween, Bingo, Pancake Breakfasts, and more. Clean flush toilets, showers, and laundry facilities. Two play grounds: one 5 and under, one 5 and over. Pet friendly (on a leash). Hiking and biking trails. Free wireless internet.

Rock Lake Lodge & Campground 23015 153rd St.,

Bloomer • 568-4370 • 117 sites. Go swimming in the heated, outdoor pool, play in the game room, take a walk and see elk and peacocks, go fishing on Rock Lake, bring your ATV’s/snowmobiles, and ride the trail or just relax around the campfire or at the lodge. The lodge has a full bar with homemade pizzas and sandwiches.

Sandy Hill Campground E21100 ND Road, Augusta • 286-2495 • 32 sites. A very clean and peaceful spot for family camping. Stoney Creek RV Resort 50483 Oak Grove Road, Osseo

• 597-2102 • stoneycreekrvresort.com 130 sites (114RV, 8 tent, 8 cabin). Stoney Creek is big rig friendly, offers 18 hole mini golf, laundry facilities, free wi-fi internet, adult pool with basketball, kiddie pool with toys, volleyball and basketball courts, short-order kitchen, covered wagon rides, game room, worship services, and more.

Sunshine Valley Campground E18250 Buse Road, Augusta • 286-4222 • 23 sites. Sunshine Valley Campground is located in Augusta, Wisconsin. Twin Springs Resort Campground N6572 530th St.,

Menomonie • 235-9321 • twinspringscampingresort. com 75 sites. There are a variety of activities and amenities that will make your stay more enjoyable at Twin Springs Resort Campground, such as: a swimming pool, boat rentals, fire wood and ice for sale, bar and game room, nature trails, play areas for children, camping cabins, tiled showers with hot water, fire areas and fire rings, and more.

Willow River State Park 1034 County Highway A, Hudson • 386-5931 • dnr.wi.gov Fish for trout, canoe on peaceful, non-motorized Little Falls lake, hike 13 miles of great trails (varying difficulty), enjoy the scenic overlook near Willow Falls (one of the best waterfalls in the state), and rock climb the Willow River Gorge. Swimming areas and frisbee golf are also available.

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