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W R I T E R S : tom giffey, haley wright, eli gottfried P H O T O S : andrea paulseth L I S T I N G S : james johonnott D E S I G N : janae breunig, eric christenson

C APTU RI N G H I STORY AT H O M E building on one of the last open lots in Eau Claire’s Third Ward, company honors the neighborhood’s historical style. WO R D S : H A L E Y W R I G H T / P H O T O : A N DR E A PAU L S E T H


beautiful new home created with the inspiration of paying homage to the past has been built in Eau Claire’s historic Third Ward neighborhood and will be featured in the upcoming 2016 Parade of Homes taking place around the Chippewa Valley June 11-18. “For our home this year, we had a really special opportunity to build on one of the last remaining lots in the Third Ward neighborhood. Since the area really celebrates the history of Eau Claire we wanted this home to stay true to the historical significance of the neighborhood. Our Parade Home will reflect local architectural styles of the 1880s or 1890s in its construction and design features,” said Brittney Erdle of MyNextHome, the company behind the build. “Since the location deserved a home that would respect its origins, we are putting a lot of thought into making sure that we continue with the appropriate character and charm of the area.” The home has many special features that were inspired directly by similar attributes and traditions of neighbor-

ing homes in the Third Ward neighborhood, as the intention in building and designing the home was to create a new home that would fit in a historic neighborhood. Glen Mills, the owner of MyNextHome said that in preparing for construction, the team discussed several styles that would be a good fit for the neighborhood, driving through the Third Ward looking for design features they liked, like large front porches and tall ceilings with glass transoms over the doors for more natural light. “We kept the steep pitch to the roofline and included vintage shaker shingles in the peak. The detached garage calls to a simpler time. The small yard will be planted with a selection of plants and flowers collected from family and friends and transplanted just as it used to be done back in the day,” Mills said. The historically inspired 1,600 square foot home will have three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. The exterior will feature James Hardie siding complimented by shake shingle-

“ ... we are putting a lot of thought into making sure that we continue with the appropriate character and charm of the area.” B rittney E rdle , M y N e x t H ome

accented gables, maple hardwood floors and custom trim throughout, a gas fireplace in the great room, and a walk-in tile shower in the master bathroom. MyNextHome offers realty and contracting services to clients throughout the Chippewa Valley, including helping clients buy or sell a home, find land to build, and of course designing and building services. And the team is always looking for new ideas in all kinds of places. In fact, Mills took his 40 May 18, 2016

entire team on a cruise last fall called “Sailing with the Scotts” (Jonathan and Drew Scott from the TV show Property Brothers acted as hosts for the cruise) that traveled from Florida to Mexico. During the cruise, the team had the opportunity to attend multiple sessions daily taught by experts in the interior design and construction industry. With this home and more, the Chippewa Valley can no doubt anticipate more great things to come from MyNextHome. 41 May 18, 2016


how we treat gardens, yards, and fields impacts life – from microorganisms to human beings amendments or disturbances to the soil. Through all the preparation, we need to keep in mind that, if we are planting in real soil, we are interacting with foreign populations that, unbeknownst to them (and to some of us), have our best interests at heart (our hearts, not theirs). To that end, we need to find alternatives to the use of commercial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, energy-intensive methods of planting, and disruptions to the life cycles of the organisms in the jungle that exist below ground. Spring provides the opportunity to start anew. Even if we abused the soil last year, saturating the soil with commercial fertilizer, killing off beneficial bugs in an attempt to get the perfect unblemished vegetable, breaking family ties (the hyphae that mycorrhizae fungi extend from roots in order to capture more nutrients), we can start over. In spring, Nature extends a hand in peace and offers us a chance to make amends. The message is clear. Continued use of energy intensive input (tilling, use of commercial fertilizers) and pesticides/herbicides, is not sustainable – to us and certainly not to life below ground. There are alternatives though. I am not referring to the use of biological chemicals and “natural” pesticides/herbicides. I am suggesting instead that we work 42 May 18, 2016



t seems odd to connect ethics with soil. I doubt that bacteria, fungi, and nematodes spend much time debating the ethics of eating each other. Mostly they just react to what’s around them. If it happens to be food, they ingest it. If they sense a predator, they move – if they can. Otherwise, they sit and wait … until they sense food or until they become food. Such is the simple life of the microorganisms. Ethics come into play only when they interact with us, the human population. Very few other species (at least, that I know of) can – or are willing to take the time – to ponder the implications of their actions. Maybe that’s what makes us unique. More than just unique, it makes us responsible for what we do. Now that spring is here, many of us are thinking green. Planting time has arrived. We are lining up on the starting blocks, shaking our hands, feet, and neck to get loose. We are looking through the seed catalogues, making mental notes about what we will plant, where we will plant, and what we will add to the soil to make our plants grow. All these considerations affect the soil organisms that exist below the ground. There’s a delicate balance of micro- and macro-organisms in the soil that ultimately affects the product we harvest at the end of the growing season. And the gentle fabric we call the soil food web quickly unravels when we add


with the existing populations of microand macro-organisms in the soil and the environment to establish a balance between “pests” and “weeds” on the one side, and our expectations of what harvest should look like on the other. We can hold in check “pests” and “weeds,” but we should never attempt to wipe them out. They perform a vital function to preserving the balance of power in the ecosystem. I am not one of those who claim that “weeds” are just a matter of perspective. Weeds have specific characteristics that make them undesirable in anyone’s field. If native to an area, they are the early stage growth of plant succession. They are born to breed. They produce hundreds, if not thousands, of seeds from each plant. They have, in most cases, a shallow root system, so they don’t do much for soil development. They are nuisances because they crowd out other growth. But they exist for a reason, and they thrive in soils with poor structure and low soil organic matter. If you’re plagued with weeds, blame yourself, not the soil. But they can be controlled by competition with desirable plants. Neat rows may look impressive, but Nature doesn’t grow its greenery in straight lines or as single crops (monocultures). Plants grow randomly. In addition, there’s a lot of diversity in what Nature offers to the world at any one time and in any one location. That being said, we often have to strike a balance between what Nature sees as practical and sustainable and the degree of disorder that we are willing to tolerate in our plantings. Sometimes we have to find compromises. This is where trap crops, companion plantings, and cover crops come into play. Where practical, the use of companion plantings is acceptable. This type of planting involves growing noncompeting crops together. An example would be tomatoes with peas and radishes. Tomatoes are nitrogen intensive, peas fix atmospheric nitrogen, radishes “mine” and store soil nutrients. All are harvestable. However, more often than not, we just have to bite the bullet and accept that not everything we grow is going to be harvestable. We have to accept that some crops will have to be left in the field to serve as food for the “pests” both below and above the ground. These are the trap crops. Sunflower, marigold, sorghum, and buckwheat are examples of crops that can be used to steer aphids, Colorado potato beetles, and stink bugs away from harvestable crops. Some (sorghum and buckwheat, for example) also provide significant biomass that can be used to build soil organic matter, which is critical for healthy soil (feeding the herd below grade) and to shading out weeds. Ultimately, we are stewards of the land. Whether we are planting 100 acres

or the backyard garden, we assume responsibility for how we manage the land and what we put into the soil. We are responsible for ensuring that we have enough soil organic matter in the soil; that soil is not lost due to runoff; or that minerals do not leach to groundwater. Herein lie the ethics. We can practice our stewardship in an ethical manner or we can squander resources and, in the process, destroy the life around us and within our fences. It’s our choice. Eli Gottfried of Eau Claire is proprietor of Gottfried Environmental and a master gardener. 43 May 18, 2016 44 May 18, 2016


Down to Earth’s expansion mirrors housing market growth, national trends WORDS: TOM GIFFEY


ike a healthy perennial, Down to Earth Garden Center has blossomed to life this spring bigger and better. The garden center on Eau Claire’s south side has just completed the first phase of a multiyear expansion project, doubling the size of its retail greenhouse space. The result? More annuals, more perennials, and more shrubs than you can shake a green thumb at. In addition to adding another greenhouse, Down to Earth has expanded its checkout area, added more annual plants, and has cleared land to allow for overflow parking and more landscaping materials. In the coming years, the business plans even more greenhouses, a revamped sales yard, and additional room for private events, which include planning parties, bridal showers, and even fairy garden tea parties. “We’re one of the larger garden centers in the Eau Claire area, but we wanted to make that experience even better for our customers,” explains Ben Polzin, retail operations vice president for the family-owned company. FAMILY BUSINESS Down to Earth was founded in Cadott in 1997 as a lawn and landscaping business by John and Sandi Polzin. (Their son, Ben, and nephew, Dominic Paull, are now vice presidents.) The Polzins began to grow plants as part of the landscaping business, and demand from customers eventually led them to branch off (no pun intended) into retail

plant sales. Their limited hours grew and grew, and Down to Earth eventually decided to plant a full-scale retail and growing operation in Eau Claire, opening it in 2010 at 6025 Arndt Lane. Now, six years after that first planting season, Down to Earth’s Eau Claire business includes a huge garden center filled with plants of all sizes, décor, tools, and landscaping materials plus a gift-filled country store and the Five and Two Café, which features drinks, soups, sandwiches, and pizzas. The business maintains a base of operations in Cadott at what it now calls its “growing farm,” where tens of thousands of annuals and perennials are grown each year. TO P T R E N DS Overseeing Down to Earth’s retail businesses gives Polzin a good perspective on gardening trends in the area. This spring, he says, succulents of different shapes, colors, and textures – both indoor and outdoor – are selling well. So is anything colorful – shoppers are gravitating toward big, bold flowers, he says – as well as shrubs, especially dwarf varieties of familiar species such as berberis and hydrangeas. In addition, he says, indoor plants are making a comeback (which should come as a relief to those of us who prefer to keep our greenery inside). As the planting season progresses, Polzin is optimistic about Down to Earth’s growth. “We’re already seeing an increase in the sales from the expansion this

spring,” he says. There are trends bigger than a new greenhouse at work, however: Polzin says there’s a strong correlation between a growing real estate market and demand for plants and landscaping. According to the Wisconsin Realtors Association, home sales grew by nearly 26 percent in Eau Claire County between 2014 and 2015, and businesses like Down to Earth felt the positive impact. An increase in new home construction has also increased demand, he adds. Gardening is also on an upswing nationwide. Whether it’s a yearning to return to our rural roots, the rising popularity of locally grown food, or just a desire for a rewarding hobby, an estimated 90 million households took part in doit-yourself lawn or garden activities last year, according to the National Gardening Survey. Overall, lawn and garden spending grew 26 percent in 2015 to $36.1 billion, the survey reported. In more ways than one, that’s a lot of green.

“We’re one of the larger garden centers in the Eau Claire area, but we wanted to make that experience even better for our customers” BEN POLZIN, DOWN TO EARTH GARDEN CENTER 45 May 18, 2016

community gardens Chippewa County Community Gardens 715-726-7950,

ext. 5 • Presented by Chippewa Falls Parks, Recreation, and Forestry and University of Wisconsin – Extension Chippewa County.  Bloomer, Chippewa Falls, and New Auburn each provide unique gardening experiences for the garden enthusiast. See contact info for details.

Eau Claire: Demmler Community Garden laurajlash@ • A communal garden is also available to those who wish to garden but will not be renting a plot.

Eau Claire: Forest Street Community Garden (715) 495-2451 • • Featuring shared and individual garden plot options. Sixty gardeners garden together and put in volunteer hours in the shared plot. There are 50 rental plots in the individual garden. Shared garden: $20 for individuals or $30 for a family. Individual garden plots: $35 single plots, $60 double plots. Extra produce is regularly donated to the Community Table. Eau Claire: Jeffers Road Community Garden elas- • The Eau Claire County extension office offers garden plots for rent plus a small 8’x12’ greenhouse for seedlings in the spring and to extend the growing season with cold crops in the fall. Garden plots measure 20’x45’ and will cost $35 per plot. Greenhouse space available for up to 20 individuals. Visit online for the full details.

Eau Claire Kids Gardens: North Riverfronts Neighborhood Park & McDonough Park (715) 839-4712 • eau- The County Extension office sponsors a free kids’ garden for all school-aged children during the summer months. Community Youth Gardens are  located at McDonough Park and North River Front Park. This program has many partners such as the SNAP Educators (formerly known as Wisconsin Nutrition Educators), Master Gardener Volunteers, local greenhouses, and local youth organizations.

Eau Claire: Lakeshore Park Community Garden 715-

833-0550 • • Located near the pavilion, 14-16 15’x15’ plots are available and cost $25 (reduced rates available for low-income individuals and families). Water hookup and hoses available. Lakeshore Park Garden is operated by the Historic Randall Park Neighborhood Association. Plot renters are encouraged to donate some of their produce to the Community Table.

Eau Claire: Phoenix Park Community Gardens • 715-

495-2451 • Get involved with the Phoenix Park community garden on Forest St. by networking with Andrew Werthmann.

Eau Claire: South Side Community Garden On Hes-

ter Street south of South Middle School, Eau Claire • • This garden features at least 24 plots. Plots are 10’x20’ for $25 or 20’x20’ $35. Water on-site with hoses to share. Garden will be enclosed with a nine foot deer fence.

Menomonie Community Garden 2500 9th Street East,

Menomonie • (715) 232-1328 • Each plot measures 20 x 25 feet. Half plots are $15, one plot is $25, two is $50, three is $75, four is $100. Raised beds also available. 46 May 18, 2016

garden centers Aquarian Gardens N2548 440th St., Menomonie •

(715) 664-8808 • • Experienced gardeners work with you through the entire process of creating a beautiful garden, from the initial consultation to the maintenance visits after the garden is complete. They also have a shop where you can buy various plants (either by chance or appointment).

Blaine’s Farm and Fleet 2583 S Prairie View Rd., Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-1806 • A hardy selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, vegetables, and hanging baskets, all grown locally with nursery quality so you know they will survive and prosper in your lawn and garden. While you’re there, you can pick up garden maintenance supplies, lawn decor, and more. Bobolink Nursery LLC N6548 429th St., Menomonie • (715) 231-3901 • Bobolink’s barnstyle garden center and three large growing ranges are packed with perennials, vegetables, annuals, shrubs, and trees. Owners Dan and Amy Dopkins have been in the plant growing business for essentially their entire lives and are very happy to pass their vast stores of knowledge on to you. They also offer services such as landscaping design and installation. Chippewa Hardware & Garden Center 17168 County Hwy J, Chippewa Falls • (715) 726-2515 • From wheelbarrows to lawn decor, they offer most every tool you’ll need to tend your garden. Chippewa Valley Growers 7825 Prill Road, Eau Claire

• (715) 839-8448 • Carries a wide variety of stock, specializing in bedding plants, flowers, and vegetables. Work with gardeners to create custom baskets and containers and check out growing ideas and tips in their spring newsletter.

Christensen Florist & Greenhouses 1210 Mansfield St, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-7418 • Eleven greenhouses full of beautiful hanging baskets & patio pots. Full assortment of annuals, vegetables, perennials, & herbs. Weekly specials. All plants grown on site. Great quality plants at fair prices.

Circle M Nursery 3942 103rd St., Chippewa Falls •

(715) 723-4247 • Circle M has served as a complete garden center for the Chippewa Valley for over 35 years, providing trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, black dirt, mulches, and flexible landscaping services.

Dave Bresina’s Nursery 9885 Hwy Q, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-3080 • Bresina’s nursery is stocked full of the rocks, dirts, plants, and trees you need to turn your landscape into something worth looking at.

Down To Earth Garden Center 6025 Arndt Ln., Eau Claire • (715) 833-1234 • • The Down to Earth Garden Center is a relaxing and spacious environment in which potential planters can find greeneries of every kind. Take advantage of their landscaping and lawncare services.

Evergreen Landscaping & Design Bauer Auction Service Chippewa Valley Located in Durand (call for as-

sistance or to arrange an appointment) • (715) 672-8831 • • A complete landscape service company locally owned and operated for over 25 years offering quality and reliable landscape and design service and guarantee customer satisfaction. 47 May 18, 2016

Fryszki’s Country Gardens N1956 State Road 85, Eau

Claire • (715) 835-8743 • • fryszkis. com Fryszki’s Country Gardens offers a wide variety of unique and colorful annuals, perennials, grasses, herbs and vegetables.

Gehrke Floral & Greenhouses 515 E. Main St., Mon-

dovi • (715) 926-4931 • • Choosing only the freshest, highest quality flowers, this shop has the professional and caring staff for your floral needs. Gehrke Floral has the flowers, plants, and gifts to help you express yourself perfectly.

Gordy’s Market Garden Center 2717 Birch St., Eau Claire • (715) 738-7885 • Provides trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, garden decor, mulches, fertilizers, landscaping accessories. In addition, Gordy’s offers rentals of larger gardening and landscaping tools for those projects you can’t tackle yourself.

Green Oasis Garden Center 1403 122nd St., Lake Hallie • (715) 832-0800 ext. 100 • GreenOasisGardens. com This garden center offers lawn art and accessories, plus various trees, ornamental grasses, perennials, mulch, dirt, compost, and patio block. They also offer a variety of classes throughout the gardening season to help you make your garden extra special. Green Thumb Landscaping and Excavating 6700 Hwy 12 E., Eau Claire • (715) 832-4553 •  Green Thumb Landscaping and Excavating provides garden care and maintenance. They offer a unique blend of perennials, shrubs, native trees, annuals, bark, mulch, and rock. They also sell lime, dirt, fertilizer, pesticides and more. Greener Grass Systems 3261 S Joles Pkwy, Lake

Hallie • (715) 723-0800 • In addition to their extensive landscaping services, Greener Grass Systems provides a selection of large trees, ornamental grasses, perennials, colored mulch, black dirt, and compost for your lawn and garden needs.

Grinde’s Garden Center 2903 Preston Rd., Eau Claire

• (715) 833-2292 • Family owned for 28 years, Grinde’s greenhouses offer a full line of self-produced vegetables, plants, flowers, seeds. They specialize in hanging baskets and bedding plants.

Grow Box USA • (715) 514-3399 • info@growboxusa. com • Founded in 2009, Grow Box USA provides grow cabinets at a fair price for the best growing experience possible. Halfen Garden Center and Hosta Heaven 19130 72nd Ave, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-3414 • • Halfen Garden Center is a family run business that offers a wide array of hostas, vines, annuals, vegetables, fruits, trees, and shrubs. They offer garden layouts to help you know the best place to plant around your home. Klinger Farm Market 12756 132nd St, Chippewa Falls • (715) 288-6348 • • In addition to 18 greenhouses full of flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, trees, hanging baskets, water plants, and house plants, Klinger offers a swath of freshly grown produce, home and garden ornaments, bird baths, jams, honeys, and organic gardening products. They are open year round. 48 May 18, 2016

Lowes Creek Tree Farm S9475 Lowes Creek Rd., Eleva • (888) 878-4166 • • Lowes Creek Tree Farm’s retail nursery market includes a full line of potted shade trees (over 50 varieties), flowering trees, fruit trees, shubs, and perennials, plus landscape consulatation, design services, and delivery and planting services. May’s Floral Garden 3424 Jeffers Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 836-8220 •  Primarily a florist, May’s designs and sells products for both indoor and outdoor living.  They have 11 greenhouses that are in production where they grow annuals, perennials, and indoor green plants. They also carry various gardening supplies. Menards •  Menards offers a full-blown

garden center and every tool you could ever think of to tend your garden, making it a convenient one-stop shop for your gardening needs. 3619 South Hastings Way, Eau Claire • (715) 832-3344 // 5210 N. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 830-0011

Out to Laurie’s Greenhouse & Crafts South of Eau

Claire via Hwy 53 or Hwy 93 (visit online for directions) • • specializing in top-quality annual flowers, planters, hanging baskets, combination pots,  and special made-to-order items per request. Enjoy the friendly and helpful atmosphere of this three-generation, family owned greenhouse. Only open Saturdays in the Spring. See contact info for details.

Paint Creek Nursery & Tree Farm 3215 North 140th

Ave., Cadott • (715) 723-2072 • • Paint Creek Nursey’s goal is to grow shrubs and trees that benefit people and the environment. They have a variety of native tree species, including conifers, hardwoods, and shrubs, that can be purchased either as seedlings or transplants. Note that Paint Creek Nursery is not a retail operation; visits to the nursery should be arranged in advance.  

Petit Jardin 13811 7th St., Osseo • (715) 597-2525 • On the bank of Lake Martha, Petit Jardin has a large selection of native perennials, specialty annuals, herbs, trees, and shrubs, with an emphasis on organic and sustainable gardening. Plant Marketing LLC 819 W. Shorewood Dr., Eau Claire

• (800) 752-6879 • A grower and marketing agent of live plants, specializing in the distribution of foliage, bedding, perennials, cacti, blooming, and holiday/seasonal plants.

The Potting Shed 1717 Devney Dr., Altoona • (715)

831-4000 • • The Potting Shed carries a plethora of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees; as well as anything you could possibly need to plant a garden including fertilizers, gloves, and the largest organics section around.

Reit’s Garden Center 310 Urquhart Rd., Stanley • (715) 861-6595 • Open year round featuring annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, house plants, statuaries, bulk mulch, and a full line of Bonid products. River Country Co-Op 1080 W. River St., Chippewa Falls • (888) 314-1088 • A lawn and garden co-op offering lawn and garden fertilizer, soil testing, seeds, lime, and much more. 49 May 18, 2016

Sears Hometown Store 2521 A Hills Ct., Menomonie •

(715) 232-8086 • Sears sells the supplies every home gardener needs to keep their plants in top shape.

Season’s Harvest Greenhouse E5345 County Rd D, Menomonie • (715) 231-4769 • seasonsharvest@dishup. us • Season’s Harvest has an impressive 6 greenhouses full of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs. Also, the potting shed station located outside the greenhouses allows you to mix, match, and plant your flowers right after or while you’re browsing. Shopko 955 W. Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire • (715) 832-

9777, (715) 726-1251 • Between their outdoor garden center and the tools and supplies they sell in-store, Shopko offers everything you need to get your garden started right.

Wal-Mart 3915 Gateway Dr., Eau Claire // 2786 Com-

mercial Blvd., Chippewa Falls // 180 Cedar Falls Rd., Menomonie • Wal-Mart has the plants, flowers, and supplies you need at the price you can afford. Locations in Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, and Menomonie.

interior design & furnishings A Squared Design LLC 711 W Central St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 726-1572 • See contact info for details.

Ashley Furniture 4068 Commonwealth Ave, Eau Claire

• (715) 830-1940 • Ashley Furniture is a national chain that provides you with everything you will need when furnishing just about any room in your home.

Autumn Hill Home Boutique 305 S Barstow St, Eau Claire • (715) 831-0500 • A retail furniture, home decor, and gift boutique specializing in cottage style furniture, bedding, lighting, and children’s furniture. Bed, Bath & Drapery Shop 3475 E Hamilton Ave,

Eau Claire • (715) 839-9000 • bedbathanddrapery. com Knowledgeable employees work to help you with your decorating needs. They provide decorating services that include free home or business consultation.

Bush Budget Furniture 2402 London Rd, Eau Claire • (715) 835-8426 • A privately owned furniture store, sells numerous brand-name furnishings as well as bedding. C design Interiors & Textiles 800 Wisconsin St, Bldg F13,

Suite 215, Eau Claire • (715) 514-4665 • This local business makes custom-designed window treatments and slipcovers, plus their stock includes rugs, decor, and furniture.

Cabin Chic 13811 7th St, Osseo • (715) 597-2525 • • With the tagline “in the woods ... on the water ... at the ranch,” Cabin Chic has a diverse selection of home decor and furnishings, many of them made by local artisans.

Carpe-Diem 129 Main St E, Menomonie • (715) 2314030 • This quaint store has home decor and gifts.

Chippewa Valley Furniture Direct • (715) 598-4353 • Brand new, overstock, clearance, and liquidation furniture and mattresses from major bedding and home furnishing manufacturers. CITYLIVING DESIGN Studio 320 Graham Ave #101, Eau Claire • (715) 864-1248 • With a portfolio that includes Metropolis Hotel and the model Phoenix Park apartments, interior designer Ceclia Cronk offers high fashion modern design for your home or business. Classics Furniture & Lighting Design Studio 2510 S

Hastings Way, Eau Claire • (715) 835-4500 • A local furnishings business with a staff of designers available to makeover rooms in homes or businesses.

Clearwater Cabinetry & Design 4163 124th St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 738-1801 • clearwater-design. com/5594.html These masters of interior design make custom made cabinets, countertops, furniture, built-ins, residential and commerical homes.

Cedar Corporation 604 Wilson Ave, Menomonie • (715)

Dell’s Architectural Antiques 121 Maple St., Eau Claire

Celebrating Home Eau Claire • PWPHome.ashx Let your love of decorating and entertaining be its own reward. Celebrating Home is a network of independent, professional Designers who share a desire to create beautiful homes and bring family and friends together for food, fun and fellowship. They offer a wide range of unique products, designs and ideas that can transform any house into a home of personal style. Find a Designer in your area.

Department of Interiors 401 Pinnacle Way, Suite 108, Eau Claire • (715) 836-7797 • info@deptofinteriors. com • Handles customized interior design for all needs, from an intimate living room to a majestic hotel ballroom, and specializes in feng shui design techniques for wellness.

235-9081 • Provides engineering and architecture, as well as some interior design.

• (715) 834-8872 • Specializing in antique collecting, salvage construction, and log homes. 50 May 18, 2016

Department of Interiors 401 Pinnacle Way, Eau Claire • (715) 836-7797 • • An interior design firm where design is just the beginning, Department of Interiors will help you reach your personal and business goals through custom interior designs. Design 101 • (715) 563-6788 •

• With a degree in interior design and more than 25 years of experience in studios, lumber yards, furniture stores, and decorating in homes, Debbie VanWyke works with you step-by-step in re-creating the interior of your home.

Dorig Designs LLC 930 W. MacArthur Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 514-4279 • • Adrienne Dorig Leland is an interior designer specializing in kitchens and bathrooms, both modern and traditional. She also does custom cabinetry. Duncan Creek Woodworks 4 Pond St, Chippewa Falls • (715) 720-1400 • • Makes custom designed and special order wood furniture. Eau Claire Design Company • (715) 456-6791 • chad@ •  The Eau Claire Design Company is developed by husband and wife duo

Chad and Keri White. Together they utilize their talents to bring beauty to their community. Though a focus is given to architectural design, The Eau Claire Design Company offers a variety of creative services to bring your dreams to life.

Economy Furniture 16051 Hwy J, Chippewa Falls •

(715) 723-1444 • A local business carrying loads of furniture made by national companies.

Encore Consignment Clothing Store 2420 London Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 833-2333 • Encore also consigns furniture.

Erin Designs, LLC See contact info for location details •

(715) 456-1850 • • ErinDesigns. com Sustainable, eco-friendly interior design consulting. Erin is committed to understanding the environmental impact of all her design projects. By incorporating “Green Building” practices, she helps clients create healthy places to live and work.

FUNCSHUN id 10446 162nd St., Chippewa Falls •

(715) 226-0666 • • funcshunid. com This Chippewa Falls business handles all your interior design needs and is run by Laura Gamble, a designer with experience from New York to Seattle and with clients like Kodak, Microsoft, and Seattle International Airport.

Furnish 123 235 E Hamilton Ave., Eau Claire; 102 N

Broadway St, Menomonie • EC: (715) 514-5123; Meno: 715-233-3123 • Locally owned and operated, Furnish 123’s owner searches for best buys and values in the furniture market.

Furniture Loft Outlet 1849 Hwy OO, Chippewa Falls • (715) 832-2539 • This outlet has just about every kind of furniture you could want for your home, from your living room to your dining room and bedroom. Furniture to Go 312 E Madison St., Eau Claire • (715) 552-3297 • A used furniture store with low prices. Gerhards First Supply 596 Cameron St., Eau Claire •

(715) 832-6638 • This wholesale showroom of building supplies includes, among other things, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and flooring.

Get it Now 3015 E. Hamilton Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 835-0708 • Top brands for your home. Happy Sleeper & Furniture 2600 London Rd., Eau

Claire • (715) 832-0331 • happysleeperfurniture. com See contact info for details.

Hirshfields Paint & Decorating 1701 South Hast-

ings Way, Eau Claire • (715) 835-9914 • hirshfields. com Hirshfield’s is a century-old decorating business with an unrivaled selection of paints, wallcoverings, fabrics, and window fashions.

HOM Furniture 2921 Mall Dr., Eau Claire • (715)

552-2555 • A national chain furnishings store that sells everything you would need for your home, from matresses, to flooring, to outdoor accessories.

Lebakkens 2501 E. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 833-1316 • This rent-to-own chain store (headquartered in Eau Claire) includes all kinds of home niceties, including furnishings. Lydia’s 1053 North Hastings Way, Eau Claire • (715)

552-0400 • This store specializes in lighting and furnishings, with professional interior designers willing to help you design the interior of your home from the furniture to the wall hangings.

New To You Furniture & Appliances 1643 Harding

Hong Furniture 606 W. 10th St., Osseo • (715) 597-2613

Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 855-7762 • See contact info for details.

House Blend Lighting & Design 215 N Bridge St, Chip-

One of A Kind Interior Design 217 N. Bridge St, Chip-

Howard’s Home Furnishings 13812 7th St., Osseo •

Pier 1 Imports 4008 Commonwealth Ave., Eau Claire

• See contact info for details.

pewa Falls • (715) 726-3080 • • This firm not only specializes in lighting, but also does residential design to any personal style and commercial designs that include Bridge Street Station and Dessert First/Benny HaHa. (715) 598-3185 • Selling a variety of quality furniture, mattresses, & home decor at everyday low prices. They give customers a very relaxed shopping experience by offering a very welcoming experience.

pewa Falls • (715) 726-2000 • oneofakindinteriordesign. com Specializing in kitchen remodels, they also will help you with flooring, space planning, countertops, and a variety of other interior design needs. Their goal is to keep the customer in mind from the very beginning. • (715) 834-8002 • A national chain of home décor and knick-knacks.

RainMaster Lawn Systems 3445 London Rd., Eau

Interior Arts 308 Eau Claire St, Eau Claire • (715) 834-

Claire • (715) 839-8484 • rainmaster@rainmasterlawn. com • RainMaster Lawn Systems of Eau Claire designs, installs and services in-ground sprinkler systems for homes and businesses.

Korgers Furniture & Decorating • (715) 723-8852,

Red Barn Kitchen & Bath E6355 290th Ave, Menomonie • (715) 664-8145 • Design services for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as quality cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and sinks.

8424 • • Seasoned decorator Susan Jakober handles every stage of home and business interior design imaginable.

(715) 235-3917 • A locally owned store with an extensive selection of paints/stains, furnishings, and some decor. They do in-home repairs, floor coverings, and paint consultations. Locations in Eau Claire and Menomonie.

Siker’s Furniture & Carpeting 124 Graham Ave, Eau

Claire • (715) 834-5026 • Features sofas, tables, chairs, and everything in between, as well as carpeting. 51 May 18, 2016

Slumberland Furniture 3227 E Hamilton Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 834-7272 • mattresses Southern Oak Window Fashions 4575 Old Town Hall Road, Eau Claire • (715) 835-8557 •  Select the most fitting and beautiful window coverings from a wide variety of fabrics, colors, textures and styles. Spectrum Factory Outlet 925 First Ave, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-6750 • • A furniture manufacturer outlet store with mostly furnishings for offices. TK Interior Design 5615 168th St, Chippewa Falls •

(715) 309-9668 • • An interior design company dealing in both residential and commercial design. They handle everything from a full remodel to choosing paints, furniture, and cabinetry.

Toni’s Interiors 217 W. Main St., Durand • (715) 6724244 • • Toni’s Interiors features three in-house decorators happy to help you transform your house into your dream home with three floors of furniture available for immediate delivery. If something more unique is called for, they may assist you in selecting something that fits both your home and your pocketbook. Tropical Interiors: Plant Care & Holiday Design • (715) 933-0735 • • They will provide your business or home with beautiful interior plants and the proper care they need. Wall to Wall Carpet One 3104 E. Hamilton Ave, Eau

Claire • (715) 598-4485 • They will take care of all your flooring needs. They have a variety of carpet, vinyl, tile, hardwood, and laminate to choose from.

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