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WORDS Tom Giffey, Iris Lang DESIGN Serena Wagner




o you decided to throw a holiday party – a BIG one. This year, you’re inviting all your friends/ relatives/customers/clients/random strangers to eat/drink/be merry in the celebration of the holiday of your choice. It is certain to be a memorable event. But if you want those memories to be good ones, you won’t be able to feed your guests with just a bag of red-andgreen tortilla chips and a couple of cartons of egg nog. No, you’re going to have a call a pro – a honest-to-goodness caterer. A person whose job it is to turn your party dreams into reality – even if your not quite sure what those dreams are yet. Fortunately, we’ve got numerous caterers in the Chippewa Valley who can help you out. (Check out our listings on page 40.) Before you start making calls, here are some things to know and questions to consider to make your party the best it can be.

LO O K F O R F L E X I B I L I T Y Tony Draganowski has spent a career in the fine food business, most recently as proprietor of Bijou Catering, based out of his own Bijou Bistro in Eau Claire. He stresses that he tries to be as flexible as possible for his clients. “Every catering event I look at as a blank canvas, and we have to create the picture more or less,” Draganowski says. Whether a client wants to spend $100 per guest or $10 a head, whether they want to serve $600 a case cognac or lemonade and iced tea, Draganowski says he can work within any budget. In other words, know how much you can spend.

K NOW WHAT YOU WANT That being said, potential clients should be able to answer some key questions when they contact a caterer, Draganowski says: Where is the party? How many guests will there be? Will the food be served buffet-style, on plates, or passed out by the waitstaff? Jessica Waters of KP Katering in Eau Claire agrees that the two main pieces of information you should be able to provide a caterer are your budget and head count. In addition, clients should have an idea about how they want the food presented: Will it be full-service (with the caterer providing tablecloths, china dishes, and centerpieces) or basic (with the caterer simply bringing the food)?

K EEP IT HOT Every cater will handle food preparation, set-up, and staffing differently, Waters notes. However, they do it, she says, “With holiday parties, the main question should be regarding food quality and if they have the equipment to ensure hot food is served when the client wants it.” (This is especially important during the Wisconsin winter, when the weather can interfere with both delivery and food temperature.) Some venues or homes have kitchen space where caterers can work, but both Bijou Catering and KP Katering prepare food in their own commercial kitchens and deliver it hot.

B E ON TREND Whatever kind of food you serve at your shindig, it’s most likely going to be in small servings on small plates. “People rarely do the big sit-down diners anymore,” Draganowski says.

Holiday party catered by KP Katering

Instead, clients and their guests seem to prefer to stand up, eat, and socialize in less-formal cocktail parties. For Bijou, popular dishes include beef sliders, skewered Kobe beef, and stuffed mushroom caps – although Draganowski says he has served everything from sushi to foie gras to tater tot casserole. (Did we mention they’re flexible?) Waters, of KP Katering, agrees that open-house-style events for clients typically feature heavy hors d’ oeuvres, while full-menu meals are more common for corporate employee parties. And while her business offers a variety of set menus (bourbon whisky meatballs, anyone?), KP can also adapt to clients’ unique requests. “With the

Bijou Catering offers endless options for parties and gatherings

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popularity of Pinterest,” she says, “we are seeing a wider variance for what people want in this area, and it’s made cooking so much more fun!”

CATER TO YOUR CROWD Finally, Draganowski says partythrowers should remember to keep in mind the tastes of their party-goers. For example, he says, “Just because you don’t like chopped olives, doesn’t mean they don’t like chopped olives.” Overall, strive for balance when you build a menu, he says. If you’ve got a couple of protein dishes, balance them with a few vegetables. Then relax, enjoy the food, and let the caterer create a party to remember.





rom greeting cards to TV shows – not to mention parades, parties, and shopping malls – Santa Claus is an ubiquitous sight this time of year. So ubiquitous, in fact, that – and we say this realizing it could put us on the naughty list – there’s a danger we’ll get sick of the Jolly Old Elf. With that in mind, what’s the planner of a big yuletide shindig to do? Call for reinforcements, North Pole-style. We’re talking about Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Co.: Yes, for the right price, you can rent reindeer. In fact, just down the road from Eau Claire you’ll find a herd of 50 of the docile, antlered animals at Noel Productions of Osseo, where Jeff Fritz and his family have been raising reindeer for nearly 30 years. In November and December, the Fritzes have animals at as many as three events a day, ranging from parades (in 2001, eight of their reindeer pulled a sleigh through downtown Chicago) to corporate parties. They’ve done events throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota, and last winter branched out to gigs in Colorado. They also lease some of their animals out to others who exhibit them. Interested in getting the reindeer for your event? Fritz advises that you contact him as early as possible. The reindeer do certain events year after year, so the calendar fills up fast. In fact, he suggests that potential clients try to plan their events around the animals’ availability. Even though reindeer are a rare sight in Wisconsin, Fritz avoids using the term “exotic” to describe them. “Exotic” calls to mind wild animals like lions and tigers, he notes, whereas reindeer have been domesticated for mil-

lennia by the people around the Arctic Circle. “They’re a very personable animal,” Fritz explains. “It’s like having a dog. They know who you are. Like a dog, they come when you call them. … They’re not easy to train, but they’re very smart.” Reindeer really can be taught to pull sleighs (although there’s no word on whether the Fritz family’s animals can fly) and are even-tempered enough to tolerate being exhibited in display pens and standing around for photo ops, as the Fritzes’ animals do. Fritz, who grew up on a dairy farm, bought his first reindeer in Canada nearly three decades ago and in the years since has developed a thriving business. Rather than dressing as storybook elves, the Fritz family dons authentic Laplander garb when displaying their reindeer. Their costumes help them educate the public about the history of human-reindeer interaction and the species’ cultural importance to the Laplanders – or Sami people – who live in northern Scandinavia, Finland, and Russia. Around the North Pole, reindeer – who are cousins to caribou – are raised for meat, hides, antlers, milk, and (yes, it’s true) transportation. The family and their reindeer are as busy as Santa’s elves during the Christmas season, but everybody’s ready to rest by the New Year, especially the cows, who begin calving in mid-April. “The biggest thing about it is people really do enjoy them,” Fritz says of the reindeer. And while adults are fascinated by their historical and cultural importance, he adds, “Kids really get a kick out of reindeer and Santa Claus.” Learn more about Noel Productions atfacebook.com/livereindeer or by calling (715) 597-3555.

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he holiday season is right around the corner and you know what that means – delicious home cooked meals! In Eau Claire County alone, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimates that 17,000 residents will become sick this year from eating unsafe food. Food safety is the most important ingredient to prevent foodborne illness when preparing food for the holidays. Food is a key part to many holiday celebrations; don’t let foodborne illness ruin your holiday. Use these food safety tips when preparing food this holiday season.

CLEAN YOUR HANDS AND FOOD CONTACT SURFACES OFTEN. • Wash your hands with warm soapy water for 20 seconds before and after handling food. • Wash food contact surfaces such as countertops, cutting boards, and utensils between preparing each food item.

SEPARATE RAW MEAT FROM READY TO EAT F OOD. • Separate raw meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood from foods that won’t be cooked when grocery shopping, storing food in the refrigerator, and while preparing meals to prevent cross contamination. • Use separate cutting boards and utensils when handling raw meat. • Protect your cooked food by putting it on clean plates and surfaces.

COOK YOUR FOOD TO THE PROPER TEMPERATURE. • To ensure that raw meat is cooked to a safe internal temperature, follow all cooking temperature directions. • Use a food thermometer to check the thickest part of the meat. If the temperature is greater than or equal to the temperature recommended, your food is done! • Undercooking raw meat can allow harmful bacteria to remain on your food.

CHILL LEFTOVER FOOD WITHIN TWO HOURS. • Refrigerate or freeze leftovers in shallow containers to cool evenly. • Maintain refrigerator temperature at 40°F and freezers at 0°F. • Leftover foods stored in the refrigerator should be eaten within 3 to 4 days. Leftovers that are frozen are safe indefinitely.

REHEAT LEFTOVERS TO 165 °F. • To keep your food safe, keep it out of the temperature danger zone: 41 °F to 135 °F to stop the growth of bacteria. • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold! Iris Lang is an environmental health specialist with the Eau Claire City-County Health Department. This article originally appeared in Chippewa Valley Family.

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Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 834-6611 • customerserv@abvicampusview.com • abvicampusview. com Meeting and banquet facilities are available to accommodate function needs up to 336 people. The Rosewood Room is ideal for large conferences, weddings and banquets. Other meeting rooms, like the Wisconsin Room, are available to accommodate smaller meetings and family events.

Avalon Hotel & Conference Center 1009 W. Park Ave.,

Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-2281 and (888) 727-5288 • avalonhotelchippewafalls.com Avalon’s ballroom offers the amenities you require for your perfect day; elegant chandeliers, crisp linens, seating for up to 400, undivided attention from butler-style service staff, private bar, large dance floor, white china and glassware.

The Barn on Stoney Hill 27192 170th Ave., Cornell •

(715) 579-5365 • thebarnonstoneyhill.com This beautifully restored barn is the perfect place for your wedding, reception, graduation, family reunion, corporate or other special event. Decorated with gorgeous chandeliers, unique rafters, a large dance floor and balconies overlooking the picturesque landscape. The old mixes with the new making everything perfectly imperfect.

Best Western PLUS Eau Claire Conference Center

3340 Mondovi Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 838-9989 • book. bestwestern.com Servicing events of up to 300 people. The hotel includes 85 rooms, an indoor heated pool and Jacuzzi, Brewski’s Pub, and complimentary breakfast

for guests. In-house banquet chef for catering is available, plus cash bar accommodations in the ballroom.

Brickhouse Pub & Grub - Bar & Banquet Hall 2233 Birch St, Eau Claire • (715) 832-6227 • Meeting rooms and halls for up to 250. See contact info for details.

Bye the Willow 501 High St., Chippewa Falls • (715)

559-0371 // 715-559-0468 • byethewillow@gmail.com • byethewillow.com Hosting private and public events, plus services including event planning to rental services, party favors, and entertainment. After regular business hours Bye the Willow will convert into a beer and wine lounge.

Cabin Ridge Rides 4271 220th St., Cadott • (715) 723-

9537 • cabinridgerides@aol.com • cabinridgerides. com Enjoy a natural wooded setting for your special day. Couples may have a wedding and reception at Cabin Ridge or just the reception. The price is a per person cost and includes the wagon ride, facility use, meal and beverage.

Christ Church Cathedral 510 South Farwell St., Eau

Claire • (715) 835-3734 • christchurcheauclaire. org Large ballroom on the second floor of the church is a reception area available for rent. Seats about 200.

City of Chippewa Falls Parks • (715) 723-0051 • chip-

pewafalls-wi.gov Rental locations include Irvine Park (Activity Building, Band Shell, Bear Den Road Shelter, Flag Hill Large Shelter, Hollow Shelter, Knights of Pythias, Loretta Cutsforth, Main Pavilion, Pine Grove Shelter, Roger Meier Shelter), and more.

City of Eau Claire Parks 915 Menomonie St., Eau Claire

• (715) 839-5032 • PR@eauclairewi.gov • ci.eau-claire.

wi.us Rental locations include Boyd Park Pavilion on Eau Claire’s East Side Hill (off Main St.), Carson Park (Birch Pavilion, Braun’s Bay Pavilion, Oak Pavilion, Pine Pavilion), Mount Simon (Dell’s Pavilion, Hillside Pavilion), Owen Park Bandshell Pavilion, Phoenix Park (Labyrinth, Pavilion, Riverside Terrace & Celebration Plaza), Riverview Island Pavilion, Riverview Park (Lions Pavilion, North Pavilion), Rod & Gun Park Pavilion, and more.

City of Menomonie Parks • (715) 232-1664 • meno-

rec@menomonie-wi.gov • menomonie-wi.gov Rental locations include Elmwood Park, Fowler’s Court, Lakeside Park off Wolske Bay Rd. looking over Lake Menomin,  Leisure Services Center Shelter, Phelan Park Main Shelter, Point Comfort Park (Byron Smith Shelter J, Lions Club I),  Riverside Park Main Shelter, Wakanda Park (Beach, Farm Bureau Shelter C, Jim Miller Shelter F, Letty M. Trainor Shelter E, Lions Club Shelter D, Northside Shelter D, Northside Shelter G, Open Area #3, Southside Shelter A, Park Pavilion), Wilson Park Bandshell, and more.

Clarion Hotel Campus Area 2703 Craig Rd., Eau Claire

• (715) 835-2211 and (866) 539-0036 • clarionhotel. com The Northwoods Ballroom will accommodate up to 280 guests and has a large permanent bar, dance floor and stage for a DJ or band. The stage may also be used for a ceremony. Room rentals vary throughout the year. Catering provided by the adjacent Green Mill Restaurant.

County of Eau Claire Parks • (715) 839-4783 • parks-

forest@co.eau-claire.wi.us • co.eau-claire.wi.us; eccountyparks.com Rental locations include Lake Altoona County Park (604 Beach Rd., Altoona), Lake Eau Claire County Park (E19230 Cty Rd. SD, Augusta), Tower Ridge Recreation Area Chalet (955 S. 82nd Ave., Eau Claire), and more.

Curvue Hideaway & Trees 6760 Curvue Rd., Eau

Claire • (715) 878-4366 • info@ctreesonc.com • ctreesonc.com Choose and cut Fraser and Balsam Firs, as well as White Pines, local gift shop, Kids Corner, crafts, wagon rides, and more. Drilling for the Answer Tree Stand and bailing available, plus fresh garland, wreaths, swags, and porch pots. Features two adorable log cabin buildings and one big pole shed to host many guests. Bring your own catering service in. Enjoy wagon

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PARTY LISTINGS HERE WE COME A-WASSAILING rides throughout the quiet, picturesque landscape and even warm by a campfire.

Dixon’s Apple Orchard • (715) 313-0315 • dixonsap-

ples.com The rustic charm of a simpler time creates the perfect setting for a special day you’ll never forget. The intense beauty found in this peaceful location will make the most extraordinary pictures your family & friends will ever see.

Draganetti’s Ristorante 3120 Hillcrest Pkwy, Altoona • (715) 834-9234 • draganettis.com

Dunn County Fish And Game Association Banquet and Reception Center 1600 Pineview Ave., Menomonie • (715) 235-8155 • clubhouse@dunncountyfishandgame. com • dunncountyfishandgame.com Featuring a 350 capacity clubhouse: 200 seated upstairs, 150 seated downstairs. Amenities include fully licensed kitchen, full bar downstairs, extra portable bar, sound system, beautiful views, and much more.

Eagles Club Banquet Hall & Conference Center 2588

State Hwy 53, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-0172 • eaglesclubbanquethall.com • eaglesclubbanquethall. com Offering accommodations and services for special events, such as weddings and parties. Three spacious, elegant, newly refurbished banquet halls. Custom catering and full service bars available.

Eau Claire County Expo Center 5530 Fairview Dr., Eau

Claire • (715) 839-3755 • exposition.center@co.eauclaire.wi.us • expocenterec.com Let the Eau Claire Expo assist you in making your party a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. Accomodates up to 500.

Eau Claire Golf & Country Club 828 Clubview Ln., Al-

toona • (715) 836-8420 • events@ecgcc.com • ecgcc. com The Clubhouse’s upper level accomodates 100-250 guests. With a backdrop of a beautiful stone fireplace, wood beamed ceilings and exquisitely crafted wood moldings, your guests are sure to enjoy the elegant, yet casual setting. Smaller occasions can be easily accommodated. Full service banquet-style catering.

Elks Lodge 402 3411 Stein Blvd., Eau Claire • (715)

834-4022 • elkslodge402@yahoo.com • elks.org Elk Lodge 402 boasts a two story building with the bar on the first floor. The upper room accommodates 150. The lower room accommodates 132. Outdoor deck available when weather permits.

The Enchanted Barn 1543 6 1/2 Ave., Hillsdale • (715)

254-1557 • theenchantedbarn.com An 1880’s barn loft available Spring through Fall. The lower milking parlor is for cocktail hour mingling and coffee/cake after dinner, the loft is for dinner/dancing.

apartment plus large kitchen, and reception room. The retreat accommodates up to 12 people, plus on-site camping. You can relax and not worry, and start your honeymoon after the reception.

Cities. Open for weddings May- October. Bring along your favorite cater. The barn is also available for graduations, anniversaries, meetings and other events.

Fill Inn Station 104 W. Columbia St., Chippewa Falls •

Osseo • (715) 597-2789 • info@osseogrand.com • osseogrand.com The main room is 3500 square feet, easily accommodating up to 350 guests, with 12 foot high ceilings and a built in 24’ x 24’ wood parquet dance floor. There is also an additional room of 1000 square feet with a vaulted ceiling available for a smaller parties or a break out room.

(715) 723-8282 and (715) 723-6551 • fillinn@fillinnstation.com • fillinnstation.com Accomodates up to 275 people for weddings, class reunions, Christmas parties, anniversaries, and birthdays, or any other type of party. Banquet room has a private bar-stage area for a DJ or band and a large 18x16 foot dance floor. See website for banquet, luncheon, and hors d’oeuvre menus.

The Florian Gardens Conference Center 2340 Lorch

Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 832-8836 • thefloriangardens. com Pick from multiple ballrooms for the atmosphere of your choice, anywhere from South of the Border to Winter Wonderland. The Florian Gardens’ catering specialists excel in creative meal planning that will delight you and your guests. Their outdoor gardens are a delightful place to hold the ceremony, too.

Forage 930 Galloway St., Building 13, Suite 212, Eau Claire • forage.ec@gmail.com • forageeauclaire. com Forage is a unique, urban, modern location just right for your special event. Their 3000 sq. ft loft overlooking the Eau Claire River is located in historic Banbury Place. They can customize our options to provide a one-of-a-kind event and their dining room comfortably holds up to 100 people for a sit down event and up to 150 for hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Four Corners 14982 Co. Hwy. S, Chippewa Falls •

Epiphany Lutheran Church 3031 Epiphany Ln., Eau

(715) 723-6783 • This classic diner provides a private party room and banquet services.

Farm to Fork Retreat S1-93 County Road BB, Mondovi

835-6489 • foxruntavern.com Weddings may rent the main bar area, plus the upper deck and underneath the deck. Seats 90 inside. Outdoor deck seats 30. No cost for rental. Must use their catering services.

Claire • (715) 835-9155 • office@epiphanyec.org • epiphanyec.org Gymnasium seats 280, multipurpose room/sanctuary can seat 200. Composite gym floor good for dancing. Kitchen available for caterers. • (715) 833-9975 • farmtoforkretreat.com Farm to Fork Retreat is a repurposed horse barn and working organic farm covering 4 acres in Mondovi. The venue is a delightful farm outbuilding recently renovated to host family, private, or corporate events.The retreat center has 2 bedroom apartment plus kitchen, a spacious 4 bedroom

Fox Run Tavern 1515 S. 65th Ave., Eau Claire • (715)

Govin’s Weddin’ Barn N6134 670th St., Menomonie

• (715) 231-2377 • jgovin@govinsfarm.com • govinsfarm.com Enjoy your special day in our rustic old barn, surrounded by all the beautiful old wood lit up by four chandeliers. The barn seats 225, is affordably priced, is 30 minutes from Eau Claire and one hour from the Twin

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Grand Occasions Event Center W16181 Hwy 10 / 53,

Heyde Center for the Arts 3 South High St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 726-9000 • cvca.net Chippewa Falls’ beautiful Heyde Center overlooks downtown and features a gorgeous rentable auditorium that accommodates 256. The website provides a simple rate sheet for your review.

Hickory Hills Golf Course E4080 Hickory Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 878-4543 • eventshhgc@gmail.com • golfhickoryhills.com Featuring a brand new 3-season pavilion that can be used for golf outings, weddings, and banquets. Providing full beverage service, catering, or any other service you may need in our lodge-style clubhouse, Hickory House, or throughout our awardwinning course.

Historic Eau Claire Masonic Ballroom 616 Graham

Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 456-2466 • info@masonicballroom.com • masonicballroom.com Elegant and spacious surroundings in downtown Eau Claire featuring a wedding chapel seating up to 400 and a grand ballroom seating 150-400, plus a spacious fireside lounge, spacious bride’s and groom’s rooms, and full beverage service.

Holiday Inn - Eau Claire South 4751 Owen Ayres Ct.,

Eau Claire • (715) 830-9889 • holidayinn.com/eauclairewi // JohnnysItalianSteakhouse.com With over 3,500 square feet of striking banquet and meeting room facilities, the hotel is equipped with state of the art features conducive to meetings, receptions, weddings and other social gatherings. Catering provided by the adjacent Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse

Horizons Lounge & Banquet Center 10764 Cty Hwy

Q, Chippewa Falls • (715) 724-1444 • horizonslounge. com Their large Banquet Room accommodates 280 people and features a full bar, stage, audio and visual

options, large parking lot and is easy to find for those out of town guest. For smaller gatherings, a private dining room is available to groups of 40 or less.

side and tent wedding ceremony & receptions fit up to 250 guests. Visit online for more details.

Inn Greener Pastures 2594 Romanowski Ln., Chetek •

Menomonie • (715) 233-3333 • jayouellette@offbroadwaybanquet.com • offbroadwaybanquet.com Seat up to 500 in a decorated banquet hall featuring a built in dance floor, full bar, and reasonably priced food and beverage. Smaller rooms for 5-100 also available, perfect for rehearsal dinners and gift openings. 

(715) 353-2697 • graceshervey@gmail.com • inngreenerpastures.net A converted barn-turned-pavilion makes for a great reception location. Choose from a variety of beautiful suites. The adjacent silo makes for a romantic bedroom suite as well. Catering services and cakes are available. 

Lake Hallie Golf 2196 110th St., Chippewa Falls • (715)

861-5442 • lakehalliegolf.com Lake Hallie Golf’s clubhouse provides a fun sports bar atmosphere along side comfortable, casual dining. The Clubhouse offers ample room for large groups including dining room, bar, and outdoor deck. Outdoor events under tents with a tiki bar available. A variety of catering options available as well.

Lake Wissota Golf Course 16108 97th Ave. South,

Chippewa Falls • 1-888-382-4780 • info@lakewissotagolf.com • lakewissotagolf.com Lake Wissota Golf’s clubhouse offers an expansive ballroom and surrounding terrace, with talented on-site catering services and event staff.

The Lismore Gibson St., Eau Claire • events@the-

lismore.com • thelismore.com The Lismore is anticipated to open in the first quarter 2016 after extensive renovations, bringing a new hospitality experience to the revitalized downtown area.

Log Jam 709 South Broadway, Menomonie • (715)

235-0703 • info@logjambarandeatery.com • logjambarandeatery.com Log Jam offers an intimate and fun setting for guests with warm and cozy booths and a flourishing patio perfect for guests to socialize and enjoy themselves. Also featuring one on one planning, a full bar with an exceptional tap line, and delicious custom menus.

Loopy’s Grill & Saloon 10691 Business 29, Chippewa

Falls • (715) 723-5667 • loopy@723loop.com • 723loop. com/banquets.html Seating available for groups from 10 to 350. Enjoy sand volleyball courts, bean bag toss, a fire pit and a party tent. They are set up for live entertainment, DJs and bands with an excellent sound system.

Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts 205 Main St. E.,

Menomonie • (715) 235-9726 • info@mabeltainter.org • mabeltainter.org Say “I do” in Menomonie’s gorgeous Victorian theater. The theater seats 268 (188 main floor, 70 balcony) and the Public Room seats 100. A cocktail reception option available for up to 311 and a plated dinner reception is available for up to 120 with plenty of other accomodations for your convenience.

The Maple Lounge 2507 S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire

• (715) 552-1998 • facebook.com/pages/Maple-LoungeCafe See contact info for details.

Max’s Club 95 101 Sand Prarie Rd., Hixton • (715)

963-3191 • maxsclub95.com Their spacious banquet room accommodates over 300 guests comfortably and features a stage, dance floor, adequate parking and a private bar area.  The room may be broken out into smaller areas for groups or meetings and can be set up according to the individual specifications of the group.

Metropolis Resort 5150 Fairview Dr., Eau Claire •

(715) 852-6000 Ext. 422 • tiffany@metropolisresort. com • metropolisresort.com Metropolis hosts parties and events of all kinds. Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy the arcades, go-karts, mini golf, laster tag, laser maze, and more.

Mona Lisa’s 428 Water St., Eau Claire • (715) 839-8969

• ohmona@sbcglobal.net • monalisas.biz Their private room is ideal for corporate or social functions of 15 to 50 people for a sit down dinner. It can also accommodate up to 99 guests for light hor’dourves and cocktails.

Munson Bridge Winery W6462 Bridge Rd., Withee •

(715) 229-4501 • tmrhlnd@aol.com • munsonbridgewinery.com/EventRental Featuring a variety of packages including the Garden Party (15-20 guests), Honeysuckle Cove (35-40 guests), and two more locations for up to 180 guests: The Great Lawn and the 1910 Hayloft. Out-

Off Broadway Banquet Center 1501 N. Broadway St.,

Ojibwa Golf & Bowl 8140 136th St., Chippewa Falls

• (715) 723-8823 • info@ojibwagc.com • ojibwagc. com Accommodating groups up to 100 guests with ample indoor space and a beautiful patio deck looking out onto the golf course.

The Oxford 1814 N. Oxford Ave., Eau Claire • (715)

839-8877 • info@ecct.org • ecct.org Auditorium available to rent seating 275. Limited bar plus service available. Ready for bands/DJs.

Pine Meadow Golf Club 4324 Fairfax Park Dr., Eau Claire • (715) 832-6011 • PineMeadowGolfClub@ gmail.com • pinemeadowgolfclub.com Indoor and outdoor seating. See contact info for details.

Pioneer Grill & Saloon E5699 Co. Trk. D, Menomonie

• (715) 235-9927, 715-235-4973 • PioneerGrill. com Agreat place for your private gatherings, office parties, company picnics, class reunions, family reunions, wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Welcoming groups of up to 1000.

Pizza Ranch 2815 Truax Blvd., Eau Claire • (715) 5144143 •

Sammy’s Pizza 2812 London Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 8311-300 • mysammys.com Featuring a large back room with hookups for live music.

The sideBAR on Grand 115 W. Grand Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 832-5478 • Girolamo’s Court’n House Bar and Grill’s sideroom is  open for wedding receptions, retirement parties, business events, family reunions and more. Features a convenient kitchen in the back.

Skoog’s Parkside 932 N. Broadway St., Menomonie • (715) 235-6124 • skoogsparkside.com Featuring a private dining room available for larger parties and banquet services.

Sleep Inn & Suites Conference Center 5872 33rd

Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 874-2900 • sleepinnsales@ rivercountrycoop.com • sleepinneauclaire.com Facility comfortably accomodates 400 guests plus many other services including professional staff, dance floor, and in-house catering which may be adapted to meet ethnic and dietary concerns.

St. Mary’s Church and Community Center 1828 Lynn

Ave., Altoona • (616) 295-0797 • andreahesssm@gmail. com • stmarys-altoona.com St. Mary’s Community Center is spacious and comfortable, seating up to 450.

Stella Blues 306 E Madison St., Eau Claire • (715)

855-7777 • info@stellablues.biz • stellablues.biz One room upstairs flows from a larger room down toward the bar at the other end that has a cozy corner with red couches and furniture. There is a bar within the room. Bands/DJs may set up. Dance floor available. Outdoor patio available but cannot be rented exclusively.

UW-Eau Claire Event Services Several locations avail-

able on the UW-Eau Claire campus • (715) 836-5631 • eventservices@uwec.edu • uwec.edu/eventservices/ Impeccable catering, brillant event production, state-ofthe-art facilities.

UW-Stout Memorial Student Center 302 10th Ave.

E., Menomonie • (715) 232-2000 • mscreservations@ uwstout.edu • uwstout.edu Space for up to 1,000 with professional customized audio and lighting packages, elegant crystal ballrooms, a great hall with a build-in stage, nine breakout rooms, and a professional catering staff/executive chef with multiple menu items and service styles.

VFW Club Post 305 1300 Starr Ave., Eau Claire • (715)

552-8438 • vfwclub305.com Banquet facilities for over

VolumeOne.org 39 Nov. 2, 2016

PARTY LISTINGS TIME TO DECK THE HALLS 832-3528 • vfwpost7232.org The hall provides space for 150 guests, with an available kitchen and dance area. Large outdoor fenced area with pavilion in the rear available.

VisionQuest Entertainment Center N4439 440th St.,

Menomonie • (715) 235-7769 • vqfun.com VisionQuest may seat 500+ all on one main floor for easy access. They also have a huge built in Premium DJ Service with a computerized audio, light, and video experience plus a gaming area, redemption arcade, pool table, air hockey, large video screens with video monitors, and much more.

Westgate Sportsman Club 4909 Sportsman Dr., Eau

Claire • (715) 832-4548 • ecwestgate@gmail.com • ecwestgate.com Offering two separate halls. They also offer an onsite PA system for your use and there is an LCD projector available for both halls. The large hall also offers a stage for your band or DJ. The large hall seats up to 400 people. The small hall seats up to 75 people.

Wild Ridge Golf Course 3905 Kane Rd., Eau Claire •

(715) 834-1766 and (715) 858-7960 • lisa@wildridgegolf.com • wildridgegolf.com An indoor banquet facility seats 300 and features views of the golf course, event patio, outdoor ceremony site, private bar, screens, audio system, and dance floor. Another three season pavilion accomodates 175, seats 100, features a spacious bar for 75, plus big screen TVs, and great views.

menu, plus fruit, vegetable, and shrimp platters.

Blugold Dining W.R. Davies Center, Room 250, UW-Eau

• (715) 723-8282 and (715) 723-6551 • fillinnstation. com Can accommodate up to 275 guests in its banquet hall, roomy enough to include a DJ and dancing. Choose from a buffet-style meal or a menu of traditional banquet plates.

664-8430 • blacktie@wwt.net • cateringbyblacktie. com Unlike some caterers, Black Tie allows you to build your own meal, instead of having specific menu items. Claire, Eau Claire • (715) 836-3882 • dining@uwec. edu • uwec.edu  University Catering can serve groups of more than 650 guests. Offering an extensive menu of meal choices and a variety of dessert options, including a three-tiered cake.

Bresina’s Carry Out 10 Jefferson Ave., Chippewa Falls

100. See contact info for details.

VFW Post 7232 2900 W. Folsom St., Eau Claire • (715)

Black Tie Catering N2702 690th St., Menomonie • (715)


• (715) 723-7869 • facebook.com/BresinasCarryout/ info This buffet-style caterer can serve a group of any size.

Burrachos 5314 Prill Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 834-1843 • Asian Café 2121 Eddy Ln., Eau Claire • (715) 852-0552 • facebook.com/AsianCafe/info Pan-asian cuisine featuring crayfish, coconut shrimp, egg rolls, salad, steak, pizza, and other American choices.

Augusta Meats & Catering 825 Industrial Dr., Augusta

• (715) 286-2920 • facebook.com Featuring a variety of meat cuts, 21 flavors of homemade brats, six flavors of beef sticks and sausage, all natural Amish chicken, and several flavors of cheese.

Bar-B-Q Express: BBQ & Grill Located at the Eagles

Club, 2588 Hallie Rd., Chippewa Falls • (715) 828-7910 • barbqexpress.catering@gmail.com • ecbarbq.com Authentic pit barbecue for catering, pick-up, delivery, and vending. Several meat choices and sides available. Servicing events of up to 500 people.

Bijou Catering 2629 East Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire

• (715) 832-6778 • eauclairechef@hotmail.com • bijoubistro.com Continental cuisines with flavors and style outside the realm of what people are used to, presented by Chef Anthony Draganowski.

Billy’s Grill & Catering 1019 15th Ave., Bloomer • (715)

828-1186 • billysgrillandcatering.com Serving events of all sizes with a wide variety of dishes featuring beef, pork, chicken, seafood, turkey, Italian, BBQ, vegetables, salads, side dishes, appetizers, and more.

burrachos.com Let Burrachos bring their fresh Mexican food to your next event or party. They cater for all sorts of groups: big or small, from corporate events to weddings and graduation parties.

Fill-Inn Station 104 W. Columbia St., Chippewa Falls

Fox Run Catering 1515 S. 65th Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 835-6489 • facebook.com/FoxruntavernEC/ Fox Run offers a catering menu that includes selections for breakfast, brunch, luncheons, casual and fine dining and hors d’ oeuvres. For parties of 40 or more, choose a wonderful buffet style dinner with several choices.

Franzwa’s Custom Catering Serving Eau Claire,

Menomonie, and Chippewa Falls • (715) 225-6983 • franzwas.com Known for the famous seasoned charcoal chicken, Franzwa’s customizes every event to the customer’s preferences. Whether you have a big or small event they will take care of you.

Connell’s Supper Club 18525 50th Ave., Chippewa Falls

The French Press 2823 London Rd., Eau Claire • (715)

Creative and Passionate Personal Cheffing Eau Claire

Gordy’s Market 3310 E. Hamilton Ave., Eau Claire •

• (715) 723-5656 • facebook.com Connell’s can handle your needs, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with items running from eggs to lobster.

• (715) 590-4515 • personalchefgolden@yahoo.com • facebook.com/PCMPG Let C&P Personal Cheffing cater your next home event rather than the traditional caterer. Service includes grocery shopping, cooking and cleanup.

Deb’s Café 1120 122nd St., Suite 3, Chippewa Falls

• (715) 833-2233 • eat@debscafe.com • debscafe. com With everything from fresh veggies to sandwiches and salads, Deb’s offers a fresh, healthy alternative to the typical hot and greasy catering experience.

Dessert First 2425 Seymour Road, Eau Claire • (715)

833-8440 • getdessertfirst.com Famous for its multitude of gourmet cupcakes, this California-inspired bakery offers quality sweet temptations and lunch time treats and now serves customized cakes decorated especially for your special occasion. Dessert First also sells at Find Dessert First on Facebook too.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit 311 E. Clairemont Ave., Eau

Claire • (715) 830-9790 // 6202 Chuck Ln., Eau Claire • (715) 830-9790 // 1320 N. Broadway, Menomonie • (715) 231-3227 • Catering: 866-BARBECUE • dickeys. com Meat lovers rejoice - Dickey’s Barbecue Pit features a delivery buffet or boxed lunches with tender meats topped with their family recipe barbecue sauce, plus a tall list of sides to select. Get a catering quote online for your convenience.

Draganetti’s 3120 Hillcrest Pkwy, Altoona • (715) 834-

9234 • sales@draganettis.com • draganettis.com Draganetti’s can deliver and set up throughout the Chippewa Valley. They can customize your request to your specifications and many menu options are available.

Famous Daves 2811 Mall Dr., Eau Claire • (715) 8352227 • famousdaves.com Famous Dave’s catering crews bring plates of lip-smackin’ barbeque to all occasions.

Fat Boy’s Pizza 1312 Main St., Bloomer • (715) 568-

4464 • facebook.com Customize your menu to exactly what you want from a large list of options.

Festival Foods 3007 Mall Dr., Eau Claire • (715) 838-

1000 • festivalfoods.com Festival Foods features lunch and dinner buffet catering options with a variety of styles, including classic meat dishes, world cuisine, soups and sandwiches, a picnic menu, breakfast menu, a la carte

VolumeOne.org 40 Nov. 2, 2016

598-7017 • thefrenchpresseauclaire.com A cafe, bakery, and catering service offering fresh, made from scratch, high quality products that will satisfy customers’ pallets. 715-834-3993 // 2717 Birch St., Eau Claire • 715-8368246 // 1031 W. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • 715-8390220 // 212 Bay St., Chippewa Falls • 715-726-2500 // 17158 Cty Hwy J, Lake Wissota • 715-726-2505 • gordyscountymarket.net Gordy’s locations has catering services for all occasions.

Houligans Steak & Seafood Pub 415 S. Barstow St.,

Eau Claire • (715) 835-6621 • houligans.net When you pick Houligans’ Gharrity Room for your private banquet facility, their great catering options come alive. Accommodating 10-70 people with a private bar for sit-down, buffet and appetizer style functions.

Infinity Beverages 930 Galloway St., Eau Claire • (402)

374-6542 • info@infinitybeverages.com • infinitybeverages.com A Winery & Distillery producing a wide range of innovative and unique wines and spirits.

KB Catering2U Catering & BBQ 11958 16th Ave. N,

Chippewa Falls • (715) 514-5565 (Eau Claire); 608769-7253 (cell) • kbcatering2u.com Mobile on-site cooking for corporate events, wedding, banquets, and all other occasions.

KP Katering 2445 Alpine Road, Eau Claire • (715) 8559055 • kpkatering@aol.com • kpkatering.com From specially made menus to exceptional decorations, KP has everything to make your day exactly as you envisioned. Full set-up and clean-up services. We will be at your service throughout the entire planning stages to the day of the event.

Legacy Chocolates 632 South Broadway St., Menomonie

• (715) 231-2580 • marion@4-control.com • legacychocolates.com Gourmet chocolate ruffles the perfect size to give to guests at an anniversary dinner, holiday party, or family get-together, and add elegance to your special day. Also featuring dessert tables (e.g., chocolate dipped strawberries) and catering with soup, bread, coffee and dessert.

Lucy’s Delicatessen 117 N Bridge St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 720-9800 • foreign5.com/lucys-deli/ Lucy’s will customize your orders with its menu of sandwiches, pizza, soup, meat/cheese platters, and more.

Mancino’s 4056 Commonwealth Ave. and 809 W. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 835-4000 and 835-4100 •

mancinoseauclaire.com Mancinos offers grinder platters, party salads, pasta platters, cookie platters, and any other sides on the menu such as chips, drinks, and soups. For more info, call or visit one of its locations.

Noodles & Co. 4653 Keystone Crossing, Eau Claire •

(715) 858-9000 • noodles.com/eauclaire Featuring a buffet-style NoodlesBar service making it easy to serve unique flavors from around the world to your party of 20-200.

Pammy K’s Cafe & Catering 26126 W. Mondovi St., El-

eva • (715) 287-3226 • pammyks1@wwt.net • facebook. com See contact info for details.

The Raw Deal 603 S. Broadway St., Menomonie • (715)

231-3255 • rawdeal-wi.com The Raw Deal is a socially and eco-conscious business just waiting to welcome you in and introduce you to a new way  of thinking about and appreciating the world around you. Featuring raw and vegan food, coffee, juices, smoothies, beer, wine, and more.

Sitha Indian Kitchen 3619 Altoona Ave., Altoona • (715)

874-9750 • budaya62@hotmail.com • chait-gaddam. wix.com/sithaindiankitchen We cater for all occasions including birthdays, family gatherings, graduation parties and anniversary parties. If you are looking for a real authentic taste, this is the place for you! All dishes are made from scratch with healthy whole grains and fresh spices. www.chait-gaddam.wix.com/sithaindiankitchen

Smiling Moose Deli 329 Riverfront Terr., Eau Claire • (715) 838-9999 • smilingmoosedeli.com With breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, Smiling Moose can handle it all.

Sweet Clarisse Catering 134 W Lincoln St., Augusta •

(715) 563-5145 • facebook.com Featuring menus customized to best fit the specific vision and theme of your event. Their range of menu selections is expansive and not limited by technique or cooking style, boasting offerings that are not only progressive, fresh and exciting, but savory and traditional as well.

Taverna Grill 2839 Mall Dr., Eau Claire • (715) 835-

2845 • info@tavernagrill.com • tavernagrill.com From delicious flatbread pizza to homemade lasagne, from formal to casual, Taverna Grill’s premium catering menu can be customized to fit your occasion. Whether you are servig ten or two hundred, our expert staff is dedicated to delivering the quliity food and service you desire.

The Twisted Pantry 2749 London Rd., Eau Claire • (715)

833-8009 • michelle@thetwistedpantry.com, myra@ thetwistedpantry.com • thetwistedpantry.com Pasta and olive oils, crackers and chips, baking mixes, snack trays, drink mixes, dip mixes, sprinkles, candles, spices, and nuts.

UW-Stout Catering UW-Stout, 712 S. Broadway St.,

Menomonie • (715) 232-3463 • mcraer@uwstout.edu • uwstout.edu/dining/catering/ Featuring a professional service staff with an executive chef. Catering available at UW-Stout locations or your own off-campus location. Choose from a menu of gourmet items, including desserts.

Westgate Sportsman Club 4909 Sportsman Dr., Eau

Claire • (715) 832-4548 • ecwestgate.com Featuring hors d’oeuvres as hot and cold platters, multiple banquet options with meat-based entrees, vegetables, pastas, sides, and salads, plus specialty buffet options including Italian, Mexican, pizza, Chinese, soup and salad, and American cuisine.

Yankee Jacks 2300 W. Princeton Ave., Eau Claire •

(715) 834-4050 • yankeejacks3@aol.com • yankeejacks. com Yankee Jack’s takes great pride in serving only the freshest and highest quality foods and libations. A private banquet facility and off site catering is also available.

DEEJAYS All Occasions DJ Service • (715) 828-3536 • Info@

AllOccasionsDJService.net • alloccasionsdjservice. com From music, lighting, planning and customization, All Occasions DJ Service strives to serve you, From ceremony production, cocktail and dinner music, to dance music. Take a look at all of their services and packages.

Art of Entertainment Events-DJ Service Eau Claire

• (715) 829-0354 • entertainmenteventsco@yahoo. com Event. Sound. Atmosphere. DJ service for any occasion. Reasonable rates. Good music. Great service. Keeping it simple since 2001. Family owned and operated.

Audio Tonic Entertainment • (715) 505-3490 • audio-

tonic.com A privately owned, professional DJ service giving customers a fun experience unique to them. Every crowd is different, so shouldn’t every show be different? They work with their clients to make sure that they, as well as their guests, are happy.

Barstow Productions 343 N. Eau Claire St., Mondovi • (715) 835-5299 • See contact info for details.

Beam Entertainment • (715) 579-5456 • beam_enter-

tainment@yahoo.com • djbeamlive.com Unmatched experience, over 100 events a year for nearly two decades. Personal consultations, customizing your event with great detail. Professional service that will exceed your expectations. Perfect reviews & approaching 30,000 fans. Digital quality BOSE surround sound & elegant L.E.D. uplighting.

Beckfield DJ Entertainment • (715) 559-4442 • will@

beckfieldentertainment.com • beckfieldentertainment. com With experience working as the Master of Ceremonies for everything from festivals to concerts to other events, Will Beckfield is able to entertain, direct, and keep your guests involved, no matter the event size.

Best Sound & Light Show DJ & Karaoke • (715) 835-

4888 • matt@bestsoundandlightshow.com • bestsoundandlightshow.com Serving the Chippewa Valley for over 15 years, Best Sound and Light Show provides DJ and karaoke entertainment perfect for any event. Professional, dependable, unforgettable ...

Blue Thunder DJ Menomonie • (715) 235-3280 • bluet-

hunderdj@yahoo.com Customizing the playlist to you and featuring a full light show and the best equipment available.

D’Zired Sound Mobile Entertainment 2514 Beverly

Hills Dr., Eau Claire • (715) 832-6934 • facebook. com Small mobile entertainment company with over 20 years experience entertaining the Chippewa Valley. Entertainment for corporate events, birthdays, and any other reason you have to celebrate. Professional, insured, reasonably priced, and great fun.

DJ Matteo • (715) 937-4923 • facebook.com/djmat-

teo411 A mobile DJ in the central Wisconsin area with several years experience playing all types of events. Extensive ever growing music library packed with the latest and the greatest.

Get DJ Bob - Electra Entertainment PO Box 115,

Menomonie • (715) 235-1754 • bsax007@sbcglobal. net Offering the area’s largest mobile DJ sound and light shows plus karaoke. The show features several smart lights along with colored floods. Fog, bubbles, black lighting, strobe and lasers also available. Capable of large and small events. Over 20 years experience.

Ignite Lighting & Entertainment • (715) 563-4748 • Ig-

niteEventGroup@Gmail.com • ignitelightingandevents. com Ignite Lighting & Entertainment prides itself on presenting a night you will never forget with fun, unique ideas to personalize your party.

Kaleidoscope DJ Entertainment • (715) 225-3533 •

kaleidoscopedj@charter.net • kaleidoscopedj.com Kaleidoscope DJ Entertainment offers professional, customized entertainment and event production with DJ services, karaoke, music videos, venue lighting, sound reinforcement, projectors and screens, and more.

Mobile Express DJs P.O. Box 776, Eau Claire • (715)

379-5849 • Sales@MobileExpressDJs.com • MobileExpressDjs.com Mobile Express DJs aims for a personal, tasteful, and accommodating approach to your event to keep your guests dancing and make your evening unforgettable. From country to pop to rock to alternative to rap, your party, reception, or dance should be the time of your life and consist only of the music you enjoy most.

two professional DJs at every event at no additional cost. They take care of the entertainment so you can enjoy your big day.

Pure Energy Productions • (715) 831-8003 • facebook.

com With Pure Energy Productions, your event is a mirror image of your personalities– it will be one-of-a-kind and never to be duplicated by anyone else. Your event will not be a cookie cutter replica of our last 25 events; it will be special, original, and most importantly, memorable.

Rock n Roll To Go Plus 6517 Pleasant View St., Eau

Claire • (715) 839-7951 and (800) 799-4386 • rnrtogo. com Providing quality DJ entertainment, Vegas nights, limos, tents, inflatables, mechanical bulls, searchlights, photobooths, and more for over 25 years.

Rock’It Out Entertainment • (715) 834-3857 • Bull-

dog2280@yahoo.com • rockitoutentertainment. com Rock’It Out Entertainment is owned and operated by Nick Arnold. With 15 years of experience DJing and hosting hundreds of events, there are few scenarios we haven’t encountered. Nick has been the winner of the Volume One Best of the Chippewa Valley poll, and has placed in the top three numerous times.

ShowTime Entertainment River Falls • (715) 821-1100

• tony@showtimeentertainmentllc.com • showtimeentertainmentdj.com Featuring services including DJ and light show, social hour/dinner music, photo montage/ slideshow, videography, photo booth, and ceremony sound.

Skate City Rice Lake • (715) 234-6070, 319-415-3608 •

letsgosk8n@aol.com • sk8city.com After DJing a skating rink for 18 years, Steve is now available to DJ for you. He loves music and equipment and have put together a awesome sound and light show that amazes.

Slanedog Productions Mobile DJ Service Chetek •

(715) 651-5526 • kslaney54728@gmail.com • slanedogproductions.webs.com Offering an L.E.D light show, concert style sound, a professional DJ mixing today’s hottest hits and the dance classics, and an energetic MC guaranteed to get the crowd pumping at your event.

Solid Gold Entertainment 1625 Eddy Ln., Eau Claire •

(715) 835-4996 • solidgold.eauclaireweb.com This DJ company’s specialty is weddings, from the dinner music to the hours upon hours of dance music.

Sound Riders DJ 425 S. East St., New Auburn • (715) 237-2036 • info@soundridersdj.com • soundridersdj. com Sound Riders DJ is a local and family owned and operated business, who provides great light and sound shows for all of Northwestern Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

Tricia Bradley Studios Entertainment & Photography 1220 Nova Dr., Eau Claire • (715) 831-8003 • info@ triciabradley.com • triciabradley.com With Tricia, your wedding album will showcase your personality with raw emotion and the essence of life that will leave you speechless or on the floor laughing. With Bradley, your most unforgettable memories of your wedding day will begin the first time you lay eyes on each other and end when you decide they will.

ZENON Premium DJ Entertainment N4439 440th St.,

After each Photo Booth session, guests get 2-2x6 photo strips within 7.5 seconds and at the end of the night, they get to bring home their own personalized party favor. Also, photos will be available for tagging on Facebook within 48 hours of the event.

Music & More Entertainment • (715) 828-2983 • A fun

DJ service that won’t break the bank yet provide you with everything you need. With over 30 years of experience in the entertainment business, Music & More Entertainment is a well seasoned company that will provide you with exactly the right entertainment to fit your event.

Music in Motion Disc Jockeys • (715) 835-6663, (800)

356-2442 • jackie@musicinmotiondj.com • musicinmotiondj.com A full time business that is available for corporate events, game shows, and inflatable games across Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Music in Motion is a professional business that can deliver what they promise. 

Parkside Entertainment • (715) 523-0677 • Custom

disc jockey service Serving Eau Claire, the Chippewa Valley, West-Central Wisconsin, and beyond, committed to excel above and beyond your expectations of simply playing music. Featuring an impressive light display for the many moods of the evening.

Party Hits 7539 Curvue Rd., Eau Claire • (952) 3347642, and (715) 874-5244 • info@partyhitsmusic.com • partyhitsmusic.com Party Hits’ mission is simply to keep your party going from the first tune to the last, with plenty of variety and just enough personality.

Premier Sound & Video P.O. Box 1345, Eau Claire •

(715) 271-0968 • blarson0968@charter.net • premiersoundandvideowi.com Ensure your event is filled with the music you and your guests want to hear. PS&V have

VolumeOne.org 41 Nov. 2, 2016

Menomonie • (715) 235-7769 • sharon@vqfun.com • vqfun.com A unique DJ/Emcee interactive flare, advanced Audio equipment, and a customized light show.

PARTY SUPPLIES 50-50 Factory Outlet 3315 State Road 93, Eau Claire • (715) 833-0019 • 5050factoryoutlet.com This store is a great place to shop for a wedding, bachelorette party or a bridal shower. Also offers a wide selection of party supplies, greeting cards and novelty gifts.

A1 Express Rental Center 2515 Mall Dr., Eau Claire •

(715) 834-2727 • a1expressrental.com Choose from an assortment tents, chocolate fountains, and tons of other various party equipment. A Party Specialist will assist you in your rentals.

Awards & More 2425 Seymour Rd., Eau Claire • (715)

839-8666 and (888) 811-2020 • awards@awardsandmore.com • awardsandmore.com Featuring flasks, cake cutters, fancy mugs and glasses and more.

Big Dot of Happiness 412 Technology Dr. E.,

Menomonie • 800-274-4282 • Smiles@BigDotOfHappiness.com • bigdotofhappiness.com Beautifully crafted invitations and address labels to make sure that your guests are blown away from the very start. Set a table that’s as stylish as the rest of your party space with bridal shower tableware. Each collection includes coordinating dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, banners, candy, and so much more.

Briggs Tent & Party Rental 3350 Horlacher Ln., Eau

Claire • (715) 839-0218 and (800) 281-7070 • briggstent. com This large party rental company offers extensive supplies of tables, linens, gazebos, tents, dance floors, lighting and more. Choose from multiple curated packages  perfect for your wedding or other event’s unique design needs. 

Countryside Cooperative Ace Rental Place (Main Com-

plex), 514 East Main St., Durand • (715) 672-8947, (800) 236-7585 // Ace Rental Place, 735 E. Main St., Mondovi • (715) 926-4214 // Ace Rental Place, Hwy 35 & Prairie St., Pepin • 715-442-2009 • info@CountrysideCoop.com • countrysidecoop.com While they primarily rent out industrial equipment, Countryside Co-Op also rents chairs, party tanks, roasters, tables, tents, and coffee pots.

Le Jour Designs N7391 County Rd. F, Menomonie •

(715) 379-7499 • Teresa@LeJourDesigns.com • LeJourDesigns.com Elegant ceiling decor to compliment the look you want for your day. Providing an elegant, chandelier canopy over you and your guests. Chair covers also available for rental.

North Country Enterprises • (715) 289-4632 • ncein-

fo.4632@gmail.com • northcountryenterprises.com Offering tents, pipe and drapery, tables, chairs and skirting rentals, plus event set up and take down.

Rock n Roll To Go Plus 6517 Pleasant View St., Eau

Claire • (715) 839-7951 and (800) 799-4386 • rnrtogo. com Providing quality DJ entertainment, Vegas nights, limos, tents, inflatables, mechanical bulls, searchlights, photobooths, and more for over 25 years.

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