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WORLD-CLASS LIFTERS Eau Claire has some impressive female powerlifters, including a 17-year-old junior at North High WORDS: BARBARA ARNOLD // PHOTOS: ANDREA PAULSETH


hen you watch Sam Kroll – a petite, five-foot, 17-year-old junior at North High School in Eau Claire – deadlift 325 pounds, you’d never know that she was born early, a preemie coming into the world, after six-and-a-half months, weighing one pound, 11 ounces. Now, she’s on Team USA headed to the 2015 World Powerlifting Championships at summer’s end in Prague, Czech Republic, after winning the teen division of her 63 kilgram (138 pound) weight class at the 2015 USA Powerlifting Men’s & Women’s Championships in San Antonio, Texas in mid-May. Powerlifting is a drug-free strength sport composed of three lifts: the squat, the bench, and the deadlift. At a meet, every lifter gets three attempts at each. At the end, the highest successful lifts are added together. Correct form is critical, and certain commands must be followed for a lift to be successful. There are three judges. The head judge is in front, and two are on the sides. They evaluate the lift from all angles. Besides the 325-pound dead lift, Sam’s personal bests are a 370-pound squat and a 220-pound bench. We caught up with Sam in the North High weight-room on a Friday evening when the Powerlifting Club of about 10 high school students and their two coaches practice for two-and-a-half hours.

(who is also on her way to Worlds in the 19-to-23-year-old collegiate division) is already a national and world title holder in her own right and an art major at UWEau Claire. Mariah echoed the fact that Sam is a special lifter. “Sam is consistent and dedicated,” Mariah said. “Powerlifting is a lifestyle. Few teenagers can do that, and Sam is doing it.” It takes a lot more than talent alone to be a successful powerlifter. Since Sam started, she said she eats better and makes better food choices. “I eat what tastes good to fuel my body. This includes protein like chicken, pork, and eggs – as well as protein powder, Muscle Milk, and protein bars. I also eat lots of fruits and vegetables,” she said. “For Worlds, I need to gain seven pounds to move up from 131 to 138 pounds. So if I want ice cream or Goldfish, I eat it.” While Sam puts powerlifting first as an extracurricular activity, she also works part-time at the Eau Claire Animal Hospital and Shopko, in addition to a rigorous schedule of Advanced Placement classes at North High School. Her dream is to become a veterinarian. Upon graduation, she plans to attend UW-River Falls in its pre-vet program, graduate in three years, then follow that up with four years at the UW-Madison School of

“POWERLIFTING IS A LIFESTYLE. FEW TEENAGERS CAN DO THAT, AND SAM IS DOING IT.” – Mariah Hamm, assistant coach at North and UWEC powerlifter “Before my first day of practice, I had never touched a weight or barbell in my life,” Sam said. “The summer before my freshman year, a softball teammate’s brother said that I had the perfect body for lifting. And I just had to join.” “Apparently, short girls are good for lifting,” she says, laughing. “We don’t have to move the bar as far.” Her coach Kyle Nelson, a powerlifting record-holder, national champion, and world competitor in his own right (and now a senior in actuarial science at UW-Eau Claire) credits Sam’s dedication and work ethic for her success. “Sam has never missed a single day of practice in three years,” Nelson said. “When she’s here, she gives 100 percent and is totally focused.” Her assistant coach, Mariah Hamm,

Veterinary Medicine. Sam said her parents and her extended, blended family, are workingclass and incredibly supportive, but she admits that she held off on allowing them to attend meets until this past year because she did not want the “added pressure.” Special gear and uniforms are required for the sport and they aren’t cheap. Her special shoes alone cost $215. Add that to the wrist wraps, belt, knee wraps, and special lift uniforms and shirts made of sturdy material. Initially, her coach and others loaned her suits and gear until this year, when she bought brand new gear herself. See below for how you can help defray the cost of Sam’s dream of a world championship!

PREMIER POWERLIFTERS. We’re not sure exactly how much weight North High School powerlifter Sam Kroll is lifting in these photos, but it’s probably a ton. Yeah? Can we agree on a ton? She’ll be heading to the World Powerlifting Championships in the Czech Republic with her coach, Mariah Hamm (above, spotting).

Help support Sam and Mariah ON THEIR TRIP TO WORLDS IN PRAGUE: Sam Kroll: www.gofundme.com/uq8hwa2

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Mariah Hamm: life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/ipf-jr-worlds



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FEEL THE BURN The calories burned * by doing things not normally associated with exercise * based on a 150-pound person doing each activity for 30 minutes // stats from sparkpeople & Health status

If you skip someplace instead of walk, you burn almost four times the amount of calories! No wonder elementary schoolers are so dang skinny.

Scuba diving: 242



Skipping: 379

While you’re looking for treasure this summer in sunken ships, don’t be surprised when you look “ship shape” once you surface.


Ultimate frisbee: 234 Burning twice the amount of calories as disc golf, it’s no wonder it has “ultimate” in the name.

Chopping wood: 206 There’s a reason Paul Bunyan was all burly, and it ain’t just all that body hair, you know what we mean?

Fencing: 195 To all you jocks who bullied all of LARPers in school, don’t be surprised when they get all ripped and start looking for revenge.


mowing the lawn: 182 Pushing a power mower not only makes your lawns look fabulous, but with the extra pounds you’re shedding, you’ll be just as fabulous in no time.


Disco dancing: 182 Make sure your ’fro is on point before heading to the club.

Heavy house cleaning: 148

Ping-pong: 111

Gardening: 180

We don’t know what to say here, other than the people living in light houses got a bad break.

You almost burn more if you’re bad at it.

You may think this is a lot for something simple like gardening, but believe it or not this doesn’t include any digging (just weeding and general work), which runs about 294 calories per half hour.

Sex: 144 Before you get too excited, keep in mind that cleaning gutters is way ahead of this on the list.

Cleaning gutters: 180

Hacky sack: 141

With these kinds of benefits, who would have thought it would take so much begging for this annual cleaning burden to get done.

Nice! You can burn calories at every Phish concert in the ’90s! That’s great! Hint: You burn more if you wear your knit baja sweatshirt.

Unicycling: 174

Raking: 132

Not just for clowns anymore, these tricky bikes utilize a whole new set of muscles and turn a lot more heads in the process.

Combine this with mowing the lawn or cleaning gutters to shed pounds doing all sorts of pesky chores! Bonus!

Painting a house: 171

It’s like jumping rope, only with no rope, less work, and much more fun. So far as we know, double-bounces do not double the amount of calories burned.

If painting a picture is 147 calories, then the difference here must be climbing a ladder. Paint cans are heavy, too!

Trampoline: 111

Acting & Playing Music: 105 Adds to the cultural landscape, impresses your crushes, and makes you slimmer; what’s not to like?

Walking backwards: 102


It looks weird, sure, but does more than a typical walk and helps your spine, balance, metabolism, and energy levels, apparently.

OTHER BURNERS: Fishing: 100 Hula hooping: 90 Croquet: 90 Brushing your teeth: 85 Billiards & darts: 83 Shopping: 80 Driving: 72 Studying: 63 Playing board games: 54 Writing: 36 Sleeping: 31

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The Fit List the Chippewa Valley’s abundance of resources for maintaining (and starting) your healthy lifestyle GYMS & HEALTH CLUBS 3D Fitness 405 Graham Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 5143110 // 312 Bridge St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-3800 •  3DFitnessEC@gmail.com • Facebook.com/3D.Fitness.EC Personal training, free group fitness, nutrition, tanning, and full range of free weights plus selectorized and cardio sports.

Anytime Fitness 329 Water St., Suite E, Eau Claire • (715) 831-6400 // 401 Pinnacle Way, Suite 116, Eau Claire • (715) 831-6200 // 2532 Golf Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 831-8600 // 1700 Stout Rd., Menomonie • (715) 309-4441 • anytimefitness.com A membership gets you unlimited, on-your-own access to a wide array of exercise machinery and free weights. Personal training, tanning, nutritional counseling. Open 24 hours, pay as you go plans available.

Bodyworks Athletic Club, LLC 3019 Schneider Ave. East, Menomonie • (715) 235-6106 • bodyworksmenomonie.com Personal training, free weights, and machines. Classes in strength/endurance, body sculpting, cardio, yoga, pilates, circuit, zumba, and spinning. Saunas, tanning, nutritional counseling, and open 24 hours. Chippewa Valley Family YMCA 611 Jefferson Ave.,

Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-2201 • lynnb@chippewaymca.com • chippewaymca.com Free weights and machines. Basketball, racquetball, indoor track, pool, raquetball, and volleyball. Classes in strength/endurance, body sculpting, cardio, yoga, dance, spinning, circuit, swimming, and gymnastics. First aid, lifeguard, and babysitting training. Massage, kids’ events and classes, childcare, and personal training.

Curves 3198 London Rd., Eau Claire • 715-552-8783 // 509 E. South Ave., Chippewa Falls • (715) 720-0304 //  222 N. Broadway St.,  Stanley • (715) 644-2100 • curves.com  Designed around circuit training utilizing hydraulic resistance equipment, Curves’ 30-minute sessions in fitness and weight-loss guidance are hosted in an environment designed for women. Dance classes and nutritional counseling. Dragonfly Dance & Wellness 308 N. Barstow St.,

Eau Claire • (715) 379-9226 • mydragonflydanceandwellness@gmail.com • dragonflydanceandwellness. com Dragonfly Dance and Wellness excited to offer Tribal Style Belly dance, Yoga, Zumba, BaredFeet, Nutrition, Personal training, Hooping and more. Find us on Facebook as well.

Eau Claire YMCA 700 Graham Ave., Eau Claire • (715)

836-8460 • ken@eauclaireymca.org • eauclaireymca. org Free weights and machines. Basketball, volleyball, racquetball, indoor track, and pool. Classes on strength/ endurance, body sculpting, cardio, yoga, pilates, dance, indoor cycling, swimming, gymnastics, and martial arts. First aid, lifeguard, and babysitting training. Massage, spa/sauna, kids’ events and classes, and childcare. Tennis center located at 229 Moore St., Eau Claire, 8368470.

FitELITE 3420 Mall Drive, Suite 7, Eau Claire • (715) 514-1264 • fiteliteonline.com Free weights, personal training, specialty classes, and nutritional counseling.

Gold’s Gym 3225 Lorch Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 5524570 • eauclairewi@goldsgym.net • goldsgym-ec. com Personal training, free weights, and machines. Basketball, volleyball, cardio cinema, and pool. Classes in strength/endurance, cardio, body sculpting, pilates, yoga, circuit, spinning, and dance. Nutritional counseling, beverage bar, tanning, pro shop, kids’ services, and spa/sauna.

Highland Fitness Center 2221 Eastridge Ctr., Eau Claire • (715) 833-2100 • highlandfitness.com EastRidge offers four group fitness studios, over 60 cardiovascular machines, free weights, and multiple strength circuits, Total Solutions weight loss counceling, and one-on-one semi-private personal training.

Highland Fitness Center 2405 Folsom Street, Suite A, Eau Claire • (715) 833-2100 // 3022 Commercial Blvd., Chippewa Falls • (715) 833-2100 • highlandfitness. com WestRidge Center offers over 20 cardiovascular machines, free weights, a Life Fitness strength circuit, Total Solutions weight loss programs, fitness classes, and one-on-one semi-private personal training. Open 24 hours.

Mainstreet Health & Fitness 310 Main St., Menomonie • (715) 231-BFIT (2348) • info@mainstreetbfit.com • mainstreetbfit.com Featuring cardiovascular fitness, strength training, free weights, and tanning. Occasional classes include circuit, powerlifting, HIIT, box fit, yoga, tai chi, and more. Open 24 hours. Momentum SportFitness, LLC 2615 London Road

Suite B, Eau Claire • (715) 955-4319 • getmo@momentumsport.com • momentumsport.com Training people for high performance in athletics, recreation, or an active lifestyle. The Momentum University individual or group training package emphasizes training techniques

and program implementation. Membership options available as well as additional individual or group personal training.

Pilates Yoga and Beyond 4913 River Glen Ct., Eau Claire • (715) 832-7335 • sheri@baemmert.com • baemmert.com Private sessions and group classes in pilates, yoga, Thai yoga bodywork, and more. Planet Fitness 3015 E Hamilton Ave., Eau Claire •

(715) 598-1602 • planetfitness.com/gyms/eau-clairewi-1017 Providing a unique environment in which anyone can be comfortable. A diverse, judgment-free zone where a lasting, active lifestyle can be built.

Snap Fitness 3445 E Hamilton Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 830-9999 • snapfitness.com/eauclaire // 1320 Broadway St. N, Menomonie • (715) 232-9999 • snapfitness.com/ menomonie // 475 Chippewa Mall Dr., # 305, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-0602 • snapfitness.com A membership gets you unlimited, on-your-own access to a wide array of exercise machinery and free weights. Personal training, tanning, and open 24 hours. Pay-as-you-go plans available. UW-Stout Health & Fitness Center / North Point 712

South Broadway, Menomonie • (715) 232-1392 • fitness@uwstout.edu • urec.uwstout.edu Free weights, machines, personal training; classes in strength and endurance training, body sculpting, cardio, Pilates, yoga, circuit, dance, specialty classes; basketball, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, a pool and a track; beverage bar, pro shop. 24/7 access at the North Point center.

UWEC Recreation & Sport Facilities 105 Hilltop Cen-

ter, Eau Claire • (715) 836-3377 • recreation@uwec.edu • uwec.edu/recreation For UWEC students and staff. Free weights and machines; basketball; volleyball; racquetball; tennis; bowling; indoor track; climbing wall; pool; strength and endurance training, cardio, body sculpting, Pilates; spinning, dance, and wellness classes; massage.

Wissota Fitness Tanning & Massage 16850 Cty. Hwy. X Suite 2, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-7006 • wissotafitness@gmail.com • wissotafitness.com Free weights and machines. Track, massage, tanning, spa, and open 24 hours.

DANCE STUDIOS Arthur Murray Dance Studio 401 1/2 S Barstow St., Eau Claire • (715) 834-6166 • arthurmurrayec@sbcglobal.

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net • arthurmurrayeauclaire.com Arthur Murray teaches rhythm and Latin dances, country western dances, specialty dances, and more. Learn from qualified instructors in a friendly and relaxing environment. Arthur Murray has a three way approach to teaching dance: private (and couple) lessons, group lessons, and practice parties.

Dancers’ Studio 800 Wisconsin St., Bldg 13, Ste 122, Eau Claire • 715-830-9410 Ballroom and modern dance lessons for adults.

Danz Kraze Building 4/6, Suite 205, 800 Wisconsin St., Eau Claire • (715) 832-DANZ • DanzKraze@gmail. com Youth dance teams use Eau Claire’s largest studio space and are modeled after High School dance teams, offering poms, hip hop/funk, kick, and jazz. Short sessions available for those who are indecisive. Diamond School of Dance 123 S. Graham Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 577-1285 • DiamondBallet@aol.com • diamondschoolofdance.com  Offers ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, hip-hop, and competitive performance. Classses begin at age 2 with pre-ballet through adult. Dragonfly Dance & Wellness 308 N. Barstow St.,

Eau Claire • (715) 379-9226 • mydragonflydanceandwellness@gmail.com • dragonflydanceandwellness. com Dragonfly Dance and Wellness excited to offer Tribal Style Belly dance, Yoga, Zumba, BaredFeet, Nutrition, Personal training, Hooping and more. Find us on Facebook as well.

Eau Claire School of Dance 306 Main St., Eau Claire

• (715) 832-9900 • ecschoolofdance@aol.com • eauclaireschoolofdance.com Offering classes in ballet, lyrical, tap, hip hop, pointe, and technique. They offer classes for ages 18 months-adult.

Eau Claire Ultimate Performance Gymnastics 4289 124th St., Lake Hallie • 715-832-3138 • info@teamupgym.com • teamupgym.com Eau Claire Ultimate Performance Gymnastics provides exceptional USA Gymnastics training using experienced coaching, high-quality equipment and the largest gymnastics facility in the area. Featuring recreational classes, competitive teams, high school training, private lessons, camps and parties.

En Avant School of Dance 3330 North Town Hall Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 874-5575 • info@enavantdance.com • enavantdance.com En Avant strives to help children attain self-confidence and the highest level of skill she/ he is capable of achieving. We provide the foundation for dance to become a lifetime activity that will lead to physical and psychological well-being.


Health FITNESS Goggin Ballroom Dancing Eau Claire Regional Arts

Center, 316 Eau Claire St., Eau Claire • (715) 833-1879 • Email@DancinGoggin.com • dancingoggin.com Dave and Karen Goggin have 40+ years of teaching experience combined, educating attendees on the foxtrot, quickstep, tango, waltz, Viennese waltz, chacha, rumba, merengue, salsa, samba, polka, swing, and much more.

Infinity Dance Studio Classes held at Gold’s Gym,

3225 Lorch Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 828-3110 • Infinitydances@gmail.com • infinitydancecenter.info A fullservice dance studio devoted to providing exceptional recreational or competitive dance instruction to children ages two through adult. We work on respect, teamwork, and self-confidence through dancing in a family friendly environment.

Janelle’s Irish Dance See contact info for location

information • (715) 563-6057 • janellesirishdance. com Janelle Glenna began teaching Irish dance classes in 2006 with six students and continues to develop further progressive courses of instruction for advancing students - having over 90 students at present in 11 different levels of Irish dance.

Jean Marie’s School of Dance 31 W. Spring St.,

Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-8635 • jeanmariedance. com Specializing in children’s classes, Jean Marie offers tap, ballet, jazz, and basic acrobatics. Classes for adults also available.

Jewelry Box Dancer 110 W. Main St., Menomonie • (715) 563-3534 • jewelryboxdancers@gmail.com • jewelryboxdancers.com This studio teaches children ages 4-14 years old in combined tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop. Limited adult classes offered as well. Find Jewelry Box Dancer on Facebook too.

Spirit Horse Dance Company 8581 105th St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 828-4127 • rita@spirithorsedancecompany.com • spirithorsedancecompany.com Spirit Horse Dance Company is a haven for exclusive instruction and performance of American Tribal Style belly dance. Spirit Horse offers beginning to advance belly dance classes plus performance workshops, prop workshops, private lessons, and more. Swan Lake Ballet Studio Banbury Place Bldg 13 Ste

122, Eau Claire • (715) 590-8502 • swanlakeballetdancestudiollc@gmail.com • facebook.com/swanlakeballetstudio A classic ballet studio featuring classes for ages 3 to adult by Ballet Master Ganna Kotenko.

Two to Tango McPhee Dance Studio (Room 105), University of WI-Eau Claire, Eau Claire • heckmahn@ uwec.edu; feidero@uwec.edu • uwec.edu “T3” provides Eau Claire students, staff, and the general community instruction and practice opportunities for various social dances such as Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot.

MASSAGE A Time to Heal Massage 822 S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire • 715-497-0015 • timetohealmassage@hotmail. com • timetoheal.massagetherapy.com Therapeutic Massage and a relaxing experience. Swedish and amma therapy techniques applied. Advanced Massage Therapies 829 W. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 833-3505 • advancedmassagethera-

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piesonline.com Offers deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, cupping, sports, pregnancy, medical therapy, and Ashiatsu massage.

Beyond Basics Massage 505 South Dewey St., Eau Claire • (715) 497-5618 • Find this business on Facebook See contact info for details.

Body Focus Massage 705 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire

• (715) 835-8898 • bodyfocusreceptionist@gmail.com • bodyfocusonline.com Offers shiasu, pregnancy, Thai, couples, deep tissue, bamboo, reflexology, cupping, raindrop, Reiki, personal injury, and workman’s comp massages.

Body Health with Roseann 3301 Golf Rd., Ste. 102, Eau

Claire • 715-878-9049 • bodyhealth@earthlink.net • rcbodyhealth.com Licensed massage therapist featuring Swedish massage, individual/corporate chair massage, deep tissue, hot stone, lymphatic, geriatric, prenatal, sports massage, and pain control management. Call for an appointment.

Bravo! Salon and Spa LLC 1120 122nd St., Chippewa

Falls • (715) 552-3200 • bravosalonspa.com Hair care, massage therapy, nails, pedicures, and facials. Bridal and wedding party specials available.

Calista Salon & Massage 840 Water St., Eau Claire • (715) 514-3301 • calistasalon.com This salon also offers Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and prenatal massage. Chippewa Valley Physical Therapy 116 N. Bridge St.,

Chippewa Falls • (715) 726-1010 • cvptdeb@sbcglobal. net • chippewavalleywipt.com Offering massage and bodywork, therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and physical therapy targeting headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain.

Clemona Massage and Day Spa The CORE, 424 Main Street, Menomonie • (920) 853-6668 • clemonaspa@ gmail.com • clemona.com Individual bridal services, group wedding party spa services, and mobile on-site services available. Office located in Menomonie, but mobile throughout many areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

DaVinci Therapeutic Massage 4714B Commerce Valley Rd., Eau Claire • 715-379-1922 • info@davincimassage.com​ • davincimassage.com At DaVinci Therapeutic Massage, we treat each person as a work of art and tailor each session to your individual needs. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, reduce pain, or are recovering from an injury – we are here to help you achieve your goals through therapeutic massage. Eau Claire Massage 316 N. Barstow St. Suite G, Eau

Claire • (715) 225-8018 • EauClaireMassage@gmail. com • EauClaireMassage.com Offers deep tissue, relaxation, trigger point therapy, chair, hot stone, couples, and on-site massages. Relief for headache, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, sciatica, and overall stress.

Elements for Healthcare 431 E. Clairemont Ave, Suite 2A, Eau Claire • (715) 832-2005 • barbara0941@sbcglobal.net • elementsforhealthcare.com Offers services such as TCM acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and strategies to reduce stress.

Essential Massage Therapy Center 2519 North Hillcrest Pkwy Suite 102, Altoona • (715) 835-1421 • essentialmassagetherapy.com Offers Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, chair, prenatal, couples, sports, Fourhand,


Health FITNESS neuromuscular, and Thai yoga massages.

Excite! Wellness Studio 107 N. Bridge St., Chippewa

Falls • (715) 861-5744 • info@excitewellness.com • excitewellness.com Featuring massage, thai massage, reiki, reflexology, nutrition and health coaching, personal training, yoga, pilates, meditation, fun events, and more.

Healing Choices Oasis LLC 2711 Pleasant St. Suite

1E, Eau Claire • (715) 852-0303 • healingchoices@ sbcglobal.net • healingchoicesec.com Classes offered in Tai Chi and AMMA massage. Also offering hot stone massage and AMMA Therapy, and has a complete line of nutritional supplements available.

Indigo Healing Massage 1498 S Hastings Way, Eau

Claire • 715-514-4097 • indigohealingmassage. com Featuring trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, swedish massage, chair massage, hot stone treatment, and office chair massage.

Jina’s Healing Touch Massage 5535 Wild Rose Ln., Eau Claire • 715-313-3674 • jinashealingtouch@gmail. com • jinashealingtouch.com Jina is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone, Sports, Lymphatic, Pregnancy, TuiNa, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Bamboo, Cupping and combines a variety of different modalities to fit each client’s specific needs during their session. Life Massage by Becka 736 N. Barstow St. Eau Claire,

WI 54703 • 715-492-3166 • lifemassagebybecka. com Featuring couples massage, weekly maintenance, deep tissue, hot rocks, Swedish massage, pregnancy massage, chair massage, and more by Rebecca Peterson.

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tmail.com • dianawhite.massagetherapy.com Whether you wish to unwind, relieve stress or address health concerns, you can do it all in a warm, safe, and comfortable environment with LMT Diana White. White offers myofascial Release, Swedish massage, and deep tissue/ trigger point therapy.

Stucky Chiropractic Center 2105 East Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 955-4006 • Stucky@StuckyChiropractic.com • stuckychiropractic.com Offering theraputic massage therapy, prenatal massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, Thai massage therapy, and hot stone therapy.

Featuring Eat Well workshops, nutritional supplements, and much more.

Tao Arts 1215 Gilbert Creek Rd., Menomonie • (715)

505-0192 • Sensei Leland studied in China and is known for his traditional Chinese approaches to medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tuina massage.Additionally, Sensei Leland has trained for more than 30 years in Yang-Chen Tai Ji boxing (the original MMA), a martial art with emphasis on stand-up, ground, throws, locks, and pressure points. Serious applicants only, ages 16+.

Wissota Fitness Tanning & Massage 16850 Cty. Hwy. X Suite 2, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-7006 • wissotafitness@gmail.com • wissotafitness.com Free weights and machines. Track, massage, tanning, spa, and open 24 hours.


London Massage 2412 London Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 832-1010 • eauclairelondonmassage@yahoo.com Escape to London Massage for the perfect balance between a beneficial, therapeutic treatment and the ultimate stress free, relaxation experience. Find us on Facebook.

All Natural Wellness, LLC 2415 Boardwalk Cir., #1,

835-1100 • lotusspaeauclaire.com Relaxation, sport, or deep tissue massages available. Also offering aromatherapy scalp massages, maternity massage, and hot stone treatments. Relaxation facials, pedicures, and hydrotherapy tubs.

7021 • bnaturalwi.com Dr. Amy Emch practices immuno-therapy and offers services such as health & nutrition consultations, reflexology, chi machine therapy, and infra red therapy.

Lotus Spa 4956 Bullis Farm Rd., Eau Claire • (715)

Mayo Clinic Health System 1221 Whipple St., Eau

Claire // 2321 Stout Rd. Menomonie • 715-838-6767, 715-235-5531 • mayoclinichealthsystem.org Our licensed massage therapists have training in traditional massage, myofascial release and other massage styles.

Mission Miracle Massage Located at Vanasse Chiropractic, 227 Menomonie St Suite A, Eau Claire • (715) 563-3022 • sgmt13@hotmail.com • Facebook.com/missionmiraclemassage Wellness and specialtymMassage, deep tissue, sports, swedish, pregnancy and other popular styles of massage for sore muscles, minor injuries, stress relief, and overall well-being. Nicole’s Inc. 303 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire • (715) 835-

3510 • nicole@nicolesinc.com • nicolesinc.com Certified massage therapists will feature essential oil blends, and hot stone options to relieve mind and body.

Nirvana Massage Therapy 2403 London Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 864-1851 • massageeauclaire.com Nirvana Massage Therapy provides licenses massage services. Robin Gaulrapp, a certified and licensed massage therapist, specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, and prenatal massage. Come to us for a relaxing experience that is as close as you can get to reaching true nirvana. By appointment only. Optimum Therapies, LLC • optimumtherapies.com Of-

fering deep tissue, trigger point release, myofascial release, neuromuscular, sports, Swedish, and hot stone massage and physical therapy. 517 E. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 855-0408 // 1309 Stout Rd., Menomonie • (715) 233-6320

Sans Souci Massage 927 Loring St., Suite 4, Altoona

• (715) 830-9890 • sanssoucimassage.com Offering Swedish, hot stone, integrative, trigger point, craniosacral, ashiatsu, prenatal, and Thai Yoga massage. As well as polarity therapy, Reiki, and body treatments.

StillPoint Massage Therapy 2411 N. Hillcrest Pkwy,

Suite 1E, Altoona • 715-829-5660 • dianawhite63@ho-

Eau Claire • 715-513-7151 • SkinnyACE@lovemyace. com • SkinnyACE.com All Natural Wellness, LLC. supplies beverages and supplements for a wide variety of customers.

B Natural 2934 London Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 836-

Dragonfly Dance & Wellness 308 N. Barstow St.,

Eau Claire • (715) 379-9226 • mydragonflydanceandwellness@gmail.com • dragonflydanceandwellness. com Dragonfly Dance and Wellness excited to offer Tribal Style Belly dance, Yoga, Zumba, BaredFeet, Nutrition, Personal training, Hooping and more. Find us on Facebook as well.

Excite! Wellness Studio 107 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 861-5744 • info@excitewellness.com • excitewellness.com Featuring massage, thai massage, reiki, reflexology, nutrition and health coaching, personal training, yoga, pilates, meditation, fun events, and more. Get Healthy with Dr. Dan Works at Tenold Chiropractic,

3814 Oakwood Hills Pkwy, Eau Claire • 715-833-8777 • Dr. Dan Czelatdko has been practicing chiropractic and nutrition for over 20 years. Nutrition has become his passion. As a college athlete and long time exercise enthusiast, nutrition has become very important for performance and realizing his weight training goals.

Medifast 4112 Oakwood Hills Parkway, Eau Claire •

715-718-4925 • eauclaire@mymedifast.net • medifastmn.com/locations/eauclaire.php Medifast Weight Control Centers deliver healthy, lasting weight loss results.

Mission Accomplished S4530 Porterville Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 831-0909 • kim@kimayres.com • missionaccomplishedstudio.com Mission Accomplished offers counseling, classes in yoga and a crossbreed called yogilates. Plus, personal training, nutritional counseling, boot camps, boxing, and more.

Mother Nature’s Food 2434 London Rd, Eau Claire • (715) 834-2341 • mothernaturesfood.net Mother Nature’s Food is provides quality fresh, natural, organic and whole foods, nutritional products, body care products and health information in a fun comfortable clean, safe environment. Optima Health & Vitality Center 3321 Gold Road, Ste.

A, Eau Claire • (715) 832-1953 • optimahvc.com A chiropractic practice that also offers nutritional counseling

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Health FITNESS and naturopathic services.

Physician’s Weight Loss Center 2839 Mall Dr., Eau

Claire • 715-830-9355 • pwlc.com PWLC have nearly a quarter century of experience working to help people lose excess weight. They feature effective weight loss systems, personalized consultations and reviews, and have developed 150 specialized food, nutrition and weight loss products.

Rejuv Women’s Boot Camp Eau Claire (Private stu-

dio available by appointment) • (715) 559-9175 • RejuvCamp@yahoo.com • EauClaireWomensBootCamp. weebly.com Women’s only boot camps, personal training, nutritional guidance and weight loss/lifestyle coaching. Rejuv empowers women to be strong, healthy, confident, and beautiful and to find their inner beauty and power within themselves.

Sioux Creek Wellness 386 22 1/2 St., Chetek • (715)

642-3360 • tammy@siouxcreekwellness.org • siouxcreekwellness.org Certified Health Educator Coach Tammy Schwartz does nutrition education and Juice Plus (a whole food program) on site or comes to you. Tammy also does classes twice a week for varied levels.

Stucky Chiropractic Center 2105 East Clairemont

Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 955-4006 • Stucky@StuckyChiropractic.com • stuckychiropractic.com Offering theraputic massage therapy, prenatal massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, Thai massage therapy, and hot stone therapy.

Featuring Eat Well workshops, nutritional supplements, and much more.

The Cooking Chiropractor: Austin Erickson, DC 1740

Westgate Rd., Eau Claire • 715-552-7889 • cookingchiropractor@gmail.com • cookingchiropractorblog. com The Cooking Chiropractor teaches healthy cooking classes and provides healthy recipes and health information. He also provides chiropractic treatment at Oas Family Chiropractic.

WELLNESS CENTERS Angel Care Healing Touch 2411 N. Hillcrest Pkwy, Ste 1E, Altoona • (715) 832-7250 • contact@angelcarehea-

lingtouch.com • angelcarehealingtouch.com Judy Meinen is a healing touch practitioner, reiki master, certified angel therapy practitioner, and certified hypnotherapist. Provides energetic biofeedback and presentations, workshops, and reiki classes.

Chippewa County Aging and Disability Resource Center 711 N Bridge Street Room 118, Chippewa

Falls • (715) 726-7777 • ADRC@co.chippewa.wi.us • co.chippewa.wi.us This resource center offers the public a single entry point for information and assistance on issues affecting older people, and people with disabilities regardless of their income. Welcoming and convenient places for you and your family to get information, advice, and access to a wide variety of wellness services.

Chippewa Valley Family Wellness 1302 W. Willow St., Chippewa Falls • 507-313-1705 • Renee@chippewavalleyfamilywellness.com Chippewa Valley Family Wellness is here to provide families in the valley with a new tool to provide healthy living in your family. We plan family related events to get people involved in enjoying the community and meeting others. We provide in-home family nutrition and fitness coaching by appointment. Chippewa Valley Wellness & Chippewa Falls Chiropractic 4751 Cty Hwy J, Chippewa Falls & 2228 N.

Hillcrest Parkway, Suit • CF: (715) 723-2713; Atoona: (715) 514-1168 • office@CVWellness.net • cvwellness. net Chippewa Valley Wellness aims to help as many people as possible through upper-cervical chiropractic care, nutrition response testing, education. Their clients attain maximum health benefits through  combining nutrition response testing with personalized, clinicallydesigned nutrition.

Dancing Yarrow Retreat for Wellness and Sustainable Living S193 County Road BB, Mondovi • (715)

926-5020 • dancingyarrow.com Dancing Yarrow is a diversified homesteading community and healing center, utilizing holistic approaches to land management, food production, and lifestyle to promote the healing of ourselves, our communities, and our ecosystems.

Dharma Yoga and Wellness Center 322 N. Bridge St.,

Chippewa Falls • (715) 404-9948 • hathayogi108@ yahoo.com Offering classes for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Services include all levels

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of yoga instruction, meditation (positive thinking/visualization), private instruction, and more.

Excite! Wellness Studio 107 N. Bridge St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 861-5744 • info@excitewellness.com • excitewellness.com Featuring massage, thai massage, reiki, reflexology, nutrition and health coaching, personal training, yoga, pilates, meditation, fun events, and more. Holistic Therapy, LLC 1440 Badger Ave., Eau Claire

• (715) 379-5331 • holistictherapyllc.com Ann Recine provides integrative therapies for people with chronic medical and psychiatric illnesses.

Quality Counseling and Consultation LLC 1119 Regis

Court Suite 210, Eau Claire • 715-514-4451 • tammybednartherapy.com Specializing in mental health/addictions issues, identity development, parenting issues, sex therapy and body image issues. If you’re looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life, QC&C can help you to achieve your goals.

Rejuv Women’s Boot Camp Eau Claire (Private stu-

dio available by appointment) • (715) 559-9175 • RejuvCamp@yahoo.com • EauClaireWomensBootCamp. weebly.com Women’s only boot camps, personal training, nutritional guidance and weight loss/lifestyle coaching. Rejuv empowers women to be strong, healthy, confident, and beautiful and to find their inner beauty and power within themselves.

Tao Arts 1215 Gilbert Creek Rd., Menomonie • (715) 505-0192 • Sensei Leland studied in China and is known for his traditional Chinese approaches to medicine, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tuina massage.Additionally, Sensei Leland has trained for more than 30 years in Yang-Chen Tai Ji boxing (the original MMA), a martial art with emphasis on stand-up, ground, throws, locks, and pressure points. Serious applicants only, ages 16+. The Center 3701 U.S. Highway 12 E., Eau Claire •

715-529-3344 • info@thecenterec.com • thecenterec. com The Center is dedicated to supporting people in wholeness of body, mind and spirit, regardless of religious orientation. From Ayurveda to Zumba, The Center has a wide variety of  offerings. Opportunities include

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yoga, meditation, Reiki, art, pottery, spiritual direction and much, much more.

SUMMERTIME REC EVENTS Lunch Break Skate Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday until Aug. 31, 11am-1pm • Hobbs Ice Arena, 915 Menomonie St., Eau Claire • $3/person or City Pass (1 punch) • All ages • (715) 839-5040 • eauclairewi.gov Lunch break ... let’s skate! Skate rentals included in admission. Closed July 3. Savvy City Cycling: A Bicycle-Commuting Workshop

Jun. 10, 7pm • The Volume One Gallery, Located inside the Local Store at the Volume One World Headquarters, 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire • FREE • all ages • 715552-0457 • VolumeOne.org Savvy City Cycling is a bicycle commuting workshop - for beginners. Whether you’ve been riding for a while and want to commute to work or school, or just starting out and need to learn the basics, this workshop is for you. We’ll cover safety, rules of the road, new city infrastructure projects, and share tips and tricks for making your bike part of your daily life.

Schools Out Jun. 11, 7am-5pm • Eau Claire Sport Warehouse, 2983 Eleventh Street, Eau Claire • $25 • grades K-12 • 7158287221 • ecsportwarehouse.com The day off school made super fun at the Warehouse with the volleyball basketball courts, archery lanes, batting cages, and much much more.

Meet-up & Ride-In to Sounds Like Summer Jun. 11, 5:15pm • Meet-up Points include the Hibbard Parking lot at UWEC at 5:30pm, Flynn Elementary School on the Eastside Hill at 5:15pm, Boyd Park at 5:30pm, and Marshfield Clinic Riverview Center (1000 Starr Ave.) at 5:15pm, • (715) 552-0457 • volumeone.org/concerts Find fellow Eau Clairians at separate meet up and meetup points in Eau Claire to ride in to the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series in Phoenix Park. Participate in the Ride-In, arrive at the free Bike Valet service at Phoenix Park, and receive and special offer to redeem at Mega Co-Op’s vendor tent at the concert. AYSO Youth Soccer League Registration Night Jun. 11, 5:30-8pm • Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center, 3456


Health FITNESS Craig Road, Eau Claire • $80 • ages 5-19 • (715) 5521200 • chippewavalleysoccer.org In-Person Registration for the upcoming Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Chippewa Valley Soccer League/AYSO youth soccer season. Registration will be held at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center. Join over 1100 youth who play in our soccer league each year.

Thin Mint Sprint Jun. 13, 8-11am • Pine Pavilion, Carson Park, Carson Park Dr., Eau Claire • $22-$35 • All ages • gsnw.gl/tms Whether this is your first or fiftieth 5K, you’re going to have a blast at our third annual Thin Mint Sprint. Everyone is welcome to run or walk the Thin Mint Sprint. Sprinters who pre-register by May 29 get an amazing performance t-shirt along with a swag bag packed with awesome items. Our 5K is chip-timed and kids love the 1K Shortbread Shuffle. Bike ‘n Brats Bonanza Jun. 13, 11am-2pm • Mega! Co-

Op East, 1201 S. Hastings Way, Eau Claire • 715-8698491 • megafoods.com Free brat to everyone that bikes to the event, plus giveaways and live music.

Kids Intro to Martial Arts Weekdays Jun. 15 to Jun. 26, 9:30-10:30am • One Tree Martial Arts, 1417 S. Hastings Way, Ste. B, Eau Claire • ages 4-10 • (715) 514-0656 • onetreemartialarts.com Limited space. Kids Summer Intro Program at One Tree Martial Arts. We will cover the character trait Obedience & learn beginner skills w/ drills, obstacle courses, etc... Parent participants welcome to register w/ your child for a discount.

39th Annual Blugold Booster Golf Outing Jun. 15, 12:15pm • Wild Ridge and Mill Run Golf Course, 3905 Kane Rd., Eau Claire • $180 • 715-836-2546 • wildridgegolf.com Several contests, door prizes, lunch and dinner provided, meet Blugold athletes, plus live music afterwards. Register by June 1. Proceeds benefit the Blu-

sponsored by

gold Booster Club.

Kids Klub Third Monday, 6-7pm • Scheels All Sports,

4710 Golf Road, Eau Claire • FREE • ages 4-12 • (715) 833-1886 • scheels.com Come join us every third Monday for a free, educational, informational and fun class that can range from learning to golf to making ice cream. Each class is different and diverse and we would love to see you! Ideal for ages 4-12. Brochures available at Scheels Customer Service desk.

2nd Annual Compassion Action Walk Jun. 17, noon •

Irvine Park, Bridgewater Ave., Chippewa Falls • 715717-7289 • stjoeschipfalls.com Join us for a brief update on the designation of Chippewa Falls as a Compassionate City, then take a 15 minute walk through the park with the group. The designation is the cornerstone of Chippewa Health Improvement Partnership’s current campaign to reduce the stigma of mental health and encourage conversation for solutions.

4th Annual Bark for Life Jun. 19, 5:30-8pm • Animal Wellness Center of Buffalo Valley, 201 Industrial Drive, Mondovi • $10 per canine & walker or $20 family dog rate (2+ canines per family) • All ages • 7159263836 • animalwellnesscenterofbuffalovalley.vetstreet.com Bring your family and canine companions to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. Registration begins at 5:30pm. Walk begins at 6pm. Following the opening ceremony there will be a 1-mile walk (approximately) around the Animal Wellness Center of Buffalo Valley. Afterwards there are concessions available. UV Splash 5K Jun. 19, 7-10:30pm • Northern Wisconsin

State Fairgrounds, 225 Edward St., Chippewa Falls • See contact info for cost • 715-839-8877 • cd5k.com A night-time 5K benefitting ECCT. Billed as “The Night’s Brightest 5K,” runners will start with a clean white shirt

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Health FITNESS and be splashed with colored water that glows at black light stations along the race route, and will be covered with glowing color by the end of the race. Packet pick-up 7-9pm with the dash beginning at 9:30pm.

Lake Eau Claire Clear Water Triathlon and Picnic Jun.

20, Check Venue For Hours • C & G Hide Away Bar on Lake Eau Claire, Augusta (Take Hwy 27 north of Augusta, turn R on County Road ND) • See contact info for cost • lakeeauclaire.org Entry fee includes a chicken dinner, beverages, raffles, and a live band for dancing. This non-timed events includes a 2.5 mile run/walk, 1 mile paddle, and 8 mile bike ride. Many various other fundraising will take place - something for everyone. Whether you are a runner or not, bring your family out for a fun day.

North Star Bicycle Festival: Menomonie Road Race

Jun. 20 • , Menomonie • See contact info for cost • northstarbicyclefestival.com Back for its 5th year, this race has become a classic and rider favorite. Finishing with several circuits inside the city, the course will take in the challenging rural county roads outside the city that have been a favorite with cyclists of the upper Midwest for years.

Lutefiskman Triathlon and 5k Jun. 20, 9am • Stoddard

Park, Park Ave, Osseo • $15 to $25 • All ages • lakemarthadays.org/triathlon.aspx A family friendly event held almost annually in Osseo during Lake Martha Days, featuring a 5k run/walk for younger family members and the triathlon (two mile canoe, 11 mile bike, 3.1 mile run). It’s a great race for beginner triathlons yet still competitive for veterans. The 5k race is run at the same time as the triathlon and is also open to all ages.

Chase Trempealeau Jun. 21, 9am-2pm • Elmaro Vineyard, Delaney Rd, Trempealeau • Cost varies with registration date; kids 13 and under FREE • ages 5+ • offnfunning.org A cycle, hike and seek (think scavenger hunt) for all ages and abilities. It’s you, a teammate, a couple of bikes, one map and one mission: To find as many checkpoints as possible before time expires. Race concludes with a complementary glass of wine, a plate of pasta, live music, and fun conversation! Competitive and funning divisions available. Intro To Kayaking Jun. 22, 6:30-8:30pm • Half Moon

Beach, Randall St, Eau Claire • $25, included membership • ages 12+ • This course is designed as a short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment and skill awareness for entry level individuals. Presentations include dressing to paddle safely and potential paddling hazards. Simple rescues are demonstrated by the instructor. Students learn and practice paddling skills needed to maneuver safely and comfortably on still water.

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members $15 • 10 years and older • 877-2212 • beavercreekreserve.org/naturecenter.htm Enjoy the thrill of catching smallmouth bass on a fly-rod. This introductory mini-camp will provide a parent/child experience that will last a lifetime. Parent/child teams will learn the art of fly casting and fly fishing and what equipment to use. All equipment and supplies are provided. Wear shoes that can get wet. Register and pay by June 24.

Shark Week Jul. 6-10, 11:30am-7pm • Fairfax Pool, 4200 Fairfax St., Eau Claire • $4/person or Season Pass. Children 2 & under are free • All Ages • (715) 839-1680 Fairfax Maxx’s favorite week of the season! Join us for sharky fun and games throughout the week.

Wellness Walking Every Monday, Thursday from Jul. 6

to Aug. 13, 6:30-7:30pm • 10th Street Recreation Center, 9th St. & Bartlett Ave., Altoona • $2/time or punch card • (715) 839-5188 • ci.altoona.wi.us This class is designed to get people out of the house and exploring wellness. The majority of the time will be utilizing local trails to walk with interval training mixed in. When it is time to interval train, modifications can be made in order to encompass all fitness levels. To register or for more information, stop by the Altoona Parks & Rec office or call.

Adult Tennis Every Wednesday from Jul. 8 to Aug. 12, 6:30-8pm • Altoona Tennis Courts, 9th St. & Bartlett Ave., Altoona • $2/time or punch card • (715) 839-5188 • ci.altoona.wi.us This program is for individuals who want to continue to improve on their skills in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Each class there will be a mixture of group games and match play. Can’t make every class? That’s ok-this class is part of the new punch card option. To register or for more information, stop by the Altoona Parks & Recreation office or call. U.S. National Kubb Championship Every Day from Jul.

11 to Jul. 12 • Eau Claire Soccer Park, corner of Craig & Hamilton, Eau Claire • usakubb.org The U.S National Kubb Championship is the largest kubb tournament outside of Europe. It is one of three, two-day tournaments in the world, along with the World Championship in Sweden and the Swedish Championship. It is also the second largest tournament in the world with painted kubbs and kings. Day of Kubb for kids on July 10.

Water Street Races: Mile & 5K Jul. 11, 7am • Menomonie Street Dental, 1020 Menomonie St., Eau Claire • See contact info for cost • indianheadtc.org/itc/ wsm.htm Register on race day morning 7-8am. Starting

2015 Mad <3 Dash Jun. 24, 7pm • Pine Pavilion, Car-

son Park, Carson Park Dr., Eau Claire • $10 per person $20 per family • all ages • A family friendly 5k Run/ Walk that focuses less on the results and more on creating a fun experience with friends and family. This race was established to honor Maddy Butterworth’s memory and raise funds for dancing scholarships for area children who may not be able to afford them financially. Registration is one hour prior to the race.

2015 RCU Charity Classic Jun. 27, 7am-noon • Royal Credit Union, 200 Riverfront Terrace, Eau Claire • $10$25 • All ages • 10K walk/run, two mile walk/run, ½ and ¼ mile children’s race. Register by Tuesday, June 23rd and save $5. Race will be timed using chip timing. All pre-registered participants will receive a FREE t-shirt. Medals will be awarded to the top three females and males of each age group in each race. Red Flint Firecracker Jun. 28 • Eau Claire County Expo

Center, 5530 Fairview Dr., Eau Claire • See contact info for cost • chippewaoffroad.org The Red Flint Firecracker bike race has become known for its fabulous trails and family friendly venue. Featuring a mix of twisty pines, hard-packed Whoops and speedy ski trails, racers will find plenty to love about this year’s course. The weekend has plenty in store for you beginning with onsite camping Friday and Saturday nights.

Parent and Child Smallmouth Fly Fishing Clinic Jun.

30, 9am-noon • Wise Nature Center, Beaver Creek Reserve, S1 Cty Rd. K, Fall Creek • Friends $10 Non-

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Health FITNESS line is on the corner of 1st and Water Streets. Find registration info on Active.com.

Water Safety Fest Jul. 11, 1-3pm • Fairfax Pool, 4200 Fairfax St., Eau Claire • $4/person or Season Pass. Children 2 & under are free • All ages • (715) 839-1680 Join Eau Claire Parks & Recreation lifeguards and learn about basic water safety. Learn basic rescue techniques and play safety games.

Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour Jul. 18, 7:30am-4pm • , • 262-785-4272 • wi.2014ss150.llsevent.org The Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour is a two day, 150 mile, fully-supported cycling event that is open to riders of all ages and abilities. One of Wisconsin’s most popular bike rides, the Scenic Shore 150 is the largest locally organized and supported event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Just Du It! Youth Triathlon Jul. 25, 8:30am • Perrot State Park, Trempealeau • $20-$30 • agse 5-13 • offnfunning.org Join in this fabulous and fun run, bike, run duathlon for youth age 5-13. Bike, helmet and bib numbers, t-shirts, post du party, & random door prizes. Distances and challenges vary with ability and desires. Finishers medal for all! Registration limited. All the details and information can be found online. Friends of Sacred Heart Hospital Annual Golf & Tennis Classic Jul. 27 • Eau Claire Country Club, 828

Clubview Ln, Altoona • See contact info for cost • (715) 717-4925 • she.thankyou4caring.org/pages/classic As part of Sacred Heart Hospital’s Giving Hope 125th Anniversary Campaign, proceeds from this year’s Classic will benefit the transformation of the hospital’s Emergency department. Register online or by phone.

Tortoise and Hare 5k and Free Kids Fun Run Jul. 30,

5-8pm • Owen Park, 1st Ave, Eau Claire • $20/kids fun run free • all ages • indianheadtc.org/itc/tortoise-hare. htm 17th annual 5k run/walk. Packet pickup and registration starts at 5pm at Owen Park. 6:30 run/walk starts at Demmler Park with shuttles provided from Owen park starting at 5:45pm. Kids fun run and awards follow race at Owen park at 7pm. Register by visiting online.

Chippewa Valley Slam Fest Every Day from Jul. 31 to Aug. 2 • 2159 Brackett Ave., Eau Claire • cvslamfest. com Four sporting events (basketball, volleyball, running, and bowling) rolled into one weekend filled with live music, great food, inflatables, vendor booths, and fun. CV Slam Fest will have something fun for everyone in the family. Join us this summer at Wagner’s Lanes for a tradition in the making.

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Hope for Homes 4 mile and 2 mile Family Fun Run

Aug. 6, 5-8pm • Lake Hallie Golf Course, 2196 110th St., Chippewa Falls • $20/individual or $50 maximum per family (3 or more immediate family members) • Families • ranww.org Hope for Homes Family Fun Run is to benefit the RANWW Foundation which is responsible for awarding grants to homeowners in need of assistance for home improvements or repairs. New this year is a 2 mile walk/run for those that desire a shorter course. Bring your family and friends and enjoy an evening of exercise, music, silent auction, dunk tank and putting green.

Eau Claire Run Row Ride Aug. 8 • Race begins and ends

at Hobbs Ice Center Parking Lot, 915 Menomonie St., Eau Claire • See contact info for cost • (715) 839-5032 • ci.eau-claire.wi.us The “Tri” Eau Claire Run Row Ride is a fun event to raise money for youth recreation scholarships. The triathlon follows the shores of the Chippewa River in Eau Claire, WI and is a non-timed event. Ride 10 mines through Eau Claire streets county roads, then run three miles on the beautiful Chippewa River Trail up to Phoenix Park, then row the river route from Phoenix Park to the landing behind Hobbs Ice Center.

Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival 2015 Aug. 8, 10am-

2pm • Half Moon Beach, Eau Claire • mayoclinichealthsystem.org Presented by Mayo Clinic Health Systems supporting hospice care and bereavement services in our area, The Half Moon Dragon Boat Festival is fresh and exciting new event in our area. Teams will race head-tohead on the Half Moon Lake in the heart of Eau Claire.

Kyuki-Do Tournament Aug. 8, noon • Eau Claire Indoor

Sports Center, 3456 Craig Road, Eau Claire • (715) 5521200 • ecsportscenter.com Martial arts academy participants from across the Midwest will compete at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center.

You Crazy Monkey Youth Obstacle Course Aug. 8, 3pm

• Ashley for the Arts, 555 Memorial Park Dr., Arcadia • $10-20 • ages 5-13 • offnfunning.org You Crazy Monkey is an obstacle course designed for all the crazy monkey’s out there. Youth get a chance to run, climb, crawl, balance and maneuver their way around this obstacle filled course! Held in partnership with the annual Ashley for the Arts celebration. Learn more online.

Buttercup Whitewater Slalom Race Aug. 16, 8am4pm • Old Hwy 178 Bridge, Hwy 178 North, Jim Falls • (715) 226-0842 • jimfallswhitewater.blogspot.com Class II whitewater slalom race. A citizen level race that draws competitors from across the United States and as well as abroad. Great spectator viewing from the foot bridge

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that crosses over the coarse or from the shore line.

19th Annual Junior Achievement Golf Outing Aug.

20, 11am • Wild Ridge and Mill Run Golf Course, 3905 Kane Rd., Eau Claire • (715) 858-7960 • wildridgegolf. com Play 18 holes of golf with former Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler, enjoy dinner, raffles, and a live auction while supporting Junior Achievement.

Huntington’s Disease Society of America Team Hope

Walk Aug. 22, 8:30am • Carson Park, Carson Park Dr., Eau Claire • $15 adults, $20 other In Advance: $15 adults, $20 other • ci.eau-claire.wi.us Please join HDSA at the Team Hope Walk in Eau Claire. All proceeds support HDSA’s mission to improve the lives of people affected by Huntington’s Disease and their families. Celebrate the Lower Chippewa River Conference Day 2 Aug. 29, 8am-noon • Phoenix Park Pavillion, Eau

Claire • FREE • Saturday will be a day to recreate on the river with guided canoe and kayak paddles, a bike ride, bank fishing and aquatic invasive species demonstrations. The WDNR will also be shocking fish and bringing them to shore for observation. Bring your own canoe/kayak.

Doggie Swm Fest Aug. 30, noon-3pm • Fairfax Pool, 4200 Fairfax St., Eau Claire • $10/dog (Spectators free) • All ages • (715) 839-1680 All Proceeds Benefit Eau Claire’s Off-Leash Dog Park. Fairfax Pool will be open exclusively to the canine crowd for this special event. (Sorry, no people allowed in the pool on this day.) Activities include water retrieval, open swim, and a lure course. Concessions available. All dogs participating must show proof of current vaccinations. Leader-Telegram Buckshot Run for Special Olympics

Sep. 1, 6pm • Carson Park, Eau Claire • ages 5-85 • 715-883-0833 • Find this event on kintera.org Join us for the 33rd Annual Leader-Telegram Buckshot Run benefiting the local Special Olympics program. This 2 mile run/walk in beautiful Carson Park is ranked one of the top 10 races in Wisconsin. It’s family friendly and tough enough for the hard-core competitors. All money raised from the race stays locally to help 1,000 Special Olympics athletes with intellectual disabilities train and compete in sports year-round. After the race, enjoy concessions, music, race results and an awards ceremony during the Party in the Park. Check in begins at 4:30pm. Race begins at 6pm. Awards at 7pm. For those who can’t attend Tuesday, join us for the main event Saturday, September 5.

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Health & Fitness Summer 2015  

Health & Fitness Summer 2015  

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