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ver the past decade, nothing has come to represent the rising tide of the local food movement in the Chippewa Valley than the Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market. On Saturday mornings (and, to a lesser extent on Wednesdays and Thursdays), the pavilion at Phoenix Park is a bustling hive of activity, jam-packed with vendors peddling produce and customers eagerly buying it up. The addition of art and music, the enjoyment of people-watching, and the beautiful natural setting make the market a must-do for countless Chippewa Vallians each week. Yet because of economic hardship, shopping for fresh, healthful produce at the market isn’t an option for many people, nor is partaking in the culture that’s grown up around the market. To address this problem, in 2012 the Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market partnered with UW Extension to create a token program for FoodShare recipients. Instead of getting food stamps, these individuals now receive government benefits on QUEST cards, which operate much like debit cards. While the card technology is helpful at grocery stores, the cards previously weren’t usable at the farmers market, where vendors typically accept cash only. As part of the token program, the farmers market obtained a card reader, allowing QUEST users to swipe their cards and receive tokens that could be spent with vendors just like cash. (Forgot to bring cash to the market? No worries: Anyone can use a regular debit card to buy tokens for a $1 fee.) Over the past three summers, the token program has continued to grow, from $4,000 in tokens purchased in 2012 to $15,000 last year. “I think it’s been extremely successful,” says mar-

ket manager Deidra Barrickman. This year, it undoubtedly will be bigger than ever because of the creation of the new Market Match Program. With Market Match, QUEST card users will have their token purchases doubled up to $10 each week. In other words, $10 from a QUEST card can be easily converted into $20 of fresh produce. Kate Beaton, a recent UW-Eau Claire graduate, helped created the Market Match program during an internship last year after researching similar programs elsewhere. Now she’s overseeing the program through UW Extension as an AmeriCorps VISTA worker. While the original token program helped bring economically disadvantaged people to the farmers market, “With the Market Match, they have an even greater ability to be included,” Beaton says. And such inclusion is much needed: According to UW Extension, an estimated one in eight Eau Claire County residents experience “food hardship” (sometimes not having enough money to buy the food their families need) while about one in five county residents receives FoodShare benefits. Not only does the Market Match program give QUEST card holders an incentive to purchase healthy food, but it also helps local growers and increases the sustainability of the local food system, Beaton says. “I think it’s been incredibly well-received,” Beaton says of the Market Match program. “I can’t believe how many people already know about it. … I think it’s a great way to make a better community down here at the farmers market.” While tokens can only be purchased at the Saturday morning market, they can be used to buy produce on Wednesdays

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ABOVE: AmericCorps Vista worker Kate Beaton, center, hands out information about the Market Match program at the Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market. BOTTOM LEFT: The new program is an addition to the existing token program, which allows Food Share participants to buy wooden tokens that can be exchanged for fresh produce. and Thursdays, too. Market Match has a $21,500 budget, which funding coming from North Barstow/Medical Business Improvement District, JAMF Software, private donors, and grants. Beaton expects funding to 26 June 24, 2015

run out before the end of the farmers market season, so additional donations are welcome. To learn more or to make a donation, contact Nancy Coffey at the Eau Claire County UW Extension Office at (715) 839-4712.


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paghetti sauce full of the flavor of garden-fresh tomatoes. Strawberry jam bursting with fruit at the peak of ripeness. With the proper equipment and up-do-date recipes, these and other family favorites can be safely canned at home. “Preserving food from your garden or orchard can be a good way to combat the rising prices of food at the grocery,” says Barbara Ingham, University of Wisconsin Extension food scientist, “but be sure to follow research-tested recipes for safe, high-quality food that your family will enjoy.” Recipes that are not precise, mentioning a pinch of this ingredient or a pinch of that ingredient, recipes that are not tested in a laboratory, or recipes that contain out-dated or inaccurate canning information can result in products that may be unsafe to consume. Ingham offers three general guidelines for safe food preservation: INSPECT AND REPAIR ANY FOOD PRESERVATION EQUIPMENT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON. Now is a good time to inspect canners or food dehydrators to make sure all equipment is in working condition. And start now to collect approved canning jars

and lids for use during the season. Canning jars that use two-piece selfsealing metal lids are recommended for home canning. Jars should be free of nicks or scratches. A “must” every canning season are new flat lids; metal screw bands that are not bent or rusted can be reused. HAVE DIAL-GAUGE PRESSURE CANNERS TESTED FOR ACCURACY. A pressure canner is essential for canning low-acid vegetables, meats, fish, and poultry. Pressure canners come with either a dial-gauge or a weightedgauge. Dial-gauge pressure canners should be tested each year for accuracy. National Presto Industries Inc. offers free dial-gauge testing. Send your pressure gauge to: Consumer Service Department, 3925 N. Hastings Way, Eau Claire, WI 54703-3703. ALWAYS FOLLOW AN UP-TO-DATE TESTED RECIPE FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE. This is perhaps the most important step in preparing for home food preservation, according to Ingham. Cookbooks and old family recipes are not reliable sources of research-tested recipes. Consult your local county extension office for recipes that will

ensure that you are canning safe, highquality foods. The UW Extension has up-to-date recipes in bulletins on safe canning of fruit, jams and jellies, meat, pickles, salsa, tomatoes, and vegetables, as well as information on freezing fruits and vegetables. “More tomatoes are home-canned than any other product. And homecanned tomatoes can be so delicious. But many people are still unaware that tomato-canning recommendations changed dramatically way back in 1994,” Ingham says. “I answer questions every year from consumers who are not aware that you must add acid to homecanned tomato products to ensure safety. And this is just one example where even though it’s tempting to return time and again to a family-favorite 27 June 24, 2015

recipe, it’s important to update your canning recipes as guidelines change.” Mary Geissler, UW Extension family living educator in Chippewa County, adds: “Food safety is, and should be, a primary concern when home canning any type of food, from pickles to meat. The extension service sets itself apart in providing research-based information.” County Extension offices have copies of the up-to-date Wisconsin Safe Food Preservation Series bulletins. Contact the Eau Claire County Extension Office at (715) 839-4712, the Dunn County Extension Office at (715) 232-1636, or the Chippewa County Extension Office at (715) 726-7950. Information is also available online at www.foodsafety.


HARVEST SCHEDULE Get your food when it was meant to be gotten! Make sure you’re buying your stuff in season! Don’t know when that is? Here’s a handy chart that should last you through the summer.














fresh produce — listings (651) 303-3372 • • Pick your own blueberries.

Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market Saturdays,

Blueberry Ridge Orchard E2795 Hagness Rd., Eleva

7:30am-1pm; Wednesdays, 7:30am-1pm; Thursdays, noon-5pm • Phoenix Park Pavilions, Riverfront Terr., Eau Claire • 563-2644 • ecdowntownfarmersmarket. com Seasonal, locally grown vegetables and fruits, plus baked goods, dairy products, meat, honey, maple syrup, flowers, and more. An art market featuring local artists appears most Saturdays throughout the season.

Menomonie Farmer’s Market Saturdays, 8am-1pm;

Wednesdays 11:30am-6pm • Dunn County Fairgrounds, 17th St. SE, Menomonie • all ages • 265-4271, ext. 1330 • Since 2000, this market has seen a remarkable growth in participation and sales. Farmer participation has increased from an average of 3-4 vendors in past seasons to 20 vendors at the peak of the summer harvest. A typical market day this past season had 15-20 farmers selling everything from vegetables to fruit, eggs, meats and handmade crafts.

Festival Foods Farmers Market Sundays 8am-2pm • Festival Foods parking lot, 3007 Mall Dr., Eau Claire • all ages • (715) 838-1000 A variety of fresh produce from local farmers.

Chippewa Falls Farmers Market Thursdays beginning

Jun. 11 • Market Lot, 53 E. Central St., Chippewa Falls • all ages • 723-6661 • Join us for fresh and locally grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers, as well as locally made baked goods, salsas, jams, jellies, crafts, handcrafted items, woodcarvings, and much more every Thursday.

Eau Claire Farmers Market Tuesdays & Saturdays Jun.

6-Oct. 24, 8am-2pm • Gordy’s County Market, 3310 E Hamilton Ave., Eau Claire • eauclairefarmersmarket. com Fresh and organic vegetables, flowers, herbs, and ornamental plants.

pick-your-own gardens

Appledore Woods W3865 County Rd. HH, Eau Claire • 834-5697 • Appledore Woods has opportunities to pick your own strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. 

Augusta Blueberries E27020 E. Branch Rd., Fairchild

• 612-850-9852 • Several acres and varieties of cultivate Highbush blueberries in a parklike setting. Picking season runs mid-July through August and early September.

Blueberry Hills Farm N7900 Cty Rd J, Menomonie •


farmers markets

• 287-3366 • • • Find Blueberry Ridge Orchard on Facebook Featuring 20 acres of cultivated highbush blueberries for U-pick and pre-pick.

Bushel and a Peck Market 18444 County Hwy OO,

Chippewa Falls • 723-0133 • • Open in early August for pick-your-own apples, raspberries, and plums.

Cain’s Orchard W13885 Cain Rd., Hixton • 963-2052 • • Pick Highbush cultivated blueberries late July through August. (Bring a 5 qt. bucket). Pick 20 kinds of apples at the end of August through late October.

Charlotte’s Berry Patch 210 Kane Rd., Eau Claire •

832-7186 Open for raspberry and blueberry picking. Pickers can also enjoy the scenic flower garden. Call before you drive out.

Connell’s Family Orchard 19372 County Hwy OO,

Chippewa Falls • 723-5889 • • Forty acres of fruit and veggies. Pick tart cherries, blueberries in July, and apples starting in August. Pies, ice cream, carameled apples, jams, honey, and salsas are also available.

Govin’s Meats & Berries N6134 670th St., Menomonie

• 231-2377 • • You-pick and pre-picked strawberries. Naturally raised beef, free-range chicken, lamb, and pumpkins also for sale.

Grampa Glenn’s Organic Strawberries W11280 Cty

Rd. B, Humbird (1/4 mile east of Humbird on Cty Rd. B just off 12/27) • 964-8663 • • Pick certified organic strawberries. Call in advance if you want someone to pick on your behalf.

Little Berry Farm W1832 Maple Rd., Eau Claire • 559-

0447 • • Offering naturally grown strawberries and raspberries that are healthy and delicious. Little Berry Farm do not use any chemicals or sprays.

Mac’s Berries 10439 130th Ave., Bloomer • 568-

1672 They have both u-pick and pre-picked strawberries available. We also have pea pods for picking. If you want pre-picked strawberries, call and we’ll reserve them for you to pick up at the farm.

Fresh strawberries are in season in late June and early July, so act fast!

CSAs Alchemy Family Farm 12453 County Highway DD, Colfax • 271-2094 • Find this CSA on Facebook Lots of veggies, some fruits and herbs.

Blackberry Community Farm County Road S, Box 136,

Wheeler • 658-1042 • • Delivering more than 40 kinds of seasonal, chemical free vegetables, fruits (strawberries, currants, raspberries, melons & apples) and herbs in deluxe and half shares. Members are welcome to visit or volunteer on the farm.

Breezy Knoll Farm N14014 Fairview Rd., Fairchild •

206-0517 • • Receive a bountiful harvest of fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce and herbs every week. With every CSA membership you also receive a weekly newsletter filled with stories, recipes and information about your vegetables.

Chippewa Valley Produce 715-797-2719 • info@cvpro- • Providing safe local farmfresh produce at an affordable price by building a regional processing and distributing hub for local farmers.

Hogsquash Hollow E8295 County Road BB, Colfax

• 440-4059 • • A small family farm located along the Red Cedar River in Colfax. Receive a box of fresh, never sprayed, never GMO produce straight from the farm.

Jackson Hollow S1291 Hayes Valley Rd., Mondovi • 946-3329 • Chemical free pro- 30 June 24, 2015

duce, plus free range eggs and poultry raised by organic methods. Egg and Poultry shares are additional.

Katydid Ranch S7520 Cty Rd. JJ, Fall Creek • 877-9978

• • Katydid Ranch is a 40 acre organic/permaculture farm located 8 miles SE of Eau Claire. Organic production practices and record keeping are followed so that in the future Katydid Ranch may apply for organic certification. CSA members can enjoy 5-12 vegetable/herb items in their weekly boxes from June through October.

MoonRise Farm W2161 County Rd. KK, Nelson • 578-

6803 • • MoonRiseFarmCSA Providing weekly deliveries of a diverse group of produce sustainably grown for a reasonable price.

Scenic Pastures Farm E17900 Scenic Dr., Fall Creek

• 456-3037 • • Scenic Pastures Farm is a family farm that offers a 100% heirloom fruit and vegetable CSA and pastured chickens.

Special Treat Farm N674 Cty Rd. H, Mondovi • (507)

272-0526 • The CSA runs for 20 weeks, May-October. All shares include farm fresh eggs, and usually includes heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn. CSA members are welcome at the farm for work hours for discounts or visiting anytime.

Square Roots Farm E9985 W. Mallard Rd., Fall Creek •

577-4376 • Join the farm-to-table movement today with a CSA share from Square Roots Farm. Chemical-free vegetables are delivered from their farm directly to your door every week.


Sunbow Farm S7805 Norrish Rd., Eau Claire • 379-


7284 • Serving the Chippewa Valley with fresh, local, green-grown produce, chicken, lamb, and certified organic herbs since 2003. Sunbow believes in connecting people to the land so all of their shares require an agreement to help at the farm. Members help with planting, weeding, maintenance, and picking.

Sylvan Hills E2161 530th Ave., Menomonie • The- • A share includes a weekly pick-up of fresh, locally grown, certified organic produce that will amply feed a family. Items included are: tomatoes, beans, carrots, radishes, and more. 

Thornfield 330th Ave., Menomonie • 612-961-7182

• • thornfieldgarden. com Twenty five acres of garden, field and woods where fruit, vegetables, honey and hops are produced as sustainably as possible. A source of very fresh, organically grown produce that tastes better than almost anything you can find at a store.

Together Farms W93 Norden Rd., Mondovi • 210-4740

• • Striving to raise the healthiest, happiest animals with lots of minerals and pasture, 100% grass-fed/finished beef and lamb, pasture pork, chicken turckey and duck. GMOfree and no MSG, nitrates and other unpronouncable ingredients.

garden centers

Aquarian Gardens N2548 440th St., Menomonie •

(715) 664-8808 • • Experienced gardeners work with you through the entire process of creating a beautiful garden, from the initial consultation to the maintenance visits after the garden is complete. They also have a shop where you can buy various plants (either by chance or appointment).

Blaine’s Farm and Fleet 2583 S Prairie View Rd., Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-1806 • A hardy

selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, vegetables, and hanging baskets, all grown locally with nursery quality so you know they will survive and prosper in your lawn and garden. While you’re there, you can pick up garden maintenance supplies, lawn decor, and more.

(715) 723-3080 • Find this event on Facebook Bresina’s nursery is stocked full of the rocks, dirts, plants, and trees you need to turn your landscape into something worth looking at.

Bobolink Nursery LLC N6548 429th St., Menomonie •

Claire • 715-833-1234 // 22223 Cty. Hwy. O, Cadott • 715-289-4567 • • dwntoearth. com The Down to Earth Garden Center is a relaxing and spacious environment in which potential planters can find greeneries of every kind. Take advantage of their landscaping and lawncare services.

(715) 231-3901 • Bobolink’s barnstyle garden center and three large growing ranges are packed with perennials, vegetables, annuals, shrubs, and trees. Owners Dan and Amy Dopkins have been in the plant growing business for essentially their entire lives and are very happy to pass their vast stores of knowledge on to you. They also offer services such as landscaping design and installation.

Chippewa Hardware & Garden Center 17168 County

Hwy J, Chippewa Falls • (715) 726-2515 From wheelbarrows to lawn decor, they offer most every tool you’ll need to tend your garden.

Chippewa Valley Growers 7825 Prill Road, Eau Claire

• (715) 839-8448 • Carries a wide variety of stock, specializing in bedding plants, flowers, and vegetables. Work with gardeners to create custom baskets and containers and check out growing ideas and tips in their spring newsletter.

Down To Earth Garden Center 6025 Arndt Ln., Eau

Evergreen Landscaping & Design Bauer Auction Service Chippewa Valley Located in Durand (call for as-

sistance or to arrange an appointment) • 715-672-8831 • • A complete landscape service company locally owned and operated for over 25 years offering quality and reliable landscape and design service and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Fryszki’s Country Gardens N1956 State Road 85, Eau

Claire • (715) 835-8743 • • fryszkis. com Fryszki’s Country Gardens offers a wide variety of unique and colorful annuals, perennials, grasses, herbs and vegetables.

Christensen Florist & Greenhouses 1210 Mansfield

St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-2251 • • Over eighty years of experience in the art of flowers. You know when you choose Christensen Florist you are getting the highest quality. They have given local brides the most extraordinary wedding flowers for both intimate and extravagant venues. They will help you create the perfect floral design to truly fit your wedding style, and budget.

Circle M Nursery 3942 103rd St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-4247 • Circle M has served as a complete garden center for the Chippewa Valley for over 35 years, providing trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, black dirt, mulches, and flexible landscaping services.

Dave Bresina’s Nursery 9885 Hwy Q, Chippewa Falls • 31 June 24, 2015

Gehrke Floral & Greenhouses 515 E. Main St., Mondovi • 715-926-4931 • • Choosing only the freshest, highest quality flowers, this shop has the professional and caring staff for your floral needs. Gehrke Floral has the flowers, plants, and gifts to help you express yourself perfectly.

Gordy’s County Market Garden Center 2717 Birch St.

Eau Claire • (715) 738-7885 • gordyscountymarket. net Provides trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, garden decor, mulches, fertilizers, landscaping accessories. In addition, Gordy’s offers rentals of larger gardening and landscaping tools for those projects you can’t tackle yourself.

Green Oasis Garden Center 1403 122nd St., Lake

Hallie • (715) 832-0800 ext. 100 • GreenOasisGardens. com This garden center offers lawn art and accessories, plus various trees, ornamental grasses, perennials, mulch, dirt, compost, and patio block. They also offer a variety of classes throughout the gardening season to help you make your garden extra special.

Green Thumb Landscaping and Excavating 6700 Hwy

12 E., Eau Claire • (715) 832-4553 • Green Thumb Landscaping and Excavating provides garden care and maintenance. They


fresh produce — listings Greener Grass Systems 3261 S Joles Pkwy, Lake Hallie • (715) 723-0800 • In addition to their extensive landscaping services, Greener Grass Systems provides a selection of large trees, ornamental grasses, perennials, colored mulch, black dirt, and compost for your lawn and garden needs.

Grinde’s Garden Center 2903 Preston Rd., Eau Claire

• (715) 833-2292 • Family owned for 28 years, Grinde’s greenhouses offer a full line of self-produced vegetables, plants, flowers, seeds. They specialize in hanging baskets and bedding plants.

Grow Box USA • (715) 514-3399 • info@growboxusa.

com • Founded in 2009, Grow Box USA provides grow cabinets at a fair price for the best growing experience possible.

Halfen Garden Center and Hosta Heaven 19130 72nd

Ave, Chippewa Falls • (715) 723-3414 • • Halfen Garden Center is a family run business that offers a wide array of hostas, vines, annuals, vegetables, fruits, trees, and shrubs. They offer garden layouts to help you know the best place to plant around your home.

Klinger Farm Market 12756 132nd St, Chippewa Falls

• (715) 288-6348 • • In addition to 18 greenhouses full of flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, trees, hanging baskets, water plants, and house plants, Klinger offers a swath of freshly grown produce, home and garden ornaments, bird baths, jams, honeys, and organic gardening products. They are open year round.

Lowes Creek Tree Farm S9475 Lowes Creek Rd., Eleva • (888) 878-4166 •

• Lowes Creek Tree Farm’s retail nursery market includes a full line of potted shade trees (over 50 varieties), flowering trees, fruit trees, shubs, and perennials, plus landscape consulatation, design services, and delivery and planting services.

Petit Jardin 13811 7th St., Osseo • (715) 597-2525 • On

May’s Floral Garden 3424 Jeffers Rd., Eau Claire •

Plant Marketing LLC 819 W. Shorewood Dr., Eau Claire

(715) 836-8220 • Primarily a florist, May’s designs and sells products for both indoor and outdoor living.  They have 11 greenhouses that are in production where they grow annuals, perennials, and indoor green plants. They also carry various gardening supplies.

Menards 3619 South Hastings Way, Eau Claire • (715)

832-3344 // 5210 N. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 830-0011 • Menards offers a full-blown garden center and every tool you could ever think of  to tend your garden, making it a convenient one-stop shop for your gardening needs.

Out to Laurie’s Greenhouse & Crafts South of Eau

Claire via Hwy 53 or Hwy 93 (visit online for directions) • • specializing in top-quality annual flowers, planters, hanging baskets, combination pots,  and special made-to-order items per request. Enjoy the friendly and helpful atmosphere of this three-generation, family owned greenhouse. Only open Saturdays in the Spring. See contact info for details.

Paint Creek Nursery & Tree Farm 3215 North 140th

Ave., Cadott • (715) 723-2072 • • Paint Creek Nursey’s goal is to grow shrubs and trees that benefit people and the environment. They have a variety of native tree species, including conifers, hardwoods, and shrubs, that can be purchased either as seedlings or transplants. Note that Paint Creek Nursery is not a retail operation; visits to the nursery should be arranged in advance.


offer a unique blend of perennials, shrubs, native trees, annuals, bark, mulch, and rock. They also sell lime, dirt, fertilizer, pesticides and more.


the bank of Lake Martha, Petit Jardin has a large selection of native perennials, specialty annuals, herbs, trees, and shrubs, with an emphasis on organic and sustainable gardening. • (800) 752-6879 • A grower and marketing agent of live plants, specializing in the distribution of foliage, bedding, perennials, cacti, blooming, and holiday/seasonal plants.

Reit’s Garden Center 310 Urquhart Rd., Stanley • 715861-6595 • Open year round featuring annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, house plants, statuaries, bulk mulch, and a full line of Bonid products.

River Country Co-Op 1080 W. River St., Chippewa Falls

• (888) 314-1088 A lawn and garden co-op offering lawn and garden fertilizer, soil testing, seeds, lime, and much more.

Sears Hometown Store 2521 A Hills Ct., Menomonie •

(715) 232-8086 • Sears sells the supplies every home gardener needs to keep their plants in top shape.

Season’s Harvest Greenhouse E5345 County Rd D,

Menomonie • (715) 231-4769 • seasonsharvest@dishup. us • Season’s Harvest has an impressive 6 greenhouses full of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs. Also, the potting shed station located outside the greenhouses allows you to mix, match, and plant your flowers right after or while you’re browsing.

Shopko 955 W. Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire • (715) 832-

9777, (715) 726-1251 • Between their outdoor garden center and the tools and supplies they sell in-store, Shopko offers everything you need to get your garden started right. 32 June 24, 2015

Eau Claire Community Gardens The Potting Shed 1717 Devney Dr., Altoona • (715) 831-4000 • • The Potting Shed carries a plethora of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees; as well as anything you could possibly need to plant a garden including fertilizers, gloves, and the largest organics section around.



homegrown fresh reads! THE BEST LOCAL TAKES ON FARM LIFE AND HOME COOKING WITH THE FRESHEST OF INGREDIENTS You can get in touch with Wisconsin’s fertile land and the farm-to-table philosophy while curling up with some good books. In One Small Farm, Craig Schreiner uses evocative color photographs to capture one family as they maintain the rhythms and routines of small farm life near Pine Bluff. Travel back in time with Bob Knopes to Janesville during the Great Depression as he reflects on a life of barns burning, blizzards, and the daily challenges of being a true Wisconsin farmer in Any Damn Fool Can Be a Farmer. Switch gears to Cooking with Wild Berries & Fruits and Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest, in which Teresa Marrone helps us forage for the earth’s bounty. All these and more are available at The Local Store, 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire.

One Small Farm: Photographs of a Wisconsin Way of Life Craig Schreiner, $25 Any Damn Fool Can Be a Farmer Bob Knopes, $13 Creating Dairyland Edward Janus, $27


Farm Life Chippewa Valley Museum, $15

Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest Teresa Marrone, $15

Farmers Market Cookbook Eau Claire Press Company, $28

Eating Well in Wisconsin Jerry Minnich, $19

Cooking with Wild Berries & Fruits Teresa Marrone, $13

Camp Cooking Dr. Duane R. Lund, $10 33 June 24, 2015

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Farm Fresh 2015  

Volume One's guide to everything locally grown and raised.

Farm Fresh 2015  

Volume One's guide to everything locally grown and raised.

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