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March 2010

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The masses are asking...

Where Do I Go? ...what will you tell them?

Which Olympic sport do you think you would be best at and why?

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Sierra Steinhauer I think i wouldnt be good at any of them! i am an epic fail when it comes to sports

Clinten Decker The biathlon, because I could use my gun to wound anyone ahead of me thus leaving me as the victor! Gold medals all the way!!

Angie Raether bi-athelon. I’m strong and I like to shoot things!!! aka brown bears in the boundary waters!!! ;)

Phil Demos The bob sled. Once a body is in motion it tends to stay in motion. Esp if said body is larger than most


How well do you know….

features COVER STORY: Where Do I Go?

Tyneal Remington Sitting on the bench and cheering. God has gifted me with a voice, but no athletic ability :)

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Laura Steinhauer

Oh, wait..does it have to be a real Olympic sport?



February Pics

Would You Rather? Wheelchair racing. Lol. It’ll bring a whole new rep to the elderly! Haha! :P


Random Texted Question of the Month


Events/info March Calendar & looking ahead

Riot Night

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Visit our channel! AmpdMedia VOLUME MAX’D

March 2010 Calendar Sun

Mon 1

Tue 2



3 Youth Room Opens 5:00PM




10 Youth Room Opens 5:00PM









AMPLIFY, 7:30PM 14



17 Youth Room Opens 5:00PM


AMPLIFY, 7:30PM 21



24 Youth Room Opens 5:00PM




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AMPLIFY, 7:30PM 28



31 Youth Room Opens 5:00PM AMPLIFY, 7:30PM

AMPLIFY is for 7th


Thru young


N.REVLTN is for High

School grads only!

Friday, April 9th—Deeper, 7:30PM Friday, April 23rd—Riot Night, Ladysmith Friday, May 7th—Deeper, 7:30PM Friday, June 4th—Riot Night, Apostolic Faith Church, Eau Claire Saturday, June 5th—Move-a-thon! 10:00AM June 28th-July 2nd—Youth Camp, Shawano, WI CLIMB CLOSER Mark 12:30

Amplify Student Ministries‟ purpose is to help students… WALK HIGHER LOVE DEEPER WORK HARDER SHARE JESUS Matthew 28:20 Mark 12:31 Luke 10:2 Mark 16:15 so they can


Where Do I Go? I was hopelessly lost. I had

covered every single square pixel of the level and STILL couldn‟t figure out how to escape the underground caves! Seri-

ously, why do they have to make some video games so hard? I was rocking “Secret of Evermore” on my Super Nintendo and I had just gotten my character, a kid knocked out of normal reality by a cool time-traveling gizmo in his Uncle‟s mansion, out of the prehistoric stage and all I had to do was find a way through a bunch of caves before we could begin cruising the coliseums of the Roman age. I was bold and I was confident, because I‟d never met a video game yet I couldn‟t beat. A few hours later, as I watched the slightly-pudgy blonde pixilated boy still groping in the darkness, I wasn‟t so gung-ho. I had absolutely NO IDEA where to go. I had gone everywhere, and I just couldn‟t find a way to escape! I knew my purpose was to get out, but where was out?!? Finally, by sheer luck, I stumbled free and found myself on the shores of toga-loving Grecians. *PHEW!* My little foray through pretend, digitalized caves may have been fantastical in nature, but I think it healthily sums up condition of so many people around us (and including us) everyday: I know

there’s somewhere I’m supposed to be going, or something I’m supposed to be doing, but I haven’t a clue which path to take in order to get there. Most people believe that there is a God. Most people agree that there is likely a purpose for their life. Even many good Christians struggle, however, with the translation of these concepts into methods of living out these beliefs in their everyday life. They want to be soul winners, but don‟t know how to go about it. They want to please God, but approach Him like my poor brother-in-law who proposed to my sister by hiding a ring in the mac „n cheese he had prepared for her. Good intentioned, but not well thought out. Surely, if we can understand why a woman might not be swept away by this error-ridden engagement proposal, we should be able to see that we can‟t just do whatever we want and still get a positive reaction from our Creator! A year or so after my first attempt, I tried playing through “Secret of Evermore” again, hoping to beat it this time. I had learned a little trick watching a Ronald McDonald cartoon movie about how to get through mazes: put your left hand on

a wall, and just start walking, never taking it off. You might have to walk through the entire maze, but, eventually, you‟ll find your way out. Employing my new cave-maze-busting technique, the underground caves

Page 4 Pentecostal Assem bly Church 9 Ninth Ave Eau Claire, WI 54 703

were hardly a nuisance. Amazing what a little guidance can do! In the gospel of John, Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” For those of you out there troubled by life‟s difficult decisions and maze-like complexity, I‟ve got a little trick for you. Set your eyes and heart on Jesus, and never take them off. Travel through His Word, never letting your obedience to what lies within falter from connecting to it even once. Don‟t skip difficult terrain or jump to another path because the road has seemed long or hard. You might have to read through the entire Bible, but, eventually, it will bring you to your destination. Fortunately, you don‟t have to try and make this journey alone. God has given us the Church that He has built (and is building) to be the friend, strength, and guidance that we need to walk His paths with confidence. The Church isn‟t just a place for the rescued, but receiving instruction and bringing others who might not yet know their own way. I challenge you to plug into His Word and His Church like never be-

fore; it won‟t be long until you‟re striding down the highway of spiritual success! T.J. Heidenreich, Student Pastor

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I don’t think Laura liked the pie...

Amplify’s March Youth Drama Logan‟s Answers: 1) T 2) F 3) T 4) T 5) T 6) F 7) T 8) F

N2K - March’ 10 ALL THE DETAILS PARENTS AND STUDENTS NEED TO KNOW February found us talking about “Why Should I Care?” In youth services, lessons were taught about good attitudes, sacrificing for the good of others, the Holy Ghost, and doing what’s right when it’s unpopular. In Sunday school we tackled a number of topics. We discussed Biblical principles to consider about dating, what the Bible suggests hell would be like, and what media is and what media it’s okay to partake in. We also took one Sunday school class to let the young people work on different ministry projects. Our monthly Friday night “Deeper” Bible study was on stewardship and tithing. March’s theme is “Where Do I Go?” Lessons will emphasize the wonderful opportunities we have to turn to God, His Word, and His Church. This month’s “Deeper” lesson is on the Godhead. In Sunday school there will be a follow-up lesson on media, and one in the works on the different authorities in a teenager’s life. Riot Night is the first Friday of the month. It will be an awesome service, and the youth room will be open afterwards until midnight for games and fellowship. Admission is free, and there will be food available at the always-low Amplify Café prices :) The Sleepover locations are not in stone yet, and will be communicated shortly. Please make sure you have a ride home and that will get you promptly by 9AM Saturday morning. It’s going to be an awesome time! If you have any suggestions on activities, please contact T.J. or Kirstie Heidenreich.

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Would You Rather?

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We interviewed 25 students of Amplify and asked them the following question:

Would you rather be able to fly or have the ability to read a person’s mind?

14 (56%) picked FLYING. “No carbon emissions so it would save the planet!” - Matthew Hastreiter “I would be able to hunt birds without needing a gun.” - Clinten Decker

11 (44%) picked mind reading. “As long as you can turn it on and off. I wouldn‟t want to know everything everyone was thinking.” - Carissa Schaffer “Then I would know everything that people are thinking of me!” - Emily Brantner Which brings us to another question: is 44% of Amplify actually insecure or manipulative??? ;) -Isaac Barneson & Clinten Decker

How Well Do You Know….. Logan Prince? TRUE OR FALSE ___


Logan was born with a webbed finger.



Logan‟s favorite kind of food ever is sushi.



He has completed the Rip Cord at Valley Fair.



Peppermint is Logan‟s favorite kind of candy.



The first year Logan was in wrestling he went to State.



Logan likes it when people merge in the spot next to him when walking down a hall.



Logan dislikes the presence of snakes and spiders.



Art is one of Logan‟s least favorite things. Answers on bottom of page five

VolumeMAX'D March 2010  

"Where Do I Go?"

VolumeMAX'D March 2010  

"Where Do I Go?"