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fashion Hip & Runway : Summer Trends by Sarah Holden Voir Style : Runway magic delivered to the high street Sports Complex : Voir Fashion Editorial Director’s Cut : Come Together : Ralph Lauren at Abbey Road Studios In Designer : V is for Valentino - by Kat Evans In Focus : Santa Lucia [Giacani] - Fashionable works Gaea Rising : Biomimetic Fashion rising from the ashes by Magic Owen Store’s the Limit : KORS-ing a Stir by Marianne Tupelo Show Stopping : L.As Style Fashion Week by Floyd Hardwick Art & Restraint : Catwalk creativity from L’Oréal

beauty Beauty Special :- MAC Vivid Imagination : Painting with MAC Cosmetics’ Carousel of Colour by Elizabeth Daisy Locks Luxe : International Hair Trends by Karen Dodds

living Purple Rain : When Prince came to town by Felix Laurens Eye of the Storm : Pop duo Ivy & Gold Summer Windows - to save the high street? A Piece of Cake : Peggy Porschen by Elizabeth Daisy Style Fashion Week Uncut - by Floyd Hardwick The Voir Fashion Affair with Roast + Conch hosted by Norman [Bar] Aired : Joyce Pilarsky - EcoLuxe by Marianne Tupelo

Editor’s Letter Editors aren’t supposed to have fun!!

was loud and clear this SS14 when we saw Chanel’s neon tweeds and Celine’s giant paint strokes grace the summer runways that fashion was about to get Arty. In true Voir style we have tapped into our inner artist and collaborated with our friends over at MAC cosmetics, to bring you a Fashion/Beauty editorial which defines the ‘Art of Fashion’. As the festival season quickly approaches Kat Evans talks us through the tribal chic of Valentino’s SS14 collection with this issue’s ‘In Designer’. Meanwhile, Marianne Tupelo has been to visit the recently-opened Michael Kors store in Leeds’ prestigious Victoria Quarter. She tells us why the MK experience “will surely deliver an international cachet of faraway glamour”. Speaking of glamour... Designers took their inspiration from the track and field this season. Voir shows you how to tackle the most talkedabout SS14 trend ‘Sports Luxe’ without having to compromise on looking glamorous this summer. Personally, I have never been a Sports Luxe kind of girl, but the slouchy shapes have become so so phisticated this season, the trend has sprinted into 1st place. Voir vaults back to the Swinging Sixties in Director’s Cut, where Abbey Road studios plays host to an exclusive Ralph Lauren SS14 catwalk. Chris Allerton takes us backstage, while our LA connection Floyd Hardwick delivers a Front Row scoop at Style Fashion Week. Keep a look out for celebrity make-up artist Armand Beasley’s top ten beauty must-haves, along with regular articles from Karen Dodds at CRC and Sarah Holden at Cricket Liverpool. There are more than a few must-read articles in this issue but enough has been said, and now it’s time for you to be Voired! Enjoy.

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Photograph © Floyd Hardwick


TRENDS Introduced by Sarah Holden at Cricket

I’ve tried to recall a summer season as exciting as Summer 2014 and to be honest I’m dragging my heels.....

















Trinity Style iis a trends presentation for Trinity Leeds.






If ever there was a season to unleash your sporty side, Spring-Summer ‘14 is it. Membership to the New York Yacht Club isn’t strictly necessary, although you can feel confident at any sporting event this Summer.

Andrea wears: Blue Rinse Visor £13.00 Sports Trim Bodycon Dress £42.00 Available at TopShop

Chloe wears : Bandeau Jumpsuit £60.00 with Clear Plastic Mac £40.00 Both available at TopShop Red rim Shield Sunglasses Available at Armani Exchange £72.00 Simple Grey Ball Collar £14.50 Freedom Jewellery White Mid Heel Court Shoes Available at Zara


SPORTS Andrea wears; Sporty Rib Crop Tee £22.00 with matching Sporty Trim Pleat Skater £25.00 ROMY Padded Strap Sandals £68.00 Selection of Items available at TopShop Armani Jade green Butterfly sunglasses £82.00 Multi row pearl necklace available at Blue Rinse £40.00

Andrea wears : Monochrome Baseball Jacket £69.00 Available at River Island with Sports Trim Vest £16.00 and Sports Waistband Pleat Mini Skirt £36.00 both Available at TopShop


Chloe wears : Dark Grey Twill Cigarette Pants £30.00 Available at River Island with MOTO Stretch Denim Bralette £22.00 Availble at Topshop Multi row pearl necklace available at Blue Rinse £40.00


Andrea wears : Yellow Art Print Bomber Jacket £60.00 with matching Yellow Art Print Jogger Trousers £35.00 Available at River Island Armani Exchange Baseball Cap £48.00


Chloe wears : Unisex Metal Shield Armani Exchange Sunglasses £78.00 Relaxed Utility Boiler suit £55.00 Available at Topshop Silver Bar Barely There Stiletto Sandals £45.00 Available at River Island















Schimmer, schparkle, glow, reflect,dazzle, shine & radiate............ these are the Hot!! words for Summer Nights on cocktail terraces this season!!







 The ultimate Haute Couture dresses designed individually for you For appointment please contact +44 (0) 113 268 7783

Ph © Voir Fashion

Photograph by Chris Allerton courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Old welcomes New as the iconic Abbey Road studios plays host to an exclusive Ralph Lauren SS14 catwalk. Chris Allerton takes us backstage.

“My Spring 2014 Collection celebrates a simple purity of clean lines and structure, with a nod to the bold spirit and playfulness of swinging London in the late 60s” – Ralph Lauren.














Stay the coolest in the summer heat by embracing any colour you like. So long as it’s White!

Voir Creative : Enquiries to

Who is cutting their way to the top in the world of fashion? In-Designer focuses the attention on what is exciting and different.


Words : Katherine Evans

With over 50 years of residing elegantly on the throne of European fashion, it is no surprise that the wonder that is Valentino shows no sign of abdicating any time soon. | One thing that any fashion-lover will be able to tell you about Valentino is his passion and dedication to creating beauty through clothes time and time again. Valentino himself summed this up in one simple line - ‘I know what women want, they want to be beautiful’. Timeless elegance, flattering silhouettes and luxurious fabrics all come together to ensure that each and every woman that wears one of Valentino’s creations will always look and feel their best. | It’s no wonder then, that some of the world’s biggest names from both the 20th and 21st centuries, have worn and dazzled the world in Valentino – including Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts (remember THAT Oscar dress from 2001) and Cate Blanchett to name just a few. Actual royalty can also be included in the never ending list of fans, Princess Beatrice wore Valentino to the wedding of Prince William and Princess Madeline of Sweden looked stunning when she married businessman Christopher O’Neill in a one-off Valentino design. It’s amazing to think that this whole empire was born from a teenage boy’s love of the movies.

Timeless elegance, flattering silhouettes and luxurious fabrics all come together to ensure that each and every woman that wears one of Valentino’s creations will always look and feel their best.

Valentino Garavani was just 13 when he knew he wanted to create clothes for women. His love for escapism into the movie world and the beauty of the stars that emanated from the screen inspired a passion and a burning desire to create clothes that celebrated the female form. After studying in Paris, Valentino returned to Rome in 1959 and opened his first atelier, where he began to design for Italy’s fashion elite. In 1960, he met his future business partner, Giancarlo Giammetti and the rest as they say, is history. | This pairing built Valentino into one of the most iconic fashion design houses in the world with its polished feminine styles and red-carpet glamour. Starting with a focus on haute couture, the brand quickly branched out to ready-to-wear, accessories and menswear, all of which encapsulated Valentino’s effortlessly cool and contemporary image, always created with the best fabrics and styles in mind. | In 1967, Time magazine called Valentino the ‘new darling of the eminently fashionable’ and this is as relevant now as it ever was. As a major player on the fashion scene, Valentino collec-

tions attract anyone who is worth something on the fashion stage. The need for femininity in each collection is never forgotten and it is maybe this that keeps the fashion elite coming back for more. | As his namesake, the brand doesn’t seem that easy to separate from the man himself. But, you must, as Valentino (the brand) has moved forward since Valentino (the man) retired in 2007. While he remains a stalwart of the fashion industry and dips his toe in the designing pool every now and again, the creative reins of the brand have since been handed over to the pairing of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. Having spent over ten years as accessory designers under Valentino himself, the two were entrusted with the job of filling Valentino’s very expensive shoes. | The new heads of design have been credited with rejuvenating the brand. They’ve kept all of the elements of the luxury brand, the sophistication and the grandeur, but they’ve evolved it. Their time spent with the man himself has enabled them to create collections that embody Valentino but include modern, contemporary twists.

The new heads of design have been credited with rejuvenating the brand. They’ve kept all of the elements of the luxury brand, the sophistication and the grandeur, but they’ve evolved it.

The Valentino woman has always been glamorous, elegant and feminine but now she has an edge. | Continuing in the spirit of Valentino, the new creative heads have merged old with new as they explore new areas for their Spring/ Summer 2014 ready-to-wear collection. An impromptu visit to the Rome Opera workshops inspired a breakout from the pure glamour of past Valentino collections and an introduction of a more street, youthful edge to the clothes. | The signature floor-length gowns are still a mainstay of the collection but they’d been given a new direction – a more casual, romantic, bohemian feel. Simple silhouettes let the intricate embroidery and embellishment lead, with an exotic, almost tribal-chic feel. North-African, Native American and Mediterranean influences can

easily be recognised amongst the patterns and prints as we’re taken on a journey through imaginary ethnic groups. There’s almost an ornate aura to each piece with the sumptuous colours and fabrics injecting the glamour and the luxury that no Valentino line could be without. | Chiuri and Piccioli are not trying to change the brand; they’re simply making it relevant to today’s fashion world, ‘timeless modernity’ as they call it. The mixing of elements such as jackets with evening gowns, sleek lines with sheer panels reveals the modern Valentino woman. Elegant and opulent, yet bohemian and relaxed, this new direction for the brand has opened up new avenues for truly feminine fashion choices. Quite simply put, the modern Valentino woman has been given a new way to look and feel, well... beautiful.

The Valentino woman has always been glamorous, elegant and feminine but now she has an edge.

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Vogue Italia : DDR

From a small medieval town in Italy, Lucia Giacani has heritage in her veins, but it is her femininity which drives and inspires her photography. Having worked for the prestigious likes of Vogue Italia, Moschino and Harrods, to name but a few, this Milan-based photographer has a distinct style which oozes depth and finesse.

It could be argued that like that of any true artist, the essence of Lucia’s communication is semiautobiographical; and she gravitates towards surrealism and the unconscious to produce what we deem dream works of art. Dreaming is a natural part of her creative process, in which she questions orthodoxy and boundaries, challenging the viewer emotively through the mind as well as the eye. With a mantra founded upon ‘tenacity, liberty, trust and respect’, Voir is proud to feature a cross-section of her mood-evoking photographs which go a long way to communicating the interesting essence of being a woman.

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for NOI.SE Magazine : ICONS

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Made WS : Day Dreaming

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Vogue Italia : Under My Skin

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Vogue Accessory : Mario Cerutti

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Vogue Italia : DDR

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Vogue Italia : DDR

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Vogue Accessory : Ziio

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Moschino archive

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for Vogue Accessory : Mifur

Ph : Š Lucia Giacani shot for NOI.SE Magazine : ICONS











When there’s no such thing as Bling for Bling’s sake Do it in style!







Combining off-cuts of bio-waste with the precision of a couturiers hand, Stefanie Nieuwenhuys creates biomimetic pieces which literally rise from the ashes. Concept & photography : Magic Owen Designer: Stefanie Nieuwenhuys Hair/Makeup: Sabina Yunusova Models: Ceci Zhang Stefanie Nieuwenhuys






Runway, the interfashionable word spoken, and anticipated, by none other than the chic elite; a single word definition that celebrates the eagerly awaited arrival, of fashion week. Style-seekers flock to the hot-spots of fashion-conscious cities around the world, their magpie eye scouting the crowd for next season’s colour crush, or ultimate ‘IT’ arm candy; an electric vibe of both excitement and envy always present. Runway, where the trendsetters dominating our glossies and billboards, bring next season’s fashion forecast to life, each garment parades with a sense of pride; this is the moment to either rise to fame before the FROW, or be deemed by the editor behind darkened shades, as a disappointing, fashion faux pas. Runway, the influential location leading us to create a vision of style envy. Elizabeth Daisy.

Photograph by Floyd Hardwick

Where in the world could you get the likes of Christina Milian, Lil Mama, Tamar Braxton, Bridget Marquardt, Gretchen Rossi, Joanna Krupa, Joyce Giraud, Courtney Stodden and Andrew Keegan under one roof? At the prestigious Los Angeles Style Fashion Week of course. Each season, celebrities, fashionistas, somebodies, wannabes and press turn up in their droves to LA Live, to witness the spectacular event that is an endurance test of runway shows, performances, red carpet arrivals, industry networking and photo-taking opportunities. Autumn-Winter ‘14 was no different. Fashion and Glamour photographer Floyd Hardwick was ever-present, armed with an arsenal of cameras and lenses, to bring Voir a unique exclusive insider’s viewpoint to this high fashion event. The following pages showcase the best of the runway shows, and a sneak peek behind the scenes. Some of the industry’s most talented designers showcase their latest collections at LA Fashion Week, and at what is now being tipped to become the next fashion capital of the world. The A/W ‘14 show witnessed the likes of Betsey Johnson, Beyoncé favourite Michael Costello, Hallie Sara redefining sexy, Stephanie Costello continuing the family creative genius, Walter Mendez, R.Michel’le and Andre Soriano. The show sponsors Timezone, Nespresso, FHI Heat, Startlooks Pro Cosmetics et al, heralded the show a resounding success. Be sure to clear your diary for the impending SS ‘15 event, which is already being tipped to rival New York Fashion Week. Visit for more information. Marianne Tupelo.

Photograph by Floyd Hardwick

andre soriano


betsey johnson

m the movement

altaf maaneshia

maggie berry

mess queen

mister triple x

mt costello

michael costello




Ph Š Rebecca Hull TWITTER @free2b_clothing

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Step aside Sp delivering a ring with your pastel to fire up youwhole new language toperfection, Summer is of course. It’s r alter ego. That is in t a beauty counter near way for a ro time to put away you he world of MAC Play you, Think fantasller-coaster ride of vividr subtle hues and paveland the cosmetics vi y, fun, freedom and fl colour. ir rtuoso captu res your arttiation, as this stic imagina tion.

Conce Team pt, styling, V a Words oir. Make-u rt-direction p & : Eliza beth D : Stacey B photograp o hy : aisy rg


Described as a funtastic al fantasy of fabulous freedom, MA C’s latest cosmetics campaign is certainly no t unassuming. Promising to captivate your creative ambition, and appeal to your fearless alter ego, ‘Playland’ has arriv ed in a cascade of unadulterated colour. Shy girls’ personas, p repare to be seduced; a palette of energetic shades, brilliant bold accents, and eye-popping pigments paint the face of beauty. This season, make waves an d turn heads on a roller-coaster ride of es capism, where funloving meets dare-to-b e-different attitude. Flip the lids of six lusc ious lipsticks, four of which boast th e ultimate, poutperfection coverage, w ith their pink ‘amplified’ formula rep resenting rich colour and a satin-like finish. ‘Sweet Experience’ offers a su btle sugary shade, perfect for the everyd ay, working girl pout; ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ ap plies with creamy texture and vibrant co lour, the magenta pigment a clutch esse ntial for Martini -o’clock; ‘Red Balloon’ blows hot fuchsia kisses your way, the d eep coverage a desk-to-dance-floor favourite, and finally, ‘Toying Around ’, soft coral-orange brightens with summer time-style in mind.

Beauty CAROUSEL Creamy Pink Lipglass £18.00, HI-DEF CYAN & PROCESS MAGENTA Chromagraphic Pencil applied to eyes £14.00 each. Fashion This and previous page. Sandra wears Tibi blouse £185 with matching Tibi skirt available at Cricket Fashion Liverpool £210

Beauty A variety of MAC Playland Chromagraphic Pencils applied to the eyes GENUINE ORANGE, HI-DEF CYAN, PROCESS MAGENTA & BLACK BLACK £14.00 each. LIVE IT UP creamy orange Lipglass £14.00 Fashion Aneisha Wears Zara  swirl   skirt £49 with River Island peep toe shoes £69

Feeling feisty?! Why no t practice playful with MAC’s fant abulous ‘frost’ finish; ‘Playland’ attrac ts the magpie eye with a fierce yellow gold, its shimmery silhouette lib erates with a lavish statement, and smiles with self- assurance. ‘Head In The Clouds’ ravishes in courageous colour, th e cherry red hue applies with confidence , and stains with show-stopper tin t. Arriving in an eccentric whirlwind of vivid pots and pencils , eyes become a blank canvas for flamb oyant intensity and theatrical characte r. ‘Hi-Def Cyan’ electrifies pupils with the power of energetic pigment, an d ‘Ever So Yellow’ sparkles with a soft, pearl, summer-essential shad e. Chromagraphic penci ls focus on precision and defini tion; the soft, creamy texture en ables easy application and glides smoothly across lids. Create long-wearin g, pigmentrich lines with a choic e of four shades, ‘Genuine Orange’, ‘HiDef Cyan’, ‘Process Magenta’ an d ‘Black Black’.

Beauty HEAD IN THE CLOUDS red with pearl (frost) Lip stick applied in candy stripe s £15.00 (alternating with a white pigment) HI JINKS! bright coral Casual Colour applied as blusher £18.00 Fashion Sandra wears Zara paint work dress £59.00

Twist the tops of three Casual Colour jars to reveal a versatile, light-weight formula fo r both lips and cheeks. Tint an d highlight bone structur e with two delectable shades ; ‘For Your Amusement’ and ‘Young At Heart’ banish winter sk in blues, and welcome a flush p ink glow. ‘Hi Jinks!’ will have yo u blushing in bright coral, a vibra nt colour that compliments both fair and dark skin tones, w hilst nourishing and moistu rising with Vitamin E. Summer’s exclusive, ‘m ust-own’ collection is dictating the face of beauty; Playland’s en chanting accents, audacious pig ments, and limited edition bra nding screams sell-out status . It’s time to ditch nine-to-five ne utrals, and journey onboard th e carousel of colour!

Beauty HI-DEF CYAN cyan blu e Pigment eye shadow £17.00. TOYING AROUND hot coral pink (amplified) Lipstick £15. 00 mixed with BRIGHT SIDE crea my yellow Lipglass £14.00. Fashion Just Cavalli Kaftan £415 Available at Flannels.

Beauty HI-DEF CYAN Chromagraphic Pencil applied to eyes £14.00 LIVE IT UP creamy oran ge Lipglass £14.00 applied over HAPPY-GO-LUCKY hot pink (amplified) Lip stick £15.00 Fashion Sandra wears Just Cavalli Blazer £6 60 Available at Flannels

Beauty YOUNG AT HEART - Bright Pink Casual Co lour pot (applied to lips) £18. 00 GENUINE ORANGE & HI-DEF CYAN Chromagraphic Pencil applied to eyelids, BLAC K BLACK applied to brow s, PROCESS MAGENTA worked into cheeks £14.00 ea ch. Fashion  Aneisha wears  Matthew Williamson  ABSTRACT NATURE Print Silk Tunic Dress £5 95 Available  at Cricket Fa shion Liverpool


the beauty project

Top 10 for Summ

by celebrity make-up artist Armand Beasley. 1. Foreo - Luna. £145 Silicone, non abrasive cleansing tool that has an anti ageing reverse side So you can give yourself a mini facial. 2. Eos - Lip balm. £5.99 95% natural lip balm comes in a range of flavours. My fave is the lemon one as its the only one with an SPF in it. 3. Illamasqua - Hydra Veil. £30 This unusual jelly like substance is divine under makeup to quench a dehydrated skin. They also do a Matte Veil for oily skin types. 4. Nars - nail varnish in ‘Schiap’. £15 No nails should be without this stunning vivid pink varnish. DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin free formula. 5. Kiehls - Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. £21.50 Amazonian White Clay helps purify normal to oily skins whilst minimising pores and eliminating surface toxins. 6. Creme De La Mer - Face & Body Gradual Tan. £65 A subtle tan that can be intensified without looking like an Oompa Lumpa and smelling like a biscuit tin! 7. Jo Malone - Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub. £70 A cocktail of gorgeous Organic brown sugar, Vitamin E, Avocado oil and Shea Butter ensures a thorough yet nourishing exfoliation to create a smooth skin. 8. Clarins - Age Control Hand Lotion SPF 15. £21 Super conditioning hand and nail treatment with Frankincense and Myrrh that also protects. 9. Nars - Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30. £29 Create a sheer natural glow that also helps to protect. Available in 9 shades. 10. Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino Private Blend. Unisex EDP starts at £140 for 50ml. A stunning mix of Neroli, Citrus and Amber that whisks you to the Mediterranean on a hot summer’s day! A full body range allows you to layer the fragrance ensuring longevity. To book in with Armand Beasley, Bespoke Beauty Expert call +44 [0] 161 838 0610. £75 booking fee is redeemable.



A blog about

international h

air trends - By

In Association

Karen Dodds

with Cutting R

oom Creative

Welcome to the Summer Sun. We all have that slig is tied up so ht panicky fe it’s not scrap e lin g once the longed-for su ed close to th scalp and cre n and warmth e a te s h it don’t we? that ‘I grabb Skin exposed e p d in ned’ look. and , de-fuzzing th ose legs and horrors what to do with o ur hair in the heat! Shall w Retro Curls, e change the Mermaid Wav colour? The length? The s es and Mess Movement hape? Oh de y cisions. Need some h elp? Well let’s look at what’s hot this summ er and what’s not. The catwalk collectio ns of Spring / Summer have extreme look s, not just w ith fashion b with hair too ut and by the ti me it actually hits the stree ts, it has me llowed some what into we arable styles . So what are we going to b e sporting this summer? Length and s hapes first.....

It’s still here g irls, but this s eason it’s mo sensual and re girly rather th an the grown up siren-type movement of past seasons It is really imp . erative that y ou ensure an curls are frizz y -free, but no t too uniform instead think , free looser cu rls and move ment, lots o f dual texture s in both the movements a nd the straigh ter areas, and high shine to reflect the su n!

The Return o

Party hair and

f the Lob

Wedding Belle s

Yes, its back! The long bob in all its high shine, swingin g healthy sple ndour. Go for the sleek elo ngated shap e; short nap longer sides e or for the m ore funky ve sion with cho rppy layers ins ide the shape Either will be . a very popula r choice and clever cutting can help you achieve both finishes on th e one cut. Plaits and Ple

ats and Pony


A great way to cool down in the summer heat and loo k stylish and on-trend is to create messy weaves and p laits and pony tails. Leave lo ts of stray p ieces around the face and create soft an d loose plaits and fishtails to give the undo ne look and bring it right up-to-date. W ith pony tails try to create b , ody and boun ce before hair

This is the tim e of year whe n more forma events take p l lace. Weddin gs, race mee ings, Wimble tdon and so o n and often th requirement fo e r ‘up-do’s’ ra ises its head! This can be v ery limiting if you are not th formal ‘up-do e ’ type. Your lu ck is in as this season the lo ok is very eth ereal, vintage and almost w ind-swept. Ke ep it real and quick with es caping tendri ls and a com bination of te xtures and a lmost falling down curls an d wisps..... Th ink Elizabeth Bennet after Mr. Darcy rav ished her..... To the Beach

Always a tric ky place to k eep your hair looking great. This season has a couple of great look s to help.... B eachy waves soft messy b , arely-there w a v e s w ith very little structure and moveme nt.

Create this by using a dry p roduct run th that dried-on rough the hair -the-beach lo to create ok. Try L’Oréa Spray.... The l’s Techni Art Bandeau is h Next Day ot-to-trot and fetchingly tha n o w h e re n on the bea will it fit more ch or by the the front hairlin p o o l. W o rn very near e and skimmin to g the tops of unruly, uncon the ears helps ditioned or su to hide n creamed ha above looks to ir. Wear with create a real a ll of the sporty feel. Supporting a ll the trends are extreme mean extrem side partings e, as in way . And I do b e lo w the temple an The further d d above the own the part ear. ing the bolde Use this with r and more h straight and s ip y o u are! leek hair, curl Its the must-h s, ponytails a ave-parting fo n d plaits. r Summer 20 14. Bold Bows, C lips and Leath er Thongs Accessories a re always aro und for the h are big and bo air but this se ld. Just like th ason they e w id e bandeaux, a and stateme ll are super-siz nt-making. B ut remember, ed statement pie less is more ce only. Here a n d one the hair is a c accessory so anvas to sho keep it more w o ff the sleek and qu looking overiet so you do fussy and ov n ’t e n d up er-done. High with all the su shine is very mmer trends. im p o rtant Gone is the w late - it’s all a et look dual-te bout gloss an x tu re of d shimmer. S are primed an o to ensure o d ready, get th u r tr e s ses ose condition and sorted. U ing treatments se a glossing b o o ked product such to add extra s as l’Oréal My hine to finishe th ic a l Oil d hair. No ma of the hair the tter the type o re is a treatme r te x ture nt programm condition, bo e that will ma unce, sleekn x im is e the ess and colo can be tailor ur steadfastn made for you e s s w h . ich Hair gets very thirsty and n ever more so hot, hot sun, than in summ sea breeze a er with nd salt all co protein and m nspiring to s oisture. tarve it of

So the motto and repair aft here is prepare before, treat during erwards. At CRC we have an ama zing range o types and bu f treatments dgets. By far to suit all ha the most pop ir KeraStraight ular at the m Intense Boos o m e n t ts a re . M th oisture for d e weakened ha ry hair and p ir, these two ro in te n in o v for ative treatme the hair struc nts smooth a ture from the n in d s re id n e e out. The effec w which is grea t lasts for up to t news for us a 3 ll. 0 F d o a r ys many of our c a must-have lients this has service. become Still unsure if it’s you? Quic k tip; take a rest of the wo selfie to see rld sees you.. yourself as th . e And so to Co lour......Copp er is hot and and bright, Bro fiery, White B nde is the new londes are cle m u an s t-have. Natura Brunettes for low maintena l M id B ro w ns or Rich nce, Redhead Blondes are s s rock with glis ofter and prett te n in g jewels, ier, Dip-dye is Sombre........ dieing, long liv Bold Block C e s ubtlety or olour is back. Coppers are bright and ho t-flame colou story this sea red, and are d son. Try to go efinitely the b a s b o ig ld White blonde as you dare to s have lost th b e to ta lly on trend. e ‘grey’ tone bright, being rs and are c high-mainten le a n c lear and ance they are need lots of lo not for the fa ving care thro in th e a rted and ughout summ Bronde is the er. Think Cara new tone hotl D e le y-tipped to b vingne. been embrac e the trend to ed by Hollyw w a tc h and has ood celebritie blonde and b s. A combina rowns with a ti o n o f deeper bronzy hue, th subtle colour ese are class choices. ier and more

Brunettes are either rich an d luxurious w mahogany, or ith a hint of are very natura l. It’s all about vitality here, a health and glossing to g ive real shine Redheads are and gloss. bright or dee p, never tran all are bold an slucent and d jewel-like in tone. Shine a are really imp nd shimmer ortant. The m ost volatile o ings, this nee f all colourds careful ma intenance in months to p the summer revent wishy -washy shad through fade es appearing in the sun. B londes are w and prettier w armer softer ith a hint of s un-kissed go No harsh dull ld or honey. tones here. And so to th e Dip Dye.... Probably the tive colour sto most invenry for some ti me but it has grown up. La evolved and st season we saw it change obvious two-t from the very one sections to a more sub technique [c tle ‘balyage’ reating depth and dimensio you with a su n, leaving n-kissed finis h] and spotlig the face. This hting around season it has almost disap now bold and peared; it’s block coloura tions that are high street fa rocking the shionistas. W hether you go bright or softe for bold and r maintenance -free colours, blocking. The it’s all about colour should be the same tip with no co from root to lour build up down the leng A real fashion th and ends. colour faux p as! If you are no t ready to let go of the Om yet, keep it s bre look just ubtle and qu iet with tones ment rather th that complian conflict, k eep it to a m ask for a han inimum and d painting ba lyage techniq mid-length s ue. Try lighter ections rathe r than the en luminosity do ds to create wn the hair sh aft, but remem it subtle. The ber.... keep new Ombre is Sombre. ‘Till have fun in next time.... the sun and look after th locks. ose luscious


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When Prince came to Town By Felix Laurens

As if it were a Heavenly metaphor for what they were about to witness, 13,000 fans queued in anticipation to see the legend that is Prince, against a backdrop of incessant rain - illuminated with purple lights from the resplendent First Direct arena in Leeds. “Wear purple” was the request and wear purple the fans did. With his first ever gig in Leeds; almost 20 years since he’d played Sheffield Arena in 1995, Prince immediately signalled his intent with the opening line “We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Electric word life; it means forever”. ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ blasting the show open, to serve as a reminder to anyone who had forgotten what a virtuoso he is on the guitar. Supported by his new all-female band 3rdEyeGirl, the rock star played a two-hour set comprising 33 songs, made up of blistering Jimi Hendrix-esque guitar solos, classics from his back catalogue, b-sides, and fan-favourite album tracks. In stark contrast to the beat-perfect productions of the late 80s/early 90s, this was a raw and fluid performance - much more about the musician than the performer. That’s not to say the diminutive diva didn’t perform; the 55 year old was witnessed delivering some James Brown funk moves in his traditional outfits, despite wisely not attempting the split move that was his trademark in his younger days.

Prince was simply superlative in showmanship, engaging the audience with both dialogue and participation. It didn’t take much for him to encourage his mesmerised followers to sing along to ‘Raspberry Beret’, ‘U Got the Look’ and ‘Kiss’, and at one point teasing them with ‘I got too many hits…….we’ll be here all night’. Packed to capacity, the arena came alive to the beats of ‘When Doves Cry’, ‘Little Red Corvette’, ‘1999’ and ‘Controversy’ to name but a few, which perfectly set the scene for the spectacle many had come to witness. In a shower of Purple Rain ribbon exploding into the arena, Prince captivated the entire audience with his exquisite delivery of his signature tune, leaving them in rapture, and providing the icing to a spectacle that will leave an ultra-violet impression in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to witness the legend on Leeds soil.

Cool, calm and collected the duo that is Ivy & Gold are brewing up a storm. Words : Felix Laurens

Calm, reflective, often melancholic before developing into a cyclone of energy. This may sound like the Met office’s description of an impending hurricane, but it is in fact our interpretation of the recently released EP by the dynamic electro-pop duo Ivy & Gold. ‘Eye of the Storm’ is the latest work of Jamie Davies, self-styled producer and composer, and Rachel Wilkinson, lyricist and visionary. Together they produce a strong collaborative force responsible for the duo’s highly cinematic sound, with a hint of lyrical influence from the likes of Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac and Florence and the Machine. With tracks listed as Lions, Love is a Sacrifice, Not Had Enough and the title track, expect a symphony of theatrical arrangements with rich keyboard undertones, and pensive lyrics. Having celebrated a successful debut with their ‘Awake’ EP last year, the duo are set to follow up ‘Eye of the Storm’ with 2 further EP’s towards the end of the year. And as if that isn’t enough, they are scheduled to appear live at summer festivals, and are headlined to perform at St Pancras Church, London on Wednesday 17th September. Fresh out of the studio when we spoke, the duo were taking a few days off to recoup before the work recommences, and enjoy the calm before the storm. For more information, please contact or visit

Quite simply:

It’s a Piece of Cake

Peggy Porschen has established herself a perfectionist reputation, approaching her ingredients as Picasso would his canvas; creating nothing other than visual perfection with mouth-watering allure. So what is it that goes into making a Peggy Porschen cake so irresistible, and her establishing a client list that includes starlets, fashionistas, celebrities and Royals? Perhaps the answer lies on the surface? For those less-acquainted with her icing-sugar-coated retail outlet on the corner of Elizabeth and Ebury Street in London’s beautiful Belgravia, google the ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ to get an idea of this Pink Palace, and the intent signalled by Peggy with her reassuringly-sweet confectionary presence. If that is not enough to convince you that you are in kitsch cake-adia, step inside the pastel dream to discover a wealth of treats which can only make your dentist rub his hands in glee. This certainly IS the place for the sweet-tooth amongst you.

Decorated in perfect harmony to her pastel-coloured cup cakes elegantly displayed within the glass counter, the Peggy Porschen boutique bakery takes you on a dream journey to candyland where you don’t want to awaken. Don’t just take our word for it, the last four years have welcomed a wealth of growth and success for this international baker and confectioner. Across the road, an academy awaits aspiring bakers eager to enrol in master classes, bookstores world-wide are stocking six highly acclaimed titles, and if that is not enough, her craftsmanship has created a chic, and beautifully unique cake for iconic and world-renowned fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld, as well as the 40th birthday celebratory cake for British fashion house Mulberry. So perhaps no one will ever know what secret ingredient goes into the mixing bowl behind the scenes at Elizabeth Street, but one thing is for certain, the result is quite simply : a piece of cake.

Thank You Roast + Conch For the canapĂŠs, for the cake, and for the lengths you went to. Voir wishes to say a warm Thank You to Lucy, Daisy and all the team at Roast + Conch for your continued support in helping to make our 1st Birthday Party celebration an event to remember.

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“At Roast + Conch we will serve a new kind of Anglo-Saint-Lucian cuisine – contemporary dishes influenced by the West Indies and Britain........”



Photograph : Von Buencosejo

ECO LUXE Joyce Peñas Pilarsky has creativity flowing through her veins. Embracing photography, painting and sculpture, this native Filipino has now embarked on a career in couture fashion and jewellery design, creating Eco-friendly unique and bespoke pieces for a select international clientele. Named the ‘Queen of Fashion’ in Germany and the ‘Queen of Philippine Eco-Couture’ in New York, her designs, inspired by the beauty of nature, are both vibrant and memorable. Sourcing natural materials from the Philippines such as Inabel Iloco, pinepple fabric, silk and semi-precious stones to create fantasy-esque collections which include cocktail dresses and gowns, she describes her range as sexy and daring yet sophisticated, which give her clients confidence. Now based in Germany, this designer recently took to the catwalk at London Fashion Week in support of Ethical Luxury. This is on the back of shows in Paris, Baden, New York and at Philippine Fashion Week. Her work echoes the glam of Hollywood with a romance of the 1950s. For more information visit Words : Marianne Tupelo

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Luxury Brass Rings Founded by Claudia Woolston.

Wool&Brass’ focus is on chunkier, fiercer, and more desirable rings. Each design is unique and individual, and tells its own story. Our classic range features an Alice in Wonderland tea party ring as well as the 1920’s Gatsby ring. Brass, whilst being beautiful to wear, was lauded for its healing properties in classical times. Whether inspired by bohemia, have reference to Art Deco designs, or display a flare of the Orient, each piece is striking and modern with its own unparalleled twist. Every order is sent with a beautiful hand-made box, kept flat so as to reach you in perfect condition. For more information visit •

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Voir Fashion Issue 8 : Painting with MAC  

Voir's 8th Issue - The Art of Fashion, is packed full of runway looks, trends, fashion features, scintillating fashion photography and lifes...

Voir Fashion Issue 8 : Painting with MAC  

Voir's 8th Issue - The Art of Fashion, is packed full of runway looks, trends, fashion features, scintillating fashion photography and lifes...