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Welcome to Issue 32.

This is such a special issue - it’s Voir’s birthday!

Most people think Voir is only four years old because of our relaunch in 2020 but, those who have followed our journey when we first launched Voir back in 2013 will know that April 16th is Voir’s original birthday.

Voir was ahead of the curve, being one of the first digital fashion magazines to ever exist. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t quite ready for us back then. It’s crazy to think I was laughed out of many Investor/Banker rooms and told that Voir wasn’t a real magazine. Nevertheless, we persisted to produce an inspiring magazine and build a strong community. We have been so lucky to have major support from cover stars, brands and our community.

Fast forward to 2020, the world was finally ready for digital media. At that time, we decided to take a short pause and relaunch with a new team, website, and magazine. Since then we have had some major moments over the last four years!

For issue 32 I wanted to take Voir back to its roots and remind our community that we are not just a fashion and beauty magazine. Voir is a platform for change - we are on a mission to make style accessible to women everywhere regardless of race, size, shape or class. Voir is here to empower and inspire. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Just take that first step! After all it’s all about those who DARE win.

Speaking of taking risks, I’d like to introduce one of our cover star’s Charli Howard. A major name in the British modelling industry, with an impressive CV, having modelled for Christian Louboutin, De Beers, GHD and many more. Charli adds to her list of talents as an Author, Body Activist and having been featured in Forbes 30 under 30. Charli opened up to us about her bold decision to speak out about her negative experience in the fashion industry back in 2015. You can read all about Charli’s journey in our interview and stunning 15-page fashion shoot featuring lots of exciting new season fashion.


With this being a birthday issue, we thought we would treat you to more than one cover star! There is no doubt you’ve heard of the band, Clean Bandit. The British band, consisting of Grace Chatto, Jack and Luke Patterson, have received their fourth Spotify billion plaque and have won GRAMMY and Ivor Novello awards. Grace Chatto, named as one of the ‘100 most influential female songwriters and composers in the UK’, gave us a killer cover shoot for Voir’s birthday anniversary. Grace hinted at an exciting single release and what her experiences have been in such a male-dominated industry like music. Read Grace’s interview alongside our powerful fashion shoot; how she smashed look after look!

The issue is filled with lots of new season fashion and beauty inspiration for the Spring/Summer. I think I’ve given away enough!

It’s time for you to be Voired!

Photography by IAN HIPPOLYTE Styling by JYOTI MATOO
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Grace Chatto on Being a Female in the Industry, Family Support, New Releases, and Golden Retrievers

The atmosphere is still electrifying after the cover shoot, and we – greatly impressed by its breathtaking outcomes – are still in awe with how empowering, feminine, and strong woman Grace Chatto is – though she would rather describe herself as shy. But the truth is that at the very moment of first meeting our star from Clean Bandit, you get immediately captivated by her energy – embodied by her powerful looks and icy blond hair, regularly giving way to pink hairdos, which are Chatto’s identification mark: “I’ve been in and out of pink for about ten years now, and it feels part of my identity somehow. But then I love having it icy blond as well, like we did in the shoot. That’s so powerful and pure. It gives Game of Thrones vibes, I love it [laughs].” What role, then, does it play in establishing her confidence while performing? “I love long hair on stage [laughs]. It makes it all so much more fun. Last summer, when we got loads of festivals, I was wearing my hair really long, and it just gives me a whole different feeling when I’m moving around.”

You surely can’t deny Grace her charm, and that she feels inspiringly comfortable in her sensual outfits that she chooses for herself. Her favourite designers that inspire her aesthetics? “I love Gabriela Hearst and everything she did at Chloé. I went to the Chloé show

last year – it was just so chic and feminine but strong.” These three adjectives are, indeed, the essence of Chatto’s captivating style, so it’s no wonder she went for such an answer without any hesitation. “And for more relaxed days, I’m obsessed with The Frankie Shop at the moment.” Following her Instagram profile, you can tell she values being immersed in fashion, for example attending London Fashion Week regularly: “I think it’s so important to feed your eyes.” At the same time, however, being a busy musician with exciting projects to come soon, Chatto finds herself lacking time to visit shows lately, though she admits she hopes to attend some soon. And we absolutely can’t blame her for that, as we get totally excited when hearing about Clean Bandit’s new releases coming in 2024. After all, over the last decade (since the break-through single “Rather Be”), filled with billions of streams on YouTube, countless sold albums, and music awards – including a Grammy – we’ve got accustomed to the high quality of the group’s (set up in 2008 in Cambridge, now consisting of Chatto and two brothers: Jack and Luke Patterson) electric, classical music inspired tracks – and we can’t wait for more!

We ask if Grace could reveal anything about the next project. Any hints?

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“[Laughs] Well, I can’t really reveal the singer that we’re about to release with, but I can say it’s someone we worked with before, which is amazing, because that last time was one of the best experiences of my whole career, so I’m really excited about this.” So are we, with our appetites getting even more whetted once Chatto admits that “[they] love [the song] more than any other song [they’ve] released in many years.” Then she adds: “Our energy is fully renewed every time we hear it.” Make sure to note it in your calendars, it’s coming in June! Clean Bandit has proved their strong position in the music market by collaborating with such artists as Anne-Marie, Sean Paul, Zara Larsson, and Demi Lovato, with the video for “Solo” reaching over 1 bln views on YT. What features do they seek in the artists they collaborate with? What do they look for, and how does that come about? “It’s always different. I mean, we collaborate with whoever turns up in our studio [laughs jokingly]. But I think the best experiences have been when we’ve written songs together with singers, like Julia Michaels, who featured in “I Miss You.” That was such an organic process and such a pure experience,” and we can feel the positive vibes still evoked in Chatto even when just recalling the process. She continues, smiling: “It was written to four chords, and she wrote the whole story about her breakup over those four cords in about 45 minutes, and then the whole song was basically done.”

Then she moves on to describe a totally different, yet equally exciting process: “Often with other songs, we write and finish them, and then think about which voice would be perfect. That’s really fun as well because we send them out and see who likes them.” According to Chatto, the most amazing thing about it is that “the new voice can completely transform the whole energy of the music. I’m just thinking about “Rockabye,” which we had kind of finished, and we were with Sean Paul working on some other music for his album. At the end of the session, we played him “Rockabye,” just to show

him what we were working on. And he was like “Oh my God, I need to jump on this.” And then he came up with his verse about single mums; about 10 minutes, and it completely changed the whole energy of the song.” It’s not just the music-writing process we wish to talk about today. Not everyone might be aware that apart from being a musician, Chatto is also a director, having co-directed music videos for, for instance, “Rockabye” or “Symphony” with Jack and Luke, the former being passionate about filming, and the latter being a drone pilot, whose shots are also often used in the clips. Their work on their music is, indeed, a complex and collective process: “I think a lot of people think we just direct them [the videos] and don’t have that much to do with it, but we have really hands on every element, and we edit them ourselves as well.” At the same time, Chatto stresses how much creative freedom they have in making their videos, which, to her, apart from being a great comfort, also results in “quite weird little films,” as she says, laughing. She gives the example of their “Solo” video. Have you ever wondered how that cute, rainbowcoloured Golden Retriever puppy got in there? Here’s the backstage story: “We wanted to show a story of a woman in an abusive relationship, and that she had this plan to poison him and turn him into a multi-coloured dog [laughs], who is then just friendly and loving. The way we wrote the video was originally much darker – she actually killed him with the poison. [laughs] But then, at the last minute, Jack was like “We can’t kill the character. Let’s turn him into a multi-coloured dog instead!” And then he went out and saw the perfect dog. He just went up to the lady and asked if the dog would star in the video – she said yes immediately,” recalls Chatto with a certain degree of fondness. And here we are, with the outcome of this crazy process being a merry puppy pulling Chatto’s skateboard as strong as it possibly can – Grace admits that it was all Jack’s concept, who nine times out of ten will come up with such crazy ideas.

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The Golden Retriever, though cute and aww-provoking, isn’t the only crucial element of “Solo.” In fact, the single is a manifestation, encouraging one to love themselves and always prioritize their own needs and emotions. Chatto elaborates on the personal inspiration behind the track: “Definitely at that moment I was going through a difficult breakup, kind of in-and-out of a relationship with someone that I always put before myself. Seeing a lot of women do that in relationships – I’m sure men do it too, but, somehow, in my circle I see women do it more, and it’s toxic. I think, in that song – which we wrote in a group of four – the topic was sexy and fun, but had a deeper meaning about putting yourself before any guy.”

Speaking of guys, it’s no secret that the music industry is highly men-dominated, which makes it often hard for a female to establish her firm position as an artist and pursue her goals freely. Grace seems to be a strong leader, but let’s not forget that amid this competitive industry, she’s also the only woman in Clean Bandit. What is it like? How does it affect communication? And who’s the boss? It’s the last question that sparks Chatto’s laughter, and, after a while, she claims: “Well, I’d say I’m the boss. And communication? I mean, they’re brothers, Jack and Luke, and I kind of feel like an honorary sister, so we’re like a little family, and that always comes before any disagreements.”

Yet, despite the supportive atmosphere within the band, Chatto still observes the problem of, as she calls it, “everyday sexism” in the industry. “Being the only girl in the band, you notice different treatment of us individually, which, at first, I was completely unaware of, but over the years noticed certain differences.” She stresses that, with time, her perspective has changed, and while a few years ago she wouldn’t have probably spotted the problem, now she’s become aware of the “little things here and there” that ultimately add up to the sexist treatment, still present in music.

Facing all that, what did help Grace become such a powerful, independent female artist? It turns out it’s all about our background and values we’re taught in

childhood: “When I was little, my mum and dad instilled in me the idea that I can do anything. I have a belief that those things are possible, which I definitely owe to them. They’ve been always so supportive of the band, and Jack and Luke’s mum and dad as well – they’ve all been really involved. They were the roadies, and my dad was the soundman in the beginning and drove us to the festivals. Even last year, Jack’s mum and dad were working in our live crew on the tour, so it’s been quite a family experience.” Could you wish for a more heartmelting story of family love and support?

Interestingly, Chatto’s family didn’t only act as a source of strength, but also of inspiration. Her dad, Ricky Chatto, is also a cellist, playing together with his daughter and five other cellists in The Massive Violins. How has he influenced her taste in music? “My mum and dad were always playing a lot of classical music in the kitchen from when I was tiny, so I fell in love with a few pieces of music quite early on, like Schubert’s Cello Quintet and Brahms’ Cello Sextet that made a big impact on me.” And how did he react when Grace first showed him her classicaldance mixes? After all, he made her first cello… “We were a live band for quite a few years before we started recording, so my mum and dad heard the classicaldance mix of songs in a live setting first, and the concert was just so electric and exciting that I think everyone felt – we felt – we were doing something new, and it felt so exciting,” recalls Chatto. “But my dad is a Yorkshire man, so he doesn’t give too much away in terms of what he’s thinking, but I think he liked it,” she adds laughing. One is for sure – saying that we like Chatto’s style and Clean Bandit’s artistic projects they’ve been offering so far would be an understatement. Rarely do you encounter such an example of a self-confident, yet humble, gogetting, yet charming woman. One last question before we say bye to our cover star: who’s her dream collab? It doesn’t take long for her to answer: “Rihanna, definitely. Always, every song we make, we want to send it to Rihanna, but we never do [laughs].” RiRi, it seems you’ve got another inspiring project coming up!


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Models: In order of appearance; Eireny, Aliona Kolesnikova.


Charli Howard on Body Neutrality, Realistic Self-Love, and Marilyn Monroe

No one else would better embody Voir’s motto “For those daring to be different” than Charli Howard, and you could tell it’s a match from the first second of our work on the cover shoot. A model, beauty entrepreneur, book and podcast author, and – probably most importantly –an inspiring body-image activist – though, in fact, she wouldn’t call herself a body positivist: “I used to be a big believer in the body-positive movement. Now, I’m more of a believer in the body neutrality movement, that you don’t put so much emphasis on the way you look, which body positivity does. I like to admit that I’m a human, and I make mistakes. I know what my weaknesses are, I know what my positives are, and I just try to cut myself some slack.” Amen!

It’s just the tip of the iceberg of the whole dose of Howard’s words of wisdom that she offers us during our talk. She’s a born icon and has been showing her yearby-year growing strength and motivation since the 2015 breakthrough letter, which she posted on Facebook right after her dismissal from an English model agency (as a result of being allegedly “too big”). Having gone viral, the letter launched the debate about body acceptance both in the fashion industry and everyday life. “I refuse to feel ashamed and upset on a daily basis for not meeting your ridiculous, unobtainable beauty standards, whilst you sit at a desk all day, shovelling cakes and biscuits down your throats and slagging me and my friends off about our appearance. The more you force us to lose weight and be small, the more designers have to make clothes

to fit our sizes, and the more young girls are being made ill. It’s no longer an image I choose to represent,” reads her open letter. From that moment on, the Londonbased model has continued to address body image, mental health, and eating disorders issues (with which she also struggled herself) both in her social media and in professional campaigns, one of them being All Woman Project – a foundation aimed at sharing body neutrality among women and young girls.

Over the years, the topic has gained much attention, but it can’t have been easy for Howard to be the very first model to speak out. What challenges did she face after posting the letter? “I had people calling me up, being like ‘You need to delete that, otherwise you’ll never gonna work in the industry ever again,’ and I was like ‘no’ because, at that point, I wasn’t interested in working in there again, so it didn’t really bother me what people said. But yeah, I had phone calls, I had people on Facebook sending me mean things, I had people online sending me mean comments or saying I can’t model anyway or ‘you’re too big to be a model’ – constant comments like that.” Ultimately, however, the courage paid off, and apart from breaking free from the toxic environment, Howard was offered new career opportunities – such that finally let her embrace herself: “I did get lucky in a sense; an American agency [Muse Management] saw me and decided to fly me out to America,” recalls Howard, then adding: “it was really weird because I’d always been told that I was never gonna work there…”

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“I think that’s important to remember – I know I’m not plus size. I’ve never claimed to be plus size. It’s just that people put me in that category because, before that, there wasn’t any space for me”

When reflecting on all the rapid changes that took place in 2015, she admits: “I’m glad that I did do it in a way, and that I stuck up for myself – you need to stick up for yourself and get things across sometimes.”

Why has it been significant for her not to give up on modelling? “I think I always had a dream to make it happen – and I think that having dreams is important, having goals is important. You know, if anything, I’ve proven that I can do it; I made it happen,” says Howard with self-confidence and a clear belief in what she preaches. But what does she exactly preach? What’s the message she wishes to get across to girls from an early age by publishing books like Splash (a teenage story of self-love)? The answer is that Charli brings beauty standards down to earth – embracing every kind of femininity and body looks, together with their diversity, regardless of age or skin colour. It’s all about showing that beauty cannot be that neatly categorised. After all, though labelled as a plus size model, Howard surely isn’t one: “I think that’s important to remember – I know I’m not plus size. I’ve never claimed to be plus size. It’s just that people put me in that category because, before that, there wasn’t any space for me – I was literally right in the middle. Now I see a lot more girls who are kind of in the middle, and I just think representation for those sizes is important.”

Together with the acceptance of various types of silhouettes comes taking in one’s stride the fact that the body changes – which she stresses repeatedly via

her Instagram – and that one is to count with different life periods: “Sometimes, you get days when you don’t always love yourself. Sometimes, I feel really shit, and I don’t feel good about myself – so you can’t pretend that everything’s always perfect...” stresses Howard when asked about everyday self-love. It’s quite an achievement to come to terms with both up and down moments in life, isn’t it? “Yeah, exactly. I don’t think it’s normal for anyone to be like ‘Yaaay, I love myself, it’s amazing through and through’ and feel ‘great’ about yourself every single day. That’s not a normal way to feel, just like it wouldn’t be normal if you were depressed the whole time, you know. Life comes with ups and downs. You’re gonna have good days, and you’re gonna have bad days,” explains Howard, at the same time stressing that what’s of the greatest importance in the lifelong rollercoaster is “know[ing] that you’re worthy enough and mak[ing] yourself the centre of your world – not in a selfish way. I think that a lot of people – women in particular – get very worried about putting themselves first, but, actually, that’s okay. You don’t have to feel bad about doing that.”

That’s also the message Howard has in mind when choosing her modelling projects, linking the fashion and beauty industry with activism. How does she decide which brands she wants to work with? “It has to be part of, like, a story. It has to be a brand that has a good belief system, wants to do better, is positive, and supports women – that’s always very important,” admits Howard.

“I’m doing a lot more writing, talking a lot more about consent and about women’s issues, and what I want to keep focusing on is just supporting women.”

Again, she proves to practice what she preaches, as her collaborations seem to be meticulously selected, like this year’s campaign with Spanx. Just before releasing it, Howard stressed on her Instagram profile how significant it is for her that, being a female-led brand, Spanx strives to make its products inclusive and targeted at supporting females’ well-being.

As goes for bringing fashion and well-being together, what style icons inspire Howard? “I love all the women from old Hollywood, like Elizabeth Taylor, obviously – Marilyn; it feels a bit cringy to say that, but I love her and have pictures of her in my house. I love all of it, all of that old time when women’s bodies were celebrated for being curvy, and I love that kind of boob and hip ratio thing,” says Howard, smiling. Indeed, the Londoner seems to be much inspired by such an attitude when choosing her outfits: “I love stuff that shows off my body – which is really weird ‘cause, like, ten years ago I wouldn’t have been doing that at all. I love stuff that’s quite form-fitting, that emphasises my favourite bits of myself, and kind of feels quite feminine and glamorous.”

What fashion trends is she loving at the moment? The first one on the list comes up quickly: “There’s still so much pink going around, which I’m loving!” exclaims Howard enthusiastically. The colour palette that the second trend revolves around is, on the other hand, much closer to Oppenheimer than Barbie: “There’s just

so much leather stuff coming out; I’m so obsessed with it! I’m very excited ‘cause I’m gonna look like a biker, basically [laughs jokingly] – love it!” We also couldn’t be more thrilled about this one, and we simply can’t wait to see Charli in an all-leather look this season.

Looking into the future, does she – having engaged in so many inspiring initiatives over the last decade – have anything exciting coming in 2024 that she could share with us? After a while of thinking, our cover star gives a promising answer: “I’ve got my fingers in a lot of pies. I’ve still got lots of other goals and ambitions that I want to do, and that’s what I’m trying to achieve this year. I’m doing a lot more writing, talking a lot more about consent and about women’s issues, and what I want to keep focusing on is just supporting women.” The last point she touches upon has lately come to the fore, with Howard visiting the House of Commons together with Glamour UK and Refuge to discuss the problem of deepfaking, the dangers connected with this developing AI phenomenon, and what legal action needs to be taken in order to protect women.

There’s always quite a lot on Howard’s plate, but, as she admits, “I tend to work better when there’s tons going on for some reason [laughs], don’t really know why.” Maybe it’s time for another book? “Yes, that’s another goal, that’s what I’d like to do,” she responds somewhat mysteriously, smiling. Keep your ears open – Charli is just getting started.


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Working in collaboration with illustration artist, Laura Locci @lauralocci_illustrations

World reowned Astrologer Joanne Hope (whose clients include the Osbournes and the Housewives of Cheshire) provides an insight into what awaits us.

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Day to day life will improve with some exciting developments that can change the way you live your life. Better days are ahead and fortune is on your side, this season denotes a time of improvements, anything you are working on will come together, a successful outlook is really on the cards. Talented with some excellent experience behind you, there is nothing you don’t know now, so just be yourself. If you get it wrong you get it wrong, don’t let your confidence fail you, and if you get it right you get it right, be proud of what you’ve achieved and enjoy the coming days that put you in a better place - you have more luck now than ever before. This is your chance to experience your life through a different lens and bring all that beautiful energy together. Love always wins the day and there is certainly something to be said about destiny as it can bring unexpected surprises and changes that transcend our expectations and deliver something or someone so good for you your life is bound to change for the better. If you are in a relationship make plans for the future, and if you are single remember destiny is working in your favour as a matchmaker. Wear red for luck and a ruby crystal for passion, prosperity, protection of home, possessions and family.

JULY 23-AUG 22

Keep looking to the stars for inspiration Virgo, imagining the world is a much better place puts your creativity to work and everything and everyone benefits from your effort. A positive mindset is certainly an important ingredient and your strength of character is another. The person you are is reflected in your actions, you have a heart of gold but listen to that instinct when you know something is wrong. It will serve you well and keep you from getting into tricky situations. In your career there is stability and it is better to know that you are secure. You will become much more content and have peace of mind which is valuable. In love it is now time to look to the future and understand you can have a happy family as well as keeping romance alive. By making more time to concentrate on affairs of the heart you will find a much better life balance and will feel a lot happier and fulfilled. For those looking for love, being in the right place at the right time will bring love. A date with destiny opens up the possibilities for a serious relationship. Wear silver for luck and a moonstone for emotional healing, protection, fertility and releasing love.



AUG 23-SEPT 22

Transcendental is a way to describe the changes taking place in your life. You can experience the new knowing you are embarking on a new chapter and with the right mindset you can emerge from the past. Look forward and set your intentions, live in the present moment and enjoy the life you have with the people you know and trust. Being an air sign means ruling the mind, by only making decisions when you are sure and then executing your plans with precision, you have a winning combination. Dance is in your destiny - even if you have two left feet - it lifts the spirit and feeds the soul, we are designed to connect and express ourselves. In love you can’t take anything for granted, it is a good time to express your feelings and work with the truth of a matter. For single Libras fate has a special surprise in store, accept invitations and follow your intuition, someone important is returning, expect the unexpected. Wearing black for luck and a tourmaline crystal will encourage compassion, protect against negative energy from outside.





OCT 23-NOV 21

Designing a new lifestyle will open up your world and allow you to see that the happier you are, the more abundant you become, your inner light shines through and there is much for you to accomplish. ‘Time waits for no man’ as they say, but this season can be the making of you, things you have been thinking about for a while suddenly fall into place, you are a source of inspiration to others as you shed all that is outworn in your life, and you can count on luck being with you to assist in helping you get where you need to be. Friendships are important to you and can be a great help, knowing who to trust is important. If you were wondering how your love life will turn out, love will be stimulating. A bond with someone you spend time with will develop into a much closer relationship, it’s funny how love can arrive when you least expect it. It will take you by surprise when you are not looking, remember true love will always appear when you are on the right road to happiness. If you are single you can still wait for love to blossom in your life, that special someone is just around the corner. Wearing purple for luck and a bloodstone crystal will increase creativity, stimulate intuition, encourage blessings and prosperity.




Destination is key when it comes to the flight of the Sagittarius. Your heart leads your head and the fire in your heart shows that courage is rising up. The power to nourish others is such a gift, and can only come from love; being your natural self allows others to share in that love unconditionally. You have the right energy to transform situations and people to have the best possible outcome. This season can herald a transformation for you, spreading your wings and letting yourself benefit from the everyday things you do to look after yourself image and emotional wellbeing, all contribute to a state of contentment, keeping you ready to take on the world. Your work benefits from your consistent reliablility, it is important to keep in mind that you have come a long way and you deserve the success that is coming. In love it seems that there is no room for anyone that cannot, or will not commit. The way ahead is full of surprises, so it’s no coincidence how your love life works out, you end up contented and happy. Wear orange for luck and a carnelian crystal for energy, good luck and physical pleasure.



NOV 22-DEC 21 98

Success and security in business are yours Capricorn, this is the season to open your doors to the world and reveal all the changes you have been making, you will receive good news from unexpected quarters and happiness is assured. Being you is never easy as an earth sign you can’t help being a realist, and therefore being practical by nature others rely on your reliability and the ability to make a difficult task look simple. This has borne out the leader in you and is highlighted more and more, taking charge and trusting your own instincts demonstrating your ability to get the most out of any situation, you achieve and deliver the results everybody desires. Exceptional circumstances open up to show you your own potential and ultimately you can experience and enjoy others celebrating your success with you. Spring is a reminder to you that everything can refresh and renew. Your life is going through a similar phase whether a new baby is on the way, a new home, or a new job, it seems that life will flourish and a happy chapter awaits you. Wear grey for luck and a diamond crystal for faithfulness, innocence, light and brilliance.


Daring to push past convention takes a mind that is inventive and creative. Finding solutions to difficulties no one else can resolve is in the power of your mind. With your heart that is brave and can speak out for others, you are the sign notorious for championing the underdog, lifting up humanity to a better state of being. Jobs that help or protect people or animals are usually taken up by you, and this season brings new opportunities to do great work. For love, trust is a very important factor in any relationship. You have access to a resource that expands your own awareness beyond yourself and helps you to see through others eyes quite clearly. Your good heart naturally tells you how to help them and for that you are very loved. Have a little fun this season and find ways to enjoy yourself, Jupiter is in the heavens dishing out lots of luck and good fortune so try yours out, test the water. If you are single don’t worry it won’t be for long, you have lady luck and cupid on your side. Wearing pink for luck and an agate crystal will strengthen relationships, bring emotional healing to mind, body and spirit, help with self discovery and rebuilding your self confidence.



20-FEB 18

Letting your guard down and loving life is recommended this season. It’s your time to manifest your ideas, for those involved in the theatre, music business, film industry or creative writing, it is a fantastic time to be discovered, write that book or audition for that lead role you’ve been dreaming of. Actions speak louder than words and the universe is asking you to do just that now! Whatever your career, it is a favourable time to climb the ladder of success, believe in yourself and literally go for it, the rewards are to come. In love, being sensual and affectionate will get you everywhere, bringing you closer to that special someone in more ways than you’d anticipated. Having your best interests at heart is always a plus from a partner, the structure offered to you from this type of relationship is one hard to resist. If you are single, try visualization, it really influences your energy. Thinking of a romantic relationship is a good thing and sooner or later ‘the one’ will come along. Your family and friends will all agree you have a lovely nature and deserve a happy loving relationship, so believe it too. Wear green for luck and a jade crystal to encourage nurturing, good fortune, nobility and wealth.



101 PISCES FEB 19-MAR 20

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