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Issue No10 3 Voir Covers

Hip & Runway : Fairytale Winter trends by Hannah Oulton

In Designer : Fit for a McQueen by Kat Evans

Director’s Cut : A Tale of Two Swans Fairytale brought to you by Voir Creative.

Cut to the Peace : Paper-cut military uniforms photographed by Lena Kholkina.

Fairy tales are so in Fashion : Voir showcases 4 delightfully illustrated books

In Focus : The powerful imagery of Kievborn Victoria Art

NYE @ NYC : It’s party season in New A Chanel Romance : Marianne Tupelo York City - shot by Sarah Kehoe and team. pays homage to the Chanel Film ‘The One That I Want’

Once : The Fairytale beauty of Illamasqua by Elizabeth Daisy

Cara Season : The meteoric rise of the one and only Cara Delevingne by Saffron Alexander

Pharrel L • O • V • E : Kat Evans uncovers the man who made the world ‘Happy’

Cool Yule : Images to get you feeling festive

Aired : Vitaly Essential - Felix Laurens takes us on a Vitaly Jewellery journey of global proportions.


F*** in Cool : Shine on this season with luxury ready-to-wear.

WINTER ‘14-15

An Essence of Couture : The Fairytale Illustration of Margarete Gockel

Editor’s Letter

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Words by Bonnie Bartlett

Once upon a time long long ago in a land on a faraway shore There was fantasy and make-belief with good and evil characters, Kings and Queens, a beautiful Princess and of course a handsome Prince There were giants, elves, goblins, witches, fairies and animals that talk. There was magic, enchantment, folklore, romance And exaggerated problems to be solved. The impossible is possible, there’s a lesson to be learnt And a Hollywood-esque Happy Ever After. Familiar? Well, from beauty products to fragrance, alcoholic beverages to haute couture, and from music and film to theatre, the fairytale’s influence is more prevalent today than ever. So, what exactly is a fairy tale? The term originates from the English translation of conte de fées, the name the French writer Madame d’Aulnoy gave to the tales she and her contemporaries wrote in 17th century Paris. Her novels, memoirs, and fairy tales were enormously popular not only in France but also in Italy and England, and were republished for decades after her death. Fairy tales were originally part of the vast oral tradition of storytelling, which includes myth, legend, and folklore, and once it is preserved in print - a literary fairy tale. Fast forward to Germany early 1800’s and two now well-known authors and publishers of fairy tales, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm better known as the brothers Grimm. The brothers solidified the popularity of myth, legend and folklore being retold as fairy tale, with their Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Children’s and Household Tales) in 1812-15. By 1857, the title included 211 tales and was extensively illustrated. Much of their earlier works had been ‘cleaned up’ to remove sexual inferences, however, violence - particularly when punishing villains, was increased. Today, the Grimms’ collection of fairy tales remains the most widely-distributed literary work of German origin, including such titles as Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Hansel and Gretel, and is translated into more than 160 languages. From talking animals, the fairy godmother to the dead springing back to life, fairy tales are rooted in the everyday world. Think back to bedtime stories as a child; surprisingly an enormous influence over our identities. People identify with certain characters from the stories they heard

as a child, with some tales represented like a psychological mirror, as we further our persona through maturity. The storytellers intentionally filled the adventures with powerful symbolism to reveal profound meanings as we develop a greater awareness of self. We can perceive ourselves in each character, wondering, how far would we take our hatred, love, anger. What would we do to get what we wanted? To some degree many of us live out these stories, even referring to fairy tales as a reference point, largely unaware of how much the old tales may have been shaping our lives. Fairy tales offer us escapism, opportunities to renew our faith and to conquer whatever we are fighting in our daily lives.

chivalric codes with them. Cue ‘Enchanted Sicily’, a scene against a wintery background hung with gleaming chandeliers and icy white bird cages, featuring Red Riding Hood capes delicately appliquéd with swans and owls. Models stepped out in soft chain-mail hoods, bejewelled gauntlets and gloves, and ruched chiffon dresses in exquisite shades of amethyst and ruby.

A further example of the fairy tale entwining our everyday culture is found in classical ballet. Tchaikovskys ‘Swan Lake’ composed in 1875, is the world’s most frequently performed ballet. The story, initially in four acts, was adapted from Russian folk tales and tells the tale of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s ‘Just living is not enough… One must curse. An interesting aspect to point out is have sunshine, freedom, and a little that most classical ballet has a heroine that flower.’ Hans Christian Andersen. has some relation to the real world, however Swan Lake’s heroine is a princess of the night It is a rewarding concept to think, that perhaps – all magic and a creature of the imagination, happy endings are precisely what people need making this all the more timeless, remarkable to believe in. People need hope. Fairy tales and fascinating. aren’t entirely responsible for this, but they undoubtedly are a significant inspiration. There is no doubt that fairy tales and fantasy surround us, what’s more they provide the As touched on earlier, the fairy tale concept opportunity for us to see the good in ourselves appears in the everyday world and our daily and others, and the warm notion that goodness lives, whether that be film, opera, ballet or can prevail over evil. fashion. A taste for fantasy and fairy tale seems to have cast its spell on the worlds of fashion Fairy tales remind us to dream, if even for a and design. Dolce & Gabbana’s Autumn/Winter moment, that we may all live happily ever after. 2014 collection explored a Sicilian fantasy, a medieval fairy tale derived from the little-known Initials BB fact that in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the island was ruled by the Normans, the French invaders who brought Catholicism and

Photograph Š


by Hannah Oulton at Cricket

Once upon a time there was a season overflowing with enchantment, wonder and stylish magic. The season was Autumn-­Winter ‘14, it took folkloric fantasy and created invigorating reality. Hand-­picked from the enchanting lands we explored through childhood, Autumn­ -Winter ‘14 has depicted the captivating romance of bewitching folklore and urged us to step into a world we thought we had outgrown. Ladies and gentlemen, the Fairy Tale is back in in our lives. Encapsulating their own storyline, our power-house designers created plots derived from wandering enchanted forests to making friends with the animals; heart-warming nostalgia hit us square in the face. Decadent texture is the easiest aesthetic to capture in

our fashion fable journey. Valentino’s alluring tulle and wispy lace finishings, in reminiscent earthy hues adorned with floras, were worthy of Snow White’s garden, whilst Roberto Cavalli’s sirenic gowns lent themselves to Gothic romanticism: heavy embellishment and all-black tones channeling the villainous side to our world of fantasy. Star-like, crystal-embellished knits from Balenciaga and bewitching layers in virginal shades from Alexander McQueen, set on a bed of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ brought the heart of fairy tale to life; capturing the moon and stars of heroine ideals.

With a hark back to the Germanic Märchen, the ‘wonder tale’ prints seen sashaying down the runway illustrated their own anecdotes in this lust-­worthy trend. Nina Ricci and Burberry Prorsum mesmorised with wistful floras and classic folklore -­luxurious textures and those commonplace exuberantly bold prints beautifully layered on the Aurora-­like Suki Waterhouse, drfted down the runway creating a dream we didn’t want to wake from. Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana’s nod to Little Red Riding Hood’s luring tale took focus on this season’s staple cover-up -­ the cape -­ billowing silhouettes adorned with decadent fur and kitsch animal prints for naturalistic accents, in the only shades of the season; berry and khaki. Valentino’s legend-inspired prints made the unicorn our number one pet musthave this season, totally immersing ourselves in this glorious wonderland! Temperley’s rapturous gowns and separates, bedecked with rouge and black romanticised prints in amongst luxurious layers of contrast silk and tulle, made for a royal touch to this gorgeous Arcadia we wish to make our new season home. From creature comforts to Jack and the Beanstalk climbing-­ivy floras, combined with amorous textures; the drama of fantasy was brought to life on the AW’14 runway.

No Fairy Tale is complete without those infamous antagonists: dark and nefarious, the macabre wilderness poured from the AW’14 runway. Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant channeled unctuous spun-wool and heavy appliqué detail in forest fawn hues, whilst Céline’s animal­fringe specifics and sumptuous fur stoles hinted bold and fierce. Lanvin’s all-leather, grunge­-glam gowns and Givenchy’s warrior-like structured cuts made for an element of wicked indulgence, so wrong it felt right! Villainous may just be the hottest ticket to AW’14 perfection. Gathering the hypnotic tenancies of fantasy, all that glitter and sparkles makes AW’14 accessories magically enticing and an accessible way to adorn this alluring trend. Saint Laurent’s show-stoppers immersed in gltter make even the most fashion-­hardy weak at the knees. Think knee-­high boots and barely there sandals in a light-bouncing finish for pixie-dust reverie. The bag is all about the mini clutch, dutifully decorated with intricate finery; golden trinkets and fur­clad finishings of those tell-tale Brothers Grimm fables. Lend yourself to the fantasy world with heavy-­floral jewels, plush fur collars in berry hues and understated beauty for a subtle yet characteristic folk twist. With a touch of the whimsical, a dash of mystery and lashings of tell-­all detail, AW’14’s Fairy Tale trend leaves no room for doubt at this season’s ‘Happy Ever After’...

M e ns, Wo m e n s a nd Child rens Designerwea r

0151 2 2 7 4 6 4 5 9 Cavern Wa lks, M a thew S treet, Liver pool, L2 6 RE I nsta g r a m: @cr icketf a shion tw itter : @ cricketecom



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10 9




Bring on the glitz this Festive Season and be haute to trot. 1. Oscar de la Renta 2. Azzedine Alaia 3. Edie Parker 4. Mawi 5. New Look 6. Givenchy 7. Chiara Ferragni 8. Fendi 9. Marni 10. Wendy Yue 11. Annoushka 12. Fred Leighton 13. D&G 14. Manolo Blahnik 15. Gucci 16. Kimberly McDonald 17. Edie Parker 18. Tabitha Simmons 19. Irene Neuwirth


14 17















16 13


1. Helen Moore 2. Moschino 3. Valentino 4. Gucci 5. Gucci 6. Gucci 7. MAC 8. Bobbi Brown 9. NARS 10. Gucci 11. Wanda 12. Ted Baker 13. Illamasqua 14 Tiffany&Co. 15. Christopher Kane 16. Polyvore

6 10

9 12



Take a leaf out of the Roberto Cavalli Fairy Tale almanac and embrace your gothic side this winter. 1. Mairi McDonald 2. YSL 3. Tory Burch 4. Alexander McQueen 5. Alexander McQueen 6. Valentino 7. Alessandra Rich 8. Erdem 9. Marks & Spencer 10. Needle & Thread 11. Marks & Spencer 12. Next 13. Marks & Spencer 14. Accessorize 15. Alexander McQueen 16. Manolo Blahnik.

Who is cutting their way to the top in the world of fashion? In-Designer focuses the attention on what is exciting and different.


The success of a successor at Alexander McQueen. By Kat Evans

magine a catwalk more dark and mysterious than any other. A heady mix of Gothicism and Romanticism weaves its magical aura across the vast and glamorously moss covered landscape. It’s a world where fashion reigns supreme and Alexander McQueen is King. There’s an opulence in the air, as we see decadent, rich fabrics and furs move through the moss pitted against soft, delicate lace and embroidery. It’s every inch a fairytale story, but one that has been crafted for the modern age. The Palace of Alexander McQueen has been built on a love of expression, the creation of a feeling and the need for a story always to be told. A McQueen runway has always sent waves amongst the fashion world. Alexander McQueen himself was once called ‘one of the most shocking designers to ever show on the runway’, this controversy simply fed the fashion pack’s appetite for new, exciting design and has been credited with inspiring a new innovative generation of designers. Creative head Sarah Burton only cements this legacy even further with this fascinating collection. Lee Alexander McQueen was known as a visionary, a ‘leading light in creativity in the fashion world’. His approach to his collections and his shows brought a breath of fresh air, no one else had or could compete with his vision – except maybe, Sarah Burton. As his right hand woman for over 14 years, Burton was one of the few to share in his creative process and his extraordinary genius. She joined McQueen straight from design school, and was immersed in McQueen’s theatrical world, which has created something magical as she takes the label forward. Burton’s closeness to the brand, and to the man himself, meant she was seemingly the natural choice to become the label’s creative head after McQueen’s untimely death in 2010. Upon the announcement, she said: “The creation of modern, beautifully crafted clothes was at the heart of Lee’s vision. I intend to stay true to his legacy”. McQueen is all she’s ever known and it’s clear from her work that she is the embodiment of the brand.

Ph : Š

Photographs : Š

Collections with Burton at the helm have retained all of McQueen’s majestic charm, yet she has stayed true to herself and has delicately added hints of her own influence. Known for having a more romantic approach, she has fused McQueen’s darkness with a more delicate edge. When McQueen died, we questioned whether anyone would ever be able to replicate his work, it could have been the end of a magnificent era but Burton chose to honour the brand by leading with her own vision. For those who thought McQueen was a genius, the AW ’14 collection shows us the perfect combination of McQueen and Burton. She is the Queen to his King as she gives us something that is arguably one of her best offerings to date.

The McQueen woman, in Burton’s own words is ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ and McQueen clothing is crafted to simply empower her. There’s something striking about this collection, there’s a light and romantic energy intertwined in the heavy, gothic theme that is enchanting. It is all that the McQueen woman needs to be. Burton is telling us her own version of a children’s fairytale, the sense of empowerment is deeply entrenched in the thick furs, the strong silhouettes and dramatic colour palette yet we’re reminded to be feminine with the highlights of the broderie anglaise, Renaissance influences and the Victoriana necklines. We see literal references to fairytales - thick velvet ribbons, hooded coats and of course, the irresistible battle between good and evil – but there’s a sinister twist that we know to expect from a McQueen collection.

Ph : Š

Alexander McQueen has always been more than just a fashion brand, the luxurious craftsmanship of the clothing, the embellishment, the textures, everything works together to combine a sleek elegance with a dark magic. A/W ’14 is no different. The layers of a sinister fairytale are reflected through the layers of intricate and decadent detailing that each piece has.

The eerie, ethereal collection almost wouldn’t look out of place in a royal court, yet it leads us in to the wilderness. The stark contrast of the runway setting almost clashes with the sumptuous use of fur, feathers and fabrics, yet it’s McQueen, it’s the perfect match. McQueen, the man, championed an era of an almost revolutionary approach to fashion design and Burton was handed the golden chalice of how to take McQueen, the brand, forward. She has stamped her mark with the same delicacy she approaches her designing. The new direction has brought a new delectable styling to the label and we know that we’re still in the midst of Alexander McQueen’s intricate fairytale... what will happen next?

DIRECTOR’ CUT s A Fashionable Fairytale .

A Fashionable Fairytale about overcoming your fears. Words by Bonnie Bartlett Starring Lauren as Aurel and Rachel as Aurante Boss Model Management

Concept & Artistic Direction Voir Creative Team comprising Luke Walwyn : Photography assisted by Amy Jyoti Matoo : Styling assisted by Georgia Whiteman Kymberley Jefferson : Hair Styling Stacey Borg : Make Up Production & Cinematography : Simon Sturgeon Set & Prop Design : Nico Duncan Lighting & Production Assistant : Jamie McLoughlin Special thank you to Reclaim Recycle Prop HIre - Wyke.

Aurel embraces a pure spirit, with grace and agility; she shows them why she wears the crown.

Lauren wears bespoke white torso and couture feather skirt from Bang Salon AW’14 collection by Holly Race with Silver Freedom necklace available at Top Shop  £24.00.  Freedom Gold bow hair accessory available at Top Shop £8.00.

Rachel wears bespoke black and gold jewelled bask with black couture skirt from the Bang Salon AW’14 collection by Hollie Race Black Lace Head Piece available at Top Shop £20.00

Aurante is her dark nemesis, a princess of the air, who controls the world from way up there, with an evil plot and wicked plan.

Aurel, plagued by her presence, trembles with a fear of defeat, and is weakened by the dark demon.

Engulfed by jealousy and animosity, Aurante steals the seconds of time from sweet Aurel.

How can she awaken from the clutches of her evil nemesis?

Full-length tulle dress with tight-fitting bodice formed by hand pleating and a voluminous skirt.  Georgie Mulholland Clothing

Her strength crumbles before her eyes, she fears Aurante has stolen her happiness, her power, her future.

The spell wears off and Aurel awakens. As snowflakes drift to the waiting land, she is perplexed and trapped as she attempts to find her way.

Delicate dress with mesh bodice appliqué with both laser cut raw silk and chiffon, fur trim at shoulders with a draped puffball skirt. Georgie Mulholland Clothing.   Anita Massarella Design Couture head piece available at POA.  Fizz Glitter Mary Jane shoes available at Top Shop £30.00

Dark shadows are everywhere, the chilled air is heavy with melancholy.

Lauren wears Anita Massarella bridal gown available at POA Rachel wears Elegant Dietrich emerald green jacquard gown with thigh-high split and cut out back by Enais Chapman ÂŁ650.00Â Red cape stylists own.

Aurante bitter, in pursuit, throws her veil so resolute......

Run Aurel as fast as you can, fleeing your demons won’t hinder their plan

So she dances with beauty, elegance and grace, until she overcomes the torment and imprisonment from Aurante.

Rachel wears fitted fine mesh dress appliqué with delicate laser-cut raw silk and chiffon with fur detailing By Georgie Mulholland Clothing   Lauren wears stretch mesh body appliqué with laser-cut raw silk and chiffon plus artificial  fur-trimmed cuffs, and voluminous skirt made in soft tulle on a fine mesh body. Both by Georgie Mulholland Clothing. 

Believing in herself again, Aurel reaches out her wings, in an elevated sense of contentment, displaying her strength and agility.

Rachel wears pillar-box red wool crepe and silk chiffon gown, with embellished straps and dramatic low back by Enais Chapman £1,200.00 with Anita Massarella Headpiece.

Overpowered, Aurante lies still, defeated.

Lauren wears gold hand-crafted jewelled bask with couture feather skirt from the AW’14 Bang Salon Collection by Hollie Race 

Aurel emerges victorious. She circles to the clouds, not only is she home again, but she is free.

for the Once Upon A Time in a rural setting.......... Photography by Sarah Sharks Models Julia W and Anne R @ Birdcage Wardrobe by Anna Kania Couture Hair & Make Up by Lara Schmitt Styling by Stylistes Uniques

The fairytale Illustration of

Margarete Gockel / Eye Candy Illustration Agency /Â

Margarete Gockel / Eye Candy Illustration Agency /Â


How do you capture the essence of youthful excitement, energy and self-expression? How do you identify and showcase 10 cutting-edge emerging design talents from around the world? and how do you merge lifestyle with fashion in a unique 20-piece collection featuring men’s and women’s clothing and accessories?

Pepsi and Vogue Italia in partnership that’s how. ‘The Pulse of New Talent’ collection, which debuted at the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2014, was the result of Pepsi collaborating with Vogue Italia in celebration of the iconic fashion brand’s 50th anniversary. This first-time initiative, featuring 10 of the most up-and-coming fashion design talents from Ukraine, Italy, USA, India, China, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, has truly enhanced Pepsi’s footing in the world of

fashion, seeing them support the development of the brand of Ukraine’s Masha Reva, with an investment of $50,000. “Pepsi goes beyond refreshment in a can - it is an iconic lifestyle brand known the world over with creativity and culture as a touchstone of our DNA” states Kristin Patrick, CMO of PepsiCo Global Beverage Brands. “In keeping with that heritage, we want to reward, honour and showcase creativity in all its forms, as well as the people who make it NOW. This partnership with Vogue Italia is a perfect opportunity to support a whole new generation of talent” For Vogue Italia, this has presented the ideal platform for the brand to continue its mission to support up-and-coming designers, and, through the eyes of Franca Sozzani - Editorin-Chief “We are proud to partner with Pepsi to host these talented 10 on a global stage to share their creativity with the world”.

Mauro Porcini, Senior Vice President and Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo added “We are incredibly impressed with the level of sophistication, vision and design capability that these young creatives brought to our partnership. Their re-imagination of our colour palette and iconic logo put a refreshing spin on ‘The Pulse of New Talent’ collection and they are no doubt the talents who’ll be creating the designs and culture of our future’. Marianne Tupelo.




By Voir Creative Feat : Carly @ Industry People Megan Tallant : MUA

SELF - PORTRAIT Utility A-line jacquard skirt £135.00 worn with Iridescent cropped Self – Portrait cropped Jumper £95.00. Saint Laurent Small monogram cross-body bag   £1,145.00. All items available at Selfridges Manchester.       Saint Laurent Gold glittered leather sandals £625.00. Available at Harvey Nichols.

Saint Laurent Leopard mini skirt £670.00 with matching Saint Laurent Leopard print- Blazer £2,000.00. Both available at Selfridges Saint Laurent Small monogramme black cross-body bag £1,145.00. Available at Harvey Nichols Black Patent sandals Stylists own

DOLCE & GABBANA Crystal and sequin-embellished dress £1,765. Manolo Blahnik Black pump with Jewel £550. All items available at Harvey Nichols

ALICE + OLIVIA Cina feathered A-line skirt ÂŁ415.00 with metallic maroon cardigan. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi, Black pump with Jewel ÂŁ550. All items available at Harvey Nichols. Black jewelled clutch Stylists own.

Marlene Berger Raffaella Embellished dress £545.00. Saint Laurent Gold glittered leather sandals £625.00. SAINT LAURENT Lulu Bunny glitter-finished leather shoulder bag £790.00 All items available at Harvey Nichols

VALENTINO Butterfly-detail jacquard-knit dress £1,725.00 Selfridges. Saint Laurent Gold glittered leather sandals £625.00 Available at Harvey Nichols.  Jewellery and accessories Stylists own.

Illustration Š Manolo Blahnik

Voir takes a look at the stunning artwork of 4 Fashion Fairy Tale books.

Camilla Morton has stylishly interwoven the life of Manolo Blahnik with the fairy tale story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. Sumptuously illustrated throughout by none other than Manolo himself, Morton has encapsulated the magical world of fashion’s shoe guru in the most fantastic way. Available from chic bookshops now.

Again from the stable of Camilla Morton is this contemporary and quirky offering, this time featuring Diane von Furstenberg. The writer skillfully fuses the designer’s life with that of an Empress struggling with her royal duties. Von Furstenberg illustrates througout to bring a refreshing twist to a classic tale. Available from stylish bookshops now.

This very special Once Upon a Time sees Camilla Morton artfully weaving the life of designer Christian Lacroix into the Tale of Sleeping Beauty. Like in all of Morton’s creations, the designer, in this case Lacroix himself provides the illustrations throughout. “The book is a tale of two icons, both well loved, both inspiring, and both living in magical kingdoms” Available from fashionable bookshops now.

Eun-kyung Kang

This offering from Amy Allen can only be described as sumptuous. This Little Piggy went to Prada presents ‘Nursery Rhymes for the Blahnik Brigade’ in a tongue-in-cheek, superblyillustrated format. Stunning watercolours by Eun-kyung Kang truly bring each rhyme to life in an A5 hard-bound format. Fast becoming a collector’s item.



. oscow azarova. M n i K na Kholki r by Venera ch, a n e L i e by ap Tsa aphed s cut from p and Marta r g o t o va Ph rm . y unifo lga Glazuno ute @ Point r a t i l i M O Poshk up by Make d by Stasya le model


Ph : Š Victoria Art


ART forHEART From an ancient city of mystery and legends that is

Kiev, Victoria Art has heritage in her veins, but it is her femininity which drives and inspires her photography. Drawn to powerful storytelling, in particular modern fairytales, she captures an element of mystery, charm and art, and delivers it like an art installation.

More of her work can be seen at

Ph : © Victoria Art for UBERFashion Lab

Ph : © Victoria Art for UBERFashion Lab

Ph : © Victoria Art for UBERFashion Lab

SEASON The fashion hurricane that is Cara Delevingne hit us over two years ago, and only seems to be gaining more and more momentum. Words : Saffron Alexander.

From the high street favourite Topshop, to the world of high fashion fronting campaigns for brands like DKNY and Yves Saint Laurent, Cara Delevingne has leapt to the forefront of international stardom with remarkable speed. She’s succeeded at such a level, it has become impossible to open a magazine or simply scroll through Twitter without coming across even a hint of her or her worldfamous eyebrows. With over 7 million million followers on Instagram, and another 2 million on Twitter, it’s fair to say that Cara has won over the hearts of not only the fashion industry elite, but the everyday person. But what is it about Cara that has afforded her this unanimous sense of acceptance and worship from almost everyone?

Though undeniably stunning and still taller than the average woman, at 5ft 9inches Cara is shorter than the average catwalk model, (Marc Jacobs branded her a “dwarf” because of this in 2012) and yet has walked for Moschino, Oscar de la Renta, Burberry and Stella McCartney to name but a few. It isn’t Cara’s looks and catwalk prowess that make her the most covetable model around, but rather her eccentric personality. With the rise of social media it has become important for models to be more than just a pretty face. Brands are now expecting their models to come with a personality and a presence that can help lift the brand and expand it to a new, perhaps otherwise untapped, demographic. And this is where Cara excels. Her instagram is littered with cross eyed selfies, images of her cheekily wagging her tongue at the camera, and odes to pizza or sleep. These are the images that have earned her a legion of fans - affectionately called her ‘Delevingners’ - and have proved to be far more interesting than seriously stunning but ultimately boring snapshots of photoshoot after photoshoot that clutter up the Instagram feeds of other models.

And then there’s her fashion sense. So rarely do we find a model of Cara’s calibre able to transfer their own personable style to the everyday woman. Cara’s endorsements from high street favourites such as H&M and Topshop leave her fans believing her style is actually within reach and they too could mimic the effortless Cara Delevingne look.

Topshop have capitalized on the unique case of “Cara Fever” spreading across the high street, branding Cara a “true Topshop girl” as they announced her as the face of the Topshop Autumn/ Winter 2014 global campaign the first solo face for the brand ever. Topshop’s creative director, and former Vogue fashion editor, Kate Phelan managed to sum up just exactly why we’re still in the midst of ‘Cara-season’ with no sign of escaping it any time soon,

“her style is confident and playful and she can be sophisticated and chic as easily as she can be cool and casual”.

Cara’s chameleon-like exterior allows her to switch between the high street and high fashion with seemingly no effort on her behalf. Along with her enviable Topshop achievement, Cara is currently the face of the new My Burberry campaign alongside modelling legend Kate Moss. Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey allegedly had no worries shooting Cara alongside Kate despite the former’s relative newness to the industry. In the short few years since her rise to fame, Cara has carefully created and nurtured her unique personal brand, cementing her legacy as one of the fashion greats. From securing the September cover of Vogue UK, to designing a new bag collection for Mulberry, to starring in the Burberry Beauty campaign alongside Edie Campbell and fellow Balmain face Jourdan Dunn, the past year or so has done nothing to the stop the fashion hurricane more fondly known as Cara Delevingne. With such an impressive list of achievements already notched under her designer belt, it begs the question, what next for Cara?

Having wrapped the fashion industry around her finger with speed and ease never seen before, what will she turn her blessed hand to next? She’s mentioned an interest in music and acting, will she ascend to the forefront of either of those disciplines any time soon? Or will she continue her unrelenting domination of the fashion industry? One thing’s for sure, we’ve still got a while to go before Cara-season is over. S.A




stylist TEDDYKINS AQUINO hair and makeup MILKY SANTIAGO wardrobe & accessories BJ CHAVEZ model ELENA LEVITSKAYA

PHOTOGRAPHY Miu Vermillion STYLING Miu Vermillion HAIR Hami Hasegawa MAKEUP Hami Hasegawa PH ASSISTANT Yo STYLING ASSISTANT Jimmy Hang MODEL Regina Schnitzer [Next] LOCATION The Mountain Mermaid California. USA







Dress: For Love and Lemons, Shawl: Bacca Yarrow, Headpiece: Angelica Brigade

Swimwear: Lee + Lani, Boots: Jimmy Choo


Dress: For Love and lemons, Headpiece and all accessories: Angelica Brigade, Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Wednesday Swimwear: Lee + Lani, Headpiece: Angelica Brigade, Boots: Jimmy Choo

Dress: For Love and Lemons, Shawl: Bacca Yarrow, Headpiece: Angelica Brigade, Sandals: Jimmy Choo

Swimwear as top: Lee + Lani, Shorts: Stylist’s own, Overskirt: Bacca Yarrow, Headpiece and nail jewelry: Angelica Brigade, Boots: Jimmy Choo


Dress: For Love and lemons, Headpiece and all accessories: Angelica Brigade, Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Jumpsuit: Indah

Dress: For Love and Lemons, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, MUA/Hair Stylist: Nami Hasegawa


Dress: For Love and lemons, Headpiece and all accessories: Angelica Brigade, Shoes: Jimmy Choo


Containing over 250 photographs, alongside haute couture garments, magazines, film footage and ephemera, Horst : Photographer of Style explores the photographer’s collaborations and friendships with leading couturiers such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli in Paris, stars including Marlene Dietrich and Noël Coward, and artists and designers such as Salvador Dali and Jean-Michel Frank. Martin Roth, Director of the V&A said : “Horst was one of the greatest photographers of fashion and society and produced some of the most famous and evocative images of the 20th century. This exhibition shines a light on all aspects of his long and distinguished career. Horst’s legacy and influence, which has been seen in work by artists and designers and performers including Herb Ritts, Robert Mapplethorpe, Bruce Weber and Madonna, continues today.” Horst: Photographer of Style runs from 6 September 2014 – 4 January 2015 at the V&A. For more information, visit

Round the Clock, New York, 1987 © Condé Nast / Horst Estate

Still showing at the V&A in London UK, is the definitive retrospective of the work of master photographer Horst P. Horst (1906-1999). One of the leading photographers of the 20th century, German-born Horst worked predominantly in Paris and New York and creatively traversed the worlds of photography, art, fashion, design, theatre and high society.

Summer Fashions, American Vogue cover, 15 May 1941 © Condé Nast / Horst Estate

Left : Salvador Dalí’s costumes for Leonid Massine’s ballet Bacchanale, 1939 © Condé Nast / Horst Estate Middle : Muriel Maxwell, American Vogue cover, 1 July 1939 © Condé Nast / Horst Estate Right : Male Nude, 1952 © Condé Nast / Horst Estate

Words by Marianne Tupelo. Photographs by Tom Joy.

Kristina Blahnik is the niece of worldrenowned shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, and CEO of the Manolo Blahnik brand. In a family-run business that spans over 40 years, and has no outside investment, she took a day out of her busy schedule to head to Harvey Nichols Leeds for a presentation to a select few. Amidst the intimate setting elegantly styled with signature Blanhik pieces, quirky tea sets and fashion-fatales, 2 incredibly svelte sophisticates looking effortlessly in-keeping with the chic characters from Jordi Labanda’s Hey

Day, treated the devotees to an exclusive journey inside the brand. Tatler’s Mariella Tandy took on the responsibility of eloquently teasing information out of Kristina, whilst the latter warmly and convivially charmed the audience with the quirks, the ethos, and the beauty behind the brand. From its humble beginnings with a passion for shoe design to its meteoric rise to global success, partly on the back of the Carrie Bradshaw character in Sex And The City, Kristina’s feet remain firmly on the ground, if even her heels rise a comfortable 5 inches in Manolos.


A/W ‘14 unfolds for Harvey Nichols in Leeds’ Victoria Quarter Jessica Oram brings you the best of the show. Photography by Tom Joy.

A damp and drizzly Tuesday evening in Leeds City Centre was given a kiss of life as the hubbub of the city’s fashion opened its doors for an exclusive look into what was hot for AW ’14.

Kenzo jumpers, Givenchy sweats and a selection of to-die-for Bombers, the perfect partner for a sporty style this upcoming season.

Harvey Nichols Leeds showcased a concoction of designer ready-towear at their annual runway event, stylishly endorsing the company’s status as a luxury retailer.

Tartan is always going to be around for Autumn/Winter. The show featured a story of checks with a textured red and black plaid from Sandro, a casual checked print from Maje in oversized shirts and a heritage style tartan from McQ. It’s a trend that gives an autumnal edge to your wardrobe, particularly if worn with a Mods and Rockers influence.

A flute of bubbly and a quick look over the new Charlotte Tilbury counter later, and we were being ushered to our seats in the heart of the Victoria Quarter. Set beneath the elaborate ceilings of one of the city’s most celebrated architectural destinations, you completely forgot that the runway was actually a shopping arcade. As the atmosphere reached a high, the show commenced with an array of the season’s hottest trends taking the spotlight. Here’s the lowdown. Sports Luxe A trend proven to be in it for the long-haul, Sports Luxe kicked off the show with a mix of oversized

Well Plaid

Low Horizons Flats are definitely having a moment and the show certainly proved that. Whether it was a Victoria Beckham structured dress teamed with Tod’s brogues or Jimmy Choo trainers teamed with Stella McCartney tailored trousers, the show was brimming with beautiful flats that create more of an impact than heels ever could. Take a leaf out of Harvey Nichols’ book and join the Flats Brigade today.


In a world of celebrities making their own foray into the fashion world, there’s one man who seems to be reigning supreme. He’s one of the most successful urban music producers and performers to date and he’s been named as one of the most stylish men in the world. Yes you have guessed it, Pharrell Williams is that man who has been making us ‘Happy’ for over a decade.

the exact hat that sparked that furore.

In both music and style, Pharrell is an ‘expressionist’. He considers style to simply be an extension of a personality, and the individuality of his wardrobe gives you everything you need to understand just what makes him tick. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and as much as the fashion world has embraced him as one of its own, that is not to say he hasn’t made mistakes. But what is it about this skater kid from But therein lies the beauty – he doesn’t small town Virginia that has captivated care: the fashion world? From his N*E*R*D* days right up until now, Pharrell’s openness to going against the grain of the fashion rules has got tongues wagging – whether that’s good or bad (let’s face it – it’s mostly good). If you listen to him speak about his approach to his style, you understand he’s futuristic – not literally like futuristic, he’s ahead of the game FULL STOP. He has a knack for knowing what the fashion world wants to wear before it does, trucker caps, jean shorts, oversized hat trend – to name just a few. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 12 months, you’ll know

“I like the world. I like that some people dress good and some people dress f**ked up.” When he stepped into the limelight, the uniform of the hip-hop world was baggy jeans and Jordans - Skateboard P [his name coined from high school] wore slim-cut jeans, varsity jackets and trucker hats. This made him stand out and get noticed. He knew what he wanted to wear, but not content on compromising his look, decided to set up his own clothing lines. Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream were the results, both of which have become massive names in their own right.

As the name Pharrell Williams grew, it was only going to be a matter of time before the fashion pack would beat a path to his door. Cue Moncler, Commes des Garcons, Uniqlo and most recently Adidas - all hungry for his influence. Musician first and foremost, he is modest about his fashion influence but that doesn’t mean it is any less powerful. His style is adopted by both sexes, and he purposefully dresses to break the rules – ‘doing what other people aren’t’. Somehow he makes it work, it’s Pharrell, you just go with it. And for those of you who think Louboutins are just for women, think again……. his versatile approach to fashion has seen him favouring the punk-style studded trainers and the red-soled dress shoes on the red carpet. What male in this day and age would accessorise with an oversized purple Birkin bag? who would wear leopardprint Celine espadrilles on the cover of GQ Magazine?, and who is the man who can effortlessly mix a black and white spotted tuxedo jacket with long trousershorts? Pharrell Williams of course. His style evolution echoes the essence

of Lanvin, Alber Elbaz and Marc Jacobs, whom he claims are his idols, yet his signature skater look is always the clear thread underpinning his style. And what does Pharrell wear to his own wedding? A tartan tux of course darling! When it comes to the ‘Blurred Lines’ between music and fashion, Pharrell effortlessly sums the relationship up :

“You have different genres of music and you have different types and styles in fashion.” Perhaps it is a natural crossover, but can you name anyone else who has had the same magnitude of impact that he has? We only have to cast our minds back a few months, when he stirred the fashion world by wearing some very unique headgear at the Grammys – yes, THAT Vivienne Westwood ‘Mountain Hat’. The oversized, deep brown, thickbrimmed crown-like hat caused such a wave of controversy it now has its own twitter handle. Yes ladies and gentlemen @Pharrellhat has almost 20 thousand followers and is brimming with confidence.

This phenomenon has influenced a devout homage within the walls of fashionland, with designers Garth Pugh, Acne Studios, Emporio Armani, DSquared amongst others, confidently showing their own take on the hat on the AW ‘14 runways.

nothing compared to the reaction we have seen this year.

It’s a testament to the influence of Pharrell Williams how such an off-thecuff decision to wear a hat (not just any hat mind you) on the red carpet at the Grammys, can send such a tidal wave What the world perhaps failed to rea- throughout the fashion industry. Which lise, was that self same hat was born leaves just one question everyone is some twenty years prior in the design itching to ask – what next Pharrell?! studios of Vivienne Westwood. Whilst it enjoyed popularity at the time, it was Kat Evans.

NEW YEAR’S EVE - NEW YORK CITY What will you be wearing? Photography by Sarah Kehoe Danielle von Braun - Art Director Sara Christian - Producer Shandi Alexander - Wardrobe Stylist Aminta Iriarte - Wardrobe Assistant Robert Mefford - Hair Stylist Raquel Martuscelli - Hair Stylist Assistant Andrea Tiller - Make Up Artist Allison Perlstein - Make Up Assistant Erin Swift - Prop Stylist Kiki - Props Assistant Alima Fofana - Model at Supreme Model Management Bryce Mathias, Tessa Antifave & Olga Boiko - Models at Ford Models Kane Soofi - Model at Wilhelmina Models

Alima. All white look - Bathing suit: Seilenna - White pants: pas de calais - White jacket: Gudrun&Gudrun - Necklaces: RJ Graziano, Saunder New York Tessa. Black jumpsuit  - Jumpsuit: Charlotte Ronson - Earrings: Sugar Scout - Rings: Right- RJ Graziano. Left- Laruicci - Cuff: Lady Grey Olga. Sequin dress - Dress: Saunder - Rings: Left- Laruicci. Right- Laruicci, Wanderluster Bryce. Graphic sweater  - Jacket: Band of Outsiders - Tuxedo pants: Band of Outsiders - Sweater: Cocurata - Socks: Stance Kain. Plaid shirt - Shirt: Paul Smith - Blazer: Gucci - Pants: Levi’s

Olga. Gold Body Suit - Suit: Georgine - Tights: Wolford - Fur: Adrienne Landau - Necklaces: Sander, Wwake

Alima beaded dress - Dress: Patricia Bonaldi - Kimono: Zara - Headband: Young&ng - Ring: Laruicci

Alima. White/gold dress - Dress: Christos Costarellos - Rings: Laruicci Tessa (kissing). Safety pin skirt  - Skirt: Cheng-Huai Chuang - Blouse: Asymptote - Earrings: RJ Graziano - Cuffs: Lady Grey - Ring: RJ Graziano Olga: Red leather pants - Camisole: Kiki de Montparnasse - Pants: Charlotte Ronson - Bracelets: Wanderluster, Erickson Beamon - Necklaces: RJ Graziano, Sander Bryce (kissing). Black pants  - Pants: Band of Outsiders  - Shirt: Giorgio Armani - Socks: Stance - Necklace: Stylist’s own

Olga: Leotard: Teca Helo Rocha - Skirt: Francesca Liberatore - Head piece: Young&ng - Earrings: Erickson Beamon

Tessa- Navy Pants Sequin bra: Cheng-Huai Chuang Two sheer tops: Marie Hell Pants: beaufille Shoes: Louboutin Earrings: Wanderluster Bracelets: Lady Grey Alima- Sequin dress: Karolyn Pho Shoes: Louboutin Socks: Stance Hoop earrings: RJ Graziano Kain: - Grey shirt : Giorgio Armani - Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Jeans: Levi’s Bryce: T-Shirt: American Apparel Tux pants: Band Of Outsiders  Boots: Ann Demeulemeester 

Tessa - Skirt: Cheng-Huai Chuang - Blouse: Asymptote - Earrings: RJ Graziano - Cuffs: Lady Grey - Ring: RJ Graziano Bryce -Suspenders: The Tie Bar -Jeans: Saint Laurent

Alima. - Bathing suit: Seilenna - White pants: pas de calais - White jacket: Gudrun&Gudrun - Necklaces: RJ Graziano, Saunder New York

Tessa. - Jumpsuit: Charlotte Ronson - Earrings: Sugar Scout - Rings: Right- RJ Graziano. Left- Laruicci - Cuff:Â Lady Grey -Shoes: Nina Shoes

Olga. Gold Body Suit - Suit: Georgine - Tights: Wolford - Fur: Adrienne Landau - Necklaces: Sander, Wwake Alima beaded dress - Dress: Patricia Bonaldi - Kimono: Zara - Headband: Young&ng - Ring: Laruicci

Olga. - Dress: House of Holland - Necklaces: Sander, Wanderluster - Bracelets: Right- Sugar Scout, Wonderlusters. Left- Young&ng - Shoes: Chloe

Alima - Top: PU3 - Skirt: Sadie Williams for & Other Stories - Cuffs: Lady Grey Tessa. - Dress: Alon Livne - Shoes: Louboutin - Necklaces: Laruicci, X-TN, - Ring: RJ Graziano

Olga: Chevron skirt - Leotard: Teca Helo Rocha - Skirt: Francesca Liberatore - Head piece: Young&ng - Earrings: Erickson Beamon Tessa- Navy Pants Sequin bra: Cheng-Huai Chuang Two sheer tops: Marie Hell Pants: beaufille Shoes: Louboutin Earrings: Wanderluster Bracelets: Lady Grey Alima. Sequin dress: Karolyn Pho Shoes: Louboutin Socks: Stance Hoop earrings: RJ Graziano Kain: - Grey shirt : Giorgio Armani - Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Jeans: Levi’s Bryce: T-shirt: American Apparel Tux pants: Band Of Outsiders  Boots: Ann Demeulemeester 

Watch out there’s a Vlogger about! Words by Jessica Oram


It seems the blogging phenomenon is over and there’s a new craze in town. Meet the Vloggers. A group of twentysomething females who ‘vlog’, that’s video blog, their daily lives. Whether they’re going to the shops for milk or attending a fashion show in London, these girls virtually take you with them every step of the way.

with the Vlogosphere then read up on our ‘Top Five’ and start watching today. Be warned though, you may become slightly addicted and never have time to watch television again.

You may not recognize them yet but these girls are single-handedly ruling the online world. A place better known for faddy social media and less for actual reality, these girls are bringing online media alive with the magical tool of Youtube. Their stories are unbelievable, waking up as a typical girl one day and being caught up in a whirlwind of sudden hype surrounding Youtubers the next. They’ve even got their own Wikipedia pages! No one could have anticipated the storm that would surge from this new ‘Youtube culture’ and that’s the beauty of it. They didn’t have an agenda, they were simply just doing something they loved to do and the fame just happened. Now, with the help of media agencies and thousands of viewers watching daily, their hobbies have become a sturdy career prospect with companies and brands wanting a piece of their magic. What’s next for this lucky but hardworking unit of Youtube celebs? It seems they’ve got the world at their feet and only time will tell. If you’re not yet savvy

Zoe Sugg is the Queen of Youtube. With over 6 million subscribers on her main channel, a figure some TV series could only dream of, she is the crème de la crème of vlogging. A teenage girl battling anxiety, Zoe became Zoella after setting up her Youtube channel to deter boredom as she sometimes felt she couldn’t leave her house due to her panic attacks. A few years later and she is verging on celebrity status. Her videos cover very girly subjects from beauty to break ups.

Zoella – The Girl next Door 6.1 million subscribers

Background Info: Zoe is from a small village in Wiltshire. Her brother, Joe Sugg, and her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes also have very successful Youtube channels. Fun Fact: She adores guinea pigs and has two called Pippin and Percy! What to look out for: She has her own Bath & Beauty range out, available now at Superdrug, and she featured in the November issue of British Vogue. This girl is killing it!

Tanya Burr–The Beauty Guru 2.4 million subscribers With a background in Make-up Artistry, Tanya Burr is the big sister type who you can learn a hell of a lot from. Her beauty tutorials can transform you into different celebrities and with her makeup line in stores now you can physically buy her tried and tested products. Her extensive beauty knowledge as well as her bubbly character makes you want to get to know her for a natter and to seek out tips and tricks. Her integration into the British fashion scene is rather impressive, sitting (nearly) front row for designers such as Burberry and Mulberry at London Fashion Week. Background Info: Tanya used to be a Makeup counter girl and has been engaged to Jim Chapman, a fellow successful Youtuber, since 2012. Fun Fact: She absolutely loves baking and can be frequently found on her vlogs tucking into a cupcake! What to look out for: Tanya Cosmetics is releasing a new collection for this winter and could there be a first Youtuber Wedding coming soon?

Hannah Maggs–The Super Mum 143,000 subscribers Her life is her new baby at the moment and she loves every second of it. Hannah Maggs is a first-time mother living in London and takes us through the trials and tribulations of motherhood looking after her son, Grayson. Before baby she was a makeup artist living in central London with a party lifestyle, now she’s focusing on being a mummy and developing her business selling make up bags. You can check out her online shop at She uploads a weekly vlog every Sunday, creatively edited by Stef, giving you an honest insight into her family life. Some of the footage they get of little Grayson will make your heart melt! Background Info: Originally from Devon, Hannah is a country girl at heart. Fun Fact: She nicknames her little boy, Grayson, ‘Squeaky G’. Let’s hope for his sake this doesn’t extend into his teen years! What to look out for: New lines of her makeup bags and Grayson growing up of course.

Essie Button–The Culture Queen 681,000 subscribers

Essie Button, formally known as Estee, is a 24 year old Canadian beauty and lifestyle blogger. This girl is a travel bug and even moved to London four years ago to live with her boyfriend in the city, a decision she is so pleased she made. Her vlogs will take you on adventures around the world. Recently she and her partner, Aslan, took a trip around Scandinavia, visiting museums, shopping at cool spots and stopping for coffee in quirky cafes. She has a keen eye when it comes to interior design so one day she can be vlogging a Home Haul and the next a makeup tutorial. Background Info: Estee is originally from Ontario, Canada and has a degree in Psychology. Fun Fact: She has a greyhound called Reggie who features in her daily vlogs! What to look out for: Her dream is to become a Travel Journalist so maybe a regular travel feature in a magazine?

Miss Glamorazzi–The LA chick 2.9 million subscribers

Miss Glamorazzi, real name Ingrid, is one of America’s favourite Youtubers and started her channel in 2009 to try and overcome a fear of being shy. Growing up in LA, it is no surprise that Ingrid upholds a rigorously healthy lifestyle. She makes DIY videos on how to make super tasty and healthy meals as well as fashion inspired videos where she films her favourite outfits with a Los Angeles backdrop. It’s a feat to watch without getting jealous of where she lives when we’re over the pond in rainy England. Her fame has risen this year and she recently got invited to the MTV VMA awards. Background Info: Interested in architecture from an early age, Ingrid only became interested in makeup at the age of twenty. Fun Fact: She calls herself a professional donut eater and a panda lover! What to look out for: Ingrid is very creative so watch out for some products with her name on it!


Are fashion giants ASOS and Net-A-Porter really threatening our high streets? Elizabeth Daisy finds out

In June 2000, the web welcomed the arrival of two stylish dotcom destinations for fashionsavvy shoppers; ASOS and Net-A-Porter banish nine-to-five restrictions, making that must-have piece of arm candy, all the more accessible no matter what time of day or night. But what we want to know is, whether you’ll be sticking by the high street, or clicking yes to a cart full of online indulgence?!

“Fashion that delivers” This season, the streets of London saw fashion-conscious crowds at LFW, hailing black cabs printed with the promise of runway-fresh merchandise, straight from the online store “Order by 10am, wear it by 5pm” guaranteeing the ultimate solution for style dilemmas, last minute business dinners, or spontaneous date nights. So in effect, that must-have Burberry Prorsum metallic-brocade, pencil skirt you’ve been swooning over for the past month... is in-fact just one click away. Seems too good to be true doesn’t it!?

In a society where seconds are as precious as hours, and where women multi-task boardroom meetings with tantrum-prone toddlers, online shopping offers convenience; a window of retail therapy that can be opened at the click of your freshly manicured fingertips. Today, retail therapy can take place right from the comfort of your own couch, with a glass of Pinot in hand; meaning we style-conscious spenders can wave adios to the dread of unforgiving dressing rooms, and ‘practicing patience’ in endless queues around claustrophobic shop floors.

The internet has revolutionised the way we shop, with online stores promoting a fabulous selection of on-trend, seasonal collections to accommodate every working woman’s monthly payslip, but which online destination are you likely to click towards come the arrival of payday? ASOS has become one of the high street’s biggest competitors, captivating the attention of their customers with the beauty of budget chic must-haves, as well as stocking over 850 other fashion and accessory brands to meet the needs of every woman’s style craving.

Sitting at the other end of the shopping spectrum is, a site that specialises in satisfying a woman’s burning desire for designer, and unintentionally taking on luxury retail department stores like Harvey Nichols, Henri Bendel, Browns and Bergdorf Goodman. Though the two online stores cater to a different niche of customer, they both sell their products in exactly the same way. Unlike other dotcom retailers, Net-A-Porter and ASOS bring their clothes to life. Both have broken the ‘mannequin boundary’, as well as featuring a standard selection of images, they now also feature a short video clip showcasing the particular item of interest making its way down a short runway. This added feature encourages a connection between customer and clothing, though the shopper can’t feel the fabric between their fingertips, they can see how it moves whilst sitting on the curves of a real-life, female figure.

So with the internet offering retail therapy at the convenience of the customer, twenty four hours a day, and seven days a week, how will this affect the future of sales within our favourite stand-alone stores? The high street represents more than just retail; there’s the theatre of seasonal window displays to lure you in, the buzz of exhibiting your taste through the carrying of branded shopping bags, the human interaction and personal shopping coupled with the variety of choice before your very eyes. The social element too affords the high street shopper the ‘coffee culture’ as the 21st century likes to term it. Where else can women congregate over latte and lemon drizzle to compare the size of their new-found heels, or couples cosy up on leather two-seaters with mocha and muffins to show off their matching trench coats, and where can you see city slickers congregate to talk cappuccino, croissants and closet!!? When all said and done, whether you’re hitting the high street with your reliable assortment of flexible friends at hand, or curled up chez vous with a Mac in your lap, I’m with Carrie Bradshaw….

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet”


Happy 10th Birthday



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Margarete Gockel




Voir pays homage to the advertising film ‘The One That I Want’ produced and directed by Baz Luhrmann

Once upon a time, awoken from a sleep, a young woman embarked in search of her love. Time had moved on through another generation, though seemingly peculiar nothing had changed. Drawn to the deep blue allure of the ocean, it triggered memories of romance in Deauville. Once upon a time in the amber-lit shadows, she left her scent for her Boy to decipher. Rich golden hues and mysterious like its number, her fragrance would guide his unerring heart.

Once upon a time in a stroke of destiny, true love responded to this woman’s scent, Jasmine, Rose, essence of Neroli, Sandalwood infused in a floral mystery. The response would be earnest, like ink from the soul in a letter conveying the loss of control, To a symphony of melancholy and a smoke-filled room, alas - “To my heart I must be true”.

Once upon a time with a burst of energy, unleashed to caress the ocean waves She sensed his presence and fearless intentions, the responding to her amber code. Her heart was on fire and full of affection, impossibly complex, too hard to convey Yet with child she would pass on the ‘mist’ of her mystery, a vapour to awaken the senses untold.

Once there were muses and once there were fuses just awaiting the spark of a love put to sleep, Once out the ordinary like a moth to a flame she would steal away captured by the pierce of his gaze. And once she’d remember the Boy of her dreams and the lengths she had gone to, to reveal her bouquet, That once was for certain this golden infusion, an abstract expression was sealing her fate.

As in all retold legends and romantic tale, it’s a heart one must follow to find one’s way home And as such in this chapter of this young modern woman, a letter was keeping her romance alive. So remembering the geometry of the Place de Vendôme and the flacon of amber all sober and pure She would cross bridge and skyline and neon lit ‘rues’ to a world where her heart lived ….. Chanel No.5

Words by Marianne Tupelo see the film at

Voir’s Editor brings you 4 of the hottest fragrances for the Festive Season. Photography and styling by Voir Creative

TOM FORD Jasmin Rouge Eau de Parfum 50ml Available from

YVES SAINT LAURENT Black Opium Eau de Parfum Spray 90ml Available from

CHANEL No 5 Eau de Parfum Spray 90ml Available from

JO MALONE Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne 100ml Available from

Words by Elizabeth Daisy

“Old cannot exist without new, juxtaposition exalts the differences. She endures, her spirit encapsulated, timeless and as present, and as vital as the morning light, whilst everything around her gently decays. She feels both vintage yet with a modern vital spirit. Beauty endures.” Illamasqua Creative Director, Alex Box This season, Illamasqua enamours with an enchanting collection of rich, lavish colours that embrace nature’s beautiful transition from the flourished buds of summer, to the crisp, golden leaves of autumn. Once, inspired by enduring beauty forever, commands attention with a decadent fairytale, a canvas expressing the make-up of seasonal luxury, and a vintage infused, colour palette that captures timeless beauty of past, present and future. Soft textures and earthy tones paint the picture of Illamasqua’s autumnal campaign ad, as a Tim Burton meets Marie Antoinette vision reflects a sumptuous, romantic character.

Twist open the rose gold tops of three Vintage Metallix eyeshadow pots, to reveal longwearing, smudge-resistant, metallic pigments; with a creamy gel-like texture, that applies smoothly with soft, yet buildable colour. Courtier shimmers in a vintage dusky rose, Embellish smoulders with the warmth of a rich, cocoa brown, and Bibelot seduces with a rustic, golden teal. Sheer Lipgloss arrives in two subtle yet sensual shades, formulated to enhance your lips and “add a little more sexiness to your smile”. Prettify your pout with Exquisite’s pearlescent, pink oyster shade, or luxuriate lips with Opulent’s glittery, rainbow-beige gloss. Powder Blush in Naked Rose creates a flush of colour with an intensely pigmented, neutral pink beige, featuring a cool undertone that both illuminates and radiates, when applied to the apples of your cheeks. Melange is this season’s must-have main shade, lacquering nails with a cool, antique teal hue which features flecks of burnished gold, “influenced by dry hydrangeas when they turn incredible shades of blue and green”. Alex Box’s favoured varnish applies evenly with Illamasqua’s award-winning, chip-resistant, matte finish. “Exquisite is the passing of time, revealing fresh splendour. The dark rose gives light to innocence divine. True beauty remains untouched, enduring all at Once…”



Aquatic hues take centre stage on the eyes and skin radiates this season. Photography by Marina Dean-Francis

Model: Zana @ Boss Model Mangement MUA: Sophie Moore using MAC Cosmetics Hair: Jodie Austen/Peachy Stylist

Mdf retouching



1. Illamasqua Nails 2. Illamasqua Blush 3. NARS Blush 4. Armani Cosmetics 5. Lanc么me 6. MAC Viva Glam Lips 7. YSL Beauty 8. NARS Highlighter 9. YSL Lip Gloss 10. Butter London 11. Trish McEvoy 12. Bobbi Brown Eye Palette.


1. Dior 2. Tom Ford 3. Trish McEvoy 4. Laura Mercier 5. Butter London 6. MAC 7. NARS 8. NARS

9. Bare Minerals 10. Chanel 11. Laura Mercier 12. NARS 13. Giorgio Armani 14. Chanel 15. Estee Lauder

Artwork by

Professional makeup artist Tal Peleg has demonstrated an inspirational way to air her talent in a highly competitive industry. Miniature works of art in the form of fairytales and nursery rhymes are meticulously painted onto eyelids, using the models’ own eyelashes and brows as part of each scene. “Creating makeup art is my little piece of Heaven” she enthuses as she captures the essence of each story. For more of Tal’s work follow the link below

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Who can belie ve we are on the countdow C-word alrea n to the ‘dre dy? Whisper ssing’ someth it … Christmas! A the festive ma ing our foreb nd all at an dness that sig ears were exp d for the last nals its appro mayhem of th ert few decades ach, the Vid e actual day a (primarily sin al) we have b nd the resultin afterwards, it ce e e n g fo chaos cused on hair ’s a veritable ‘cutting’. minefield of fashion faux p possible W as, hair disast hilst the mod er days and fo arrangements ern-day expe rgotten esc ! Oh, and the rt Hair Stylist hewing the im pressure of p our most perf is not portance of th re se nting tenan ect image to e ‘cut and m the world. ce trim’ of h ainair we are, a relishing the re s a professio So let’s all take tu n, rn to prettily-d a deep breath waves, swirls ressed hair. C , relax and pla , urls, ringlets or sm n. ooth; anythin as long as the The fashion a g in re fact is m o vement and p nd hair trends can be loosely rettiness. Hair from the last is continuing rig w o rn unhindered sue are half ht through Au by clips or gri up and down tumn/Winter so you will ps, (like our own 2014/15 on be well ahea P ri ncess Catheri her wedding d of the gam Probably the ne d a y) e o r softly pinne now. real ‘u biggest and d for an ethep do’ but bea most endurin and one that utifully dresse g trend has captured d it must be! everybody’s im tion is the ‘F agina- Acc airy Princess e ’ look. With th ssories are ag can be reined is look it ca ain delicate, e in for the more thereal and la tching the ha conservative and those wh ir cy in a variety of w of you the o are girly-gir ays to enhan sh ls a w p e. There is a ‘F ell let your ima tion fly…. afte c e gina- halos lower Power’ r all a fairy ca nod too with n and does fly of pretty rose ! Yes? bud bands w forehead or h orn around th One of the de e a d e d re ss signers who re e s ta ki n In g inspiration dian culture w ally encapsula trend was Elie fr o it m h chains and je ted this hea Saab’s Fall c wels across th d dropping o ollection; the every little (an nto the forehe e stuff of d big) girls’ d a d . reams. I took and fell in love o n e !! Unfortunate look Hair c ly we cannot olour too follo a wardrobe fu all afford w ws the Fairy ll to the rafte it h a Princess rule rs reference to e with Saab dre but the colle a ch and every ctions are th ss e s D is n e o e y Princesses ne of the 11 re for our insp and helps us so let’s have a iration Child to get creative look back at o hood to take and imaginati our existing w ur inspiration…. ve with ardrobe and fu ture buys. Dark and De And so to hair. ep luscious shiny colour Snow White just like , and the P ri ncesses’ - Ja (A laddin) Pocah As with cloth smine ontas, Mulan es the Fairy P and Tiana (Pri and the Frog). rincess rules in hair this se n cess H a ir this dark need supreme co ason, perfect s to be in tip to ndition, shine as it is the qu tial party sea like a mirror a p intessen- h son! There is nd have lovely ues glistening a distinct retu rich hidden in the rn to hair tresses.

Photomontage by Kymberley Jefferson

Red Jewel tone s with really ric h vibrancy such as Princess Auro play with pastel ra (Sleeping Bea toners on blonde uty) and Merida (Brave). These hair (pale Pinks an can be either co d Baby Blues) or Deeper Brights on ppery reds or Garnet tones bu just to bring a lit darker hair t each have to tle wickedness to be really strong and rich with no those perfect petite Princesses hint of fade or pa . stels. Chestnut Bronze This trend has re like Belle (Beauty ally taken off, espe and The Beast). Bronze is definite cially in the UK as we are seeing ly the tone for br clients far more ow n and chest- B nut hair. Rich and regularly for a low Dry, Party H glossy with subt air and Hair Up ap le hints of warm and cool tones in pointments in be tween their regula termingled. And last but not least r cut and colour ap the Blonds. Th pointments. There is somethi ink Cinderella, ng definitely very Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and R luxurious and princess-like in apunzel. From having an expert golden hues to strawberry tones blow and dress your hair rather th the blonds are so an tussle with ge fter and more feminine to enha tting the ‘Look’ yourself. And of nce this trend. O course your prof f course you can always add a ch essional salon will have all the eeky Fairy like latest electricals Tinkerbelle and and products to be able to create that special look just for you.

As a way to fu rther enhance th at ‘Fairy Prince moment’ we at C ss beautifully m RC Salons have aintained hair, as introduced DIY N Bars using the fa a dressing need ai l perfect founda bulous Essie Po s a tion to support th lis he relishing being ab s. Clients are H e look! Have a Hap oliday everyone le to paint their py nails from a wid and don’t forget selection of curre e Magic Fairy D to sp nt colours, whils rin kl e yo ur ust everywhere yo t waiting in the wings for that sp u go! ecial ‘Fairytale ap pointment’. Karenx So there we have it a guide to pa rty hair this season. Don’t neglec t your conditionin g regime or your maintenance trim s though as all th ese looks rely on



In an annual competition to discover Britain’s Best hairdressing and bargering talent from across the country, this year’s event, held at Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire, was as cutting-edge as the previous two years. National Hairdressers’ Federation, the event’s founders, were incredibly impressed by the sheer talent and creativity on display, moreso as a result of the show’s increased popularity amongst the hairdressing fraternity. New categories were opened up this year such as Afro-Caribbean, and beauty-based categories such as Bridal Make-up and Fantasy Total Look. Voir was incredibly proud of it’s beauty creatives Kymberley Jefferson and Stacey Borg who managed to secure third place in the ‘Hair Up’ and ‘Bridal Make-up’ categories respectively. Anna K.


Images to get you Festive

Image details and credits 1. 2. Paris - 3. Vancouver 4. Cinderella Castle Orlando 5. Budapest, Hungary 6. Dallas Chinese Lantern Fest - Rebecca Dale 7. Central Park NY - Vivienne Gucwa 8. Breckenridge Colorado 9. 10. Joensuu Finland - Pentti Rautio 11. Madrid Spain turismomadrid 12. 13. Chichibu City Japan 14. alexei-mikhailov 15. 16. Bruges Belgium 17. Prague, Czech Republic

18. CHINA lantern festival 19. Paris 20. Patrick O’Leary 21. Reine Norway 22. Montreux Switzerland 23. Neuchatel Switzerland Izakigur 24. Nice France 25. 26. 27. New York 28. 29. 30. Regent St. London 31. Paris France

TIRED TIFFANY’S Although there may not be much talking required.

LOVES Love Hearts by Thea W.

We saw campaigns, imagery, views, windows, promos, t-shirts, lights and messages. They all add up to a season of Voir Loves......







L-R 1. 2. Bo Lundberg 3. Julene Harrison 4. David & Myrtille 5. 6. 7. Tord Boontje tatoo 8. 9. 10. Tang Yau Hoong 11. 12. SAS creative



A picture says a thousand words.



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Tower of London remembers The First World War




For all photography aficionados out there, still showing at the Modernbook Gallery in San Francisco, California is the exhibition Fan Ho : A Hong Kong Memoir. The exhibition, which includes 50 photographs of Ho’s latest work runs from November 6 to January 31, 2015. A self-taught photographer, film director, and actor Fan Ho has won 280 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide since 1956. He has been elected Fellow of the Photographic Society of America, Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, England. He has been invited by 12 Universities in Taiwan and Hong Kong as “Visiting Professor”, teaching the art of filmmaking and photography. He has also written five books, one of them containing all his award-winning prints that is currently a permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco. Here we feature a small selection of his awe-inspiring work, taken mainly in Hong Kong during the 1950s-1960s. It is breathtaking to discover that Ho only took up photography to alleviate his boredom whilst he walked the streets of Hong Kong to cure his pain from migraine headaches. For more information, visit

All Images Š Fan Ho

Once upon a time in a land far away a beautiful, independent self-assured princess happened upon a frog as she sat, contemplating ecological issues on the shores of an unpolluted pond in a verdant meadow near her castle. The frog hopped into the princess’ lap and said ‘Elegant Lady, I was once a handsome prince, until an evil witch cast a spell upon me. One kiss from you, however, and I will turn back into the dapper, young prince that I am and then, my sweet, we can marry and setup housekeeping in your castle with my mother, where you can prepare my meals, clean my clothes, bear my children, and forever feel grateful and happy doing so. That night, as the princess dined sumptuously on a repast of lightly sauted frog legs seasoned in a white wine and onion cream sauce, she chuckled and thought to herself I don’t f *****g think so.

Ph : Vitaly Jewellery

Behind every great brand, product, service or performance lies a hidden face or two helping to make it happen. Voir pushes the boundaries to get the low down on what makes them tick.



Canadian jewellery brand Vitaly appear to be riding the crest of a wave, but has it really been a duck dive to success? Felix Laurens discovers.

In a global marketplace over-adorned with a plethora of designs and styles of jewellery, the stage for launching a new brand has never been more difficult. How do you rise above the constant noise the big players forever emit? how do you become visible amidst fierce competition channeled through a myriad of selling portals? and how do you even survive in a more and more uncertain economy? Step forward Vitaly, a brand who knows its own ethos. Fresh, raw and inspiring. Fashioned almost serendipitously from a pilgrimage to South East Asia, its founder Shane Vitaly Foran, a native Canadian, literally stumbled across master carvers and silversmiths on his quest to avert the burn-out of corporate incarceration. Forging a strong bond with these local craftsmen, Shane set about designing a small range - ideally with his friends in mind, which the artisans could craft into jewellery pieces. A decision to showcase these finished articles on social media had a seismic effect, the brand being born almost overnight. Not a bad start to say the least on a quest to sanity, but you can be forgiven for thinking that the journey has been an easy one. There have been the usual peaks and troughs, but as Jason Readman, the brand’s Production Director puts it “Your trials and tribulations are there to get you ready for tomorrow, and if you can keep your eye on tomorrow, you can do anything�

Positioned at the lifestyle sports end of the spectrum, that’s the Rock ‘n’ Roll to our high fashion, Shane and his true grit ensemble of BMX riders, wakeboarders, kite and skateboarders, DJ Producers and an Olympic sledgehockey guru, look more like an International Extreme Sports entourage than a fashionable jewellery brand. Yet it is exactly that spirit that oozes through their brand identity and campaign imagery. Earthy tones echo the camaraderie, whilst the polished finish signals their commercial prowess. Furthermore, the bold, assertive and tough pieces, forged once upon a time in the furnaces of Bali, articulately fuse masculine and feminine elements to become a symbol of the Hipster generation. In a little over 3 years, Shane and team have been instrumental in Vitaly being stocked in over 200 stores worldwide. We can only believe this is attributed to its founder’s DNA who comments “Everywhere we go we see doors, and they are doors that are just waiting to be opened”. For more information on Vitaly visit

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Vitaly Jewellery Special thank you to Reclaim Recycle Prop HIre - Wyke.

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Ph : Š Victoria Art

Voir Fashion : Issue 10 - Cara Season (Cara Delevingne)  

Voir Fashion Magazine Issue No.10 - The Fairy Tale Issue. It's Cara Season.

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