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Voice of Choices The Great Invocation From the point of Light within the Universal Mind Let Light stream forth into the minds of men. May Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart Divine Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men. May God/dess return to Earth. From the center where the Will of God/ess is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men. The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out and may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

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March 2008

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‘Conscious Call’ Melissa VVerbena erbena Whether you define ‘spirit’ as enthusiasm or spirituality, Voice of Choices supports you in exploring the many options for creating and enjoying your life! We feature articles on alternative healing, personal development, spirituality and a wide range of topics focused on spirited living. Giving voice to the myriad of choices available in every moment, information is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, or prescription regarding disease, illness or injury. We recommend you see a licensed health practitioner if you have concerns about your health. Voice of Choices is not responsible for any situations arising from participation in or application of anything written or advertised in this publication. We welcome your contribution of articles and artwork, to be published on approval as space permits. Articles do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher.

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The Lord’s Prayer - Translated from Aramaic O Cosmic Birther of all radiance and light! Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your presence can abide. Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission. Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire. Endow us with the wisdom to produce and to share what each being needs to grow and flourish. Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes. Let us not be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment for you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth, power and fulfillment as all is gathered and made whole once again.

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Voice of Choices March 2008

Now is the T ime Time

Blessings FFrom rom the P ublisher Publisher Welcome to Voice of Choices - Blessings to you on your personal path. It has been interesting putting this issue together. The general theme I wanted to explore was holding our faith and moving forward, even as challenge reappears to test our resolve. Moving into the new patterns and strengthening new habits with resolve that ‘Yes We Can’...‘Yes I Can’. Voice of Choices focuses on personal development and empowerment. Sharing tools to assist you in creating your ‘bless’d life’. It is with these tools that each of us can then create and be the change we want to see in the world. On extremely rare occasions in the seven years of publishing have I allowed my personal ‘political’ opinion to find its way into these pages. Political choices must be made on an individual basis that is appropriate and relevant to you. Whether we agree with the full political ‘story’ being created as our country begins the decision making process which will set our collective course over the next few years, there is new energy finding it’s way into the ring. One cannot ignore the eloquence of a candidate who echos the Dreams of Dr. King or speaks to renewing Hope, Reuniting a country torn by corporate politics and honoring the diversity of our One Nation. This is not a debate on who can best fulfill the role of President. I would no sooner suggest that you should support a specific candidate than tell you what to eat for breakfast. AND at the same time it is becoming more and more obvious that there is much in our world begging for change; so much room to improve our environment, industry, healthcare system and food production. We have to be able to believe - to see a possibility - to work towards the reality that improvement can be accomplished.

Did you ever watch ‘The Never Ending Story’ A wonderful children’s movie featuring a main character who’s reaction to the story as he read it (and lived it) created the outcome. While struggling in quicksand it was only through holding onto faith and hope that he could escape and continue on. Mainstream media is rife with negativity.... now don’t get me wrong, I’m totally aware of ‘the state of our world’. Yet, if this is indeed all an illusion then we must hold the vision of a far greater experience and work toward creating it.

“Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change.” Your voice is one of them - please use it as you feel most appropriate. Blessings in all your choices, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Mahalo, Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden

This New Day - by Kellianna From the darkness day is dawning In my darkest hour I seek the light All my pain and all my sorrow May it ease with this new day May my tears remain uncounted And I bid the Goddess be my guide For where you lead you know I’ll follow At the dawning of this new day At this crossroad the way seems clouded And I bid the Goddess be my guide Grant me grace and grant me vision At the dawning of this new day May my strength and may my power lift me up and light my way I seek faith and I seek wisdom At the dawning of this new day. Kellianna is an amazing songstress who’s music touches the soul. Visit and

Voice of Choices March 2008

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To Live a Vital Life Transforming Fate into Destiny

Voice of Destiny: “Yes, you’ve had some painful experiences in your past, but you’ve grown so much! This woman really likes you, so you should give her — and yourself — a chance to try again. You know that you have nothing to fear now because you’ve learned not to abandon yourself. There’s a good chance this relationship could mirror that back to you! How will you know if you don’t try? This is the present moment of all possibility. Don’t you want to feel alive? Destiny is risk, so take it and open your heart.”

Robert Ohotto

Starting over

The following excerpt is taken from the new book, “Transforming Fate into Destiny: A New Dialogue with Your Soul” by Robert Ohotto,Hay House

Voice of Fate: “You can’t go back to college for a new career — you’re too old. Not to mention, what would everyone think of you on campus? How would you afford it?”

It’s human instinct to reach for the familiar, but the soul is here for experience, not security. A life without risk, loss, death, and pain is hardly vitalized. The more we resist the call to adventure, the more we fate ourselves to suffering of the worst kind. In such cases, the Universe will often deliver increasingly drastic events until we finally give up the ego’s hold on our soul’s schedule and allow the next chapter of our purpose — our Destiny — to unfold.

Voice of Destiny: “It’s never too late to learn something new. Think of how exciting it would be to attend class again! Imagine how exhilarated you’d be as you’re surrounded by young minds, full of fresh ideas. You can make the money work out somehow. If it’s meant to be, nothing can stop you!”

It’s at this juncture of resisting our Divine timeline that many of us reach a threshold, often catalyzed by an outer fated event. We’ve come to know it as the dark night of the soul. Yet I always felt that this phrase was a bit of a misnomer because it’s the ego, our selfconcept, which is actually being set adrift into the unknown. It’s here that a part of it must die so that something new from the soul can enter in. And it’s the ego that experiences the inherent fear of this change, not the soul. Thus I call this process of entering a transitional space where some new creative aspect of the soul is beginning to birth into your ego structure — which demands that your old self-concept reshape — the dark night of the ego! While we’re in the dark night of the ego, we’re each greeted by two competing voices: that of Fate (ego) and that of Destiny (soul). The former speaks through your fears, your past, your wounds, and the collective they that you worry about when you make decisions. The latter communicates through your intuition, dreams, synchronicity, Divine intervention, and the regrets that tug at your soul. Both continually compete to guide the choices you make during this vital time. At the crossroads of the dark night of the ego, these two voices essentially ask, Will you choose based on your fear or your highest potential? Decisions made from anxiety are actions of Self Fate because they fate us to events and circumstances designed to make us face what we’re afraid of. Thus, Self Fate choices are usually made to stave off survival worries or to keep the past alive, instead of letting our present vibrate anew with unknown possibilities. Decisions made out of unknown possibility, however, are ones of Destiny; they lead to the actualization of your highest potential. They demand trust, risk, letting go of the past, being present, and manifesting the best of what’s inside of you without making any apologies. Destiny choices demand an allegiance to the soul. Discerning which impulse you allow to guide your life can be tricky, but it’s essential. What follows is an example of how each voice might speak to you during the dark night of the ego. As you read the scenarios, imagine yourself surrounded by each influence, then begin to recognize which voice you listen to most often. In fact, it would be empowering to spend some time discerning which one you’re giving allegiance to in the decisions you make — not only during the dark night of the ego, but every day.

Love Voice of Fate: “What on Earth are you thinking?! The last time you took a risk in love, you got hurt. You know that you only draw in women who abandon you. What do you think you’re doing by opening up your heart again? Come on, she’ll only break up with you for someone else who’s better looking and has more money ... just the way they all have.”

Your job Voice of Fate: “You can’t leave this job. So what if you’re constantly stressed, unhappy, have ulcers, and can’t sleep because of it. You’ve been here for 20 years. What the hell else are you gonna do? And what about your pension and retirement? It’s too late to go start a business of your own, so get over that pipe dream.” Voice of Destiny: “Have you not heard me talking to you through your body? This job is killing you! You’ve been here for 20 years, and come on now, you’re only 45 — there’s so much more you could do and pursue. What about your dream of opening a small shop, selling imported cheese and wine? You know so much about the subject and are so passionate about it — how could it not work? Take the early retirement package and go for it!”

Your creative idea Voice of Fate: “Look, you can’t be the next Martha Stewart, so why bother going forward with your idea for a vegetarian cooking show? Get over yourself, Betty Crocker! If you can’t be the best in your field, then why bother? You should just stop with this nonsense that you have any sort of original ideas. Trust me — it’s all been done before.” Voice of Destiny: “You have something unique that you can offer through a vegetarian cooking show. You have to do this! Of course you won’t be the next Martha Stewart — you’ll be you! Just because you might not be the most famous person in your field doesn’t mean that you don’t have something wonderful to contribute to others. And you’ll undoubtedly contribute something special. It hasn’t all been done before because only you can do it your way — and that will shine out into the world.” Now, I could continue with examples of these two viewpoints for pages on end, but I think that I’ve given you enough to understand how they speak to you. Essentially, your highest potential is the voice of Destiny; it almost always demands that you risk and sacrifice for the unknown. Living in alignment with it is often full of surprises — some joyful, some painful — but when you embrace this path, you’ll know you’re alive! When you can say to yourself, I never thought I would ____________ , what fills that blank space is your Destiny. This voice can also demand that you come to terms with something. For example, it might whisper in your ear, You know that you’re addicted to your entitlement as a victim and are a huge narcissist, don’t you? Are you ready to deal with that? Or it might say, You realize that your son is addicted to drugs. Are you ready to confront him? And perhaps you’ll hear, You know that your spouse is having an affair. Are you ready to finally admit and address it? In other words, coming to terms with something also transforms Self Fate into Destiny. For more information about Robert Ohotto please visit

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Voice of Choices March 2008

Wake Up and Smell the Chemicals Kasara D’Elene Remember when we were young and thought we would grow up to this “adult bliss”. When we believed the world would be a better place? We would have energy, be optimally healthy, and able to physically and mentally do all the dreams we had as children? Instead we have this: Wake up – says your alarm clock, which was cute in the store, but now throws off your internal timing, to say nothing of putting you in a bad mood. Grudgingly you pull off your pajamas and get in the shower. The shower head sprays out nice warm water with chlorine and fluoride in it. That isn’t so bad, right? Showering with elements that slowly displace iodine out of your body. (see “Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It” by Dr. David Brownstein) Then you wash hair with shampoo that contains sodium laurel sulfate (a detergent), as well as many other preservatives, perfumes, dyes and additives. I thought shampoo was supposed to clean your hair, not make it more toxic. Next, a hair conditioner with more additives, perfumes, and preservatives and wash your body with soap that has detergents, perfumes and possibly other additives such as methyl paraben and/or propyl paraben. Brush your teeth with toothpaste that has sodium lauryl sulfate as well as many other toxic substances Have you seen the warning label on your toothpaste box - swallow it - the toothpaste not the box - and you’ll need to call the poison control center. I wonder why they put the warning on the throw-away packaging and not the product? So then you reach for a nice dry towel that has been washed in detergents, with perfumes from the soap and dryer sheets. Oh and don’t forget that you have that Glade plug-in that is exuding more perfumes, with toxic substances chemically created to imitate freshness. All dry? Remember your antiperspirant that prevents your body from sweating naturally – where are those toxins suppose to go

now? Who cares that studies have found antiperspirant ingredients in breast tumors. It is no wonder you sweat so much, your body is trying to get the toxins out via the proper mechanism, your lymph system. Then typically people put on more lotions, perfumes, powders, makeup, hairspray, etc – typically containing10-20 toxic substances. You might notice how many toxins we have been exposed to so far, and we haven’t even got out of the bathroom yet! Now you put on your clothes, washed in detergents and dryer sheets – or even worse – dry cleaned with more chemicals. You wear these all day as your skin and lymph system is trying to “breathe”. Hopefully your other elimination systems can help pick up the slack; else these toxins will eventually build up and make you sick. Time to clean the bathroom? Check the labels and you’ll see you’re using chlorine and more harsh chemicals to “kill” all those bad germs. Remember this is your home and do you really want to breathe the toxic fumes? Once you make it to the kitchen for some breakfast. Having coffee? You are probably making it with water with chlorine and fluoride. If it isn’t organic did you know there are 800 different chemicals used to process coffee. If you put milk in your coffee, you are getting hormones, anti-biotics, and all the other toxins that the cows are eating and being exposed to before they milk the cows. If you are using fake sweeteners such as Equal, Nutrasweet or Splenda – you are getting more toxins and I would suggest you read ‘Exo-toxins that Kill’ by Russell Blalock M.D. who has been a neurosurgeon for the past 25 years. Hungry? A typical American breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast offers up more chemicals. Nitrates are preservatives used to set color in food. Nitrites form Nitrosamines in the body. Nitrosamines are carcinogenic. This means they cause cancer. The high heat used to cook the bacon assists in the formation of nitrosamines. Typical wheat bread contains bromine, which displaces iodine out of your body. The eggs are most likely from chickens that have been caged all day, fed toxic food, shot up with anti-biotics and hormones and the energy they are feeling as a caged animal, is now being passed onto you in the eggs. If you are like many Americans, you probably now take one or more of an assortment of pharmaceutical drugs. Adding to the toxic condition of your body, instead of making it better, as all drugs are toxic – that is why they are controlled and called drugs. As these chemicals pass through us, they go into our water supply affecting the animals and plants we eat, and our whole body. If you think you are an exception because are aren’t doing any of these “toxic” activities, you might want to read ‘The Lost Language of Plants’ by Stephen Harrod Buhner which talks about how we are ingesting Prozac, Premarin, and antibiotics whether we want to or not. If it is spring or summer, you might now go outside to spray some weed killer or grass chemicals to keep your yard nice. Not really realizing that all of those chemicals are now in the air for you to breath, and as it rains, they end up in our water supply affecting the fish we eat. The rest of our meals include more chemicals, more toxins, more artificial flavors, colors, antibiotics, hormones, and synthetic food. Why are we eating this stuff? My 6 year old son asks “Mommy, why do people sell this stuff?” – isn’t that a good question! Why are you buying it? And why do people sell it in the first place? Could it be that we are not living consciously as we put toxic food into our bodies? If we were really paying attention with open awareness as to what we were eating would we knowingly eat that way? Have we become so disconnected to what our bodies really want and need that we have to keep burying ourselves in toxins?

Voice of Choices March 2008

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Then once we are ready to go to sleep, we might light a candle, putting more toxic chemicals in the air for us to breathe. We hop back into a bed that is sprayed for bugs (if you have a regular spring mattress). We lay on that all night absorbing even more toxins from the mattress and the detergent washed sheets and blankets, and pajamas. It is no wonder we don’t have energy, have insomnia, are sick and are tired of being sick with all the thousands of toxins we are exposed to each day. If you are “awake” and aware of this already that is great! Now it is our job to help make others aware and also make the people we have voted into office aware as well. If you aren’t aware of any of this yet, WAKE UP! Literally, wake up and start making some changes. Suggested Changes to Make 1. Get a bed that is not sprayed – they are out there – check out the

air beds or ask your mattress store. There is also organic bedding available at many stores.. 2. Put a filter on your shower head. Even better put another one in the kitchen or on the whole house. These remove chlorine, fluoride and other toxic elements in normal tap water. 3. Check the label of your shampoo, conditioner and soaps to eliminate sodium lauryl sulfates, parabens and any other toxic ingredients – it is typically the words on the label that you can’t pronounce. 4. Switch from antiperspirants to deodorants – there are hundreds of options available, find what works for you. 5. Switch from perfumes to essential oils – these are actually beneficial for you, start slowly at first and be sure to get pure essential oils and not those that are Continued on page 13

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Voice of Choices March 2008

What’s Y our Story? Your Choosing Empowerment

Sandy Brewer It’s resonates like an old gospel spiritual: You got a story, I got a story. All God’s children got a story. The intensity of our stories varies as does the degree of the resulting chaos. Some of us had it really rough, as did I. Yet others have had harsher lives. And for some of us, not so much. High-end or low-end trauma, it matters not. All of it can make for a great story about how and why we have the right to be victims of our own reality. Because reality is not carved in stone. It is based on a point of view. Namely, ours. Like Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be,” it’s a choice. To be – to empower ourselves; not to be – to debilitate and hobble ourselves. Neither choice makes us right or wrong, but one will definitely make us happier. Which candle will we light today?

Even if your story is based on something of much greater substance than the milk metaphor, it’s all the same principle. Some one may have truly “done you wrong.” You may have genuinely been hurt and it was perhaps outrageously unfair. I’m not asking you to agree with what happened or to pretend it wasn’t hard. I’m asking you to hold yourself in a higher light, to quit attaching your identity to what has happened to you. You are not the result of your experiences. Your life and the way you experience it in the now is the result of the way you own yourself in the light of whatever it is your odyssey has been. Change your mind about yourself and you will change your reality. It takes a lot of practice to break away from old identities and yesterday’s attachments. It takes courage to stay focused on the recognition that there is a Source inside of you greater than any circumstance or doubt. It’s not a straight line. You’ll have to be willing to fall down and then get up. Maybe you’ll have to tumble down into doubt and confusion 100 times today; tomorrow maybe it’ll be 105 times. But soon it will become automatic – this reaching for a choice about yourself that is greater than the illusion that something bigger than you is blocking your way. That “something bigger” is your doubt and fear, your attachment to an old story of pain and suffering, self-judgment and inadequacy.

It’s easy to let stories – old ways of seeing ourselves, our histories and agendas – take center stage in our lives and be the focus If you’re feeling stuck, step off the treadmill of obsessively replayof our existence. It’s easy to consciously or unconsciously be a ing your right and wrong, good and bad scenarios. You’re so worth your own effort. Make your new victim. What if we all looked at the exprayer, your new mantra, “Show me a periences in our lives, especially the greater point of view. A point of view strontougher ones, as simply passages? “Show me a greater point of view. ger than my doubt, greater than my anger, Places through which we have traveled. A point of view stronger than my fairer than my judgment. I am not that which Whatever the journey has been, it pales doubt, greater than my anger, has happened to me. Show me the point of in comparison to the core of who we are view of Love and how I can recognize and fairer than my judgment. today. We’re all at the head of our own be healed by It in the midst of my chaos.” line. No circumstance, no individual, event, or history gets to state who we I am not that which has happened are. We do. There have been times in my life when I to me. Show me the point of view have clung to this prayer for weeks, and on Who and how do you want to be toof Love and how I can recognize occasion, months. But there has never day? You get to choose. Really, you been a time when, as long as I held to my and be healed by It in the midst of do. intention of self-growth, that the clouds my chaos. ” Begin by releasing resistance. If things didn’t ultimately part and the healing presare or were tough allow that things are ence of wisdom come cascading through. or were tough. Don’t debate it. Acknowledge it. Now, here comes the caveat. No story. If you want to choose triumph, if you want to choose you, you can’t put a “All God’s children got a story.” It’s part of our nature. What will story around why you feel so miserable. You won’t create change your story be today? The light of all that you truly are and the and learn how to empower yourself by saying, “The clerk in the potentials that await you? Or will it be the shadow of doubt? grocery store forgot to put the milk in the bag and now I have to Shadows are within the light, not outside of it. And shadows have go back and nobody does it right and nobody ever takes care of no true power over you, for at your core you are so much greater me and this always happens to me…” By the time you’re done than the illusion of separation. letting your run on sentences – your victimization story – vomit Today make the promise of you be an empowering choice, not an all over you, everybody around you is ready to throw up, too. interminable process. We’re all in this dance of life together. Know If you want to work with the law of non-resistance which always that in the midst of all our self-perceived flaws, is the stunning precedes the law of attraction, you could say. “Ugh, the milk’s light of all that we can be. Let it shine. Now that’s a story worth not here. How irritating. But, wait. Maybe there’s something for living in! © 2008 Sandy Brewer me in the drive back to the store. Maybe it will give me the time I Noted human behavior specialist and gifted speaker with over thirty year’s have been needing to take a breath. Maybe it will teach me that I experience as a therapist, Sandy Brewer will inspire and empower you can create fifteen minutes in my day just for me. Next time, I’ll see with practical, useful strategies in her interactive workshop, Six Steps to Mastering the Art of Healing, March 15, in Kihei, HI. See her schedule of if I can do it without the double milk run.” free events at

Voice of Choices March 2008

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Be What You Desire

In other words, how do we evolve past this point and express the spiritual beings we truly are?

The Possibilities are Unlimited

The Mayans believed that the year 2012 ends a cycle of more than 5,000 years of human history and that either mankind would evolve into a spiritually based reality or they would destroy themselves. It appears it is up to our collective group consciousness of quantum thinking that will determine the history of this present civilization.

Julie Hutslar What now after the movies, “What the Bleep?” and “The Secret”? The message is becoming popular that we can have whatever we want as we understand that we co-create our world with our thoughts. Being on the forefront of a metaphysical change of thinking is exciting, but it also means we don’t have a tried-and-proven pathway to follow. We, as joint consciousness, are the ones paving the way and the trial-and-error method might feel more like dead ends than a home run. Books like “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Carolyn Myss show us that our thoughts create our biology, Gary Zukov with “Seat of the Soul” brings awareness that more spiritual thoughts create a more spiritual life. Eastern thinkers are making serious inroads into Western thinking as we merge philosophies: All is One. Neale Donald Walsch and James Redfield illuminate our celestial guidance. Writers like Richard Bach and Michael Roads give us a hint of another reality, beyond the illusion we live in. Yogis are becoming revered as holders of ancient wisdom we are now ready to embrace, and we are finally understanding that children, indigo or otherwise, hold a key to our evolution. New Age thinkers and thinking have now ushered in the ability to entertain quantum thinking, and that’s where we are. We are collectively staring at a human potential summed up in quantum thinking and we don’t exactly know where to go. We don’t know what is even possible, or rather, we are beginning to grasp the idea that all is possible. Quantum thinking is the opposite of linear thinking, which is what the human race has always done. Sunday has always followed Saturday, which follows Friday. The attachment to process is also part of that linear thinking. In other words, everything takes time. But in quantum thinking there is no time; there are only thoughts. The concept of process no longer makes sense. But how do we unattach ourselves from the historical biology and instinct of time to become what we are ultimately able to become?

In quantum thinking, your thoughts determine your physical reality, but it doesn’t work as simply as, “I want a red bike” and you dwell on wanting a red bike and you have it. The energy is what makes up the thought. And the energy of “I want a red bike” is “I want.” The energy of wanting begets more wanting, or longing. That is not the result we had hoped for. We want the red bike. So you can do like the Hopi Indians, when you want rain: You don’t pray for rain, you become rain. Then your thought of being rain draws that exact energy to you: rain. So what can we do? Be everything? Yes. That is exactly it. You Are All. You Have All. Simply remember that and remind yourself of it. I am not speaking of the physical vehicle you currently inhabit. I am referring to your Divine Self. Your Divine Self was created by creation energy, the Divine Itself, and consequently you, as an offspring, have inherited creation energy. You also have inherited everything. To recall this, use this as your daily mantra and you will draw to you Everything! I am All. I have All. Then if a bike is something you don’t have that you’d desire, by the very nature of All, it fits into that energy parameter. If a loving relationship is what you don’t have that is part of your All, here it comes. If rain, vacations, diamonds, inspiration, guidance are things you don’t believe you consciously possess yet, be All, have All, and allow them to find their birthright. It’s as simple as that: I Am All. I Have All. And hold that thought as often as you can, with no second thinking, no chaos, no interfering thoughts, no worries or concerns, no anxiety, simply enjoy the peace that comes from believing, I am all and I have all. Julie Hutslar is the author of “Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit”; her second book, “The Mask, the Mirror and the Illusion: A Spiritual and Practical Manual for Remembering Who You Are,” is due in early spring. She works in core belief restructuring out of Sandpoint, Idaho. Visit her web site at`


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Voice of Choices March 2008

hearts, when they will become real. With seven planets in Aquarius for the last eclipses in February we are all still carrying this energy of changing ideas strongly into this month.

March has always been known as the time for passion and action. Thus this month is named for the planet Mars, which is now very happy to finally be moving onwards after a three-month shadow and retrograde path. On March 4 Mars enters Cancer where it began this path in December and will be out of the shadow by the 23rd of this month. Emotions are strong this month and we are all questioning our path, and how we feel about things in our life. Mercury retrograde last month is still in the same shadow point until mid month so issues with Mars (action) and Mercury (ideas) for some of us may still be processing within our souls and minds and not quite ready for birth. This month carries some real magic if we access it during meditation, dreams or intentions. Happy birthday Pisces and Aries as we enter your soul contract time. Colors for March are red for passion and green for healing. Stones are bloodstone and aquamarine for the same. Flowers are daffodil and jonquils and creatures are cougar and sea crow. A beginning of a new era is upon us as we begin signing new soul contracts and take on the task of beginning a new world during the real 2008 new year as the sun moves to Aries on the 19th and the astrological year begins March 19 at 10:49p.m., Pacific Time, here in Seattle. The sun will enter the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and we will enter the time of the East, the time of illumination and wisdom. It is the time of spring. and the vernal equinox. March is the third month of a number 1 year making this a number 4 month of security. We are all surely, since Jan. 1, looking at money issues and how to have more, and be safer aren’t we? Well, what you are feeling is a grand trine of Earth energy, which is asking us to build. We have been taught that building needs money, haven’t we? What does building need more of than money? “I believe,” and “I believe” is the theme of the sun in Pisces until the 19th. I believe that we need to know we can do it, to feel it, to smell it, to taste it and have no doubt. Those are the people who get the money they need and the help we must have to continue our work. In February we had an eclipse in the sign of Aquarius and we will again in August. They ask us to change patterns of thoughts and create them first within our minds and then move them to our




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The key to handling the new energy is truly believing in yourself, as we enter the time of “I Am” when the sun enters Aries on the 19th. We become what we think we are so “I Am ___” statements are powerful now. It is only by processing values that we truly see what we are making happen in our lives. (Values to me are what I put energy into, so the saying, “Energy flows where attention goes,” has surely been repeating itself in my mind this month.) The sun shifting from Pisces into Aries is helping to push us toward the courage to move forward on the 19th. The new moon on March 7 at 9:14 a.m., Seattle time, is in the “I believe” sign of Pisces, asking us to further increase the energy of knowing it can happen. Uranus, the planet of change, in Pisces also says, “believe,” make the changes needed to bring it into reality and let the next two weeks bring your beliefs to you. The 5th (dark-of-the-moon magic wish days or Balsamic moon), with the moon touching ideas, love and intuition, and the 6th, as the moon enters Pisces setting up the new moon , begin a new power time. On the 7th, 8th and 9th we garner even more power: We have a new moon (time of increase) on the 7th; the sun and Uranus come together on the 8th to help us create a dream, and then make the changes necessary to bring it into manifestation; on the 9th, Mercury still in Aquarius moving through that retrograde path from last month touches Neptune (divine inspiration) and reconnection with divine love and our path is here. These are surely days to meditate, pray, make intentions and create magic for yourself. So truly this month we have a wonderful and energized five days of tremendous magic. For love energy, (and love is anything we like isn’t it) Venus (the planet of earthly love and manifesting) is in the air (ideas) sign of Aquarius until the 12th. After the 12th, as Venus enters Pisces, the vision, and the dream become stronger and we are more able to create within our mind and heart and then manifest it in dreams. Venus into Aries on April 5 on that new moon day sets off the shot heard round the world and we can all then take that dream we created and go for it. Or you can go for it right now if you choose. Remember, we create reality by what we believe, don’t we. Saturn retrograde all month in Virgo is helping us to get ideas and goals, and define our reality and a part of the grand trine of Earth energy. Ceres, unconditional love in Taurus, is trying to anchor you into the reality that you can have what you love, and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn are super sizing our wish list. Where these planets are traveling is a huge energy in your life, opening you to all the wonders that you really want for the next 2½ years. And if you want something, you work for it, right? You make plans and you tell others, so that you open those doors to allow others to help allow it to come, don’t you? Please, be open to change, be ready to see the goal and then unfocus your eyes and intents, as that goal ahead can be so much more than you could ever imagine with this energy if you are willing to hold it like a butterfly and let it unfold your destiny. The flow of the current is more powerful than you could do on your own, so let’s ride this wave together. Namaste and love to you all. Please visit Carol Barbeau’s Web site,, for eclipse articles and much more. E-mail her at

Ostara -

egg. Within the Egg, the Golden Sun God (yolk) unites with the White Goddess (egg white) in a symbol of fertility and rebirth. Eggs are talismans for The Creation, and for creativity within ourselves. They are the first sign of new life. Bowls and baskets of dyed eggs are placed in and around the Circle, and eggs are eaten as part of the ritual.

Celebrating Rebirth Kate Bowditch, MA

Ostara is the Egg, the Ovary, the Moment of All Possibility. What will you bring forth this year? This festival is one for contemplating the meaning of day and night, and the progression of time in our lives. The equinox occurs twice a year, and only twice a year are the night and day of equal length. These two equinoxes are identical — yet in the fall we know we face the dark and cold, and with it the great Winnower. The spring equinox tells us we have tipped the scales once again and dare to celebrate the lengthening of the sun’s rays. Hern, the young God, becomes lover of the Goddess, and so begins the cycle of growing bounty, warmth and fertility in the summer season. What will you bring forth this year? This is to be an interesting year. It is 2008, which translates as: 2 + 8 = 10, which reduces to 1. One is a year in which to begin, it is a fresh start number. It is also the Asian Year of the Rat, which started Feb 7. Rat is No. 1 in the Chinese horoscope. The Chinese system takes 12 years to complete; the Western takes 10. To have this coincidence of No. 1’s is very unusual. 2008 is a Leap Year. The full moon came just after the winter solstice, which is unusual and is called a Finishing Moon. So, dear journeyers along the Wheel, take note of this year, and take note of your participation in your own life this year. This is the year to lay your foundation for the next nine years. In fact, this is the most important No. 1 year to come around in many a long year. This year, pay attention to yourself. Listen, make some decisions, act, and then celebrate the Egg, from which you will hatch, on Ostara! The theme for the Celebration is one of overcoming, of rebirth, and the beginnings of life. For this year in particular, this is the day to celebrate the new actions you are already taking to bring forth the best for the next nine years.

Seeds gathered at the autumnal equinox, can now be blessed in preparation for planting. This is also the time of “planting of seeds” in the psychic realm. Seeds of wisdom? Of understanding? Of acceptance? Time to think of the new skills, magical or otherwise, that you seek. These “seeds,” and wishes for the coming year, are written on undyed, hardboiled eggs and placed on the altar during the Ceremony. The eggs are “planted” in the ground later to manifest what is written on them. A circle dance, with chanting, can unify the energy of the group. Music can be light and festive — “young,” with emphasis on the young doing the dancing. Guided meditation (if a member is versed in this skill) is good for unifying the group and enhancing the fertility of intent. Couples seeking conception can be blessed at this time. This is a good time to engage in faerie gazing — sitting very quietly either at your window or outside, to see if you can see the spring faeries dance. Be sure to leave them some honey and milk, shiny coins and some blossoms from the flowers in your Circle. This gift is appreciated. I give thanks to the many people who have researched and written about such ceremonies, from whom I draw much of my information. Kate Bowditch is a licensed counselor and hypnotherapist in private practice in Everett, Wash. She specializes in treating depression and life crisis. She is currently writing a project dealing with the “awakening” of an ancient sacred site in Ireland. She can be reached at: or visit her website at:

Bring cakes and libations to offer to the Goddess of Spring. Her Name is Ostre, or Eostre, to the Anglo-Saxons. To the Greeks she is Eos or Aurora, Goddess of Dawn, the beginning of things, and Spring. These names are all forms of the word “Eostre”, as is “estrus”, the word for the fertility cycle of the woman. She is fertility itself, bringing bounty to the land. We welcome her and honor her power. The Direction is East, the Element is Air. Incense in this ceremony should be light, “airy” scents, or “fertility” scents such as Patchouli or musk. Pastel colors, indicating the fragility of the new ideas, new growth and new endeavors, are used for decorations and candles. She is also called Columbina , and the Columbine flower is named after her. The hare, or rabbit, with their prolific fertility, is the animal associated with this festival. The giving of colored eggs is a tradition so old it is traced to ancient Mesopotamia. Possibilities for the Ceremony: eggs, lots and lots of eggs, and flowers — at least one for every participant. Pretty flowers everywhere. Eggs are symbols of new beginnings and are a big part of Ostara. Symbolically, the universe is the “Great Egg”, and people often place a protective barrier around themselves in the shape of an

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Voice of Choices March 2008

Tibetan Numerology Pamm Horbit

discover what energies are blocking based on your name; what inspires you? What motivates you? What stops you in your tracks!

Ever wonder why you make a decision in a split second, and others can’t seem to make a decision about anything ? The study of the energy associated with numbers, may offer you some valuable insight.

If we “cast” the numbers, learn which energies are supporting you or blocking you at this particular time. What can you do to shift the influences – right now!

My divination art of choice is Numerology – a system of energetics based on the meanings of numbers. I use this system, not to predict my future, but to help me better understand my life – to let me off the hook when I’m being too hard on myself, and to encourage me to move forward when I think I’m stuck.

The energy of the number 1 is the “I am” energy. It’s about identity, your personal identity, the self that you show the outside; that one-of-a-kind individuality that’s creative and needs to be “out there”. The number 2 is about balance, the “I Balance” energy. Learning to balance the relationship between “thinking” and “knowing”.

In conventional numerology, everyone is on a 9 year cycle, because there are 9 numerals in our counting system. Assignment of numbers to the alphabet is linear, i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3 etc.

The number 3 is about being creative, the “I Create” energy. This energy is always moving onto something new, with seemingly little thought – it’s all about the joy involved.

Based on the Tibetan calendar (10 months instead of 12) and numbers assigned to the alphabet based on tonal/vibrational frequencies in common, we get unique information. Based on a birthdate, as converted to a 10 month calendar, we discover that a personal soul cycle can be anywhere from 3 years, to 11 years. The numbers 10 and 11 are not reduced. 9 is the number of MAN’s completion, 10 is the number of new beginnings, and 11 is the number of the UNIVERSE’S completion. Based on the alphanumeric conversion,

The number 4 is about structure, foundation and systems. It’s about organizing, thus the “I Organize” energy. This number is about being grounded in the moment, a feeling of security amidst chaos. The number 5 is about change and variety, energetically supporting movement. The “I Expand” energy is about doing lots at the same time, constantly processing the change, and can be physically challenging or rewarding. The number 6 is the “I Love” energy. Energetic support is through beauty, and those ever wonderful “rose colored glasses”; the energy of sharing from the heart. When we are “in love” there is no other world - be in love with everything about you! The number 7 is the “I Learn” energy, the ability to discern the real from the fluff, the number of knowledge and wisdom. The number 8, is the “I Manifest” number - or simply the number of money, power, and success. How well do you provide for you physical needs? If your business name adds up to the number 8, it is being supported by the energetics of money, power, and success! Hmmm! The number 9 is the “I Inspire” number. It’s the spiritual number about man’s completion, rising to the level of humanity, understanding that we are indeed all one and the same. The energy is knowing yourself as devine and inspiring others to know themselves as well. The number 10 is about new beginnings, about the future - it’s the “I Vision/See” number. Energetically, think beyond the sky as your goal. Where #5 starts projects for the sake of starting them, the number 10 plans projects. Where the energies of #3 and #4 support quickly moving through thoughts and ideas, the number 10 is much slower in that every future goal is thought out very carefully. The number 11 is about Universal Completion, mastery on all levels. The energy is that of timelessness - that feeling that since everything is already perfect, why worry! . . . the energy of enlightenment.

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Start increasing your awareness of the numbers around you. When you are at a meeting, or with a group of people, count the number of people in attendance. If that number is 7, then the meeting is being supported by the energetics of knowledge. If the number is 11, the energy is of timelessness, and unless all people in attendance are “enlightened” you may not get much accomplished. If the number is 22 the energy is that of the number 4 and the group is being supported to understand/develop systems of grounded function. (For numbers larger than 11, add the digits, and continue adding until a single digit remains.) Pay attention the next time you glance at your watch or the clock. What were you just thinking about? Why was your attention diverted at that exact moment? Maybe, you were anxious about choosing the “right” clothes for the evening - the time is 3:45 (3+4+5=12; 1+2=3) Ah! the number 3 - the message is to “lighten up!” it’s going to be fun no matter what you wear! What is the energy of your house? Your car? Your phone number? The license plate in front of you when you are stuck in traffic? Since we are energy, and we function based on the energetics around us, any additional awareness can enhance our lives by empowering us to live within our souls desire rather than fighting it! Numerology is just one wonderful energetic link to understanding who we are and why we react the way we do. Pamm is a Numerology practitioner available for individual consultationsand sessions at NW Psychic Fairs In Kent and Redmond ( her at

Healthy Changes from pg 7 diluted with other harmful substances. 6. Switch from the toxic perfume plug-ins to natural essential oil diffusers, or natural incense, or natural palm oil or soy candles. 7. Wash your clothes with borax, soap nuts or other natural cleaners. There are many out there now on the market. You can add drops of essential oils if you like as well to make them smell a scent you prefer.

------------------------------------------------------------ASTROL OG Y ------------------------------------------------------------ASTROLOG OGY Soul Centered Astrology - Carol Barbeau

Hand Cast Astrology Charts Relationship - Solar Return - Monthly - Relocation - Children’s Charts Tarot - Runes - Color Therapy - Chakra Work - Numerology


8. Stop using dryer sheets, Use dryer ballsi nstead of dryer sheets, or use natural dryer sheets like Method brand, available at Target and some health food stores. 9. Use natural substances to clean your house. Baking soda, Borax, and Hydrogen Peroxide are inexpensive and are easily put into spray bottles for cleaning just about everything in. You can use clear alcohol available at the liquor store. It’s great at cleaning and sanitizing and evaporates without leaving any residue or toxic chemicals in the air. You can find also find natural cleaners in health food stores.

-----------------------------------------------------------------Wellness ------------------------------------------------------------------W

10. Read the labels on your food – do you actually know what you are eating? You have a brain – use it to read what you are putting in your body. How far removed is your food from nature? Was it ever actually in nature? Realize that every step of processing food goes through typically requires at least one toxin. Food fresh from organic farms doesn’t have those toxins. Every little step you make helps to make you, and the planet less toxic. You are worth it! Kasara D’Elene is a licensed traditional naturopath and president of TruHealth Inc. 18003 Bothell-Everett Hwy Ste L, Bothell, Wash., a healthfood store specializing in all-natural products. Visit her website at

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