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Voice of Choices The Great Invocation From the point of Light within the Universal Mind Let Light stream forth into the minds of men. May Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart Divine Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men. May God/dess return to Earth. From the center where the Will of God/ess is known Let purpose guide the little wills of men. The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the center which we call the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out and may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Celebrating Life... With Spirit!

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Monthly V OICE OF CHOICES Magazine Publisher: Kathy Lowden 1-877-236-4080 206-715-2824 Copy Editor - Jim Bacon Maui Distribution - Russ Reina Whether you define ‘spirit’ as enthusiasm or spirituality, Voice of Choices supports you in exploring the many options for creating and enjoying your life! We feature articles on alternative healing, personal development, spirituality and a wide range of topics focused on spirited living. Giving voice to the myriad of choices available in every moment, information is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, or prescription regarding disease, illness or injury. We recommend you see a licensed health practitioner if you have concerns about your health. Voice of Choices is not responsible for any situations arising from participation in or application of anything written or advertised in this publication. We welcome your contribution of articles and artwork, to be published on approval as space permits. Articles do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher.

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Cover Art ‘Spirit Stallion’ by Rance Hood

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‘Spirit Stallion’ is a depiction of the horse Lakota Souix Leader and Medicine Man Crazy Horse saw in a vision while at his first feast. Not knowing what it meant, Crazy Horse told the Chiefs of the tribe of his vision. They told him he was going to be a great warrior - and that the white man’s bullets would bounce off his shield. Amazingly, though fired on many times, the prophecy proved to be true. After being shot at he would ride up to his warriors and dump the lead from the bullets on the ground in front of them. Please visit to enjoy more of Mr. Hood’s art.


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The Lord’s Prayer - Translated from Aramaic Oh Cosmic Birther of all radiance and light! Soften the ground of our being and carve out a space within us where your presence can abide. Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered to bear the fruit of your mission. Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with our desire. Endow us with the wisdom to produce and to share what each being needs to grow and flourish. Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes. Let us not be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment for you are the ground and the fruitful vision, the birth, power and fulfillment as all is gathered and made whole once again. Editor’s Note: This translation was given to VoC several years ago. I am not finding verification that it is authentic. If you have that validation - please contact VoC. We may continue to print this - but can only do so as ‘the Aramaic translation’ with verification.

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Voice of Choices July 2008

Freedom? Aloha and Blessings - Welcome to the July Voice of Choices. Each month features articles I trust will offer ideas to consider, tools you can use and insight into the concept that we are indeed all connected. In addition, each month contains a common thread or underlying ‘theme’ which is based loosely on the celebrations, holidays and current issues many of us will explore during that month. It’s kind of funny, last night I submitted ‘the final copy’ via email. Tucked neatly into the print company’s ftp site, all the files for the advertisements, pictures and articles you’ll see on these pages. My monthly ritual - I call it ‘that time of the month’ - deadline has ‘loomed’ and been met. Yet, as all the files are transferred and I compose the email addressed to the graphics department and the Voice of Choices’ print rep, the message is amost always the same. “Please wait to send my proof”. I ask them to get started and then interfere with the expedient progress by asking they go only so far in the production process. You might wonder why. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to give someone a project they can only take so far. And yet over the years I’ve discovered that the words which make up this article - the Blessings from the Publisher - seem almost to require that the pressure of deadline, the timing of getting it all done and sending to the printers, be in the past, finished, completed.... before inspiration can make it through. This month fits that description. Up late last night, and not so restful sleep as I wondered which words would be the best words to share with you this month of July 2008. Freedom. The foundation upon which our country was built; the tapestry which has woven together the lives of so many desiring the opportunity to meet each day in the way they choose. My mother used to tell me ‘look it up’ when I’d ask the definition of a word. So, from is the following: 1. Freedom, inde-

pendence, liberty refer to an absence of undue restrictions and an opportunity to exercise one’s rights and powers. Freedom emphasizes the opportunity given for the exercise of one’s rights, powers, desires, or the like: freedom of speech or conscience; freedom of movement. Independence implies not only lack of restrictions but also the ability to stand alone, unsustained by anything else: Independence of thought promotes invention and discovery. Liberty, though most often interchanged with freedom, is also used to imply undue exercise of freedom. Would that include ‘freedom’ to make mistakes? How about ‘freedom’ to fail? ‘Freedom’ to choose new approaches when old habits or answers create ‘a diferent kind of result than we were desiring? You notice I used the words fail and mistakes- not my usual vocabulary. Yet, in the throes of summer which on the medicine wheel is the direction of the south, it is the coyote who guides us. The trickster, as he is often referred to, can offer us the ‘medicine’ of misdirection. After all, what better way to know where we want to be (or at least getting clear that ‘this here and now is not what we want to continue) than when we are ‘off track’. (oops how can we be off track if everything is perfect??) Ok, another of coyote’s specialties is humor so let’s try this again. Can you think of a time in your life or situation that, once you’d moved through the lessons you realized the value you wouldn’t have asked for? For many of us thinking back and finding at least one example is not too dificult. Can you ‘re-frame’ that situation and discover the nugget of blessing you would have missed without it? Can you go a step farther and see the incentive for growth or change it offered? That’s Mr. Coyote. Kind of like the 6 lane freeway. You’re in the far left lane and the sign says your exit is 1/ 2 mile away - and on the right - at rush hour - and all the cars are going about 20 miles an hour - and every lane is bumper to bumper. Ok, so where was I going with this? Hey - it’s barely 6 AM and my brain’s a bit foggy - hang in there and we’ll find our way to my point. Freedom, coyote medicine, mistakes... now I remember. In 2001 I handed a flyer to each participant at my weekly reiki circle. The information on it spoke of one’s personal responsibility in their own healing process. It also shared concepts about the ethics of asssisting others in their healing process. Some were calling themselves ‘healers’ when in fact we ‘facilitate’ and assist . I was also concerned with the attitude still found within the ‘healing community’ which finds it appropriate to ‘send healing’ to recipients who have not asked for it. Remember Star Trek’ and the ‘Prime Directive’? Without delving deeply into the specifics - look it up if you feel the desire. When we send healing, protection, or an energetic blessing without permission are we interfering with the person’s freedom? Are we implying that somehow we know what is ‘right’ for another’s highest good? Where is the line between a well-meant prayer and creating an energy which could shift their reality ... for the ‘better’? Years ago a friend of mine asked us to STOP sending her white light. It was keeping her awake at night and her healing process required sleep and although she knew the energy was sent with love, the result was not helpful. Freedom, yes freedom. Your right to move forward on your personal path - in the manner you feel best serves you. And with that freedom you can also make a new choice - as it becomes appropriate - for you and there are many who can assist in that process just ask. Blessings in all your choices, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo & Mahalo Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden P.S. - Check out this month’s articles- who knows, maybe there’s something important. And - hey, if you can help me create a blog for get in touch - let’s create discussions that support and celebrate excercising our freedom and enjoying our best life!

Voice of Choices July 2008

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Embracing Y our P ower Your Power Robin Eagle Sage I’ll never forget how cool it was when I learned how to read energy confidently. I had been taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, but I was very shy and reading energy in front of people was terrifying. What if I was incorrect? I would be humiliated! Or what if I was correct? How would I maintain my false humility? One such day at the BPI a group of students and I were reading the energy of a man who had signed up for a student reading. We lined up sitting across from him, closed our eyes and began to tell this stranger about his life. Many readers were taking turns talking, but nothing eventful was happening. As they were reading, I saw a picture in this man’s energy field of a big puppy with a bow around its neck. I deliberated whether I should say anything about this picture or not. What if they think I am crazy? I can’t just say, “I see a puppy in your aura.” By this time I was sweating and my heartbeat was quickening as I tried to muster up the courage to say something. Finally, when there was a lull in the conversation, I said, “Uhhhh, I see a puppy in your aura, and he is wearing a big red bow around his neck.” When the man heard this he jumped out of his seat. I wasn’t sure what I had said to excite him. Then he proclaimed in full enthusiasm, “I have been trying to decide if I should buy my son a puppy! Now I know I will do it for sure!” Needless to say he was thrilled and he thanked me for the message. This is how I learned to raise my confidence as an energy reader. The more I expressed what I saw in people’s energy fields, the more positive feedback I received. And little by little, in a field that was as strange to me as nuclear physics, I began to understand that what I saw with my inner vision was nothing less than the truth.

not true! It is for everyone and is our natural birthright to commune with God/Spirit, listen to our inner guidance and read or decipher energy. Not only is it possible for everyone to read energy but it is essential in these times of imbalance. After all, if I can learn how to read energy, anyone can. The only reason why most people can’t read energy spontaneously is because this natural ability has been beaten out. Many individuals in the past have been abandoned, hanged, raped and burned because of this ability to “speak to God.” They were called heretics as only religious figures were allowed to have God speak through them. This cell memory is why many people today live in fear of their own power and will never come close to utilizing their brain’s fullest potential. That is why we do not know when even our own partners lie to us. We fear the truth and our own power to the extent of not listening to our inner voices. But let me tell you, when you do open to your infinite truth, it feels like you are on the top of a mountain. What comes after awareness is the willingness to change. Many of us receive information but never trust it enough to take action. If you ask the question, “How can I…?” then you must be willing to hear the answer. If you want a change in your life then you must change so that the energies may shuffle around to accommodate you. In other words, you must let go in order to grow. The truth is not always easy but it certainly is freeing. The more you listen to your inner knowledge, and trust it, the easier and more flowing life will be. Robin Eagle Sage is an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive, healer and teacher. Her workshops, “Meditation and Intuitive Development,” are in Vancouver, British Columbia, July 11 and 12 and Seattle on July 18 and 19. Learn to know yourself and others through reading the human energy field. Visit or 1-800-940-1513.

Learning that I could trust myself brought me great joy and freedom. Because I was always interested in health, I began noticing where people’s energies were not flowing in their bodies. Then I began to see the correlation between their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I found that if a person could get in touch with all of these areas of life and balance them, that their health would rapidly improve. Now, more than 10 years later, I work as a full-time professional medical intuitive, helping people worldwide over the telephone and in workshops with their health, love lives, finances and businesses. All of these areas of life sum up a person’s overall health. Therefore, they are all important areas to address. What people don’t understand is how simple it is to “tune in” and read energy. There is a good reason for this. For centuries, many of the leaders in power have wanted to keep the populace repressed so that they may remain in control. The powers that be still do this by keeping people addicted to numbing medications, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, sex, work, poverty and war. All of these things keep people weak, tired and unstable. If everyone knew how to read energy and get their own information directly from Source, what would this world be like? I believe that people would start becoming stronger and more empowered. They would notice all of the BS in life, otherwise known as control energy, and they would begin to make a break from it and their many addictions. People would live their lives for themselves and create sustainable communities in which they would truly thrive. They would elect their own leaders, eat their own food, manufacture their own fuel and live their lives with love, balance and freedom. But because of the fear that has been programmed into most people, there are those believe that being clairvoyant, psychic, an energy reader or healer is reserved for the special and gifted few. This is

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Voice of Choices July 2008

The Gift of Honorable Closure

Gracious Goodbyes Tana Hamiter This teaching of honorable closure was brought to me by a number of native and non-native teachers in the U.S. as well as through my travels around the world. Certainly it is not something practiced actively in our standard American culture. Yet give it some thought and see how it could apply in your life; making your spiritual path and your growth stronger in integrity. We all belong to groups of various kinds, such as medicine circles, drumming groups, clans and communities, service organizations, churches or social groups. We have many types of teachers, mentors, healers (including doctors in white coats), friends and family. What happens when it is time to leave? Perhaps you are moving to another town or making a job change that affects your time availability. Other times people find another class that conflicts in time with a circle or class you’ve been attending. This is where the medicine teaching of “honorable closure” comes into play. When we have been a part of a group, clan or ongoing class; we have created relations with these people and with the leader of the group. To just disappear is to walk away without honor and it leads to leaving the equivalent “stone” in your belly, an attachment that was not dealt with in a good way. This has a strong energy effect on you and can have one as well on the group. The honorable way to handle this is to make the time to go to the last circle/meeting you would be attending and have “honorable closure.” Let people know you are moving on, or perhaps will just be gone for, say, four months while you attend some other commitment or family necessity. It gives a chance for the circle to embrace you and support you in your spirit walk and does not leave a tear in the energy of the circle. Try to let the leader know in advance as he or she may do something special for you on that night.

Voice of Choices July 2008

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Other times we move on because we have had a falling out with the leader or no longer feel comfortable within the group. Part of our spiritual maturation is to face our issues (not just duck out and hide; there goes that stone in the belly again). If the conflict is with the leader, request a private meeting and talk through what has been uncomfortable with you. Sometimes it feels like this step might take a lot of personal strength, but that is what growing is all about. This way you can leave your relationship with your teacher/ mentor in a good way. As I’ve found, often these rifts were great lessons and it made our relationship stronger because I faced the challenge. I had a teacher/mentor I’d worked with for many years. She often had me doing things that stretched me, really stretched me. Once she gave me a task that really went against my personal values (I was what I refer to as a “young one” at the time). We discussed it but she was very strong in her saying that this was the way to handle a very difficult situation. Finally I did as she taught me and wow, major bad fallout! I felt awful as well, as it was really against my personal values as to how to handle very difficult problems. It was hurtful to me and the person I was dealing with. I did not go back for honorable closure. I carried that rock in my belly for many years until I grew enough to realize it was still there, as well as the cording that went with it. Thus I called and asked to meet with her and we had a “sit down.” During the discussion she said it was about time I’d learned the lesson to never go against my personal moral values. We eventually ended up laughing at how difficult I’d made that lesson for myself and how long I’d chosen to carry the stone in my belly. Now we are on best of relations and I truly honor her as a strong teacher and friend. I suggest if you need to get clean with a teacher/mentor, do so! It is a lesson for both of you and as we all know, lessons not faced return, return and return again until we learn from them. Then go to the group/clan if there is one and have “honorable closure” there. It will leave everyone with a rich and growing experience and leave you energetically free. Tana Hamiter is a shamanic practitioner. For more information call 360856-1428 or e-mail

Time To Change?

Avoiding the Cosmic 2 x 4 Shannon Faulkes I love how the Universe works. It always lets us know when it is time for changes. At first, the nudges are gentle, and if we choose to ignore them the Universe is so generous that it will give us a little bigger push. For those of us who refuse to listen to the gentle nudges or follow the inner guidance of the push the Cosmic 2 x 4 comes crashing down on our heads. I am sure we have all been the recipient of the Cosmic 2 x 4. We’ve probably all sat there rubbing our heads at one time going “Owie! That hurt! Why does change have to be so painful?” The truth is change doesn’t have to be a bumpy-noggin ride if we choose to pay attention to those gentle nudges. For example, say you have been working at a job that used to provide you joy and, now you find your body grumpy each time you pull into the parking lot. This is a gentle nudge from the Universe saying “Hey, you! What we are doing is no longer working! It’s time for a change!” Oh, and say you choose to ignore that emotional message your body will generously start to shout louder. You may notice you develop headaches, backaches, get sick more often, or have random small accidents. These are just louder pushes telling you “Hey! You’re not listening! It’s really time for a change!” When we choose to ignore our emotions and body pain, the Universe has no choice but to grab that 2 x 4 and give us a loving whack. My favorite technique for avoiding the Cosmic 2 x 4 is simply called “communicating to your body.” Our bodies are divinely set up to communicate directly to Spirit through the use of our emotions. Our emotions come in all kinds of delicious flavors, and not

one of them is bad. In fact, our emotions are a great gauge to let us know when it is time for change. To communicate to your body, simply find a quiet place where you can be still for a few minutes. Take a couple of deep breaths. Visualize a grounding cord coming from the base of your spine, and have it attach to the Earth’s core. Grounding helps your body feel safer on this planet. To increase your grounding, simply visualize more energy going down this cord. Once you are grounded, say hello to your body. Ask your body what it would like to tell you. Listen or feel the emotions that come up, as this is the way your body communicates to you. Your body will help guide you to what it presently needs, be it more rest, better food, or simply more fun in your life. If you have pain, allow your body to tell you why. For example, lower back and knee pain could mean fear of moving forward. Remember the answers you receive from your body are keys for assisting you to make gentle changes. Also, note, you can use your grounding cord to release any stuck emotions or energies that are no longer serving you. The great news is you don’t even need to know what this energy is to heal it. Simply use the intention to release that which no longer serves you to gently go down your grounding cord. You can usually avoid the Cosmic 2 x 4 by choosing to pay attention to your body’s emotions instead of ignoring them. This may save you from a future headache. Above all, remember that if you do happen to receive a 2 x 4, it is never done to punish you. It is only here to lovingly serve and remind you to focus on what it is you truly want to create in your life. For information about self-healing, energy work, clairvoyant readings, or life changing seminars contact Shannon Faulkes at www.thejoy or . Check out “Create Your Life Weekend” August 8- 10th 2008


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Voice of Choices July 2008

Oil Pulling - Oral Detox Kasara D’Elene proper oils, this isn’t the case for most people. After doing some Oil pulling was first mentioned in significant research online and with my colleagues, it is best to use Charaka Samhita and Sushrutha’s either Sunflower or Sesame oil for optimal results. I found the sunArthashastra, (meaning sci- flower oil the easiest since it just tasted like sunflower seeds which ence related to worldly wealth) most people like anyway. a book on government dated Once you have pulled/swished the oil properly for the time recomfrom sometime between the 4th mended, spit the oil out in the sink, toilet or garbage. It will now be century BC and 2nd century white and will contain harmful organisms and toxins from your AD. It is also a mouth that you no longer want there. widely recomNever swallow the oils after you have mended Ayurvedic been swishing it in your mouth as you Important Notes: procedure that has will then be digesting all those toxins. It Organic sesame or sunflower oil are become more poputhe best for oil pulling. DO NOT is also important to always do this on lar recently because use the toasted sesame oil you find an empty stomach – this is when your of the website in the condiment aisle. mouth is the most toxic. Many people www.oilpulling. find doing it first thing in the morning Removing the metals/mercury from com by Dr. F. before they brush their teeth fits into your mouth may include loosening Karach, M.D from their schedule the easiest. or even detaching amalgam/metal/ the Ukraine where mercury fillings. Why would you want to? he explains his findThere are several reasons that people ings. Some of the inuse this for. The first is optimal dental formation is obvihealth. There is a study online by Dr. HV Amith from January, 2007 ously lost in translation; however, after searching the web, there is a wealth that discusses this specifically and how it significantly helps plaque of information on this topic including tes- and gingivitis. There are also many testimonials from people that timonials, skepticisms and a variety of in- talk about how it whitens their teeth significantly. Depending on how toxic their teeth and mouth are initially, it can often make them structions. darker at first, and then as the toxins are removed, the enamel How do you do it? clears up. Oil Pulling involves taking 1 tbsp of certain vegetable oils and swishing it or The second reason is the gentle but effective removal of heavy “pulling” it between your teeth for at metals. One of my colleagues had a male flight attendant who is least 15-20 minutes. Normally you would exposed to jet fuel, re-circulated air, etc. He decided to do the oil think it would be hard to keep oil in your pulling because he wanted to get his amalgam fillings removed, mouth that long – that you might experi- and the bio dentist said he was too toxic to have it done, so the ence a gag reflex or that it would just taste dentist sent him to the allergy elimination specialist, who is in the and feel too bad to handle. But using the same practice, and she was the one who had him do oil pulling with


Voice of Choices July 2008

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sesame oil every day for one month, which he did. My colleague tracked his live/dried blood sample once a week while he was doing this, and boy, did it clean him up! His spring allergies were minimal this year compared to what they usually are. My colleague also had a young lady who has the craziest health situation you ever saw in your life, like a yoyo, up and down, up and down with her illnesses. She wanted to try the oil pulling, so my colleague suggested she do it twice a week instead of daily. She felt so good after she did it the first time, that she went ahead and did it the next day, and her liver felt sore, so I had her do a castor oil pack on her liver and she felt much better, but it scared her, so she’s not doing it again. Which brings up the next point, often when people do any kind of detoxing, such as oil pulling, they may experience cleansing responses such as pain, rashes, or loose stools? In addition it can also bring up buried emotions as it appears to have done for this woman which is good to be aware of. If you know something is going to happen, then when it does, you aren’t as scared and can understand the process more and move forward and through to the other side. All of these processes can be common and temporary as the body is in the process of flushing toxins out. You could always cut down and allow your body to remove things more gently rather than rushing the process. When I first did the oil pulling I was very surprised at how clean my teeth felt. It was like I had just gone to the dentist – that clean smooth feeling you feel after you get your teeth cleaned. I kept running my tongue on my teeth. The first day after I did the oil pulling, I felt awesome, as the lady above did and many of my customers have experienced this also. It is almost as if it helps clear the mind in addition to the teeth.

ded in the brain the person will get one whopper of a headache when they apply the oil to the head to draw the mercury out. The way my colleague found this out was she tried it on herself to see what would happen. And another client of mine tried it because she wanted to shortcut the process of working the mercury out slowly like you’re supposed to with something like Chlorella and an essential fatty acid, like DHA or Omega 3. It only takes one of those kinds of headaches to convince you never to do that again. So, topical application to the feet draws the metals down and through the soles of the feet. If you are constantly being exposed to toxins from amalgam fillings, flying excessively, pesticides, or prescription drugs, you may find that oil pulling can help you significantly. These toxic vapors are swallowed with every bite of food and with each breath, therefore slowly eroding the gut and whatever tissue spaces they decide to go to from there, which for a lot of people is either endocrine or connective tissues. This can affect our mood, hormones, joints and general health in a variety of ways. Some amount of relief can be experienced by these people who have “stored metals” in the body even though they continue to put them there over and over again. It’s like the tiger chasing his tail around the tree, but at least you can make a dent. Just like when you get your fillings replaced, you cut off the head of the dragon, but the accumulated damage to the rest of the body is still there. Kasara D’Elene is a nutritional counselor, a master herbalist, an intuitive herbalist, wellness coach and President of Tru-Health,Inc 1803 Bothell-Everett Hwy Ste. L, Bothell, Wash., a health food store specializing in all natural products. Visit her website at

Rance Hood’s Mystical Art Rance Hood is one of the few Native American artists left who still paints in the manner which echoes the traditional Indian culture and spirituality of the past. There is a storm center or animating force which charges his art with vitality. That storm center is his expression of his ancient tribal heritage, his visionary spiritual life, and a practicing mysticism. Painting since the 1960’s, he is still considered the most successful Plains Indian artist. Rance’s work is available as giclees, posters, and the usual visual offerings. In addition, ‘Riding the Wind’ a DVD featuring almost 100 of his images - with music by ‘Airo’ - Brule’ - contemporary Native American Music and 2007 NAMA Multi Award winners. You can order Hood’s images, the DVD, and his biography -’Rance Hood Mystic Painter’ on his website or through the link at

Safe enough for children ,

One of my colleagues uses this technique with many of her young customers. She has them do TOPICAL oil pulling on the soles of their feet. So many of the kids have way too much metal concentrated in their bodies and brains from poor diets, pesticides in the air, and toxins in cleaners, detergents, shampoos, etc. and sunflower oil will draw metals down through the pores of the soles of the feet. She has them do it at bedtime and then put lightweight socks on. It’s incredible how their dried blood cell samples change as result of doing this.

Go Slowly Sunflower oil is good for eliminating mercury topically, and you can apply it to the soles of the feet as much as you want, but not other parts of the body, especially the head, because if the metals are too embed-

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Voice of Choices July 2008

We have free choice. I always believe astrology is the doors opening, the bells ringing, whistles blowing and 99.9 percent of life is free will. Others will for sure be exercising their free will this month and I know you also will make the correct choices for you personally.

Its summertime and we are reminded by nature that we need to be living in a way that is vital, alive and connected to our joy. July is the seventh month of a number 1 year, making this a very special month. Add 7 + 1 and we get 8. Many of us decide during 8 years or months to get out of situations where we are not getting the respect or rewards we know are due us. I always think of the number 8 as reward, respect and recognition time. This month, personally for all of us, is asking, no, demanding that we open to all that energy of seeing ourselves as worthy and to recognize that if we are not receiving this then maybe it is time move on. Water (feelings) and air (ideas) are the early month themes as we have planets in the signs of Cancer and Uranus. Uranus in Pisces is moving backwards and getting a great deal of attention. Planets in air are still giving us more ideas and options than perhaps we can process. Use the 10th, 11th and 12th as the moon entering Scorpio brings us a grand trine of water energy and further increases the dreams and visions and upgrades the intuition we are all being gifted with during these three very powerful days. From June 20 until Sept. 20 we are in the time of the south, the time of summer and abundance in all things. This time in American Indian traditions is sacred to the summer signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo. Coyote the trickster is here for us all now to use to make life more joyful. The powers of this time for us all are about growth and trust. For the first part of July use soft colors of silvers and blues, and keep in mind that others will be feeling more sensitive than normal. Saturn is moving direct in the sign of Virgo and details and the knowledge of what we need to do will be arriving after the 12th. Expect to get some information that may surprise you as Mars, the planet of action, enters Virgo, the sign of facts and details July 1. On July 12 Venus, the planet of what we want, enters fiery Leo and we are gifted with a huge shift of passion and action. On the 22nd the sun enters Leo. On the 26th Mercury (ideas and communication) enters Leo and heart-centered energy and passion rule supreme. We also have Pluto moving backward. It entered (actually, re-entered) the fire sign of Sagittarius on June 13 so many of the questions that plagued us in May and June will be answered by the end of July and we will be feeling the push to do something.




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Fire is creation and magic. So, magic time for us all, in all forms of nature, is here: Use potted plants, live flowers, morning glories and any green foliage to soothe and calm us as we move more and more into the time of fire and we are finally ready to make some huge shifts. Celestial tension release time is here so make sure when you use this fire energy to make love with life and others, not war. Passion needs to be directed and we are going to have a very passionate July 2008. Fire colors are orange, red, yellow, gold and brilliant tones. Fire is the element of magic and using scents such as clove, frankincense, peppermint and rosemary will bring us closer to our own personal Earth magic. New Age stones are Kyanite to raise consciousness, Peridot, which allows an easier flow of information from higher self, and Iolite, which clears negativity. From July 22 to Aug. 22 we are in the American Indian time of the Ripe Berries Moon and the elemental energy of this time (Leo) is the Thunderbird. This is the time to garner the inner strength and to have the ability to see through things. This time gives us the ability to know what is true for ourselves by our heart energy. Use this time wisely and get ready to make that shift you have known for so long is coming in your life. July 2 brings us a new moon with the sun and moon joining at 12 degrees of Cancer at 7:19 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. These next two weeks will connect us more strongly to feelings and intuition, and come at a time when connections to those we love feel mandatory. Take time for family or friends, and fun things that help you feel secure and happy this month. Nature is a huge part of this time, so make sure to get outside and reconnect to the earth and perhaps in doing this simple thing you also will reconnect to your own sense of self. On the 18th the full moon with the sun at 26 degrees of Cancer and the moon at 26 Capricorn brings us to the knowledge that the old ways will be changing of doing what we were told was right for many of us. What ideas or things in your life do you need to allow to gently and easily flow away from you over this next two weeks, as the sky allows a gentle releasing energy for us all? On Sunday, the 20th, as the moon touches Neptune, we are reminded that four planets will be retrograde: Pluto, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, as will two asteroids, Chiron and Juno, all helping us reconnect to Source and reenvision our futures. Strong inner spiritual connection is here for us all and now we have the fire and the passion to finally begin the changes within self. Use the balsamic moon (dark-of-the-moon wish time) on the 29, 30th and 31st to set intentions by instinct and feelings. Aug. 1 delivers us a new moon solar eclipse and we shall be feeling this by the middle of July, if not now. (Please see eclipse articles on my Web site,, for more information.) Remember, you deserve more than you think you do. This is the month to begin to recognize our own strengths and abilities and have the courage to use them for the betterment of ourselves and the world. We have the answers and all we need within us. This month is trying to help us understand this basic truth: I shall give you one of my favorite quotes, from John O’Donohue: “The blessings for which we hunger are not to be found in other places or people. These gifts can only be given to you by yourself. They are at home in the hearth of your soul.” Visit Carol Barbeau’s Web site at to learn more about astrological influences. E-mail her at

Freedom Walks With Thunder “I think that’s fine to have a little peace rally. As long as you know that your right to have one is paid for with the courage, sweat, blood and lives of our American service men and women.” I had no idea I felt so strongly about that and I’m guessing my poor guest was a bit shocked, too, as I normally don’t verbally smack guests around. Felt right to me though when my guest spoke of rallying to protest the war in Iraq while terrorists have come right into our own backyard.

You have just attached spirit warriors of protection to an American serviceman or servicewoman. Easy, ya? I love that! God bless those in the armed forces past and present who protect our freedom and stand guard- saying, “Not on my watch.” Walks With Thunder is a Non-Traditional Shaman. Visit his website at

Freedom is a word we use and see so often in America that some of us take this “right” for granted and feel entitled to it at others’ expense. There’s freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of this, freedom of that — lots of that going on ’round here. The “right” to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” I declare. We have songs with the word freedom in them… “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose ...” and famous speeches. Where we live, it’s my choice to go or not go to church. I can read any book I like, watch TV shows that have no educational value whatsoever or I can eat junk food all day long and its OK with our government if do. Where we live, I experience freedom when I write what I like and have it published and some would argue it’s a woman’s freedom to choose to have a baby or not while others have an equal right to argue the contrary. In some of the states where we live, folks even have the right to have same-sex marriages. “If you have ever been married, you all know it’s the same sex in a marriage ...” (heard that one from Robin Williams) But what I really love about freedom is it’s mine. Of course we all have to live by the laws of our land. (I like those, too, for the most part; kind of like a contract as a baseline for times when we disagree about whose “right” is it anyway.) When did it become “out of style” to be happy to be an American? Think about this one: The early Americans really screwed us Native people over. They gave us alcohol, we returned the favor with tobacco. (I see that as being even!) Sadly, not everyone “wins” in this freedom. Even today we Native Americans have the freedom to have casinos on reservation land, and for those who enjoy the freedom to frequent them, “Thank you for your kind and generous donations! Come on back real soon!” Freedom is a beautiful thing, no? So with all our differences, how can we as a nation help our people and help ourselves? I, for one, am thankful that we have a strong military. Still there are a few folks who have some strange ideas about who Americans are and what we stand for or that somehow we shouldn’t take pride in being Americans. I have to say, most of the Americans I know are fine people. (OK, there are a few nut jobs, but by and large we are a wonderful people.) Home of Mark Twain, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Julianne Moore (just love her), and so many other nice people. So here’s the question: Is just sending good thoughts to our honored service folk going to do anything at all? The power of each individual’s will and intent does have a result, but in honor of Fourth of July let’s do a simple visualization together: 1. In your mind’s eye, imagine someone you know who is in the armed forces. 2. See the person as being protected by Angels or Spirit Warriors. Those spirits are looking out for the safety of our people here and in far away lands too. 3. Ask those spirits to keep them all safe in a good, fast, modernworld way. Then open your eyes. 4. Now give that spirit some specific instructions: “Follow that person in a good but protective way.” You’re done.

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Enough is Enough

The only purpose discouraged feelings serve is to keep your thoughts on what you can’t do. And with your attention fixed in this fashion – on what seems impossible – there’s no room for discovering what is possible – for what you can do.

Guy Finley

It’s a paradox of the true spiritual path, but the more conscious we become of what limits us, the more limitless becomes our life. So, take as long as you need to understand the lesson that follows. It’s intended to shed much-needed light on one of the more deceptive dark states that stands between us and the freedom for which we long.

Let’s cover this important discovery one more time. The only thing that feelings of discouragement do is keep you busy doing nothing except feeling sorry for yourself, which is the perfect guarantee that your sorry situation will remain hopelessly the same. Enough is enough! You don’t have to put up with one more discouraging moment, let alone a life filled with its darkness. There is another choice you can learn to make besides falling into those familiar feelings of failure. Use this next higher idea to help you start thinking about those old discouragements in a new way. Whenever we suffer over what we aren’t able to do, have, win, or work through, our attention in these moments is riveted on our own thoughts, thoughts that are busy telling us we’re somehow stuck. Maybe you can recognize some of these heavy-hearted inner voices. They say in one way or another . . . “I’ll never get out of this mess.” “I’m too stupid to learn these things.” “I must have done something terrible to deserve this!” “There’s no point in going any farther.” “This is definitely hopeless.” Now, on the surface of things, these all-too-familiar whispers of defeat – these dark voices that reach our inner ears, speaking to us with our own voice – seem to be genuinely concerned with our unfortunate condition. But a deeper look into this covert operation reveals these troubled thoughts are up to something totally different. There is an unseen “conspiracy of limitation” taking place within our own consciousness! Follow the next four ideas all the way to their stunning conclusion. They show us that self-illumination and self-liberation are one and the same power. The more these gloomy voices talk to us, the more discouraged we feel. The more discouraged we feel, the more certain we are that we have no other choice but to feel that way. The more convinced we are that we have no choice, the less choice we have. The act of identifying with this dark inner dialogue actually produces the dead end we fear! We end up being able to go no farther with our wish for broader personal horizons because, unbeknownst to ourselves, we now believe that there’s no way to get past where we now perceive ourselves to be limited or tied down. The key idea in this part of our investigation lies within the word perceive, because – for the purposes of this exercise – the word perceive rhymes with deceive. And that’s precisely what this faulty perception is: a selfdeception. Here’s proof. There are no dead ends in real life. You must prove this bright fact to yourself, and here’s a good place to start: in any given moment, there is always something higher you can do with your life than sit there and suffer over what you think you can’t have, or do, or be. Why wallow when a small amount of interior work will act to change your reality? Here’s one example of a new and higher inner action to take when faced with the presence of any discouraging inner state: See that the size of the discouragement you feel is directly proportional to the size of your insistence that life conform to your demands. Then, having verified this truth for yourself, dare to quietly drop that self-defeating demand. The first time you bring such a light to bear on any discouraged

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thought or feeling, it will fade from view – much as shadows do when the sun reaches its mid-day zenith. Their departure leaves you with fresh new energies that not only grant you “new eyes” through which to see how you can proceed with your wish, but that also grant you the strength to begin the next leg of your quest. For instance, maybe you’ve felt discouraged because you wanted to learn something new – a higher skill or a difficult lesson – but felt sure that certain limitations of yours placed this possibility beyond your abilities. And so you resigned yourself to feeling discouraged. While this kind of selfdefeating behavior is commonly accepted as natural, it’s totally unnecessary. You can do something much higher!

Instead of falling into those familiar feelings of futility, work to deliberately drop those discourage-filled thoughts that are telling you the limit of your present view is the limit of your possibilities. Who you have been matters only to those dark states that want you to remain that way so that they can continue to rule the day. Refuse to dwell in discouragement over who your own thoughts are telling you you’ll never be. Just get started working on who, and what, you are right now!

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In other words, do what’s in your power and refuse to be discouraged about anything else. And keep repeating this new conscious action one step at a time, over and over again. It is in your power to learn whatever it takes – one lesson at a time – and make it all the way to your designated goal. Here’s one last special thought to help summarize this important life lesson in liberating ourselves from the limitations of discouragement: Any conversation you permit yourself to have with dark and discouraging thoughts guarantees you’ll wind up with a dozen good reasons for why you feel so dark and discouraged. When it comes to any negative thought, the first word you have with it is the same as giving it the last word with you. Practice these higher lessons in self-liberation until you’re free of all feelings of futility. You’ll soon see how this new action gives you the last laugh on discouragement. (Excerpted from The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, Weiser Books, 2008. Guy Finley is the bestselling author of over 36 books and audios on self-realization, and founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, in southern Oregon. Visit to sign up for his weekly email .

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