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January 2011 Features

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4 You are the Hope of the New Year Carol Hiltner 5 Rainbow Warrior Awaken Reading with Mara Friedman 6 Healthy Choices for Dealing with Stress Kasara D’Elene 7 Ayurvedic Yoga: Yoga for Your Body Type Juliet Jivanti 8 The Awesome Power of Fear Peter Shankman 9 Mastering Time Cay Randall-May Ph.D. 10 January Astrological Influences Carol Barbeau 12 Imagine and Know - Message From Mother Mary Raven Many Voices 13 Rock Talk - Celestite Cecilia Ray 15 Chinese Astrology Ko Hashiguchi

Awaken Rainbow Warrior Mara Friedman pg 4 Mara Berendt Friedman has been creating art for over two decades. Her richly colored paintings honor and rejoice in the essence of the Divine Feminine.

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Hope - YOU Carol Hiltner

Your Journey

Many studies have unanimously proven that meditation reduces violence so everyone who contemplates peace makes a difference.

Quality Card #23 Rainbow Warrior Rainbow Warrior Awaken!

Meditation reduces violence How does it work? All living beings emit electromagnetic fields. When you meditate, they become “coherent,” which means the energy waves are smooth and consistent. These coherent waves cause less powerful waves to become “entrained,” which means that the other waves become coherent, too. When a group of people are all resonating together, their coherent waves become powerful enough to entrain others. This entraining has been shown to be “non-local,” which means that any person or group focusing on peace in Iraq diminishes the level of violence. This has been experimentally proven. The human being is a cosmic lightning rod I’d like to go one step further. This is based on my personal experience and has not been scientifically proven as far as I know. The human being is designed to be a conduit to channel cosmic life force into the Earth. By becoming energetically coherent through meditating, we increase the flow. That, in my understanding, is why meditating feels so good. The basis of this understanding is my experience in the Altai Republic, which is believed by the local indigenous people (and many others) to be the umbilicus of the Earth, through which cosmic life force comes onto the planet. The effect of entering this field is that the energy, in the process of entraining the person’s body, pushes on any energy blockages, such as physical or emotional traumas. It is a standard joke in Altai that people tend to blame others for these feelings. The prescribed solution, however, is that self-responsibility results in healings—even of the miraculous kind.

Heal thyself A case in point: immediately after my first visit to Altai, my right shoulder, that had been locked up with scar tissue from surgery 35 years prior, spontaneously released and I had full range of motion once more. I am personally called to Altai, but one needn’t travel at all. Just lean against a tree and entrain yourself to its energy, because trees are also cosmic energy conduits, but much less prone to blockages than we humans.

Heal the Earth

You are the Rainbow Way. Your initiation is complete, Stand in strength today! Reverence lies at your root, Walk in wisdom now. Seated in Spirit, heart full of love, Embrace your sacred vow. Beloved Daughter, the message you are receiving when you draw the card of Rainbow Warrior is this … you are now called upon to EMBODY THE RAINBOW WAY OF BEAUTY. What does this mean you may wonder? Daughter, guided by love, BE the wisdom and beauty of all of your experience. We are speaking of the great transformation you have completed and of all the wisdom you have gained. Breaking free from your cocoon, it is time to be Butterfly. It is important to take what you know and move into the world to share it. In your sacred walk upon the earth, you strive to embody the foundational aspects of spiritual warriorhood: to live in Gratitude ~ giving thanks for everything in your life, knowing it all serves your growth; to live with Compassion ~ honoring and holding the suffering of all; to live with Integrity ~ always Happy New Year! What a wonderful time to be awake! Just a few thoughts for you this month, as I chose to fill this first issue of 2011 with as much inspiration and as many helpful tips as possible. I AM looking forward - and looking now. The gift of this moment, a precious one worth exploring and appreciating. If this was to be my last day on the planet... did I share enough love? Did I give of myself to those I could assist on their path? Did I honor ME as the Divine Spark of Spirit expressing only I can?

Thus, when we become coherent, not only are we reducing the violence around us, we are actually feeding life force through ourselves to Mother Earth, so SHE can heal. To apply all this in a practical way, I have a wish list, for which I invite your powerful participation. My experience is that the size of the group exponentially increases the strength of the field. .

Have I followed my heart, shared my passion, lived my dharma and done my best in everything I chose to include in my life?

There are MANY areas in need of coherence: peace in our war zones; justice in the Middle East; healing for citizens/animals/water/earth on the Gulf Coast, protection for Indigenous

Some people call it ‘awakening’ - maybe as we open our eyes to the innermost knowing that we are ‘home’, there is nothing to ‘become’ and we are truly ‘good enough’ the collective consciousness will continue to create a world we have yet to imagine. Blsssngs - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Mahalo.

Meditating anytime on Saturday or Sunday would piggy-back on religious prayers all over the world. Every effort makes a difference! If not for the Earth, do it for yourself. YOU will be healthier and happier when your life force flows strongly and coherently. Carol Hiltner acts as a bridge between the ancient wisdom of the Altai people and Western society. Visit for Altai Mir University (which she founded), for books /articles




None of us know what the New Year will offer us. We can only breathe our best into each moment, nurturing ourselves and taking life one step at a time.

Blessings From the

Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden


Rainbow Warrior Awaken

of Guidance & Healing by Mara Friedman & Trinity Harris In 1994, Mara founded New Moon Visions, a small company that distributes artgifts of her work throughout the world. In 1999, Mara founded STREAM (Souls Together Rejoicing in Expressive Arts and Magic), a sacred art school. Together with Trinity Harris she has co-created the inspirational deck Rainbow Warrior Awaken! Your Journey of Guidance and Healing. She lives and dreams in beautiful Oregon. The inner life, with its struggles and triumphs, is the fuel that feeds my creative fire. Over and again, I repeat the

process of diving deep within the well of Soul, swimming in its fertile depths and rising up with image pearls that express not only my personal path, but also the universal journey of being a Woman. How do we as women connect to the power and innate wisdom of our Mother Earth and know Her power as our own? How do we connect with the Beauty of our soul and share our unique gifts as a sacred act of healing, both for ourselves and each other? Find out more about Mara, her online gallery of original paintings, artgifts, sacred art playshops and Rainbow Warrior Awaken! at

working for the highest good of all beings; and to live a life of Service to Divine Source. You stand in your strength. You are reverent to all of life. Your wisdom abounds. Your surest connection is to Divine Source. The world needs your leadership, your gifts and your wisdom. The time is NOW! Daughter of Earth remember this … you are the Rainbow Way.

Color Card 7 ~ Amethyst Violet Crown Center • Seventh Chakra Violet light glows from our lotus crown. Divine energy pours from heaven to ground. Awakened, we live in peaceful bliss, And feel the blessing of Spirit’s kiss. Union is the gift we know in this center. It is through prayer that we are able to enter. This place where wisdom and awareness live Inspires the gratitude we joyfully give.

Dear One, breathe these medicine words into your body: I am the Rainbow Warrior. I live the Rainbow Way of Beauty.

Compass Card 5 ~ Southwest • Lammas • Mother Nurturing Daughter, turn now to the Southwest. Your compass card directs you to know that … deep nurturing is needed. The afternoon sun offers its potent healing warmth to the Earth. This season of Our Great Mother (Lammas) honors the abundance of nature. The Earth’s garden is replete with nourishing energy and delicious food to feed Her children. The Maiden has transformed into the Mother and she is confident in her abilities to care for the “child” she has brought forth into the world. Beloved Rainbow Warrior, it is a time to fully give yourself to your creation, whatever form it takes (a project, relationship or area of focus in your life). The seed you have planted long ago has flowered and is now about ready to bear fruit. Tend to this as you would a precious child. Look after and nurture your creation with the loving energy of Mother Earth..


Quality Card 17 ~ Grace Hope, Faith, Renewal, Promise, Inspiration Hope rises on this morn. The faith that has forsaken you Is quietly reborn. Inspiration is the gift, Renewal is your gold. A new star shines before you now, Its Beauty you behold. Rainbow Warrior Awaken! is composed of 3 separate decks totaling 44 cards, and an accompanying guidebook. A simple, yet potent way to work with our RWA! deck is to string together the keyword ‘bead’ found on each card into a necklace of guidance. The three cards that we chose are - Compass Card #5 - Nurturing/ Southwest; Color Card #7 - United/Crown; and Quality Card #17 - Grace. Thus, our statement of intention for this reading is - With nurturing, I am united as I embody and express the gift of grace in my life. To further expand upon this affirmation, one might imagine that the more we take care of ourself and tend to the garden of our own heart,the more we are able to unite with the spirit of love within and share the gift of this beautiful grace with others in our life. PAGE



Healthy Choices for Dealing with Stress Kasara D’Elene Having worked with many people in my career has shown me that no one escapes hard times in this life. Difficulties like prolonged illness, death, and loss of job, divorce or legal issues eventually touch everyone’s life. If I am wrong and your life is perfect, then the following information is not for you. There are different levels of stress. There is actually a “good” stress often called butterfly stress, or stress that motivates you to achieve a goal. This stress may be before a performance, before a final test, or before a first date. This is still stress, however, it is typically short lived, and usually for a positive event or to reach an objective you may have.. But then there is bad stress – stress that can actually kill you. That is correct, kill as in dead. But how can stress actually kill us? First we should look at what stress does to us physically. When we are stressed, the first thing that pulled out of our body is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient, that helps our body do many things, including absorb iron correctly, and as an anti-oxidant to prevent the harmful affects of oxidation. Vitamin C is utilized quickly the minute we are stressed. Next, the body uses up any store of B Vitamins, and then any trace minerals. Having a good supply of all these nutrients within our body will help keep us on an “even keel”. If you don’t eat well, you won’t have these nutrients to pull from, which can not only damage your existing cells by pulling needed nutrients from them, but also prevents new healthy cells from being made. After we have depleted these important nutrients several other dreadful things happen. The adrenal glands are where we store our “flight or fight” response. When the adrenals are depleted of nutrients, we become exhausted, or irritable. This is apparent when we are extremely fatigued but can’t relax or get the rest we so desperately need. We also lose the ability to think clearly or coherently. Stress causes our autonomic nervous system (the sympathetic in particular) to release hormones known as epinephrine, norepinephrine and corticosteroids, such as cortisol. As these hormonal levels increase, this causes our body to become more acidic. Too much acid changes the way the protein receptor sites react on the cell, which causes our blood to thicken. In addition, these hormones destroy the elasticity of the blood vessels making them weak, narrow and susceptible to disease. In addition, our stomach suffers as well. In Chinese medicine, there is an emotion tied to each organ and the emotion for the stomach is worry or stress. When we are stressed, we usually eat the wrong foods, but also eat too fast, not chewing our food well, and then it can’t possibly be digested properly. Having these poor eating habits can lead to a hiatel hernia, where a portion of the stomach comes up through the diaphragm muscle into the upper chest cavity. This is your stomach trying to talk to you to tell you to stop doing these bad things! If you don’t digest your food properly – how is anything else supposed to work well in your body? Finally, the next organ affected is the colon. The feeling associated to the colon is control, and when we are stressed we often are trying to control someone or something, which is impossible, or we are aware that we can’t control something and we internalize this. This may cause symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating. All of these issues prevent us from absorbing nutrients that we need to help keep our body in a balanced state. VOICE OF CHOICES



All of these issues can cause an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, skin conductivity (becoming too sensitive to touch), respiration and others. The body, in particular the heart, is working harder which affects the viscosity of the blood. Stress is a major part of illness. Many of us take on so much responsibility that they neglect taking care of themselves. The body is a machine like your car, and if you kept your car running at the pace some of us run at each day, the car would eventually burn out. The same happens to us. How can I tell if I am stressed? Some people know when they are stressed, but other times it may be harder to pinpoint it as we are caught up in the drama of the situation. Check your blood pressure or your breathing. Are you breathing correctly? Many people breath too fast or shallow which results in them not getting enough oxygen to feed their cells. they are not getting the necessary nutrients they would get if they were breathing correctly. Other symptoms may be eating too much, not eating at all, sleep disturbances, memory loss or illness in an otherwise normal healthy person. What can I do to help be less stressed? One of the first things I do when I’m experiencing stressful times is to just stop what I am doing and breathe. Taking a few minutes for yourself is important. I remind myself that I am not currently being chased by lions and that no one is currently breaking down my door. Many stressful situations occur when we are caught up in drama of the situation. Taking time to calm down, breathe and look at the situation, and how we are taking part in the situation can be helpful. Is this a situation I can learn from? Did I create this situation out of a need of mine? (wanting to be heard, seen or controlled?) When we are stressed it is usually very hard to stop and take time to see what is happening from a third parties point of view, but doing so can help immensely. . Unfortunately, this isn’t most people’s first instinct when we are feeling down. Most of us want to drown our sorrows or eat our pain away. Some turn to alcohol and drugs, and others turn to sugar and junk food, perhaps to remind us of good times in life and thus lift our spirits. The problem with these coping mechanisms is they add stress to the organs and give us even less ability to cope physically. In addition to eating correctly, there are many herbal products you may find some relief with – herbs are a good way to get high concentrations of nutrients in small dosages. Check with your herbalist to find the best products for your body. Just remember that these will not compensate for poor nutrition for ever or make up for lost rest. There are also many services and techniques to help people become less stressed. Some popular ones are yoga, exercise in general, therapy or massage. The best ones I have found don’t cost anything Breathe. I mean sit down in a necessary and just breathe for 5 from your belly. You will be will help you. You can do this

quiet place, the bathroom if minutes. Nice deep breaths shocked at how much this easily in your car as well.

Some others are; pamper yourself with a bath. Light some candles, use some fun bubble bath or oils, and just relax. Let go, let the universe take over your problems. It is amazing what happens when you let this happen. It may seem that the worst will happen, but things usually work out they way they are supposed to and usually it is for the best. I can guarantee that making yourself sick in the process won’t fix anything. Kasara D’Elene owns TruHealth, a health food store in the MiCreek/Bothell area. She has helped empower and educate thousands of people to optimum health. You can reach her at 425-415-8410

Ayurvedic Yoga Yoga for Your Body Type Juliet Jivanti Many people have heard the word “ayurveda,” but may have only a nebulous understanding of what it involves. A sister science to yoga, ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of medicine that first evolved in India but is becoming increasingly popular in America. Ayurveda is referred to as the knowledge or science of life and is a conjunction of two Sanskrit words: ayur “life” and veda “knowledge.” The roots of ayurveda stem from the Vedic culture of ancient India. Handed down through teachers and writings, ayurveda influenced Hippocrates and the Greek system of medicine and is believed to be the only complete medical system still in existence that has been continually practiced since its inception. It encompasses diet, medicine, astrology, lifestyle, herbology, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and home design concepts based on sacred geometry that preceded and hugely influenced the Chinese practice of feng shui. Ayurveda offers a path to optimal health and development for each individual through its profound understanding of natural laws. Living with the cycles of nature maintains health and a disconnection from those natural cycles leads to disease. Going beyond symptoms to the root cause of the disease is where true healing begins. Balancing the body, mind and spirit allows us to understand the language of nature so that we can live harmoniously. Ayurvedic practices restore holistic health, resulting in self-healing, vitality and longevity.

Characteristics of the pitta dosha Sanskrit root of pitta is “tapa,” which means heat. Pitta is a combination primarily of fire and water elements. The classic description of pitta individuals is that they tend to have higher body temperature, strong appetite, sharp mind, light colored, light sensitive eyes (often hazel, green or blue), frequently thirsty, have oily skin and hair (usually straight and blond), are focused, organized, driven and athletic. Keep in mind that these are only general tendencies and are expressed differently for each person. Pitta governs transformation. Functions of pitta include metabolism, digestion, body temperature, appetite, thirst, color. The gunas, or qualities, of pitta are oily, sharp, hot, light, spreading, liquid. Imbalanced pitta exhibits anger, criticism, judgment, indigestion, heartburn, inflammation, diarrhea, rashes. Balanced pitta exhibits understanding, intelligence, courage.

Characteristics of the kapha dosha Sanskrit roots of kapha are “ka,” which means water, and “pha,” to flourish.Kapha is a combination primarily of earth and water elements. The classic description of kapha individuals notes they tend toward roundness and softness in the body and facial features, with cool, thick, soft skin. There may be a tendency toward fluid retention or excess mucus, slow digestion and movements with thick hair and large soft eyes. Keep in mind that these are only general tendencies and are expressed differently for each person. Kapha governs structure. Functions of kapha include lubrication, nourishment, support, stability, growth, strength, repair, retention, taste. The gunas, or qualities, of kapha are heavy, slow, cool, oily, smooth, dense, soft, stable. Imbalanced kapha exhibits attachment, greed, possessiveness, slow digestion, colds, cough, congestion, mucus, weight gain. Balanced kapha exhibits love, compassion, forgiveness.

According to Ayurveda, everything in the universe, including the human body, is composed of five elements: ether (or space), air, fire, water and earth. These elements come together in three dynamic biological forces known as the doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. Each person is a unique combination of all doshas, although some elements are more predominant. Therefore, each person must be treated individually according to their dosha or unique constitution.

Ayurvedic yoga is personalized for each individual. Practicing yoga tailored specifically for your constitution brings you back to your natural balance. According to the principles of ayurveda, like increases like. Therefore, you may be drawn to a yoga practice that will increase the gunas, or qualities, that are already predominant in your nature. This is contrary to what is naturally balancing. For example, a pitta person may be drawn to intense, fast power yoga, when what he or she really needs to balance their constitution is a more peaceful, tranquil approach.

Ayurveda believes that by balancing the various mind-body functions the natural intelligence of the body will respond by rebalancing itself. When we understand our one-of-a-kind, genetic make-up we can make adjustments in our daily practices and diet which will return us to our natural state of wellness.

Ayurvedic yoga provides the means to modify your yoga practice based on your individual prakruti (innate constitution), vikruti (current constitution) and the three doshas (vata, pitta and kapha). Ayurvedic yoga is an all-encompassing practice which is equally applicable for beginners and seasoned practitioners of yoga.

Take a fun, informative questionnaire to determine your dosha, or what combination of doshas you are, at www.AyurvedicHealthCenter. com.

The sister sciences of yoga and ayurveda are have complemented and enhanced each other since their inceptions thousands of years ago. While practicing one without the other is beneficial, it is similar to eating a nutritious diet without exercising – an incomplete approach to health. The synergistic union of yoga and ayurveda brings a holistic approach. The ancient practices of ayurveda support a foundation of strength, vitality and longevity of body and mind. Yoga, then takes us onward toward the path of self-realization. Yoga provides the key to spiritual development, which is the knowledge of our true nature.

The Three Doshas

Characteristics of the vata dosha Sanskrit root of vata is “vah,” which means vehicle, to carry or to move. Vata is a combination primarily of ether and air elements. The classic description of vata individuals is that they tend to have dry thinner skin, a light frame, cold hands and feet, rough nails, coarse kinky hair, talkative, quick movements, hyperactive or variable stamina and tend toward darker skin and eyes. Keep in mind that these are only general tendencies and are expressed differently for each person. Vata governs all movement. Functions of vata include movement of thoughts, ingestion, circulation, respiration, peristalsis, elimination. The gunas, or qualities, of vata are dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, mobile. Imbalanced vata exhibits worry, fear, anxiety, dryness, gas, bloating, constipation, muscle cramps, joint pain, insomnia. Balanced vata exhibits creativity, enthusiasm, flexibility.

Together, ayurveda and yoga provide the insight for each person to create a way of life in harmony both with the world of nature and our higher self. Juliet Jivanti is a graduate of the Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, a Certified Ayurvedic Consultant, Registered Yoga Teacher and Touch for Health Certified practitioner. For more information and to sample and order her DVD ‘Ayurvedic Yoga - Yoga for Your Body Type’call 360.734.2396, see, Facebook or e-mail




The Awesome Power of


I like to think I know a little something about using your fear to create awesomeness. Back in the times of the caveman, fear was the one instinct that kept our species moving forward. When you were hungry, you had to kill something to eat. You didn’t have a choice. You went out and tried to kill dinner. If you didn’t, you’d starve.

Peter Shankman

Of course you were scared. Sabertoothed tigers and giant wooly mammoths weren’t really looked upon as “friendly,” but you didn’t have a choice. So you went out and attacked. And if you were victorious, you got a kick-ass meal. If you weren’t, well, it didn’t matter. We used our fear to push us forward – to allow us to survive. And the chemical responses to fear – dopamine, adrenalin, they are just as strong now as they were then. In essence, fear gets us high. That “high” kept us alive, and helped push the species forward. You think it’s a coincidence that when we’re walking down a dark alley, our brains automatically dilate our pupils so we can see better? It’s built in. Back in the day, fear was considered a good thing. However, as we moved from the era of the Mammoth to the McDLT, our concept of fear as a good thing changed, and today, has radically shifted. The majority of us don’t see fear as a good thing, we see it as something to be avoided at all costs. Examples of this abound – We take “safe jobs for the paycheck,” instead of striking out on our own. We quash our big ideas because we’re afraid they might fail. And probably more than ever before, we don’t follow our dreams because we’re “afraid what others might say.” Sadly, we’ve become a society that’s crippled by the thought that someone, somewhere, (usually of much lesser mind) will call us out on what a bad idea we have, before we ever get the chance to prove it. As such, most of our great ideas die while still embryonic in our brains, killed by fear. The next airplane, the next space vehicle, the next life-saving device, or even the next brilliant marketing idea, all murdered by an unjust fear. I came came up with a name for this syndrome a few days ago, after reading an oddly vitriolic rant against me by a PR guy named Richard Laermer. He’d written a scathing piece against a new idea I’d come up with, an idea which had already been embraced by several highprofile, multi-million dollar companies around the globe. Because the idea was announced and hadn’t been implemented yet, he chose fear, sprinkled with inaccurate facts and slipshod reporting. I call it “Getting Laermered.” (Rhymes with “hammered.”) Imagine coming up with a new great idea, and little ankle-biter mosquitos buzz all around you, shouting “this is bad. You’re stupid.” They’re nothing more than an annoyance, but an annoyance is still annoying.

rocket fuel of our society. Don’t ignore the fear. When you get that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, listen to it. It’s there for a reason. It’s telling you that you’re on the edge of something great, and you need to make sure all your ducks are in a row. You need to listen to your fear when you try something new. It’s not telling you not to do something, rather, it’s telling you to push forward, carefully, and without reckless abandon. Fear tells us to be aware, alert, and more cunning than our opponent. Embrace your fear, absorb its strength, and be stronger from it. Ignoring your fear is like being starving, and not eating the nutrient-rich meal placed in front of you. Eat your fear. It tastes good, and will make you stronger. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” -Albert Einstein. I can’t even begin to list how many times this rule has played out in my life, and in the world. “You’re starting a company and naming it The Geek Factory? What’s wrong with you? “You’re taking on PR Newswire with something called HARO? You must be insane!” “You’re jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? Why would you do that?” “You’re training for an Ironman? What the hell is wrong with you?” Remember – We no longer live in prehistoric times, and the general consensus has become “play it safe.” This isn’t necessarily always good. When people don’t have the need to change, they usually don’t. It’s not until a fire is lit under most people’s butts that they ever consider abandoning their comfort zone. Want an example? When do you look hardest for a new job? When you’re unhappy with your current one, but still making a kick-ass salary, or when you’ve just been laid off, and you only have six months of savings? If you want to achieve greatness, you can’t spend your whole life playing it safe. You need to take calculated risks, knowing that you might fail, but remembering that the upside to the possibility of failing is the possibility of succeeding beyond your wildest dreams. If the the options are risking getting Laermered, or not trying at all, I’ll take the risk of getting Laermered every single time. If playing it safe works for you, if the steady paycheck and the cubicle suits your lifestyle, by all means, do it – I’d never have the temerity to tell you not to, as long as you’re happy. But if it doesn’t, if you believe you’re destined for more, then I can’t imagine anything sadder than not pursuing your dreams because of a fear of being ridiculed by a whiner.

You’ve gotten Laermered. I believe that the fear we have of getting Laermered, whether by an angry old man, or even a real media outlet, holds us back from achieving the greatness that’s ingrained inside most all of us. I believe that the fear of getting Laermered holds us back as a people, as a country, and even as the human race. It’s time to change that. With your permission, I’d like to offer some suggestions on how to get over the fear of getting Laermered.

If you don’t first believe in yourself, don’t expect anyone else to believe in you, either. “As a composer, he is hopeless.” – A music teacher referring to Beethoven. After being cut from the Basketball team in high school, Michael Jordan locked himself in the locker room and cried. Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade. It goes on and on and on. The only voice you have to listen to without fail is the one inside. That voice silences doubt, it mutes the opposition, and it forces you to stand up and take action on your ideas. But only if you listen to it. All the examples above got Laermered, and they all rose way, way above it. You can too, but only if you listen to yourself first.

Embrace Fear. First and foremost, this is probably the most important piece of advice anyone’s ever offered. Note that I said “embrace,” and not “ignore.” As I said above, fear is with us for a reason. It’s built in to warn us against taking uncalculated risks. Mind you, not calculated risks. Calculated risks push us forward. Calculated risks are meant to be taken. The fear that our body involuntarily produces is designed to make us sharper, to make sure we’ve dotted all our “i’s,” and crossed all our “t’s.” Without fear, we wouldn’t exist. Calculated risks are the

Pain is just weakness leaving the body. Jack Walston, a former Navy SEAL, and a man I’m proud to count as a friend, said that to me. It’s a quote from the Navy SEALs, and it’s so very true. A secret benefit to getting Laermered is the strength you can draw from it when it happens. Keep in mind, I’m not saying you should ignore everyone who offers advice. Some of that advice, that which comes from a trusted mentor, for example, is invaluable. But when it comes from someone who wants to keep you Continued bottom next page




Cay Randall-May, Ph.D. You are on the way to meet a friend for lunch. You’re running behind schedule and the other drivers seem to have joined in a plot to keep you from arriving on time. A glance at your watch confirms the sinking feeling in your stomach. How can you manage to keep your appointment? Most people in this situation would drive faster and risk a speeding ticket, hypertension, or an accident. Schedule books, calendars, clocks and conventional time management schemes reinforce the view that time is a limited commodity which must be used efficiently. This is common sense, but unnecessarily stressful. There is a more natural, more spiritual approach to time management. To understand this other approach, we must look at time as relative, not absolute. Albert Einstein predicted that time is related to the speed of an object. This concept was a major challenge for the Western mind and still remains outside the ordinary experience of most people. Time may prove relative for future space travelers, but is that important on your way to the luncheon? Yes, if only to remind us that we have some control over time. I’m talking about useful, usable time. The truth is, what we focus on, we perceive. We focus through our thoughts which are very much influenced by our physical and emotional state at the moment. Long ago I discovered that I could actually expand or contract my perceived time to accomplish more or avoid long tedious waiting periods. There is nothing magical about this approach. It is perfectly natural. Our stress level determines how fast or slow time seems to be moving. Extremes of emotional tension, shock, or even profound relaxation can distort time so much that it seems to not exist at all. But most

down for no reason, it’s up to you to draw strength from it. The intrinsic value you can gain from getting Laermered is worth a million times more than the person who Laermered you. But you need to be willing to draw out the value, and ignore the banal. Nothing upsets a whiner more than finding out that you turned around the whine and became stronger from it. Living a public life is more dangerous than staying private, but much, much more rewarding. I’ve always lived my life in public, to an extent. I talk about my ideas, I mention them for the world to see, because the reaction drives me. Good or bad, the reactions you get from announcing an idea can push you to a higher level of greatness. As much as it pains me to reference any Tom Cruise movie, the fact is, Jerry McGuire didn’t achieve greatness until he announced that he had a better way of doing things. And the people who initially took great joy in mocking him? They wound up as roadkill. Great ideas always tend to prove the Tortoise and the Hare theory. In the beginning, the whiners are riding past you, shouting their insults. In the end? It’s you leaving them sucking wind on the side of the road. Finally, If you weren’t doing something that could shake things up to begin with, you’d never be getting Laermered in the first place. Remember – thanks to the complacency we’ve created as a society, we’ve become ok with complacency. People fear change. That is wrong. Complacency leads to stagnation, which leads to failure. You must always keep moving forward. Use getting Laermered as a barometer. If you’re not getting Laermered every once in a while, perhaps you’re not reaching your full potential. 2011 is a new year, full of new possibilities, and 365 days of opportunities to be awesome. Don’t let the fear of something as inconsequential as getting Laermered prevent you from achieving your own greatness.

of everyday life is spent in a lower level, chronic stress state that e can be calmed in various ways: prayer, meditation, deep breathing, yoga, walking, peaceful visualization. These approaches to relaxation clear our thoughts, make us feel safer, and we seem to have more time. So, getting back to your immediate situation, you’re late for the lunch appointment with your friend. Most people would become tense, anxious. They would breathe in shallow gasps. Under pressure to get to their goal, they would not pay attention to their surroundings and this could lead to various mishaps. Instead, turn on soft, preferably classical music. Focus your attention on a positive statement, such as, “I have all the time I need.” Notice the small details around you, especially when driving or walking in crowded conditions. Breathe deeply and slowly. Focus is the key to expanding time. The present is all we have, and we have all the time in the world to be in it. Agitation and anxiety distract us, waste our energy. Try the following demonstration if you need proof. Ask a friend to time you as you try to guess when 30 seconds have passed. Cover your eyes during the test to avoid visual clues. Easy? Try it under two different conditions: first with some fast, rhythmic music; next with soothing, meditative music. Most people find they underestimate how long the time period is when listening to the fast music and are more nearly correct when the calm music is playing or in silence. You can also try to guess a 30 second interval at different times of the day. Most people feel they have more time when they are fresh and calm; mood, blood sugar level, general state of health, and fatigue all play a part in time perception. Check your accuracy at different times of the day. If you are like most of us, you have periods during the day when you are fast or slow in your time sense. If your time sense slows in the afternoon, for instance, you can listen to lively music or eat a high protein snack to compensate for the change in your body’s clock. That can help relieve the mid–afternoon slump that many people experience. But what about those times when you are called upon to work at peak performance? If you must write an essay, finish a report, or any other project with a tension–producing deadline there are some things you should know. Drugs, like caffeine or sugar, speed your sense of time. They make time seem to go faster. Clutter does the same thing. Working in a small area heaped with papers, books, etc., drains energy and distorts time sense. Sensory overload of any kind will make time seem to go by faster. Many spiritual disciplines and intuitive training programs include progressive relaxation, visualization, meditation and imaging which actually help to change the body’s chemistry. These practices expand usable time, stretch the ‘moment’ of perception. They allow us to be more observant of our outer and inner sensory input. Mastery of time perception is one of the best natural medicines and a useful tool for anyone who wishes to live life more fully. Cay Randall–May is an internationally known Medical Intuitive and Healer. She teaches the principles of time expansion and many other techniques for self awareness and intuitive development in The Intuitive Pathway (TIP) program. email for more information.

Please visit





Welcome to JANUARY 2011 This month we enter a new era as major planets leave signs for the rest of our lifetimes and the push to move forward becomes ever stronger as the year progresses. By April 2011 you will find that this number 4 year of FOUNDATION is truly pushing you forward to more movement in your life than you have seen in the last 4 years. GET ready for some wild and wonderful things in 2011 January’s gemstones are the garnet and the agate. Garnets were reported to bring sleep to their wearers, and to calm a restless brain. Garnets were also associated with constancy and fidelity, and were said to strengthen the heart of the owner. The agate is a type of chalcedony, made up of layers of color. Its history suggests it be worn to clear emotional blockages by piercing the veil of inner levels of consciousness, and allowing remembrance of past lives. Moss agate was worn to balance emotions and as a blood cleanser; and the green assists this stone to be a very healing energy. Blue lace agate was worn to release muscle spasms and tension as well as open communication blockages. I personally look at the color of agate and find that it indicates the usages of this wonderful and inexpensive stone. The lucky Colors for January are Black and Brown & all dark shades use these colors to help focus you on the energy of January which is Capricorn until the sun shifts to Aquarius on the 20th. With Capricorn a Very powerful energy all year, lets welcome Pluto and be willing to acknowledge our own Achievements and be willing to grow and assist others this next year January flowers are carnations and Snowdrops. The Ruling planet of January is Saturn the energy of discipline, duty, organization and efficiency. Which will begin Its backwards (retrograde motion) at 17 degrees of Libra on the 25th and move direct again on June 12th at 10 degrees of Libra. Saturn retrograde to me each year is a time of accessing my Inner discipline and organization and perhaps reorganizing the same. Outwardly during this time we are more resistant to others attempting to (DIRECT) us and more into SELF direction.. Did you know? When we say Happy New Year, we happily invoke the energy of the ancient Roman god of passage. He has two faces -- one for endings and one for beginnings. Janus, for whom January was named, was the guardian of the gateway between the past and the future. Sacrifices were also made in January to the goddess Fortuna for favors in the coming year. Nowadays, we make resolutions to sacrifice destructive or useless habits to make room for worthwhile and constructive activities and behaviors that will lead us to good

January 1st, New Years’ Day, for me is always a tradition of sweeping out the old years energy with an old broom and bringing a brand new broom into the house and sweeping in all my wishes and desires for the year. Folklore also tells us that the first foot inside your door after midnight, December 31 will foretell the flavor of the coming year’s fortune, so I invite the new me in first with my new intentions and wishes and always know that I am making my own fortune this year. January 2nd we begin magical dark of the moon wishing and intention time followed by a Solar eclipse new moon on the 4th at 1:03am PST . This eclipse sitting at 13 degrees of Capricorn brings us into the new year with a power packed energy of The north node (what we must do) Pluto (transformation) Pallas Athena (intellect) the sun (the light) the moon (our past) and Mars (energy) all aligned together in Capricorn and this new moon Solar eclipse which energetically is an ability to block the now (the sun) and bring in new insights about old dreams, visions and accomplishments. A much needed lightening of the energies of the last 4 months occurs on the 7th as Venus finally moves out of Scorpio where it has resided for the last 4 months into Sagittarius. Mercury on the 13th moving back into Capricorn where it retrograded in December brings again to the foreground issues about self determination and being our own authority. On the 15th Mars moving to Aquarius brings in air and ideas and again we feel the load lighten and new opportunities come in for us all. On the 20th the suns advent into the Air sign of Aquarius asks us all to take a DEEP BREATHE and breathe in our new year. We are now lightening the energetic load we have carried over the last few years and movement at this time seems impossible to hold back. Mars and the sun traveling together from the 20th through February in Aquarius opens us to new inventions, and a more eclectic way of seeing our lives. In this theme on the 22nd Jupiter moves to Aries where it will FLY through this sign and now begin to move away from Uranus the planet of change. By March these 2 planets will say Goodbye to their travels together for the next 12 years. Uranus and Jupiter together in Pisces has been the supersizing of change we have all gone through and much of the confusion this last year. NOW Jupiter says,”” anyone wanting to rain on my parade or slow me down, get out of the way, I AM going to EXPAND and move and NOT STOP…. As I help you become more brave, courageous and herald your new adventures in 2011.” The full moon on the 19th is the 3rd of 5 full moons at 29 degrees. This 29 degree point in astrology is about ENDINGS and BEGINNINGS at the same time and is a very important degree. We will have full moons at 29 degrees the next 2 months and then this energy will be gone forever. This months full moon is at 29 Degrees of Cancer/ Capricorn and asks us what we are willing to let go of around (fear, the system, our own sense of authority, and how much we are controlled by outside influences) Look for huge shifts and changes within yourself over this next 90 days as you MOVE forward by letting go. Saturn retrograde on the 25th seems to begin to really congeal some of the energy which has been so scattered and erratic over this last few months. Clarity comes with the first part of the month with Saturn, organization and connections to others and at the last part of this month with Change and using breathe as a healing energy. See yourself breathing in your life you wish, and out the old ways of thinking which have left you exhausted, and not at your top form. I know you are going to really be happier by the end of this month than you might believe. LET GO and allow the eclipse




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Celebrate A Bun Dance Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid The tree is down (most likely by the time you’re reading this), the ornaments put away for another December and all of us are looking forward, both with trepidation (in some cases), and joy to a new year. A clean slate of days to write our wishes and dreams upon. A beach no one has walked on, where we can make new memories and have adventures to cherish when this year is that old man in the images we associate with a year gone by. Having the benefit of a astrologer, I’m aware year, which I think at the year ahead, of the ever ferwhich has always and of course, think that the year to give back to the new ways to enwhich in turn,

sweetie who is also an that this year is Rabbit is a perfect way to look from the point of view tile bunny. That creature represented renewal, rebirth abundance. It gives me hope to ahead will bring us all new ways communities which nourish us, and liven our own creative abundance, will enrich our world.

True, if you listen to the news (I try not to focus too much on it, but I like to stay informed, so I watch on occasion), you probably know things are dire as far as the material world go, particularly if you’re on the lower end of the economic spectrum. Still, I’d prefer to think of that little rabbit, acting on nature’s blueprint, continuing to create and create replicas of itself, assuring there’ll always be rabbits around; another way of looking at how we can manifest abundance in our own lives, by continuing to create new ways of seeing resources. And everything is a creation of our own perception, so if we perceive lack, there will be lack, while if we perceive abundance there is abundance, everywhere. I know the more I fall in love with my lifepartner, the more love I see around me, in new couples with new babies, in other, older married partners, in the very real flora and fauna in my neighborhood. Like seeing a smaller possum run into a bush when we were out walking one evening, only to note it’s probably a child of the one I used to see all the time, when I first moved into my apartment over five years ago. Nothing ends, but is re-created into a new form and into more versions, like snowflakes, for ever and ever. If I give a homeless person a dollar, that dollar will come back to me triplefold, just when I need it. So, no matter what the ‘pundits’ say, or how much they try to ‘doom and gloom’ us into believing bad times are ahead, think about the rabbit and celebrate Rabbit Year, by seeing just how many ways you and yours can practice the lesson of fertility/abundance in your own life. Rajkhet does monthly readings at The Cuff’s Full Moon Parties, Capitol Hill Seattle, and at Venus Moon in Renton the second Saturdays monthly. With over 20 years experience as a psychic and medium, she is available for private readings and parties. You can reach her at: 206-443-3856.

on the 4th to reconnect you with dreams and visions and Know you are already so much more than you think you are…And when you recognize this, the SKY is the limit in 2011. Carol Barbeau is a teacher, writer. Visit her website where you can read more about 2011 and opportunities for you during the next year.




people living as a global community? Can you imagine having no possessions? When you find resistance within yourself just pray for peace, pray for a new knowingness. Blessings to all of you! It is through our world prayers together we are bringing about the loving change toward knowing peace now.

From Dr. Xochitl Palomino: Something you might not think of to lower Hypertension -- Reflexology! Just throw a tennis or golf ball under your foot and try to stand on it and roll it around. Focus on the areas that hurt the most; which may be the entire bottom of your foot. This works the reflexology points in the foot that help you release stress and lower blood pressure.

Raven Many Voices

My Dear Children, as you quiet yourself in meditation and reflection we often include in our prayers a desire for peace in the New Year. Peace like many traits we desire comes not only through prayer, but from the actions we perform every day. We have a profound ability to change and shape our world through prayer. When we pray together with others this connection and focus is magnified. It is through our own inner desire for peace within that our world will find a new balance of peace.

“Peace comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.” — Black Elk Many have spoken of peace. The word peace has many meanings and uses in your language. You must find your own understanding of peace within your heart. Because we each see peace in a different way, peace can seem difficult or unattainable. Peace is knowingness that no matter how busy, crazy, upsetting, or even fearful life is at the moment, we know in ourselves everything will be just fine. It is your connection to Divine, and all that guides you from Divine, that flows in that moment to bring a feeling of calm and focus. Peace is peaceful even when you are scared. Yes, you can have both experiences at the same time. Peace never leaves us, but remains strong within our hearts until we are ready to feel that love and light within as much as we see it around us. We are all connected by thought, love and prayer. So as we pray for peace within let us imagine how this new knowingness of peace will change the world. I’d like you to read or listen to the song Imagine by John Lenon. Find what part of the song inspires or moves you. Focus on what would the world be like with no hunger or greed. What would a world look like with no countries, but instead




If I had to choose one stone to represent the angelic kingdom, it would have to be blue Celestite. Its color, radiance and soft energy seem to emanate the qualities we associate with the angels during this time of the year. The beautiful light blue to blue-gray crystals, tabular points and tumbled stones make it the perfect stone to carry us into the New Year. Known for its peaceful influence on our minds and heart, it encourages us to be at peace with the world. On the more scientific side, Celestite, also called Celestine (of the sky), is a strontium sulfate with a hardness of 3 to 3 ½. It forms in a variety of ways – prismatic crystals, tabular, fibrous, granular and nodular. The deep blue-gray clusters and geodes are from Madagascar. The tubular lighter blue crystals


often used by healers are from Ohio. Celestite does come in many colors and is found in many places around the world but the most sought after ones are the blues. Robert Simmons, author of the book, Stones of the New Consciousness, copyright 2009, includes it in his list of 62 stones. He states, “Through Celestite, one feels the sense of being individually loved and cherished by high spiritual beings.” He also shared his experience of being shown the people he needed to forgive while meditating with Celestite. Another claim is that while communing with the angels, Celestite gives us access to the 8th chakra, the one above our body. The books tend to agree in their description of Celestite properties. They discuss how it brings feelings of peace, teaches trust, and promotes mental clarity and fluent communications. The physical healing qualities mentioned include the throat, eyes and ears. One author talked about how hard it was the lie when holding Celestite, even to the point


of causing eruptions in the skin because the truth is trying to get out. I personally felt an opening of the 3rd eye while holding Celestite. My tumbled piece became very hot in my palm, an indication that its energy was radiating as I tuned in. It created a silent, gentle flow of energy that causes momentary feeling spots in my arms and fingers. I had the sensation that it was pushing old emotional blocks out of the way to allow my energy to flow freely. I recommend you get acquainted with a piece of Celestite. It has much to offer including helping you to be truthful with yourself and opening the way to commune with the angels. Cecilia Ray, owner of World of Gaia, a rock business on and ebay, reads stone energies. She also owns Mystical Winds, host for the Friends and Fellowship Psychic and Holistic Fairs. 425-239-0565 or




IMBOLC: JAN 30TH, 2011 at Lincoln Park #3 1:00-4:00pm Check the website to confirm location.Bards of Caer Pugetia, Open to all, free of charge, we welcome offerings of Poetry, Song, Dance, Acoustic Music, and (Brief) Stories. We also offer Child Blessings, Handfastings, Remembrances, as well as Bardic Dedications.

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This Year Resolve to Tune Up Your Chakras 1st Chakra - Exercise Daily and Get Outside 2nd Chakra - Put Yourself on a Diet of Kind People 3rd Chakra - Enjoy Yourself & Laugh Often 4th Chakra - Volunteer in Your Comminity 5th Chakra - Openly Communicate Your Feelings 6th Chakra - Write Down Your Hopes and Dreams 7th Chakra - Count Your Blessings Daily For Weekly Chakra Prescriptions Go For Classes and Personal Consultations Call Dena Marie @ 425 350-5448

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While I showed you the most important part of your Chinese chart in last month’s issue, the entire Chinese chart is so simple that ALL of the parts are important. Your Chinese chart is a DECEPTIVELY simple critter. Really, it’s composed of only eight pieces: 3 9

1 5

8 4

9 3

The numbers stand in for Chinese characters. The teacher of my first teacher used this system back in 1986, when getting computers to print Chinese characters was very difficult. I got used to the system, modified it slightly, and use it still. The numbers on top are the Heavenly Stems. The numbers on the bottom are the Zodiac Animal/Earthly Branches. Labeled in English, they look like this: Yang Fire Yang Wood Dog Horse

Yin Metal Snake

Yang Water Dragon

The person illustrated here was born in the Yang Fire/Dog year, the Yang Wood/Horse month, the Yin Metal/Snake day, and the Yang Water/Dragon hour. Most people would say: “He’s born in the Year of the Dog, so he’s a Dog,” and they would be right; but as we now know, the Heavenly Stem on top of the Day is the most important part of the chart, so it would be even more appropriate to say: “He’s born on a Yin Metal day, so he’s a Yin Metal.” Looking at the format of the Chinese chart, each paired Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch forms a sort of column. In the tradition, each of these columns is called a “pillar,” and the system of astrology that deals with Stems and Branches -- with the Zodiac Animals -- is called “The Four Pillars.” Now that you are acquainted with the full format of this Four Pillars Chinese chart, showing you more astrology lists -- or, occasionally, tables -- becomes easier than ever. The Heavenly Stems are labeled two ways; one, according to Yin or Yang polarity; and two, according to Element. The Taoist Five Elements are a way of showing major steps or stations in any cycle of change. They are patterned after the seasons: Water is Winter, Wood is Spring, Fire is Summer, Metal is Autumn, and Earth is both the junction between the seasons and the harmonizing center around which the seasons revolve. Since the Five Elements illustrate cycles of change, it pays to ask: how do each of the elements relate to each other? They relate to each other in four ways. The first way is: one element FEEDS the next one in order. The poetic names for the elements help to understand this dynamic. Water feeds Wood, which makes sense, as water makes plants grow. Wood feeds Fire, which explains itself. Fire feeds Earth, in the same sense as fire creates ashes. Earth feeds Metal, which stretches the analogy, because we should really say that Earth condenses into Metal. Metal feeds Water, which also stretches the analogy; we can say this as Metal is a conduit for Water. The second way the elements relate: if one element FEEDS the one just following it, then an element CHECKS or DESTROYS the element two places following it. If Water FEEDS Wood, Water PUTS OUT Fire. If Wood FEEDS Fire, Wood EATS UP Earth. If Fire FEEDS Earth, Fire MELTS Metal. If Earth FEEDS Metal, Earth IMPEDES Water. If Metal FEEDS Water, then Metal CHOPS Wood. So you see that each element has one that it feeds, one that feeds it, one that it destroys, and one that destroys it. Four ways for the elements to relate. The Feed cycle keeps the energy in any cycle

Astrology Chinese wisdom Ko Hashiguchi going; the Check/Destroy cycle is like a Rock/Scissors/Paper game with five parts rather than three, that keeps the cycle from speeding up into infinity. As the Five Elements are modeled on the seasons, do the Earthly Branches/Zodiac Animals conform to the seasons as well? Yes, they do, and here are the seasons and elements that go along with each of the Animals: Spring

Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Boar Rat Ox

Summer Autumn Winter

Yang Wood Yin Wood Yang Earth Yang Fire Yin Fire Yin Earth Yang Metal Yin Metal Yang Earth Yang Water Yin Water Yin Earth

Notice the pattern: two Branches with Yin or Yang of the seasonal element, and one transitional element of Earth. There remains some controversy whether a Yang Heavenly Stem should always go with a Yang Earthly Branch or whether the Water and Fire Branches should REVERSE polarity with respect to their Stems. The Snake always has a Yin Stem, but Snake itself is YANG Fire. Horse has a Yang Stem but is YIN Fire. Boar has a Yin Stem but is YANG Water, and Rat has a Yang Stem but is YIN Water. My first teacher always reversed the polarities for the Fire and Water Animals, and so do I. Now that we know what element and polarity each of the Branches/ Animals has -- what do we do with this information? I will run ahead and give you an advanced example, more advanced than your current knowledge of Chinese astrology can support on its own, just to show you that knowing the elements in a Chinese chart is NOT an empty exercise. In the sample chart at the beginning of this article, we know that the person-in-question is a Yin Metal. The Four Pillars astrology tradition tells us that the Animal/Earthly Branch of the Month corresponds to the female members of the subjects’ family -- mother and sisters. What is the Month Animal? It’s Horse.What is the element of Horse? It’s Fire. As our subject is a (Yin) Metal, what is the relationship between Metal and Fire? Fire melts/checks/destroys Metal. Since Fire controls/destroys Metal -- all things being equal -- the subject of this Chinese chart IS AT A DISADVANTAGE WITH FEMALE SIBLINGS AND WITH HIS MOTHER. (Yes, he’s famous. I’ll tell you who he is later.) This family dynamic definately has an impact on him. From this example you can see that the Five Elements in Chinese astrology is not a game and not a joke. Ko, the author of the book, “Pillars of Heaven: Chinese Astrology Revealed,” has studied the Four Pillars Chinese astrology since 1986. Ko has lectured at the UAC in 2002, the NORWAC and the AFA conferences in 2003. He can be reached at his web site,, and by phone at 253-486-7742.




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