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Spring 2011 2010 46 || Spring

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4 | Spring 2010 | 5

onthecover Standing from left to right: Tiffany Palmer, owner of STRIVE Aerobics; Angela Rodger, Executive Director of A Mother’s Heart Non-profit Organization; Nicole Gates, Founder of Infant Mortality Force Non-profit Organization, and Joyce Tuggle, Founder of Strong Division Non-profit Organization. All are winners of Ordinary People Magazine’s 2010 Servant Award. Sitting from left to right: Andrew Prepenner, Jr., senior pastor of Holy Nation Church and the winner of The Sylvester Bowens Lifetime Achievement Award 2010; Mr. James Williamson, owner of QuickDry Carpet Cleaning and Ordinary People Magazine’s 2010 Servant Award winner

Letters to the Editor What an awesome cover (Winter 2011)! I enjoyed reading this issue. Your magazine is really growing. I wish you much success. Carolyn Smith Memphis, TN

Your winter 2011 (issue) cover has been your best cover yet! Jess New Mexico Thank you for such a wonderful magazine. The “For Your Health” articles are very informative. Anonymous Knoxville, TN

6 | Spring 2011

I enjoyed reading the issue (winter 2011) on wisdom. I read it from cover to cover. Thank you so much for so a great magazine. Keep up the good work. Barbara Ware Orlando, FL

FromWithin . . . .

EDITORIAL After meditating on this scripture, I knew that this issue should be about entrepreneurship. We all have dreams of owning a business or creating a product that would bring about wealth. The road to entrepreneurship is a long and hard road, but one that bring about a feeling of satisfaction.

“And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

(Habakkuk 2: 2-3)

In the Spotlight features Mr. Don Jackson, founder of Central City Productions in Chicago, IL and the creator of the Stellar Awards. In For Your Health, Paola Tennon gives insight on dealing with stress as it pertains to embarking upon entrepreneurship. Pamela Steward let us know that Miracles and Blessings are happening everyday. In Consider This, Vanderbilt Brabson shares with us an incredible story about “Lost and Found.” Introducing a new segment, Let the Lady Speak by Rhonda Hurst. And, in Inspirational Words, Paris Ducker gives her insight on visions. I do hope that this issue will be one that is inspiring and uplifting as you step out on your vision bringing it to reality.

And as always, Love, Peace, and Increase…

Verna | 7| 7



Don Jackson by Verna V. Nickelberry

Mr. Don Jackson is the founder of Central City Productions (located in Chicago, IL) and the creator of the Stellar Awards.

On the day of my interview with Mr. Jackson, I was nervous and excited at the same time. Although it was a phone interview my stomach was filled with butterflies. My biggest concerns were would I be able to articulate in a professional manner? Would I be able to get through this interview without making a complete fool of myself? Nonetheless, I had to make this interview great! After introducing myself to Mr. Jackson and giving him an overview of Ordinary People Magazine (OPM), we began the interview:

10 | Spring 2011

OPM: As an entrepreneur how did you get started, I am speaking of the Stellar Awards? Mr. Jackson: The Stellar Award started 27 years ago as an unexpected vision from God. I was invited to the Gospel Music Workshop of America final awards show in Chicago by my minister, Reverend Coleman of Christ Universal Temple. She only had a few tickets for floor seats and one ticket for the balcony. So, I took the balcony ticket and noticed that I was the only one there. Being alone, I begin to converse with God as to my reason for being there. The show started and I got exposed to gospel music. I began to think what if there was a show just for gospel music artists. The music was strong enough to have its own awards show. OPM: What would you say to a young entrepreneur about keeping to their vision?

idea becomes crystallized. Create a plan of action of how you are going to grow your vision. Also create a business plan, one that would be good enough to take to a bank. Look for opportunities to partner with others. Learn to manage your finance. It was indeed an honor to interview Mr. Don Jackson. You can listen to the interview in its entirety on our web site:


Mr. Jackson: Once you step out on your vision, you have to believe in yourself and step out on faith Research what it is that you are stepping out on. And be still enough to recognize what God will put in front of you. Learn to celebrate with others. Do the things that will give your vision the best success.

Once you step out on your vision, you have to believe in your self and step out on faith.

OPM: As an entrepreneur and as your business grows, is it essential to give back to the community? Mr. Jackson: Yes, it is very important as an entrepreneur to give back to the community. OPM: If a young entrepreneur asked you what steps to take in realizing their vision, what steps would you tell them to take? Mr. Jackson: First step is to write it down, so that the | 11

Word Search… THE OLD TESTAMENTS W  I  F  U  W  P  Q  Y  A  X  C  K  H  X  B  X  R  W L  E  V  S  T  V  T  I  U  Q  D  Z  O  J  Z  O  Q  K J  M  A  J  L  P  S  N  T  N  G  Y  S  E  E  X  H  H Q  D  F  O  A  P  O  B  R  Y  Z  X  E  R  C  V  R  Z E  H  S  E  M  L  N  N  R  H  W  E  A  E  H  O  S  M G  D  N  L  E  A  G  A  I  A  Z  Z  Z  M  A  M  E  Y N  W  Q  I  N  H  O  H  J  I  Q  E  X  I  R  H  T  K J  E  N  Q  T  C  F  U  U  D  G  K  X  A  I  A  S  Y C  A  I  G  A  T  S  M  R  A  K  I  P  H  A  B  A  Z D  M  R  Y  T  R  O  G  N  B  H  E  Y  D  H  A  I  U P  W  X  X  I  W  L  H  N  O  A  L  O  A  I  K  S  K H  T  V  K  O  S  O  A  I  P  I  H  X  Y  M  K  E  C A  V  B  U  N  M  M  I  L  G  N  L  W  B  B  U  L  L M  X  B  D  S  Z  O  A  F  Y  A  E  M  B  R  K  C  J O  V  K  Y  P  V  N  S  W  X  H  A  G  G  A  I  C  M S  H  A  C  I  M  B  I  M  V  P  F  V  R  X  T  E  J R  W  K  Q  R  Y  W  F  A  B  E  Y  A  J  H  C  I  H H  A  H  O  J  L  T  Z  U  E  Z  H  S  M  W  M  G  A

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For Your Health

Joy and Turning Emotional Distress into


“And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision and make it plain upon the tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is not yet for an appointed time…wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

Habakkuk 2:2-3

14 | Spring 2011

The focus of this issue is on

God. It is through prayer that we feed

entrepreneurship and vision. In the

and nourish the soul. This keeps us

scripture referenced above the prophet

spiritually and emotionally centered as

Habakkuk poses two questions to God

God’s revelation is revealed.

concerning the nation of Israel. God’s response came to him in the form of

From a health perspective, consideration

a vision. From a biblical perspective,

should be given to our emotional well-

visions are considered visual forms of

being as we venture into the area of

divine revelations. They may consist

entrepreneurship. Emotional well-being

of symbolic images, dreams, and are

is critical to the success, happiness and

often supported by interpretations.

final outcome of any endeavor. Faith,

There are many references related to

attitude, behavior patterns, physical

visions found in scripture beginning

and mental wellness, work/professional

with Abraham in the book of Genesis

life and relationships are all important

and ending with John in the book of

factors that influence the end-result.

Revelations. Our dreams, prayers,

Stressful events or situations that may

wishes, and desires or visions, just as

be encountered as our business evolves

in biblical times, are also important to

in some instances can actually be good

by enhancing productivity and enabling us to stay alert or

increasing heart rates, when sustained leads to cardiovascular

on guard. However, they may also develop into episodes of

damage. An article in the January 2011 issue of the Archives

disharmony that increase our levels of stress. Regardless of

of Internal Medicine suggests that approximately 30% of

the source of the stressor, our physiologic response to it is

heart attacks are associated with stressful psychosocial

dependent on our perception of the stressor and our ability

factors. Physical deterioration is also seen in diabetics with

or inability to cope. This will be the determining factor as

unresolved stress. It affects the glucose level in the blood

to whether the stress continues or subsides. Other factors

and the ability of insulin to react appropriately. Finally, the

that impact our response to stress include those variables in

National Cancer Institute defines stress as the response of the

which we may have no control, such genetics, personality

body to physical, mental or emotional pressures. Although

type, biologic make-up, social support systems and financial

correlation between stress and cancer is not definitive, some

resources. Nonetheless, as referenced in the book Body and

studies have shown those patients undergoing stressful

Soul by Linda Villarosa, “Improving emotional well-being

events such as divorce or relationship issues, financial

begins with identifying the stress factors and how it impacts

problems and health worries are less likely to have an

our lives.” Unresolved emotional stress can be characterized by anxiety, fear, tension and depression, feelings of being pressured or threatened. Thus one’s well-being becomes a risk leading to increased physical or emotional distress. References can be found in the Journals of Medicine, Centers for Disease Control

optimal long-term outcome.

Emotional well-being is critical to the success, happiness and final outcome of any endeavor. Faith, attitude, behavior patterns, physical and mental wellness, work/professional life and relationships are all important factors that influence the end-result.

(CDC), American Heart

When working toward a new venture such as entrepreneurship, promotion or a new job, consideration should be given to longterm emotional health and wellness. Understanding that there is a mind and body connection and that our attitude about how we address these issues has a role in the scheme of things. When the attitude is

Association, American Diabetes Association and numerous

positive, expectations increase. Evidence is found in patients

other resources unresolved stress and the development or

diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease who were followed

exacerbation of certain diseases. Various studies have shown

by researchers at Duke University Medical Center. “Findings

that there is a correlation between long term or chronic stress

revealed patients who had positive outlooks were able to

and disease. Research is ongoing.

perform normal activities and their long-term recovery and survival rate were increased.”

An overview of some examples include the following:

Research has also shown that spiritual meditation, prayer,

The Immune System decreases the white blood cell counts

Bible study, and transcendental meditation can aid in the

thus increasing the vulnerability to viruses, colds and

reduction of blood pressure and decrease other types of

delayed recovery. Unresolved emotional stress has also

health risk factors.

been associated with cardiovascular disease as a result of an increase of stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol), which

As we move toward career advancement, self-evaluation is

are released into the bloodstream thus increasing blood

a tool that can be utilized to improve and sustain wellness.

pressure, narrowing blood vessels, platelet aggregation and

Analysis of where you are and where you want to be, who | 15

will assist you in achieving your goal, your physical and emotional health, your ability to balance task effectively and your commitment to reaching your goal are good strategies to reflect upon. Additionally, stress reduction begins with understanding how stress affects you. Stress management strategies and relaxation techniques aid in the reduction of tension that leads to increased stress. Based on each individual’s need the development of healthy habits can also provide protection against the effects of stress. Consider these topics: 1. Coping strategies- meditation, deep breathing and yoga 2. Develop a support group among those closest to you 3. Give up bad habits and embrace healthier ones such as improving eating habits, not smoking and exercising 4. Develop a more positive attitude and think positively 5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it 6. Take time for self, pamper yourself and get enough rest 7. Accept things that you cannot change and learn to forgive 8. Be honest with yourself and remember to laugh 9. Seek support services as needed; self-help groups and counselors 10. Embrace your spirituality and remember to”Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass.” (Psalm 37:4-5) In conclusion, consider this quote by the grandmother of Victoria Johnson as referenced in her book on attitude. “It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you think about what happens that really matter.”

16 | Spring 2011

References Agne, M. and Guralnik, D. (2000). Webster’s New World Colledge Dictionary, Fourth Edition (pp 1417). Foster City, CA: IDG BooksWorldwide, Inc Johnson, V. (1993). Attitude an inspirational guide to redefining your body, your health, and your outlook. New York, NY: the Penguin Group Villarosa, L. (1994). Body and soul. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publisher, Inc. American Cancer Society (2010) Attitude and Cancer. Retrieved February 26, 2011 from American Diabetes Association (2010). Stress. Retrieved March 5, 2011 from American Heart Association (2011). FAQs About Stress. Retrieved March 5, 2011 from HowDoesStressAffectYou/... FightStressWithHealthyHab... Diehl, B. (2011). Relationships between stress and physical illness. Retrieved March 5, 2011 from Gregory, S. (2011). Privately Spiritual. Retrieved March 2, 2011 from Spiritual medication and health on Harrell, K. 19 Life changing steps to turning attitude into action. Retrieved March 2, 2011 from Hotopf, M., Henderson, M., and Kuh, D. (2008) Invited commentary: Stress and Mortality. American Journal of Epidemiology,168, 492-493. Retrieved March 9, 2011 from Kovacs, J. (2010). Stress Management Health Center, Blissing out: 10 relaxation techniques to reduce stress on-the-spot. Retrieved February 26, 2011 from http:// National Cancer Institute (2001). Dictionary of Cancer terms, Stress. Retrieved March 2, 2011 from Ware, C. (2011). Positive thinking helps heart patients. Retrieved March 2, 2011 from (2008) Is there a link between stress and the immune system? Retrieved (2011) Stress-reduction therapy may help heart disease patients. Retrieved March 5, 2011 from

26 | Summer 2010

Miracles & Blessings By Pamela Stewart


hat are Miracles? What are blessings? Well, a miracle is an experience or occurrence that could only happen through divine intervention, there’s just no earthly way to achieve the outcome .Miracles happen every day but not to everyone every day. Blessings are the favor of God. We all receive a blessing every day when we wake up. Some favors are greater than others. Some favor is unmerited. We call that mercy and grace. . The Clark Sisters sang a song …. “I ’m looking for a miracle, I’m expecting the impossible….Believe and receive it, and God will provide it today”…. Most miracles are not granted because we looked, prayed or believed for it. Most miracles are released unexpectedly and in crisis. They are not necessarily given based on having a relationship with Christ. The other night I saw a program that was really about miracles. But they didn’t call them miracles. The people in each story simply said they were lucky .They didn’t even acknowledge God or a higher power. One young lady was in an accident that pinned her flat under a boulder that weighed tons. She should have died on impact .If she did live she should have had every bone in her body crushed. When the rescuers finally got her from under the boulder, she only suffered a few scratches in her face.

John Gaston Hospital and placed under “staple watch”. The doctors were hoping the staple didn’t pass with the points down because it would have torn my intestines open. Well, I’m here and with intestines intact! The Lord has been gracious towards me and my family, he has granted us a few miracles but above all He has graced us with His smile and blesses us with another day. You may not have experienced a miracle but you have been the beneficiary of His daily blessing… “Today”… In your today, take time to count your blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings, and see what God has done. No matter what may be pressing in your life at this time….. never forget you have life and today and that’s a blessing. Miracles and Blessings to you,

As I looked back over my life I can’t recall all of His blessings because they are too numerous. But I have been fortunate to have experienced a few of God’s miracles. One day when I was a little girl, about 3 or 4 years old, everyone was doing magic tricks and I wanted to do tricks too. So, I put a fence staple up my nose which ended up in my stomach instead of my lungs, which was a miracle in itself. I made the staple disappear for sure. I was admitted to

20 |18 Spring | Spring 20112011


Gospel Music/Artists | 19

20 | Spring 2011 | 21

22 | Spring 2011 | 23 | 31



Lost Found By Vanderbilt Brabson III

Several years ago Doretha, my wife, was traveling home to Knoxville, Tennessee from a visit to her mother’s home in Texas. She had traveled there with her sister and brother-in-law and on the way back to Knoxville, the three of them stopped at a service station in Sweetwater to gas up. Sweetwater is a small town close to the nuclear plant where I worked, and it is only forty-five minutes outside of Knoxville. At the service station, Doretha used a nearby pay phone to call me and let me know they had stopped in Sweetwater to gas up and were practically home.

26 | Spring 2011


Approximately an hour later she called

received had been placed the day before between three and

me again—this time in a panic. She had

three-thirty in the afternoon—when both she and I were out

lost her small purse which contained her

of the office. Of course both calls to our business phones

credit cards, pictures, and approximately

were made on the same day the purse disappeared. God is

a hundred and fifty dollars in cash. She


was sure she had left it at the pay phone

in Sweetwater. We prayed and I left work and traveled to the

The story of my wife’s purse is more than just a story of lost

service station in Sweetwater. After speaking to the atten-

and found. It is the story of losing something so dear and

dants there and checking their bathrooms and trash cans, I

precious to us that it hurts us deeply. It is the story of reunit-

drove very slowly back to Knoxville, the same route my wife

ing those precious items to their rightful owner. It is a story

had traveled, looking along both sides of the interstate in

of redemption.

hopes someone had tossed out her purse. As I drove I asked the Lord to return my wife’s purse to us with all the pictures

God sent His Son into the world on a search and rescue

and credit cards. I told Him the cash was not important to

mission for His precious treasure which had been lost—man-

us, but for obvious reasons the pictures and the credit cards

kind. Scriptures teach God created man in His own image

were. I also asked Him could the purse be found on this very day as a sign of His divine intervention in this matter.

God sent His Son into the world on a search and rescue mission for His precious treasure which had been lost—mankind.

and placed him in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:7-8). No one knows how long Adam resided in Eden because the aging

process for the first man did not begin until after his fall. It

When I got home that evening I comforted my wife

is possible Adam lived hundreds or possibly thousands of

and told her I was confident God had given me peace that

years before sinning. Who really knows? What we do know

we would be notified before the end of the day the purse had

is that Adam did sin, and his sin had a threefold effect:

been found without any missing pictures or credit cards. My wife sat up with me until midnight waiting on a phone call about her purse, but no one call, so she went to bed.

1. Adam’s sin escorted him out of the realm of eternity into the temporal realm of time.

At that point, I told the Lord I was so sure He had let me know we would be notified on this very day the purse had

2. Adam’s sin wedded him to a second companion. Eve

been found. How could I have been so wrong, I thought to

was Adam’s first companion, and she led him into sin.

myself before finally retiring for the night.

Fear became Adam’s second companion, and it led him into hiding from the voice of God, and man has been

When Doretha and I arrived at our jobs the next

running and hiding from the voice of God every since.

morning, we both had voice messages on our business phones from the Knoxville Police Department informing us

3. Adam’s sin passed the dominion over the earth from

that her purse had been found and turned in. When my wife

Adam to Satan, who gained authority over mankind in

called, she was informed her purse contained several credit

the process because Adam acted as man’s federal head.

cards and pictures but no cash. When she rushed over and retrieved it, sure enough, there were not any credit cards

Many years ago modeling clay was a very popular play item

or pictures missing. By the way, the phone messages we

for thousands of children. Some kids sat for hours playing | 27

with this doughy substance endeavoring to create all sorts of

What about you? Does God truly have your heart? Are you

animal and human-like creature figures. Imagine yourself

absolutely sure that if you died today, you would spend eter-

having the power to not only fashion the clay into the form

nity with God in heaven? If not, you can be. Jesus said,

of a man-like creature but able to breathe into his nostrils

Behold, I stand at the door; and knock: if any man hear My

the breath of life as well. Yet, to your dismay when the little


clay man stands to his feet, he stubbornly places his hands

and open the door; I will come in to him, and will sup with

on his hips and refuses to acknowledge you as his creator.

him, and

Furthermore, he refuses to listen to you and recognize your

he with Me (Revelation 3:20).

presence. How would that make you feel? Imagine how God felt when mankind, His creation, rejected Him. The

If you want to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that

fact that mankind’s rejection of God was not met with a

your name is forever sealed in the Lamb’s Book of Life

speedy, harsh judgment does not mean God overlooked our

(Revelation 20:11-15), please pray the following:

sin. God neither overlooked nor condoned our offense. He chose instead to overlove it. How? By

Dear God in Heaven, I

By sacrificing His Son in our place. The entire wrath of God against mankind was poured out upon Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary.

sacrificing His Son

come to You confessing I have no assurance that I am truly saved. I desire to have the eternal life, which You offer to all who trust in the sac-

in our place. The entire wrath of God against mankind was

rifice of Your Son at Calvary. I am now inviting Jesus Christ

poured out upon Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary.

into my heart. I am sorry for my sin, and I desire to live for

It is because they are so rare that precious stones such as

You from this day forward. Please take that same power

diamonds and rubies have tremendous value. If everyone

You used to raise Jesus’ dead body from that grave and use

could stroll out into their yard and dig these stones up, they

in my life to make me a new creature in Christ. Thank You

would be absolutely worthless. There is one thing that is

for hearing my prayer. Thank You for forgiving me of my

even rarer and therefore more valuable to God than all the

sin. Thank You for accepting me into the family of God. In

precious stones created. In fact, throughout all eternity past

Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

and eternity future, God created only one of its kinds. This precious, rare item which is of tremendous value to God is

“A world of nice people, content in their own niceness,

your heart.

looking no further, turned away from God, would be just as desperately in need of salvation as a miserable world---and

God created it, lost it through the sin of Adam, and made

might be even more difficult to save.” C. S. Lewis

provisions to redeem it through the sacrifice of His Son at Calvary. But whether or not your heart is redeemed is not

C. S. Lewis. Lewis was an Irish author and scholar. Lewis is

up to God alone. It is up to you as well. The Bible not only

known for his work on medieval literature, Christian apolo-

teaches that God in His sovereignty calls us; it also teaches

getics, literary criticism and fiction. He is presently best

we have a responsibility to answer His sovereign call. Per-

known for his children’s series The Chronicles of Narnia.

haps this can be said in a simpler way. It is like when you are born, there are three votes cast as to whether or not you

© March 2011

will spend eternity in the bliss of God’s presence. God votes

Vanderbilt Brabson III, Author

yes. Satan votes no. You have the deciding vote.


28 | Spring 2011

Let The Lady Speak

Get Your

by Rhonda B. Hurst

Real Talk about Real Living for Today’s Woman ave you ever really analyzed the expression “what you see is what you get?” There is no truer statement. What you see in your mind is what you will get out of life. It is inevitable that your mental perception becomes your reality. What you see in your mind sets the paradigm for whom you will be, what you will accomplish and how far you will go in life. We must develop a pattern of positive thinking.

It’s time for today’s women to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Positive thinking is a mental attitude that emits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. It is a positive attitude that expects good and favorable results. A positive mindset anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. Whatever the mind sees and expects, it finds. | 29

Until we change our way of thinking and get our minds right, we will never be able to get our lives right. The reason is that nothing you do in life will ever surpass your level of thinking. If you think negative thoughts you will always produce negative results. If you think positive you will produce positive results. Whatever you sow

If you think negative thoughts you will always produce negative results. If you think positive you will produce positive results. This is God’s law of nature.

is exactly what you will reap. This is God’s of nature. Whatever you plant will determine your harvest. Think about it this way, your thoughts produce words, your words produce actions, your actions produce habits and your habits produce character. So here is the question: what do you see when looking at yourself and your life? Do you see doom and gloom? Or do you see growth and success?

I realize that when someone is feeling downhearted and overwhelmed by the pressures of life, they are not so quick to buy into positive thinking. Therefore, I dare not tell you the affiming words “think positive!” I am simply challenging you to change the way you think. I am encouraging you to get your mind right. Instead of always seeing the glass half empty, see it as half full. Instead of constantly seeing your past failures focus on future possibilities. Instead of being defeated by what you can’t do, strive to do what you can do extraordinarily well. You can never get the best out of life if you always expect the worst. Philippians 4:18 (NIV) tells us “Whatever is true, 30 | Spring 2011

whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable; if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things”. Take this moment to examine your way of thinking. If you discover that you are too negative then get your mind right by taking control of your thoughts. Just as there is power in the tongue, there is also power in your thoughts. Therefore, when negative thoughts invade your mind, endeavor to replace them with constructive ones. Think about this, to live better we must think better. When we think better; we can do better. When we do better; we will be better in every aspect of everyday living.

Words of Inspiration by Paris Ducker

“Say What You Heard – So You Can See What You Said”…Israel Haughten Habakkuk 2:2 “Write the vision and make it plan on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” Bringing our dreams or visions into reality is a challenge if we don’t write them down. Israel Haughten repeats over and over in one of his songs and I say it over and over as well: “Say what you heard, so you can see what you said!” You may have to repeat that over and over and even meditate on it. Imagination and dreams are gifts from God that allow us to see past our “present.” Our spoken and written words have power. When we line them up with God’s Word they become more powerful. Roman 4:17 instructs us to speak things into existence as if they were already so.

How many of us are daydreamers? Do we imagine where we would like to live, what type of car we want to drive, what type of business we want to own or what flavor do we want to our ministry? Vision is something seen in a dream, a manifestation to the senses of something immaterial or the act or power of imagination.

Being brave enough to put our dreams on paper is the next step to making them happen. As you write down your vision be exact, see every facet of it, and imagine yourself launching out on your new venture or enterprise. Writing your vision allows you to speak life into what hasn’t been spoken. Your vision may be opening your own law office, auto detail business, music Production Company, family restaurant or becoming a teacher. You should be strategic in how you will pursue your vision. Launching out as an entrepreneur on a new venture or

enterprise can be accomplished when your vision is written and made plain. It’s the same as having to depend on a GPS or roadmap for directions. You have to see where you are going, how you will get there and what roadblocks may be waiting for you. After writing down your vision, review it and see what should be done first. Remember order is always necessary. God believes in order as well. You can’t become a doctor if you haven’t received the proper training. Envision your change, plan for your dreams, and then pursue your dreams. Separate your vision into different segments and follow the steps that will allow you to see your dream become real. Yes, it will take time but with prayer, determination and hard work you will see the fruit of your labor. Habakkuk tells us to write the vision and make it plain, so that when you refer back to it you can run with it! This means when you see your vision on paper, you should get excited; movement should begin toward making your dreams a reality! God’s Word and wisdom is ageless. He gives us instructions that just make sense. Come on and make your dream a reality! Yes, it may take time, but what better time than now? Where would you be if your plan were not laid out? Drifting, changing your mind daily, and just reacting as life happens? God gave us creativity, imagination, and dreams to be used. We are all familiar with the phrase “use it or lose it.” Get courageous, pick up your pen, or turn on your computer, pray, and make your dream tangible. Congratulations! How exiting and exhilarating to be brave enough to take that FIRST step and do as God tells us through Habakkuk …”WRITE your vision down, make it plain, and RUN with it.” | 31

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• Be a witness and win souls for Christ • Compel individuals without a church home to visit Holy Nation • Challenge individuals to become members of Holy Nation • Spread the vision of Holy Nation in the Memphis and surrounding community We are extending ourselves to the Memphis, West Memphis and surrounding communities to come and grow with us as we impact the world for Christ!

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Andrew and Shirley Perpener, Pastor

Ordinary People 2011 Spring Issue  

Ordinary People Magazine is an inspirational magazine that is produced four times a year. Our goal is to produce a quality Christian magazin...

Ordinary People 2011 Spring Issue  

Ordinary People Magazine is an inspirational magazine that is produced four times a year. Our goal is to produce a quality Christian magazin...