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Hottest Swimwear Brands of the Year •Maaji •Agua Bendita •Sauvage Swimwear •Eclectic Couture •Luli Fama •Mar de Rosas •Revel Rey + More… *Cover look by Maaji $ 19. 99 US Sexiest ISSUE


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Beach Season is our favorite time of year and with it comes the sun's beautiful, warm rays, begging us to take off our clothes and bare arms, legs, and midriffs. We get early sunrises and late sunsets, more wildlife coming out all around us, and the overwhelming sense of rejuvenation and new life. In the springtime, everything is in bloom, bringing a great multitude of colors to nature's palette. It is almost impossible not to feel brighter, happier, and in the mood for fun! Our Sexiest Issue is designed to bring you spring and summertime beauty, luxurious vacation and retreat spots, the season's hottest swimwear brands, and the Top 20 sexiest models of the year. We traveled to Anguilla, Hawaii, Cabo, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Marina Del Rey, California. We voyaged, wrestled the wilderness, swam oceans, hiked mountains, and sailed on a yacht to get these shots. As always, it was great fun and we enjoyed every minute! When we chose The Top 20 Sexiest Models of 2017, we consider more than just looks. The models must be positiveminded, friendly, compassionate, easy to work with, and of course, it helps if they are vegan . .- Each of these beauties are established in their careers, but they may still qualify as new faces to you - and we love giving recognition to professional models who deserve it. We have gathered the most desirable and wonderfully fun, flirty designs of 2017. We found this year's colorful and feminine suits particularly inspiring , and there was no shortage of great swimwear lines to choose from. Some of the brands have been around for a while, while others are just launching. For our 2017 VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE Swimwear Award, we chose Maaji Swimwear. Not only do we love their cuts, prints, and colors, but they speak to the same beautifully authentic, playful, and whimsical side of femininity that we appreciate so much. Maaji blew us away with their Earth Warriors Project, where they are "Planting an Ocean of Trees" as their way of giving back to the planet. They work hard to preserve our oceans and seas, create beach clean-ups, and plant trees, which "have been an endless source of inspiration for [their] collections. " Maaji's forest now has 90,000 trees and is still growing . To find out more about this project, or to become an Earth Warrior, check out earth-warriors/ planting-anocean-of-trees/

iw(; Maaji Swimwear ssova Model: Kristina Menl

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~~ Gwendalyn Augustine



S[X\[ST \SSU[ Z011 1!j (/;1'




~ATA RINA VAN DERrtAM Contributing Editor

~AYlA SMITn ~IM~ERlY WArtl Contributing Writers




RENE SWEENEY Director of Marketing & PR

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Copyright © 2017 KVD Brand, Inc., VIVA GLAM ® is a registered trademark owned by KVD Brand, Inc. All rights reserved . VIVA GLAM is by KVD Brand Inc ., 4821 Lankershim Blvd. F~345, North Hollywood, CA 91601 . Tel 818.308.7697 Sexiest Issue, 2017 . Issue 12 ISSN 2332-5933 4



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The perfect place to hide away, relax, and disapnQ",rArnr

Everything you need for a sexy you


35 BEACrt SEXY H~IR, mE MERM~ID Get the perfect beach wave look


A place of pure tranquil, tropical lUxury SUNSCREEN


Who's who and where to find them

Behind the scenes of the VIVA GLAM model Sexiest shoot in Anguilla, West Indes



Premier elegance with unique style

miere Boutique Hotel



Swimwear Eclectic 8


Swimwear Eclectic Couture SEXIEST ISSUE 2017




Swimwear Eclectic Couture

,7 - - - - - - - - . .- -- -

Stylist Sean Panella SEXIEST ISS UE 2017




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Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup & Hair Yaniv Katzav Location Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs, CA


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Secret in a bottle Beverly Hills hair stylist ANGELICA CURIEL has over a decade of experience in the beauty and hair industry. Her passion for beautiful hair is clear in the way she cares for her clients while helping them achieve and maintain gorgeous hair. Angelica's understanding of healthy hair has led her to formulate secrets that keep hair growing healthy, shiny, and damage-free. She has gathered the very best natural ingredients and put these special secrets in a bottle:

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SfUZ:Make two pigtails and do a regular French braid in each.


waves 3

SfU 3: Sleep. SfU 4:Take out 'the braids and spray in K+K beach waves



beach waves ... I'U Still

sea salt texture spray;,. ~

SfU5: Put a few drops of Curiel in the palms of your hands, rub


All done! Mermaid waves!










Photographer Dreamstate Live





Photographer Deja Jordan Hair Jesus Guerrero

Swimwear Agua Bendita



Swimwear Ag ua Bendita SEX IEST ISSUE 2017


Swimwear Agua Bendita 50


Swimwear Agua Bendita SEXIEST ISSUE 2017 51

Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup & Hair Katarina Van Derham Location Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs, CA

Luli Fama Swimwear



Luli Fama Swimwear

Luli Fama Swimwear

ADRIANNA CHRISTINA moved to California four ago from Arizona to begin her modeling career. This fitness, traveling, and the beach. In addition to working Adrianna is pursuing a career in real estate. Snapchat @hLadrianna Instagram @adrianna.christina Originally from Poland ,AGATA


dream from childhood was to come to America. She believes in never giving up on your dreams, and now she is modeling in the US. Her fairy tale has come true. Being a part of VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE is very special to her - and us! Instagram @agata_zia

BETH OSTENDORF is a Minnesota transplant who lives in sunny Venice, CA. She considers herself a surfer, yogi, and wanderer! And she's hard at work creating her own natural skincare and candle line, Remedies Apothecary! Instagram @bethy.dorf Instagram @remedies.apothecary


has graced the covers of magazines worldwide and is the winner of our 2016 Model Search . She shot with VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE in Anguilla, British West Indies! Brittany is now embarking on a new chapter in her life, transitioning into television. Twitter @brittoldehoff Snapchat @oldehoffB Instagram @brittanyoldehoff Facebook /brittanyoldehoff

engaged to director Mike Ho and is currently experiencing the beautiful stages of soon-to-be motherhood. After Baby Elijah arrives, she looks forward to working on commercials and other exciting projects! Instagram @cynthiaschavez

EMELINA ADAMS is 2016 Miss Nevada USA! Winning that title has been an absolute dream for her. She knows the importance of giving back and is passionate about Make-A-Wish, the usa, and Solutions Recovery Center. She's the total package of beauty, brains, and heart! Snapchat & Instagram @emelinaadams


GOLDEN is more than just a beautiful prima ballerina! She's also a yoga enthusiast, holistic health practitioner, and devoted mom. Jesse is also known for her elixir, The Golden Secret. This blend of oils is intentionally created to attract love and abundance! www.thegoldensecrets.oom Twitter @jessegolden Instagram @jessegolden Facebook /jessegoldenfanpage

MABELYNN CAPELUJ is first generation American , of Argentinean and She was Mexican heritage. recently crowned Miss California USA and is an aspiring television host. Right now, she's studying broadcast journalism and is a model in Los Angeles. Instagram @mabelynncapeluj

NICOLETA became an international model after being 'discovered' in a McDonald's at 16 years old . In her spare time, Nicoleta is a celebrity ambassador for the Kimberly Moore Foundation, an organization that makes wishes come true for children in need!

KRISTINA MENISSOVA 'S credo is "success equals belief in yourself multiplied by hard work," and she says if you dream big you can accomplish the impossible! Kristina is a stunning runway model and accomplished opera singer. Part Ethiopian and part Kazakhstani, she attended school in Rome, Italy.

Instagram @nicoleta_vaculov Instagram @ntamodels Facebook INicoleta Vaculov

Instagram @kristina_menissova

PAIGE COLLINGS was born and raised in Huntington Beach . This Southern California beauty believes in the power of positive thinking, finding your passion, and most of all, gratitude. What 's her key to success? The teachings of Tony Robbins and 'The Secret'! Twitter @paigemcollings Instagram @paigecollings

With the


lives life to the fullest! She loves to express herself, entertain others, and create art. Fitness is a major passion of hers and she also finds joy mentoring other young women in the Entertainment Industry, her favorite way to give back!


Instagram @LivJaeger_




is using her modeling to fund her own jewelry line. Her designs are timeless, but with an edge. She also loves animal rescue and giving back to the community through volunteer work. Instagram @patiencesilva



As a busy model , MARKETA




lives up to that name as one of the happiest people we know. She is also a conscious fashion model, supporting brands that have ethical practices or give a share of their profits to good causes, such as fair trade and helping build schools in Africa! Instagram @happyluba ebook ILubaVitti

de-stresses by spending time in nature and playing sports. She loves hiking and even wants to try boxing! Marketa has been to over 30 countries and dreams of backpacking around the world. Instagram @marketa_red

heart of an

SONA SKONCOVA is a girl on fire! This supermodel just loves working in entertainment and has been in several national beauty campaigns in addition to being a television presenter in her native Slovakia. A household name , she is known for her beauty, poise and Instagram @sonaskoncova

a~liA Photographer Deja Jordan

Makeup & Hair Katarina Van Derham Location Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs, CA

Swimwear Maaji

Swimwear Maaji

Swimwear Maaji



Swimwear Maaji


Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup & Hair Katarina Van Derham







Photographer Sarah Orbanic Makeup Katarina Van Derham Hair Angelica Curiel

Sauvage Swimwear by Elizabeth Southwood Available at

rsm(l~n ISSUE 2017


PWJL Co · Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup & Hair Yaniv Katzav Location Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs, CA

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SWlmwear MaaJI -- -



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elightln a ~ en it comes to premiere and elegant floral arrangements, o;lients ypically look for an artist who can create unique si~ns Uia cater to a. 'fteJividual's specific needs. Sana, CEO and founder of Garden Of Kisses, loca d in herman Oaks, Cali 0 nia, knows what sets er pi all others. By nstantly research ing and coming up with new ommoaates each of her client's desbres. Sona incorporates both European design and Japanese Ikebana into her creations. She believes that every florist has his or her unique style that comes from within . Her flowers are always flown in from allover the world and are of the highest quality. Sona has always had a love for flowers and dreamt of owning a flower shop for as long as she can remember. Even before she owned Garden of Kisses, she would plant flowers outside because their blooms made her happy. She also believes that if you love what you do, you will create great work. So she decided to make her dreams come true and open up her flower shop! Being an entrepreneur comes with challenges, and Sona's advice to other women embarking on their own dream business is to never give up. She said, "As a female, especially a single one, many people expect you to not be as successful. But those who are strong enough and overcome the obstacles that come their way will eventually be successful. I consider myself a strong , independent women and I love to see other women succeed in life. You have to be strong, take risks, and expect the difficulties that come with having a business. Look at every obstacle as making you stronger. That is the key to success. Also, always keep in mind you should love what you do because that is going to be your life ... I don't consider this as a job; working with flowers is my passion." Sona has gleaned wisdom from her family and friends, especially from her father and daughter. They have been the backbone of support since the creation of Garden of Kisses . She believes she would have never gotten to where she is now without them. In addition to floral arrangements, Garden of Kisses offers gift baskets, balloons, cute teddy bears, and custom gift wrapping. Right now, Sona says tbat the boxed flowers are the most popular item. Why? People love the unique look and they can keep and reuse the beautiful boxes afterward! Facebook: Instagram: Yelp:

Sauvage Swimwear by Elizabeth Southwood Available at

Photographer Deja Jordan Makeup Katarina Van Derham Hair Angelica Curiel





Luli Fama Swimwear:

WW'I't 85

Photographer Sarah Orbanic Makeup Katarina Van Derham Hair Angelica Curiel



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Photographer Sarah Orbanic


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Photographer Dreamstate Live



Located in PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, you'll _ find the former rendezvous and secret retreat of renowned artists, nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains. This Mediterranean and Moroccan themed escape consists of guesthouses, bungalows, gardens, and pools. To be fair, they are so spectacular and take on such a plane of their own, that calling them "themed" feels somewhat insulting. SEXIEST ISSUE 2011


he VIVA GLAM TEAM , holding four persons strong this time, was almost there, hitting Palm Springs in the later afternoon and heading straight to our destination, Korakia. As we drove down the main drag, we gazed upon the storefront windows and predicted which restaurants we thought we

would like to eat at during our stay. We were in the middle of everything, and beginning to wonder what kind of "retreat" could exist so close by. But soon the GPS took us off the busy path , and quietness came over the sky. We located the property and parked. We proceeded to the check-in, completely naive to the experience that was about to envelope us. We were immediately lured in by the enchantment of Korakia. With citrus blossoms, olive trees, oleander bushes, date palms, bougainvillea vines, and gorgeous Moroccan, petal filled fountains , the artistic part of our spirits were spoken to. The feeling of being in your own world was immediate, and the woman at the front desk became the only person in sight; her and a cat named Sasha. The host's energy was peaceful and serene, allowing us to remain in this state of wonder. Check in was the easiest we have ever experienced , with a quick "What is your name?" and "Here is your key." we were off to our rooms. The peacefulness had already taken over, and gently gliding away from the entryway was somehow both exciting and calming, with every step taking us further away from the outside world.



Our suites were in The Moroccan Villa, the former hideaway of Scottish painter Gordon Coutts. When building this property in the 1920's, he attempted to re-create his art-filled life in Tangier by utilizing architectural design and promoting a Moroccan decor. Dar Marroc, as it was called at the time, quickly became a gathering place for musicians, visiting artists such as John Lavery, Agnes Pelton, Nicolai Fenshin, Grant Wood, and celebrities such as Rudolph Valentino and Errol Flynn. Just through the impressively eclectic library, we found the open, private courtyard that accompanied our suites; one right on top of the other. We entered the first, the Adobe Suite and found a very wonderful bohemian energy about it. Then up the multicolor tiled staircase to find my space, the Artist Studio. This studio is gorgeous, quiet, and features a large window the width of the far wall that overlooks the pool area. It was both humbling and thrilling to be staying in the very studio that Winston Churchill is rumored to have painted in! Both suites filled with undeniable charm , the detail in every minor accoutrement so perfectly laid out. Appointed with magically mid-century vintage details, antiques dress the space and old books fill the shelves. There is no TV or phone, and no harsh lighting . (there is Wi-Fi, but you have to ask for it). The level and size of kitchen is different with each suite, but all have coffee - which for most of us, even on a relaxing, decompressing weekend is as pleasant as it is necessary. You can't accurately describe Korakia as having "great decor;" they have created a complete environment, a capsule in time and space. Once settled into our digs, we ventured out onto the grounds. Let 's be honest, when a place touts the accommodations, you're eager to check them out.

Korakia's Moroccan and Mediterranean Villas are equally stunning . The Moroccan Villa has a perfectly tempered, salt-water pool aligned with a running fountain, and beside it, a stone waterfall spread across the main courtyard with several fire pits. The view is simply beautiful. The grounds maintain daybeds, gardens, and a divine front courtyard with tables where breakfast is served. In the 1930's J. Carol Naish, an early silent-screen star, owned what are now known as the Mediterranean Villas. Venturing over to these Villas across the street, we found blends of Southern Europe with North African accents throughout its structure. The main house boasts an impossibly romantic master suite, high wood beam ceilings , an indoor/outdoor bathroom , and a massive fireplace . All of the villas on this parcel are open, bright, inspiring , and every detail creating a breathtaking escape. Here in the Mediterranean Villas is where you will find the second sun-drenched pool area, this one lined with several fire pits as the centerpiece of the courtyard. These Villas embrace a beautifully simplistic yoga and spa lodge, host a Bocce ball court, and boast an outdoor area where you can lay on a bed of pillows while watching classic vintage movies out under the desert night sky.

On Sunday mornings, you could greet the day with Sun Salutations and surrender into the bliss of your breath, diving deep as you stir your subconscious into full awareness of the beauty of the day. Then slip over to a home cooked breakfast in the beautiful Moroccan front courtyard. As a consequence of the ambiance and type of person Korakia Pensione continues to attract, you will likely share this social space with some eclectic artist-types; writers, photographers, actors, and tourists who are clearly "in the know" about where to go on their holiday. Your day is open and you are free. Soothe your soul poolside, seek to heal through yoga, or pamper yourself with a massage treatment at the indoor/outdoor spa lodge. Join a game of bocce ball , explore downtown Palm Springs on one of their complimentary cruiser bicycles, or spend the day hiking the superior backcountry of Pacific Crest Trail. In the afternoon , indulge with the traditional Moroccan tea service and take on the daunting task of deciding to have lunch served in your room , your private courtyard, or if it shall be poolside while you soak up some sun .

Both sets of Villas have picturesque views of the Mountains, and the two sides blend harmoniously to create a true oasis in the California desert. It is all so very quaint, romantic, and intimate ... as if it is all just for you.

However you choose to spend your time, you will thoroughly enjoy the energy of and staff of this haven. In addition to being friendly and attentive, the staff somehow manages to all maintain the same level of mellow, graceful , Zen energy in everything they do; from the manager to the host and gardeners, they are all Zen masters.

A Day at Korakia

And as the sun sets, employees walk around and light hundreds of tea lights, candles, and lanterns. The flames flickering through the dusk create a magical note to the beginning of a blissful evening . And that is Korakia Pensione.

Begin the day with Meditation. Clear out the clutter and center yourself. Turn your focus inward while filling your senses with the serenity of the desert.




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his exceptional property just opened in early 2016 and is the first on Anguilla's North end, Shoal Bay East. Located on one of the world 's best beaches, vacationers bask in the true serenity only an island of this beauty provides.

The collection of guest rooms and suites pair contemporary luxuries and amenities with the appeal of sun, sand, and warm sea breezes. Each room puts Anguilla's breathtaking natural beauty on display by way of floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies and terraces where your eyes and heart feast upon the vast clear sky, turquoise ocean, and sugary white sands.

According to Jeffrey Goldstein of the Goldstein Family Partnership, the resort 's developer, they "[fjell in love with Anguilla years ago and saw the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind resort that mirrors the transcendent nature of the island. "

We had the pleasure experiencing one of their beachfront suites, a penthouse with three bedrooms, two king beds and two twin. This luxurious 2,826 square foot suite featured a large living room , stateof-the-art kitchen, truly superior Wi-Fi, and a private terrace. Best of all, it is located directly on the beach and has its own private pool that overlooks the water.

This really set the tone for what we were about to experience here. Meticulous design and effort was put into every detail of this property, and extreme care was taken in selecting the highly experienced staff. The Caribbean music, friendly residents, and beautiful scenery are Anguilla's welcome mat to Zemi Beach House. We were already immersed in the island 's culture and energy by the time we arrived at the oceanfront resort. With an accommodating and thoughtful staff there to greet us, no question or desire was left unattended to. There is a concierge for everything, so we felt like royalty. The design of this property is nothing short of magnificent opulent and brilliant, from the rooms and suites to the pools and incredible Thai House Spa.



Honestly, whenever the level of lUxury a property offers takes me aback, I immediately wonder how the food will measure up. I should have known better than to worry. There were too many wonderful options to choose from , but I couldn 't really go wrong as all of Zemi 's casual and fine dining venues focus on locally and seasonally sustainable items as well as imported delicacies, further realizing their goal of complete consciousness. With flavors from Caribbean to Latin and Asian, and offering vegan options (very important), they set the bar even higher. Our favorite way to enjoy these meals was to ditch the tables and have our meal with our toes in the sand and handcrafted cocktail in hand. Speaking of drinks, there is a bar or lounge for every mood and vi be ... as long as it's Caribbean in nature. There are places for pre-

and post-dinner cocktails in trendy settings, Champagne and wine served in elegance, the casual beach club serving exotic, inventive cocktails, and a rum connoisseur's dream - the Rhum Room. Oh, this! The rich, wood-paneled sophistication of the Rhum Room provides the perfect atmosphere for the more than 100 small-batch, singleestate rums featured here. As if the Caribbean waves and silken wh ite sands weren't enough to melt away any stresses, Zemi Thai House Spa was there for our full rejuvenation and healing needs.

Inspired by the ancient healing traditions of the Anguilla's native Taino Indians, Zemi Thai House Spa centers on the belief that aI/ of nature's elements have the power to heal mind, body and spirit and maintains a deep sense of commitment to weI/being. - ZBH This authentic 300-year-old Thai house was transported from Thailand to Anguilla piece-by-piece, and it is undoubtedly Zemi Beach House's heart and soul. It is a 15,000 square foot sanctuary of private spa suites, yoga decks, and a meditation garden. The spa includes a heated gobek tasi, sun deck for mud and salt body treatments, outdoor rainfall showers, and a vitality pool. Consider yourself elevated to a new plane. The complementary balance to all of this relaxation is adventure! The concierge will help set up all sorts of island adventures, activities, and tours for you - both on and off of the property. There was so much to experience, from stand-up paddle boarding over the clear, sapphire waters to snorkeling beneath them; we even got a front-row view of the aquatic life (without getting wet!) in a glass-bottom kayak. If there were such a thing as needing a break from the ocean, the resort's swimming options had us covered with not one, but three pools - including an oceanfront infinity pool with an aquarium window, a lap pool, and an adultsonly tranquility pool. Even everyday activities got a beach-luxury twist: we flexed our competitive muscles playing coconut bowling and donned a fin in the Mermaid Experience learning how to swim like Ariel. Part of the reason Zemi is so extraordinary is the breathtaking, lively island it's built on. There are places great for parties, dancing, golf, watching the boat races , and hiking natUlre ralls. You can visit The Foumtain Cavern National Shoal Bay , or charter boat for a day trip to St off of Anguilla's coastline.

As we neaded to the airport for our journey to Anguilla, British West Indies, we were filled with anticipation as none of us had visited this tropical destination before. OUR TRAVEL TEAM included VIVA GLAM founder Katar-ina \Jan Derham, photographer Deja Jordan, VIVA GLAM Supermodel Searcn Winner Brittany Oldehoff, male model Doug Jeffery, myself (Candace Kita) , and stylist Sean Panella, who was traveling from NY and would meet us there. After only two short flights, we found ourselves in paradise! We landed in St. Martin, a Republic of the Netherlands. The airport here is known for one of the most spectacular landings in the world because you approach the airstrip very close to the beach. In fact, you can see tourists waving at you from the sand below! From St. Martin , we traveled by boat 18 minutes to Anguilla. Anguilla is a small , charl7l1 ing island located directly north of St. Martin , separated by the Anguilla Channel. On the quick 15-minute drive to our destination, Zemi Beach House, we saw herds of goats, cows, and tons of open errai n. The sky was azure blue and the locals waved as we drove by.

buffet that included fresh fruit, coconut rice , local vegetables and homemade desserts. Mystic Vybz provided the entertainment for the evening and we even entered the dance contest and won! The last song played that evening was Pharrell 's "Happy" and that pretty much summed up the vibe of the evening. After a restful night's sleep, we awoke to clear skies and calm, turquoise waters! We had heard about Zemi Beach's spectacular breakfast buffet so we headed there first. We were served on the beach and the view was idyllic. The water was diaphanous aquamarine and the sand was powder white. Aromatic coffee was a warm welcome, along with freshly

We were served on the beach and the view was idyllic.

Upon arrival at Zemi Beach House, we were welcomed with refreshing, cool towels and a Mawby Twist, a surprisingly fruity drink made from the bark of the Mawby tree. After unpacking, we were excited to explore and see what Zemi Beach House had to offer! It was already getting late and we were invited to 'Caribbean Nights', an evening of food, fun , festivities, and music located on Zemi Beach by the water's edge. We were treated to an amazing

squeezed orange juice. At the morning buffet, there was just about everything you cou ld imagine. The pace in Anguilla is slower than on the mainland and as a result , we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. There was no rush to the day and we really took the time to enjoy our surroundings and meal. Our stylist, Sean Panella, wasn't expected to arrive from NYC until the evening, so we


led Brittany's swimsuit shoot on the beach for THe Sexi issue. We had our newest VIVA GLAM Supermodel , the spectacular photographer Deja, some great suits from Eclectic Couture, aZd s emingly endless ho s of perfect eather to get our shots. Brittany Oldehoff, the winner of our VIVA GLA Supermodel Searcli and subject of our photo shoot, is a beautiful brunette ith light eyes and a radiant smile! She's tall , sexy and everytl'ling you would think a VIVA GLAM Supermodel would be! By the time we hit photography's 'golden hour' and the sun was setting , it felt like we'd been there for a week. We could eel our hearts becoming attached 10 this place, and it felt very much like home. While we were navigating the sands and seas with a beautiful location and stunning model, Sean was dea ing witH travel drama. His plane from New York had been cancelled and he was placed on the next possible fl ight out. Unfortu nately, this meant he would miss the last boat from St. Martin to Anguilla that night and we would have to wait to meet up with him in the morning instead. As much as we might anticipate, plan, and facilitate a smooth shoot, sometimes things will surprise us. Sean was expected to arrive on the fi st boat in the morning, ready to style the fashion editorials we were roducing with models Doug and Brittany. But after the taxi e was in got a flat, he missed another boat. Sean managed to get onto the next one though and met us at the property just in ti me for the new postponed shoot time. He threw his bags open and jumped right into the job with no hesitation - what a trooper!

we marveled at the array of colors the that evening, we were than kful for another day

Next, we had the pleasure of experiencing ([me of Zemi Beach House 's prem ier beachfront suites. We shot thro ughout the suite, on the private terrace, and at the private pool overlooking the ocean . (see 'Zemi Beach House Angu illa's Tranquil , Tropical Luxury' on pg . 100 for more about th is su ite .)

location was just outside 20 Knots Restaurant as the sun

We all had dinner together that night at Stone Restaurant. Th is upscale restaurant is inspired by Ang ilia's rich culin ary traditions and Asi an-infl uenced fl avors . They even accomm odated the vegan and vegetarian members of our group by creati ng special dishes that were not on the menu . We all woke up at 4am the next day with eager anticipation of the photo shoot. Sean styled Brittany like a Caribbean princess in floral, feminine outfits. First , we shot at the world-renowned Zemi Beach House Spa.

VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE is thrilled to have shot on property at Zemi Beach House that is known to be the best Anguilla has to offer! Then , we went to the beach and Sean styled Brittany in a floral sundress complete with bolero and hat! One of our favorite looks was at the main entrance of Zemi Beach House and featured Brittany sitting on a peacock chair in a safari outfit gazing out a pair of antique binoculars! And finally, we shot Brittany at the penthouse suite located directly on the beach. She looked lovely as she walked along the beach at sunset. That evening, we ate at 20 Knots Restaurant, which is located right on the sand. 20 Knots is known for its international menu and Caribbean and Latin American influenced flavors. What a wonderful week of hard work and we are so excited to see the results! No matter what the challenges might be, we always manage to get through them together. Our time at Zemi Beach House seemed to fly by. But this is because time always goes by quickly when you are having fun and enjoying what you are doing, meeting interesting people, and living in the moment in paradise.

To experience Zemi Beach House and all it has to offer, visit their official website: SEXIESTlSSUE 2017



Boutique Hotel & Romantic Getaway Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico Written by Caitlin Kazepis


The Chef's Table

Check-in at this newly remodeled $3 .8 million upgraded hotel was the beginning of what would be an amazingly relaxing vacation . The clean, modern decor and warm lighting of the lobby invite you in, as you are offered an ice-cold towel and chilled champagne upon check-in . The first thing that pulled us in was the opulent pillow and room fragrance menu . Imagine choosing your favorite pillow and a scent tailor-picked to take you to your happy place ... That is what happens here.

Our first evening had us already feeling as if we were among friends. The management arranged a special Chef's Table alfresco dining experience on the gorgeous patio area. A sunset through its last rays of rose-colored light as we were greeted smiles and gifts. A monogrammed chef's apron and delightfully detailed and locally-made necklace.

A complimentary back massage melts away any remaining travel stiffness while the friendly staff takes care of your luggage as you settle in . As they show you to your room, your chosen fragrance invites you in and your favorite pillow beckons. This is absolute personal zen .

The meal was prepared before us in seamless steps as the courses flowed flawlessly with surprising and perfectly-suited drink pairings. From the mushroom tartad to the artichoke cream, our taste buds were tickled as we learned about the eclectic history of Puerto Vallarta and got to know our hosts.



immaculate, turquoise-blue personal hot

ocean .


SPA The Mind & Body Spa offers a variety of services, of which our favorite was the romantic outdoor massage. Eighty minutes of zen-inducing massage inside a windswept canopy. You are lulled by the sound of crashing waves followed by white cotton robes , hot tea, and smiling staff. Th is is soul-refreshing lUxury at finest.

Gastronomic Ecstasy As jet-setting vegans may know, it can be a challenge to find anything to eat, much less a personalized gourmet meal. But the Chef's Table option at Villa Premiere will spoil you for sure! Upon arrival, you are treated to a handcrafted meal tailored to your tastes and accommodating all of your requests. The manager and chef are artisans and take their craft as seriously as any artist. Sketching plate presentations, taking time to write new recipes and beautifully creative vegan-diet options makes this experience one of our favorites. *There are plenty of options for vegetarian and pescatarian diets as well.

Favorite Things Yoga-by-the-beach is led every morning by a yoga instructor whose tenure is only outmatched by her accepting style and open method. Few things are better than yoga in paradise. Anyone can tell you that a juice diet is a bad idea on vacation , but this would not be true at all here! Every morning with breakfast, we started with a fresh , cold-pressed juice; papaya, orange and now a new favorite; the Chef's Special. A blend of beet, watermelon and guava sure to leave your stomach full and your body happy all day .. . (until you're ready for a soy-milk pina colada or a tongue-tingling margarita on the beach, that is!) The charming market is clean and full of local artists and goods. Brightly-colored scarves, exotic jewelry, and flowing handmade dresses line the park. Reminiscent of New York's famous Columbus Ave. flea market, this purely natural shopping experience is enhanced by the beautiful setting of tamed Mexican jungle.




. s 0 Katanna Van Derham & Cinematographer Caitlin Kazepis

A Brazilian duo serenaded us gently as the ocean was lit with soft blue lighting, the sky parting into pink and slivers, as a pirate ship off at sea lit sparkling fireworks above the canop). What can only be described as immediate homesickness made and determined to return. A magical ' .... '=""-"__ martinis, wine, and music k

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