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Angie Couples Issue Harmon

Skin Problems?




Start with your gut!

Relationship secrets, makeovers, health, expert sex tips and more!

By day, she kicks butt on Rizzoli & Isles – by night, she’s a mother of three.

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publications mail 40678000

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people lose weight

– for FREE with Julia Havey

Get your copy of The Vice-Busting Diet book FREE with any PGXÂŽ purchase. Learn how small changes can make a huge difference. Julia Havey, author and master motivator, is helping people across North America achieve their weight loss goals.

Learn more at

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ng million THE GOAL

To help 1 million people

“Since losing 130 lbs myself, I have helped thousands of people to reach their weight loss goals through simple changes in lifestyle, not regimented diet plans. Together with PGX, I want to help 1 million people to achieve their weight loss goals by making these same changes.” — Julia Havey, author of The Vice-Busting Diet

Receive free support at

Join for 24/7 FREE access to: • The Vice-Busting Diet e-book and audio book • 26-week PGX program weight loss journal • Comprehensive healthy eating food guide • Consultations with master motivator Julia Havey • Nutritional counselling

The PGX support centre is available to answer your questions at 1-800-895-1470 or by email at

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Scan here with your smart phone to join members now!

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Take Care of your Whole Body with

Tea Tree Oil from Holista


Tea Tree Oil is essential for a well-stocked natural health medicine cabinet. Its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties make it the ultimate product for convenient family first aid, health, and beauty!

New! Hand & Body Lotion

New! Tea Tree Spray

Potent Tea Tree Oil

Skin Health

Scalp & Foot Health

Nature’s First Aid in a Bottle!

Protect, Soothe, and Moisturize Skin

Combat Head Lice, Dandruff and Athlete’s Foot

A potent antiseptic and germicide that can be applied to minor cuts, abrasions, acne, stings, and more. This convenient spray is perfect for freshening hands or feet, or for gently treating minor cuts, scrapes or infected areas.

Natural antibacterial action without the negative side effects such as dryness, redness or peeling. These fresh scented lotions can be used as daily moisturizers or to help relieve acne and fungal skin infections.

An effective natural alternative to potentially toxic chemical lice treatments. Topical use of Tea Tree Oil can relieve athlete’s foot symptoms, including inflammation, itching and burning.

Look for NEW Tea Tree Hand & Body Lotion and Tea Tree Spray to add to your home medicine cabinet!

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ditor in Chief Olivier Felicio ublisher Kathleen Dills


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IR ’

ionnula Reynolds of alifax had a very special reason for anting to in the , diamond offered by ebber naturals in their iamond nniversary Contest in her inning entry, ionnula said, If I in this diamond, I’d like to use it as an engagement ring and ask my guy to marry me. o that she has on, ionnula has promised to send us photos of the nished ring, and the edding. Congratulations to ionnula and her lucky anc !

bo e Winner Fionnula Reynolds with Webber Account Manager Lawrence Muise i The happy couple!

ind out more at

. I


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perations Melanie Seth

eb rogrammer Sunjoyo Tanto

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T H E C ♥U P L E S I S S U E










features C UPLES MA E VER



Learn the secrets of how Viva readers keep the romance alive



Host Rebecca Rosenblat of Sex @ 11 spills on your most pressing bedroom questions. T E FEMININE



Four lucky couples beat the winter blahs and get glam for a night out. SE




Part 2 of a series looking at autism from a holistic perspective.


Looking at the natural alternatives for you and the planet.

a e et u ticke i t s a e

a e ec c ic

a e


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uk t ec eauti ul ski



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T H E C ♥U P L E S I S S U E




Colour Theory GET T E L

Musical Marvels


Joy Bauer W AT’S IN



Marsha Thomason Sarah Burke




Hoarder Much? Bedroom Bliss What’s Old is New



Vegas goes green – in style

a e l is e

a ai

a e li c l u eve a e

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a e ma a e me t ese e

ause s



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He chooses his sweaters. You choose his soy beverage. No pesticides and no GMOs. Certified organic. That’s what makes So Nice the so easy choice for you and your family.

So Nice. The easy choice.

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contributors P


From Take This House and Sell It to Restaurant Makeover, our energetic and enthusiastic design guru is a familiar face on TV. With a philosophy of form following function, he strives to be on the cutting edge with his interior design. He is principal designer of Glen Peloso Interiors ( For the couples issue, Glen makes a bedroom beautiful on page 106.


David Hou is a Toronto photographer whose work spans performing arts, fashion and design. Whether the productions are of the prestigious Stratford Shakespeare Festival, the magnificent oriental rugs of W Studios, or fashion icons such as Mirabelli, Hou’s photographs draw the eye with their originality. He captured our couples makeover on page 33.

ot a story you ant to share Send it to: le ers i m online om Read more articles on VIVA’s website: i m online om

Dr. Brian Davies, ND, BSc, is the founder of Westcoast Integrative Health in North Vancouver, B.C. Dr. Davies practises primary and preventative family medicine, with special interests in hormonal, immune and gastrointestinal conditions. He focuses primarily on the facilitation of lifestyle modifications, with the addition of nutraceutical, botanical, homeopathic and pharmaceutical interventions. Brian writes about the gut-skin link on page 64.

Kelechi Achonu graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, but also studied Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion. He won Best Canadian Fashion Stylist at Luminato in 2008 and famously styled celebrity Wyclef Jean. He was a fashion reporter at CFRB 1010 Radio Station and an on-air fashion consultant for Breakfast Television in Halifax and Calgary. Check out Kelechi’s incredible transformations in the Couples Makeovers on page 33.

Behind the scenes We couldn't get enough of Angie Harmon on the small screen so we had to have her on our cover! The star of TNT's hit show Rizzoli & Isles kept us laughing and proved she has what it takes to be a Viva covergirl - easygoing and up for some fun. Find out more about this woman with it all on page 72.

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1/27/11 3:05:29 PM

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1/27/11 11:04:56 AM

o r

n e

o in

erine o Position at VIVA Associate Editor On Balanced Living I love being outdoors so I live for the warm weather when I can paddle at the cottage and run on the beach. In the winter I switch to indoor sports such as volleyball but it's not quite the same as the bliss I feel in the canoe. I enjoy trying new foods (and wine!) - it's like travelling without leaving the city and it gives me so many ideas to bring variety into the meals I make at home. My friends and family are the world’s best and I take every opportunity I can to travel with (and to) them.

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end us an email at

i e



online om

and tell us your de nition of Balanced iving. lease make sure to include your address and phone number.

or more information about these products

isit us at

S Enter for your chance to win a gift basket from Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate. Then snuggle up with that special someone and indulge yourselves!


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Spoiled Rotten

Live in the . It’s where green meets black. Where pampering the earth exists harmoniously with pampering yourself. At Green


not just every cocoa bean, but every carefully chosen ingredient, is grown organically. It’s the only way that’s ever made sense to us. As a result, our chocolate has the rich, signature intensity for which we’ve become known, providing a sense of sheer self-indulgence. Too decadent? Impossible. ©2008 Green & Black’s Chocolate Limited. Green & Black’s and all related trademarks and indicia are owned by Green & Black’s Chocolate Limited.

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1/25/11 11:20:56 AM

Eco chic by Improved

e Live in th

Top Table

Make craft time a little more inspiring with this amazingly sleek children’s table from Dutch design duo Kidsonroof. Produced from pine in southern France, pieces are handmade and assembled, and also non-toxic and eco-friendly. All you have to do is pop the screws in, tighten - and you’re set! (emanuels, $190)


017.VIVA.EcoOpener.indd 17

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1/26/11 12:26:48 PM


eco chic

Growing Gardeners oung gardeners will love watching their plants pierce through the soil. The fun Sprout our

wn Sweet Scents

kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions with plants sprouting in as little as two weeks. Refer to the book for recipes and herb-drying instructions for cinnamon basil, lemon balm, and spearmint. (Chronicle Books,





Created by Dutch design company Kidsonroof, this house, with pre-punched doors and windows, is made of 100% recycled cardboard, giving a fun alternative to the standard box. With its blank canvas, kids will spend hours decorating and making it their own. (OOMPA, $52.99)

Pop Purse

Carry this Chica Rosa bag as a coin purse inside

Moulding Amusement Eco-dough is fun modelling dough made from natural ingredients and is free from artificial dyes or chemicals. It comes in five colours, it’s safe to play with and it’s good for the planet, too! (Company Kids, $22)

18 

018-021.VIVA EcoChic.indd 18

a shoulder bag or alone as a tiny clutch it is big enough to hold most of your essentials and is hand crocheted in Brazil by Women’s Cooperatives with 00 recycled aluminum pop-tops. (Ecoist, 4 ).


1/26/11 11:30:55 AM

eco chic


Flipped Flowers

The Boskke Sky Planter, designed by Patrick Morris, transforms the way you look at plants. Turning gardening upside down, the Sky Planter allows you to enjoy the beauty of plants from a unique perspective. (Greener Grass Design, $25)

Style your baby in clothes designed to look cool and comfy. This soft and snuggly utano

rganic coverall

is made of pure organic cotton, featuring a fun, all-over pattern of forest animals. (Company ids,


Fab Folds Inspired by origami, this Folded Collection Round Serving Bowl from Mater Design is made from recycled, raw, unpolished aluminum or brass with polished edges, making each one completely unique. (Emanuels, about $130)



ere’s a new way to wrap up your Valentine’s ay gifts and you can reuse it over and over again. Bo agi, the ancient orean tradition of wrapping with fabric, inspires B B giving. (Green Rainbow Shop,

Wrap, a fun, green idea for gift


018-021.VIVA EcoChic.indd 19

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1/26/11 11:32:09 AM

eco chic model anelle casner


Hip Hanging

This trendy avid Trubridge’s Floral Pendant is made from hoop pine plywood and is pieced together from individual pieces, creating intricate patterns on the ceiling and walls. (C ,


Refined Ruche With a 100% hemp body and re-purposed recycled leather trim with light gold tone hardware, this stylish, eco-friendly bag is a must-have. It has raw edged inside-out seams running along ruched vertical panels front and back. (Wear the Earth, $175)

Beautifully created from recycled reading materials, these uni ue Black and White Eco-Cuffs are made from decoupage strips of recycled magazine pages, and a sealed finish. (Eco-Artware,


P P For a unique piece of jewellery, try one of these handmade Small Safety Pin Cuff Bracelets, made in South Africa. The beads are made from recycled telephone wire, computer cable scraps and pieces of tossed plastic tubing strung on elastic. (Eco-Artware, $40)

20 

018-021.VIVA EcoChic.indd 20


1/27/11 11:19:34 AM

eco chic



The Ecolux Lace imono Wrap is made from an extra soft

oved by

knit and looks as good as it feels! on no’s new Ma sse Collection includes fabric blends that incorporate corn-


based elements with viscose from bamboo and a hint of

in th e

model stephanie strasburg

spandex for an innovative eco-chic twist. ( on no, 8 )

Set the Mood These beautiful, flower-shaped tea-light holders are perfect on their own or make a stunning statement when grouped. A Streetwires artist in Cape Town handcrafts each holder. (CO, $19)

Stylish Straps

Each Inghua Ting Vintage Belt Floor Mat is handmade of beautifully assembled vintage leather belts that have been salvaged. Each mat is completely unique in colours and characteristics. (Branch, $688)

S The stylish Graphic andelion Console by Iannone esign is made from birch plywood, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning it came from a wellmanaged, sustainable forest. The irei doors are reclaimed stalks of the sorghum plant that are bonded using a formaldehyde-free adhesive. (Emanuels, about 4000)


018-021.VIVA EcoChic.indd 21

 21

1/27/11 11:20:03 AM


eco buzz

Black Tie

Fine Jennifer Lopez was named as The Boys and Girls Club’s first female spokesperson joining Denzel Washington as an advocate to raise awareness for young people nationwide. Denzel recently helped launch “Be Great, Graduate,” an initiative from the Boys and Girls Club to increase graduation rates among troubled or at-risk youth. Both Lopez and Washington will be hosting and promoting various events to help raise funds for this organization.

Medical Marvels

Jimmy Smits, Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and others gathered at Saban Free Clinic’s annual gala held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The organization has raised $1.3 million over the years to help provide free medical care to L.A.’s under-served population. Emcee Chelsea Handler was joined by Melissa Etheridge who performed and Peter Krause who participated in the ceremonies. Cheryl Saban traced her appreciation of the clinic back 26 years when she needed its services saying that as a working mom, her money went to rent and her kids’ healthcare.

22 

022.VIVA_EcoBuzz.indd 22



Olivia Harrison, George Harrison’s widow, was the Honoree at the 7th Annual UNICEF Snowfl ake Ball in New York. The black tie gala honours those individuals who have made key contributions to UNICEF’s mission to save and improve children’s lives worldwide. There to celebrate and contribute were: Tea Leoni, Tamara Tunie, Celeb Chef Sandra Lee, Kyle MacLachlan and Ben Harper, who performed during the evening. Dhani Harrison, George’s son, also performed.

Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre presented “Christmas Stories XVIII” on December 4th raising money to benefit the Hollywood Police Activities League’s annual Christmas party for underprivileged children, as well as their year-round inner city programs for at-risk youth. Members including Anne Archer, Eric Balfour, Erika Christensen, Jenna Elfman, Juliette Lewis, and Marisol Nichols performed skits and told Christmas stories within a 1930s-style radio show setting.


1/26/11 2:00:50 PM

Body Balance Body Balance Dieter Tea have the natural laxative herb senna but, as our customers testify, these teas do not cause cramping. As with all natural laxatives, you should combine the taking these teas with the healthy addition of fresh fruits and vegetables and natural forms of fiber for good health.

About the Body Balance Herbs: Cassia Angustifolia is an herbal laxative that helps to relieve constipation. Orange Peel promotes digestion and controls gas. Blackberry Leaves are a flavoring agent that also promotes healing. Licorice Root is a flavoring agent and demulcent that calms an unsettled stomach. It is also good for diabetic blood purification. Ginseng is known to be a tonic for energy, vitality, strength and endurance. Chicory Root treats jaundice, stomach acidity and other liver ailments. Honeysuckle treats influenza, dysentery and wound infection. Chrysanthemum calms the liver energy and clears away heat and toxic material.

VIVA_Uncle Lee.indd 1

1/27/11 11:09:25 AM


eco news

Fine Dine


Word is that Patricia Arquette’s Haiti charity GiveLove held a $50,000-a-head dinner at Mike Ovitz’s new modern mansion in Beverly Hills’ posh Benedict Canyon where celebs like Maria Bello and Balthazar Getty ponied up their cash for this charity dinner. All guests got a sneak peak at Ovitz’s bluechip art repository as well.


sbourne participated in some holiday volunteer

work for the MAC AI S foundation. She was seen helping to cook at the Pro ect Angel Food in Los Angeles. The organization helps people with IV and AI S get healthy meals, especially around the holidays.

Ed Norton helped raise


million for various charities with his website in partnership with the ING New ork City Marathon. The ob ective is to get young people involved by having them use social media networks to get friends in on giving to their favourite charity.

n ecember

nd, Norton launched Crowdrise oliday Fundraiser Thing that brought fellow celebs on board such as Will Ferrell, Ashton utcher, ason Bateman and ames Franco.

24 

024.VIVA_EcoNews_REV.indd 24

si ll n line

Despite his latest pop star antics, Kanye West was quick to show his philanthropic side over the holidays in The Big Apple. He dropped in unannounced to the New Yorkers For Children’s “Wrap to Rap”. Everyone was excited to see West who stayed two hours and pitched in, wrapping holiday gifts for kids.


1/26/11 2:02:09 PM

balanced spending


Other Lover

Soul Song



wide native


mall combines her love of

Chaz Dean’s new pomegranate cleansing conditioner is a new addition to his line. It has already captured the attention of Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Holly Robinson Peete and Marcia Cross. It is a special blend of pomegranate, rosemary and chamomile extracts, organic aloe vera leaf juice and avocado oil. It thoroughly cleanses hair without stripping its natural oils. Proceeds from his sales go to Best Friends Animal Society and Global Green.

anthropology and

e ellery

into something sustainable. aving lived



una Indians, mall is looking to revive indigenous craftsmanship and help local artisans make a living.

oday she sells e els

sourced and made in India, Bolivia, enya and


using fair trade gold and other collectible pieces. ountain,


ur uoise

not for pro t

organi ation that trains fghan artisans is partly funded by Britain’s

rince Charles,


invited mall to abul to create a ne line no for sale in her os ngeles area store.

Marla Maples is donating proceeds from the title song off her upcoming EP One World of Love to Success for Kids (SFK), an organization designed to provide research-based social, emotional and learning programs to students. Since its inception in 2001, it has provided more than $32 million in program support impacting more than 75,000 children. To purchase the song with proceeds going to SFK. THE C♥UPLES ISSUE 2011

025.VIVA.BalancedSpending.indd 25

 25

1/26/11 2:03:10 PM

Pomegranate juice contains tannins, which lowers blood pressure and stimulates the immune system and anthocyanins, which reduce inflammation and protect blood vessels. The heart health benefits don’t end there as these nutrients may also prevent thickening of the arteries, reduce LDL cholesterol levels, increase blood flow to heart tissue and prevent plaque build up that leads to atherosclerosis.*

Trust Just Juice as Canada’s only certified organic, 100% pure, not from concentrate Pomegranate juice. • 888-313-3369 *(Clin Nutr, June 2004; Am J Cardi, Sept 2005)

Viva_Puresource Just Juice.indd 1

1/27/11 11:30:42 AM


Warm colours for cold nights For the long, dull days of winter, now is the time to have a little fun with colour. Makeup artist Evgeny Loukianenkov recommends warm, peachy lips for a dewy look with strong, dark and dramtic lashes to get you through the cold days ahead. Why wait for spring?

photograph b david hou


027.VIVA.BeautyOpener.indd 27

ďšł 27

1/26/11 1:22:39 PM

Top10 Tips for Beautiful


Pucker up for the most natural ways to get a great lip look. b lena grad

Don’t let the dry winter air affect your kisser. A touch of colour and a little pampering are all you need. Give your lips some service with the top tactics to get them looking soft, supple and sophisticated. oli e o r li s s o

o l

o r


Use a warm washcloth, toothbrush or a sugar scrub to gently slough off dry, flaky skin. This will help prep your lips for moisture and make it easier for products to absorb into the skin. ollo


on i ionin li b lm

The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your face and has no oil glands so it needs extra care. Look for ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax, honey, jojoba and coconut oils, cocoa butter or vitamins C and E. Avoid menthol if your lips are chapped as it can sting. o

ll ro

s re re e e


Go for a gloss with nourishing ingredients but if you can’t live without your long-lasting lipstick or matte shades, alternate the days you wear them because some can be drying. oosin

e ri

li s

e is ke

Whether you like reds or pinks, your skin’s undertone is a good indicator of what will work for you. You can’t go wrong with a colour one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour. Fair-skinned gals should opt for soft pinks and reds with blue undertones, olive skins should try berries or browns, and darker skin colours should stick with deep shades of browns or purples. on

or e

o ro e

o r li s rom

es n

Apply an SPF balm under your lip colour and make sure to reapply throughout the day. Look for ones containing natural physical sunscreens such as zinc and titanium oxide that reflect the sun’s rays.

28 

028-029.VIVA BeautyTips.indd 28


1/27/11 11:48:21 AM

beauty tips


ive t ese a t

SS S Mineral Fusion Li uid Lip Gloss (Re ect) ( ml, 6. ) Ecco Bella Flowercolor Good For ou Lip Gloss (Pleasure) ( g, . )

P iss My Face 00 Natural Lip Balm (Strawberry Lemon, Maple Sugar) (4. g, 4. ) Burts Bees Lip Shimmer (Caramel) ( .6g, . ) Alba Lip Balm (Pineapple (4. g, . )

re k b


bi s

Not only does smoking cause life-threatening health issues but it also contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, making you look older. Other habits to break include licking your lips, which zaps moisture. ke some i s rom


PP S Ecco Bella Botanicals Long Lasting Lip Crayon (Great Pink, Pot au Plum) ( .8g, 8. ) Ecco Bella Botanicals Natural Lip Liner (Terracotta, Mauve) ( . g, 8. ) Mineral Fusion Lip Pencil (Splendid) ( . g, 7. )

er s

Makeup artists recommend applying a light base of foundation or concealer to lips before swiping on your colour of choice. It acts as a base to help hold the shade longer. Alternately, press the tube onto your lips, blot with a tissue and then reapply. Even as your surface colour wears off you’ll still have a base shade. You can also apply a lighter gloss to the centre of your bottom lip to finish off your look and to help give the illusion of fullness. o r skin re ro

ine is

irs i sel

e ke

o e in

en o slee so so

ro er ni

PS Suncoat Natural Lip Stick (Magic Mauve, Wild Rose) (7ml, . ) Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick (Sangria, Caf au Lait) ( g, 8. ) Mineral Fusion Lip Stick (Gem) ( . g, 7. )



Apply a thick moisturizer (which could include vitamin E capsules or even olive oil) before hitting the sack and turn on a humidifier to counter dry air in your room. on s i

ke o r i mins

In addition to your regular multivitamin supplement, make sure your diet is full of fruits and veggies that contain vitamins C, E and A to keep skin healthy. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water a day.

Make sure to clean out your makeup

bag every season. If you’ve had a cold or u, you should replace your lip products. Also, make sure to check the expiry date on natural balms or lipsticks. As many don’t contain preservatives, they may not last as long as traditional brands. If

l ol

s e



loss or b lm be ore e

in o

oors in

the texture or smell changes, it’s time to toss it.


Many contain ingredients that add shine and will also act as a barrier to hold in moisture and protect lips from the elements. THE C♥UPLES ISSUE 2011

028-029.VIVA BeautyTips.indd 29

 29

1/27/11 4:42:01 PM


anti-aging 20 erma e Anti-Aging Moisturing Complex SPF ( 6g, . )

Choosing a colour palette – and a trend – that’s age appropriate and runway ready.

0 Cargo Bronzer (8. g,

Take pride in yourself and your appearance. Th is doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours or a fortune primping yourself; all it means is take a few minutes to care for your skin, try some new makeup tips and make the effort to look as good as you feel.

In short: Embrace colour! Finally, Spring/Summer 2011 makeup trends point to all things bright and bold. For lips, whether you stick to softer pastels for daytime or a muted look, or amp it up a bit for evening and make a bold statement with brights like red, orange, violet and hot pink, your kissers will attract some much-deserved attention. Switch up your everyday clear gloss for a tinted gloss (try a berry-coloured stain) or if you’re braver, try a moisturizing lipstick. Everyone can wear red lipstick – you just have to find the right shade. Red lipstick can be cool (like raspberry tones) for the fair lady, or warm (think brick or copper tones) for the golden goddess. It’s a perfect time to glam up the eyes as well. Try smoking out a black liner with any deep-coloured eyeshadows, or for a softer look, use chocolate brown or deep purples like aubergine/eggplant. Double up the coats of mascara and you’re ready to warm things up with a night on the town! Brighten up those eyes and have fun with blues, greens, purples, pinks, and yellows - revisit your favourite crayon shades.

Prices may vary by location.

b christine cho


Mineral Fusion Concealer duo (warm) ( g, .4 )

0+ olista Restorativ Tea tree il Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream (40g, . ) Mineral Fusion Blush Powder ( ashy) ( g, 6. )

Sunscreen is your friend all year long. Try to use moisturizers with built-in SPF throughout the winter

the sun doesn’t hibernate! It’s never too early for

preventative measures. Avoid excessive sun-bathing and keep makeup on the face to a minimum. Use added extras like concealer and bronzer sparingly, especially around the eyes or the neck area. Remember: less is more. As we age and get more

Clean, fresh, natural - it’s a timeless look to have a simple, fl awless face that’s always in fashion. Try a subtle kiss of blush on cheeks, mascara on your eyelashes, and neutral gloss or nude lipstick, and it’s all about you.

comfortable in our skin, those helpers often end up creating that caked on effect we dread so much. Instead, invest in day/night moisturizing creams and facial treatments once every four months. Soft and subtle wins the race. To achieve the

Smokey eyes are also a timeless favorite. An easy and fun way to glam up your look, you can smoke up your eyes with classic neutrals like black, charcoal and brown, but for a little adventure, try dark blues, purples, or greens for a super sexy smoke.

30 

038.VIVA_AntiAging.indd 30

effect of walking around with your very own lighting crew ( la Sarah essica in Sex and the City), skip the face powder and leave the skin nice and dewy this winter.


1/27/11 1:24:52 PM

for clearer skin, the choice is…

Very Clear


Choose effective and natural Very Clear® solutions to help resolve blemished skin. These interactive easy-to-use formulas utilize a special blend of herbs to treat blemishes without the common side effects of many over-the-counter products. For a naturally clearer complexion, the choice is Very Clear®.

“We’re serious about skincare. We use scientifically proven natural ingredients in effective amounts to provide noticeable results.” Dr. Linda Miles, L.Ac., D.O.M. Vice President

A percentage of all sales is donated to The Paraguay Project.

Formulated for Results

Free of parabens, phthalates and petrolatum Non-comedogenic • pH Balanced No mineral oil, lanolin or artificial colors GMO-free • Gluten-free 100% Vegetarian • Cruelty-free Model used for illustrative purposes.

FREE SAMPLER COLLECTION: 10 Natural Skincare Samples • Only $4.95 S&H • Call toll free: 1.877.366.3437 Sampler Collection features ‘sample-size’ sachets. May not include items shown above.

Viva.Feb11_DermaE.indd 1

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Enter to Win! Share “Your SISU Picture or Story” with us for a chance to win a $1,500 Grand Prize. Visit for contest details.

The Better Vitamin C.TM

When you’re getting ready in the morning, while you’re at work, making dinner and even while you sleep, Ester-C® Vitamin C provides 24-hour advanced immune support! Ester-C® Vitamin C • 24-Hour Immune Support • Gentle on the Stomach

• Quick Absorption • Clinically Proven in Human Studies • 1.800.663.4163

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February issue

Full page

and Ester-C are reg. TMs; and Can. Pats. 2,420,548, 2,275,420; U.S. Pat. 6,197,813 are owned by The Ester C Company.

1/27/11 11:18:30 AM

The Couples Makeover Four lucky Viva-reading couples lived like celebrities for a day and enjoyed pampering, makeovers and stunning fashion. All eyes were on them as they transformed from blah to beautiful, helping to put a little romance back into the mix. photograph b david hou hair b mario grassa of hairspra n gloss hairspra ngloss com st ling b elechi achonu


034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 33

ďšł 33

1/27/11 4:56:03 PM



Scan This! Tanya Pendant, Siffari, 4 two tone gold pendant with 0.68 cts, 4 gold pleated dress, Pink Tartan, scarf, stylist’s own tights, Secret, 8. 0 petite s uare watch, cream leather gold plating, Pandora, . Shano Traditional attire, stylist’s own.

034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 34

Tanya’s long hair wasn’t doing anything to enhance her features, says Grassa. I gave her a shorter cut with some layers which frame her face. n Shano I groomed his hairline and facial hair to give him a very sharp look.

Tanya, Data A nalyst, 31 Shano, Polic y Adv isor, 31

1/27/11 5:08:54 PM


Get the look:



. Pearl necklace, ivine ecadence riginals, . Bag, Louboutin, avids Shoes Toronto, 04 . Infinity C earrings featured with red black eweled kaleidoscope beads, Chamilia, 4. Li uid Silver Bangle, Pandora, 4 0 . Watch, Robert Cavalli, Embix Watch Importing Co., 6. Lace umper, American Apparel, 7. Shoes, Louboutin, avids Shoes Toronto,


034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 35

 35

1/27/11 5:00:05 PM


makeovers Margo Silver pendant, Metalsmiths Sterling, 48 dress, avid ixon, 4 scarf, ivine ecadence riginals, Bracelet, Rebecca Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 6 0. Rick Glasses, olce Gabbana, L.F. Warehouse LT , 06 shirt, Novesa London, 80 bow tie, ion, arry Rosen, 7 watch 0000- E eco-drive round stainless steel case and bracelet with black dial, Citizens, 77 tuxedo suit pants, Moores, clothing for men, .

Scan This!

By texturizing Rick’s hair on top, he can style it forward or up, says Mario Grassa. Bringing it forward frames the face. I added red to make Margo’s existing hair colour pop, says Grassa. Short layers on the sides and texture on the top adds movement and gives her a more youthful look.

36 

gistics, 54 R ick, Expor t Lo 48 ons Specia list, Margo, Operati

034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 36


1/27/11 5:11:38 PM


Black tuxedo acket pants, Pronto Uomo, Moores clothing for men, Shirt, Novesa London, 80 Black patent leather shoes, Prada, arry Rosen, 7


SS If the event is black tie, the least you can do is wear one. If the trad look isn’t you, make sure your look is just as dapper. For authentic black tie, a plain white cotton shirt will not do – it should have a subtle weave or a very fine texture. The idea is to present an immaculate allwhite canvas behind the lapels of your jacket. Tip: If black patent shoes are a detail too far, try the brogues, or any black leather loafers.

Elegant and simple, this sport jacket works just as well when dressed down for the country as it does over a suit in the city. Have fun with accessories. This look is the perfect foil to casual wear. The corduroy pants give an antique look and can be worn with white plimsoles. Pair this jacket with a long-sleeve collared shirt. Tip: For pants, stick to dark colours and discreet textures – navy, charcoal herringbone and chevron fabrics always streamline your silhouette. Avoid loud checks, stripes, or indeed any garish pattern.

acket, Guy Laroche, Moores, clothing for men, Pants, Moores, clothing for men, 7 Polo t-shirt, Lanvin, Nicolas Men, 4


034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 37

 37

1/27/11 5:02:06 PM

’arcy Glasses, Martin Martin Arthur, L.F. Warehouse LT , 4 shirt, Novesa London, 80 suit- etro, arry Rosen, 7 shoes, Tod’s, arry Rosen, 47 . Michael Sweater worn as scarf, Moores clothing for men, coat, ior, stylist’s own shirt, M, 4. watch CB00 0L eco-drive round stainless steel case andbracelet with dark blue dial, Citizens, 4 brown boots, Prada, arrry Rosen, wedding band, 4 platinum and diamond men’s wedding band, Midas ewelry, .

r, 48 D’A rc y, Teache mer, 48 or rf Michael, Pe

Both had short hair, but lacked definition and shape, says Grassa. I shortened the sides and outlined their hairline with clippers, giving them a fresh, sharp look.

Scan This!

034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 38

1/27/11 5:02:31 PM



. Blue shirt, Novesa London, . Shoes, Lanvin, Nicolas Men, 6 . Watch 0000- E eco-drive round stainless steel case and bracelet with black dial, citizens, 77 4. Perfume, ermes, . Pocket s uares, Novesa London, 0 6. eans, GAP, 7 7. Socks, Novesa London, 8


034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 39

 39

1/27/11 5:03:44 PM



Carrie Shirt, Novesa London, acket, M, . eans, stylist’s own


Gabe Shirt, Novesa London, Blue orange checkered blazer, arry Rosen, 4 eans, GAP, 6 belt, Gucci, .

Gabe had short hair but lacked definition on his crown, says Grassa. I texturized the top, which gives him the option to wear it smooth or texturized. Carrie’s blonde hair and chunky highlights weren’t working with her skin tone, says Grassa. I darkened her hair colour to a shade closer to her natural colour. This made her eye color stand out.

Scan This!

40 

034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 40

Carrie, Directo r, Brand Marke ting, 37 Gabe, Retail Se nior Manager, 34 R ESOLUTION 2011

1/27/11 5:23:57 PM


. Lime green top, Pink tartan, . Glasses, Prada, L.F. Warehouse LT , 6 . Watch, Robert Cavalli, Embix Watch Importing Co., 4. Red acket, M, . . Ribbon necklace, 8kt white gold, Classic Creations, 6, 0 6. iamond ring with 8kt white gold, Classic Creations, 00 7. Bronze bracelet, iamond II Scalzo Bros.Inc, 8. Shoes, Valentino, avids Shoes Toronto, 64


034-037.VIVA Makeovers.indd 41



ďšł 41

1/27/11 5:24:17 PM


get the look

Musical Marvels

You might find yourself singing another tune after you find out what some of today’s top vocalists do to get all dolled up for the spotlight. b bonnie siegler



Sensational singer and now Burlesque actress, Aguilera says, “I use Dior Crème Abricot every night before bed. It’s actually a nail cream but you can use it for a lot more. I’ll put it on my lips and it makes them really soft and hydrated.”

Lips pay the price for winter’s dry weather. Lip balms can save the way, but look for ones with organic beeswax* to soften lips with its antioxidant properties. Canola oil* moisturizes and Aloe Vera* heals and soothes cracks and bleeding.

For her complexion, the expectant mom and musical legend uses “a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 blended in like a regular foundation.” Her makeup artist recommends a baby pink blush like L’Oreal’s Blusher in silky pink to round out the look with a “healthy glow to her cheeks.”

Silk-based blush* and contour powder give your complexion a pop of colour and contrast, highlighting your best features and brighten your overall facial tones for a soft, natural look.

Prices may vary by location.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (8. g, 4.4 )

For dry hair that’s fallen at the mercy of your curling iron one too many times, look for ingredents like sweet Almond* and organic Rosa Mosqueta oils* to condition, protect and soften hair. Aloe Vera* is also optimal to replenish moisture. Ecco Bella FlowerColor Blush (Burgundy Rose and Coral Rose)( . g, . )

Aubrey rganics Camomile Luxurious Volumizing Conditioner ( ml, 4. )

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips (Bronzed Brown Eyes) (7. g, . )

030.VIVA_GetTheLook.indd 42

A mascara with beeswax* or jojoba oil gives your eyes maximum protection. Apply lengthening mascara for a natural-looking enhancement. Follow with a second application for a more dramatic effect.

The former American Idol winner and country star says she likes a good hair mask for perfect tresses. “My hair can really suffer from being worked on so much. So I like using Moroccan oil. I put it in one night a week; the longer you leave it in, the better.”

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial il ( 0ml, . )

Mineral Fusion Eye Pencil (volcanic) ( . g, 6. )

42 

Makeup artist Jake Bailey says he likes using Milani Eye Tech liquid eye liner, drawing a thick line along the upper lash line and flicking the line upward at the outer corner for a cat-eye affect. Above the black liner, he uses the white shade of the CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast in onyx smoke.


Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara (Graphite) ( 7ml, 6.

) *See Viva’s Beauty Terminology on page 111 to increase your beauty IQ.

1/27/11 11:35:40 AM

beauty expert


What do you think of all the big beauty brands coming out with natural products I’m new at this, so how do I know which brands to trust and what ingredients to avoid

ow do I know if

these companies are ust green-washing me anelle, Toronto

C ,R C R I I


r e d i s In s t e r c e s

eauty b l a r u for nat

Dear Janelle, As the demand for natural and organic products has grown so has the number of brands. With ingredients sourced from manufacturers in many countries with multiple standards it has become more confusing for the consumer. Third-party certification has helped to hold manufacturers accountable for what they produce and the claims they make. However, it is up to you to be vigilant in reading product labels. Try to use brands that are certified as organic or natural. Look for products free of synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Look for products without SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), PG (Propylene glycol), FD&C colour pigments, petrochemicals and parabens. I generally find the shorter the ingredient list and the more of them I can pronounce, the better. My advice is to keep it as natural and simple as possible to reduce toxic exposure.


040.VIVA_BeautyExpert.indd 43

 43

1/26/11 3:59:10 PM

VIVA_Moducare.indd 1

1/27/11 11:49:00 AM


Reaching Equilibrium

Relaxation is vital for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Stress can lead to depression, heart problems and sleep loss. Moving your body, eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest are simple ways to stay at peace. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break and treat yourself to a massage, have a good laugh over a bottle of wine with close friends, or take a long walk and get some perspective - after all, it’s all about you.


042.VIVA.HealthOpener.indd 45

 45

1/26/11 1:22:10 PM

health tips




Heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in women. So get to know the heart-health facts – and what you can do when it comes to prevention P b

atherine lo


et’s face it – you’re not getting any younger, so there is no better time to take action and get your heart in top shape. Start by recognizing the signs of a heart attack (see sidebar). While most of the risk factors, signs and symptoms are the same in women as they are in men, there are unique aspects to women’s heart health that you should know. s ro en

During a woman’s reproductive life cycle, from about age 12 to 50, the naturally occurring hormone, estrogen, provides a protective effect on women’s cardiovascular health. However, estrogen’s protective effect can change depending on a variety of factors and conditions. ir

on rol ills or l on r


i es

Modern oral contraceptives are much safer than the forms used decades ago. In women under the age of 35 who don’t smoke, contraceptive use does not increase the risk of stroke. However, in a small proportion of women, oral contraceptives increase the risk of high blood pressure and blood clots. The risk is greater if you: smoke, already have high blood pressure (especially if you are over the age of 35), have other risk factors for heart disease or stroke, or already have a blood clotting problem. Pre n n

Over the nine months of gestation, women may develop certain conditions that put them at higher risk of heart disease. Preeclampsia is a condition that typically starts after the 20th week of pregnancy. It occurs in about seven per cent of pregnant women. It is

46 

046-047.VIVA HealthTips.indd 46

related to increased blood pressure and protein in the mother’s urine (the protein indicates that there is a problem with the kidneys). Although there is no proven way to prevent pre-eclampsia, you may be prone to the condition if you have high blood pressure or are obese prior to becoming pregnant. Other risk factors include being younger than 20 or older than 40, are pregnant with more than one baby, or have diabetes, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or scleroderma. eno


During the transition to menopause, which usually occurs at about age 51, a woman’s risk of heart disease and stroke increases. This is because the ovaries slowly stop producing estrogen. A menopausal woman may experience an increase in LDL or bad cholesterol, increased triglyceride levels and may experience a decrease in HDL or good cholesterol. She may also show a tendency toward higher blood pressure. Reduced estrogen levels may also increase body fat above the waist, have harmful effects on the way blood clots and affect the way the body handles sugar, a precursor condition to diabetes. oles erol

You may have heard that natural estrogen helps to keep cholesterol levels in a healthy range. However, despite the presence of natural estrogen in women, 45 per cent of women between the ages of 18 to 74 have cholesterol levels that are too high. After menopause, as natural estrogen levels drop, more and more women develop high cholesterol. Among women between the ages of 65 to 74, an alarming 80 per cent have cholesterol levels that are unhealthy.


1/27/11 1:02:45 PM

health tips ri l


eri es

Triglycerides are the most common type of fat in the body. A high triglyceride level often goes with higher levels of total cholesterol and LDL, lower levels of HDL and an increased risk of diabetes. Research suggests that having high triglycerides may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke for on’t forget to women. consult yo

e e r

n S roke o n

rnin si ns or e r




ur health care prac tit ioner for any heal th concerns.


• Pain • Sudden discomfort or pain that does not go away with rest • Pain that may be in the chest, neck, aw, shoulder, arms or back

• Pain that may feel like burning, s ueezing, heaviness, tightness or pressure

• In women, pain may be more vague • Chest pain or discomfort that is brought on with exertion and goes away with rest

• Shortness of breath • ifficulty breathing • Nausea • Indigestion • Vomiting • Sweating • Cool, clammy skin • Fear • Anxiety • enial o

re e

erien in

n o

ese si ns

o s o l

CALL - - or your local emergency number immediately. Stop all activity and sit or lie down. If you take nitroglycerin, take your normal dosage. If you are experiencing chest pain, chew and swallow one adult

mg tablet or two 80 mg tablets of ASA.


046-047.VIVA HealthTips.indd 47

 47

1/27/11 1:03:01 PM


sexual health



Host of Sex @ 11 Rebecca Rosenblat shares how to rev up your love life - just in time for Valentine’s Day b

essica uniac

atherine lo

chaotic life, a dwindling sex drive and lack of novelty are all major contributors to women putting sex on the back burner, says Rebecca Rosenblat, or ‘Dr. Date.’

felt good,” she says. She suggests trying an indoor picnic and feeding each other using your fingers. Oysters, nuts and chocolate are all great aphrodisiacs (see sidebar for more suggestions).

If you want to get that libido going, you had better get moving – at the gym. “Exercise will put your libido into high gear, not to mention make you feel better about your body,” says Rosenblat. She also suggests treating yourself as the sensual being you are and buying sexy lingerie, booking a spa day or signing up for a sexercise or pole dancing class. “Just do anything that will make you feel sensual and worthy of attention,” she says. “As busy women, we make sacrifices and give our best to others, while cutting corners with ourselves.”

Another way to add to your bedroom experience is to take charge in order to get what you want out of sex. “Since most guys won't ask for directions, women need to be more direct,” she says. Complaining or direct instruction won't get you anywhere; you need to praise what he's doing right and then add a request. No one wants to be nagged in the bedroom, either!

Don't be afraid to try new things. “The brain loves novelty, as do guys,” says Rosenblat. “If he wants to try something new, it doesn't mean he doesn't like what's happening now - he just wants to add new things to the repertoire.” Rosenblat says that when the brain habituates, it stops releasing dopamine, a reward and motivation chemical, in the same way. “So keep things fresh and don't make sex just about the Almighty Orgasm,” says Rosenblat. When this happens, it becomes all about performance, and reaching it in the fastest way possible. “Focus instead on exploring each other’s bodies, finding new things about each other, both in and out of the bedroom, connecting with each other’s dreams - the same stuff you did initially, when things

48 

058.VIVA_SexDrive.indd 48

If your sex drive is lacking, Rosenblat says that desire doesn't always precede arousal. “It can flip flop, so even if the desire isn't there, it's important to ask your partner to try and arouse you, as you focus on how you'd like to feel versus how you are feeling,” she says. Desire will kick in thereafter and with it, hopefully an orgasm, which causes you to release the biochemicals that feed future desire (oxytocin, dopamine and testosterone). These chemicals mean that “women who have sex regularly, want it regularly and those who stop, stop missing it after a while,” she says. Last but not least, Rosenblat suggests that you make a date. “Make sure you schedule sex in,” she says. “If you leave it until it happens spontaneously, it won't happen at all. It's also a great idea to reinstate date night!”


1/27/11 11:22:40 AM

sexual health



Seven foods to spice things up in the bedroom S To get your blood pumping, try ingredients such as chilies or ginger to increase your circulation the fragrance of peppers is thought to be emotionally stimulating and even aphrodisiac. These spices are considered energetically warming in traditional Asian medicine, aiding in the ow of chi (the vital force of your body) to circulate throughout your body, including your sexual reproductive organs. Adding some crushed peppers into meals gradually or adding a uarter of an inch of fresh ginger into morning smoothies are great ways to incorporate these spices into your diet. S


These slippery suckers are extremely rich in vitamin B vitamin , zinc, and iron.


ysters contain dopamine, a

hormone that encourages sexual satisfaction. alf a cup of shucked

ysters is all it takes.

S Many nuts are very high in the amino acid arginin, which is a precursor of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide allows blood vessels to dilate, escalating blood ow throughout our body and increasing size and fre uency of erections in males, while sensitizing clitoral/vaginal tissues. A handful of raw, unsalted almonds or walnuts will do. S Watermelons are a rich source of citrulline, an amino acid that can be made into arginine, which then gets converted to nitric oxide. Make sure you include the rind when you consume or uice the esh of the watermelon, as the ma ority of citrulline is found there. Try to get SP

60g of watermelon uice a day.


Asparagus is a great source of iron, zinc and vitamins B and E. In particular, vitamin E is involved in stimulating the production of sex hormones, which then prompt an increase in sex drive for both men and women. Go for half a cup a day.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which helps to release dopamine, which in turn stimulates the production of the cuddle hormone, known as oxytocin. Make sure to indulge in dark chocolate 7 per cent or higher, as it contains more antioxidant potency and less sugar.


058.VIVA_SexDrive.indd 49

ďšł 49

1/26/11 2:32:37 PM


product review

The Feminine Hygiene Product Review

Viva compares the natural, eco-friendly alternatives b


hen it comes to feminine hygiene products, there are seemingly endless commercials informing us of all the choices we must make – method, cost, material, product type, brand – you name it. But many women neglect to consider the most important factor – their health – when deciding which product is right for them. And how does all that wrapping, packaging and product affect the environment? If you are making changes in your life to live green, start small, and choose things you can follow through with. There are many natural feminine hygiene products out there that serve as great alternatives. As women, it is very important to be aware of what we put in our bodies. Natural products are typically free of dioxin, rayon, and

50 

050-051.VIVA Feminine.indd 50

essica uniac

chlorine-bleach exposure. Although pads are not as invasive as tampons, they create tons of waste, filling up landfills around the world. Pads take many years to break down, which gives the chemicals in them time to seep into the soil. While many natural options are much more expensive up front than the leading products, the savings can add up in just a matter of months. Most natural products are reusable and washable and last for years. The team at Viva has created this chart to give you a look at how these green, feminine hygiene options compare. These innovative solutions for today’s natural feminine hygiene could relieve your body from harsh chemicals, all while reducing your carbon footprint.


1/27/11 2:31:37 PM

product review e Pro

es ri




i es


olds ounce ( 0 ml) Average monthly ow is approximately to .4 ounces ( 0-40 ml)

Reusable menstrual pads Alternative to disposable tampons and pads Made of organic cotton in an assortment of patterns and colours

Easy on your budget, while also using minimal resources Made of organic cotton Reusable Made to last at least five years rganic cotton is undyed

Change every hours

Tampon is made from certified organic 00 cotton oes not contain synthetic materials

eveloped as a direct response to health and environmental concerns about dioxin pollution No rayon, which is commonly chlorinebleached and is a highly absorbent fibre which can dry out the vaginal lining

Available in regular, super and super plus absorbencies

isposable Cardboard applicator is chlorinefree and biodegradable

Available in regular, super, long and super plus absorbencies

isposable The organic and natural materials used are over biodegradable andcompostable

P 7.4 Made from only certified organic 00 cotton and renewable and sustainable plant cellulose Totally plastic-free Totally chlorine-free Contains no fragrances or dyes



Non-absorbent menstrual cup Can be worn for up to hours before emptying, washing and reinserting Perfect for overnight use





Latex-free, BPA-free, plastic-free No dyes, colours or additives Comfortable, reliable Clean, convenient, easyto-use Made from silicone Reusable





The absorbent core of the pad is made from Forest Stewardship Council certified pulp (FSC)

to 6

Replace once a year

Lasts at least years

00 organic cotton ypoallergenic Breathable p neutral Comfort wings

oesn’t contain super absorbent powders, which contain polymers derived from crude oil

Available in moderate, heavy, super and maternity absorbencies


00 pure organic absorbent core Cardboard applicator with soft round tip Sewn cord, security veil and security lock

Cotton makes these tampons absorbent, breathable, sustainable, renewable, soft, comfortable, and great for sensitive skin Bleached in hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant

Available in regular, super and super plus absorbencies


P 7.

P .

Completely natural, reusable sea sponge tampons Economical and earth friendly S S

P S SP .00 and up


Reusable (no waste) No dioxin or synthetic fibres Sustainably harvested and reusable for three to six months or more

olds - ounces of uid Change the sponge every 4-6 hours



050-051.VIVA Feminine.indd 51

May last up to a year

 51

1/27/11 4:54:26 PM


alternative treatment

Reducing physical toxins b



ur world has become an increasingly complex environment. Rapid social and technological changes have significantly altered our lives and our environment. We are exposed to thousands of human-made chemicals and refi ned food products that did not exist prior to the 20th century. The marketplace is fi lled with products that are harmful to our health. For example, cigarettes, a harmful but legal consumer product, are the number one risk factor for chronic illness and death in Canadian society.

to optimize health.

right md ccfp

made chemicals on our health, federal scientists have determined that over 4,000 everyday chemicals used in Canada pose enough of a risk to human health that they need to be subjected to in-depth safety assessments to determine whether they should be prohibited from everyday use. The simple solutions: Eat fresh and healthy foods that nature provides and avoid refined, processed foods with chemical additives; avoid exposure to human-made chemicals. Pes i i es


i i es

We simply do not know the long-term effects of many of these additives and other human-made products. In the absence of a full understanding of the potential causes of cancer and other chronic diseases, and the potential links to certain chemicals, it is wise to follow the ‘precautionary principle’ and avoid exposure to synthetic chemicals. With the growing evidence and concern regarding the effects of human-

52 

052-053.VIVA_AltTreatment.indd 52

Pesticides are a potential source of physical toxins. Pesticides can potentially disrupt our hormone system, decrease fertility, cause birth defects, weaken the immune system and are linked to cancer development. In addition, there may be other adverse effects associated with the long-term impact of multiple chemicals in the human body over long periods. It is prudent to avoid exposure to household and agricultural pesticides whenever possible.


1/26/11 2:40:45 PM

alternative treatment


on’t forget to consult yo ur health care prac tit ioner for any heal th concerns.

Potentially toxic substances can enter our body not only in what we eat and drink, but also through the air that we breathe and through our skin. The skin is the largest organ of our body and the most overlooked entry point of toxins into our body. The use of nicotine and estrogen skin ‘patches’ in conventional medicine is testament to the reality that chemicals are readily absorbed through our skin. Anything we put on our skin (e.g., cosmetics, lotion, perfume, soap, shampoo) can potentially be absorbed into our body. Therefore, it is preferable to use natural products, rather than synthetic chemicals, on our skin. e i

re es n

l o ol eb e

During the recovery process from cancer, it is important to completely avoid all cigarette smoke, including second hand smoke, since cigarette smoke is carcinogenic (i.e., has the potential to cause cancer) and results in the creation of free-radicals – harmful chemicals that damage our body’s healthy cells and immune system. Minimize your exposure to fumes and, if possible, air pollution. Avoid alcohol during the healing/ recovery process, since alcohol depresses our immune system, is carcinogenic, and is toxic to our liver, our body’s major detoxifying organ. ee




r l

Avoid pre-packaged, canned, or artificially preserved food. Whenever possible, prepare your food yourself from fresh, natural, wholesome ingredients. Study the list of ingredients of any packaged food and avoid any product containing artificial colouring, artificial flavouring, preservatives, refined sugar, or any other substance with which you are unfamiliar.


r n e ree?

As a simple guide to minimizing synthetic chemical exposure, use only simple natural non-perfumed soaps and shampoos. Following the precautionary principle, use natural as opposed to synthetic antiperspirants, deodorants, perfumes and cosmetics. Pl s i s re n er e ie

Plastics, made from petroleum-based chemicals, are under scrutiny for their potential negative health effects. We all have many daily encounters with plastics, from the plastic bottles and tubes that hold toiletries to the plastic surfaces and gadgets in our home, office and car. Many containers used to store water and food are made of plastic – plastic beverage jugs, plastic resins lining cans, plastic bread bags, plastic water bottles, etc. Plastic keeps foods fresh, handy, and portable. However, there may be associated negative health consequences. For the most part, the chemicals in finished plastics are stable. However, recent research indicates that under certain circumstances, trace quantities of these chemicals can leach into food or liquid. Especially when it is exposed to heat or reused,

plastic can break down, and trace quantities can mix with our food and drink, and be ingested. Pl s i s re r

Minimizing our exposure to potentially toxic chemicals in our home, at work and in our environments makes good sense and is one of the ways we can help support our health and well-being, as well as recovery from disease.

Thanks to all the Aldo Fund sponsors and participating retailers: Platinum Sponsor: Renew Life Gold Sponsors: Natural Factors Progressive Nutritional Therapies

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Rive Gauche Media (publisher of Viva magazine), is proud to publish this ongoing series of articles. The series has been developed in partnership with the Holistic Health Research Foundation of Canada’s Aldo Fund, which supports education and research in natural cancer prevention and treatment. To contribute to the Aldo Fund, visit Dr. Wright is a medical doctor and director of clinical services at InspireHealth, a Vancouverbased integrated cancer care centre.

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Plastics come in different grades, and each grade has specific recommended uses. One of the most common plastics is polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, used in beverage containers and plastic wraps. PET may break down when exposed to heat, causing chemicals to integrate into food or liquid. Containers made with PET are marked with a “1”. Polycarbonate plastic bottles, marked with a “7”, popular with athletes and hikers, may leach a chemical called bisphenol A, or BPA, as they age. Sunlight and heat hasten this process. Even traces of BPA can be toxic to humans. Containers made of glass, metal or ceramic provide a safe way to store or carry food or water.

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Your Cold & Flu Prescription Tradition Blended with Science b rosemarie pierce b sc pharm

Even though spring is just around the corner, we can still get hit with a nasty cold or flu at this time of the year. Here’s a quick look at some of Mother Nature’s best cold and flu-busting ingredients that soothe and protect us – all year round.

From Egyptian pharaohs to Queen Bees, everyone loves honey! It’s not only sweet and yummy; honey contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents that are effective against bacterial strains including those that have become resistant to synthetic antibiotics. Even the world-famous Mayo Clinic believes in the power of honey, calling it a “time-honoured way to soothe a sore throat; an effective cough suppressant… to reduce night time coughing and improve sleep.”

As one of the most popular members of the citrus family, lemons have been revered in many traditional cultures as a medicinal tonic imbued with wonderful (even magical!) healing powers. Entire books are dedicated to lemons within Spanish culture. Lemon juice is not only a powerful antioxidant; it is also recognized for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Its excellent cleansing action supports lemon’s traditional use in battling colds, flu, fevers and infections that develop in the chest.

This lovely cone-shaped, purple flower is one of the all-time most studied herbal medicines in the world. Standardized extracts of Echinacea purpurea are well-researched and scientifically documented herbal cold and flu fighters. Studies have shown echinacea to reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms while speeding recovery.

Ask any European about elderberry and they will probably regale you with a wide range of enchanting stories about the power of this beautiful berry. From wine to tonics, elderberries are a traditional medicinal in many European cultures. Most recently the effectiveness of elderberry to prevent colds and flu is on the radar. Scientists postulate that flavonoid antioxidants in elderberry extract stimulate the immune system while their anthocyanins, another kind of antioxidant, have anti-inflammatory effects that keep aches, pains, and fevers in check.

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ose your self

and your family Every Asian culture uses ginger as one of ith th ese natural reme their foundational culinary spices. Ginger dies and you’ll marc h into not only adds a spicy kick to everything spring ith glo ing from stir-fry veggies to ginger snaps; health and vitali ty! it’s also a concentrated source of various medicinal compounds that have been shown to successfully treat common colds, fever and more. Studies show that this pungent root is the ideal cold fighter because of its remarkable sleep-inducing, analgesic (painrelieving), antitussive (cough suppressive), and antipyretic (feverreducing) properties.

The very name says it all. But this soothing balm of an herb is also proving to be one of the most promising herbal medicines of this decade. A study recently published in the journal Food Microbiology refers to lemon balm as having “effective antimicrobial activity.” Another study, published in Phytomedicine concluded that lemon balm has antiviral effect on herpes (cold sores). Fighting colds is only one of the great things about lemon balm. Soothing anxiety and promoting a calming sleep is the more traditional use for this lovely mint-like plant with a lemony taste. S

Th is well-documented trio of immune-supporting supplements is the perfect nutritional arsenal to successfully combat colds and flu. Choose only the most well-absorbed sources: buffered Vitamin C from calcium ascorbate; zinc from zinc citrate, one of the most readily absorbed and easy-to-digest forms; Vitamin D3, the only form of Vitamin D that our body recognizes as the true “sunshine vitamin”. Note that Canadians have the lowest blood levels of Vitamin D in the month of March! RoseMarie Pierce earned her degree in Pharmacy from Dalhousie University and after extensive studies in herbal medicine she became Canada’s first Holistic Pharmacist. RoseMarie is a dedicated health educator who develops natural prescriptions for the body, mind and soul.


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health cabinets Green & Black’s Organic Milk Chocolate Bar

Green & Black’s Organic Ginger Chocolate Bar

el in o r mo

Women who eat chocolate regularly have better sex lives. So what are you waiting for? Give in and indulge - or better yet, share with your sweetheart.

Green & Blacks Organic Almond Chocolate Bar

Green & Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate Powder

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Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

photograph b dean sanderon st ling b daniel onari

Green & Black’s Organic Fairtrade Cocoa


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health cabinets

Back to Basics


ear n h o a health y gu t can lea d to beautif ul skin on pag e

Beauty starts from the inside out.

S S S Get your daily chocolate fix - guilt-free! Take three chews daily, each a powerful source of Cocoa seed extract, with supporting nutrients including hydrolyzed collagen, Vitamins C, E and Lycopene and see decreased visible signs of aging, maintained elasticity and improved blood flow to your skin. (45 pieces, $24.99)

P S With 50 billion active probiotic cultures, Bio-K Plus promotes the growth of good intestinal flora and aids in digestion; this leads to better assimilation of skin-supporting nutrients, resulting in clear, well-nourished, glowing skin. (98g, $3.99)

Naturally warming, ginger supports healthy digestion. This organic ginger tea has a unique blend of herbs and spices to complement ginger’s bold flavour. Ginger is known for aiding digestion, and allows for optimal absorption of minerals, replenishing the skin. (16 bags, $5.99)

P PS Recent scientific research has suggested taking 1000 I.U. of Vitamin D. Its main skin benefit is in the treatment of psoriasis, but it also acts as a powerful antioxidant, preventing premature aging of the skin and damage to the skin structure. (50ml, $29.99)


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health feature


PSORIASIS Current research brings to light that the incidence of psoriasis in our population may be more alarming than previously thought. b andrea u mi l nd


ayne Gulliver, MD reported in an article for Medical News Today that “patients with psoriasis have an average life expectancy that is 10 years shorter than the Canadian average.” Furthermore, patients whose psoriasis develops before age 25 have a life expectancy that is decreased by 25 to 30 years. A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology demonstrated a link between psoriasis and comorbidities, namely cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis. Considering the link between psoriasis and morbidity/comorbidities, current treatment goals and guidelines for this condition need to be closely scrutinized and redefined. S

Understanding how psoriasis presents on the body is paramount to knowing how to treat it. Psoriasis is characterized by sharply bordered, thick patches of reddened skin covered with overlapping silvery scales. Although any area of the body may be affected, psoriasis characteristically appears on the scalp, elbows, knees and sites of repeated trauma. Psoriasis can also cause an inflammatory form of arthritis and affect the nails of the hands and feet. PP

Psoriasis is characterized by an abnormally high rate of skin cell replication and can be triggered by a variety of dietary and lifestyle habits. Among the most common offenders are stress, consumption of the Standard American Diet, inadequate nutritional supplementation and intestinal dysbiosis (for example, Candida albicans overgrowth). Less frequent causes may include cold climate, repeated antibiotic use and impaired liver function. There is evidence to suggest that alcoholism, cigarette smoking, obesity, type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome are risk factors for the development of psoriasis. ?

Treatment of psoriasis is often based on the severity of symptoms and requires a diagnosis from a medical or naturopathic doctor.

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health feature


Severe psoriasis can be life-threatening and requires medical supervision and systemic treatment with oral retinoids, methotrexate, cyclosporine or other agents. The good news is that mild and limited psoriasis is most commonly treated medically using topical corticosteroids, tars, phototherapy and salicylic acid shampoos, but can also be effectively treated with a more natural approach.

Because psoriasis is an infl ammatory disorder, it only makes sense that adopting an anti-infl ammatory dietary protocol would be helpful. The balance between pro-infl ammatory and antiinfl ammatory mediators in the body can be influenced by the consumption of dietary fatty acids. Daily consumption of “good fats" (nuts, seeds, olive oil and cold water fish), fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes – and the limiting of “bad fats” (animal fats, trans-fatty acids, processed foods) and refined carbohydrates – can contribute to healing from the inside-out.

The Perfect Balance


The balance between the two compounds within cells that control replication – cAMP that decreases replication and cGMP that increases it – is paramount for optimal skin health. In patients that have psoriasis, the replication of skin cells can be 1,000 times greater than normal, causing a “pile-up” of cells. Natural therapies such as Coleus Forskholli, a member of the mint family, may help to reestablish equilibrium of cAMP and cGMP, thus controlling fl are-ups and minimizing symptoms. A common dosage recommendation for Coleus is 50 mg, two or three times a day, of an extract standardized to contain 18 per cent forskolin. P


Bioactive whey protein isolate may prove to be a novel, although powerful, treatment for psoriasis. Studies using a dietary whey protein supplement patented as XL-828L have recently been shown to be beneficial in psoriasis. XP-282L has immune regulating effects that provide a significant reduction of Physician’s Global Assessment (PGA) scores for mild to moderate psoriasis compared to placebo. The standard dosage for XP-282L is 5g/day for a minimum of two months.

Several topical treatments including Aloe Vera, calcipotriene (a synthetic vitamin D3 analogue) and barberry have been studied for their effect on psoriasis. However, none have shown as much promise in the treatment of psoriasis as topical curcumin (isolated from the cooking spice, turmeric) gel. Curcumin acts to control infl ammation and was shown in one study to reduce psoriasis plaques by 90 per cent within two weeks of use. Curcumin gel was also found to be twice as effective as synthetic, over the counter treatments such as calcipotriol cream.

Quest® Super Once A Day Timed Release formula provides a complete spectrum of essential vitamins and chelated minerals in a formula that also maximizes bioavailability and balance in the body.

Mom’s partner in family health!


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family nutrition

Brain Power If the holiday frenzy has left you feeling a little foggy-headed, make sure you add these items to your grocery list! b cr stal chanderbhan nd


ne of the keys to maintaining a steady source of energy throughout the day is eating frequent meals with a snack in between each meal. Th is will prevent dips in blood glucose, a major energy source for your brain which helps you to stay focused and alert.

Low-glycemic carbs provide faster energy for your body. Unlike refined flour (found in many cereals), whole grain products help to avoid the blood sugar roller coaster, which tends to make people feel alert initially, but quite sluggish soon after. Whole grains also provide vitamin B12 and iron, deficiencies of which affect mood and the ability to focus. B B RRI Experiments conducted on mice showed that blueberries helped brain performance by reducing the amount of damaged free radicals caused in brain cells. A recent human study found that a compound in berries, known as anthocyanins, have been associated with increased neuronal signalling in the brain. Try to get one cup of berries everyday.

? recent study in the found that children ho ate a breakfast ith a lo glycemic index foods that do not increase blood sugar rapidly had better short term memory than those ho ate high glycemic breakfasts such as pancakes and syrup.

I R IC Onions contain fisetin, a naturally occurring flavonoid that stimulates pathways that improve long-term memory. Both onions and garlic are antioxidant in nature because they naturally contain sulphur derivatives, which have been shown to improve memory impairment. I The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish help to improve brain function. Fish such as sardines, mackerel and wild Pacific salmon are all considered to be Omega-3 rich and can be safely consumed twice a week. If you are concerned about heavy metals, consider taking a high quality fish oil supplement with a 3:1 ratio of EPA:DHA. C R An 11th Century Zen priest's book on tea began with, “Tea is the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one's life more full and complete,” referring to matcha. It is a powdered Japanese green tea with a concentration of a powerful antioxidant, epigallocatechine gallate (EGCG). It also contains the amino acid L-theanine which causes calm alertness and relaxed mental clarity, which can last on’t forget to for up to 8-12 hours. Try 1 tsp or less of consult your health care prac tit io ner matcha in one cup boiling water. for any health concerns.

S P o time to make oatmeal The night before, take a bowl and place one package of plain instant oatmeal, two tablespoons of chia seeds (a source of protein), a handful of chopped natural walnuts (additional protein) and - heaping tablespoons of frozen berries. Place in the fridge overnight. In the morning, all you have to do is add hot water and en oy.

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Make your water work x harder Feel Full Burn Fat Avoid Cravings Curb Emotional Overeating go4trim contains research-proven ingredients in research-proven dosages to support safe, healthy, and natural weight loss. • Feel full, eat less and still feel satisfied. • Metabolize carbs and fats to burn off your own fat storage for energy. • Balance blood sugar levels by supporting healthy glucose metabolism, so you’ll avoid cravings. • Helps you to manage emotional overeating. Make your water work 4 times harder to lose weight and prevent future weight gain. Simply take go4trim regularly before each meal for safe, healthy, and natural weight loss.

go4trim offers a unique blend of natural ingredients to control hunger, burn fat, break cravings and boost metabolism. Dr. Joey Shulman (DC, registered nutritionist) best selling author and founder of The Shulman Weight Loss Clinics | it shows

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” Available in capsules, or in refreshing, convenient, easy-to-drink grapefruit flavour stick packs.

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celeb health



n e

The Today Show’s health expert Joy Bauer reveals her health secrets and gives sage advice. by bonnie siegler

oy Bauer spends her day handing out nutritional and health advice for millions of viewers on one of the biggest morning shows in the U.S., The Today Show. As a registered dietitian with a graduate degree from New York University, Bauer knows her stuff. The wife and mother of three is no newcomer to health-related topics. Besides her early morning appearances, Joy has written several New York Times bestselling books, is the exclusive nutritionist for the New York City Ballet and she just released Joy Bauer’s Slimdown Workout which features two 20-minute workouts led by Joy and includes tips for weight loss and healthy eating. After years of working with celebrities, ballerinas, musicians and professionals on topics ranging from weight loss to managing blood pressure, Joy says, “there is not a one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to addressing specific health and nutritional concerns. I go after the goal. I look at lifestyle, how much time one can dedicate to prep, how much they’re eating and what keeps the person sustained as far as energy and sanity.” Bauer’s own lifestyle dictates a regular exercise routine of “an hour walk a day, which means I fit it in five days a week. Then I do an overall body workout of strength training for 20 minutes three days a week. I love exercising; I know it sounds crazy, but I do. It not only helps keep me fit, but it also helps relax and rejuvenate me.” Bike rides and hikes with her children are top priorities, but when it comes to “me time,” Law & Order TV dramas are tops. “I’m in heaven

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when those marathons are on. I also think going to the movies is relaxing, getting into a fabulous book, and cooking, without a doubt, is stress reducing for me. I cook almost every single night. It’s my therapy after a long, hectic day.” Viva decided to ask Joy some pertinent questions to help our readers gain a healthy perspective in the New Year. Top Three Workout Tools A Woman Should Have: “A great pair of sneakers, comfortable clothing and a goal with the motivation to move. You don’t need to spend money on fancy equipment that you are not going to use.” Nutritional Staples For A Woman: “Nonfat Greek yogurt whether it’s plan or flavoured. The nice thing about Greek yogurt is it’s drained of liquid. You do lose a bit of calcium bit it’s almost twice the amount of protein compared with traditional yogurt. Salmon is another staple, preferably wild because then you don’t have to worry about any contaminants. It’s an amazing source of omega 3’s which is great for skin, your brain and memory, heart, alleviates aches and pains associated with arthritis and has Vitamin D which is hard to get through foods. Spinach is another essential. It’s fabulous because of its folic acid which is good for women of child-bearing years. It’s also a great vegetarian source of iron and it has special anti-oxidants that help sharpen eyesight. Berries are another; I love fresh berries. And don’t forget dark chocolate; I love it. Dark chocolate has those antioxidants that have been shown to keep your blood vessels healthy.”


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celeb health


Top 5 Supplements For A Woman: “A good multivitamin that has Vitamin D. So if you get one that has 1000 iu’s of Vitamin D, that’s great, but at least get a standard of 400. Women under or pre-menopausal need iron in their multi too. I don’t flippantly recommend calcium anymore. I have to look at what a woman is eating as far as yogurt, cheese and milk, then I make an assessment and view a recent bone density scan. I love fish oils and know they’re not for everybody but some people are religious pill poppers so if they’re willing to go the extra mile, I would definitely put some fish oils in and aim for at least 1000 mg. combination of EPA and DHA. Always check with your doctor first, though.” A Quick Workout: “Cardio is important so if you aim to walk 30 minutes five days a week, that would be terrific and you can multi-task. March in place while watching a TV show or have a conference call on the phone while on the Treadmill. And it doesn’t have to be continuous – 10 minutes in the morning, 10 in the afternoon and 10 minutes in the evening. A trick is try not to be so efficient with your grocery bundles. I can strap on 10 at a time but I will only take one at a time from the car and go back and forth, back and forth…little everyday chores will make you move a little bit more and have a big return. For strength training, I would say 15-20 minutes of planks, crunches, push-ups, lunges, step-ups on a staircase – things that challenge your muscles and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment. Exercise shouldn’t be tortuous. Have fun with it and just get started.” THE C♥UPLES ISSUE 2011

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intestinal health

Want beautiful skin? Start with a healthy digestive system. b brian davies nd


t’s true - the health of our skin starts with the lining of our gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Whether it’s psoriasis, eczema or other skin conditions, a major cause of these concerns can almost always be traced back to imbalances in the digestive system. And it's really no wonder. The gut interacts with our external environment through an estimated 4,500 square meters of surface area, which is roughly the size of a football field and 3,000 times the surface area of our skin. The digestive system is also the primary route of detoxification and elimination by our bodies. When this primary route becomes challenged in some way, the skin can play a backup role in detoxification, contributing to unhealthy skin changes. The digestive system contains between 60 and 80 per cent of the body’s immune system. This means your primary immune defence against your environment occurs at the lining of your guts. Add an estimated 100 trillion microorganisms in the form of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites and, well … it can be a dirty business.

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Immunological skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis are almost always caused by challenges with the lining of our GI tract. Although these conditions are associated with very different types of immune cells, their triggers can manifest from a similar source - the breakdown in your gut lining. The gut barrier can start to break down for a number of reasons, including food allergies, unhealthy

“Probiotic bacteria play a major role in healing the intestinal lining and regulating our immune system.” microflora, poor nutrition or emotional stress, to name a few. This intestinal mucosal barrier dysfunction may have started from birth or can develop later in life.

Regardless of your health concerns, most of us need a good gut overhaul, starting with the intestinal lining. Although many essential nutrients are required for repairing the gut lining, there are certain nutrients that appear to be more important than others. For one, special fats called short chain fatty acids (SCFA's) appear to play a very important role in repairing and maintaining the intestinal barrier. These SCFA's are produced by healthy bacteria in the gut that ferment dietary sources of fibre. Essentially, we need to eat our vegetables and soluble fibre to maintain a healthy gut lining. Further, probiotic bacteria in the form of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species, among other microflora, play a major role in healing the intestinal lining and regulating our immune system. Sources of beneficial bacteria may come from fermented foods such as yogurt or natto, or through the use of dietary supplements. Finally, the amino acid glutamine appears to play an essential role in repairing a damaged gut. Supplementation with this nutrient may be considered at up to 5 grams per day away from food.


1/27/11 2:51:59 PM

intestinal health Eczema or psoriasis become aggravated when the immune system starts to become overactive. Oral vitamin D supplementation has an essential role to play in most immunologically based conditions, including conditions of the skin. Optimization of vitamin D orally can occur slowly by using 2000 IU per day with food. Fish oil also appears to have a very important role to play with inflammation and skin health. Highquality fish oil products are recommended at 3 to 5 grams per day with food. Cod liver oil can be a great treatment for skin conditions as it contains fish oils, vitamin D and vitamin A, all of which have a beneficial part to play in inflammation of the gut and skin. Another

special type of fat called medium chain triglycerides (MCT) also has an essential role in gut health through regulating intestinal organisms. MCT oils can be found in the diet by using coconut oil or butter. As most of our immune system is concentrated in the gut, nutrients that play a role in reducing infl ammation in the gut can have an important role in repairing damaged skin. Curcumin, green tea, quercetin, and resveratrol all play a role in reducing gut infl ammation. Let’s face it - we all indulge in refi ned sugars, alcohol, spicy foods, and fried foods from


on’t forg

et to time to time. Try to keep consult your he alth care prac tit ioner these to a limit It may for any heal th concerns. also be very beneficial to get an IgG food allergy test. Also, during the initial stages of your intestinal repair work, I encourage all foods to be lightly cooked, as to avoid any mechanical damage to the intestinal lining. As stress can play a major role in worsening our skin conditions, stress reduction techniques such as exercise, yoga, meditation or simple diaphragmatic breathing are also encouraged. If you can follow these simple guidelines, you'll be well on your way to a healthier gut and better skin.

Wild Crafted “Origanum Minutiflorum” All Natural, Non - Standardized Diluted 1:3 in Olive Oil 75% - 85% Carvacrol


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with + 2

e l


Did you know that your gastrointestinal tract contains over 100,000 billion good and bad bacteria that is equivalent to 1.5 pounds? And did you know that there are 10 times more bacteria than cells? It is therefore important to protect your bacterial flora, as it is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. Moreover, the balance of your flora is very fragile and can be affected by everyday stress, poor diet, fatigue, medication or travel. That is why a patented probiotic whose efficacy has been demonstrated by clinical studies is available: Bio-K + CL1285® .

In summary, Bio-K+ is cost effective, gives more results and contributes to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. P



Bio-K+ can protect the health of your entire family by supporting proper immune functions. Its unique and patented formula contains 100% probiotic cultures of L. acidophilus CL1285® and L. casei LBC80R® to give real results and act quickly. Available in a fresh drinkable form or in capsules, Bio-K+ is a marvel for your health and wellness. It’s 2 in 1, because it is effective as a preventive and as a speedy solution to your digestive health problems. It helps to stimulate your immune system and strengthen your natural defenses during the continuous season changes. Whether to prevent intestinal disorders that can occur at home or while travelling, or to prevent diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics, Bio-K+ in its fresh form or in capsule is there for you! Prevention is the champion!

Everyone. Be it in capsules, 30 or 50 billion bacteria per enteric coated capsule, or the fresh products: fermented milk base of strawberryflavor, fruity or natural, fermented soy with mango flavor and fermented organic rice with vanilla flavor, all certified gluten-free. Bio-K+ has been specially designed to satisfy the whole family. Ideal for adults, pregnant women, the elderly and children, there are only advantages to using Bio-K+ on a daily basis. The Bio-K+ family includes: enteric-coated 30 or 50 billion capsules, fresh drinkable fermented milk (Fruity, Original and Strawberry), fermented soy and fermented rice. P



In prevention, Bio-K+ with 50 billion probiotic bacteria can be divided into small daily servings depending on your age, weight and health profile. Thus, 1/4,1/3 or 1/2 bottle of Bio-K+ per day can be the perfect solution at lower cost. S



Our body’s primary route of detoxification and elimination is the digestive system – and when this faces challenges, the skin can play a backup role in detoxification, contributing to unhealthy skin changes. Probiotic bacteria can help heal the intestinal lining, regulate the immune system and enhance vitamin and mineral absorption. P



Explore other valuable information by visiting our website. Ask your questions to our expert at or call the toll free number: 1-800-593-2465

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ause. at. Repeat.


on’t forget to consult yo ur health care prac tit ioner for any heal th concerns.

Keeping an eye on nutrition (and supplementation) during menopause has benefits ranging from weight control to managing mood swings. b dini cohen ba rhn

has numerous health benefits, mainly that of being anti-inflammatory. Tuna, sardines, herring, halibut and mackerel are fatty fishes that are also high in omega-3. Salmon has the added benefit of being high in vitamin D as well. Did you know? A three-ounce serving has 794 IU so aim to incorporate two to three servings of fish in your diet each week. Soybeans are known for more than just their isofl avones. Other key benefits are related to their excellent protein content, their high levels of essential fatty acids, numerous vitamins and minerals and high fibre content. If you are not a fan of tofu, fear not - there are other great ways to enjoy the benefits of soy – miso, edamame, and soy nuts. Soy nuts are a great snack and have an added benefit of reducing hot fl ashes. Enjoy half a cup a day sprinkled over salads, soups and steamed vegetables. contains many vitamins and minerals and gives you a salty taste without adding any sodium. Did you know? There are many different varieties to choose from. Try dulse, a red seaweed, lightly toasted in a frying pan with a little oil. It is excellent as is or over steamed veggies such as cauliflower. It is excellent for thyroid function, which is the master controller of our metabolism.

are an excellent source of vitamin C, a wonderful antioxidant and are great for collagen production. Eat the whole fruit which is rich in fibre, helping to keep you satiated for a longer period of time. Try clementines, grapefruits and tangerines, too. have the highest antioxidant level of all tree nuts. Just one quartercup provides 90.8 per cent of the daily value for essential fats and has many potential health benefits ranging from cardiovascular protection to antiinflammatory conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Tip: Aim for no more than a handful of nuts or a quarter cup per day. has more than a dozen fl avonoid compounds that function as anti-infl ammatory and anti-cancer agents. It is high in vitamin K, calcium and magnesium which are excellent sources of minerals for bone health. Enjoy other leafy greens such as kale, swiss chard, beet greens, collard greens, bok choy and romaine lettuce. is considered an antioxidant powerhouse. The darker the pigment, the higher the antioxidant level. Wild blueberries have more antioxidants

than their cultivated cousins. In the winter, buy them frozen and add to smoothies, cereal and yogurt. Other high antioxidant berries include blackberries and raspberries. Tip: Try red grapes, too!

S PP l i en me om le i ro lori i elpful for aiding food digestion. CL levels decline as we age. Note: do not use if you have a history of ulcers. l i m Best to go for a calcium citrate formula that contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin as this aids in absorption. Space out your calcium as your body can only absorb 00 mg at a time. our bones will thank you. om le elpful for stress, adrenal function and improved cellular function. oen me Improves overall mental and physical processes and supports immune system detoxification.


067.VIVA_Menopause.indd 67

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Nip flu-like symptoms in the bud with Oscillococcinum


For many Canadians, winter means more than cold weather and Christmas. The combination of wind, rain, humidity and change in temperatures can cause many illnesses, and few people manage to make it to spring without contracting at least a cold or the flu. S


The flu, or Influenza, is an infectious disease that contaminates the nose, throat and lungs. Approximately 15-20% of the population gets the flu every year. Influenza rates are much higher in children than in adults simply because their immune system is not strong enough to fight back. ?

Viruses are primarily transmitted by hand-to-nose or hand-to-eye contact or by touching an object recently infected by another person. S



According to the online version of Merck Manual of Diagnosis & Therapy, “Symptoms start 24 to 48 hours after infection and can begin suddenly. Chills or a chilly sensation are often the first indication of influenza. Fever is common during the first few days, and the temperature may rise to 102 to 103-104 °F (approximately 38 to 39-40 °C). Many people feel sufficiently ill to remain in bed for days; they have aches and pains throughout the body, most pronounced in the back and legs.” S


It can be difficult to distinguish between the common cold and influenza in the early stages of these infections, but usually the symptoms of the flu are more severe than their common-cold equivalents. The flu tends to affect your entire body, whereas the common cold is generally more localized in the ears, nose and throat (E.N.T.). Symptoms of flu can vary widely and include fever, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and coughing.

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Since flu symptoms do not come alone, you might have to cope with more than one symptom. This makes your choice of what to take more difficult, as you need to choose the right product to treat all the symptoms you have, or use a careful combination of products. Note that since the flu is caused by a virus, antibiotics are ineffective since they only have an action on bacteria. Available treatments include: Analgesics (acetaminophen, ibuprofen) Antihistamines Antitussives Expectorants Nasal decongestant sprays Oral decongestants However, these conventional medicines may have side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, stomach pain, nervousness, restlessness, irritability and possible drug interactions. S S




Oscillococcinum by Boiron Laboratories is clinically proven to reduce the intensity and duration of the flu symptoms within 48 hours, in a natural and effective way. Tested in several independent clinical studies, Oscillo has showed to be efficient from the first sign of flu symptoms. This medicine bears a Health Canada Drug Identification Number (DIN) guaranteeing its safety and efficacy. Without side effects or drug interactions, Oscillo has no contraindications and it will not cause drowsiness. This very safe medicine enables patients to recover quickly and remain healthy throughout winter. And Oscillo is suitable for all, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, seniors and high-risk patients as well as children.


1/26/11 1:26:51 PM

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health news Vitamin D-Listed? Vitamin

testing for most

Flats for uitters

Although It feels good to slide on a sexy pair of pumps for a night out, a British study has shown the effects of high heels on the shape of the body. The Journal of Experimental Biology published findings about the incline of high heels causing calf muscles to contract, muscle fibres to shorten and the Achilles tendon to stiffen and thicken over time. Ever go from high heels to flats and feel a pull or strain in your tendons? That is a result of calf muscles and tendons being stretched beyond their range of movement. Still determined to keep your closets filled with stilettos? Engage in stretching exercises when you finally kick those long sought-after designer heels off. Sometimes it’s just worth it.


stopped as of ecember, making ntario the latest province to delist a health service. The test will continue to be covered by

IP exclusively for people

with conditions such as osteoporosis, rickets, osteopenia, malabsorption syndromes and renal disease. The


ealth Technology Advisory Committee determined that vitamin

testing for the

general population was not medically necessary based on medical evidence. If you want to be tested now, you’ll have to pay.

Happier Meals toy

ith each meal is the

ultimate fast food perk for all children

hen they order a appy

eal from

c onald’s, but things

ill change in ecember


hen a ban on the popular appy eal toys comes into effect in an rancisco. he toys themselves ill not be banned, but if your child

ants a toy

ave ou eard

Earwax fulfills the same role as eyelashes and nose hair; it protects against dust, bacteria and other microorganisms that can irritate or infect your body. It also acts as a lubricant, preventing our ears from getting dry and itchy, just as tears do for our eyes. On the downside, too much earwax can get blocked or pushed back toward the eardrum, resulting in loss of hearing. Some earwax is good for your body but to unclog excess wax, put a couple drops of baby oil into the ear canal to soften the wax, tilt your head, spray water into the canal and rinse it out.

ith their meal,

C + A = 

they’ll have to order a meal that follo s a strict dietary criteria

The U.S. Food and rug Administration (F A) issued a ban on caffeinated alcoholic

that includes healthier choices

beverages to four ma or manufacturers in the U.S., stating that they had not approved

such as milk and fruit.

the addition of caffeine to their alcoholic beverages, and that there was a concern over the effects of consumption of these beverages in young adults, as it may lead to hazardous and life-threatening situations. ther countries such as Iceland and Norway have not banned these products, but they have set a cap of

0 milligrams per litre.

Will Canada be the next country to follow suit

70 

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what's in your fridge


Massimo Capra b

essica uniac

ccupation Celebrity Chef and author with restaurants Mistura and Sopra, a regular chef expert on CityLine, seen on The Food Network and HGTV’s Restaurant Makeover. hat’s your secret food vice Good quality cheese from anywhere. hat is your number one comfort food Chicken noodle soup. hat are the top three things you do to keep a balanced lifestyle Take personal time, turn my cell phone off, maintain a routine from breakfast to dinner with a balanced diet and some exercise – be positive and laugh a lot! hat is your biggest food challenge Eating too much of the good stuff - anything fatty or fried I go gaga for! hat keeps you eating a balanced diet Eating fresh, unprocessed food, local, organic, and in season is the way I keep healthy. hat must you al ays have in your fridge Prosecco/champagne, beer, Coke, tonic water, Reggiano cheese, pancetta, bacon or salted pork belly, good quality hot dogs, mustards, anchovies, capers, milk, cream, butter, onions, carrots, celery, filtered water, cheese and eggs. hat are some of your go to meals Pasta, rice, bean salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, scaloppini Milanese, and vegetable frittata. trangest foods you’ve tried I am OK with most foods, but prairie oysters and Icelandic fermented shark meat along with the preserved Chinese egg are the difficult ones. Also ice cream sodas (I know … I still cannot get my head wrapped around it). hat have you been busy ith lately I have a new cookbook called 3 Chefs, The Kitchen men with Jason Parsons & Michael Bonacini. I am also working at my restaurant assisting chef Derek Von Raesfeld with the creations of new menus, as well as redeveloping the menu with Damian Harrington at the Rainbow Room in Niagara Falls. I am also the brand ambassador for SAMSUNG appliances. hat’s next for you A vacation comes to mind!

hotograph by ean anderson

io Pl s S r berr With 0 billion active probiotic cultures, this will keep Massimo’s energy up and his digestive health in top form. ( 8g, . )

en r ni m n ino is e P ir P s A uni ue combination of two ancient, allergy friendly, organically grown grains, blended and crafted into pasta - a great option for Massimo’s go-to meals. ( 40g, 4.4 )

So i e ri in l or i e So e er e This staple would be a great substitute for Massimo’s milk it’s perfect for cereal, smoothies or to drink on its own. ( .8 L, 4. )

r l n e er l o r S re Massimo can use this creamy buttery spread, made with wholesome expeller pressed oils, for anything from baking to saut ing. (4 g, 4. )


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cover story

Former model and star of TNT’s new police drama Rizzoli & Isles, Angie Harmon has the brains to match the beauty. She talks motherhood, the importance of laughter and being renewed for a second season after only three episodes! b bonnie siegler photograph b elisabeth caren assisted b shane o donnell and li bret st ling b essica paster for celestine agenc hair b matt adams for urban siren ma eup b spencer barnes for solo artists shoot on location at the mar for events

72 

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1/27/11 5:20:51 PM

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cover story

Not only has Angie Harmon proven there’s dramatic life after professional modeling, she has also shown there is a powerful woman inside this Texas-reared beauty. Best known for her role as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael on Law & Order, Harmon went on to other big and small screen roles in The Women’s Murder Club and now on TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles as Boston police detective Jane Rizzoli who teams up with a medical examiner to track down the bad guys. However being one half of this TV duo is only part of Harmon’s real life story. She is married to former New York Giants football player Jason Sehorn and has three daughters (Finley Faith, 7; Avery Grace, 5; and Emery Hope, 18 months). Showing how tough and physical a lady can be on and off screen, the 39-year-old busy working mom says, “Women are powerful, powerful beings. We do so many things and it’s not like we get thanked everyday, we just don’t,” she flatly states in her husky voice still lilting with a tinge of Southern proprietary. “When people say we multi-task, there should be a better word; what comes to mind when I hear that is, ‘Okay I’m driving a stick shift, talking on the phone and digging through something on the front seat.’ No! When we multi-task we are cooking dinner, we’re helping in homework, we’re planning events for the next week, we’re putting a birthday party together. There is so much to being a woman and it’s a thankless job… To be able to just get through the day and handle everything in stride and move on, that’s really impressive to me. That’s what I mean when I talk about us being powerful because we are!” Yet when asked what her biggest personal triumph might be, she immediately responds, “My marriage and my children – my home life is my biggest personal triumph. There is no handbook on how to raise kids – to make sure they turn out lovely, decent, strong, kind human beings so there’s the constant challenge in trying to do it right.”

“To be able to just get through the day and handle everything in stride and move on, that’s really impressive to me.” Three children and two dogs always makes for a busy household, however Harmon just moved 3,000 miles away from bustling Hollywood only to settle in North Carolina. “It just is where we feel most at home,” she explains of her cross-country move. “We just wanted our girls to have a slower growing up process.” On a regular basis you’ll find Angie getting the girls breakfast, brushing hair and teeth and taking the two older ones to school. “I’ll work out with my girlfriends and I just started doing that again.” Always one to enjoy physical activity and outdoor challenges, Angie was sidelined last year with a painful herniated disc that limited her mobility. “The first time I did this to my back was when I was pregnant with Finley. Then the same exact thing happened right after we moved into this house. I’m not the kind of person who can sit around the couch and just point and tell people what to do. I’ve got to get in there so I tore L-4, and L-5 was bulging. Anyone with a back injury knows it hurts unbelievably.” Unable to do her usual physical activities was unnerving for Harmon who admits she gained seven pounds on her long and lean toned body just prior to the holiday season. “So how was I going to eat pumpkin pie?” she laughs. “Today I did a bit of Tae Bo Boot Camp but I’m taking it slowly so it’s a lot of stretches, no heavy lifting, no twisting movements… I mean it really changes your life in what you’re limited in doing physically.” Angie doesn’t underestimate the power of just five minutes in movement. “If I just have a few minutes in my day I’ll throw in one of my workout DVDs and just pick an area to work on. Maybe one day it’s abs, another legs. After just doing five minutes, I feel pretty solid and strong. I’m a pretty physical person and enjoy the hell out of life so I’ve had to make small adjustments. But hey, if the doctors told me to stand on my head and sing Jesus Loves Me, I would do it to help the pain.” Harmon laughs, revealing perfectly straight, white teeth and deep dimples. “Oh gosh,” she smiles, “I think laughter is a necessity in life. You’re so appreciative of a girlfriend saying something hilarious and you just die laughing. It’s a necessary achievement in life and not just a light ha-ha-ha, but a really gutsy laugh that comes from down deep in the knees. It makes life less complicated.” Angie is not opposed to getting her own goofy going on in the house. “Just last week, we were watching The Little Mermaid again and I started singing and dancing to all the songs.”

74 

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cover story


As a former professional model who got her first cover at age 15 and travelled the world on assignments, Harmon is keenly aware of the importance of good nutrition for total health and energy. She adheres to a pretty clean eating plan, consisting of organic fresh foods as much as possible – with an occasional Peppermint Patty and supplementing her intake with vitamins and minerals twice a day. The self-described “energetic, courageous and insecure” woman also knows that discovering her recharge button is important. “When I cook dinner, that’s a recharge for me”, Angie shares. “It’s very therapeutic. There’s music going on – Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum - lots of chopping and dicing.” Throughout the day she feeds her energy reserves with a banana or protein bar. “It has to be something good for me and not just empty calories or I’m just going to feel awful in 30 minutes. Sometimes if I’m really not feeling up to par, I’ll go get acupuncture.” Harmon does allow herself some “me” time to relax and rejuvenate, though it’s not as often as she’d like. “It’s been a while for me,” she laughs. “I mean it usually happens after I put the girls down and I get on my iPad to look through websites. Or I’ll get out a book.” When away from home such as in Los Angeles where she fi lms Rizzoli & Isles, things are a bit different. “The first thing I’ll do when I’m out of town is get a massage, order room service and watch movies the whole time I’m in the hotel. I’ve discovered scents and how they interact with me. A nice relaxing bath fi lled with lavender scents is always nice while citrus and orange scents help re-energize me.” As beautiful as Harmon is on the outside, it’s the internal care she strives to give herself that reinforces her overall well-being, though she admits balancing out the emotional, physical and spiritual sides of life is a constant challenge. “If I knew the answer and how-to for that, I’d be a bizillionaire and I’m not,” she laughs in her husky tone. “I think even men are looking for the answer to that. I’m more a wing-it type person who listens to her body, her psyche and emotions.” While Harmon’s life can be in flux with her move to North Carolina and juggling work and home life, there is a constant – playing Roses and Thorns. “We play that every single night at dinner,” she explains. “Someone picks if they want to do roses first or thorns. Your rose is the best thing that happened to you all day and your thorn is the worst thing. It’s great when one of them turns to me and says `I don’t have a thorn today, Mommy.” Upon reflection, Angie continues, “Yesterday my rose was finally beginning to put all of my things in the closet because we just finished construction on that area of the house. My worst thing was I lost track of time so dinner was a little late but it wasn’t my fault,” she hastens to add “Jason forgot he was supposed to order out and it came to 6:30 when he said ‘so where we going to eat?’ Well, we were going to eat out but now we’re going to find what’s in the fridge. So we had fish sticks, green beans and seasoned cabbage. It wasn’t my greatest accomplishment, but I got it all done in 15 minutes.” – Special thanks to the Mark For Events for the location.


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balanced living


arsha Thomason moves around a lot. From Las Vegas to Hawaii to New York – and that’s just in her professional life as an actress: NBC series Las Vegas, a recurring role on Hawaii-based Lost and now as FBI agent Diana Barrigan on White Collar set amidst the bustling Manhattan skyline. Born in Manchester, England, the 34-year-old thespian admits there is a lot of travel involved in her life, which can contribute stress to her otherwise healthy regimen. Within the next few weeks, she will be adding frequent flyer miles from Los Angeles to London, on to Spain, back to Manchester for several weeks and finally culminating back in Los Angeles. “I find travel and flying very stressful,” she says in her Hollywood Hills kitchen. To counter jet lag, she offers up the vitamins on her countertop as evidence. “My doctor just gave me something called Pro Boost, which apparently is really great for helping with jet lag and the deterioration the body feels after flying. I always feel really crappy for a few days after travel. We’re just not really made to be up in the air.” Vitamin D, vitamin A and zinc tablets are also displayed. “So many people are Vitamin D deficient and my doctor says that causes a lot of health problems.” And still yet on the kitchen cabinet is Silver Biotics. “I always travel with that because it’s a natural alternative and an immune system booster. If I ever feel like I’m getting a cold or any signs of ill health, I’ll just take some of that.” Another constant in Thomason’s life is daily morning meditation and regular yoga classes. “I do yoga a couple times a week and on Saturday mornings when I’m in Los Angeles, I take a hip hop class.”

e h t d n u o r A o r ld W Actress Marsha Thomason has been acting professionally since she was just 12. From concrete jungles to evergreen sprawls, she’s a pro at “keeping it together.” b bonnie siegler

78 

072.VIVA_BalancedLiving.indd 78

photograph b da mion mardel

Other stress reducers include making lists and “feeling a great sense of achievement in marking things off,” plus various forms of media comforts. “I’m a media junkie… are you kidding? I love going to the movies and I watch lots of television whether it be Jon Stewart or Bill Maher. I listen to NPR radio and podcasts all the time. I also love to read.” Currently on her nightstand is Bret Easton Ellis’ Imperial Bedrooms. “I think as I’ve gotten older, my life has become more balanced overall and more grounded. When I was younger, I was always out and on the go; now I like to be at home with my husband and have friends come over for dinner. I definitely try to surround myself with good people, lots of positive energy and those who feed my life positively; people who don’t take away from it all. So that means a good support group.” So what’s left on today’s to-do list? “I have to pack because I’m leaving in a few days and it takes me ages to do that so I like to pack over a couple of days and I won’t feel as stressed out.” And what’s on this newlywed’s life’s to-do list? “So many things,” says the self-professed “impatient, feisty and kind” woman. “I’d like to have children one day but I can’t think of any other major things right now. I guess I’m happy with my life as it is.”


1/26/11 4:05:35 PM

balanced living

The X Factor

When Canadian Sarah Burke took the gold medal three consecutive years in a row at the X Games, people took notice and she became a sports sensation. b bonnie siegler

photograph b tim immerman


f you caught the X Games in 2007, 2008 and 2009, you were probably awed by the threepeat Gold Medal winner, Sarah Burke, who has since been dubbed “the People’s Queen.” Burke, a Barrie, Ontario native, learned to ski before she was old enough to read. By the time she turned 15, Burke had already begun competing as a Mogul Skier and travelled with the Ontario Ski Team. “I loved the jumping and acrobatic parts of the sport,” she says. Being in the air is such a rush! No girls were doing 360’s at the time, but I was determined and learned how. When I was 17, Big Air competitions started to pop up at all the mogul events. Because jumping was my favorite thing, it was a natural transition for me to switch from Moguls to Freestyle.” Freeskiing gave Burke the opportunity to break through gender barriers and compete against the guys, as she continued to push the boundaries. “When I started out, a number of event organizers would not let me ski in competitions; they wanted nothing

to do with a girl who could beat more than half the boys. The fact that my gender was the reason I couldn’t participate hurt me. We work as hard as the boys and we crash just as hard.” In fact, Sarah has had her fair share of injuries, including a broken back, broken ribs, broken thumbs, broken nose, torn MCL and more. “Two winters ago, I broke my back and that was the hardest injury, by far. I had never faced anything that serious or had to undergo such an involved recovery process.

Taking to the slopes requires a healthy and strong body which means regular workouts three to four days a week. “When I started skiing, there weren’t too many skiers at the gym. But, in the last few years, I’ve gotten serious about working out,” says the 5’6”, 125-pound athlete. “Having a strong core and legs has really helped me with jumps and landings. Also, after I broke my back, I worked a lot on core stability and strengthening. That said, I tend to take it a little easier right before competition and won’t train a few days leading up to the event.” It’s crucial that Burke has her body in shape for the Winter season so the Fall months are her biggest training times and those can be intense. Often, she will work out with trainers at her own gym for at least an hour, three to six days a week doing exercises such as crab walks, single arm bench presses, squats, biking and rowing. And when not competing or training, Burke takes advantage of some downtime. “I love all kinds of sports, especially surfing and biking. So I’ll do that. But I like cooking dinners and hanging out with my girlfriends, flying with Rory (new husband) and seeing movies. That adds some balance to my days.”

“We work as hard as the boys and we crash just as hard.” So it just doesn’t make sense that women should be paid less for doing the same job. I couldn’t sit back and let that happen, at least not without a fight.” So Burke made ski history and as a result of her constant campaigning, along with fellow female skiers joining forces, women were allowed to compete in slopestyle skiing for the first time ever in 2009.


080.VIVA_BalancedLiving.indd 79


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1/26/11 4:07:44 PM

NEW 600 mg size!

Ya know, Ester-C is now availble in 600 mg capsules! Get all the benefits of Ester-C in this NEW Easy Swallow format. This addition to the Ester-C family is an easy to swallow and digest capsule with a unique strength, providing high absorption.

VIVA_WebberEsterC.indd 2

1/27/11 10:13:41 AM

Your body can’t store vitamin C, so be sure you’re getting enough. Ester-C® is a unique, patented form of vitamin C that gives you powerful immune system support – for up to 24 hours. It provides your body with the antioxidant protection it needs to help keep you healthy and strong, every day, all year.

Ester-C promotes rapid absorption and helps the body retain the vitamin C. Absorption into the body is enhanced by a citrus bioflavonoid complex called C-Sorb®, which increases vitamin C levels within immune cells.

Ester-C is uniquely valued for its non-acidic, stomachfriendly nature. Because Ester-C is pH-neutral and buffered with calcium, it is the number one choice for people with sensitive stomachs.

• Tablets 500 mg

• Tablets 1000 mg • Chewables 250 mg • NEW Easy Swallow 75 Capsules, 600 mg

TO THE DEALER: WN Pharmaceuticals® Ltd. will reimburse the face value of coupon plus regular handling fee provided you accept it from your customer on purchase of item specified. Other applications may constitute fraud. Failure to send in, on request, evidence that sufficient stock was purchased in previous 90 days to cover coupons presented, will void coupons. Coupons submitted become our property. Reimbursement will be made only to retail distributor who redeemed coupon. For redemption mail to: WN Pharmaceuticals ® Ltd., PO Box 3000, Saint John, N.B. E2L 4L3

VIVA_WebberEsterC.indd 3

MANUFACTURER’S COUPON Expires September 30, 2011


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Uptown Girl

Accessories make the look. Achieving beautiful style is an art and the wrong shoes, purse, or jewellery can take away from even the most stunning ensembles. So go ahead and have fun finding your little “je ne sais quoi” to complete your look. st ling b elechi achonu photograph b david hou hair and ma e up b evgen lou ianen ov

Great bag or great shoes? Why not have both? Designer bags used to be the rage but now that they have become the norm, women with “high street” outfits can be seen sporting designer bags and shoes. The bag industry is massive, and there is no going back now that we are all used to the quality. These days, there’s arm candy for everyone - from Salvatore Ferragamo to Valentino or Hermes or even the high-fashion charms of the latest Prada. As for shoes, that’s where frivolity is in vogue. Whether they’re crazier, bolder, calf length, more colorful, spindle or higher than ever, let your imagination rip with your shoes. Wear them with confidence, don’t worry about matching and choose lipstick and nail polish colours that clash! Have fun being fabulous. Glasses, Burberry, L.F. Warehouse LT , 7 dress, Pink Tartan white tuxedo blazer, Pink Tartan, 4 bracelet, Rebecca Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 4 0 bag, Valentino, avids Shoes Toronto, 8 tights, Secret, 8. 0 shoes, Louboutin, avids Shoes Toronto, .

82 

086-091.VIVA Fashion.indd 82


1/27/11 12:24:07 PM



ress, avid ixon, 4 earrings, Lucy Felicit bag, Sonia Rykiel, avids Shoes Toronto, 0 bracelet, Rebecca Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 4 0 bracelet, Lorenzo Ungari Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 4 0 bracelet, Rebecca Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc ring, Siffari tights, Secret, 8. 0 shoes, immy Choo, avids Shoes Toronto, .


086-091.VIVA Fashion.indd 83

 83

1/27/11 12:28:47 PM



Necklace, Rebecca Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 6 0 lace umper, American Apparel, bracelet, Rebecca Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 4 0 bracelet, Lorenzo Ungari Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 4 0 pleated skirt, American Apparel, 60 bag, Valentino, avids Shoes Toronto, watch, stylist’s own rings, Pandora tights, Secret, 8. 0 shoes, Valentino, avids Shoes Toronto, 64 .

84 

086-091.VIVA Fashion.indd 84


1/27/11 12:29:28 PM



4k gold and melanite earrings, Pandora 88 silver necklace, Metalsmiths Sterling, 48 Brooch, ivine ecadence riginals, 4 necklace, Gold Strand Tahitian pearls, Lucy Felicit acket, M, 6 . dress, ivine ecadence riginals, 000 rings, Siffari bag, model’s own shoes, Pink Tartan, sample piece.


086-091.VIVA Fashion.indd 85

 85

1/27/11 12:30:19 PM



Earrings, Lucy Felicit silver necklace, Rebecca Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 0 dress, avid ixon, 7 bag, Louboutin, avids Shoes Toronto, 04 cardigan, stylist’s own silver bracelet, Rebecca Collection, iamond Scalzo Bros. Inc, 4 0 ring, Pandora watch, stylist’s own purple tights, Secret, 8. 0 Shoes, Sergio Rossi, avids Shoes Toronto, 7 .

86 

086-091.VIVA Fashion.indd 86


1/27/11 12:30:38 PM



4k gold and melanite earrings, Pandora 88 trench, Nicolas Men, 4 belt, stylist’s own pendant, Rousseau Chain ewelry, 4 bag, Salvatore Ferragamo, avids Shoes Toronto, 68 Pants, Pink Tartan, Tights, Secret, 8. 0 Shoes, Walter Steiger, avids Shoes Toronto, 68 .


086-091.VIVA Fashion.indd 87

 87

1/27/11 12:31:17 PM

VIVA_NAHS Sinuorega.indd 1

1/27/11 11:21:34 AM



Chocolate lovers - you may be able to have your “chocolate cake” and eat it, too. There is increasing evidence that chocolate can be part of a healthy diet - the health benefits from chocolate are a result of the flavonoid content found in the cocoa bean. Flavonoids are natural compounds with antioxidant properties, just like those found in red wine, green tea and berries. Dark chocolate has the most flavonoids - almost four times as many as milk chocolate. Your best option is to choose a bar with a 70 per cent, or more, percentage of cocoa.


095.VIVA.FoodOpener.indd 89

 89

1/27/11 12:11:54 PM

sweet treats Tasty and chocolatey desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

MILLE FEUILLES Serves 4–6 225g all-butter puff pastry 1 free-range egg, beaten 100g dark (70% cocoa solids) chocolate, broken into pieces 3 tablespoons hot water 1 vanilla pod, split lengthwise 200ml whipping cream 2 tablespoons icing sugar Lemon juice, to taste Hot water

90 

102-105.VIVA Food_Green&Blacks.indd 90

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C) then roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface into a rectangle about 3mm thick, then cut into three equal rectangles, trimming appropriately. Place the pieces on a non-stick baking tray and brush with the egg wash. 2. Bake for 15–20 minutes until well risen and golden brown. Remove from the oven and transfer to a wire rack to cool. 3. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water, then remove from heat. Add hot water and whisk until fully emulsified. 4. Scrape the vanilla seeds into the cream and whip until light and bulky. Prepare the icing by mixing the icing sugar with enough lemon juice and water to achieve an easily spreadable paste (remember that the cooked pastry is very delicate and breaks easily) with a good balance of acidity. 6. Take the cooled sheets of pastry and trim if necessary to give three equal rectangles. Spread the icing over one sheet. 7. Spread half the vanilla cream on a second sheet then drizzle on half of the chocolate sauce.With the end of a knife gently nuzzle the chocolate into the cream. Repeat with the third pastry sheet then place on top of the second. Finally top with the iced pastry sheet and serve.


1/26/11 4:17:22 PM



5-MINUTE CHOCOLATE POT Serves 6 200g dark (70% cocoa solids) chocolate, broken into small chunks 100ml boiling water 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 125ml whipping cream 1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Take off the heat. 2. Add the hot water (you can use the water from the bain-marie) to the chocolate and vanilla extract. The water must be added slowly and gradually to avoid the chocolate splitting. 3. Add the whipping cream – the texture should be like that of crème anglaise. Pour straight into espresso cups and leave to set in a cool part of the kitchen for at least 45 minutes before serving.


102-105.VIVA Food_Green&Blacks.indd 91

 91

1/26/11 4:18:26 PM

92 

102-105.VIVA Food_Green&Blacks.indd 92


1/26/11 4:18:53 PM



CHOCOLATE, CRANBERRY AND PISTACHIO LAYERED POT Serves 6 200g cranberries 60g caster sugar 1 tablespoon water 70g dark (70% cocoa solids) chocolate 150ml whipping cream 10g icing sugar 50g shelled pistachios 50g digestive biscuits 35g unsalted butter, melted 1. Stew the cranberries with the sugar and water until soft but not collapsed. Set aside to cool. Coarsely grate or fi nely chop the chocolate. 2. Whip the cream with the icing sugar until light, fluff y and voluminous. 3. Blitz the pistachios in a food processor until they resemble fi ne breadcrumbs. Add the biscuits and continue to process until they are the same. 4. Mix the melted butter into the nut/biscuit mixture. 5. To assemble, put about 1½ tablespoons of the nut/biscuit mix into each glass, followed by a single layer of cranberries, then about 1 tablespoon of whipped cream and fi nally a good layer of the grated chocolate so that the cream is well covered. 6. Chill for at least an hour before serving. Serve with crème fraîche.


102-105.VIVA Food_Green&Blacks.indd 93

 93

1/26/11 4:19:30 PM

VELVET SALTED CARAMEL CHOCOLATE TORTE Serves 12 For the salted caramel 175g golden caster sugar 3 tablespoons water 120ml double cream 1/2 teaspoon sea salt flakes 120g unsalted butter, cubed For the torte 250g dark (70-85% cocoa solids) chocolate, broken into pieces 160g unsalted butter, cubed 175g golden caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 120g ground almonds 5 medium free-range egg yolks 6 large free-range egg whites Cream or good vanilla ice cream, to serve 1. Begin by making the salted caramel. Pour the sugar into a heavy pan and add the water. Heat gently, stirring only until the sugar dissolves. Turn the heat up to medium-high and allow the syrup to come to a boil undisturbed. Simmer and watch until the caramel turns a rich amber colour. Swirl the pan to prevent ‘hot spots’ but don’t stir (stirring causes the caramel to clump and crystallize). Remove pan from heat and stir in cream and salt. Stir in the butter cubes until a smooth caramel forms and set aside to cool. 2. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Line a 23cm springform cake tin with baking parchment. 3. Melt the chocolate, butter and sugar together in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water (or you can melt everything in a saucepan set over a very low heat, but don’t allow it to burn). Remove from the heat and stir until smooth then mix in the vanilla and almonds, followed by the egg yolks, one by one. 4. Whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl until they form stiff peaks. Fold 1 large tablespoon into the chocolate mixture with a metal spoon or a spatula to loosen it, then fold in the rest, being careful to retain as much air as possible. Scrape about two-thirds of this batter into the tin. Make a slight dip in the centre and spoon the salted caramel into the dip and over the surface. Top with remaining chocolate mixture, smoothing it to the edges. Bake for 40 minutes, until puffed and barely firm. There might be some caramel bubbling up at the edges but that’s absolutely fine. 5. Leave to cool completely in the tin; the cake will gently crumble in the centre. Slice and serve each velvety piece at room temperature with chilled whipped cream, or some really good vanilla ice cream.

94 

102-105.VIVA Food_Green&Blacks.indd 94


1/26/11 4:20:34 PM



CHOCOLATE AND RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE BROWNIES Serves 16 For the brownie mix 280g unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing 170g dark (70% cocoa solids) chocolate 350g unrefined golden caster sugar 70g plain flour Pinch of salt 5 medium free-range eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 100g white chocolate, broken into small pieces For the cheesecake mix 350g cream cheese 75g unrefined golden caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 medium free-range eggs 170g fresh raspberries 1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Grease and line a 20cm square brownie tin. To make the brownie mixture, melt the butter and chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Stir until completely melted and combined. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool. 2. Combine the sugar, flour and salt in a large mixing bowl, pour over the cooled chocolate and mix until smooth. Beat the eggs separately before adding to the mixing bowl along with the vanilla extract and the white chocolate. Blend together until you create a shiny chocolatey mixture. Pour this into the prepared tin. 3. Next make the cheesecake mixture. Whisk the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract and eggs until smooth and creamy. Pour this carefully over the brownie mix, trying to create an even layer. 4. Use a fork to drag the cheesecake mix through the brownie mix to create a marbled effect. Drop the raspberries into the tray. Try to ensure that the raspberries are almost fully pushed into the mixture. 5. Bake for about 35–40 minutes. After 30 minutes remove the tin and check to see if the brownies are set but still have a slight wobble to them; return to the oven if they need a little longer. Leave to cool in the tin, covered with foil. Once cooled, take the brownies out of the tin, cut into 16 pieces and serve to your lucky guests.


102-105.VIVA Food_Green&Blacks.indd 95

 95

1/26/11 4:21:34 PM

CHOCOLATE CHARLOTTE Serves 6-8 200g unsalted butter 10 slices medium-sliced white bread (approximately), crusts removed 2 tablespoons demerara sugar 120g dark (70% cocoa solids) chocolate, broken into pieces 2 large free-range eggs 180g caster sugar ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 80g plain flour Pinch or two of salt Double cream, to serve 1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Melt butter in a small pan over low heat and cut five of the bread slices in half lengthwise. 2. Brush the basin and the underside of the plate (to be used as a lid) with the melted butter. Sprinkle both with the demerara sugar and lightly shake off any excess. 3. Arrange four of the remaining slices of bread into a square. Put the top of the basin over these and cut around the rim to make a circle. Brush butter on one side of these quarter circles and reserve. Trim the last whole piece of bread to fit in the bottom of the basin. Brush one side with butter and place it butter-side down in the bowl. Brush one side of the half slices of bread with butter and place them butter-side down around the sides of the basin, ensuring that they overlap slightly. They may need trimming to fit the basin; the slices should come to the top of the bowl and not stand proud. Set aside. 4. Add chocolate to remaining butter in pan, put over a low heat and whisk until melted, being careful not to burn chocolate. Remove from heat. 5. In a bowl, whisk eggs, sugar and vanilla extract until thick and creamy. Add a third of the chocolate mix to egg mix and whisk until combined. Add the remainder and whisk until fully incorporated. Sieve the flour and salt together and add to the chocolate mixture, whisking together until thoroughly mixed in. Pour the mixture into the basin. Place the reserved bread circle, butter-side up, over the chocolate mixture. Place the buttered and sugared plate on top of the bread lid and press down firmly but slowly until the plate’s rim touches the top of the basin’s rim. Place on a baking sheet and bake for one hour. 6. Remove the plate and replace with a larger plate and invert the plate and basin together. Lift off the inverted bowl revealing the crisp, caramelized bread. Allow to rest for a few minutes then use a sharp knife to cut through the bread crust to reveal a layer of rich cake and a molten chocolate centre. Serve with cold cream.

P ou need a . -litre pudding basin and a plate to fi t on top to keep the pudding weighted down during baking. The cooking time is based on using a china basin.

96 

102-105.VIVA Food_Green&Blacks.indd 96


1/26/11 4:22:35 PM



CHOCOLATE STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING CAKE Serves 6 - 8 For the sponge 300ml boiling water 150g chopped dates 150g dark (70% cocoa solids) chocolate 100g unsalted butter, softened 150g soft light brown sugar or light muscovado sugar 3 large free-range eggs 225g plain flour 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1 teaspoon baking powder For the toffee sauce 275g golden syrup 275g light brown sugar 100g unsalted butter 225ml cream 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C). Grease the sides of a 20cm springform tin and line the base with a round disc of baking parchment. 2. Put water in pan, reduce to simmer and soak the dates for 10 minutes. 3. Meanwhile melt the chocolate in a microwave or a heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water, then set aside to cool. 4. Cream the softened butter and sugar in a large bowl until light and fluff y. Beat in the eggs, one by one, and mix in the melted chocolate. 5. Sift in the flour, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder, then add the dates and their soaking liquid and stir to mix. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and bake in the oven for 50 minutes until it feels springy to touch or a sharp knife inserted into the middle comes out clean. 6. To make the toffee sauce, put all the ingredients into a saucepan over high heat and boil for 4–5 minutes, stirring regularly. 7. Serve the cake warm on a large plate and pour a generous amount of the hot toffee sauce over the top. Pour the rest into a jug and pass around for people to help themselves.


102-105.VIVA Food_Green&Blacks.indd 97

 97

1/26/11 4:23:26 PM

Liquids for my health VIVA_Land Art.indd 1

1/27/11 11:32:08 AM

Your Life

Rediscover Romance

Love the one you’re with. Relationships may take work, but the risk is certainly worth the reward. Let your other half know how much you appreciate them just the way they are – after all, small gestures of thoughtfulness go a long way. Make time to connect by recreating your first date - rent the first movie you saw together, go back to that dive of a restaurant, or blast that meaningful song – your sweetheart will appreciate it.


107.VIVA.LifeOpener.indd 99

 99

1/26/11 1:34:41 PM



Ev er yo ne ha s di ff er en t experiences with symptom s and treatmen ts. Always co nsult your health-c ar e pr ac titio ner when you are considering an y ne w lif es ty le an d he al th changes.

Viva readers share their secrets to successful relationships. b

atherine lo

Kara and Sebastian met in high school in St. Thomas, Ontario and have been making it work for 13 years. Kara says she was initially attracted to Sebastian’s “nice eyes” and they have continued to stay close because of his “openness and ability to share his passion with others.” The couple says that communication is key and that spending time together as a family is essential. Yet finding the right place to live, start a business and raise a family proved difficult for this couple; however, Kara says they made it through by setting goals, listening to their instincts and trusting that the process would lead them to the right place. “We are very happy to have made Barrie our home,” they say. This couple makes it work by recognizing that it’s a team effort. “Raising a young family and a young business takes so much time and effort, there are barely enough hours in the day,” says Kara. “However with the two of us together, we are able to support each other through the process.” S S P

ara and Sebastian offsuemmer, children Sophie and ander , 0, . years and months Barrie, N S Vitalistic Chiropractors at Cafe of Life Family Chiropractic Studio

e ere i s ool s ee e r s

After Andy moved into the house next to Emily’s, it was only a matter of time before they fell in love. Emily says she felt natural and comfortable around Andy – and it didn’t hurt that he was “easy on the eyes,” she laughs. “We had a strong connection from the beginning that hasn’t faded since,” adds Andy. Open communication is a top priority: “If we sense something is wrong, we talk it out and move on before it has a chance to become a bigger issue,” says Andy. Emily cites their similar interests and personalities as key to their relationship’s success. Three years ago, Andy’s mom passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. “Emily’s continued support throughout what was a very difficult time was a testament to her strength and commitment to me and my family,” says Andy. “Knowing that Em was capable of sustaining me through that incredibly trying time in my life has reaffirmed my confidence in her as my lifelong partner.” “We believe in one another, which makes it easy for us to be each other's champions,” adds Emily. “It’s nice to know someone’s got your back.” S e s e irl ne oor

100 

108-109.VIVA InspiredLiving.indd 100


S Emily Alonzo Andy Brooks 8 Toronto, N P S Emily publicist Andy

research assistant


1/27/11 12:47:18 PM

la difference e re



Eddie and Meagan were introduced by mutual friends at Clemson University o er e l obs les n seven years ago and have been together ever since. But just months after they lon is n e were married, Eddie was relocated for 10 months, separating the couple at a crucial time – Meagan fell ill and had to endure rigorous testing alone. Finally she was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and had to transition to a nearly liquid diet while struggles with vitamin deficiencies wreaked havoc on her body. “Eddie tried his best to console me, but I know that it was difficult for him to relate,” says Meagan. Yet working to get Meagan healthy again has brought the couple closer together. They have changed their diets and head to the gym together when they can. In fact, Meagan has overcome her Gastroparesis but must take a great deal of vitamin supplements to manage a healthy balance with her diet. Through it all, they have made it work by being honest with each other and by complementing one another’s personalities. “Sometimes I’m scatter-brained and impulsive and Eddie brings me back to earth,” says Meagan. “There is a calm I find with Eddie that is unprecedented in my life.” Eddie admires Meagan’s zest for life and that she challenges him. “Meagan is a beautiful person inside and out,” he says.


S Meagan and Eddie Glover 7 Atlanta, GA P S Meagan account manager Eddie

mechanical engineer

Although Gabe and Carrie were both previously married, they have struck a balance in this relationship through acceptance, patience and communication. “Being married previously comes with a certain amount of baggage, not necessarily in the negative sense, but it certainly impacts our lives,” says Carrie. “But we have found a good balance.” “Carrie wants to improve as an individual every day, but won’t hesitate to help others, regardless of what’s going on,” says Gabe. “You can really see this in how great of a mother she is.” “Gabe is the most positive person I have every met,” says Carrie. “He is genuine, compassionate and supportive. He is such an amazing father.” The pair keeps things strong by focusing on family life with their children. “We really enjoy spending time with each other, whether it’s a quiet dinner together or a day outside with the kids,” says Carrie. And they both make sure they benefit from being in the relationship. “We support each other,” says Gabe. “We do the kinds of things you would expect to give and get from a best friend.” – See Carrie and Gabe’s transformation in the couples makeover on page 33. e o n eb l n e e ere lookin or


S Gabe Galambos and Carrie Williams 4 and 7 children 8, , 0 and Guelph, N P S Gabe Senior Manager retail Carrie

irector of Brand Marketing

S Please send your inspired living story with sub ect line Inspired Living and contact information to: le ers i m online om


108-109.VIVA InspiredLiving.indd 101

 101

1/27/11 12:47:26 PM


autism matters

Overcoming Learning Barriers Part Two

In the second part of our look at treating autism from a holistic perspective, we discuss the impact of toxins, structural and self-regulatory factors, and the importance and range of educational programs. b rahim habib nd


n part one, I reviewed the evidence and roles of inadequate nutrition, and intestinal and immune imbalances in the development of autism spectrum disorders. Families with children that have autism – a neuro-developmental problem – face many hurdles in trying to have their children diagnosed, treated and educated. Parents are often frustrated with slow or little apparent progress, with little information on other helpful approaches, including one involving naturopathic care. S

It is easy to think and imagine a role for toxins/chemicals in causing, or triggering the development of autistic spectrum disorders, with the wide range of known detrimental effects of groups of chemical compounds, including neurotoxins, immunotoxicants, endocrine (hormonal) disrupting compounds, and reproductive toxins. For example, toxins that lead to genetic mutations can damage the developing fetus/infant, such that neurological symptoms consistent with Autism may form pre-conceptual exposure to the toxins cadmium, mercury, nickel,

102 

114-115.VIVA Autism.indd 102

vinyl chloride, and trichloroethylene are known mutagens that may be associated with the development of Autism.

program can be developed as part of the treatment of people with Autism. S

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are another example of potential toxic effects on neurodevelopment, as shown in a 2010 study at the Center for Children’s Environmental Health, at the University of California – Davis. Mothers with higher levels of PCBs in their blood at the time of their child’s birth, bore children with smaller thymus glands (an important gland for maturing the newborn immune system), which may play a role in neurobehavioural problems. Just as there are common social and motor developmental milestones for the new baby, subtle immune-related milestones are affected by toxins. Th is has created a new branch of research known as neurodevelopmental immuno-toxicology. To me, there is no doubt that toxins are involved in many cases of children with autism, which is why I routinely test for toxins in my patients. Once the toxin load is determined, a customized detoxification


The ability of each person to self-regulate is fundamental to our existence. Th ink for instance how we respond to our environment; if we are cold, we have automatic self-regulatory mechanisms to shiver and raise the hairs on our skin to promote insulation, or to alter our behaviour and seek shelter or warmth. In children with Autism, their ability to sense the world is in some examples very heightened (such as being hypersensitive to noises, or touch), and in others, not very sensitive (such as to temperature, and social nuances). The ability to sense the world and oneself is fundamental, and this is an area that needs support and balancing. Some children with Autism have difficulty handling the slightest touch, and others can’t get enough and often bump into everything with glee. Therapies such as hydrotherapy, massage, and horseback riding can direct internal rhythms in the


1/27/11 11:20:59 AM

autism matters body, and can help regulate a child’s breathing, and thus support the flow of speech. I have also used homeopathy effectively in encouraging self-regulation overall, improving parameters such as sensitivity and behaviour. From a structural perspective, latent birth traumas, variations in brain structural development in-utero, and other causes of cranial bone restrictions can often play a role in how well someone with Autism functions. Craniosacral, osteopathic, and visceral manipulations can be very helpful for these children, with marked improvements in behaviour. S S

There are many and increasing forms of interventions that go beyond what is commonly available in special education classes. It may be a matter of parents learning about what approaches are available, and trying ones that feel right for the current state of the child.

Some of these interventions include the following: Floortime, SonRise, Miller Method, The Extra Lesson, Eurythmy, Social Stories, Sign Language, Sensory Integration Therapies, NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency, Vision Therapy, Auditory Therapy, etc. Group crafts and physical work is very often helpful at improving self-recognition, socialization and communication. Overall, encouraging routines and rhythm in the day is also very helpful, as just the known expectation of what is to come can be calming. Observing the whole child, rather than just the obvious cognitive and behavioural manifestations, can let the child show the parents and practitioners the way to best help them, and indeed to help us learn from them. In addition to the common approaches to help these children, additional nutritional and toxicity testing and interventions, and an examination of structure in relation to bodily function, with effective learning strategies, many people faced with Autism can have significant additional benefits, and lead fuller lives, and not be defined by the diagnosis.


114-115.VIVA Autism.indd 103


 103

1/27/11 4:24:39 PM

o r er ?

How to get organized and enjoy a smaller, simplier living space this spring. b

anic simard


e often complain that we never have enough space. Every inch of space counts when it’s limited. With a little ingenuity, some practical solutions and yes, maybe selling or trading in a few items, your small dwelling can become your home. Enough of feeling cramped and cluttered! Now is the time of year to finally get organized and make the most of every inch of space with these helpful room-by-room ideas. But before you start organizing, you have to start editing.

Clean out your belongings before you think about organizing (organizational tools, furniture, etc.). Don’t do it the other way around. You can only really accurately know what space you have when you’ve cleaned up. If you don’t really take a hard look at what you’re stuffing in your spaces, you’ll waste time and money organizing stuff you don’t need anyway. rganized spaces are simple to use. They have enough room for

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where all those wonderful goodies are baked and served. It takes a little more creativity but a small kitchen is not a lost cause. Utilize all the space you can find for storage and preparation areas. ang pots and pans on the wall or from the ceiling. Purchase cabinet organizers that allow for double stacking

the items there. It makes sense. Every item in your home has a location.

rganized spaces also feel calm, open, and welcoming.

The living room is generally a communal gathering place for family and friends and is the hub of the home’s activities. Get organized by doing the following:

of dishes and canned goods in the cabinets. Get rid of appliances that are rarely used or are not

Get a coffee table that has a bottom shelf and store items such


as magazines, books and children’s toys in baskets.

Get a dining table that has collapsible leaves, allowing it to

Buy furniture with built-in, hidden storage compartments, such

shrink when the family is not using it.

as lift-up seat tops on ottomans.

Use a small kitchen island on wheels for more storage and

ang lightweight brackets and use shelves on the wall to store

food preparation areas.

V s, C s, books, picture frames and small stereo systems.

If you renovate your kitchen use the vertical space and install

Mount your at panel television above a fireplace or on the

extra tall cabinets.

largest wall.

eep your kitchen clean and accessorize with a mirror and a small lamp on the top of your countertop for visual impact.

104 

122-123.VIVA EcoReno.indd 104

Buy small furniture or trade in overstuffed chairs and couches for sleek, minimalist designs.


1/26/11 1:31:40 PM

eco reno


A rolling cart with various-sized baskets is a great solution for items that may move from room to room.Keep art supplies, sewing materials, laptops, financial paperwork and daily mail on this rack. It easily rolls from the living room to the kitchen table and hides away in a bedroom when company visits.

Make the most of a small shower in the bathroom by using a basket that hangs over the showerhead for storing shampoo, body wash and washcloths. Increase the sink space by getting a small shelf that sits on the back of the counter, going over the faucet and make sure your vanity has storage underneath. Use a small stainless steel cart to display fragrance bottles and extra bath towels. If you renovate, create wall niches in the shower/tub area.

Organizing small spaces such as closets is difficult for anyone but with a good closet organizing system you will be amazed by how much you can store in a standard double closet. Switch out seasonal clothing, storing it in vacuum-seal bags below the bed. Organize clothing to maximizes space, such as hanging shoe racks, stackable drawers and hanging cubbies for t-shirts and socks.

Consider bunk beds for children or even loft beds that allow room for a desk underneath. Purchase bedroom furniture that has drawer storage built into the bed. eadboards can be purchased with shelves and lights built in. Use risers to lift the bed off the oor high enough to store

s a r t x e d e d d a plastic bins underneath.

on’t expect to get organized overnight unless it’s a small area. nce you get organized, you may go back to your old habits.

ust keep pushing yourself and you’ll eventually get organized for life! uiet time - give yourself the time and space to be able to organize your thoughts and your environment. iscipline - getting organized might feel like a struggle, or it might ust re uire getting into a new routine habit of keeping things in their place.


122-123.VIVA EcoReno.indd 105

 105

1/26/11 1:32:28 PM

eco reno


Bedroom Bliss Tackling a redesign of one of the most important – and often neglected – rooms in our house. b glen peloso


ot all renovations have to be large and dirty. The walls can stay where they are and the cabinets don’t always have to be replaced. Simply changing the colour and placement of furniture can revitalize the energy of a room. The bedroom should be designed to rejuvenate, relax and prepare you for the next day. S

The first place to start is the bed. Having a good mattress can make all the difference between a good sleep and a grumpy tomorrow. The next thing to address is the bedding. A good duvet and sheets are well worth the investment. You’re going to spend a great deal of time in those sheets and bed (some argue more than half your life) so this is the place to spend a few dollars. I also love a down wrap feather pillow. The old pillows can make a good addition to the guest room. SP



Now that you have addressed the true function of the room, have a look at the aesthetics of the space. It can be fairly simple to reupholster the headboard and give it a completely different look. If the bed is made from wood or metal, then perhaps a good paint job can add some new life to the room and make it something more in tune with your current aesthetic. Use a low VOC paint or take it to a professional who can do it in a controlled environment. If you need to purchase new side tables send the old ones to the furniture

106 

120.VIVA EcoReno.indd 106

bank or Habitat for Humanity and try to select new pieces from a local manufacturer. You will be creating employment and using local resources.

If it is time to replace the flooring, look to a wool carpet, the original eco-friendly choice. Donate your old drapes and select a new fabric. Include black-out lining with the new choice. This goes a long way to assist in deeper sleep without the light stimulation that can often interrupt deep sleep. S


Finally have a look at the paint colour of the room or wallpaper. Paint is always the last thing to consider as there is a vast selection in terms of paint colours. Trying to match fabrics to paint is much more difficult than doing things the other way around. Then relax in your new, beautiful bedroom – you’ve earned it.


1/26/11 4:33:20 PM

eco reno


What’s Old Is e

Why let fashion have all the fun? The design world is going vintage, too. b

ane hall


here’s been lots of ink spilled about the negative effects of the recession. While there’s no doubt the repercussions have been real, there has in fact been a positive side to financial uncertainty. As consumers consider their spending decisions more carefully, many are also examining whether their personal ethics are reflected in their buying habits. Whereas cost was once king, the new consumer benchmarks are quality, longevity, and sustainability. In short, value matters. This shift is mirrored in design, most significantly in a movement away from throw-away décor. So rather than going to the local big box for a cheap chair made of pressed cardboard and glue, more homeowners are choosing, for example, to refinish and re-upholster a chair found in Grandma’s attic, or at a vintage shop. Part of the appeal of these pieces is form – the shapes of the past had feminine, sumptuous curves that are missing from the utilitarian lines of modern minimalist furniture. It’s little wonder, then, after years of stark, square lines, we’re drawn to rich details, such as tufting, trims, and studded borders. Rediscovering these kinds of pieces is giving people a new appreciation of craftsmanship and a taste for hand-made and oneof-a-kind pieces. That shows up in the resurgence of traditional crafts, such as needlework, knitting, hand-dyeing and weaving. It’s also offering an antidote to the uniformity that’s invaded design over the last few decades, a phenomenon that’s resulted from so many retailers buying their products from trade shows that show the same merchandise from China, where costs – and quality – are low

The rise of bespoke pieces has also contributed to a blurring of styles and periods. Rooms are no longer strictly modern, retro or classic, but are composed of all sorts of elements and eras. Further fuelling this design mash-up is the new ethnic influence, which arises from increased accessibility to textiles, art and accessories from products from around the globe. Style-watchers have noted several trends borne out of the desire for more authentic, personal décor. One is the emergence of a movement known as Slow Design, which seeks to articulate and promote the hallmarks of design that reflect the values of its proponents. It’s characterized by a focus on design and manufacturing processes that include time to reflect on the purpose of an object and how its end users will interact with it. In addition to commitment to local and sustainable resources, there’s also a collaborative element - users of Slow Design pieces actively participate in the design process. The more we lose touch with the natural world, living and working in highly-controlled spaces that are often completely shut off from the external environment, the more we crave a connection to nature through our décor. Hence the explosion of motifs of flora and fauna – from butterflies to owls to ferns – in textiles, tableware, objets and wallpaper. But while we’re anchored by classic timeless furniture, we like to turn tradition on its head by swathing old treasures in fabulous, colour-drenched fabrics. In fact, you could say we add another “R” to the eco-slogan of reduce, reuse, recycle. It is, of course, redecorate! THE C♥UPLES ISSUE 2011

121.VIVA EcoReno.indd 107

 107

1/26/11 4:34:26 PM




ot only is ARIA Resort & Casino one of the first hotels in Las Vegas to achieve LEED Gold certification, it is nothing short of an unprecedented urban metropolis on the Vegas Strip. The resort, which opened in December 2009, solidified CityCenter’s commitment to sustainability and is one of approximately 45 LEED-certified hotels across the globe. The largest LEED Gold new construction resort in existence, ARIA delivers the excitement and indulgence for which Vegas is renowned while bringing a new level of environmental awareness to the Strip.


Vegas goes green – in style

b bonnie siegler


“We are home to the world’s first fleet of stretch limos powered by clean-burning compressed natural gas or CNG,” says Cindy Ortega, MGM Resort International’s senior vice president of energy and environmental services. “CityCenter is so much more than a resort – it has introduced a new generation of resort experiences with a fusion of energy, inspiration and vision.” Part and parcel of CityCenter, which includes three luxurious non-gaming hotels, a residential building, plus 500,000 square feet of retail and entertainment areas, the properties were designed keeping natural beauty and innovative design in mind. From the elegantly sweeping ripples of steel and glass to lavish natural elements indoors including lush foliage, wood and stone, ARIA embodies the excitement and vitality of Las Vegas in a 21st-Century building. Natural light abounds from the hotel’s three-storey lobby to its large guestrooms, giving a sense of freedom and comprehensive scope.

108 

124-125.VIVA Travel.indd 108


1/26/11 1:23:30 PM

travel “Our contemporary guestrooms and suites incorporate wood certified as being taken from forests with responsible management practices,” says Ortega. “Low VOC paints and sustainable certified carpet ensure the highest indoor air quality.” Once inside the 150,000 square foot casino, there is every gaming feature available with 145 table games and 1,940 slot machines. Looking at the spacious casino, one doesn’t give a moment’s notice to eco-friendly living – after all, you’re there to win! However ARIA has provided a sustainable winning environment throughout their casino with energy-efficient slot machines featuring innovative bases that double as air-handling units. “This efficiently cools guests from the ground up, rather than wasting energy by cooling empty space below the ceiling,” says Ortega. The other most visible program of “green” living is related to water efficiency, which is broken into indoor and outdoor water use, ultimately saving an estimated 46 million gallons of water each year. Low-flow fixtures, drought-resistant plants and contemporary water handling technologies also help lessen ARIA’s carbon footprint. “It’s all done through energy efficiency, transportation and recycling,” says Ortega.

Spa however this is sustainable luxury. “We are part of the Green Spa Network,” says Mary Giuliano, General Manager of Vdara Hotel and Spa, “which allows guests to


serving as a centre for healing, relaxation and wellness.” Set within an atmosphere known for its 24/7 hectic entertainment and partying, Vdara guests leave feeling as if their personal needs were not only met, but exceeded.

“Most guests do not want to defer from a focus targeting the environmental impact when they travel.” indulge without guilt. We are committed to using organic or wild-crafted paraben-free products; the use of a recycling program and recycled paper for spa materials and natural nail services using a vegan treatment line.” With a varied spa menu combining both classic and creative treatments in massages, body treatments and skin care services, Vdara celebrates the purity and organic freshness of nature. “Our primary goal is to reduce the spa’s environmental footprint while

As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, yet Ortega hopes guests take away some measures of incorporating a sustainable lifestyle into their own everyday living. “Most guests do not want to defer from a focus targeting the environmental impact when they travel. At ARIA and CityCenter, we are leading the way in green luxury while still providing all the entertainment, excitement and indulgence Las Vegas is known for so we feel it’s a win-win situation for the environment. Hopefully the hotel will set an example to guests of the things they can do on a smaller scale once returning home.” o im e The ARIA Resort Casino exterior at night o om im e The Vadara ealth Beauty Meditation Lounge o im e osi e e The ARIA Resort Casino Arrival Lobby and Front esk

Feeling hungry from waging your bets? There is a wide range of dining options. “Many of ARIA’s acclaimed restaurants buy produce, meat and dairy directly from responsible local sources,” says Ortega. “Our executive chef of Sage, Shawn McClain, visits local farmers’ markets and takes into consideration the seasonality and freshness of produce when designing his menus. Organic ingredients, numerous gourmet vegetarian options and biodynamic wines abound.” And ARIA is the only Nevada hotel participating in ReCORK, a wine cork recycling program that repurposes corks into footwear. “The program’s goal is to educate audiences about the crucial role cork forests play in curbing climate change.”

o om im e The Vdara ealth Main Lobby

osi e e Beauty

Sustainable living elements are featured throughout CityCenter’s sensuous Vdara THE C♥UPLES ISSUE 2011

124-125.VIVA Travel.indd 109

 109

1/26/11 1:24:41 PM


attention shoppers

Grocery Basket

th bas e is t cos t


9 29


Shopping all natural for under $50.

with coupo ns ($2.49 each)

The first and only soft and crunchy cereal in Canada to contain goji berries, packed with powerful antioxidants. Raisins make a sweet combination. (320g, $3.99)

With only 30 calories per serving, this almond milk has fewer half the calories of skim milk! It has a delicious nutty taste, with no added sugar. (1.89L, $4.29)

These low-fat, wheat-free, fruit-fi lled bars are wrapped in fl avourful whole grains such as oats and barley, making a delicious treat. They have no added sugar. (6 bars x 220g, $3.49)


(2.49/lb) ($1.99/bunch)

Blended with premium natural herbs and spices, including blackberry leaves, orange peel and chicory root, this tea has no additives. Gradually increase servings to suit your needs. (30 bags, $7.99)

Th is yummy organic yogurt is made from 100% natural ingredients. It contains one billion live probiotic cultures per serving, which contribute to healthy stomach flora. (650g, $4.29)

This gluten-free pudding dessert allows you to indulge without feeling guilty. (4 cups x 100g, $4.29)

Prices may vary by location.


Be a Viva taste tester! Email:

So Yummi Non-Dairy Whipped Pudding “Great for a tasty, guilt-free indulgence.” - Jessica

110 

126.VIVA_GroceryBasket.indd 110

Barbara’s Multigrain Cereal Bars “ I live on these on busy days. They taste great!” - Katherine

Mom’s Healthy Secrets Vibra Berry, with Goji Berry “ Th is adds great variety to my cereal repertoire.” - Scott

Uncle Lee’s Tea Body Balance Dieter Tea “Uncle Lee’s tea was a part of my diet solution.” - Stacy

Olympic Probiotic Yogurt “I like the creamy taste of this yogurt and knowing that it has everything I need.” - Elizabeth


1/27/11 1:33:05 PM



Increase your natural beauty IQ with Viva’s reference guide.

loe er Th is miraculous plant contains many nutrients similarly found in the human body, including amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, saccharine, and more. It aids in sebum reduction, dandruff and hair loss prevention. It nourishes and moisturizes the hair and scalp due to its antibiotic properties. These same properties work to smooth and comfort dry lips. ees A natural wax produced in the hives of honeybees, beeswax is a hydrating ingredient that increases the skin’s necessary moisture. Beeswax works well in cosmetics because of wax esters, which exist naturally in beeswax and human skin. It adds a nice natural smell and colour to products, while helping to seal and protect lips, locking in moisture. Beeswax also plumps up your lashes from the root to the tip without overloading them.

Join women worldwide...

who have


their period!

nol il Th is oil is very low in saturated fat and is a great source of essential fatty acids (EFAs), omega-3 and omega-6. Its characteristic moisturizing effects coupled with EFAs result in minimized water loss and improved barrier function, resulting in overall improvement of skin and hair. Canola oil is an ideal ingredient for cosmetics as it produces the ultimate benefits for healthy skin, lips and hair, courtesy of its EFAs.


os os e il Rosa mosqueta is the oil of rosehip, a rich source of essential fatty acids, which moisturize, deep condition, nourish and protect hair strands. It also reduces signs of aging, plumps skin, fades blemishes and is an effective treatment for stretch marks.

• eco-friendly • reliable • comfortable • clean • active-lifestyle

Silk Po er Derived from pure silkworm cocoon, it’s processed to remove impurities before being converted into fine powder. Silk powder radiates and reflects UV rays, acting as a natural sunscreen and helping retain skin’s natural moisture.

For more information, stores near you and testimonials visit:

S ee lmon il Almond oil is an excellent emollient for the skin because of its high fatty acid content and lightweight texture. As a rich source of vitamin E, almond oil is often an ingredient in shampoos and conditioners to maintain healthy, strong strands. Almond oil is also often used for skin and body massage.


 111 Viva 1.18.11.indd 1

127.VIVA.Terms.indd 111

1/18/11 11:10 AM

1/27/11 12:35:47 PM






Your guide to this issue’s health and beauty products.



a ticle

a e

ive t ese a t



Top Ten Tips for Beautiful Lips

Beauty Tips


Mineral Fusion Lip Stick (Gem) Suncoat Natural Lip Stick (Magic Mauve, Wild Rose) Ecco Bella FlowerColor Lipstick (Sangria, Café au Lait) Mineral Fusion Lip Pencil (Splendid) Ecco Bella Botanicals Natural Lip Liner (Terracotta, Mauve) Ecco Bella Botanicals Long Lasting Lip Crayon (Great Pink, Pot au Plum) Ecco Bella Flowercolor Good For You Lip Gloss (Pleasure) Mineral Fusion Liquid Lip Gloss (Reflect) Kiss My Face 100% Natural Lip Balm (Strawberry Lemon, Maple Sugar) Burts Bees Lip Shimmer (Caramel) Alba Lip Balm (Pineapple Quench)

1-800-428-1668 1-519-820-5468 1-877-696-2220 1-800-428-1668 1-877-696-2220 1-877-696-2220 1-877-696-2220 1-800-428-1668 1-866-404-1260 1-800-550-4545 1-888-659-7730

Colour Theory



Holista Restorativ Tea tree Oil & Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream Mineral Fusion Blush Powder (flashy) Mineral Fusion Concealer duo (warm) Cargo Bronzer Derma e Anti-Aging Moisturing Complex SPF 15

1-800-204-4372 1-800-428-1668 1-800-428-1668 1-416-847-0700 1- 800-521-3342

Musical Marvels

Get the look: Cinema Sirens


Ecco Bella FlowerColor Blush (Burgundy Rose and Coral Rose) Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil Mineral Fusion Eye Pencil (Volcanic) Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips (Bronzed Brown Eyes) Mineral Fusion Lengthening Mascara (Graphite) Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

1-877-696-2220 1-800-241-1030 1-800-428-1668 1-800-227-0333 1-800-428-1668 1-800-550-4545

Melt in your mouth

Health Cabinet


Green & Black’s Organic Yogi Herbal Tea Bio-K Plus Vanilla Genuine Health Healthy Skin Chocolate Soft Chews Omega Alpha Vitamin D Concentrated Drops

1-877 299 1254 1-888-720-4367 1-800-593-BIOK 1-877-500-7888 1-800-651-3172

Refrigerated food ideas

What’s in your fridge: Massimo Capra


Bio-K Plus Stawberry Eden Organic Kamut and Quinoa Twisted Pair Pasta So Nice Original Fortified Soy Beverage Earth Balance Buttery Flavour Spread

1-800-593-BIOK 1-888-424-3336 1-888-401-0019 1-201- 421-3970

Grocery shopping ideas

Grocery basket


So Yummi Non-Dairy Whipped Pudding Barbara’s Multigrain Cereal Bars Mom’s Healthy Secrets Vibra Berry, with Goji Berry Earth’s Own Almond Fresh, Unsweetened Uncle Lee’s Tea Body Balance Dieter Tea Olympic Probiotic Yogurt

1-888-401-0019 1-800-343-0590 1-888-371-6585 1-866-473-5411 1-626-350-0309 1-877-651-6389

112 

128.VIVA_H&BExpress.indd 112


1/27/11 2:35:55 PM

ad index a ve tise s


i ec t

Learn more about your favourite natural health and beauty companies. c m a



e site

Aubrey Organics

Organic Lifestyle Products



Intestinal Flora


Boiron Canada



Derma E

Very Clear


Diva Cup

Diva Cup


Genuine Health



Green & Black’s

Organic Dark Chocolate



Organic Oregano Oil


Joy of the Mountains

Oil of Oregano


Land Art




Organic Tampons


Natures Harmony



Natures Harmony




North American Herb & Spice



North American Herb & Spice



Olympic Dairy

Organic Probiotic Products


Omega Alpha

Healthy Colon Plus


Organika Health Products

High Potency CLA


Prairie Naturals

Citrus Soother



Super Once a Day



Ester C



So Nice


Traditional Medicinals

Herbal Tea


Uncle Lee Tea

Uncle Lee Tea


Webber Naturals



Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea



000.VIVA_AdIndex.indd 113

 113

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-March 0)

It’ a great month to renew yourself and to retreat with good books on spirituality and yoga. ou can now strengthen your spiritual nature, the true foundation of your life. Around February

it’s good to speak out

and express your deeper feelings others will take notice of your insights. b chrissie bla e S (March



You’re in an extremely positive, high-energy phase now. With Mars conjunct with the Sun at the Aquarius New Moon and the Leo Full Moon, it’s an ideal time to take initiative, launch new projects and form alliances or new relationships. Remain alert for possible confl ict. S (April 0-May 0)

The main focus now is career, and if you’re job hunting you could land the ideal position. Try networking during the third week when the Sun, Mercury and Mars are aligned in Pisces, and spend quality time with friends, old and new. Stay positive, fit and motivated through group exercise. (May

- une

- uly



130.VIVA_Horoscope.indd 114


( ctober 4



Expect an intense and passionate beginning to the month. Use this boost of energy to improve your health and fitness levels. When Mercury aligns with Saturn, there’s a serious or sombre note to your Valentine’s Day celebrations. However, if you’re seeking commitment, now could be the time. S

S (November

- ecember


The Full Moon in Leo gives you added fuel to bring your dreams into manifestation – if you avoid getting caught up in essentials. A creative aspect between Venus and Jupiter helps turn a potentially difficult time around February 25, when Jupiter squares Pluto, into a time of resourcefulness. P

( ecember

- anuary


February shines a spotlight on your finances; you can increase your income or make an expensive mistake. Remain cautious with investments and business decisions because the Full Moon on February 18 opposes mystic Neptune, making you less realistic. Meditate and have faith to turn your doubts into positive action.


In February, it’s good to listen to your dreams and hunches rather than just the cold, hard facts. An obsessive square of Jupiter and Pluto on February 25 can cause you to over-react to difficult people. Keep calm and be patient. It’s nothing that your kind, loving nature cannot overcome.

114 



The New Moon in Aquarius brings competitive people but Saturn brings success if you’re prepared to take the initiative. A significant Full Moon in your sign on February 18 is opposed by four planets, indicating positive change in the air. Do reflect and meditate before making major moves. (August



It’s a high energy, unsettling beginning and you’re drawn to anything that’s new and different. You’ve been bouncing around lately on a sea of change which has been stressful and made you a little weary. Take heart; around Valentine’s Day, love, peace and romance calm the stormy waters. ( uly

- ctober


February is an enlightening month with the New Moon opening your higher, intuitive mind and urging you to study obscure or deep subjects. Life becomes more interesting and you feel energized by the intellectual awakening that’s taking place. Be alert to opportunities and live up to responsibilities; you’re being noticed! ( une


When the Aquarius New Moon aligns with Mars, be assertive and show your leadership side. If you’re seeking romance, however, remain cautious. When Venus joins with Pluto, you feel inclined to express how you feel but wait until March when Jupiter brings good fortune.

S ( anuary 0-February 8)

February is productive and energetic with the New Moon and Mars in your sign. It’s a great time to begin a new exercise program. The month end is cathartic when Jupiter squares Pluto. You may be compelled to drop an attitude that has been holding you back.


1/26/11 1:50:43 PM

Scan me for more info!

Viva.Feb11_Organika_Loblaw.indd 1

1/26/11 1:26:01 PM

Protect the Earth… Promote the well-being of people… Nourish the Spirit Our mission is to provide all-natural, safe and effective personal care and lifestyle products to our customers. We offer a true and authentic alternative to many of the massproduced synthetic products on the market today. We craft only the highest quality allnatural products without compromise as to ingredients, packaging or cost. We believe in education and transparency. A customer is best able to make an educated and correct purchasing decision only when armed with true and valued information — not marketing fluff and puffery. Part of our core purpose is to provide that information as best as we can.

Luxurious, rich body lotion, with the nutrients your skin needs to stay smooth and youthful-looking.

In better natural product retailers throughout Canada. For more information, call Purity Life at 1-800-265-2615 or Tall Grass Distribution at 1-800-616-5900, or New Age Marketing at 1-888-868-0127. First in an 8-part series

VIVA.Feb11_Aubrey.indd 1


1/25/11 11:10:20 AM

Viva Magazine - Resolutions 2011  

In this issue, we speak with Angie Harmon of Rizzoli & Isles, give you tips on organizing your living space, and give couples fabulous makeo...

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