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Joe Belt


October 2013 Volume 2 No. 10


VISUAL LANGUAGE contemporary fine art


Studio Visit Joe Belt 2 | VL Magazine -


artspan - VL Magazine | 3


Studio Visit Joe Belt

Santa Fe Trader, Pencil

Right Page: Cowboy Gear, Pencil

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Studio Visit Joe Belt Artist Joe Belt grew up in west Texas with an eye for composition and a love of the outdoors. He trained in the fine arts at Texas Tech University. His art has been shown nationally and collected in half a dozen foreign countries. Joe works with many subjects such as wildlife, portraits and ranch life, but is best known for his highly detailed pencil drawing of American Indian subjects throughout North America. Texas Tech published some of his earliest work in The Pencil Drawings of Joe Belt. In addition to his pencil drawings, his work in pastels, charcoal and watercolors have been featured on movie posters, book covers, album jackets and architectural murals. Joe currently lives in Columbus, GA. His most recent drawings have concentrated on the native cultures of the Southeast. He is a charter member and on the board of directors of the National Western Art Association and a member of the American Academy of Fine Arts. Joe designed the artwork for the Ossahatchee Indian Festival logo as well as the drawing and design of the print that will also be used as the T-shirt design. He has often been a part of the Ossahatchee Indian Festival.

Crocker Spurs, Pencil 6 | VL Magazine -

Ghost of the Wolf, Colored Pencil


Studio Visit Joe Belt 8 | VL Magazine -


Little Dancer Man, Colored Pencil

“Having grown up in West Texas, I was always interested in the history of the area. My great-grandmother was mixed-blood Ogalala, a tribe out of Nebraska area.......and she lived until I was in my early 20’s. I don’t know if my interest came from her, or what, but, my fascination with Native American people and culture has been with me as far back as I can remember. Needless to say, being from Texas and attending Texas Tech University, the cowboy culture was very much around me during all of this time, it just seemd to fit together and happened.” Joe Belt Canyon Creek, Pencil

Left Page: Pow-Wow Dancer, Pencil - VL Magazine | 9

VL Studio Visit Joe Belt Capturing the Native West, one pencil stroke at a time...

Izu 3 8 x 10 Santa Fe Trader, Pencil 10 | VL Magazine -

Right Page: Cowboy Gear, Pencil

artspan - VL Magazine | 11

Joe Belt The American West VL Studio Visit Oct 2013  

Visual Language Studio Visit October 2013 with Artspan Artist Joe Belt. "Having grown up in West Texas, I was always interested in the hist...

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