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foll o w th e waves TO OUR S H ORE Unwind in Ohio’s original summer resort town at our picturesque lakeside lodge and private cottages. Explore Ohio Wine Country on our private shuttle, enjoy our indoor and outdoor pools and restaurant and experience stunning sunrises and sunsets. Find out why there’s something special about the lake.

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Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, it is advisable to call ahead before traveling. Explore Ohio Wine Country responsibly. © 2024 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reproduction in whole or part of the contents of this Travel Guide without the expressed written permission of the Ashtabula County Convention & Visitors Bureau is prohibited. Contributing Photographers: Dawn Bubonic Nick Hoeller Karin McKenna Brandi Papania Contributing Writer: Brooke Bilyj

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Cover Photo and Photo Left: Kosicek Vineyards

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A Season for All


Spring Summer

SPRING FLING If you listen ever so quietly, you can hear spring come alive in Ashtabula County. The northward bird migration begins, beckoning birders to our area’s beaches and hiking trails. Want to join in on the birding but don’t know where to begin? The Conneaut Creek area is a heavily wooded watershed harboring an exceptional variety of wildlife populations and is nationally known as “Steelhead Alley” for quality steelhead trout fishing, welcoming fishermen and women from around the globe.

PATIO SEASON Pack your swimsuit and sunscreen! With miles of Lake Erie coastline, Ashtabula County offers plenty of water fun to enjoy. Take a relaxing morning walk along the beach, experience a sunset kayaking tour, find beach glass, or go for a day of perch and walleye fishing. Summer is also the perfect time to sip a glass of refreshing wine on a patio with friends or check out one of the festivals in the area such as the Beach Glass Festival, or Wine and Walleye in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor.

Autumn Winter

FALL COLOR AND HARVEST View vibrant fall foliage surrounding our 19 covered bridges. Stroll through our vineyards and enjoy the smell of ripening grapes just before harvest. Experience one of our spectacular fall sunsets over Lake Erie. Area anglers know that when the leaves start to change and the cooler temperatures arrive, it’s time to put on your waders, grab your fishing pole and cooler, and sharpen your hooks. Late fall right through December is the perfect time to fly-fish Ashtabula’s rivers and streams for steelhead. 4 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

FIRE & ICE Wine down and warm up in Ohio Wine Country. The grapes have all been picked and placed in barrels for fermentation. The Snowy Owls have returned to their winter perches on Lake Erie and the fireplaces have been lit, awaiting you to come enjoy a glass of wine. Winter is the perfect season to spend time with our local winemakers. Sip on a glass of something sweet or dry as you learn about their history and how they craft some of their award-winning wines. Snowy trails welcome snow-shoers and other winter activities.


Ashtabula County is home to 19 covered bridges, including the longest in the United States. One of the few places in the world where you’ll find covered bridge on top of covered bridge is at Ashtabula’s Smolen-Gulf and Riverview.

TRAVEL TIP Lake Erie is the warmest and most shallow of the five Great Lakes, creating ideal conditions for walleye, perch, and steelhead fishing. You are a short drive to several TRAVEL TIP public beaches where beach glass hunting and watching sunsets are favorite local pastimes.

Find a covererd bridge driving map between pages 34 & 35 of this guide!

The Grand River Valley wine region is situated on the "Pinot Belt," a narrow band of latitude that stretches from France to Oregon where the Pinot grape varietal thrives. Not sure which wine to try? Purchase a sample! Wine hosts will help you with your selection.


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Discover why the Grand River Valley is

Kosicek Vineyards

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Wine Country by the Numbers The Grand River Valley Wine Region is a federally designated American Viticultural Area (AVA), located within two miles of Ohio’s Grand River. The Grand River Valley was formed by retreating glaciers that carved out the Great Lakes and deposited a ridge of fertile soil ideal for the cultivation of vineyards. Slopes and valleys move air and drain water, playing a major role in the agricultural success of the plentiful grape varietals grown in the Grand River Valley. The landscape, micro-climate, rich soil, and innovative wine making techniques combine to identify the Grand River Valley.

Over 50%

18 degrees




175 acres








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TRAVEL TIP Roll your windows down and breathe in the sweet smell of grapes on sunny days during the Fall harvest. 8 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com


Ar t

Harvest of


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A mechanical harvester gathers grapes during 2023 harvest.

Different types of harvest for different types of grapes: some grapes are machine-harvested, while others are hand-picked.

winegrowers, the pinnacle moment of the year is grape harvest. Year-round work in the vineyards includes pruning, pest control, constant monitoring, testing and even dropping clusters off vines to yield better grapes. Every act in the vineyard, combined with weather, determines the wine's flavor profile. Manual harvesting and mechanical harvesting are the two routes that a winegrower can take to get the grapes off the vine and ready for the crush. Handharvesting affords more precise selection and tends to do a better job of protecting 10 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

the grape’s juice content from oxidation due to damaged skins. Mechanical harvesters allow for a more efficient, often cost-effective, process and are well-suited for large vineyards. In general, sparkling wine grapes are harvested first to ensure lower sugar levels followed by most of the white wine grapes. Red wine grapes are typically next in line to harvest, as they take a bit longer to reach full maturation. Typically in late summer, grapes begin to undergo ripening, a process known as veraison. During this stage, the fruit transforms from small, green, hard berries into grapes. They lose their bright

green color and transform into hues of translucent gold for white varieties and purple-ruby tones for red varieties. In addition to changing colors, the grapes also become softer and increase in size as the vine starts focusing on energy consumption, resulting in grapes with higher sugar levels and less acidity. As harvest draws near, winemakers monitor the development of the grapes including checking the brix, or overall sugar content of the grapes. Weather also plays a critical role in determining when to harvest. Heat waves or potential rain

Tranquil, private, and restorative getaways in scenic Harpersfield, the heart of Ohio’s Grand River Valley wine region.

VINEYA R D W OOD S. CO M From grape to glass: Picking, sorting, crush and destemming, fermentation, clarification, and finally, bottling and aging. The harvest process can take several months to complete. The result is worth the work and the wait.

Perfect Pairings

Cheers! showers can cause the vineyard crew to move up or postpone picking. Once conditions are optimal for picking, it's all hands on deck. The size and scale of the vineyard determines the overall process and timeline for harvest. Traditionally, grapes are harvested when it is coolest outside. Trained vineyard crews can properly identify ripened grape clusters and discard underripe or damaged clusters. After picking, grapes are sorted and crushed to remove stems. Typically, white wine grapes move from the picking bins,

to the crusher, to the presses and into the fermentation tanks, while red wine grapes get moved straight into the tanks where they will ferment with the skins and seeds. Depending on the wine, style and barrelaging process, most wines will be bottled between six and 12 months after aging and clarification. Fresh-pressed grape juice is also prevalent during this time. As you enjoy a glass of Grand River Valley wine, remember all the steps it took during that first sip, and embrace the art and magic of winemaking.

Bring home local ingredients with your Grand River Valley wines to serve for picnics, holidays, or a night in. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 11


y n i r o e t His Plac

TRAVEL TIP South River Vineyard's patio is one of the best places to watch the sunset.


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ene Sigel didn’t move to the Grand River Valley 30 years ago with grand visions of starting his own winery—let alone his own distillery or tavern. In fact, when he first came to Geneva as the vineyard manager for Debonne Vineyards, the winter weather had destroyed many of the vines in the area. Three decades and many weather ups-and-downs later, Sigel not only expanded Debonne's vineyard acreage, but also farms his own grapes for South River Vineyard. His property is where visitors will find a former church that was disassembled and moved from its original location in Shalersville, Ohio, and reconstructed at its current site. Rows of lush vineyards tended by Sigel make this setting the ideal environment to showcase

The carefully preserved hand-hewn timber barn at Red Eagle Distillery creates a rustic atmosphere for sipping locally produced spirits.

At South River Vineyard, above right, guests are welcome to bring their own food to share with a bottle of estate wine.

The best-selling spirit at Black Door Tavern, left, is Red Eagle Distillery's bourbon, made from a proprietary blend of Ohiogrown corn, wheat, and barley, aged six years in American oak barrels.

Sigel’s wines, made from vinifera grapes that thrive in the Grand River Valley. While these old world varietals are usually difficult to grow due to the danger of frost damage, South River Vineyard’s prime location protects the vines from critical temperatures, extending the growing season so Sigel can work his magic (with the help of some modern methods such as turbines to prevent frost). Although the site’s profile for growing grapes is what initially drew Sigel to South River, the second factor that lured him there was the historical architecture already sitting on the property. An old brick house and a huge hand-hewn timber barn held rich history and backstory that Sigel was anxious to unravel as he restored the turn-of-the-century structures.

Sigel opened Red Eagle Distillery inside an old barn on the property in 2012, and it became the first distillery in the state with these onsite consumption privileges—creating a campus concept that turned South River from a winery into a destination for all tastes. Fast forward to 2022, and Sigel opened the Black Door Tavern, a historic home full of prohibition-era history with an elegant cocktail bar on the second floor serving Red Eagle spirits and other liquors along with craft beers from across the state. An eclectic, ever-changing menu features small plates created by chef Chris Di Lisi. Sigel currently farms a combined 150 acres of vineyards on eight different sites over an eight-mile area. About 50 of those acres belong to South River Vineyards,

and the rest is farmed for Debonne and the Debevc Family’s other neighboring establishments, Cask 307 and Grand River Cellars. Sigel’s not the only one who’s fascinated by the history of the buildings at South River Vineyard. “The history and architecture of the old buildings draws people in out of curiosity,” Sigel says. “When they drive through the area, they find authenticity and historical rooting that seems to appeal to a large swath of customers.” South River’s campus concept is a perfect fit for the Grand River Valley region, Sigel says, because visitors tend to circulate from one bar or winery to the next, sampling as many local flavors as possible. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 13

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What's Your



Hundley Cellars




At Signature wineries, guests can expect to find rows of vineyards growing grapes used to produce Grand River Valley estate wines. Inside, wine sampling is encouraged to help guests make a selection that suits their taste (please note that Ohio law requires a charge for samples). Food choices are available for pairing; wine always tastes better with food! Signature wineries are open 5-7 days a week.

Artisan wineries are small-scale wine producers that focus on producing of high-quality, handcrafted wines. These wineries are characterized by their emphasis on traditional and manual winemaking techniques, attention to detail, and commitment to producing unique and distinctive wines. Guests can expect a light menu or snacks to pair with their wine experience. Artisan wineries are open 3 or more days a week.

Casual wineries offer a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. These locations cater to visitors who want a comfortable and informal setting. Many have a full menu to accompany their wine list. Guests often enjoy live music and a variety of beverages. Every location has a story; be sure to ask about the history while you are there, and learn what they are known for.

Surrounding Areas: The Conneaut Creek appellation is located in the Northeastern corner of Ashtabula County. Wines in the Conneaut Creek region are unique and distinguishable based on the timing and difference of temperature in comparison to the Grand River Valley AVA. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 15


ith over 85 years of rich winery history, the Ferrante family has been producing nationally and internationally acclaimed wines since 1937 when they opened their first winery in Cleveland’s Collinwood area. In the 1970s Peter (Papa) Ferrante built a state-of-the-art winemaking facility in the family’s Harpersfield Township vineyard. Pete (Papa) Ferrante & his wife Josephine (Mama) Ferrante created a legacy that now 5 of their 8 children are continuing to honor. Anthony Ferrante manages 40 acres of manicured vineyards, and Winemaker Nick Ferrante continually experiments with new innovative technology/techniques to keep his wines cutting edge. With over 60 acres of manicured vineyards, Nick and his team specialize in the agriculture of Vinifera & French American Hybrid style grapes including Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gruner Veltliner, Vidal Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Dolcetto, and many others. Truly a grape to glass experience! In the Ristorante, sisters Carmel and Mary Jo Ferrante along with the entire extended Ferrante family and staff provide the ultimate dining experience. The full-service restaurant incorporates the Ferrante Family’s Italian traditions with an elevated twist. A hearty rich lasagna featuring Mama Jo’s homemade renowned sauce will certainly not disappoint. Looking for something less traditional? Be sure to indulge in Ferrante favorites such as Gnocchi Brue: filet mignon, potato gnocchi, gorgonzola crumbles, mushrooms, and onions in a rich wine demi-glacé. No matter what you decide these Italian-inspired dishes are paired perfectly with the Ferrante wines.

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The Ferrante Family encourages you to sip, savor, and salute family tradition!

dry Red Wines Cabernet Sauvignon (Cab-er-nay-So-vin-yawn) Full-bodied, with ripe blackberry & currant. Often oaky.

Pinot Noir (Pe-no_Nwahr) Medium-bodied with flavors/aromas of earth, smoke & cherry.

Syrah (Sir-rah) Medium to full-bodied with flavors of blueberry, violet & cedar.

Cabernet Franc (Cab-er-nay-Fronk) Medium to full-bodied. Light bell pepper & spicy fruit attributes.

Chambourcin (Sham-boor-san) Medium-bodied with flavors of cherry, plum & toasted oak.

White Wines Pinot Gris/Grigio (Pee-no-gree/gree-gee-oh) Bright & citrusy aromas. Hints of green apple & herbal flavors. Potentially oaky (Gris). Chardonnay (Shar-don-ay) Fruit, apple, grapefruit, vanilla descriptors. Smokey/buttery. Riesling/Vidal Blanc (Reez-ling/Vee-dall-Blonc) Attributes of apple, peach, apricot & citrus. Dry to semi-sweet.

Ar t in a Bottle

Gewurztraminer (Geh-vertz-tram-me-ner) Spicy, lychee & citrus aromas. Dry to semi-sweet.

Traminette (Tram-in-ette) Floral, tropical fruit & honey attributes. Crisp, off-dry to sweet.

Heritage Wines Concord (Kon-kawrd) Sweet with “grapey” aromas/flavor.

Niagara (Nahy-ag-ruh) Fresh grape taste & finishes sweeter on palate.


Catawba (kuh-taw-buh)


Produced in both white & pink styles. Typically sweet with pronounced fruit flavor.

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s e i r e n i W

Harpersfield Vineyards

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Signature Stops in Ohio Wine Country

Stable Winery

As you’re sipping your way through the wineries of the Grand River Valley, be sure to add these stops to your travel itinerary: KOSICEK VINEYARDS This third-generation family vineyard traces its roots back to 1929. Since then, Kosicek Vineyards has been crafting exquisite bottles of locally grown and produced wine including luscious reds like Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon, and whites like Chardonnay fermented two ways (one in a barrel, the other in stainless steel). Specialty blends and ice wines present endless tasting options. Kosicek also serves flatbread pizzas, pretzel sticks, bread plates, and cheese boards.

HUNDLEY CELLARS Uncork and unwind at Hundley Cellars, a family-owned winery with a rustic lodgeinspired tasting room that overlooks acres of vineyards, fields, and forests. Cozy up next to one of the wood-burning fireplaces or sip wine on the bank of the pond for a scenic view while snacking on seasonal flatbreads, sandwiches, cheese boards, and appetizers.

HARPERSFIELD VINEYARD This farm winery offers magnificent vineyard views in the warmer months and intimate fireside sipping when the days get cooler. Savor small plates paired with estate wines and enjoy the talents of weekend blues artists. Since 1979, Harpersfield Vineyard has been passionate about producing wines that exhibit the

character of the Grand River Valley. The vineyards consist of quality plantings of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Gruner Veltiner.



regularly fills the air at

Drawing heavy influence from classic European winemaking methods, Laurentia Vineyard & Winery produces awardwinning estate wines that reflect the climate and terroir of the GRV region. With two levels of indoor seating inside the rustic log cabin-style tasting room in addition to two outdoor patios, the winery offers plenty of space for guests to soak in the scenery, enjoy live music, and sample locally inspired food ranging from soups, salads, and flatbreads to heartier meals like pan-seared salmon and tenderloin shepherd’s pie.

during the summer


River, you'll find Benny

Specializing in dry red wines, winemaker John takes pride in educating his customers from grape to glass. Silver Crest grows and makes both old-world and new-world wine varieties as well as local, historical varieties and blends. Their family vineyards date back to the 1930s. Guests are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy the setting on the bluff of the Grand River.

Vino winery. Nibble on

Stable Winery's patio months, drawing crowds that enjoy their menu featuring local foods from Bakery on the Square and a just-overthe-border favorite, Russell's BBQ.

BENNY VINO WINERY Tucked in the woods and overlooking the Grand

some chips and spinach dip while enjoying a tranquil moment with a bottle of wine shared with friends.

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Laurello Vineyards

Baci Winery

7800 Warner Rd., Madison (440) 307-2224, www.baciwinery.com From their estate-grown wine to their Italian-inspired fare, Baci Winery, nestled in the Grand River Valley, is the perfect setting to spend time with family and friends.

Benny Vino Winery

834 South County Line Rd., Geneva (440) 361-3049 www.bennyvinourbanwinery.com Benny Vino Winery produces distinctive wines that showcase their quality and commitment. Stop out and try some of these handcrafted wines; their friendly staff will make your experience one that you won't forget.

Buccia Vineyard Winery and B&B

518 Gore Rd., Conneaut (440) 593-5976 www.bucciavineyards.com Proudly produces estate-grown, coolclimate wines. Stroll the picturesque vineyards and enjoy wine tastings, live music, and delicious snacks. Plan your wedding or other special events.

CASK 307

7259 Warner Rd., Madison (440) 307-9586, www.cask307.com Newer boutique winery features storytelling design with a timber frame building & covered deck. Deli is known for its impressive charcuterie & gourmet flatbreads. They also serve craft beer & featured cocktails.

Day Dream Farm Winery

5703 State Route 166, Rock Creek (216) 403-6218 www.daydreamfarmwinery.com A small mom & pop winery where you walk in and feel like you walked into your friends home. They offer traditional grape wine, fruit wine and mead.

Debonne Vineyards & Double Wing Brewery

7840 Doty Rd., Madison (440) 466-3485, www.debonne.com Ohio's largest estate winery is open yearround. There are over 40 wine options, plus sangria and craft beer (made onsite!). Great bar-service food menu, live entertainment, and events. See the website for more!

Gone to the Dogs! When you see the paw icon throughout this guide, it means the business welcomes well-behaved, leashed dogs. Remember to pick up after your four-legged friends.

20 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Emerine Estates Winery

5689 Loveland Rd., Jefferson (440) 293-8199 www.emerineestates.com A family-owned and operated winery. Emerine Estates is the home of all-natural exotic fruit and traditional wines. They dare to be different. Stop in and taste the excellence.

Ferrante Winery & Ristorante 5585 State Route 307, Geneva (440) 466-8466 www.ferrantewinery.com One of the largest estate wineries in the Grand River Valley. State-of-theart winemaking facility where thirdgeneration winemaker Nick Ferrante has been producing innovative wines for over 80 years. Full-service Italian Ristorante and live entertainment.

Grand River Cellars

Harpersfield Winery

Kosicek Vineyards

Hundley Cellars

Laurello Vineyards

6387 St Rt 307, Geneva (440) 466-4739 www.harpersfield.com An estate winery located in the Grand River Valley Region, specializing in estate Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and other Vinifera Varietals. Their family farm is open yearround and offers interesting small plates to pair with their wines as well as weekend entertainment options.

6451 N River W., Geneva (440) 361-3088 www.hundleycellars.com Uncork and unwind in a friendly atmosphere with beautiful views of the Grand River Valley. A thoughtful menu, delicious wine, and love for the guests are their specialty. Family-owned. Live music 2-5 p.m. every Sat. and Sun.

5750 S. Madison Rd., Madison (440) 298-9838 www.grandrivercellars.com Large selection of wines for every palate. Full lunch & dinner menu including sandwiches, entrees, burgers, steaks, crab cakes, and lobster tails. GF menu available. Live music 4 nights a week.

636 Rt. 534 South, Geneva (440) 361-4573 www.kosicekvineyards.com A third-generation vineyard with deep grape roots. Their wine list includes: exquisite, award-winning bottles that are locally grown and produced on-site. A light food menu is also available to provide the perfect pairing. Please see the website for hours and special events.

4573 State Route 307 E, Geneva (440) 415-0661 www.laurellovineyards.com Laurello Vineyards is a boutique cantina nestled in the Grand River Valley of Geneva, Ohio. They provide awardwinning wines and authentic food. They will be waiting for you!

Laurentia Vineyard & Winery 4599 S. Madison Rd., Madison (440) 296-9175 www.laurentiawinery.com Offering world-class estate wines served with a locally inspired food menu in a rustic, relaxing, log cabin-style tasting room. Exclusive club memberships are available.

A family owned cantina in the heart of the Grand River Valley, featuring hand crafted award-winning wines. Laurello’s is a place where old friends gather and new friends meet. Enjoy delicious wood fired pizzas, salads, appetizers, and desserts paired with your favorite Laurello wine. Please visit our online store for pickup and shipments to Ohio. We feature entertainment seasonally on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. A blazing fire awaits you in the winter and our beautiful patio is available in warmer weather.


440-415-0661 VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 21

M Cellars

6193 South River Rd. W, Geneva (440)-361-4104, www.mcellars.com They showcase the true potential of winemaking in our region by handcrafting world-class wines that create meaningful connections between land, vines, and people.

Maple Ridge Vineyard

6326 Dewey Rd., Madison (440) 487-6187 www.facebook.com/mapleridgevineyard A small boutique winery farm specializing in European-style wines with an Ohio Terroir. Enjoy a bottle of wine in their pavilion while enjoying vineyard views and the tranquility of nature.

Markko Vineyard & Winery

4500 South Ridge West, Conneaut (440) 593-3197, www.markko.com Markko Vineyard's tasting room nestles in the woods near Conneaut Creek. Their grapes reflect the unique character of the growing season and the soil of Lake Erie's south ridge.

ALL IN A DAY'S WORK Laurentia Vineyard and Winery Assistant Winemaker David Leighty climbs barrels to check on the condition of the wines.

Old Firehouse Winery

5499 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-9300 www.oldfirehousewinery.com An eclectic winery/restaurant in the heart of GOTL overlooks Lake Erie, featuring nightly music in the summer, a lakefront Sunset Bar, and a working Ferris wheel that operates seasonally. Open daily, year-round.

Rosabella Winery

Laurentia Vineyard & Winery

Did you Know? 3951 OH-307, Austinburg (440) 275-5218 www.rosabellawinery.com Award-winning wines for every palate, dog-friendly outdoor patios, spacious tasting room, wine tastings, pizzas, sandwiches, and small bites, cheesecake flights, wine slushies, sangrias, and wine floats. Open year-round. Check website for hours.

22 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

 Oak barrels provide a controlled environment for wine aging. Oxygen permeates through the wood slowly, allowing the wine to evolve and mature gracefully over time. This extended aging potential is particularly crucial for wines that are meant to be cellared for years.  Tannins are the substance in red wine that give it a bitter, sometimes astringent feel in the mouth. They are transferred to the grape juice when it comes into contact with the skins and seeds early in the winemaking process.

The stopper on the top of the barrel is the only inlet/outlet and the only possible entry point for any harmful bacteria or yeasts that want to feed on the wines. Routinely examining and cleaning the barrels to ensure good hygiene and clean, delicious wines.  A wine thief looks like a long pipe and is made of glass, metal or plastic; different shapes and different sizes but usually long enough to put halfway into the barrel without losing the tool inside. The wine thief's job is to “steal” wine from the barrel to test at different stages in the winemaking process.  Grapes produce sugars as they ripen, so wines from warmer climates will generally contain more sugar and are stronger than those from cooler regions, which tend towards acidity instead. Wines in the Grand River Valley may have less residual sugar because of this.

Silver Crest Cellars

4511 Bates Rd., Madison (440) 428-0677 www.silvercrestcellars.com Silver Crest specializes in growing dry red wines including Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dornfelder, and Meritage Blends. They also grow Riesling, Chardonnay, and other historical varieties and blends.

South River Vineyard

6062 South River Rd., Geneva (440) 466-6676 www.southrivervineyard.com Situated in a picturesque church on a hill, South River Winery offers beautiful wines that showcase the grapes grown right here in the Grand River Valley in an unparalleled setting.

Stable Winery

5961 State Route 7, Andover (440) 965-6900, www.stablewinery.com Stable Winery is a family-owned winery located in a converted horse stable in Andover, OH, offering wine, beer, and food.

Stonegait Winery

4275 Bates Rd., Madison (440) 307-9571 www.stonegaitwinery.com Offering estate-bottled and primarily estate-grown wine, featuring Vinifera and French American Hybrids. Enjoy a large selection of wood-fired pizzas, sandwiches, and shareables. Join them outside on the large patio, or inside by the fireplace on a chilly night!

Tarsitano Winery

4871 Hatches Corners Rd., Conneaut (440) 224-2444 Surrounded by 18 acres of vineyards, they specialize in small lots of high-quality estate grown vinifera wines. Enjoy a glass in a beautiful, tranquil 100-acre farm.

The Lakehouse Inn Winery

5653 Lake Road E , Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8668 www.thelakehouseinn.com A boutique winery producing handcrafted, small-batch wines. Their wines are exclusively available to guests staying at the Inn or visiting the spa or restaurant.

The Winery at Spring Hill / Spring Hill Cider Works

6062 S. Ridge Road West, Geneva (440) 466-0626 www.thewineryatspringhill.com They pride themselves on having a friendly staff and a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Sample their selection of wines or their handcrafted hard ciders while enjoying live music on the weekends. Their retail gift shop offers many great gift ideas.

Vincent William Wine

1300 Bellaire Ave, Madison (440) 478-5404 Vincent William Wine combines lakefront views, wine production, a wine bar, restaurant, and bed and breakfast accommodations with a pool and spa. More than just a winery, Vincent William is a complete wine destination located in North Madison, Ohio.

Peace. Love. Wine. Live Music Special Events Bed & Breakfast Cool climate, hand-crafted artisanal wines

Buccia Vineyard Winery and B&B 518 Gore Rd., Conneaut, OH (440) 593-5976 • BucciaVineyards.com

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 23

g n i l k r a Sp

n o i t c n i Dist

M CELLARS One particular type of wine that differentiates M Cellars from other local wineries is its line of sparkling wines. "It’s like drinking champagne, except it’s not from Champagne," says owner and winemaker Matt Meineke, who runs M Cellars with his wife, Tara. The traditional method, also known as Méthode champenoise or simply the champagne method, adds extra yeast and sugar to a base wine after the initial fermentation. This secondary fermentation happens inside the bottle to produce the characteristic carbonation that makes sparkling wine pop, fizz, and bubble. This is in contrast to other sparkling methods, like the tank method in which the secondary fermentation happens in the tank before bottling, or the ancestral method, also known as Pétillant Naturel or Pet-Nat in which the primary fermentation happens inside the bottle. Matt says the traditional method is credited with producing the highest quality sparkling wines with the longest-lasting bubbles. “It’s how the finest champagnes in the world are made,” he says. “So, if we’re going to chase this style, let’s go for the top.” Since introducing his first sparkling wine in 2015, Matt has continued to expand his lineup. M Cellars currently offers two sparkling wines made in the traditional method: a Blanc De Blancs sparkling chardonnay and a Brut Rosé, a blend of pinot noir and chardonnay that won a gold medal in the 2023 Ohio Wine Competition. Matt also makes two other sparkling wines that undergo their secondary fermentation in the tank: the Sparkling Madelyn, named after his second-born daughter, and a Vidal Blanc Sparkling—both of which took silver medals in the 2023 Ohio Wine Competition. M Cellars plans to release a new Blanc De Noir sometime in 2024, along with a new Blanc De Blancs, which they haven’t bottled in several years. “We always try to be a little different,” Matt says. “There’s got to be a reason to visit M Cellars, and this is definitely one of them.”

M Cellars

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BUCCIA VINEYARDS At Buccia Vineyard Winery, one of the most exciting innovations owner and winemaker Bill Holden has been experimenting with lately is naturally sparkling wines. The Pétillant Naturel method, or Pet-Nat for short, is “the oldest method of making sparkling wines,” he explains.

This method, initially developed in 16th century France, involves bottling the juice while it’s still fermenting. As the fermentation continues in the bottle, the carbon dioxide released by the yeast is trapped inside, creating bubbles in the wine. This is in contrast to the traditional method used to make champagne and other sparkling wines by inducing a second fermentation with extra yeast and sugar. Pet-Nat wines tend to be softly fizzy, lightly sweet, and often hazy with unfiltered yeast particles. “We use this method because it showcases the vineyard’s character very well,” Holden says. “We use native yeasts, and the result is fun and funky and typically a little cloudy, as with most natural wines, which are popular with consumers.” Because of Buccia’s maritime climate, nestled between Lake Erie and Conneaut Creek, the growing conditions are similar to the Champagne region of France. To date, he has “sparkled” Pinot Gris and Agawam, which “came out really grapefruity, almost like an IPA,” he describes. He expanded the sparkling program by planting three of the most recognized Champagne varietals—Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier—with plans to make sparkling wines from all of them, along with Seyval Blanc, in the future.

30 Wineries to Explore • Trails • Award Winning Wines • Tours • Vineyards • Tastings

Ohio Wine Producers OhioWines.org 440.466.4417

Enjoy Ohio Wine Country Responsibly. Book a ride!

FERRANTE WINERY Ferrante was the first winery in the Grand River Valley to introduce a bubbly wine. Their effervescent wines are perfectly suited for celebrations of every kind, from iconic New Year’s Eve toasts to weddings, proposals, birthdays, and other special occasions in between. The Sparkling Bubbly Blanc, the driest of the three with 1% residual sugar, is made with Gruner grapes. The Sparkling Bubbly Rose, made from cabernet franc, offers blackberry and raspberry notes with 2.5% sugar. The original Star Seeker Moscato, a Best of Show awardwinner, sparkles with flavors of apricot, peach, and floral notes. Kosicek Vineyards, Laurello Vineyards, and Debonne Vineyards also offer sparkling options.

Barrels and Bridges Tours

(440) 488-6250 www.barrelsandbridgestours.com Barrels and Bridges Tours offers winery tours of the Grand River Valley region and covered bridge tours of the area's historic treasures.

Premier Transportation Service

(440) 466-1515 www.premiertransportationgwt.com Wine & bridge tours, airport, bus and train station service, taxi, wheelchair transportation.

Richmond Transportation

Sunset Transportation

(440) 855-5314 www.sunsettaxis.com Ashtabula County's #1 vacation experience! They offer a variety of services: wine shuttles, taxi services, golf cart rental, executive services, and more! Open 24/7.

Wine Shuttle at The Lodge

(440) 466-7100 www.TheLodgeAtGeneva.com/ play/wine-shuttle Let them do the driving so you can truly enjoy Ohio's wine country. Runs daily, year-round, for both "The Lodge" guests and the public. Call to book one of the daily routes.

(440) 964-9403 www.richmondtrolleyandlimo.com Wine tours, limo and party bus services, and more. Call to book today! VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 25

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? y a w a et G a of g n i m a e r D


Family Fun

Couple's Retreat

Solo Adventure

Laurentia Vineyard & Winery

Crosswinds Grille

Grand River Cellars

Horizons Restaurant @mariayostplace

Flights at Cask 307 @lostinlaureland

Seven Brothers Distillery

Harbor Perk

Eddie's Grill

Spa at the Lakehouse Inn Retreat

Kayaking with Harbor Yak

Fishing in Conneaut Creek @silver_fly__

Family Fun Trail @purelyessentialfamily

Girls Trip


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Wine Pass • Visit • Check in • Earn Prizes & Special Offers

Hit the Trails

The Grand River Valley Wine Pass and the Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Trail Passport are the ultimate way to travel around the area while earning free prizes and discounts along the way. Go to VisitAshtabulaCounty.com to get your free mobile passports today. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 28

Beach Glass Festival

2024 Events

JANUARY/FEBRUARY Winter Warmer Cocktail Trail January 2 - February 9

“Baby, it’s cold outside,” but for members of The Valley Wine Group, things are heating up inside for the 3rd Annual Winter Warmer Wine & Cocktail Trail. Join Debonne Vineyards, Cask 307 Winery, South River Vineyards, Grand River Cellars, Red Eagle Distillery, and Black Door Tavern for this drive-yourself, comfort food & wine/cocktail tasting trail. Each place will also have a signature winter cocktail or sangria for an additional fee.

MARCH 21st Annual Ice Wine Festival Month of March

Join wineries of the Grand River Valley including Debonné Vineyards, Ferrante Winery & Ristorante, Grand River Cellars Winery & Restaurant, Laurello Vineyards, South River Vineyards, Cask 307 Winery, and Red Eagle Distillery for an afternoon of ice wine sampling perfectly paired with appetizers. Each establishment will provide samples of their libation along with a delicious appetizer. $10 per person at each location.

Winter Glow - Ice Wine Progressive Dinner March 1, 8, 15, 22

Kick off the Ice Wine Festival with a progressive dinner event the night before. The evening begins at 6:30 p.m. at Debonné Vineyards with delicious appetizers, soup, or salad. Proceed to Grand River Cellars for a wonderful meal. Afterward, finish off at Cask 307 for a delicious dessert. Each course is paired with wine. Reservations are required; menu to be announced. Please visit grandrivercellars.com for updated information.

APRIL Spring Sparkling Bubbly Trail All Month Long

Join Ferrante Winery, Kosicek Vineyards, & Laurello Vineyards each weekend in April to celebrate the Spring Sparkling Bubbly Trail. Sample sparkling wines paired with small plates for $10 per person at each location.

Total Eclipse Wine Trail April 5-7

In anticipation of the Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8, enjoy eclipsethemed appetizers paired with wine samples at 14 unique wineries. The Grand River Valley is in the totality viewing area. Come early, and stay late!

Bunny Hop Wine & Cocktail Trail April 9-30

Join the members of The Valley Wine Group on a trail to find the perfect wines to pair with your Easter feast and favorite Spring dishes. From 12pm-5pm each day at Grand River Cellars, Debonne Vineyards, Cask 307, South River Vineyard, Red Eagle Distillery and Black Door Tavern, enjoy 2 wine samples or a cocktail sample paired with an appetizer for $8 per person at each location.

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Blessing of the Fleet June 9

Join us on the riverside for this historic event that has been occurring in Ashtabula Harbor for over 70 years. Whether by land or by sea you may participate in this time honored tradition to protect the vessels that travel on our rivers and lakes.

Slice of Summer June 9-10

A celebration of the beginning of summer in Historic Ashtabula Harbor, with food and fun activities for all ages. Family events and activities will be happening all along Bridge Street.

Pride Festival June 15

Woof, Wag & Wine Trail @eedevore

MAY Wine ‘N Bloom Wine Trail April 26-28 & May 3-5, 2024

Enjoy wine samples and appetizers at each of the participating wineries. Collect a different flowering annual plant at each winery. Visit OhioWines.org for more information.

Antique Engine Club Spring Gas Up May 11

JUNE Woof, Wag & Wine Trail Month of June

Enjoy a food & wine tour with your pup! Participating wineries include: Grand River Cellars Winery & Restaurant, Debonne Vineyards, Cask 307 Winery. Your ticket includes an appetizer, wine samples, a dog treat at each location, and a bandana for your dog.

Browse the collection of restored engines, vehicles, machinery and buildings of historical value. Show begins at 9am and goes to 4pm. Garden tractor pull weather permitting. www.ashtabulaantiqueengineclub.com

GOTL Summer Kick-Off Parade May 11

Join Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio's first summer resort, for their annual summer kick-off parade, which takes place the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend! www.visitgotl.com

D-Day Reenactment

30 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Come join Ashtabula at their inaugural Pride Festival for a day filled with local entertainment, drag shows, vendors, artisans and food trucks. www.ashtabulapride.org

Native American Indian Powwow June 21-23 The Eastern Lenape Indian nation honors their ancestors. This is a weekend of Native American Indian traditions, ceremonies, dances, history, storytelling, food, artifacts, music & other Native American items. ashtabulaantiqueengineclub.com

SEPTEMBER Thunder on the Strip September 5-8

The biggest bike rally in Northeast Ohio, always the weekend after Labor Day! The Geneva-on-the-Lake “Strip” is alive with stunt shows, live entertainment, vendors village, and a bike parade! Thunderonthestrip.com

Antique Engine Club Fall Car Show September 21-22 Stop by to see the collection of restored engines, vehicles, machinery and buildings of historical value. Event includes displays, food vendors, flea market, crafts, and a garden tractor pull. ashtabulaantiqueengineclub.com

Wine & Walleye Festival

Beach Glass Festival June 22-23

Ashtabula Harbor will be filled with beach glass creations large and small. Vendors and collectors gather to show off their treasures. Come for beautiful beach glass art, live music, and delicious food.

JULY Fourth of July Fireworks in Geneva-on-the-Lake July 4

Geneva-on-the-Lake knows how to celebrate the 4th of July in style. Enjoy a stunning fireworks show at the Genevaon-the-Lake Municipal Golf Course.

Antique Engine Club’s 42nd Annual Big Show July 5-7

Enjoy a continuous display of tractors, gas engines, antique cars and trucks. Participating vendors will be blacksmithing, wood carving, sawmill, planning, plus a shingle mill, crafts, flea market,food, and live music. www.ashtabulaantiqueengineclub.com

Wine & Walleye July 26-28

A savory scent and alluring sizzle waft through the air at The Wine & Walleye Festival. Enjoy filets of perch and walleye from Lake Erie. Enjoy the winery samples of reds and whites, all while enjoying live music from local artists.

AUGUST Pymatuning Lake Festival August 3-4

Pymatuning Lake Festival is a two-day family festival at the Pymatuning State Park Main Beach, on the Ohio side with crafters, fair food, kids activities, live local entertainment, fireworks and kids activities.

D-Day Reenactment August 15-17

D-Day Ohio, Inc. will invade the Lake Erie shores of Conneaut, and stage the largest D-Day (1944) living history reenactment in the country. Featuring over 1,800 reenactors, spectators will witness a living tribute to the veterans of WWII through dress, mock battles, and living history displays.

Bluegrass Festival August 16 & 17

Bring a comfy chair and enjoy continuous music featuring several bands. Show goes on rain or shine under the big top tent. Friday 5-11 pm & Saturday 11am-11pm Food available till 9 pm. ashtabulaantiqueengineclub.com

Perch & Pilsner Festival August 31-Sept 1

Experience what Lake Erie has to offer! Visitors can enjoy craft beer, domestic beer, & local wines paired with delicious perch and walleye—all to the beat of live music with a fireworks finale.

Grape Jamboree September 28 & 29

The Jamboree is a celebration of the grape harvest. Taste grapes, freshly squeezed grape juice, grape pies, wine and various other grape products. The art show, craft show, wine tasting, car show, and interesting exhibits make for a JAMpacked weekend for the entire family.

OCTOBER Adult Trick or Treat Trail Month of October

Ghouls just wanna have fun! Enjoy two wine samples or a mini cocktail and an appetizer at each participating location. Complete a trail card in October to enter to win an Overnight Wine Country Getaway Package.

Dinner & A Thrill Weekends in October

Regal Vineyards Haunted Winery is truly haunted. This haunted house stands in Ashtabula County’s oldest winery, standing since 1919. Join Grand River Cellars and Regal Vineyards for the annual Dinner and a Thrill Package! Your ticket will get you $15 towards an appetizer at Grand River Cellars along with admission into the haunted winery.

Brant's Fall Festival October 5 & 6

Fall fun includes a craft show, 5k race, kids carnival, pony rides, petting zoo, apple launching, horse drawn carriage rides, and more! VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 31

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Located at 1005 Bridge Street in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 32

Small Business Saturday November 30

Shop local today! A day to celebrate and support our small businesses.

Light Up the Lodge November 29- Dec 1

Kick off the holiday season at The Lodge’s Annual Light Up The Lodge weekend. From a Christmas Ale Tasting Dinner to photos with Santa, you can find festive fun for the whole family at The Lodge.

DECEMBER Holidays in the Village First two weekends in December

Covered Bridge Festival

Bridge Street Brewfest October 12

Are you planning on going to Brewfest 2024? Remember, a ticket gets you: 12 drink pours, entrance, access to music and games, and a complimentary Brewfest souvenir glass.

Covered Bridge Festival October 12 & 13

Enjoy a self-guided driving tour to each of our 19 covered bridges. You will find live entertainment, vendors, and activities. Be sure to visit the central festival in Jefferson at the Fairgrounds for a parade, antique cars & engines, kids’ activities, souvenirs, & more.

Harvest in the Harbor Ashtabula Local Food Festival October 13

Traditions of fall are in full swing with the annual chili cook off, pumpkin decorating, pumpkin bowling...and much more!

NOVEMBER Turkey Trot November 1-20

Trot through Ohio Wine Country sampling wine and perfectly paired appetizers. Pick up a bottle or two to serve with your favorite Thanksgiving dish.

Come join the village of Geneva-on-theLake for a small town Christmas! For the first two weekends of December, the village will come alive with Christmas cheer and holiday activities. Holiday pop up shops will be open for Christmas shopping and the restaurants & bars will be fully decorated and offering seasonal specials.

Tannenbaum Wine Trail Weekends in December

Friday & Saturday, Noon-6 p.m. daily. A self-driving tour. Receive an appetizer, wine samples, and an ornament at each location. Call 800-227-6972 to make reservations or visit OhioWines.org for more information.

Holidays in the Harbor December 14

Dress like your favorite holiday character to spread cheer along Bridge Street during the Annual Holiday Open House. Enjoy small events each weekend! Join us for our annual shopping raffle with the chances to win gift certificates to some of our local merchants.

New Year's Eve Gala December 31

Ring in 2025 at the annual New Year’s Eve Gala event at The Lodge and Conference Center at Geneva-on-theLake! The evening will feature dinner, an open bar, live music, dancing, and festive party favors! Find more events at VisitAshtabulaCounty.com Holidays in the Village

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s g n i et G re e h t om r f

Smolen Gulf Covered Bridge spans 680 feet long!

34 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Covered Bridge Capital of Ohio


VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 35

Tour the Bridges


Riverview Covered Bridge 36 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

ith 19 historic covered bridges to explore, including the longest in the United States, Ashtabula County is the perfect backdrop for a road trip any time of year. Check out our suggested itineraries below to help you make the most of your time. Use our map to guide you and discover new places to eat, stay, and play along the way.

HAVE A COUPLE OF HOURS? We recommend visiting Smolen-Gulf bridge (the longest in North America which spans 93 feet above the Ashtabula River. It’s the only place you’ll find a covered bridge over another covered bridge. Located below, Riverview is a pedestrian covered bridge offering an ideal place for a walk or picnic along the river. Nearby, visit one of our oldest: Olin Bridge, which just celebrated its 150th anniversary. Next, head to Benetka Road bridge. On your way, be sure to grab an apple cider donut or cider slushie at Brant’s Apple Orchard (open August November) for your trip home.

Netcher Road @elsephoto

HAVE A DAY? Start with the preceding itinerary, then, pick up on the eastern route of the Covered Bridge Trail. Start at Giddings Road. Stop by Wall Street Coffee for a cup of coffee or tea for a pick-me-up. Then, visit Netcher Road in Jefferson and follow it to South Denmark which boasts a beautiful barn quilt. Explore country roads through rural Pierpont Township where you’ll find Caine Road, the first Pratt Truss bridge in Ohio. The Graham Road bridge is only one of two bridges that are not in use. Then, head north for about four miles towards Root Road. Continue your journey by visiting several bridges along Conneaut Creek (otherwise known as “Steelhead Alley”), including State Road, Middle Road, and Creek Road. This route brings you very near to Lake Erie and Conneaut Township Park, a popular place to enjoy the sunset or hunt for beach glass. Enjoy dinner at Sparky’s Place or Biscotti’s Restaurant. For a glass of wine to celebrate your adventures, visit Buccia Vineyard Winery, which is also a B&B with beautiful vineyard views.

Olin Bridge Windsor Mills

HAVE A WEEKEND? Start with the preceding two itineraries. Then, pick up on the western route beginning at Doyle Road bridge. Then, you’ll pass by the shortest bridge in the county, West Liberty. Drop by for a brew at Darkroom Brewing or dinner at Ferrante Ristorante. Harpersfield bridge is under construction, but the Metropark is open for a short hike. Then, drive through Mechanicsville bridge, believed to be the oldest bridge in Ashtabula County. Visit Riverdale and then you’ll end at the most southern bridge, Windsor Mills. Head north on Route 534 to find yourself in the heart of Ohio Wine Country and choose from dozens of wineries for lunch or dinner.

Tips for Visiting Covered Bridges 1. Use caution, many of the bridges only allow one-way traffic. 2. Be aware of the bridges that are on gravel roads (marked with dashed lines on our map) if you are driving a motorcycle or classic car. 3. Be cautious if you park along the road to get out and look at the bridge. Be respectful of adjacent private property at the bridges. 4. Download the Covered Bridge Trail App and as you travel around, check in at the bridges to earn free prizes. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 37

oodies will rejoice on Bridge Street in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor, where more than a dozen restaurants and shops showcase dishes that will make your mouth water. Chefs source regional ingredients for a truly authentic dining experience. Choose from barbeque, steaks, seafood, classic American fare, wood-fired pizza, freshly roasted coffee, locally-grown produce and products and much more. Fitzgerald's Restaurant and Wine Bar offers a wide variety of both local and international wines, plus a specialty gift shop. At Blended Smoothies & Ice Cream, you’ll find treats and healthy options, including salads, smoothie bowls, bagels, and more. The brick façade at Carlisle’s Home in the Harbor reminds guests of the age-old building that houses this unique gift shop. If walls could talk! When you step into Bridge Street Art Works, you have entered a gallery of fine works from talented local artisans. If self-care is on your mind, visit Vital Spa for a facial or experience their float tank for ultimate relaxation.


Looking for something unique? Book a tour with Eerie Harbor Ghost Walk. Or, get out on the water with Harbor Yak - did know you can float right up to a bar at the Bum Boat?

Harbor Halcyon 38 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Briquette's Smokehouse

Rennick Meat Market

Bascule Bridge Grille

Shop, meet, and eat along the waterfront.

Eat like a local

Cloven Hoof Brewing

Harbor Perk

Bridge Street Art Works

Nights & Weekends Pizzeria Fire! Chicken Sandwiches

Harbor Gardens

During the summer months, visit the Ashtabula Farmers Market on Sunday mornings. Follow the Historic Ashtabula Harbor on social media for information on annual events such as the Wine and Walleye Festival, Blessing of the Fleet, Bridge Street Brewfest, Holidays in the Harbor, and more. Or visit www.historicashtabulaharbor.com.

Visitor Voices “We loved learning about Ashtabula’s maritime history. Walking from the bascule-style bridge through the well-preserved downtown, I could picture a simpler time as well as what the area might have been like as a thriving port.” - Lisa Sands, CLE Foodcast VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 39

g n i n i D

Black Door Tavern

40 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com


Brant's Apple Orchard @cravecle

With Ashtabula County easily accessible from Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo, these visitors enjoyed tasting their way through the local food scene and sharing their experience and favorite dishes on social media.



"One of the best brunches I've had in Northeast Ohio!"

Short rib hash, blueberry pancakes, and salmon Benedict.


Rennick Meat Market @cravecle

Apple cider and grape slushies with freshly baked donuts.

FIRE! CHICKEN SANDWICHES Loaded bacon mac and cheese and the Stella Blue chicken sandwich.



"The view of the lake is just as amazing as their food!"

Charcuterie board featuring local meats and cheeses, Angus

Crosswinds Grille @foodincleveland

reserve ribeye, butternut squash ravioli, and the cheesecake.

BLACK DOOR TAVERN Bread & spreads, smoked potatoes, veggie ramen, hanger steak, mole crusted tuna & pineapple, ginger & carrot cake truffles


BRIQUETTES SMOKEHOUSE Buffalo chicken dip and the Big Nasty

" ...ribs, wings, pulled pork, beef brisket, smoked chicken thigh...they know how to do it!"

Briquettes Smokehouse @buffalofooood

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 41


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Aurthur C. Clarke agic is probably exactly what the first human thought it was when they laid their lips on the profound flavors created when meat and fat combine with woodsmoke and flame. Thousands of years after this first taste of sublime smokiness, when our tastebuds are greeted with the sweet and savory, salty and acidic, earthy umami explosion of meat smoked over fire, we still exclaim, “Oh, this is MAGIC!” There is something primitive about it. Something that moves the soul to the deepest depths of its being when the smell hits our olfactory. Barbeque is magic! It isn’t just the smell and the taste that makes barbeque magical. The people who gather to enjoy the smoky delectability of the food also inadvertently create an unparalleled sense of fellowship. Sharing food has always been a sacred act among people, whether they are friends, family, rivals, or even enemies. However, BBQ is such a powerful form of this act of dining fellowship that it isn’t just a verb (to barbeque), it also serves as a noun that describes a gathering or an event. Traditionally, social caste is shed, hatchets are buried, and everyone becomes family at a barbeque. That’s why Barbeque is Community!

o k2009 u eho








ett u q

Since 2009, Briquettes Smokehouse has been doing magic. Built on the dream of a pair of local chefs with little cash but a ton of heart, the reality of a top-tier traditional barbeque restaurant in Ashtabula was born. The vision was simple. They wanted to create a style of barbeque that was regionally unique and utilized the spirit of Northeast Ohio to tell a story that could not be duplicated in southern regions. They chose to focus on two things: locally harvested cherry wood for smoke and locally produced maple syrup for their signature “Maple Mustard” barbeque sauce. They also longed for a way to bring the finer tastes of hand-crafted beers (and eventually spirits) to the scene. Fifteen years later, that dream has not only been realized but has grown to become the regionally famous, nationally recognized rock star that it is today. From humble beginnings, they now boast riverside patio dining with the best view of the historic “Bascule Lift Bridge” in Ashtabula Harbor, a historic three-story brick-walled interior, a beautifully made bar (constructed from local cherry and hard maple,) and a team that is knowledgeable and experienced. According to partner Shane Styzej, “Some of our team members have been with the business for over a decade.” “Don’t worry if the flavors stir you to tears; it’s okay to cry,” says founder Nate Rockwell. “Sometimes we get so busy in this modern day that we forget to appreciate the small things. We invite you to take an evening or afternoon, put down your electronic devices, sit across the table from people you love, look them in the eyes, and say, ‘I love you, and this smoked meat is my way of showing it.’”

Briquettes Smokehouse, 405 Morton Dr., Ashtabula, OH 44004 www.briquettessmokehouse.com (440) 964-2273 VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 42

Bascule Bridge Grille

1006 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 964-0301 www.basculebridgegrille.com A casual yet elegant, chef-owned modern-American restaurant featuring local and seasonal ingredients, craft cocktails, and an extensive wine list. Online reservations are available.

Becker's Restaurant

1601 West Prospect, Ashtabula (440) 993-1131 facebook.com/ BeckersRestaurantAshtabula Come out and enjoy this all-American restaurant, serving breakfast all day! Their expansive menu includes everything from homemade muffins & pies to delicious dinner options like pasta, seafood dishes, steak, and more!

Biscotti’s Restaurant

Bascule Bridge Grille

186 Park Avenue, Conneaut (440) 593-6766 www.biscottisrestaurant.com A come-as-you-are Italian dining experience offering pasta, chicken, seafood, veal, and steak entrees, as well as mouth-watering appetizers and desserts. Family-owned and operated for 25 years, this favorite local restaurant in Conneaut’s Port District serves wine from area wineries, beer, and liquor. Plan your next get-together in one of their private party rooms. Handicap accessible. Gluten-free menu items are available.

Black Door Tavern

6202 South River Rd., Geneva (440) 466-6604 www.blackdoortavern.com A small plate and cocktail bar in Ohio's Wine Country, located in a beautifully restored century-old home.

Blended Smoothies & Ice Cream

1018 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 536-5907 www.blendedashtabula.com Located in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor, this shop offers healthy eats and sweet treats. Smoothies, wraps, bagels, and salads are all made with fresh ingredients and no added sugars. Ice cream for cheat days! Inside and outside seating is available. Perfect to sit down and enjoy the views or to stop in for a quick snack to take to go.

Briquettes Smokehouse

405 Morton Dr., Ashtabula (440) 964-2273 www.briquettessmokehouse.com Briquettes Smokehouse, locally owned and operated since 2009, specializes in traditional BBQ, smoked meats, and craft beer. Friendly, fun community atmosphere with seasonal patio dining and a great riverside view.


620 E. 6th St., Ashtabula (440) 261-9025 Enjoy a refreshing drink and delicious food while relaxing on the Ashtabula Riverfront aboard the iconic BUM BOAT. Tandem paddle pontoon boats are available for rent.

Castaways Pizza and Grill

877 Broad St., Conneaut (440) 812-3662 www.castawayzpizza.com A locally owned and operated restaurant near Lake Erie that offers a diverse menu beyond their amazing pizzas.

Chops Grille & Tap House

1752 S. Broadway, Geneva (440) 361-3583, www.chopsohio.com Chops' menu boasts a delicious fusion of flavors and fresh ingredients alongside classic bar favorites. Join them for an unforgettable dining experience in their newly renovated restaurant, lounge, or bar.

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 43

A gathering place for friends, food, and fun! Known for our fresh-from-scratch kitchen and the largest selection of craft beer and bourbon in Ashtabula County!

1001 Broad Street Conneaut, OH 440-265-6061 SparkysConneaut.com

Follow us for updates & specials www.facebook.com/sparkysconneaut VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 44

Cloven Hoof Brewing Co

1308 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 536-4344 www.clovenhoofbrewing.com A nanobrewery in Ashtabula Harbor is brewing and serving their own craft beer on site, including IPAs, sours, and hard seltzers. They also serve wine on tap, along with kegged cocktails. Locally crafted Bavarian hot pretzels, meat and cheese platters, and sandwiches.

Corner Coffeehouse

5464 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440 361-3160 www.facebook.com/ cornercoffeehouse.gotl A chill atmosphere located right on the main strip in Geneva-on-the-Lake, specializing in hot and iced coffee beverages. They proudly grind and brew Caruso's beans and offer a large variety of delicious sweet treats and breakfast sandwiches.

Crosswinds Grille at the Lakehouse Inn

Earth's Natural Treasures

Darkroom Brewing Company

5236 Lake Road East Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-3880 www.facebook.com/eastendbarandgrill A fun, laid-back space located at the east end of the famous GOTL strip, a full-service bar with multiple outdoor patio spaces, live entertainment, a pool table, and an array of featured drinks! There's always something new to try!

5653 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8668 www.thelakehouseinn.com Enjoy seasonal farm-to-table menus in a casual lakefront setting. Open year-round. Reservations recommended.

32 North Broadway, Geneva (440) 290-6045 www.darkroombrewingco.com Darkroom Brewing Company is a 5BBL craft brewery housed in a former photography studio in downtown Geneva. Craft beer, wine, and cocktails are served in an eclectic taproom.

Driftwood Point

6827 Lake Road W., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 789-9096 www.driftwoodpointgeneva.com Picturesque lakeside restaurant with beach access, local wine, craft beer, cocktails, dog-friendly patio, and sunset views. Enjoy fresh Lake Erie perch and walleye, plus live music!

5503 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-1648 www.earthsnaturaltreasures.com GOTL Earth's Natural Treasures Harmony Jade & Mikes Beer Joint and Wine Bar.

East End Bar & Grill

Eddie's Grill/Dairy Queen

5377 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8720, www.eddiesgrill.com This 50's restaurant features foot-long hot dogs, cheeseburgers, RICHardson Rootbeer, fresh lemonade, Dairy Queen, pizza, and an arcade. Open daily Memorial-Labor Day at 11am, and weekends starting Mother's Day weekend.

t e e w s theof heaven taste

Committed to an exceptional dining experience for over 2 decades. Serving both classic and creative dishes made with pride. Pasta, Beef, Seafood, Gluten Free, and More! Ask for a local wine recommendation to pair with your menu selection. 186 Park Avenue, Conneaut, Ohio | 440-593-6766 | www.BiscottisRestaurant.com Open Tuesday-Saturday at 4:00. Open Sunday (May-December) at 4:00. Closed Monday

Premium Small Batch Custard

Over 130 Flavors Seasonally

264 Sandusky St, Conneaut, OH, 44030 • 440-593-6080 • heavenlycreamery.com VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 45

Fire! Chicken Sandwiches

528 Lake Ave., Ashtabula (440) 650-5002 www.firechickensandwiches.square.site Located in the Ashtabula Harbor, Fire! Chicken Sandwiches is serving up fried chicken sandwiches and classic accompanying sides, like coleslaw, and mac and cheese.

Fitzgerald's Wine Bar & Restaurant

1023 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 536-4361 www.fitzgeraldswine.com Featuring wine, beer, and cocktails, from lite-bites to full entrees and desserts. Visit the gift shop with unique items and a vast array of wines.

Goblin Wine & Ale House

4964 S Spencer Dr., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-1768, www.goblincustoms.com Serving 20 craft beers on tap and wines from only local wineries. Also, enjoy Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. Open from May to November. Check the Facebook page for current hours and specials.

GOTL Brewing

5243 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-4864, www.gotlbrewing.com Brewery, restaurant, and full-service bar. Outdoor dining overlooks Lake Erie! Home of the Steak on a Stone, 800° grilling tableside.

Grandpa Pizzi's Place

709 Harbor St., Conneaut (440) 599-8666 www.GrandpaPizzisPlace.com Grandpa Pizzi's Place is a women-owned, family-run local pizzeria. Serving authentic Italian dishes, straight from the family's recipe book. Original Family. Original Recipes. New Atmosphere.

Harbor Halcyon

1119 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 536-4291, www.harborhalcyon.com Welcome home! Live like a local and enjoy premium burgers, steaks, seafood, pastas, and salads at affordable prices in the hidden gem of historic Ashtabula Harbor. Clean and cozy atmosphere specializing in kindness and exceptional service. Open every day for you.

Corner Coffeehouse 46 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Harbor Perk Coffeehouse & Roasting Co.

1003 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 645-0862, www.harborperk.com Located in the Historic Ashtabula Harbor, the Harbor Perk offers 100% Arabica coffee roasted fresh in-house. Enjoy hand-crafted coffee-based beverages, 100% all-fruit smoothies, and locally made baked goods and snacks all inside a cozy century building.

Heavenly Creamery

264 Sandusky St., Conneaut (440) 593-6080 www.heavenlycreamery.com Premium small-batch custard made in a century-old church. About 130 flavors are made each season. Open from April 1 to September 30. Closed on Easter Sunday.

Hightide Tavern

5504 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-7990 Local tavern, serving angus burgers, amazing wings with homemade sauces, and deep-fried footlong hotdogs, and more. Dogs are welcome on the outdoor patio.

Hometown Harvest

1071 Route 7, Pierpont (440) 825-0883 www.facebook.com/ hometownharvestpierpont Open seasonally, Hometown Harvest is a full-service coffee stand offering espresso, cold brew, drip coffee, smoothies, energy drinks, breakfast foods, mocktails, woodfired foods, and more at the Pierpont Farmers Market.

Horizon's Restaurant & Lounge

4888 North Broadway, Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-7100 www.thelodgeatgeneva.com/dine/ horizons-restaurant Horizons Restaurant is the signature dining experience in Geneva-on-theLake. From the striking, glass-enclosed octagonal dining room with spectacular Lake Erie views, to seasonal local menus featuring classic American cuisine, Horizons presents Ohio Wine Country dining at its finest.

Madsen Donuts

5426 Lake Road E, Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-5884, www.madsendonuts.com The relentless pursuit of the perfect donut for over 80 years! Serving Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner.

American Cuisine • Live Music Open 7 days a week for lunch & dinner

Mary's Kitchen

5023 New St., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440 466-8606 Providing great food at affordable prices for nearly 70 years. Be sure to try Mary's famous cinnamon rolls! Check Facebook for Mary's Urban Kitchen Food truck hours & location. Catering services are also available.

Murphy's Pub & Ale House

5475-B Lake Rd. East Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-3634 www.welcometomurphys.com Open seasonally, Murphy's is a family favorite in Geneva-on-the-Lake for authentic Irish cuisine, craft beers (including a properly poured pint o' Guinness!), live Irish music, and an outdoor patio for lakeside sunsets.

Nights & Weekends Pizzeria

1119 Bridge Street Ashtabula • (440) 536-4291

1035 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 661-4061 www.nightsandweekendsohio.com A wood-fired pizzeria serving Neapolitanstyle pies alongside small plates, salads, craft beer, wine, and cocktails. Casual atmosphere, family-friendly, with a welcoming staff. Let the good times roll!

Piero's Pasta House

5367 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-2498 An inviting atmosphere welcomes you to savor authentic Italian cuisine. Enjoy fresh seafood and weekly specials. A fine selection of wine and beer is available.

Pucker Up Candy Shoppe

5334 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 344-5171 www.facebook.com/ puckerupcandyshoppe/ You can be a kid in a candy store. Satisfy your sweet tooth, walk along the Candyland floor, and take photos in front of the 60-foot mural. A favorite stop at Geneva-on-the-Lake.

Live Music • Full Bar & Menu Patio overlooking Lake Erie

6827 Lake Rd West, Geneva (440) 789-9096 driftwoodpointgeneva.com VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 47


Step back into the 1950s at...

EST. 1952




Open 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily, Mother’s Day through Labor Day Carry-out Available • Great 50s Music • Open-Air Counter & Large Picnic Area 388 East Main Road, Conneaut • 440-593-2209 • Follow us

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 48

Red Eagle Distillery

6202 South River Rd., Geneva (440) 466-6604 www.redeaglespirits.com Ohio Bourbon, Vodka, Rye, Brandy, & Red Maple! Housed in a red barn from the 1800s with the original interior. Specialty cocktails and beer are on tap!

The Little Pie Shop and Cafe

Rennick Meat Market

1104 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 964-6228 www.rennickmeatmarket.com A butcher-inspired restaurant offering a large selection of high-quality steaks, wine, bourbon, and whiskey, as well as hand-crafted cocktails.

Ruff Life on the Lake

5514 Lake Rd. E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-3854 www.rufflifeonthelake.com A perfect destination for the dog-centric traveler! Bring your four-legged friend and enjoy a relaxing meal on their beautiful back patio or inside the main shop. Wine, beer, cider, and specialty cocktails are also available. Stay and shop for Fido in the extensive gift shop.

Seven Brothers Distilling Co. 6527 N River Rd. W., Harpersfield (216) 930-4330 www.sevenbrothersdistillingco.com Serving exquisite cocktails made from a unique low-temperature distillation process and local ingredients.

Sparky's Place

1001 Broad St., Conneaut (440) 265-6061 www.facebook.com/sparkysconneaut/ A gathering place for food, friends, and fun! Known for their fresh-from-scratch kitchen and the largest selection of craft beer and bourbon in Ashtabula County!

Sportsterz Bar & Grill

5422 Lake Rd. E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-4839, www.sportsterzgotl.com Best food and entertainment in Genevaon-the-Lake.

The Cove

5326 Lake Rd. E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8888 www.thecoveniteclub.com The Cove has been Rockin' N Rollin' for more than 60 Years! Live bands every weekend. Magic shows, drag shows, and other entertainment can be seen throughout the week. Check out our new outdoor patio and stage.

Three Brothers Creamery

3515 North Ridge E., Ashtabula (440) 536-4048 www.facebook.com/3brotherscreamery Welcome to Three Brothers Creamery. A family-based business offering a wide variety of ice cream flavors & treats. They also have coffee, drinks, and food!

Triangle Lounge 5050 Lake Road West, Ashtabula (440) 536-4095 facebook.com/littlepieshop Restaurant and pie shop serving great breakfast and lunch. Freshmade pies are baked every day and are for sale by the slice, half pie, or whole. Eat-in or take your goodies to go.

The Loft at Sun Retreats

4710 Lake Road East Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8191, (888) 726-7802 www.sunretreatsgeneva.com Located at Sun Retreats Resort in Genevaon-the-Lake, this casual dining venue offers multiple TVs to catch a game with friends or relax solo. Enjoy daily specials, 10 draft beer options, and a full bar year-round.

The Station Coffee Drive-Thru 1760 OH-45, Austinburg (440 206-6268 The Station is a family-run coffee drive-up that serves up house-roasted coffee, espresso drinks, and homemade sourdough pastries. Located 1 mile from I-90.

The Swiss Chalet & Beer Garden

5475 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8650 www.swisschaletnightclub.com Top forties, oldies, karaoke, and contemporary music 7 nights from mid-June to mid-September! Live bands perform on the weekends, with karaoke Sundays through Thursdays. Visit their website or check them out on Facebook for a full schedule.

5028 Lake Road East, GOTL (440) 466-6306 facebook.com/trianglelounge1 Food, Fun, and Spirits year-round, a fully stocked bar, a great menu, and live entertainment on summer weekends. Karaoke Thursdays. Anchor Motel & Cottages is adjacent to the property.

Whippy Dip

2448 West Center St., Ashtabula (440) 998-2663 www.facebook.com/WebstersWhippyDip North Kingsville's Favorite Soft Serve Ice Cream Stop! 40+ flavors of soft-serve ice cream! Don't forget to grab pizza and hot dogs while you're there.

White Turkey Drive-In

388 East Main St., Conneaut (440) 593-2209, www.whiteturkey.com An original 1950s root beer stand with open-air counter seating and jukeboxes playing. Stop in for their famous White Turkey sandwich and a frosty RICHardson root beer float. A local Favorite!

Yankies on the Strip

5482 Lake Road E, Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8888, www.yankies.net Yankies provides the hottest party in the Northcoast. DJ And live bands every Friday & Saturday Night. Nightly Entertainment through Summer. Open in the offseason, please check their website or Facebook for updated hours.

Zeppe's Pizza of Geneva-on-the-Lake

5340 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-0123 www.zeppes.com/gotl Full-service pizza restaurant with tons of patio seating, a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, located in the heart of the strip in Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH.

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 49

t u a e n Con Check out

onneaut, Ohio welcomes visitors from near and far who enjoy outdoor recreation, great food, and a small-town feel. Conneaut Creek is considered one of the premier locations in the world for steelhead fishing. Bring your rod and head to the river or charter a boat for some of the best walleye and perch fishing you've ever experienced. Travel by boat; the Conneaut Marina has over 300 slips. Residents welcome guests to experience the places that make their community rich with attractions like the Conneaut Arts Center, the Conneaut Railroad Museum, and covered bridges. Conneaut has three award-winning wineries: Markko Vineyards, Tarsitano Winery, and Buccia Winery and B&B. The area is in the process of becoming a federallydesignated winegrowing region. Conneaut Township Park boasts the largest beach in the county and is home to a 1936 retro-modern lighthouse. It is one of the few places in the country that visitors can drive their vehicle out onto the beach. The deep-water port continues to bustle as it did over 200 years ago with commercial and recreational boats, alike. Each August, Conneaut transforms and hosts one of the largest D-Day Reenactments in the world.

Conneaut Township Park 50 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Castaways Pizza and Grill

D-Day Reenactment

D-Day WWII Museum

Sparky's Place @FoodIsMySavior_pgh

White Turkey Drive-In

Conneaut Township Park

Sandbar Suds

Buccia Vineyard Winery and B&B

Heavenly Creamery

Eat like a local

Embracing the abundance of the north shore, Conneaut hosts a Perch & Pilsner Festival. Visitors can enjoy craft and domestic beer and local wines paired with delicious perch and walleye—all to the beat of live music with a fireworks finale. The 2024 dates are August 31 and September 1. Travelers looking for the amenities of a lakefront destination without the hustle-bustle of a crowded tourist trap will feel right at home in Ohio’s northeast corner. Start planning your trip today at VisitConneautOhio.com

Visitor Voices We had a beautiful stay at Buccia Vineyard. The bed and breakfast was quaint and perfect for a weekend getaway. Our lunch at Sparky's Place was the most delicious! We had a spread of local dishes from appetizers to dessert. Everything was superb!" - Abigail, @FoodIsMySavior_pgh

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s r o o d t Ou 52 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com



l+ Peacefu ! Relaxing

First, we checked out the Smolen Gulf Covered Bridge — the longest covered bridge in the U.S.! There are two entrances to the park, one is under the covered bridge and the other is off East 24th Street. We walked the paved trails at the covered bridge and the dirt trails were at the East 24th entrance. That area also included a boardwalk, some river views, and the site of an old train disaster. If you walk under the bridge, you can still find old sandstone and wood pilings that were part of the original arches of the bridge.

CANOEING THE GRAND RIVER This was our favorite experience. We rented canoes at the Grand River Canoe Livery. They also have kayaks available. We did the two-hour canoe ride, and it was so peaceful and beautiful. This is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in nature in a unique, peaceful way while having an opportunity to see some wildlife, too. The folks who run the livery are also incredibly kind, so definitely consider a canoe trip as part of your itinerary.

BIKING THE WESTERN RESERVE GREENWAY TRAIL This biking path goes over 50 miles, so you could make this an entire day's adventure! There are multiple entry points so you can decide where you want to start/stop.

PLAYING AT WALNUT BEACH PARK This beach was really nice and clean. Our kids loved it because they have a pirate ship playground in the sand. We ended up spending most of our time in that area of the park. You are able to swim here as well. This would be a great place to catch the sunset in the evening.

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 53

Anger Management Fishing Charter

Bula Coast Water Sports

Geneva-on-the-Lake Golf Course

4605 Padanarum Rd, Geneva www.bulacoastwatersports.com 440-466-0333 Geneva-on-the-Lake jet ski, kayak, and stand up paddle board rentals at the Geneva Marina. Gift cards and BULA Coast merchandise available. Have a Lake Life Experience to Remember!

4902 Al Mraz Dr., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8797 www.gotlgolf.com The Municipal Golf Course is the best choice for a round of golf and is located in Ohio's Summer Resort, Geneva-on-the-Lake. Golf and footgolf are available in the clubhouse with a full bar. An outdoor pavilion is available for events.

4599 Padanarum Rd. Geneva-on-the-Lake (724) 544-0595 www.angermanagementfishingteam.com They provide anglers with a top-notch fishing experience. Get ready to enjoy an action-packed day of walleye fishing and create life-lasting memories. Sunset cruises are also available.

Ashtabula County Metroparks

4338 Lake Rd. West Bldg B., Ashtabula (440) 576-0717 www.ashtabulametroparks.com A great place to explore! There are 12 parks and over 50 miles of trails for activities such as birding, fishing, hiking, picnicking, kayaking, cycling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Come here for fun, health, and life!

Ashtabula Township Parks

(440) 964-3819 lakeshoreparkashtabula.org Visit Lake Shore Park, a beautiful park on the shores of Lake Erie with outdoor recreation, boating, swimming, and picnicking located at 1700 East 1st St., Ashtabula. Explore Indian Trails Park which offers primitive and paved walking trails in the Gulf. Along the beautiful Ashtabula River, you’ll find Riverview pedestrian covered bridge located below the Smolen Gulf Covered Bridge, the longest bridge in the U.S.

Captain Kurt Charters

861 Spring St., Conneaut (717) 496-1290 www.captkurtcharters.com Come check out what Captain Kurt Charters has to offer in Conneaut, OH. They provide premium guide service for steelhead, walleye, and smallmouth bass. They also have excellent accommodations for fishermen or for those who want to have a relaxing vacation and enjoy all that Lake Erie and the surrounding wine country have to offer.

DB Sportfishing Charters

4499 Padanarum Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 479-5185 or 1-800-769-1750 www.dbsportfishing.com Come aboard and enjoy a day of fishing with the largest charter fleet in Genevaon-the-Lake & Ashtabula, Ohio. They have multiple boats to accommodate families, clients, and groups of all sizes. They go where the fish go!

Four Aces Sports Fishing

1500 Great Lakes Ave., Ashtabula (330) 392-9691 www.fouracessportfishing.com Experience the thrill of Lake Erie fishing in the Central Basin of Ashtabula. Captain Tom has over 28 years of experience and takes action to provide a good trip for all. They run seven days a week and supply everything you need.

54 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Grand River Canoe Livery

3825 Fobes Road, Rock Creek 1-800-Me-Canoe grandrivercanoe.com A family-owned and operated business since 1966. They are dedicated to providing you with a safe and enjoyable river experience along the scenic Grand River in northeast Ohio. Search for fossils, fish, and watch the otters play. Escape the noise and commotion of city life. Ask about special trips like the overnight in a Native American Tipi. Large groups welcome. Come unwind and relax on the beautiful scenice Grand River in a kayak or canoe.

Harbor Yak Outfitters

1 Ferry Drive, Ashtabula (440) 990-0161, www.harboryak.com Experience all of the summer fun at Harbor Yak! Pontoon boats, kayaks, paddle boards, and hydro bikes are available for rent in Ashtabula Harbor, located inside the historic Coast Guard building.

e r o M e r o l p x E PAID ADVERTISEMENT

xperience the Ashtabula County Metroparks, a great place to explore! With 12 open parks, more than 2,500 acres and over 50 miles of trails, which includes 33 miles of the Western Reserve Greenway Trail. It’s time to discover the splendor of four seasons. Visitors are welcome to come and enjoy what Ashtabula County has to offer. The spring, summer, and fall for birding, fishing, hiking, picnicking, kayaking, and cycling.

Ashtabula County Parks & Trails CLARA D. PEET PRESERVE 405 Creek Rd., Conneaut


EYRING WETLANDS PRESERVE METROPARK 906 Mechanicsville Rd., Austinburg

LAMPSON RESERVOIR METROPARK 1259 State Route 307, Jefferson Township

FRIENDS OF CONNEAUT CREEK METROPARK 27 Blakeslee Rd., Conneaut GRAHAM ROAD 4646 Graham Rd., Pierpont HARPERSFIELD COVERED BRIDGE METROPARK 1225 Harpersfield Rd., Geneva HATCHES CORNERS METROPARK 5467 Center Rd., Monroe Township

MALEK PARK 65 Parrish Rd, Conneaut RED BROOK METROPARK 4338 Lake Rd. W., Saybrook Township UPPER GRAND RIVER METROPARK 3199 Cork Cold Springs Rd., Austinburg WESTERN RESERVE GREENWAY TRAIL Multiple Access Points Primary: 2767 Rt 307, Austinburg

Our winters may be cold in Northeast Ohio, but the snow provides opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. There is something for everyone, so bring your family and friends, get outside, and enjoy the natural beauty of Ashtabula County. The Western Reserve Greenway Trail is a paved rail-trail extending 33 miles, stretching from the city of Ashtabula southward to the county line where it continues for 17 miles into Trumbull County. The North Shore Trail is 5.25 miles of shared roadway and asphalt trail for foot traffic and biking, the northern portion of the Western Reserve Greenway Trail. Beginning at Morrison Station on West Avenue in Ashtabula continuing north to Walnut Beach on Lake Erie. This is the northern terminus of the Great Ohio Lake to River Greenway. Learn more at ashtabulametroparks.com VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 55

North Coast Marina & Campgrounds Located on the scenic Ashtabula River just a short cruise from Lake Erie and just minutes from the many attractions of Ashtabula County. We are family and fishermen-friendly with a heated pool, hot tubs, playgrounds, fish cleaning stations, and more! 347 W. 24th Street • Ashtabula, OH 44004 • 440-998-6272 • northcoastmarina.com

Lake Erie Canopy Tours

4888 North Broadway Geneva-on-the-Lake 866-601-1973 LakeErieCanopyTours.com Get a bird’s eye view flying at speeds up to 30 mph above Geneva State Park with a ziplining or adventure tour. Open seasonally May-October. Adventure climbing courses, boat and golf cart rentals, or zipline excursions with side-byside double zips and treetop towers up to 60 feet high!

Lost Tackle Charters

Hourly, Daily & Weekly Rentals

We deliver to Geneva on the Lake Austinburg & Ashtabula Western Reserve Greenway No need to come to us, we go to you!

www.onthelakebikes.com 440-218-BIKE(2453)

Electric Bikes

Visit us Online

Mobility Scooters

900 Bridge St., Ashtabula (330) 383-2099 www.losttacklecharters.com Lake Erie, the walleye capital of the world! Lost Tackle Charters invites you to come and enjoy a safe and enjoyable day on the water aboard either of their 28' boats.

T&V Charters

River Marine, Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 474-2179 www.tnvcharters.com Lake Erie walleye fishing at its finest. If you are looking for a fantastic way to spend the day making memories and having fun, give Captain Tim a call.

The Nature Conservancy in Ohio

3973 Callender Rd., Rock Creek (440) 563-3081 www.nature.org/ohio Hike the beautiful forested trails, drop a canoe into the Wild & Scenic Grand River, or visit their nature center to learn about the region’s unique plants and wildlife.

56 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

© Rebecca Nieminen


Morgan Swamp Preserve

© Rebecca Nieminen

Enjoy 3 miles of trails that wind along the Wild & Scenic Grand River and through a rare hemlock-yellow birch swamp forest. Other amenities include an accessible fishing pier, canoe launch, playground and picnic pavilion. www.nature.org/morganswamp (440) 563-3081 ohio@tnc.org

The Dr. James K. Bissell Nature Center Open the first weekend in April through October, Saturday-Sunday, 1:00-5:00pm The nature center is part of the Grand River Conservation Campus and features interactive exhibits on the natural history of northeast Ohio, as well as special events and programming. © David Ike

© David Ike

Open year-round, dawn to dusk

nature.org/bissellnaturecenter bissellnaturecenter@tnc.org

g n i p p o Sh Mac-An-Sal's Boutique

Beachstone Gift Shop

5459 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 969-6006 www.facebook.com/BeachstoneGOTL They feature custom jewelry, including beach glass jewelry, home decor, and a wide variety of clothing and accessories for men and women.

Bissell Maple Farm

82 West Ashtabula St., Jefferson (440) 563-3263 www.bissellmaplefarm.com Maple syrup manufacturing and bottling facility with a small gift shop located in Jefferson. The Bissells have been making maple syrup for over 100 years. Open to the public year-round, but please check their website for hours.

Bridge Street Art Works

1009 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 206-8399 www.bridgestreetartworks.wixsite.com Art gallery open all year with art and wares for purchase from various artists of diverse perspectives and styles. Bridge Street Art Works represents 30+ local and regional artists. Tourists welcome! Pet friendly.

Carlisle's Home in the Harbor 1005 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 964-8000 www.carlisleshomestore.com Home furnishings, gifts, wine, greeting cards, and unique things. Free gift wrap, open daily!

Crystal Artists

5461 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8518 Assorted gifts & collectibles shop features blown glass figurines, Swarovski dangling crystals, resin figurines, and miscellaneous items. A 1980s 'Fun Chicken' is waiting to greet you outside.

58 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Earth's Natural Treasures

56 S. Broadway, Geneva (440) 466-4368 www.earthsnaturaltreasures.com This location is a combination of a health food store and a boutique. Organic groceries, natural health and body products, vitamins and supplements, gemstones, clothing, and sterling jewelry. The Natural Café offers healthy lunch options.

Gift Shop at The Lodge

4888 North Broadway Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-7100 www.thelodgeatgeneva.com/stay/ amenities/gift-shop The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake's Gift Shop features many Ohio-made products including regional wines, jewelry, apparel, and gifts.

Goblin Custom Cycle

6708 N. Ridge W, Geneva (440) 466-1768, www.goblincustoms.com Motorcycle aftermarket parts, retail, and motorcycle repair. complete Harley Davidson repair shop. Full-service performance work & tire service. A complete line of Harley Davidson aftermarket parts and Goblin apparel is available.

t n u H e r u s a Tre Tina Fuller’s love of thrifted furniture started more than 30 years ago with a single vintage sideboard table. Her husband, who’s

Spot the Difference There are a total of 12 differences between the top and bottom photos. Can you find them all? No cheating! Find these souvenirs and more at the Geneva-on-theLake Welcome Center.

now retired from the Air Force, was stationed in England at the time, and since they were on a strict budget, they couldn’t afford the authentic antique furniture that caught Tina’s eye. Instead, she found a vintage marble-top table in an old, dusty secondhand shop and spent hours “bringing it back to life, taking off the layers of dirt and grime, and giving it a new coat of paint,” she says. After that, the Fuller family hauled her refinished washstand with them around the world and back to the U.S., where it still sits in their home today. Along the way, Tina discovered her passion for flipping furniture. She started selling her refinished furniture as a vendor at Farmhouse Vintage in Jefferson, until the owners decided to sell the secondhand vendor mall. Tina and her daughter, Emily, agreed to take over the store, which they renamed the Refindary Vintage Market. Now celebrating their fifth year in business, the mother-daughter duo have curated a “treasure trove” of old pieces that are repurposed, upcycled, and given a second chance at life. The two-story shop offers “a little bit of this and a little bit of that,” Tina says, featuring secondhand treasures from about 25 other vendors in addition to her own thrifted finds. “We try to make sure that there’s a little bit of everything to appeal to a broad range of customers.” Read More at VisitAshtabulaCounty.com Differences: 1. Beach glass pen color is different 2. Mirror is closed 3. Donut and hot dog sticker are swapped 4. Flip Flop is changed to left foot 5, 6, 7, Small Blue beach glass is removed in 3 places 8. Bottle Chiller lid is removed 9. Beach glass ornament is different design 10. Pencils are reversed 11. Bracelet colors are different 12. Koozie color is different

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In the Zone Gaming

2205 E Prospect Rd., Ashtabula (440) 998-6052,www.itzgames.com Whether you collect or play, In the Zone Gaming has you covered with an incredible selection of great games, including trading card, role playing, tabletop, and board games in stock every day. The huge selection of Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon cards range from early to the newest expansion sets. You’ll find thousands of TCG singles and graded cards, along with a huge selection of sealed booster packs, boxes, and decks.

LakeSide Marketplace

5125 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-3306 A convenient store that offers a variety of local wines, artist merchandise, Beautiful Disaster products, as well as Boar's Head deli subs with bread bowls and soup. Customers can keep an eye out for specials by following their Facebook page.

Mac-An-Sals Boutique

5468 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 344-5171 facebook.com/Mac-An-Sals-Boutique Come explore the unique boutique that offers an eclectic Boho chic style! Their large selection of clothing includes bathing suits, coverups, dresses, denim, skirts, shirts, and hats.

Moore Antiques

28 N. Broadway, Geneva (440) 319-1314 www.facebook.com/ mooreantiquesgeneva Located in downtown Geneva, this multi-dealer shop offers a wide variety of antiques, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Stop in and browse. You're sure to find a treasure!

Noema Gems

1788 Mill Street, Austinburg (440) 275-3211 Noema Gems is a store that specializes in selling unique rocks and gems. They offer a wide variety of treasures, including jewelry and gemstones with settings, decorative items, minerals, slabs, rough rocks, and other unique gifts. You won't find these oneof-a-kind items in any other store. Be sure to stop by and browse their collection, and follow their Facebook page for new items and events.

Geneva-on-the-Lake has gone to the DOGS!

Ruff Life on the Lake Cafe & Dog Boutique

Restaurant and Gift Shop • Pet-Friendly Patio and Dog Menu Open April - October. Check Facebook for off-season hours | 5514 Lake Road, GOTL | (440) 361-3854 60 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Phooey Farms

1012 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 536-5841, www.phooeyfarms.com Dedicated to providing the best homemade products to their local community and visitors, which helps their customers take a stroll down memory lane.

Summer Hut

The Refindary Vintage Market

39 S. Chestnut St., Jefferson (440) 536-2598 www.refindary.com Two floors of antiques, vintage, primitives, rustic, collectibles, & handcrafted items. The eclectic vision of multiple vendors brought together in one historic 1890s building.

5470 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 855-4723 Shopping for your favorite GOTL t-shirts or hoodies, this is a must stop. They also carry summer fashion, sandals, and motorcycle gear.

The Light Emporium

Noema Gems

1489 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 536-4206 www.thelightemporium.net They offer crystals, tumbled stones, sage, beautiful watercolor art, stained glass, in-store psychic readings, healings, meditation circles, classes, a monthly psychic fair, crystal singing bowls, moldavite, & healing tools.

Harbor Gardens

Experience an interactive candy shop in Geneva-on-the-Lake!

Make your own cotton candy and find your favorite novelty treats!

Open daily May - October • 5534 Lake Road, Geneva-on-the-Lake • (440) 344-5171 VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 61

g n i g d o L

Woodsong Acres

62 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Unplug & Reconnect Kingsville’s newest innkeepers, Jay and Esther Hutchison, bring a fresh approach to a beloved B&B From the first buds of springtime to the hot

where there are seasons. He brought me

hazy days of summer, through the ruddy

here during the fall several years ago, and

colors of fall and even the freshly fallen

we kept coming back. I love seeing the

winter snow—there’s a certain charm to the

leaves change color, which is something I’m

cyclicity of Ohio’s changing seasons.

not used to seeing.”

This seasonality is a brand-new experience

Although they weren’t looking to buy a

for Esther Hutchison, who moved to

B&B, they did want a farm with enough

Ashtabula County in May 2023 when

space to rent out through Airbnb. When

she and her husband, Jay, bought the

they found this property for sale about half

former Bear Creek Farm Bed & Breakfast

an hour from Jay’s hometown, “it was like

in Kingsville, which they rebranded as

God had ordained it,” Esther says. “It just

Woodsong Acres.

fell in our lap.”

The name came from an old sign that hung

A long, winding lane leads through the

in the woods of Jay’s grandfather’s farm in

thick tree canopy to the stately Inn at

Saybrook, where he grew up. “Woodsong”

Woodsong Acres, nestled next to a 3/4-

became the perfect moniker to distinguish

acre pond surrounded by rolling hills that

the countryside B&B with its dense woods,

offer picturesque views in every season.

trilling songbirds, and serene sights and

From the rocking chairs on the wraparound


porch to the firepit by the pond, the 46acre property exudes serenity, providing

For the last 20 years, Jay lived in Orlando,

a restful place for guests to “connect and

where he met Esther and got married in

unwind,” as the tagline states.

2013. Esther, who was born in Haiti and raised in South Florida, had never endured

The Inn offers three gracefully decorated

an Ohio winter before. While she was

rooms and a larger rustic suite, each with

initially reluctant to leave Florida and start

its own attached private bathroom. The

a new adventure on the North Shore, she

property also includes a separate Cottage

found plenty of allure in the Kingsville

that accommodates two adults and four

countryside southwest of Conneaut.

children with a fully equipped kitchen, its own porch, and screened-in lanai.

“At first it was, ‘no,’ because my family is in

LOCAL FAVORITES Esther Hutchison, an avid thrift shopper who owns Woodsong Acres with her husband Jay, share their favorite local shops for secondhand treasure hunting. • Fat Sally’s Warehouse Ashtabula • The Refindary Vintage Market, Jefferson • The What Knot Shoppe, Austinburg • Goodwill, Ashtabula

Don't Miss These Other Local Places: • TWIG, Andover • Moore's Antiques, Geneva

Florida,” Esther says. “But I knew I wanted a change, and I wanted to live in a place

Read more at VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 63

Bula Inn

2210 East 40th St., Ashtabula (440) 812-5916 www.airbnb.com/h/bulainneast 2-Bedroom townhouse conveniently located 3 miles from the Historical Harbor District, where you can enjoy unique shopping and delectable dining. Only a short drive from the famous Geneva-onthe-Lake, Ohio's first summer resort.

Bula Inn 2

2208 East 40th St., Ashtabula www.airbnb.com/h/bulainneast2 2-Bedroom townhouse conveniently located 3 miles from the Historical Harbor District, where you can enjoy unique shopping and delectable dining. Only a short drive from the famous Geneva-onthe-Lake, Ohio's first summer resort.

Campbell Beach House

7256 Lake Road West, Saybrook (614) 832-2824 www.campbellbeachhouse.com Enjoy stunning Lake Erie views from the spacious deck of this beautifully updated home. Features all the amenities you need. Explore 2 miles of wooded trails and a wonderful sandy-bottomed lakefront for private swimming. Less than 2 miles from GOTL. Oakwood Beach

Abigail's Lakeside Cottages

5335 Lake Road E. Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 223-0622 www.abigailslakesidecottages.com These 1932 cottages feature 2-4 bedrooms, a large yard, and a lake with a sundeck to the north and a strip to the south. They have been modernized with home amenities while maintaining their historical charm.

Ahoy Cottages

4991 & 4993 Presidential Dr. Geneva-on-the-Lake (412) 614-1655 www.ahoycottages.com Two nostalgic, nautical-themed cottages within steps of The Strip. Both are fully equipped and are open May-November. Visit our website for more details and to book your GOTL stay.

64 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Christopher's Dockside Cottages Allen Court Cottages and Motel

5317 & 5305 Lake Road Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 862-3715 Known for its family-friendly environment and proximity to the water and The Strip, making it easy for travelers to enjoy the best of the famous summer getaway town.

Beach Park Properties

5070 Lake Rd E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 725-1675 www.BeachParkProperties.com Beach Park Properties offers fully furnished cottages with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Located across the street from Township Park on Lake Erie, guests can enjoy a beautiful lake view and a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere within walking distance of The Strip.

4876 N Broadway, Geneva-on-the-Lake (724) 588-9341 www.christopherdockside.com This premium lodging is located just across the street from the picturesque Lake Erie and adjacent to The Lodge. With all of the amenities, you might find it hard to want to leave this cozy, laid-back atmosphere.

Cozy Cottages

4971 Presidential Dr. Geneva-on-the-Lake (412) 614-1655 www.cozycottagesgotl.com 5 Quaint cottages with antiques throughout. All standard amenities included. Visit our website for more details and to book your GOTL stay.

Dolly's Vacation Rentals

503 1/2 Furnace Rd. and 709 Buffalo St., Conneaut (440) 813-4503 www.dollyshouseinconneautohio.com Home away from home, a cottage just three blocks from the lake that sleeps 4-5 with all amenities. The house sits on 4 acres and sleeps 4–5 with all amenities. Peaceful & 2.5 miles from the lake. The bungalow has 1-bedroom with all amenities.

Drift Dream's Woodside Cottage

5205 Fairfax Dr, Geneva-on-the-Lake (724) 834-9781 www.airbnb.com/h/ driftdreamgotlwoodsidecottage Clear heart, mind, & soul at this comfy, chic, green-cleaned, 5-star-reviewed, smoke-free cottage. 2 blocks to the lake/ strip. Sleeps 5, fully-equipped kitchen with new appliances, a fire pit, a porch, and lots of charm.

Eagle Cliff Vacation Rentals

5242 Lake Road E. Geneva-on-the-Lake (800) 339-4685, www.eaglecliffinn.com Geneva-on-the-Lake premium vacation cottages and suites.

Grape Getaway Vacation Rentals

Fairfield Inn & Suites As by Marriott Ashtabula

2782 Sidley Court, Austinburg 440-880-5500 marriott.com/YNGFA Fairfield Inn and Suites Ashtabula, located in Austinburg, has everything you need to stay productive while traveling on the road. Feel at home on the road thanks to our hotel’s amenities, complimentary WiFi, free hot breakfast, guest laundry and a business center. Work up a sweat in our hotel’s 24-hour fitness facility or take a swim in our indoor pool. When day is done retreat to our spacious hotel rooms and suites with comfortable bedding.

346 Broadway St., Geneva (440) 773-7213 www.thegrapegetaway.com Two vacation homes, one 6-bedroom/4.5 bath (sleeps 20) and one 4-bedroom/2 bath (sleeps 10), side-by-side in downtown Geneva. Walk to a winery, coffee house, and local restaurants. Perfect for large groups. Book both properties for weddings, reunions, or corporate events.

Gretchen's Getaway

5172 University Dr., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 796-4069, www.vrbo.com/486291 Clean and cozy cottage nestled in a quiet Geneva-on-the-Lake residential neighborhood within walking distance of the strip. 2 queen beds and 2 futons sleeps 6. Linens provided.

Ask about our Points & Miles program! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

FREE Wi-Fi • FREE Breakfast • Guest Laundry Pet-Friendly • Jacuzzi Rooms available Business Center • Meeting Rooms • Fitness Center

1860 Austinburg Road Austinburg, OH 44010 440-275-2711 www.RedRoofInn.com

ASHTABULA Off I-90, Exit 223 Free Hot Breakfast • Indoor Pool Fitness Center Microwave & Refrigerator in All Rooms 48 HD channels with free HBO and Nickelodeon Meeting/Conference Room • Group Discount 2900 G.H. Dr. Austinburg, OH 44010

(440) 275-2000, (800) 426-7866 www.ashtabula.hamptoninn.com

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 65

Hampton Inn Ashtabula

2900 G. H. Dr., Austinburg (440) 275-2000 www.ashtabula.hamptoninn.com Just off I-90, centrally located to covered bridges, charter fishing, wineries, Ashtabula Harbor, Geneva-on-the-Lake, and SPIRE Institute. Fuel up with their free hot breakfast from 6:00 am - 9:00 am. Relax in their indoor swimming pool, rev up with a workout in their fitness room, and enjoy free WIFI.

Harbor Blue Cottage

625 Norman Avenue, Ashtabula (412) 867-5288 www.airbnb.com/h/harbor-blue Beautiful boho-coastal-inspired cottage is within walking distance of Walnut Beach and Bridge Street in Ashtabula's historical harbor area.

Hydrangea House

407 Thayer Ave, Ashtabula (412) 867-5288 www.airbnb.com/h/lue-hydrangea-house Relaxing, stylish, coastal-inspired home within walking distance to Walnut Beach and Bridge Street in the historical harbor area of Ashtabula!

Lakeview Resorts

Oakwood Beach

5287 Lake Road East Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8773 lakeviewresorts.net Enjoy your stay in our comfortable and spacious cottages. Located on Lake Erie with private beach access! Lakeview Resorts has 15 beautiful cottages to choose from. Each cottage has its own private kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is stocked with dinnerware, pots, pans, and utensils. The cottages are air-conditioned, with free Wi-Fi, and satellite TV. We are located on the central strip at Geneva-On-TheLake, close to all major attractions and Lake Erie. The cottages have a private courtyard, and a lighted beachfront walkway.

6209 Oakwood Beach Dr., Ashtabula (440) 317-0053 www.airbnb.com/ rooms/579055558645250768 Wake up to stunning views of Lake Erie and peaceful sounds of waves crashing ashore. Enjoy incredible sunsets around the fire pit or fireplace with your family and friends. Your lakefront oasis is the perfect spot to unwind and relax and is less than 4 miles to the GOTL strip. You'll find two master suites each featuring private bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, wifi, an extra large screened-in porch, grill, fire pit and lawn at waters edge. Relax and let Oakwood Beach take your worries away! Inquire through AirBnB and mention ACCVB for a special offer.

Kingsville Lodge

3852 Peebles Rd., Kingsville (919) 701-5291 www.kingsvillelodge.com This stunning 14-acre private retreat is available for vacation and event rentals. With a recreational pond, hot tub, gamerooms, and much more, you'll find plenty to do here.

LakeFront Condominium Rentals

4699 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 479-4531 Luxury lakefront condos have 2 and 3-bedroom units. Indoor pool, private beach, 2-night minimum, 2 miles east of the strip. Book year-round.

Lakeside Cabins

5919 Lake Road, W, Ashtabula (614) 264-4667, www.rosariorentals.com Stay in Amish-built cabins set on the shores of Lake Erie. Lake views, cookouts, bonfires, parks, and beaches. Minutes from GOTL, Geneva, historic Ashtabula Harbor, 20+ wineries, Spire Institute, and more.

66 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Lockwood Retreat

182 Lockwood St., Geneva (419) 366-0602 www.airbnb.com/h/lockwoodretreat Lockwood Retreat is a 4-bedroom vacation home in Geneva, Ohio. Family-friendly and sleeps up to 8 people. Conveniently located near Geneva on the Lake, Spire Institute, and many local wineries.

Northcoast Marina and Campgrounds

347 West 24th St., Ashtabula (440) 998-6272 www.northcoastmarina.com Located on the scenic Ashtabula River, just a short cruise from Lake Erie. A family and fishermen-friendly atmosphere with a heated pool, hot tubs, playgrounds, fish cleaning stations, and more!

Ohio Wine Country Rentals

507 Sherman St, Geneva (216) 315-0215 www.OhioWineCountryRentals.com This 4-bedroom rental home is nestled in the heart of Geneva, Ohio’s Wine Country. 10 minutes in any direction, you’ll discover dozens of wineries, parks, and Lake Erie beaches!

Orchard View Villas

4749 Dibble Rd., Ashtabula (440) 789-8397 www.brantsappleorchard.com Orchard View Villas gives you a unique opportunity to stay at Brant's Apple Orchard, wander the property after hours, and watch amazing sunsets. The Sansa Suite or the Cortland Cottage can be rented separately or together.

Pete's Lakefront Motel

5225 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-3243 www.peteslakefrontmotel.com Lakefront Motel is right on the east end of the strip. Breathtaking views of Lake Erie and beach access.

The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake

Red Roof Inn

1860 Austinburg Rd., Austinburg (440) 275-2711 www.redroof.com Red Roof Inn Ashtabula is one of the best budget hotels in Austinburg, OH, and is located right off SR 45 with easy access to I-90. A pet-friendly hotel. Their onsite bar, Drifter's Lounge, is open 4PM–10PM Thurs–Sat.

Riverbend Hotel & Suites, Collection by Wyndham

533 Goodwill Dr., Ashtabula (440) 553-8500 www.theriverbendhotel.com Riverbend's 43-room hotel is located on the Ashtabula River and steps from the shores of Lake Erie. Your gateway to Ohio wine, a rooftop bar, shopping, restaurants, and covered bridge country.

River's Edge (Lower)

1211 Morton Drive, Ashtabula (440) 812-5916 www.airbnb.com/h/riversedgebula Peaceful 2-bedroom duplex (lower) in the Historical Harbor District. Enjoy unique shopping and quaint dining. Walking distance to relax or fish at the beautiful Walnut Beach.

River's Edge (Upper)

1211 Morton Drive, Ashtabula (440) 812-5916 www.airbnb.com/h/riversedgebula2 Tranquil 2-bedroom duplex (upper) in the Historical Harbor District, walking distance to shopping, dining, Walnut Beach, fishing, and water sports.

Rustic River Retreats

930 Tote Road, Austinburg (440) 789-8397 www.rusticriverretreats.com Stay at a private 27-acre estate located on the Grand River. Great for a relaxing getaway in Ohio Wine Country, and centrally located to the Grand River Valley wine region, the resort is perfect for families or romantic getaways.


Multiple locations in GOTL (800) 339-4685, www.staygotl.com Geneva-on-the-Lake Premium Vacation Rentals.

Summertime Inn (formerly Pera's Motel)

Pera's Cottages: 5007-5011 Mapleton Beach/Pera's Motel: 4944 Golf Ave. Geneva-on-the-Lake, (440) 466-8675 www.SummerTimeInnGOTL.com A 1950's-era single-story motel with one or two bedroom units available featuring a brand new pool. Pera’s Cottages offers two summer houses: one four-bedroom and one five-bedroom. Open May-October.

Sun Retreats Geneva on the Lake

4710 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8191, (888) 726-7802 www.sunretreatsgeneva.com Located across from Lake Erie, this Geneva-on-the-Lake resort offers well-maintained RV sites with access to wonderful resort amenities and local attractions. There's something for everyone!

Sunset Cottage

5563 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 789-8397 www.thesunsetcottage.com This beautiful lakefront cottage is in the heart of Geneva-on-the-Lake, a tourist town that comes alive from May to Sept. The area offers bars, restaurants, fishing charters, water activities, and much more. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 67

a l u b Aso msuhch ttoasee and do! Martello Photography

• Walnut Beach • Maritime Museum • Hubbard House & Underground Railroad Museum • Historic Bridge Street

• Ashtabula Arts Center • Bascule Bridge • Working Port • Ashtabula Lighthouse • 20+ Restaurants

2 miles from America’s Longest Covered Bridge 4717 Main Ave., Ashtabula, OH 44004

(440) 992-7103 CityofAshtabula.com VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 68

Valley View Farmhouse

3422 Mechanicsville Rd, Rock Creek (574) 238-7336 www.airbnb.com/h/ country-house-in-ohio-wine-country Families can enjoy a quiet vacation getaway at "Grandma's House" in the country. With 2 queen bedrooms, a futon, a full kitchen, and laundry. Nearby wineries, wedding venues, and Lake Erie.

Vineyard Woods

740 State Route 534, Geneva (440) 624-3054, www.vineyardwoods.com Upscale lodging in the heart of the Grand River Valley wine region. Vineyard Woods is a secluded getaway that is perfect for a couple looking to relax or friends looking to take a break from the daily grind. The Lakehouse Inn Retreat

Sunset Vacation Rentals

4690 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 207-0704 www.sunsetvacationrental.com Ashtabula County's #1 vacation experience! Sunset Vacation Rentals has you covered, with so many options to choose from. Offering beautiful lakefront properties, strip-side suites, a large luxury home, and intimate rentals. Complete vacation packages are available.

Sunset Villa

5032 Doctors Dr., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440)-503-9439 vrbo.com/1976289 A peaceful, private stay only steps away from the bustling life of the GOTL strip. Fall asleep and awake to the sound of Lake Erie. Contact us for information on two more nearby locations.

The Harbor Haven

1433 Bridge St., Ashtabula (614) 407-6555 www.airbnb.com/h/theharborhaven Beautifully decorated 2BR/2BA townhome, nestled in the heart of Historic Ashtabula Harbor. Walk to restaurants, coffee, shops, and the beach! Close drive to wineries, SPIRE, and GOTL! Features Level 2 EV charger.

The Lakehouse Inn Retreat

5653 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8668 www.thelakehouseinn.com Nine-room bed & breakfast and four cottages on the shore of Lake Erie. A full breakfast is included with your stay. A day spa, casual farm-to-table restaurant, and boutique winery are also on the premises.

The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake

4888 North Broadway, Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-7100 www.TheLodgeAtGeneva.com Enjoy relaxing resort accommodations, daily wine shuttles, indoor & outdoor pools, full-service restaurant, Lake Erie Canopy Tours Zipline, boat rentals, destination weddings and meetings, iconic sunsets and so much more ­— all on the shore of Lake Erie.

The Palms Motel

5169 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-3243, www.thepalmsgotl.com Beach themed motel on the east end of the GOTL Strip. Heated inground pool.

Warner-Concord Farms B&B

6585 S Ridge Road West, Geneva (440) 428-4485 www.warner-concordfarms.com Conveniently located B&B on a vineyard/ horse farm. Opened in 1992, the facility is close to many wineries, restaurants, and Lake Erie attractions. All rooms have private baths, free Wi-Fi, TV, and include a full breakfast.

Wine Down on Vine

460 Vine Street, Geneva (440) 810-8110 www.WineDownOnVine.net Step into a 5-star, 1600 sq. ft. 3BR/2.5 bath oasis, minutes from Spire Institute, the lake, and renowned wineries. You'll instantly feel right at home in this Geneva retreat.

Woodsong Acres

5504 State Rd., Kingsville (407) 233-5356 www.woodsongacres.com The best of Northeast Ohio's countryside is here. Nestled amongst 46 acres of wooded and farmland bliss, you are welcome to experience a serene and unforgettable stay at their accommodations.

The Westlake House

5162 Old Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 567-3604 www.vrbo.com/ 3563274?unitId=4136420 The Westlake House is the perfect fit for couples, families, and friends. A beautifully updated 4-bedroom 1930s boarding house located right off the GOTL strip. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 69

s on i ct ttra


Brant's Apple Orchard

70 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

An Apple a Day Brant’s Apple Orchard draws in visitors for iconic fall festivities and farm-fresh flavors Growing up in Ashtabula County, Karl

a playground, walking trails, lunch menu,

Brunell made many memories visiting

and more seating—nearly doubling the size

Brant’s Apple Orchard as a kid—long before

of the barn, tripling the size of the bakery

he dreamed of managing the orchard.

inside, and transforming the site into a

Back then, the Simmons family, who

rustic farm market loaded with fresh fall

originally planted the orchard in 1980,

flavors. “If you come to our orchard, you

sold apples from a roadside shed. When

cannot be anything but happy,” Jenn says.

the Brant family bought the property in the late 1980s, they turned the orchard

Brant’s Apple Orchard spans 28 acres and

into an attraction. They enclosed the market

about 4,000 fruit trees, including 27 types

area, added a bakery, introduced apple cider

of apples, three varieties of Asian pears,

donuts and cider slushies that soon became

and six kinds of seedless table grapes. This

local favorites. By hosting school tours,

farm-grown fruit is available for sale inside

hayrides, fall festivals, and other experiences

the market, where rows of wooden bins

in the orchard, the Brants began building

overflow with heaps of the latest harvest.

memories that have kept families coming

Guests looking for a more hands-on

back through the generations.

experience can head into the orchard for Brant’s “u-pick” option, which typically

Brian and Jenn Diehl created similar

starts around mid-September when apples

memories visiting the farm while they were

begin to ripen. Whether it’s a romantic

dating, then bringing their children to the

date, a girls’ afternoon out, or an excursion

orchard’s fall events. When the Brants put

for the whole family (dogs included), two

the property up for sale 10 years ago in

miles of orchard trails provide a scenic

2014, the Diehls jumped at the chance “to

destination surrounded by autumnal hues.

help keep this gem in our community,” Jenn says. “We wanted to continue to have this

Once you smell the scent of fresh-baked

fall destination in Ashtabula County. We

apple pies and pastries wafting from the

continued to build on what the Brant’s had

bakery, you’ll want to add some sweet

formed as a foundation.”

treats to your basket, too. From cookies and muffins to fritters, turnovers, and their

Since then, the Diehls have extended the

famous apple cider donuts, the bakery

orchard’s hours (from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) to

serves a mouthwatering assortment of

welcome more guests throughout the fall

goodies to make your daily dose of apples

season (between August and November)

even more delicious—along with hot cider

while expanding the business to give

and cider slushies to wash it down.

visitors more reasons to return. They added

Read more at VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

BRANT'S BY THE NUMBERS • Between 1,200 and 1,500 gallons of cider is pressed per week between August and November, totaling an average seasonal yield between 15,000 and 18,000 gallons of apple cider. • An average of 350 bins of apples are picked every fall. Each bin holds about 18 bushels, averaging around 6,300 bushels of apples each season. • One bushel of apples produces roughly 3.2 gallons of cider. • Brant’s Bakery makes between 5,000 to 12,000 donuts a week. Selecting the best apples depends on your intended use, whether you’re just biting in, making applesauce, or baking a pie. It all comes down to your preferences for flavor and texture.

VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 71

g n i m a e r


of a lakefront retirement?

AreWith youalmost looking for a team of 200 years of combined experience, we are eagerly awaiting to local committed professionals? Patti Douglass

helpWith you meet yourof retirement goals. almost 200 years combined experience,

we are eagerly awaiting to help you meet your retirement goals.



of Wells Fargo Advisors

LOOKING FOR A SECOND OPINION? SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY. (440) 992-1515 • HUFFMAN-MAYER.COM BE SURE TO SEARCH “HUFFMAN MAYER” ON FACEBOOK Investment and Insurance Products: Not FDIC Insured / No Bank Guarantee / May Lose Value Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and nonbank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. ©2023 Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC. All rights reserved. PM-06072025-6145993.1.1 VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 72

Adventure Zone

5600 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-3555 www.adventurezonefun.com Enjoy Adventure Golf, Go-Karts, bumper boats, batting cages, two climbing walls, a kid’s crawl soft play center, zip-lines, and licensed golf cart rentals! Open daily Memorial Day-Labor Day and weekends May and Sept.

Allison’s Mini Golf

5456 Lake Road, Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-7922 www.allisonsminigolf.com The oldest miniature golf course in continuous play in the US! These 18 holes have been entertaining thousands of visitors since 1924. They are located on the strip with seasonal hours. Credit cards accepted.

Ashley Moores Stables

1269 Doyle Rd., Jefferson (440) 576-8949 Offering scenic trail rides, riding lessons, summer day camps, pony parties, and reunions. They have a small Airbnb room on the farm for quiet country getaways.

Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club

4026 US Rt 322, Williamsfield 440-576-5418 ashtabulaantiqueengineclub.com Visit the beautiful grounds including 2 museums: The Agricultural Heritage & The P&LE Railroad Depot, which tell the story of an era gone by. Along with the country store, a one-room school, a 1900s gas station, and more! 2024 events: Spring Gas-Up: May 11, Native American Indian Powwow – June 21-23, the Big 3-Day Show July 5-7, Bluegrass Festival – Aug. 16 & 17, Fall Show – Sept. 21, AACA’s Annual Car Show – Sept. 22. These shows are a continuous display of antique engines, tractors, vehicles, and much more. There’s something for the entire family.

Ashtabula Arts Center

2928 West 13th St., Ashtabula (440) 964-3396 www.ashtabulaartscenter.org The Arts Center is a multi-arts nonprofit offering year-round programming in theater, music, dance, and visual arts. Enjoy performances, classes, concerts, gallery exhibits, and more.

Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival

25 W Jefferson St., Jefferson (440) 576-3769 www.coveredbridgefestival.org Drive to 19 beautiful covered bridges. Visit the festival at the Ashtabula County Fairgrounds for entertainment, crafts, fair food, antique cars and engines, a parade, contests, children’s activities, and more. Visit the website for more information.

Ashtabula Lighthouse Restoration & Preservation Society

(440) 319-4835 www.ashtabulalighthouse.org Come visit the Ashtabula Lighthouse, which will offer tours in 2024. Annual Fish Fry Fundraiser at Beautiful Lake Shore Park in August is to be announced. Watch their website for more information.

Ashtabula Maritime and Surface Transportation Museum

1071 Walnut Boulevard, Ashtabula (440) 964-6847 www.ashtabulamaritime.org Come explore maritime and railroad history in the former lighthouse keeper’s residence overlooking Ashtabula Harbor. From a ship pilot house to giant beach glass, you can find it here!

Brant’s Apple Orchard

4749 Dibble Road, Ashtabula (440) 224-0639 www.brantsappleorchard.com Fall in Ashtabula County means going to Brant’s Apple Orchard. Famous for Apple Cider donuts, award-winning Apple Cider, full bakery, 27 varieties of apples, Cider Slushies, and a wonderful family atmosphere. You are welcome to visit from early August through Thanksgiving to enjoy the property and delicious treats. Spend a day walking the trails, feeding fish in the pond, taking a hayride, playing on the only covered bridge playground around, or having a picnic with the family or special date. Come during the week and you may see them pressing cider or sorting apples.

Conneaut Railroad Museum

363 Depot St., Conneaut (440) 599-7878 www.nhrs.com/chapters/ohio/conneaut Dedicated to the men and women who worked for local railroads. Their Nickel Plate Road 755 was among the last steam locomotives in Conneaut in 1958.

Allison's Mini Golf @greatlakesloving VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 73

Copper Leaf Studios

5003 Ninevah Rd., Ashtabula www.copperleafstudios.net Copper Leaf Studios is the working studio of metal artist Chris Zielski. Located on a private farm, studio visits are available by appointment.

Eerie Harbor Ghost Walk

1003 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 228-8458, www.eerieharbor.com Enjoy tales of departed sailors and pioneers as you tour the historic streets of Ashtabula Harbor. Learn about the world’s greatest iron ore port, the life of bars & brothels. Call to book.

Entertainment Mafia

5367 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 361-3432 www.entertainmentmafiagotl.com GOTL’s premier entertainment center features state-of-the art escape rooms (two (3) room escapes, two (2) rooms, room one (1) room). 4 smash/rage rooms, 2 splatter paint rooms, and 8 tournament axe pits.

Epic Live Sports & Entertainment Complex

2255 West Ave, Ashtabula (513) 276-2155 Epic Live Sports and Entertainment Complex is Ashtabula’s premier venue for live entertainment. They offer roller skating, concerts, comedy shows, private parties, receptions, and so much more. Call today!

Flannel Dog Farm

5003 Ninevah Rd., Ashtabula (216) 633-9005 www.flanneldogfarm.com Seven-acre homestead with chickens, sheep, bees, an art studio, and a cottage bakery. Tent and tiny house lodging;, outdoor yoga platform. Use the website to order bread, reserve lodging, and obtain info on events.

Game ON! Arcade & Sports Pub

5483 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8650, www.GameOnGOTL.com A family-oriented sports pub with classic and new arcade games that let you collect points and take home prizes. Located at the entrance of Old Firehouse Winery, “Game ON!” has a dozen televisions and full bar service.

74 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Harbor Gardens: General Store & Demonstration Kitchen

1022 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 969-7470 www.harborgardens.org Harbor Gardens is a demonstration kitchen focusing on all things made and grown locally, with a primary fondness for food. Classes include cooking, canning, fermenting, and eating.

Noble Art Entertainment Dinner Theater

5475-B Lake Road East Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 536-5139 www.nobleartentertainment.com DINNER & A SHOW! Visit Geneva-on-theLake’s premiere theater, where every seat is center stage. Enjoy live performances 3 times a year featuring original works handcrafted by their creative team. All perfectly paired with a 5-course dinner.

On The Lake Electric Bike Company

(440) 218-2453 www.onthelakebikes.com Explore your outdoors! Specializing in electric bikes & mobility scooter rentals. Weekly, daily, & hourly delivered to your door, place of lodging, park, or bike trail. GOTL, Austinburg, Ashtabula, Western Reserve Greenway, & surrounding areas.

Purple Goat Gardens

3447 Lampson Rd., Austinburg (440) 296-9089 www.purplegoatgardens.com Small “beyond organic” farm with goats, chickens, vegetable and flower gardens, hiking trails, and a pottery studio. Spring and Fall Festivals, summer tours, cheese-making workshops, and private tours.

Red Hawk’s Landing

4738 Caine Rd., Jefferson (440) 825-7447 www.redhawkslanding.com Red Hawk's Landing is your destination for your special event, where forever begins. Nestled on our 97-acre family farm, overlooking a picturesque lake and the Caine Road covered bridge.

Regal Vineyards

2678 Countyline Rd., Madison (440) 812-4936 www.regalvineyards.com Regal Vineyards has 3 season events in their wine barn, a fall festival, and haunted attractions.

Rabbit Run Theater

5648 W. Chapel Rd, Madison (440) 428-7092 www.rabbitrun.org Experience live theater in the uniqueness of historic Rabbit Run Theater, Ohio’s premier barn theater. Each summer, great entertainment in beautiful sylvan surroundings beckon patrons to relax and take in a show. Blockbuster shows are performed May through August in this intimate 235-seat, state-of-the-art theater. Located near the shores of Lake Erie, Rabbit Run Theater is in the middle of the Grand River Valley Wine District and in close proximity to numerous wineries. Guests are welcome to bring a picnic dinner to enjoy prior to a show in the picturesque picnic grounds at the theater.

Servants of Mary Center for Peace

6601 Ireland Rd., Windsor (440) 272-5380 www.servantsofmary.org WORLD’S LARGEST STATUE OF OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE, which stands 50 feet tall covered by over 450,000 mosaic tiles,the world’s largest illuminated fifteendecade rosary, a chapel, Stations of the Cross Garden, Luminous Mystery rosary garden, Holy Innocents Chapel, and a gift shop.

Shanti Yoga Love Yoga & Wellness Center

27 Wall Street, Jefferson (440) 381-8099, www.yogalvh.com Your wellness partner since 2017 offering trauma-informed Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Gentle & Restorative Yoga PLUS Reiki, Aromatherapy Relaxation, & Inner WisdomTM Yoga Therapeutics. Outdoor destination classes and retreats offered.

Spa at the Lakehouse Inn

Standing Rock Farms

Spire Institute & Academy

Uncle Joe’s Good Time Lock N Load

5654 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-8668 www.thelakehouseinn.com Full-service spa offering massages, facials, waxing, and body treatments. Group spa packages are also available. Advance reservations are highly recommended. Visit website or call for hours and availability.

5201 SPIRE Circle, Geneva (440) 466-1002, www.spireinstitute.org SPIRE is one of the largest indoor, multisport, training, and competition facilities worldwide. SPIRE has the capacity to simultaneously host a residential academy, clubs, leagues, tournaments, and championship events.

Sport Center Arcade

5438 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 466-1304 Since 1947, Sport Center is THE place on the Strip to win great prizes. They have some of the best games with the highest payout and a selection of prizes like no other! Open Mother’s Day to Labor Day.

7394 Ross Rd., Madison (440) 413-1617 www.standingrockfarms.com Located in the heart of the Grand River Valley wine region, Standing Rock Farms is a top-tier destination that promises an unforgettable experience for weddings, events, and overnight stays.

Whips Magic Shop

5474 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake (440) 781-8641 www.facebook.com/GOTLWhips Experience the magic of Whips Magic Emporium, a staple in Geneva-on-theLake for over 40 years! Whips is open seasonally from early May (season opening) to October 15.

5466 Lake Rd., Geneva-on-the-Lake (866) 663-2231 www.unclejoesgoodtime.com Experience the thrill of Lock N Load, an airsoft target shooting range, where you can test your skills and win amazing prizes. Also offered is axe throwing, baseball throwing, party rentals, & more.

Vital Spa

1034 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 261-9190, http://vital.spa Vital Spa offers their guests a place to take time out to relax, heal, and rejuvenate. Their massage, skin and body treatments, float therapies, and sauna help you to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

SPIRE Institute & Academy

Community & Services

Martello Photography 1009 Bridge St. (Up),Ashtabula (440) 813-0544 www.martellophotography.com

City of Ashtabula 4717 Main Ave., Ashtabula (440) 992-7103 www.cityofashtabula.com

Cross Country Mortgage 9169 Mentor Ave., Mentor (440) 413-0867, www.paulmuro.com

Harbor-Topky Memorial Library 1633 Walnut Boulevard, Ashtabula (440)-964-9645 www.harbortopky.lib.oh.us

City of Conneaut 294 Main St., Conneaut (440)-593-7401 www.conneautohio.gov

Gazette Newspapers/ Great Lakes Printing 46 W. Jefferson St., Jefferson (440)-576-9125 www.gazettenews.com

Historic Ashtabula Harbor (347) 463-5115 www.historicashtabulaharbor.com

New Leaf United Methodist Church 110 Gateway Ave., Conneaut (440) 593-2525 www.newleafumc.com

Huffman-Mayer Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors 3705 State Road, Ste 100, Ashtabula (440) 992-1515 www.huffman-mayer-paolo.com

Ohio Wine Producers Association 1 South Broadway, Geneva (440) 466-4417 www.ohiowines.org

Clorice Dlugos Group at McDowell Homes Real Estate Services 1005 Bridge St., Ashtabula (440) 812-2542 www.clorice.mcdhomes.com Conneaut Area Chamber of Commerce 235 Main Street, Conneaut (440) 593-2402 www.conneautareachamber.org Conneaut Convention and Visitor's Bureau 1492 Lake Rd., Conneaut (440) 599-7697 www.visitconneautohio.com Conneaut Public Library 304 Buffalo St., Conneaut (440) 593-1608 www.conneaut.lib.oh.us

Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce 866 East Main St., Geneva (440) 466-8694 www.genevachamber.org Geneva-on-the-Lake Visitors Bureau 5440 Lake Road East (440) 275-3202 Geneva-on-the-Lake www.visitgenevaonthelake.com Greater Ashtabula Chamber of Commerce 4536 Main Avenue, Ashtabula (440)-998-6998 www.ashtabulachamber.net

Jefferson Area Chamber of Commerce 54 East Jefferson St., Jefferson (440) 576-0133 www.jeffersonchamber.com Kent State University in Ashtabula 3300 Lake Road West., Ashtabula (440) 964-3322 www.kent.edu/Ashtabula

Orwell-Grand Valley Area Chamber of Commerce 143 S Maple St., Orwell (440) 437-5782 www.grandvalleychamber.org Pymatuning Area Chamber of Commerce 68 Public Square, Andover (440) 293-5895 www.PymatuningAreaChamber.org Rock Creek Area Chamber of Commerce 3043 E Water St., Rock Creek (440) 567-2325 www.rockcreekareachamber.com VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 75


Geneva-on-the-Lake is an iconic spot for family vacations and summer getaways with friends.


Start your morning with Madsen Donuts, zipline through the sky at Lake Erie Canopy Tours, hop on the bumper boats at Adventure Zone, visit Eddie’s Grill for a tall glass of root beer paired with a classic hot dog & fries, go mini-golfing at Allison’s Mini Golf (one of the oldest operating mini golf locations in the U.S), and listen to live music while you dine on the patio of The Old Firehouse Winery while watching the sun set behind the iconic Ferris wheel. 76 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

Stay at Ohio's Wine Country Resort. The Lodge offers comfortable resort accommodations, 25 lakeside cottages, daily wine shuttles, indoor & outdoor pools, on-site Horizons Restaurant, sunset views, Lake Erie Canopy Tours Zipline, bicycle & boat rentals and much more- all on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. The Lakehouse Inn Retreat is a B&B, including four Jacuzzi suites, and four cottages on the shore of Lake Erie. All rooms feature a private bath. Full breakfast included with stay. Other amenities include a day spa, locally-sourced restaurant, and winery.

Lakefront or poolside? Visitors at the Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake will enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools. Or, check out the public sandy beach at Geneva State Park.

Rent jet skis, kayaks, and paddle boards at Bula Coast Water Sports and spend the day soaking up the sun out on the lake.

Enjoy a delicious variety of family-favorite foods during your stay in GOTL. From burgers to pizza to pasta and more, everyone in your group will have a new favorite. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 77


Geneva-on-the-Lake also offers plenty of vacation rentals for large groups celebrating special occasions. StayGOTL offers a wide range of properties in the Geneva-onthe-Lake area. Ranging from larger accommodations for the whole family, to perfectly sized accommodations for couples getaways. For families looking for pet-friendly accommodations, visit the Lodging section of this travel guide and look for the paw print icon. Head to Geneva Township Park, a great place for a family get-together or a quick picnic. It's also a great spot to watch the sunset.


The Summer Kickoff Parade is always the Saturday before Mother's Day. Thunder on the Strip, the biggest bike rally in Northeast Ohio, is always the weekend after Labor Day! The Geneva-on-the-Lake "Strip" is alive with stunt shows, live entertainment, vendors village, and a bike parade. Follow us on social media @visitgenevaonthelake for winter fun and holiday pop-up events! 78 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com

The outdoor pool area at the Lodge at Geneva has a yard game area, splash pad, and poolside cafe serving snacks, lunch, and a variety of refreshing drinks.

Breakwater Beach at Geneva State Park was named a

"Best Hidden Beach" by Family Destination Guide in 2023.


Once a farming town with seasonal hunting and fishing cabins, GOTL began to transform into Ohio’s First Summer Resort when an enterprising businessman invited visitors on July 4, 1869, to his “pleasure grounds,” a picnic and camping area at Sturgeon Point on the shores of Lake Erie. It was an immediate hit. Shortly after adding a horse-powered carousel and boarding house, popularity of the area grew. Waves of visitors made the easy trip from Pittsburgh, Warren, and Youngstown, often to escape the oppressive heat of the steel mills. For the next 100 years, the Village expanded, adding dance halls and amusement rides, followed by arcades and nightclubs. Music and dance filled the air, hosting performers from Duke Ellington to Jimmy Hendrix. The rise of automobile ownership, coupled with little municipal oversight, caused the town to crowd with wild behaviors. In 1970, Ohio raised its drinking age to 21 and some of the raucous hustle began to diminish. The community returned to more family-oriented activities and began welcoming back visitors who had vacationed there as children. VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 79

connect four

PACK YOUR DAY WITH FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY AND GET OUT AND MAKE MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. Can you find Sandy the Seagull? Complete the Family Fun Trail and earn a sweet prize.

Donut lovers unite at Madsen Donuts. Pro tip: get there early, they sell out fast!

Adrenaline-seekers will love Adventure Zone bumper boats or gokarts? Or try your luck at arcade games

Sugar rush! Pop into Pucker Up Candy Shoppe to make your own giant cotton candy!

Fore! Book a tee-time at Geneva-on-the-Lake Golf Course.

Say cheese! Snap a pic in front of the Lake Life Mural Outside the GOTL Welcome Center

Book a campsite at Sun Retreats and enjoy a getaway.

Enjoy a beach day at Breakwater Beach in Geneva State Park.

Dog days! Ruff Life on the Lake has a full menu for humans and dogs alike!

Over-easy, or scrambled? You decide at Mary's Kitchen which serves up classic breakfast all day.

Grab a burger at East End Bar and Grill

Zip through the trees at Lake Erie Canopy Tours. Not up for heights? Take a paddle on a swan pedal boat instead.

Score some sweet prizes at Game On! or Sportscenter Arcade.

Strike a pose in front of the GOTL sign. Look for the big, blue letters!

Hot dog or hamburger? Eddie's Grill is a GOTL classic, serving up grilled favorites for over 70 years.

Take a ride on the ferris wheel at Old Firehouse Winery.

Stop by the Geneva-on-the-Lake Welcome Center (open daily May - September) 80 | VisitAshtabulaCounty.com at 5544 Lake Rd. E. for a free copy of a GOTL Fun Guide and Map.


n u F y l i m Fa s e g a l for al

Adventure Zone

Game On!

Old Firehouse Winery

Adventure Zone

For generations, Geneva-on-the-Lake has been a family destination and continues to attract anyone who is a kid at heart. At the unofficial start of the iconic “Strip” sits Adventure Zone Family Fun Center. With over a dozen rides and attractions in the 10-acre park, you’ll be entertained for hours! Families can challenge each other on go-karts, bumper boats, adventure golf, and arcade games. Zip through the sky on their zipline course or challenge yourself to rock climbing. Little ones can get all their energy out (rain or shine) in the Adventure Krawl tubes, nets, and obstacles. If you need to relax a bit, hop on the 1957 Allan Herschell Carousel – there is nothing more nostalgic than a merry-go-round. Two new escape rooms as well as the vertical seat drop, Hammer Slam, are sure to thrill. Be sure to stop at Old Firehouse Winery located on the Lake Erie shore. Throughout the year, they host live music, themed craft shows, and seasonal festivals overlooking Lake Erie. Old Firehouse's menu offers family-friendly selections as well as fun drinks for adults, such as wine slushies, frozen margaritas, and wine flights. Be sure to check out the firetruck memorabilia inside and grab a photo in the firetruck at the entrance. During the colder months (November April), rent a heated igloo and cozy up under twinkling lights. If you're up for a little family competition, Game On! Arcade & Sports Pub hosts a mix of classic and new arcade games. Collect your tickets and turn them in at the end of the night in exchange for fun prizes!

Old Firehouse Winery

Adventure Zone Family Fun Center 5600 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake AdventureZoneFun.com Old Firehouse Winery 5299 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake OldFirehouseWinery.com Game On! Arcade & Sports Pub 5483 Lake Road E., Geneva-on-the-Lake GameOnGOTL.com VisitAshtabulaCounty.com | 81



Family Owned for 73 YEARS

5 3 7 7 LA KE ROAD • GO T L • (440) 466- 8720

Your lakefront retreat awaits.

5653 Lake Rd. East Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 44041 • (440) 466-8668 • thelakehouseinn.com

y a d o T p i r T r u o Y n a l P


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