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DEC 14

interview with benny landa pantone flavoured beer new look kodak revolutionary ink tech latest intel


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DEC 14


cantone? Creativity from a colour swatch - a great packaging idea

interview with benny landa When Landa talks, people pay attention


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new Products

EFI used the SGIA Expo to launch its new wide format entry level system the 2m EFI Vutek H2000 Pro printer.


The H2000 extendable base platform UV inkjet printer is targeted at wide-format signage and graphics companies looking for a more affordable entry point into high end production printing while providing the option to add features – including white ink, clear varnish and roll-to-roll media handling – as production demand grows.

Key Vutek H2000 Pro Features: • Six colours plus single-pass, multilayer print capability for premium-margin jobs • UltraDrop Technology - smaller drop sizes - more precise control with native 7pL print heads - multidrop addressability in dot position • Resolutions of 600 dpi or 1,000 dpi • Quality printing up to 14.4’ x 8’ boards or 66sqm per hour • Rigid and sheet media up to 2m w x 50mm thick • High apparent resolution and high-definition with 4 level grayscale and 2 ink density levels

The printer brings UltraDrop Technology grayscale imaging to the mid-volume inkjet graphics production segment, providing high apparent resolution and excellent text reproduction along with outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions. Vutek H2000 Pro users can run rigid, sheet and flexible media up to 50mm thick and it offers standard multi-queue functionality for continuous production. Enhanced hybrid vacuum belt technology on the new 2m UV inkjet printer optimises substrate feeding. Performance Options • Fiery digital front: Choice of Fiery proServer or Fiery XF software only

• Outstanding smoothness in shadows, gradients and transitions

• Roll-to-roll ability with unwinders and rewinders in one footprint

• Excellent text quality with four-point text in both standard and knockout with fewer satellites and more clarity in all print modes

• White ink in a single or dual channel configuration

• Integration ready with EFI Web-to-Print and MIS/ERP solutions with native JDF connectivity

• Clear varnish in a single or dual channel configuration

Screen Truepress Jet W3200UV HS Screen used the SGIA Expo 2014 in Las Vegas as the North American launch venue of its Truepress Jet W3200UV HS flatbed inkjet printer. Originally previewed at Fespa Digital in Munich in May 2014, Screen says the W3200UV HS (High Speed) has a productivity increase on the previous model launched in 2013 and PSP’s now have a Key Features • Increased print speed to 150sqm/hr, almost double the 85sqm/hr of the previous model

choice of Truepress models and the ability to upgrade on-site from the standard Truepress Jet W3200UV to HS specifications with an easy field installation. Screen says the W3200UV HS is ideal for jobs that command a premium price margin such as exhibition graphics and retail signage, as well as posters, product decoration, architectural signage and backlit displays. • 6 colours - CMYK, Lc and Lm plus two white ink channels

• High quality image and colour in all print modes via Wasatch SoftRIP

• White ink circulation system prevents separation into liquid and pigment settling into the ink tank

• Users can fine tune print modes to suit the finished product

• 14 picoliter liquid cooled printheads with silicon nozzle plates

• Robust, rigid industrial build

• Supports all mainstream front end RIP’s including Caldera GrandRIP+, for colour info, imposition and finishing

• Pop up register pins • Auto cleaning heads • Head crash detection system

• Auto detect and replace of missing or deviated nozzles

• Inline registration of up to 8 layers • Register pins to position prints • Vacuum table with six individually controlled zones to secure rigid and flexible media • Multi function permits front/back overprinting for backlit day/night graphics • The 3.2 x 1.6m wide flatbed with magnetically encoded drive motors



new Products

Fujifilm Acuity F gets US debut at SGIA Expo 2014

Highlights of the Acuity F include the dual print zones, each with its own vacuum system which can be used independently to allow printing on substrates of up to 3.05m x 2.5m, 50.8mm thick. Non-stop production is possible as one board can be staged while the other is being printed.

Fujifilm North America, Graphic Systems Division gave the Acuity F its US debut on the show floor at SGIA Expo 2014. Originally launched at Fespa Digital 2014 in May, the Acuity F is an all-new dedicated UV flatbed designed specifically for the display and signage market that can produce high print quality at speeds of up to 155 sqm/hr

and is available as a 6 channel or 7 channel model. The F, typically configured with six colours plus white, maintains all the advantages of the Acuity line-up, including nearphotographic image quality, versatility and ease of use; but also has been optimised for the efficient and high speed production of rigid media applications.

The Acuity’s flatbed architecture supports the broadest range of rigid media, including irregular shapes, heavy, smooth or precut materials up to two inches thick. It also allows for the production of multi-layered applications, double-sided or large prints over multiple boards in perfect register, and edge-to-edge printing. The print performance of the Acuity F is optimised by Fujifilm’s unique formulation Uvijet inks that incorporates the proprietary ‘Micro-V’ dispersion technology which the company says consistently delivers wide adhesion, colour vibrancy and durability.

Ricoh Pro C7100x digital press with fifth colour

Features Include • Print speeds of up to 90 ppm • Supports simplex and duplex paper weights of up to 360gsm

Ricoh have launched the Ricoh Pro C7100x series, its latest digital colour cut sheet digital press, with a fifth colour station available for either white or clear toner. The company said that, in addition to image quality, fast turn around times and premium finish, the Pro C7100x supports an extensive range of media including new textured media technology such as velum and linen.

Developed to suit digital print service providers, graphic arts businesses such as direct mailers, service bureaus, digital printers and In-Plant Print Centres the C7100x will suit various applications including light and demo packaging, direct mail, books, brochures and business cards as well as banners, POP displays, signs, sales and marketing materials. Ricoh’s Pro C7100x will be available in China and the Asia Pacific region in early 2015 and is backed by Ricoh’s TCRU programme (Trained Customer Replaceable Units) which enables customers to replace more than a dozen parts for increased uptime.

• Image quality of up to 1200 x 4800dpi from Vertical Cavity • Precise sheet to sheet and front to back mechanical registration • Surface emitting Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) • Vertical Cavity • AC transfer system • Elastic fusing belt technology • Media library allows substrate parameter adjustment • Self contained liquid cooling system • Vacuum feed LCT with banner option • Compatible with EFI print server

Changing up a gear to double the speed The new high speed Durst Rho P10 HS series with LED pin curing The new Rho P10 HS series has double the productivity of the original P10 models and further establishes the printers as the most productive in their class. They feature the latest Durst Quadro Array printheads with double the number of nozzles and also incorporate LED Pin curing. This helps to make the faster speed possible by sealing the drops of ink whilst UV curing then finalises the drying process. Furthermore, Durst Variodrop technology helps with the increased productivity and improved image quality. Unrivalled P10 quality, with a resolution of up to 1000 dpi, is now available from a printer that is capable of printing up to over 400 m²/h. With the ability to print on the widest range of both roll and rigid media, the new P10 series represents another example of Durst’s technology driven productivity. Help your business stay ahead of the competition by changing up a gear with Durst. Progressing Productivity

Durst. The industrial inkjet specialist



new Products

HP - Designjet HD and SD Pro Scanners

HP Designjet SD Pro Scanner

HP Designjet HD Scanner

HP have expanded their scanner portfolio with the inclusion of the new HP Designjet SD Pro Scanner, saying it was developed to integrate with HP Designjet printers to deliver fast, detailed, large format prints and is ideal for central reprographic departments (CRDs) within enterprise organisations and reprographic houses.

The Designjet HD Scanner has high definition document scanning, copying and image enhancing suitable for geographic information system (GIS) professionals and CRDs that depend on high precision reproduction of graphic artwork, maps, photos and technical drawings.

New Contact Image Sensor (Cis) Technology: • Scan and copy documents and maps at high speeds • without fringing • Dual illumination eliminates unwanted shadows and backgrounds • High quality results with crisp text and lines • Scan resolutions of up to 1200 dpi • Create large-format colour and black and white scans up to 1,118mm wide Accelerated Workflow And Scanning: • Up to 152 mm per second in colour and 330 mm per second in black-and-white • Save scans as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or DWF files Scan and share images to email, USB, networks and more Scan Support For Hp Designjet Printers: • Multifunction integrated system • Add new functions to workflow with detailed scanning, copying, and image enhancement • Single interface for maintenance and support • Save space by placing the scanner above select HP Designjet printers • Nine level adjustable stand

It will scan images up to 42” wide from thick or rigid media and features charge coupled device (CCD) technology and an advanced five-camera system to capture complex data quickly without sacrificing details.

Transforming Original To Digital: • High speeds up to 7.6 cm/sec for colour and up to 25.4 cm/sec for black-and-white scans • Powerful scan resolution, realistic colours and precise lines that improve upon the original • Produce large format colour and black-and-white scans from wide or thick, rigid originals Integrated Scan-Copy-Print System: • Consistent colour reproduction with closed-loop colour calibration • Can be integrated with the printer and entire production system using preconfigured drivers and network connectivity • Save scanned files in a variety of file formats, and easily integrate with third-party applications • Seamless network connectivity

The Designjet SD Pro Scanner is expected to be available worldwide beginning October 2014.

Contex ScanStation large format scanner

Contex, the Danish large format imaging solutions developer has launched ScanStation, a productivity solution for large format workflow, scanning, copying, filing and archiving that the company says will

improve workflow productivity by up to 30%.

Scanstation Features:

Users can choose from the range of Contex wide format scanners, the HD Ultra i4250s, HD Ultra i4290s, IQ Quattro 4450, IQ Quattro 4490 or HD 5450. ScanStation also includes REimage scanning technology that allows operators to go back to a scan’s raw data to capture specific content, eliminating the need to rescan documents. REimage allows users to retrieve the raw data versus rescanning the original document, a feature exclusive to Contex wide format scanners.

• All-in-one controller with Intel Core i7 3.2 GHz, 2GB DDR3 memory processor

The ScanStation is now available from Contex distributors and resellers in over 90 countries worldwide.

• Multi touch 21.5” display screen functionality with Windows 7 • REimage technology - users can retrieve raw data without rescanning • Scans to destination of choice via 2 GB Ethernet or USB2 and USB3 ports • Zoom, pinch and swipe functions • Adjust scans with image controls • Batch mode for higher volume jobs • Powered by Intel • Ergonomic height adjustable stand

Agfa Graphics Wide Format Printing Systems A complete offering of UV-curable inks, sophisticated hardware, software, color and imaging knowledge that perfectly matches each other, aiming at delivering the best print quality for your specific application needs.

AGFA (ASEAN) SDN BHD Tel : +603 7953 5800



new Products

Fuji Xerox Singapore launch entry level Versant 80 Versant 80 Features:

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Singapore has launched the Versant 80 Press, a new entry-level, colour production printer targeted at a range of users from specialised professional printing units to print-on-demand jobs in offices. The printer utilises many of the printing technologies employed in the recently launched Versant 2100 Press in a body size approximately half the width of the 2100 making it suitable for installation in office environments.

Handles paper thicknesses from 52 to 350 gsm

Using Fuji Xerox A4 horizontal J paper the press delivers 80ppm on uncoated or coated stock and prints on a variety of media including envelopes

Compact belt roll fuser increases productivity

Advanced Simple Image Quality Adjustment feature enables high quality prints while reducing operator intervention

Calibration of front to back registration for double-sided printing can be completed simply by scanning a printed chart resulting in alignment adjustment reduced to less than half the time of the Color C75 Press

Digital processing technologies result in images close to offset quality

Ultra HD resolution from high-speed data transmission technology renders large-volume/high-resolution data from the server to the press at a RIP resolution of 1,200 dpi

Enhanced gradations, highlights and shadows now realized with 10bit tone correction processing enabled by new print servers

Stochastic screen with improved smoothness avoids moire pattern

Meets office needs such as copying, scanning and printing without accessing the print server allowing the Versant 80 to act as a printer

Optional finishing systems such as booklet making, stapling, hole punching and folding provide back end flexibility

Ricoh Australia launch Pro VC60000 Ricoh Pro VC60000 Features: • Premium print quality with Ricoh print heads and fluids, using multi-drop ink technology and physical print resolutions up to 1200x1200 dpi with dynamic variable drop size within each pixel • High productivity duplex system with fast speeds able to produce 100,000 A4 images per hour • Long lasting print heads Ricoh Australia have released its newest continuous feed platform, the Ricoh Pro VC60000, targeted at PSPs making the transition from offset to digital as commercial printers focus on data-driven applications and workflows requiring colour inkjet presses with vibrant print quality and increased media flexibility. The Pro VC60000 is capable of producing more than 100,000 A4 images per hour and provides a function-rich solution for customers new to digital colour, and for those wanting to consolidate and streamline their operations. The machine uses Ricoh’s next generation drop-on-demand print heads and high density pigment inks - a result of 25 years of experience developing core inkjet technologies. These new print heads are capable of physical resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 dpi and, by using the dynamic variable drop technology, customers can produce near-offset quality documents. Commercial printers can run, with the optional undercoat unit, a variety of offset coated gloss stocks with output quality comparable to what they expect from offset devices. An optional inline protector-coating unit provides scratch and scuff resistance to protect critical documents. The VC60000 print quality provides customers with the ability to shift jobs to digital that haven’t been profitable on offset. It will help commercial printers, in-plants and print service providers to compress run lengths and operate more cost-effectively, while maintaining high quality throughput.

• High viscosity water based pigment inks • Fast set up times and easily handles variable data • New user interface • Paper use is not limited to inkjet paper • Climate controls dry jobs quickly • The Ricoh developed Digital Front End, TotalFlow Print Server R600A with native support for PDF, PDF/VT and AFP/ IPDS together with JDF and advanced colour management support • Versatile with a broad range of media support that include uncoated, coated offset, digital, treated, recycled papers. • Optional undercoat unit allows print on offset coated stocks with the optional protector coat unit providing a durable “scratch & scuff resistant” layer • Future proofed with ongoing development plan and continuous upgrade path • Compatible with Ricoh Process Director and Process Director Express modular software to automate workflow • Easily integrates with third party finishing devices

Unleash Your Creativity through 3D Printing

Creativity Unleashed Create design variations with endless possibilities

Cost-of-error minimized Validate and modify designs in a more cost-effective way

Compression of time Shorten time-to-market to be a forerunner

Confidentiality guaranteed Prevent design leakage with in-house prototyping

Idea Series

Design Series

Production Series



new Products

Konica Minolta Sinagpore launch bizhub PRESS C1100/C1085

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia, Singapore have launched two of their fastest commercial and digital colour production printers - bizhub PRESS C1100 (pictured) and C1085 printers. With printing speeds of 100 ppm and 85 ppm, the bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 are the fastest of Konica Minolta’s colour production printers and the bizhub series supports continuous high speed printing up to 350 gsm cardstock with automatic duplex printing. The C1100 and C1085 have an enhanced paper feed mechanism and up to three paper feeding modules can be connected to boost the printer’s performance to a maximum of nine trays and a capacity of 13,890 sheets. The Simitri HDE toner guarantees image quality and energy-saving performance and to ensure long-term image stability, the series features the inline Colour Density Control (CDC) which delivers optimal image quality and consistent colour reproduction. Advanced Screen Enhancing Active Digital Processing (S.E.A.D. IV) image processing technology also improves reproducibility even with fine detail.

Features: • 85 (C1085 ) to 100 (C1100) ppm colour or B&W output • 1200 x 1200 dpi 8-bit image rendering • 13,890 sheet paper • 750,000 – 1,000,000 sheet monthly volume • SEAD IV Screen-Enhancing Active Digital Processing System • G7 grayscale calibration allows colour output to be reproduced on other G7 equipment • Enhanced Simitri HDE toner for superior halftone and skintone reproduction, with biomass plant-based material to reduce environmental impact • Paper sizes up to 13” x 19.2” and weights from 55 to 350 gsm • Alignment detection with auto adjustment • Finishing options include booklet production, perfect binding and stacks up to 10,000 sheets

Fuji Xerox Color C60/C70 light production printer The C60/70 is a scan, copy, print hybrid multifunction device suited to quick print shops, in-plant operations, agencies, small businesses and manufacturers and its media flexibility means it can produce anything from basic office prints to complex collaterals such as polyester labels, magnets and vinyl window clings. Uniquely, the C60/C70 prints on linen for specific applications like event planning, appliques and luxury embellishments. Fuji Xerox’s Emulsion Aggregation (EA) toner, with its unique low-melt technology, navigates the traditionally difficult peaks and valleys in linen and other specialty substrates like polyester. The machine offers consistent and accurate image quality with a 2400 x 2400 dots per inch (dpi) resolution and enhanced front-to-back registration accuracy, qualifying for credentials such as the Fogra certification and Pantone matching system. Apart from generating precise image quality at continuous printing speeds of up to 70 pages per minute (ppm) in colour and 75 ppm in black-and-white, the device also offers flexible inline finishing options, such as stapling, holepunching, folding and face trimming. Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific has released its latest light production printer, the Color C60/C70 Printer, saying the new machine is a flexible, cost-effective, all-in-one solution with high quality output. Besides simplifying the process of capturing, editing and storing documents the device is also capable of professional finishing.

It includes easy set-up, multitasking and automated workflows features and is compatible with a number of print servers to fit different workflows which, along with the Xerox Standard Accounting software, the device’s extensive accounting features allows companies to track, analyse and control device usage and spending.

new products



Canon US imagePRESS C60 colour digital press

A d d i t ion a l feat u res i n c l u d e Gloss Optimization Canon’s proprietary Gloss Optimization technology evenly tailors the gloss level of the toner image and helps eliminate the “3D” look of toner for output results similar to offset printing. Advanced Toner Transfer Canon USA have launched the imagePRESS C60 colour digital press which they expect to commence shipping in the US mid November. The C60 builds on the success of the imagePRESS C1+ Series technology but with faster output, enhanced capabilities and meets Energy Star Standards, has an EPEAT Gold rating and RoHS compliant. The company says it has been developed to suit advertising agencies, graphic design studios, packaging design and architectural firms for colour critical applications including layout proof, press proof comps or packaging markups and, when combined with optional in-line finishing, it can produce style guides, planograms and presentations. Canon imagePRESS C60: • 2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution • Up to 60 ppm in colour/mono on uncoated media up to 220 gsm • Media up to 300 gsm including coated and embossed stock • 256 level Grayscale for halftones • 32 beam Red-VSEL laser technology for 2400 x 2400 dpi • Scan resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi • Fast start up and first print out time

Increasing the toner transfer efficiency on smooth as well as uneven media surfaces, the Advanced Image Transfer Belt permits excellent media-handling capabilities on a broad range of surfaces such as textured media. Accurate Registration The compact registration module helps to achieve accurate image placements for precise front to back registration. Real-time Calibration Allows colour consistency and accuracy with automatically monitored density levels. Fiery technology-driven imagePRESS Servers The imagePRESS Server F200 and imagePRESS Server G100 are the first digital front ends on the market based on EFI’s new Fiery FS150 Pro platform and includes Fiery Spot-On technology for colour tables and colour matching on a specific engine or substrate Image Reader: Scan resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi from 11” x 17” originals

Canon Singapore imageFORMULA DR-F120 scanner markets such as government agencies and legal firms, to small and home offices. The ADF and a flatbed scanner unit allow efficient feeding of various forms of documents such as standard A4, A5, legal-sized documents, cheques, invoices, and business cards and holds a paper capacity of 50 sheets which enables the device to achieve a 1 path duplex scanning speed of up to 36 images per minute . The scanner flatbed unit, can digitise plastic cards and long documents up to 1,000mm easily.

Canon Singapore has launched the Imageformula DR-F120 desktop scanner that features both Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and a Flatbed unit that scan A4, legal-sized documents, books, driver licenses and plastic ID cards – even if they have embossed lettering.

The device is capable of scanning and processing a mixed batch of documents into a single file, minimising the need for manual post-scanning processing. Using a combination of ADF and flatbed scanning capabilities, users may scan a batch of numerous documents – legal-sized documents, passports, and ID cards – into a single file automatically. This feature saves time by eliminating the need for users to combine multiple files manually using third-party software.

Canon says the DR-F120 is a convenient solution for digitising documents, and is suitable for many industries as well as niche

The imageFORMULA DR-F120 will be available now from authorised Canon dealers at an RRP of SGD $599.



Feature interview

Exclusive interview Benny Landa Landa Digital Printing

Benny Landa speaks with Andy McCourt industry analyst/consultant and editor of Australia’s Print21 magazine

Thirty months ago, the printing world was bedazzled by the showing of the first all-new technology to hit the market for decades – Landa Nanographic Printing. The promise, revealed at the 2012 drupa trade fair in Düsseldorf was for faster, cleaner, more colourful and cheaper digital printing; delivered in show-business style by master presenter Benny Landa himself – the progenitor of all modern digital printing via his Indigo digital offset invention, later sold to HP who still enjoys stellar success with it. Following a virtual lock-down period as Landa’s team has worked around the clock to re-engineer the presses and get ready for the next drupa, in June 2016, Benny Landa opens the hatches in this exclusive interview with Andy McCourt, editor of Australia’s Print21 magazine and industry analyst/consultant.


or over two decades, his name has been a consistent feature in the development of modern digital printing technology. As entrenched, slow to change, firms played catch-up following the disruptive launch of the Indigo E-Print in 1993, a passing parade of CEOs, claimants to the crown, wannabes and try-hards have come and gone but one name has remained a constant; Benny Landa. He’s now into his second round of disruptive invention; having cashed in and sold the wildly successful Indigo to Hewlett Packard in 2002. He reaches out; he talks directly like a real person and not in mystical corporate-speak; he puts on great shows, literally with song and dance as we saw at drupa 2012. But behind the razzamatazz there is Benny the businessman; Benny the inventor and holder of over 800 patents; Benny the thinker; Benny the people-person who, even though an Israeli, spends philanthropic funds to help educate poorer Palestinians. He’s a team player but a leader too. In 2012 he set impossible targets for the commercialisation of Landa Nanography. There’s never been a new technology delivered ontime; as the poet Browning wrote “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” And so, admittedly well behind schedule and with a major reengineering of the Nanographic presses he showed in 2012; a refocusing of target markets; a new minority investor in Altana; a deepening partnership with Komori, a Landa licensee & supplier of its sheet transport system; a closer partnership with EFI for the frontend; the addition of a UV coater; USD$250 million in investment and over 1,000 man-years of sweat; here is Benny Landa opening up as only he can; forthrightly, honestly, pragmatically but still with that showman’s glint in his eyes.




Our first beta sites will be located in Israel, North America and Europe

AM: Let’s start with the Nanographic technology – a major engineering makeover of the Landa S10 B1 sheetfed has just been announced with its weight rising from around 10 to 30 tonnes and length to over 17 metres. How will this affect the pricing projected at drupa 2012? Will TCO still be similar? BL: Landa shares its pricing with its LOI (Letter of Intent) customers but not with the public so I can’t offer specific details. However, I can confirm that the attractiveness of the TCO (Total Cost of Operation) and BEP (Break Even Point) vs. offset is maintained with our new, larger Landa S10 press (pictured above). AM: The Landa S10 press is looking more like an offset press in proportions: - is most of the additional 20 tonnes in Komori paper handling? BL: Yes, the main reason for the weight increase is the enhanced paper handling system as well the addition of the coating unit. You could conclude that our press offers the brains of digital and the brawn of offset. AM: The focus seems to be on the Landa S10 press – is this because it will be ready for market before the other LDP models? BL: Following drupa 2012, we evaluated our priorities based on the needs of our LOI customers. Two things were readily apparent: the first was that our customers are interested in the wide B1 (40 in. / 1050mm) platform used by the Landa S10, W10 and also the 560mm W50 press. The second was that sheetfed is a high priority for the market. These two aspects led us to focus on the Landa S10 press as our first product. AM: With the addition of an optional UV coater – is this unit a nonNanographic one using available technology? Or does it use a clear Nano-Ink? BL: The coating unit on the Landa S10 press is a standard analogue unit that uses standard coating materials. AM: The market focus of the Landa S10 press appears to favour single-sided packaging, particularly folding cartons. Is this correct or will we also see a double-sided Landa S10 press for general commercial printing at drupa 2016? BL: The first Landa S10 will be a single-sided press focusing on the folding carton, litho-lam and POP/POS markets. The doublesided Landa S10 will be our second press and will serve mostly commercial printers. We will exhibit both products at drupa 2016.

AM: The new delivery-end ‘cockpit’ looks impressive…will this also feature on the S5 (B3) and S7(B2) models? BL: The Landa S7 and S5 presses are further down our roadmap and I am not able to share more information about them at the current time. AM: It looks like the web models, like the Landa W10 press, retain the giant touch-screen on the side of the press – is this the case? BL: Our teams are currently evaluating the industrial design of the Landa W10 and W50 presses and we will update the market when appropriate. AM: The Landa W10 and W50 presses look to still be reel-to-reel machines. Is there progress on inline converting, particularly for labels? BL: As I mentioned before, we are currently looking at all aspects and specifications of the Landa W50 press. We will update the market when we are able to be more specific. AM: The Nano Ink CMYK gamut is far beyond the offset one and yet there is still an option for +OVG, making seven colours – do you envisage that, for the packaging markets, the 7 colour configuration will prove to be more popular, as it has done for HP Indigo? BL: We expect that the Landa 7 colour system will cover 85% or more of the Pantone space. The customers and brands with whom we have already spoken are confident that our 7 colour solution will be good alternative for the special colour system used today with offset and flexo presses. AM: Will all LDP models be released for sale simultaneously or will we see a staged approach as each one ramps up into production? BL: Landa is taking a staged approach for releasing our presses. This will ensure that our presses meet the expectations of our customers and that the products are mature when launched. AM: The recent 100 million Euro Altana investment is interesting; can you reveal what percentage of LDP Altana now owns? BL: Landa is still a privately held company and we do not share this level of detail regarding the ownership of the company. I can share that Altana is a minority investor.

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Feature interview

We will emerge from drupa 2016 leading the market AM: Why Altana? BL: Altana is a leading vendor through their divisions BYK (additives and instrumentation), Actega (coatings) and Eckart (metallic pigments) and possess a wealth of worldwide manufacturing expertise. Since they are not direct competitors with Landa or its other partners, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. In addition, Landa and Altana share a lot of the same values, especially when it comes to innovation. Both companies focus on their people. We both believe that openness, trust, appreciation and empowerment to act are characteristics that enable the innovation culture in both companies. And we both have the same understanding of innovation: developing solutions that help our customers differentiate and be successful in their respective markets. AM: Altana is a speciality chemicals company…do they see crossbenefits to them in LDP’s Nanotechnology R&D or is it purely an investment in printing? BL: Altana is confident that Nanography is a game-changing technology that can enable the printing industry to thrive in the 21st century. In addition, Altana sees this investment as a starting point for a long-term strategic partnership in which synergistic collaboration between Altana and Landa can lead to further developments for the printing industry. AM: Will Altana’s manufacturing expertise be put to use in setting up NanoInk manufacturing plants? BL: Altana offers a lot of manufacturing expertise that we will put to use. We are committed to providing a continuous supply of ink and blankets from our facilities in Israel and we plan additional ink plants for the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. AM: Could, for example, Altana’s Eckhart technology provide metallic effect capability to LDP machines? BL: This is just one possibility. There’s no real need to speculate as I cannot confirm any concrete plans at this stage. AM: Is it likely Altana will increase its investment in LDP, or that you will invite other investors in? BL: Right now we have the investment that we need to meet our commercialisation plans and do not intend to seek any third-party financing. AM: At drupa 2012, LDP took a sizeable number of 10,000 Euro deposits on presses… what is the retention rate of these advance orders like? BL: Overall the number of deposits has been stable since drupa. While some customers have dropped out, new customers have taken their place. AM: Looking forward to the first beta presses in 2nd half 2015: will these be S10 models, and where geographically will they be installed? BL: Yes, the first betas will be for the single-sided Landa S10 press. They will be located in Israel, North America and Europe.

AM: On partner OEM incorporation of Landa Nanographic technology… is the list of press manufacturers still as it was announced at drupa 2012? BL: Our partnership with Komori has progressed at an excellent pace, deepening over time. One key reason is that Komori has been able to meet the high levels of financial and other commitments which we require of our licensee-partners. Not all OEM’s are presently able to make such financial commitments, especially in light of their own business challenges. Perhaps, as the market improves and there is a turnaround in the fortunes of press vendors, we will be able to expand the list of active licensee-partners. AM: We saw amazing scenes on LDPs 2012 booth with standing-room only, queues and outside broadcasts – it’s likely this will be repeated at 2016. Will all of LDP’s resources be inside Messe Düssseldorf or do you think a press will be operating at a nearby printer for site visits? BL: Though our detailed plans for drupa 2016 are not yet final, we do expect very high levels of customer interest – which is one reason we nearly doubled our booth size. Although we will have presses at customer sites well before drupa, it’s too early to tell whether it will be possible to host such site visits. AM: It is understood that the road to commercialization of radical new technology takes quite a while; how do you feel about being 100% ready to go-to-market by June 2016 when the doors of the show open? BL: It goes without saying that, having gone through it with Indigo, we are fully aware of the challenges of bringing new technology to market. Nanography has already been over ten years in development and indeed there are still challenges ahead. However, the pieces are all in place: a great robust core technology, very strong market demand, an extraordinarily talented and committed team and the financial resources to go the course. We are therefore confident that the challenges will be met and we will emerge from drupa leading the market. AM: Will you be presenting the shows yourself again Benny? BL: I love presenting our technology to customers and I certainly look forward to doing so at the next drupa as well. But you know, when it comes to drupa, there are always surprises; drupa 2016 will be no exception. AM: Many thanks, Benny Landa. Benny’s Blog Landa has also published a blog on his corporation’s website: <>. It’s well worth reading with strong reassurances such as: “Though not yet perfect, we are getting close, very close. Close enough, in fact, to start showing full-size B1 (41 in.) print samples to our Landa S10 customers. Close enough to start building a world class sales and service operation…” and: “That isn’t to say that we are home free. 2015 will be challenging. There is still so much to do. We plan to be in full beta in the second half of the year. We are blessed with the most amazing team of talented, dedicated people committed to making it happen… so it will happen.” And the sign-off: “And for what? For making digital printing mainstream. That’s what it’s all about.”




Spicers add Elitron to their portfolio

Spicers have formed a partnership with Italian company Elitron where Spicers Sign and Display sector will supply the Kombo SD range, Kombo TH and Kombo TAV cutting and finishing plotters, allowing Spicers to offer a complete finishing solution.

printing and signage industries. This flexible die-less finishing system (made of solid cellular steel) has automatic tool pre-setting and a multi-tool cutting head for cutting, creasing and milling materials up to 120mm thick.

Elitron is an industrial automation company that has been designing and producing cutting and software solutions for specific industrial sectors in industries as diverse as footwear and leather goods, furniture and upholstery, visual communication, packaging and general industry.

The Kombo TH is a dual gantry cutting table, so it is twice as fast as similar machines. A mix of innovation and technology, with two cutting heads that cut on the same working area and are able to operate on different materials panels simultaneously for double productivity.

The Spicer’s Equipment Range

The Kombo TAV is the only SuperPlotter currently on the market with two different cutting heads. High performance with full automation, it is designed for the cardboard

The Kombo SD range (pictured) will service requirements in the cardboard, digital

and digital print industry requirements which need full time, non-stop production. The machine is integrated with Airo Panel for automatic unloading of materials. This has a vacuum panel that removes all worked and waste materials and comes ready to install with a completely motorised roller loading system. The elevation platform allows the system to be loaded with pallets over 1.5 meters tall for increased productivity. Elitron’s systems can be equipped with their patented automatic intelligent Seeker System that ‘see’ the reference points on the sheet and locate image reference points with it’s digital eye. Video Projection permits easy to position shapes to be cut directly on the material, even on small leftovers or scraps.

Epson US releases WorkForce WF-100 - world’s smallest wi-fi mobile printer

Epson America has announced the US release of the Epson WorkForce WF-100. This small, fully portable printer, the company says, is the world’s smallest and lightest mobile colour inkjet printer that includes a built-in Wi-Fi direct wireless connectivity and an integrated rechargeable battery. The wireless connectivity allows users to print from a range of devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. The inclusive WiFi Direct permits printing without a router plus, the built in battery with its long life, auto-off feature charges via USB or AC adapter.

WF-100 feature set

Other Features

• Mobile printing for documents such as invoices, presentations and contracts

• Support for Android Printing and Kindle Fire Printing

• Built-in wireless and Wi-Fi Direct allows printing from iPad, iPhone, tablets, smartphones and laptops

• Support for Google Cloud Print with Gmail or Google Drive account.

• Flexible battery charging through its lithium ion battery pack can recharge via travel friendly USB or AC adapter • Print professional-quality business documents and borderless 4” x 6” photos

• Enables printing from Chromebook and Google Chrome without installing drivers or connecting cables. • Epson Connect Solutions Finder can help users quickly determine and compare which mobile solution supports their mobile devices or printer

• Speed - up to 6.7 ISO ppm (black) and 3.8 ISO ppm (colour) • Bright 1.4” colour LCD • Simple set up and control panel • Fade and water resistant prints • Suite of free mobile printing solutions including Email Print, Epson Creative Print, Epson iPrint and Epson Remote Print

USA Pricing and Availability The Epson WorkForce WF-100 is expected to sell for USD $349.99 and will be available through online retailers starting in early November and available through major American retail stores in January 2015.




Kodak will split into five divisions From January 1, 2015 Kodak will have a new organisational structure consisting of five market focused business divisions


Print Systems Will serve graphic arts and commercial print customers with printing plates (including the Kodak Sonora Process Free Plates), computer to plate (CTP) imaging solutions, electrophotographic printing solutions (EPS), OEM toner and all equipment services.




Micro 3D Printing and Packaging Will serve packaging customers and display OEM partners with products such as Kodak Flexcel NX Systems and Plates, legacy packaging solutions and touch sensor films.

Enterprise Inkjet Systems Will serve existing and future inkjet printing customers with Kodak Prosper Systems (including the Prosper 6000 Press); Kodak Versamark Systems, Print on Demand Solutions (PODS); and ink OEM solutions.


Consumer and Film Kodak’s most consumer facing division, with responsibility for consumer inkjet solutions, motion picture and commercial films, synthetic chemicals, and brand licensing. This division is responsible for the exploration of other potential initiatives in the consumer space.

Software and Solutions Will include Kodak Technology Solutions, Kodak’s go-to-market engine to prioritise and monetise Kodak innovations in partnership with Kodak Research Labs; Kodak Unified Workflow Solutions; Brand Protection Solutions; Kodak Services for Business; and Design 2 Launch solutions to manage and coordinate use of brand assets.

Kodak will now have five new divisions and two regional sales organisations The five new divisions will be end-to-end operating units with responsibility and accountability for portfolio, product design, engineering, services, sales, purchasing and supply chain. Kodak is combining its current four regional sales organisations into two: Europe, United States and Canada,

Australia and New Zealand (EUCAN) and Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa (ALMA). The company will also eliminate corporate function overlap and increase accountability.


Mutoh ValueJet 2638 Printer - Product of the Year Award



Features • Staggered dual-head design for wide images • Speeds up to 1,168 square feet per hour • Print widths over 8’ wide • Incorporates Intelligent Interweave technology to virtually eliminate banding • ColorVerify process control systems

Mutoh America, recently won a Product of the Year Award at SGIA for the 104" ValueJet 2638 grand-format printer in the Test Print Shoot Out Poster Size, Solvent or Latex Ink over 96" category. The competition recognises the latest equipment and supplies currently on the market that are advancing the specialty imaging industry. "I am extremely proud of our products and the Mutoh team," said Brian Phipps, Mutoh America VP and GM. "The SGIA Product of the Year Award receives entries from the

best companies in the industry, so winning an award for the second time is quite an achievement.”

• ValuJet Status Monitor (VSM) with smart phone app for remote monitoring • Mutoh edition FlexiSE software

"The Product of the Year Award Competition showcases the best printers, technologies and consumables from the specialty imaging community," relayed Ray Weiss, SGIA's Digital Imaging Specialist. "Whether they were a seasoned company or an industry newcomer, each and every entry came to win, and they gave the judges a real run for their money."

Mimaki JV400-SUV - Product of the Year Award

• Heavy duty take up system • One year on site limited warranty • Optional on printer SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer for easy profile making • Optional 1 litre ink bags

Marabu Product of the Year Award

Specialty imaging provider Marabu North America earned the SGIA 2014 Product of the Year Award in the ‘Finishing – Laminates, Adhesives, Films, Coatings’ for their Marashield UV-Curable Liquid Coatings at this year’s SGIA Expo in Las Vegas.

Mimaki USA was awarded the SGIA Product of the Year Award in the ‘Roll-to-Roll UV (under 96”)’ category for their JV400SUV printer. The Product of the Year Awards compare output from competing devices using a common test file designed by SGIA with the prints reviewed by a panel of judges, each with a background and expertise in digital printing and imaging. The judges look for colour appeal, detail and tonality, and the output is also judged on how closely it matches the test print. The JV400SUV accepts PVC film, banner material, backlit, (blueback) paper, canvas and most media currently used in eco-solvent machines. Applications include indoor and outdoor signage and display graphics, banners or any wide format application where high definition and durability are key requirements.

Features for the 54”and 64” models • Solvent UV inks for glossy finish with good colour plus durability • Resistance to scratching/weathering • Fast drying for productivity • 4 colour printing • Production quality output up to 18.1 sqm/hr • Choice of two print widths (1,371 mm or 1,620 mm) • Prints exit machine completely dry, ready for post processing • Exclusive technology pins UV ink droplets to material surface • Variable dot print technology provides min 4 piclotre dot size • Mimaki LED curing technology for distortion free heat sensitive media

“I am so pleased with the Marabu North America team,” said Bob Keller, GM Marabu North America. “We’ve known our products are top of the line, and now we have an award that demonstrates it. We’re already gearing up to enter next year’s competition!” The competition recognises the latest equipment and supplies currently on the market to advance the specialty imaging industry and entries were judged and displayed in the Golden Image Gallery during the Expo. Entries were received from 68 worldwide companys for 139 products in 25 categories. “The Product of the Year Award Competition showcases the best printers, technologies and consumables from the specialty imaging community,” said Ray Weiss, SGIA’s Digital Imaging Specialist. “Whether they were a seasoned company or an industry newcomer, each and every entry came to win, and gave the judges a real run for their money.”




Sun Chemical low odour Streamline ESL HPQ LO inks

Kiian Digital fluorescent textile inks Kiian Digital will premier its new sublimation colours for sportswear, fashion and interior décor at 2014 SGIA Expo this month including vivid pink, yellow and green fluorescent transfer sublimation inks. The new inks, part of the company’s Digistar range, are designed for graphics on sportswear and other textile printing applications.

Sun Chemical has announced the European launch of Streamline ESL HPQ LO low odour inks, the first inkjet products to benefit from Sun Chemical’s new low odour chemistry. The inks have been developed for the Roland Soljet Pro 2, Pro 3 and Versacam printers and are also compatible with printers from Mutoh, Agfa and Uniform along with other eco-solvent inkjet printers using Epson DX 4 through to DX 7 piezo inkjet print heads. The low odour inks, a result of extensive tests over a six month period with customers in the UK, Russia and Continental Europe, has demonstrated the long term performance of these inks in a broad range of machine installations. Sun Chemical said that the Streamline range offers an alternative to OEM inks as they combine high print quality and performance of Streamline ESL HPQ, with a low odour formulation - customers who already use Streamline ESL HPQ inks can switch to the new low odour versions without flushing out their machines as the inks are fully intercompatible. Streamline ESL HPQ LO is available in CMYK, light cyan & light magenta colours

along with a flush solution. They will be available in 440ml cartridges and one litre bottles for use with bulk ink supply systems, throughout Europe. Streamline ESL HPQ LO features: • OEM-compatible • Formulated to have colour and physical properties similar to the original inks • Fully interchangeable so existing Streamline ESL HPQ ink customers can switch to the new low odour versions without flushing machines

Toyo Ink’s whimsical world

• Range of spare parts to support most printers and applications • Excellent adhesion and superior jetting properties for wide/superwide format • Comes in CMYK, light cyan & light magenta along with a flush solution • Available in 1L bottles or 440ml cartridges for use with bulk ink supply systems features

The company manufactures the high performance ink under their Triangle name saying it meets the brands ink guidelines and supported by the INX Outdoor Durability and Ink Train warranties. INX claims some advantages of IOS inks over OEM inks are: • Colour and chemical compatible • Easy conversion – simply drain the OEM ink and change filters • Greater flexibility and better adhesion

Kiian inks are matched with specific printheads such as Digistar PES HD-One inks for first generation Epson piezo-print heads, Digistar Hi-Pro ink for the latest DX7 generation heads and Digistar K-One transfer sublimation inks for Kyocera printheads.

• Complete library of profiles for a wide variety of RIP and media combinations

INX Digital new IOS UV curable inks for Inca Onset

INX Digital has released new high performance IOS UV curable CMYKLcLm and white inks designed for use with Inca Onset series printers in the POP and packaging markets including corrugated work.

The addition of these fluorescent colours to its range allow digital textile printers to offer new customer benefits including excellent drying properties, high chromatic performance and a wide colour gamut.

• Brighter white ink doesn’t show yellowing on curing • More cost effective

Toyo Ink introduced an interactive attraction “The Whimsical Wall-Sticker World of Toyo Ink and Shintaro Kago” at Tokyo Designers Week 2014 international design show which ran over 10 days from October 27 to November 5 in the outer gardens of the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo, Japan. The event, which showcased architecture, interiors, product design, graphic design and art from all over the world, allowed Toyo Ink to again feature a wall-sticker attraction as in previous years like Fantasy Wall (2012) and Love 1050+ (2013), both designed by Japanese artist Fantasista Utamaro. The 2014 show featured internationally renowned manga artist Shintaro Kago unveiling his original, specially prepared wall mural – “Uninhabited Whimsical World”. Visitors are invited to help populate the 4800 mm wide x 2100 mm high whimsical world with supplied stickers. Mr Kago made personal appearances and prepared caricature portraits of the lottery winner. Toyo Inks say all of the works used their Kaleido series of expanded gamut inks that have the ability to expand the colour gamut closer to six and seven colour printing, using just four colours. This high-performance ink nearly matches the Adobe RGB gamut, resulting in richer, true to life colour reproduction.




Revolutionary inkjet technology from TTP will print paints INK









The Vista Inkjet process could revolutionise some manufacturing with the company exploring printing materials for ceramics, textiles and brand protection along with high conductivity patterns and 3D printing


K based research and development company TTP, has come up with innovative new digital inkjet technology that is capable of printing with standard industrial paints. TTP has already tested its Vista Inkjet process successfully with cellulose and two-part part polyurethane paints used for car and aircraft body manufacturing. This opens up many other possible applications including the use of thermoplastic fluoropolymer paints such as Kynar, for decorative finishes on architectural metallic structures. TTP is also exploring the printing of low cost and high functionality materials for ceramics, textiles, security and brand protection along with high conductivity patterns and 3D printing. Vista Inkjet printhead TTP’s patented printhead design overcomes the limitations of existing inkjet printing processes, restricted by ink formulations and the use of closed chambers and narrow channels. Instead, Vista Inkjet is based on a planar construction that allows free-flowing ink circulation and accurately controls the movement of the nozzle plate to eject droplets, from 0.5pl (pico litres) to over 1nl

(nano litre). This means that fluids with large particulates and high viscosities can be used along with aqueous pigmented inks and a range of solvent inks such as alcohol based fluids, ethyl acetate, MEK and Dowanol. Motion of the nozzle plate is controlled by customised electrical drive signals to eject droplets on-demand or on a continuous basis. The new Vista Inkjet system provides precise, well-formed and consistent droplets with excellent direction control and placement accuracy. For example a TTP prototype array of 128 Vista nozzles has delivered drop placement accuracy with a standard deviation of just +/- 3 milli-rads. Printheads can also be designed with specific nozzle diameters, pitch and number of rows for different inks, paints and applications. And with the simple inertial transfer mechanism and fluid recirculation, the ejector system is reliable with easy priming, self-cleaning and excellent refill attributes. “We have taken the principles of inkjet printing and re-invented the ejection mechanism and printhead to create a potentially disruptive technology for digitally printing industrial paints, opening up exciting new opportunities from customising car and aircraft bodies to creating architectural finishes and printed electronics,” said Dr David Smith, head of business development

for Vista Inkjet at TTP. “As well as providing greater flexibility, the process also saves time and money and reduces waste.” The patented Vista Inkjet technology is already well-proven in trials and TTP is currently looking for partners to commercialise the technology. About TTP The Technology Partnership plc (TTP) is one of Europe’s leading technology and product development companies. Based near Cambridge, UK, the company has a team of over 300 scientists, engineers and business innovators with in-depth industry expertise to invent, design, develop and engineer innovative products, processes and instruments and turn them into commercial reality. TTP has played a pioneering role in a broad spectrum of sectors including drug discovery and pharmaceutical automation, bioprocess automation, laboratory instrumentation, wireless communications, digital printing, electric vehicles, digital radio, food and beverage, drug delivery, diagnostics, micro-devices and sensing, and consumer products




The flavours of Pantone

A standout piece of minimalist artwork


orny jokes like “A 6 pack of Pantone 604 please”aren’t far away when you see what a bit or creativity can do with a Pantone colour chart.

Recently Spanish design agency Txaber came up with beer can and bottle designs which use a specific Pantone colour to identify their content. From light pale ale, to an imperial stout, all beer colours are represented in this concept packaging design. Commentators note that while the Pantone’s colour guide may have become a common standard in the design world, in the world of

beer-drinking consumers, it’s probably less widespread. What is surprising is how elegant a simple design can be, using negative space adorned only by typography makes the packaging design concept a stand-out piece of minimalist artwork. Acknowledgements Reprinted with from Esko’s blog: creative-packaging-2/can-pantone-coloredbeer-anyone/




Fespa China 2014 larger than the inaugural 2013 event Trade event Fespa China 2014, held in Guangzhou from 19-21 November 2014, had to expand its floor space by an entire hall due to exhibitor demand for larger stands. Fespa says that this is a result of the success of their participation in the 2013 exhibition with some exhibitors increasing their participation by more than 80%. Chinese and international exhibitors used three halls at the Pazhou Poly World Trade Centre, Guangzhou, China, increasing the show area by 9,000sqm. Event partners Fespa and CSGIA said there was a focus on the latest trends and applications of textile printing across screen and digital technologies at the show. Neil Felton, Fespa ceo, commented: “As an organiser of speciality print events, textile printing is a natural area of focus for Fespa all over the world. “The industry is rooted in the screen printing

process, but digital technology is making a significant impact across all textile printing applications – soft signage, garments and fashion textiles and interior decoration.” He continued “Textile printing has always been a focus of the CSGIA event, and Fespa is building on this by bringing the latest insights into how digital is transforming textile print production, supporting Chinese textile printers with the analogue to digital transition.” Global Forum keynote speaker Mark Gervais - Director of Screen Print at Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting held the first seminar on day 1 entitled Digital Print Fabric – Investigations and Experiences. Following Mark on day 1 in the Global Forum, was Mr Song Haiyang, Manager of Large Format Printer, Epson China who highlighted the application of micro jet textile printing. Mr Rong Hua, Marketing Manager at Shanghai HK Digital Tech followed with

a presentation on cut-parts digital printing development. Day 1 finished with Mr. Xin Guohua, CEO of Human Digital Tech who will looked at the application of digital ceramic printing. Internationally renowned screen printer Charlie Taublieb conducted interactive t-shirt screen printing workshops throughout the event, allowing textile printers an opportunity to master a variety of garment screen printing techniques and special effects as well as permitting visitors an opportunity to print their own design. Textile print exhibitors include: Cham Group, Chemica, J-Teck, Kiian, Kornit Digital, MHM, Monti Antonio, MS Srl, Prodecran, Reggiani and Siser In addition to the textile features, the event also hosted free educational programmes, networking events, visitor incentives and vehicle wrapping demonstrations.

HP DscoopX tenth annual conference in Washington open for registration The tenth annual DscoopX conference, being held in 2015, is now open for registration. HP graphics arts users are encouraged to attend the 3 day event which is being held in Washington DC, USA from March 5-7, 2015. The March event will feature opportunities for education through more interactive learning formats both in and out of the conference classroom setting. Dscoop University courses will also return for a second year

to provide attendees with the option to participate in hands-on workshops focused on management, sales and marketing and business growth as well as networking and knowledge sharing. With more than 2,000 attendees from all around the world expected, the conference will highlight how Dscoop members conduct businesses to remain competitive in an industry that is constantly progressing and evolving.

Labelexpo South China wraps with over 5,000 visitors Organisers said that Labelexpo South China 2014, held at Guangzhou’s Pazhou Exhibition Center was the biggest event to date with the show reporting a 4% increase through the gate. Held from 3 - 5 December 2014, the three day trade exhibition saw 5,297 visitors, up from 5,098 in 2012. Nearly 150 exhibitors showcased their latest products and services with new product launches including presses from Nuova GIDUE, Venture Electronics and WeiFang DongHang Precision Machine Co. The exhibition was supported by a two day conference with keynote presentations conducted by Jari Haavisto and Heini Lehti of UPM Raflatac along with John Li, senior packaging development manager at Johnson & amp; Johnson Consumer Group Asia-Pacific. Both companies have collaborated to find labelling solutions and presented a practical insight into sustainable, profitable business practice.

An overview of the latest smart products being used to engage consumer interaction and spending, were presented by Top Print Labels, Peng Cheng Li Cultural Technology and Sun Chemical. The debut, two hour Interactive Live Technology Clinic sessions, allowed one to one discussions on all aspects of label and package printing technology with a panel of experts in the field including Kinglabel Adhesives, YUPO and the Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC). The Chinese market is currently experiencing a boom in production of all types of short-run labels, especially variable data information, barcoding, QR coding and brand security with features such as microprint. Labelexpo South China reports that they have attained their highest ever onsite rebook rate in South China to date, with 31% of the space already signed for the 2015 event.




HP Professional and Artist canvases

HP low cost adhesive vinyl for latex use

HP have updated their Professional Matte Canvas and HP Artist Matte Canvas with an upgraded coating for improved image quality, and simplified production, all at an economical price point.

HP have introduced two new permanent adhesive vinyls which are optimised for HP Latex printers: HP Permanent Gloss Adhesive Vinyl and HP Permanent Matte Adhesive Vinyl. The company says the vinyl’s are both economical and comply with the regulated European Union health standard REACH, the European Union health standard to protect human health and the environment.

Designed for aqueous printers and optimised for HP Designjet printers - PSPs, fine art reproduction companies and photographers will see deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Features: Hp Professional Matte Canvas • Easy to handle and install For fine/museum quality art and enlarged photo reproductions: • • • • • • •

White finish 2” core Smooth uniform matte finish A 2 over 1 weave Larger colour gamut especially for reds Water resistant with HP pigment inks Choice of wide variety of compatible laminates Can be stretched, folded and mounted without cracking

Hp Artist Matte Canvas For longer runs of art reproductions and photo enlargements: • • • • •

White finish Slightly textured matte surface A 1 over 1 weave Quick dry Water resistant with HP772, HP91 or HP70 inks or HP771 inks Excellent long lasting image stability, up to 200 years indoors Stretchable, sturdy & easy to handle

• Highly opaque, durable with a wide colour gamut • Thicker release stable liner avoids bubbling and wrinkling during production • Excellent ink saturation to capture graphic detail • Permanent adhesive, clean removal with HP warranty • Water resistant using HP: latex inks • Available in 30, 36, 42, 54 and 60 inch width rolls Permanent Matte Adhesive Vinyl has a semi-matte finish, which make it suitable for environments where glare is an issue. The matte and gloss versions also provide outdoor display permanence of three years unlaminated and up to five years laminated. Further information is available from The Brand Management Group.

3M Controltac Print Film 40C

Both are available in 24”, 36”, 42”, 44”, 60” widths x 50’ long rolls.

VM Chalkboard PLUS wins award

3M Commercial Solutions has reworked their products Scotchcal Graphic Film and Comply Adhesive U40C, and the reinvented a new film now known as Coltroltac Print Film 40C, saying this is their first, and improved, intermediate vinyl film with advanced repositionability and air release permitting easy removal. Magnetic receptive print media provider Visual Magnetics, has won SGIA’s 2014 Product of the Year Award in the ‘Digital Inkjet Media – Films’ category, for their recently released VM- Chalkboard Plus. The company says this easy to install and update magnetic receptive 15mil, black polystyrene film permits a combination of printed elements with liquid chalk will revolutionise chalkboard applications for grocery, café and restaurant industries. Sixty-eight companies from all over the globe submitted to this competition, entering 139 products in 25 categories.

Features: • Optimised high quality print surface • Long lasting - 7 years performance • Slideability, tack and snap up characteristics • Easy to install and remove This film will suit an array of applications including signs, walls, windows, floors, partial vehicle wraps and trucks.




EnCore MightyCore in 60” width

DaVinci Alumigraphic Grip and Smooth

Encore USA have upgraded their Rigid MightyCore foam board to 60” making it suitable for large fabricated pieces saying this is a strong, durable rigid core substrate product suitable for indoor use with a heavy duty liner that resists denting, bending, crushing, cracking and splintering as well as warping, bowing and twisting.

US based wide format printing supplier, DaVinci Technologies, has introduced AlumiGraphics, a new wide format print media made of pliable aluminum foil with a white finish that accepts solvent, ecosolvent, latex and UV inks.

Features: • Extra rigid dense polystyrene core • Free of toxic chemicals • Easily and cleanly cut by hand or machine • No preparation required - smooth surface • Accepts laminating, mounting and screen or digital printing • Accepts most inks, glues and paints Available in: • Classic White, Bright White, White-on-Black, Black-on-Black and White-Black-Black • Thicknesses - 3/16”, 1/4” and 1/2” • Widths - 24” x 36” to 48” x 96” and 60” x 120”

Kodak Premium Rapid-Dry White Film

Features: • Print direct to surface • No over laminate needed • Moulds naturally without heat onto smooth or textured surfaces • Installs in a quarter of the time needed to install outdoor vinyl • Withstands harsh weather environments • No shrinkage • Peel-off removal with no residue • 1 year expected life performance DaVinci says AlumiGraphics is available now in two finishes, Grip and Smooth and is easy to use, cut, install, durable and made from recycled materials with no PVC or hazardous ingredients making it suitable for marketing, advertising and retail applications and an alternative to vinyl banners. Grip – suits asphalt, brick and concrete. The high friction surface makes it safe around pools or other dry, wet or slippery surfaces Smooth - can be applied to brick, cinder block, stucco and other masonry materials such as concrete block

DreamScape 75” wide Suede wallcovering

Kodak and Brand Management Group (BMG) have announced a new inkjet film designed for display graphics, Kodak Premium Rapid-Dry White Film, Matte 5ml. The new film has a back coating that blocks light and is suitable for displays that require full opacity, particularly where light shining from behind can detract from the graphics. BMG said that the most common situation where an opaque graphic film makes a difference is with banner stands but, regardless of the lighting conditions, Premium Rapid-Dry White Film blocks out any view of the hardware behind the display without losing any image impact. Features: • Lay flat water-resistant polyester film • Bright white printable surface for maximum colour fidelity and accuracy • Compatible with dye and pigmented inks • Won’t smudge or show fingerprints • Scratch and abrasion-resistant It can be laminated using thermal and pressure-sensitive films, but doesn’t require lamination for short-term applications and is available in 36”, 42” and 50” widths x 100’ roll lengths.

DreamScape the online media store wall graphics provider has introduced a 75” width Suede to their range of wallcoverings which, the company says, is a direct result of industry demand for a wider commercial printing media that will suit short run and high volume digital applications. Suede digital wall covering specifications: • Category • Fire Rating • Weight Three Sizes • 54” wide • 60” wide • 75” wide

Type 1 Commercial Class A 20 ounces x 75’, 150’ & 300’ lengths x 75’, 150’ & 300’ lengths x 75’ & 150’ lengths

All haven 3” heavy-duty cores with no production splices.




GMG to integrate DIC ColorCloud with OpenColor and ColorProof

ColorCloud contains spectral data of real inks an by adding spectral data of substrates and printing process information. It permits accurate colour reproduction and spot colour overprint prediction of the target colour using inkjet printers paired with GMG Proofing Media. GMG ColorProof

GMG has announced that DIC Colorcloud will be integrated with GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorProof platforms with the Colorcloud service when it commences in 2015.

printing - to reference, use and share the same spectral colour database to produce accurate colours and colour proofs, regardless of global location. GMG OpenColor

GMG has adapted the software so that GMG packaging application customers will have instant access to Colorcloud permitting all operators - from planning to

The core of this technology is based on spectral based algorithms. Colour information selected through DIC

GMG releases GMG ColorProof 5.6 XML interface allowing operators to use one hotfolder for multiple printing standards. In addition, the software has made it easier to operate centralised colour management that oversees multiple locations or remote sites by designing a file distribution system that can connect to multiple installations and download new or altered colour management files automatically, or ondemand.

German software developer GMG has announced ColorProof 5.6 the latest version of the company’s proofing software which now has dedicated support for new technologies particularly optical brightening agents (OBAs) that increase the “whiteness” of media. With the recently updated ISO 12647-2:2013 several changes have been made to address the colour matching problems caused by OBA enhanced media. ColorProof 5.6 provides new proof standards, full support of the new M0/M1/M2 measuring conditions, and the new enhanced proof paper “GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250 OBA” to achieve highest quality and a good proof-to-print match. To work more efficiently with workflows and in multiple-site operations ColorProof 5.6 has new features such as new smart hotfolders and job ticket hotfolders with an

To accelerate the ripping process, PDF files can be ripped in parallel. While the GMG ColorProof 5.6 license includes one RIP, users can purchase additional RIP instances according to their hardware configuration: depending on the amount of cores, printers, etc. ColorProof 5.6 can also re-assign jobs to different printers for continuous productivity. The new option has been integrated to automatically move pending jobs from one printer to another compatible printer in case the current printer cannot print (for example, because it has run out of ink or paper). This eliminates a backlog of files that are waiting for the printer to be attended to. With an individual working space, the customer decides which resources are displayed in the software. Instead of working through extensive lists of colour management items, a clearly arranged view now helps to immediately spot what one is looking for. ColorProof 5.6 is available now.

Contains all proofing components including calibrations and colour profiles. Using GMG’s DeviceLink technology and by connecting several GMG ColorProof systems, the same spectral colour data can be used for profiling and production at different locations with consistent results. The new workflow utilising DIC ColorCloud, permits improved colour management from concept, design, preproduction, mock up to prepress and printing.

Axaio and Adobe CC 2014 Axaio have announced that all its products are now compatible with Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud 2014. MadeToPrint for Adobe Illustrator, MadeForLayers for Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, MadeToTag for Adobe InDesign as well as MadeToCompare for Adobe InCopy (without publishing system connection) are now compatible with Adobe CC 2014 while MadeToPrint for InDesign was already compatible with Adobe’s CC software, MadeToPrint is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or InCopy and an XTension for QuarkXPress. Depending on the automation version (Standard, Auto or Server), MadeToPrint allows either manual, hot folder or fully automated print and export from a design document to one or more output targets. MadeForLayers streamlines and simplifies the creation and editing of complex documents. MadeToTag is an InDesign plugin that helps tagging InDesign files in a user-friendly, logically structured way – whether they are created in the cloud or on the desktop. MadeToCompare provides a change and version management solution for Adobe InCopy in editorial and corporate environments. Prices vary depending on contract, subscription conditions and versions owned and can be downloaded from the website.




Quark announces QuarkXPress 2015 Quark Software has unveiled QuarkXPress 2015 saying that, as a pre-order offer, those who buy QuarkXPress 10 now will get QuarkXPress 2015 free. QuarkXPress 2015 will be available in the first quarter of next year, with the company indicating that the application will deliver increased performance through its new 64-bit architecture, efficient print and digital production and many of the most user-requested features. The new version of QuarkXPress will continue to be sold as a perpetual license.

The Quark wish list: • 64-bit performance • Larger page sizes • Dedicated orthogonal line tool • Fixed layout interactive ebooks • Custom paper sizes • Relink any picture in the usage dialogue • Collect for output for complete project

The top 10 most-requested enhancements will be included, along with a range of additional customer-requested features for designercontrolled automation, print and digital production and productivity.

• User-definable shortcut keys on Mac

The company claims that QuarkXPress 2015 is the most efficient and reliable version of QuarkXPress ever as, with its new 64-bit architecture, QuarkXPress 2015 uses all of the available RAM on a designer’s system to deliver performance improvements across the board. Users will experience the enhanced performance immediately as installation and activation have all been simplified.

• Yosemite OS X Support

QuarkXPress 2015 builds on the legacy of automated style sheets, master pages, indexes and tables of content with new, long document features including: • Automatic Footnotes and End Notes • A new, much faster table tool for superior Excel integration with table styles • Text variables for automatically populating reoccurring fields – such as running headers

Quark free converter for old Quark documents

• Table styles • Format painter • Tool palette, measurement palette and palette group docking on windows As an incentive, everyone who purchases or upgrades to QuarkXPress 10 between October 28, 2014 and December 31, 2014 will receive a completely free upgrade to QuarkXPress 2015 when it is available. Customers who purchased QuarkXPress 10 in October 2014 prior to the start of the promotion can also take advantage of the Buy QuarkXPress 10, Get QuarkXPress 2015 offer. For current QuarkXPress 10 users, Quark is offering a low introductory price on pre-orders of QuarkXPress 2015 upgrades. The special price for the pre-order upgrade is USD $249, significantly lower than the current upgrade price.

Markzware releases MarkzTools for InDesign plugin will show a gray box allowing users to see more of what the original file looked like. The plugin is simple to use - a single simple click on “Convert InDesign Document” in the MarkzTools menu prompts the file conversion. Users can also use the standard Command-O function within Adobe InDesign to initiate document conversion. System Requirements

Quark have released QuarkXPress Document Converter, a free tool that allows QuarkXPress users to open legacy QuarkXPress files in QuarkXPress 10 which supports documents created with QuarkXPress 7-10, but not legacy documents created in versions 3-6. This new free converter app interface permits QuarkXPress Document QuarkXPress 10 users to convert a single or entire folder QuarkXPress documents into a QuarkXPress 10 format. Without the Document Convertor, users need to maintain a copy of QuarkXPress 9 to access old documents. The converter also offers an added facility of batch conversions, which is not supported by QuarkXPress 9.

California developer of data conversion technology Markzware, has released MarkzTools for InDesign, a plugin that opens higher versions of .indd files in lower versions of Adobe InDesign. For instance, an InDesign CS6 user of MarkzTools for InDesign can open an InDesign CC (Creative Cloud) or CC 2014 document. MarkzTools for InDesign takes the guesswork out of working with Adobe InDesign documents created in varying versions and releases. This includes InDesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, and CC 2014. Markzware management said that MarkzTools will show previews of missing images in converted files, whereas IDML files

MarkzTools for InDesign requires a Mac OS X 10.6.8 – 10.10 operating system, and one of the following Adobe InDesign host applications: • • •

Adobe InDesign CS6 Mac, Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Mac, or Adobe InDesign CS5 Mac

Pricing and Availability The plugin is available as a Subscription Bundle that entitles subscribers to use MarkzTools for InDesign for a full year from purchase date. Prior to the end of the year’s subscription users can renew their subscriptions at a discounted rate.




Enfocus Pitstop 12 update 3 gets Mac OS X Yosemite Support OS X Yosemite Support Apple recently announced it’s Operating System; OS X 10.10 Yosemite and PitStop 12 update 3 is officially supporting this new version. New Actions Several new actions are included that better support the speed, accuracy and output of PDFs that are managed with PitStop including:

Enfocus have released PitStop 12 update 3 that now supports Mac OS X Yosemite. Enfocus says that since PDF files have become the default standard for file exchange, some gaps have become evident in PDF workflows and Pitstop technology covers these gaps giving users quality control tools that enable manual and automated error correction for guaranteed reliable PDF processing and output. Update 3 contains a range of new and user requested features and functionality that improves the quality of PDF pre-flighting and editing including:

Caldera V10 Caldera has released Version 10 of its printer control software, saying the app has been redesigned to double previous average RIP speeds. V10 upgrade is built around the company’s vision of interoperability, recognising that the RIP must work in tandem with the other software that business owners are using in their operations with this new version employing many new or enhanced features. Smart algorithmic processing, APPE 3.3 – married with 64 bit data handling so users can RIP massive files. • New look ergonomic, streamlined interface with standardised icons and markers • HTML5 provides cross-platform, cross-OS support for remote management via new VisualRemote module for different levels of off-site operator access • Task automation and data connectivity in single-click pathways from within the Ul for user to push a job using a preset configuration • Can be used in conjunction with Caldera’s

Add Colour Bar permits auto generated colour bar using document colour of each individual page with greater colour accuracy Match, Fill & Stroke Colours a new action that allows users to change the stroke to match the fill and vice versa, based on the selection Flatten Annotations a new action that builds on an earlier Pitstop 12 version. Users now have the tools to flatten annotations so they become normal objects within the PDF Proportional Resizing Update 3 gives users a ‘lock’ in the Inspector that can be used for proportionally resizing objects or page boxes. Layer Functionality Improved functionality for working with layers in PDF files. Users can now select JDF toolkit, Nexio to create connections with MIS, accounting and logistics software • Can add QR Codes alongside the print with an automated path if required • Files with transparency and overprinting processed at least 3 times faster and up to 50 times faster for some files Caldera says other features have been simplified and recontextualised such as the production overview tool PrintBoard – formerly an application of Variable Display – is now an intrinsic element of the RIP, allowing users to see job and production status at a glance through a web-based application and remote monitoring. Smaller features have been reallocated within the RIP; grommets and eyelets can be added to artwork from within the Print module, while advanced wall graphics visualisation is accessible through a new Tiling+ module. Version 10 now integrates various successful modules in its interface. Contour Nesting and Tex&Repeat, which transfer printers’ skills into the textile, wallpaper, ceramics, glass, wood and CAD areas, are now embedded within the RIP, while PrintBoard has been converted into a one-look browser-based snapshot of operational status and remote monitoring.

layers in various ways, giving them the ability to select, remove, check, and change layers and layer properties. Enhancements to Existing Functionality Improved user experience with better colour mapping from Gray to CMYK, and support for rasterizing content within PDF files via Action Lists. New default Action Lists Update 3 ships with many new preconfigured Action Lists that use the newly developed functionality. These new Action Lists helps users obtain immediate benefit without having to create Action Lists of their own as well as make modifications to suit their own production requirements. PitStop Server 12 update 3 PitStop Server also benefits from the new Actions and Action Lists available in this new release that includes an improved configurator for use with Enfocus Switch and PitStop2Switch.

HP introduces smart printing mobile app HP has announced a new Latex Mobile Application which allows HP Latex 300 Printer series customers to remotely monitor their printers and supplies, receive printer alerts plus track projects and job status through to completion, was showcased at SGIA Expo 2014 in Las Vegas. The company says this is just the beginning of a new era of smart printing. The remote capability has been developed to deliver on schedule, time sensitive and urgent jobs and offers an innovative up to date user experience. The HP Latex Mobile app for remote monitoring for Latex 310, 330 and 360 Printers will be free to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store for smartphones in January 2015 and for tablets in mid-2015.




Xerox CiPress gets MICR and coating options Xerox US says it has added three new features to its CiPress Production Inkjet Systems – Magnetic ink Recognition (MICR), an in-line coating system and an ink measurement and proofing tool. These enhancements have been developed to pen a new set of time and cost saving applications including cheques, rebate coupons and financial forms as well as more aesthetic, durable direct mail pieces. Cipress’ Micr Print Module

In-Line Aqueous Coating System

Ink Measurement and Proofing Tool

• Prints MICR up to 12.7m (500’) per minute on standard untreated stocks allowing white paper in full colour cheque production. • Enables field upgrades. • Prints MICR and non-MICR jobs in the same run eliminating the need for a dedicated MICR printer. • Allows migration to digital colour applications while adding MICR on demand.

• Enhances applications with a highgloss overlay. • Leverages widely available commercial coating fluids and offset coated and uncoated media. • Delivers simplex or duplex coating inline at full printer speeds, maximizing productivity and efficiency without the labor and movement of materials associated with offline coating.

• Predetermines the cost of ink usage on a job or page basis for more precise job estimation. • Produces soft proofs of the printed output so jobs don’t have to run and then be inspected on the press.

Esko i-cut console for Kongsberg systems

Drytac JetMounter Fuzion XD

Features: • • • •

Easily understood icon-based GUI Colour coded alerts and updates Follow production progress remotely Less service intervention required

The i-cut is available now through Esko sales and distribution channels for Kongsberg XN and V Series tables. Beginning in 2015, it will become available for most Kongsberg models, including upgrades for existing customers.

Esko presented its new i-cut Production Console (iPC), at the SGIA Expo 2014 in Las Vegas saying the front-end operating system will be the common platform for all Kongsberg digital finishing systems. The iPC combines the feature set of the XLGuide (table guide software) tailored for packaging applications and i-cut Vision Pro, the industry standard front-end for cutting and short run productions. The iPC drives all functionality found on Kongsberg tables, such as camera control, machine set up, tool recognition, calibration, tool adjustments and the intuitive user operating system. The console has been designed to guide and support the operator and, by incorporating a number of logical, user-friendly attributes, less training is required.

Zünd G3 cutter can now handle 110mm substrates Digital cutting equipment supplier Zünd has re-engineered its G3 cutter to double the beam height to 120 mm with the L-3200 and XL-3200 models now able to accommodate materials up to a thickness of 110 mm and allowing corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard, foam, sandwich material and corrugated plastic substrates to be processed by the cutting system. Zünd’s cutting systems are designed for 24/7 operation, providing packaging producers with a fully automated workflow and optimal flexibility. The modular design of the cutters and their components also make it possible to tailor configurations to meet very specific production and automation needs.

The XD can accommodate 10” diameter rolled material and able to handle a variety of applications such as laminating vehicle wraps, creating window decals or mounting graphics to substrates. The many features simplify the laminating process and include: • Interchangeable large diameter non-stick silicone rollers • Heat assist top roller with digital temperature display • Heavy duty lift mechanism for precise calibrated pressure control • Adjustable speed up to 20’ per minute • Four auto grip supply or take up shafts • Adjustable brake tension on operator side for roll-to-roll lamination • Centre release • Fold down feed table with in-feed guide • Latching storage on each side of the stand • Maximum 1” nip opening • cTUVus and CE-certified


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