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V2H NEWS January 2011

Mobil 2011

Everyone’s Going Somewhere

Me and some of the Miami Team at the Kendall Christian Night of Worship.

CONVERSE UNIVERSE: WALK IT OUT. TALK IT OUT. January was a very busy month for

Fl. I was able to not only invest in our

V2H. In fact, it’s really hard to believe it’s

WAVE Team but also had the chance to

over already. The massive amount of snow

share in a couple of school settings for

we got (in many states for that matter)

chapels. One of the schools also hosted a

really changed up a few things for us.

Night of Worship, where I was not only

Because of the snow, we obviously were

performing but speaking about God using

unable to host Elevate in January but the

us as instruments of praise.

kids had much time off from school so no

The first month of the year has gone

one was really complaining as it opened

quickly but overall I feel pretty good about

the door for some snowboarding in

the investment of time, energy and

backyards and plenty of time to “chill’.

resources. I listened to several books that

I got to travel to NC to visit my family

challenged and spurred my attention and

and friends for my annual (not-so-annual)

we began our Fast Forward Campaign

“homecoming”. I was able to speak at my

which will end next week. Thanks for all of

mom’s church (Korean Baptist Missionary

your prayer and support in helping make

Church) and work with their children during January 2011 great! the morning service. They shared a few songs in worship with me and of course,


everyone loved it! The end of the month I spent some great time in Pembroke Pines and Miami,


Kendall Christian Night of Worship I was joined by several of our Miami WAVE Team and Julie (Johnson) Cauldwell as we shared several songs of praise to God.

“Christians” who probably drove by and didn’t

Value Meals


I had just pulled into town and had about an hour to spare before I needed to preach at church. There he stood on the corner of a busy street right next to the McDonalds. I was gonna talk about the Kingdom of God and how important it is for us to have different values. I didn’t know this would become a “Value Meal”. Actually, neither one of us ate. I went inside and downloaded a video I wanted to use for the sermon and I watched him from a distance. I knew I had to go and talk with him but I wanted to wait a few minutes and kind of gauge the situation. I wondered how many people would actually give him some cash. I wondered why someone else had not actually invited him in to eat, after all there were a ton of “Christians” inside since their van was right outside! With about 30 minutes left, I decided to go out and talk with him. His name was Charles. I neglected to read his sign, simply offering food right off the bat. But he informed me, as did his sign, that he was looking for a room to rent. As we talked for a few moments, I told him why I came out: i didn’t want to be like other

Random Pictures Donovan on a skateboard in Atlanta, GA. Amelia Gallo at the Night of Worship at Kendall Christian School, Miami, FL The Korean Missionary Baptist Congregation in Havelock, NC


do a thing. I told him I was a “pastor” and I was gonna be speaking about the Kingdom and how I just couldn’t not come out and speak to him. He told me he really appreciated it. I don’t know if he ever found a place to rent but he will certainly have a place in my mind and heart for several more days I’m sure. I don’t know how we as Christians can ignore the plight of our brothers and sisters and yet say we are about the Kingdom of God. In God’s Kingdom there are different values, there are different rules. In God’s Kingdom, Jesus rules and His rules, rule. What is important to Jesus should be important to me! There is a King for every Kingdom and as Christians, Jesus is the King; it’s not King James. It’s not King of Comfort. It’s King Jesus! May I encourage and challenge you to be seeking God’s Kingdom (Matthew 6:33) and as you do, realize that the Kingdom is built in and through you. God’s Kingdom is about a different set a values, which may be as close as your next meal at McDonalds. God’s Kingdom is being built on one corner at a time.

Elevate Since 2003, Vision 2 Hear has been doing some sort of skate outreach. Elevate began in Snellville, GA and has moved to Soddy Daisy, TN. this summer we will launch a new team in El Salvador! Elevate ES

JUNE 21, 2011

Just Skating By? Skaters have notoriously been categorized as troublemakers and punks. And you there are some of those guys out there BUT not all of

mature as students and begin developing into leaders who also have a passion for God.

them are that way. Through the years, we have had the chance to

With this being the case, we believe that investing in skateboarding

get to know many guys whose passion is skating and we have

and skaters, we can truly impact a very large subculture that is

found that even though they have a passion for skating, they

growing worldwide. In El Salvador where they have very

do have good hearts too. Not only that, several of the guys that we work with have pretty good grades in school and seem to excel in

limited skate “parks�, we are hoping to build several ramps


this summer and branch out our ministry.

Skating it Up!

V2H will launch Elevate and an after school pilot program

other activities. In my opinion by V2H offering skating and

using skateboarding this summer. Please pray for this joint

outreach to skaters and giving them places to skate, as well as

effort with Miramonte Baptist, Vision 2 Hear and Christian

investing in their lives, we have seen some of them grow and really


Skaters International! Thanks!





Gatlinburg Mission Conference 11-13. Stockbridge WAVE Concert 13th 7pm

Spring Break Mission Projects in various cities.

Easter We have a few performances in Miami and Atlanta for the Resurrection

Summer Prep Pray and Prepare for the summer tour: Honduras, El Salvador.



January 2011

Picture I took on my way home from NC.


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