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George Camp 2011

Universe All-Stars From A Galaxy Not So Far Away

George Camp was hosted at Wayside Baptist Church for two weeks in July. With over 40 kids attending each week,Vision 2 Hear was able to encourage children to shine as stars for the Kingdom of God. The Week’s Activities

George Camp was once again a huge blast! We are so grateful for Wayside Baptist Children’s Ministry which gave us a great facility and outstanding location to host this year’s camp. For two weeks in July, V2H and some of our WAVE Team members from Snellvile, Fayetteville, Stockbridge, Miami and even El Salvador, served about 40 kids each week in the heart of Miami.

George Camp is unlike any ordinary week of camp! Kids show up around 9am and have some in-depth quiet time with their counselors discussing God’s word, memorizing scripture and praying. Around 10:15am or so the kids have a large group game or have some challenge. Usually these activities require the kids to work together to accomplish a task or goal. Lunch is at noon. Then in the afternoon close to 1pm or so we have our day’s major activity like water day or glow-in-the-day or sloppy day. The kids loves these activities! Through such intense games, relational Bible studies and high energy worship, many kids not only moved closer to Christ during the two weeks but made some serious decisions of faith. JP, a blind boy (pictured in the center above) gave his life to Jesus Christ during the one of the weeks at George Camp!

In our society almost everyone wants to be a star. So we decided to help the kids understand that in God’s Kingdom we are all stars! The theme was taken from Philippians 2:14-15 which says: Do everything without grumbling and arguing, so that you may be blameless and pure, children of God who are faultless in a crooked and perverted generation, among whom you shine like stars in the world. 14



Personal Stars

You guys were all certainly shining brightly this summer! May God bless you for all you did!

We were privileged to have so many “helpers” for George Camp. Each year, I am personally blessed to have some of our WAVE Team students serving alongside of me for the Kingdom of God. A special thanks is in order for all those who gave up time and even raised funds to help George Camp be possible.

Just Off Center

With George Camp, we really try to focus the attention on the kids so they will focus their attention on Jesus. By giving them opportunities to be “kids”, they get to have fun, romp, run and discover! At George Camp we really do try to say “yes” to everything we can hoping that the kids will eventually say “yes” to Jesus! When we actually put the focus on the kids and take ourselves out of the center of attention, we can quickly see that all the kids want and desire is to know and experience love. Josh McDowell once said: “Rules without Relationship equals Rebellion”. At George Camp we desire to put the focus on developing a relationship with each kid so they will move into a relationship of love with Christ. Having kids who just “obey” was never God’s intention. God always wants us to obey because we love. When we live off center, everything else may blur but Jesus will be crystal clear! At George Camp, we seek for Christ to be clearly seen through all we do...especially through our love, grace, and relationships with the kids!

A Very Special Thanks To: Leigh Byers, Patsy Baptiste, Tripp Battle,Wayside Baptist Church, The whole Gallo Family, Vicki Jiminez, Rcahel Engwall, Lora Darrisaw, Alicia Darrisaw, Stacey Doremus, Matthew Hooten, Casey Palicki, Nicole Cauldwell, David Ramos, Trevor Jenkins, Christian Goodin, Mayrita Campos, Natalia Lopez, Gloria Fernandez and of course Mike Liebler!

Dirty For Jesus

Trevor Jenkins Shares

We can never underestimate the power of getting dirty for Jesus! In fact, it’s quite biblical!

George Camp was a whole new experience for me. It was my first time going and I have to say I enjoyed every minute of it.George Camp challenged me to notice new things, try new things, taste new things and experience new things!

Jesus left the glories of heaven to come to a sinful, dirty planet in order to die for us. It is through such an act of sheer love and grace that we can all have the opportunity to be saved from sin, death, hell and ourselves! It is truly amazing to see how kids react and respond when we leave our “ties”, “suits”, “offices”, or whatever “separates” us from them. Simply choosing to get dirty with them, splashing shaving cream, syrup, ketchup etc. is a great way for us to connect with kids. Yeah it’s a little dirty but it’s always worth it! When the kids see us willing to leave our places and meet them where they are and have fun with them, loving them and sharing in the experience with them, they better understand what Jesus did to save us and show us love. Maybe it’s time for you to get a little dirty again?

Getting to know some of these kids helped me realize how alike we all are. We all have problems and issues. Through George Camp I saw these kids leaving those problems behind to come and have fun worshipping God. It made me realize I can do the same thing! Sometimes I forget how small our problems are and how big our God really is! Here are a few things I learned from George Camp: *that mission work has its ups and downs. *that I'm supposed to do a lot more than just sign. *that stepping out of your comfort zone comes back as a positive thing. *that I'm ready for a new project!


Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Trevor Jenkins


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George Camp Final Update September  

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