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A San Diego classic. Created from a blend of three homebrewers’ recipes, Sculpin IPA was an instant hit for its fruity, tropical and dry profile from Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Today, this gold-medal winning IPA satisfies both experienced and new drinkers alike with its approachable style. With one taste, you’ll see why Sculpin IPA continues to be one of San Diego’s most popular beers. Visit our brewery in Roanoke Valley 555 International Pkwy, Daleville, VA 24083



Please explore responsibly.™ Ballast Point Brewing Co., San Diego, CA.


12/31/18 12-7PM



Tickets $12 $15


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publisher’s NOTE Earlier this year, I visited Iceland and spent several days driving around the ring road as well as a few off-the-beatenpath diversions. Yeah, that’s where I got the wool sweater you see me pictured in above. I’ve made many an overnight stay in the Land of Fire and Ice in the past as a stopover on the way to Europe. What was different on this visit was the emergence of Icelandic craft beer in bars, restaurants and retail stores throughout the island nation. It was another sign that in places without a rich culture in quality beer that the seeds have sprouted and the consumer demand is able to support it. Like America’s post Prohibition years, the sparse choices in Iceland were dominated by mass produced lagers Gull and Viking. That’s changing. The holiday season, for me, is about celebrating with friends and family, and it’s a time for reflection. I plan to visit new places I’ve yet to see in 2019 and explore what new culinary experiences are possible. I hope each of you have an opportunity to do so as well. When traveling I often think of what people from other cultures think of America when they tour our big country, and specifically what they make of our craft beer culture. Virginia is a popular tourist destination for its history and scenic beauty. When I encounter someone with an accent at a local restaurant or brewery, I make a point to strike up a conversation. What I often hear is how they visited America years ago and how much they hated our beer then. That’s no longer an issue, and especially not in Virginia where some of the world’s best beers and innovative recipes are developed. I’ll still travel to England, Belgium and Germany and love the beers every step and pub along the way. What’s different for me is knowing we have beer every bit as good right in our hometown. Be safe during the holidays. Happy 2019! Jeff Maisey Publisher/Editor Virginia Craft Beer Magazine




It’s easy to see why Snow Blind is Starr Hill’s most photographed beer by fans

Starr Hill Big on Winter Compiled by Staff


tarr Hill Brewery has released its Winter Tour Variety Pack, which will include three bottles each of 2 Tone Vanilla Porter, Snow Blind Doppelbock, Little Red Roostarr Coffee Cream Stout and Northern Lights IPA. Thirsty for descriptions? 2 Tone boasts special dark roasted malts, which combine robust flavors of espresso and bittersweet chocolate. Sweet vanilla bean is added for waves of rich smoothness. 2 Tone's name is a nod to the British music genre that seamlessly combines brassy ska and punk rock. Little Red Roostarr is the Crozetbased brewery’s full-bodied milk stout, brewed with coffee from our friends at Red Rooster Coffee Roasters in Floyd, VA. Malt sweetness, chocolate and caramel notes dominate the flavor, while roasted coffee notes add balance and round out the aroma. This brew lends itself quite nicely to holiday sweets to wow colleagues, friends, and family at holiday parties Snowblind is a full-bodied winter beer with a massive caramel aroma and lightly toasted malt flavor. The folks at Starr Hill say it’s also probably the most photo-op'd brew they have. See above photo.



Speaking of Crozet… The first-ever Crozet Winter Brews Festival happens December 8 at the 22-acre Claudius Crozet Park with all proceeds going to support the park’s mission of affordable recreation for all. Regional craft stouts, porters and dark-n-heavy ales will be exclusively featured.

O’Connor Unveils New Turkish Variants O’Connor Brewing Company recently released its seasonal Ibrik Imperial Turkish Coffee Stout and Bourbon Barrel Aged Ibrik, plus they debuted two new variants of the heavy beer. This year, Ibrik is made with coffee from Snowing in Space Coffee Co. in Charlottesville, Virginia. The new barrel-aged variants include port wine barrels and cabernet sauvignon barrels.

Real Ginger in that Hardywood Stout Last year, Hardywood Park’s Gingerbread Stout was named the number one Christmas beer in the world by Beer Connoisseur. As it turns out, Hardywood uses harvest baby ginger from Casselmonte Farm in Powhatan, Virginia. This year, Hardywood has released 11 variants of its Gingerbread Stout. Judging by the huge displays in

retailers around Virginia, they’ve upped the quantity thanks to the increased capacity at the new West Creek production facility.

Iron Maiden Singer at 2019 Craft Brewers Conference You may have seen a pint-size can of Iron Maiden beer for sale at your local bottle shop or at a Total Wine & More location. As it turns out, Bruce Dickinson, the singer for the legendary British heavy metal band, is an avid home brewer. Dickinson, who is also a commercial airline pilot and founder of Cardiff Aviation, will be the featured inspirational keynote speaker at the Craft Brewers Conference scheduled in April 2019 in Denver, Colorado. He’ll speak about the parallels between his successful music and business careers, and how these lessons — dos and don’ts — can be applied to the business of running a craft brewery. Other speakers during the conference will include Mitch Steele (New Realm Brewing Co), Paul Pisano (National Beer Wholesalers Association), Brandon Smith (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co), Shawn Theriot (Deschutes Brewery), Eric Wallace (Left Hand Brewing), Erin Cox (Great Divide Brewing), John Ahern (Harpoon Brewery), and Shauna Barnes (Dogfish Head Companies).

g n i m o C soon Road Worthy

our first pilsner




Festive packaging from Old Ox Brewery

Old Ox Wins Collaborative Award Compiled by Staff


he National Cherry Blossom Festival and Old Ox Brewery received a Gold Pinnacle Award from the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) in the Best New Promotion Activity category. The award was presented for the limited edition “FestivALE,” a specialedition beer crafted in celebration of the 2018 Festival. National Cherry Blossom FestivALE is the first official beer created in association with the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Over several months, Old Ox Brewery and the Festival collaborated on the beer’s flavor profile and a compelling label design. More than 190 DC-area liquor and grocery stores carried the product on their shelves and on tap throughout the spring. Described as a limited edition saison, the Farmhouse Ale featured Montmorency cherry juice and hibiscus blossoms, and had a celebratory effervescence – thereby giving the beverage Festival-like attributes in color, taste and feel. “We are delighted that the National Cherry Blossom Festival has been



recognized for their creativity in associating a beer with the festival,” said Chris Burns, president, Old Ox Brewery. “We applaud the collaborative spirit of the NCBF team in selecting the beer and designing the label for this great brew.” Each year, the IFEA recognizes outstanding accomplishments and top quality creative, promotional, operational and community outreach programs and materials produced by festivals and events around the world. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the world’s great celebrations of spring. The 2019 Festival, March 20 – April 14, includes four weeks of events featuring diverse and creative programming promoting traditional and contemporary arts and culture, natural beauty, and community spirit.

Festival Beers Are Great Idea In the spring of 2018, Norfolk’s Bold Mariner Brewing Company collaborated on a French-style Euro lager with French Air Force General and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Denis Mercier to be sold exclusively at Norfolk

NATO Festival and the brewery’s tasting room. The Lafayette Lager sold out during the one-day outdoor festival and was a significant part of the fundraising for the festival. The Bold Mariner brew team was able to locate French Strisselspalt Hop Pellets in order to produce an authentic French lager similar to Kronenbourg's 1664. A very mild hop with hoppy, black currant character, Strisselspalt Hops are one of the few varieties from France, essential in the production of classic Belgian and French ales. The hop variety is almost exclusively grown around the Strasbourg area of the Grand Est region, formerly known as Alsace, on the French/German border. “We used 100 percent pilsner malts and 100 percent Strisselspalt, for a really floral, citrusy aroma,” said John O’Reilly, Bold Mariner’s head brewer. “It came in at 5.1% ABV and about 25 IBUs, so on the low end of bitterness but with a lot of hop characteristics for a really easy-drinking lager.”




Why Just One Lone Brewery in Arlington? By Greg Kitsock


rlingtonians tend to be highly educated, well-to-do (median family income over $110,000) and, judging from the burgeoning bar scene, perennially thirsty. So why is Arlington County such a desert for breweries? Nearby Loudoun County has over 30 breweries serving a population of 398,000. If breweries were parceled out according to population, Arlington ought to have 17 or 18. In fact, it has an infinitesimal one. That honor goes to New District Brewing Co. in South Arlington. When it opened in 2016, New District became the first production brewery to operate in the county since Arlington Brewing Co. (also known as Consumers Brewing Co.) gave up the ghost exactly a century earlier. Situated in Rosslyn near the shores of the Potomac, Arlington Brewing operated out of a towering, red-brick, Gothic-style building with a 150-foot-high smokestack and had a capacity of 100,000 barrels a year. By contrast, New District turned out 550 barrels in 2017, according to Brewers Association figures. Founder Mike Katrivanos was out of the country when I called, but his father Harry was happy to give “the Reader’s Digest version” of the brewery’s origins. The name “New District” commemorates the fact that Arlington - 10 -


Photo courtesy of New District Brewing Co.

Location, Location, Location:

was originally part of the District of Columbia; Congress retroceded the land back to Virginia in 1846, believing the federal government would never need that much land. The brewery’s logo is the Key Bridge, which links Arlington with Georgetown. Mainstays include 1821, a golden saison brewed with a spice that Mike Katrivanos discovered on a trip to the family’s ancestral home in Greece. The secret spice is also used in New District’s other flagship, 1821 Dark, a strong (8.5% ABV) lager with notes of coffee and chocolate. Recent releases include a ginger saison, a honeysuckle hefeweizen, and a pumpkin ale dubbed Fashionably Late because they waited until the cusp of Halloween to release it. Besides the brewery taproom, New District beers are available at a handful of accounts in northern Virginia. Growlers (32-ounce and 64-ounce) are currently the only option for takeout, but the brewery is exploring bottling or canning. When it opened, New District shared Arlington with several brewpubs. The

Serving Arlington County with exceptional beer.

Rock Bottom Brewery in the Ballston Mall elected to pull up stakes in 2016 after most of the mall closed for renovation. Sehkraft, an ambitious brewpub/ entertainment venue/butcher shop in Clarendon, shut down after barely a year of brewing. Capitol City Brewing Co. in Shirlington, following a 20-year run, closed abruptly in March. Preceding these were Blue-n-Gold Brewing Co. in Clarendon (named after the owner’s pet macaw), which operated between 1996 and 1998 at what’s now Mister Days Sports Rock Cafe in Clarendon; and Bardo Rodeo, which became Arlington’s first modern craft brewery in 1993 when it opened in a cavernous former Oldsmobile dealership near the county courthouse. Bardo morphed into a multitap called Dr. Dremo’s, closing in 2008. Brothers Bill and Andrew Stewart reopened Bardo in 2012 in Washington, DC; the outdoor brewery and beer garden, now shuttered for the winter, is just south of the Nationals Stadium. Asked about their exodus from Arlington, Andrew cites the high commercial lease rates.

“You can see the patterns if you look closely. A business's lease expires after 20+ years, they do not feel their business plan is suited for $50-per-square-foot lease expense, and they simply close up shop.” Others, like Capitol City, “end up closing a few years into the new lease because what was once a solid business plan has now become untenable.” Historian Garrett Peck (author of Capital Beer, Prohibition in Washington, DC and other works) is of a similar opinion. “Out in the suburbs and exurbs, there is plenty of space and rents are much lower. Rent is one of the biggest expenses for any brewery, and Fairfax and Loudoun have a big advantage in low rents vs. Arlington. It’s just too pricey to operate here.” (Depending on whom you talk to, Sehkraft was paying between $45,000 and $60,000 monthly for its prime real estate in Clarendon.) According to Katrivanos, however, “zoning is the big inhibitor” for production breweries.

Back in the 1890s when Consumers’ Brewing Co. was pumping out beer, ale and porter, what’s now Arlington County was largely rural, with a little over 6,000 residents scatted over a couple unincorporated villages and nearly 400 small farms. Today, Arlington is an urban community densely packed into 26 square miles. (Trivia buffs might want to take note that it is the smallest selfgoverning county in the whole nation.) Very little space is zoned for industrial use. It doesn’t help either that the federal government owns 4.6 square miles, about 17% of all the land! Yet, “Arlington was always the place that Mike wanted to set up his business in,” his father noted, and he spent a considerable amount of time researching neighborhoods in his home town, networking with county officials and pounding the pavement before he acquired his current digs at 2709 South Oakland Street. New District occupies the bottom floor of a facility owned

by Henderson’s Moving and Storage Services. “We share a back wall with the Arlington Food Assistance Center,” adds Katrivanos. It’s not a neighborhood filled with condo dwellers apt to complain about the smell of cooked grain wafting through the air. But it’s not that remote either, adjacent to a dog park (the brewery hosts a Wednesday Dog Club that welcomes canines) and a 5-10 minute walk from the shops at the Village at Shirlington. New District is in the vicinity of both Signature Theatre and Arlington Theatre on the Run. The owners have played up the arts connection by hosting an annual ValleyFest, a street festival showcasing community artists and musicians. Arlington’s indifference to craft brewing might be changing: this year the Arlington Chamber of Commerce granted New District a Best Business Awards for 2018 Retail Small Business of the Year. An omen of better times to come?

As part of our 1 year anniversary celebration, our Old Dominion Imperial Stout has been aged to perfection for 12 months in Virginia bourbon barrels. The american oak and bourbon enhance the complex flavor profile of this big beer, creating rich undertones of coffee, caramel and chocolate.

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Closed I Tues – Sat 11am – 11pm I Sun 11am – 9pm Live Music Wednesday – Sunday

For Events & More:

9925 Discovery Blvd I Manassas, Virginia, VA 20109 I 703.420.2264 I VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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The Wild and Weird Festival just might change your mind By Annie Tobey


ure, beer festivals can be fun. But they can also be crowded, stuffed into unattractive venues and pouring ho-hum, nothingnew beers. The Wild and Weird Festival at Fine Creek Mill Brewing (December 8) in Powhatan County intends to bust those expectations. “The concept is an alternative to the typical beer fest both in size and offerings,” says Fine Creek owner Mark Benusa. First, he says, “We want to Fillin’ the barrels at keep it very small.” How small? Fine Creek Mill Brewing Only 150 tickets will be sold. Second, the beers will be sour, funky, wood-aged or mixedfermentation. Next, “We want guests to be able to try offerings from breweries that they otherwise can't get.” More on that below. If you’ve been to Fine Creek Brewing before, you’ll already know that it’s a bucolic setting, rural and peaceful with a cottage-style taproom (plus with cottages available for overnight guests). The festival will be held under a tent in the beer garden, with the taproom open separately for beer and food service as usual, including Fine Creek’s changing menu of locally focused, house-made seasonal and shareable items. Tickets are $16 in advance, $20 at the door, including a custom glass and three 4-ounce-pour tokens, with additional tokens available for $3. Also important to know: Fine Creek is family-friendly, but only 21 and older will be allowed within the festival limits (and only service dogs at all times). Participants as of early November are: Benchtop Brewing, Norfolk Courthouse Creek Cider, Goochland Crooked Run Brewing, Leesburg Champion Brewing, Charlottesville Final Gravity Brewing, Richmond Precarious Beer Project, Williamsburg Potter's Craft Cider, Charlottesville Reason Beer, Charlottesville Väsen Brewing, Richmond The Virginia Beer Company, Williamsburg Triple Crossing Beer, Richmond For tickets, go to Eventbrite and search for Wild & Weird Festival. Learn more at

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brewNEWS/new trends

From Kitchens to Tasting Rooms By Mark Thompson


he evolution of craft breweries in Virginia has progressed at a rapid pace in the last decade. The purpose of this series of articles is to look into the changes in the laws and how breweries in the state have adapted, specifically in regards to food sales. Over the next several issues, we will profile individual breweries and how they have changed their businesses to maximize food sales and profits. To begin, a brief historical perspective would be helpful to frame the discussion.

Prohibition For a historical perspective, prohibition in 1919 and the repeal of that amendment in 1933 shaped the landscape of all alcohol sales in Virginia and across the country. When prohibition occurred in the country, the number of breweries was reduced to just a handful of companies. Once prohibition was repealed, control of the sale of all alcoholic beverages was given back to the states. With that control, each state enacted its own laws governing how beer would be sold. Virginia, like many states enacted a control system that has become to be known as the Three-Tiered System. That system has the brewery at the first tier who sells to the wholesaler at the second, who sells to the retailer at the third. The consumer buys beer from the third or retail tier. This system was enacted to ensure that the sale of alcohol could be regulated by the state and prevent the perceived ‘social ills’ that occurred prior to prohibition. Each of the three tiers in this system were designed to be - 14 -


independent from the others. In other words, a brewery at the first tier could not own a retail establishment on the third tier. The intent of the Three-Tier laws was to prevent what were known as ‘Tied House’ establishments that existed prior to prohibition. Back then, a brewery could own both the brewery and the retail location. The tied houses were viewed at time, as engaging in inappropriate drinking behavior as the brewery who owned the retail establishment could give away free beer and entice the consumer to over imbibe. Virginia enacted a strict three-tiered system that prohibited any brewery from owning its own distributorship or retail location. The brewery was not allowed to engage with the consumer at the point of purchase. Those laws remained intact in Virginia until 1974 when Anheuser Busch opened a hospitality center at their Williamsburg brewery. The Williamsburg, Virginia brewery was able to soften the laws a bit by allowing the public to sample their beer directly from the brewery. The Busch Gardens amusement park was adjacent to the brewery, and park customers could ride a mono rail to the brewery to sample beers directly for the first time in the state’s history. With the softening of those alcohol laws, breweries in Virginia were allowed to sample their products directly to the consumer. While the brewery could offer samples directly to the consumer, they could not sell their product for on premises consumption. Breweries in Virginia, were allowed to give away 6 two-ounce samples of their beer on premise, but could not sell a pint of beer to the consumer. All of this changed with the passage of Virginia Senate Bill 604, often referred to as SB604.

SB 604 Senate Bill 604 is credited with the monumental shift in Virginia that led to the explosion of the number of craft breweries in the state. State Senator Jeff McWaters, a Republican from Virginia Beach was the sponsor of Senate Bill 604 which allowed breweries to sell beer on their premises without having an on-site restaurant. In a June 26, 2012 Richmond Times Dispatch article, McWaters is quoted as saying, “Some State Senator Jeff McWaters people see craft beer, I see jobs.” Prior to the passage of SB 604, breweries in the state could only operate as a production brewery or Brew Pub. Production breweries were allowed to sample their beer for free and sell packaged beer for off premise consumption, while Brew Pubs were required to maintain a fullscale restaurant in order to sell beer on premise. The two brewery classes hinged in part on whether food was available or not.

The passage of SB 604 allowed a third model for breweries in Virginia. That law allowed for the first time in the state a ‘tasting room’ model that could sell beer on premise directly to the consumer without the need for a restaurant or kitchen. The challenge for breweries was how to offer food to keep the customer at the brewery longer than offering no food.

Current times After passage of SB 604, breweries in Virginia have adapted their business models to maximize their very profitable onpremise revenue and reduce their operating cost by having food options at their breweries that fall loosely under the ‘food truck’ model. Future articles will explore individual examples of how breweries are offering food to their customers without having to incur the expense of operating a full-time kitchen with staff. Some of the examples of how breweries have adapted to the Tasting Room bill range from serving prepared foods like popcorn and frozen pizza, to having food trucks rotate on a weekly basis, opening a mobile or permanent kitchen under different ownership, or simply decide not to serve any food. This symbiotic relationship between breweries and food trucks in Virginia is changing the way that customers are experiencing craft beer in the state. Allowing breweries to capture their most profitable on-premise sale and lowering the cost barrier of operating a restaurant have led to the 468% increase in the number of breweries and cideries in the state. Each brewery does it a little bit differently, but all share in the goal of growing profitability, and we are going to explore how they do it. Mark Thompson was the co-founder of Starr Hill Brewery. He is currently owner/head brewer at The Brewing Tree in Afton, Virginia.


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A scenic view for dining and beer enjoyment at Stable Craft Brewing

Beer Cheese Dip

Beercentric Food for Winter By Jennifer Waldera


here’s rarely a time that isn’t ideal to incorporate local beer into homemade dishes. However, the advent of brisk weather, and the beginning of the holiday season with all of its celebrations, nearly necessitates incorporating flavorful hops into homecooked concoctions. From dinner party style appetizers to holiday mains, Virginia restaurants and breweries have some suggestions for how to successfully sauce up winter meals. Craig Nargi, owner of Stable Craft Brewing and Hermitage Hill Farm in Waynesboro, has been on his farm since 2006, but he has been cooking for years, since age thirteen. After winning local and national culinary competitions in his early teens, he was admitted to Johnson and Wales University at age sixteen and eventually went on to both cook and open his brewery. “I translated the culinary to beer, “ Nargi says. Nargi smokes the meats for the brewery tasting room and his spent grain is traded locally for beef and herbs while eggs and some produce are produced on the farm. A brewer, producer, and a chef, his insight is an inspiration for beer-infused meals. “At home I will create marinades for smoking meats. I have

- 16 -


Stable Craft Brewing

1 lb whole butter 1-1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 2 ¼ cup cream 4 ½ cups Britchin Brown Ale (3- 12oz bottles) 4 tbsp minced garlic, fresh 1 tbsp kosher or sea salt 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper 2 - 2 ½ lbs shredded sharp white cheddar found using beer to marinate sausages, whole muscle pork, and lean cutsand of beef work very Start off melting butter whisking in flour well. Typically I will focus on stouts, to make a paste like texture more browns, dry thanand depending on the end flavor, I will sometimes not to make a variant of roux. use a light pale ale.” Add garlic to defined hot rouxas and stir. Carbonnade, a traditional beef and onion stew, is one of Maintaining heat, add creamNargi’s and whisk with recommendations a hearty winter dish vigor to create afor creamy appearance andthat could feedand either a few to orwhisk. a crowd, with thenclearly add beer continue appropriate accommodations. Add small amounts of shredded cheese and “I will use a lean piece of meat, cut into continue to whisk. slightly largely than bite-sized pieces, dredge Repeat with morewith cheese increments it in flour seasoned salt in and pepper, that you canonadd comfortably whilevirgin whisking and sear high heat with extra oliveto burning/scorch and until oil,prevent browning the exterior of all continue sides of the all the cheese is added and melted. pieces.” After removing theseason meat, Nargi sautes Add cayenne and with salt andlargely diced onions, then dusts with flour to make a pepper to your preference. roux before adding the beef back to the pan.

Beef Carbonnade Stable Craft Brewing Follow instructions in the article 7 lbs chuck or lean roast, cut into 1-inch pieces Kosher or sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 8 tbsp whole butter, divided 4 tbsp and 4 tbsp 6 medium yellow onions sliced about 1/4 inch thick (about 16 cups) 6 tbsp all-purpose flour 3 cups beef broth 3 cups, or about 24 oz, Belgian-style beer 8 sprigs fresh thyme 4 bay leaves 2 Tbsp whole grain mustard (sub accordingly) 2 Tbsp brown sugar- extra dark preferred Lupulin powder 1/2 tsp

Attention to detail at Stable Craft Brewing VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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Mark Thompson's p Back! Brewing CraftBeer! ... ... on Rt. 151 in Nelson County!

- It's Chapter 2 -

“While the heat is still high, pour in the beer and then beef stock while stirring to create a thick rich viscosity. I like to go off the standards here. You can take two directions with your beer choice. Go all brown or stouts or go all hop heavy beers. The herbs that follow are determined by the beer selections. Stouts and browns, I would use chervil and then thyme which promotes a sweetness. If you choose the hop route, I would use a whole grain mustard.” The real brewer’s pro-tip, though, is Nargi’s use of a tablespoon or more of Lupulin powder. “But be careful as this can go tart when cooking, so you'll want to use at lower temperatures toward the end of the process, as if you are seasoning,” Nargi warns. Not one to leave out details about the early part of the meal, Nargi shared his recipe for a decadent beer cheese dip, as well, replete with his own Britchin Brown Ale as well as healthy doses of butter, cream, garlic, and cayenne. Also focused on the proteins of the meal, Tyler Byam, one of the Kitchen Managers at South Street Brewery was generous enough to share his tips on beer-brining poultry and red meat. While typical seasonings like salt, pepper, and garlic are still tried and true, the type of beer is the crucial choice. Byam’s tip is that malty beers are, overall, better for cooking given the subtle sweetness that they impart. He recommends South Street Brewery’s own Satan’s Pony. The key, he says, involves the time to brine. “Chicken wings will start to fall apart and disintegrate over twenty-four hours,” he says. So whether brining wings for Sunday football gatherings, or roasting a chicken for a more formal gathering, keeping the brine time less than a day is crucial. For red meat, he says, six hours is sufficient. Finally, the beer-focused bar and restaurant Timberwood Grill in Charlottesville was willing to give a suggestion for a seafood option for holiday entertaining and celebrations. Their chef, Daniel Angel, also looks to South Street’s Satan’s Pony for frying up shrimp. With the simplicity of flour, egg, cayenne, black pepper, and Old Bay, they create a tempurastyle textured batter to coat shrimp and then deep fry them for what could be a crunchy appetizer for a dinner party, or even a main.

Fried Shrimp Timberwood Grill

4 cups of all purpose flour 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp cayenne 1 tsp of Old Bay 1 egg 1 ½ cups of Satan’s Pony 2 or more lbs of shrimp

9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy Afton, VA 22920 540 - 381 - 0990 - 18 -


- Follow Us! Gaslight BC Media

“We do deep fry them, but a home cook could certainly fry them on the stovetop,” says Melanie, one of the restaurant’s managers. From marinating to battering to overall infusion into a dish, there are certainly no shortages of options for incorporating local brews into seasonal celebratory dishes.

brewNEWS/holday holday release




on Christmas

Beer By Jeff Maisey


’m a sucker for great packaging and that can include imagery and color that is simplistic yet hits the mark in communicating exactly what the product delivers. When I spied a new four-pack of Fun Old Fashioned Family Christmas Ale from Alewerks Brewing Company in Williamsburg, I thought, yeah, these folks nailed it. To learn more about the brewery’s seasonal offerings I gave Alewerks operations director Michael Claar a shout. Here’s what he had to share. Alewerks has released a Christmas beer in recent years. How is this new one different? There are some subtle differences to the spice blend but the overall experience is extremely similar to what we have done in the past. The biggest difference is the ABV is higher at 8% but the higher alcohol content is not noticeable in taste.

What do your regular consumers like about the holiday season special release beers? Sharing! We know this time of year consumers aren't just thinking about themselves so we keep that in mind and release beers that serve as interesting, fun gifts. The packaging for Family Christmas Ale is well designed, from the colors to the Christmas sweater artwork depicting reindeer and snow-covered evergreen trees. Can you share how your team developed both the brand and recipe for this new product? It always starts with the beer. Geoff Logan aimed to create a visceral feeling of holiday nostalgia with the flavor profile. The naming followed suit then came the packaging. Is it solely packaged as 4-packs? We released an extremely limited quantity of 1.5 liter magnums of the Christmas Ale on Black Friday, exclusive at our satellite location.

Do 4-packs sell especially well during the holidays? We'll let you know. 2018 is the first time we have packaged 4-packs. It started as the new format for our barrel-aged series (Cafe Royale, Black Forest, BBP). When we decided to increase the ABV of the Christmas Ale (for that extra holiday spirit), the 4-packs made sense. Any additional beer releases for the holiday season? Black Friday was also the third annual release of Cranberry Weekend Lager in draft and 6-packs. After a two-year hiatus, we brought back Grand Illumination (9.5% ABV) in November. We also released bourbon barrel aged Grand Illumination barleywine in single 12oz bottles in November at our Brews and Blues festival and the new ruby port barrel aged Grand Illumination in 1.5 liter magnums at the Alewerks satellite.


- 19 -

WSET 13, the ABC television news affiliate serving Lynchburg, Danville and Roanoke, alerted

viewers and online readers with this headline: “Farmer’s Almanac predicts a whopper of a winter” for all of Virginia. The 2019 Farmer’s Almanac has indeed predicted a “very long, cold and snow-filled winter” with winter extending its stay late into March. Long, cold winters are said to be ideal for farmers, especially those growing apples and peaches. It should also translate to a welcomed, extended season for Virginia’s craft breweries looking to sell their entire inventory of heavy beers enjoyed during the months of winter. Winter beers, of course, come in a variety of styles and are generally higher in alcohol — the winter warming factor. But that’s not always the case. Winter white ales can be especially pleasing and generally clock-in at 5 to 6 percent ABV. If you’re out on a ski slope or maybe cross-country skiing along a fire-road in the backcountry, a thirstquenching, flavorful winter white ale will be most appealing. Winter whites aside, the first signs of winter in Virginia are often seen packaged in large bottles of bourbon barrel aged stouts and porters. The flavors of the wood and whiskeys bring strong flavor profiles, and the aging process matures and strengthens the alcohol level. It’s hard to beat an 8 to 10-ounce goblet of barrel-aged stout sitting outside at night surrounding a fire pit. It’s also a good choice snuggled up on the couch with the lights out while absorbing the warmth of the flames burning in the living room fireplace. In addition to barrel-aged beers, anything with the word Imperial in front of it is an easy indication for heavy, higher alcohol. An imperial stout kicks ass. On the sweet and smoothly bitter side, both chocolate and coffee stouts are crowd pleasers during the winter months for those seeking additional heavy flavors but not necessarily higher alcohol volume. There are, of course, barrel-aged versions of these styles with more bang. Finally, Christmas beers are ideal at the beginning of winter and make for great gifts as well as to be shared with friends and family. These have long been popularized by Belgian, German and English brewers and are now being brewed more often by Virginia craft brewers. Additional seasonal spices providing the scent and taste associated with Christmas are used and can include ginger, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, caramel, mulling spices, orange peel and sugar. With all these delicious possibilities now upon us, we asked readers as well as a few craft beer industry folks to share their favorite beers of winter from Virginia. Here’s what they had to say.

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We asked a few brewers and brewery owners what styles they like to brew and

we can expect to enjoy from them this winter. Plus, we asked them what beer from other Virginia breweries that they are looking forward to drinking

Aaron Holley Head Brewer / Owner Wasserhund Brewing Company, Virginia Beach

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why? What I appreciate about winter beers is the fact that they are typically darker and full of flavor. That flavor can range from an imperial stout (heavy and big) to German Schwartz Bier (light and easy to drink, but very dark). I enjoy brewing my Haagen Dog Ice Cream Stout and my Bitchin’ Bacon Stout because they are big beers and are different then an IPA variant or a Reinheitsgebot beer that Wasserhund typically makes.

What beer does Wasserhund plan to release for the winter season? We released our Doppel Dog (8.1% ABV), German Doppelbock in October and will have it around for most of the winter. This beer won gold at the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild for Strong, Dark, European Lager in 2018. It is dark, smooth, and easy to drink with complex dark Wasserhund’s Doppel Dog malt flavors (without German the burnt flavors of Doppelbock won an imperial stout). gold at the Virginia Black Forest Lager Craft Brewers Guild for Strong, (5.3% ABV) - This Dark, European is a classic German Lager in 2018. Schwarzbier named after the mountainous region in southwest Germany. Its appearance is black with an intense malt flavor and subtle hop. The beer goes down malty and smooth with a subtle hint of chocolate at the end. Golgotha Pilsner (5.6% ABV) – A dark pilsner inspired by Aaron and Christine’s 2018 trip to Germany. Munich Dunkel Lager (5.4% ABV) - This is a slightly lighter version than its Dunkel lager brother. Created out of Bavaria, it has delicious malty notes that give a slight caramel and roast flavor with low bitterness. Haagen Dog Ice Cream Stout (8.3% ABV) - Is it possible to make a beer taste like ice cream? The answer is YES! Häagen-Dog Ice Cream Stout tastes like vanilla and chocolate ice cream in a glass. Whether it’s your liquid dessert at the end of the meal, or just something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Häagen Dog Ice

Cream Stout is a can’t miss specialty. Bitchin’ Bacon Stout (8.4% ABV) - This full bodied chocolate, oatmeal, and bacon stout is a full breakfast with every sip. It has a cocoa aroma with a slight smoky finish. If you like stouts and you’re looking for a rich full-bodied beer, this is the one for you.

Which beers from other Virginia Breweries are you looking forward to drinking and what do you like about them? Big Ugly’s Ghost Rider Porter is an excellent beer that won bronze at the GABF. It’s full bodied and full of flavor and has a complex flavor profile. I highly enjoy that beer.

Kevin McElroy Brewer / Co-Owner Random Row Brewing Co., Charlottesville

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why? I enjoy making different types of dark lagers. From Mexican dark lagers to schwartzbier to bocks. I like the combination of a subtle roasted flavor with the clean crisp finish of a lager.

What beer does Random Row Brewing Co. plan to release for the Winter Season? We recently released our Dry Irish Stout, Sublimation, and we will start brewing our trio of winter stouts in December starting with Keagan Imperial Stout. The final runnings of that beer are collected to create Sour Cal, a soured stout, and we age a portion of the Keagan Imperial Stout in local bourbon barrels from Bowman’s to create our Jameson Bourbon Barrel Stout. All three beers are named after head brewer Kevin’s three children.

Kevin McElroy, owner and head brewer at

Random Row Brewing in Charlottesville. Which beers from other Virginia Breweries are you looking forward to drinking and what do you like about them?

Beer Hound Brewery’s Fang Oatmeal Stout is a nice easy drinking stout that I enjoy. I tend to stay away from the strong spiced stouts that you tend to see this time of year. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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Russel Carpenter Head Brewer Rocket Frog Brewing Company, Sterling

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why?

I enjoy making our award winning Wallops Island Brown Ale the most. It is the most complex beer that I make, including 12 different malts in the grain bill. Good Brown Ales are underrepresented in the craft beer market. They are difficult to make. If you go too dark and roasty, you get a Porter. If you don’t go dark enough, the beer ends up being an Ambered Ale.

Precarious Beer Project’s Nut Brown with Butternut Squash and Sweet Potatoes

Greg Fleehart Head Brewer Precarious Beer Project, Williamsburg

What dark beer plans does Rocket Frog have for the Winter Season?

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why?

We have a plethora of dark beers to get you through the cold winter days/nights. Start with our flagship American Brown Ale, Wallops Island, which just won a Bronze medal at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival. This beer has a deep mahoghany hue with notes of caramel, toffee, and chocolate. Next up is Spaceport, a jet black American Porter with roasty malt flavors balanced by a slight caramel sweetness. Follow this with Best Buddy, a Milk Stout with a creamy mouthfeel and rich coffee flavors. Last, but certainly not least, is Shame & Torment, a 10.1% American-style Barleywine with rich caramel and dark fruit flavors with a boozy kick.

We like to make darker Belgian styles, stouts and porters with ingredients inspired by the locally available produce, imperial stouts with unique ingredients and textures, and darker flavored lagers like munich dunkle, schwarzbier, vienna lager, etc. We also like to do the unexpected and release some incredibly quaffable light beers as a counterpoint to the heavier, more alcoholic options.

Do you have any dark beers that other Virginia Breweries make that you look forward to and what do you like about them? Really looking forward to Brothers Brewing Company Resolute. That is a fantastic barrel-aged Imperial Stout.

What dark beer plans does Precarious Beer Project have for the Winter Season? Precarious is releasing many darker beers during the winter season. We are starting off with a Vienna Lager, “Argument From Silence”, “X.V,”a Belgian Dubbel with winter avacado honey and avacado leaves that lend an anise and holiday spice character. We also have released a nut brown ale, “The Stuff With The Things,” brewed with locally grown butternut squash and sweet potatoes. We are also releasing a 12% bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, “Ethically Flexible” on December 1, along with our imperial stout collaboration with Reaver Beach which includes oak smoked local serrano chilies, green cardamom, and barrel-aged coffee. We will continue to brew new interesting dark beers throughout the winter and into the spring.

Do you have any dark beers that other Virginia Breweries make that you look forward to and what do you like about them? I still enjoy Alewerk’s Porter as a regular go-to dark winter option, the Hardywood portfolio, O’Connor’s Ibrik stout, and whatever brewers are putting out that is a new and interesting take on a winter themed beer. - 22 -


Darrell Cuenca Brewer / Owner Deadline Brewing Project, Virginia Beach

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why? We’ll start the season off with a smoked pumpkin porter and a maple cranberry stout. Further down the road, we’ll do an oyster stout, something with coconut and our first Russian imperial stout.

What beer does Deadline plan to release for the Winter Season? We’ll mainly play around with porters, dry Irish stouts and milk stouts in keeping with our theme of having beers with approachable ABV levels.

Which beers from other Virginia Breweries are you looking forward to drinking and what do you like about them? (This is probably a popular answer) Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout and variants are always great and fun to share. Also, I like Triple Crossing’s Infinite Reflections and hoping to have that beer again soon.

Stephen Matters Head Brewer Maltese Brewing Company, Fredericksburg

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why? I really love making imperial stouts with big flavor. It’s just fun to try and max out the mash tun and push the limits of our brewhouse trying to make a massive incredibly flavorful beer.

What dark beer plans does Maltese Brewing Company have for the Winter Season? As the winter months approach, we really start to hit the dark beers hard. One of my favorites we release is called Tupac Sha’more. It’s an Imperial Milk Stout with huge smores flavor to your face. Our Brass Coupling Kentucky Common starts to make its way on the menu pretty regularly. We also do bourbon barrel aged versions of that. I have a honey stout called Howdy Doody Honey Stout that’s been in a bourbon barrel for the better part of 6 months releasing December 1. Our Salted Caramel Rye Porter is on tap right now. We also have a Vanilla Brown Ale that’s available year round. That’s just to name a few. We really love our dark beers at the brewery so even in the middle of summer we’re known to release some fun dark goodness.

Do you have any dark beers that other Virginia Breweries make that you look forward to and what do you like about them? Blue Mountain’s Dark Hollow and Concealed Darkness are easy on my list of great Virginia stouts. Also, the guys at Pen Druid really knock it out of the park with their wild fermented dark beers. It’s a great time to be alive in Virginia. No shortage of amazing dark beer – that’s for sure. Audio-Exchange @audio_exchange @audio-exch1



AUDIOEXCHANGERVA.COM visit our new online store

6007 W. BROAD ST. RICHMOND, VA 23230 (804).282.0438


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What dark beer plans does Blue Mountain / South Street have for the Winter Season?

Taylor Smack

Head Brewer / Owner Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton), Blue Mountain Barrel House (Arrington), South Street Brewery (Charlottesville)

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why? I love darker beers as one of my children just like I love all our beers...they really are like your kids: you love them for different reasons but you love them all the same. They each shine for their own reasons. And with beer, each style can be a celebration of season or unique process or ingredients. Dark beers are certainly among the most fun to physically brew because of the deeper, more assertive malt aromas that permeate the brewery on brew day. And, a fair number of our darker beers are barrel aged, and that is something very near and dear to me, as I learned barrel-aging during my time as head brewer for the original Goose Island brewery location in Chicago. I’ve passed this love on to my team at Barrel House, and barrel aging and the technique and care it takes is something we hang our hat on at Blue Mountain.

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Our year-round Dark Hollow (bourbon-barrel-aged imperial stout) is going out in 4 packs of 12oz bottles statewide for the first time ever starting November 1, and it will continue to be available on draft and in corked 750ml bottles. On December 1, we have our annual Dark Hollow Reserve release party called “Concealed Darkness.” This reserve edition is aged for a year in bourbon barrels, and we also feature limited amounts of two bottled and draft variants of this beer every year. Following this is the release of our Chocolate Coffee Dark Hollow on draft and in 750ml bottles statewide in February (and available in special-edition 375ml corked bottles onsite at our breweries). And, as a teaser, I’ll let on that we have stowed away for next year a very special Belgian-style Christmas ale that is being barrel aged for over a year before its release for Christmastime in 2019. We’ve also brought back “Isabel” for the colder months. Isabel is our Imperial Porter aged on cacao nibs and orange peel in bourbon barrels. It’s available on draft and in 750ml bottles from November to late January. And, our winter variety 12-packs called “The Range” features “Bittersweet Oatel” as one of its four beer varieties. This beer is an oatmeal porter with lactose and cocoa...kind of chocolate chip cookies in a bottle. At South Street Brewery, we’ve got our Anastasia’s Chocolate Fantasy Russian Imperial Stout starting to hit draft lines and stores across the state (750ml corked bottles for this line) and a couple other dark-but-notstout-or-porter offerings such as our Absolution Ale (English Old Ale) and “Inquisator” (Dopplebock).

Do you have any dark beers that other Virginia Breweries make that you look forward to and what do you like about them? Nick Funnell’s High Desert Imperial Stout from his time at Sweetwater Tavern up north was always one of my favorites. He’s moved on to another gig on the supply side for brewing, but they still brew it up there and it’s first rate. Seasonally though, I really look forward to any of my neighbors’ takes on Baltic Porters and Doppelbocks--the lager side of dark, which is radically different than the British tradition.

James Frazer Brewmaster Trapezium Brewing Co., Petersburg Beale’s Beer, Bedford

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why? I enjoy making Porters! Designing Porter recipes is fun, creating complex grain bills and implementing different processes is something I look forward to in the winter.

What dark beer plans does Trapezium and Beale’s have for the Winter Season? Trapezium will release Coconut Milk Porter (7% ABV) on December 1. Our new winter seasonal will remind you of a chocolate macaroon! Velvety and decedent this beer uses English malts and lactose in combination with a massive amount of hand toasted coconut.

Beale’s Beer will release Bourbon Barrel Brunch Stout (7.2% ABV) on December 8. After spending months resting in Jim Beam barrels we conditioned our Imperial oatmeal stout on coffee beans, maple syrup, and vanilla beans. A flavor wave like a rollercoaster, every special ingredient has its own place in this beer. Dark and velvety with a hint of bourbon.

Do you have any dark beers that other Virginia Breweries make that you look forward to and what do you like about them? I am always excited about brewers pushing the envelope with unique ingredients while still staying true to a beer style, with so much going on in the Virginia beer scene I look forward to the creativity.

Mary Wolf

Owner Wild Wolf Brewing Company, Nellysford

What darker beer styles do you enjoy making and why? Per Danny … I enjoy brewing stouts because of the wide range of ingredients that can be used and the wide variety of beers within the style – such as a Milk Stout and an Imperial Stout.

What dark beer plans does Wild Wolf have for the Winter Season? We just finished another batch of our American Stout, but we are also close to releasing a Chocolate Cherry Porter – named Dark Moon on the Rise. We are anxious to see how people like it!

Do you have any dark beers that other Virginia Breweries make that you look forward to and what do you like about them? Our neighbors both make some amazing Imperial Stouts – Devils Backbone with Dead Bear and Blue Mountain with Dark Hollow.


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from beer enthusiasts… Jason Cromer Roanoke

Get it while it’s hot (or cold, right?), but the revised Walter’s Brunch at Benchtop Brewing Company really hits all the hallmarks for a nice winter beer.

Rachel Newcomb New Kent

Ardent Imperial Milk Stout is sweet and chocolately and Hardywood Christmas Pancakes is sweet with vanilla.

Jason Johnson Norfolk

Brothers Craft Brewing Resolute and the variants that come along with it. Why? Because it’s one of the best stouts not only in Virginia, but in the world!

Staci Fredrick Chesapeake

Walter’s Brunch from Benchtop Brewing Company and Evil Santa from The Virginia Beer Company. They both are perfect for any cold night or really any weather to be honest.

Makayla Ingraham-Kelley Muncie, IN

I can never turn down the Elbow Patches from The Virginia Beer Company. The hints of oats, chocolate, and coffee are perfect anytime of the day. I was in the Norfolk beer scene for a while and moved to Indiana and I already have flights booked for the holiday season and it’s on my list to bring back!

Kevin Sharkey Virginia Beach

Owner, 1608 Crafthouse

For me, O’Connor Brewing Company’s Ibrik is one of my favorite local stouts. I’m a big fan of O’Connor and we sell quite a bit of their beer at 1608. Ibrik, in my opinion, is one of the best beers they make. Perfect for cooler weather and the variants are delicious.

Grace Mallamo Portsmouth

I can’t wait to enjoy MoMac Brewing Company’s upcoming hazelnut oatmeal stout every morning with breakfast!

Matthew Todd Pere Virginia Beach

Lie, Cheat, and Steal Imperial Stout from Ocelot Brewing Company – Even though the ABV is 10.4%, it still drinks as delicious, smooth, dark, and roasty coffee stout that’s so sweet it will give you diabetes! Adrien Widman is a talented brewer and a super humble owner who consistently puts out beers that showcase his love for his craft and the artistry with which he brews can be tasted in each and every beer that the brewery releases.

Jason King Virginia Beach

Virginia Beer Company’s Evil Santa, Coelacanth’s Kopimanis, Ballast Point High West Barrel Aged, and Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout variations.

Anthony Gonzalez Charlotte, NC

Apple Brandy Barrel Gingerbread Stout by Hardywood. It’s a beautiful slow sipper. The apple brandy and vanilla notes compliment the honey and ginger nicely. Great for the fall and winter!

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Kevin Aylesworth

Owner, Grape & Gourmet, Virginia Beach Alewerks Cafe Royal with mouth coating chocolate and vanilla with notes for coffee and bourbon is perennially one of my favorites. Three Notch’d Biggie S’mores with massive chocolate with marshmallow and graham cracker. It hits all the things I look forward to in an Imperial Stout - lingering chocolate and vanilla flavors with a rich creamy mouth feel.

Chuck Lane Norfolk

Looking forward to O’Connor Brewing Co.’s Ibrik stouts. Perfect pairing of my two favorite beverages. Currently, enjoying Benchtop’s Walters Brunch.

Allen Richards Washington, D.C.

Easy. Ol’ Man Winter from Old 690 Brewing Company. No one packs their seasonals with as much flavor as Old 690. Start with a perfectly brewed ale. Marry a spice blend blessed with divinity. Nurture with love until maturity. Every whiff the scent of heaven. Every swallow a Viking celebration of Christmas in Valhalla.

Tony Etienne

During the holidays, I will drink my last bottle of The Dark Enemy Russian Imperial Stout from the late great Heroic Ale Works. Za zdorovje!

Todd Milhous Richmond

Unloved Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Oyster Stout from The Veil Brewing. Not too many oyster stouts out there and this one is very good.

Victoria Eckles

Co-owner of The Better Beer Store, Winchester I am a true lover of dark beers, especially stouts, because of the dark roasty taste. Stouts are so smooth with a rich and warm mouth feel. I got so excited as all the new beers came into the store in the fall. I especially loves Starr Hill Little Red Roostarr. The coffee flavors with the cream are delicious. Another favorite is Chaos Mountain Cocoborealis, so chocolatey! Blue Mountain Dark Hollow with its bourbon barrel aging is terrific. And, Hardywood Christmas Morning with the coffee added to the spice makes my holidays complete.

Chris Stryker


One of my favorite dark beers would be the Hardywood Gingerbread Stout because its release reminds me of things winter…Christmas, football playoffs, chili, and snowboarding!

Rob McCarry Vienna

Vanilla Hobo Stout from Caboose Brewing. Smooth vanilla and coffee flavors. Perfect for a cold winter’s night.


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Eric Schnuit Virginia Beach

Bourbon Barrel Biggie S’mores from Three Notch’d Brewing Company and Apple Brandy Circle of Wolves from The Veil. Both of these are thick and boozy, warms the belly on these cold winter nights.

Diane Catanzaro Norfolk We always covet Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout. It tastes like a Christmas cookie... a mouthful of gingerbread, with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and alcohol. We love to share this beer at holiday parties and it makes a great gift for out-of-State friends.

Lee Graves Charlottesville

One of my favorite styles is doppelbock, particularly when there’s a nip in the air. Generally, I like hoppy beers, so savoring a dark lager with lots of toasted malt character is a welcome change of pace. Starr Hill’s Snow Blind and Ardent’s Defenestrator are go-to Virginia doppelbocks for me. This year the Defenestrator is a bourbon-barrel-aged version made in collaboration with The Cask Cafe; at 10.4 percent ABV, it’s definitely a winter warmer.

Sterling Stoke, Jr.

Brothers Craft Brewing’s Resolute is so delicious it gets its own weekend!

Lauren Moore

General Manager DoG Street Pub / Hair of the DoG Bottle Shop When cold weather sets in I start to lean towards rauchbiers and porters. With raunchiers the smoked flavor imparted to the malt from beechwood conjures up memories of campfires and crisp weather. American Porters give me the richness of chocolate and coffee notes with the touch of hop to stop it before it gets too sweet. It’s cold outside; give me big, boozy and hints of bourbon. I have long been a fan of Alewerks Bourbon Barrel Porter. It’s brewed with Haitian sugar and bourbon barrel aged as the name suggests. You get lovely notes of chocolate and caramel from the roasted malts and a touch of bourbon and vanilla from the barrels.

Geoffrey Edward

Bourbon Gingerbread Stout by Hardywood – you get the GBS flavor we all love with a nice bourbon finish.

Mark Hall

O’Connor’s Ibrik – all variants from 2014/17

Richard Eidle

I’ve enjoyed Blue Mountain Brewery’s Lights Out for years now. It’s rich and malty and perfect for the holidays and cold nights. It’s my winter go to beer.

Cameron Dillmann

Literally, anything from Stable Craft Brewing.

J. C. Blockey Norfolk

Not sure if it counts as winter, but the Andals from The Answer are always amazing. As for winter release, O’Connor’s Ibrik always hits the spot, but Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout releases are always a good time! Too many awesome options!!

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An Authentic Ger man Christmas

The Bier Garden’s Gift Shop is open just in time for holiday shopping! You’ll find brewery gift packs, Weinachten (Christmas) items, Ger man food items, advent calendars, beer glasses, and more! BIER GARDEN 438 High Street, Portsmouth 757.393.6022

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Battle of the Beers Virginia Beach, Photos by Jason Hillian

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Blacksburg Brew Do Blacksburg, photos by jake roth


2 Silos Brewing Co. One Year Anniversary Party - Manassas

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Pressed Cider Festival Smartmouth Pilot House - Virginia Beach

The Big LeBYRDski Festival presented by The Byrd Theatre Foundation and Center of the Universe Brewing Company Richmond VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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The Hammered Smithy Warrenton

Corl Works Chesterfield

These talented Virginians are getting their craft on in celebration of the beer lover in all of us!

The perfect present


We all know that the perfect gi� for any cra� beer lover is their favorite brew. What be�er to pair with it than an easy way to crack it open? All of these bo�le openers are cra�ed by Virginia ar�sans to fit form and func�on all year round.

Designs the Limit, Virginia Beach • - 34 -


Pretty Little Vinyls, Richmond •�yli�levinyls

A great label makes a great beer. Because they have to know your beer before they taste it. A quality label can make a good impression in less than 1.5 seconds. Lasting impressions are made with consistency and service. Every week Blanco meets its commitments of millions of labels to manufacturers depending on them. At Blanco we believe service is as important as quality. We select our customers so that we can be a perfect fit. We are small enough for their business to matter and large enough to make sure their job gets done. “Blanco is all about service…Nobody beats their service.” Chris Buckley, Brewmaster, Red Oak Brewery 1876 Apperson Drive, Salem, VA 24153



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Rolling on the River

to Harper’s Ferry Brewery T By Michael T. Jarvis

he hills are alive with the sound of music, brewing and schmoozing at the new Harpers Ferry Brewery, located on a precipice overlooking the Potomac River. It’s only been open a few months but the monster brewery is drawing huge crowds to a regional recreation destination that's more famous for ziplines than beer lines. As a flood of new breweries has increased tenfold in six years, the stakes for beer in Loudoun County have elevated -- literally, The new 15-barrel system atop the Harpers Ferry Adventure Center provides breathtaking vistas of two rivers, three states and four counties as well as eight miles of the Appalachian Trail. Add into the mix a destination popular with zip liners, climbers, rafters, mountain bikers, campers, kayakers, campers and canoodlers. “We had an opportunity to build a much larger brewery with views that you can’t find anywhere else,” says coowner Ronda Powell, “Its been a year in the making, knowing we wanted to bring something to that corner of Loudoun County that hasn’t been done yet.” Powell, with her husband, Mark, and Co-founders Darren and Tammi Gryniuk, are modern day riverboat gamblers who virtually defined the Wild Wild North of brewing in Loudoun County as creators of of the Old 690 Brewing Company in Hillsboro. The brewery is arguably the most popular in Loudoun and has won the title of best brewery for three years in a row in local newspapers. But the road to success was initially rocky. When the state approved farm breweries in 2014, Old 690's owners put money on the barrelhead for a brew system and built a facility. They rolled the dice and opened up Old 690 Brewing to beat the beer rush, much to the delight of thirsty

beer lovers in Loudoun, West Virginia and Maryland. Although they staked a claim, the operation was challenged by a handful of neighbors who said the brewery's popularity changed their

Country Roads

The nearby confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac at Harpers Ferry serves as an anchor to both Virginias. The Harpers Ferry Brewery offers bookend gazebos atop the mountain with two breathtaking and distinctly different views and virtually hangs over the Potomac. Upstream to the west stands the steeples and escarpment of the regal Harper’s Ferry National Park, home to the ghosts of John Brown’s raid, enchanting B&Bs, the Appalachian Trail and its conservancy.

(L-R) Tammi and Darren Gryniuk, Mark and Ronda Powell, George “JR” Heffner

quality of life and was not a permitted use. Despite a shutdown of a few months, the county finally came around and the reopened brewery was even more popular than before. The Powells and Gryniuks are adventurers, risk-takers who encourage patrons to wallpaper Old 690 with US currency and drive an ambulance they converted into a refrigerated beer rescue truck with external pours for use at beer gatherings. It was only natural that these free spirits would move to a higher plane.

George and Holly Heffner enjoyed operating the Adventure Center at Harpers Ferry -- with its memorable camping and fitness adventures -- but wanted to expand the experience for visitors. “I always wanted to open a brewery but I didn’t know anything about the process,” says George. “Old 690 was the perfect complement to our guests. I think we nailed it with Harpers Ferry Brewing.” Heffener’s local roots are firmly planted. "I grew up about a 1/4 mile from the brewery and lived there all my life. I’ve

Harpers Ferry Brewery • 37412 Harpers Ferry Rd • Hillsboro Harpers Ferry Adventure Center • 37410 Adventure Center Lane • Hillsboro - 36 -


Luray's Original Craft Brewery always been drawn to the river area as an outdoorsman while I grew up, fishing every day. My dad started the outfitter and I thought it was the craziest idea ever but after 25 years realized that it’s something special. Every guest is here to relax and enjoy the nature I grew up with. The brewery allows them to complete the day with a beverage and some quality food. It allows guests to sit back relax, and watch others come down the river from a view that is world class. They can also camp and do it all over again the next day.” It is an extremely popular destination that draws from crowds only one hour away in the DC and Baltimore Metro region. "After 20 years, we remain a family-run business built around an experienced and valued staff," says George, who is better known to his friends as J.R. The Adventure Center provides picnic areas with tables, charcoal grills, and lazy day hammocks. During summer months, live bands perform on scheduled weekends adding a truly unique atmosphere to the mountain getaway.

Grown here - Brewed Here Winter Hours

Climb Every Mountain

General Manager Melanie Corcoran is something of an "old hand" at the age of 23, with years of working at the Corcoran family farm operations in Waterford that included a winery, a brewery and a cidery when she was a teenager. She’s worked for the last few years at Old 690’s farm brewery and Sunset Over Harpers Ferry, was a perfect match to view from the brewery run the new site. Melanie still laughs when explaining that she applied for a bartending job at a Richmond brewery a few years ago and was rejected for being overqualified. At Harpers Ferry Brewery she has little time to stand still. “My Fitbit tells me I do a good job," she says after a few hours of coverning the brewery's grounds. How does this differ from her other farm brewery work? "I’m still on a farm brewery but the Potomac River is our farm." The hundreds of fans who show up Thursday-Sunday would like to see more events, possibly the state beer festival, but are still in awe at the size and scope of the new brewery at Harpers Ferry. “The view and beer is amazing,” says Vanessa Coble, a medical scientist from Martinsburg, West Virginia, who traveled 30 miles to experience the destination. Her friend, Jen Jones, agrees. “You can’t beat this place,” she says. “You just cannot beat this.”


The Beers

When you are surrounded by water, the tie-in with the names for the 20 beers on tap is hard to avoid. The Needles, an American IPA named for a local rapid on the Potomac, is a hearty 7% ABV. The Passionfruit Gose seems like a pineapple mixed drink but has low alcohol and goes down very easy. Brutal Rapids Brut IPA holds up about as well as the large, upside down canoe nailed to the ceiling of the cavernous brewpub. While the brewery room alone is larger than many microbreweries, bigger isn't always better. But Harpers Ferry Brewery breaks the mold and it is the exception. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 37 -

A Coastie Gets Barley Naked A

truly hard thing is to be so close to your dream, only to watch that dream unexpectedly fall apart as you round the last curve of the race and have the finish line in sight. Barry Boyd knows a little about that feeling, having been so close to opening a brewery with a 20-barrel brewhouse that he was sitting on $35K worth of architectural stamped permit ready documents for, not to mention having his trademark for the Barley Naked name. Investors were lined up. The Small Business Administration (SBA) folks and a local bank were nodding their heads yes. And then, life happened. Things fell apart. Once the writing was on the wall, he wrote out checks to repay his investors, dissolved the LLC, and entered a time you might call the hum-drums. Barry is no soft target, having served 29 years in the Coast Guard and having served well,

Photo by Jeff Evans

By Jefferson Evans and Chuck Triplett

Barley Naked primary owner and head brewer Barry Boyd behind the bar and in the brewhouse of Barley Naked Brewing Company.

but this was a hard body blow to be sure. Still, he really liked the idea of opening a brewery in the space he had found and the fire to make it happen was still there. That pilot light never went out, but before we finish the story, let’s look back on the earlier part of Barry’s path to becoming a brewery owner. Like many who walk such a path, Barry was a homebrewer starting around 2003. His daughter going to the University of Virginia led to occasional time in Charlottesville which in turn led to occasional time at Three Notch’d

Brewing Company and a friendship with founding brewmaster Dave Warwick. Barry volunteered multiple times to help Dave out at Three Notch’d, learning a lot about brewing on a commercial scale, but it was a visit to Black Cap Brewing Company in Red Lion, PA that really left a mark. “That was when I really turned the corner”, Barry tells me, “my wife and I both have family in York County in Pennsylvania and over time, I became a fan of Black Cap’s beers and got to know the owner Greg Bentley.” Greg was essentially brewing all by himself but was skeptical when Barry

barley naked • 15 tech parkway, stafford • 540.623.4475 • - 38 -


offered to help him brew considering his would be volunteer lived in Stafford, VA. So Greg said sure, show up at 7am the next Monday, and you can help brew. Never doubt a Coastie. Barry got up at 4:30 am that Monday and was in the parking lot at Black Cap when Greg pulled up, and so began a yearlong volunteer gig during which Barry would go up for two nights at a time, staying overnight with family. He treated it as an internship to learn the business and brewing craft and he never accepted a penny. There is no small amount of irony and bittersweet on the path we are looking back on, and the painful circumstances of two men are part of the foundation of Barley Naked. Barry Boyd is still in the hum-drums when the owner of the building that includes Black Cap Brewing Company decides he wants to sell the building and Greg Bentley decides he is unwilling to accept the risk of continuing Black Cap when there is no guarantee a new owner will be accepting of a brewery as a tenant. So he asks Barry “do you want to buy everything?” and Barry answers “yes” with little hesitation. Talking with Barry, it is clear the two men have become quite close and buying Greg out would both help Greg out and help Barry once again move in a big way towards his desire of being a brewery owner. And perhaps, it also felt like continuing the brewing legacy of a man he had come to really admire. Back to that space Barry had been eyeing - a small commercial strip at the intersection of Garrisonville Road and Tech Parkway in Stafford, VA which had stood mostly empty for some time. There were things about the location he really, really liked. Behind the building were several Marine Corps occupied buildings housing over a 1000 employees with one exit that would go right past his brewery, a brewery run by a veteran and which would obviously be very friendly towards those who serve. Also, the location is right in the middle of a community with plenty of homes nearby, as opposed to being in a light industrial commercial area like so many breweries are. The flip side of that coin was that he would have to request a zoning exception for the location, with no guarantee that the exemption would be granted, not to mention that just being granted such a hearing is not cheap. Finally, Barry’s intuition told him that being on the west side of I-95 and a fair distance there from would bring him business from people wanting nothing to do with the famous I-95 traffic, especially anywhere near rush hour. And so, Barley Naked 2.0 began to come into focus and some good turn of events helped to balance out the past bittersweet and to put an end to the hum-drums. A new LLC is formed. A new SBA loan application and business plan draw positive interest from several banks, with Barry going with a bank in North Carolina that is the first to give the thumbs up (with Barry sharing his amazement at how relatively easy the process is, much of it conducted on-line with him never actually having an in-person face to face with his new lender). The zoning exemption is granted. A lease is signed in April of this year and his friend and business partner Gary (who manages the front of house) helps him install all the brewery equipment from Black Cap, along with installing flooring, painting, putting in the cold room, and basically helping out with everything else done by the general contractor, Ryan’s HVAC out of Fredericksburg, VA. Greg comes down from PA and helps Barry brew an early batch of beer. One VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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Photo courtesy Barley Naked

Opening night at Barley Naked was packed.

interesting tidbit is that the architect that Barry hires for Barley Naked 2.0 is Christine Kelly of Crafted Architecture, the same architect used by Alexandria, VA’s Port City Brewing Company. Finally, in no small part because of how well he treated his original investors, all but three of them return to reinvest. On October 12, Barley Naked opened with 5 beers on tap, including The Bentley, a smoked porter which is the only beer that is not one of Barry’s own recipe’s. The beer is a Greg Bentley beer from Black Cap Brewing, a beer that Barry loves and offers to rename after Greg if Greg will give him the recipe, which he does and The Bentley is born. When it comes to beer, Barry, like his mentor Greg, is old school, preferring to make clean, clear beers that are true to style, whether the cream ale, the IPA, or the Irish Red….except. Except the one accident of brewing a batch of the Irish Red that accidentally omitted about 33 pounds of base malt and while retaining its color and hop profile, was definitely lighter on the palette with a 4.5% ABV rather than the target 5.5% ABV. Barry immediately recognized the mistake but couldn’t afford to dump the beer. What to do? The answer - rebrand the beer 28 Schilling Ale. Barry has already retired the beer but, dammit, people keep asking for it. So…28 Schilling Ale may be back, but the next time it won’t be an accident. The Bentley actually ran out for three days, but otherwise all the beers have been available, including the present Oktoberfest seasonal. No small feat given that on Grand Opening day, they went through 11 kegs of beer, effectively 21 days of brewing work, but as Barry says to me, a tired wry smile on his face, “I’ve been brewing hard”. He does so on a brewing system that was the first manufactured by Psycho Brewing out of Michigan and - 40 -


which Greg Bentley helped design as Black Cap was the first brewery to receive one of the systems - a 3.5 barrel brew house which at Barley Naked includes two 3.5 fermenters, two 7-barrel fermenters, and one 7-barrel brite tank. And, because they simply can’t keep up with demand, two more 7-barrel fermenters are on the way. Barry also mentions that part of their lease is a first right of refusal on occupying the adjacent space which assures room to grow. While I am interviewing Barry, Greg Nosar, the owner of The Mantle Coffee Shoppe, which occupies the other end of the building, stops by. He has a new pizza they are considering for the menu and thought Barry would enjoy giving it a try. Turns out a rising tide floats all boats and Barley Naked and The Mantle are becoming boats that complement each other nicely. Barley Naked has scaled back on having Food Trucks out front and instead is having customers rely on The Mantle when they get the munchies, and in turn The Mantle has seen a significant increase in business from having Barley Naked nearby. There seems to be a real fondness and friendship between the two business owners and feels like another way the karmic wheel has turned. Barry mentions that on Sundays they still feature BBQ from Doveshack BBQ, featuring smoked meats prepared by retired Marine Isaac Dove. Barley Naked is a place that combines good humor with an appreciation for the classics, all within a nice space with good beer and plenty of parking. Check out Barley Naked Brewing Company at 15 Tech Pkwy, Stafford, Virginia 22556 and on the web at and








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Griffin Grif Griff ffin in Owens Insurance Group 847 Station Street Herndon VA 20170 1-703 - 471- 0050

Contact us today for a review! WWW .



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Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Company

Photo by Chris Jones

The backyard of Back Bay’s Farmhouse brewery is a relaxed experience.

By Diane Catanzaro and Chris Jones


f you’ve lived in the Tidewater area for many years you’ve seen a lot of changes in the landscape. In days of yore most of Virginia Beach, where Chris spent his formative years, was farmland instead of suburban sprawl. Now Kempsville is better known for sprouting subdivisions instead of soybeans. So, let’s say you just got off work and said to yourself “I’d like to drink a truly local beer, one with links to the land, an agrarian ale that gives me a sense of the old Virginia Beach, before the green line got paved over for a strip shopping center.” You wish there was a “hot trub time

machine” that would whisk you back to those days, but with better beer of course. In late September 2018 a brewery opened, nestled on eight agricultural acres in the heart of Kempsville, that will transport you back in time. Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Company has plenty of pastoral to go with your Pilsner. You get a sense of Virginia Beach’s agricultural past, before strip malls and subdivisions proliferated. The Farmhouse Brewery is the sister brewery to the Back Bay Brewing Company located on Norfolk Avenue in the oceanfront area of Virginia Beach. Mr. Eddie Hewitt and Mr. Josh Canada,

natives with deep roots in Virginia Beach, along with other investors, have created a destination location for beer lovers just west of the intersection of Kempsville Road and Centerville Turnpike. This labor of love took three years to come to fruition and it looks like it was time well spent. Turn off busy Kempsville Road and there is a long driveway leading to gorgeous grounds surrounded by stately trees, a farmer’s field, a production brewery, a beer garden and the centerpiece, an exquisitely restored 1912-era farmhouse originally built by Eddie Hewitt’s in-laws. The farmhouse has been meticulously

back bay’s farmhouse brewing co. • 1805 kempsville road, virginia beach • 757.512.6430 • - 42 -


renovated, and many original architectural details have been retained. There are taprooms upstairs and downstairs, an utterly charming sitting room, and at least three original fireplaces. The downstairs taproom is small, so when the brewery is hosting an event, there will be beer trucks serving customers outdoors to provide better access to beer. Reportedly the ghost of “Grandma Lily,” for whom the house was built, meanders throughout the house at night (her bedroom, upstairs, is now an office; they leave a light on for her every evening). Discovering two taprooms inside her reconditioned residence Grandma Lily might haunt the house with a Hefeweizen in hand, making her the friendliest ghost since Casper. Surrounding the house is lots of green, from the grass under your feet to the trees that ring the premises. In the beer garden you can sip suds at picnic tables or glider-seating four-tops. There are bocce ball and cornhole courts along with ladder ball for you competitive types. If you’re hungry, food trucks will be on-station most of the time, and you are welcome to pack a picnic and blanket. A repurposed ice cream truck is on hand to serve both ice cream and beer. We don’t know if the truck has that same corny music to serve as a siren’s song to aficionados of both dairy desserts and malted beverages. There are two fire pits to huddle around if it gets brisk, and if you have a hankering for live music, musicians will regularly play on the house’s front porch. There’s a farmer’s field that’ll remind you that beer is an agricultural product. Most of the things grown here will end up in the beer (a practice for which we’ve coined the phrase “dirtto-wort”). Every farm needs a farmer, and the farmer here is John Wilson, aka “Farmer John.” (NOTE: He says that he is not the one that Neil Young sang about). He grows four varieties of hops on premises so you can see, touch and smell the “wicked and pernicious weed” that puts the bite in beer. Not just a farmer but an educator, he’s given classes on homegrowing hops, and he makes you aware that a farm or garden is a living ecosystem (grass and grasshoppers among your peppers means that your garden is alive and vibrant). Back Bay Brewing’s three flagship beers (False Cape Red Ale, Atlantic Avenue IPA and Steel Pier Bohemian Lager) were previously contract-brewed by St. George Brewing in Hampton; now they will be brewed at the Farmhouse. The 15-barrel brewing system is in the skilled hands of head brewer David Achkio. David was the award-winning head brewer at Lickinghole Creek in Goochland, VA, and for the last year had held the reins, or more appropriately the mash paddle, for Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Company. The production brewery is on the Farmhouse property, while smaller quantities will continue to be brewed at the oceanfront location. Beers produced at either location may be available at both. David is a talented and understandably confident brewer. Chris, who is not a pilsner-head, told David that we had traveled to Plzen in the Czech Republic in June and tasted unfiltered Pilsner Urquel, direct from the fermenter. Chris, like an overcarbonated lager, gushed about the taste of that classic pilsner. David said “I’m not going to be outdone by Pilsner Urquel,” strode across the brewery, drew a glass directly from the fermenter, and handed it to Chris. It tasted … amazing! Crisp, clean, pure pilsner, Americanized with a noticeable but not overwhelming hop presence. Kaboom! David’s pilsner laid a glass of whup ass on Chris’ palate. Pilsner Urquel look out. Farmhouse Brewing Company’s beers range from the classic to the stylistically creative. In early October there were 12 beers on tap, with alcohol-by-volume (ABV) ranging from 3.9% to 11%. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

- 43 -

Photo by Chris Jones

Farmhouse head brewer David Achkio.

Most standard pours are approximately 16 ounces, but four-ounce pours are available, and growlers can be purchased to-go. For the hopheads, you can grab an Atlantic Ave IPA, 6% ABV and hopped with Mosaic and Nugget hops, or their version of a New England IPA, the Best Coast IPA, 6.4% ABV and hopped with Citra, Laurel and Pacifica hops. If you want to pump up the hop volume, grab a Hop Landy 110 Triple IPA, a massive 11% ABV, Lyft-riding-afterwards mother of IPAs. Doc recommends more fruits and veggies? If you’re mad for mango, get a Mango Hefeweizen, 5% ABV. Delicious. There’s a Sweet Potato, Sage and Rosemary beer, 5.6% ABV. If you’re stout hearted and crave coconut, they have a Coco Milk Stout, 6% ABV, made with oatmeal, coconut and a dose of lactose. Looking for an out-of-the-box session ale? Try the Botanical IPA, a very low 3.9% ABV beverage that gets two additions of hibiscus and dry-hopped with Wakatu hops, a Hallertau-ish hop from New Zealand. And don’t pass up the Farmhouse Saison, a Belgian-style farmhouse ale that’s delicious. Of course the beer selection will vary so you’ll want to visit Farmhouse Brewing often. Farm livin’ is not the life for us, but visiting this farm is. Cheers! THE NITTY GRITTY: Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Company, 1805 Kempsville Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464; 757-5126430; (; open daily; see their Facebook page for operating hours, their draft list and a list of upcoming events. - 44 -



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Young Veterans Chris Holyfield, Neil McCanon and Tom Wilder stand proud to serve — beer

The Bunker Saves Young Veterans’ Dream Brewery By Jeff Maisey


he Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger famously sings, “You can't always get what you want/But if you try sometimes you might find/You get what you need.” And, sometimes, you get even more. Such is the case for the Virginia Beach craft brewers at Young Veterans. Five years ago, Tom Wilder and Neil McCanon began their next phase in life after serving in the military when they opened Young Veterans Brewing Company in an industrial park on Horse Pasture Road in Virginia Beach near Oceana, the US Navy’s busy airfield. The location seemed ideal both as a space to operate a small scale craft brewery and its close proximity

to thousands of current and retired military personnel sure to find camaraderie with the brewery’s military themed business. Young Veterans quickly made a name for itself and its core lineup of thematic beers such as Pineapple Grenade Hefeweizen, G.I. Pilsner, Jet Noise Double IPA, Night Vision American Stout and Semper FIPA. Military hero and longtime US Senator John McCain even paid them a visit. All seemed to be going as planned to outside observers and patrons, yet there was one major drawback. The US Navy’s interpretation of a restrictive easement surrounding Naval Air Station Oceana forbade the brewery from operating an

outdoor space, and allowed nothing that might be viewed as entertainment to keep patrons onsite such as games, live music, televisions and food trucks. In other words, you can operate a brewery as long as no one enjoys themselves and wants to stick around for an hour or so. While the Navy has its sound reasons for enforcing such rules, the result was prohibitive for McCanon and Wilder’s need to expand and keep pace with the rapidly changing craft beer industry where every brewery is offering more and enhanced experiences to meet the growing demand and competition. “It did push us to do something else,”

the bunker brewpub & cadence hall • 211 21st street, virginia beach • 757.227.4250 • - 46 -


said Wilder, “which ended up being better than we could have imagined.” In the theater of battle, once the bullets start to fly, the battle plan must often quickly adapt to the situation on the ground, and that turned out to be the case for Young Veterans. After a two-year search, they found the ideal location at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on the first floor of the building where Peabody’s has been a popular second floor nightclub for decades. Young Veterans The Bunker is both a brewpub with full service kitchen and a satellite location for the brewery. When patrons enter through the front door, a long bar with 25 stools and several TV screens are positioned on the right. The unique tap-handles are custom-made 30 mm rounds identical to those used by NATO and Russian armed forces to penetrate armored vehicles and, ironically, fortified bunkers. To the left is a large dining hall with 125 seats and tables positioned for families, friends and couples. “We didn’t want to go with the regular pub fare so we went upscale with items we call Southern comfort coastal fare with a twist,” said chef John Ferguson. According to Ferguson, the best selling menu items thus far are the Bunker Burger ($13), Beer Battered Mahi Fish Taco ($13/2 tacos with waffle fries), Low Country Shrimp & Grits ($20) and Fried Chicken & Waffles entree ($17). Other irresistible food choices include Sriracha Tuna Tacos ($13), Drunken Mussels ($14) and Frenched Bone-in Pork Chop ($23). McCannon brought his original 3-barrel pilot brewing system from the industrial location to create small batch, unique beers for The Bunker. He wants to offer patrons some of the brewery’s core fan favorites, but specialize in more rare, experimental items such as Spruce Bradley, a sour ale made with spruce tips. While exotic beers are sure to keep certain beer enthusiasts coming back for the flavor of the week, The Bunker is positioned in one of the most visible spots at the resort strip, where millions of tourists visit each year. Most are new to craft beer. “The question we get the most,” explained Wilder, “is what is the lightest beer you have?” Young Veterans’ pilsner and kolsch are ideal gateway beers for such customers. So might be the Pineapple Grenade Hefeweizen, which, according to Wilder, still accounts for over 50-percent of their overall sales on draft and in cans. The original business plan for Young Vets was to serve food and offer entertainment to go with their beers. That plan is finally coming to fruition. From the dining/bar area, patrons walk by a dividing wall and into Cadence Hall (military jargon for music hall), a second large room with a raised auditorium-like stage for live music or theatrical performance, cornhole games, and a second bar designed to resemble an actual bunker. Having a brewpub with entertainment beneath Peabody’s was a no-brainer for property owner Nabil Kassir. “It was very important,” said Kassir. “We had many offers for the space. We waited for the right concept to rent to.” Finally, for McCanon and Wilder, some satisfaction. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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brew reviewss Compiled by staff

Orchard Frost Bold Rock Hard Cider Nellysford Bold Rock’s seasonal Orchard Frost makes its debut just in time for holiday gatherings. This spiced cider pours a rich amber color. It features hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, and caramel. It’s the perfect alternative for your non-beer drinking friends and family (do you have any?!).

abv: 4.7% - 48 -


Rosemary Saison

Art in Execution

Lickinghole Creek Farm Brewery

Beltway Brewing Company

Goochland Lickinghole Creek’s Rosemary Saison is a unique saison that is dry and hoppy with just the right amount of rosemary to create this refreshing farmhouse ale. Belgian Pilsner Malt is combined with two types of rye. It is wort hopped with American grown Galena Hops and then, hop bursted with Columbus and Nugget hops. The combination of the malt, rye, and hops delivers a distinguished hop aroma. The result is a balanced beer ready to be enjoyed.

abv: 6.8%

Evil Santa The Virginia Beer Co. Williamsburg Who can resist the devilish can design of The Virginia Beer Co.’s Evil Santa? Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you are sure to enjoy this spice milk stout made with flaked oats and lactose and a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. Put this on your Santa list this year and if you’re lucky, you’ll find it under your tree!

abv: 7%

Sterling Beltway Brewing Company is probably known more for their artful execution of brewing other breweries’ beers than their own. This time, they saved some of that magic and made an IPA with Pomegranate for themselves. It has a rich, golden honey hue with just the right amount of bubbly head. The citrus and tropical notes make up the backbone of this beer while the pomegranates add a slight tart finish at the end. Art in Execution is their dream and they want to share it with you.

abv: 7.5%

Lights Out Blue Mountain Brewery

A Moment on the Lips


Parkway Brewing Company

Blue Mountain Brewery’s Seasonal Holiday Ale will warm you right up. It’s dark mahogany brown with a light tan head. Toasty malty goodness with deep dark caramel smells lead the way. The bitter chocolate notes work well with the sweet molasses and brown sugar flavors you get. The dark bready base you’d expect in an English Old Ale gives way to a tinge of hop at the end. At 7% you won’t be lights out, but you’ll want to turn them off, sit back and enjoy these cold winter nights around the fire pit.

Parkway Brewing Company wants to get everyone in the Holiday Spirit with A Moment on the Lips, a chocolate, orange milk stout. The aroma is big and roasty, while staying light and balanced for a milk stout. It’s brewed with sweet orange and cocoa. The chocolate notes are present with coffee flavors throughout, the orange is subtle and in the background. At 7%, you can have a couple “moments” around the Christmas Tree with family and friends this holiday season.

abv: 7%



- 49 -

distilled spirits Michael Radbau leads Cape Charles Distillery’s “Spirit Journey.”

Woo Woo!

Cape Charles Distillery launches with six liquors—and more to come By Jim Roberts


ost entrepreneurs take years to open a distillery—a result of having to raise capital, buy or lease real estate and equipment, hire staff, develop products and a marketing plan, navigate regulations, etc. Selling aged spirits can add even more time to the process. Bill Duncan did it in about six months. “When I get focused, I get moving on it,” he recently told Veer Magazine. “When you’re passionate about it, you - 50 -


just get moving. That’s all. I wanted to do something.” Duncan, a Georgia native now living on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, opened Cape Charles Distillery in May with six signature products: a bourbon, a rye whiskey, a wheat whiskey, a maple whiskey, apple pie moonshine and “Woo Woo” vodka. Here’s the twist: Instead of producing on-site, he bought a stake in a distillery

in Rural Retreat, a small town about 90 miles southwest of Roanoke. All of Cape Charles’ products are made there with water from the Blue Ridge Mountains; Duncan brings them over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to be branded and sold. Visitors can taste all six liquors on a tasting flight dubbed the “Spirit Journey.” “It gives people a good chance to see the product line,” Duncan said. “We have


Receivers, Amplifiers, Pre Amps, Tape Decks & Tube Gear from the 60’s & 70’s and beyond. We have a large in-store selection that is updating weekly.


Marantz, Sansui, McIntosh, Nakamichi ARC, Pioneer, Fisher, Carver, Hafler, Adcom and more.


such differentiation in those products. I think people really enjoy that.” Given that 98 percent of customers end up buying a bottle, the $10 tasting could be described as a “loss leader.” “The product just speaks for itself,” Duncan said. “It’s a good value, quality product. It’s not outrageously priced. It is what it is, and it’s a very good product. I’ve been told I should increase my price. … I think I’m in the right spot.” Duncan said traditionalists tend to buy the bourbon and rye; those who prefer sweeter spirits usually go home with the maple whiskey or moonshine. “The outlier is the vodka,” he said. “For those who are not into brown liquor, vodka seems to be the ‘go to’ for that clientele, and we have an outstanding vodka. We sell that like no tomorrow. I can’t make enough of it.” That sentiment was repeated by Susan Bauer, who wrote in a Cape Charles Mirror review: “I do appreciate a fine vodka, and this is one of the best I have ever tasted. Distilled nine times, this vodka is clean, crisp and smooth. I tasted five whiskeys but brought home the vodka.” Cape Charles’ tasting room also has an in-depth cocktail menu developed by Marina Goerner, a mixologist with experience working in New York’s hospitality industry. “I’m very excited about her being on board,” Duncan said. “She’s always experimenting with something.” So far, business has exceeded Duncan’s expectations. “We’ve been very pleased,” he said. “We’ve had a great turn-out. Traffic has been good. The climate for business has been good. I cannot complain at all.” What’s next for Cape Charles Distillery? Duncan is planning some collaborative products with Black Narrows Brewing Co. in Chincoteague and with Cape Charles Brewing Co. and Buskey Cider on the Bay, neighbor businesses that opened in June. “The business community in Cape Charles is awesome,” he said. “Everybody’s supportive, and we’re very collaborative across all different product lines and different businesses.” And he’s planning to begin distribution through Virginia ABC next year. “This year is about start-up,” he said. “Getting the products introduced, getting our processes in play, getting the customer experience where we want it to be. We’ll start reaching out into the ABC stores next year. That’s just a totally different animal to work with. … I want to take care of the other things that are important for me right now.”

Call or email with questions & pictures 6007 W. Broad St. Richmond (804)-282-0438



. (804).282.0438


6007 W. BROAD ST. RICHMOND, VA 23230

Hoptimization is better than ever! Look for an updated take on it and all of your favorite beers from Brothers Craft Brewing Co.

Cape Charles Distillery is located at 12 Strawberry St. on the Eastern Shore. For more information, visit @ccdwhiskey on Facebook or call 757-695-3737. VIRGINIACRAFTBEER.COM

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Live Music at Creek Bottom Brewing Every Friday, 7pm

307 Meadow Street, Galax 276.236.2337 •

Live Music at Wolf Hills Brewing Every Friday

350 Park Street. Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

Celebrate NYE in Abingdon, VA with three Southwest Virginia favorites 49 Winchester, If Birds Could Fly, & Adam Bolt at Wolf Hills Brewing! Music starts at 8pm and will roll on into the New Year! Tickets are only $10 & will go fast! 350 Park Street, Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

Featuring trivia by Mixed Entertainment and Catch the Chef food truck. 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral 540.894.1053

Game Night at Garden Grove Brewing Every Monday

3445 West Cary St., Richmond 804.918.6158 •

Rib Night at Wild Wolf Brewing Co. Every Monday, 5-10pm

½ rack of ribs served with beer battered fries. 2461 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Nellysford

$2 Tuesdays at South Street Brewery Every Tuesday until 9pm

$2 draft beers (under 8% ABV) 106 South St., Charlottesville 434.293.6550 •

Trivia Night at World of Beer Every Tuesday, 7pm

District Trivia hosts trivia. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 852 W. Main St., Charlottesville 434.760.0771 charlottesville

Oyster Night at Wild Wolf Brewing Co. Every Wednesday, 5-10pm

Every Tuesday, 6-9pm

Featuring delicious tacos by Toni’s Hawaiian Tacos & open mic night hosted by KT Vandyke. 350 Park Street, Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

Trivia Night at Wolf Hills Brewing Every Wednesday, 6-8pm

350 Park Street. Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

- 52 -


307 Meadow Street; Galax 276.236.2337 •

Beer Geek Night at Wolf Hills Brewing Every Thursday, 5-9pm

New firkin or small batch beer released every Thursday. 350 Park Street. Abingdon 276.451.5470 •

Every Thursday, 5-10pm

Trivia Night at Coyote Hole Ciderworks


Tacos & Troubadours Night at Wolf Hills Brewing

Steal the Pint at Wild Wolf Brewing Co.

New Year’s Eve Party at Wolf Hills Brewing Mon., Dec. 31, 8pm-12:30am

Every Thursday, 7pm

Featuring new ciders on draft as part of the small batch cider draft program. 212 W. 6th St., Richmond 804.231.0280 •

32173 Government Rd., Damascus

Every Saturday, 7-10pm


Every Thursday

Receive a pint glass with purchase of house crafted beverage. 2461 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Nellysford 434.361.0088 •

Live Music at Damascus Brewery

Trivia Night at Creek Bottom Brewing

Happy Hour at Blue Bee Cider

Enjoy chef’s weekly creation. 2461 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Nellysford

Trivia Night at Garden Grove Brewing Every Wednesday

3445 West Cary St., Richmond 804.918.6158 •

Geeks Who Drink Trivia at Pro Re Nata Brewery Every Thursday, 7-9pm

Pub Quizzes & Trivia 6135 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, Crozet

Every Thursday 4-9pm

Trivia Thursday at Castleburg Brewery & Taproom Every Thursday, 7-9pm

Teams of 1 to 6 compete for league points on a quarterly basis. Prizes are given out each week for 1st & 2nd place and Best Team Name. 1626 Ownby Ln., Richmond

Wing Night at Wild Wolf Brewing Co.

Every Thursday & Sunday, 5-10pm

Enjoy a pound of wings with your choice of sauce. 2461 Rockfish Valley Hwy., Nellysford

Flights & Bites at Courthouse Creek Cider Every Friday, 5-8pm

A purchase of a flight comes with 5 rustic ciders and a perfectly paired bite. $15. 1581Maidens Road, Maidens

Friday Cheers at Blue Mountain Barrel House Every Friday, 5-9pm

Enjoy live music from 6-8pm and food trucks 5-9pm 495 Cooperative Way. Arrington 434.263.4002 •

Friday Night Music at Legend Brewing Co. Every Friday, 8:30pm

321 West 7th St., Richmond 804.232.3446

Full Nelson Fridays at Blue Mountain Brewery

Every Friday, 6-8pm

Enjoy live music! 9519 Critzer Shop Rd., Afton 540.456.8020 •

Live Music at Castleburg Brewery & Taproom Every Friday & Saturday

1626 Ownby Ln., Richmond

VA Beer & Wine Tasting at Michie Tavern

Local Bucket Sunday at World of Beer

Enjoy tastings from VA craft breweries and wineries. 683 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy., Charlottesville 434.977.1234

Get specials on local beers on the local beer bucket offering. 852 W. Main St., Charlottesville

Every Saturday & Sunday, 1-4pm

Beer, Bingo, & Bloodies at Center of the Universe Every Sunday, 2-6pm

Enjoy a beer bloody and try your luck at hourly bingo for a chance to win COTU swag. 11293 Air Park Rd., Ashland

Every Sunday

Trivia Night at Random Row Brewing Co. Every Sunday, 5-7pm

Hosted by Geeks Who Drink with prizes awarded to the best teams. 608 Preston Ave., Charlottesville

Brunch at Blue Mountain Brewery Every Sunday, 11am-2pm Enjoy live music 2:30-5pm

9519 Critzer Shop Rd., Afton 540.456.8020 •

The Know Good Beer Winter Fest

will take place Saturday, January 26 at the IX Art Park in Charlottesville and will feature samples of craft beer, cider, bourbon and other spirits. A portion of the proceeds from this event help support Red Shoe Cville and the Charlottesville Ronald McDonald House.


- 53 -

As part of the four-day Winter Blues Jazz Fest in Williamsburg (January 17-20), the

DoG Street Pub’s Barrelhouse Bash will take place Saturday, January 19 and feature live blues music on two stages - Slam Allen at one end and Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats at the other end, and a fine collection of brews, local wines, cider, and mead.

Jolly Jaunt Bar Crawl & Speakeasy Ashland Theatre Afterparty Sat., Dec. 8, 6-10:30pm

The tracks are lit, our spirits are warming, and there is a nip in the air. New this year is the Speakeasy afterparty at Ashland Theatre that is included with your completed passport! What a night to enjoy all that Ashland has to offer while helping Ashland Theatre RAISE THE CURTAIN! Center Street, Ashland

Pints & Pancakes at Blue Mountain Sat., Dec. 8, 9am-12pm

Get in the holiday spirit with our second annual Pints and Pancakes breakfast! We’ll be opening early at 9am with a brunch buffet featuring a “build your own” pancake bar and a special appearance by Santa from 10am-12pm! 9519 Critzers Shop Road, Afton 540.456.8020

Wild & Weird Festival Sat., Dec. 8, 1-6pm

A sour, funky, and wild beer festival featuring some of Virginia’s premier breweries and cideries. Tickets: Fine Creek Brewing Company 2425 Robert E. Lee Road,Powhatan

Pet Portraits with Santa at Blue Bee Cider Sun., Dec. 9, 12-3pm

Concealed Darkness Release Party & Pig Roast

Quarterly “Holiday” Hour at Kindred Spirit

Dark Hollow Reserve and variants available for purchase while supplies last. Live music. Special brewery tours, special beer tappings throughout the day. Fee for buffet and the Blue Mountain food truck will be open. Blue Mountain Barrel House 495 Cooperative Way, Arrington 434.263.4002

Lots of fun and networking for a great cause. This time we are supporting the Friends of Goochland Parks. Come out for a great holiday happy hour that does so much more. We are being sponsored by Michael L. Parrish & Associates as well as Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP. Kindred Spirit Brewing 12830 West Creek Parkway, Suite J, Goochland

Sat., Dec. 1, 10am-8pm

Blue Mountain Tap Takeover Tues., Dec. 4, 5-7pm

Kreggers Tap and Table 9523 Kings Charter Drive, Ashland 804.299.2176

Blue Mountain Brewery Feature Wed., Dec. 5, 5-7pm

Whole Foods 11173 W. Broad Street, Glen Allen 804.364.4050

Plant Nite at Starr Hill Wed., Dec. 5, 7-8:30pm

Come get your hands dirty! No experience required, join us for a night of digging, planting, and fun! Follow along while Plant Nite‘s Party Host guides you step-by-step through the featured project. Starr Hill Brewery & Tap Room 5391 Three Notch’d Road, Crozet

- 54 -


Thurs., Dec. 6, 5:30-7:30pm

Plant Nite at Wood Ridge Farm Brewery Thurs., Dec. 6, 7-9pm

Join us for a night of digging, planting, and fun! Follow along while our Party Host guides you step-by-step through the featured project. We provide all planting supplies and a good time. 165 Old Ridge Road, Lovingston 434.422.6225

2nd Annual COTU Christmas Market Sat., Dec. 8, 1-6pm

Featuring 13-15 handcrafted vendors for a one day market for all your shopping needs. Admission is free and proceeds will benefit a local school! Center of the Universe 11293 Air Park Rd., Ashland

2018 Holiday Bazaar in the City Sat., Dec. 8, 12-5pm

Sip on rustic cider while holiday shopping from the local vendor/artisans set up in our tasting room! We will also have our yummy hot mulled cider to keep you nice and toasty while you browse! Courthouse Creek Cider 3300 W. Broad Street, Richmond

Christkindlmarkt at Blue Bee Cider Sat., Dec. 8, 12-5pm

This annual holiday shopping event returns with new vendors and new drink specials suited to the cold weather. 212 W. 6th St., Richmond 804.231.0280 •

Crozet Winer Brews Festival Sat., Dec. 8, 11am-5pm

A celebration of dark beers from Virginia brewers plus food trucks, live music, and other entertainment and activities. Claudius Crozet Park Crozet

DJ Collins Holiday Bash at Random Row Brewing Co. Sat., Dec. 8, 9pm-1am

Join us as DJ Chris Collins takes over Random Row once again for the Holiday bash of the season! Wear your favorite holiday gear, whether it’s a tacky Christmas sweater, your red sequins dress, those cozy flannel pajamas with snowflakes, or a Santa hat! Music starts at 10pm with last call at 1am. No Cover. 608 Preston Ave., Charlottesville

Join us and Candace Morgan Photography, LLC for Pet Portraits with Santa and brunch! $15/2 photos. Food by Right On Time Mobile Diner 212 W. 6th St., Richmond 804.231.0280 •

Plant Nite at Coyote Hole Ciderworks Sun., Dec. 9, 1-2:30pm

Join us for a night of digging, planting, and fun! Follow along while our Party Host guides you step-by-step through the featured project. Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral

Modern Holiday Wreath Workshop at Blue Bee Cider Wed., Dec. 12, 6-7:30pm

During this hands-on workshop our designers will show you how to construct a modern “minimalist” wreath using a gold ring base. Each attendee will leave with their own one-of-a-kind wreath adorned with fresh locally grown evergreens, seasonal accents and ribbon. 212 W. 6th St., Richmond 804.231.0280 •

Winter Libations with Rachel Fri., Dec. 14, 7-8pm

Join Rachel Sargeant, Head Bar Manager at Quirk & Mixologist Extraordinaire, for a fun, private workshop focusing on holiday libations. She will explore some all time favorites, as well as some new twists on mixed drinks! Courthouse Creek Cider 3300 W. Broad Street, Richmond


- 55 -

Champion’s 6th Anniversary & Holiday Party Fri., Dec. 21, 1-11pm

Come help us celebrate as we tap our 6th Anniversary barrel-fermented wild saison. We’ll have some special reserve beers on tap, festive jazz from the Charles Owens Music trio and delightful food specials. 324 6th Street SE, Charlottesville

Fugly Sweater Party at COTU Fri., Dec. 21, 6-9pm

No matter how you ended up with it, it’s time to celebrate it in all of its glory...The Fugly Christmas Sweater! Come rock out with the Something Shiny Band. Wooden Iron/Flying Pig will be serving food. Center of the Universe 11293 Air Park Rd., Ashland

Paint Nite at Coyote Hole Ciderworks

Richmond SPCA Benefit Show at Garden Grove Brewing

Just follow along as our instructor guides you step-by-step through the featured painting. We provide all the painting supplies: a 16”x20” canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, smock, music, and a good time. Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral

A benefit event for the Richmond SPCA featuring: Haybaby, President Sam, Doll Baby, Two Cars - EP Release Show!, and WISH. FREE but donations highly encouraged. 3445 West Cary St., Richmond

Fri., Dec. 21, 6:30-8:30pm

Beer Release at COTU Sat., Dec. 29, 12-9pm

The Jeffrey Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - The base of this beer is an imperial version of our El Duderino White Russian Stout, minus the lactose and vanilla beans. The resulting flavors of this delectable 10.4% stout range from chocolate with apple and cherry notes up front, to a warming and velvety dark fruit finish. Layering in-between you will find a vinous array of dry fig, roasted blackberry, black currant, and lingering coffee. Center of the Universe 11293 Air Park Rd., Ashland

Field Gay at Coyote Hole Ciderworks Sun., Dec. 30 & Jan. 27, 12-7pm

A family-friendly field day for the LGBTQ community. Featuring games, BBQ, and more! Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral

New Year’s Eve Jazz Brunch at Starr Hill Sun., Dec. 30, 12-8pm

Join us for beignets, blues, brass, and brews. Enjoy 24 craft beers on tap, live performance by The Jazz Connection (12-3pm), and special menu by 106 Street Food. Starr Hill Brewery & Tap Room 5391 Three Notch’d Road, Crozet

New Year’s Eve Day Oyster Roast at Blue Mountain Brewery Mon., Dec. 31, 12-7pm

Krampus makes an appearance

at Smartmouth in Norfolk on Saturday, December 15 from 6-10pm. The Krampusnacht event will also feature a rare and limited release of a 2017 Rubidus Nox Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Stout plus blacksmith workshops.

- 56 -


Enjoy raw, grilled or fried oysters with some great local, live music by Eli Cook Trio (12PM to 2PM), Firecracker Jam (2:30PM to 4:30PM) and Kendall Street Co. (5PM to 7PM).Your ticket gets you a souvenir glass and your first 6 oysters. Oysters will be available to purchase by the 1/2 or full dozen. Raw, grilled, fried and oyster stew will be available. Our food truck will also be on-site with burgers, nachos, and more of our famous offerings. Family-friendly event with hot chocolate and cider available for kids. Kids 12 and under are free. 9519 Critzer Shop Rd., Afton 540.456.8020 •

New Year’s Family Fun Fest at Blue Mountain Brewery Mon., Dec. 31, 3:30-8:30pm

Ticket includes a reserved seat in our heated party tent; a family-friendly DJ dance party; festive hats and noisemakers; and a countdown, balloon drop, and sparkling cider toast at 5PM and again at 7:30PM for second seating. 9519 Critzer Shop Rd., Afton 540.456.8020 •

Thurs., Jan. 3, 6:30-11pm

804.918.6158 •

Paint Nite at Starr Hill Wed., Jan. 16, 7-9pm

Create a one-of-a-kind painting. We’ll guide you and your friends through two lively hours of creativity, drinking, and laughing ‘til your cheeks hurt. The best part? You don’t have to be an artist to have an amazing time. Starr Hill Brewery & Tap Room 5391 Three Notch’d Road, Crozet

Paint Nite at Coyote Hole Ciderworks Fri., Jan. 18, 6:30-8:30pm

Just follow along as our instructor guides you step-by-step through the featured painting. We provide all the painting supplies: a 16”x20” canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, smock, music, and a good time. Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive, Mineral

Know Good Beer & Spirits Winter Fest Sat., Jan. 26, 1-5pm

Unlimited samples of beer, cider, bourbon and other spirits. A portion of the proceeds from this event help support Red Shoe Cville and the Charlottesville Ronald McDonald House. IX Art Park 522 2nd Street, SE, Charlottesville

Groundhog Day Celebration at Blue Mountain Brewery Sat., Feb. 2, 4-10pm

A festive night with live music 6PM to 8PM, happy hour food and drink specials, give-aways and more. 9519 Critzer Shop Rd., Afton 540.456.8020 •

COASTAL VIRGINIA Trivia Night at Wasserhund Brewing Co. Every Monday, 7-9pm

1805 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach 757.351.1326 •

Trivia Night at Home Republic

Every Tuesday, 7pm Featuring Smartmouth Live Trivia. 328 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach 757.226.9593 •

Trivia Night

Every Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm

Tap It Local - Chesapeake 648 Grassfield Parkway, Chesapeake

Trivia Night at Alewerks Taproom Every Wednesday, 7pm

189-B Ewell Rd., Williamsburg

The bold sounds of the

Virginia Symphony brass section ring in the holidays with a blast at The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery in Hampton on Sunday, December 16!

Experience the festive sounds of the season in a concert filled with wit, virtuosity, and the glorious music of the holidays—featuring the VSO brass and percussion sections in an all-new program. You’ll enjoy music from a variety of styles that have made this concert a new holiday tradition!


- 57 -

Adventure Brewing in Stafford makes holiday shopping easy at their

Crafts & Drafts Winter Market on Friday, December 14, from 5 to 8pm. Stock up on your holiday gifts and stay cozy with a beer from Adventure. This indoor Winter Market will feature handmade gifts from local artisans and live music throughout the evening to enhance your shopping experience.

Team Trivia at Pleasure House Brewing Every Wednesday, 7pm

3025 Shore Dr., Virginia Beach

Team Trivia at Tradition Brewing Co.

Trivia Night at Benchtop Brewing

Second Thursday Every Month, 6:30-8:30pm 1129 Boissevain Ave., Norfolk

Trivia Night at MoMac Brewing Co. Third Thursday Every Month, 6:30-8:30pm 3228 Academy Avenue, Portsmouth

700 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Newport News 757.303.3415 •

Trivia Night at Deadline Brewing Project

Weekly Tasting at bottleBOX

2272 W. Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach

Every Wednesday, 7pm

Every Wednesday 5:30-8pm

Join your favorite brewery’s representative as they walk you through a free sampling of new and exciting beers. 325b W. 21st St., Norfolk 757.918.9932 •

Expedition Beer Release at Bold Mariner Brewing Co. Every Thursday

Featuring a new expedition beer each week. Plus, join us for Trivia Night! 2409 Bowdens Ferry Rd., Norfolk

Trivia Night at Brass Cannon Every Thursday, 6:30pm

5476 Mooretown Road, Williamsburg

Virginia Craft Beer Thursday Every Thursday

Enjoy local VA brewed beers for $3 a pint. Tapped Gastropub 1550 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach 757.965.5585 •

- 58 -


Fourth Thursday Every Month, 6:30-8:30pm

Firkin Friday at Cogans North Every Friday

A new firkin is tapped each week. 4311 Colley Ave., Norfolk 757.627.6428 •

Live Music at Alewerks Taproom Every Sunday, 2pm

189-B Ewell Rd., Williamsburg

Poses and Pints at O’Connor Brewing Co. Every second and fourth Sunday; 10:30-11:45am

Alicia Morris will be leading a class followed by the opportunity to have a couple of post-yoga beers at a great discount. Class is donation-based with a portion going to charity. Please arrive 15 minutes early as space is limited. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk

Gift Wrapping Elves at Tradition Brewing Co.

Sat., Dec. 1, 8, 15, & 22 and Sun., Dec. 2, 9, 16, & 23, 2-5pm

Bring your unwrapped presents and a local non-profit will be our special elves to add that holiday magic to your packages. Help them «Kick the Keg» to earn a donation bonus from TBC. If you›re the guest who kicks the keg, we have a special prize for you as well. 700 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Newport News 757.303.3415 •

One Year Anniversary Celebration at Smartmouth Pilot House Sat., Dec. 1, 12-10pm

Celebrate with an Oyster Roast complete with amazing live music and a limitededition anniversary beer release. Smartmouth Pilot House 313 32nd Street, Virginia Beach

Evil Santa & Toys for Tots Thurs., Dec. 6, 5-9pm

Party with The Virginia Beer Company! The delicious spiced milk stout that is Evil Santa returns plus 2 variants. We’ll have a slider pairing with Wrenish Rye, Free Verse and Evil Santa. The Marines will be on hand collecting toys! Guests with a kind heart who bring a new unwrapped toy to donate will receive a limited edition logo glass. DoG Street Pub 401 Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg

Deck the Halls Toy Drive with Buckshot at The Bunker Fri., Dec. 7, 3pm-midnight

Come out and enjoy live music by Buckshot, local craft beer, and great food. Consider your toy donation as an entrance fee for the event. The Bunker Brewpub & Cadence Hall 211 21st Street, Virginia Beach

Jingle Balls Drag Show at Alewerks Taproom Fri., Dec. 7, 8-10pm

Circus of Sistahs brings female illusionists that will blow your mind with their beauty and grace! Admission is $20 and includes a core beer or non alcoholic beverage. Bring a toy for tots gift. 189-B Ewell Rd., Williamsburg

2 Year Anniversary Party at Benchtop Brewing Sat., Dec. 8, 12-10pm

Featuring Redwood Smoke Shack, special can release, two live bands, and featured guest taps! 1129 Boissevain Ave., Norfolk

Beer Release at Big Ugly Sat., Dec. 8

New release of Death by Pirate Series Big Ugly Brewing Company 845 S. Battlefield Blvd., Chesapeak

Evil Santa Visits bottleBOX Sat., Dec. 8

Featuring beer from The Virginia Beer Co. on draft: Evil Santa, Vanilla Evil Santa, Double Evil Santa (Bourbon Barrel Aged). Get your photo taken with Evil Santa from 1-3pm. Suggested donation: $5 or a children’s book. Benefits REACH (Reading Enriches All Children). 325B W. 21st Street, Norfolk

Santa Run & Christmas Party at Bold Mariner Brewing Co. Sat., Dec. 8, 1:30pm

Dig out your bathing suits and holiday cheer! The 1 mile Santa Speedo Run is here! Delicious food by Bar-Q and festive music by The PC Guitar Duo. Bring a new, unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. 2409 Bowdens Ferry Rd., Norfolk

Tacky Sweater 5K Run at Smartmouth Sat., Dec. 8, 9am-12pm

Live, Love, & Run Tacky. Mettle Events will be hosting The Tacky Sweater 5k at our new venue, Smartmouth Brewery in the Chelsea neighborhood in Ghent with a great course through West Ghent and along the Elizabeth River Trail. Great post-race party at Smartmouth with food, entertainment, craft beer and awards. 1309 Raleigh Avenue, Norfolk

Veer Magazine – 2018 Golden Tap Awards Ceremony Tues., Dec. 11, 5-9pm

Celebrate the best beer, breweries, beer bars & restaurants, food trucks, bottle shops, and festivals that Hampton Roads has to offer! Enjoy beer from all of the local breweries. FREE ADMISSION. Proceeds from beer sales benefit Hope House Foundation. O’Connor Brewing Co. 211 W. 24th Street, Norfolk

Holiday Beard / Ugly Sweater Party at Benchtop Brewing

Virginia Symphony Orchestra – Holiday Brass at The Vanguard

Bling Out the Brewery New Year’s Eve at O’Connor Brewing Co.

Stop by during the Chelsea Holiday Open House. Wear your most creative/ ugly Holiday Sweater and/or glittered and ornamented Holiday Beard! We’ll have a holiday themed Photo Booth in full swing for you to take home a memoir of the night! 1129 Boissevain Ave., Norfolk

Experience the festive sounds of the season in a concert filled with wit, virtuosity, and the glorious music of the holidays—featuring the VSO brass and percussion sections in an all-new program.You’ll enjoy music from a variety of styles that have made this concert a new holiday tradition! The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery 504 North King Street, Hampton

New Year’s Eve Bash! 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk

Fri., Dec. 14, 5-9pm

Barksmas Adoption Extravaganza at Sly Clyde Sat., Dec. 15, 12-10pm

Sun., Dec. 16, 2-5pm

Sun., Dec. 23, 6:30-10:30pm

oelacanth 3rd Anniversary Party

Jeep Night at MoMac Brewing Co.

Special beers from Coelacanth as well as a very special collaboration – a TRIPLE IPA made with our fellow Norfolk Breweries! We’ll be bringing in a few special beers from VIRGINIA Breweries that you just can’t get in Hampton Roads. And, Bar-Q will be here to feed all you hungry peeps.

Jeep Night! It’s Winch it Wednesday, stop by topless or not to show off your Jeep. First 10 Jeeps in the parking lot get a free $10 MoMac gift card. Plus, 16 taps of locally crafted beer for you to enjoy with your friends. 3228 Academy Avenue, Portsmouth

760-A W. 22nd Street, Norfolk

Krampusnacht at Smartmouth Sat., Dec. 15, 6-10pm

Featuring a rare and limited release of a 2017 Rubidus Nox Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Stout, blacksmith workshops, and a special appearance by The Krampus from Otzi Tattoo Agency. 1309 Raleigh Avenue, Norfolk

Featuring the funk, soul, and rock of guitarist DJ Williams, as well as a set of Grateful Dead inspired jams by local favorite Grateful Jed. All proceeds will be donated to cancer research. Raffle featuring signed albums and other great local items. Plus food trucks and lots of tasty beer from O’Connor. 211 W. 24th St., Norfolk

Wed., Dec. 26, 5-10pm

Annual Commonwealth New Year’s Bash and Keg Drop Mon., Dec. 31

We’ll have Taste of Asia serving up delicious eats, DJ starts at 8 & a lighted keg drop at midnight, no covers just good times! Commonwealth Brewing Company 2444 Pleasure House Road, Virginia Beach

and wine. Live music by Slam Allen and Miss Melanie & The Valley Rats. Tickets: $38 Merchants Square, Williamsburg

NORTHERN VIRGINIA Citizen’s Choice Randall Beer Infusion Night Every Monday, 3-7pm

Brew Republic Bierwerks 15201 Potomac Town Place, Woodbridge

Guerilla Series Release Night at Brew Republic Bierworks Every Monday 12-10pm

The Guerrilla Series is Brew Republic’s pilot/experimental program — with a new release every Monday in the tap room. These beers are brewed in extremely small batches, so no growler fills, no keg sales, and no distribution. 15201 Potomac Town Place, Woodbridge

Team Trivia at Ornery Beer Co. Every Monday, 7:30pm

Happy Hour extended to 9pm. Weekly prizes! 14389 Potomac Mills Road, Woodbridge

$20 includes the class and post-yoga pint. 3950 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria

A fun painting event - $25 includes your canvas, art supplies, and a two hour stepby-step painting session. 189-B Ewell Rd., Williamsburg

Local Heroes Night at Adventure Brewing Every Tuesday, 3:30-9pm

20% off all beer, merchandise, snacks, and goods to military, police, fire, emergency, and teachers. Adventure Brewing Company 33 Perchwood Dr., Unit 101, Stafford 540.242.8876

Caroling at Big Ugly Fri., Dec. 14

Big Ugly Brewing Company 845 S. Battlefield Blvd., Chesapeak

Come join your friends and family in the Chelsea Neighborhood for festive holiday fun. All the businesses will be offering something fun for the night. Smartmouth Brewing Co. 1309 Raleigh Avenue, Norfolk

Big Ugly Brewing Company 845 S. Battlefield Blvd., Chesapeak

Every Tuesday, 7-9pm

Thurs., Dec. 13, 6:30-8:30pm

Fri., Dec. 14, 5-9pm

Mon., Dec. 31

Beer Yoga at Port City Brewing Co.

Paint & Pint Night at Alewerks Taproom

Chelsea Jingle & Mingle at Smartmouth

New Year’s Eve Bash at Big Ugly

Barrelhouse Bash Christmas Eve Eve Benefit Concert Sat., Jan. 19, 11:30am-4pm at O’Connor Brewing Co. A celebration of blues, beer, cider, mead,

A pet adoption extravaganza. We love dogs as much as you and we want your Christmas to be filled with the kind of unconditional love you can only get from a rescue pet. Plus, we’ll have an “Ugly Sweater” contest for dogs at 4pm and another “Ugly Sweater” contest for humans at 8pm. Food from DD214 Cantina and music from Chris Ride 7-10pm. Sly Clyde Ciderworks 207 E. Mellen Street, Hampton

Sat., Dec. 15, 12-10pm

Mon., Dec. 31, 8pm

Seven Arrows Brewing Company

celebrates its 4th Anniversary on New Year’s Eve! Celebrate with them from 8pm-1am with music from DJ Lance!

Trivia Night at Wort Hog Brewing Company Every Tuesday, 6-8pm

41 Beckham Street, Warrenton

Vinyl Night at Lost Rhino Brewing Co. Every Tuesday, 6-9pm

Bring your own vinyl! 21730 Red Rum Drive, #142, Ashburn

Bingo Night at Crooked Run Brewing Co. Every Wednesday, 7-9pm

22455 Davis Drive, Sterling


- 59 -

Flight Night at Bad Wolf Brewing Co. Every Wednesday

Happy Hour pricing on flights. 8420 Kao Circle, Manassas

Trivia Night at Old Bust Head Brewing Co. Every Wednesday

7134 Lineweaver Rd., Warrenton 540.347.4777 •

Citizen’s Choice Randall Beer Infusion Day at Brew Republic Bierwerks Every Thursday, 3-7pm

Each week, flavor-enhancing ingredients are infused into one of the beers on tap. You get decide what those ingredients will be. 15201 Potomac Town Place, Ste. 120, Woodbridge 703.594.7950

Trivia Night at Belly Love Brewing Every Thursday

725 E. Main Street, Purcellville

Firkin Friday at Fair Winds Brewing Co. Every Friday

A new firkin is released every Friday. Food from Savory Delicatessen 7000 Newington Road, Lorton 703.372.2001 •

Justin’s Flavor Infusion Night Every Friday, 3:30-10pm

We combine off the wall ingredients with one of our beers to create a one-of-a-kind beer. Adventure Brewing Company 33 Perchwood Dr., Unit 101, Stafford 540.242.8876

Art Opening at Adventure Brewing North

5th Annual Holiday Beer Tasting at Mad Fox

The 1st Sunday of each month, Adventure Brewing North will feature a new local artist. 33 Perchwood Dr., Unit 101, Fredericksburg

Join us for a festive holiday sit-down beer tasting where you can meet the brewers and brewery/brewpub owners from across the region and taste their wonderful winter selections. Cost is $55 per person with the evening hosted by Bob Tupper. Mad Fox Brewing Company 444 W. Broad Street, Falls Church 703.942.6840

First Sunday each month; 12-3pm

Hangover Brunch at Lost Rhino Retreat Every Sunday, 11am-2pm

22885 Brambleton Plaza, Ashburn

Solace and Food on Sundays at Solace Brewing Company Every Sunday, 12-8pm

42615 Trade West Drive, Suite 100, Sterling

Champion Brewing Company

in Charlottesville is turning six! Help them celebrate on Friday, December 21 as they tap their 6th Anniversary barrel-fermented wild saison. Plus, they’ll have some special reserve beers on tap, festive jazz from the Charles Owens Music trio and great food specials.

Wed., Dec. 5, 7-10:30pm

Twelve Beers of Christmas Dinner Thurs., Dec. 6, 7pm

Santa will be rolling into Purcellville with a big bag of beer for all the good boys and girls! Twelve great winter warmers paired with a six-course meal you will not want to miss. Magnolia’s at the Mill 198 N. 21st Street, Purcellville 540.338.9800

IPA Fest at Mustang Sally Brewing Sat., Dec. 8, 12-10pm

Get your dose of deliciously drinkable hops at featuring seven craft breweries from all over Virginia and get in that hoppy-daze holidays spirit by bringing a toy to donate to the Cornerstones toy drive! Live music by Jay Elliott and Dave Lange. 14140 Parke Long Court, Chantilly

Crafts & Drafts Winter Market at Adventure Brewing Fri., Dec. 14, 5-8pm

Stock up on your holiday gifts and stay cozy with a beer from Adventure. This indoor Winter Market will feature handmade gifts from local artisans and live music throughout the evening to enhance your shopping experience. Adventure Brewing Company 33 Perchwood Dr., Unit 101, Stafford 540.242.8876

The Longest Night of the Year at Port City Brewing Co. Fri., Dec. 21, 12-11pm

Happy Hour & Growler Night at New District Brewing Co.

Live Music at Adventure Brewing Co.

Happy Hour specials and 64oz growler fills are $2 off. 2709 S. Oakland Street, Arlington 703.888.5820

33 Perchwood Dr., Unit 101, Stafford 540.242.8876

Every Thursday, 3:30-7:30pm

ndoor Putting League (Disc Golf) Every Thursday, 6-9pm

Meet interesting people, throw frisbees, and drink beer with them! $5 entry with teams drawn at random. Vanish Farmwoods Brewery 42245 Black Hops Lane, Leesburg

Every Friday 8-10pm

Live Music at Lost Rhino Retreat Every Friday, 7-10pm

22885 Brambleton Plaza, Ashburn

Food Truck Saturdays at Solace Brewing Company Every Saturday, 12-10pm

Open Mic at Bad Wolf

42615 Trade West Drive, Suite 100, Sterling

Bad Wolf Brewing Company 8420 Kao Circle, Manassas

Live Music at Lost Rhino Brewing Co.

Every Thursday

Thirsty Thursday at Fair Winds Brewing Co. Every Thursday

$4 pints, trivia at 6:30pm, and food from Savory Delicatessen 7000 Newington Road, Lorton 703.372.2001 • - 60 -


Every Saturday, 7-10pm

21730 Red Rum Drive, #142, Ashburn

Sunday Funday at Brew Republic Every Sunday 12-10pm

Join us every Sunday for football, board games, hot and BBQ chicken wings, $5 mimosas, and of course, beer! 15201 Potomac Town Place, Ste. 120, Woodbridge 703.594.7950

Yoga at Wort Hog Brewery Every other Sunday; 11:30am-1pm 41 Beckham Street, Warrenton 540.300.2739

This Winter Solstice we are celebrating The Longest Night of the Year at Port City with the return of three beers, live music and extended hours! Join us for the return of Rauch Märzen, Long Black Veil and Barrel-Aged Porter for your Winter Solstice. 3950 Wheeler Ave., Alexandria

Ugly Sweater Party with Big Gavel at Adventure Brewing Fri., Dec. 21, 8-10pm

Live music by Big Gavel Duo, featuring Christmas tunes to get you in the Holiday spirit. Prize awarded for the ugliest sweater! Adventure Brewing Company 33 Perchwood Dr., Unit 101, Stafford 540.242.8876

Painting & Pints – Winter Birch - at Fair Winds Brewing Co. Mon., Dec. 17, 6pm

$30 includes your first pint. 7000 Newington Road, Lorton 703.372.2001 •

Sip, Shop, and Santa at Solace Brewing Company

SCB’s Old-Fashioned Farm NYE Party with the Sustainers Christmas at Stable Craft Brewing at Pale Fire

Big Lick Christmas Movie Night Series

Knock out your holiday shopping, take FREE photos with Santa and enjoy a beer while you do it... we are filling the tasting room with local vendors so you can skip the lines at the mall and give your family gifts they will cherish. 42615 Trade West Drive, Suite 100, Sterling

Get into the Christmas spirit with Horsedrawn wagon rides, a visit from Santa, Hermitage Hill stable full of horses, special Christmas menu, barrel aged beer release, Clark Griswald costume contest, an old-fashioned Christmas tree lighting ceremony and a visit from Santa Claus. 375 Madrid Rd., Waynesboro

Free Christmas movie night series with plenty of free popcorn! Dec. 5 – Elf; Dec. 12 – Home Alone; Dec. 19 – Christmas Vacation. Big Lick Brewing Company 409 Salem Avenue, SW, Roanoke

Sun., Dec. 9, 12-7pm

SHENANDOAH VALLEY Team Trivia at Winchester Brew Works Every Monday, 6:30pm

Teams of 6 compete for gift certificates and prizes! 320 N. Cameron St., Winchester

Virginia Craft on Draft Every Monday, 3-6pm

Enjoy all Virginia pints for $4 and all Virginia Belgians for $5. Brew Ridge Taps 11 E. Nelson St., Lexington 540.461.8012 •

Backs to Basic Yoga Night at Basic City Beer Co. Every Tuesday, 6-7pm

$10 includes yoga and a pint. 1010 E. Main St., Waynesboro

Bingo Night at Wolfe Street Brewing Every Wednesday

Winners of each bingo round receive $15 gift cards to the tasting room. 120 W. Wolfe St., Harrisonburg

Open Mic Night at Queen City Brewing Every Wednesday

834 Spring Hill Rd., Staunton

Live Music at Woodstock Brewhouse Every Thursday, 6pm

123 E. Court St., Woodstock

OM Brew at Seven Arrows Brewing Co. Every Saturday, 10:30-11:30am

$10 includes yoga and a beer after class. 2508 Jefferson Hwy., Waynesboro

Sunday Funday Karaoke at Redbeard Brewing Company Every Sunday, 8-10pm

Hosted by TellAplay Entertainment! 120 S. Lewis Street, Staunton 540.430.3532

Beer Release at Winchester Brew Works Sat., Dec. 8, 12-11pm

‘Tis the season for imperial stouts! This year’s Big Schloss is so roasty and rich, you won’t even know what hit you. This year’s variants include whiskey-vanilla, coffee hazelnut and maybe something super secret and super limited. 320 N. Cameron St., Winchester

Sun., Dec. 9, 12-9pm

Paint Nite at Woodstock Brewhouse Mon., Dec. 10, 6-8pm

Relax with a bottle and shake off the stress of your manic Monday with Paint Nite! No experience required - Just follow along while our Social Painting Instructor guides you step-by-step through the featured painting. 123 E. Court St., Woodstock

Bloomers & Brews at Alesatian Brewing Co. Tues., Dec. 11, 5-7pm

Come have a drink and make your own fresh cut Christmas centerpiece that will last all the way to the New Year! Cost is $55 and includes your arrangement, two drinks and a chance to win an Alesatian stocking stuffer. 23 North Loudoun, Winchester

Mon., Dec. 31, 9pm-1am

Live music from 10pm-12:30am – The Sustainers, a local rock and soul cover band – are sure to entertain. Festive attire and dancing shoes are encouraged! Pale Fire Tap Room 217 S. Liberty Street, Harrisonburg

Robbie Burns at the Virginia Beer Museum Sat., Jan. 26

16 Chester Street, Front Royal 540.313.1441

SOUTHERN VIRGINIA Open Mic Night at Ballard Brewing Every Monday, 6-9pm

Musicians, poets, comedians and more are welcome! 600 Craghead St., Danville

Yoga, Beer and Pizza at Ballard Brewing Every Wednesday, 5-6pm

600 Craghead St., Danville

Axton Art Festival Paints & Pints at Redbeard Brewing Sat., Dec. 1, Fri., Dec. 2, & Sat., Dec. 3, Company 10am-10pm Thurs., Dec. 13, 6-9pm

Join us to paint this artwork – Over the Treetops in Staunton - with us step-bystep! You can change your background color to Blue, Red, Green or Purple! You will receive a vinyl cutout of Santa and his reindeer to apply to your painting! 120 S. Lewis Street, Staunton 540.430.3532

Cask for a Cause at Brothers Craft Brewing Fri., Dec. 14, 4-11pm

Our December Cask for a Cause will be benefiting Mercy House, Inc. Each family and individual has different needs and they strive to meet the families at their needs holistically. All proceeds from the cask and the silent auction will go to the Mercy House and their cause. 800 N. Main Street, Harrisonburg

All That Glitters New Year’s Eve Party at Winchester Brew Works Mon., Dec. 31, 7pm-1am

Come in your finest golden, shining attire to a tasting room transformed for the evening. We’ll have a DJ for dancing and a photo booth to document the fun plus plenty of food, including appetizers, a buffet from 3Fires Oven and dessert! 320 N. Cameron St., Winchester

Artists, Vendors, music by American Neanderthal, and Special Guest, FoodTrucks, Metal working, Chainsaw woodcarving and great beer from Mountain Valley Brewing. Mountain Valley Artisan Barn 1215 Collins Road, Axton

Game Night at Mountain View Brewing Thurs., Dec. 6 & 13, 6-9pm

We’ve got tons of board games, plus a great dart board and “skittles”. Grab some friends and make the most of Thursday evening with some craft brews and good times. 4220 Mountain Valley Road, Axton

Beer Release Thursday at Daily Grind Thurs., Dec. 13 & Jan. 10, 6pm

Experience new brews each month. Come check out the new beers and fill up your growler with these fresh and exciting concoctions. 303 E. Church Street, Martinsville 276.632.0035


Body by Parkway Runner’s Club New Year’s Eve & 4 Year Thurs., 6pm Anniversary Bash at Seven Arrows Every Parkway Brewing 739 Kessler Mill Road, Salem Brewing Co. Mon., Dec. 31, 8pm-1am

Music from DJ Lance! Photo Booth! Nobos kitchen will be open for dinner and late night snacks! No cover! 2508 Jefferson Hwy., Waynesboro


Wed., Dec. 5, 12, & 19, 6:30-9:30pm

Shine Runners Club Thurs., Dec. 6, 6pm

3 miles, 5 miles, or just walk and then socialize at the brewery. Chaos Mountain Brewing 3135 Dillons Mill Rd., Callaway 540.334.1600

Paint & Sip at Big Lick Sun., Dec. 9, 2:30-4:30pm

Sign up, show up, sip up, PAINT! No artistic talent is needed - we’ll take you through it step by step! Big Lick Brewing Company 409 Salem Avenue, SW, Roanoke

STEM Tavern at Soaring Ridge Craft Brewery Wed. Dec. 12, 5:30-7pm

Monthly STEM Tavern featuring a fascinating science presentation plus good beer! 523 Shenandoah Ave., Roanoke

Plant Nite at Big Lick Sun., Dec.16, 3-4:30pm

Create a Hanging Globe, Decorate your Tree or Office, or to give as a gift. Project includes choice of plastic or glass globe or three smaller globes, choice of succulents or air plants, and lots of holiday themed decorations. Big Lick Brewing Company 409 Salem Avenue, SW, Roanoke

OSBC Sports Trivia at Olde Salem Brewing Company Thurs., Dec. 20, 7-9pm

Bring your friends and join us for a beer and some team sports trivia. Current Events, Local Sports and everything in between. 21 E. Main Street, Salem

New Year’s Eve Jazz Brunch at Starr Hill

Sun., Dec. 30, 12-7pm

Join us for brunch, blues, brass, and brews. Enjoy 23 craft beers on tap, live performance by Brian Mesko Trio, and breakfast treats by Fork in the Road Food Truck. Starr Hill Pilot Brewery & Side Stage 6 Old Whitmore Ave., Roanoke

Pub Concert: Meltzer, Meatballs, and Microbrews

Sat., Jan. 26, 6-9pm

A concert featuring the Garth Newel Piano Quartet. 6pm Happy Hour followed by a 6:30 Concert. Pay-what-you-wish and no reservations needed. Garth Newel Music Center 403 Garth Newel Lane, Hot Springs 540.839.5018


- 61 -

Bull & Bones Brewhaus 1470 S Main St., #120 Blacksburg 540.953.2855

Creek Bottom Brews

307 Meadow Street Galax 276.236.BEER (2337)

The Damascus Brewery

32173 Government Road Damascus 540.314.2782

Headspace Brewing Company 120 N. Chestnut Street Marion 276.780.8860

Right Mind Brewing Company 1410 S. Main Street Blacksburg 540.552.7000

Right Turn, Clyde Brewing Company

300 A Main Street Narrows 540.921.7283

Rising Silo Brewing Company 2351 Glade Rd Blacksburg 410.596.1200

River Company Brewery

6633 Viscoe Rd. Radford (Fairlawn) 540.633.3940

Studio Brew

221 Moore Street Bristol

Wolf Hills Brewing Company

350 Park St. Abingdon 303.5508762


Cheers from Billsburg Brewery in Williamsburg.

AMMO Brewing Company


235 N Market Petersburg 23805 804.722.1667

Busted Still Brewing Company

Apocalypse Ale Works

185 Homeplace Drive Gate City 24251 276.210.6038

Sugar Hill Brewing Company 16622 Broad Street St. Paul 24283 276.780.4397

BLUE RIDGE HIGHLANDS Bristol Station Brews & Taproom 41 Piedmont Avenue Bristol 276.608.1220

1257 Burnbridge Rd Forest 434.258.8761

Ardent Craft Ales

3200 W. Leigh Street Richmond 804.359.1605

Bald Top Brewing Co.

1830 Thrift Road Madison 540.999.1830 - 62 -



510 Grove Street Bedford 540.583.5113

Black Narrows Brewing Company 4522 Chicken City Road Chincoteague

Blue Mountain Brewery

9519 Critzer Shop Rd. Afton 540.456.8020

Blue Mountain Barrel House 495 Cooperative Way Arrington 434.263.4002

Brewing Tree Beer Company 9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Afton 540.381.0990

Canon & Draw Brewing Company 1529 West Main Street Richmond Castleburg Brewery & Taproom 1626 Owenby Lane Richmond 23220 804.353.1256

Center of the Universe Brewing

Company 11293 Air Park Rd. Ashland 804.368.0299

Champion Brewing Co.

324 6th Street Charlottesville 434.295.2739 championbrewingcompany. com

Champion Brewing Company

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029 www.gardengrovebrewing. com

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery 2408 Ownby Ln. Richmond 804.420.2420

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery West Creek 820 Sanctuary Trail Drive Richmond

Hardywood Pilot Brewery & Taproom

1110 Alverser Dr. Midlothian 804.379.8727 ExtraBillysBarBQ2.htm

Final Gravity Brewing Company 6118 Lakeside Ave. Richmond 804.264.4808

Fine Creek Brewing Company 2425 Robert E. Lee Road Powhatan 804.372.9786

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery 11800 W. Broad Street Richmond 23233 804-237-1684

South Street Brewery

Starr Hill Brewery

10089 Brook Road Glen Allen 804.585.0405

5391 Three Notch’d Rd. Crozet 434.823.5671

Isley Brewing Company

Steam Bell Beer Works

1715 Summit Avenue Richmond 804.499.0721

1717 E. Oak Lake Blvd. Midlothian 804.728.1876

James River Brewery

Stone Brewing Company

561 Valley St. Scottsville 434.286.7837

Kindred Spirits Brewing Company 12830 W. Creek Parkway Goochland 804.708.0309

Legend Brewing Company 321 W. Seventh St. Richmond 804.232.3446

Lickinghole Goodwater

Extra Billy’s

1180 Seminole Trail, #290 Charlottesville

Intermission Beer Co.

Colonial Beach Brewing

200 Mosbys Run Roseland 434.361.1001

Reason Beer Co.

1000 W. Main Street Charlottesville

Lickinghole Creek Farm Brewery

Devils Backbone Brewing Company - Basecamp

608 Preston Avenue Charlottesville 434.284.8466

106 South Street Charlottesville 434.293.6550

401 Grace Street Richmond 804.344.5108 championbrewingcompany. com 215C Washington Avenue Colonial Beach 540.226.2114

Random Row Brewing Company

4100 Knolls Point Dr. Goochland 804.314.4380

1717 East Franklin Street Richmond

Loose Shoe Brewing Company 198 Ambriar Plaza Amherst 434-941-7345

Midnight Brewery

2410 Granite Ridge Rd. Rockville 804.356.9379

Origin Beer Lab

106 S. Railroad Avenue Ashland 804.368.0299

Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery

6135 Rockfish Gap Tpke. Crozet 434.823.4878

4300 Williamsburg Avenue Richmond 23231 760.294.7899 stonebrewingrichmond.

Strangeways Brewing

2277 Dabney Rd. Richmond 804.303.4336

The Answer Brewpub 6008 West Broad St. Richmond The Veil Brewing Company 1301 Roseneath Road Richmond 804.355.58515

Third Street Brewing

312 W. Third Street Farmville 434.315.0471

Three Notch’d Brewing Company

Triple Crossing Brewing Company

Black Narrows Brewing Company

Triple Crossing Brewing Company

Bold Mariner

113 S. Foushee Street Richmond 804.308.0475

5203 Hatcher Street Richmond 804.496.1955

Vasen Brewing Company

4522 Chicken City Road Chincoteague 2409 Bowdens Ferry Road Norfolk

Brass Cannon Brewing Company

3331 Moore Street, Richmond 804.588.5678

5476 Mooretown Road Williamsburg 757.566.0001

White Rock Brewing Company

Brick & Mortar Brewing Co.

Wild Wolf Brewing Company

Bull Island Brewing Company

Willow Sprung Brewery in The Light Well Restaurant

Capstan Bar Brewing Company

2117 Bruno Drive Goodview 24905 540.890.3359

2461 Rockfish Valley Highway Nellysford 434.361.0088

110 E Main Street Orange 540.661.0004

Wood Ridge Farm Brewery 165 Old Ridge Road Lovingston 434.422.6225


189-B Ewell Rd. Williamsburg 757.220.3670

Alewerks Satellite Brewery

Williamsburg Premium Outlets 5715 Richmond Road Williamsburg

Back Bay Brewing Company 614 Norfolk Ave. Virginia Beach 757.531.7750

Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.

1805 Kempsville Road, Virginia Beach 757.512.6430

212 E. Washington Street Suffolk 757.533.1173 758 Settlers Landing Road Hampton 757.788.9489 2036 Exploration Way Hampton 757.788.7276

Coelacanth Brewing 760 W. 22nd Street Norfolk 757.59.UGLY.1

Commonwealth Brewing Company 2444 Pleasure House Rd. Virginia Beach 757.305.9652

Deadline Brewing Project

2272 W. Great Neck Road, Suite 2268 Virginia Beach 757.502.4980

Gordon Biersch

4561 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach 757.490.2739

Home Republic Brew Pub 328 Laskin Road Virginia Beach 757.226.9593

Kilmarnock Brewhaus

44 West Church Street Kilmarnock 804.436.6207

MoMac Brewing Company

946 Grady Ave Charlottesville 434.293.0610

Bearded Bird Brewing Co.

727 Granby Street Norfolk

3228 Academy Avenue Portsmouth 757.383.9572

Three Notch’d Brewing Company RVA Colab House

Benchtop Brewing Company

Montross Brewery

2930 W. Broad St. Richmond

1129 Boissevain Avenue Norfolk 757.321.9482

15381 Kings Highway Montross 804.452.7394

Three Notch’d @ IX Park

Big Ugly Brewing Company

New Realm Brewing Company

522 2nd Street, SE Charlottesville

Trapezium Brewing Company 423 Third Street Petersburg 23803 571.758.2738

845 Battlefield Blvd. S., Chesapeake

Billsburg Brewery

2054 Jamestown Road Williamsburg

1209 Craft Lane Virginia Beach 757.302.8550

O’Connor Brewing Company 211 W. 24th Street Norfolk 757.623.2337


- 63 -

Oozelfinch Craft Brewery 81 Patch Road Fort Monroe 757.224.7042

Pleasure House Brewing

3025 Shore Dr. Virginia Beach, VA 23451 757.647.8597

Precarious Beer Project

521 Prince George Street, Suite 101 Williamsburg 757.790.2299

Reaver Beach Brewing Company 1505 Taylor Farm Road Virginia Beach 757.563.2337

Rip Rap Brewing Company 116 E 25th Street Norfolk

Smartmouth Brewing Company 1309 Raleigh Ave., #300 Norfolk 757.624.3939

St. George Brewing Company 204 Challenger Way Hampton 757.865.7781

That Damn Mary Brewing Company

5036 George Washington Memorial Highway Hayes 804.436.2204

The Bunker Brewpub & Cadence Hall

211 21st Street, Virginia Beach 757.227.4250

The Vanguard Brewpub & Distillery


9925 Discovery Blvd. Manassas 703.420.2264

6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company

11440 International Drive Fredericksburg 540.356.9056

1781 Brewing Company 11109 Plank Rd. Spotsylvania 804.842.0199

1836 Kitchen & Taproom

34 E. Broad Way Lovettsville 540.668.5835

Adroit Theory Brewing Company 404 Browing Ct., Unit C Purcellville 703.722.3144

Adventure Brewing North 33 Perchwood Drive Fredericksburg 540.242.8876

Adventure Brewing South 3300 Dill Smith Drive Fredericksburg

Aslin Beer Company

257 Sunset Park Drive Herndon, VA 20170 703.787.5766

Audacious Aleworks

110 E. Fairfax Street, Falls Church 571.303.0177

B Chord Brewing

504 N. King Street Hampton 757.224.1807

34266 Williams Gap Road Round Hill

The Virginia Beer Company

8420 Kao Circle Manassas, 20110

401 Second Street Williamsburg 757.378.2903

Tradition Brewing Company 700 Thimble Shoals Blvd. Newport News 757.303.3415

Wasserhund Brewing Company 805 Laskin Rd. #102 Virginia Beach 757.618.6051

Wharf Hill Brewing Co.

25 Main Street Smithfield 757-357-7100

Young Veterans Brewing Company 2505 Horse Pasture Road,Ste. 104 Virginia Beach 757.689.4021

- 64 -


BadWolf (Big) Brewing Company

BadWolf (Little) Brewing Company

9776 Center St. Manassas 571.208.1064

Barley Naked

15 Tech Parkway, Stafford 540.623.4475

Barnhouse Brewery

43271 Spinks Ferry Road Leesburg 703.675.8408

Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse 3623 Grove Lane Delaplane 540.364.6402

Battlefield Brewing Company 4187 Plank Rd Fredericksburg 540.785.2164

Bear Chase Brewing Company

Dog Money Brewery 50 Catoctin Circle Leesburg 703.687.3852

Dragon Hops Brewing

18294 Blue Ridge Mountain Road Bluemont

130 E. Main Street Purcellville 540.441.3660

Beer Hound Brewery

Dynasty Brewing Co.

201 Waters Place Culpeper 22701 540-317-5327

Belly Love Brewing Company

21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive, Suite #130-135 Asburn 571.246.5991

Fair Winds Brewing Company

Jack’s Run Brewing Company 108 N. 21st Street Purcellville 540.441.3382

Lake Anne Brew House

11424 Washington Plaza West Reston 571.758.2739

Lost Rhino Brewing Company

21730 Red Rum Dr., Ste. 142 Ashburn 571.291.2083

7000 Newington Road, Suites K&L Lorton 703-372-2001

Lost Rhino Retreat

22620 Davis Dr. #110 Sterling 571.989.2739

Far Gohn Brewing Co.

310 E Market St. Leesburg 703.350.8553

Bike TrALE Brewing Company

16015 John Marshall Hwy. Broad Run 703.753.3548

725 E Main Street Purcellville, VA 20132 540.441.3159

Beltway Brewing Company

101 Loudon St. SW Leesburg 571.293.0050

Black Hoof Brewing Company 11 S. King Street Leesburg 571.707.8014

Black Walnut Brewing Company 210 S King Street Leesburg blackwalnutbrewery

Brew Republic Bierwerks

15201 Potomac Town Place Woodbridge 703.594.7950

Caboose Brewing Company 520 Mill Street NE Vienna 703-865-8580

Chubby Squirrel Brewing Company

10382 Willard Way Fairfax 571.989.1082

Corcoran Brewing Company

205 E. Hirst Road, Suite 105 Purcellville 540.441.3102

Crooked Run Brewing Company 22455 Davis Drive Sterling

Crooked Run Brewing Company 205 Harrison Street SE Leesburg 571.978.4446

Ono Brewing Company 4520 Daly Drive Chantilly 571.409.6662

Dirt Farm Brewing Co.

18701 Foggy Bottom Rd. Bluemont 540.554.2337

301 S Main Street Culpeper

The Farm Brewery at Broad Run

Forge Brew Works

22885 Brambleton Plaza Brambleton 703.327.0311

Loudoun Brewing Company

Mad Fox Brewing Company 444 West Broad St., Ste. I Falls Church 703.942.6840

8532 Terminal Rd., Ste. L Lorton 703.372.2979

Maltese Brewing Company

Gordon Biersch

Market Common Brewpub & Roastery

Tyson’s Corner Mall McLean 703.388.5454

Growling Bear Brewing Company 14051 Crown Court Woodbridge, 22193 571.535.1965

Harpers Ferry Brewing

37410 Adventure Center Lane Purcellville

Heritage Brewing Co.

9436 Center Point Lane Manassas 800.432.1792

Heroic Aleworks

14910 Persistence Drive Woodbridge 571.398.6113

Highmark Brewery

390 Kings Hwy. Fredericksburg 540.207.1725

Hillsborough Farm Brewery 36716 Charles Town Pike Purcellville 540.668.6216

Hopkins Ordinary Ale Works 47 Main Street Sperryville 540.987.3383

House 6 Brewing Co.

44427 Atwater Drive Ashburn 585.520.5710

11047 B Pierson Drive Fredericksburg

2900 Wilson Blvd., #104 Arlington 571.208.1355

Mustang Sally Brewing Company 14140 Parke Long Court Chantilly 703.378.7450

New District Brewing Company 2709 S Oakland Street Arlington 22206 703.888.5820

Ocelot Brewing Company

23600 Overland Drive, Ste. 180 Sterling 703-665-2146

Old Bust Head Brewing Company 7134 Lineweaver Rd. Warrenton 540.347.4777

Old 690 Brewing Company

15670 Ashbury Church Road Purcellville

Old Ox Brewery

44652 Guilford Dr Unit 114 Ashburn 703.729.8375

Old Trade Brewery

13270 Alanthus Road Brandy Station 774.218.8645

Ono Brewing Co.

4520 Daly Drive Chantilly 571.409.6662

Pen Druid Brewing

Tin Cannon Brewing Co

Phase 2 Brewing

Twinpanzee Brewing Company

7 River Lane Sperryville, 22740 540.987.8800 19382 Diamond Lake Drive Leesburg 540.987.0219

Port City Brewing Company

7679 Limestone Dr. #130 Gainesville 571-248-0489

101-D Executive Drive Sterling 703.791.9363

3950 Wheeler Ave. Alexandria 703.797.2739

Vanish Brewing

Portner’s Brewhouse

Water’s End Brewery

5772 Dow Avenue Alexandria 703.646.0466

Powers Farm & Brewery

9269 Redemption Way Midland 540.272.5060

Quattro Goombas Brewing Company 22860 James Monroe Highway Aldie 703-327-6052

Red Dragon Brewery

1419 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg 22401 540.382.4342

Rocket Frog Brewing Company

22560 Glenn Drive, Suite #103 Sterling 571.375.7920

Sinistral Brewing Company

9419 Main Street Manassas

Solace Brewing Company

42615 Trade West Drive, #100 Dulles

Spencer Devon Brewing Company 106 George Street Fredericksburg 540-999-6253

Strangeways Brewing

350 Landsdowne Road Fredericksburg 540.371.1776

Sweetwater Tavern

14250 Sweetwater Ln. Centreville 703.449.1100

Sweetwater Tavern

3066 Gate House Plaza Falls Church 703.645.8100

Sweetwater Tavern

45980 Waterview Plaza Sterling 571.434.6500

The Craft of Brewing

21140 Ashburn Crossing Drive, Suite 170 Ashburn 703.687.3932

44624 Leelyn Farm Lane Leesburg 20176 12425 Dillingham Square Lake Ridge 571.285.1997

Wild Run Brewing Company

3071 Jefferson Davis Hwy Stafford 540.659.3447

Wort Hog Brewing Company 41 Beckham Street Warrenton 540.300.2739

SHENANDOAH VALLEY Alesatian Brewing Company 23 N. Loudoun Street Winchester 540.667.2743

Backroom Brewery

150 Ridgemont Rd. Middletown 540.869.8482 BackroomBrewery

Basic City Beer Co.

1010 E. Main Street Waynesboro 540.265.8062

Bedlam Brewing Company

2303 North Augusta Street Staunton 540.416.4634

Blue Lab Brewing Company 123 S. Randolph St. Lexington 540.458.0146

Brothers Craft Brewing 800 N Main Street Harrisonburg 540.432.8940

Devils Backbone Brewing Company - Outpost

50 Northwind Lane Lexington 540.462.6200

Escutcheon Brewing Company 150 W. Commercial Street Winchester 540.391.8713

Great Valley Farm Brewery

60 Great Valley Lane Natural Bridge 540.521.6163

Hawksbill Brewing Company

22 Zerkel Street Luray 540.860.5608

Pale Fire Brewing Company 217 S. Liberty Street Harrisonburg 540-217-5452

Queen City Brewing

834 Springhill Road Staunton 540.213.8014

Redbeard Brewing

120 South Lewis St. Staunton 804.641.9340

Ridge Runner Farm & Brewery 6895 Back Road Maurertown 571.201.2963

Restless Moons Brewing Company

The Friendly Fermenter

20 South Mason Street, Suite B10 Harrisonburg

Three Notch’d Brewing Co. Harrisonburg Taproom 241 E. Market Street Harrisonburg 540.217.5939

Winchester Brew Works

320 N Cameron St. Winchester 540.692.9242

Woodstock Brewhouse

123 E Court Street Woodstock 22664 540-459-2739

Hammer & Forge Brewing Company

70 Main Street Boones Mill 540.909.3200

Ober Brewing Company

Olde Salem Brewing Company

209 Trade St. Danville 434-549-BREW (2739

21 E. Main Street Salem 540.404.4399

Ballad Brewing Company

Parkway Brewing

600 Craighead Street Danville

Mountain Valley Brewing Company

Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill

221 Precast Way Troutville 540.992.1288

2 Witches Winery & brewing Company

Seven Arrows Brewing Company

103 W. Beverly Street Staunton 540.887.2337

Flying Mouse Brewery


Buggs Island Brewing Company

Shenandoah Valley Brewing Company

315 Market Street SE Roanoke 540.259.5204

1443 Lakeside Circle Salem 540.404.0050

address is the same 540.217.2726

2508 Jefferson Hwy. Ste 1 Waynesboro 540-221-6968

Deschutes Brewery - Roanoke Tasting Room

110 College Street Clarkesville

4220 Mountain Valley Road Axton 276.833.2171

Staunton River Brewing Co.

1571 Mt. Calvary Road Brookneal


739 Kessler Mill Rd. Salem

Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers 523 Shenandoah Avenue Roanoke 540.529.2140

Starr Hill Pilot Brewery 6 Old Whitmore Road Roanoke 434.823.5671

Sunken City Brewery

40 Brewery Dr., Hardy 540.420.0476

The Hive

375 Madrid Road Waynesboro 540.490.2609

515 8th Street, SW, Suite 228 Roanoke 540.339.9562

1116 A Main Street SW Roanoke 540.597.8739

Bick Lick Brewing Co.

Swover Creek Farm Brewery

409 Salem Avenue SW Roanoke

Twin Creeks Brewing Co.

4176 Swover Creek Rd. Edinburg 540.984.8973

Chaos Mountain Brewing Company

111 Pollard Street, Vinton 540.265.8062

3135 Dillons Mill Rd. Callaway 540.334.1600


- 65 -

COASTAL VIRGINIA Sly Clyde Ciderworks 207 E. Mellen Street Hampton

Enjoy a cider from Wild Hare in Leesburg.

NORTHERN VIRGINIA Cobbler Mountain Cellars

CENTRAL VIRGINIA Albemarle CiderWorks

2545 Rural Ridge Ln. North Garden 434.297.2326

Blue Bee Cider

1320 Summit Avenue Richmond 804.231.0280

5909 Long Fall Lane Delaplane 540.364.2802

Corcoran Vineyards Hard Cider 14635 Corky’s Farm Lane Waterford 540.882.9073

Hinson Ford Cider & Mead 379 Hinson Ford Road Amissville 540.219.8397

Blue Toad Hard Cider Pub

Mount Defiance Cidery & Distillery

Bold Rock Hard Cider

Wild Hare Cider

Bryant’s Small Batch Cider


9278 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Afton 434.996.6992 1020 Rockfish Valley Hwy. Nellysford 434.361.1030 3224 East Branch Loop Roseland 804.420.9683

Buskey Cider

2910 W. Leigh Street Richmond

Castle Hill Cider

6065 Turkey Sag Rd. Keswick 434.296.0047

Courthouse Creek Cider 1581 Maidens Road Goochland

Courthouse Creek Cider 3300 W. Broad Street Richmond

Coyote Hole Ciderworks 225 Oak Grove Drive Mineral 540.894.1053

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029

Potter’s Craft Cider


207 W. Washington St., Middleburg 540.687.8100 106A South Street, SE Leesburg 833.675.WILD

Halcyon Days Cidery Company 4135 S Lee Highway Natural Bridge 540.291.1340

Old Hill Cider

17768 Honeyville Rd. Timberville 540.896.7582

The Winery at Kindred Pointe

Honey Grail


Winchester Ciderworks

525 E. Market Street, #135 Leesburg 202.455.5520

2502 N. Frederick Pike Winchester 540.550.3800



Big Fish Cider

BLACKSNAKE MEADERY 605 Buffalo Road Dugspur, VA 24325 540.834.6172

The Thistle and Stag Meadery


Skjald Meadworks

59 Spruce Street Monterey 540.468.2322


1313 Altamont Ave Richmond, VA 23230 703.582.0856

3445 W Cary Street, Richmond 804.338.6029 DECEMBER 2018


2800 Berry Hill Rd Nellysford, VA 22958 434.361.1266

Garden Grove Brewing and Urban Winery

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Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery

3575 Conicville Rd Mt Jackson, Shenandoah County 22842 540.477.3570

Madison Heights, VA 339.221.3115 2053 E. River Road Fork Union 434.842.2200

621C Broad Street Altavista, VA 434.515.2482

COASTAL VIRGINIA Melo Lion Meadery Yorktown, VA 757.713.4885

224 Monitcello Ave, Suite C Williamsburg, VA 23185 757.378.2225


36580 Shoemaker School Rd Purcellville, VA 20132 571.512.0763

Maidstone Meadery

9364 Justice Lane Delaplane, VA 20144 703.303.2090

SHENANDOAH VALLEY MISTY MOUNTAIN MEAD WORKS 1531 Pack Horse Road Winchester, VA 22603 540.888.4420


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7.3 ABV | 95 IBU

This special New England style IPA is an annual tradition for us. We brew it on Veterans Day (also our anniversary - November 11), in order to commemorate the end of the war as well as to honor those who have fought for our freedom. Dry hopped for the best flavor and aroma, we have over 66 pounds of hops in this batch!

Brewery Wedding?

If you are thinking of having your wedding at a brewery then it is time to start planning! We have the flexibility to host groups of all sizes (max 140). Whether you're hosting a cocktail party or seated dinner, Wild Wolf is the perfect place for your gathering! Email for more information. - 68 -