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THE MOTORING SPIRIT The Wellington Branch Newsletter AUGUST 2018

From sky to sea. Leprechaun Rally 25th

Photos courtesy of Terry Mathers

60 years of Vintage motoring 1958—2018

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Bill Pinkham

With the winter season in full swing there is not a lot to report, or ramble on about. Attention is mainly concentrated on reducing the firewood pile. But Spring is getting closer - 5 weeks away. The leprechaun rally was a great day out in good company and very interesting to see how the sea is reclaiming that area of the Wairarapa coast. I thought the car people were a hearty bunch, but they have nothing on the Motorcycle lads when it comes to braving the weather, like the one that went on the leprechaun. I was recently invited to a client function, held at the Great War Exhibition in the old Dominion Museum building. I won’t tell too much about it apart from the fact that it is a great display of how life was at Quinn’s Post (at Gallipoli, not the old Fergusson Drive one) it was an educational and amazing display using holograms that tell the story instead of static dummies. I can highly recommend it. Lessons learned in the last month Remember to pay your bill before leaving the Café after having your breakfast. We get so used to paying when we order in café’s these day so when you get one that expects you to pay after your meal, it is easy to just get up and leave. Mind you they were very understanding when I returned later in the day to pay the bill. Don’t forget to update your calendar with all the upcoming events, there are some good ones lined up for the future and if you are like me, with several interests and commitments, you need to plan early to make sure you go to all the right ones.


Contributions for the Motoring Spirit are always welcome Articles, photos, reports or titbits. Electronic versions are preferred, but photos and text can be scanned or typed up. Send to the editor—Selwyn Warren, or arrange by phone with me, to get a hard copy by mail or at Club Nights. Contacts on inside front cover.

Deadline for contributions: Last Wednesday of the month . Welcome to Tim Ross, our newest member. Tim has a 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV



Neale Ryder

August’s event is an important one for us as not only will it help raise much needed funds for the Cancer Society, but it will also bring us into contact with some of the areas other car clubs and enthusiasts, so it would be nice to have a really good attendance from the club at the Tram Museum. Wellington, the Hutt Valley and the Kapiti Coast have probably never really been ideal for car rally type events and these days even less so. The traffic volume during weekends is increasing considerably while the space on the roads is not. Our local country roads such as Whitemans Valley and Moonshine are no longer the deserted places they once were. Driving around the rest of the place is challenging enough without trying to read instructions and do an exam at the same time. The point of all this is that at some time in the very near future we need to have a bit of dialogue about where to from here. Are regular competitive events relevant these days? Do we have too many events each month? Currently we can pick from our regular club runs, Sunday runs and Wednesday runs. As I see it, all 3 are competing for the same thing, find somewhere to go in the Wellington area to entertain and enlighten Vintage Car Club members. My own opinion, which is not necessarily anyone else's, is that we should have only a couple of competitive events during the year, November Rally, the Gymkhana and the Monte Carlo (club captains safari), the remaining months left flexible for more relaxed local "Sunday run" type events, or travelling further afield for a weekend away, or whatever seems suitable at the time. Some of you will already be aware that I'm not a competitive type and would be quite happy to lock up the trophy cabinet forever, but that isn't a decision for me. Please give some consideration to these matters. I believe it is important for our club. Regards, Neale


Selwyn Warren

Well, nobody contacted me to say they didn’t get last months Newsletter, so that was a good sign. Weather has been a bit iffy just lately, but to be expected, I suppose. Lets hope the Daffodil Run attracts good weather. Good weather means a good turn out. Wellington had a lot of Ahabs and Pequods running around a couple of weeks ago, looking for Welly Whale. Selwyn 4


Michael Curry

The archive would like a copy of a DVD produced by PROVID Ltd, of our 50th Anniversary Rally of 7th November 2007. We have a promotional copy that is over- written with PROVID logo. We also have a copy of the Upper Hutt part of this event, produced by "bennerp". Thank you to David Wilkens for the donation of International Rally documents. Archiving of posters and a large donation of photographs from Stan Garmonsway, is about to get underway. I am currently putting together three photo frames of events of past years, to be hung on the Club Room wall, very soon.


Richard Davies

The July run was to Kim and Sue Roses’ property in Pauatahanui, to view their collection of Austins. We met at the Bottoms Up cafÊ, also in Pauatahanui, for morning tea and then on to the Rose property about 11.30. At the property, Kim proudly showed everybody his collection of Austin 7s, which included a 1929 model under full restoration. Thank you Kim and Sue for having the group there, as we enjoyed the visit and the day. Participants on the run were: Ian and Katrin McCulloch

29 Chrysler.

Ivan Gardner


Keith Bramley


James and Jenny


Steve Hainsworth


37 Austin 7.

Richard Davies

57 Simca.

Trevor Barnes


Bill and Heather Stud

Modern. 5



Trevor Barnes

Meeting Monday June 25th 16 attended the meeting.. Meeting Monday July 23rd 13 attended, plus Bruce Davidson from New Plymouth. Apologies from Hal O’Rorke and Trevor Barnes. Past Events Leprechaun Rally: 24th June. One rider, Keith Bramley, went on the cold and windy run to Cape Palliser. After climbing 252 steps to the lighthouse, there was a retreat to shelter for lunch, the group splitting in two with Keith lunching at Ngawi. It was a wild ride back over the Remutakas. Coming Events Taranaki Rubber Duckie: 15th-16th September. Bruce Davidson distributed some entry forms but they have been emailed. Those who have indicated going so far, are John Viner, Warwick Lang, Ashley Blair, Paul Switzer, Hal O’Rorke, Trevor Barnes and Peter Simpson. Bookings will need to be made at the Top 10 Holiday Park. Hal will supply a back-up vehicle. Wairarapa Gold Medal Trial: 24-25th November. Date confirmed by the Wairarapa Branch. Auckland Motorcycle Rally: 16th–18th November. Martin Spicer was asked for information but has not yet responded. Christmas Ride: Friday 14th December. Aaron is organising a run to Stonehenge (Wairarapa, not UK!). Start at Brown Owl Corner, Upper Hutt at 10:00. Brunch at the Corner Café, Greytown, then ride to Stonehenge for a guided tour. Ten people have indicated they would go. Aaron will invite the car section to join us. Aarons North Island Tour: 16th-20th March 2019. Aarons plan is. Day 1. Visit Horowhenua Swap Meet, then ride to the Yellow House Café, Wanganui, for lunch and on to Taumarunui that night. Then17th to Otorohanga (or Waitomo?) until 19th or 20th. Undecided is whether to leave on the 19th for Taihape and home on the 20th or stay another night in Otorohanga, then home on the 20th. Advance notice: National M/cycle Rally, Blenheim 15th-17th Feb. 2019 + tours 18th-22nd. Only four riders indicated they were going to the rally. For those not camping, accommodation may be difficult to find. Other Business: Aaron will finalise a talk about travelling to Sturgess, by Dave and Ken O’Leary. Both are over there at the moment. It will probably happen at the end of November, on a Friday night at the clubrooms and open to all members and interested people. Ashley Blair talked about his BSA Empire Star restoration and challenges he faced. Next Meeting: The August motorcycle meeting will be: August 27th 4th Monday Butcher and Brewer, 7.30pm Future meeting dates. September 4th Monday 24th October 3rd Monday 15th (Labour Day is 4th Monday 22nd) November 4th Monday 26th December Meet with the car section at the clubrooms, Tuesday 18th 6


Come and join us between 10am—3pm at Queen Elizabeth Park, Paekakariki (North Entrance)

Bring your own special interest vehicle for inclusion in the display, or just come and enjoy looking at the wide variety of vehicles on show. You can also visit the Tramway Museum, take a ride in a tram, horse drawn carriage, or vintage, car to the beach. Watch model aircraft flying (weather permitting), visit the memorial to the US marines who camped there during World War II, or walk the tracks and trails. Sausage sizzle, tea, coffee and cup cakes also for sale. Local VCC Contact: Alastair McCarthy. Email:


WELLINGTON DAFFODIL DAY DISPLAY AT QUEEN ELIZABETH PARK This will be a great family day. Display is from 10.00am to 3.00pm. All Cars ,Bikes and any other vehicles welcome irrespective of age. The fantastic new Ramaroa Centre is ours for the day, With shelter, toilets, kitchen, lounge and a BBQ.

Although there will be a Sausage Sizzle, Tea Coffee and Cup Cakes for sale, you may wish to bring your own picnic lunch and table and chairs. The ranger has requested no dogs are allowed in the park Trams operating, museum open and see the newly restored 1904 Tram on display WE NEED FULL PARTICIPATION. Target is 50 branch cars and 50 from other clubs & public. All Proceeds go to the Cancer Society. Cont. next page 8


David Crooks

Don’t forget to use our club library. It has a surprising variety of books suitable for all era’s. There is a lending library with novels to suit all tastes. Fee free to take a book, making a note of it, or bring along a book to donate or swap. If you haven't visited the library for a while, you may be surprised at the amount of new material that has found its way onto the shelves.

July Kapiti Mid Week Run

John Kinvig

About half the group began the day with tea and a natter at the Hyde Park café at Te Horo before proceeding to Sanson for lunch and of course, further animated discussion of important things like motor vehicles both past and present. We [all 22 of us ] then drove to Fielding without written instructions because John and Alison’s printer had broken down yet again. South Street and the location of the Coach museum was easy to find and an amazingly wonderful display of the things of yesteryear. A fantastic display of horse drawn gigs and carts, all in pristine condition and all with information on their age, structure and differences. One gig was set up being drawn by a very realistic looking horse and a television monitor so that when you sat in the gig and pressed a button the monitor showed what the driver would see and it took you on a trip up Kimbolton Street. The gig was also motorised to give added realism. There was also the most wonderful collection of John Deere tractors that had been donated to the museum, all in pristine condition. A restored 1912 Burford milk truck, various hay making and cultivating machinery, as well as all sorts of other collectables, make this an amazing collection a very enjoyable afternoons visit.

Some photographs of the day, can be found on the back page.


JULY CLUB NIGHT - Leaky Homes! Presented By Colin White

The July club night speaker was local member Colin White, who presented an interesting and at times, amusing talk on his experiences as an assessor for the leaky homes saga that hit the country a few years ago. Colin was instrumental in bringing to the attention of the Government, the seriousness of the problem and the problems with the Monolithic cladding that was used during this time. Colin bought a lot of these house after assessment, and proceeded to strip and rebuild them to proper standards. The photos he showed the meeting, were rather horrific and the lengths he had to go to in remedying the various situations, quite monumental. There are approximately 45,000 leaky homes, but only 17,000 were assessed. The Government moratorium for claiming, has now passed. Thanks Colin, for a very enlightening evening. Editor. ———————————————————— Even though we have a few speakers lined up for forthcoming club nights, we can never have too many, so if anyone in the club has an interest outside the car theme, and would like to share it, please contact Brian Christensen How about some of the ladies in the club. I’m sure you must have some interests to share with everyone. ————————————————————

JOKE OF THE MONTH A man went into the Bank to withdraw $5000 in cash, to pay for some repairs to his Model A. To keep the bills together, the teller bound them with a rubber band. The man stuffed the money in his jacket pocket and left the Bank. Five minutes later, he reached his car but found to his horror, the money was missing. He Knew nobody had picked his pocket, so he thought the money must have fallen out of his pocket. He quickly retraced his steps to the Bank where he collided with an elderly man. “Have you lost some money tied in a rubber band?” asked the old man. “Yes I have” he said. “Well I’ve found the rubber band”


Upcycling air pollution Air pollution from vehicles is a very real problem in many cities around the world - but did you know that it can be put to good use? Indian start-up Graviky Labs are doing just that with their patent-pending product, Kaalink, a device that attaches to the exhaust pipe of a vehicle to capture carbon emissions before they're released into the air. The particles of soot are then recycled into purified carbon ink, which is used in their Air-Ink pens, markers and spray cans. While the ink isn't quite up to printer quality yet, it's perfect for painting and screen printing (though at the moment, Graviky Labs are only producing the pens in pitch black or grey). Each pen contains around 40 to 50 minutes of air pollution, with Kaalink capturing up to 95% of the exhaust fumes from diesel engines (including those on cars, motorbikes, trucks, boat and cranes) and chimneys. So far, they estimate that Kaalink has removed carbon emissions from around 1.6 trillion litres of air - and that's got to be good for you! This article is by courtesy of Flick Electricity. Just shows what is being developed overseas, to try and combat pollution in densely populated countries around the world. Editor. 11

COMING EVENTS SULPHUR CITY RALLY: Rotorua, 25th August. Contact Alistair McCarthy for entry forms. UPPER HUTT SPRING FESTIVAL: Saturday 8th September, from 8.00am till 3.00pm. TWILIGHT RALLY: Saturday 8th September, 4.15pm at the clubrooms, for briefing. TARANAKI RUBBER DUCKIE: 15-16 September. Contact any of the motorcycle guys. TOMS TOUR: Saturday 26th September. See note below WAIRARAPA 50TH ANNIVERSARY RALLY:12-15th October. Contact Alistair for entry forms. NATIONAL VETERAN RALLY: Nelson,16-18th November. Contact Alistair for entry forms. WAIRARAPA STRETCHED GYMKHANA: 25th November. Contact Alistair for entry forms. BURMA RALLY: Whanganui, 18-21st January 2019.

Contact Alistair for entry forms.

CLUB CAPTAINS SAFARI: Wellington, 18th-21st January. Run to Whanganui/Burma Rally.

See next page for more details regarding the Upper Hutt Spring Festival and the Twilight Rally, both on the 8th September. —————————————Advanced Bookings for Two Away Rallies Toms Tour: Saturday 22nd September. Fergusson’s Motor Lodge, 11 Peel St. Waipukurau. email Tel. 06 8585221 or 0800 924785 00000000000000000000000 Club Captains Safari: 18, 19, 20, out 21st January. 151 On London, 151 London St. Whanganui. email Tel. 0800 151 566 Prue has put aside some rooms.

Remember to say you are from the Wellington VCC


COMING EVENTS. Expanded information. SATURDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER. UPPER HUTT SPRING FESTIVAL. Cars are needed for display from 8.30am till 3.00pm. Please contact Diane White if you are able to display a vehicle on the day. Phone and e mail on inside front cover.

TWILIGHT RALLY.8th September. Meet at Clubrooms at 4.15pm for briefing. The rally will take in something different and finish back at the Clubrooms. Get your own Takeaways and have at the clubrooms and could you all please bring along a Dessert. After your takeaways we will have Dessert & Coffee and Prize giving.

COLONIAL CUP RALLY New Restorations SUNDAY 26th AUGUST 2018 This years Colonial Cup run has been postponed owing to a fine margin of time to allow cars to get to Queen Elizabeth Park and into position before the Daffodil Day festivities, which are now happening earlier. Cars wishing to be entered for the Best Restoration Of The Year award, will still be judged and entrants will need to have their cars ready on the Saturday prior, for this to happen. Those cars will have a special display at the Daffodil Day. Please make sure you contact Neale Ryder before judging day. URGENT Do we have a club member that holds a current First Aid Certificate. For H&S, we have to have one for this event. Contact Roger White 5636236 13

Wairarapa VCC’s 2nd annual “S T R E T C H E D Gymkhana Sunday 25th November Last years event was a great success, so it is being run again. Not a speed event, but you need to be consistent in your driving. It will be run on half grass and half gravel, over 1/2 mile course. Sounds like fun—sound like you? Contact Alistair McCarthy for more details.


14TH-17TH February 2019 This year commercial vehicles will be the featured Marque. The grand parade will be limited to pre 1946 vehicles with a wheelbase of 160” or less, with a weight limit of 3 tons. Tractors and trailers will not be permitted. After last year’s enthusiastic response from the public, to the Veteran Vehicles at the rally, the organisers want to show the public what the earliest vehicles look like, so are inviting entrants with 100 years plus vehicles to attend. For more details and entry forms, go to the VCC website. ————————————————————— A woman was driving along the road when the car in front braked suddenly and she ploughed into the back of it. When the driver got out, the woman saw that the man was short of stature. He said “I’m not happy”. The woman said “Well, which one ARE you”. Ole’ Rip


As We are mentioning the 2019 Burma Rally/Club Captains Safari, in this issue, I thought I would feature a few photos from the last Rally in January 2018.


The Rally is to be held over the long weekend, 18th-21st January, which is Wellington/Whanganui Anniversary Weekend and Whanganui Vintage Weekend. (Opera Week is also on) If you are attending, it is advisable to organise accommodation as soon as possible. The preliminary program includes: Friday

Noggin and natter.


Park up and display


Casual dinner.


Rally day and prize giving dinner.


Bruce’s Wellington Anniversary Day run and morning tea.

Vintage Weekend Classic Cruise.

The entry form should be available by mid August.


Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

29th AUGUST 2018

Visit to the Time Cinema, Lyall Bay, Wellington The Film is “Those Magnificent men in Their Flying Machines” starring Terry Thomas, James Fox, Stuart Whitman and the lovely Sarah Miles (the Femme Fatale). of the story. In 1910 a newspaper Mogul, Lord Rawnsley, decided to offer a large cash prize to the first pilot to successfully fly over the English Channel. Aviation experts from near and far entered the race, where the two front runners are of course distracted by Rawnsley’s lovely daughter. 11.30 to 11.45am Meet at the Chocolate Fish Café, Shelly Bay, Wellington, for lunch. View the menu on 1.00pm Leave for the Time Cinema, 191 Sutherland Road, Lyall Bay. Cost $8.00 per person. The theatre is limited to 39 people. Afternoon tea if required, is $5.00 per person. No EFTPOS available. If you wish to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday 26th August.

email:, Phone (04) 234-1262 or John on 027-4524326

August Sunday Run

Ian McCulloch

Sunday 5th August: Dominion Museum Building, Buckle St. Wellington. Impact of World War 1 explored. THE END OF THE WAR is a brand new display that only opened on 26 July. It deals with the impact of war on New Zealanders ,100 years on from World War 1. It examines how soldiers descendants keep their stories alive. There is probably a charge to enter, so be prepared. Meet at Janus Bakery, High St. Lower Hutt, just north of the Hospital, at 10.30am, or meet at the Museum at 12.30pm, for those who may not want to travel out to the Hutt.


From the NZ VCC Facebook page (for those who don’t use it) Hi there. I was told a vintage car club brought a Phillips Gadabout, some years ago. You wouldn't know of It’s whereabouts, as I'm looking for parts for mine but would sell it to someone who already has one if I can't find what I need. Any help would be amazing thanks!” Photo on file under May 2018

It is a Type 504

Ross Holden Communications & Marketing Officer.

Motor capacity is 49 c.c. Ref. No. 1364858

Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.) Phone 021 2638488 Email: 4/4

Coming Events To Remember Rotorua Sulphur Run.

25 August 2018

National Veteran Rally. Nelson.

16 to 18 November 2018





WANTED TO BUY BMW 2002 or 1602. Must be in very good overall condition Phone Tony 027 687 7757


FOR SALE - 1938 Chev Coupe Complete and original car, with original 216 cu. in. engine, plus a reconditioned 216 cu. in. engine. There is also a reconditioned 235 cu. In. engine. The car has been dry stored and has very little rust. Some parts have been restored and there are some new parts also. For more information, contact Russell 0211001253


Saturday Workshop Training Sessions. Would anybody be interested in workshop training sessions in order to get to know how to look for problems with their old cars. How to diagnose electrical faults, fuel problems or anything likely to hold you up on a rally. This would not be full workshop repairs, but a chance for younger or newer members to get familiar with their cars. If you are interested, contact Don Hawkes. or 232-8514.

Gemac Motor Services 5 Parliament Street, Lower Hutt, 04 589 5483 Ring Gordon for WOF and minor repairs on both vintage and modern vehicles 19

your one stop automotive shop We can offer almost any service required on a motor vehicle and all under one roof. We do complete engine rebuilding.We can service modern, vintage and classic cars, performance and muscle cars, hot rods, micro cars and most importantly, your car. Other services we offer:  Upholstery  Vintage Wooden Bodies Contact us at:

40 Ward Street

Upper Hutt Ph/Fax 04 528 2580




For details refer to the noticeboard in the Clubrooms or contact the Branch Secretary


 POWDER COATING We are the company that offers you Total immersion stripping of Car bodies and panels WE TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS Contact: Warren Leslie Phone: (04) 232 6880 Fax: (04) 232 6882 11 Wall Place, Tawa Email:

VERO INSURANCE If you arrange your car and household insurance through Vero, the Wellington Branch gets a commission. Last year it amounted to $2,300.00.


66 Killarney Rd

Apex Auto



0800 10 27 39

FOR HARD TO SOURCE CABLES, BRAKE PARTS OR HOSES Speedo cable, Handbrake cable, Accelerator cable, Choke cable Reline shoes, Cylinder repair Stainless Resleeving, Booster overhaul Brake hoses, Braided hoses, Power steering hoses

Call the Specialists

Mention this ad and receive 10% discount BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY Now to 30 June 2019 Bluebridge has notified us of the latest discounts for vehicles on their ferry between Wellington and Picton for Vintage Car Club members as follows: The VCC code is ANTIQUECAR. It excludes travel between 15 Dec. and 15 Jan. Plus Easter weekend.: Discounted - 10% off all available fares. Ring 0800 844 844, for conditions. NOTE; Remember to get this discount. For this you must present your VCC membership card when you check in on the day of your trip. It is not enough to have quoted it when you booked and paid for the ticket. Also it may not be enough to have booked electronically unless you have a printed copy of your electronic booking on the day.If not you may have to pay again then go for a refund for the original booking These rules may apply to the Interislander also. BEWARE.

THE INTERISLANDER Code WH5465 The Interislander has sent an updated quote. There is not enough space to list it all, so we

suggest if you are planning to book from now

to 15 December 2019

ring the Interislander for quotes or click on Group Bookings at the foot of their home page www.interislander. 22

WELLINGTON BRANCH—CALENDAR OF EVENTS Clubnights are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Clubrooms, Halford Place, Petone (eastern end of Jackson St) at 7:30pm. The Clubrooms are also open Wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:00, and for Noggin & Natter Fridays from 7:00pm ($1 for biscuits, tea and coffee free) Motorcycle Meetings are usually held on the 4th Monday of the month in the Butcher & Brewer, 175 Jackson Street, Petone at 7:30pm.

AUGUST Sunday Run National AGM Hawkes Bay Committee Meeting Club Night Judging For Colonial Cup National Daffodil Day Colonial Cup Rally Motorcycle Meeting Kapiti Mid Week Run Rally Committee Meeting

SEPTEMBER 5th 3rd 4th 5th13th 21st 25th 26th postponed 27th 29th TBA.

Sunday Run Upper Hutt Spring Festival Twilight Rally Challenge Trophy Committee Meeting Club Night Tom’s Tour 22nd and Motorcycle Meeting Kapiti Mid Week Run Rally Committee Meeting

2nd 8th 8th10th 18th 23rd 24th 26th TBA.

Club night supper roster: Ernie and Norma Pailthorpe.

Club night supper roster: Alison and John Kinvig.

AUGUST CLUB NIGHT Phil McCloy will be talking to the club about the restoration of his Scorpion Tank. OCTOBER Sunday Run Committee Meeting Wairarapa 50th Ann Motorcycle Meeting Club night Kapiti Mid Week Run Rally Committee MeetingTBA

NOVEMBER 7th8th 13th 14th 15th 16th 25th

Annual Rally & Prize Giving Committee Meeting Club Night


Motorcycle Meeting


Petone Christmas Parade Eastbourne Carnival


Rally Committee Meeting Kapiti Mid-Week Run




Wellington VCC August 2018  
Wellington VCC August 2018