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June 2017

Sunday 23rd July, Sunday Run, Keith Turner

Gerold and Anne Enright, Overall winners of the Wanganui VCC 2017 Annual Rally

Official Magazine of the Wanganui Branch of the V.C.C. of NZ P.O. Box 726, Wanganui . Street address – Patapu St, Wanganui East. Patron

Alan Bates

06 344 5515

Chairman: Vice Chairman:

Bruce Ardell

06 342 7713

Secretary: Treasurer:

David Whiteside Neil Farrer

Club Captain:

Jim O’Neill

Rally Secretary:

Linda O’Keeffe

0210487089 06 343 6248 mob. 027 457 9634 06 3444566 mob. 0274447474 0274733767

Motorcycle Convenor:

Jay Hart



Dave McDermid Linda Kendrick Chris White Peter Hardy

06 3476915

Branch Delegate:

Neil Farrer

06 343 6248

Kitchen Manager: Hall: (Custodian/Bookings)

Eilidh Pitkethley

06 213 0509

Doreen Hardy Sue Voss Rob O’Keeffe

06 3435045 0274332626

Dave Austin" " Trevor Roberts Dave Austin

06 3447513 06 345 8897 06 344 7513

Peter Hardy Fay Chamberlain

06 343 5045 063454423

Allan Ashwin

06 348 4927

Shane Hobman Bruce Ardell Les Boddington Jim Sharpe

06 344 5915 06 342 7713 06 2130227 06 3446780"

Health & Safety"



06 3487335 06 343 5045 Mob 0212723444


Truck Custodians: Librarian" " Parts Custodians:


Editor: Beaded Wheels Scribe Trophies Manager: Archivist: Vehicle I. D. `s RIVET Distribution Coordinator

Official VCC Website: VCC Branch Mags Facebook Wanganui Vintage Car Club VCC Codes for discounts: Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry ANTIQUECAR Interislander WH5465

Chairman’s Report Ok let’s start with a goodbye, well goodbye as chairman anyway. This is my last epistle and I eagerly await Bruce Ardell’s, your new Chairman, first one next month. I really must thank you all for the opportunity to be Chairman over the last three years it has been very enjoyable, sometimes chalenging, but enjoyable never the less. I believe we have a great club and hope that I have done something to enhance it. I am just as sure that Bruce and his committee will continue in that vein over the next few years. Great news on the committee is that there are many new faces which helps keep the club alive. As far as I know Dave McDermid and Chris White are new faces and Linda Kendrick is a returning face. I will be staying with them for a year as outgoing Chairman. You may want to note that next month’s run is on the 23rd of July and it will be different so I’m told so don’t miss it. We have an additional event being held on the 27th August in aid of the National Daffodil Rally for Cancer. This is going to be a big National event and all branches have been asked to participate, more details will follow but please save the date. The Annual Rally, well once again we have surpassed ourselves with a fabulous weekend, on the social

and the rally side. Jim indicated we would not be restricted to tar sealed roads and boy did he keep his word. We were invited to a morning and an afternoon run with timed sections on both. Some of the results were spectacular, the winners for instance, and others not quite so, those that did not win for instance. I have included the results on page 6 and I would like to thank those who pulled over and allowed cars through as that’s what makes rallying possible. Oh and when is a hard luck trophy not hard luck, when it’s not your Model T, well done Chris and hard luck Lee. What also made this weekend special was the catering, Eilidh and her merry band did an absolutely fabulous job in very difficult circumstances. They should all be applauded for their dedication and hard work, thanks very much. We have agreed to a long term use of our clubrooms by the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes who will be using the facilities twice per month and that is why you may have noted the RAOB sign on the fence. Over to  you  Bruce!

199 Guyton Street | Wanganui | Ph 06 3484340

Lighting Design Consultancy Lighting Plan & Design Service Architectural | Commercial | Domestic

2017 Annual Rally Winners Name

Ian & Fay Chamberlain


1 Veteran Class

1st timed section

2nd Timed Setion

Silent Checks


455 slow

472 fast



Ted & Genny Mathews

3 Vintage - up to 2499cc

8 fast

72 slow



Dave & Mihi McDermid

4 Vintage - over 2500cc

96 slow

15 slow



Linda Okeefe & Alex Kinney

5 P o s t Vi n t a g e Cars

294 fast

39 slow



Frank & Liz James

8 Post War Cars

118 slow

87 slow



Peter Wilton

10 Commercial Vehicles

122 fast

45 slow



Gerold Enright

11 Post 1960 Vehicles (P60V

6 fast

43 slow



Winners of the best dressed category at the presentation Dinners Dave & Mihi McDermid Winers Class 4

Frank & Liz James, winners Class 8

Linda O’Keeffe, Class 5 Winner

A variety of Photos from the 2017 Annual Rally

Not sure the designer of Alan Bates 1951 Austin Falcon pictured Neil in this position. Still if it works for them!

Clive Whitham, the man who is responsible for sorting out your position on the rallies. Another back room boy who does not get enough recognition for the work he does.

Craig & Wendy Rylands newly refurbished 1939 Chevrolet Ute

Quick, Smart & Friendly! p 06 345 3145 f 06 345 3144 e w 7 Purnell St PO Box 305 Wanganui 4541


Club Calendar All Club Runs meet at 1pm at the club rooms unless otherwise noted.

July August September October

5th Club Night 23rd Sunday Run Keith Turner 2nd Club Night, Speaker Mike Marshall 27th VCC National Day, National Cancer Support Peter Hardy 6th Club Night 17th Sunday Run, Shane Hobman 4th Club Night and Night Run, Karl & Rebecca Brown


1st Club Night 19th Sunday Ladies Run, Hinemoa Boyd


6th Club Night, Restoration of the Year

January 2018

10th Club Night 21st Burma Rally


7th Club Night 18th Gymkhana


7th Club Night 18th Sunday Run, Bruce Ardell


4th Club Night 15th, Sunday Run


2nd Club Night 20th Sunday Run


6th AGM Annual Rally


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06 347 8220

61 Maria Place Extn. Wanganui

(opp. Ginza Bargains)

Wanganui VCC June 2017  
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