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July 2018

Alan and Linda concentrating on our guest speaker, Jonathan Paine, Osteopath.

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Chairman Bruce’s notes Greetings Earthlings. Cheer Up! We are past the shortest day! Firstly, a big thank you to the retiring committee members at the June AGM and welcome onboard new members, Liz James, Secretary, Bill James, Motorcycle Convenor and Frank James, Club Captain. I also had the pleasure of presenting a number of 25 and 35 year badges (see last month’s Rivet). Our first committee meeting produced a number of new ideas and possible events for the Club. Welcome onboard Grant Hardy. He has offered to do the electronic results for the Burma Rally, June Rally and Daffodil Rally, and a big thanks to Clive Whitham who has done the job for a number of years. A number of members have supplied cars to transport students to the college balls. There was an excellent turnout of 60 cars to the June Annual Rally. Linda O’Keeffe organised the Saturday night meal at the Clubrooms with the help of members for 40+ people. The Sunday rally was Jim’s last rally and prize giving presentation dinner at the Laird Park Clubrooms. Well done everyone. It was an enjoyable weekend with the overall winners being Lee and Karen Taylor in their ‘28 Ford A. A couple of new trophies have been donated to the Club for the June Annual Rally. They are the Alan and Leonie Bates Cup, (Highest points for a local entrant) and the Kendrick Family Cup for the Post 80 class, Thanks to the Bates and Kendrick families. I had great pleasure in presenting an appreciation plaque to Dave Austin for his 25 years of effort in the parts shed, Dave still works hard in the library but has retired from the shed.

At our July club night we were entertained by Jonathan Paine, Osteopath. He is very passionate about his profession and the body. There were some good questions and discussion took place even during supper. The Club has purchased a new gazebo which is for Club only events. The Polar Plunge - Well I was there at 1:30pm as it said in the Rivet but I was the only one, so dressed in my striped togs and with my beach ball under my arm I still went for a dip anyway. Very refreshing but I lost my ball! All Club positions have now been filled with Heather James taking on the Kitchen Duties Convenor. Thanks to Eilidh who has done this over the last number of years. Eilidh is continuing to convene functions at the Clubrooms. Well, that’s my lot.

Cheers Bruce A

A few VCC stalwarts met at Castlecliff Beach to support the 2018 Polar Pliunge at 12 o’clock , very few got wet

Below is Bruce, all alone at 1:30pm

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Meet at Wanganui VCC, Patapu St. at 12:45pm. Entry fee $10 per car. Scatter run format for lots of fun, bring the whole family. Entry forms available from Peter Hardy 0212723444 email!

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This article was stolen from The Tourer, our neighbours, Manawatu Branch’s magazine, thanks for the support Peter

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15th Sunday Run, Frank James 1st Club Night, Leo Brown Pediatrist 26th Daffodil Rally for Cancer 29th Daffodil items Distribution, Jim O’Neill 5th Club Night, Shiny Parts Auction 16 Sept Sunday Run, Shane Hobman 3rd Club Night, Tony Haycock, 2021 International Rally and Wendy Bullock, Period Costumes 21st Flying A club, Auckland Branch, visit 28th Sunday Run


7th Club Night, Emerson Night Trial Linda O’Keeffe 18th Ladies’ Run, Linda O’Keeffe


1st Whanganui Christmas Parade 5th Club Night, Restoration of the year.

New members Wanganui VCC would like to welcome and introduce the following recent members. We hope to se you all regularly at our meetings and events. Bruce and Helen McIntosh, 1962 Norris Minor and 1972 BMW 320 Rebecca Brown, 1983 Honda Civic Andrew and Sue Dittmer, 1934 Austin Special,. (Please note Andrew is not an Auctioneer, he is an Austineer, very different) Hope to see you all often at all club events and activities.


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Advance Notice Saturday September the 22 has been designated International Ford Model A day Preliminary planning is under way for a relaxed meeting between model A owners and lovers from Wanganui, Manawatu and Horowhenua. If you don’t have a model A but would like to participate a space will surely be made for you. If you are interested in attending this momentous event contact Peter Robinson 06 3567404 Dave McDermid 06 3476915

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From the desk of Frank James, Wanganui Branch Club Captain. Hi everyone, great start to the new committes year, lots of things planned. First is my first Sunday Run on the 15th of this month. Bit of a tour, a few questions maybe and a visit to, well you need to turn up to find out, don’t you.......... I’m looking for a volunteer to set a Sunday run on the 28th October, please call me if your available.

Frank The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.)


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The New  Zealand  Number  Plate  —  written by Rod McKenzie Some of the members of our branch who have visited my shed on occasions have seen my reasonably exten-sive collection of NZ Registration Plates. Most of them I got for a birthday present from my in-laws whose family had collected them on a wall in the old tractor shed for years. A number of others have been scrounged from swap meets over the years, and some I have been given. There is probably a story for every one of them I would guess. What car they were on, who owned them and where they had travelled over the years. It would be a fair assumption to presume that very few of the vehicles these were attached to still exist. At our branch club night in March, Neil Malcolm said he had a number plate that I might like to add to my collection of Registration Plates. It turned out to be a plate that was issued for a car for the period 1939-40. This got me thinking that the members of the branch may be interested in some snippets of history as to NZ Registration Plates. It is something that can be used to help date photographs as the number plates from 1925 through to 1941 were all different, thus allowing a date to be determined where a number plate is visi-ble. Even on black and white photos as the “hyphen” was always different. All the photographs of cars at the time of the Hawke’s Bay earthquake of 3rd February 1931 have their num-ber plate with a “colon” central on the plate you will note. Prior to 1925, motor vehicle registration took place on a regional [local authority] basis. On the accompanying photograph of part of my collection you will note an early plate “WAI75”. This was the 75th plate issued by the Waipukurau District Council probably around 1913-14 and was held by the Hooper family of Arlington Station. At that time, Patangata County Council was a separate entity and the plates there were PATnnn. Initially the given number was usually painted onto either a piece of steel of a required size or onto the vehicle itself. On some occasions the own-ers produced their number in an open oblong frame with the, often, brass numbers cast and secured to the frame. [These, now, are very collectible and valuable]. From July 1925, the numbers were issued on pressed steel plates to owners annually by Government from the Post Office. These first national plates were white over green with a square central hyphen with “NZ” on the left end. [See NZ69-635] They were manufactured in the USA because no company here in NZ at the time was in a position to do the job. However, the following year a company called “Precision Engineering” won the contract and produced all the pressed steel plates through to the early 1960’s. Their company name is also embossed into the plates. Every year from 1925 to 1941 your car got a new plate and a new number on a plate of a different colour with the central hyphen, dot, star or what-ever changed. I can imagine this would have been a headache for the police finding stolen cars! This system remained until 1941 when steel supplies became limited due to the Second World War at which time the plates became valid for a five year period. Each year a transfer was affixed to the vehicle’s front windscreen *or such other place if a trailer, etc+ to show registration was up-to-date. This continued until 1964-5. There are also plates with a letter prior to the number, such as “H92.988” in the photograph. These plates would have been fitted to a heavy truck. The plates with an “L” would have been on a light truck or van, “R” plates were on a trailer, “T” plates were on a Taxi, “D” plates were on a dealer’s vehicle and so on. Motor-cycle plates were smaller, but looked similar to the others. I am told there are 23 different letter configurations for the “Black-over-yellow” series 1961-65 for a full col-lection of that issue! The issue of “permanent plates” began in 1964 where the “black-over-yellow-with-centraldot” plate was replaced by the pressed aluminium plate which has a machined aluminium surface showing a number on the fore-ground. Thus began the LLnnnn system of plates. Reflectorised white plates with black lettering began in late 1986 officially starting with NA1.

These reflectorized plates are handy for the authorities because the speed cameras and other cameras on toll roads, for instance, can read them with ease, and apparently they can be picked out at around two kilometres distant under the right circumstances as the reflection is not just for light, but for radar waves also. Personalised plates began two years later. Anybody today with the old black and silver plates has a car that is eligible for VCC events. As it was a huge task in 1964 to manufacture all the plates for all the vehicles in the country, only cars were issued with the new plate in July 1964, whilst trucks, trailers and motorcycles had theirs issued in 1965. The lowest regonumber that I have seen was on a 1968 Chrysler Valiant VC in Canterbury back in 1969. It was a Government car and was driven by the then Minister of Transport, a Mr McAlpine. Its number was AA1. I wonder where that is now, possibly in some collection somewhere. The first plates to be issued with three letters in the LLLnnn series came out in 2001, and I note we are close to halfway through that series already. I wonder what the plan will be when the current series runs out. In 1964 the plates went to regions in batches for distribution by the Post Office. The AA series went to Southland and progressively moved up the country so you could at that time identify where a car came from. You may note that the Morris 1000 written about in the CHB VCC “Bleat” was registered AG5140 and then was owned in Dunedin. Hawke’s Bay cars were issued with BXnnnn, BYnnnn, BZnnnn and CAnnnn, Dan-nevirke cars were CFnnnn, and cars in the Manawatu included CGnnnn. My first car had been issued BU1498 and originated in Tauranga, whilst my second car, a 1964 Vauxhall Viva, which originated in Hamilton, was DB750. In 1974-76 the plates which began with HB were all issued to Hawke’s Bay. This came about due to the fact that the MP for the region, Sir Richard Harrison, used some political influence to make sure these all came to this province. Diplomatic and Ministerial vehicles have special plates issued with DC for diplomatic vehicles, CR plates for ministerial vehicles, with the Prime Minister’s car having the plate CR1. The Governor-General’s car simply has a Crown! Some of the three letter combinations of more recent times have been avoided to stop offence. Some of the excluded combinations include: ARS, ASS, BRA, BUM, DUM, FAT, and so on [including several other quite rude connotations which I will leave to the reader’s fervent imagination!+. One plate that highly amuses me is one on a local driving school instructor’s car which is “TIHS O”, which apparently the authorities wanted to buy back for some reason. Check your mirror! Today, if you watch, you will note all sorts of “Personalised Plates” fixed to cars which include advertising, slogans, names, European-type plates, and so on. Some of the rare personalised plates can be very collecti-ble and thus are hugely valuable with some changing hands for mind-boggling figures. The really valuable ones apparently are those with one numeral or letter. The plate “8” did sell for a whopping sum and is fa-voured by the Chinese because it is a lucky num-ber. Many vintage cars have these plates, but the cost now is considerably more than the $400 bucks I forked out for AI93OA for our Model A Ford. Our Model T already had the personalised plate “2 BY T” when we bought it. The late Henry Bush gave it that number because it meant “two people travelling by Model T” so he said. And it took some time to get it as the number had been originally issued to a light trailer and that had to go out of the system before Henry could secure it. If you want a colourful display in your “Man *or Woman+ Cave”, a collection of number plates is always a conversation starter and is another facet of New Zealand motoring history. stolen from the central hawks bay news latter The Bleat

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Wanganui VCC July 2018  
Wanganui VCC July 2018