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PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018




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PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

COMING EVENTS Looking Forward………




AGM 7 Mid-Winter Christmas Lunch 24


R’Oilcan 14-15


Beaded Wheels & Braced Wings VCC National Day event 26

Other Events

Swap Meets

Irishman Rally Canterbury 2-4 Waikato Double Fifty 2-4 HRCEvents Introduction to Motorsport 17 Rotorua Swap Meet 8 VCC National Day 26



Club Night & A.G.M. - Thursday 7th JUNE Our A.G.M., which means we are commencing at 7.00 p.m. with a BBQ prior to the meeting proper. Full details below. The Northern Motorway evening closure between Constellation Drive and Oteha Valley Road was supposed to be over by now – not sure if it still holds or not. So, see you at the usual place - the RSA Room, King George Coronation Hall, Library Lane, Albany, at the unusual time of 7.00 p.m.

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PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

Notice is hereby given of the forthcoming

Waitemata Branch Annual General Meeting

To be held in the pleasantly rustic RSA Room, King George Coronation Hall, Library Lane, Albany on Thursday 7 June 2018. Arrive at 7.00 p.m. complete with own tipple, plate, utensils and offering, as -yet unburnt, for the BBQ. The meeting proper will commence at 8.00 p.m. The Branch, as is its wont, will be providing stuff like bread and cheese, salads, new potatoes (instead of the usual old ones), thingys for dessert and the BBQ itself. Nominations for official positions will be called from the floor. Absence from t he meeting enhances rather than precludes your chance of election to high office.


Mid Winter Christmas Lunch Sunday 24 June.

Being held at the salubrious Brigham Creek Restaurant and CafĂŠ, 164 Brigham Creek Road, Whenuapai which will be laying on a superb buffet lunch for us at a cost of $35 per person. They have an excellent and reasonably priced wine list, the surroundings are very pleasant and there is plenty of good parking. Lunch will commence at 12.30 pm. However, we will meet first at Onepoto Basin at 11.00 am for an 11.30 am departure on a short run to our destination. A minimum of 20 persons are required for this event so please register your interest now and in any event by 15 June with or phone Kevin on 021 765-860 P age |3

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

And coming right up….

14 July 2018.

7 AM start at Autobahn Bombay.

Bring your togs for a hot dip. Get in early for the best accommodation. Entry forms herewith. Must be in by 26 June …No exceptions. Time is running out. If you haven’t already done so, get your entry in now! Don’t risk posting it – that may be too slow. Send it by e-mail. THIS IS NOT A RALLY TO MISS, IT HAS EVERYTHING. Rally organized by Barry and Heather Howard.

Further Out….

BEADED WHEELS AND BRACED WINGS The Waitemata Branch event marking VCC National Day. Cancelled last year due to inclement weather, but we’re planning it again for SUNDAY 26 AUGUST,

so mark your calendars. The idea is that we meet at our Albany clubroom carpark 9.30 a.m. for 10.00 a.m. departure to Warkworth where we join Wellsford / Warkworth Branch’s car display before heading off to Kaipara Flats Airfield, Kaipara Flats Road, where there will be a range of exciting aircraft on hand for our delight and edification. And all for a good cause – Daffodil Day - fund raising for the National Cancer Society. Full details will be forthcoming in due course. P age |4

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

Plus…. For newcomers to motorsport or those of us wanting to enjoy a good blat around the track…

SUNDAY 17th JUNE 2018.

An Introduction to Motorsport To be held at HAMPTON DOWNS Club Circuit. The session is being run by HRCEvents – an experienced organiser of race meetings and track days, providing you with a safe and controlled environment to drive your cars. There will be medical and recovery facilities in place and the event promises to be a fun filled day where you can experience the thrills of driving on a racetrack The event will be open to saloon cars, sports cars, GT cars (no single seaters) and will be the same format that HRCEvents have successfully run in the past - the only restriction being the number of cars on the track at any one time. Requirements are: • • • •

Cars must be of WOF standard or have a MSNZ Logbook Helmets and overalls to be worn (Single layer 100% cotton overalls OK) Fire extinguisher recommended Passengers permitted at the organisers’ discretion. Please refer to MSNZ Manual 35, Appendix Five, Part One, Schedule C, Article 6 (If in doubt, please ASK)

One on One Coaching: There will be 15 minute 1 on 1 driver coaching sessions available with guest drivers - these will be allocated on a first come first served basis via your entry for an extra $50. Format: The session will start with Sign on and an introduction to the team. There will be a brief safety talk followed by a convoy run around the track to show you the best way to negotiate the corners etc. Pit lane will open from 10am and depending on the mix of entrants, we may run as open session or either by ability / road car / racecar. Either way, you will get plenty of track time. Timetable and entry form are included with this newsletter.

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PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

AUCKLAND BRANCH MID-WEEK RUN Wednesday 20th June. Starts from The Warehouse car-park, Westgate. 10-00am for a 10-30am departure. Don Johnson and Murray Firth are taking us to Gulf Harbour where we will be treated to a fantastic display of large fish feeding in their natural habitat. BYO lunch, there are also cafes nearby.

The Dewdrops tel. 09 232 0245 email


PAST EVENTS Looking Back…. The Hope-Cross Paddock Plug – 27 May. Didn’t happen again because of inclement weather and very damp paddocks. One day…..

Pioneer Aviation Visit – 2 May. This Club Tech Night was a combined event with the Daimler SP250 Club which helps ensure good numbers in attendance and in fact Di was/is our Chairman and President of the SP250 Club; she is stepping down from both positions at this year’s AGMs. By 7:30 there were a good number in attendance and after I introduced co-owner Paul McSweeny he gave a lengthy talk on the aircraft under restoration and how they go about it, some of the characters involved and in a way an over-view of the world-wide vintage aircraft restoration scene. This was highly interesting and absorbing.

Whilst there were two P40 Kittyhawks under restoration, the P49 Airacobra was the prime centre of attention, this rare WWll aircraft is nearing the completion of its restoration and should be flying before the end of the year. P age |6

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

This aircraft was unusual for its time in that the engine was behind the pilot so that a cannon could fire through the centre of the propeller and it also had tricycle undercarriage. An ex NZ Airforce Strikemaster jet was on display outside having been re-imported into NZ and there were a few other projects in the wings, the Sea Hornet was still packaged up in a container, there were two very rare ex US navy float planes, Chance Vought Kingfishers, awaiting their turn and a homebuilt aircraft looking a bit like an Auster and looking very professional in its construction. The homebuilt was a Bearhawk, one of the many “bush” plane kits available in the U.S. but one of the most popular, about 3 already flying here in NZ. The OS2U Chance Vought

Kingfisher was the main shipboard observation aircraft used by the United States Navy during World War II, and 1,519 of the aircraft were built. It served on battleships and cruisers of the US Navy, with the United States Marine Corps in Marine Scouting Squadron Three (VMS-3), with the United States Coast Guard at coastal air stations, at sea with the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy, and with the Soviet Navy. The Royal Australian Air Force also operated a few Kingfishers from shore bases. I don’t believe that there are any currently flying and the restoration of these two will be keenly watched from the United Sta tes The Bell P-39 Airacobra was one of the principal American fighter aircraft in service when the United States entered World War II. The P-39 was used by the Soviet Air Force and scored the highest number of individual kills attributed to any U.S. fighter type in the Eastern European theatre. Other major users of the type included the Free French, the Royal Air Force, the United States Army Air Forces, and the Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force. I think we were told that there are only two currently flying and the standard of restoration that we saw apparently greatly exceeds the other two. KSH. A big thanks to Keith for putting on this interesting and very successful event. Ed. P age |7

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

HRC Season Finale 2018 – VCC Hooters Vintage Race Series – Roycroft Trophy - 6 May. Another Roycroft! I was picked up in the early morning and this got Brendan and myself to Hampton Downs Race Circuit at 7am just as the misty drizzle started. Plenty of people and cars of all different shapes and sizes were setting up their shade covers, tables and chairs obviously knowing it was going to be a full day of fun. A large number of go-karts were setting up beside our group and they are a fully equipped team even having trollies to hook under and lift the karts to bench height for working on, no back breaking positions here!! In contrast there we are with no shade cover, no table, but in true sophistication of Waitemata there were a few folding chairs. The tailgate of Kevin Andrew’s Ute was the table and hiding Pretty as a picture – Robert McNair’s aero engine Riley 9 Special under umbrellas was the shade cover. Our Scrutineer Kevin Andrew was just starting on his job of checking the 22 Roycroft entrant vehicles as Brendan & I pulled up. The weather was much cooler than anticipated but neither the coolness nor the misty drizzle dampened anyone’s enthusiasm! Driver Briefing was called at 8.15am and by that time we only had three more cars to check. Sadly, Peter Sundberg did not start but all other entrants were there and ready for practice by 9 a.m. Our practice and our first race in the morning were held in damp conditions but shortly after that the skies started to clear and the track started to dry out. The day progressed but, as always, unforeseen hiccups cause delays and by lunchtime the event was starting to get behind time. The man himself – Terry Roycroft flanked by Robert McNair and Ray Ferner Lunchtime, an hour, was set aside for the $20 a vehicle, Pink Ribbon Around the Track Run but this took more than an hour to organise and activate. Rather like the Lunchtime Laps we used to hold at previous Roycrofts, a large number of street and race cars follow the Course Car around the track, no passing and with so many vehicles no real speed either. P age |8

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

The full Programme allowed for us to have two afternoon sessions with the latter being the Handicap Race for the Roycroft Trophy, but we knew that with time running away our last race was likely to be cancelled. An executive decision was made to hold our first afternoon race as the Handicap race and this Anxiously waiting on the starting line… was an excellent move because by 4pm the day was rapidly running out of light and way behind in time. Apparently Saturday ended up with the

Mixed Grid

last races of the day being held in the dark and going through to 7p.m.! Sunday the track needed to be closed by 5.30 p.m. and sure enough the last three Grids which included us were cancelled. We had already had a pow-wow and made yet another executive decision, so everyone was able to pack up and head towards home by 5 p.m., just as HRC were making their cancellation decision. Sharing the day with other Grids of interesting machinery does add to the race day and those go-karts are sure fast movers!! Only one outlet for food caused a very long queue for a couple of hours and the one coffee outlet ran out of coffee pretty shortly after midday!!! Since the new owner take over the Club Circuit has been formed and it was in use as well as Louis McNair in Anne Thomson’s ‘D’ Type replica on the start line.

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PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

the longer track that we always use. The overall feeling is that so far, under new management, apart for building on top of the existing pit garages, and a bit of tidying up around the grounds not much else has improved yet. Actually, I think the new storey on the Pit garages may have taken quite a bit of track “Should that be as loose as that?” Ray Ferner and BSA Special view away from at least one of the apartment blocks and that is possibly why a couple of them appear to be for sale!? Good to see some Waitemata spectators there including Wallace McNair and Lawrence Poolman, both of whom have recently had cause to visit medical facilities. Good to have some Formula Juniors joining us for the day and thanks to Fred Courtney for travelling from the Far North to be with us too. FOB Waikato’ite Geoff Wilson, once again, so as not to spoil his record, was the first to send in his entry and the first to arrive at the venue in his MG TC. Louis McNair was driving Anne Thomson’s Jaguar D Type and our newest member Bevin Redpath was Pick the odd one out… seen thoroughly enjoying himself in his Morris 8 Special. Hamish Andrew was testing his Speedex Silverstone for the first time and Stan Benbrook’s Bagby Special is a lovely looking machine. The BSA FW32 of Ray Ferner was sounding very sweet, as was the Courtney Northland Special. Steve Aldersley was enjoying the track in his Jaguar C Type Replica which will be heading to the South Island with him shortly as he is moving house. With the Roycroft Handicap results given to us very shortly after the race finish we were quickly able to figure out the Trophy Winners, so our Prize Giving was held mid-afternoon. Pre-45 The DeLautour Wings was presented to Ray Ferner and BSA, the Pre-60 Geoff Wilson Cup was presented to Craig Laing and Buckler P a g e | 10

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

90, the Saloon Cup was presented to John Ure and Jaguar MK 7. The Roycroft Trophy was presented by Terry Roycroft to Brian King and Alfriston Jaguar Special for overall FTD, with Craig Laing coming in second place. A Trophy has been made by me to the Formula Juniors with Michael Sexton being the FJ winner for this event. All in all, another good Roycroft Trophy Race Day with a lot less stress ☺. Thanks to all competitors, helpers, Scrutineer (Kevin Andrew), COC (Dean Salter/Brendan Lamain) and VCC Speed Steward Tony Haycock. Di H.

2nd place. Craig Laing & Buckler 90

(Full results appended to this newsletter.)

“… and The Roycroft Trophy winner is…” Brian King & Alfriston Jaguar Special


FROM THE THRONE Brrrrrrr….. it’s freezing but good R’Oilcan weather, well that’s what I have been told. Having arrived home Sunday morning 27th May from Amsterdam, by Sunday night I had died and I have arisen from my death bed Wednesday 30th morning to write these notes….. dedication or madness, you decide. Our two-week cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam was actually very relaxing, didn’t have to think about anything domestic, learnt a lot en route as we P a g e | 11

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

stopped most days somewhere where we’d do a guided walking tour and Keith and I, instead of spending the ‘free’ time shopping, which seemed to be the expected thing, we would walk and explore beyond the limits expected of cruise patrons. We certainly got a reputation very early on as being over-active and along with George, the only patrons who actually took out the ship’s free bikes whenever possible. I seemed to be the only gym user and as the ship was only 2 years old everything on board was in a near new state. Settling down into the ‘cake and coffee at 4pm’ and the ‘half price bar drinks 6 till 7pm’ lifestyle I totally spoilt it all by saying “This is just like being in a Retirement Village except on the water instead of on the land”. Poor Keith never quite got over that, but we have agreed it was certainly a very restful, pampering holiday. I hope you have all been giving some thoughts to the upcoming AGM and how you can help keep your Branch ticking over. Certainly, the more hands that are raised in offer of help the better, so, do seriously think about committing to helping somewhere, somehow, sometime during the coming year. Just before embarking on the cruise I was able to attend the Hooters Roycroft Trophy race meeting that was held on Sunday 6th May and although the weather could have been better the actual day was well run, had a good turnout of entries and there was certainly no load put onto the Waitemata Branch members at all, with the exception of Scrutineer Kevin Andrew who needed to be at the venue by 7am. Entries were taken in by HRC Tim Hill and HRC organised the full day of races and all things necessary for track racing. Joining with other clubs, Karting for example, gave the spectators a variety of interesting machinery to peruse and while the programme was rather ambitious we did manage to hold our Trophy Race and declare winners in the Trophy Sections. Thanks to HRC Tim Hill, VCC Speed Steward Tony Haycock, Waitemata COC Dean Salter/Brendan Lamain and all others concerned in organising an excellent track day and we look forward to joining forces again next year for 2019 Roycroft Trophy at Hampton Downs.

Di H. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

FROM THE ED. Input from others has filled space to such an extent that it isn’t necessary for me to say much this edition. Other than thanks to Keith and Diane Humphreys respectively, for their reports on past events and to Mike Greig for his worthy contribution. Thanks also to Brendan Lamain for the Hooters Roycroft Trophy photos. The event itself, in its new format was, by all accounts, a success enjoyed by a goodly number of entrants. Participation is key, good people! Traffic accidents and the road toll have been much in the news again recently. A zero road toll is the oft repeated goal of our political leaders and there is a body of thought being touted that would have us do away with the term ‘road toll’ altogether, because of its implication that there is an injury, fatal or otherwise, price to be paid in relation to motoring. In fact, ‘zero’ is the ‘mot de jour’. Scarcely a day goes by without it being applied to some current cause or other. Which is fine – you can’t argue against zero being the aspirational goal to have in terms of road accidents and various other issues. However, it is increasingly common for some ideologists and politicians to put forward ‘zero’ as absolute rather than aspirational.

P a g e | 12

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

This risks debasing the principle. The general populace may be doubtful as to ‘zero’ being an absolute in respect of a particular cause and continual failure to achieve it reinforces this disbelief, potentially undermining commitment to that cause. Political embarrassment arising when it is apparent ‘zero’ is unachievable risks increasingly draconian ‘reduction to lowest common denominator’ type actions being pressed for by those who touted for it. So, by all means let’s aim for a zero road toll but don’t be disappointed when those amongst us of such gross stupidity as to fail or refuse to wear seat belts, run red lights, travel with children unsecured, text at the wheel, drive doped up or drunk and so on mitigate against it being achieved.

Kevin Beesley.

Diane said to say that she still owns the shoes....... ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ P a g e | 13

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

JUST SO WE KNOW WHO WE ARE... His life on two wheels. Master raconteur Mike Greig recounts the history of his relationship with Velocette…

Motoring Tales from A Newly Minted Pensioner I cannot tell from where the interest in two-wheeled transport came from. I asked my mother and she said I appeared to be inclined that way from young. It could have been in the DNA makeup, some genes altered in previous generations due to close attachment to mechanical designs and their practical application. On my mother’s side were three generations of mechanical and electrical engineers whose timelines covered the internal combustion engine and car and motorcycle development. My grandmother, as the oldest child of an electrical engineer, was mechanically inclined and an active motorist. The Police had informed the greatgrandfather that she was fast on the motorbike and sidecar and they were unable to catch her, being, as they were, horse mounted at the time. (It was the Days of the Raj in Burma.). My Uncle Sydney told me of his mother trying to teach him to drive the 1915 Triumph and sidecar. He said he was hopeless and went off the road during the lesson. When I started my time in Medical Laboratory Science in 1971, my father bought me a new motorcycle which was to enable me to attend the required after work lectures at Auckland Technical Institute. It was a Suzuki TS125, a Japanese home model, the Wolf; a smart blue-tanked twin that I took to immediately. There was the export model that had a gold tank and was called the ‘Stinger’ that was available at the same time. This is important information for a restorer in years to come. These bikes were sold in Barry’s Point Road back then and a surfboard shop is on the same site now. I talked a few years ago to Rod Mead, who has run a KTS Velocette at Chelsea Hill climb, and described how, in the early 1970’s these bikes would be assembled on the weekend and they would be gone in a day or two from the shop, such was the popularity of small affordable two strokes. The on-road cost was still a high $525. Bear in mind a tradesman was on $3500 p.a. at the time. It was a booming market in the early 1970’s. I rode with no lessons that I remember - it must have been the training my mother gave me in driving the family E93A Ford. Somehow a family of eight could fit into that car. Velocette Stories. Now it starts… After a lecture on Statistics in the first year at ATI, I was talking about motorcycles with one of my friends and the lecturer, walking past, commented,” I have a bike in the shed at home. It is black and it starts with ‘V’”. I responded with a quick “I’ll take it!” He gave me the book for it, the ‘Red Book’ when I visited him to see what I was purchasing. It was then that I saw it was not the 1000cc Vincent I had set my heart on but a MAC 350cc Velocette. The bike was a year younger than I was - I had recently turned 18. I’m still with the bike after all these years and it’s still younger than me! It was missing its generator as there had been a dispute over repairs with a bike shop in Whangarei and the genny was taken to settle the account. The bike cost me $30, which was a week’s wage at the time. The seller wanted one of my mother’s oil paintings she had on the wall, but she refused to part with it. I kept the bike complete, but not running, until I took it apart in the mid 1990’s to paint it and then it was going to be traded with the late John Simpson in return for restoring the MAC and the MSS I later obtained. Unfortunately, John died before the restoration was completed and it was finished by John Hartles in 2005, in time to take part in the celebration of the centenary of Velocette! I ran the MAC at the Velocette Register event that year in Taihape and have also run it at Pukekohe and later at the Chelsea hill climb. Let me now introduce the MSS Velocette 500cc, also a year younger than me. About 1974 I picked up an early ‘50’s Matchless 350cc single. It cost $90 and came from Milford, near the Hospital. It was of that period; semi chopper bars and peanut seat and it ran. One of my younger brothers took it for a jaunt through Devonport and had an accident which slightly damaged both parties. After paying off the dings and grumpy Hillman Minx owner and getting the bike tidy I was wondering what to do with it when I spied a black bike leaning under a tree in Devonport side street. I could see the fishtail muffler and was passionately struck as only a callow youth can be. With pounding heart and dry mouth, I nervously knocked at the door, preparing to voice my passion for the bike, giddy with the thought of possibly having my hands resting on the bars and my fingers nervously twitching for the levers. The door opened, a Blue Heeler sprung out and bit me in the groin!

P a g e | 14

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

The dog was dragged off me by its master who told me, “She is only protecting her pups”. Recovering from this event, I asked him as to the availability of the bike. He wanted to get rid of it as the clutch was not working and hence the bike wasn’t going. Now, if there is one thing about a Velocette, it is the clutch. Touch it at your peril! Like the protocol for kick starting, the clutch is help in high esteem and is approached with nail in hand, prayer on the lips and prior study of the sacred scripts. I was pretty sharp back then in my misspent youth and countered with, “I can swap you a running bike for it!” The deal was struck. When he saw the Matchless he went weak at the knees and gave me $20 (which was a fair bit in those days) because my bike was running and he felt guilty about the condition of his. I felt it was a fair deal. He got a bike of known quantity and name with spares readily available and the ability to immediately ride with others of similar ilk. As regards my knowledge of things Velocette at that time, I had recently returned from a tour around the South Island with a friend on a Kawasaki 750 H2 Mk IV. They were known as ‘no holds barred’ beasts, widow makers, flexing, bendy bikes. Only innocents go two up for a long trip. We would stop every few hours and lie on the ground in agony. People would ask if we had had an accident! It was so thirsty that Hobbit, the owner, ran out of money in Wellington and put the Kawasaki on the train, saying he would pay for the freight when it arrived back in Auckland. For the trip we only had one jacket and the driver wore it.

The rest of the time it was paper in the overalls. We looked like damaged goods tradesmen and were constantly offered work in pubs. Back to the story… I was in Westport and went to a bike wrecker and asked if he had any Velocette parts. He looked at me and with a shake of the head said;” There is no call for Italian parts around here”. So, I took the MSS home and had a closer look at it. It had been well used by two previous owners; the one I had obtained it from had not put the bike on the road and had not changed the ownership papers. The first owner was from Takapuna and the second was from Glenfield. Well, I had the original ownership papers. I called the last owner’s address many years later and was told that he was a wharfie and had ridden the bike up on to boats when they came in. The bike had the remains of saddlebags from Whites who were the agents for Velocette, based in Newmarket. There were the remains of a homemade windscreen that had fallen apart and wasn’t worth keeping. There was the original tool roll. The paint had worn off the top of the tank and I suspect there was a lot of smuggle brought home from the wharf over the years.

P a g e | 15

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

Shortly after getting the bike I saw, up the road, a BSA Sloper from the 1930’s (owned then by Fred Clifford, f.o.b.) and it was visiting John (a.k.a. William) Hearne. I introduced myself and that was my introduction to the vintage car club, and the North Shore Branch thereof. With this connection I was a competitor in the early hill climbs at Pinchgut Road, in Kaukapakapa. Laurie Poolman lived at the start of the road. Great days. Pinchgut was the first event that I used the MSS on. It was in storage until finally on the road in 2005. Now it has a sidecar attached, the MSS will move on to a new life style. The books say died-in-the-wool sidecar men swear that there has never been a bike to match the MSS for sheer slogging power. I will accept the top end The MAC 350cc with self and brother David going around Pukekohe, 2005 Classic Bike weekend event; 100 years of Velocette theme that year. The of 65 mph with the chair rather than the solo MSS chewed the fibre mag gear in the morning hence two on the bike. Yes, form topping at 80 mph. I should have had gloves on

In Other Words.... As you might expect, my addiction to Velocette has resulted in my doing a lot of reading to support and help justify my ownership of their products over all these years, so let me quote from some of that which I have read. One article describes the MSS as a distinguished gentleman's all-rounder, under the title ' A Gentleman's Relish'. The low down torque with no need for cog- swapping made the bike your flexible friend. Another described the post war British motorcycle industry as having the unique ability to produce yesterday's ideas tomorrow. The key element that enables Velocette to be used on modern roads today is that the factory had only made racers and road racing bikes so they (their bikes) are well-mannered, long-lived, relatively quiet and can go fast all day without breaking and do it again tomorrow.

Mike Greig


FOR SALE…. Riley 9 1933 March Special Replica.

An Ideal all-round touring or sporting vehicle. Accurate depiction of this two-door model. Many mechanical features: high performance engine. New crank and rods etc. Good tyres. New paint. Full weather protection. Ph: Harold: 021 2709620 / 09 817 2329.

P a g e | 16

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

Stocking fillers: The onset of dotage and receipt of card from Government informing of Old Age and availability of discount on buses, trains and ferry fares has caused an outbreak of disposal of items to survive and cope with these events. -


Selling the coat off my back: French Fireman's Black Leather Coat. 100 cm chest, three quarter length, very good order. $100 Wheel alignment equipment 1960's garage/ mobile workshop suitable. Dunlop optical and a Danish made system. Some workshop manual material. $100 Two Sacred Texts: ‘Riley; The Production and Competition History of the Pre-1939 Riley Motor Cars.’ Dr A. T. Birmingham Pub. Foulis & Co. 1967 and ‘The Bullnose Morris.’ Jarman and Barraclough Pub. Macdonald 1965. Price for these on inspection. For the Style Driven, two 'period' novels by Dornford Yates: ‘Adele and Co’, and ‘Berry and Co’. Nice period art work on the covers. Big Sweatshirt; embodied with; Pacific Renaissance Pictures Hercules Xena Worldwide Crew 98-99. Size XXL Green. Offers.

Contact Michael Greig at or phone 09 445-6760 or mob. 027 245-5786.

Embroidered Branch Badges…………………………………………. $10 each. Great quality and feel the width! Contact our worthy Secretary, Viv Scott for yours.


What more could you want for your birthday…… ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ P a g e | 17

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

OTHER NEWS…… Not quite our thing, but you never know who you might know… And as some of you will remember Paul and his ancient Land Rover joined us on our 2017 excursion to Lochinver. Seeking any keen Power Cyclists Paul Furkert, a Wairarapa VCC member, has recently recommissioned a power cycle (Paul’s is a 1936 BSA bicycle driven by a 1951 Trojan Mini Motor (via a friction drive onto the rear wheel)). This machine has a top speed of around 20mph, so isn’t really suitable for going on standard VCC rallies. Paul is looking to get in touch with other owners of power cycles who might be interested in a Power Cycle rally. The idea is to all meet up at a county pub / campground somewhere in the North Island one weekend next summer and do some short (and slow) explorations of the local area on our machines. Owners of other slow bikes (e.g. mopeds or veteran/vintage motorbikes with top speeds of less than 30mph) would also be most welcome. If you have a suitable machine, and would be interested in such a weekend away, please get in touch with Paul (email or phone (06) 3795355 or text 02040273746). If there is sufficient interest from cycle / bike owners, the finer details of the rally will be worked out in consultation with all potential participants.


Ferrari. The Cavallino Rampante, or “Prancing Horse” in Italian, is the proud icon of one of the most prolific performance automobile manufacturers in the world, Ferrari. And, in good form, the story of the emblem’s creation is nearly as exotic and storied as the carmaker itself. Enzo Ferrari, the namesake, told a story of his victory at the first Savio circuit, where he met Count and Countess Enrico and Paolina Baracca, parents of an Italian fighter pilot who had flown with a prancing horse emblazoned on his plane. The son had passed, but Enzo was told the symbol would bring him luck (talk about prescience). The horse was adopted and a yellow background was used to represent the town of Modena, the Ferrari factory’s location. But the emblem could not be used for the cars, initially — it was seen only on Ferrari’s publications and papers since Alfa Romeo technically owned the cars. The shield emblem debuted in July of 1932 at the Spa 24 Hours, and in 1963, Ferrari also began to utilize a relief version of the Prancing Horse, which you still see today. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

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JUNE 2018

Alfa Romeo beauty inspired some of the greatest artists in the 1900’s: Renè Magritte created this poster in 1924. Thanks to Keith H. for this.



A Book – “A Portrait of the Vintage SportsCar Club 1934-2014”. Ian Goldingham kindly loaned me this book, written by Thomas Pellow and first published in 2015 to record the history of said club as it approached its 80th birthday. Whilst it sets out the early years year on year it P a g e | 19

PHOENIX Number 276

JUNE 2018

avoids the risk of chronological tedium by grouping subsequent years into periods and interspersing these with sections on key personalities, events and various anecdotes, all of which serve to make it a worthwhile read. It was interesting to learn that the original concept for this organisation, back in October 1934, was as “A Club for the Not-so-Rich”, “a club for light cars of not more than, say, £50” such as Austin 7’s, with membership limited to cars made before January 1, 1932. By 30th October 1934 the name “The Vintage Sports-Car Club” was settled upon. More importantly, though, the intent of the founders, B. H & C.P.L. Nicholson, was subverted to “the idea of it (the club) being to get together people who own cars manufactured before 1931, 30-98 Vauxhalls, three litre Bentleys, and such like..”. A far cry from the originally intended cheap, light cars, like tired Austin 7’s. The enfolding tale reads as a who’s who of motoring personages, names well known to those my age and redolent of vintage sports motoring derring-do. Also interesting to read is how the VSCC has grappled with issues familiar to our Branch and old car clubs everywhere - petty officialdom, increasing regulations and restrictions, finding suitable venues, (particularly for speed events), attracting entrants and ensuring enough marshals. Vehicle eligibility has had to develop over the years to accommodate later models and broaden the vintage and PVT intake. The book makes note of the increasing rarity of quality vintage cars, the types of cars for which the club was originally founded, attending club events. To guide it through its trials and tribulations the VSCC, has, since its inception, been well served by dedicated, (sometimes opinionated and well connected) officials who have ensured its longevity and success. Of interest to this reader, however, is the back story – the designation ‘vintage’ to a particular class of motor car. For the VSCC this term was further qualified to vintage sports cars, but, be that as it may, back in 1934 the VSCC founding fathers were acutely (and vociferously) aware of the increasing gulf between the character and characteristics of pre and post 1931 vehicles. Age, per se, had little to do with it. At the time of its formation the vintage cars the VSCC welcomed into its fold didn’t have to be any more than four years old, scarcely what we would consider as an ‘old car’. The Edwardians that formed a subset of VSCC acceptable vehicles were only around 20-25 years old – not even club eligible in our current terms. Sam Clutton, writing in ‘The Bulletin’ (the VSCC’s newsletter) in 1937 noted “those almost intangible qualities which make a Vintage sports car so different from practically anything available today”, then went on to record “… that intimacy between car and driver which is fostered by absolute positive and accurate steering, a close-ratio gearbox, aided by a clutch stop and controlled by a sturdy, vertical lever, and the ‘all-in-a-piece’ road holding characteristic of the best Vintage years.” Finishing with “And so it is, though the uninformed and uncomprehending may scoff that the sole attraction of a Vintage sports car lies in a childish love of noise and discomfort, that there are positive attributes in our cherished mounts that cannot be found in any of modern construction”. Well, Mr Clutton, it will not please you to learn, but will probably come as no surprise, that the uninformed and uncomprehending are as alive and well now as they ever were. Judging from the content of ‘Beaded Wheels’ and discussion with others there are those amongst our number in club circles who have never experienced real vintage motoring and those who would seek to bastardise the term ‘vintage’ so as to group under it an all-encompassing, meaningless amalgam of ‘old cars’. Kevin Beesley


DESPATCHES…. If you aren’t mentioned in despatches it means you aren’t telling the Editor what you are up to.

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JUNE 2018

A quote – one of those I am currently drip feeding…. "I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend, if you have one." -George

Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill "Cannot possibly attend first night, will attend second... if there is one." -Winston Churchill, in response

A message from Branch member and intrepid traveller Don Suckling…

“Well, we have been away now for over a month, first of all up in Finland on an Ice Breaker and then went swimming in the broken ice. From there to Austria San Anton Skiing with our family then onto Germany then Amsterdam and finally Belgium where we attended an Anzac service at Passchendaele. Amazing as were just standing in front of a headstone I was looking down and saw the name Henry Barlow from Canterbury Mounted Rifles and realised I was standing in front of my great uncle’s grave - it blew me away. Left an Anzac Poppy on the grave when the service concluded. Then was back on the bus and back to Barcelona and on the aircraft and now in the UK with our Son. We will be catching up with John and June Hearn over the next few days and we will be back 1st of June. Could you please notify Barry Howard I'm available as tail end Charlie for R'oil Can and will be back for AGM. Kind Regards, Donald Suckling. ➢

Rumour has it that our erstwhile U.K correspondent William John Hearne and his lady wife June may be returning to these shores, bringing the Diatto with them. Their 6 cyl. Ansaldo and Alfa single seater are likely to be sold in the U.K. William, of course, was an early and long-time member of the Branch. There are few active members still around who will remember it, but, in earlier days it was common practice at Branch events for all to be upstanding for a toast proposed “To June Hearne’s knees!”.

The ‘Phoenix’ travels far and wide – witness this message recently received:

➢ Dear Kevin, I am one of the editors of the Australian Lancia Register newsletter and have been receiving and enjoying Phoenix for some time. I see that you are not on our mailing list, for which I apologise, and will rectify that unless you would rather not receive ours. I have attached the two recent editions, so you can see what we are about. I was greatly amused by the four DIY photos in your present edition and wonder if we could have permission to reproduce them in our newsletter with acknowledgement? We are very happy for other clubs to use our material and only ask acknowledgement.” Cheers, Peter Renou A series of DIY photos (I had more than I published) has been duly despatched to the Australian Lancia Register and will assumedly appear in one of their future newsletters.

➢ The following photo was sent in by Keith Humphries with the comment:

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JUNE 2018

“This should bring back memories to many, but I was struck by the semi-exotic Riley roadster in the photo, possibly quite new at the time? Keith”. Certainly a familiar scene to this writer who, as a lad, queued with his parents in their 1937 Vauxhall down Hinemoa Street, waiting for the vehicular ferry, as it was known, to dock at Birkenhead wharf. The Riley (are we sure it is a Riley?) is distinctive and will no doubt be of interest to the sleuths and historians of the Riley Car Club.

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JUNE 2018

PHOENIX The OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER of THE WAITEMATA BRANCH of the VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF N.Z. INC. 200A Greenhithe Road, Greenhithe, Auckland 0632

CLUB NIGHT THURSDAY 7th June 7.00 p.m. at the RSA Room, King George Coronation Hall, Library Lane, Albany. Take Exit 410 Oteha Valley Road. Travel west along Oteha Valley Road, ahead through 2 roundabouts and straight ahead at Traffic Lights into Albany Highway then almost immediately RIGHT into Library Lane then very soon go right again into the parking area. The RSA Room is at the rear.

From the Keith Humphreys collection. April 1978 North Shore Branch run to Fosters, Peach Hill.

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JUNE 2018

The Hooters Roycroft Trophy Meet Results

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JUNE 2018

R’OILCAN RALLY 2018 ENTRY FORM (37th Edition) The R’Oilcan will start at the Autobahn, Bombay Service Centre, 7am Saturday 14 July 2018. Entry fee $165 per person. Children under 15years $80. (under 10 free) To be paid in full by June 26th. NO LATE ENTRIES DUE TO ACCOMMODATION RESTRAINTS. This entry fee includes Saturday morning tea, lunch, dinner and accommodation overnight and Sunday Breakfast. Entries for VCC eligible vehicles will be accepted with: Current REGO/WOF and entrant’s VCC membership card. ONLY OPEN VEHICLES WILL BE ELIGIBLE Please complete form below and return with cheque made out to Heather Howard and post to H Howard, 167B Carlisle Road, Browns Bay, Auckland 0632. Or email completed form to and payment via Internet banking H J Howard. Bank Account number 020120 0063786 00. Reference R’Oilcan and your initial and surname. R’OILCAN 2018 ENTRY FORM Name of Entrant: Name of Navigator: Passengers:____________________________________________________________________ Car Make __________________________________MODEL:_____________________________ REGO:_____________________________________YEAR:_______________________________ Mobile Phone:__________________________________________________________________ Email:________________________________________________________________________ Postal Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ No._____at $165 each.

No._____at $80 each.

No._____under 10 years.

Total amount___________________

□ Internet Banking □Cheque enclosed Please tick method of payment.

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JUNE 2018

Introduction to Motorsport To be held at HAMPTON DOWNS Club Circuit on SUNDAY 17th JUNE 2018. Timetable 08:00

Registration and Documentation Opens • • • •

Check entry forms Verify Driving Licence Sign Indemnity Form Helmet and Overalls Check / Issue


Drivers Briefing and introductions


Track Walk


Track Open




Q&A Session


Track Open


Track closes – debrief session

ENTRY CLOSING DATES & ENTRY FEES The entry will be limited to 35 vehicles and the cost is $195. We will run a reserve list. Buy your entry voucher at If you need to cancel your entry for any reason, please advise HRC in writing (via email to is OK) before 4pm on Tuesday 12 th June for a full refund. This gives us time to contact those on the reserve list. Refunds will not be paid for late cancellations and No Shows. Cancellations can be transferred to our next session as they are valid for 12 months. NO Shows do not get refunded. For further details Email to or phone 021 614600 P a g e | 26

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JUNE 2018

Introduction to Motorsport Entry Form To be held at HAMPTON DOWNS Club Circuit on SUNDAY 17th JUNE 2018. ENTRY FORM

Please tick

Named Driver

$195.00 (Includes H&S Levy)

Second Driver Shared Drive

$50.00 includes H&S levy

One on one coaching

$50.00 for 15 minutes

PAID By Voucher

Helmet Loan Required Overalls Loan Required

DRIVER DETAILS: *Name Postal Address City *Email Address *Telephone -

I do not wish to subscribe to the HRC Newsletter

Mobile -

DOB: *Licence Expiry Date

*Drivers Licence Number EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS: *Name:




*Vehicle Model


REGO Number

Capacity in cc

Passenger Compliant?

I verify that the vehicle being used is up to Warrant of Fitness Standards and / or has a MSNZ logbook

*Signature: _____________________

*Date: ___________________

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Waitemata VCC June 2018  
Waitemata VCC June 2018