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Newsletter November 2017

Cover photo Roger Tibbs beautiful Ariel Square Four. Looking forward to seeing this on the Gold Medal rally Roger. Closing Date for Wairarapa Zenith: 15th of each month. Contributions should be emailed to the Editor— or posted to: PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840.

Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Clubrooms Postal Address Branch Website Club Night Spare Parts Committee Meet

A&P Showgrounds, Chester Road, Clareville PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840

First Monday of the month (except January— none) and June (second Monday) at 7.30pm. Open each Tuesday morning following club night. Second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm

Call and see

Trevor Kenavan for all your joinery requirements

150 Main Street, Greytown Phone: 06 379-8008 Fax: 06 304-9004 2

Your Committee 2017/18 Chairman:

Willie James

372 4890

Immediate Past Chairperson/ Treasurer: John Clark 378 0380 Vice Chairman: Andrew Dittmer 379 6967 Treasurer Robert Notley 0272121091 Secretary: Tina Goodin 02041099552 Club Captain: David Hunter 379 9224 Committee: Paul Furkert 379 5355 Gary Lang 372 7593 Brian Billing 021 242 6240 Hugh Hunter 306 9847 Custodian: Earl Goodin

0204 0624986 379 7918

Librarian: Pat Dutton Beaded Wheels Reporter: Kevin Ball 377 1236 Social Convenor: Val Ball 377 1236 Spare Parts: Frank Lipinski 379 7167 Tom Mitchelmore 379 7573 Magazine Editor: Jim Philps 370 9118 Vehicle Inspectors: Francis Pointon 378 6710 Graham Reidy 372 7855 3

What’s on locally…… NOVEMBER Sun 5th Mon 6th

Stretched Gymkhana. Organizers Andrew Dittmer and Paul Furkert. See page 8-9 Club night . Door Frank Lipinski. Speaker Greg Lang

Tue 14th—17th Peter Chisholm Memorial Rally . Organizers Neville and Beth Taylor. Sat 25 Gold Medal Rally. Organisers, Peter and Maureen Bull Entry form and details on pages 15-18 Sat 25th Carterton Rotary Club Xmas parade. Vehicles wel-come.To register interest Sun 26th Bangers and beer DECEMBER Saturday 2nd Masterton Xmas parade. Assemble @ 11.45 on Worksop Road behind Countdown supermarket Sunday 3rd Janice Groves Rally. Leaving from the club rooms at 10am and finishing at the Morrinsville fair for lunch. Monday 4th Club night. Door Willie James Saturday 9th 37th Annual lake Ferry excursion. Sunbeam rally Sunday 10th Xmas lunch. See notes page 5 Saturday 16th Greytown Xmas parade. Organised by Rotary Assemble at 12 noon for 1pm start JANUARY Sunday 14th Sunday 21st

Coastal run. Details to be announced Wanganui vintage car club Burma Rally. See page 1213 for entry form.

KANDAHAR REST HOME On Saturday 18th November the folks at the KANDAHAR REST HOME would love to see a collection of vintage vehicles. If you are able please assemble at 12 o’clock outside the dining room area. The residents will enjoy a good show. The home is in Roberts Road.

Chairmans Chatter Hi Members Spring has certainly arrived with heavy showers and hot muggy days. Lamb docking has been put on hold until it dries out after this damp spell. On Saturday the 18 November the Kandahar retirement home in Roberts road has requested a few old cars as a static display for the residents at lunch time. Please contact Jim Green on 3795555 for further information if you would like to attend or ring Kandahar direct. Your committee is now settling into its work load with a very successful new members rally last weekend. Tom, Frank and I are off to the Fielding swap meet this Saturday with a huge trailer load of spares and wooden spoked wheels. Please note the upcoming events in this magazine and get your entries in as well as putting your names down for the xmas dinner,2 months away.

I'd like to welcome new members Roger and Denise Tibbs with his Arial and Norton bikes and Philip and Ann Denovan driving a Alvis and Triumph. The Masterton xmas parade is on the 2nd December and assemble on Worksop rd at 1145am for a 12.30 start. The Carterton parade are also requesting vehicles. That’s it from me so keep your four wheels turning.

Christmas lunch The lunch this year will be held on Sunday the 10th December at Landsdown House. Val has chosen the menu including a delicious ham. For club members the cost will be $20 a head. For non members the cost is $40 per head. Meet at 12 noon for canapes and drinks. Please register your attendance by calling Val Bull on 377 1236 no later than December 4th. You can pay directly into the Wairarapa branch account or post to PO box 7 Masterton.


From your club Captain Something I was not aware of until becoming Club Captain is that organising a rally involves a lot of work. That became very evident when I checked out the route for our last run, the October 8 rally. This was the 2 nd of the New Members Rallies, conceived last year by Paul Furket. It is a way of introducing recently joined club members into the art of organising such events under the guidance of more experienced members. This year it was the O’Haras, Simon and Alec, who came up with the idea of a rally with two starting points and meeting in the middle. But who was to oversee it? Willie James solved that by pointing his finger at Brian Billings and saying “you’re it”. Brian accepted the task without complaint and got to work. First he drove the route which Simon and Alec had planned. Effectively it was two rallies – one starting from Masterton and the other from Pahiatua. In other words, the distance to be checked out was doubled. Next, Brian drove the entire route again, and then repeated it, this time co-opting Geoff and Natalie Denovan to accompany him. Then it was time for the Club Captain to drive the route, so Brian accompanied him for this. Finally, having made a late addition of an optional straight line navigation section, Brian drove that part of the course again just to make sure he had it right. That’s 5 times he drove the route, or part of it. The irony is that after all that work, on the morning of the rally, just before reaching Pahiatua to see the Northern crowd off, Brian’s 1935 Ford V8 broke down with an electrical fault, and was unable to continue on the run (the car that is). Yet another example of life just not being fair. But at least we really appreciated Brian’s efforts in giving us an enjoyable day. David Hunter

On page 7 is the programme for the Wanganui Burma Rally. The entry form is on page 12. The members who attended this rally last year speak highly of it. 6


Wairarapa VCC’s 1st annual “Stretched Gymkhana” Sunday November 5th 2017

This is a new event for the branch, and we have also invited members from all the lower North Island VCC branches to enter this event. Inspired by some of the “off-tarmac” events reported on in the Beaded Wheels, that are held by other branches (especially branches like Banks Peninsular and Waitemata), on Sunday November 5th 2017 the Wairarapa Branch is holding their first annual Stretched Gymkhana. Do you like the excitement of gymkhana style driving on grass? Would you enjoy the challenge of trying to navigate at speed, through a winding course, against the clock? The course will be sufficiently challenging to ensure unsafe speeds cannot be obtained – this isn’t a “Speed Event”. Can you meet the challenge of driving a course consistently, so as to maintain, as far as possible, the same time each lap? If you answer YES to all of these, then the Stretched Gymkhana is an event not to be missed. Event outline: Driver’s briefing will be at 9:30am, with the event expected to finish mid-afternoon (BYO lunch). The course will be between ½ a mile and a mile in length A bit like a classic gymkhana’s cones course, there will be lots of sharp turns on the course (the course will be designed to ensure that excessive speeds (i.e. greater than the speed limit) cannot be obtained) Where possible hazards such as water crossings, hills etc. will be included in the course All drivers will have 3 (or more) timed runs over the course, after which the best time for each driver will be calculated (this becomes their individual target time). From then on drivers have to try and match their target time, with 1/2 the field dropping out each time, until a winner is found For example, if there were 16 drivers, once each driver’s target time has been determined (from the practice runs), all 16 drivers have another run. Then the 8 drivers whose time was closest to their target time would move into the next round. These 8 drivers would have another run, and the 4 whose time was closest to their target time would have another run etc. Notes: This event is not a “Speed Event”. It falls under section 20 of the Branch Manual, as a driving test. For more information please contact the organiser, Paul Furkert ((06) 379 5355 or The inaugural event will limited to 32 combinations (driver + vehicle), so please register early to ensure you don’t miss out The event is reliant on ground conditions being suitable. The organiser may alter the course (or event structure) at late notice if necessary, as dictated by the weather. 8

“Stretched Gymkhana” 5th November 2017 Location: Wairarapa VCC Clubrooms, Chester Road, Clareville, Carterton Driver Briefing: 9:30 am Limited to 32 entries. Early bird entries close 1st November 2017 Post entries to: Rally Secretary Wairarapa VCC P O Box 7 Masterton Email entries to: Organiser: Paul Furkert (06) 379 5355 or ..............................................................................................................................

Entry Form Stretched Gymkhana 5th November 2017 Names of Driver(s): ............................................................................................ VCC Branch: ....................................................................................................... Contact details (Phone number and/or email): ................................................... Make, model and year of vehicle: ....................................................................... Entry Fee: $10 (per combination (driver + vehicle)) $ .......................... Late entry fee: additional $5 (for entries after 1 November) $............................. TOTAL $ ............................ Please make cheques payable to Wairarapa VCC or pay by internet banking to A/c 03-0687-0323649-01 Please put your name and “gymkhana” in the reference.

HELP REQUIRED This is a big event to organise so Andrew and Paul would really appreciate it if members would give a hand setting up.


Club Raffle A generous gift from Doug Curtis Club stalwart Doug Curtis, an accomplished cartoonist, did four framed works for the recent Peter Smith Memorial Austin rally. Only three were presented, so Doug gave the fourth for a raffle to boost branch funds. This will be drawn at the Xmas lunch not as previousley said at the Dec 4th club night.Tickets in this raffle are $3 for one or $5 for two and can be purchased at any time before the draw. This is a unique Christmas gift for some lucky person.


SORRY !! Do you know that you can tell the gender of an ant by throwing it in the water. If it sinks = girl ant If it floats = buoyant

Paying subs The head office has requested me to remind you that when paying your subs by internet banking you must give your name and membership number as a reference. They have received payments which have omitted these details and so they have no idea from whom they came. If you think you have done this, get in touch with them.




NEW MEMBERS RALLY 8 October 2017 The rain started on the Saturday (if you ignore that it’s been pretty much raining for the last 9 months) continued through the night and was forecast to carry on throughout the Sunday. So, it was rather pleasing – surprising, even – that by the time we left the Masterton Town Hall car park a total of 13 cars (with occupants, of course) had assembled. The run in the countryside took us up to Mauriceville and then across to near the Tararuas and into the Hastwell area. Along the way we stopped to take in the Middleton model railway display and sample (and buy) some boutique cheeses. There was even an Austin A40 Devon in a shed to take a look at and, yes, it is for sale. Then it was on in therain, heading north in a roundabout way until we eventually came to an intersection North-West of Eketahuna and that’s where we met our friends from the North, of which there were 7 cars. I’ll interrupt myself here to explain the premise of this rally. Composed by the O’Haras, it essentially took the form of a figure-8, with the Southern Crowd from Masterton meeting the Northern Crowd from Paihatua in the middle. Then together we travelled, using straight line navigation (optional – there were also conventional instructions), to Eketuhuna the lunch stop. Lunch for most was taken at the Lazy Graze Cafe or next door at the pub, where the Great Race at Bathurst was on the big screen. No prizes for guessing where I went! Afterwards everyone headed South and East, the Northeners following a route back to Pahiatua and the Southerners taking a route to Kopuranga and then Masterton. There is no doubt the weather put a dampener on the day (yes, pun intended) but the socialising at the model railway, lunch stop and, for a few of us, at the Farriers at Masterton was very worthwhile. Over the next few days I heard comments from entrants expressing their enjoyment of the day. So thank you to the O’Hara’s and Brian Billing who organised the run. Just the experience of driving some roads a lot of us didn’t even know existed made the outing an experience. The Southern Crowd – starting from Masterton: Alec & Sandy O’Hara 1979 Mini Le Phil Denovan 1975 Triumph 2500TC 14

Francis & Gaye Pointon 1934 Ford V8 Coupe Willie James & Jim Philps 1956 MG Magnette John & Sheila Clark 1955Daimler Simon & Andrea Byrne and friend Megan 1952 Armstrong Siddeley Paul Furkett & Simon O’Hara 1949 Land Rover Geoff & Natalie Denovan 1970 Triumph Spitfire Pat Dutton, Jill Kernahan, Frances Garard 1957 Morris 1000 Earl & Tina Goodin 1975 Valiant David Hunter Modern Phil & Lyn Smith Modern Robert & Sue Notley Modern Kevin & Vall Ball also attended the start at Masterton and the lunch stop at Eketahuna to take photographs. The Northern Crowd who started from Pahiatua: Bernie and Joan Svendsen Austin A55 Barry Calquhoun 1971 Morris 1000 pickup Jim Chalmers 1948 Ford V8 Moss Shultz Austin A95 Mike Marshall Austin A70 Tony Kendall Austin A40 Max Faifeita Austin A55 Note: The last 4 Austins are Jim Chalmers cars and were driven by friends. David Hunter





37th Annual Lake Ferry Excursion

Dear Classic Car Club member/enthusiast/media outlet The 37th Annual Lake Ferry Excursion is coming up, which is organised by the Sunbeam Car Club of NZ (Wellington) each year. The event is open to anyone – club member or not, English cars, American cars and we absolutely welcome classic Japanese cars along on the day. Saabs, Volvos, Fiats, Lancia, Porsche, Ferrari, Mustang, Datsun, home-built… whatever your car is, if you are an enthusiast we welcome your attendance. Please – spread the news of this event far and wide to other club members, friends and family. We welcome people from all areas, not just Wellington. We always get a get response from the Wairarapa, which is fantastic. To make sure everyone has this date down early to save conflicts with other events, the Lake Ferry Excursion is always the 2nd Saturday in December. This year makes it the 9th of December. As always, we meet at the Fell Museum in Featherston at 11am for an 11.30 departure to Lake Ferry, where we meet to talk over a BYO picnic lunch. Please make sure you make your way to the big oak tree outside the museum at 11.15 for a quick driver’s briefing. The hotel at Lake Ferry have confirmed they will be open and should have food available (there are no functions booked at this stage), or you can bring your own picnic lunch. If you are not the right person in your car club to receive this email, can you please forward it on to the correct person. Also, please feel free to send this on to anyone in other car clubs you think might be interested. We welcome all car clubs and car enthusiasts. Kind regards Bryan Atkins, convener (Sunbeam Car Club of New Zealand) Phone/fax (04) 562 7424 or e-mail

* Please note if you do not wish to receive any more such emails, please advise via return email.

Donated by Geoff Donovan 1959 –1971 Mini workshop manual A B.M.C. Service publication 19

IMPORTANT NOTICE Time for change to the electronic age At the committee meeting held on the 10th October a decision was made to stop sending the head office the 49 copies of Zenith every month. Many other branches have already stopped sending their news letter evidenced by the fact that we receive only 5 hard copies each month from other branches. This along with the fact that Zenith is available to anyone to read online, it was considered a good time to change. This measure alone will save our branch around $600 per year which can be put towards branch activities. The discussion also included the possibility of more members receiving the news letter by e mail. Already a small number do so. While the committee accepts that some members like to receive a hard copy, not all require this.

If you would like to change your method of delivery then please inform the editor of your email address. AUSTIN A40 DEVON FOR SALE We saw the car at the cheese factory/model railway centre while on the New Members rally. As is where is but lots of spares and body panels. Interested ?? Contact the owners


What did you guess?


The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand now has a new facebook page. The page will have interesting stories, posts on events and photos of vintage car activities from around the country. To start with, we would like you to do the following: For those who already have a facebook account: Go to the VCC facebook page and LIKE it. Posts will then appear in YOUR facebook stream and you can share them with your friends For those who don’t have a facebook page or don’t want to set up an account: Click on the link below and then save it in bookmarks in your internet browser. You will then have easy access to the page whenever you want to see the latest posts. Please note that this facebook page will include notification of upcoming events and stories but it’s not a buy, sell and exchange page. There are other avenues for that information. We would also like you to email pictures and include a couple of words about the photo from club events around the country for posting on the page. This will provide content of interest for enthusiasts around the world. Send pictures and stories to: To access the club facebook page go to: vintagecarclubofnewzealand/ or type Vintage Car Club of New Zealand into facebook search. This page is your portal for fun stuff that is happening for vintage car enthusiasts around the country. The more stories you supply, the more relevant the page will be.

Club Library Members are most welcome to borrow books/articles from the Club Library. Please record your name and the book’s title(s) in the Lending Book so that they can be tracked is necessary. If you have any old books/manuals and wish to get rid of them, Pat Dutton, our Librarian, would be love to take them off your hands. Pat can be contacted on (06) 379 7918.


From your Editor……….. Please note the new email address and telephone number for contacting your new editor. Jim Philps: Phone (06) 370 9118 or Email Looking forward to receiving all your stories and advertisements.


Maureen needs your photos Please, if you are able to supply photos of any of the following for inclusion in the Wairarapa Branch 50 year history, get in touch with either Maureen Bull, 9A Hogg Crescent, Masterton, to contact any of the wairarapa Branch Committee Members. Its the photos that tell the story! Howard Jones 1936 Mac Velo Elaine Churchill 1934 Morris Francis Pointon 1919 Ford T Gaye Pointon Models Howard Sims 1928 Ford Model A Pick up Truck Barry Wells 1950 BSA and/or BMW Paul & Judi Lamb 1930 Singer Porlock Gordon Clode & Family Photo Ray & Lois Whitcombe Original Clubrooms Akura Dairy Factory, Akura Road 1968-1975 Archives Kopuaranga School, second Clubrooms 1976-1991 Will Holmes Clareville Showgrounds, Carterton 1991-Present Roy & Frances Elwin 1934 Lagonda Rapier Nev MacArthur 1928 Scott TT Replica Rex Porter 1900 De Dion Voiturette with Olive Wolters H J Jones Garage Lincoln Road, Masterton Alf Lambess 1930 Austin Swallow Wai.Group+Gaye Pointon in Wai.Times Age Veterans on Wgtn-Napier run = Glen Bull, Roy & Will, Barry Gillum 2004 Cape Reinga Tour Group of local members 2004-’11 Economy Trials “ Will Holmes 1910 Austin 18/24 plus 1937 Indian Scout Nev Taylor AJS motorcycle Martin Hutchinson 1904 Mountaineer Peter/Christine Riddell 1952 BSA Golden Flash Tony/Myrna Lane’s Commemmorative tee shirts 2013 Branch 45 th Bdy Lansdowne House 30 November 2013 John/Sheila Clark 1955 Daimler 2014 Jim Philps 1971 Triumph motor cycle Roy Elwin Memorial silver plate, 2005 Myrna’s photos Visits to schools, 2015 24

New donations to library Donated by Geoff Donovan 1959 –1971 Mini workshop manual A B.M.C. Service publication



Buying & selling Property Powers of Attorney Commercial Matters Relationship Property

• Refinancing • Family Trusts • Subdivisions • Estates/Wills

0800 PPTY LAW (0800 778 952) 26

VEHICLE INFORMATION VEHICLE ID Members who wish to apply for Vehicle Identification Certification (VIC), are asked to contact one of our Branch Vehicle ID Officers. Their names and contact details are provided in each Zenith magazine (generally on page 3). If you wish to participate in any National VCC event, you need to have a Vehicle Identification Certificate. Please don’t leave it to the last minute as it takes some time for the processing of paperwork. VIC Applications: Must be accompanied by the appropriate form which can be downloaded from the VCC NZ website or contact your club secretary. The form should be sent to your local branch secretary for processing. SELLING YOUR VEHICLE? If your vehicle has VIC Certification and you sell your vintage vehicle, please notify NZVCC, P O Box 2546 Christchurch. Ph: 03 366 4461 Fax: (03) 366 0273 or E-mail: INSURING YOUR VEHICLE/ POSSESSIONS? When you insure through VERO, you are helping our Club financially. Just let them know that you are a member of the Wairarapa VCC and quote this number: 043302 COOK STRAIT FERRY BOOKINGS Both the InterIslander and BlueBridge Ferries offer a variety of discounted fares to VCC Members. Contact the companies directly using the Vintage Car Club group booking codes. The staff are generally very helpful. INTERISLANDER: Ph: 0800 878 898 Quote Group Booking Reference Number WH5465 BLUEBRIDGE FERRY: 0800 844 844 Quote Discount Code: ANTIQUECAR 27

FOR SALE 1929 Hudson body including bonnet, back mudguards and front axle. In good order – no rust. Excellent restoration project. Offers. Contact David Hunter Phone: 379 9224 or Email:

Garages available Garages are available in a secure situation in Solway. Power supplied $75 per month GST included Contact John on 0274434800

Parts Department Remember the Parts Department is open every Tuesday morning following our monthly Club Night or contact Frank, Tom or Hugh for a private viewing - (06) 379 7167 (Frank), (06) 379 7573 (Tom) or (06) 306 9847 (Hugh). This months specials !! Dodge 4 gearbox Morris commercial steering box 1938 Nash steering box Austin 12 steering box 4x650/16 cross ply tyres Chev 4 engine 1923/25 (?) Some bearings donated by L Ponstra Carbs donated by Willie James Brake cleaning fluid donated by Brian Billing An assortment of light bulbs Austin A40 parts donated by Jeff Percy Chev parts donated by Logan Smith 28

Advertising in the Zenith You are welcome to advertise your goods for sale, swap or buy. The advertisement does not have to relate to cars/parts, anything goes. These advertisements are free to VCC Members. Contact Jim Philps, phone: 06 370 9118 or Please note advertisements will only be published for three consecutive months unless I am notified otherwise.

Don’t forget our business advertisers Their advertisements help to pay for the production of this publication. When you need a product or service consider using one of the companies advertising in the Zenith. They help us—why not reciprocate by giving them your custom.


Waikato Veteran Rally

For more information regarding these events please contact the branch involved or contact your club Secretary. NOVEMBER 12th

Bay of plenty car club annual show and swap meet. Held at 29 Cliff Road Tauranga JANUARY 21st Wanganui VCC Burma rally. FEBRUARY 16-18th Hawkes Bay VCC 30th anniversary Art Deco weekend.


Sender: The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Wairarapa Branch (Incorporated) P.O. Box 7 MASTERTON 5840


Wairarapa VCC November 2017  
Wairarapa VCC November 2017