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Newsletter August 2018

COVER PHOTO Peter McKeown, from Martinborough, with his 1929 Chrysler 65. Peter, who is secretary of the Wellington branch, also has a Chrysler 66 and a pair of Willys. Closing Date for Wairarapa Zenith: 15th of each month. Contributions should be emailed to the Editor— or posted to: PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840.

Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Clubrooms Postal Address Branch Website Club Night Spare Parts Committee Meet

A&P Showgrounds, Chester Road, Clareville PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840 First Monday of the month (except January— none) and June (second Monday) at 7.30pm. Open each Tuesday morning following club night. Second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm

Call and see

Trevor Kenavan for all your joinery requirements

150 Main Street, Greytown Phone: 06 379-8008 Fax: 06 304-9004 2

Your Committee 2018/19 Chairman:

Willie James

372 4890

Vice Chairman: Tina Goodin

02041099552 Treasurer: Tony Lane 06 3773064 Secretary: Beth Taylor 06 3796040 Club Captain: Francis Pointon 06 3786710 Committee: John Clark 378 0380 Pat Dutton 06 3797918 Simon O’Hara 0211412332 Kevin Ball 06 3771236 Barry Wells 06 3771152 Frank Lipinski 379 7167 Custodian: Neville Taylor 0272391202 Librarian: Pat Dutton 379 7918 Beaded Wheels Reporter: Kevin Ball 377 1236 Social Convenor: Val Ball 377 1236 Spare Parts: Frank Lipinski 379 7167 Tom Mitchelmore 379 7573 Magazine Editor: Alec O’Hara 0277750417 Vehicle Inspectors: Francis Pointon 378 6710 Graham Reidy 372 7855 Hugh Hunter 306 9847 3

What’s on locally‌ August Monday 6th

Club Night. A Quiz night organized by Pat Dutton and Barbara Lang Door Gary and Barbara Lang

Sunday 26th

Daffodil run **Tony Lane** see page opposite (5)

September Monday 3rd

Club Night. Gaye Pointon as guest speaker Door Beth and Nev Taylor

Sunday 9th

Peter Smith Memorial Rally **Austin Register** see page 10 & 11

October Monday 1st

Saturday 13th - 14

Club Night 50th Anniversary brief and prep Door Willie James 50th Anniversary weekend ** see page 15 & 16**

November Thursday 1st - 5th Monday 5th Saturday 24 - 25 Sunday 25th

Peter Chisholm Memorial Economy Run **Beth and Neville Taylor** Club Night Gold Medal Motorcycle Rally **Dave Henwood and Barry Wells** Stretched Gymkhana **Paul Furkert**

VCC National Day Sunday 26th August 2018 Our Daffodil Rally for Cancer Join other club members and other car clubs on a “Variety Bash� through our region. We will be travelling on three short routes through our major towns stopping at each town to show our vehicles to the locals. We are working with the Cancer Society who will be present at each of our stopovers . Meet and register in Martinborough Square from 10 am. where you will be issued with the instructions for a short run starting at 10.30am and finishing at the South Wairarapa Working Men's Club car park in West Street Greytown. The next stage is from the car park to the top end of Carterton. The final stage ends up in the Farriers car park in Masterton. At each town you will receive a new set of instructions. We will need volunteers for each stage. All car clubs are being invited to join in the festivities and there will be a $5.00 levy on each car as our contribution toward the Cancer Society appeal.

Organiser Tony Lane (phone: 377 3064). 5

A MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN‌ Hello fellow motoring enthusiasts and I trust you are all wintering well and haven't been attacked by the dreaded lurgy. Your chairman has had a rather hectic two months what with selling the farm and then cleaning the place out ready for a clearing sale , stock valuation day, packing every thing up to come to town and clearing out 22 tons of heavy scrap and two old bulldozers off to a collection up in Inglewood. So it is with relief that we are finally ensconced at 141 Upper Plain road for a well earned rest and recuperation. The AGM has been and gone and I welcome the new committee on board. According to Will Holmes it was the first time an election has taken place for committee members . A full and varied programme for the year has been sorted so please take note in our magazine for events. The recent gravel road challenge was enjoyed by all who attended and thank you to Francis for fettling our old Maggnette back into life which is purring along. Motorcycling; At present the club runs two official events a year which are well attended. I would like your feedback on whether we should be organising a few unofficial runs say on a Sunday morning and lunch once a month or 2 monthly and leaving out the winter months.. There must be many machines that rarely see the light of day sitting in sheds so it would be a good excuse to fire them up for a burn up down the road. We could include shed raids or visits to interesting collections. 6

I await with baited breath!! John Clark and I are off to the national AGM in Napier to extend our knowledge on how this organisation works and do some voting on remits that you all have copies of. Well that's it from me Willie James


Club Captains Report The July Club night had a reasonable turnout of 20 people. An interesting talk plus photo’s on the screen from Paul Furkert about his Land Rover adventures, and then Barry Wells with his motorcycling history, great to see those old bike photos. Thanks go to both for an entertaining evening. The Gravel Challenge saw a bigger than expected turnout, compared with last year, and meant a last minute change of instructions. However a number of participants either couldn’t hear or didn’t listen to the Drivers Briefing, which created problems for the organisers. Once this was sorted the run went very well and I think those taking part generally enjoyed it. Good to see Alec in his Dodge pickup and Ryan in his Model T on the run. Congratulations to the Colquhouns in their Morris Minor ute, who were the winners of the event. They were presented with a Pointon Enterprises sponsored car wash from Faulknors Service Station. I am sure all cars needed a good clean after this run! Only the brave tackled the Ford which was surprisingly deep! [free car wash] Our next event is the August Club night, a quiz night, and then the NZ wide Daffodil Run on Sunday 26th. Good support is wanted and expected for these two coming events. Francis


“LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!� An Important Message for Club Members 1 Rallies; The Drivers Briefing is very important. Please listen and obey the verbal instructions you are given prior to an event, as they can override any written instructions you have been given These could be weather related, road conditions or a whole range of things which have necessitated last minute changes to your route sheet. 2 Anyone organizing a club event must have it checked by the Club Captain, who will then ok it with the committee. Safety is a prime concern at all events, and we encourage members to get involved, but things are no longer as simple as they were. Francis


9th September 2018 Although deemed an ‘Austin Rally’ it is open to ALL VCC members who will be elevated to “Honorary Austineers” for the day 9th September assemble at the South Wairarapa Working Mens Club at 9am for a 10am start at the parking area West street Greytown. Local members please bring a plate for morning tea. Lunches will be either BYO or pre ordered meal as shown on the entry Form on next page. Tea and coffee provided. There will be three categories for the rally: The vintage Austin Register entrants will compete for the Peter Smith Memorial Trophy and there will be prizes for the Flying A and “Honorary Austineers” Please complete the entry form on the opposite page and send by post or email before the 2nd of September 2018.






The branch Honorary Solicitor has asked to be relieved of his duties due to his increasing business commitments. He has done a sterling job especially with the renewal of the club rooms lease and we thank him for his work. SO the club needs a new Honorary Solicitor with great emphasis on the honorary. The job is not arduous. If any member is in a position to either take the job on or knows of a suitable contender for this exalted position please contact: Tony Lane - Phone (06) 377 3064 or E-mail -



What did you guess?




Dear Member, Your club, The Wairarapa Vintage Car Club, is planning to celebrate its 50th anniversary by holding a celebratory weekend on the 13th and 14th October 2018.The format for the weekend will comprise of a car rally on Saturday 13th (starting and finishing at our clubrooms in Clareville) followed by a dinner at the Copthorne Hotel in Masterton for our rallyists, members and invited dignitaries. We would love to see as many members as possible taking part in the weekend. If not competing, then participating in some other way—perhaps as a marshall . If you are unable to drive your club vehicle perhaps you would like to navigate for another member or just be a ‘back seat driver’ and enjoy the run. We can organize the transport. The Saturday evening dinner is not limited to rallyists. If transport is the only thing preventing your participation then we will arrange transport to and from the Copthorne. On Sunday 14th we plan to hold a car show and gymkhana at the Solway showgrounds in Masterton. The car show will be open to the public and various one-make clubs and any cars that conform with the VCC criteria (any vehicles 30 years or older) will be invited to enter their vehicles to display along with our own club vehicles. We hope this will be an excellent way of showcasing and promoting our branch to the public. Please consider how much you would like to participate in the celebrations. We will do our best to make it happen. We want to make it a weekend for all our members to remember! Entry forms will be available shortly and we look forward to your response. Please contact me if you require further information regarding the planned arrangements. Yours faithfully, Mrs Myrna Lane (VCC Wairarapa Branch 50th Celebration Committee Secretary) 16

I Broke It! My 1925 Dodge Tourer has been little used since I purchased it a number of years ago. However twice a year, I turn it over and squirt some lube down the bores to keep it healthy. This time it was reluctant to turn over, so a little foot pressure on the crank eventually got it moving, but wait, the jack shaft driving the waterpump & mag was not turning. Turns out I had stripped the fibre timing gear as the water pump had seized solid.! By chance I was able to find a new gear on eBay in US (at a bargain price) so it should be motoring again very shortly. Once repaired I will give it as good run around my favourite “test course” - Pointon’s home, up the Bideford, Daggs Road, Bartons Line through Alfredton and over Castlehill to Tinui with a stop there for lunch. Then around the Langdale loop to Riversdale turnoff, down Homewood Road past Uriti, through the Kaiwhata River on to Te Wharau, Westmere, Wainuioru, Te Parae road and home – about a 6 hour trip. Anyone interested in joining me make contact. True vintage vehicles only please. Date & time yet to be decided. But sooner rather than later [ note: this is NOT a club event!] Francis


Gravel Challenge 2018 I had a bit of a sleepless night, a few nerves were brewing, knowing that the “Gravel Challenge” was the first club outing for my new lease on life, 1924 Dodge pickup. I hadn’t done many miles in the old girl but knowing I had checked the oils and greased her up, along with the new speedo cable thanks to Pointon Motors, she was good to go. Sunday morning rolled around and we fired up the dodge, heading for the starting point of Farriers car park. One by one the members filed in, awaiting the start and keen to see what Francis had in store for us. An informative briefing along with written instructions and we were off. A quick detour past Pointon’s then shooting off towards Bideford, the Dodge was humming along at 35-40mph and I was impressed. Ryan Dews had his Model T Ford humming along too but no match on the straights for the Dodge, although the hills slowed us both down to 20mph. We arrived at our first two dead end gravel roads, some had beaten us there and had gone ahead and not listened to the rally briefing, which had instructed us to wait when we got to the first two roads, and some would go left and some right to avoid a pile up of cars at the turning points at the end of the roads. After some waiting and confusion, our group of cars headed up the Mt Clyde road. A good gravel road with lots to look at and one I had never been down. Our next road was Mangarei road, with the Clarks Daimler leading our group by storm, we weaved our way up the road, taking in the scenery. We arrived at the turn around and what a sight, a line of vintage cars and a Daimler. Our next road was Tanglewood road, a road with trees all around and grass covering the track. It was an awesome feeling trekking in and out with a bunch of vintage cars. The last road was Maringi road, a logging truck road. Corrugations and pot holes for Africa. The Vintage cars soaked up the bumps not too bad, I would have hated to be driving my mini down this road, it would have driven me mad(der). On the way in we crossed a bridge, with a 18

ford next to it. The logging trucks use the ford because they are too heavy for the little wooden bridge. At the turn around point a quick conversation between Ryan, Francis and myself determined that the ford was our chance to get the cars clean. And that’s when the “fun” started. The ford was a little bumpy but nothing bad, it wasn't until we got half way through and realised it was rather deep but too late by then, we had crossed it, however I’m driving down the road and seeing a lot of water coming from under the hood, more than we had collected at the ford, not good. We stopped at the Bideford hall as the finishing point to hand in our sheets and wouldn't you know it, my radiator had a hole in it the size of a 20c piece. NOT GOOD, bouncing through the ford must have pushed the fan into the radiator and caused this massive hole and a bent fan. Long story short, we got towed home by Simon Burn and followed by Ryan in the T. So a big thankyou to them. After a closer inspection later in the week, the hole wasn't caused by the ford, rather a previous repair (not by me) rattling loose and hitting the fan as it popped out. A new radiator is now in and the dodge is back motoring. A big thankyou to Ryan Dews and Simon Burn for getting my poor Dodge (plus the old man and me) back home. And also Francis and Gaye Pointon for organising such an interesting rally on four roads I had never been down. I got some great footage. Alec O’Hara


Previous Page: Farriers car park. Three of the four vintage cars on the run. Below: Some of the vehicles on the run. Funny looking Land Rover Paul…. Didn’t know Land Rover made vans

Below: Organisers, Francis and Gaye Pointon in the ‘29 Chevy Special, the perfect gravel challenge car.


Above: Alec and Simon O’Hara in the Dodge. Ryan Dews in the T.

Above: Jeff Percy and new navigator Paul Furkert. Willies MG making an appearance

Left: Peter McKeown joins us for Gravel Challenge 2018 in his Chrysler 65. Good to see you enjoying the run Peter.


Club Library Members are most welcome to borrow books/articles from the Club Library. Please record your name and the book’s title(s) in the Lending Book so that they can be tracked is necessary. If you have any old books/manuals and wish to get rid of them, Pat Dutton, our Librarian, would love to take them off your hands. Pat can be contacted on (06) 379 7918.

Donated Books from Jeremy Bicknell 

MG Midget

Morris Minor series 2

Morris 1100

Fiat 500

Wolesley 44/4

Also Various workshop manuals including one for the Wolesley 44/4 Thank you Jeremy for your donation to our club library.







Buying & selling Property Powers of Attorney Commercial Matters Relationship Property

• Refinancing • Family Trusts • Subdivisions • Estates/Wills

0800 PPTY LAW (0800 778 952) 26

VEHICLE INFORMATION VEHICLE ID Members who wish to apply for Vehicle Identification Certification (VIC), are asked to contact one of our Branch Vehicle ID Officers. Their names and contact details are provided in each Zenith magazine (generally on page 3). If you wish to participate in any National VCC event, you need to have a Vehicle Identification Certificate. Please don’t leave it to the last minute as it takes some time for the processing of paperwork. VIC Applications: Must be accompanied by the appropriate form which can be downloaded from the VCC NZ website or contact your club secretary. The form should be sent to your local branch secretary for processing. SELLING YOUR VEHICLE? If your vehicle has VIC Certification and you sell your vintage vehicle, please notify NZVCC, P O Box 2546 Christchurch. Ph: 03 366 4461 Fax: (03) 366 0273 or E-mail: INSURING YOUR VEHICLE/ POSSESSIONS? When you insure through VERO, you are helping our Club financially. Just let them know that you are a member of the Wairarapa VCC and quote this number: 043302 COOK STRAIT FERRY BOOKINGS Both the InterIslander and BlueBridge Ferries offer a variety of discounted fares to VCC Members. Contact the companies directly using the Vintage Car Club group booking codes. The staff are generally very helpful. INTERISLANDER: Ph: 0800 878 898 Quote Group Booking Reference Number WH5465 BLUEBRIDGE FERRY: 0800 844 844 Quote Discount Code: ANTIQUECAR 27

FOR SALE Morris Minor 1956 Morris Minor series 2 [split screen model] has later engine and radial tyres, in very tidy condition all round, regularly serviced by Pointon Motors. contact Lady owner on tele 377-2120 Masterton (2)

Parts Department Remember the Parts Department is open every Tuesday morning following our monthly Club Night or contact Frank for a private viewing - (06) 379 7167


Advertising in the Zenith You are welcome to advertise your goods for sale, swap or buy. The advertisement does not have to relate to cars/parts, anything goes. These advertisements are free to VCC Members. Contact Alec O’Hara, phone: 0277750417 or Please note advertisements will only be published for three consecutive months unless I am notified otherwise.

Don’t forget our business advertisers Their advertisements help to pay for the production of this publication. When you need a product or service consider using one of the companies advertising in the Zenith. They help us—why not reciprocate by giving them your custom.

WHAT’S ON AROUND THE COUNTRY September 15th 2018 Manawatu Branch Vintage Rally. See this issue of the Zenith for entry form. Or Dave & Esther Williams Ph (06) 358 5155 : Email : November 16-18th 2018 NZ national Veteran rally to be held in Nelson. Contact Jim and Kyra Wareing or 03 544 9998 February 15-17th 2019 NZ National Motorcycle rally to be held in Blenheim. Entries close on the 30th November. Entry forms can be obtained from Carol Taylor



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Wairarapa VCC August 2018  
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