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Newsletter May 2017

Cover Photo: Brian Billing’s 1935 Ford V8 on our recent Club Captain’s Run. See Page 14. Closing Date for Wairarapa Zenith: 15th of each month. Contributions should be emailed to the Editor— or posted to: 15 Willow Park Drive, RD11, Masterton.

Wairarapa Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Clubrooms Postal Address Branch Website Club Night Spare Parts Committee Meet

A&P Showgrounds, Chester Road, Clareville PO Box 7, Masterton, 5840

First Monday of the month (except January— none) and June (second Monday) at 7.30pm. Open each Tuesday morning following club night. Second Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm

Call and see

Trevor Kenavan for all your joinery requirements

150 Main Street, Greytown Phone: 06 379-8008 Fax: 06 304-9004 2

Your Committee 2016/17 Chairman:

John Clark

378 0380

Immediate Past Chairperson: Frances Elwin 377 0855 Vice Chairman: Willie James 372 4890 Secretary/Treasurer: Tina Goodin 02041099552 Club Captain: Gary Lang 372 7593 Committee: Paul Furkert 379 5355 Custodian: David Hunter 379 9224 Librarian: Pat Dutton 379 7918 or 3795930 Beaded Wheels Reporter: Kevin Ball Social Convenor: Val Ball

377 1236 377 1236

Spare Parts: Frank Lipinski 379 7167 Tom Mitchelmore 379 7573 Hugh Hunter 306 9847

Magazine Editor: Myrna Lane

377 3064

Vehicle Inspectors: Francis Pointon 378 6710 Graham Reidy 372 7855 3

What’s on locally…….. MAY: Mon 1st

Club Night. Another car related movie evening featuring “The Great Race” with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Our educational evening has been post poned until later in the year. Door: Earl and Tina Goodin. Sat/Sun 13/14 Motorcycle Reliability Trial. Organizers Beth and Neville Taylor. Sun 30th Bangers and Beers afternoon from 2-5pm at the club rooms. See advertisement on opposite page. JUNE: Mon 12th

Sun 18th

JULY: Mon 3rd

Wairarapa Branch AGM. Look out for the nomination form in next month’s magazine. Door: Gary and Barbara Lang. Winter Wander. Note the change of date. Organizers Myrna and Tony Lane.

Sun 9th

Club Night TBA Door: Pat Dutton. Margaret Gee Rally.

AUGUST: Mon 7th Sun 13th

Club Night TBA. Janice Groves Memorial Rally.

Winter Motorcycle Reliability Trial 13th & 14th MAY 2017 This year’s two day trial will be an overnight stay at Akitio Beach. Organizers Beth and Neville Taylor.

BANGERS & BEERS Sunday 30 May 2.00 – 5.00 pm Downstairs at the clubrooms The BBQ weather has gone so we are changing to Sunday afternoons. Bring along something to eat and drink if you wish and we’ll have tea and coffee available too. These “get togethers” are all about telling stories, discussing technical matters, looking over fellow members cars and having an enjoyable time with plenty of laughs. Everyone is very welcome. If you have a friend (or friends) who you think would enjoy “joining in”, bring them along too. Of course we just love checking out old cars so come along in your club vehicle if possible. Not just cars either, we like the bikes and commercials too. We want to gauge the interest in building a “Gymkhana special” so if you fancy the idea of being involved or know of something suitable (refer to the separate article in this magazine) please come along and be part of the discussion. Frank or Tom will be there to open up the Spare Parts store. Any questions – give me a ring on 3799224 David Hunter 5

FROM THE CHAIR Hello Folks, When I last wrote, I was unaware just how good the motorcycle members of our Club really are. You just have to read the results to appreciate it. Well done for those that brought home the silver and thanks to others who entered and supported the whole event. I am keenly waiting for the results for those that were going to Wanganui for the bike rally on the 8/9th of this month. Can they grab the silver again? Our Club Captains run was scheduled for the same weekend as the Wanganui bike rally which was a bit of a pity, but when programming is done by different branches there are bound to be conflicting dates. As you will have read, I had that problem for the Rex Porter rally. I hope that there will be sufficient entries for the Club Captain’s run as a lot of work can go on to get a successful run organised. Sheila and I are off to hopefully warmer climes and if we are lucky and there is no delay in our return flights, we should get to Masterton in time to attend the Club meeting in May. Until then, live well and remember the words of the song 'Enjoy yourself it's later than you think'. In Friendship, John C.


April Club Captain’s Report It’s great to see a regular influx of new members this year particularly as some of the long term members have reduced active participation in the club’s programme. April saw our annual Club Captain’s run which was aimed at those who prefer a relaxed and easy drive around the local area. Using only sealed roads the event traversed the Southern and Central Wairarapa and included a lunch stop at Woodside railway station near Greytown. Woodside proved to be an ideal location with its large sealed area and quiet surroundings. The accompanying motoring crossword was won by Tony and Myrna Lane with Brian Billing and Gary Wall being second equal. Coming up in May is the Annual Motorcycle Reliability event organised by Beth and Neville Taylor. The club’s Annual General Meeting is coming up in June and we are always looking for new blood to direct the clubs programme. Please give your thoughts to your active participation in this. Gary Lang

By the will of Allah I decided to go to the local mosque in Bradford for the first time to see what it was all about: I sat down and the Imam came up to me, laid his hands on my hand and said: "By the will of Allah and the prophet Mohammad - you will walk today." I told him I wasn't paralyzed, But I did have a small bunion on my left foot. He came back and laid his hands on me and looking skywards, earnestly repeated his mantra: "By the will of Allah and the prophet Mohammad - you will walk today." Once again, I told him there really was nothing wrong with me. After prayers I stepped outside? And Bugger me ---MY CAR WAS GONE !!!! 7

APRIL CLUBNIGHT Our members have recently attended events outside the area and this was the opportunity to hear about these. The overhead projection system behaved itself and the speakers were able to illustrate their adventures to good effect. Tony and Myrna Lane had recently returned from an annual event that they regularly attended in Gisborne. This included a visit to the famous Motu area. Unfortunately the Citroen suffered a tyre blowout and a replacement was not immediately available. Myrna reported that the event was not up to previous standards, Last Auckland Anniversary Weekend Paul Furkert took his 1949 Land Rover on an excursion over the famous Lochinvar Station on the Napier Taupo road. Organised by the Waitemata Vintage Car Club, the event featured most cars from the 1920s with high ground clearance. One of the rules of the event was that all cars had to compete with the tops down, regardless of the weather. The route traversed the station, the largest in the North Island, over fairly rough gravel tracks. The accompanying video highlighted the rugged terrain. Howard and Marion Sims had just returned from an event for Model T Fords in the Wanganui and Ruahine district. It was interesting to note that none of the Model T’s competing suffered any mechanical problems. Thanks to all who participated in the evening and to Paul for lending his technical expertise. Gary Lang.





Beer and Bangers - Kevin Ball Our new club activity, the Friday night Beer and Bangers, is a winner, if the second session, dealing with rust, was anything to go by. Around a dozen guys gathered to share thoughts on the eternal problem, and some interesting ideas emerged. New(ish) member Simon Byrne brought along his lovely 1952 Armstrong Siddeley for a demo on spraying the inside of box frames with Fishoilene. I must say the modern product is a lot more pleasant than the foul-smelling brew I sprayed on the floor of my Mini 50 years ago. The stench of that treatment took months to wear off. Paul demonstrated how a compressor and a spray bottle with a long wand could combine to give good coverage of the most inaccessible areas. At the other end of the technology scale was an experiment being carried out by Hugh Hunter, who had a rusted nut and bolt he was cleaning. It had the terminal of a battery charger attached to one end and was immersed in a large beetroot tin filled with a mix containing washing soda. The other charger terminal was attached to the tin, and the mix was bubbling away happily. All very pleasant (including the snags on the Barbie) and we were home in time for the footy on television.



Left: The brains trust keeps watch on proceedings.

Right: Hugh Hunter with his witch’s brew powered by a battery charger. Below: The Armstrong Siddeley getting the Paul Furkert anti-rust treatment

Thanks Kevin for the entertaining report and the photos. See what you are missing? Come along to the next session.


Club Captain's Run Sunday 9th April 2017 dawned cold but fine. Heather and I decided to go on the run. We made a picnic lunch and got the 1948 Wolseley 18/85 going. After the usual morning tea at the clubrooms we set off with very simple instructions firstly to the north and then south through Greytown with a loop using Te Maire road before heading back to Greytown and out to the Woodside railway station carpark for our picnic lunch. Lovely warm weather. This was a great spot for lunch and a masterstroke by Gary. Gary had made up a very interesting crossword puzzle that occupied entrants’ minds as they drove to lunch. We had four blanks with American car model names. But we managed to be second equal having been defeated by Tony and Myrna who had two blanks. After lunch we followed more simple instructions to take us north to the west of Greytown and Carterton. We then travelled east through Gladstone and Longbush roads and finally along Francis line to SH2 and back to the clubrooms for afternoon tea. It was quite a long rally but the roads were great for old cars. One thing the organisers should insist on is ensuring competitors do not follow other competitors so the general public have difficulty overtaking. I would insist on at least 100 metres between competitors at all times. We do not wish to antagonise people in modern cars who could complain. Otherwise it was a great day out and our thanks to Gary and Barbara. Thanks Gary Wall for the report. I understand that Bill Billing was 2 nd equal with Gary and Heather in the crossword competition. Editor Photos (right): Members and their nineteen cars at the lunch stop at the Woodside Railway Station on the recent Club Captain's Run A great turnout and a “picture perfect” day. No trains came by but I was very impressed by the presence of a Trans Metro employee armed with cleaning rags and a feather duster, who cleaned all the seats and the shelter or perhaps he was “undercover” policing our activities! . 12


Cover Story - 1936 Ford Humpback Sedan At the great age of 12, being a schoolboy in Standard four, my best friend was heavily into old Ford V8's. He bought a ‘36 humpback sedan, and raved about it! Me? I couldn't understand what the big deal was. What a funny looking old car! One day, he got that old thing going, and we had a ride. That was cool. It sounded so 'grouse' and wow, did it have some power. I was instantly in love with Ford V8's, and had to have one day. Aged 16, I had commenced an apprenticeship in fitting and turning, and being financial, I bought a ‘48 Ford sedan for the exorbitant price of $60.00. It had a cracked windscreen and a blown 2nd gear. At that time my uncle was using a ‘47 coupe as his daily drive. He also had a collection of old cars residing on his holiday property on Waiheke Island. Amongst that collection was a ‘35 sedan. Now, I didn't know what a ‘35 looked like, but, if it was anything like my mates ‘36, I wanted it! So, the swap was done. I traded the ‘48 for a ‘35. My parents HATE Ford V8's. They were “bodgies” cars, [to this day they have never so much as sat in my car!!], so, unable to take it home, I rented a shed and commenced a rebuild. The ‘35, when I got it, read a mileage of 36,000 miles, and I believe that to be correct, as mechanically, the car was in very good condition. I did, however, replace virtually every major component with NOS [new old stock] parts. This was, after all, going to be my car for life!! It was, despite the low mileage, rather rusty. A lot of welding took place, but finally I had the car ready for the road. The love affair started in earnest once it became road legal. I used it every day if for no other reason, than the sheer joy I experienced driving it. Then disaster!! At around midnight, one night, I hit a horse that was standing in the middle of the road without his lights on. The car suffered major damage. I rebuilt it as well as I could, but alas, it would never again be the same, and again, used it as daily transport every day for around 30 years. I don't know how many miles it has done as every few years, if a speedo stopped working, I'd simply replace it with another. 14

After a few years of driving it, I desired to 'improve' it a bit. Radial tyres were fitted in the early ‘80's. They transformed how the car drove. Engine mods followed, later steering box then suspension lowering, finally sway bars fitted front and rear. The car still runs the original drive train including mechanical brakes and has never been off the chassis. I have drag raced it and campaigned it in dirt track racing, where it excels. FORD stands for 'Fantastic on Rough Dirt', but mainly just drive the wheels off of it every chance I get. It is ultra reliable [although it was running on 7 cylinders at the last club meeting], never breaks anything [touch wood], and is thoroughly delightful to drive. Brian Billing

Stolen from a factory in Onehunga Auckland 2 model A Fordors were partially stripped and the parts stolen over Auckland Anniversary weekend from a lock up. Members are asked to keep a look out for any of these items. 2 front doors for a 1930 Fordor in complete and good condition. 1 complete radiator with surround, 1 complete head light bar with both lights, 2 bonnets and thermo radiator caps, All outside and inside door handles from both cars, Spare wheel, luggage rack, rear bumpers, and both front bumpers, All front door hinges were cut with a grinder to get door off the car. 2 head light surround trims, glass, and reflectors - gone, Both instrument panels complete with Speedo’s, Both horns and some other small parts. If any one hears of a new stash of 1930 Model A parts let me know on 09-8329818. The police and insurance company are also very interested. Errol McAlpine (Auckland Branch) 15

From your Editor………. Hi Folks, I am currently in Auckland. Tony and I came up here for the North Island Easter Rally which was hosted by the Auckland Branch of the VCC. Our trip up was uneventful although a little wet with lots of evidence of slips and flooding. We stayed overnight in Taupo where it was “bucketing down” and it was only the following morning when we filled with petrol before leaving that we noticed that we had a broken front headlight. We stopped at “Merc Works” just north of Tirau in the hope of getting a replacement but despite there being a huge selection of “retired” Mercedes vehicles to choose from, there were no 1973 right hand headlights for a 350 SL! There were a lot of ducks! The owner was very helpful and gave us the address of a Mercedes parts place in Wiri. After more rain and gradually more and more traffic we found the place and managed to purchase a brand new boxed replacement.! Our Friday morning was spent replacing said light. The “culprit” (a large stone) was still in the fitting! After much fiddling and oodles of broken glass we got it back together and now looking happy again. The rally was on Easter Saturday. No questions. No straight line navigation. Just timing, silent checks and some devious pitfalls which we were totally unaware of until we saw the results. Very cunning instructions devised by the plotter. But, enough of that I will save the details for another time. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I will send this magazine off to the printers in Greytown and with the help of Jean Mitchelmore it will be posted out and in your letter boxes by next week. Thank you Jean for always helping out when I ask. Myrna Lane 16

Wanganui Motorcycle Trial On the 8th- 9th April a group Wairarapa VCC members attended the Wanganui Branch 35th Autumn motorcycle trial, namely Neville Taylor (AJS), Willis St Clair (BSA), Dave Henwood (Honda), Howard Sims (Harley), Willie James (BSA). The day of the trial tuned out to be a glorious one with no wind. We all set off at our individual start times on either long or short routes which led us through back country roads to the lunch stop at the Halcombe Tavern. What a lunch it was, put on by the locals. This was the end of the timed section. My day ended at lunch time with terrible noises coming from the back hub. The afternoon route carried on around the Santoft area and then back to Wanganui. The prize giving proved successful with Howard and Dave winning their classes. Willis gained recognition as the oldest competitor and I collected the hard luck trophy - namely a bent conrod attached to a piece of wood! A thoroughly enjoyable weekend for the blokes while the ladies engaged in some retail therapy. Willie James Thanks for the report Willie. The motorcyclists are certainly getting out and about. Editor. Photo: Our Vice Chairman, Willie James with his “hard luck� trophy. 17

WANTED FOR A GOOD CAUSE An old unwanted car or remains of one Near the end of the last Bangers and Beers gathering discussion started on what we should do for future meetings. Paul Furkert put forward an idea of his: let’s build a ‘gymkhana special’. The plan is to obtain an old car with a chassis or the remains of one, place it in the downstairs part of the clubrooms and as a group project, make it a runner. We have a large collection of parts in our store to draw on and, most importantly, Frank Lipinski is happy to let us loose on them. We’re talking here of getting a car which is beyond economic restoration (i.e. destined for the scrap yard) to use as a base to make into something driveable by a group of keen club members. The finished creation would be taken out to paddocks, driven around a course with everyone taking their turn and times compared. It would be a ‘special’ to have fun with. There is no intention of building a road registered car. It will be for off-road only. Hopefully we can do it all for free or at least for very little cost, while having enjoyment and camaraderie along the way. So, first of all we need a suitable vehicle or enough parts to make a start and enough members who are interested in being involved. We have just had an old body and a few parts (thought to be Essex) given to our Branch so that might be a start but we are keen to know of anything else available to us. If you know of something Paul or I would like to hear from you or, better still, come along to the Bangers and Beers to tell us in person. Details of the next one are in this magazine. David Hunter On most brands of Christmas lights -'For indoor or outdoor use only.' (as opposed to what?) On a child's Superman costume -'Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly.' (I don't blame the company. I blame the parents for this one.) 18

Library News The following books have been donated to the club:“Henry’s Wonderful Model T 1908 – 1927” donated by Will Holmes A set of “Automobile Engineering” by the American Technical Society donated by Kevin and Val Ball. A set of “Automobile Electric Equipment” by International Textbook Co. and a book on “Oxy-Acetylene Welding”. Thankyou to these members for their donations.

Club Library Members are most welcome to borrow books/articles from the Club Library. Please record your name and the book’s title(s) in the Lending Book so that they can be tracked is necessary. If you have any old books/manuals and wish to get rid of them, Pat Dutton, our Librarian, would be love to take them off your hands. Pat can be contacted on (06) 379 7918.

The Navigator’s Plate trophy which is presented at the Rex Porter Rally is missing from the Trophy Cabinet. If anyone has any idea of it’s whereabouts please contact Pat Dutton or any Committee Member. Our AGM is coming up. Have you thought about standing for the committee?



Wairarapa Branch website Our website address is: You can access magazines from other branches on the VCC Website: and click on “News from our Branches�.

Name Badges Members, please remember to wear your name badge to ALL Club events. This makes it easier for newer members to learn who you are and for you to get to know them. If you have lost your badge and/or wish to order one, please contact Pat Dutton, phone (06) 379 5930 (Work) or (06) 379 7918 or email: . Badges cost $15 each.


Vehicles constructed prior to 31st December 1918 Vehicles constructed between 1st January 1919 and 31 st December 1931 Post Vintage: Vehicles constructed between 1st January 1932 and 31st December 1945 Post War: Vehicles constructed between 1st January 1946 and 31st December 1960 Post 1960: Vehicles constructed after 1st January 1961 provided that no vehicle is accepted for this class until January 1st of the year that is thirty years after its original year of construction. Post 1980: Vehicles constructed after 1st January 1980 provided that no vehicle is accepted for this class until January 1st of the year that is thirty years after its original year of construction. Factory Built & Historic Racing Vehicles: As described in the Club By-Laws Period Specials: As described in the Club By-Laws.

What did you guess?



Don’t forget our advertisers Their advertisements help to pay for the production of this publication. When you need a product or service consider using one of the companies advertising in the Zenith. They help us—why not reciprocate by giving them your custom.


PROPERTY LAW SERVICE LTD Christian Jorgensen - Honorary Solicitor for the Wairarapa Branch of The Vintage Car Club of NZ We can’t fix a Model A but we can help you with: • Buying & selling property • Refinancing • Family Trusts • Enduring Powers of Attorney

• Estates, Wills • Commercial Matters • Subdivisions • Relationship Property Agreements

Property Law Building, Cnr Phone: (06) 370 5102 or Chapel & Perry St, Masterton. (0800) PPTY LAW (0800 778 952) 24

AFFORDABLE QUALITY Venetians, Verticals, Hollands Sun Screens, Timber & Repairs


Ray Whitcombe, Masterton

06 377 4456

Fax 06 377 4247



Phone Etiquette After a tiring day, a commuter settled down in his seat and closed his eyes. As the train rolled out of the station, a woman sitting next to him pulled out her mobile phone. She started talking in a loud voice: "Hi sweetheart. It's Sue. I'm on the train". "Yes, I know it's the six thirty and not the four thirty, but I had a long meeting. No, honey, not with that Kevin from the accounting office. It was with the boss. No sweetheart, you're the only one in my life. Yes, I'm sure, cross my heart!" Fifteen minutes later, she was still talking loudly. When the man sitting next to her had had enough, he leaned over and said into the phone, "Sue, hang up the phone and come back to bed."


VEHICLE INFORMATION VEHICLE ID Members who wish to apply for Vehicle Identification Certification (VIC), are asked to contact one of our Branch Vehicle ID Officers. Their names and contact details are provided in each Zenith magazine (generally on page 3). If you wish to participate in any National VCC event, you need to have a Vehicle Identification Certificate. Please don’t leave it to the last minute as it takes some time for the processing of paperwork. VIC Applications: Must be accompanied by the appropriate form which can be downloaded from the VCC NZ website or contact your club secretary. The form should be sent to your local branch secretary for processing. SELLING YOUR VEHICLE? If your vehicle has VIC Certification and you sell your vintage vehicle, please notify NZVCC, P O Box 2546 Christchurch. Ph: 03 366 4461 Fax: (03) 366 0273 or E-mail: INSURING YOUR VEHICLE/ POSSESSIONS? When you insure through VERO, you are helping our Club financially. Just let them know that you are a member of the Wairarapa VCC and quote this number: 043302 COOK STRAIT FERRY BOOKINGS Both the InterIslander and BlueBridge Ferries offer a variety of discounted fares to VCC Members. Contact the companies directly using the Vintage Car Club group booking codes. The staff are generally very helpful. INTERISLANDER: Ph: 0800 878 898 Quote Group Booking Reference Number WH5465 BLUEBRIDGE FERRY: 0800 844 844 Quote Discount Code: ANTIQUECAR 27

FOR SALE A Masterton man has a collection of HR Premier Holden parts – glass, trim, seats etc. For details. contact Kevin Ball on 377-1236, or (1)

Ford Escort Mk II Rack and Pinion (only used for about 5,000 km). Offers. Please ring Frank Lipinski (06)379 7167. (1)

Parts Department Many thanks to John Cameron for donating the following parts. 4 X 5 litre tins of Morris 50SAE Engine Oil Timing Lights Compression Tester Oxyacetylene Gauge (new - still in box) 3 X Oil Drip Trays A number of attractive “vehicle related” prints for your wall. Offers considered. If you're looking for any of these items they are now available from our Parts Department. Remember the Parts Department is open every Tuesday morning following our monthly Club Night or contact Frank, Tom or Hugh for a private viewing - (06) 379 7167 (Frank), (06) 379 7573 (Tom) or (06) 306 9847 (Hugh). Members are welcome to advertise their goods for sale, swap or buy. The advertisement does not have to relate to cars/parts, anything goes. Contact Myrna Lane, phone: 06 377 3064 or Please note advertisements will only be published for three consecutive months unless I am notified otherwise. 28

FOR SALE Trolley Jack 3.5 ton $60.00 Wheel Clamp $40.00. Phone Gary 06 379 8386 (3)

FOR SALE A club car from next year ... 1988 Mitsubishi Mirage GLX. Colour White. New Zealand new. Owned by one family since new. Currently registered until July 2017. Serviced by Toms Autos for the last 18 years. Tidy condition. Make an offer. Contact Peter 0273356843. (2)


Manawatu Branch Post Vintage Rally. Entries close 27th April. Ashburton Swap Meet. Waikato Restoration Run.

4 17 25

Waikato Double 50 Rally. Organisers Graham Boswell (021 2900985) and Graham Rickard (021 492066). Double 50 means 50 miles out and 50 miles back. Wanganui, Annual Burma Rally. Manawatu, Night Trial. Wellington, Colonial Cup Rally.

JULY 1-2 9 16

Wellsford, Winter Woolies Wander. Rotorua, Central North Island Swap Meet. Horwhenua, Night Owl Run.

For more information regarding these events please contact the branch involved or contact your club Secretary.


Sender: The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Wairarapa Branch (Incorporated) P.O. Box 7 MASTERTON 5840


Wairarapa VCC May 2017  
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