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Committee Members for 2017-2018 Chairman

Steve Dyson


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John Dawson



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Robert Todd


Club Captain

Suzanne Anderson


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Peter Bootsma


Bill Ryan


Club Room Convener Barry Duff Newsletter

Barry Anderson

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Coming Events November 18th

NO VCC Swap Meet


18-19th All American Weekend


December 2nd

Windsor Rally

Nth Otago


Christmas BBQ Run



Christmas Parade


2018 1st January New Year day Parade


10th February Wallaby Rally


Horsepower does not derive its name from a horse. In fact, based on the conversion of one horsepower into 746 watts or 33,000 pound-feet of torque per minute, a horse produces barely .7 horsepower. The name is just something the two have in common. Confused about which side of the car to pull up to the pump on? Check out the arrow on your fuel gauge, it will point you in the right direction. The dash board got its start as a piece of wood attached to the front of a horse-drawn buggy to prevent mud from hitting the carriage driver. The highest speeding ticket ever issued was to a man with a leadfoot in Switzerland who was clocked at 180 miles per hour. His fine was calculated based on the speed he was traveling, and his income. He was given a citation just over one million dollars. Next time your key fob doesn’t reach to your car from where you are standing, hold it to your head and push the button. Apparently, your head acts as an amplifier and nearly doubles the key fobs range. Up to 95% of vehicles are recycled every year, making it the most recycled product on the planet.

Cuppa & Parts Morning 1st Thursday and 2nd Saturday of every month 9:45—12.00 noon

The first ever recorded automobile accident occurred back in 1771, with a steam-powered self-propelled vehicle who lost control.

Chairman’s Report Hi everyone Sorry I always start this report the same so this time I thought I would change it. Big thanks to all members who put cars in the car show at the event centre. Even with the lack of information it was a success with about 450 viewing the cars. A big thanks to those who helped laying out the carpet squares about 700 of them. A very good effort. The car show was by all accounts a big success although there were a lot of problems, hopefully we learn by the mistakes. The Waimate VCC had about 25 cars entered. We had a lot of positive comments; all the cars looked really good. I have been approached by Ross Andrews on behalf of a group called Positive Waimate regarding a Christmas parade and fun day for our local community. This will be held on the 16th December starting at 11am. The parade will leave from St Pats car park and proceed down Queen Street to Seddon Square, where there will be numerous activities. They have asked the vintage car club to participate, we will discuss at the Nov meeting. Thanks also goes to John for all the work he put into the 50year awards dinner. We have a good turnout 36 for dinner. Also I would like to thank on the behalf of the Club WAIMATE COACHLINE for the use of a bus to transport us to the venue. Thanks again for your help and support. Yours in Motoring

Steve Next Meeting: 15th November Business Meeting 7.00pm followed by General Business at 7.30pm

Club Captains Report Not a lot to report this month what with being away for most of it. It was great to attend the presentation dinner at Makikihi Hotel, and see dedicated enthusiasts receive their special badges. What a shame Trevor was unwell, however Lynda was able to accept it in his place. There will be a run to Pleasant Point with a B- B -Que and picnic lunch on Sunday 10th December. Leaving from club rooms at 10 30. Bring your salads and any food you may wish to have cooked and hope the weather is fine. Safe driving Suzanne. National Holden Museum Echuca NSW

Cover Photo The rarest of the once common British built cars is the Morris Ital, which was essentially a restyle of the Marina it replaced. Production numbers weren’t huge with 175,276 built from 1980-1984. It was scare in 2005 when only 185 were still registered in the UK, but now there are only 47, its rarer than a Javan rhinoceros apparently.

White Horse Motors High Street Waimate Agip Oils Full Range in stock

Special SAE 30 20lts $115.00 (suitable for vintage cars)

End of An Era Fear, loathing, blood, sweat and tears – it's been a tumultuous week across the ditch as the Australian motoring industry saw the last car roll off the Holden production line. First flagged three years ago, the last year has seen Ford close its plants in New South Wales and Toyota Australia cease production in Altona. Then, last Friday Holden (the last Australian car-maker) ceased manufacturing in Adelaide. Fittingly, the last car rolled off the line just down the road from where an immigrant called James Holden opened a saddlery store on "Beehive Corner" in 1856. He diversified into carriages, then car bodies and then came the pivotal Holden 48-215 – the first fully Australian-made car. At first, his store made horse saddles and harnesses. Then it moved into coaches and carriages, and, before long, it was manufacturing motorvehicle bodies. Soon after, Ford Australia took off and the red vs. blue battle started. Sadly no one thought it would end with the whole industry being wiped off the Great Southern Land map.

.Bathurst Supercars 2017 This year I went to Bathurst! The noise was amazing, cars by day, loud music by night. Security searches of cars coming in, and bag searches as you went through the gate onto the track, looking for what you might ask? Any alcohol in glass containers. Any weapons! . Camping consisted of luxury caravans, tents of all shapes and sizes, and swags. The camp was divided into plots. All marked out and numbered so it was easy to find the square you had booked By the time the camp was full you had to be careful where you walked as there were guy ropes overlapping all ways. Cooking was mainly done on camp fires, and the people selling firewood did a roaring trade. There was a large shower block and toilets in the middle of the camp which was well maintained And a credit to the cleaning staff. There was also a large camp at the highest point of the track. So overall there would have been 6 campsites with Thousand camping there (6500 camp sites). A lot of families, and the young ones amused themselves on bikes up and down the lanes between the tents, building ramps to jump over. It was all really safe for the kids and great to see them enjoying the experience. If one got tired of the racing there was a great area for shopping. Displays, , food, and most popular, meet the drivers. There were long lines of fans waiting to get autographs and memorabilia. The drivers were very generous with their time. For me Bathurst was a great experience, a shame Ford did not win, but there is always next year Suzanne

Waimate 50 Events Centre Display

Minutes of monthly meeting Waimate VCC Club Rooms 19-10-17 Present;- as per attachment. Apologies;-Geoff Bellman, Suzanne and Barry Anderson, Peter Bootsma moved Barry Duff & John Dawson passed. Minutes;- Circulated in Rolling Wheels, & taken as read moved John Dawson & Barry Duff passed Arising;-Numbers for meal for 50 year badge night, Bus to take people out to Makikihi for the evening. Nothing done about new computer. Treasurers Report;- as per attached. Correspondence;All correspondence through emails, in & out. Moved Steve & Robert


Presentation;- Chairman Steve presented a cheque for S120.00 to Janice Mehrtens for the Waimate Cancer Society re the VCC National cancer day. Reports;-Barry Duff said that lawns had been mown & clubrooms were nice & tidy. Parts;- Chairman reported that $60 of parts had been sold, & a tyre sold for $20 which was returned & money was given as a donation. General Business;- 5 members went down to the Events Centre & helped to put down carpet squares as protection on floor ready to display the Vintage & Classic cars as part of the Waimate 50 dsplay. Some members were a bit disappointed that Classic cars were roped off & vintage cars weren’t. Steve brought up about discussion of last month re looking into shifting the site of the swap meet, & said that we shouldn’t make a hasty decision, & perhaps we might be able to utilise the Silver Band Hall. David Owen a guest at the meeting was asked on their Halls behalf, & said that he didn’t think it would be a problem. Meeting closed at 7.45pm Some Lion Club members were welcomed to take part in a games evening, followed by supper. Signed by Chairman

Before Setting up Display

Waimate VCC November 2017