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July 2018

Vol 55

Venture Waikato Branch

Newsletter of the Veteran & Vintage Car Club (Waikato) Inc.

REAA 2008

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Editor’s Snippet Hi Everyone Well no one else wanted the Job!!! Guess you will have to make do with me again. There is a lot happening. Of particular mention is our 60th Birthday celebration so book out the 6th October. It is assumed that most of you will not have to sort a baby sitter for the night!! More information next month in Venture. The other mention is for the Daffodil Rally for Cancer on Sunday 26th August. It is part of the National VCC Daffodil Rally for Cancer. We have all been touched with the passing of a loved one taken to soon by Cancer. Lets make it huge Run . Bring your car or cars out for a run, fill it with Family or Friends lets make this huge. Thank you for your support for me as Editor, for your ads and articles . I try to keep the magazine informative and with a little humour at times. If you come across a good story please send it to me at :


Keep to the left and enjoy your motoring Bozy

Chairman Report Secretary’s Report Club Captain Motor Cycle

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PV Rally Entry Form June Club night AGM comment Club history Sale & Wanted adverts

Double 50 comments and results Pg8,9,10,11,18,19 Home and away pg 12/17 KM Ford Report pg 7

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Front Cover: 60th Birthday celebrations poster


C h a ir m a n ’s C h a tter Hi Folks Just a quick note to catch the magazine cut off time. Well the A.G.M. is over and for better or worse you have me as your Chairman. Some may feel they have got worse but that is what you get when better fails to turn up but there are still vacancies on the committee. We desperately need a secretary. We may be able to bumble through a couple of months without one but in the end if we don’t get somebody we may have to put the club into recess that’s how important the job is to the running of the club. It’s your club so if you think you may be able to give it a go please come forward, your club needs you. I am writing this on Thursday after the A.G.M. and tomorrow we are off to Fiji for ten days. Hopefully I’ll come back recharged, bright eyed and bushy tailed and full of bright ideas and to the news we have a new secretary. Until then safe motoring. Tony

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S e c r e ta r y

Secretary’s Report As we have nobody prepared to be the Club Secretary there will be no report this month . This month only Rally is the Sulphur City Rally on 25th August. Remember Rotorua Swap Meet Sunday 8th July. If any of you has an inclination to be secretary can you please speak to someone on the Committee.


- Lost Members

I am constantly getting emails that I send to John and Kay Jennings, ping back to me. I have tried to ring them but the number has been disconnected. Could John or Kay or any body knowing them please ask them to let me know both their phone number and their email address. John & Kay Jennings, PO Box 351, Otorohanga


C lu b C a p t a in After decades of membership and only planning a couple of Mooloos And commercial events , I felt guilty when reading the venture about folks not putting their hands up to be useful. I also noticed that our club did well for a long period without a Club Captain. My thoughts were that it was something that I could do. Especially with so many people not standing for re-election at the AGM. I also thought it would free up Graham who, may be prepared to do something more important for our club. The Double Fifty is the best event to showcase our club and district. I am sure all members would have been pleased with the efforts of Tracey, Wayne and helpers who kept the tradition going. It was also pleasing to see such a good turnout at the AGM. Over many years of reading the venture I have noticed that the Chairman’s, Editor’s and Club Captain’s reports have said almost exactly the same thing. I thought it would be worthwhile to cover different aspects of the Club activities and the Club Captains role. The first thing to achieve would be feedback from members on Greg’s thoughts from the previous Venture article. (June 2018). Are we having too many events? Is this the reason entries are declining? Are all these events creating too much work for our Committee? Are these not the right types of activities? I will ask the Committee to consider a survey of members. Greg’s suggestion of involving interested members of the public at our open days and gymkhanas, including giving them rides in our vintage and veteran cars and perhaps even drives. Barrie Grant also has been suggesting this as a way to keep the interest in our cars alive with the next generation. I recall four vintage car buffs from Australia, who recently visited Bev and I at our Tauwhare shed and who we took for a ride in our Locomobile Steamer. I am certain they were grinning all the way back to the West isle. We did sit with them as they drove as I hate to think what would have happened if they were allowed to push the go lever all the way forward. Terry Piduck 6


KM Ford Report 

A meeting with the painter and paint supplier was held early in the month. Preparation instructions have been received; painting has commenced; and the cost to the project of the painting input is being met by a group of sponsors  Fabrication of the brass windscreen has been completed.  Guards , splash aprons and wheels have been sealed, prepared for painting and painted.  Chassis and associated fitting is currently in the paint shop for painting.  Windscreen and top support frames are all but complete. Currently awaiting the fibre glass’s inputs  Delivery of fibre glass seat continues to be uncertain.  The balance of the steelwork to be galvanised is expected to go to the galvaniser at the end of next week.  The quenched hot dip galvanised panels will go to the sandblasters at the end of next week to be brush ( whip ) blasted prior to painting. The fibre glass ‘s input remain on the critical path.



Double 50 Rally 2-3 June 2018


50 / 60 -2018 What a great 50/50(60). First rally for nearly 3 years for us and we were so looking forward to it. The bloody rain that poured down all day could not stop us (yea rite). The words of one entrant i.e. “heard it pouring so chose to come in the modern for a cuppa” kept ringing in our ears all day. An excellent line up of entrants for our premium event, great to see the support from other branches and catching up with old rally mates from past rallies was just great. Briefing from the Hayward’s with G.I.Joe close by, told us all we needed to know. Excellent idea starting first car away at 10 o’clock, things seemed too relaxed, has to be something sinister close by we thought, but there wasn’t, so off we go into the elements, the Merc sounding sweet until the first drip of H2O appeared. Thank god we took about 5 old towels in anticipation. After a while the drip turned into a German monsoon and directly above she who was reading out the instructions. What a cool idea silent checks worded in the 60s lingo, eh dude. Were they mildly hidden or not? Come on we got them all, or so we thought (ha ha ha no not “WICKED”). Onwards to lunch, another good idea with the start and the lunch break being at the same venue and only 30 minutes for lunch and a quick splash and go. That’s if the queues weren’t too long. After lunch we headed off, wet seat, damp instructions, the Merc fogged up on the inside and the outside, no time for a: you know what as there could be someone checking our arrival time and departure time, HA HA we not stupid but there wasn’t. Straight line navigation (can’t understand why so many hate it as it’s so simple). Gosh its raining harder now than before, only a clear peep hole in the window screen to see through. OH! OH! What’s the budda holding? Bugga missed that so u turn required. If you remember it was in a new subdivision with a wide road either side of a stone filled traffic island. We pulled to the centre in a designated turning lane and double checked both ways before moving off. A speeding motorist (no not our mob) appeared from nowhere traveling down the wrong side of the road flat out. We must have been inches from our fate, and all for a ball and chain. Gathering our thoughts we proceeded on, 18mph was out the window by now just let’s get this bloody straight line out of the way we thought. So easy this straight line, that’s if you do it right, (DAM) thank god for Tony and Jude (marshels) as home was looking a really good option. A few deep breaths and words of encouragement to each other we continued on recording the silent checks and avoided winding up in the ditch at “hooker road” ha! ha! Nice one stu. Seem to recognise these roads from last year. Eventually we found our way back to the club rooms a bit wet but very happy with our efforts. Joe!!! You can be very proud of your daughters and son in-law as organising a 50/50 is no mean feat that sucks up 12mths of your life. To the marshals who stood out in the rain, the cup of tea mumma, a huge thanks to you also. Well done and thanks again Des and Val Harvey. 9



Events Ahead

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Club Night



Wednesday Wander



Club Run



Club Night




Wednesday Wander



National VCC Daffodil Day




Club Night



Wed Wander



PV Rally



Shed Raid to BOP



Club Night 11th July Come along and see a video of early Auckland Trams. This is history of a bygone era . Something that Auckland could well do with these days . Derek Dixon has kindly brought this video along for the night.

Meeting starts at 8.00pm with parts shed open from 7.00pm. 12





Events Ahead

Away 8

Rotorua Swap Meet



Sulphur City Rally



National VCC Daffodil Day



August September

Wednesday Wander July 18th. August 15th. 12 - 2pm for lunch and a pint. at The Top Pub, Morrinsville. On your right if you're heading north on H.Way 26. Andy Hammond. (07) 8235712

HIRE THE CLUBROOMS Don't forget your clubrooms are available for hire. A discount is available for club members. Reasonable rates. Contact the custodian. Andy Hammond. (07) 8235712 or 17



My thoughts on the 2018 AGM. For those who missed the night the club rooms was near enough full, We arrived at 7.55pm to find the car park full to overflowing so by the time we got into the room only a few seats were left we were pointed to 2 seats in the front row and I thought if this was a live theatre show the back seats would be available not the front row, funny that, oh well we humans are so predictable aren’t we. The meeting started with a minutes silence for members who have passed away this last year, then the meeting got underway and quite a lot of input from the floor. People were thanked for the effort that has gone into the replica ford for the Hamilton gardens, discussions on what the club should do regarding club runs – more or less, competitive or touring – updating the club constitution about an auditor and the need to spend a few dollars on the roof of the club rooms, also people were thanked for their work and contributions over the 2017/8 year. There is a lot of things happening in this club which I guess we sometimes take for granted – like organising club runs all done with no fuss, the spares shed and librarian and all the people involved in running the admin side of things, Wednesday Wander – all just takes place. Most of us just expect things to happen – which they do of course, so last night all these people got acknowledged, some with awards, some received flowers and some got to be mentioned which I thought was very good and I’m sure was appreciated. Then it got a bit serious because it came time for people to step up for the 2018/19 year. I thought with the room so full this was going to be a walk in the park – why would the room be so full if they aren’t going to fight over who was going to do what for the coming year I felt sure they haven’t all come just to see what’s on offer for supper – no. Anyway, all went well with the chairman being selected no problem, vice chairman – no problem, secretary ------- silence – what? Can’t be surely, anyway no secretary, oh dear what’s going to happen at future meetings – never mind so long as there‘s still supper, Treasurer – no hands up but things are underway to sort that out and we’ll know by the next meeting, Club Captain, Editor all sorted, social convenor --- silence again – I thought oh well here goes future suppers down the drain, we’ll all have to bring our own water bottles to meetings, we’ll survive I guess, Custodian, Librarian, all good from last year – that’s good, no worries there, committee great 4 people said they would do it and parts committee all good to go, so progress was good and all too soon it was time for 25 and 35 year badges to be handed out, and as I said before flowers to 2 of the ladies for the past years efforts in keeping us all informed. All too soon it was supper and yes as usual the folks in the kitchen excelled with cuppa and cakes – not looking forward to just my bottle of water in the future. Just joking.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve got some good things to look forward to in the meantime, like on the 20 th of June we have a Wednesday Wander to the TOP PUB in Morrinsville for a fattening lunch like burgers or something tempting, then on the 24 th June a club run to Mt. Maunganui leaving the club rooms at 10am for a leisurely drive to visit the “Classic Flyers Museum” and have lunch, great. Sunday the 26th of August is the National Daffodil day run in Hamilton so the club is hoping for a good turn out there to get our club name out there to the public. Coming up on Saturday the 6th of October at 6pm we are organised to have a 60th dinner at the Classic car museum in Hamilton but we’re told to book early as room is limited – looking forward to that night. Anyway after the meeting closed, cuppas drunk and food consumed we left the club rooms around 10.45pm, good night was had by all I think. Derek Dixon 20

Continued from last month Venture page 23



Next Month we will continue with the late 60’s. 23

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Hello. I had your club recommended to me from the CVCC as to possibly having contacts in your area for vintage mopeds. I live in Central Otago and are part of a group who are looking for 1950's and 1960's mopeds for sale either complete or as projects. I.would appreciate any assistance you maybe able to provide to us in regard to this thank you.

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