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april 2017

CLUB NIGHT; The second Wednesday of the month at the clubrooms Hickling Park, AC Baths Ave Taupo

Taupo Vintage Car Club Officers for 2016 / 2017 PATRON Graham Mock HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS Bob Pettigrew Graham Mock Joe Ridley CHAIRMAN Neil Chave 07 3765262 IMM PAST CHAIRMAN Brent Davidson 07 378 2691 SECRETARY Eric Foley 07 378 7006 TREASURER Lynne Sutherland 07 376 7259 CLUB CAPTAIN Tony Mannington 07 377 1598 MAGAZINE EDITOR Greg Nattrass 07 378 9109 376 7259 COMMITTEE Marty Sutherland Terry Nielsen 376 8380 John Godfrey 377 2280 Peter & Maureen Ransley 3776360 Non-COMMITTEE POSITIONS ARCHIVESTS BEADED WHEELS SCRIBE CLUBROOM HIRE LIBRARIAN RAFFLES RALLY SPONSOR SPARE PARTS VIC CERTIFIER

June & Graham Mock Greg Nattrass Eric Foley Terry Neilsen Trish Jefferies Drews Goldsmiths Bruce Jefferies Lester Strawbridge

378 7513 378 9109 378 7006 376 8380 378 4774 3781133 378 4774 378 4487

Coming Events for Taupo VCC 2017 MAY PROGRAMME Taupo VCC AGM Wednesday 10 May 2017. 7.30pm. Supper will be served at conclusion of meeting. th

Committee Meeting. Monday 15th May 2017. 7.30pm. Club Run. Sunday 21 May 2017. Navigation Run Meet at Clubrooms at 12.30pm for a 1pm start. Campbell’s to plot course. st


Saturday 10 June Sunday 18th June Monday 19th June


Wednesday, 12 July Sat/Sun 15/16th July Monday 17th July

JUNE Mid Winter Christmas Pot Luck Dinner at Clubrooms. 6pm Brass Monkey run. Trish & Bruce to plot Committee meeting 7.30pm JULY Club Night 7.30pm Hobbies Expo Committee meeting 7.30pm

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April has been a busy month despite some of the wettest weather we have experienced for some time. Fortunately as the month progressed the weather improved and all of the clubs events were generally held in fine autumn weather. We started in the month with the Hospice run and those members who were able to come along had an opportunity to take a close look at the new Hospice facilities in Huka Fall Rd. This is a great facility for Taupo and our club member Richard Izard was a significant benefactor to this amazing project and service to the local community. Also during the month we held a movie night and this was the night of the ‘big storm’ that Taupo and the rest of NZ was expecting to create mayhem. We had some wind and rain but about a dozen hardy souls came along to enjoy the movie “The Butler”. We hosted the VCC North Island Club Captain’s Tour and some members helped the Jowett club to act as ‘independent’ judges for their show & shine held in Taupo. On Sunday 23rd April we had a great turnout of 45+ members for a run to Tihoi Tavern for a BBQ lunch. Plenty of sunshine and a great BBQ seemed to be well received by all that attended. In May the club will hold the AGM and we urge members if possible to come along and attend this meeting so you can have your say about how the club is run. Nomination forms have been sent out in the previous newsletters and if you feel you wish to stand for any of the committee positions including Chairman etc then we welcome your application. Some committee members will be standing down and we do invite your nomination. The roles on the committee are not onerous and the club meets monthly to consider all issues that face the club and make decisions about our future. Our club secretary has nomination forms so if you want to join in get one filled out today and send it to Eric. The year is really starting to gallop away as we approach the mid year and the club has a great range of activities coming up in this the Taupo VCC’s 50th Anniversary year. Some special events are planned for our 50th and a small committee will be set up to plan for this. More on this in future newsletters. Coming up on May 21st is the Navigation Run so we look forward to as many of you as possible coming along for this event. Neil

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Club Captain’s Report

It has been an interesting month so let’s tell you about what Pam and I have been up to during the month of April. Starting off with the North Island Club Captain Tour organized by Paul Collins, the North Island Club Captain. The tour started in Taupo at the VVCC Club Rooms on Sunday night the 2nd of April with Meet and Greet fuelled with Fish and Chips. VVCC members came from Northland to Canterbury Clubs. We spent Monday checking out the sights around Taupo, then overnighting in Taupo before heading for Taumarunui on a very wet Tuesday morning, missing some of our planned stops due to the bad weather. On to National Park on Wednesday but the weather didn't improve much. Thursday weather improved and it was off to Whanganui for 2 nights via Ohakune, Waiouru and Bulls due to road closures. We arrived in Whanganui just as the flood waters were lowering and we were able to do what Paul had planned for us. Back on the road again on Saturday traveling up to Stratford for 1 night, then on Sunday traveling through the Forgotten Highway and where Pam and I left the tour to travel back to Taupo in preparation for our next adventure. Our next adventure was on Thursday before Easter traveling over to Napier for the National Model A Rally on a very wet and wild day. The storm hit that night, causing wide spread damage, some forty trees within the city fallen. Lucky for us all, the storm blew its self out by Friday morning and our Rally was under way. Unfortunately we were not able to do some of tours that had been arranged. The Hawkes Bay Club Model A did a great job keeping 150 Model A's and 300 people happy and contented. We travelled home via the East Cape with 10 other Model A's, leaving Napier and heading to Gisborne for the night and on to Te Kaha for 1 night. Pam and I again leaving the group in Whakatane to head back to Taupo. Sunday Lunch Run. What can I say. What a wonderful turn out of Members for our monthly run. What a wonderful lunch Tihoi Pub put on for us, more than expected. What a wonderful day (weather wise). Now if we get that many for a Club Run, Lets support the " AGM" coming up on the 10th of May, 7.30pm. Most committee members are restanding expect for a couple of retirements and all positions are accounted for but don't be put off if you wish to be part of our committee team. We would love to have you on board. Tony


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Taupo VCC A.G.M Wednesday 10th May 2017, Clubrooms 7.30p.m. Please come along to support your Club. Supper will be served at conclusion of meeting. Navigation Run. Sunday 21st May, 2017 . 1pm start at Clubrooms. Last years winners Rod & Helen Campbell have stepped up and will be plotting this year’s course. Come along and enjoy an afternoon of motoring with a few laughs and finish up for afternoon tea somewhere. A college student drove his ratty, raggedy old car into the mechanic's shop, needing some repair advice for his jalopy. The mechanic looked at it for a couple of minutes and said, "What you really need is the radiator cap solution." "Oh," said the student, trying not to sound too confused, "Do you mean the radiator cap isn't holding enough pressure?" "That's part of the problem," the mechanic said. "You need to lift the radiator cap and drive another car under it. Then you can replace the radiator cap, and it should solve your problem."

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The information in this newsletter is supplied as a service to members. Articles of interest are welcome The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors, and the club accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the statements

Letters, reports, articles of interest, photos, technical tips and feedback are all welcome and should be sent to the editor before the 20th of the month

The Vintage car club of New Zealand (inc) Taupo Branch, P.O. Box 907 Taupo

Taupo VCC May 2017  
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