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McLean’s Island 2018


November 2018

The North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc.

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Newsletter submissions. Preferred formats are Open-office, Libre-office or MS Word as an attached document. Plain emails create extra work. Please, no “enter� key at the end of every line. Contact me for advice if not sure. Thanks, Graeme Guest speaker for November 7th meeting 7:30pm will be Member Geoff Omnet who will tell us about his recent trip to Bonneville Speed week in USA




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Club email address rd Committee Meetings 3 Tuesday of the month., Club Nights 1st Wednesday of the month (details in The Distributor)

From the Committee At our last Club night, a member made two requests, 1. That all members be sent a copy of the committee minutes. 2. That the club run’s a regular social night for a drink and a natter We sent our and email survey of members to see if there was any interest in either, a number of replies were received, only one was in favour of both, and a number of members indicated that they were happy with the current system of minutes being posted on the notice board and would not attend an extra social night. The committee has decided that no extra social night is justified. Guest speaker for November meeting will be Member Geoff Omnet who will tell us about his recent trip to Bonneville Speed week in USA. December Club Night 5th December will be a pot luck at the club rooms @ 6.30pm Reminder Swap meet have you booked your site for the 17th November a good chance to clear out those bits you keep falling over in the shed. Waimate Wallaby run 9th of February always a good event All British Day 23 February time to shine up your Rover Austin Wolseley Ford etc

The Teapot Rally The yearly rivalry between Oamaru and Waimate VCC branches took place on Saturday the 27th, there were about a dozen cars in all. the trophy was won by Clive and Jenny Blunden of Oamaru, with their time trial results in their 1954 Ford Anglia. Thank you to the Waimate club for the great afternoon tea and hospitality shown by all.

Wanted: Velocette Mac rigid frame, 1949 to 1955 Phone 0273184169, or 4395733





RESTORATION TROPHY AWARD 2018 1966 Sunbeam Tiger 1A - Owner – Alex Benson

ENTRIES CLOSE:FRIDAY 26TH OCTOBER 2018 For More Information contact:

Keith Moore Ph: 03 455 0592 Email Bill Veitch: Ph 03 489 1626 Email

Adventures of an Old Restorer. This month has been a sad month for our club, a person at our branch that had become a good friend, Jackie Sherriffs, has passed away. Her husband, Royston, is a founding member of the North Otago branch. She was a ardent supporter of the club for more than 50 years and she will be greatly missed by all. On a lighter note, Jen and I visited my daughter in Hamilton and whilst there visited the Waikato branch of the VCC in Cambridge, bought a few spares, our thanks to Howard and Derek for their hospitality, The spares caused a bit of stir at Auckland airport, they thought the polisher was a dangerous object and to make matters worse, when the woman scanned me she thought I had more suspicious stuff in my pocket, so she called the guy over to frisk me, I told them it was my new hip and when they could not find anything else, they at last believed me. The Morris 8 slowly progresses.....I have managed to assemble the front wings and the piece under the radiator, along with the running boards. A certain amount of damage and some rust on the joints had to be cut out and new pieces made and welded into place (making sure all bolt holes lined up) The two inner walls of the mudguards alongside the engine that bolt onto the chassis were cracked and bent. I welded and straightened these also. Assembly was important as it made sure that everything lined up OK. They have now been taken off again so that I can sand and prime them. I might even put the finishing coat on before final assembly. I decided to fork out on a complete new exhaust system after I gave up trying to resurrect the old system. The inlet hole on the Muffler was 40mm which matched the front pipe and the outlet was 32 mm. I have not fitted the recommended tail pipe for the Series 1, which is aptly named the 'Pea Shooter' due to the very small diameter. I may be wrong but I bought a length of 32mm pipe to match the outlet of the muffler and I actually managed to bend it in all the right places. It fits a treat! If you have read my previous scribbling you will know that I steer towards safety. The original petrol pipe runs along the chassis on the same side as the exhaust system. As I am fitting another tank and fuel line I think that it would be safer if the fuel line ran down the other side of the car away from the exhaust system. The new inline fuel pump will be half way along the chassis. The main wiring loom runs down this side of the chassis and as I put in a seven wire loom to the rear I will have a spare wire for the petrol pump which will fall in nicely. Thank you, All the best, Clive.

Hi everyone. Received this message this week. Maybe of interest to some of your members (club night) From Rowena “We used to own a Mark 1 Cortina and I still have some spare chrome trims and light plastic covers that I expect some Mark 1 Cortina owner would appreciate. Some are headlight trims and others are the long straight trims from the car body. Some photos are attached. Does your club have any Mark 1 Cortina owners who might be interested? If so, then would you be able to pass my contact details on to them please? Regards, Rowena Johnstone Wellington 027 236 5451 (after working hours or by text)


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Latest Listings : Cars - Rolling Cars Low Lite Morris Minor, Straight, looks rust free, complete, good for restoration. Austin A30 and 2 A35's 1954 Hillman Husky SV Austin Ruby bonnet and front guards in restored condition. Offers wanted Rare Spares: 1 Dort Block 1 Saxon Car Motor CITROEN motor spares STUDEBAKER COMMANDER blocks (2) 1926 Buick chassis and parts Chev blocks and heads, some crack tested NOS BMC parts some panels and bumpers 1954-55 Vauxhall diffs and suspension parts Ford 10 motors complete 1 100E 50's Chev doors and bonnets, chromes and spats Reconditioned crank shafts for Wolseley Austin 110 and Morris Oxford Van Large selection tail light lenses Assortment new tie rod ends Hub caps and speedos Parts shed open every Tuesday afternoon 1:30pm to 4:00pm or by appointment Contacts:

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North Otago VCC November 2018  
North Otago VCC November 2018