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August 2017

The North Otago Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc.

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Get the newsletter quickly and in colour. Send me an email at the address below and I will send a copy to you each month by email. If you have email please put it on our mailing list as it is an excellent way of providing updates and information during the month between newsletters. So the options are: 1. Receive Email newsletter but no printed version (saves the club printing costs) 2. Receive Email newsletter and printed version 3. Just be on our email list for updates. I use a list that hides the emails so yours will not be visible to other recipients. Graeme

Items for the Newsletter can be posted or dropped off to 6 Waiareka lane, off Saleyards road Or emailed to Secretary Lee Orchard 4324286 Branch Address PO Box 360, Oamaru 9444 Email:

Newsletter submissions. Preferred formats are Open-office, Libreoffice or MS Word as an attached document. Plain emails create extra work. Please, no “enter” key at the end of every line. Contact me for advice if not sure. Thanks, Graeme

Club Night - 2nd August Guest Speaker – Mary Maple




Patron Chairman

Gilbert Ellery


Vice Chairman

Lee Orchard


Immediate Past Chairman

Wayne Abernethy


Club Captain/Joint

Kathleen Perry/ Rebecca George

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Wanda Kent

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John Adamson (Wanda)


Les Gardner (Nola)

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Peter Fulton-Bevers

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Clive Blunden

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Beaded Wheels Scribe

Clive Blunden


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Kathleen Perry


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Graeme Simpson (Wendy)


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Lindsay Schaffer (Christine) (with Verna)

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Royston Shirreffs (Jackie)


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Club email address rd Committee Meetings 3 Tuesday of the month., Club Nights 1st Wednesday of the month (details in The Distributor)

Club Captain Report An enjoyable End of season lunch was held on Sunday . Congratulations to all those who received certificates. We look forward to the start of a new season of motoring starting a bit earlier this year. The first event will be held on 27th August with a Show and Shine to raise money for the cancer society Daffodil day . Club Night - 2nd August Guest Speaker – Mary Maple Mary Maple is our guest speaker at club night this month. She is going to talk about living on Pitcairn Island. She was a teacher on the island and was their during the Pitcairn island trials and will also present a slide-slow along with her talk Rebecca & Kathleen Co Club Captains

Raffle for the Swap-meet. If you have something suitable, bring it along to a club night. From the Committee Rising costs have been discussed, from each sub the branch gets $20. Our branch Magazine the Distributor is sent out 10 times a year and is available both by email and hard copy, postage costs more than $10 a year and the production of each hard copy costs another $10 per year. At present we have 26 members getting a hard copy out of our total membership list. It has been decided by the committee that it would be fairer that the members wanting a hard copy, will be billed in in advance for a year’s magazine. If you receive printed magazine and which to continue with it you don’t need to do anything. I you only wish to get an emailed copy please advise the secretary by email,

Resume for Jim Boaden. Jim Boaden joined the North Otago Branch of the VCC of NZ (Inc.) on the 24th May 1967. At the time he had completed the restoration of a 1925 Ford Model T truck. Prior to joining the VCC he owned a 1931 Chevrolet Coupé. Jim’s next restoration was a 1925 Chrysler 4 Tourer which he drove to Nelson in the 1972 International Rally. Later he built a 1918 Austin Bus. The body was a replica of the first Bus in Oamaru. He also restored a 1950 Bed ford Breakdown truck. He owned a 1946 Bedford Bus and a 1962 Albion that now reside at Richardson’s Museum. A 1929 D A Dodge featured in the filming of ‘Starlight Hotel’. Jim served as Branch Chairman from 1971 to 1973 and as Secretary from 1993 to 1998. He was instrumental in the Branch Commercial Rallies which were held between 1973 and 1992 and he was involved with the Branch Leyland Truck Project. In 1993 Jim was Chief Marshall for the National South Island Easter Rally held in Oamaru and in 2002 he was Convener of another National South Island Easter Rally. Jim was involved with the Model T and other engine assemblies that were a feature of North Otago Branch activities in the 1980’s. In 1989 he transported members to and from Christchurch by bus for the National AGM and was involved in the transport for the Progressive Dinner held after that AGM. He also transported local members in his 1946 Bed ford Bus around Progressive Dinners held in members’ homes for Branch social events. Jim’s vehicles regularly took part in Floral Processions, Heritages Parades, Cavalcades and the Santa Parade. In 1990 he was involved with the Christchurch to Dunedin and return Reliability Trial for veteran cars. In 2003 Jim transferred to Ashburton Branch and returned to North Otago Branch in 2013. The vintage eligible vehicles he now owns are the 1925 Chrysler 4 (mentioned above), a 1913 Matchless Motorcycle, a 1925 Buick Master 6, a 1928 Buick Sedan, a 1952 Austin Sheerline, a 1969 Rover 100 and a 1974 Mini 1000.

Opening Run 1st Equal C Walsh 1967 Mustang 1st Equal K and C Rolfe 1986 Citroen 3rd C Blunden 1928 Willys Jack Crump trial 1st C Walsh 1967 Mustang 2nd B George 1958 Morris 1000 Vintage & Veteran competition 1st C Blunden 1928 Willys PV 1st M & J Wing Trophy – PWV Aggregate 1st B George 1958 Morris 1000 2nd J & J Miller 1955 Plymouth Belverder? P 60V Shield 1st C Walsh 1967 Mustang 2nd V Chambers 1971 Mg B GT P 80 V K and C Rolfe 1986 Citroen Field Tests 1st R Hutton 1959 Triumph motor bike 2nd J Boaden 1974 triumph 3rd N and N Rooney Regularity Test 1st V. Chambers 2nd N & N Rooney 3rd R Hutton

Central Otago Branch; Vintage Car Club, Blossom Rally Entry Form. September 23rd 2017 option on Sunday the’ Wings And Wheels’ at Alexandra Airport,or a Hunt through the Parts shed in Cromwell. Entrants Name/s ………………………………………………………………………………. Address; …………………………………………….. Phone and Cell phone. E-mail……………………………… ………………………………………………………………… ……………… ………… Membership Number; Vehicle & date of manufacture ……………. …………………………………………….. ………….. ……………………………… This year the rally will meet at the Alexandra Bowling Club from 10:00 am Please note the entry cut- off date 11th September Rally Route short, ( seal only) long ( please tick) long route approx. 50% gravel Saturday only entry per car incl morning tea $ 20 .00 …………….. Saturday Meal Omakau Commercial Hotel $30 each …………….. Rally plaque $5.00 Total= ………………. Cheques payable to the VCC NZ Inc Central Otago Branch or to Bank a/c 06 0921 0035742 01 with your name as reference. The Road Code will be observed and all entrants are reminded to allow faster traffic to pass where this can be done safely. All vehicles to comply with applicable vehicle safety, and club rules. This is the drivers responsibility. All Correspondence to Rally organiser. Graham Taylor, 114 Shortcut Road Wanaka 9382 443 1416 027 248 9942 (evenings) by 11th September!

Art Deco Continued. The return home. The weekend ended with a beautiful day. Now it was time for the travel home.

We stopped off at various shops on the way. The small size of the car moderates the the purchases (only a little).

As travelling to Wellington involves hills no matter where you head we tackled the Rimtaka hill this time. The little Austin plugs away in second at 20mph diligently on the big hills. Despite the warm weather the car doesn’t boil but without a water pump the temperature does climb a bit before it finds a temp it is happy with. We stopped for a breather half way up as the motor has a tendency to vapour lock the fuel pump if running hot for too long. Arrived safely at the Ferry terminal in Wellington. We took the night ferry with cabin so started the next day with an early start. We had a long day travelling to my brother’s place near Rangiora. With the coastal road being closed due to the earthquake it was over the mountains again via the Lewis pass. There were many road works in an effort to improve the road for the increased traffic. These actually worked to our advantage. Speed restrictions and sections with traffic lights where if I made sure I went through last before the red light we did not see much traffic until the next set of lights.

The last big hill conquered. The Lewis summit at 907m Altitude. The hot dry road travelling through the Weka pass. Stopped for refreshments at the Hotel because we were hot.

Arrival at Shadow Estate luxury pet resort. Paired with my sister in law’s black Austin 8. (my brother is restoring an Austin 8 van)

The last day was a breeze cruising down the Canterbury plains to a safe arrival in Oamaru. Only a hint of a head gasket leak that has been sorted. A bit trip for the little car but shows slow and steady gets you there and back.

Graeme & Wendy Simpson

The beginnings of North Otago Vintage Car Club - part 2. When I was searching through past Oamaru Mails for the public notice as printed in the January 16th 1961 issue, I happened to find the following article. The Oamaru Mail Monday 25th of January 1961 Vintage cars pass through Oamaru. “Two vintage cars which stopped in Oamaru at 2 p.m. today caused much comment from curious shoppers and inquisitive motorists. The two veterans, one a 1907 Cadillac and the other a 1915 Ford were returning to Canterbury after the Dunedin to Brighton Veteran Car Rally during the weekend. The Cadillac, the older of the two, had entered and qualified in 17 Veteran Car rallies and the Ford had qualified in 3. Small silver plated medals above the bonnet indicated the cars successes. Shoppers stopped to stare, motorists slowed down or parked to have another look and small boys circled the two cars to inspect finer details. Many passers-by were attracted by the melodious sound of their horns which were equivalent to the plaints of a pair of sick ducks. The Ford, the younger of the two cars, had obviously being burning up it's youthful energy, as it's engine was red hot while “Grandad” the “Caddy” has cooled off. The cars parked side by side on the South stopping area of Thames Street, were both standing on expired metres. Their owners were not in sight. Maybe they had hired a go-kart for the remaining trip.” There is no doubt that since the first Dunedin to Brighton Veteran Car Rally in 1954 took place, there was a heightened interest throughout North Otago in the Vintage Car movement. Earlier, on a national level, great interest had been taken following the film “Genevieve”, a very funny story centred around the London to Brighton Antique Car Rally. This film made the rounds through many country centres and caused and upwelling of interest and saw many individuals seeking out old vehicle locations. Following the meeting on Sunday 1st February 1961, a plan of action set the local vintage car group on the path to becoming affiliated with the national body, the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand. Rex Murray and Johnny O'Brien attended Christchurch based executive NZ VCC meetings, to learn of the processes of forming the North Otago group, within the national VCC body, by deed of an application for Incorporation. Our branch archive holds the original printed constitution rules of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand North Otago Branch Incorporated - dated 22nd November 1961. Numbering 7 Pages headed Interpretation, Name, Objects, Membership, Rules, Financial year, Branch subscription, Election of Branch Committee, Notice of Meetings, Amendments to Rules and Winding up. You may note that the application required 15 members’ details. Hopefully my next article would include the initial run to Deborah in early 1961 Neil Rooney

North Otago Branch Scribe Hello Members, First I would like to thank Neil Rooney for the article on the history of the North Otago Branch beginnings, I look forward to the next instalment. This article is nothing to do with the committee, it is purely my thoughts as a member on the matter of certificates only for events, and no cups or trophies. What would it be like to have a Rugby World Certificate instead of a Cup, or a certificate instead of the Americas cup, for a start you can't drink champagne out of a certificate!! At the 2016 AGM, with only a third of members present, a vote was taken concerning the doing away with Cups and Trophies for Club event winners. For some reason (which was not very clear at the time) it was decided by the committee to do away with the giving of Cups and Trophies, and replace them with certificates. As a large number of you did not manage to get to the AGM, I would like to know what the majority of members think about this. Should we have Cups and Trophies or just a bit of printed paper?, I personally think that the ruling of certificates only brings down the status of the club, and if there is a problem with getting them back to the club for cleaning up etc., for their new recipients, I for one will volunteer to collect the cups and trophies myself. I would like to know your thoughts on the matter, please email me at Thanking you, Clive Blunden,

Committee member and North Otago Branch Scribe.

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For Sale/ Wanted ads Keep those ads coming. Remember these ads are read by members of other branches and car clubs. PARTS DEPARTMENT

Latest Listings : Cars - Rolling Cars Low Lite Morris Minor, Straight, looks rust free, complete, good for restoration. Austin A30 and 2 A35's 1954 Hillman Husky SV Austin Ruby bonnet and front guards in restored condition. Offers wanted Rare Spares: 1 Dort Block 1 Saxon Car Motor CITROEN motor spares STUDEBAKER COMMANDER blocks (2) 1926 Buick chassis and parts Chev blocks and heads, some crack tested NOS BMC parts some panels and bumpers 1954-55 Vauxhall diffs and suspension parts Ford 10 motors complete 1 100E 50's Chev doors and bonnets, chromes and spats Reconditioned crank shafts for Wolseley Austin 110 and Morris Oxford Van Large selection tail light lenses Assortment new tie rod ends Hub caps and speedos Parts shed open every Tuesday afternoon 1:30pm to 4:00pm or by appointment Contacts:

John Adamson John Miller Roy Shirreffs Bruce Watt

ph 434 7999 ph 434 8844 or ph 437 1667 ph 434 5306

North Otago VCC August 2017  
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