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Issue : August 2018

A day out at the Edwin Fox Vintage Viewpoint is the official publication of the Marlborough Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc).


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Chairman’s Report DAFFODIL DAY 26th AUGUST “ LETS DO THIS AGAIN ” We have got a few extras up our sleeves to help raise more funds for our local Cancer Society. We had a marvellous result last year, so what l am asking is for our members to turn up, encourage others to join us and lets make this another very successful day. Over the next 3 months we have three major events happening. September 21st - 23rd is the Top of the South Model A Rally, September 30th a boat trip to D’urville Island and then on the weekend of October 5th - 7th is our Marlborough 60th Anniversary Branch Rally. Keep an eye on coming events. We have again been approached for the use of our club rooms and area for the “Clued up Kids” on the week of 5th-9th November 2018. This is a great learning week for school children. Chris Bird is away this weekend to the VCC National AGM. He has the feeling of the branch on a couple of matters and will vote accordingly. Brayshaw Park continues to have meetings and social get togethers. They are trying to get things moving and I must say MDC and John Larcombe in particular have done a lot of work towards getting things under way regarding improvements to the water and fire requirements for the Park. Hopefully in the near future the sewage system will follow. If every Society has an input into how the Park is to be run then hopefully we will arrive with the right plan. We are after freedom for each Society to look after their own area and do as they wish within reason. VINTAGE MOTORING, Kelly Right: A great photo from the Edwin Fox of Barry Wilson - the winner of the Bowls night! Left: Mac T looks a bit concerned about being off the land and over water! 4

Thanks to Linda Laing for the photo’s this month, the Sunday outing Aug 5th to the Edwin Fox in Picton. Above: A new Club Captain in the making? Below: David Bool has left the financial rudder and taken to a steering role!


Club Captain’s Report The Mid-Winter dinner, Snow Run and Bowls were all well attended. Barry Wilson was the best of the bowlers with 119, Earl 110 and Don Laing 104. For August we have the Mud Trials on 19th from 9am. Then the big one, Daffodil Day, on 26th, when we do what we do best, all pull together in the same direction for a good cause. Let's hope the weather plays the game. Fathers Day is to be held at Dobson's, no. 1 Dobson St.. Their menu has a good variety and many choices of beer plus wine. Then on September 30th, thanks to a more than realistic price from the Pelorus Mail boat, we will be heading to Durville Island for lunch at the restaurant at Catherine Cove. We will be spending a few hours at the island to enjoy the bird life and waterfall, and generally take in the atmosphere. This is a great opportunity, with the boat trip $50 and the meal $25 (baked ham and salads)

Bob O’Malley

Welcome to our new members... New Members joined in the past couple of months; George Sutherland, Yamaha 1974 and Honda 1972 Daniel McGowan, 1955 Studebaker,Truck . Francis Lacy, 1926 Chevrolet Master Sedan Ken Pascoe, 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Sedan

Please come along, join in the many activities the club has to offer with current updates in the Marlborough Branch Magazine (Vintage Viewpoint). In case you’ve not been along the Wednesday morning teas and scones are very popular! Our committee meets the first Wed in every month and we hold a monthly Natter ‘n’ Noggin’ the last Friday night from 5:30pm onwards. Our parts and spares are open most of the day Wed or contact one of the ‘Blokes in the Shed’ the After Hours numbers are listed in the advertising section of the Vintage Viewpoint. 6

Secretary’s Scribblings...… This is my first go at scribbling something down about what is happening behind the scenes from the Committee, so here goes. From our Committee meeting on 1 st August; The lights in the kitchen have been replaced as the old ones were starting to burn out and bits were falling off them. The new ones are LED lights and the Kitchen Ladies are very happy with them. We also had to replace the compressor in the cooler unit and managed to source a unit that would fit at about a third of the price of a new one. Don Laing and Rob Galloway have taken on the job of being the Clubs representatives on the Brayshaw Heritage Park Association. There was a meeting of that group on Thursday night where they were going to discuss the future of the Park. There has been some talk that the park could become a locked-up area with access through a locked gate. VCC are dead against this and this was going to be made plain to the group. We feel the Park is working well in its present form and it needs to be kept that way. Bob has again organised some great runs in the past month or so and there are some great runs coming up in the next while. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Bob. In the Museum Bill and his helpers are doing a great job keeping things tidy and ticking along. There are now steps installed in the Pit so those who want to use this facility will be able to climb in and out easily now. The Clubs Model A truck has had a motor haemorrhage and was taken out a few weeks ago. It is now in Wayne Frew’s shed, and he and Rob Galloway pulled the bottom off it today to find the main back bigend bearing is to put it politely buggered, so a decision will be made soon about how the repairs will be done. Daffodil day will be upon us in a few weeks’ time, and the main organisation for this has been done with a few things needing a bit of tweaking. Kelly has had a great response from Blenheim businesses with donations for the event and the Car dealers in town are going to be displaying cars as they did last year. We will need some helpers on the day to man gates at the front and also to help park vehicles that will be on display, so don’t be frightened to put your hand up, or you might even get a tap on your shoulder! In the kitchen Dale and her helpers would like donations of baking to be sold on the day. This has been mentioned more than once on each Wednesday, but how many of you blokes have asked your other halves nicely or are you able to rustle up something yourselves. Thanks for your help with this. We are hosting the Biennial rally this year and the theme is the 60 th Anniversary 7

of the VCC branch in Marlborough. There has been a special Plaque organised for this run. Registration forms have been done and there is one inside this magazine (pull it gently from the centre and you won’t destroy your newsletter!). Please step forward and enter. Rally routes have been sorted with a 50 MILE run for Veterans and a 90 mile run for others. We would also hope that some of our motorcycle members will enter. This is not a difficult run, so could give you guys a trial for the National Motorcycle rally in February. By the time you read this I will be back from representing our branch at the Clubs AGM in Napier on 4 th August. Hopefully you all voted on the remits put forward, and I will be able to report on those results next time. There is talk about wanting to increase subs, but I will be saying no to this and saying the national organisation needs to look at cutting costs as most of our members are retired so do not have surplus money to throw around.

In the meantime, Happy Vintage Motoring. Chris Bird Read a bit about our new Secretary Chris on page 10;

Update from Your Social Convenor Winter is nearly over so hopefully we will start and get some nice sunny days. July has been a quite month although our Wednesday morning teas seem to be getting bigger with about 70 turning up for a chatter. We have had several birthdays this month, a couple turned 90 and some that are telling us they are still 21 (ha ha) Happy Birthday to you all. Our Natter and Noggin night was an enjoyable one with Chris and Mac showing a movie and sharing their experiences in Vietnam, it was interesting to see how some countries live and survive, Thank you Chris and Mac. August 26th is Daffodil Day and again we are asking for donations of baking and some help in the kitchen please. I will be at the car club rooms on the Saturday from 2pm until 4pm if anyone wants to drop of their baking then. Also I can be contacted on ph 578 4322 or m. 021 0265 7507. Last year the support was greatly appreciated and we hoping for the same this year. August Natter & Noggin is on Friday 31st and will be a pot luck tea. Cheers Dale 8

From the Blokes in the Shed‌ Winter is upon us and though it's not really too hard to bare, with lots of evenings sitting in front of the log fire with a good book, there's still lots of activities going on when the sun comes up. This last month in the shed we have received a more than usual selection of donations of useful parts, yet again a big thank you to all donors. Sorting and getting some order to stuff continues in all sheds. At last, the compound is once again secure, with the bloody marvelous work gang having rebuilt the fence and roof of the shelter along the side of it. Thanks to members for observing John Monsons request not to park on the green, over the wet times we've been having. Makes a difference. Appreciated. Tiger has taken off for 3 weeks to warmer climes. Rose and I are off the Rarotonga for a short break. Tris is holding the fort in the meantime. Gary Vercoe is quietly working his way through our huge selection of N.O.S. bearings and seals. If you have a bearing requirement contact the boys, we may be able to help and our prices are right too. Must go and rub some suntan lotion on. Cheers The Major

VEHICLE VALUATIONS Classic, vintage vehicles and all Trucks. For Insurance, Tax man, Lawyers. 35 years' experience with valuations in Nelson and Marlborough Area I will come to you.

Patrick Pascoe City Motors Ltd RMVT Phone 0274421786 9

Introducing your new Secretary; “a bit about myself” - Chris Bird I was born in North Canterbury and spent my first 8 years on the Rehab Settlement at Motunau Beach where my dad had drawn a farm after WW2. Started school at Greta Valley but only spent 3 years there before Dads itchy feet had him selling the farm and buying a rougher and larger undeveloped block at Waihaorunga, inland from Waimate in South Canterbury. Here we grew up as children while our parents developed this 1600-acre block into a top producing farm. I went to Boarding School for 4 years at Timaru Boys High School, which some of I enjoyed but most I didn’t. All along I had an interest in old cars, and while still at school I joined up with the Vintage Car Club. I acquired a few old wrecks along the way but didn’t have the time or expertise to do anything about them except to dismantle parts of them. After leaving school I went home to work for Dad for a couple of years until a younger brother came home, and I went out into the wild world and worked on farms to get a bit of other experience. The one I loved the most was Braemar Station in the Mackenzie Country which was a real experience in the high country. About this time, I joined the Army as a Territorial Soldier and spent about 14 years in the TF, which I thoroughly enjoyed. While working away from home my 18-year-old brother was killed in a tractor accident on the farm, and dad lost interest in that area because of that incident. He had always had a hankering to farm in the North Island and in 1974 the family shifted to Kimbolton in Manawatu. I had a bit to do with the VCC there but as I owned part of a farm and with getting married and having a family of 3 boys there was never spare money or time to do much else but farm. My first wife past away in 1999 at age 47 and I had boys and farm so was pretty involved getting them through schooling. About 2006 I had lost my passion for farming so put it on the market and sold in 2007. Sharon and I had got together shortly before this and I decided, much to her surprise, to shift to Linkwater where she had her farm. 10

Prior to this with one thing and another I let my VCC membership lapse for about 3 years but joined up again after coming to Marlborough. I now do a bit of fix up work for Sharon as well as being a company director and shareholder of a few companies. I am also a Trustee on the Top of the South Rural Support Trust, which is a group of farmers helping other farmers in times of crisis, or adverse events etc. I have been on the VCC Committee for the past 3 years and have enjoyed working with others in the club here, and what a great bunch of people in Marlborough with great turnouts at events. I currently have 2 cars, a 1930 Ford Model A Phaeton, and a 1936 Ford V8 Deluxe. Chris Bird


Abit of giggle to share from Mr & Mrs Langden-Lane


Motorcycle Notes The July ride was an informal go in your own time to meet the Nelson Classic Motorcycle riders at the Woody. There was a good turn out from both Marlborough and Nelson. Twenty-four of our members if I counted right, over half of them on Club eligible machines. Probably as many from Nelson which was a good effort considering the extra distance and one or two turning back after running into heavy rain not far out of Nelson. Good to have at least four of our local ladies present after a bit of an absence. Perhaps the Nelson guys were the attraction. Viewing the different machines from over the hill is always interesting. A nice Norton in military colours created some admiration and the owner kindly let Barry N take it for a short ride. He may not have been aware Barry’s idea of a short ride is anything up to 100 miles. Time passed and the owner was seen hurrying off down the road in a truck with a worried look on his face. Barry arrived back from the other direction shortly after with a happy look on his face. Thunderguts was out on a run for the first time in about six months and showed what it thought about being constantly covered up in a corner by stopping twice on the way to Renwick and refusing to start for the trip home. A broken wire was located and the old stalwart behaved herself on the way home. Trevor

National Rally News As expected entries are arriving at snails’ pace which is giving Carol time to practice for when they arrive at a much faster rate. For Carol it is not just a matter of receiving an entry and filing it. Meal numbers have to be recorded, routes allocated, machine categories listed, payments checked and so it goes on. We are grateful to the local members who have responded to our request to enter early, it is appreciated. About half the entries so far are local. Ed and I have started on the Health and Safety Document. The document for the last National Motorcycle rally extended to 23 pages and included naming various people who would be responsible at the various venues for the various mishaps which could occur. A word of advice to everyone, be nice to Ed and I in the near future or you may be surprised to learn your name is in the document as being responsible if damage occurs to man, machine, venue or if there is a fire, gas explosion or someone gets a crook guts after eating a bad sausage or onion off the barbie. I kid you not it is on page ten in the document. Trevor


MOTORCYCLE EVENTS COMING UP Sunday August 19 th Leave the park at 11am on the “cold nose & toes” ride to Wairau Valley.

Sunday September 16th Ride to Seddon to Ron’s Toy Shed to blow up a few tyres and general tidy up.

Sunday August 26th

Annual VCC of NZ Daffodil Day.

Do not forget the Daffodil Day vehicle display day at Brayshaw Park. We had a great display last year and hope to equal it again this year. If you have a friend with a new or rare modern machine bring him and the bike along with you. Everyone welcome. It does not have to be VCC eligible. Our branch will soon be celebrating it’s 60th anniversary. Our motorcycle section is part of the Branch and now has the full support of the committee and the members so we should be seen as supporting the anniversary celebrations. We may be able to participate on the rally which will be held as part of the celebrations without riding on the same routes as the cars which will be safer and lessen road congestion. Think about it. More on this later. 14

CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN PEARCE 90 YEARS YOUNG Brian and his wife Louise joined our branch in the early 2000s after previously being members of the Otago branch and spending a lengthy period overseas. As the owner of the Dunvegan Station Brian was an initiator of the annual Dunvegan motorcycle rally which is a popular event on the V.C.C. calendar. Brian and Louise have both competed at a number of National V.C.C. Motor cycle rallies and in the past year were regular attendees on our local motorcycle section rides. Seventy years ago, aged about 18 Brian rode a motorcycle up one side of NZ and down the other side, Bluff to Kaitaia and return. Almost 70 years later, now aged almost 90, he thought it was time to see how much had changed and did the trip again on his threewheeler. Boating was another interest and challenge and in 1973 he saw N.Z. from another angle circumnavigating the N.Z. coastline in a 22’ Cresta Craft powered by two Penta outboards. Five years later in a slightly larger Cresta Craft, 26’, he crossed the Tasman with two Volvo outboards doing the pushing. Some of you may think Louise would have lost a lot of sleep wondering what sort of sea and weather conditions Brian was encountering on his epic voyages, she did not need to wonder, she knew, she went with him. Legends the pair of them. Well done and congratulations Brian on 90 years well lived. Trev

Marlborough Mud Trial 2018 Sunday 19th August. Details and entry forms sent out shortly. We have a new venue this year on highway 6 between Blenheim and Havelock.

All inquiries to: Peter Thwaites Phone: 03 5785036 Cell: 0211777487 Email: The property we will be using this year is half way between the Renwick Wairau bridge and Havelock. It is 13kms from the end of the Wairau Bridge and about 12kms from Havelock. The paddock to go is in the middle of a hollow on the western side of the road, on the Blenheim - Nelson Highway 6. This will be well sign posted. 15




Come to Napier and join the HBVCC for Art Deco Weekend 2019 from February 14th -17th. Kindly sponsored again this year For the first time ever Commercial by Euro City Ltd. Vehicles will be the Featured Marque for 2019. Come to Napier and join the Following the great response from the HBVCC for Art Deco Weekend 2019 public to the 23 veterans we had in 2018 from February 14th -17th. Kindly spon- we again want to show them what the sored again this year by Euro City Ltd. earliest cars look like, how they perform and where it all started from. We already 45000 people attended ADW in 2018. have several early commitments including The Grand Parade on the Saturday will be ADW first timers : a 1915 Locomobile, 1918 limited to pre 1946 vehicles with a wheel- Twin Six Packard, Veteran Renault . base of 160” or less. No tractors or trailers allowed. A weight limit of 3 tons will also For 2019 the annual rally is again on Friday apply. Here is your chance to show off and we plan to have a 3 or 4 hour run plus that great Commercial vehicle along with a picnic lunch at an historic Hawkes Bay Commercials from the Bill Richardson homestead. If there is sufficient demand there will be a special rally route for the Transport Museum. early veterans (plotted by local veteran We suggest you plan to arrive in Napier owners) to get you to the picnic on time. th on Wednesday 13 Feb so you can participate in a special run for just the There will be a special prize draw ($250 of Commercials on the Thursday ending up petrol vouchers) made from just the 100 at Off the Track restaurant for lunch. year or older cars entered in the 2019 rally Attend our Valentine’s Dinner at the event. HBVCC Clubrooms that evening. Prizes Come and join the other 180 plus club for best dressed COUPLES this year. eligible vehicles we expect to enter the For 2019 the main rally is again on 2019 Event. Friday and we plan to have a 3 or 4 hour Go to the HBVCC website for an Entry run plus a picnic lunch at an historic Form. ( Entry forms for Hawkes Bay homestead. 2019 will be available from 20th August Come and join the other 180 plus club 2018. Accommodation in Napier is already eligible vehicles we expect to enter the filling up for Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. 2019 Event. plan to arrive in Napier on Go to the HBVCC website for an Entry We suggest you th Form. ( Entry forms Thursday 14 so you can attend our for 2019 will be available from 20 th Valentine’s Dinner at the Clubrooms that August 2018. Accommodation in Napier is evening. Prizes for the best dressed already filling up for Art Deco couples this year. Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. Contacts: For both events STEVE TROTT STEVE DONOVAN


Based in lovely


Experience the beautiful spring weather that we are a small but friendly group who have planned a great Top of the South Model A Club Inc. Marlborough Group

Starting on Friday 21st September from 5:30pm with registration & Noggin n’ Natter at the Marlborough Branch Vintage Car Club, Brayshaw Park, Arthur Baker Place, off New Renwick Road. Then again at the VCC Rooms on Saturday 22nd September from 8:00am for late registrations. The first car away will be at 9:00am for a drive through the vines, across to Rarangi, around the coast to Tom Canes Bay, through to Picton for a bit of exploring then back to Blenheim, either along SH1 or via Queen Charlotte Drive and Havelock. Don’t forget your lunch, flask / thermette, & camera. Dinner in the evening will be back at the VCC with time to catchup with your many friends. Sunday breakfast at the SAVEUR Café, on the Taylor riverbank, 6 Symons St Blenheim with farewells for those of you who are driving home on the Sunday. Brochures will be in your rally packs.

There is much to see in MARLBOROUGH so stay on for a few days.

book your accommodation & send us your entry form!

Bob O’Malley – Rally Director Ph. 578 3295

Chris Bird – Rally Secretary Ph. 574 2318 M: 027 247 1089 Sharon Parkes – Rally Treasurer Ph: 03 574 2318 M: 027 220 2670 17

Thermette’s have been a way of life for Kiwis since 1929. Is it time to give your thermette an airing? Bring it along for the Saturday run. You need to bring along some water too.

ACCOMMODATION There is a variety of options to choose from, so attend to this task now. Below is a list of motels mainly along Middle Renwick Road with easy access to Brayshaw Park via Battys Road, but there are plenty of other options in Blenheim.

Phoenix Motor Inn. 03 5779002 Asure Sundowner Motel 03 5782055 Cherylea Motor lodge 03 5786319 Commodore Motor Lodge 03 5781259 Knightsbridge Court motel 03 5780818 Middle Park Motel 03 5783329

Lunch on the day is Bring your own, along with a flask of hot water for a cuppa as well. There are a variety of bakeries and food shops in Blenheim where you will be able to buy your lunch. Maybe stock up on Friday afternoon. Please purchase this prior to the start of the run as we will not be going past any shops until we get to Picton after our lunch stop. There are many fuel stations in Blenheim, but NPD fuels on the corner of Alabama Road and Redwood Street offer a 15c per litre discount for those of us who have the Gold Card. The Noggin ‘n’ Natter on Friday evening and Dinner on Saturday are BYO drinks. We just need a little help to get the weather right on the day. Do whatever you can to help the sun god. 18

These are close to Countdown and Pac n Save Supermarkets. Further information on Routes, and Maps of the area will be available in the Rally Pack.



EVENT DATES: Friday 21st September - Registration and noggin n’ natter. Saturday 22nd September - Rally and dinner. Sunday 23rd September - Breakfast, local attractions and farewells. NOTE. FINAL CLOSE OFF DATE FOR YOUR ENTRY IS SATURDAY 8th September 2018 (this is for the caterers).


Phone: Address:





Post Code:

PASSENGER INFORMATION Navigators name: Passenger 1:

Passenger 2:

VEHICLE INFORMATION Vehicle Body Type: Registration number:


Membership of which Model A Club: ENTRY FEES Vehicle


Vehicle entry ($10) and drivers Friday night Noggin n’ Natter


Navigator and passengers Noggin n’ Natter (BYO Drinks, finger food supplied)

Driver, Navigator and Passengers

Rally dinner per each (BYO Drinks)

pp X $35

Your total entry costs are = $ Sunday breakfast at Saveur Café 6 Symonds St Blenheim. On the Taylor riverbank. Indicative numbers for catering Pay as you go.

METHOD OF PAYMENT Internet banking number: 06 0629 0061660 50 Ref is vehicle registration number. Cheque Send to: Chris Bird, 888 Queen Charlotte Drive RD1, Picton 7281 (Model A Club Rally)

CONTACTS Rally Director: Bob O’Malley

ph. 03 578 2395

Rally Secretary: Chris Bird ph. 03 574 2318 M. 027 247 1089



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CONTACTS FOR THE CANTERBURY BRANCH PARTS DEPT Owing to health issues please Contact: Ross Butler: P: 033523160 E: Or: Wayne Stocks P: 03 383 1380 E:

Please Support Our Advertisers -

they are supporting Your Vintage Viewpoint! 20

Craig Noble 027 577 5166 Phone: 03 577 5166 Fax: 03 577 5165 40 Park Tce, Blenheim

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See us for: Your next WOF Motor Registration Road User Charges Pre Purchase Inspections

Off Dobson Street, Blenheim Open: 7.30am-5pm Mon-Fri 8am-12.30 Sat

On Wednesdays the shed and parts members are on site well into the afternoon. Any parts advertised for sale from the Parts Shed are able to be inspected on Wednesday mornings. If you are unable be at the shed on Wednesday morning’s or are from another NZ Branch and are interested in purchasing any of the listed parts please contact one of the “after hours" contacts; Earl Preston P: 03 577 7839 Bruce Mant-Old P: 03 578 5875 Tris Winstanley P: 03 578 3343 Tiger Lyons P: 03 578 9139


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1954 Light 15 Citroën

Locally Owned and Operated Trade & DIY Supplies for

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Just a wee note about my recent experience with the service by the staff at Guthrie Bowron. They sold me the easiest paint stripper I’d ever used! It was to take the paint from my vintage caravan and it was as easy as slap it on and water blast it off, everything they said it would be. And very little mess, no caustic and realistically priced. Very Much appreciated, Editor Chris 22

PARTS FOR SALE 1928 Chev 4 starter kit comprising: Good clean chassis Front & rear axles complete Some wheels, rims Steering column Engine block Box of bits Contact the Spares blokes Note The spares shed has many additional parts to help with Chev projects.

For sale 1936 Series 1 Morris 8 diff nugget & drive axles $100. Pair of personalised

Morris 8 plates $500.

Stan Brandish P: 577 5509

In the shed Wolseley Motor & Gearbox 1500cc Wolseley motor & gearbox. This unit is complete and a runner. No knocks, bangs or smoke

Asking: $400.00 A set of four new (still wrapped) 4.50 x 18 Excelsior tyres. RRP $185ea Our

price $400 the set. Contact our spares men, Tris or Earl

4 x Bridgestone Tyres

155 / 80R / 12 Includes Rims and Hubcaps, all with very good tread, last time offered! Stuart Johnson P: 03 579 4458

Seeking any keen Power Cyclists Paul Furkert, a Wairarapa VCC member, has recently recommissioned a power cycle (Paul’s is a 1936 BSA bicycle driven by a 1951 Trojan Mini Motor (via a friction drive onto the rear wheel)). This machine has a top speed of around 20mph, so isn’t really suitable for going on standard VCC rallies. Paul is looking to get in touch with other owners of power cycles who might be interested in a Power Cycle rally. The idea is to all meet up at a county pub / campground somewhere in the North Island one weekend next summer, and do some short (and slow) explorations of the local area on our machines. Owners of other slow bikes (e.g. mopeds or veteran/vintage motorbikes with top speeds of less than 30mph) would also be most welcome. If you have a suitable machine, and would be interested in such a weekend away, please get in touch with Paul (email or phone (06) 3795355 or text 02040273746). If there is sufficient interest from cycle / bike owners, the finer details of the rally will be worked out in consultation with all potential participants. 23

Advertising in the Vintage Viewpoint is free to members of the VCC (not limited to our branch) Our close-off is the Friday following our branch’s monthly Wednesday committee meetings. To place an advert Contact the Editor, Chris de Wagt P: 5777 238 or E: Advertising Recommendations: Ads that work are ones that include a photo of what you are selling. If you don’t have access to an electronic photo bring me a photo you have and I will scan it for you. Remember; the newsletter goes out to all VCC branch in NZ, but as the different branches complete their newsletters at different times your advert may take a month before someone in another branch sees it.


Branch Books and Badges AA CENTENNIAL CAR BADGES

$35 each David Bool P: 03 579 4716


$25 each Trevor Harris P: 03 572 5323


$25 each

Custom Copy Maxwell Road

"AFTER HOURS" PARTS SERVICE Earl Preston (Rose) 577 7839 Bruce Mant-Old (Dulcie) 578 5875 Tris Winstanley (Helen) 578 3343 Tiger Lyons (Eileen) 578 9139

The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) The Historic Vehicle Authority of NZ The Vintage Car Club of NZ (INC.) The 2018 VCC code for discounts with Interislander are as follows: Off Peak Fares: 01 March – 28 March 2018 04 April – 18 December 2018 Adult Children Motorcycle Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres Premium Plus Lounge

$47.00 $25.00 $40.00 $124.00 $20.00 $55.00 18yrs plus

01-28 February 2018 29 March - 3 April 2018

Adult Children Motorcycle Car/Van/Trailer up to 5.5 metres Trailer-Each half metre over 5.5 metres Premium Plus Lounge

BLUEBRIDGE COOK STRAIT FERRY 23 August 2017 to 30 June 2018 The VCC code for discounts with Bluebridge Cook Strait Ferry are as follow: Discount code: ANTIQUECAR Valid Travel Dates: Between now and 30 June 2018 excluding peak season between 15 December and 15 January plus Easter Weekend.

Discounted Fares: 10% off all available fares $52.00 $25.00 $50.00 $137.00

$22.00 $45.00 18yrs plus

Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander online using the special link below– http:// or click on “Group Bookings” at the foot of our homepage To access these rates members must insert the reference “WH5465” Payment is required at the time of booking. Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request. Refunds Once paid for fares are 90% refundable if cancelled prior to check-in and non-refundable if cancelled after check-in. Fares valid for specified dates only Members are required to present their current VCC Membership credentials on check in or retail fares will be charged. Fares valid for travel 01 Feb through to 18 Dec 2018 No discounted fares for travel 19 Dec 17 through to and including 31 Jan 2018 Bookings over this will need to be made online

Promotion Terms & Conditions Members must present a current VCC membership card upon check-in as proof of eligibility to Bluebridge staff. Failure to do so will result in a fare difference being required to be paid prior to boarding. Full payment is required at time of booking. Transferring to a sailing outside of the discounted offer period will require an additional payment to match the available fares. Bookings can be made online at by entering the promo code above or by calling 0800-844-844 (8am to 8pm, 7 days), and quoting the promo code. Normal fare rules regarding refunds and cancellations apply. Full Bluebridge ticket terms conditions can be viewed

& at


Marlborough BRANCH OFFICERS Branch Spokesperson Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907

Newsletter Distribution Barry & Margie Wilson

Club Captain Bob O’Malley (Shirley)

572 8380

Patron Trevor Harris (Doreen)

578 4142

Secretary Chris Bird (Sharon)

574 2318

Parts Custodians Earl Preston (Rose) Bruce Mant-Old (Dulcie) Tris Winstanley (Helen) Tiger Lyons (Eileen) Motorcycle Section Rep Trevor Harris (Doreen) Glenn Harris (Paula) Museum Custodians Mike Gray (Karen) Bill Nicholas (Dale) Wayne Frew (Carol) Denny Greer (Audrey) Ross Kennington (Rona) Don Laing (Linda) Colin Grant (Mariann) John Monson (Dot) Earl Preston (Rose)

Chair Person Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Treasurer David Bool (Janice)

Committee Ed Matkin (Julie) John Monson (Dot) Bill Nicholas (Dale) Robb Galloway (Adele) Dale Nicholas (Bill) Don Laing (Linda) Model T Custodian Don Jamieson Ben Habershon Examiners Ron Hebberd (Shirley) Ray Fairweather (Lyn ) David Kemp (Debbie)

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Social Convener/Kitchen Administrator Dale Nicholas (Bill) 578 4322

Beaded Wheels Scribe Carroll Wiblin (Graham)

578 8418

Grounds Administrator John Monson (Dot)

578 9044

Photographer Linda Laing (Don) 579 4865 Newsletter Editor Chris de Wagt (Mac) 577 7238 E:


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Model A Custodian Johnny Johnson (Jane)

578 6489

Librarian Barry Wilson (Margie)

578 1587

Health & Safety Officer Ed Matkin (Julie)

572 8008

Delegates to the Executive Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Chris Bird (Sharon) 574 2318 Brayshaw Park Admin Delegates David Bool (Janice) 579 4716 Don Laing (Linda) 579 4865 Kelly Landon-Lane (Janice) 578 9907 Robb Galloway (Adele) 578 2395 Clubrooms Phone :

578 0616

COMING EVENTS CALENDAR This Month…. August 19th Mud Plug Trial starts 9am S/H 6 Sunday August 19th Motorcycles Leave the park at 11am on the “cold nose & toes” ride to Wairau Valley. August 26th Daffodil Day 9am to 3pm Brayshaw Park August 31st Noggin and Natter - a Pot Luck Tea

Next Month…. September 1st WOF 1pm September 2nd Fathers Day 12noon at Dodson's September 16th Motorcycles Ride to Seddon to Ron’s Toy Shed to blow up a few tyres and general tidy up. September 21st - 23rd Model A Ford Day (page 17 for details) September 28th Noggin and Natter September 30th Durville Island trip. Time to be confirmed. Be aware this is the start of daylight saving change.

Further down the road …. October 5th - 7th Marlborough Branch 60th Aniversary Rally Canterbury Branch Swapmeet Dates for 2018 Friday 12 th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October. Targa NZ -VCC South Island Time Trial 2018 The Rally Monday 22nd- Saturday 27th October 2018 Contact Rod Corbett ph 03 423 1551 or 027 433 8772 National Veteran Rally Nelson The Rally 16th to 18th November 2018 and will be preceded by the “Prince Henry Tour”. National Rally : contact Jim & Kyra Wareing ph 03 544 9998 27


Marlborough VCC August 2018  
Marlborough VCC August 2018