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March 2018

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Meeting Branch Night - 1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm Committee Meeting - Last Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm Working Bee - Saturday following Branch Night at 9.00 am Spare Parts - Open Saturday following Branch Night

Phew! February has been a full-on month, with something on every weekend. It th started with the British and European Car Day in Trentham on the 11 , where around 500 cars assembled in various shapes, sizes and years. It was fine to begin with, then we all got a drenching as the rain came down and forgot to stop! It was a good day, for all that. th The following Sunday was the Shannon Auto Spectacular Car Show on the 18 . This time at least 1500 cars turned up, with the Marshalls trying to squeeze us all into the available spaces. After an “iffy” start, the day turned out brilliantly. Our “gang” distributed Swap Meet flyers around most of the cars, as they had done at the British Car Day. It was Colin Geange’s turn to win one of the raffle prizes this year. It had been my turn the year before! It is great to see so many of our Members supporting these events. th

The following Sunday (25 ) was our Club run to the Mangahao Power Station and the three dams that supply it. We were accompanied by around ten vehicles from the Wellington Branch, which was really great. This trip had been arranged by Mark Gibson, our Spark Editor. Mark has connections in this area as he is a member of the Hokonui Bush Club, which has a lease over an old house built around 1920 to house management staff building the dams. The look over the Power Station was really special. Not too many groups get to see this up close and personal, so we have to thank Mark and his connections for making this happen. We were lucky with the weather, as it was overcast and a bit drizzly at times, but quite acceptable for our 10 mile drive up the winding gravel road to the top dam and the Hut where we had our lunch stop. Mark was told by the Power Station Manager the next day was very wet and misty, so we were lucky to get our trip in when we did. Thanks Mark for organising this! What an interesting day it was. th

Two days later I did my usual stint at the 9 Annual Stroke Club’s “Crazy Hat” event in Waikanae, which involved taking stroke victims for a ride in my vintage Erskine car. I took around 20 people in all for a ride, which they all seemed to enjoy. After it was over I visited Bill Shattky in Winara House. Bill was the one who got me involved originally in this event, as he had had a stroke then his wife Patricia had one as well. Bill is not at all well, but enjoys seeing any visitors who would like to pop in for a few minutes. Our Branch Delegate Warren Birch is continuing to convalesce at home after his treatment. Winton Cleal will be standing in for him at the Executive Meeting in th Christchurch on 24 March. Maurie Edwards from the Traffic Police brought his surveillance van along for us to look through this Club Night. It is well set up with cameras and a computer to track vehicles for all kinds of reasons, including speeding. He answered all kinds of questions, and we thank him for his time and effort. th

For all of you motor cyclists, the “Ted Green” Rally will be on the 8 of April, beginning at the Club Rooms. For more information phone Graeme McKenzie on 06 368 4888. st


It is now full steam ahead for our 21 Annual Swap Meet on St. Patrick’s Day, 17 March. I believe Pete Collins was heard praying for good weather while he was painting the verandah rails around the Club Rooms last week! See you there for another successful day!


Roster for April 2018 Bill Laney, Denise Liddle, Robert Law, Margaret and Graham Lawton. If you cannot make it for either kitchen duties on Club Night, 4th April, or the Working Bee on Saturday 7th April (9 am till 12 noon) please let myself or Cheryl know on 04 298-5458. Speaker for April Club Night Our own Mark Dunn has promised us a Quiz Night with a theme, on what subject remains to be seen! Come along and find out for yourselves.



Our annual fundraiser, the Swap Meet, requires input from all members please. Help is required on the gates, with parking, at the BBQ and in the kitchen. Please supply baking, scones, muffins, loaves and savouries etc. I’m partial to asparagus rolls! To be delivered to the kitchen by 9am for sale during the day. This contributes significantly to income. One or two turns on the gates helps enormously, flip a few bangers on the BBQ, please see Pete Collins or phone him. Help in the kitchen is managed by Linda Barton, please contact her and offer assistance. We need your help please!! Bring your club car along for the show. Phone: Linda Barton 06 3678216 Pete Collins 06 3688656

From: Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc) -admin [] Sent: Monday, 5 February 2018 9:45 AM Subject: VCC National Day - Message to All Branches from the Club President Importance: High

To All branches You will recall that we were looking into the possibility of moving the date for our National Day away from the closest Sunday to Daffodil Day so that we could get more support from the national office of the Cancer Society. As you can understand, Daffodil Day is the busiest time of the year for them. However, following feedback from branches who wished to keep the date the same and after discussion at our Management Committee meeting this weekend, we have decided to keep the event on the closest Sunday to Daffodil Day as we feel that if we moved the date out a few weeks we could be in danger of losing the momentum and buzz etc around Daffodil Day. The date will therefore be Sunday 26 August 2018. Could Branches please mark this on their calendars and email Melissa at with the contact details of your co-ordinator so that we can get things underway. The Club achieved a magnificent result in terms of the funds raised as well as raising the profile of our Club and I am sure that this year, with all our Branches behind it, we will do even better. Kind regards Diane Quarrie National President

National North Island Easter Rally URGENT MESSAGE It has been decided that the th

closing date for entries be extended to 12 March so that will give you a little more time, although I would ask that you send in your entry as soon as you are able to assist my workload!!. This will be a fantastic weekend with a little bit of everything for everyone.

Targa NZ - Vintage Car Club South Island Time Trial 2018 Info News #2 Great news – This event has been approved by both Targa NZ & VCC Management Committee & is on for 2018!! Rules &regs for this time trial will be completed shortly for inclusion as a separate event within the VCCNZ Branch Manual Section 20 D “Rally Rules & Interpretations”. Thanks very much to those who‟ve registered their interest so far - we‟ve currently got 40+ registrations of interest, & that‟s before any official publicity, so we‟ve got the makings of a great event! Just to recap on highlights from my previous info sheet-: This event is open to all VCC members with VCC eligible vehicles &will be run as part of the Targa NZ South Island Rally from Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th October 2018. The aim is to create a unique motoring spectacle of older vehicles being driven & displayed, to encourage new & younger people to join VCC, & give existing VCC members opportunity to drive their classic & vintage cars for 5 days over iconic sealed roads through Southland, Otago & Central Otago. This is not a speed event, but rather an exercise in precise driving & time-keeping to maintain a set average speed through all closed stages, (with the safety of knowing that all participants have staggered start times, drive in the same direction, on the same road, with nothing coming towards them!). Entry fee will be significantly discounted from standard Targa competitor fee of $7,280+gst, but will still cover all essentials including timing, tracking, medical & recovery as for Targa competitors & Targa tour. (Current discussions with Targa management suggest $2-2,500+gst). Travel & accommodation expenses are in addition to entry fee. I‟ve compiled a data-base of all VCC branches & management committee along with names of those who‟ve registered &/or expressed interest in this time trial. Please forward InfoNews #2 to anyone you know who may also be interested, or contact me directly to register interest or for further information. Publicity will begin shortly, & Peter Martin of Targa NZ will email an official entry invitation along with rules &regsto those on my current data-base. We look forward to you joining us for a great event. Rod Corbett 03 423 1551 or 027 433 8772.

________________________________________________________________ From: VCC Canterbury [] Subject:IMPORTANT INFORMATION Canterbury Swap Meet Dates Organisation:The Vintage Car Club of NZ (Canterbury Branch Inc)

Important Notice to All Branch Secretaries There seems to be some confusion around the date of this year’s Canterbury Branch Swap Meet, despite it being published correctly in the official VCC Calendar of Events. th th I can confirm that the dates for this year (2018) are Friday 12 , Saturday 13 and Sunday th 14 October. Just to clarify how the dates are set - the Canterbury Branch Swap Meet is always held on the second weekend in October. st If, in any year, the 1 October happens to fall on a Sunday (as it did in 2017), this will be determined as being the first weekend of the month for the purpose of setting the Swap Meet dates. It would be appreciated if you could place a note in your next branch magazine clarifying the dates. Many thanks Colin Hey - Chairman, Canterbury Branch Swap Meet Committee. Rod Thrower – Secretary, The Vintage Car Club of NZ Canterbury Branch Inc.

From: Les Callear [] To: Subject: Transmission Gully Motor Show Hi, Bob (Horowhenua Vintage Car Club) As discussed at the ABCS here is a summary of our event. I am with Plimmerton Rotary Club and we are planning to hold a Motor Show in conjunction with the Transmission Gully motorway developers on 22nd April at Battle Hill Farm. The aim is to exhibit everything to do with motoring including vintage cars, classic cars, hot rods, fire engines, bikes, police vehicles, motorway construction equipment, etc. It will also include a presentation of the motorway development progress to-date. We have locked the event in with the Transmission Gully developers. It is to be a family day with activities for all the family including helicopter rides, children's rides, food, bike rides, games, etc. It is a fund raising event with proceeds to go to a charity yet to be confirmed. I am contacting all vehicle clubs to find out who may be interested in exhibiting their vehicles as a major part of the show. If we could just get an indication at this planning stage of your possible involvement in the show it would be gratefully received. Regards Les Callear

Some further information is held regarding this newsletter. Not all can be published here. Either request further information from the Rally Contacts or contact the Secretary or Editor.


MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE HOROWHENUA BRANCH VINTAGE CAR CLUB NZ INC HELD AT 14 TIRO TIRO ROAD, LEVIN ON 7TH MARCH 2018 AT 7.30 PM. PRESENT: Chairman Colin Brooks welcomed 56 members APOLOGIES: Warren Birch, Win Bishop, Tom Hayes, Shorty Cole, Bill Laney, Denise Liddle and Murray Doreen. VISITORS: Grant Prankered, Shane Carley. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Taken as read and approved. Winton Cleal/Wayne Thrower. CORRESPONDENCE: Letter from National President confirming 26th August to be the National Day of Fundraising for Cancer Society. Letter from Wellington VCC thanking Branch for inviting them to 3 Dams Run. TREASURER’S REPORT: Jackie Job read her report, which was seconded by Andrew Judd. CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT: 3 events have been held: British Car Day at Trentham, Shannon Car Show and 3 Dams Run. Coming events 22 April: BBQ at Clubrooms; Car Show at Battle Hill, Paekakariki. Two more people are required for gate duty at the Swap Meet on 17 March, to start at 6.00 am. No more volunteers are needed for the kitchen and BBQ. However, food is needed for the kitchen – cakes, sandwiches, etc. LIBRARY: Maureen Scott, Manawatu, has given a large number of Beaded Wheels magazines. Two people are in training to become librarians – Don McLaren and Pauline St Clare. SPARES: Nothing to report. GENERAL BUSINESS: The Chairman thanked Mark Gibson for organising the 3 Dams Run. Peter Nightingale reported that 3 cars from the Branch attended the Ruahine Ramble, it was a noncompetitive run, and he strongly recommended that our branch start doing non-competitive runs. SPEAKER: Morrie Edwards showed members his speed camera van and explained how it all works. He parked outside the local school today and issued 54 speeding tickets in an hour and a half. Meeting closed at 8.25 pm

SUNDAY, 25 FEB MANGAHAO VALLEY and THREE DAMS What a great day out we had, the weather did not dampen our spirits, the odd shower kept the dust down. Over 60 people in 30 plus vehicles turned up on the day, a great many of them met at the clubrooms and set off in convoy to the power station. There we were met by Murray Hanson and his lovely wife Lucy. Murray runs the power station and was pleased to tell us the history of it and show us around this marvellous place. He let us wander around at our leisure. Later he invited us into the op's room and gave a talk on how the water made electricity, which was sent around the grid to different parts of New Zealand. We spent the morning at the power station and then set off on a 10 ½ mile run to the top dam, stopping at the two dams prior. The road was metalled in places due to the wet weather washing bits of it away, a harrowing experience for some of our members. (I did mention the road conditions later on when I returned home and spoke to Chris Clarke, who said they went up too slow, we go up there in our rally cars once a year and don't feel any bumps at all.) At the top dam we were met by Mark Gibson, who had organised the trip, and we were shown to the hut that he had opened up for the day, so that we could have our lunch, a cuppa, and the use of the W/C. We all had an entertaining time at the hut spending a couple of hours there and then setting off for the return journey of another 10 ½ miles to civilisation. A wonderful day out - thank you all for turning up, one of the biggest turnouts for a long time. Many thanks to the Wellington Branch members and the Palmerston North members who turned up on the day, well guys and girls, let's do something like this again. A great big thank you goes to Mark for all the organising, and for giving us a full day of fun. Yet again, Mark has done us proud, the hours he has put into our club goes unnoticed by most members, but I know what it takes to organise a day’s outing for club members to enjoy and it takes a hell of a lot more time. Well done Mark. Lastly, my friend Keith Staples, the best dressed person on the day, and his lovely wife Sue, will, all being well, be on the front cover of our magazine, you did us proud Keith. Many. many thanks again to all who turned up on the day, it was brilliant.

Bob and John Club Captains

Hi car buffs! Sunday 11th found us heading down to Trentham for the annual British Car Day. For those of you who have not been there, well worth the trip! Every type of car imaginable, plus this year they opened it up to European makes. You could tell the French ones, they were kissing each other on the cheeks! One interesting car was a new Tesla white electric, looks like the Starship Enterprise on the inside! Apparently it goes some 400 km per charge. Don’t ask the price, I can’t count that high! The weather was typical Wellington, four seasons per hour! Bucketed down with rain in the afternoon. We had our gazebo up, Bob was trying to sell sheltered space per square inch! We both came back wet through, not cold though. Thanks to our members who attended, a good day out! Sunday 18th was the Shannon Car Show. It dawned clear and sunny, but quite pleasant, not too hot like previous years! I was first car in, before 8 am, in order to erect the gazebo and put the tea and coffee on. (A quiet cuppa for me before the mob arrived!) The organisers took extra care this year to park up all the cars a lot closer, apparently last year they turned cars away, as no room was left. Quite a few of our guys and gals turned up, a good display of club cars for the public, plus we got a lot of flyers out for our upcoming Swap Meet. One thing struck me, on these car shows, all the Fords, Chevys, Zephyrs, Holdens etc all seem to group together, is this herd behaviour? Or for mutual protection? During the meet, our No2 Club Captain, Bob B turns up with an identical gazebo! Quite a few of us were without sun shelter! He proceeds to erect it, now two of us put up the first one in about 7 minutes! It takes Bob’s crew of at least 10 men at least 20 minutes to figure it out! Great effort Bob! It is really good to have these shelters, with folding chairs, it makes for a relaxing, comfortable day for all. Once again, good to see our people out and about in the cars!

See you all at the big Swap Meet!!

John W

The Mangahao Power Station, Mangaore, Shannon. The lovely 1927 Essex Super Six of Basil and Bev Gowenlock parked at the front. 25 February 2018

‘Matilda’ negotiating pot holes on the Mangahao Valley Road, doing just what she was designed for! 25 February 2018.


Epilogue: Murray Hanson emailed to say, “The day following the Mangahao Valley and 3 Dams run, it pissed down! I’ve recorded 65mm of rain between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm! We had to issue a flood warning it was so bad. Come Tuesday morning the No1 Dam was empty by 8.30 am! You guys were extremely lucky with the day you had.”

It’s always interesting to me to see what’s out there still! During the AP&I Show a lady came up to our display and said to us that she had some bits she wanted to sell and that there was an old Model „T‟ that she was happy for us to have, if we wanted it. Donald was elected to check this out as it was a good means of following up. I went with him on the appointed day and was keen to see the place. Away we went, further and further into the back country of the Rangitikei river basin. Finally, on arrival there were lots of older bits on view around the farm. Very old ploughs, stationary motors, a garden tractor that was for sale, a gig, not for sale and railway memorabilia. She had an old light which was the lady‟s Grandfather‟s. It was off a car, I suspect an early Austin. I dated it about 1910? I have a 1912 catalogue, there is one illustrated there. Then over the creek to the Model “T”. This was duly inspected and found to be a 1928 Chev truck, or should I say, what was left of it! It was loaded on the trailer and now has a new home with Mark Morgan‟s „Spares‟.

However, that is not the end of the story! Don looked across the paddock and could not believe what he saw! A Commer Karrier, the same as the one he is restoring with lots of the bits he needs. Negotiations are under way. Mark has now found a new owner who is most grateful for the Chev bits as he only wanted the front brake parts. They were complete on this one.

Bob Barton has uncovered his 1918 „T‟ and as it is now 100 years old, is expecting a letter from the Queen. He expects she‟ll be over for a ride later in the year. Jeff Fox and the „Manakau Pickers‟ inspecting a 1911 Triumph motor bike. It was sold to a Taranaki member. It was a great trip to the three Dams in the Mangahao Valley. The road conditions were an excellent challenge for vintage motoring.


Horowhenua Branch 14 Tiro Tiro Road Levin


Sunday 8 April 2018 Entries Close Monday 2 April 2018

Horowhenua Branch invites you to enter the

This is a relaxed event, is run with straightforward instructions and covers approximately 80 miles. Entrants will need to bring their lunch, tea and coffee will be provided at the lunch stop. Assembly, briefing and start-point will all be from our clubrooms at 14 Tiro Tiro Road Levin. Entry Fee: $20.00 Briefing: 9 45 am First Bike Away: 10 00 am Entries posted to:

The Rally Director 13 Seddon Street Levin Entries to arrive no later than 2 April Enquires to: The Rally Director Graeme McKenzie 06 3684888


Registration and Entry Form Name of Entrant Address Home Phone Rider’s Name

Cell Phone (if not Entrant)

VCC No Class entered







Post Vintage


Post War


Post 60


Post 80

Make of Motorcycle Year and CC rating Numbers Attending Total Entry Fee Post To: All Cheques Payable To:


The Rally Director, 13 Seddon Street, Levin Horowhenua Branch VCC Inc

Horowhenua Branch Rally Rules 1 Those entering vehicles must be financial members of the VCC of NZ Inc. 2 All entered vehicles must be of an acceptable standard and condition. 3 Members must produce VCC Membership if requested. 4 The Rally Director’s decision is final

February Sunday Picnic Run

John Carpenter and Wayne Thrower attended and enjoyed a great day out.

Answer later in this issue of Spark

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting this number results in a commission being made to the Horowhenua Branch. Thank you for your support.

Number HO/300137

Another masterpiece by Mike Khull, this vehicle started life as a Tourer. Some conjecture exists as to which fire station purchased the car in the early 50â€&#x;s, however it is believed to have been built up as a fire engine by the firemen themselves. Mike restored this in collaboration with Angus Hutton and has returned it as close as possible to its original appliance condition as the old photographs allowed. With some small improvements, especially taking into consideration the safety of children when giving joy rides, the truck strays slightly from original. Sound thinking! The car was recovered, many years ago in a paddock near Apiti, having been turned into a farm truck with a very heavy deck made of jarrah. It was stored in a carport in Feilding for several years, until Mike took possession. Some of the jarrah was donated to complete Ivan Bengeâ€&#x;s restoration of his six cylinder British Bedford. Angus Hutton took possession in late 2017. While it is still incomplete with some jobs requiring attention, the sign writing for one, it is expected to be a contender for the Restoration Trophy at some point in the future.

SUNDAY RUN – 26th March 2018 Meet at 11.00 am at the Chesters Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palm Nth) for an approx 22 mile (35 Km) drive through some of our local country roads to a popular picnic spot. Come with your lunch, hot water, chairs and whatever else you might need to settle in for a pleasant picnic. If the weather is against us on the day still come as a shorter route to an alternative venue has been prepared which will allow us to go ahead with our picnic plans under shelter. MID MONTH MEANDER TO HARRISVILLE SPEEDWAY – 14th April 2018 While the 14th April Saturday Mid-Month Meander is yet another picnic, the venue at Harrisville Speedway near Bulls will make it a picnic with a difference. This is not a race day so Harrisville is ours to enjoy for the day. Bring your camera, vintage car and picnic lunch. There is good sheltered tables and seating in the outdoor bar area for us to use for our picnic so you don’t need to bring chairs etc., (unless you particularly want to), and the day will go ahead irrespective of the weather. No dogs at this venue please. A private museum on site (a short walk across a mowed grass area) will be open for us to look through. There are a couple of replica old style buildings (late 1800’s style ?) on site which would make a great backdrop if you wanted to photograph your vintage car in front of such a building – and if you don’t mind having to give your car a good clean when you get home (the speedway track is ‘dirt’ surface) the speedway owner is happy for you to take your car out to play and do a few laps around the track. Meet in the Cloverlea Tavern carpark on the corner of Gillespies Line and Tremaine Avenue at 10.45am on 14th April 2018 for your route instructions and an approx 28 mile (45 Km) drive to Harrisville. The Tavern opens at 10.00 am so feel free to turn up early for a lemonade or other drink of your choice before the briefing time if you wish.

SUNDAY RUN – 29th April 2018Meet at Chesters Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palm Nth) at 1.00 pm for a run to a small country café. The run is on fairly easy roads (i.e. not too hilly) but please note that the Café does not have EFTPOS. The total mileage for the afternoon (i.e. including back to Palm Nth) will be approx. 55 miles (90 Kms).

END OF MONTH RUN TO THE KIMBOLTON SCULPTURE FESTIVAL – 28th April 2018 The Vintage Car Club has been invited to be part of the Kimbolton 2018 Sculpture Festival and this is an opportunity to not only promote the club but to enjoy a few hours out and about being part of the NZ Rural Sculpture Awards. Although you may choose to bring a picnic there will be autumn harvest and bar facilities at the festival with food trucks and stalls offering country food and beverage options. The event includes craft market stalls for goods that have been made, baked, grown or bred locally. There will be an opportunity for youngsters to try their hand at creative activities involving arty stuff and challenges. Horse drawn carriage trips through the village will be on offer along with pony rides and tractor rides. Watch some old fashioned games as six local towns battle it out for a top town prize that apparently involves getting fairly creative. There will be live all day music along with vintage machinery displays and demonstrations of heritage skills – blacksmithing, hand shearing, farrowing and woodworking. Meet in the public carpark in Aorangi Street in Feilding on the southern end of the railway station (opposite TRC Toyota) at 10.30am for this outing. To ensure that adequate parking space is put aside in the Kimbolton Domain for us to be able to group our vehicles together and picnic together, (our cars will be on public display by default of us attending) could those expecting to attend please let me know by 24th April so that I can advise the organisers of the number of car spaces they need to put aside for us at the Domain. (ph 06-3584014 : email I notice that in the Web site for the Sculpture Festival that the organisers have included Vintage Cars in the „Take a Ride‟ paragraph along with horse drawn carriage, pony and tractor rides. This will be up to individual car owners as nothing has been arranged or agreed to in this regard.


It's that time of year again! Swap Meet Swap Meet day this year is also St Patrick's Day, 17 March. A day of celebration for those of Irish descent, especially your librarians and our Patron, among others. A great day for all of those 'Irish' jokes: "Autobiography is the history of cars" "The Swap Meet will take place on Saturday afternoon - if raining Swap Meet will take place in the morning"? A great day for the wearing of the green, leprechauns and shamrocks. Your librarians have assembled a great variety of goodies for sale. As well as the usual books, magazines and manuals, we have badges, mirrors, boxes of card collections, wooden cut-out car and motorcycle shapes for the wall of your man-cave or your grandson's bedroom wall, and HVCC caps. We are also selling First Aid Resuscitation Protection Kits to carry on your key ring, so that you can give a mate mouth-to mouth lifesaving help on the spot. $12 is a small amount to pay for your own protection and safety. We are still hoping an enthusiastic group will come forward to be the next librarians and archivists. Maybe some of the female membership will come forward? Come on girls show the guys the VCC isn't only about greasy metal bits! See you all at the Swap Meet. "Top of the morning to you" [reply] "and the rest of the day to yourself!"

Bev and Peter Kelly Librarians and Archivists

Well the Austin 7 Chummy, didn’t last long! One hour in fact! One of our Club Captain’s who will remain nameless, purchased the Chummy on the Saturday morning of the working bee. However I’ve left a huge clue in the photos. We also waved goodbye to the 1956 Mercedes Benz 180D, which has also gone to a club member. With the Swap Meet now less than a month away, Spares have taken delivery of the last of the current batch of cars to come our way. The car in question is an early 1950’s Austin A30. It has been 50 to 60% restored, with the body and final paint job done. It is resplendent in fawn. With new tyres and rubber, there are no worries in that area. Unfortunately no motor, however this shouldn’t be hard to find. On the plus side the gearbox is there, it’s just a case of finishing it off. Should a member be interested please talk to me or a member of Spares before Swap Meet day. This will make a fantastic first car for someone. On a final note, a ‘big thank you’ goes to Pete Collins, for sanding down and painting the veranda. All done ahead of the Swap Meet.


WANTED Any Ariel 500 head parts, valves, guides, springs etc. I have a bare head that I am setting up. Phone Shorty 06 3636795 WANTED Single cylinder mag for a stationary motor. I have done an Anderson motor up. Phone Peter Nightingale 06 3687160 or 027 6334713

Metal Lathe for sale. Total length of tray 1600mm, not sure of make. Stripped down for transport from Wellington, now surplus to requirements. $300 ono. Phone Nigel 027 5674431. 1929 Buick 6 For Sale. Partly Restored. Upholstery done. Lots of spares. Contact Katrina Avison (owner) in Nelson 027 5394198 or contact Graham Lawton 04 9023622 ________________________________________________________________

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 Visit to Dave Patten’s, Martinborough, to view how Dave makes his various Hub Caps and to see his Daimler Collection 10 00am: Meet for coffee at Aston Norwood Gardens (formerly Kaitoke Country Gardens), 1747 Main Road, State Highway 2. They are situated 10 minutes north of Upper Hutt. You can view the extensive gardens for $2.50 per person. See 11 00am: Leave for Martinborough and lunch at the “Village Café”. They serve soups, pastas, pizzas, salads, eggs and bacon dishes, scones and cakes. Browse in the Martinborough Wine Merchants. 1 30pm:

Leave for Dave Patten’s residence, 156 New York Street.

If you would like to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday, 25 March 2018 E-Mail:, Phone (04) 234 1262 or John on 027 452 4326


Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run Dear friends We have just returned from Martinborough organising the March outing and another to Martinborough later in the year. We picked up a brochure whilst in a café and read there is a Reed Organ Museum in Woodville which has 160+ Reed organs from all over New Zealand. Also in the same town a Tractor Shed Museum which has some tractors that are old as 100 years. We need to gauge if any of you would be interested in going this far to view either one or both of these museums. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Kind regards Alison and John Kinvig



Horowhenua Branch SWAP MEET. Gates open 7am. See ad in this issue of Spark. th April 4 Horowhenua Club Night th April 15 Mitsubishi Motors Heritage Day. Starts Todd Park Porirua at 9am, concludes Southwards Museum 4pm. See the advertisement in Coming Events. th April 8 Ted Green Memorial Motorcycle Rally. nd April 22 BBQ with the Machinery Club. Further TBA. nd May 2 Horowhenua Club Night th May 20 A short run followed by lunch at Murrayfield Café. th June 6 Horowhenua AGM and Club Night th June 24 Mid Winter lunch. Further TBA. July 4th Horowhenua Club Night th July 15 Night Owl Rally. th August 12 Run to Coach House Museum Fielding. th August 26 VCC National Day – Support for Daffodil Day. th September 16 Visit NZ Police Museum RNZPC Porirua. th October 6 Manawatu Branch Swap Meet. Manfeild Park Feilding. Sellers ($20) from 7am, Public ($10) from 9am. th October 14 Run to Southwards Car Museum and lunch in the Café. th November 18 Tararua Trundle. th December 9 Horowhenua Branch Christmas Party. Any enquiries to: John White Phone 06 368-3299


the print bureau 06 367 9330

Horowhenua VCC March 2018  
Horowhenua VCC March 2018