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August 2018

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Meeting Branch Night - 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 30 pm Committee Meeting - Last Wednesday of the month at 7 30 pm Working Bee - Saturday following Branch Night at 9 00 am Spare Parts - Open Saturday following Branch Night

Well another month has flown by and here we are into August already. Looking back through July, although the weather was cold and mostly wet and gloomy, club wise it has been a fairly busy good productive month. The Night Owl run was a great success and around 40 people entered into the spirit of it. Despite it being a cold, wet and miserable night every one enjoyed the evening and had a great time finishing the night back at the clubrooms with a good chat and a fish and chip supper. Thanks to John and Bob. The next event is Sunday the 12th of August which is the visit to The Coach House Museum and should be a memorable experience. Then on the 26th is our Show and Shine in Levin for the Cancer Society Daffodil Day. Hopefully we will have good turn outs for these events. The July club meeting went well, but I am struggling as chairman to make these meetings interesting and enjoyable. I do need more participation from club members and I am still desperately looking for speakers. A suggestion from Peter Nightingale was that the club could help and maybe even do a little fund raising for the Levin Fire Brigade to assist them in their quest of refurbishing an old V8 Fire Appliance. Andy Collins spoke about it on club night and asked us for any information or help that we could give. This is an excellent idea as the fire brigade is a voluntary organisation and not only would it give us a lot of enjoyment in assisting them we would certainly benefit through the exercise by gaining many brownie points. What do you the club members think? Sadly Janet Gibson’s father passed away on the 9th of July and on behalf of the club I would offer Janet and Mark our deepest sympathy and condolences. Also our condolences and sympathy go to Murray and Warwick Doreen who lost their father on 15th July. I do still have some Sashes available at $15.00 each so give me a call if you would like one. The Disher family have donated about 40 large pages of photographs to the library so the librarians are very busy sorting them out. They are thankful that Bev and Pete have offered their services and knowledge to help them. There were about 18 people at this months working bee and it was a very enjoyable morning with a great chance to have a social chat and a good morning tea. Hoping to see you all on the 12th for the run to the Coach House Museum

Des St Clare

Roster for September 2018 Grant Prankerd, Derek Ransom, John Rapley, Peter Roe and David Smith . If you cannot make it for either kitchen duties on club night the 5th September or the working bee on Saturday the 8th of September 9 am till 12 noon please let me know on 027 4191412 or

______________________________________ _________________________ …….to Fred Foothead our branch member now living in Tauranga. Fred has recently received his 25 Year Membership Badge. For many of those 25 years Fred was a tireless worker for our branch assisting for year after year on the Swap Meet and for the Committee. Congratulations Fred, well done, you deserve your badge. Thank you for your dedication.

______________________________________ _________________ The Committee and members sincerely express their condolences to Lorraine Birch upon the passing of our 50 year member Warren Birch on 27 July. A tribute to Warren will be published next issue. Our heartfelt sympathies to Mike Khull and Bill Laney. Mike’s sister from Napier and Bill’s mother from Dunedin recently passed away. Our condolences to brothers Warwick and Murray Doreen on the passing of their father Bill aged 89 years on 15th July 2018. Bill Doreen was an accomplished Lily Grower, Author and Lecturer on the subject.

Our thoughts are with all our members at this difficult time.

This is an interesting day‟s run to Vern Jensen‟s Aotearoa Wooden Wheels, Mike Marshall‟s car collection, Murray‟s Irish Pub and to The Coach House Museum in Feilding.

Meet at the clubrooms Tiro Tiro Road at 8.45am in preparation for a 9am departure. Instructions will be available on the day. Lunch will be had at Murray’s Irish Pub at midday. This is going to be a great day out.

______________________________________ __________________________ We’re putting on a static display again this year show-casing our cars and club

SUNDAY 26 AUGUST Many of our members have been severely affected by Cancer, please support the cause. Meet in the Te Takere and Levin Library carpark from 10am to 2pm. Please bring your club banner, they will also be there on sale. We will have the Fire Brigade in attendance, the Ulysses Motorcycle Club and the Morris and Wolseley Clubs all in support. Members will not be required to approach the public seeking donations, Cancer Society Collectors will undertake this task. Please be there with your car and talk to the public.

Sunday 16 September A run south to Porirua to visit the NZ Police Museum…… We’re booked in for an 11am start with a guided tour. The cost is $5 each, or $3 for Senior Citizens, if there be any! Further detail to be advised regarding departure times and a potential café visit. Keep the date free! Established in 1908 the collection was originally modelled on Scotland Yard’s Black Museum. Today the Museum houses and exhibits a large collection of New Zealand Police cultural property and criminal cases. The New Zealand Police Museum provides education programmes to all ages, using examples and telling the stories of some of the country's more infamous crimes. Telling the real life stories of policing! Displays include stories of policing excellence, weapons used by criminals, evidence from murder investigations, stories of outstanding feats of detection and forensic science, police tools and artifacts.

From: Tim Hill <> Sent: Tuesday, 31 July 2018 10:24 AM Subject: Vintage Race Season 2018/19 Dear all, We are just about to start the new race season and so an update of happenings over the winter period is in order. The VCC Waitemata Branch had their AGM and discussed the forthcoming season and calendar. I am delighted to say that they are continuing to support us with permit applications and officials for the meetings. Dates for this season are:

Sunday 23rd September 2018 – Hampton Downs - HRC Icebreaker Meeting This meeting sees the celebration of 50 years of the Ford Escort and so we are holding some Escort Only races. In addition we will be having a Circuit Cruise on the Sunday lunchtime in aid of Prostate Cancer Awareness. We will also GUARANTEE Practice and 3 VCC Races on the Sunday Classic Trial is running on the Saturday and is only $40 to Cross Enter if you want more track time. Entries for this meeting are already open at

Sunday 6th January 2019 – Taupo - HRC Tasman Revival Meeting Classic Trial is running on the Saturday and is only $40 to Cross Enter if you want more

track time

Sunday 24th February 2019 – Pukekohe - HRC Tasman Revival Meeting Classic Trial is running on the Saturday and is only $40 to Cross Enter if you want more

track time

Sunday 24th March 2019 – Hampton Downs (ROYCROFT RACES) - HRC Legends of Speed Meeting. Classic Trial is running on the Saturday and is only $40 to Cross Enter if you want more

track time Now for the bad news…

Hooters Vintage Car Hire Sponsorship – Unfortunately Hooters in Napier have decided not to renew their sponsorship this year. We hope that they will return in future years but at the moment they are re-focussing their business and also building new showrooms so feel that they can’t contribute in the way that they would like. o We will continue to use the Hooters Name/Brand for the forthcoming season or until we find an alternative sponsor. o We have kept the reduced entry fee and $1 transponder hire o We would like to invite the Formula Juniors to continue racing with us this season so we have decent sized grids

Hampton Downs last week released a statement that they now require FHR – effective 13th August 2018 Both Hampton Downs and Highlands will be making Frontal Neck Restraint (FHR) devices mandatory for all track-based speed activities at Highlands and Hampton Downs. These devices have been proven to significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or death. This rule covers both permitted and nonpermitted events. o For vehicles which have a 4 point harness or greater, there are various tethered devices available including Hans, NecksGen REV, Impact Accel or Simpson Hybrid. These are acceptable. o For vehicles fitted with a standard lap and diagonal 3-point belt system a Foam roll/collar types is acceptable. We are in discussion with HD over this change and its short implementation timeframe. More information as and when it becomes available. Best regards Tim Tim Hill Series Co-ordinator 021 614600

MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE HOROWHENUA BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB NZ INC HELD AT 14 TIRO TIRO ROAD, LEVIN ON 1st August 2018 AT 7.30 PM. PRESENT: Chairman Des St Clare welcomed 56 members. APOLOGIES: Doug Ashwell, Michael Wintringham, Geoff Fox, Ivan Benge, Bob Barton, Mark Gibson. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Taken as read and approved. Winton Cleal/Wayne Thrower. CORRESPONDENCE: Winton read out the correspondence. A request for trucks and veterans at next year‟s Art Deco in February. TREASURER’S REPORT: Jackie read out her report /Pete Collins. CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT: There is still no Club Captain. Rex Williams and Pete Collins helping in the meantime. 12 August: Feilding run will include Mike Marshal‟s car collection: 9am start at clubrooms. (Read instructions carefully) Irish pub lunch. Coach House Museum in afternoon. 26 August: National Day: see advert in Spark. LIBRARY: Things going OK. Don has got the old computer going. SPARES: Old tyre machine is nearly ready to go. 1928 Model A parts have just come in. GENERAL BUSINESS: Andy Collins has a 1950‟s fire engine and needs help. He is at the Levin Fire Station. Approx 12 Cars needed for Warren Birch‟s funeral on Friday. Warren‟s 50 year badge and certificate will be presented by Roger White and put on his casket. Vero are now not covering glass insurance in our old cars. A large collection of photos have been donated by the Disher family. SPEAKER: None. Meeting closed at 8.15pm

I have known Graeme for around 35 to 40 years; we first met as Scout Leaders. Graeme‟s particular interest was Sea Scouts. He was a popular leader and as Group Leader ran a very tight „ship‟ with discipline and fun at the same time. As you get to know Graeme you realise that he also is a great organiser and delegator. He has a sense of humour that has got him into trouble - more than once! In his job, he became Facility Manager of a large firm that provides all the MidCentral Health Services, that make the hospitals in our region, tick over. On the home front, motor bikes, repairs and restoration of these takes place in a shed behind his house. To my surprise, although there were bikes there, a most unusual car confronted me. What is it Graeme? With a grin I was told the story behind it. At the time that he was the Branch Chairman a fellow member and motor cycle fan, Steve Green, became very ill and later died. Graeme spent quite a bit of his spare time assisting with jobs around Steve‟s section. While doing this, Steve told the story relating to the decaying car on the section. It was an Austin Big Seven and Steve had some time back, put it on trade me for $100. A guy from Auckland drove all the way down with a Range Rover and trailer to buy it. After inspection said “you are asking too much for it!” Steve offered it at $50, but the guy said that was still

too dear! At this point Steve suggested that he go back to Auckland. Graeme offered to trailer it to the scrappie which Steve agreed with. On second thoughts, Graeme could see a project, and made an offer, which Steve refused and said “just take it away you have done plenty for me”. It is now totally modified into a design that Graeme has in his head. This includes a V8, auto transmission, independent suspension and disc brakes on all four wheels! He has recently retired and the project is going ahead in leaps and bounds. In addition to this, Graeme has made lots of tools including a large folder, linisher, engine stands and hoists, mobile tool carriers, a car rotisserie that revolves 360 degrees and anything that saves him paying out when he can do it himself. All his tools are neatly on hooks and every bit of the shed is used. Pictured is Graeme‟s BSA Lightning which he tells me he has had for about 15 years and has done about 45,000 miles on. He has made a few modifications to make it more reliable and better for touring and rallying. While we were looking it over Graeme asked me, with a grin, if I‟d seen his Wee Willie! Of course I hadn‟t! It actually is a small device (pictured) used to wipe and clean your helmet visor. It contains a small spray bottle with detergent, sponge and a squeegee! The other bike pictured Graeme was quick to point out, does not belong to him, and is a project for a fellow Branch Member. Graeme has been working on it and now has it running. It‟s stored temporarily. This bike is a 1964 Honda Benly and although a number of them were imported when they were new, they have become quite collectable in recent times. The Honda was quite sophisticated for its time. It‟s a 125cc twin cylinder with brisk performance and an electric leg. (Starter motor, although only 6 volts!)


When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting this number results in a commission being made to the Horowhenua Branch. Thank you for your support.

Number HO/300137

…. the beginning of a book, also describes the weather on Sunday 15th for our annual Night Owl! However, despite the rain and wind we had over 40 attend! A very sociable evening! The hero of the hour was Don Macdonald, who worked out a mostly local town route, using straight-line navigation! At least it got everybody out of the club carpark! Where they went after that, I don’t think even the navigators knew! Still you can blame the weather! Fish ‘n’ Chips were the order of the day, with everybody pitching in to both serve and to tidy up afterwards. The winner was drawn from the 3 top scorers, Bruce and Aileen Jacobs, Colin and Cheryl Brooks and Alton and Leah Harrison. The draw was a short straw draw and in spite of many claims otherwise, it was definitely not rigged! The proud winner and next year’s organiser is Alton Harrison! See ya next year folks!

John W NOT your Club Captain!!

________________________________ ________________________________

Our Mid winter lunch this year was a special event as we had three 50 year members and one 60 year member receiving their badges and the naming of the Spares department as part of our celebrations. The members started arriving late morning and there was a very good turnout of club cars to view by lunch time. The club rooms looked very nice with the tables set and decorated. Despite the large crowd there was plenty of room to socalise and move around. Raewynâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Caterers had once again turned on a great meal for us with plenty to eat and a tasty dessert to finish.

Our National President, Diane Quarrie and husband Geoff were in attendance to present the awards to our members and did a superb job. They made each recipient feel at home as they went over the history of each memberâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contribution to the VCC. Our Patron, Tom Hayes received his 50 year badge from Diane and gave a brief talk on the early days of the branch with much laughter at some of the tales. Then it was Bob Disherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s turn for the 50 year badge and a lot of the newer members would have been surprised to learn how much Bob helped setting up the branch in the beginning; he helped to get us where we are today. Sadly, Warren Birch was not able to attend for his presentation of the 50 year badge as his health is not good currently. He is another tireless worker for the club. This will be presented at a later date.

Colin Brooks presents Ivan a drawing by Doug Curtis of his most recent restoration.

L to R - Tom Hayes, Bob Disher and Ivan Benge

Next was Ivan Benge, 60 years membership to the VCC, what an achievement! Ivan is a foundation member of the Wellington Branch and is almost equally, 30 years in our branch as well as Wellington. Ivanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contribution to both branches is huge, from Spares to VIC checking, working bees and painting to name just a few. He is always there to help. After Diane had presented his certificate the branch presented him with a framed signed drawing of his Chevy Coupe. This was especially drawn by Doug Curtis and made more special as the car itself was parked outside for all to see. The final act was when Colin Brooks asked Bob Disher to come up and remove the cover from the Plaque above the door leading to the Spares department. This revealed "The Disher Family Spares". Bob was not expecting this but we felt his contribution to the spares shed warranted this recognition of him and his family. We then invited Bob and his family to view what has been achieved in spares and gave them a guided tour around the shelves looking at the set up. He was suitably impressed by what Callum and I had shown him. About an hour was spent along with Tom and Ivan talking about old times out there. It was a "very special" occasion. Nobody seemed in a hurry to leave. Most just drifting away slowly over time. The last thing was to clean up the room and reset it back for club night and many hands made short work of this.

A very historic day for our branch as these awards donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t happen every year! It was great to be part of something special.

Mike K

CITATION - 50 YEARS MEMBERSHIP TOM HAYES Tom Hayes was born in Foxton in the mid-1940â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. His father was a dairy farm share milker and this took the family to Kuku, from where Tom and his siblings attended Ohau Primary School. The family then relocated to Kaituna near Masterton and Tom attended Wairarapa College for his secondary education. After working in the Bank of New Zealand for several years, he moved to Wellington with the intention of saving for his O.E. He met Lei when they both worked at the Austin car assembly plant in Petone. They were married in Wellington then moved to Levin in 1967, where he was employed with the Eastern and Central Savings Bank. In early 1968 Tom was offered a Vincent motorbike. He was told by a friend that he would kill himself on that! Tom took the advice and purchased a 1930 Harley Davidson for 10 pounds, which he still owns! At this point he was part of a group of vintage vehicle enthusiasts who travelled from Levin to Manawatu for club meetings. He later purchased a very large 1930 Crossley saloon which was extensively restored. He sold the car eventually as he needed the money to buy a house and settle down with his new bride. By now Tom had moved to the office of Levin Knitting Mills, which later became Silverdale Knitwear Ltd. He was to spend 35 years in the textile industry. Our Branch started a sub branch of Manawatu in 1975. By 1977 there was a feeling that consideration should be given to becoming a branch in our own right. Correspondence flowed between the VCC Executive and Manawatu Branch showed no objection. On 28 October 1977 approval was given and we became the Horowhenua Branch. Tom was a foundation member of our Horowhenua Branch and was Secretary and Treasurer for several years. He has been the catalyst in many of the club activities, helping out with fund-raising, many social activities, restoration of our first club rooms, and was Chairman of the building committee for our present club rooms, which were completed in 2007. He is a keen historian and has contributed greatly to the archives of our Branch. Tom was made a Life Member of our Branch on March 7th 1984. In 2013 he was nominated for Branch Patron. The vote was taken by a show of hands which was unanimously in favour. Tom is a recipient of the Horowhenua District Council Civic Award and is also a Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellow. This well-deserved award is only a small recognition of the service and dedication that Tom has given to this Branch over his 50 years of membership. We are privileged to have him as a Member, Life Member and our Patron.

CITATION - 50 YEARS MEMBERSHIP BOB DISHER Bob joined the Vintage Car Club in 1967 and was immediately involved in the group that, as early Manawatu Branch members, held their social gatherings in Levin as well as travelling to club meetings in Palmerston North once a month. Bob was a family man, and as his family grew they all went out in the DD Dodge. He was a quiet man who said what he had to say, but a man of action who got things

done. He was a great supporter in all club activities, was very generous and loved a good practical joke. He and his wife Inez had four children: Ray, Barbara, Jenny and Lorraine. Bob was a partner in a joinery business based in Levin. His son Ray and his father were seldom apart in the workshop or shed, Ray being an engineer and Bob a woodworker. They soon made short work of car restorations. At our annual cricket and club picnics, Bob would race around the grounds in a threewheel invalid chair steered with a tiller. The family lived on a block of land in Bartholomew Road, Levin, with large sheds containing lots of spare parts and cars. They still live there to this day! Bob and his family never missed an event or rally, and were out and about in their cars whenever possible. A sign of Bob’s generosity was the donation by him of our first Club Rooms. A building owned by his joinery factory was cut in half for transport and moved to Gordon Routledge’s farm on McLeavey Road, Ohau. This building was used as our Club Rooms until mid-1978, when it was transported once again to a site on the Pari Kawau Domain, Ohau, where it was extensively renovated. Tragedy struck the family when son Ray was killed in a vintage event in the Wairarapa in 1984 at the age of 31. When our present Club Rooms were completed in 2007, Bob generously donated the contents of his large sheds to our Spares Department. This was the catalyst which gave the club such a great start in this area. We join with you Bob to thank you for all you have done for the branch over the years, and for the memories.

CITATION - 60 YEARS MEMBERSHIP! IVAN BENGE Ivan, I believe you have referred to yourself as a “vintage model”, being born in Upper Hutt in 1929. Your father, Len, had a garage there, so you developed an interest in cars from an early age. After leaving school you served your apprenticeship with Dominion Motors in Wellington, then joined your father at his garage in Upper Hutt. In 1951 you married Rita. You had three sons, and the youngest, Robert, is still a member of the Wellington Club. You have had a variety of cars, a lot of them English. You were a foundation member of the Wellington Branch of the VCC, attending the first meeting on the 9th July 1958. About the same time you bought a 1924 Overland Tourer, and restored it to rally it extensively, including in the 1965 Haast International Rally. In 1970 you rallied in Australia with some fellow Wellington members, and on

your return, your 1930 Model „A‟ Cabriolet was waiting to be restored. This was completed in 1974, and was driven by you until it went to a family member in America to add to their collection. In 1988 you and Rita retired to your house in Foxton, but, no garage!!! Mike Khull to the rescue! A nice 1200 sq ft garage was built, enabling you to carry on restoring once again. About this time you transferred to the Horowhenua Branch of VCC, and were able to help with the restoration of the old Club Rooms in Ohau. Your experience in setting up and running the Spares Department in the Wellington Club was invaluable to our Spares Department. Also, since the introduction of the VIC Inspections, you have carried them out for our Branch. In 1991 you found the bones of a 1939 Bedford half-ton truck on a farm in Hawke‟s Bay. This restoration was to take several years, but with the help of Mike Khull you succeeded, with the result being a replica of your father‟s garage truck in Upper Hutt down to the sign writing and phone number on the doors. Another perfect restoration and a credit to you and Mike. In 2008, you received your 50 years Award at Southwards. In 2012 it was time to start on another restoration, this time a 1938 Chevrolet HB Coupe. This car featured on the front cover of Beaded Wheels in 2015. It is yet another immaculate example of your work. At our AGM in 2014 you were awarded Life Membership of the Horowhenua Branch. Since finishing the Chev Coupe you have been involved with your son Robert, working on a series of cars in his workshop. You also help out anyone who needs a hand, and are an invaluable member of our Spares team at our branch. Your extensive knowledge is often called upon to identify parts and generally just know what part will do the job. We as a club appreciate your many years of expertise and have enjoyed seeing your many restorations evolving and coming to our club meets. In fact, Ivan, you are unique to this branch, being the first to attain 60 years of continuous membership of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand! Congratulations on this marvellous achievement!



Answer later in this issue of Spark

Who owns one of these? A short time ago one of our keen male memberâ&#x20AC;&#x;s (his name remains anonymous) purchased a tidy Ford Capri. Some of his friends and relatives, outside of the district, decided they wanted to have a ride. One Saturday they all drove to Levin enjoying their experience. When they arrived at the address, they discovered the owner had lost the keys to the Capri. Spending most of the day looking everywhere, his wife and mother in law turned the house inside out looking for them, while his son and he checked out his place of work. No joy! The visitors headed back to their homes a shade disappointed. The following Monday he took the lock out of the driverâ&#x20AC;&#x;s door and had a locksmith cut two keys! Great, he could drive his pride and joy once again. Would you believe, within a couple of days he managed to lose those new keys and the search started all over again! You wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x;t believe it but he checked down the back of his favourite chair - AND - not only did he find the keys he had cut, but the originals were there too! Must be a safe place to have all 4 keys!! Hope he keeps them all apart! Suggest you guess who this fellow is? Ps: I just happen to be his father in law! Cheers Jim.

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run About half the group began the day with a tea and natter at the Hyde Park CafĂŠ at Te Horo before proceeding to Sanson for lunch and of course further animated discussion of important things like motor vehicles both past and present. We [all 22 of us] then drove to Feilding without written instructions because John and Alisonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s printer had broken down yet again! South Street and the location of the Coach House Museum was easy to find and an amazingly wonderful display of the things of yesteryear. There was a fantastic display of horse drawn gigs and carts, all in pristine condition and all with information on their age, structure and differences. One gig was set up being drawn by a very realistic looking horse and a television monitor so that when you sat in the gig and pressed a button the monitor showed what the driver would see and it took you on a trip up Kimbolton Street. The gig was also motorised to give added realism. There was also the most wonderful collection of John Deere tractors that had been donated to the museum, all in pristine condition. A restored 1912 Burford milk truck, various hay making and cultivating machinery as well as all sorts of other collectables make this an amazing collection a very enjoyable afternoons visit.

John Kinvig

See Notices – this issue of ‘Spark’

The Horowhenua Secretary and Editor have an entry form and further information on this event. This includes an invitation to a BBQ and potential camping accommodation if required. Please ask for them, they can be forwarded by email. Or contact the organiser Paul Furkert

Your Editor has Entry Forms and further information on this Manawatu event. Sing out, it can be emailed to you. Ed.

MANAWATU DAFFODIL DAY DAFFODIL DELIVERIES â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 28, 29 and 30 August 2018

The Horowhenua Secretary and Editor hold a number of very informative documents and entry forms regarding this rally. Please ask for them, they can be forwarded by email, or contact email:

A SPECIAL INVITATION FROM HBVCC TO OWNERS OF CLUB ELIGIBLE COMMERCIAL VEHICLES 2019 IS THE YEAR OF THE COMMERCIAL For the first time ever Commercial Vehicles will be the Featured Marque for 2019. Come to Napier and join the HBVCC for Art Deco Weekend 2019 from February 14 th -17th. Kindly sponsored again this year by Euro City Ltd. 45000 people attended ADW in 2018. The Grand Parade on the Saturday will be limited to pre 1946 vehicles with a wheelbase of 160” or less. No tractors or trailers allowed. A weight limit of 3 tons will also apply. Here is your chance to show off that great Commercial vehicle along with Commercials from the Bill Richardson Transport Museum. We suggest you plan to arrive in Napier on Wednesday 13th Feb so you can participate in a special run for just the Commercials on the Thursday ending up at Off the Track restaurant for lunch. Attend our Valentine’s Dinner at the HBVCC Clubrooms that evening. Prizes for best dressed COUPLES this year. For 2019 the main rally is again on Friday and we plan to have a 3 or 4 hour run plus a picnic lunch at an historic Hawkes Bay homestead. Come and join the other 180 plus club eligible vehicles we expect to enter the 2019 Event. Go to the HBVCC website for an Entry Form. ( Entry forms for 2019 will be available from 20th August 2018. Accommodation in Napier is already filling up for Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. Contacts: STEVE TROTT STEVE DONOVAN A SPECIAL INVITATION FROM HBVCC TO OWNERS OF 100 YEARS PLUS OLD VETERAN CARS Come to Napier and join the HBVCC for Art Deco Weekend 2019 from February 14 th -17th. Kindly sponsored again this year by Euro City Ltd. Following the great response from the public to the 23 veterans we had in 2018 we again want to show them what the earliest cars look like, how they perform and where it all started from. We already have several early commitments including ADW first timers: a 1915 Locomobile, 1918 Twin Six Packard, Veteran Renault For 2019 the annual rally is again on Friday and we plan to have a 3 or 4 hour run plus a picnic lunch at an historic Hawkes Bay homestead. If there is sufficient demand there will be a special rally route for the early veterans (plotted by local veteran owners) to get you to the picnic on time. There will be a special prize draw ($250 of petrol vouchers) made from just the 100 year or older cars entered in the 2019 rally event. Come and join the other 180 plus club eligible vehicles we expect to enter the 2019 Event. Go to the HBVCC website for an Entry Form. ( Entry forms for 2019 will be available from 20th August 2018. Accommodation in Napier is already filling up for Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. We suggest you plan to arrive in Napier on Thursday 14th so you can attend our Valentine’s Dinner at the Clubrooms that evening. Prizes for the best dressed couples this year. Contacts: STEVE TROTT STEVE DONOVAN

MID MONTH MEANDER – 15th August 2018 The August Mid-Month Meander is on Wednesday the 15th August and is a 23 mile (37 Km) run to Sanson to look through the historical St Thomas’ church on the corner of SH3 and A’court Street. Meet at the end of the Matthews Ave cul-de-sac (Palm Nth) near the railway station at 1.00 pm. The church is a Category 2 listed Historic Place. It was originally constructed in 1876>1877 with the bell installed as an addition in 1881. This is a modest sized church featuring many aspects typical of the Gothic Revival style of architecture which was used for most of New Zealand’s country churches in the mid to late nineteenth century. The timber used in its interior construction is both conspicuous and striking, as is the effect of the lofty gable in adding to the sense of interior space. In the nave the ceiling is supported by a series of scissor trusses whose diagonals are also echoed in the matchwood lining of the ceiling and the exposed timber frame bracing of the walls in the main section. Much of the building was constructed without nails with the peg and dowel construction used in the framing also visible. Don’t miss the opportunity to be shown through this historic church. After the look through the church a very nice afternoon tea has been arranged for us at a cost of $8 per head. Please bring the correct change.

SUNDAY RUN - 19th August 2018 Because on the last Sunday of the August our members will be displaying their cars at the Coach House Museum for the Annual Daffodil Rally for Cancer, our monthly Sunday run in August will be a week earlier on the 19th August. Meet at 1.00 pm at Chester’s Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Ave, Palm North for an approx. 25 mile (40 km) drive in the country over easy roads followed by a sit down and chat over tea or coffee and cabinet food.


I have once again been summoned by Mark to record the library monthly report. A deadline, oh dear! Right here goes. First up the Kelly's, we all know the tale about the Pot calling the Kettle etc. Well in this case, it's a case of the Kelly's are back. Not actually, but in this case behind the scenes and shelves. They are still prowling for treasures, so thanks Mrs and Mr Kelly. Progress has been slow with regards to my proposal to computerise and catalog, but glimmers of light are appearing. A break north gave me an insight into the wider world of the VCC movement. With vigor I return to add a Children's Section to our library. With this in mind I am starting with a book sourced by Weka’s daughter, a possible "Myna bird". This section will be open to those under five and over eighty! That’s Weka’s proposal! Signing off,

Winter may be here and our members are in hibernation. However word on the club grapevine is that there is a series of new restorations going on behind those closed car and motorcycle shed doors! George, having purchased from Auckland a 1937 Ford Model Y, is the only car he never wished to own! In addition, myself and Ian Bade are helping a new motorcycle member in Tauranga with their first restoration of a 1939 BSA C10 de Luxe. Spares has heard of three other restorations happening. Over the last month Spares has been quietly working on installing a machine to remove tyres from rims. Our members are more than welcome to use this machine on working bee days once itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up and running. The only condition is they must take their tyres home with them! Of interest to Ford Model A members, will be that Spares has taken in a trailer load of parts recently, so be in quick! Safe travelling everyone.


Library Merchandise HVCC Dashboard Stickers Iron on fabric badges HVCC blue and white caps Name Badges (fill out form)


$ 4 $ 3 $10 $12

Wanted - Amal carburetor, a monoblock model 376 or 389 any condition or a concentric to complete my conversion to a 5oo cc. Contact Shorty Phone 06 3636795.

Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday 29th August 2018 Visit to the Time Cinema, Lyall Bay, Wellington The Film is “Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines” starring Terry Thomas, James Fox, Stuart Whitman and the lovely Sarah Miles (the Femme Fatale). In 1910 a newspaper Mogul, Lord Rawnsley, decided to offer a large cash sum to the first pilot to successfully fly over the English Channel. Aviation experts from near and far enter the race with the two front runners are of course distracted by Rawnsley‟s lovely daughter. 11.30 to 11.45am Meet at the Chocolate Fish Café, Shelly Bay, Wellington, for lunch. View the menu on 1.00pm Leave for the Time Cinema, 191 Sutherland Road, Lyall Bay. Cost $8.00 per person. The theatre is limited to 39 people. Afternoon tea if required, is $5.00 per person. No EFTPOS is available. If you would like to come, please let Alison or John Kinvig know by Sunday 26th August. E-Mail:,

Phone (04) 234-1262 or John on 027-4524326



Run to Vern Jensen’s Wooden Wheels, an Irish Pub and the Coach House Museum, Feilding. Start at the clubrooms 8.45am. See Notices, in this issue. th August 26 VCCNZ National Day – Daffodil Rally. Support for Daffodil Day and the Cancer Society. See Notices and Coming Events, in this issue. 10am to 2pm. th September 5 Horowhenua Club Night th September 15 Manawatu Branch Vintage Rally. See Coming Events. th September 16 Visit NZ Police Museum, RNZPC, Porirua. See Notices. rd October 3 Horowhenua Club Night October 6th Manawatu Branch Swap Meet - Manfeild Park Feilding Sellers ($20) from 7 am, Public ($10) from 9 am th October 14 Run to Southwards Car Museum and lunch in the café th November 7 Horowhenua Club Night th 16-18 November National Veteran Rally in Nelson. See Coming Events. th November 18 Tararua Trundle November 25th Wairarapa Branch 2nd Annual Stretched Gymkhana. See the ad in this issue of Spark. th December 5 Horowhenua Club Night th December 9 Horowhenua Branch Christmas Party 19, 20 January Wanganui Branch Burma Rally and Vintage Weekend. st and 21 Wellington Anniversary Weekend. See ad in this Spark. rd March 3 Transmission Gully Motor Show. Held at Battle Hill Farm by the Plimmerton Rotary Club. Any enquiries to: John White Phone 06 368-3299


the print bureau 06 367 9330

Horowhenua VCC August 2018  
Horowhenua VCC August 2018