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November 2017

PO Box 458, LEVIN 14 Tiro Tiro Road, LEVIN


Tom Hayes


Colin Brooks

04 298 5458

Deputy Chair

Des St Clare

0274 191412


Winton Cleal

04 293 3369


Jackie Job

06 368 2565

Club Captain (Joint)

John White Bob Barton

06 368 3299 06 367 8216

Branch Delegate

Warren Birch

04 905 2130


Derek Ransom Pete Collins Warren MacMillan

06 368 1011 06 368 8656 06 362 6156

Custodian Groundspeople

Andrew Judd Wayne Thrower Julia MacMillan

06 368 6891 06 368 5611 06 362 6156

Spares Team

Callum Farmer Rex Williams Mike Khull Bob Barton Jeff Fox Colin Brooks Robert Cammish

06 364 7238

Library Archives

Peter and Bev Kelly

06 368 3474

Spark Editor

04 971 2858

Spark Distribution

Mark Gibson Bob Barton

VIC Team

Verdon Heath, Ivan Horn, Jeff Fox and Mark Morgan

06 367 0613 06 363 5633 06 367 8216 06 362 6013 04 298 5458 04 905 0772

06 367 8216

Meeting Branch Night - 1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm Committee Meeting - Last Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm Working Bee - Saturday following Branch Night at 9.00 am Spare Parts - Open Saturday following Branch Night

At Club Night this month Jeff Fox introduced Don Smith as a visitor. We also welcomed two new members, Don McLaren (Shona Nightingale’s brother) and Brian Wilkins, who is returning to the Club after a short break. To welcome Brian back, we gave him the job as Speaker for the night! He enlisted the help of his colleague, Dean Taylor, and together they gave us an update on the administration of CPR and the use of a defibrillator, plus for our own health the use of gloves and a mouth guard. I have ordered some of these kits for any members who would like to carry one on a keyring or in their First Aid Kit. It was a very interesting talk, with many questions being asked from the floor. Thank you Brian, and Dean for sorting out our defibrillator so quickly! On the welfare front, Warren Birch and Graeme McKenzie have both spent time in hospital recently. They are both home again and progressing well. This month’s run to Murrayfield Café was good, with 35 members enjoying lunch and a look around the very interesting museum out the back. Thanks to Bob and John for organising this for us. Coming up in the next couple of months will be a wash-down to the exterior of the Club Rooms, and a lick of paint to the timber on the verandah. We will be getting a price to clean the roof, especially the Clearlite sheets. Also, a new 2.4 metre step-ladder is needed, so we can be safe when working around the Club Rooms. Once again, it was great to have over 20 members at the Working Bee and for morning tea last Saturday. The entertainment for the morning was watching Des St. Clare and Don McLaren taking the Morris 8 in Spares apart, sorting the useable parts so the rest can go to the metal recyclers. The same will happen to the Mini, with Robert Cammish and John White about to take the motor out of it. Don’t for get to get your name down for our Christmas Lunch at the Club Rooms, plus the Restoration of the Year Award after lunch. As usual this is a catered meal. Please bring a wrapped gift to the value of around $5, marked “Male” or “Female” if appropriate. th These will be distributed by Santa during the lunch. Date for the party is Sunday, 10 December. Let Bob or John know if you intend coming. th

This month’s run is our “Tararua Trundle” on Sunday 19 . Be sure to get your entry in for this iconic event, not to be missed! I will definitely see you there!


Roster for December 2017 Verdon Heath, Andrew Heffey, David Hercock, David Hobbs, Ivan Horn. If you can’t make it for either kitchen duties on Club Night on 6th December, or the Working Bee on Saturday morning, 9th December (9 am till 12 noon) please let myself or Cheryl know on 04 298-5458.

Speaker for December 2017 The speaker this month is, Chief Superintendant John Hand, retired of the ‘Old Bill’ or more accurately the Kent Police. He will provide a presentation on solving the Murder of a young child in the United Kingdom of which he was Officer in Charge. John Hand has now retired to New Zealand and living on the Kapiti Coast.

________________________________________________________________ “I have heard the whisper that Jan Macdonald has a new addition to her vehicles. A 1952 Morris Minor Convertible has been added to the fleet! Apparently it is almost restored, and luckily she knows someone who will finish the restoration. All “Don’t you tell it to the breeze he charges is three meals a day and a bed at She will tell the birds and bees night! We look forward to seeing this vehicle And everyone will know Because you told the blabbering trees” with Jan at the wheel sometime in the very near future!”

Those who read the October edition of the Wairarapa ‘Zenith’ will have seen the article regarding the Peter Smith Memorial Rally. This is a rally especially for the Austin marque, held in September. The winner was our very own Kerry and John Rapley! They were in their little green A35 Countryman. ‘CONGRATULATIONS’. …….you kept that quiet!!

From: LINDA OKEEFFE [] Sent: Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:20 AM Subject: Burma Rally 2018 Hi, Attached is a copy of the Wanganui Branch Burma Rally. It is on 21st January, 2018. I have already posted hard copies to each Branch, unfortunately there were a couple of mistakes in these. The entry form attached has been corrected. (Main correction was the deletion of Rule 3 regarding the need for vehicles to have a VIC) The rally takes advantage of events taking place in the city over Wellington Anniversary weekend. It is the weekend Wanganui celebrates its heritage by hosting the very popular Vintage Weekend. The Burma Rally attracts a lot of interest with the locals. Displaying our vehicles and driving them around the city over the weekend is appreciated by the public and Mainstreet Whanganui (organisers of Vintage Weekend). Please let your members know the entry form is available. They can email for a copy or for further information. Regards Linda O’Keeffe Rally Secretary Wanganui Branch


MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE HOROWHENUA BRANCH VINTAGE CAR CLUB NZ INC HELD AT 14 TIRO TIRO ROAD, LEVIN ON 1St November 2017 AT 7.30 PM. PRESENT: Chairman Colin Brooks welcomed 60 members. APOLOGIES: Warren Birch, Mark Dunn, Bruce Scott, Richard Caldwell, Barry Walker, Shirley and Hec Newton, Verdon Heath, Leah and Alton Harrison. VISITORS: Dean Taylor, Don Smith. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Taken as read and approved. Winton Cleal/Wayne Thrower. CORRESPONDENCE: Kevin Slater transferring to Waikato. Rotorua VCC car show 21 January 2018. NZTA Road works in our area. Winton/Andrew Judd TREASURER’S REPORT: Note internet Banking. Jackie Job /Pete Collins CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT: In future please pay money into clubs account 24 HR prior to going on runs. 35 people turned up to Murrayfield café run. 12 November: Manawatu VCC club having a motor Bike run. 19 November: Tararua Trundle. A long run of 4 hours. Toilets on the way. 20 Questions. A Café at end of run or bring your own lunch. 10 December: Christmas party. Please bring a gift of up to $5 to go into Santa’s Sack. Let the Club Captain know if you are going on any runs. Restoration of the year awarded at Xmas party. LIBRARY: Wanganui Branch entry forms for Burma rally. Need more photos of your cars to put up on club wall. SPARES: New shelves put up, also gaskets are being sorted. GENERAL BUSINESS: Wayne Thrower is selling up his collection. SPEAKER: Dean Taylor gave a demonstration of how to administer CPR. Meeting closed at 9.05PM

Saturday, 14 October was the Manawatu Swap Meet at Feilding. There were quite a lot of cars and spare parts for sale and quite a few of our members managed to get themselves some bargains. Eventually, after four years of going to the Swap Meet, I met Vern Jensen who does a brilliant job making wooden wheels for the veteran and vintage vehicles. I intend to get a new set made for my Model T in the near future. Sunday, 22 October the Safari Rally from the BOP turned out to be very good. A really good crowd of likeminded people enjoying our clubroom’s facilities and then set off to Trayla Trailers at Levin. Owned by our very own Dave Hobbs, he was going to show them how a trailer is put together from scratch. Dave is quick at building them, you bet your life he is, blink and you’ve missed it! Sunday, 29 October was a hot, sunny start to the day out at Murrayfield Café. I love this place and I think we should all go at least once a month. Fifteen vehicles and 35 members turned up. The staff at Murrayfield excelled yet again, a wide choice of menu was made available to us and we no sooner sat down and the food appeared. It was superb - if you have never been then you don’t know what you’re missing. I thought most of our members had settled in for the day! Thank you to all that turned up, you again made the day something special. Thank you to all the staff at Murrayfield for looking after us.

Sunday, 12 November is the Manawatu Motorcycle Swap Meet. We hope a few of our motorcycle members will want to go. If you do, then please let me know and we will try and fill a few cars to get there. Sunday, 19 November is the TARARUA TRUNDLE - get your names down now! It’s just me, John and Mr and Mrs Robert that are going at the moment! It is 10 30am away from the clubrooms, a full tank of petrol and a calm relaxed driver is essential, so choose your navigator carefully.  Sunday, 10 December is the CHRISTMAS PARTY and RESTORATION of the YEAR. Get your names down now. We have for the first time been able, through Jackie our Treasurer, to pay direct into the VCC Horowhenua bank account. The cost is still an incredible $25. Contact Bob or John now if you want to go. That’s all for now folks, don’t forget to contact us.

Bob and John Club Captains

Restoration of the Year

you’re all invited to the Clubrooms on Sunday 10 December for a catered Christmas Dinner Meet and greet – 12 noon Dinner served – approx 1 pm

Please?     

Confirm your booking with Bob or John at the Tararua Trundle, December Club Night or phone Bob on 06 3678216. Pay $25 each. BYO drinks – Orange juice supplied Bring a wrapped present of no more than $5 value. Mark it male, female or both! Father Christmas will deliver! Bring your club car.

Eah up!

Internet Banking: A/c No: 03 0667 0269227 00 – Quote your ‘Surname’ and event ‘XmasDo’

Answer later in this issue of Spark

When insuring your valuable items (property, car etc) with Vero, quoting this number results in a commission being made to the Horowhenua Branch. Thank you for your support.

Number HO/300137

There is a very interesting article in the Wellington Branch ‘Motoring Spirit’ regarding the Wellington entry of Mark Richter in this Concours. Go online to VCC and see News from Branches.

Hmmm….may consider this, after I’ve won Lotto for the second time!

Put this web address into your browser, there is more information to be found here.

Horowhenua Branch 14 Tiro Tiro Road Levin

Sunday 19 November 2017 Entries Close Wednesday 15 November 2017 Horowhenua Branch Rally Rules 1 2 3 4

Those entering vehicles must be financial members of the VCC of NZ Inc. All entered vehicles must be of an acceptable standard and condition. Members must produce VCC Membership if requested. The Rally Director’s decision is final.

Horowhenua Branch invites you to enter the

This is a relaxed event run with straight forward instructions and is of approximately 4 hours duration. We will cover sealed and some unsealed roads. A full tank of fuel is advised for a very scenic country drive. Entrants won’t require a cut lunch this year, a planned stop at a CafÊ will relieve you of the chore. Assembly, briefing and start-point will be at the Clubrooms Entry Fee: $20.00 Briefing: 10.00 am First Car Away: 10.30 am Entries posted to:

The Rally Director PO Box 458 Levin Entries to arrive no later than Wednesday 15 November Enquires to: The Rally Directors Bob Barton 06 367 8216 John White 06 368 3299


Registration and Entry Form Name of Entrant Address Home Phone Driver’s Name

Cell Phone (if not Entrant)

VCC No Class entered







Post Vintage


Post War




Post ’60 & ‘80

Make of Vehicle Year and CC rating Numbers Attending Total Entry Fee


Post To: The Rally Director, PO Box 458, Levin All Cheques Payable To: Horowhenua Branch VCC Inc Internet Banking: A/c No: 03 0667 0269227 00 – Quote your ‘Surname’ and event ‘Trundle’

SUNDAY RUN - 26th November 2017 Meet at 1.00 pm at the Chesters Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Ave, Palm North for a 40 mile (65 km) drive to a café. There is an 8 km section of Highway driving (SH57) on this run (and the same again if you return to Palmerston North by the same route), so feel free to bring your modern if you would prefer to do so. MID MONTH MEANDER – 10th December 2017 The last Mid-Month Meander for the year is on Sunday 10th December and is an approx. 25 miles (40 km) run to ‘Flowers with Flair’ in Colyton. Meet at 1.00 pm at the Chesters Plumbing and Bathroom carpark in Tremaine Avenue (Palm Nth). ‘Flowers with Flair’ is a small business run by Julie O’Connor who uses imported silk flowers to create flower arrangements for Special Occasions; Memorials and Gravesides; Home and Office Décor; Wedding Flowers; Horseshoes and Garters; Christmas Arrangements etc. While you may have seen Julies’ stall at a local market, Fete, or Expo, this run will let you look at the Floral Studio at her home and give you the opportunity to talk to her about her business and the goods that she makes and sells. The visit will probably only take half an hour so there will be time to take a 12 km run afterwards to the Herb Farm (or an 18 km to County Fayre in Pohangina) - for a tea or coffee.

…….if you did win Lotto twice then this might be for you! Only problem is…….the Aussies! We have more info, contact the Secretary or Editor.


The time has finally come folks! At the AGM in June next year, Peter and I are resigning from the positions of Librarians and Archivist. We will be pleased to assist any members who apply for these positions, but would prefer that the new librarians and archivist soon find their own way of doing things. We feel the library is all set up now so we can bow out with pleasure and leave it in someone else's hands. If you want those hands to be yours, get in touch with us. Don't wait for the AGM start right away! We were pleased to be able to open the library for the folk from the Hawke's Bay Branch of the VCC, who were in Levin on their annual Safari Weekend. They showed much interest in the layout of the library, the accessibility of the books, the Membership, Runs and Rallies and Clubrooms folders, and the For Sale section. It was a strange coincidence for me to be involved with a HB Branch Safari again. I had organised a Safari to Taihape in 1968 when I was their Secretary/Treasurer. At the same time, while in the HB Branch, we started their library - in our spare room! Nothing new there! This month we have received donations from Ivan Benge, Nigel Wheeler, Keith Staples and Warren Birch. We also purchased a BLMC Parts List 1965, from the Waikanae Book Sale. See the Latest Arrivals folder in the library. We also thank the members who donate the latest copy of 'Beaded Wheels' so that the BW can be included in the packs for new members. The packs are well received by our new members. We look forward to hearing from any new enthusiastic applicants for our library and archive positions.

Bev and Peter Kelly Librarians and Archivists

The Chairman’s Chat in last month’s Spark is quite correct, the new addition to the Spares Department is now full up! There are three partbodies of cars looking for new homes, the third car being the Post-War Morris Series E, which we plan to reduce to parts in the next month or so. October is also the month for swap meets, Canterbury this year unfortunately suffering from the effects of heavy rain over the Saturday and Sunday. However, Friday was excellent with many treasures being purchased by Horowhenua members. The following weekend was the Manawatu Swap Meet with a large number of Horowhenua members being out in force. However, reports of treasures being purchased have been few and far between. Moving along, a thank you must go to Dave Hobbs for organising the visit from the Hawke’s Bay Safari Club during Labour Weekend. I can report that one of their members found some 1930’s De Soto parts which he had been looking long and hard for. Safe travelling everyone.


Wanted: A rotor or crab distributor for my ’47 Ford V8. NOS or a good second hand one will do. I have run out of spares and the new ones give nothing but grief! Phone Mike K on 06 3635633

Two very rare Morris Oxfords, a 1960 GENUINE flat deck, lower regions of the cab are rusty. Otherwise a sound project. A 1958 SE 1V Estate model, very little rust but tired! Both rego’s are on hold, prefer to sell both together, $3,500. I can separate if need be, $1,000 for no1 or $2,500 for no2. Many original type parts go with them. Phone Wayne 021 1118176

1951 Sunbeam Talbot Mk2 Sports sedan 2.3 litre $5000 ono. Original, with seat belts and indicators, leather refurbished/ replaced, rust-free. Needs a new paint job. Runs well. Has both 15 inch and 16 inch wheels. Good 15 inch tyres. Owner downsizing. First four owners from Wanganui 1951 to 1995, then Taihape (Graham Robertson member VCC), then Palmerston North 2004, off road, always shedded since 2006. WOF and reg on hold. Ian Rowden Phone 06 3567871


Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run (last Wednesday of the month)

Wednesday 29 November 2017 - Trip to Greytown and Carterton, Wairarapa 10.00am: Meet for coffee at Aston Norwood Gardens (formerly Kaitoke Country Gardens), 1747 Main Road, State Highway 2. They are situated 10 mins North of Upper Hutt. You can view the extensive gardens for $2.50 per person. See 12.00pm: Roast lunch at the South Wairarapa Working Men’s Club, 120 Main Street, Greytown. The roast lunch includes a small dessert, total $20.00 per person. 2.00pm: Visit the Dudson Car Collection, 73 Taylor Street, Carterton. Gold coin donation. This collection is predominantly American cars from 1927 – 1975. The collection was started by Kevan’s Father and is now managed by Kevan and his sister. The collection also contains interesting bric-a-brac, restored motors and other motors awaiting restoration. Directions: Travel along State Highway 2 to Carterton. At the roundabout first exit on to Belverdere Road. Taylor Street is the fourth left and the collection is housed in a large green building, number 73. If you would like to join us, please contact John or Alison Kinvig by 26 November 2017. Either: E-mail or phone (04) 234 1262, John mobile 027 4524326.


Manawatu Motorcycle Swap Meet – Depart clubrooms at 8am - travel together. Please contact Bob to advise. th November 19 Tararua Trundle - Please see Club Captain’s report this issue. Depart clubrooms 10 30am. A four hour day with sealed and unsealed roads. Touted as a stunning run! November 29th Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run. December 6th Horowhenua Club Night th December 10 Branch Christmas Party - further TBA th December 13 Kapiti Coast Mid Week Run. Christmas Lunch in Levin. rd January 3 No Club Night th February 7 Horowhenua Club Night th February 11 All British Car Day, Trentham Memorial Park - A fundraiser for Wellington Free Ambulance - further TBA th February 25 The Mangahao Valley and 3 Dams Trip - Wellington Branch have been invited – further TBA th March 7 Horowhenua Club Night March 17th Horowhenua Branch SWAP MEET. Gates open 7am. See ad in this issue of Spark. th April 4 Horowhenua Club Night Any enquiries to: John White Phone 06 368-3299


the print bureau 06 367 9330

Horowhenua VCC November 2017