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THE WIPER The Newsletter of the Gore Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc.)

September 2018 MEETINGS: SECOND TUESDAY of the month at the Clubrooms, Waimea Street, Gore th

Next meeting: 11 September

Branch telephone number: 03 208 7424

2018-2019 Committee and Officers Branch Patrons Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer Club Captain Assistant Club Captains

Neil McVicar, Ray Tressler Greg Elder Vacant Katy Parish Tim Walsh John Parish Ken Buchanan Ray Taylor Charlie Davis Bill Sheddan Greg Elder Keith Nunn Branch Recorder (Wiper Editor) David North Assistant Branch Recorder Position not filled at present House Convenor Des Brewster Assistant House Convenor Paul Corcoran Social Committee Beb Kennedy, David McDowell, Keith Nunn Beaded Wheels Reporter Jim McFadzien Festival Rally Organiser Denis Knight Assistant Rally Organiser Keith and Raewyn Dodds Bar Manager Chris Scoles Assistant Murray Proctor Maintenance Supervisor Keith Nunn Maintenance Assistants Bill Ainge, Keith Dodds, Ray Harvey, Barry Clearwater, Alec McLennan Swapmeet & Parts Paul Corcoran Swapmeet & Parts Assistants Barry Clearwater, Evan Henderson, Gerry Kennedy, Bryan Neilson Hill Climb Evan Henderson Hill Climb Assistant Alec McLennan Sheriff Denis Knight Librarian Stewart Quertier Raffles Starr McDougall National Delegate David North Privacy Officer Katy Parish Health & Safety Officer Vacant Museum & HPP David McDowell Tuesday Ramble Co-ordinator Fay Graves Branch Daffodil Day Co-ordinator Bill Sheddan Vehicle Identity Card signatories Evan Henderson, Denis Knight, John Parish, John Tremaine

(03) 202 5710 (03) 208 5505 (03) 208 3531 (03) 208 5505 (03) 208 6901 027 696 2965 (03) 204 8848 (03) 208 1237 (03) 202 5710 (03) 208 5403 021 172 3281 (03) 208 1960 (03) 208 6862

(03) 208 0121 (03) 208 5404 (03) 208 6038 (03) 208 0052 (03) 208 4768 (03) 208 5403

(03) 208 6862

(03) 208 6479 (03) 202 5868 (03) 208 5404 (03) 208 7932 (03) 208 5450 021 172 3281 (03) 208 5505 (03) 208 6791 (03) 208 1093 027 4342935

Front cover picture: Jean Kirby presents a “birthday cake� to Bryan Neilson (L) and Des Brewster during the July Tuesday Ramble. (Photo by The Editor)



Chairman's Report September 2018 Another month has come and gone since my last report. The daylight hours are increasing and the grass is growing again, so Spring must be close. I may have to get the lawn mower out shortly which seems a bit early for up here in Northern Southland!! I notice calves and lambs starting to appear out in the fields. An annual event coming up on the 1st of September which spins my wheels is whitebaiting which starts on the West Coast (15th August on this side of the Mainland). So looking forward to spending several days (or weeks!!!) in Martins Bay during the season. I really enjoyed the Combined Rally in my 1939 Chev. The weather was perfect and a great night was held at the evening function. A big thank you to all our members who helped run the event. Well I’d better get back to the shed and decide what my next project will be as I have finally finished the restoration of my Mk1 Ford Escort Sport. So members get your vehicles out for the Club’s upcoming events. Happy Motoring Greg Elder

Spotted! About 2 minutes 30 seconds into this video from the Nattering Knitter are Coralie Bewley’s 30 seconds of fame:

The Editor 4

Club Captain’s Report September 2018 The Combined Rally was held in Gore on the 11th and 12th of August and had a total of 36 cars entered. See my report later in The Wiper for the details on how things went. By the time this goes to press the Daffodil Rally for Cancer will just about have happened so I hope as many members as possible have turned out to support it. As mentioned last month Keith Nunn is organising the Opening Run on the 16th of September. He tells me there is a short and long route with gravel on both and a pot luck tea to follow at the clubrooms. Get out and enjoy the spring weather. The branch has not received any entry forms as yet for the Blossom Festival Rally but in the last Beaded Wheels there was an ad for it. The contact is Murray George and you can contact him for an entry form by Email: or cell phone 027 433 3321. John Parish

Message from Fay Graves regarding Tuesday Rambles The number of people coming on the Rambles is minimal and I have had a chat with Club Captain John about this. Is it a waste of time? Maybe it’s time for a change. Fay Graves

What do you all think? Please address any thoughts and suggestions to Fay or the Club Captain – or have your say at the next monthly meeting! The Editor 5

From the Editor’s keyboard As both Greg and John have mentioned in their Reports, the Combined Rally was a great success. Donna and I took part in our 1986 Toyota Corolla and thoroughly enjoyed the runs and the dinner. We were lucky enough to be on the winning table for the quizzes. Our table comprised members of the Gore, South Otago and Southland Branches so the result was very definitely a “Combined” effort! Much of this month’s issue consists of material from the Executive Meeting and the National AGM held in Napier at the beginning of August which I attended as the Gore Branch Delegate. The President of the VCC was very insistent that Delegates give their Branches full reports on the the two meetings and I also feel that it is important that you, the members, have some knowledge of what went on at the meetings, especially since, as we were told in Napier, the Executive Committee “runs” the Club. As I mentioned last month, I have just about run out of material. Unless I am sent something else the next issues of The Wiper will be filled with what I consider to be “the cream” of the jokes and fillers I have received. Over to you! David North

New Members A very warm welcome to two more new members, Ken and Jill Muir of Wyndham. They have joined the VCC specifically so that they can take part in the Targa VCC Time Trial but perhaps we can persuade them to join in on some branch runs and rallies too! Ken will be known to some of you, not least because the Tuesday Ramblers have visited his shed. Although they list just one Club-eligible vehicle on their application form, a restored 1955 MG TF 1500, Ken mentioned a number of his vehicles at the meeting, including some quite racy machinery. The Editor 6




VCC Executive Meeting 3 & 4 August 2018 (Friday evening session) MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES Draft Code of Conduct: deferred to the Saturday. Health and Safety template: a work in progress. Entry forms for non-members on VCC events: a work in progress. National Office: the building is now insured but excluding earthquake damage. No decision yet on whether to re-build or replace. NZ Federation of Motoring Clubs AGM: held at Auckland Branch. Draft template for Branch Constitutions: deferred to the Saturday. Bella Vista Motels discount: Nelson Branch had queried why this had stopped. It was explained that the VCC Management Committee had changed some of the arrangements around companies offering discounts and this had resulted in this discount ending. CORRESPONDENCE Otago Branch: requested permission to amend their Branch Constitution to require the Management Committee to approve changes rather than the Executive Committee as at present. (The Management Committee meets more frequently.) It was explained that the Club Constitution requires the Executive Committee to approve any changes. Deferred pending finalising of the Branch Constitution template. BUDGET Proposed subscription increase: three draft budgets were presented by the Treasurer with, respectively, no increase; a $5 increase for Main members and $1 for Joint members; a $10 increase for Main members and $1 for Joint members. The draft budgets predicted that, for the year 1/4/2019 to 31/3/2020, no increase would see the Club operating at an 10

overall net deficit of $19,570; the $5 increase would see a net overall surplus of $14,270 and the $10 increase an overall net surplus of $45,602. During the ensuing discussion, some Delegates questioned the need for an increase when the Club accounts showed a bank balance of approximately $1.1 million. It was explained that $328,700 of this was the insurance payout on the National Office and that replacement or rebuilding would be likely to cost more than that amount. The Club was also looking at employing an additional part-timer at Head Office to provide back-up and assistance to the National Office Manager (Julie Cairns-Gee). Following discussion, an increase of $5 for a Main member and $1 for a Joint member was proposed and passed. CHANGES TO BY-LAWS Deferred to the Saturday, pending the outcome of voting on the two Notices of Motion. REPORT ON MEMBERSHIP STATUS A report listing new, deceased and resigned members for each of the Branches was presented, together with a comparison of vehicle numbers and Branch membership numbers for 2017 and 2018. These were complemented by a detailed breakdown of Branch memberships for the years 2000 to 2018 and a comparison of numbers of vehicles per Class with ID cards, total vehicle ownership, numbers of vehicles with IDs and total numbers of members for each Branch for June 2017 and July 2018. The reports showed that Club membership had increased by 165 to 8628 and the Gore Branch from 148 to 150. The total number of vehicles listed in the Club’s database had increased by 408 to 20,206, of which 11,071 have ID cards. The most numerous Classes are Vintage (2584), Post War (2823) and Post 1960 (2953) and the most numerous types are motorcycles (2283) and sedans (4039). The Gore Branch has a total of 316 vehicles listed, of which 181 have ID cards – an increase of three. CALENDAR OF EVENTS This is for “major” Branch events that other Branches are invited to attend. I checked that the Gore Branch events were entered correctly and that there did not seem to be any significant clashes with other Branches. 11

Future events: the next Executive Committee meeting will be in Wellington on 23rd March 2019. No bids have been received for the North Island National Rally in 2019, the South Island Easter Rally in 2020, or for the AGM on the South Island in 2021. GENERAL BUSINESS 60 Year Long Service award: the three options (status quo, framed certificate or badge and framed certificate) were discussed and the meeting was overwhelmingly in favour of presenting a badge and framed certificate. 2021 International Festival of Motoring Greg and Gaynor Terrill gave a presentation on behalf of Tony Haycock, the Festival Director. All members of the Event Committee and the Management and Executive Committees are expected to promote the event to VCC members and prospective members. The organisers say they need to attract 10% of the VCC membership (about 850 entries) to make it viable now and in the future. It was emphasised that the event will be a “Festival of Motoring” and not a “Rally”. The event will run from Sunday 17th to Friday 22nd January 2021, inclusive. There will be four “motoring” days, which will be relaxed motoring in your own time, visiting local attractions and with time to do your own side trips. There will be one optional day of “competitive” motoring and a public display. The New Plymouth Festival of Lights will be on at the same time. The event will be based at the New Plymouth racecourse which incorporates the TSB Stadium. Planning and preparation are progressing well. An event committee is in place, most of the routes have been plotted (by an enthusiastic 26 year-old couple, so new blood and fresh ideas) and are ready for checking and Vero are on board as the major sponsor. The programme is being finalised, entry costs are expected to be at about the same level as the Dunedin Vero Rally. There is a good mix of accommodation in New Plymouth, motels, hotels and camp grounds but there will NOT be a camp ground at the racecourse. The Vehicle Technical Code: draft changes affecting the Contents, Section 1 General Rules, Section 2 Determination of Manufacturing 12

Date, Section 3.2 Vehicle Preservation Groups and Section 3.4 Vehicle Category for Non-VCC-Eligible Vehicle. Many of the changes are “tidying up” of wording, others define “Historic Vehicle” and clarify the criteria for some of the Vehicle Preservation Groups. A new category (Vehicles of Potential Interest, POI) has been introduced to encourage the preservation of vehicles with, for example, significant or famous ownership or sporting history, current or potential historic interest, rarity etc. No objections were raised to any of the proposed changes but, as some changes were related to one of the Notices of Motion that had been voted on by the membership, adoption of the changes was held over until after the AGM. (Saturday afternoon session) CHANGES TO BY-LAWS The definition of “Historic Vehicle” to be updated and the process for dating a vehicle to be added from the Vehicle Technical Code. CORRESPONDENCE TO THE PRESIDENT Two email requests: 1. From Radio NZ, wanting to visit or interview three vintage car owners from different areas of the country, preferably ones who have been involved in restoration of a vehicle. 2. From Exposure International, a film company, looking for community groups to take part in a commercial for Air New Zealand. (This has also been sent to all Branches.) DRAFT BRANCH CONSTITUTION TEMPLATE This will be sent to all Branches for discussion and any comments and/or suggestions are to be sent to the President by the 1st October 2018. The draft will be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting (March 2019). It was noted that the template may apply more to those Branches who need to update their Constitutions. DRAFT CODE OF CONDUCT Also to be sent to all Branches and with comments to be sent to the President by the 1st October 2018 so that the draft can also be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting. 13

One point raised from the floor concerned Clause k (“suppressed” members) and what to do about photographs taken on Club runs. It was pointed out that each Branch has a list of the Branch’s “suppressed” members so they can be contacted to check before publication. OTHER MATTERS Mileage allowance: the rate (60c per kilometre) was queried as it was less than the “IRD” rate. It was explained that this had been set by the VCC and was intended to be a contribution to, rather than covering, the overall running costs of the vehicle. VIC photographs: some members were having difficulty getting photographs printed to the correct size for VIC cards suggested that the card size might be altered. It was explained that this would cause great difficulties and that, if photographs were taken with a good margin around the vehicle, members could easily trim them to the correct size. Incorporated Societies Act: progress on reviewing this was queried but there is still no indication of when, or if, it will be completed. VIC applications: the absolute necessity of using the latest version of the application form and ensuring that ALL questions were answered was emphasised. Also that Branch Secretaries must ensure that all Technical Bulletins are passed on to the Branch Signatories. It was also pointed out that Branches can ask for a member of the Technical Committee to come and train new signatories. Please let me know if you would like further information on any of the above, or would like to see any of the reports. David North Gore Branch Delegate

Things to think about Many animals probably need glasses, but nobody knows it. Bill Sheddan 14

Beaded Wheels ‘Idle Torque’ Report Here is the “missing” Gore article: Gore has had a busy month, Queen’s Birthday weekend brings Gold Guitars, the big Truck Show with all its acres of chrome, those air horns and sirens are all crowd pullers. Our VCC had the End of Season run on June 9th to a newly-found private collection of Ford GTs, all in showroom condition, with pride of place in the middle with a replica of one of the MAD MAX machines from the movie series. The run was won by Greg Elder in his 1972 XA Falcon GT. Three days later we had our Annual General Meeting with a small attendance but of the 48 vacancies for jobs 46 were filled on the night so we don’t need much of a round–up. All Trophies are engraved and will be presented at our Annual Dinner on July 7th, by our new Chairman Greg Elder. A break till the Opening Run in September and we can once again turn Petrol into Pleasure. Jim McFadzien

Newsletters from other branches Many Branch Newsletters are now posted on the VCC Website: A very few branches are still sending us printed copies and these are displayed on the stand in the Library for three months. Others are received as pdf files or by email and can be forwarded to you, on request, by the Editor or the Secretary. 15

Annual Dinner 2018 A big thanks from Des and me to all who helped in setting up on the Friday before the Dinner. Many thanks to Marilyn Proctor and Marlene Newland for adding a bit of a female touch to the tables. Numbers were down a bit on last year, but those who put in the effort to attend really enjoyed the evening. Great meal from Food Affair. Thank you to those that helped clean up on the night and to those who helped on the Sunday. Many thanks. Gerry Kennedy


Online Bonuses A good result for Andrew Graves (and Derek Ayson): 1961 Vauxhall Cresta PA: Vintage & Classic Car Roll Call: Thunderbird: 17



Gore Branch Events for the 2018-19 Season Event



2018 Opening Run

Sunday 16th September th

Keith Nunn

P60 Run

Sunday 28 October

Ken Buchanan, Keith Nunn

Josephville Hill Climb

Sunday 18th November

Evan Henderson, Alec McLennan

Christmas Run

Sunday 9th December

John Parish

2019 Overnighter (Provisional)

Saturday & Sunday 19th & 20th January

Keith Nunn

Festival Rally

Saturday 16th February

Denis Knight

Clearwater Capers Run Sunday 3rd March Frank Robson Run

Sunday 10th March th

Charlie Davis, Ray Taylor Greg Elder

Gore Swap Meet

Sunday 17 March

Paul Corcoran

Ladies Run

Sunday 7th April

Fay Graves

Night Trial

Saturday 11th May

Bill Sheddan


End of Season Run

Saturday 8 June

Charlie Davis, Ray Taylor

Tuesday Ramble

Normally the last Tuesday Co-ordinated by of the month. (Variable in Fay Graves December)

2020 South Island Veteran Rally

16th to 18th October

Paul Herron

Editor's note to event organisers: if you want to see a report in The Wiper please provide one yourselves or organise somebody to do it for you. (N.B. This usually works best if you ask them before the event!)


Other Events 2018 8th September

Autospectacular, Edgar Centre, Dunedin

22nd September

Blossom Festival Rally, Alexandra. Organised by the Central Otago Branch

5th - 7th October

Marlborough Branch VCC 60th Anniversary Rally

6th - 7th October

Dunvegan Rally, Otago Branch

12th - 14th October Canterbury Branch Swap Meet 22nd - 28th October Targa NZ - VCC South Island Time Trial.

Rod Corbett 03 423 1551 or 027 433 8772 3rd November

Taieri Tour, Otago Branch

10th November

Clutha Rally, South Otago Branch

16th - 18th November

Canterbury Branch Monte Carlo Rallye

16th - 18th November

National Veteran Rally (Nelson), preceded by the Prince Henry Tour. See advert later in this issue.

18th November

Commercial/Veteran Rally, Otago Branch 2019



26 - 27 January Edendale Crank Up 26th - 27th January 65th Dunedin to Brighton Run, Otago Branch 15th - 17th February

26th National Motorcycle Rally – Blenheim

19th - 21st April

National South Island Easter Rally (Ashburton) 2020

16th - 18th October South Island Veteran Rally, Gore branch.

2021 17th – 22nd January Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring,

New Plymouth 21









VCC AGM August 2018 MATTERS ARISING National Rallies (especially Easter): the general consensus seems to be one per year, alternating between the North and South Islands. There will be a de facto trial over the next few years as the only bids received are for one per year. For the International Rally, it is a case of waiting to see how the 2021 event goes before considering any changes. ANNUAL PRESIDENT'S REPORT Pre-circulated and taken as read. ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT There was a suggestion from the floor that it would be prudent to split the balance of more than $1 million in the current account between more than one bank. The Treasurer indicated that this was under consideration. There was a question from the floor regarding the reason for increasing the subscription. The reasons given during the Executive Committee meeting the previous day were reiterated with the addition of catering for the possibility of a declining membership in the future and the fact that it is inadvisable to fund operating costs from reserves. ELECTION OF OFFICERS No elections were necessary. NOTICES OF MOTION David Harris/Gerry Pethick, For: 726, Against: 506. Not a 75% majority so failed. Rod Brayshaw/Tony Bartlett, For: 1192, Against: 160. Majority of 88%, successful. Voting statistics were made available, the overall voting percentage for all Branches was 16% and 19% for the Gore Branch. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE None. REMITS None. 30

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Adopted. REPORTS Secretary/Treasurer: Report tabled. The invested funds ($1,167,068) shown in the accounts include the insurance payout on the National Office building ($328,700). The Management Committee have now secured accidental damage (excluding earthquake) insurance cover at an acceptable premium to a Market Value of $350,000. The Management Committee is reviewing the National Office staffing with a view to once again employing a part-time second person to back up Julie, the Office Manager. Registrar: First National Vintage Rally: a Branch is putting a bid together. LVVTA: is now back in a profit situation. Royalties are suspended until the 2019 AGM. The riveted on metal plate Modification Plate system will soon be replaced by a sticker and electronic system. NZTA: continuing to raise 12 monthly WoF inspections for Historic Vehicles with NZTA, but making no progress. Pre 1st January 1978 vehicles that do not have direction indicators, stop lamps and headlamps should all be applying for Lighting Endorsements. Proposed new FIVA vehicle group. “Vehicles of Potential Interest� (POI). These will be vehicles such as low mileage original vehicles, vehicles with significant or famous ownership history, sporting history, unique features, limited production vehicles, vehicles of historical interest, interesting design features, and rarity etc. between 20 and 30 years old. The idea is to identify and save these vehicles for the future rather than see them being sold for general use or modification or crushed when they deteriorate. Australia asbestos ban: Australia has banned the import and export of any form of asbestos without a permit. Be very wary if buying from or selling to Australia any cars or car parts, or even taking a car to Australia to participate in an event. See the article in Beaded Wheels #353. 31

LVVTA and VCC: differentiating Modified Production versus Scratchbuilt has resulted in many rule changes over the years as more and more replacement components have become available, especially chassis cross-members and complete chassis. The latest development is the availability of new unitary-built “chassis” for cars such as US muscle cars, Ford Cortina etc. (These conversions are very popular with young people as you get an “old” car that handles and drives like a modern.) New definitions are imminent and these will be Modified Production for the LVVTA. How will the VCC treat such vehicles, will they be dated as per the original vehicle or treated as “new”? Communications Manager: VCC website: There are now 35 Branches posting their newsletters online. The VCC website uses as the host and a change to the pricing structure means that fewer user statistics are available to the VCC now. “Read count” is now 38,602 with 1,678 reads per month. Facebook page: 1080 “followers”, 990 “likes”, 499 page views last month (July). The growth of “followers” has slowed. One story is posted each day, aiming to reach at least 350 people. Eighteen “private messages” have been received in the last two months. The most popular series of posts was photos from the Irishman’s Creek Rally. “Mystery” (car) photos are also popular. Members are encouraged to send through photos of people/cars on events, ideally with a few words for a caption. Also appreciated are emailed links to stories spotted in the (local) newspapers – my efforts in that respect got an honourable mention! South Island Club Captain: Report tabled. Flyers for two events were distributed and are reproduced in this issue. The 2019 South Island Easter Rally will be in Ashburton and there is already a good deal of interest. There is so far no bid for a 2019 North Island Easter Rally and 2020 has a bid from the North Island but not from the South Island. North Island Club Captain: Report tabled. A poster for the North Island Club Captain’s Tour was distributed and is reproduced in this issue. 32

Beaded Wheels: Changes to the magazine are continuing, mainly in response to criticisms of the readability. The latest issue has more changes to font size and style. The Editor would like more “Behind the Wheel” articles. Speed Steward: Report tabled and taken as read in the Speed Steward’s absence. Archive Report: Report tabled. Wanted. In response to a request from a VCC member the Archivist is looking for copies of an old New Zealand motoring magazine called The New Zealand Motor and Cycle Journal. Please contact the Archivist if you can help. A database of those Club members who are an authority on particular vehicle Makes/Models is being set up. There will soon be something in Beaded Wheels about this. Archivist’s presentation: Introduction to the Archives. Visitors are very welcome. The Archives are adjacent to the National Office at 12 Aberdeen Street, Christchurch. There are several rooms with displays, photos, trophy cabinets, books, DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs etc. as well as the expected shelves of books and periodicals. All Branch Secretaries have a 500GB hard-drive with some of the material. The Archivist is usually on site between 9am and 1pm on Fridays, but lives nearby so visits by appointment at other times are no problem. Event Manager for the VCC National Day: Last year 25 branches and about 2,000 vehicles took part. Hoping to do much better with new branding and 27 branches this year. VCC Representative, New Zealand Federation of Motoring Clubs: Report tabled. Some WoF stations are apparently refusing to test older vehicles. Please inform the VCC Representative (Tony Bartlett) if you encounter this. NZFOMC has again had talks with NZTA about 12-monthly WoF inspections for historic vehicles, but still to no avail.


2021 Vero International Festival of Historic Motoring, Festival Director’s Report: Tabled and taken as read in the Director’s absence. John L Goddard Trophy: No nominations received this year. Twenty-Five and Thirty-Year Badge Report: Sixty-six 25-Year badges and thirty-seven 30-Year badges have been presented this year. The application form has been changed to request new details: Members names to now include, where applicable, maiden names and previous married names as well as members who joined with one name and are known by another. Also, the Branch in which the member joined, and all Branches belonged to with, if possible, the date(s) of transfer. There is a gap in the Club Membership Lists from 1 February 1991 to 31 July 1991 and a handful of the 1980s, so it would be appreciated if Branches who have these reports could contact Diane White or National Office, or forward a copy. General Business: A number of branches took the opportunity to publicise coming events: Wairarapa - 50th Anniversary, 13/14 October. Auckland – Hunua 100 Rally and the 60th Anniversary of the Branch, Labour Weekend. Hawke’s Bay – Art Deco next year (see notice in this issue). Nelson – National Veteran Rally, November (see notices in this issue). Otago – 65th Dunedin to Brighton Run, last weekend in January. West Coast – National AGM 16th & 17th August 2019 at the Ashley Hotel, Greymouth. The Saturday afternoon “accompanying persons” tour will be to Shanty Town, with gold panning and train rides. Please let me know if you would like further information on any of the above, or would like to see any of the reports. David North Gore Branch Delegate



Combined Rally 11th & 12th August 2018 The weather played its part as 36 cars assembled at the Gore Clubrooms for a picnic lunch on a sunny Saturday morning. So much so that it was warmer outside than in and people loitered in the car park until the clubroom’s heating warmed things up a bit. We had 15 cars from Gore, 10 from Southland, 5 from Central Otago, 5 from South Otago and 1 from North Otago, so a very good turnout for a Combined Rally.

After lunch we had a short briefing and then off on the Rally. The short route was approximately 55 miles, out through East Gore then over the Otamita Bridge, up the Waimea Valley and through the Nine Mile Road to Riversdale. The long route was approximately 90 miles, through Pukerau to Arthurton then over the hill to Conical Hills, on to Tapanui, then across to Waikaka, Chatton Corner, then over the Otamita Bridge and on to Riversdale. The day was so good many people stopped for icecreams in Riversdale. We then all visited the Waimea Plains Vintage Museum and then on to Morris Smith’s wonderful collection. For us time 36

was short as we made our way home and got ready to join the 68-strong crowd at the Croydon Lodge for an evening meal and quiz. The evening was a bit of a blur and then it was 10 pm and time to get some sleep to be ready for the next day.

Admiring the collections at Morris Smith’s

Sunday was another fine day but overcast with a bitter North-East wind. Keith Nunn did a fine job of sending all the cars down towards the Pioneer Park pond as they came through the gate and four field tests were completed before morning tea. Thanks to those members who helped with the field tests. After morning tea we split the group roughly in half and half went to see Paul and Jim Duncan’s collection of cars while the other half went to see Barry Scott’s boat. The groups then swapped locations and were all back at the clubrooms for lunch at about 12:30. Paul and Lynn Herron helped with cooking the BBQ, Des led a wonderful team in the kitchen, Katy sold the raffles and I hope everyone had enough to eat. I must thank the Gore members who brought along a plate for morning tea and a salad for lunch. Also, a big thanks to Greg for supplying the 37

whitebait for raffle prizes. All of this means the Rally made a tidy profit that can be used as start-up money for the 2020 National Veteran Rally being hosted by Gore Branch.

“Disembarking” from Bob Scott’s boat

Socialising at the Clubrooms 38

Before anyone headed away the raffles were drawn and the field test winners announced. We averaged the field test scores by branch and Central Otago branch were declared the overall winners. Individual best field test went to John & Mary Tremaine, second to Alistair Munro from Central and third to John & Wendy Martin also from Central. I am sure I will have forgotten to thank someone so apologies for that now. I just hope everyone enjoyed the Rally as much as we did. John & Katy Parish

Gore VCC Supper Roster 2018/9 September October November December January February March April May June July August

To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised To be advised


We need to cater for about 3040 members each night. The cuppa and serving of the supper is to be arranged within the Social Committee. If necessary, small items can be bought at Gore New World and charged to the Gore VCC account.

To be advised To be advised

More things to think about If you rip a hole in a net, there are actually fewer holes in it than there were before. If 2/22/2022 falls on a Tuesday, we'll just call it "2's Day". (It does fall on a Tuesday). Bill Sheddan 39

Reminders Non-commercial FOR SALE and WANTED advertisements are free to Club members. Each advertisement will be published in 3 consecutive issues of The Wiper. Please contact the Editor. The vinyl “VCC Wings” badges (as featured on the front cover) are still available from the Treasurer, cost $2 each. VCC name badges If you haven't got one, they are available from Van De Water Jewellers at a discounted cost of $18. The badges are black with white lettering and bear your name and Gore VCC. NB. Not wearing one at a meeting is likely to attract the Sheriff’s attention and result in a fine! The Wiper is also available by email. It arrives earlier than the postal or hand-delivered ones, the pictures are in colour and there are (working) hyperlinks. There are two versions, a pdf file and an online one. Let me know if you would like to try this out. The Editor


COOKERY CORNER One Base – Two Toppings Crush 1 packet of Malt Biscuits Melt 125gm butter Mix in biscuits Press into Swiss Roll tin lined with baking powder Toppings 1 cup coconut ½ cup almonds “shredded” ½ cup craisins or ½ cup coconut 1 cup apricots “chopped” 1 packet pistachio nuts “chopped” Sprinkle topping over base Cover with 1 tin condensed milk Melt 200-250gm of chocolate drops or a block of chocolate Drizzle on top of square Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 150ºC Frances Neilson

Members’ email addresses I recently sent an email to all the email addresses on the Branch Membership List from Head Office about the change to the August Tuesday Ramble. If you didn’t get the email it means that either your email address was not on the list or that the email address on the list was incorrect. (I had a number of the emails “bounce” because the address was obsolete.) If this was you, please let me have your up-to-date email address as it may be useful again in the future. (I can also send you the electronic versions of The Wiper! The Editor 41

ADVERTISEMENTS FOR SALE Hello fellow Vintage Car Members. We are in the process of selling our Club Vintage Bus. It is a 1937 Chev Bus and has been in our Club for a number of years. Our numbers are becoming few and the ability to be able to continue to home this beautiful bus is now of concern. We are offering to Clubs first and at present are looking at expressions of interest. Please reply to Frances Munden, South Waikato VCC Secretary/Treasurer WANTED Hi, I am looking for a 1920s Salisbury Differential as I need to replace the crown wheel and pinion in a restoration I am currently completing for my 1920 Davis Phaeton Tourer. I have attached a photo of the differential cover which measures 32cm high and 30.5cm wide. I am hopeful you may have a differential in your parts shed. I am a VCC member of the Canterbury branch. I can be contacted on 0274481430. Regards, John Lynn. WANTED Looking for 1958-59 FC Holden right hand front mudguard, right hand front indicator and rear windscreen. Also, any other parts for the same model! Please contact Chris Scoles on 027 226 5967 if you can help. 3/3



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Gore VCC September 2018  
Gore VCC September 2018