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June 2018 Issue: 335

Puff ‘n Stuff Central Otago Branch, Vintage Car Club of NZ Inc


Frontspiece / you seldom have me placing a voluptuous American car up front but then why not, and its not out of place in Arrowtowns Buckingham Street either. I attended the Sunday breakfast at Warbirds and Wheels very popular and had to squeeze in way down the back, wee mini crowded by the Americans ! Good to see George and Jo Wallis in the A30. Rear cover, another shot of the all British day to balance things up.

In order to improve our communication with you we are updating our membership lists to enable the committee to contact you for events, activities meeting night activities , What your Names, location ie Wakatipu , Upper Central Otago. Current e-mails, cellphone and home phones. Please contact Maureen 3)

we need is Clutha, or so we can text Johnson (page

Club nights: Second Wednesday of Month. 8pm Clubrooms / Parts Shed: Litany Street, Cromwell. Copy deadline for next edition FIVE days after meeting day. Stories and photos unable to be used in next edition will be saved for later editions. Puff N Stuff DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENT RATES From June 2017 Full Page $300.00 Half Page $ 150,00 Quarter Page $ 75.00 Contact the Ed for info.

The opinions and information presented in this newsletter are those of the authors and are not necessarily those of the club or its officers. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information or opinions expressed.




Partner: Phone: Chairman

Murray George Mary Anne


Past Chairman BillCrooks


Vice Chairman Graham Taylor


03 443 1416

Secretary: Treasurer:

Jenny Greg

443 5020 442 0962

Murray Pryde Karelan Doran

442 0255


Club Captain Committee; Noel Hassed, 442 3098, Greg Doran, 4420962, , Bill Crooks, 442 0255,, John Martin, 445 0598, Roger Healy, 442 0861, Maureen Johnson. 0223533910, George Page 4421869, Club Rooms / Yard Social Conv.:

Roddy Maxwell


445 0682

Parts Conv.:

Roger Healy


442 0861

Alister Stewart


442 1146

Editor: Magazine ;

Allan McDonald , Elaine 445 3255 John Loudon Sheila 448 7192 Noel Hassed Bernice 442 3908 Don & Lynne Yeaman 4431416 printers and distributors; Greg and Karelan Doran

Idle Torque

Graham Taylor

Librarian: John Martin , Wendy Health and Safety; Greg Doran , Karelan

445 0598 442 0962

Area Reps: Arrowtown Alexandra -

Alister Stewart , Mary John Loudon Sheila

4421146 448 7192

Lindsay Olsen Graham Taylor

Glenis Cheryl

445 0065 443 1416


445 3181

Cromwell Wanaka Bar manager

Charlie Storey

Rally Conveners: Blossom Festival; Murray George, Noel Hassed, Ewen Duthie. National Day co-ordinator Graham Taylor Golden Times

; Greg Doran George Page

Moped Rally

; Lindsay Wilkie John Martin


EVENTS CALLENDAR Please take care to read and copy to your diary! August 26th is the Daffodil Rally starting at Wanaka, Wakatipu and Cromwell. See page 5 September 9th Sunday Parts shed working bee from 9:30 am September 12th Mall

Old movies at the Cromwell Museum in the

This is our normal monthly meeting night! September 22nd; BLOSSOM FESTIVAL RALLY contact Club Captain Murray George . September 16th Sunday Run Roxburgh area John Martin ,John Wilson. Starting Pioneer Park ALEXANDRA 1 pm.

Followed by a committee meeting at the Clubrooms October 10th Games Night pool, darts, cards. October 14th Sunday Run ,Wanaka Area

Targa VCC Rally entry fee increases after June 30th Contact Rod Corbett or Graham Taylor November 14th guest speaker.. November 18th Sunday Run Queenstown , Lynne & Don Yeaman. November, National Veteran Rally in Nelson contact Jim Wareing December 12th Club Christmas Barbecue from 5pm. December 16th

Sunday Run Omakau Area

If you live in the Upper Clutha and would like to get a ride down to Cromwell for our monthly get to-gethers, or a Sunday run give me a call there is usually a spare seat or two. Contact Graham Taylor details Page 3.


National / Daffodil Day rally August 26th

VCC / Cancer Society


Format for 2018 $10.00 per car Spoke and Hub Rally Wanaka / Upper Clutha meet at Warbirds and wheels Café Wanaka Airport from 1pm Sunday first car away 1:30 for another “don’t leave the town until you have seen the country” tour in the Luggate area approx. one hour. Graham Taylor Cromwell / Alexandra meet at the VCC Clubrooms Litany St 1 pm for a tour of Ripponvale and Bannockburn,John Martin Arrowtown /Wakatipu meet at the Arrowtown GOLF Club 1pm. Maureen Johnson After the conclusion of each run members are invited to travel to the club rooms for a pot luck tea 5-5:30 PM. ———————————————————————————————————Wakatipu Area March 2019 Pre 55 MG Rally (p15) The Editors Tour to Scenicland 2019 COVCC Moped tour April 20-21st 2019 Wheels at Wanaka more info will follow. May 2019 Vintage and Veteran Tour, being organised now , More information will follow, time to get organised! The Queens Birthday run to the West Coast


VCC Annual General Meeting Napier AUG 3-5, 2018

Andrew Anderson, Founder and life member gave a very inspiring speech on giving joy to

rallies and having them more people friendly and exciting. This set the mood of the meeting. He said the days of having long boring rallies should end and bring a sense of excitement instead. Starting next year, North and South Islands Easter rallies will be on alternate islands and starting in the South in 2019. There was much discussion on increase in national dues. The discussion was to have small increases more often than have one large one. A motion of an increase of $5.00 next year was carried. Reasons : there will be a rebuild of our National office , the hiring of additional part time staff member , and anticipated reduction of membership due to aged members. Election of officers was conducted ; all existing officers were nominated and re-elected except for one (1) resignation. This wil be filled by management in the near future. Notice of motion. The ballots was circulated to membership. Results were: Motion number 1 : For 726 against 506. Failed Motion number 2 : For 1187 against 160. Passed

Registar's Report There was a need for an increase in vintage classification rallies. The Management Committee suggests that the NI Branch could run this in place of the 2019 NI Easter Rally. Also it was increasingly becoming important that as part of the VIC inspections that all paperwork for car purchases and identification of ownership be supplied. Clear photos of the right dimensions be submitted. As the only authority in New Zealand for registering historic motor vehicles we need to closely monitor the world's trend as to pollution, fuel used and vehicle numbers. Australia has banned import/export of all asbestos ie vehicles with asbestos brakes, clutch and gaskets. This means club cars going to Australia for rallies etc don't meet requirements if detected with asbestos.


The world is looking at 3 ways for powering vehicles into the future : 1. EV-electric vehicles, 2. Hybrid 3. BMW is working on hot-fuel emissions which effectively runs the exhaust systems that hot ,all pollutants are burnt before emission. LED Bulbs must be the same as that used in the production of the vehicle. There has been a favorable acceptance of NZTA to accept modified production vehicles classification within the VTNZ- LVV specs. This is been brought about by allowing 60% factory supplied new chassis ,cross members ,suspension units including brakes and floor pans. This is becoming increasingly popular for overseas factories to produce complete units for Chev, Ford, including MK1 Cortinas, Jaguars, etc. These will be registered as Scratch-built. Still working actively on 12-month WOF for Historic Vehicles. The VIC Report must be completed on the latest forms.

2021 Vero International Historic Motoring Festival- January 17-21, 2021 A full committee now in place. The route is set for motoring days. The festival has been booked. The venue has been chosen at well-tested site which has been used by various large Annual events. The committee is looking for 10% entry of VCC membership. This can be achieved by extensive promotion by Branch delegates to branches. There will be no guest for the festival if a 100% sponsorship is not achieved. This will not be a rally as we have known it in the past, but more of Mobile Museum highlighting 100 years of our Motoring history and Taranaki's many wonderful attractions. Thank you for allowing me to represent the Central Otago Branch Murray George


Central Otago Branch’s Blossom Festival Rally Saturday 22 September 2018 Rally entrants will meet at our clubrooms, Litany Street Cromwell, at 9.00 am for morning tea and rally briefing. Cars will leave for Alexandra from 10.15, where those taking part in the festival parade will park up in Enterprise Street (Turn left into Royal Terrace, at the top of the hill before the town centre) under the guidance of the parade marshals. The parade starts at 11.45. Those not entering the parade can proceed to Alexandra at their leisure. Parking is available in Bantry street, handy to the festival in Pioneer Park. (normal admission payable) After enjoying the festival and lunch you can head off on the rally in your own time but those on the long route will need to be away by 1.30. There will be some gravel roads but you will see some spectacular Central Otago countryside. There will be a shorter sealed route available. The rally will end at the clubrooms with prize-giving and the opportunity to have a look through the parts sheds, have a drink and catch up with other entrants. The meal will be at the Victoria Arms Hotel in Melmore Terrace commencing at 6.00pm

The Road Code to be observed and all entrants are reminded to allow faster traffic to pass where this can be done safely. It is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure their vehicle complies with applicable vehicle and safety regulations. (Warrant of Fitness, Registration etc.)


Central Otago Branch’s Blossom Festival Rally Saturday 22 September 2018 Entry Form Entrants Name: ...................................... ……………………………………………………………………………….. Address: ...................................... ……………………………………………................................................. Phone and Email: …………………………………………...…


………………………………………… Membership Number: ...……………..........

Vehicle Make & Model:

……………………………......... Year: ..…………......

Registration Number:

Vehicle Class: Veteran Vintage PV PWV


P60 Motorcycle


(Please circle) Costs: Rally entry (includes morning tea for Driver and Navigator) @$ 20.00 Evening Meal




@ $35.00 ea

………….... Rally Plaque

$ 5.00

………….... Total $ ……………

Entries close: 3rd September Cheques payable to the Central Otago Vintage Car Club or to Bank a/c 06 0921 0035742 01 with your name as reference. All Correspondence to Rally organiser: Murray George. Email: evenings. 124 Pearson Road, RD 2, Cromwell 9384.

Phone 03 445 4707



ORGANISED BY The Banks Peninsula Branch of

THE RULES: You may start the rally at any time on November 17 (midnight onwards). All vehicles must arrive at the checkpoint at Duvauchelle (approx 10 kilometres before Akaroa) between 3.15 p.m. and 3.45 p.m. on the same day. Points will be awarded on the following basis: A) Score for Towns: (250 points max) On the attached “TOWN SCORES� sheet there is a list of locations around New Zealand and points attached to them. For each of the locations shown, you may claim the attached points if you can prove that you have visited the location, at any time between midnight & your finish time at the Duvauchelle checkpoint on November 17. The maximum points you may claim are 250. All vehicles should have time to score 250 points if entrants pace themselves carefully. To reflect the different era of vehicles and their mechanical advancements the following handicap will be applied: Veteran vehicles will start with 60 points. Vintage vehicles will start with 40 points. Post-Vintage vehicles will start with minus 20 points. Post War vehicles will start with minus 40 points. Post 60 vehicles will start with minus 80 points.


The object of this handicap is to require more modern vehicles to travel further before they reach their maximum town points. Failure to arrive at the Duvauchelle checkpoint between 3.15 p.m. & 3.45 p.m. will result in one point per minute being deducted from your total score. The Duvauchelle checkpoint will be closed at 4.00pm. Arrivals after 4.00pm shall forfeit all town points (Haycock Clause). The object of this handicap is to require more modern vehicles to travel further before they reach their maximum town points. Failure to arrive at the Duvauchelle checkpoint between 3.15 p.m. & 3.45 p.m. will result in one point per minute being deducted from your total score. The Duvauchelle checkpoint will be closed at 4.00pm. Arrivals after 4.00pm shall forfeit all town points (Haycock Clause). B) Number of Passengers: (30 points max) 10 points per passenger carried for the duration of the event will be awarded. The maximum number of point earning passengers that can be carried is three. C) Regularity Test: (30 points max) A timed section will be held from Duvauchelle to a designated point in Akaroa over a measured distance. Entrants will be required to average a given speed. The speed to be achieved will be quite slow to allow for possible traffic hold-ups. You will receive 30 points less 1 point per The object of this handicap is to require more modern vehicles to travel further before they reach their maximum town points. Failure to arrive at the Duvauchelle checkpoint between 3.15 p.m. & 3.45 p.m. will result in one point per minute being deducted from your total score. The Duvauchelle checkpoint will be closed at 4.00pm. Arrivals after 4.00pm shall forfeit all town points (Haycock Clause). 6 seconds early or late at the designated control. Incomplete (I have no more space in this issue).

So this is just to give you an idea , and its not a joke even though it is smattered with BP branch lingo, one gets the drift after a bit these guys are the original VCC fun party, and just for an exercise if nothing else, get the info, ,which will be out on my e-mail lists and have a go at working out how you and your hardy crew would achieve this. That alone could be fun ! The full info and entry form can be obtained from Graham Taylor or Rod Corbett


1924-5 Model T Roadster ‘Leaping Lena’ at Northburn Station pic supplied by Jo Wilton (nee Middleton)


Editors Comment; You could have heard a valve keeper drop when Jules Tapper representing the Lakes District Air Rescue Trust explain the initial formation over 30 years ago. The work that they do the standards they have to achieve ( I sincerely hope that the beaureaucrats that come up with some of this bulldust get to see what amounts to heroes at work, lets have evidence related regulation rather than speculation based regulation). The financial figures are eye watering, ie a new stretcher and support unit at nearly $62,000 all up training , a constant requirement for currency Pilots have a requirement of a minimum of 2000 hours that is a lot of flying but then the Southern Alps are one of the worlds most challenging environments. Anyway we can show our support by a good turn out at next years ALL BRITISH DAY which will be 2-3 weeks earlier to catch a little ‘Australian’ weather. There were some very valid questions from the floor too. Maureen Johnson provided POPCORN and a cheerful smile, the new big screen TV is in place so we can run videos or photos. Rod Corbett spoke re the Targa VCC event in October and the organisers would appreciate some help from the club in Queenstown with marshalling and cars for display Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October. Members for marshalling Friday evening, and Saturday Afternoon names to me or Rod Corbet. George Page has had a 1916 Hupmobile radiator cap stolen, unusual style if you know of anyone trying to flog one off please notify George, after you have buried the culprit. Chairman Murray George gave a verbal report on the VCC agm , quite a bit going on see his report on page 6. There were a few new faces and the return of some older ones so our new meeting format is creating some more interest. John Loudon raised the issue of the proposed cycleway through the Cromwell Gorge $30 million. I guess I have some sympathy , but it goes to show how the cycling fraternity have gazumped us ,they are enthusiastic , active , and going places. On checking, my Austin 1300 has done 3100 miles since the end of Febuary nearly all on vintage car events, I suspect that for many of you that 300 or even 30 miles may be nearer the mark, better get those e-bikes or wheel chairs warmed up! Graham Taylor for ED.


For Sale 4 Dunlop C49 600-16 tyres av 6mm tread depth in good order plus a spare 3.5mm tread depth $300.00 the lot Two new Firestone 550-18 and one used but sound tyre app 75% $500.00 the lot. Graham Taylor


FOR SALE 1964 EH Holden Station Wagon, plus spares The body was an Alexandra vehicle and so has no deep seated rust - just surface stuff from sitting around for so long. I have most parts here on shelves and in boxes to reassemble it, including a 149 reconditioned engine (20,000 miles ago), gearboxes or auto transmissions, completely re-cored radiator, wiring looms etc. A little panel beating required in a couple of places. Are any of your members interested? Martin Curtis Cardrona 443 8152 Wanted a ring gear for a 109e Ford Engine

contact Graham Taylor



Vintage Cars through the decades from 1920





If you have read the Beaded Wheels check out the Hadstock driving tests on page 30 , and the Special on page 53 , get your young person to the parts dept and create something for next Easters field and driving tests at Wanaka.

Please note that the next meeting September 12th is at the Cromwell Museum , in the mall for a film and motoring history night.

November 19th Saturday the Banks Peninsula Branch is organising a Monte Carlo Rally finishing in Akaroa enquires to Rod Corbett. 027 433 8772

Sitting in the club yard is an Austin Allegro 1500cc automatic, complete and very straight. A good project for a young person, even has its original black plates attached. Has a spare cyl head gasket and books.

The Parts Department is the place to go if you are looking for that electrical and related bits; points, condensers, spark plugs, distributor caps including some magneto caps, and that is only part of two shelves. A lot of this is NOS .

Wanted hydraulic pump for Farmall Cub please contact Lindsay Olsen



Watch Repairs


Level 2 O’Connells Pavillion Queenstown 027 217 0442 5-14

Graham Taylor Mechanical Ltd 114 Shortcut Road, Luggate. 443 1416 027 248 9942 MAXXIS TYRES -- MIXTECH BATTERIES —


Return Address: 114 Shortcut Road, RD2, Wanaka


Central Otago VCC August 2018  
Central Otago VCC August 2018