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CLUBROOMS: Cutler Park, McLean's Island CLUB NIGHT: 7.30pm Ist Thursday of the month Phone 03 359—7004

2018-2019 Main Committee Chairman

John Coomber (Christine)


Rod Thrower (Lynda)

338 2320


Kevin Sarjeant (Joan)

365 1938

Club Captain

Dave Inwood (Linda)

327 4156

Vintage Convenor

Brendon Eason (Elizabeth)

027 346 8324

343 2979

Veteran Convenor

Tim Palmer (Barbara)

021 338 692

03 313 3952

Group Convenor

George R Kear (Jorden)

027 221 4332

347 0315

Commercial Convenor

Neil Shaskey (Louise)

027 289 6201

352 8802

Cover photo:

027 2925206

03 310 7056

Our VCC National Day Annual Event in support of the Cancer Society - The Daffodil Rally For Cancer. Everyone is welcome, please come along to support this wonderful event. 3

2018-2019 Representatives Motor Cycle Convenor

Philip Jeeves (Marietta)

338 0666

Spare Part Shed Reps

Ross Butler Wayne Stocks

352 3160 383 1380

9-90's Co-ordinator:

John Kuipers

332 7926

VIC Representative

Don Bennetts (Judy)

385 6333


Mike Foster

359 8260

Bar Managers

Amanda Franklin (Wayne)

389 7066

Bar Managers

Gill Stevenson (Kevin)

327 5743

Noggin Displays

Don Muller (Marlene)

385 6850


Owen Genet

358 2514

Assistant Librarian

Kay Shaskey (Graeme)

Swap Meet Chair

Colin Hey (Jenny)

Swap Meet sites

Kevin Clarkson (Shona)

021 0270 6525

Barn Bookings/ Camping

Kevin and Claire Campion

027 407 5344

03 312 7255

Beaded Wheels Reporter

Tony Becker (Ngaire)

027 446 6964

421 2426

North Canty Noggin

Jeff Rogers

022 131 7235

03 313 8432

Hub Editor/Club Website

Brendon Eason

027 346 8324

343 2979

Trophy Custodian

Leigh Craythorne (Tony)


027 279 9195

352 5217 359 8737

342 9110

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Sun Wed Wed Sat Sat

9 12 12 22 22



Details Around the Bays Motorcycle Run 9-90s M/C Noggin High Tea M/C Fish and Chip Run National Daffodil Rally for Cancer Commercial Noggin Under 25 Rally incorporating the Women Drivers Rally 9-90s M/C Noggin Branch Award Dinner Scooter & Small Motorcycle Run M/C Ruff Run & Working Bee at M/C corner

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Check the online calendar for more up-to-date Events information on our club website:

COPYRIGHT STATEMENT: The contents of this newsletter may not be reproduced in a commercial publication without the Editor’s permission. 5

Chairman’s Report Thank goodness August has arrived, and the signs of spring are here. You haven’t seen much of me after a trip to hospital, followed up by a bad dose of pneumonia in July. I would like to thank George and Dave for holding the fort for me while I have been lying low.

This month we have High Tea on Saturday 18 followed by the National Day Daffodil run on Sunday 26. We had a great turnout last year, so let’s make it even more successful this year. Colin Hey will need a number of assistants again this year, so please get in touch with him if you can help. (You can still enter the rally as well). As I mentioned last month, Dave Inwood and I have decided to add the Women Drivers rally to the Under 25 Drivers rally this year in order to boost the numbers attending the event. Normally it is only held every second year. This is an experiment, and the outcome of these two events will determine future decisions. I hope we have a good number of entries to both events. Christine and I will be driving up to Napier for the National AGM on 4 August, followed by ten days of visiting friends. Rod Thrower will be our delegate at the meeting, so please contact him if there is anything you wish him to speak to at the Executive Meeting or AGM.

In the meantime, keep warm, and happy motoring. John Coomber - Chairman


Secretary’s Report Only seems yesterday that I was preparing for the National AGM and here we are again. I will be away from early Friday 3rd August to Sunday evening 5th August. You should by now have received your voting papers for the Notices of Motion, made your decision and returned them in time for counting. If you attend the Noggins you will have noticed steady progress being made on the bar renovations with Alan, Mike, George and his son and any other willing helpers I've missed, burning the candle at both ends so we can have something usable on Noggin night. Last time I looked the cabinets were being assembled. I must say the front of the Bar and Fancy lights look great. Thanks to Brian Newbery for this wonderful addition and the clever person that wired them up, Very posh! Well that's all from me. Regards Rod - Secretary


Club Captain’s Report

A short report this month as not much club activity apart from very good progress being made on the bar renovations. Also the usual grounds maintenance crew and parts shed team working away behind the scenes as always. The Daffodil Rally for Cancer is coming up on the 26th August and we encourage everyone to get their vehicles out and make this a record turnout as this day is a really good public relations exercise for the Vintage Car Club all around New Zealand. Alan & Barbara Hill are organizing the High Tea for 18th August - thank you in anticipation to Alan & Barbara. Dave & Pam Dacombe organized the Winter Run which will be over by the time you read this - so thanks also to Dave & Pam. We are looking for members to organize the Please think about this and contact Dave Inwood 327-4156.



The Show Weekend Tour will be centred in Greymouth this year, so those who are going book your accommodation for 16th & 17th November. Also in this Hub is the entry form for the Under 25 Rally and Women Drivers Rally. Andrew Morison is organizing this with the help of Graeme Sword. Owing to the fact we have very few young drivers normally we have decided to run the rallies together as two separate classes for this year - as a trial format. Cheers Dave Inwood


Commercial Report Dave Cooper hosted the July Commercial Noggin in his very warm garage, a bit interesting to find in the fog but a good turnout on an otherwise very pleasant evening, many thanks for the hospitality. The August Commercial Noggin is on the 3rd Wednesday of the month as usual, 15th August, at 148 Carlyle St, all welcome from 7pm onwards. Neil Shaskey - Commercial Convenor

Signs of the times...


9-90s Report

9 - 90s

Hi to you all Another successful and interesting day. This time we went to the Tuahiwi Marae for our Mid Winter Lunch which was a traditional Maori Hangi . We all met up around 10 am on a bright but frosty morning unfortunately a few members were missing due to a nasty bug which seemed to be going around. As for the rest of us about 66 members we where off on a lovely country run arriving at the Marae about midday, We where led on to the Marae with a traditional Maori welcome gathering out side the meeting grounds an elder women (grandmother) calls from the Marae and we where led in with a women in front calling a response we walked slowly and silently the women in front the men behind. Once inside the men sat in the front the women behind. Welcome speeches (Powhiri) where made by the elder in Maori then a song was sung. To finish the ceremony we all had to greet our hosts by touching noses with them. Now lunch was ready to serve 4 meats with lots of veges all well cooked and enjoyable a lovely trifle and a fruit pudding which was cooked in the Hangi also very nice. With our leader John being away Annette stood in with Margret to sell the raffle they did well Annette had a go at Johns Dutch accent not a bad effort but it was a bit double dutch to us. A Great day many thanks to Graham and his team and the lovely scones at the start Rose and Mick Mariner


Tony Becker Phone 421-2426 10

Information Wanted: By the National VCC Archive Does any member have or know where I can obtain, copies of an early NZ motoring magazine, called, "New Zealand Motor & Cycle Journal", published in the 1920s & 30s. If I could borrow & scan them, that would be great.

Thanks. Don Muller Ph 385 6850 Information Wanted: Membership List of Club Vehicles If you have sold or purchased a vehicle in the last few years, please let Head Office know what you currently own so the records are as up to date as possible. Email to: or post to: The Vintage Car Club, PO Box 2546, Christchurch 8140


Motorcycle Report As we are at the pointy end of the coldest time of the year the motorcycling activities have been minimal to say the least. Past Events. 30 June – Fish & Chip Run. 5 bikes & 2 cars enjoyed a run through Lyttelton tunnel, round the bays to Gebbes Pass then to Lincoln for lunch. A good day out. 1 July - Working Bee. Successful day, 12 – 15 people distributed a huge bale of pea straw around the garden in next to no time. This garden is part of the ongoing commitment the motorcyclists have given to the main committee to look after on behalf of the branch. 6 – 7 July - Mid-Winter Run to Geraldine. About 7 bikes plus 4 cars and the back-up involving about 17 people had a great weekend. Left the Yaldhurst Pub at 10.30am, in fine weather. However, part way along Bealey Road to Hororata the rain started, gentle though it was. The first stop was Methven for lunch, and by this time the rain stopped. After lunch we conducted a garage raid on a collection of (mainly) Japanese motorcycles, then on to Mayfield (for a break..) then to Geraldine. The Geraldine Heritage Hotel was very accommodating, and comfortable; many thanks to the staff there for a very enjoyable evening. The run back to Christchurch the next day was very uneventful – a continuation of the fine weather helped of course. 28 July - Fish & Chip Run. Will report on this next month as it is in the future as I write this. Future Events. 4 August – Round the Bays Run. Meet at the Woolston Working Men’s Club, Sargood Street, Woolston at 10.00 am. 8 August – Noggin Night. This night we will be meeting at the RSA in Armagh Street, 7.30 pm onwards, to enjoy their hospitality. 25 August – Fish & Chip Run. Again, meet at PMH at 10.30am, riders decide on destination. 26 August – VCC Branch Daffodil Rally to support Cancer Research. Cutler Park, 10.00 am. We are trying to promote via other one-make motorcycle clubs this event to put on a good show of motorcycles on the day. Please consider strongly your support of this event. Further info contact Phil Jeeves on phone 03 338 0666 or 12 September – Noggin Night. More on this by e-mail later… and also next month’s Hub. 12

Motorcycle Report... 22 September – Scooter & Small Motorcycle Run. This is a rerun of the event that had to be postponed from about May due to some seriously crappy weather. Start is The Protocol on Colombo Street, close to the roundabout at the base of Cashmere Hill. To make it clear, a “small motorcycle” is 250cc or less. 23 September – Ruff Run & Working Bee at Motorcycle Corner. More on this next month.

Soon the Annual Girder Fork Rally to Akaroa will be run, in fact on 27th October. The section owns a 1928 Ariel which is GOING AND REGISTERED/WARRENTED and awaiting YOUR reservation to ride this event!! Get in touch with Les Freeman ( or phone 358 4549 and have an experience of a lifetime! So that you can see and try out this machine beforehand, it will be at the Ruff Run on September 23rd. Here you can ride it, and try out the hand gear change mechanism for yourself. You will find that it is a piece-a-piss to ride!! J Cheers, CML

New Members Welcome to our branch. We look forward to meeting you at our coming events and activities. •

Mr Christopher Peck (Chris) 1971 MG Midget (soft top) 1930 Ford A Roadster, Ford T Mr Eric J Anderson 1938 Austin Cambridge 10 Saloon 1987 Toyota Corolla Wagon, 1953 Velocette Mac 350cc. Cycle Mr Greg Boyle 1970 Ford Falcon S/W 1947 Ford super deluxe coupe Mr Grant McPhie 1968 Triumph Bonneville 13



VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NZ CANTERBURY BRANCH Inc. Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting Held at Cutler Park on Sunday 24 June 2018 at 2.00 p.m. PRESENT: John Coomber (Chairman), Rod Thrower (Secretary), Kevin Sarjeant (Treasurer), Dave Inwood (Club Captain) and 101 members. MINUTES SILENCE: For Members who have passed away during the year. APOLOGIES: List attached to the filed minutes. MOVED: “That the apologies be accepted.” Esme Humm / Murry Trounson


SCRUTINEERS: MOVED: “That Tony Meilkle and Andrea Dallow be appointed scrutineers.” Gill Stevens / George Kear CARRIED Confirmation of the minutes of 61st AGM held on 25 June 2017 MOVED: “That the Minutes of the 2017 AGM as published in the August 2017 Hub be confirmed as a true and complete record of that meeting.” Murry Trounson / Kevin Sarjeant CARRIED MATTERS ARISING: Nil ANNUAL REPORTS: Annual reports were published in the Notice of 62nd Annual General Meeting, except for the 9/90's, Bar,

MOVED: “That the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, Veteran, Vintage, PV/PWV/ P60V/P80V, Commercial, Motorcycle, VIC, Spare Parts Department, Maintenance, Swap Meet, Hub, Library reports as published in the Notice of 62nd Annual Meeting be accepted Kevin Sarjeant / George Kear CARRIED ANNUAL STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS AND BALANCE SHEET: Audited copies of these accounts were available at the meeting. The financial accounts you received with the June Hub were issued subject to review by our external accountants. Questions invited.



Kevin explained that owing to the Fire Engine claim being settled, the accounts have had alterations to record this. He then went on to explain the final outcome of the claim, summing up, that the club had purchased the vehicle back, having been written off and have been able to retain the registration still alive on hold. The vehicle now has no insurance until such time it has been repaired and has current registration reactivated . Brendon gave a slide presentation of the damage caused by the fire. There has been a group of members put their names forward to be involved with the repairs.

Also the Motorcycle section change of $280 Kevin Sarjeant Treasurer. MOVED: “That the Financial Accounts and Balance Sheet as presented at the 2017 AGM be approved.” Kevin Sarjeant / Murry Trounson CARRIED John gave thanks to Kevin for the extra last minute changes and a job well done. APPOINTMENT OF INDEPENDENT REVIEWER Ainger Tomlin Ltd had agreed to perform an independent review for the coming year. There being no more nominations or discussion. MOVED: “That Ainger Tomlin Ltd be appointed as Branch Reviewer.” Colin Hey / George Kear CARRIED APPOINTMENT OF SOLICITOR Alexander McPhail of Clark Boyce had agreed to accept nomination again this year. There being no more nominations or discussion: MOVED: “That A. McPhail of Clark Boyce be appointed as Branch Solicitor.” Mike Foster / Ross Butler CARRIED ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE The Secretary had received the following nominations by the closing date of 27 May 2018. Chairman John Coomber D P McClelland/G Shaskey Secretary Rod Thrower Andrea Dallow/A R Meilke Treasurer Kevin Sarjeant Leigh Craythorn/Murry Trounson Club Captain David Inwood J Coomber/D P McClelland Committee: George R Kear P A Collision/Ken Hand Tim Palmer George Kear/D Muller Neil Shaskey D P McClelland/Graham Tulett Brendon Eason Leigh Craythorne/Carl Paton These were duly elected onto the Branch Committee. There were no further nominations. 15


MOVED: Kevin Sarjeant / Tony Becker


MOVED: “That the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer have individual signing rights to the Branch bank accounts.” John Coomber / Murry Trounson CARRIED Gill Stevenson Abstained. CONFIRMATION OF REPRESENTATIVES OF SUB GROUPS TO THE BRANCH COMMITTEE: Rep Parts Shed Ross Butler Rep Swap Meet Colin Hey Bar Rep Gill Stevenson Maintenance Rep Mike Foster Motorcycle Section Phillip Jeeves VIC Signatory Don Bennetts Beaded Wheels Scribe Tony Becker Hub Editor Brendon Eason Librarians Owen Genet and Kay Shaskey 9 – 90s John Kuipers

MOVED: “That those named be confirmed for the respective positions.” John Coomber / Bob Humm CARRIED PRIVACY OFFICER MOVED: “That Rod Thrower be appointed Privacy Officer.” John Coomber / Leigh Craythorne CARRIED DELEGATE: MOVED: “That Rod Thrower be appointed Delegate.” John Coomber / Peter May CARRIED

Leigh gave a rundown on the position of Assistant Club Captain, that it is not an elected committee position as per the Branch Constitution, persons can be appointed to this position by the chairman or from the committee. John then asked the members if any body would like to put their name forward as Assistant Club Captain, also a Social Convenor. No Volunteers were forth coming. It was noted that according to our Branch Constitution, the Branch Committee has the power to co-opt additional members.



Presentations were then made to the following

PRESENTATION OF TROPHIES: TROPHIES PRESENTED AT THE 2018 BRANCH AGM: MacLachlan Trophy ((Awarded by Formula to the Veteran Vehicle which covers the most miles for the season.) Joseph McClintock 1914 Ford Model T

Robert Hayes and Family Trophy (P V Restoration of the year.) Graham and Margaret Tullett 1935 Citroen Cabriolet Roadster Max Smith Memorial Trophy (Veteran vehicle competing in the greatest number of Canterbury Branch events) Malcolm McGibbon 1914 Renault Van MOTORCYCLE SECTION TROPHIES Tolhurst Trophy (Oldest motorcycle attending the Annual Rally and the Annual Motorcycle Rally) Joseph McClintock 1972 AJS Ian McGregor Trophy (PWV Motorcycle attending the most branch events.) Gary Arps 1960 Honda Use Not Abuse Trophy (Awarded to acknowledge the most creditable effort during the year for the same driver with the option of two vehicles (car or motorcycle) where at least two speed events and two endurance events have been successfully completed by members of the Canterbury and Banks Peninsula Branches). David Owen-Banks Peninsula. (Presented at BP AGM in May) (Judges) were thanked for their deliberation. Special Events Trophy Colin Hey for - ongoing and long standing loyal commitment to Canterbury Branch specifically “The Inaugural Daffodil Rally� (Citation Attached) The donors of these trophies were acknowledged for their generosity. John Coomber put forward a vote of thanks to Malcolm McGibbon for his Idea and organizing of the Anzac Rally which turned out to be a very successfully event and we look forward to it being an annual event. 17


2018 July August September

October November


2019 January February



Sat-Sun 7/8 Sun 29 Sat 4 Sat 18 Sun 26 Sun 9 Sat 15 Sun 23 Sat 29 Fri-Sun 12/14 Sat-Sun 27/28 Sun 28 Sat 3 Sat 10 Fri-Sun 16/18 Sun 25 Sun 9 Wed 26

Mid Winter Motorcycle Run Winter Run Around the Bays Motorcycle Run High Tea VCC National Day (Daffodil Run) Under 25 Drivers Rally Awards Dinner Motorcycle Rough Run and VIC’s Night Trial and Dinner Swap Meet Girder Fork Motorcycle Rally Veteran Annual Rally Motorcycle Annual Rally Vintage Annual Rally Show Weekend Tour Homestead Run Children’s Christmas Picnic Boxing Day Run

Wed 2 Sun 6 Sun 27 Sat 9 /Sun 10 Fri-Sun 15/17 Sat 16 Sat 23 Sat 2 Sun 3 Sun 10 Sat -Sun 16/17 Sat 23 Sat-Sun 6/7 Sun 14 Fri-Mon 19/22 Thur 25 Sat 27

Motorcycle New Year Run Picnic Run. Veteran Picnic Run. Annual Rally National Motorcycle Rally Blenheim Boot Fair Commercial Annual Rally Back Country Run Moped Run and Clipon Run Rear Wheel Brake Rally Jim Toohey Motorcycle Run Winchester Swap Meet Autumn 2 Day Run P Group Annual Rally South Island National Easter Rally – Ashburton Anzac Run Scooter Run and M/cycles up to 249cc 18


2019... May


July August September

October November


Sat 4 Sat 11 Sat 18 Sun 19 Sun 26 Sat – Mon 1-3 Sun 9 Wed 12 Sun 23 Sat – Sun 6/7 Sun 28 Sat 3 Sat 17 Sun 25 Sat 7 Sat 14 Sun 22 Sat 28 Sun 6 Fri-Sun 11/13 Sat-Sun 19/20 Sat 2 Sat 9 Fri-Sun 15-17 Sun 24 Sun 8 Thur 26

Ashburton Swap Meet Rural Run Quiz night Parts Shed AGM Motorcycle Rough Run Irishman Rally Restoration of the Year Motorcycle AGM Branch AGM Mid Winter Motorcycle Run Winter Run Around the Bays Motorcycle Run High Tea VCCNZ National Day (Daffodil Rally) Women Drivers Rally Awards Dinner Motorcycle Rough Run and VIC’s Night Trial and Dinner Annual Veteran Rally Swap Meet Girder Fork Motorcycle Rally Motorcycle Annual Rally Vintage Annual Rally Show Weekend Tour Homestead Run Children’s Christmas Picnic Boxing Day Run

Events in italics are not organised by the branch 9-90’s OUTINGS PARTS SHED WORKING BEES: Wednesday following the Noggin Night. 3rd and 4th Sunday morning each month 9am – 12 noon and every Wednesday 1pm – 4.30 pm MOTORCYCLE NOGGINS: COMMERCIAL NOGGINS 2nd Wednesday each month. 3rd Wednesday each month. MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE WORK DAYS: NORTH CANTERBURY NOGGIN: 1st Sunday day each month. 4th Wednesday each month 7.30pm Rangiora RSA. 19


CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Alister Mckenzie put forward a suggestion that the Moped / ClipOn run be separated into two separate runs owing to the speed and distant differences. Suggested 9th March 2019. Motorcycle section said they couldn't change it this year but were going to look into it when doing next years calendar. Motion was put to change date on this years calendar of events from Sunday 3rd to the Saturday 9th March 2019. Rear Wheel brake rally to remain on Sunday 10th 2019. MOVED: Tony Meikle Seconded: Alister McKenzie Carried on a show of hands. Alister then volunteered to run this event. MOVED: “That the Calendar of Events with one change be adopted.” Roy Grainger / Tony Meikle CARRIED NOTICES OF MOTION: Nil DATE OF 2019 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MOVED: “That the 2019 Annual General Meeting be held at 2pm on Sunday 23rd June 2019.” Tim Palmer / George Kear CARRIED GENERAL BUSINESS: Bob Humm asked, Why there were no photo's taken of presentations. Cause of fire in fire engine. Comments on driving behaviour on Easter Rally specifically by the Vintage cars hugging the centre line particularly during the time section. Answers: Photos to be taken after meeting. Fuel Fire. Slow traffic on going problem.

Colin Hey gave run down on Kart Club Proposal to shift their operation from Carrs Road to behind the Rifle Club Rangers in the shingle pit . Our main concern is the sound issue. (On Going) Andrew McClintock asked, for information on Model A Club proposal to build shed on Branch grounds to store their Club Car. John reported that a meeting had been held with Model A Club.



George gave report on that meeting, summery that there still was a lot to work though and as the three representatives at that meeting hadn't had a chance to report back to branch committee it was early stages. George explained 60% of the Model A Club Members were members of the Canterbury Branch. A Model A Club Member then explained the constitution of the Model A Club requires on winding up of the Model A club all assets are passed to the Vintage Car Club. Leigh Craythorne, Andrew McClintock, Graham Sword spoke against the proposal. The main issue appearing that we would be setting a precedent for the future. The Chairman then explained that there would be no decision made without the members being informed and a Special General Meeting would be called for that purpose and the argument of precedent being set he personally did not agree with and every case would be taken on its individual merits. The Chairman then called for a show of hands to get a feeling of the meeting that he could take back to the committee, the majority appeared against allowing any outside clubs having a building on the grounds. There was still a fairly large proportion of members in favour of discussion continuing. John again assured the members that nothing would be decided without them being consulted at a special general meeting. ON GOING: Brendon then gave a talk on the costs of printing and posting the Hub and explained the big advantages to advertisers and members of it being produced on line with most branches going that way. Some Branches require hard copy to be picked up at their monthly meeting,others charge a yearly rate to post it out. Brendon pointed out that advertisers get the added advantages now of the ads being interactive. A member pointed out that the sound and using of mic's at the AGM needs to be improved.

Presentation made to Leigh Craythorne by John Coomber for 20 plus years of service to The Vintage Car Club of NZ and Canterbury Branch. Leigh gave a reply ,Thanking everybody for their support. Bob Humm then gave a vote of thanks from all the members to those who have helped run rallies etc through the year There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 3.20pm. Signed

……………………………………..Chairman 21

July 2018 Noggin Display The July Noggin Display was, “The Restoration of the Year 2018�. This year there was only one winner. Congratulations to: Margaret & Graham Tulett, with a 1935 Citroen 7c Roadster, the winner of the P.V.V Section. Thank you, Graham, for displaying your lovely Citroen.

Future Noggin Displays: This month: Pedal Cars. 6th September: Prince Cars 4th October: Duzgo Cars Thanks. Don Muller.


Sadly, there were no photos received this month for publication. Please remember to take photos of your events and share them with the Editor, so we can all enjoy them.

PARTS SHED OPEN EVERY WEDNESDAY 1 pm – 4:30 pm THIRD & FOURTH SUNDAY 9 am – 12 noon Open first Thursday of the month on Noggin Night from 7:00pm.

If you have an article you would like published, a funny story or some photos of a recent event or rally you could share, please send them through to the Editor for inclusion in a future edition of The Hub. 23

Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events High Tea Saturday 18th August 2018 Meet at car park of The Peg Hotel, 899 Main North Road, Belfast at 4:15pm for a 4:30pm departure. The hotel staff are happy for us to use their car park behind the hotel, but they have requested that we leave the area very close to the building for their patrons to park in.

This non competitive country run of about one and a half hours, will take you over a variety of country roads, through several different settlements, finishing at a rural town for a buffet meal within an easy drive of Christchurch. It would be appreciated if you would bring your Club eligible vehicle, but if this isn’t possible bring your modern.

Under 25 Rally incorporating the Women Drivers Rally Sunday 9 September Optional:

Dress to the year of the vehicle or wear a decorated hat.


Dave Inwood’s, 126 South Eyre Road (off Tram Road) 9:30am Starting with morning tea (supplied) 10:00am Field Tests in Dave’s paddock after which the run will start. Lunch:

12:00pm at a lunch venue to be decided

Timed section will start at around 1:30pm (Average speed will be 35mph for all vehicles) Finish of run at Cutler Park with afternoon tea (supplied in the main hall) 24

Canterbury Branch Up Coming Events BRANCH AWARD DINNER SATURDAY 22 SEPTEMBER 2018 Clubrooms, Cutler Park.

Bar opens 6:00pm Please be seated for the meal by 6:30pm The dinner is held annually to present branch members 25, 35, 50 and 60-year membership awards. This year, our National President Diane Quarrie will be presenting the awards. Tickets ($34 single) are available from branch committee members and at the bar at August and September’s Noggin. Come along and support your fellow members on their special night. 60-year presentation to: Ivan Hibberd 50-year presentations to: Don Bennetts, Peter Midgley, Don Muller, Graeme Shaskey, Tom Smith


High Tea Run Saturday 18th August 2018 Entry Form Driver’s Name: Vehicle & Year:





Phone: Email:

No. Attending @ $32.00 per person



Enter online:

Or by email to:

Or mail to:

Barbara & Alan Hill, 11 Queen Street, Rangiora CHCH 7400 Payment by direct credit, with your name and “High Tea” to: VCC Canterbury Branch, 03 1594 0096832 00 Or by cheque, payable to VCC Canterbury Branch.

Entries close 11th August 2018

Waimakariri District Council - Official Road Opening We have been approached by the Waimakariri District Council and invited to a new street opening at 10am on the 18th August. The High Tea Rally is in the afternoon of the same day. I would like to encourage as many members as possible to bring their vehicles out in support. The Mayor will open the street followed by a procession of our vehicles. This is again one of those Public Relations exercises and is positive publicity for both the Vintage Car Club and other motoring clubs. Assembly point is the corner of Cass Street and Feldwick Drive in Kaiapoi - arrive around 9:30am. For more information phone Dave Inwood 327-4156.


Daffodil Rally for Cancer Sunday 26th August As part of a VCC National initiative to fundraise for the NZ Cancer Society, the VCC Canterbury Branch is once again running a special and open event on Sunday 26th August. As happened last year, this will be one of dozens of similar events held around the country on the same day. All veteran, vintage and classic vehicle owners, including individuals, and member of ALL motoring clubs (including Custom and Hot-Rod Clubs) will be invited to participate in what was last year one of the largest old-vehicle runs the city has seen. As the host club, it would be great if we could once again lead the way and have a great turn-out of members and vehicles, so please plan to take part on the day and enjoy a great day out. Assemble at the VCC grounds at McLeans Island between 10.00 and 10.30am for registration in the clubrooms. Devonshire teas (or coffee) will be available there at $5.00 per head. Registration will cost $10.00 per car. After registration you can depart on your choice of run: • Car Museum run • Motorcycle museum run • Garden Run • Art Gallery Run • Touring Run (for those who just like to drive on scenic free-running open roads) Each run will involve no more than 1 hour of driving (Touring Run will be 1.5 hours). Entry to any venues will be at discounted rates, and will need to be paid for separately. In all cases entry to venues is optional – you only need to stop and visit if you want to. Some will be free or entry by donation. All runs return to and finish at the VCC grounds by around 1.00pm. A barbeque lunch will be run by a service club, with proceeds also going to the Cancer Society. BYO lunch is another option. All vehicles will be lined up for display, to which the general public will be invited. A brief prize-giving will be held at 2.30pm, with prizes presented for the following: • Best Motorcycle • Best Veteran Car • Best Vintage Car • Best Classic Car • Most Impressive Chrome • Most Unique Vehicle – judged by a representative from the Cancer Society • Best Dressed Driver and Passengers (dress in the era or a style to suit your vehicle) Note: The event will be run wet or fine – the clubrooms will be open to provide shelter if needed. The VCC Parts Sheds will also be open for those who wish to have a look around. Event Coordinator for VCC Canterbury Branch is Colin Hey – Phone 03 359-8737 (please call evenings only, after 7.30pm) PS: Like all of our events, they don’t just happen on their own, so we will be looking for volunteers to help with marshalling, registration in the clubrooms, and the Devonshire morning teas (which were hugely popular last year and added to the sum donated back to the Cancer Society). Nothing difficult is involved – just a bit of time to help out. If anyone is able to assist, please get in touch – I would be pleased to hear from you.


Under 25 Rally incorporating the Women Drivers Rally Entry Forms Under 25 Rally Entry: (drivers need to be sponsored by a current Club Member, but not necessarily Members themselves) Driver’s Name: Vehicle & Year:



No. of People In Vehicle: TOTAL COST Women Drivers Rally Entry:

NO COST for this Rally

Driver’s Name: Vehicle & Year:



No. of People In Vehicle: ENTRY FEE

$5.00 Entry Fee

Rally Plaque (if required) @ $10.00




Enter online:

Or mail to:

Graeme Sword, 69 Otaki Street, Kaiapoi CHCH 8024 Payment by direct credit, with your name and “Under 25” or “Womens Rally” to: VCC Canterbury Branch, 03 1594 0096832 00 Or by cheque, payable to VCC Canterbury Branch.

Entries close 2nd September 2018 28

From Strength to Struggle (Display Vehicles Wanted) Long-time member (60 years) of the Vintage Car Club Canterbury Branch Ivan Hibberd and friends will be putting on a Belfast Heritage Display for Heritage Week at the Peg Hotel Belfast (7mile peg). Displaying his and others life-time collections of the Belfast area with photographs and memoirs. Date:

Sunday the 21st of October 2018. If wet Monday 22nd Time: 1:00pm till 4:00pm.

We would like help in organise a vehicle display in the carpark (afternoon tea will be supplied to members who display their vehicles). We hope to encourage members of the public to come along and look at the large Heritage Collection inside. This will likely be the last time the collection is all together in one place at the same time. Please ring Graeme Sword on 3277812 or Ivan Hibberd on 3238769 if you can display your vehicle.

MARINE PLYWOOD * 18mm BS 1088 -$165.00. 1220x2440mm. * Second grade - 12mm $65.00, 18mm $85.00, 25mm $112.00 all 1200x2400mm. * High Pressure Laminate -12mm $80.00, 18mm $90.00. all 1220x2440mm. * Anti Slip -18mm $100.00 1220x2440mm. * Bending Ply - 4mm $80.00. 1220x2440mm Phone Paul 027 277 8049 29

Autumn Run 2019 Two Day Run Important Information

Date of run; Saturday & Sunday 6th & 7th April 2019 Going to Kaikoura I have booked the whole lot of the rooms (30x) at Donegal House Irish Hotel complex on Schoolhouse Road 3 Km past Kaikoura. This venue offers us rural hospitality set in 2.4ha of tranquil gardens, lawns, Lakes and courtyards. A bar with Irish Music, open fires, Restaurant for the Saturday night dinner and Bed and Breakfast we will also have access to a private function room for supper etc. (A VENUE WITH A DIFFERENCE)

All rooms are double/twin and include Breakfast at $160.00 per room Single person in a room including Breakfast $125.00 per room All rooms can have an extra single bed at $40.00 an adult …………………….. Saturday night dinner (Roast meal and sweets) @ $24.00 per person to be paid when you enter on the entry form. Members need to book your rooms directly for the evening of Saturday 6th April 2019 with credit card details asap after 6th August as the rooms are limited (some B&B rooms close by may be available if we run out rooms).

BOOKINGS WILL BE TAKEN AS FROM MONDAY 6th AUGUST 2018 BY RINGING MURRAY AT 0800 346 873 AT DONEGAL HOUSE For more information ring Graeme Sword on 3277812 Once again the printing for this event will be sponsored by





Open Hours Monday to Friday 8:00 - 5:00 Saturday 8:00 - 12:00 Roy & Annette Adams Phone/Fax 03 327 8155 After Hours 027 435 0636 Free Battery Check - MTA Member 96 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 7630 BATTERIES, AIR CONDITIONING, STARTER MOTORS, BULBS AND LAMPS, AUTO ELECTRICS


HBVCC Art Deco Weekend February 14th - 17th 2019

A SPECIAL INVITATION FROM HBVCC TO OWNERS OF CLUB ELIGIBLE COMMERCIAL VEHICLES 2019 IS THE YEAR OF THE COMMERCIAL For the first time ever Commercial Vehicles will be the Featured Marque for 2019. Come to Napier and join the HBVCC for Art Deco Weekend 2019 from February 14 th -17th. Kindly sponsored again this year by Euro City Ltd. 45000 people attended ADW in 2018. The Grand Parade on the Saturday will be limited to pre 1946 vehicles with a wheelbase of 160” or less. No tractors or trailers allowed. A weight limit of 3 tons will also apply. Here is your chance to show off that great Commercial vehicle along with Commercials from the Bill Richardson Transport Museum. We suggest you plan to arrive in Napier on Wednesday 13 th Feb so you can participate in a special run for just the Commercials on the Thursday ending up at Off the Track restaurant for lunch. Attend our Valentine’s Dinner at the HBVCC Clubrooms that evening. Prizes for best dressed COUPLES this year. For 2019 the main rally is again on Friday and we plan to have a 3 or 4 hour run plus a picnic lunch at an historic Hawkes Bay homestead. Come and join the other 180 plus club eligible vehicles we expect to enter the 2019 Event. Go to the HBVCC website for an Entry Form. ( Entry forms for 2019 will be available from 20th August 2018. Accommodation in Napier is already filling up for Art Deco Weekend so book now to avoid disappointment. A SPECIAL INVITATION FROM HBVCC TO OWNERS OF 100 YEARS PLUS OLD VETERAN CARS Following the great response from the public to the 23 veterans we had in 2018 we again want to show them what the earliest cars look like, how they perform and where it all started from. We already have several early commitments including ADW first timers : a 1915 Locomobile, 1918 Twin Six Packard , Veteran Renault. There will be a special prize draw ($250 of petrol vouchers) made from just the 100 year or older cars entered in the 2019 rally event. Contacts:



FOR SALE 35cc BSA Winged Wheel cycle motor in original sprung BSA frame, plus a second engine in wheel and bottom end of another. $1,100. Phone: Peter 03 313 6501 or email: 1949 James Captain 197cc dismantled. It is almost complete. i.e. frame, forks, guards, tank, head light, motor and other bits.$600 o.n.o. to arrange to inspect Phone: Ian 03 313 1010 Buick, Veteran 1916 Model DX45 6cyl OHV 5 seater tourer. Body cream with mid brown upholstery and hood. Nice nickel finish. A very motorable car in concours condition. Upmarket car of it’s day and is a well known Canterbury vehicle. $42,500.00. Phone Brian Rogers 358 5322 2 only 26x21/2 beaded edge tyres. Brand new but surplus to requirements.$150 each or would swap for a carburettor for a 1913 Triumph . Phone: Chris Parker 351 1084 News from the Parts Shed 1953-4 Morris Minor 2 Door. $150.00 Has 950cc motor and gearbox. No back axle though we have several of these, one of which can be supplied with the car. Pretty rough, though quite sound and not a basketcase. Could be good for building up a convertible. Hamilton hydraulic heavy duty engine lifter. Needs some basic repairs and attention to hydraulics. $75.00 Contact Ross Butler, 352-3160 or 021 314-221 1951 BSA B33 for sale and I just wanted to spread the word as it would be ideal to see the bike go to an enthusiast and if possible keep it in the Christchurch area. I have a vintage/classic car being worked on and want to finish it. If you know of anyone who may be interested in a BSA please pass this on. It is currently on facebook only. Thank you for your time Iain McDonald 32

FOR SALE Wolseley 6/110 Mk2, 1968. Excellent condition with attractive 2-tone blue paint. Last owner since 1984, professionally converted with Nissan LD28 diesel and auto in 1994 (certified conversion), and has done many, many miles reliably since. Fitted with original option power steering. Has been in storage since the owner passed away in 2010, run occasionally, but now back on the road. Will be sold with new VIN and VIC, WoF and Registration and a service. A good car for those wanting more modern comforts in a classic, club-eligible car. Selling on behalf of the family, and available around the end of June. $7,500. Phone: Colin Hey 359 8737 1975 Hillman Avenger. (1,725 cc?). Purchased new from McLaren Motors in Christchurch by a Mrs Lynskey of Sefton. This Hillman has stayed in Sefton all its life. Requires a complete restoration. White with blue trim. Partly dismantled but all complete. Could be used for parts or fully restored, but certainly too rare and good to take to wrecker. Looks worse than it actually is. (Surface rust here and there on the original white paint, but NO serious rust, except on one rear guard at bottom). Must be sold. Offers around the $500 - $800 bracket. Can be inspected at 3 Everton Street. Next to Sefton garage/service station opposite Sefton Hotel. (Just a few kms from Rangiora) Phone: Morris on 027 210 9135.

Workshop repair manuals for sale in good condition $15 each, Austin-Morris 1800 Mk 1&2 1964-72 BLMC 1100 & 1300 Mk 2 & 3 1967-74 A30-A35-A40 Farina Mk 1 & 2 1951-67 Auto Book 845 Range Rover V8 3528 cc 1970-76 Auto Book 787 Triumph 2000 Mk 2 Owners hand book $10 7 Australian "Restored Cars" magazines by Eddie Ford Nov-Dec 2009 to Mar-Apl 2011 with 2 missing. $3-00 each Phone: Henry 03 2601632 (Kaiapoi) 33

FOR SALE For Sale Parts 2 x Model T front radius rods, fits 1921 – 27 1 x Model T battery carrier 3 x Model T torque tubes, 1 with spool, shaft and bearing fits 1920 – 27 Model T cylinder head (high) for 1918 – 27 in good order Model A torque tube Model A headlight bar fits 1930 – 31 Austin A40 drive shaft with new universal Running board luggage holder, collapsible type Phone: Alister 355 4017 Ford Model A 1928 Sedan Leather Back. Restored. Briggs Body. Engine needs work. Very tidy. Like new. $23 000.00 Ford Model A Tudor 1930 chassis motor etc all restored. 5 new tyres. Wheels powder coated. Original ownership papers. Most parts there to finish restoration. $15 000.00 Citroen AS Saloon 1938 Light 12 registered on hold. Needs work for WOF for full registration. $4500.00 The above can all be viewed in Waikari North Canterbury. Phone: Peter 03 314 4085 or 027 232 6779


WANTED Parts Wanted for 1930 DD Dodge... 4x Inside door handles, 1x Window sill ledge for door, and a fuel gauge that fits in the fuel tank itself.... Phone: 027 416 4775 anytime or 381 7279 evenings Steam Bender. Does anybody have a steam bender I can borrow for a couple of months to make some hood bows? Phone: Philip Jeeves 338 0666. Triumph 1913 carburettor or parts for my 1913 TT model. Indian 741 1941 speedometer or parts. Phone: Chris Parker 351 1084 1929/30 Chevrolet restoration Rear guards left and right. Would look at anything you may have. Even just one would be helpful. Phone: David Mason 349 5148

1). A Laycock overdrive unit. I’d prefer a “J” series from a 2.5 litre Triumph, or similar. 2). A glass headlamp lens from an English car of the 30’s. 8 ½” diam with the 3-U centre pattern. Phone: Monty 344 3080, or 021 022 61295 or email: Zundapp 50cc motor. A contact for someone to overhaul a Zundapp 50cc motor. Phone: Eddie 021891980 Vintage Morris Oxford or Cowley. A rear axle complete with wheel flange , just the axle or just the five hole Oxford flange. Phone: Tony 342 9110

If you have an advert you would like to repeat, please let The Editor know. Otherwise all adverts will run for the month of publication when received. 35


Can you Name the Vehicle Brand? How many brands of motor vehicles can you name from their logo? Hint: This month = starts with F XXXX X






x xxxx

Interesting extra‌ How many people currently own one of these cars? Which Brand? Answers for last month (E vehicles) How many could you guess?

English Racing Automobiles







OTHER BRANCH and ORGANISATIONS EVENTS See Notice board posters for more information.

Sunday 19th August 2018 - Malborough Mud Trial Blenheim Details and entry forms sent out shortly. We have a new venue this year on highway 6 between Blenheim and Havelock. All inquiries to: Peter Thwaites Phone: 03 5785036 Cell: 0211777487 Email: Friday 24th—Saturday 25th August 2018 - Sulphur City Rally Rotorua Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard Saturday 15th September 2018 Hororata Mechanical Swap Meet Hororata Domain, gates open 7am entry $5 Site holders $15 on the day No bric-a-brac or house hold junk Friday 21st—Sunday 23rd September 2018 - International Model A Rally Blenheim Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard Sunday 30th September 2018 Rural Ramble - Amberley Friday 5th—Sunday 7th October 2018 - Marlborough VCC Biennial Rally Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard Saturday 6th-Sunday 7th October 2018 - Otago VCC Dunvegan M/C Rally Details available from Clubroom Noticeboard

INSURANCE Vero CIS – telephone 0800 658 411 Canterbury Branch Agency Number 300130 This number needs to be quoted when taking out insurance, for Canterbury Branch to benefit. 38

Rural Ramble Just a short update on our third annual Rural Ramble on Sunday September 30th. Confirming we are to start from the Hurunui District Council Car Park, Amberley. (Between public toilets and Council HQ) SH1, Amberley, on left if coming from southern end. Look for classic car sign. As per the last two years, owing to the fact that there is some gravel, you may bring your modern if you prefer. There are two sections of gravel, but they only represent about one third of our total kms travelled on the route. Registrations in the St. John’s hall, free NZCC magazine and a chance to win one year’s subscription to New Zealand Classic Car magazine valued at $132. It’s not a vehicle related quiz, so all ages have an equal chance of winning. Even the children. Coffee car booked for both the start and lunch venues. (Which, all going to plan , is at historic back country homestead. As this is daylight saving weekend, we plan to start one hour later than normal. Further details closer to the event date. See you all on the North side of winter. In the meantime keep warm.

North Canterbury Noggin Fourth Wednesday of the month, Rangiora RSA from 7:30pm


Rearview Mirror A Reply… In reply to Tony Becker’s Rearview Mirror article in the July Hub regarding restoration of the year 1968 and where had the restorations of 50 years ago gone. He mentioned a 1911 Belsize owned by Alan Wills that Alan was looking for parts for. My Dad Des Fowler brought that particular vehicle from Alan sometime in the 1970’s. Dad’s aim was to have the car restored in time for the 1980 International Rally in Rotorua. This didn’t happen and Dad spent the next 30 odd years periodically working on that car. At the badge awards in September last year when Dad received his 50 year badge we were seated at the same table as Alan & Shirley Wills and talked about how Alan had sold Dad the Belsize. Sadly when Dad died earlier this year the car still wasn’t quite complete, but nearly. It is now for sale on Trademe :

It was a labour of love – if there are awards going for the longest restoration maybe this car could be a contender?

Kind regards Petina Danenberg (daughter of Des Fowler & now member of VCC!)


Copy for the September Hub closes on 29 August 2018 Contact "The Editor", Brendon Eason By phone 343 2979 or preferably email

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The Barn is available for hire to all members for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, and other functions. Contact Kevin or Claire on 03 312 7255

Canterbury Branch Web Site PO Box 11-082, Sockburn, Christchurch Our bank for direct credit payments is Westpac Barrington Mall A/C 03 1594 0096832 00 Please enter your name and event entered or other details of deposit. 41

Technical Talk Stopping grease loss from old style Hardy Spicer Universal Joints These are the ones with the two tin hemispheres that are meant to retain the lubricant because of the way the outer moveable one slides over the inner fixed one and there is a lip seal on the outer one as well. These also have solid steel bushes rather than needle rollers and cover cars from the early 20’s through the late 1930’s all country’s. My method means you don’t have to dismantle it at all and does away with the usual putty knife scraping the lines of thrown grease off the floor boards above these joints. 1/ Give the outside of the hemispheres a good clean- smooth the paint on the fixed hemisphere and place a little oil on your finger and just coat the fixed hemisphere to initially lubricate the movable lapped join. 2/ Buy from Super Cheap or wherever a Self Fusing Silicone repair tape –Black. 3/ Attach this tape with a little electrical tape for the initial hold then, initially holding the tape on the hemisphere near the raised seal lip at the join , stretch it so that there is an incredible tension on the silicone tape and proceed to wind the stretched tape anti clockwise around the hemispheres back and forth over lapping the joint say three or four or more times spreading the tape at least its width each side if the join. The tape stands such a lot of stretch and is meant to be self fusing and the stretched tape provides an outer grease retainer just with its tension!. I am not sure about the self fusing so I wound some electrical tape round it 1 ½ turns- then some thin steel wire over it to make sure it doesn’t unwind. So far ,after nearly 1000 miles, a lot of it with the drive shaft turning at near 3000 rpm the rear joint has retained all its lubricant –no scraping off the floor boards –and the front has lost an incy wincy amount – not yet even worth scraping off—that appears to have escaped from where the tension spring is. It has proved so successful I thought I would share it as these old style universal joints wear so badly because of the lubricant loss and now you can use a liquid grease or a lighter grease and retain most of it and you no longer need to update to a modern unit. Trevor Lightfoot





Brake Shoes and Band Relined Brake Drum Machining (Including steel drums) Clutch Plates Relined Brake Hoses and Brake Pipes Manufactured Hydraulic Components Reconditioned Brake Cables Repaired 44

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