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“Dripfeed” NEWSLETTER OF THE BANKS PENINSULA BRANCH OF THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF New Zealand (INC) VOLUME 41, No 6 july 2018 Editor: Michael Williams 10 Selwyn Parade Lyttelton Ph 328 8043, email

Chairman: Secretary:

Club Officers: Craig Keenan 322 1006 Ron Hasell 942 1105

Branch Address: 27 Showgate Ave, ChCh 8042 E-mail: Noggin & Natter: 2nd Thursday of the Month  

Noggin 7.30 pm at the Papanui RSA. Upham Room – enter either from 55 Bellvue Ave or the first entrance on the left on Harewood Road (Papanui / Main North Road) Thursday 12th of July. We look forward to seeing you there. Supper is provided.

From the Editor: Warner Mauger has lent us his copies of the original “Guff Sheet”, the first newsletter of the newly formed VCC of NZ Inc, and published monthly between September 1953 and October 1954, before the title was changed to Beaded Wheels, which was to be “a quarterly cyclostyled magazine”. The new title aroused considerable discussion! Andrew Anderson was the editor of Guff Sheet, and what a splendid job he did. They make fascinating reading, yet in some ways are much the same as the sort of thing that Dripfeed is. In August 1954 they held the first North Canterbury Trial, which was won by Geoff Owen in a Morris 8. Warner Mauger was 8th in an Austin 7, and Leon Witte was 9th, in an MG. These three stalwarts are of course still active members of our branch, and Geoff in particular is as competitive as ever. He mostly drives a Ford 10 Special which is certainly faster than a Morris 8, so he has made some progress in the last 65 years. I think Warner still has the Austin 7, but the MG that Leon had, a TD that he bought with his mother, is no longer in the stable. All three have owned and raced some wonderful and significant cars over the years. Clynt Inns has announced that the Trevor Timms Talbot in Dunedin has gone to a good home, that of Alalstair Robinson, of Auckland.

Lots of new members this month, thanks to the efforts of Rod Corbett. To participate in the Targa, you have to belong to the VCC, and Rod has encouraged the following people to join our branch. So welcome to Gary Smith, John Gillman, (30 Ford Roadster, 34 Ford Tudor, 57 Fairlane), Peter Barnard & Sue Foss, (86 BMW), Mark Errington, Peter Cameron & Judith Baker, (74 MGBGT), Grant and Karen Ford, (70 E Type), Graeme Sharp and Diane Brandish, (62 Saab). Some of these people are from places north, but we hope to see you at some stage, (especially the Saab). Gavin Bain has asked me to mention the monthly gathering at the Governors Bay Hotel , from 10.30, on the first Sunday of every month. Pop over for breakfast, or coffee and quality gossip. There’s always some interesting cars too. Although when I dropped in last Sunday in James Palmers’ grey porridge Ford, which I am exercising for him while he’s in Europe, the withering scorn with which Peter Croft greeted me made me realise what I like about our branch: arrogance, car snobbery, intolerance etc, all greatly under rated attributes, some might say.

Coming Events: The Targa Time Trial: Entry forms and all other relevant details are now available, so get in touch with Rod Corbett at 03 423 1551, 027 4338772. There have been a good number of entries and briefings have taken place. The Balcairn Trial: Sunday July the 15th, for the annual celebration of mud, mud, glorious mud. (Please note the change of date from the 22nd.) Entry forms are available from Ron Hasell. Timetable. 8.30a.m. Scrutineering 9.15a.m. Drivers briefing 9.30a.m. Battle commences. I’m sure the Nelson contingent will be there in full force this year, and that the Bugatti replica will be fully sorted, and that an Austin or two might vanish into a deep puddle. Perhaps it’s time to bring back the river section, as the sight of a floating A7 is always a crowd pleaser. Pothunter Phil Mauger could bring out some serious earth moving gear and dig some Austin sized holes. And whatever happened to Stevie One Door? For me, it won’t be quite the same without David Banks and the ritual political abuse we exchanged. I hope Margaret might come along to continue the tradition. For those who have not been before: from the Anglers Arms Pub at Sefton, head up Pemberton road, turn right at the T junction into Marshmans Road, go straight ahead onto the shingle, turn left at the VCC sign into Flemings Road and follow the signs Breakfast is available at the farm and we would urge you to support the Flemings who provide this, as well as letting us use their farm. I think this is our Silver Anniversary, (25 years) with two generations of the Fleming family, and in this over regulated world we are very fortunate indeed that we are able to use their property. Please respect it, which means don’t hoon around in the mud like some of the Land Rover lads did last year with detrimental results to the paddock. Any questions ring Ron.

Mid Year Dinner, 17th of August, Tai Tapu Hotel. This smart soiree will kick off with drinks at 6.30, with meal orders beginning at 7.00pm. We have a room to ourselves. Because the branch has so much money and because we are always looking for ways to spend it, the meal is subsidised and the cost per person will be a mere $40 per person. For the more sophisticated amongst you who dine out regularly, you will be aware that this is very affordable, so come along and go right through the menu, with no thought to cost or an expanding

waist. But a greater attraction is the fact that this is an Awards Dinner. Ron Hasell will receive his 60 year badge, and Peter Croft will receive his 50 year badge and certificate. The committee thinks it has persuaded Ron to make a speech, which should be worth listening to, and we feel sure that the inimitable Mr Croft, as well as wearing long pants, will keep us entertained with reminiscences and memories for hours. So do come along and honour these two long serving members. As Ron said in his understated way when sending through the details, usually a good night. Please confirm numbers attending by email to or phone Ron on 942 1105 by the 13th of August. Payment can be made by internet at SBS 031355 0611198 00. Please include your name

Garage Raid, 26th of August. Opening Run, 23rd of September. Peninsula Run, 14th of October. The National Veteran Rally, Nelson, 16th – 18th of November. Although it’s a long way off, we have been asked to mention this in Dripfeed. The event celebrates 100 years of veterans, and the centenary of Armistice Day. There is a pre rally tour from the 12th – 15th, and a post rally tour from the 20 – 23rd. Get in touch with Jim Wareing for more details at

Monte Carlo Rallye 16,17, 18 November. The sub- committee organising this prestigious event has slaved long and hard over many bottles of top quality French wine in a noble effort to spend some club money, and have come up with the entry form. So if you are intending to enter, get in touch with me (details at the top) and I will send you a copy. All the rules are explained, for those of you wondering how it all works. At this stage, things are looking most propitious. We have the Monagesque ambassador coming, we have secured the services of the very experienced Gavin Bain to judge the Concours de Confort, the Gaiety Theatre in Akaroa is booked for the official dinner, and Lovely Grub is once again doing the catering. What more could we want? Entrants of course, and we have our first one. Boyd Wilkinson from Dunedin has entered, in his Mini Cooper, the illegal headlight bulb model. This is a very sporting gesture, as he knows the organisers can’t possibly allow him to win in such a dodgy car, but in the spirit of the Monte he is battling on regardless. Vaughan Morrison is promising to enter a Model A team, which could do quite well, given the formula, so fine print is being read to make sure this doesn’t happen. Geoff Walls is entering a Mini Cooper team, another example of British pluck, and John Chamberlain is talking of a Jaguar Mark 7 team. Talking of dodgy cars, Tony Haycock is in Europe , continuing his search for the mysterious Mathis Durant connection. Volvo and Morgan will both be represented too, so interest is gaining momentum.

Past Events: The Night Trial. It was a dark and foggy night, to somewhat alter the immortal opening sentence of Edward BulwerLytton in his wonderfully bad novel “Paul Clifford” (1830), and the cars that gathered in Northwood car park in pleasing numbers were aware that this would a challenging night, as thick fog was very much in evidence. The organisers had sensibly forsaken the rigours of an open Fiat 501 for the

sybaritic luxury of a Citroen D Super with a heater, and were thus very impressed with Special Morris in the Morris Special, when he and Anita rolled up in their MG TD with the top down. They were less impressed when he was seen to be tying the doors shut with wire. The explanation of too much power causing body flexing was soundly rejected by other entrants. Alan Rennie was in an American modern of gargantuan proportions, and Russell and Brenda Yates were in the massive Mustang. The Webbs were in their Triumph Stag, which seemed to be testing fate, and Vaughan Morrison and daughter Lucy were in the Model A which featured variable headlight function, just the thing for a night rally. Eventually, all entrants disappeared into the fog, and even the normally superb swivelling Cibies of the D were no match for the dense fog which enveloped us for the entire rally. The route took entrants around McLeans Island, the back of Rolleston, Burnham and West Melton, and then various twists and turns around Springston, Coes Ford and Irwell before finishing up at Leeston. The sealed roads weren’t so bad as you could navigate via the centre line, but the gravel roads were quite a challenge with speeds of 40 - 50kph being the safest way to proceed. In spite of caution, some T intersections did arrive rather suddenly, and the possibility of a floating D was narrowly averted once or twice, as ditches loomed up out of nowhere. Eventually a majority arrived at the destination, although proving that fate is not to be tempted, the Webb Stag had simply stopped near their house so they grabbed a modern and carried on. “I was followed for miles by a motorbike on high beam”, said Austin-Healey 3000 driver. Further investigation revealed that the Morris Special had only one headlight. The Prince of Darkness had struck again. The Morrison Model A had the same problem and no back light as well, but Lucy was still smiling and was the easy winner of the youngest and most cheerful entrant award. Inevitably the Yates in the massive Mustang not only got all the questions right, (they live locally) but were first to arrive. However, fairness has never been a major part of club philosophy, and the winners were declared to be Anita and Morris Wright in the cyclopean MG. Not only did they have to wire the doors shut, they elected to drive around foggy Canterbury for hours in an open car, never knowing if their one headlight might fail. Bulldog Drummond stuff really. We think we’ll do the same rally next year, because no one had a clue where they were. Normally I would fill up the remaining pages with photos, but as many a politician has said, “Nothing to see here”. Many thanks to Michael Pidgeon for his organisational efforts.

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