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DECEMBER 2017 Ashburton Branch of the Vintage Car

Vintage Repairs & Restoration For Repairs and Restoration of your Vintage and Classic vehicles

Certified Automotive Engineer Contact David Oakley Ph. 021 370 956 Ph. 308 7323 Ashburton


PROPOSED CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2017 - 18 DECEMBER 2 Saturday Christmas Parade - starting at 12.30pm. 10 Sunday V & V Only Workers’ Picnic See pg 11 10 Sunday 4.30pm on Christmas BBQ 14 - 19 Thurs-Tues Pre Christmas Tour See pg 20 19 Tuesday Committee Meeting 21 NO CLUB NIGHT JANUARY 1 Monday New Years Day Run 27 Saturday Annual Rally FEBRUARY 4 Sunday 9-11 18


Joes Vintage Garage at Aeroview 1.30pm Vintage Austin Register W/E at VCC Clubrooms PV/PWV Run



Club Run Easter Run


Club Captains Night Trial



Swap meet



Solstice Run Annual General Meeting

COVER PHOTO: 1906 Cadillac owned by Andrew Sim. Taken at Clyde at a Rally for 1 & 2 cylinder vehicles. Photo taken by Diane Ross who was attending the event with Rob in their 1902 Oldsmobile. 3

From D.I.Y. to the tradesman, we have the tools for the job.

When it comes to farm machinery parts, Palmer Agri Parts Direct Ltd has the knowledge, equipment and over 5000 parts in stock. Our extensive range of consumable parts and replacement machine equipment will get you back to work quickly. We have the ability To manufacture cultivation, harvest, Irrigation and general engineering parts in our fully equipped workshop.

34 Robinson Street, Phone 308 6415

34 Robinson Street, Phone 308 6509

We stock high quality tools from trusted brands, including Hitachi, DeWalt, Bosch, PowerBuilt, Milwaukee and Makita.

Hyundai/Isuzu Mid Canterbury Workshop open 5-1/2 Days

WOF *$5.00 Discount to VCC Members LPG Certificates

All work carried out by Qualified Tradesmen

307 2415


BRANCH OFFICERS 2015 – 2016 Patroness Chairman IP Chairman Secretary Treasurer Club Captain Vice Club Captain Committee

Nat Exec Delegate Museum Custodians

Museum Assistants

Parts Custodians

Blowout Editor Blowout Typesetter Blowout Distribution Commercial Convener Motorcycle Convener Clubroom Custodians VCC ID Officer Trophy Steward Swap Meet Booking Swap Meet Co-ordinator Beaded Wheels Scribe Librarian Grounds Convener Auditor

Diane Ross (Rob) Trevor Begg Peter Jacob (Annette) Isla Jones (Roger) David Oakley (Marion) Peter Lambie (Susan) Roger Jones (Isla) Colin Sweetman (Cathy) Rod McKimmie (Dawn) Alan Begg (Jeanette) Karen Bell (Robbie) Barry Quantock (Natalie) Peter Jacob (Annette) Les Bennett (Marie) Trevor Coulter Jim Rooney (Audrey) Kevin Harkness (Bernie) Denys McEvedy (Marie) Mac Bruce (Audrey) Ken Kingsland (Avis) Gavin Smith (Gaylene) Kevin Harkness (Bernie) Eean Parkes Tony Adams (Diane) Diane Adams (Tony) Kevyn Begg (Iris) Alan Begg (Jeanette) Kelly Kingsbury (Barbara) Alan Gulleford (Chris) Chris Gulleford (Alan) Bernard Egan ( Marlene) Ron Galletly (Marilyn) Percy Ralston (Heather) (Monthly Roster) Rob Ross (Diane) Tony Adams (Diane) Karen Bell (Robbie) Noel Batty (Marie) Owen Wilson (Lorraine) Milner Jacob (Jan) Barry Quantock (Natalie) To Be Advised 5

308 2356 308 3803 308 8940 308 5757 3087323 302 0899 308 5757 3077373 302 5853 308 6171 021 0243 1955 308 0137 308 8940 308 4705 308 4817 308 4441 308 8162 307 2728 307 8919 308 6539 308 2297 308 8162 307 1374 021 126 7992 021 101 7967 308 6605 308 6171 308 5101 021 0298 6213 0274 390 718 308 3999 308 1940 307 0084 308 2356 308 3246 021 0243 1955 308 4003 3088134 308 3392 308 0137

Commodore Motor Lodge

814 East Street, Ashburton Reservations: 0800 108 006

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Garden Setting All Ground Level Units Non Smoking All Refurbished & Affordable Parking Outside Units Expansive Off-street Parking Children’s Playground 3 Star Plus Qualmark rating AA Rewards MANZ Member

Your Hosts, Chris & Paul Marriott

For All your Rural Cartage Requirements Livestock General Freight Grain & Bulk Cartage Fertiliser Hiab Unit Contact us at: Ashburton 308 4079

Ashburton 308 4079


Chairman’s Report

Well this is the last Report for 2017. Another year has slipped by and I hope all are keeping well. It has been another full on year for the branch. Things seem to be ticking along pretty good, so thanks to all that have been involved over the year. Thanks to those that have put their hands up to do some of the Club runs, this has been good to see, so let’s have some more for next year. The P60/80 Run was another mighty day out with a great turn out. Thanks Owen & Lorraine for a great day. Report in Blowout. Jim Lawton’s Run was held on the12th November this was another good day out with 22 cars. We went through town and out to Lauriston & Lyndhurst ending up at Methven Sports Grounds for afternoon tea. Jim had some different items on the deck of his truck to identify, well some of the answers that I heard were a bit different. Not one person got them all right. Thanks Jim & Allison for a good afternoon out, nice to see an older member doing a run. Please note there is NO Club Night for December as everyone is busy. BBQ at Club rooms 4.30pm after V&V run on the 10th December. Bring Salad etc. New Years’ Day Run, leave from Clubrooms at 1.30pm. Bring afternoon tea, Plus a Pen. This run is being organised by Colin & Cathy Sweetman. This will be followed with the BBQ at the Picnic Area at the Ashburton Domain from 4.30pm.Please bring Salad & Dessert for shared Meal. There will be a Blowout printed in January so if anyone wants anything in it, contact Alan or Chris by 23rd December. Come on get those Entries in for the Annual Rally to David Oakley please. Things are in motion for 2019 Easter Rally. That’s it from me for another year. We wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Trevor & Craig Begg Editor: The Minutes for November will be presented in the January Blowout 7





(Formerly Chrome Platers Ltd)

Owner: Brian Featherstone

For Chrome Out of this World









(03) 684 7515

PH: 308 3803

WANTED 2 only 500 x 18 Tyres Must be WOF Standard Phone Gavin Smith 308 2297 JIM’S TUCKER RUN WEDNESDAY 6TH DECEMBER 2017 The Tucker Run will be to The Stables If you would like to join us for lunch, then please make your way to The Stables by 12.15pm Please phone Jim on 307 6614 with numbers, as the restaurant requires these prior to the day. COME AND JOIN US 8

Club Captains Report November 2017

If you are intending to enter the Annual Rally please note that the entry fee to the rally does not have to be paid by Ashburton members as this is covered by the club with the use of the McFarlane fund. However, the entry to the venue does have to be paid and is $12.00 per person. Please get those entries in ASAP, as doing so makes it so much easier for the organisers and everyone involved. Please note, entries close on the 21st January. The Prospectors Tour on 14th to 19th Dec has twenty entries to date. If you are of an adventurous nature it is never too late to join us, the only limiting factor is that of accommodation. If you are interested call me, I may be able to advise you where accommodation may be available.

Joe’s Vintage Garage Warming Some background information that lead to ’Joe’s Vintage Garage” being formed. Pete's grandad, Joe McQuarters had a 1929 Essex Super Six as the daily driver back in the fifties and sixties and Sunday drives down to Geraldine in it are fondly remembered. Peters mum and dad used it as their honeymoon car to Nelson and back and the vehicle was later restored by the late Ray McQuarters has been used as Joes great Grandsons wedding car. That car is with Rays family. Now, Peter and Larraine have acquired their own 1929 Essex Super Six (featured previously in BLOWOUT,) and have built their new display shed and named it "JOES VINTAGE GARAGE" in grandad Joe McQuarters memory. An open invitation to all VCC members WITH their old cars to a SHED WARMING is featured on page 12 in this edition of BLOWOUT. 9


Vintage and Veteran only Workers Picnic

The Ashburton Mill owners, Sweat shop, factory owners, and general slave drivers association have graciously agreed to fund a picnic for all workers who are gainfully employed under their auspices. All workers who have the energy to attend will be regarded with suspicion as they obviously are not rewarding their benevolent employers by expending all their available energy during the working week!!!!!! All workers who wish to attend are to gather at the VCC clubrooms at 1.00 pm on the 10th December 1930 (2017) Work attire should be worn as under no circumstances should workers pretend to aspire to the splendour of sartorial elegance achieved by their betters of the employing class. Approximate distance to be travelled return to Ashburton is 65km. Remember to bring your Picnic afternoon tea. ie: ploughman’s lunch and bottle of tea in a sock! This run is intended for vintage and veteran class vehicles only. (pre 1932)

David & Marion

A Glasgow man phones a dentist to enquire about the cost for a tooth extraction. " £85 pounds for an extraction, sir" the dentist replied. " £85 quid! Huv ye no'got anythin' cheaper?" "That's the normal charge," said the dentist. "Whit aboot if ye didnae use any anaesthetic?" "That's unusual, sir, but I could do it and would knock £15 pounds off." "Whit aboot if ye used one of your dentist trainees and still without any anaesthetic?" "I can't guarantee their professionalism and it'll be painful. But the price could drop by £20 pounds." "How aboot if ye make it a trainin' session, ave yer student do the extraction with the other students watchin' and learnin'?" "It'll be good for the students", mulled the dentist. "I'll charge you £5 pounds but it will be traumatic." "Och, now yer talkin' laddie! It's a deal," said the Scotsman. "Can ye confirm an appointment for the wife next Tuesday then?" 11



At Aeroview, 39 Morris Road, Ashburton adjacent to Ashburton Airfield Join us as we celebrate our new shed and have a yarn, a look around and hang out with like minded vintage motoring buffs. PLEASE bring your old car and BE OUR GUEST Tea, Coffee, and Scones with lashings of Jam and Cream provided Sunday February 4, from 1.30 – weather alternate following Sunday

Vodafone notice for change of email address

Vodafone email services will be closing 30th November. The following domain names are to be closed If you have one of the above domains, you will need to open a new email account with a new password.


However, do not forget to advise Blowout and the VCC of your new email address 12

Ashburton Vintage Car Club

49th ANNUAL RALLY SATURDAY 27th JANUARY 2018 Commencing from the Clubrooms 86 Maronan Road Tinwald Ashburton Secretary

Club Captain

Peter Jacob

David Oakley

PO Box 382

31 Hollands Road


Ashburton 7771

Ph: 308 8940

Ph: 308 7323


Entrants Copy Payment by Cheque/Cash to David Oakley’s address as below

Internet Banking: NBS ASHBURTON Account Name: Vintage Car Club Of NZ Ashburton Branch Account Number 03 1354 0429765 00 Please put your name under Reference or Code plus Annual Rally Please fill in and return payment to:

Annual Rally c/o David Oakley 31 Hollands Road Ashburton 7771 ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY 21st JANUARY 2018 Entrant’s Name ........................................................................ Address ........................................................................................ ...................................................................................................... VCC Membership No:……………………………………………... Email ...................................................................Ph .............................. Driver .......................................... Navigator ....................................... Vehicle Make ...................................... Model .................................... Year of Manufacture ........................... Reg. Number ....................... Vehicle Class (Please Circle) Veteran PWV

Post 60



PV Motorcycle

Preferred route, please indicate. Touring ..........


Nominated average speed ...................MPH Distance travelled to rally .....................Miles Concours Entry?



Entry Fee @ $15.00 per vehicle


Evening Meal @ $35.00 per Person


Entry to venue @ $12.00 per Person


Total Enclosed


(No Entry Fee for Ashburton members) 14


Payment by Cheque/Cash to David Oakley’s address as below Internet Banking: NBS ASHBURTON Account Name: Vintage Car Club Of NZ Ashburton Branch Account Number: 03 1354 0429765 00 Please put your name under Reference or Code plus Annual Rally Please fill in and return payment to: Annual Rally c/o David Oakley 31 Hollands Road Ashburton 7771 ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY 21ST JANUARY 2018 Entrant’s Name ........................................................................ Address ........................................................................................ ...................................................................................................... VCC Membership No:……………………………………………... Email ...................................................................Ph .............................. Driver .......................................... Navigator ....................................... Vehicle Make ...................................... Model .................................... Year of Manufacture ........................... Reg. Number ....................... Vehicle Class (Please Circle) Veteran PWV

Post 60



PV Motorcycle

Preferred route, please indicate. Touring ..........


Nominated average speed ...................MPH Distance travelled to rally .....................Miles Concours Entry?



Entry Fee @ $15.00 per vehicle


Evening Meal @ $35.00 per Person


Entry to venue @ $12.00 per Person


Total Enclosed


(No Entry Fee for Ashburton members) 15


The Ashburton branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand cordially invites you to participate in our 49th Annual Rally to be held on Saturday 27th January 2018 commencing from our clubrooms at 86 Maronan Road, Tinwald, Ashburton at 10.00 am. Complimentary morning tea/coffee will be provided before the rally. Briefing will begin at 9.45am with the first vehicle away at 10.00am. Two routes are offered, a long route consisting approximately 190km return to Ashburton, containing some gravel roads. The short route is approximately 150km return to Ashburton, containing 1km of gravel. The short route contains 30km Main Road. Vehicles entered for concours must be on the club grounds by 9.00 am ready for judging. This event is open to all financial members of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand. We welcome all classes of vehicles that are recognised by the club. The Rally organisers, in conjunction with the Branch Committee, will handle any disputes. Those with Trophies from last year are requested to return them prior to the Rally, or confirm that they will bring them on the day of this year’s event. Please bring your own lunch and afternoon tea. Please return to the final destination, The Allenton Rugby Club rooms, by 5.00pm. A prize giving presentation will be held at the evening meal venue before the commencement of the meal. The evening meal must be ordered with your rally entry. 16

STATE HIGHWAY ONE UPDATE For those who may be considering travelling north over the Christmas break here is an update’

The NZ Transport Agency has confirmed the initial hours of operation for State Highway 1 (SH1) north and south of Kaikoura will be 7am until 8.30pm, when the road reopens next month.* NZ Transport Agency Earthquake Recovery Manager Tim Crow says the decision to initially re-open during daylight hours only has been made with the safety of road users in mind. “We’re committed to re-opening the road in time for the holidays so that local residents and visitors can make their way up and down the coastal corridor. When the road reopens several sites will still be under construction. There will be some unsealed surfaces, lane closures and stop/go traffic controls, so we will need to close the sections north and south of Kaikoura at night as a safety precaution. The opening hours will give our road crews enough daylight on either side to check the route after closing and before opening.” The section north of Kaikoura will be closed at night between Clarence and Mangamaunu. South of Kaikoura the night closure will be between Goose Bay and Peketa. Crews will drive through both closure sites before 7am each day to ensure the road is safe for opening and another drive through will be carried out each evening to ensure all traffic has cleared the road before nightfall. The reopening of SH1 on Friday 15 December will give people two viable options for travel around the upper South Island, with the alternate route (via Lewis Pass) remaining a reliable option for travel. Mr Crow says that whatever route people choose to take, the Transport Agency is urging them to allow plenty of extra time when planning their journeys and to check the latest conditions at least two hours before travel (and at key route decision points when driving) so that they can get to their destination safely in case of delays. “Journey time estimates are as accurate as we can make them, based on our constant monitoring of the network and ongoing assessment of traffic patterns. However, this is a unique situation where it’s difficult to predict how the traffic will split across both routes. Unexpected events such as a crash, high volumes of traffic, ongoing wet weather or seismic activity can cause delays so it’s important that travellers allow plenty of time in case something happens. We don’t want anyone to miss their flight or ferry sailing because they didn’t allow enough time. Given the restrictions which will remain in place including some areas where the speed limit will be down to 30km, it won’t be possible to make up time.” Information for people planning travel on either route is available at The page will be updated regularly with more information – including photos and video footage - about what to expect 17

on the route as the reopening date approaches. Mr Crow says that the number of worksites on SH1 will be reduced between 15 December and 7 January to help with traffic flow but will ramp up again after the holidays. “We want to ensure that people’s journeys are as smooth and reliable as possible over the holiday period, and we also want to give the road crews a well-deserved break. From 8 January we’ll be back working at full capacity to finish and improve the road.” For real time travel information about state highways between Picton and Christchurch visit or call 0800 4 IGHWAYS (0800 44 44 49). *Note: The exact time of the road re-opening on 15 December is yet to be confirmed.

Recent Books Ford in New Zealand-Putting the Car before the Horse John Stokes. Published by New Holland Print. Available from Paper Plus or arrange a signed copy direct from John by email, This is a 230 page full colour, case bound book detailing the story of Ford in NZ. John organised “The Car show of the Century” at Rangiora in 2003 with a timeline of cars with one from each year represented. His many years of research have culminated in this unique NZ based history. Once through the Revolving Doors Roger Spurr. Available on Ebay for approx. $4.50 If you wanted to go to NZ in 1972 it was possible to drive an old car across Europe, then along the hippie trail to India and just keep going. So we did… A year of unrepeatable experiences and adventures through fifteen countries, photographs and reasons why you can’t do it now. Read it on your laptop, Kindle or phone. Search Amazon Books for: Once through the Revolving Doors by Roger Spurr. (This is the story of Roger & Marilyn bringing their Morris 8 Tourer here where luckily it became ours 35 years ago. Alan & Chris) CAR FOR SALE 1937 Morris 8 Tourer in very tidy condition, only $12,000 Car stored in Ashburton Contact Alan 021 0298 6213 18

Jim Lawton’s Run - members getting instructions before start of run Below: enjoying a picnic lunch


Prospector’s Tour 14th - 19th December 2017 For those who wish to wish to avail themselves of an opportunity to obtain riches beyond their wildest dreams, here is your big chance! Join us as we explore Paradise, Glenorchy and the Skippers Canyon. Bring along your gold pan, sluicing gun and cradle and prospecting licence, assured that all will return home as millionaires. This tour may traverse roads and tracks which are only accessible by vehicles with good road clearance and may be unsuitable for drivers who are unnerved by steep narrow roads. Accommodation is available at the following : 14th Dec Cromwell, Andersons Park Motel 0800 220 550, (1 Night) If accommodation is not available at the above the Cromwell Motel is directly opposite. Andersons Park Motel will advise you. 15th/ 16th Dec, Glenorchy. Glenorchy Motel 03 4426993 2 (nights) Or, Glenorchy Hotel, 03 4429902 17th/18th Dec, Arrowtown. Viking Lodge Motel 034421765 (2 Nights) Or, Arrowtown Motels, Ph 034421833 For information phone David and Marion, 3087323 or 021370956.

Wishing you all Safe Motoring, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Regards Alan & Chris 20

Post 60-80 Run held October 29th Sunday dawned bright and sunny – I think Owen and Lorraine pre-ordered it. Cars left Ashburton around 9am heading north, gathering up more participants at Rakaia, to make a total of twenty-seven cars to take part. After crossing the Rakaia Bridge and the Overhead bridge, we took a sharp left hand turn and travelled up the Mead TePirita road on to Hororata before wandering along a number of back roads to Burnham and then on to Rolleston to 714A East Maddison road for our morning cuppa . The Douglas’s were our hosts and opened their sheds which was a treasure trove of cars and motorbikes, including an E-Type, A Bentley, Indian and AJS motorbikes to name a few. A V8 Pickup single spinner Truck and in another shed rested a 1925 Rolls Royce which had started its life as a Hearse but now has a much better saloon body strapped to it now. The engine was a 6 cylinder and is over 6 litres with a carb like a small water pump. I thought our old Morris loved petrol but I am sure it’s nothing compared to that. From East Maddison’s Road we travelled to the I Zone Restaurant where preordered meals and identifications of each meal from Owen and Lorraine made lunch go amazingly well. After being well fed and watered we travelled back through Rolleston and down roads to hook on to the Leeston Highway ending up at 20 Station road in Leeston. Isn’t it amazing that you can travel down a road a thousand times and not realize what an innocent looking building would open up into a larger shed revealing all sorts of items that our host Paul French has been collecting all his life. Things like Coke memorabilia, Oil containers just to name a few. The shed also housed Hot Rods, a school bus, mags, parts, a Holden double cab Ute and even musical instruments. What wasn’t there would have been easier to name. I am sure we all left Paul’s place pleasantly tired and completely over consumed. A truly wonderful day with wonderful people, talking cars and all sorts of other things. A big thank you to our organisers Owen and Lorraine for such an interesting day’s outing. John McKimmie

Oldies enjoying a break on P60-80 Run 21

Members enjoying lunch at 1 Zone Restaurant on the P60-80 Run Below: Afternoon visit to Paul French’s is enjoyed by members





2 Denys McEvedy


4 Trevor Coulter

9 Jim Rooney


11 Ken Kingsland


20 Mac Bruce

18 Les Bennett


26 Kevin Harkness

25 Denys McEvedy


PLEASE NOTE: During dates closed it is available to be open upon request IF ROSTERED DATE DOES NOT SUIT YOU PLEASE CONTACT JIM


Denys McEvedy

307 2708

Jim Rooney

308 4441

Mac Bruce

307 8919

Ken Kingsland 308 6539

Trevor Coulter

308 4817

Les Bennett

Kevin Harkness

308 8162

308 4705

re-TYRED TOILERS NEXT MEETING Thursday 25th January2018 at 2 – 4 pm Odd jobs and a cuppa

We may even talk about old cars. Museum and Parts Shed will be Open PLEASE NOTE NO DECEMBER MEETING 23


Certified for ALL Plumbing, Drain laying & Gas Fitting For Prompt Efficient Service Anytime Town & Country Phone 027 484 6000 or 308 4690 after hours RICHARD BEGBIE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING LIMITED


W.O.F. discount to members Accessories and parts for all models New and second hand tyres Full workshop Service Franchised to all major warranty schemes

Corner Harrison Street and Allens Road Phone 308 6194 24

A Native American ceremony May the sun bring you new strength by day; May the moon softly restore you by night May the rain wash away your fears And the breeze invigorate your being May you all the days of your life, walk gently through the world and know its beauty Now you will fear no rain, for each will shelter the other Now you will feel no cold, for each will warm the other Now you will feel no solitude, for each will accompany the other, Now you are two persons, but both will lead one life Go now to your dwelling to begin the days of your life together, And may your days be good and long upon the earth. DECEMBER



2 Kevyn Begg

6 Eean Parkes

2 Kevyn Begg

9 Tony Adams

13 Alan Begg

9 Tony Adams

16 Gavin Smith

20 Kevin Harkness

16 Gavin Smith


27 Kelly Kingsbury

24 Eean Parkes


Gavin Smith 308 2297 Alan Begg 308 6171 Kevin Harkness 308 8162 Eean Parkes 307 1374

Kevyn Begg Kelly Kingsbury Tony Adams

Other Regions Parts Shed Hours Canterbury

Every Wednesday, 1pm-4.30pm. 3rd & 4th Sundays 9am-12 Noon.

South Canterbury Phone John Campbell, 03 686 0282

Next Committee Meeting 16TH JANUARY 7.30PM 25

308 6605 308 5101 021 126 7992

About Us

CLUB NIGHTS: 3rd Thursday of the Month, 7.30pm Clubrooms and Museum – Maronan Road Postal Address: P.O. Box 382 ASHBURTON Telephone: (03) 308 4595 Email:

Clubrooms Custodians Roster 2017/18 as per AGM If the month allocated to you does not suit please arrange to swap with someone else. June




Trevor Begg

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Peter Jacob




January 2018

Bernie Harkness

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Val Knight

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Articles for Blowout Please send to: (Please Note Change) Chris directly: or post to: Alan & Chris Gulleford 38 Hastings Street KAIKOURA 7300 Alan Ph: 021 0298 6213 Chris Ph: 0274 390 718 The opinions and views expressed in Blowout are not necessarily those of the Editor or The Vintage Car Club of Ashburton. No offence is intended nor will the officers of this club be liable for any breach. 26

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Ashburton VCC December 2017  
Ashburton VCC December 2017