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Ashburton Branch of the Vintage Car Club of NZ

Vintage Repairs & Restoration For Repairs and Restoration of your Vintage and Classic vehicles

Certified Automotive Engineer Contact David Oakley Ph. 021 370 956 Ph. 308 7323 Ashburton


PROPOSED CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2018 - 19 AUGUST 1 4 14 16 26 30

Wednesday Jims Tucker Run Saturday Garage Raid is at Sth Canty Br. for men Ladies Lunch ph:Anne Hart on 308 5733 Tuesday Committee Meeting Thursday Quizco vs Sth Canty at Ashburton Sunday Show & Shine - VCC National Day Thursday Re-tyred Toilers

SEPTEMBER 5 Wednesday Jims Tucker Run 9 Sunday Opening Run with Sth Canty 18 Tuesday Committee Meeting 20 Thursday Club Night - Murray Hawke Talk about Dubai 23 Sunday Spring Rally OCTOBER 16 Tuesday Committee Meeting 18 Thursday Club Night NOVEMBER TBA Sunday 24 Saturday

P60/P80 Run Commercial Run

DECEMBER 8 Sunday 14-19 Fri-Wed

Vintage & Veteran only Posh Picnic- Xmas Tea Pre Xmas Tour

JANUARY 2019 1 Tuesday 26 Saturday

New Years Day Run Annual Rally




Club Run



Saturday Swap Meet


TBA Solstice Run Thursday Annual General Meeting


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34 Robinson Street, Phone 308 6415

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Hyundai/Isuzu Mid Canterbury Workshop open 5-1/2 Days

WOF *$5.00 Discount to VCC Members LPG Certificates

All work carried out by Qualified Tradesmen

34 Robinson Street, Phone 308 6509

307 2415


BRANCH OFFICERS 2018 – 2019 Diane Ross (Rob)

308 2356


Trevor Begg

308 3803


Peter Jacob (Annette)

308 8940


Karen Bell (Robbie)

021 0243 1955

Vice Club Captain

Peter Lambie (Susan)

302 0899


Roger & Isla Jones

308 5757

Colin Sweetman (Cathy)

307 7373

Rod McKimmie (Dawn)

302 5853

Noel Batty (Marie)

308 4003

Nat Exec Delegate

Peter Jacob (Annette)

308 8940

Museum Custodians

Les Bennett (Marie)

308 4705

Trevor Coulter

308 4817

Jim Rooney (Audrey)

308 4441

Denys McEvedy (Marie)

307 2728

Colin Sweetman (Cathy)

307 7373

Ken Kingsland (Avis)

03 308 6539

Gavin Smith (Gaylene)

308 2297

Trevor Clark

308 6789

Eean Parkes

307 1374

Club Captain

Parts Custodians

Tony Adams (Diane)

021 126 7992

Kevyn Begg (Iris)

308 6605

Alan Begg (Jeanette)

308 6171

Blowout Editor

Chris Gulleford (Alan)

0274 390 718

Blowout Circulation

Bernard Egan ( Marlene)

308 3999

Commercial Convener

Ron Galletly (Marilyn)

308 1940

Motorcycle Convener

Percy Ralston (Heather)

307 0084

Clubroom Custodians

(Monthly Roster)

VCC ID Officer

Rob Ross (Diane)

308 2356

Trophy Steward

Tony Adams (Diane)

308 3246

Swap Meet Booking

Karen Bell (Robbie)

Swap Meet Co-ordinator

Noel Batty (Marie)

308 4003

Beaded Wheels Scribe

Colin Sweetman (Cathy)


Grounds Convener

Rod McKimmie (Dawn)

302 5853


Your Office Administrator Kim


021 0243 1955

Commodore Motor Lodge

814 East Street, Ashburton Reservations: 0800 108 006

For All your Rural Cartage Requirements

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Garden Setting All Ground Level Units Non Smoking All Refurbished & Affordable Parking Outside Units Expansive Off-street Parking Children’s Playground 3 Star Plus Qualmark rating AA Rewards MANZ Member

Livestock General Freight Grain & Bulk Cartage Fertiliser Hiab Unit Contact us at: Ashburton 308 4079

Ashburton 308 4079

Your Hosts, Chris & Paul Marriott


Chairman’s Report It is with much sadness that Jocelyn Hosken passed away last month when she was about to receive her 50 year award at the Annual Dinner which she was looking forward to so much. It was still awarded on her behalf to her sister Judy Kingsbury. Also receiving their 50 year awards were Ron Winchester & Les Nell. For 35 years were John Kinvig and Alan Gulleford. For 25years was Gary Hawke. These three were absent on the night, so presentation will be made at a later date. Congratulations to all. What a great turnout we had for the Annual Dinner with around 85 people there. It is with much regret that we have received the resignation from David Oakley from Club Captain and Easter Rally Convenor. David is still doing his ‘Pre Christmas Tour’. Vice Club Captain Peter Lambie, has taken over from David and Noel Batty has come onto the committee. Thanks a lot to both these members. Bells Run was held on the 22nd July with a good turnout with 33 cars on the run. Report at a later date. Thanks to the Bell’s for a great day. Garage Raid 4th August Meet at South Canterbury Branch at 9.30am. Smiles For Miles at Ryal Bush Transport 12 – 3pm food on site. Contact me please. Quizco at Ashburton 16th August 7.30pm let’s have a good turnout please. VCC National Day 26th August 12-3pm Show & Shine $10 per vehicle. Opening Run 9th September with South Canterbury. Club Night for September 20th 7.30pm. Murray Hawkes will speak on his Job in Dubai - this should be a good night. Spring Rally 23rd September. There is plenty on for these two months and I look forward to seeing everyone at these events. Trevor Begg. 7

Jocelyn Hosken 50years awarded to Judy Kingsbury on her behalf

Les Nell awarded 50 years

Ron Winchester awarded 50 years


REPORT OF THE 2019 NATIONAL EASTER RALLY COMMITTEE The Easter Rally committee is now being Chaired by Trevor Begg on

account of David Oakley’s resignation.

The full committee is now: Trevor Begg (Chair), Colin Sweetman (Rally Secretary), Percy Ralston, Anne Hart, Rob Bell and Owen Wilson has also joined the committee. The committee is now meeting monthly. To support the committee, Owen Wilson is responsible for sponsorship, Bernard Egan for Publicity, Joe Barker for field tests and Rod McKimmie for signage. The rally routes are being plotted by Percy, Joe and Rob. The rally will be based at the Ashburton Racecourse and the rally run venue has now changed and will be located in the Ashburton County. The committee has prepared and adopted a budget, which has been sent to the South Island Club Captain for ratification, confirmed catering and is working on the entry form booklet and a draft has now been prepared to be confirmed in September and issued in November. We now have an email address: The Rally Plaque is now in draft and will also be progressed over the next few meetings along with the entrants’ rally pack. Other activities are also being worked on at present and we are looking forward to a good turnout for the rally. We would especially like the support of Ashburton members, given that the rally celebrates our 50th anniversary. I am happy to answer any questions that members may have. Colin Sweetman (Rally Secretary) July 2018


LUNCH STOP Boil and bake fruit loaf 2 tblsp Golden syrup 8oz sugar 2 cups water 1/2 lb butter 1lb mixed fruit Put all in a large pot and bring to the boil. Simmer 5 minutes then add 2 teasp Baking Soda. Set aside to cool. Add 1 1/2 lb flour 1 teasp cinnamon 2 teasp ginger 1 teasp mixed spice 2 teasp B P Bake in 2 large loaf tins in moderate oven. Kindly provided by Diane Ross Chris: If anyone has a favourite recipe you think we would enjoy, please feel free to send them to me either freehand or typed. Thank you. Tiny House Living in Kaikoura I’ve been doing my best to redecorate our 36sqm home by importing a series of books about Morris cars and people! The brakes, (hydraulic of course), have come on pretty fast with so little room, but at least the days have gone by enjoyably. Those of you who have visited us in Harrison Street will have met our Boxer dog. Regrettably cancer has robbed us of our pet yet again and so we have just brought home Boxer number 6! Her name is Betty and she is 15 weeks old. There has been a little good work going on as well around the place. A little more fencing has gone up (17 metres) and today I have been installing a heat pump. Some of you may have seen these for sale at Countdown in 2006 for $393.00. Not wanting to rush things it has just come out of the box now. On the old car front Chris and I have been working on the trim for our 1937 Morris 8 van and the first bit of wiring has gone in as well. This week I will be replacing the spark plugs and coils on our Holden Calais. The design of the 3.6 V6 requires the removal of the entire intake manifold to access the plugs. What a great design feature, not! The Annual Dinner was well attended we hear, and also Bell’s rally. Great to see members being involved in the Club. Keep up that support. Alan & Chris (& Betty) 10

Ladies Lunch 4th August Ladies don't stay home while the men are at the Garage Raid (or even if they aren't going). Join us for lunch on 4th August.

We won't talk cars only proper girl talk. Please contact:

Anne Hart Ph 308 5733 by 2nd August. Hope to see you.

No one cares about spelling anymore! THE CONFESSION.... Hi Bob, This is Alan next door. I have a confession to make. I've been riddled with guilt these past few months and have been trying to pluck up the courage to tell you to your face, but I am at least now telling you in text as I can't live with myself a moment longer without you knowing. The truth is I have been sharing your wife, day and night when you're not around in fact, probably more than you. I haven't been getting it at home recently, but that's no excuse, I know. The temptation was just too much. I can no longer live with the guilt and I hope you will accept my sincerest apologies and forgive me. It won't happen again. Please suggest a fee for usage, and I'll pay you. Regards, Alan. THE ACTION.... Bob, feeling insulted and betrayed, grabbed his gun, and shot his neighbour dead. He returned home where he immediately poured himself a stiff drink and sat down on the sofa. He then looked down at his phone where he saw that 5 minutes earlier, he'd received a second message from Alan, which he hadn't noticed before. THE SECOND MESSAGE.... Hi Bob, This is Alan next door again. Sorry about the typo on my text a minute ago. I expect you figured it out anyway, and that you noticed that my silly phone autocorrect changed 'wi-fi' To 'wife'. Technology hey? Regards, Alan. Just goes to show new technology isn’t always the best 11


Peter Lambie, Diane Ross, Colin Sweetman, Trevor Begg, Peter Jacob, Rod McKimmie & Karen Bell. Noel Batty Apologies; Roger & Isla Jones The committee accepted the resignation from David Oakley for Club Captain and Rally convenor positions. Minutes; Minutes of the previous meeting as circulated taken as read. Moved, Colin /Peter L AIF Business arising; Vinyl to go down in September Cancer Society Show & Shine advertising underway Delay with the replacement of the front door Correspondence in; VCC Assorted Magazines VCC AGM Information VCC South Canterbury Garage Raid VCC National Veteran Rally 16-18 Nov entry forms VCC Rubber Duckie information, Taranaki Autospectacular, Dunedin, Sept 8th DPI Flag quote InterIslander quote COF enquiry information Resignation from D Oakley Confirmation of editorial The Courier for Daffodil Day 35 Year badge Correspondence out; Head Office re 50year enquiries Head Office re COF Enquiry Daffodil Day information Welcome letters, Copland & Parry Passing Lane, J Hosken Motion; that the inward correspondence be received and the outward approved, Moved Peter/Karen AIF Finance; Accounts for payment; Advertising $29.50 Badges $91.54 Catering $51.43 Consulting & Accounting $55.00 Light, Heating & Power $63.67 Motor Vehicle Expenses $48.75 National AGM $141.00 Postage, Stationary, Printing $561.24 Rally Expenses $16.53 R&M clubrooms $27.90 Security $63.25 Swap meet $115.00 12

Telephone $67.30 Travel, National AGM $404.00 Income Advertising $360.00 Interest $141.28 Museum $200.00 Swap Meet $25.00 VCC levies $433.79 Motion, that the financial report be received and payments approved, Moved Karen/Rod AIF Reports;

Parts Shed; Read and report in Blowout Museum; The custodians and Chairman met to discuss the review. Swap Meet: Do we have a car display at the same time as the Swap Meet? Parking wardens largely happy to be rostered for 1 ½ hours Member parking at Ryal Bush promoted A wireless speaker system to be investigated Grounds report; Nothing to report. Club Captain; Garage Raid in Timaru Opening run with South Canterbury September 9th Show and Shine planned for this year’s Daffodil Day National Event Easter Rally report; Owen Wilson has joined the rally committee Wheels Week; Nothing to report Health & Safety; There were no incidents or accidents reported for the month. Applications for membership received from, Nothing received Application for Lighting Endorsement received from, Nothing received Application for vehicle identity card received from, Murray Hawkes, 1928 Rolls Royce Application for vehicle identity card renewal received from, Nothing received General Business; A letter is to be sent to Judith Lilley to recover storage arrears Looking for a person to answer alarm callouts for the parts shed. Restoration of the year awards have been cancelled, only one participant. Daffodil Day, Hokonui Radio have come on board so has The Courier and the Guardian for advertising. Emails have been sent, Facebook posts have been done, website updated. Lions booked in for food, coffee lady arranged, U Hire have donated some toilets for the event. Prizes are being collected. We are getting low on windscreen stickers to give to new members, approval given to get more from Central Otago Branch. With David’s resignation and having two less nominations for committee at the AGM, Noel Batty was asked to join the committee. Motion, that Noel Batty be co-opted onto the Branch committee, moved Trevor/Peter L AIF 13

Defibrillator, More discussion was had regarding the viability of owning one or having one on site. At this stage it was decided not to pursue the purchase or hire but to perhaps have an ambulance on site at larger events. Quizco, August 16th at the Ashburton Club rooms, we need to have more members in teams than South Canterbury if we have a chance in winning. Please bring a small plate. Next Meeting 14th August 2018 at 7.30pm Clubrooms Meeting closed 8.50pm Signed................................................. Chairman Date……....

Is there Lead in your Morris? – Yes, lots of it!

The following excerpts are from “Making Cars, A history of car making at Cowley . . . by the people who make the cars” published by the Television History Workshop in 1985. ‘We were working a few yards away from the lead and right close into the vicinity of the compressed air hammers, and the noise from those you couldn’t hear yourself speak. The lead was in the air . . . it was really filthy . . . The men were given free milk . . . they were forced to attend the hospital unit at certain times in rotation every day . . . for checks on their lead intake. . . All the weld spots were covered with lead: lead-filling . . . the chaps doing that were absolutely covered in lead from head to foot . . . we used it not in ounces or pounds, but in hundredweights.’ Les Gurl, Morris Motors 1935-81 ‘I was there all those years and I never had no lead poisoning but lots of people, you would gradually see them turning pale there.’ Bill Honour, Pressed Steel 1926-69 ‘The Morris 8 line was a deadly affair actually because you were working in all the lead dust – you talk about lead in petrol – you was eating the damn stuff in those days. And one chappie on a particular line, the frontal bone in his forehead had just rotted away, and they reckoned it was caused through lead. Arising from that, we did demand from the management that we had to have a blood test on everybody. I think about 93 per cent of the men on the Morris 8 line were susceptible to lead poisoning of some form or the other.’ Norman Brown, Pressed Steel, Radiators 1935-47

Car Parts Required Hi can you put me in contact with anyone who may have Rover 90 car parts, other than Horopito Motors?

Thanks Ross Holden Communications Officer Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.) Phone 021 2638488 14

Pre Christmas Tour This years’ will begin on the 14th December returning on the 19st December. The tour will take the form of an ornithological expedition and will travel through the Nevis Valley and a high country station. It will be best suited for higher clearance vehicles as the tour will travel over high country tracks with fords and farm tracks. Accommodation suggestions are as follows: Friday 14th Dec Twizel Mountain chalets (one night) Ph 0800 629 999 Sat 15th Dec Cromwell Motels, one night, Ph 0508 445 0373 Sun 16th/Mon 17th Kingston holiday park two nights, Ph 0800 807 836 Tues 18th Waikouatiti beach motels. One night. Ph 03 465 7340 Please tell them you are with the Ashburton Vintage Car Club as block bookings have been made leaving little spare accommodation. We suggest you book now as there is limited accommodation available at some places. Further information will be available during the coming months. Contact David or Marion Oakley 308 7323. 15

Is it a Speedster or a Raceabout? Speedster and Raceabout style cars are vintage specials. They are the result of modifying the body & engine, all to create a better power to weight ratio at very little cost. Period engine blocks must be retained and performance parts should be era correct, to create what is effectively a working mans hoon car of their time.

Some Speedster styles have aftermarket streamlined bodies and exposed wheels, whereas Raceabout styles retain the classic look of the original car including fenders and sideboards; both types being open tops. However their definitions have become blurred over the years and while my example fits the Raceabout description best, it was actually registered as a Speedster. The vintage era car of choice to modify was the Ford Model T, mainly because they were plentiful & cheap. Most specials are from one original car but some were made up of parts left over from restorations. The older specials have the best patina, especially from the Veteran & Brass era with their “steampunk” styling. I now understand the often quoted saying that it should be compulsory for every vintage car enthusiast to experience driving a Ford Model T. It can initially be quite disconcerting, especially with their weird internal two speed transmission. In addition to that my car came fitted with an auxiliary Warford three speed gearbox and a two speed Ruxtel diff, giving a forward ratio combination of 2 x 3 x 2. How the heck was I supposed to “double the clutch” all those gear changes without a foot throttle !! A couple of driving lessons with Chris Sheppard and it clicked - Henry Ford had designed a lite weight car with enough torque that it doesn’t need a foot throttle. Actually the only modification that Henry did approve of is the Ruxtell two speed diff. I enjoyed researching the history of my Speedster, especially to find out the chap who restored it was known to Ashburton VCC Model T enthusiasts. The car was found near Carterton around 1970, converted as a saw bench. Ray Irvin from Levin restored the body while his son Warren rebuilt the motor. Sadly both are now deceased, so actual engine modifications are unknown. However I can confirm the car is quite fast for a T!! I am very grateful for Chris Sheppard’s advice and knowledge of the Ford Model T. Chris Davison has also been a great help with things mechanical. Struan Moore. Ed: Thanks Struan for this great article. 16

1926 Canadian Ford Model T ‘New Beauty’ Speedster 2.9 litre 4 cylinder, splash lubrication, HP and internal mods unknown. Fitted with optional water pump, speedometer, distributor ignition, Ruxtell two-speed diff, Rocky Mountain Brakes and steel spoke wheels. Period performance parts include spaghetti exhaust manifold, down draft carb, modified sump and high speed crown wheel & pinion.

Garage Raid 4th August Meet at Clubrooms Redruth Street, Timaru 9-30am for Morning Tea Lunch at clubrooms $5-00 per person Look forward to seeing you all. Bill Weir 17

Ashburton VCC Daffodil Day Show and Shine We will be providing a prize for the Best Australian category as was omitted from the poster. Thank you for your help and hope to see you at the event on the 26th August


Hello from Nelson VCC to all Veteran Vehicle Owners, The National Veteran Rally Entry Forms and Newsletter are available from At this Veteran Rally it will be the 1st time in history that all of the vehicles will be a 100years old or over. For Prince Henry Tour pre Rally please contact:- Ray & Glenis Miller, email, Ph. 03 314 4322 “100 Years of veterans” – 2018 – “Centenary of Armistice Day” Come and join us in Nelson to celebrate these important historic dates.

Jim & Kyra Wareing National Veteran Rally Committee Nelson Branch, Vintage Car Club NZ. Ph. 03 544 9998 mob. 027 544 9998


Horse Power Rally Contact Nigel Gamble: for information and Entry forms: 19

OBITUARY: JOCELYN HOSKEN Jocelyn Hosken shared motoring memories with us in a column published on 28 July 2017. We had often enjoyed speaking with Jocelyn prior to that and we have often done so since. Last year Jocelyn had clocked up 49 years membership of the Vintage Car Club. Just two week ago she excitedly showed us her invitation to attend a function on 19 July at which she would receive her 50 year membership badge. She agreed we could mention this so we had planned to do so in this column this week. But as it sometimes does fate intervened and sadly Jocelyn passed away peacefully on 2 July 2018. . Jocelyn is one of a group of dedicated stalwarts who have made the local Branch of the Vintage Car Club what it is today. Previously a sub branch of Canterbury and needing a prescribed minimum membership to gain Branch status without their determination it would not have started when it did. Last year Jocelyn told us that prior to seeing some lovely old vehicles she wasn’t really all that interested in cars By her own admission she simply thought “a car is a car”. But it all changed when Jocelyn and her late husband Ray followed the 1965 International Rally around the McKenzie Country before it stopped in Ashburton. She and Ray, a talented engineer, decided vintage motoring could be fun so the search was on for a car. It had to be an American convertible. They found what they were looking for – a 1927 Buick - in a shed in Oamaru. After a bit of persuasion the Buick burst into life and the family drove it home during Labour Weekend 1965. The car was in need of restoration and Jocelyn remembered a sympatric Traffic Officer in Winchester “turning his head the other way”. Back home Ray immediately began a ground up nuts and bolts restoration and incredibly the family were able to drive the car into town on Christmas Eve with everything but the upholstery finished. 20

Two days later on Boxing Day they drove it to Christchurch to deliver Ray’s application for Vintage Car Club membership. Ray, supported by Jocelyn, became actively involved and after one Annual Meeting he arrived home to tell Jocelyn the Club had elected a new Secretary. Jocelyn asked “who was appointed?” Ray replied “you”. So Jocelyn became a full member too and that was the beginning of her continuous membership of 50 years. Jocelyn also got her own car – a Whippet. Five decades of membership has been a source of enjoyment and happy memories for Jocelyn. Looking back Jocelyn recalled lots of hard work especially fund raising combined with great camaraderie and a lots of funny incidents. And when she recounted them it was always with a twinkle in her eye and usually accompanied by a little chuckle and a delightful grin. Speaking during the celebration of Jocelyn’s life earlier this week her sister Judy Kingsbury spoke of an elder sister who was very protective of her younger siblings. Judy said her sister’s interest in horse power began with a love of horses. She was an accomplished rider and played other sports as well. Judy says Jocelyn found fun in life and helped others do the same. Jocelyn Hosken was a natural administrator and her skills were evident in both her working life and in her voluntary activities. Always generous in her praise of others, Jocelyn was modest about her own achievements. Blessed with an incredible memory Jocelyn was a great source of knowledge which she willingly shared. Jocelyn Hosken never lost interest in the things she considered important and which mattered to her especially the Vintage Car Club. She and other members organised a very successful celebration when the Ashburton Branch celebrated its silver anniversary and was delighted it will be turning 50 next year. Jocelyn’s immense contribution has not only been to The Vintage Car Club but to all aspects of Vintage Motoring. The Ashburton Guardian Motoring Team have always appreciated the encouragement we received from Jocelyn. Her support has meant a lot to us . 21

We will miss Jocelyn and we offer her sister and brother in law Judy and Michael Kingsbury and wider family members our condolences. These words about Jocelyn are a little different than those we intended to write about her this week but they are written with a real sense of gratitude for having known a Lady who through her commitment to various activities especially vintage motoring has enhanced our world and brightened our lives.

Jocelyn enjoying reading the Ashburton Branch Newsletter “Blowout” and the National Branch Newsletter “Beaded Wheels”.

Did you know…. In George Washington's days, there were no cameras. One's image was either sculpted or painted. Some paintings of George Washington showed him standing behind a desk with one arm behind his back while others showed both legs and both arms. Prices charged by painters were not based on how many people were to be painted, but by how many limbs were to be painted. Arms and legs are 'limbs,' therefore painting them would cost the buyer more. Hence the expression, 'Okay, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg.' (Artists know hands and arms are more difficult to paint) 22





4 Colin Sweetman

1 Denys McEvedy

6 Les Bennett

11 Trevor Coulter

8 Jim Rooney

13 Denys McEvedy

18 Ken Kingsland

15 Colin Sweetman

20 Jim Rooney

25 Les Bennett

22 Trevor Coulter

27 Colin Sweetman

29 Ken Kingsland


CONTACTS Denys McEvedy

307 2728

Jim Rooney

308 4441

Colin Sweetman

307 7373

Ken Kingsland

308 6539

Trevor Coulter

308 4817

Les Bennett

308 4705

re-TYRED TOILERS NEXT MEETING Thursday 30th August

at 2 – 4 pm Odd jobs and a cuppa We may even talk about old cars. Museum and Parts Shed will be Open 23


Certified for ALL Plumbing, Drain Laying & Gas Fitting For Prompt Efficient Service Anytime Town & Country Phone 027 484 6000 or 308 4690 after hours RICHARD BEGBIE PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING LIMITED


W.O.F. discount to members Accessories and parts for all models New and second hand tyres Full workshop Service Franchised to all major warranty schemes

Corner Harrison Street and Allens Road Phone 308 6194 24

Parts Shed Report Sales this month were $185.00. We have had a car donated which was sold the next weekend. Sales have been good this month with a number of people visiting the parts shed. Trevor Clark has joined the parts shed staff for the annual meeting. .Gavin Smith AUGUST



4 Kevyn Begg

1 Eean Parkes

6 Gavin Smith

11 Trevor Clark

8 Alan Begg

13 Eean Parkes

18 Tony Adams

15 Kevyn Begg

20 Alan Begg

25 Gavin Smith

22 Trevor Clark

27 Kevyn Begg


308 2297 308 6789 307 1374

Tony Adams Kevyn Begg Alan Begg

021 126 7992 308 6605 308 6171

Other Regions Parts Shed Hours Canterbury

Every Wednesday, 1pm-4.30pm. 3rd & 4th Sundays 9am-12 Noon.

South Canterbury Phone John Campbell, 03 686 0282

Next Committee Meeting 14th AUGUST AT 7.30PM 25

About Us CLUB NIGHTS: 3rd Thursday of the Month, 7.30pm Clubrooms and Museum – Maronan Road Postal Address: P.O. Box 382 ASHBURTON Telephone: (03) 308 4595 Email:

Clubrooms Custodians Roster 2018/19 as per AGM If the month allocated to you does not suit



Trevor & Craig Begg

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January 2019

Bernie & Kevin Harkness

Ian Moore

Anne & Stuart Hart

Bernie & Kevin Harkness





Val & Peter Knight

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Peter & Susan Peter & Annette Lambie Jacob

Articles for Blowout Please send to: or post to: Alan & Chris Gulleford 38 Hastings Street KAIKOURA 7300 Chris Ph: 0274 390 718 Alan Ph: 021 0298 6213 The opinions and views expressed in Blowout are not necessarily those of the Editor or The Vintage Car Club of Ashburton. No offence is intended nor will the officers of this club be liable for any breach. 26

Ashburton Canvas Canvas Shade & Motor Trimming

JOHN or JARED *Vintage Cars * Motorbike Seats * Hay Covers *Caravan Squabs * Roll Out Bin Covers * Sail Shades * Ute Covers * Awnings *Roll Out Blinds * Repairs * Custom Cars * Telephone 03 307 7307 or 027 362 8231 11 PETER STREET, ASHBURTON


Ashburton Vintage Car Club PO Box 382 Ashburton

 Two fully qualified restorers, dedicated to restorations only  Insurance and Private Work  Loan cars available  Accepted by all insurance companies Locally owned and operated family business Phone: 03 3085238 or Duncan 0272831513, Debra 0272921969 104 South Street, Ashburton – email We work along side Goulds Towing and provide a HASSLE FREE service. 28

Ashburton VCC August 2018  
Ashburton VCC August 2018