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McLaren: A Legend in Motor Racing

Coming Events for Taupo VCC 2024

Sunday 2nd

Wednesday 12th Club Night 7:30 pm: Fire Safety Talk Tony Mannington

Sunday 16th Club Run - Brass Monkey Rally

Monday 17th Committee Meeting 5:30 pm

Wednesday 19th Petrolheads Coffee and Cars, 10:00 am

Sunday 7th

at Café Lacus 8:30 am

Wednesday 10th Club Night 7:30 pm: Graham Seay talk about Great Big Machines

Sat 13th/Sun 14th



Sat 20th & Sun 21st Hobby Expo Display

Sunday 4th Breakfast at Café Lacus 8:30 am

Wednesday 14th Club Night 7:30pm: Mid-Winter Pot Luck Dinner

Sunday 18th Club Run: Cancer Society Daffodil Run

Monday 19th Daffodil Deliveries. Committee Meeting 5.30 pm

Wednesday 21st Petrolheads Coffee and Cars, 10.00 am

Club Breakfast - First Sunday of each month At Café Lacus at the Landing 650 Lake Terrace, Wharewaka, Taupō. Special menu for Club Members.

IMPORTANT: Please let Owen know by 3pm Friday if you will be there: 07 378 8327. Please be seated by 8:30 am.

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at Café Lacus 8:30 am
Club Run: Hobby Expo Display
Committee Meeting 5:30 pm Wednesday
Petrolheads Coffee and Cars, 10:00 am
JUNE 2024 2 Taupo Torque | Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine
Cover: McLaren (centre left, white balaclava) prepares to take his seat in his McLaren M7C Formula One car, prior to the 1969 Dutch Grand Prix. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles and materials presented in this magazine are those of the authors and/or reference sources, and do not necessarily reflect the views held by the Taupo Vintage Car Club or The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand. Our intention is to stimulate discussion and enthusiasm among the VCC membership and the wider community. All photos, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. 2 Coming Events for Taupo VCC 2024 4 Taupo Vintage Car Club Officers 6 Printing Tips 7 Chairman’s Report 9 Bruce McLaren: A Legend in Motor Racing 15 Art Corner 18 Taupo VCC 2024 Event Calendar JUNE 2024 3 Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine | Taupo Torque COVER CLUB NIGHT The second Wednesday of the month at the clubrooms - Hickling Park, AC Baths Ave, Taupo. CLUB DAY Third Sunday of the Month.

Taupo Vintage Car Club Officers

Taupo Vintage Car Club, PO Box 907, Taupo 3351

PATRON Graham Mock

HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS Bob Pettigrew • Graham Mock • Joe Ridley • Eric Foley • Maureen Ransley







Murray Stanley 021 352 333

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07 378 7006

Elaine Taylor 027 232 4792

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Peter Lockie 027 839 4296

Maureen Ransley 07 3776360 Andrew Birkbeck 021 026 32124





Barry Hoffman 027 443 5479

HIRE Eric Foley 07 378
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VIC CERTIFIERS Kelvin Trim 07 378
JUNE 2024 4 Taupo Torque | Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine

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Taupo Torque | Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine
JUNE 2024 6

Chairman’s Report Eric Foley

Chairman’s Report for May 2024

In my mind, the most important event that took place in May was our Annual General Meeting. This is supposed to be the occasion where grievances are aired, support is expressed, and suggestions for future experiences are laid out. This year, there was none of that! About 20 of our 100 members turned up. I know that there are some members away, some who were ill and some who don’t like going out at night. That still leaves a significant number of members who simply couldn’t be bothered. I find that really disappointing. The outcome was that the existing officers were re-elected. I’m not sure how to interpret the lack of interest. Are you all so disillusioned that you have given up, or is it a case of things going so well you do not desire any change?

The only change was Dean once again put his hand up to serve on the committee but is looking for someone to hand over the reins as editor of our club magazine due to upcoming commitments later in the year. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Dean is willing to help during the transition.

Now that I have that off my chest let’s move on.

Maureen Ransley was awarded Honorary Life Membership in recognition of outstanding service to the Taupo VCC.

Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine | Taupo Torque
JUNE 2024 7
Maureen awarded Honorary Life Membership.

The usual monthly kick-start is Breakfast on the first Sunday of the month. You should all be aware of a change of venue. This has come about due to a change of management at The Hub and a subsequent change of direction. The staff that were at The Hub have apparently all moved over to the new café alongside the supermarket at Kokomia. This venue is small and parking was likely to be a nightmare. The decision was made to relocate to Café Lacus,650 Lake Tce, Wharewaka. There is ample parking available within eyesight of the patrons in the Café. A “Breakfast Special” will be available to us.

The Petrolheads coffee morning this month was at the Golf Club, Wairakei. This is an excellent, quiet venue. Ample parking, nice coffee / food and helpful staff. A very pleasant interlude with about 30 of our colleagues.

The monthly club run was to National Park. A small, adventurous group set out heading initially for Licorice café at Motu-o-apa. Having sated our appetites and thirst, we then travelled via SH 1. 46 (south side of Lake Rotoaira )and 47 to National Park. It was very pleasant weatherwise, unlike our last visit over there. Lunch was consumed at Schnapps Bar and very tasty it was too ! Members then returned home at their leisure. This was a good day out and a chance to give the car a good run.

To wrap up a comment on a couple of housekeeping matters. As a result of committee members’ reaction to the cost of maintaining a post office box (and receiving very little mail), a decision was made to install a letter box outside our building. This has been done, and re-direction orders are in place. The final matter is that we have been working on the installation of an automatic external defibrillator (AED) on the exterior of one of the buildings in our community. The adjacent Fishing Club has such a device, and they are considering making it available for external storage in a secure cabinet. Watch this space.

Take care out there



The June coffee morning will be at Lava Glass Cafe, 165 State Highway 5, Wairakei, on Wednesday the 19th of June at 10 am. Members can meet at the VCC club rooms at 9:20 am and we can drive out in convoy! Thanks and Regards, Barry.

JUNE 2024 8 Taupo Torque | Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine

Bruce McLaren: A Legend in Motor Racing

30 Aug 1937 – 2 Jun 1970

Bruce Leslie McLaren (30 August 1937 – 2 June 1970) was a remarkable New Zealand racing car designer, driver, engineer, and inventor. His legacy endures through the McLaren team, which he founded and which stands as the second most successful team in Formula One history, boasting 8 World Constructors’ Championships and 12 World Drivers’ Championships.

McLaren cars were a dominant force in CanAm sports car racing, securing 56 victories, many with Bruce himself at the wheel, between 1967 and 1972. The team also won five constructors’ championships in CanAm, three Indi-

Bruce Leslie McLaren
JUNE 2024 9 Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine | Taupo Torque
Painting by Dean Packwood.

anapolis 500 races, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Early Life

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Bruce McLaren’s journey began at Meadowbank Primary School. At nine, he was diagnosed with Perthes disease, which left his left leg shorter than his right. His parents, Les and Ruth McLaren, owned a service station and workshop in Remuera, Auckland. Les, a former motorcycle racing enthusiast, shifted to car racing due to an injury before Bruce was born. Bruce spent his childhood immersed in the world of mechanics and racing at his parents’ workshop, sparking a lifelong passion. This very garage was recognized as a Category 1 historic place by Heritage New Zealand in 2006.

After high school at Seddon Memorial Technical College, McLaren enrolled in the School of Engineering at Auckland University. However, his burgeoning success in motor racing led him to leave academia, with his student record humorously ending with the note: “Went motor racing.”

Early Career

Les McLaren restored an Austin 7 Ulster, which a 14-year-old Bruce drove in his first competition—a hillclimb at Muriwai, where he won the 750 cc class. Two years later, he entered his first real race and quickly showcased his talent. Progressing through various cars, he eventually drove a Formula Two (F2) CooperClimax sports racing car, which

The former McLaren Garage in Remuera, Auckland.
JUNE 2024 10 Taupo Torque | Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine
Austin 7 Ulster (image credit: Peter Anderson)

he adeptly modified and mastered, finishing as runner-up in the 1957–58 New Zealand championship series.

In 1963, McLaren founded McLaren Automotive, marking the beginning of an illustrious legacy.

Grand Prix Career

McLaren’s performance in the 1958 New Zealand Grand Prix caught the attention of Australian driver Jack Brabham, leading to an invitation to drive for him. Selected for the ‘Driver to Europe’ scheme by the New Zealand International Grand Prix organization, McLaren moved to Europe for advanced racing experience. He joined Cooper and raced in both F2 and F1 categories, astounding the motor racing fraternity by finishing first in F2 and fifth overall at the German Grand Prix at Nürburgring.

Joining the Cooper factory F1 team alongside Jack Brabham in 1959, McLaren won the United States Grand Prix at just 22 years and 104 days old, becoming the youngest GP winner at the time. This record stood for over four decades until Fernando Alonso’s victory in 2003. McLaren’s subsequent achievements included a win in the 1960 Argentine Grand Prix and a third-place finish in the 1962 championship after winning the Monaco Grand Prix.

In 1963, Bruce founded Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd, known today simply as McLaren. He continued racing and winning, with notable victories including the 1964 New Zealand GP and the McLaren team’s first Grand Prix win at Spa in 1968. The team flourished with Denny Hulme, who joined in 1968 after becoming world champion with Brabham in 1967.

Denny Hulme, painting by Dean Packwood.

McLaren in the 1969 German Grand Prix.
JUNE 2024 11 Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine | Taupo Torque

Can-Am Series and Le Mans

McLaren’s ingenuity shone in the Can-Am series, where his cars demonstrated superior design and reliability. The team achieved numerous victories, including a flawless 1969 season where McLarens won all 11 races. McLaren also triumphed in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, driving a Ford GT40 to victory alongside Chris Amon.

Career as a Constructor

As a constructor, McLaren’s analytical skills and innovative spirit set him apart. During testing, he discovered aerodynamic issues with his car’s fuel filler access door, leading to a breakthrough in design that enhanced performance. This insight contributed to the distinctive “nostrils” seen on McLaren cars, a feature still present in models like the McLaren P1.

McLaren’s focus on reliability and continuous improvement laid the foundation for the team’s enduring success. This culture was further solidified under Ron Dennis, who later acquired the team.

JUNE 2024 12 Taupo Torque | Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine
#2 GT40 of McLaren/Amon, winners of 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966. Painting by Don Packwood

Tragic Death and Enduring Legacy

Bruce McLaren’s life was tragically cut short at 32 during a testing session at Goodwood Circuit in England on 2 June 1970. His Can-Am car crashed due to aerodynamic failure, leading to a fatal accident.

In his 1964 book “From the Cockpit,” McLaren reflected on the value of achievement over mere longevity, poignantly stating that “life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.” He was buried at Waikumete Cemetery in Glen Eden and is survived by his daughter Amanda, who continues to honor his legacy as a brand ambassador for McLaren and trustee of the Bruce McLaren Trust. His wife, who passed away in 2016, also remains a cherished part of his story.

Bruce McLaren’s impact on motor racing is indelible, remembered not just for his victories, but for his visionary approach to engineering and racing. His name and his spirit continue to inspire the world of motorsport.

McLaren in 1966
JUNE 2024 13 Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine | Taupo Torque
McLaren M8D
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Art Corner

“Hunting Bear”

Denny Hulme in a McLaren M8A, 1968 CANAM - Riverside, USA. Original oil on canvas by NZ Artist, Don Packwood

The McLaren M8A was a race car developed by driver Bruce McLaren and his Bruce McLaren Motor Racing team for their entry in 1968 Can-Am season. The M8A and its successors dominated Can-Am racing for four consecutive CanAm seasons, until the arrival of the Porsche 917.

The M8A was an evolution of the previous M6A design, and featured an allaluminium seven-litre Chevrolet big-block V8 as a semi-stressed chassis member. The engines were built by Gary Knutson and initially developed 620 bhp. Two complete M8A race cars and one spare tub were built.

Already known as “The Bruce and Denny Show” due to Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme winning five of the six Can-Am races in the 1967 season, 1968 started off with an equally dominant performance by McLaren and Hulme in the new M8A at the Road America Can-Am race. Hulme won the race with McLaren second.

JUNE 2024 15 Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine | Taupo Torque
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June 2024

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Sunday 2nd June. .

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Alpine Classic Car Show, National Park (King’s Birthday Weekend)

Breakfast at Café Lacus 8:30 am

Club Night 7:30 pm: Fire Safety Talk Tony Mannington

Club Run - Brass Monkey Rally

Committee Meeting 5:30 pm

Petrolheads Coffee and Cars, 10:00 am


Taupo Brake & Clutch - Caffeine and Cars Show

Breakfast at Café Lacus 8:30 am

Club Night 7:30pm: Graham Seay talk about Great Big Machines

Club Run: Hobby Expo Display

Committee Meeting 5:30 pm

Petrolheads Coffee and Cars, 10:00 am

School Holidays

Breakfast at Café Lacus 8.30 am

Club Night 7:30pm: Mid-Winter Pot Luck Dinner

Club Run: Cancer Society Daffodil Run

Daffodil Deliveries

Committee Meeting 5.30 pm

Petrolheads Coffee and Cars, 10.00 am

JUNE 2024 18 Taupo Torque | Taupo Vintage Car Club Magazine
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