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Empowering Your Enterprise with a Smart Network Infrastructure

Jorge de la Fuente, RCDD Dir, SEs LatAm 4/16/2013 Panduit

Property management owners and Owner/Occupiers are at a challenging point in time, poor economic conditions have placed increased emphasis on reducing operating costs Advances in technology, from Building Automation System (BAS) controllers and software analytics to network connectivity and sustainable systems continue to offer ways to provide operational efficiencies, energy savings and reduced total cost of ownership 4/16/2013

Transforming Your Infrastructure Cost Reduction

• • • •

Enables standardization Streamlines infrastructure Enables scalability Reduces TCO

Process Improvement

• Extracts data from infrastructure • Enables process improvement • Enables risk management Business Intelligence

• Enables agile enterprise applications that •

react to the real world in real time Infrastructure enables and transforms business

The Path to Business Relevance Enterprise Applications Orchestratation




• Cost Reduction

• Process Improvement

• Business Intelligence








Rethinking Infrastructure: Constructing a Bridge in a Weekend Old thinking‌.

Stage 1: Build supports Stage 2: Build Stage 3: Steel girders and at each end casings and columns paving

Roads closed and traffic impacted for over a year

Agile infrastructure

Stage 1: Construct offsite

Stage 2: Deploy over a weekend

Roads closed only two days

Creating a Vision for a World Class Facility “The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it ...� - Anonymous

The Changing Workplace


Traditionalists Before 1946 10%


Baby Boomers 1946-1964 54%

Generation X 1965-1979 24%

Generation Y 1979-2000 12%

Multi-Generational Workforce PRIORITIES: Stability, Long Term Planning, Reward / Recruit and Retain Talent

PRIORITIES: Collaboration, Flexible, Mobile, Amenities, Technology, Global Culture Social Responsibility

Panduit’s Connected Building Vision

To Be Technology Leaders – Investing in software and hardware enterprise network solutions to empower converged networks and to enable asset management

To Be Trusted Advisors – Leveraging our industry knowledge and our experience in building a new Panduit LEED certified world headquarters building

To Provide Solutions for SMART Connected Buildings – Engineering intelligent, modular, and scalable solutions to optimize operational costs

Panduit’s World HQ Connected Building Approach

Provide greater visibility and control of critical system to proactively identify monitor and resolve issue enhancing overall safety and security Converged enterprise infrastructure that meets energy performance requirements and reduces capital and maintenance cost throughout lifecycle Sustainable building systems to automatically manage energy resources more efficiently Multi-technology architecture to extend reach of cabling infrastructure to all endpoints providing seamless integration of building systems

Successful Connected Building Projects Result from Collaborative, Open Dialog Between Stakeholders and Partners at Every Stage of Project Delivery

The ‘EBS’ Model Evaluates Options Through a Consistent Set of Filters for Efficient Decision Making and Consensus Building

E: Essential Essential to building operation

B: Business Financial analysis of business case S: Strategy Strategic considerations aligned with core goals



Best in Class Technology Partners

What Has Changed in IT Technology Relating to Building Infrastructure and Control Systems? Legacy Disparate Building Networks

New Standard Open Standards Building Network IP Communications



Physical Security


Visitor Access

24 / 7 Monitor



WAN Cisco Connected Real Estate Diagrams


Panduit Connected Building Implementation IP to Everything – Open systems approach to extending building intelligent infrastructure across the entire enterprise

Zone Cabling Architecture – All cabling systems converged within common pathways from the telecommunications room to the consolidation point

Building Intelligence via Middleware Platform – Transforms operational data into valuable business information providing deeper visibility into building systems

Panduit World Headquarters Information Technology Strategy Middleware and Software Connected Building Data Centers Telecommunications Rooms Converged Pathways Consolidation and Endpoints


Connected Building End Points • Secure, scalable and interoperable systems throughout an enterprise and represent the “last mile” of connectivity to the devices within the building infrastructure

Surveillance Cameras, Climate Controls, Energy Management, Access Controls, Digital Signage, Wireless, VoIP Telephone


Middle Ware – Visibility to Critical Systems • Transforms Operational Data into Information • Provides visibility into building systems • Improve decision making by building owners


Connected Building – Enterprise Networks Design

Zone Cabling Traditional Structured Cabling Example: Q. What happens if these cubicles are replaced by a conference room? A. Multiple cables (copper) routed from TR to each work area.

Zone Cabling Solutions Example: Q. What happens if these cubicles are replaced by a conference room? A. Route Horizontal cables (copper or fiber) from the TR to a Zone box near the work area. A. Short cable runs (copper) go from the zone to each work area.

Zone Architecture – Converged Pathways Scalable Architectures To Enhance Business Agility • Flexible Zone Enclosures for Open Architecture Designs

 PanZone® In-Ceiling Enclosure

• Increases Network Manageability, Accessibility, and Efficiency

 PanZone® Raised Floor Consolidation Enclosure

• Reduces Telecommunication Room Congestion

 Hayworth TecCrete Raised Floor

• Centralized Fiber Backbone Cables can be used to extend  Hayworth Compose Workstation and the reach of your network Office beyond copper limitations

Work Area – Converged Pathways A Well-Planned, Enterprise Network “Future-Proofs” the Work Environment • Robust copper cabling systems for advanced PoE applications

• Pre-terminated cabling for quick installation • Flexible and protective cable routing systems • Clear identification, increased network security, and enhanced functionality

 QuickNet™ Category 6A Copper Assemblies  GridRunner™ Underfloor Routing System

 J-Mod™ Cable Support System  Tak-Ty® Hook and Loop Ties  Outlet Systems

Conference Room Collaborative and Social Work Environment to Accelerate Productivity

 Cisco Aironet® Wireless Access Points

• Enabling the latest video conferencing technology to reduce travel expenses, reduce carbon footprint, and improve employee work/life balance • Comprehensive product set of audio/video modules to support all multi-media applications

• Industry leading wireless enclosures to support workplace mobility

 Cisco Digital Media Player  Cisco Unified IP Phones  Cisco Unified Communications Manager  Cisco TelePresence

 DPOETM System  PanWay® RaceWay System  Mini-Com Audio Video Modules

Telecommunication Room Aggregation of Enterprise and Building Control Systems • Functional, modular, and scalable work area solutions to expand quickly as business needs evolve

 Wyr-Grid® Overhead Cable Tray

• Modular cable management rack systems for:

 Patch RunnerTM Cable Manager

– High density network equipment

 4- Post Rack System

 Structured GroundTM System

– Aesthetically pleasing infrastructure – Flexibility to facilitate system upgrades now and in the future

 Cisco Catalyst® 6509 Switch

Unified Operations Center Combined Facilities and IT operations center enables more efficient management of building systems • Central area to monitor, process  PIM / PanView IQ Infrastructure Manager and respond to building security, environmental and network information • Deters unauthorized network access and physical system changes • Allows information to be shared across various applications

 Cisco Physical Access Control  Cisco Video Surveillance Manager  Cisco IP Video Surveillance Cameras  Axis 233D Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

Building Data Center

 FiberRunner® Routing System

Integrating Building Automation and Asset Management to Reduce Operational Risk  CabRunnerTM Overhead System • Integrated software and hardware products designed to maximize: • Real estate utilization

 NetAccessTM & NetServeTM Cabinets  Fiber QuickNetTM System

• Thermal management

 Cool BootTM Air Sealing Grommet

• Network security

 Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch

• Asset management

• Network uptime • Integration of building automation devices and IP network systems

 Cisco UCS  IBM P Series  EMC Storage Array  Liebert UPS and CRAH Units

Central Plant Converged Building Systems Become a True Business Asset • Integrating Building automation systems & IP  PanZone® Wall Mount Enclosures networks together to achieve installation and TM maintenance efficiencies  Direct Burial StructuredGround System • Advanced enclosures  Data Access Port provide power access and patching capacity of building ® Wiring Duct  PanelMax networks • Robust grounding systems  Safety and ID Products provide added safety and reliability

 Power Connectors


Panduit World Headquarters Sustainable Strategies

Intelligent Product Selection and Application Supports an Adaptable Work Environment • Raised access floor - 15” • Quick connect and disconnect zone distribution for power and communication • Displacement HVAC model saves energy and supports user control


Adaptable Work Environment – Manual Controls

Intelligent Lighting Control Lutron Lighting and Shading System Business Case: Additional investment for control/dimming: Upfront = $218,400 Annual Benefit ≥ $0.24/ft2 per year energy savings Total savings (10 years) US $672,000 Payback = 5 Years

Essential functions: Reduces lighting-related energy usage: • Daylight harvesting • Time scheduling • Load shed Enhances User Experience: • Task tuning • Occupant productivity • Personalized control

Strategic Alignment: • Open protocol compatible

Sustainability - LEED Certification Innovation 4 Points

17 Points

5 Points


15 Points

13 Points

-Integrated Smart Building Controls -Optimized Energy Performance -Daylight Harvesting -Rainwater Harvesting -Access to Daylight & Views -Enhanced User Controls -Energy Recovery -Stormwater Design (Bioswales) -Alternative Transportation -Green Roof -Reduced Light Pollution -Water Efficient Landscaping -Use of Recycled and Regional Content

The costs associated with meeting the LEED Gold criteria were 2% of the total construction budget, with an estimated payback period of < 5 years.

Financial Objectives Achieved Return On Investment: 2.6 year ROI

Operating Cost Gains: US $ 0.63 psf/yr operational savings Efficiency Gains include: Reduced cabling costs by Reduced outlets by Reduced IT space by Energy savings up to Maintenance savings by Increased staff productivity by Reduced Water Usage by Reduced reconfiguration costs by

10% 25% 67% 15% 10% 30% 30% 20%

5 Stories, 280,000ft2 Capacity, 800 Employees

Panduit Built an Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy Place to Work, Cultivated New Solutions, and Used Real Estate to Deliver a Cohesive Brand Message





Utilize technology and design to cultivate new solutions

Create environment which encourages communication, personal growth and teamwork

Design Panduit facilities to reduce their environmental impact

VISION World-class facilities for every Panduit employee



• Market conditions are accelerating the deployment of Smart Infrastructure as part of a Connected Building • Utilization of a Smart Infrastructure contributes to LEED certification and sustainability objectives • Vision, Team Structure, Eco-system Partners and decision making processes are key elements to success • IP is the underpinning technology that enables deployment of a smart technology • A well designed and deployed enterprise structured cabling solution is a critical element of the all IP network


Jorge de la Fuente LATAM SE Director Panduit