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An entertainment magazine that showcases Cultures from the Caribbean and also other parts of the globe. This magazine exposes bios and latest news of popular and upcoming artistes. It also brings the latest releases from Ville Ventures Films. @villeventures

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BROOKLYN BOND, also known as T.JAMES has made his way into the spotlight. Coming from a background of talent; Brooklyn Bond at 12, enrolled in one of Joe Louis Clark’s, (a real life inner city high school principal whom donated money to New York base schools to start after school programs for inner city kids and is the true life character that the movie “Lean On Me” was based on) programmed in Brooklyn, New York and spawned his talent when he acted in an afterschool special in New York for Health Watch’s social H.I.V. awareness project, filmed by the technical crew of the “Cosby Show” and aired on channel 13. From there, he then attended The Manhattan School of performing arts after he was hand selected from Paul Robinson High School for Business & Technology by activist Joan Cheatham. At this High School he received college credits for learning how to critic Broadway shows like Les Miserable, Bring In 'Da Noise just to name a few, while winning a scholarship to the University of California Art institution. He also received the opportunity to meet host like Dr. Rute when he started training with BCAT Media house, and also appear in the audience for one of her live broadcasting. Things seem to be going good for Bond but his other 9 siblings needed his attention more than his new life, one of his brothers ended up on the wrong road and Bond being the guy that he is joins the underground drug

world to secure his siblings and protect his brother Keith. He meets a Jamaican producer at a studio on Redan road in Stone Mountain, Georgia and begins his music career, recording the remix to Bill Withers song “Lean on Me”, a track for his biological father, a man he never knew. After a near death experience at 16 which left a hole in his rib cage Bond decides to slow down and follow in the steps of his then mentor Mc Lyte. Year 1999 as Brooklyn Bond was about to sign to Raw Deal Records LLC - Atlanta, Georgia he was snatched by the F.B.I in search of information leading to a drug Cartel associated with at the time was Big Meech’s confidant Anthony “Wolf” Jones out of Atlanta (Jones was the bodyguard for Sean "P. Diddy" Combs). Bond not wanting to be branded a snitch in the streets, refused to work with the Feds on their case, even though he was facing 28 years in prison if found guilty for a kilo of cocaine the agents alleged to have found in his possession. Knowing that so many black males was already sentenced & dependent on his case getting over turn (Instead of the BOSTIC vs. STATE OF FLORIDA case) in order to use his case law as defense in court to fight their own personal cases, Brooklyn Bond felt obligated to do something for his black community and saw this as a chance to do so, so he took his case to trial while acting as his own lawyer. When put on the spot at an open mic night on the Beetham; a few weeks after being released from doing 5 years maximum security in a Florida’s correctional facility, Brooklyn Bond realized he had the skills to become a music artist in his own country Trinidad & Tobago, as well as continue his acting/media career. Joining with other local artists in the neighborhood, Bond hit the recording studio with “One 2 Five Music” recording music that never made it to the airways, not until he got his break with a track entitled “Welcome to Laventille” & “Dear Brother” (a tribute to his little brother doing a life sentence since the age of 15), these songs got COTT to register him as a local artist with their corporation, But it wasn’t until he joined forces with Fada Jam that he started to mix reggae and hip hop coming with a blend of music for his track “Burn Slow”. Nikki Minaj, on Busta Rhymes’ twerk it song, shouts out Brooklyn Bond after she was unable to appear on his talk show airing on Gayelle T.V. He has worked on a few movie projects out of Trinidad as well as displayed his acting skills in a couple major films, including “Home Again”, directed by Sudz Sutherland. He has also worked on Vybz Kartel newest music video as well as appear in Jah Vinci’s lastest video, these are 2 of Biggest artists out of Jamaica .Now that it’s 2014 Bond is on a new venture, he is now pushing his second Mix tape “THE X-MEN$” after the carnival season with a major MC out of the Dirty South U.S.A. well known as Kutinboss A.K.A. The Sandman (Lil Wayne mentions him on his latest album and he did a collabo with Hell Rell) and local acts around TnT. Brooklyn Bond has now gained industry skills/knowledge and is now an Artist, a Business Man as well as a Brand, X-MEN$ the Mixtape coming soon.

Music Vault has finally pick an official co host for season 4. After auditioning few people, producer Ancil Harris made a decision to choose 20 year old Shaeast Pereira. He explains that Shaeast has a lot of vibes and great potential. Music vault will now be filled with even more vibes than before, explains Ancil. Music Vault will be now hosted by Ancil Harris and Shaeast Pereira.

Also this month is the official launch of the “ Carnival Edition”. This edition will highlight soca artistes as well as fetes and bands. The team plans to bring the vibes to the viewers by highlighting all these stuff. Music vault continues to showcase both upcoming and known artistes music videos and also plans to do a side show name “MV Playlist”, where there will be heavy rotation of music videos with no hosts, just one if the many ideas from the team. Season 4 is expected to run till March.

In the year 2020, the underworld creatures known as folklore had drastically taken over Trinidad and Tobago, killing people daily by the hundreds. The government initiated a state of emergency to eradicate these creatures. After weeks of bloodshed, mankind lived again; with only a few folk creatures remaining the government launched F.I.U (Folk Investigations Unit) to help get rid of remaining folklore. Now the unit’s best, two sisters, Victoria and Tania, investigates and hunts the folklore world. They are the key, they are ‘CHOSEN’. Episode one of the supernatural TV series entitled “ CHOSEN” is set to go online next month. Episode is based on the hunt of a folk creature that has been taking human souls. The casts are fairly small with that of about 5 persons. This month Ville Ventures Films will release an exclusive inside scoop of episode one with interviews from the producer and some of the casts as well as a scene for the show. Episode one also have a special appearance from producer and writer Ancil Harris and well as another Ville Ventures member Clifton Harris. Check out for more updates and also the official date that Chosen episode

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