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CAMEL SAFARI: A Zoo for You!

People come for the camels and fall in love with Lyric, the New Guinea Singing Dingo! The exotic camel is the magnet attraction that has made Camel Safari a must-see experience for visitors to the Virgin Valley. For five years, Guy Seeklus has welcomed tourists and locals alike to enjoy his collection of Dromedary and Bactrian camels. He has recently branched out to offer three unique tours of his 176acre riverside compound, where he now houses over sixty animals.

Camel Safari has earned status as a certified zoo with a trained zoologist, Allie Singer, onsite. Guy, Allie, and other staff members introduce visitors to every animal in the paddocks and barns as they chauffeur them around in electric golf carts.

Feed with a Keeper Safari

8:00 am to 11:00 am 3-hour duration with up to 10 guests. Adults: $99/each Children (3-15): $79/each Under 3 years: Free

Accompany keepers on your own private safari golf cart on the morning rounds of feeding each of the 60 animals that call Camel Safari home. From Camels to Sand Cats to an African crested porcupine, guests will have the opportunity to join the keeper in morning feeding duties. Tour includes hot or cold drinks. Guests may bring snacks for themselves.

Glamp Camp Safari

11:30 am to 2:30 pm 3-hour duration with up to 10 guests. Adults: $99/each Children (3-15): $79/each Under 3 years: Free

The Day Glamp Camp Safari is an outdoor adventure the whole family will enjoy! With access to their own private safari golf carts, groups will accompany keepers on a private tour of Camel Safari grounds with animal encounters and educational programs along the way. In addition to animal encounters, guests will enjoy Bactrian camel fiber crafts and relax at the outdoor picnic area with hot or cold beverages.

VIP Sunset Safari

3 hours on the property 4:30-7:30 pm, subject to change depending on sunset. Price for up to 10 guests: $1000

This tour is geared toward groups of up to ten guests included in a single price. In this unforgettable VIP experience, guests tour the property in safari golf carts, getting up-close encounters with camels and nocturnal animals. After the safari adventure, guests can unwind at the picnic area with a selection of hot and cold beverages while enjoying a beautiful desert sunset. This safari soiree can also include a delicious catered dinner for an extra charge.

The expert guides provide educational talks and anecdotes about their animals that currently include: one-hump Dromedary camels, two-hump Bactrian camels, alpacas, llama, a two-toed sloth, sand cats, wooly possum, six-banded armadillos, a Zedonk, and a wonderful New Guinea singing dog. The animals are kept in spacious paddocks and barns and are lovingly cared for at this unique riverside oasis. Visiting the animals in these untamed surroundings sets Camel Safari apart as an experience to remember.V

All tours are arranged through advance reservations. Call (800) 836-4036 or (801) 631-8707. See what’s new at the zoo at Facebook.com/CamelSafariLasVegas.

Newest baby, 1 week old March 23, unnamed. Mom’s name is Belle.

African Crested Porcupine