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“Hope Springs Eternal” G i l d e d L ar k P e n da n t Spencerian script underlays a hauntingly beautiful medal in which the symbol of hope soars undauntedly. 1”. 36” chain. Antique brass casing. #21367 $39.95 ($50. retail)

Cottage Garden H at We fought over the sample. One is instantly prettier by donning it. Just begging to pair up with denim, this classic straw is graced with the most gorgeous bouquet that appears to be plucked from a vintage bonnet. Arrives in a

The Golden Rule G l a s s T ray The last line is the premise of all goodness. A charming dish may serve as a constant reminder that happiness is within your own mindset. 8 x 4” #21368 $14.95 ($20. retail)

keepsake hatbox. #21487 $79.95 ($110. retail) Hatstand online.

C r o c h e t e d S e ag ra s s H at Why is everyone so nice to you when you’re wearing this? Possibly because it speaks of someone who is happily girlish with softhearted tendencies. So airy and cool.... intricate blooms are placed upon creamy hand-dyed silk ribbon. Arrives in a keepsake

Antique W at c h fac e R i n g If this exquisite timepiece could speak its story...each bore witness to a woman’s adventures, guiding her through her days. The artifact endures upon a lovely ringeach an antique original. The designer selects from only ornate silver finds, but they may vary. Not intended to function though it is possible! Adjustable. USA. #21483

hatbox. #21488 $59.95 ($80. value)

$59.95 ($Priceless)

Anneliese & Gisela

Replica German Dolls Coveted Victorian dolls agreed to allow us a castings of their beautiful faces. Glass eyes, tendrils and exquisitely lavished attire provided a renaissance to porcelain bisque beauties. Includes doll stand. Gift boxed. 26”. $149.95/ea. ($200. value) Anneliese (Blonde). #19878 Gisela (Brunette-view online). #19879


Blythe Spirits U r n A sisterhood of nymphs encompass whatever one might wish to offer within the porcelain receptacle. Recreated from the casting of a coveted antique. Hand painted ceramic. 13 x 7 x 6”. #21024 $99.95 ($140. value)


Louise’s Nocturne M u s i c B o x Renowned for her beauty and talent, Madame Farrenc held the highest rank of pianist in the 1800s. A composer and instructor at the Paris Conservatory, her story is found online. Dresden style ceramic. Plays Greensleeves. 12 x 10”. #21021 $149.95 ($200. value)

Victorian China P a p e r P l at e s Our coveted, costly antiques are original handpainteds and are precisely replicated upon sturdy disposable dinner plates. 10”. Introductory Special! $5.95/pkg. of 16 ($12. value) Save on 4 or More! $4.95/pkg.

Buttery Roses. (yellow) #21308 Cottage Perennials. (pink) #21307

French Spice Cellar

What are little girls made of? Cast from a precious antique, one may sprinkle anything from cinnamon to curry. Hand painted ceramic. 5”.

#21022 $49.95 ($75. value) Many Spice & Salt Cellars online.

On the Cover:

Venus on the Half Shell R i n g T r ay Our favorite vendor sent this vanity dish as a gesture of her appreciation. We were so taken by the one-of-a-kind original that we requested that she create more. Freshwater pearl, brass, pewter pedestal base. Miss Ellie Matthias Designs. 3”.

Sleeping Woman #21499 $39.95 ($60. retail) by Sandor Liezen-Meyer (1839-1898) The serenity found while dreaming is captured in a romantic portrayal ideally suited for the bedroom. The original art hangs in the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. Gilded museum-quality frame under glass. USA. 15H x 17H”. #21479 $69.95 ($90. retail)

Vaseline Glass H o n e y P o t ceremoniously drizzle the clover nectar upon flaky biscuits. Created in the Eyewinker pattern, the coveted Victorian glass was originally known as Uranium Glass given the vivid yellow salts added as a colourant. In 1836, Whitefriars Glassworks of London presented a pair of uranium candlesticks to the Queen. USA. 5”. #21292 $29.95 ($35. retail) M ore C learance I tems :


“Through the Window Pane”

Frame & Mirror A pair of songbirds perched on a branch peer within the glass. Antique Brown finish. Frame. 5H x 7”. Holds 3H x 5” photo.

#20093 $14.95 ($20. value)

Mirror. Faux iron resin. Easel stand. 9 “ #20092 $19.95 ($25. value)

Scrolled Ironwork P e ac o c k G a r d e n S e at A poetic perch is fanciful jewelry for the garden. A place to read magazines, refresh and reflect upon nature. French White finish. Simple assembly. 41 x 11 x 29”. #21155

$299.95 ($399. retail. Coordinating furniture available online.)

English Rose W i n e S t o pp e r Save a sip for later. An airtight cork ensures the flavor of the vintage. 5”. #21369 $19.95 ($22. retail)

Smoky Amethyst

Glass Dish For tea lights, nuts & mints, rings, potpourri or any little whatnot that might find its way into the petals of a lily. Victorians believed amethyst glass ensured security within the home. Gift boxed. 6 x 3”. #21261 $12.95 ($20. value)

Prissy Mombasa Net Tiers of dreamy lace and ruffles create an ethereal escape in which to dream. Easy-hang hook. Hand wash. 24” dia ring. Expanded diameter of 32’ expanse. 7’ long. #14538 $39.95 ($99. value) Dreamland Mombasa Canopy, #16929 available online.

N o s ta l g i c P a i l & S h o v e l Just like the ones from the five & dime when we were little gardeners. Makes a charming planter for potted flowers. Tin. 7” pail, 11” shovel. #21092 $24.95/set ($30. retail)



Stained Glass F a n /L a m p Louis Comfort Tiffany would smile. A breeze and lamplight team up in a clever union. Leaded glass and verdigris finish metal. 3 speeds & oscillating option. Lamp switch on base. 24”. #18802 $139.95 ($160. retail)

B u t t e r R u m N e c k l ac e A beveled topaz crystal is nestled within floral intricacies and opalescent stones and vintage lustre pearls. 26” chain w/ 3” ext. 2” pendant. #21012 $29.95 ($58. value)

Love’s Trance W a l l M i r r o r A melange of fanciful French castings are married upon a wall mirror intended for the fairest of them all. Beveled glass. 21 x 13”.

#21016 $149.95 ($200. value)

H e a d b oa r d L a m p There’s nothing like a steamy bath, and a good read in bed to lull one off to dreamland. This ingenious reading lamp is especially useful when sharing a bed with someone who doesn’t care to know how the story ends and would rather sleep. Beaded Cotton. Ivory. 2 bendable clips. 10 x 7”. UL approved. Gift boxed. #10853 $39.95 ($50. value)

V i n tag e T e a P a r t y

Pleasant comforts abound! Tea lore and recipes for savory finger sandwiches, scones, dessert buns, muffins and tea-friendly tasties. Written by the owners of London’s Covent Garden café, the lush photos from Cotswolds to mouthwatering baked goods. 127p. Hrdcvr. 7”.

#21202 $14.95

Louise Green C h a n t i l ly L ac e C l o c h e A band of delicate French lace graces a natural sisal crown and reminds one of handmade bobbin lace from an era when lace was an art. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. USA. #14979 $219.95 ($262. retail) Three Breezes

Hand Fans A century ago, the demure hand-held accessory was used to convey messages more importantly than to cool. We are aware of nineteen of the gestures and their meanings: handle to lips begged a kiss, dropping meant friendship only, drawing across eyes expressed apology. An intriguing translation is included. Hand screened on fabric and trimmed with lace. 9 x 17”. $19.95 /ea. Pastorale (black) #10217 / Bouquet (red) #10215 Ladies (ecru) #10216 M ore C learance I tems :


B e l o v e d C r o s s O r n a m e n ta l s Borrowed from Victorian sketches, French Gothic designs are graced with glistening pearls and crystals. Gift boxed. 5 ”. #21161 $19.95/pr. ($30. value)

Love’s Breeze P l a n t e r She languors in the company of Cupid, a fanciful fan serving as a backdrop to her yellow chintz gown. Hand painted ceramic. 9”. #21023 $99.95 ($130. value. Back view online.)

Girl in Pink Framed Print A precious hand-tinted vintage photograph (c. 1900) is derived from a Victorian valentine. Print under glass, silver frame with a tinge of gold. 10 x 14”.


#21400 $39.95 ($55. retail)

P o r c e l a i n T r av e l C u p Pretty in the fast lane...singing to your favorite music between sips of English Breakfast tea or coffee at the red lights. Ideal for office. Doublewalled. Silicone lid. 5H”. Gift boxed. #19540 $11.95 ($20. value)

Pampered Princess R u f f l e d R o b e One could not possibly appreciate the silken softness of this velvety cover-up unless swathed in it after a luxuriating bath. S/M, L/XL. #20949 $79.95 ($100. value)

The Women of Victorian Trading Co. C h a r m B r ac e l e t These pretty faces have graced our catalogs and website, and starred upon notecards. Now rendered to charms, they are in the company of fanciful shoes, perfume atomizer, filigree ring, crystalstudded fan, purse, and an enameled violet locket in which to tuck your own familiar face. USA. 8”. #20966 $79.95



“L i f e i s j u s t a B o w l o f C h e r r i e s ” A plump bowl recreated from a cherished antique will allow easy access to those sweet summer delicacies! Hand painted. 9”. USA. #21363 $69.95 ($80. value)

W e d d i n g H a mm o c k

Her Leisure She finds a moment to refresh with an ostrich plume fan. Hand painted ceramic. 9”. #21019 $49.95 ($80. value)

Rosebud Chintz I c e P ac k Soothing relief improves upon a dripping wet kitchen towel filled or ziploc bag with ice. Rubber laminated with metal neck. 8”. #17806 $9.95 ($12. value) Save on 2 or More! $7.95/ea.

Bring an intriguing novel and frosty iced tea... the soothing to and fro of this beautifully fringed garden bed will lull one into a restful state of serenity. Weather-proofed fibers will endure summer’s occasional thundershowers unscathed. Handwoven from 100% natural, unbleached cotton. 11’ with lace that hangs approximately 10”. #13096 $119.95 ($200. value)

Gentle Harp: Naptime Melodies Allow your thoughts to travel to a place of serenity ...Chopin, Pachelbel , Massenet and other classical favorites are exuded through solo harp integrated with subtle nature sounds. 52 minutes. #17966 $15.99

C h a mpag n e & L ac e P u r s e

Tatted lace overlays heavy bridal satin with a kiss clasp. 16” chain. Gift pouch. 9 x 5”. #19734 $19.95 ($25. value)

“Sweet Milk Manor” C o t t o n & L ac e B e d cl o t h e s Beautiful and crisp white bed linens drip with crocheted lace on pillow cases and top sheet. Cotton/linen blend.

Full Fitted/Top sheet, 2 pillow cases #119 $99.95 ($130. value) Queen Fitted/Top sheet, 2 pillow cases #120 $109.95 ($150. value) King Fitted/Top sheet, 2 king pillow cases #125 $129.95 ($180. value)

M ore C learance I tems :


P o pp y S wag Find a nail on a door or wall...a crayon box of colors spill from a ring. Fern, grass and waxy leaves mingle with tissuelike blooms. Poly silk. 30”. V e lv e t e e n B i r d s #16710 $19.99 Plump little songsters crafted of silken ($32. retail) cotton possess a nostalgic sweetness. Bethany Lowe Designs. 5”. #15136 $19.99/pr. (was $25.)

Old Roses L a n t e r n G a r l a n d A lovely English wallpaper print is transferred to linen shades that marry Eastern and Western cultures. 10H’. #12910 $16.99 ($30. value) Save on 2 or More! $15.99/ea.

Scurry B i r d F e e d e r Cast from a lifelike statuary, a squirrel’s fluffy tail harbors seeds for hungry songbirds. Resin. Brown. 6 x 12”. #20286 $12.99 ($30 value)

Southern Belle P l a n t e r Replicated from a vintage find. Porcelain. 8”. #17682 $7.99 ($30. value)

“Stellar Beauties”

Thermometer A bevy of debutantes rival the stars for a crescent moon’s attention. A curious and delightfully corny tinted photograph hails from an early postcard requiring a mere penny postage! 8 x 12”.

Shoe Planter A whimsical garden container will step into kitchen windows and porches. Cast resin. 10”. #16078 $7.99 ($20. retail)


#15865 $6.99 ($20. value)


N o s ta l g i c P a p e r L a n t e r n s Muted floral patterns borrowed (from drapery from another generation) transcend soft light with an exotic allure. 17-20”. #13009 $9.99/set ($25. value) Save on 2 or More! $7.99/set

12’ Lantern Light Cord. White. On/Off switch. Uses 25 watt bulb. #13010 $4.99/ea. (was $8.) Save on 3 or More! $3.99/ea.

B i r ds - i n - a -G i l d e d C ag e

Around 1780 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Jaquet Droz, manufacturer of complex clocks, invented the mechanical singing bird movement. Containing leather bellows and a piston whistle, the authentic birdsong motion was perfected in Paris. Truly an appreciable investment to endure generations. Antiqued gilded finish with rose velvet and 3 birds. Antique clock face features alarm function. Pastoral landscapes encompass the cabinetry. 14 x 20”. #10813 $699.99 ($3500. value)

Nut House Appearing to be a monstrous hybrid from a mighty oak, the squirrel’s favorite snack inspires the architecture for a songbird’s wintry abode. 9”. #16048 $14.99 ($30. value)

Childhood Frolic W h e e l B a r r o w S tat u e One can almost smell the sweet clover and recall the wonderful wild abandon of a romp in the meadow. Faux stone resin. Bronze and Natural finish. 20”. #12219 $59.99 (was $120.)

Squirrel Downsp out

Torrential rain could not disturb the nut chomping critter. A clever decorative slips easily onto gutter base. 10”.

#17534 $19.99 ($50. value) Save on 2 or More! $16.99/ea.

M ore C learance I tems :


P r i m r o s e C oa s t e r s A palette of perennial hued florals are neatly stacked within a case to prevent tell-tale water rings on fine furniture. Set of 6 coasters. 4”.

#10350 $9.99 (was $20.) Save on 2 or More! $7.99/set

“Heart in Hand ”

Bottle Opener A loving hand will assist you in opening your favorite frothy beverage. 6”.

#17571 $4.99/ea. ($13. retail)

Fur Elise M u s i c B o x The beloved melody exudes a lovely lass in a pale yellow frock. 14”. #18054 $19.99 ($50. value)

Mon Jardin B u l b & S e e d B o x The tulips have made way for the begonias, and the hollyhocks have gone to seed. An antiqued tin box secures the safekeeping of tomorrow’s garden in a cool, dry compartment. Also a quaint decorative for the nongardener. Tin. 9 x 7”. #19662 $8.99 ($30. value) Save on 2 or More! $6.99/ea.

Perfume Bottle U m b r e l l a A lovely guard against the rain is harboured within a fragrance imposter when skies are blue. Standard size umbrella is imprinted with a nostalgic floral pattern. 8” bottle. #17447 $9.99 ($25. value) Cinderella’s Carriage Ride M u s i c B o x Every girl dreams of arriving at the ball in a horse drawn carriage. Ceramic. Simple assembly. Plays “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”. Gift boxed. 19 x 8”. #18157 $89.99 ($226. value)



California Chorus Line S e rv i n g T r ay Glamorous sunbathers serve as charming underlay for beverages. 13 x 10”. #17272 $14.99 ($30. value)

Bisque Maiden M at c h S t r i k e r A pretty peasant girl offers a light. Replicated in exacting likeness to our antique original with grooved striking panel. Gift boxed. 5 ”. #12772 $5.99 ($15. value)

China Painting

Tin Candle Box Once a standard on a hearth kitchen shelf, this utilitarian charmer is intended for taper candles, but may be used for most anything. (Hint: Keep taper stubs... they are perfect firestarters!) 13 x 6 x 3”. #19663 $9.99 ($25. value)

“Hula Half Doll”

Whisk Broom She’ll dispel cookie crumbs with the whoosh of her straw skirt. Antique porcelain replica. Gift boxed. 8”.

M ag n e t s Transform the fridge into a gallery. China painting was a popular 19th c. artform leaving a legacy of breathtaking porcelains as testimonials to an age of refinement and beauty. 1-2”. #6421 $6.99 /9 asst. ($20. value)

#14843 $6.99 ($25. value)

T e ac u p s - o f - t h e -M o n t h A dozen posies celebrate a year of birthday and anniversary remembrances. One teacup and saucer per month. Saucer 5” Diameter; Teacup 2” Height. Gift boxed. Individual Month. Jan.-Nov. #8021 $6.99/ea. (was $13.) Save on 3 or More! $4.99/ea.

(May & December are unavailable.)

M ore C learance I tems :


F o r t u n e T e l l i n g by Victor Gilbert 19 x 15”. #19175 $39.99 (was $60.) Additional framed prints available online.

“B aw dy M au d i e ” B o bb i e D i s h

A quaint vanity tray for rings and posts, this delightful curiosity has returned for another generation’s amusement! Once an ash tray, this provocative vixen strikes a cheesecake pose as her legs sway with a mere touch. 6 x 3 x 5”. #15106 $19.99 ($30. value)

Rare Books

Periodical K eepe r Appearing to be four distinguished titles upon your bookshelf, this divided magazine organizer stores those monthly issues worth retaining. Rigid fiberboard. 10 x 11”. #16486 $34.99 ($45. value)

Etched Pitcher A dainty pitcher will graciously dispense citrus-ades, water and teas. Etched glass. 8”. #13860 $14.99 ($30. value)

R ecipe C ards

in B oxes : 4 T h eme s Lavishly illustrated decks of recipe cards are enticing, handy and a joy to create and devour. Rare recipes are foolproof and delectable. Victorian imagery. Exquisitely packaged. Each has 20 cards inside. 3 x 2 H” each. $8.99/ea. (was $10.) Cupcakes. #20764 / Chocolate. #20762 French Cookies. #20763 / Tea Time. #20761

Save on the the Set! #21509 $29.99/set

O r n a me n ta l F a n

A truly elegant statuary in its own rite, this decorative is capable of mustering an October breeze. Oscillates, 3 speeds. Floor Fan. 55”. #10340 $219.99 ($240. retail) Desk Fan. 32”. #10341 $149.99 ($163. retail)

“Little Eavesdroppers” B o o k e n d s With their ears to the door, playful tykes seem to be listening to the tales between. Faux bronze. 7 x 4”. #15478 $39.99/pr. ($60. value) Many other bookends are available online!



Nonchalant Roses As though fresh cut and awaiting arrangement, a gathering of rose stems casually recline against a crystal vase filled with river rocks and faux water. 16 x 9 x 22”. #13289 $119.99 (was $180.)

C a n dy C h i c k Reach in at your own risk... this goody guardian might peck! Hand painted. Bethany Lowe Designs. 6 x 7”. #16719 $29.99 (was $40.)

“Sweet Time” C a m e o W at c h P e n da n t Life’s memorable minutes are monitored within a lovely rose cameo pendant. Quartz movement. 28” chain. 1” cameo. #20283 $24.99 ($40. value)

Byers’ Choice Rose’s Tea Room The highly collectible handcrafted dolls invite you in for a spot Earl Grey! Gift boxed. 10”. #17089 $59.99 (was $70.) View additional Byers’ Choice Dolls online.

Easter Pillows Lovely watercolours celebrate the rebirth of a green world. 19th c. illustrations are rendered upon seasonal toss pillows for sofas and beds. Canvas. 12”. #18454 $16.99/pr. ($30. value)

Keepsake Boxe s Inspired by the fanciful boxes created from snippets of ribbon paper lace, tinsel and scrap. Bethany Lowe Designs. 2 x 4”. #16724 $19.99/pr. ($35. retail)

Whitestone Mansion

Mercury Glass Vase This intriguing collection is inspired by the haunting intrigue of antique mirrors’ tarnished reflections that have lost their silver undercoat. 14”. #15767 $24.99 ($68. value) Please visit our website for additional pieces from this collection.

M ore C learance I tems :


H i l d e g a r d ’ s P o c k e t W at c h Replicated from an antique timepiece crafted in Switzerland circa 18th c. Windup mechanism. 2” with 11” chain. #18008 $79.99 ($200. value)

Birth Month Blooms P e n da n t N e c k l ac e s Intricate, pewter castings derived from antique botanical drawings emerge from silvery discs with stamped months on the flip-side. Pendant is 1” in dia. Includes 24” gold chain. 14k gold & sterling silver overlay. Please indicate month. USA. #20809 $39.99/ea. ($60. value) Save on 3 or More! $36.99/ea.

V i c t o r i a n N o v e lt i e s : J e w e l r y

Arriving from across the Atlantic, souvenirs of the Victorian Queen are in keeping with the legendary alpha female’s spirit. Necklace & Ring. 16” chain, adj. ring.

#20314 $12.99/pr. (was $20.)

Petite Barrette Collection A dazzling assortment of small, wire clasped hair jewels in a myriad of colored crystals will accessorize an entire wardrobe. Three assorted pairs. 1-2”. #18879 $24.99 ($50. value)

N e c k l ac e K e e p e r Wooden jewelry display with flannelette covering. Easel stand. 14 hooks for display. 12 x 7”. #14850 $9.99 ($15. value) Save on 2 or More! $8.99/ea.

“Key to My Heart”

C r y s ta l N e c k l ac e Genuine Swarovski crystals encompass a keyhole escutcheon while the key dangles below. 15” chain. #18501 $14.99 ($25. value)



Embellished Bobbies Eight assorted pairs will adorn the hair with a dash of coordinating color. Handset crystals in a palette of colors on vintage-style findings. Assorted set of 8. 2-3”. #10366 $49.99 ($160. value)

Art Deco Costume Rings

Glamorous night clubs, galas, and speakeasies called for fashion glitz...satin and lace accessorized by rhinestones and marcasite jewels. Our replicas of those worn by socialites in a young twentieth century are affordably fun, and adjustable. Six assorted marcasite and crystal designs. G-1”.

#10383 $29.99/set ($60. value)

“Swinging on the Moon”

Replica Brooch Not a care in the world...two heavenly beings enjoy the friendly arrangement. 2”. #16032 $9.99 ($35. value)

Filigreed H e a r t P e n da n t A f ine quartz timepiece is secured by a short silver chain linked within the silver-plated purse. Neck chain is 28”, with 1” timepiece. #9623 $19.99 ($40. value)

Victorian Cameo

This is the enduring classic that is mandatory for top button placement on ruffled blouses. Wreathed in an oval frame of handset crystals that dangles from a bow-motif Chatelaine pin. 2”. #10375 $9.99 ($20. retail)

I n tag l i o N e c k l ac e

Love Token Earrings A very art deco charm proclaims our best-loved emotion. Sweet Romance. USA. 1”.

Candy-coloured stones feature poised profiles created in the reverse process of shell cameos. Sweet Romance. USA. 32” chain, 3” pendant. #20064 $79.99 ($100. value)

#18427 $19.99 ($40. retail)

S o l i d P e r f u m e i n a P o c k e t W at c h Purse-friendly. A replica timepiece harbours soy and maple wax infused with pure plant and flower essence. The creamy emollient will endure when applied to the pulse points. Gift boxed. Lily fragrance. 2”. #16155 $16.99 (was $30.)

M ore C learance I tems :


S m o k y F au x P e a r l s

This smoky glass pearl strand is the finishing touch for a polished demeanor - pretty with casual sweaters, professional suiting or dressy attire. 20”, 3” extender. #19367 $9.99 ($30. value)

Bit tersweet Dress A dreamy gown of chiffon is of vintage appeal...intricately embroidered with metallic threads and pleated bodice with Grecian back drape. Polyester/ chiffon. Size zip. S-3X.

#17761 $249.99 (was $280.) Please refer to our website for the Celandine Earrings #16055 and Necklace #16024.

“Charleston Rose” V e lv e t P u r s e The prototype is a worn souvenir circa 1890. The trend in handbags dictated fanciful velvets, beads and embroidery. 9”, 18” strap. #16903 $29.99 ($70. value)

Daydream S i l k B l o u s e Smooth-as-cream and delicate as a spider’s cobweb, an enduring design is appointed with crystal buttons, and inset lace beside ruched bands of chiffon. Silk blend. S-3XL. #18609

Hopeless Romantic R u f f l e d B l o u s e A timeless classic declares your femininity. Sewn in silky chiffon. S-XL. Black or Tea. #16832 $29.99 ($85. value)

Autumn Wellingtons

$59.99 ($110. value)

Stroll through crispy leaves and crunchy acorns in boots graced with an authentic Arts & Crafts design. Hues of dark chocolate, raspberry and sage. Waterproof rubber. Sizes 6-10 (no half sizes). 14”.

#11963 $24.99/pr. ($60. value) Additional Wellingtons available on our website.



Z h i vag o R e d C oat

Lara stole hearts in such a coat. Figure flattering princess seams and self-sash. Black faux fur offers a stark contrast against crimson. S-XL. #17073 99.99 ($200. value)

L ac e C l u t c h C o ll e c t i o n Tatted lace overlays heavy bridal satin. Arrives in boutique pouch.

Black Patent Leather & Lace Clutch. 11 x 5”. 16” detachable chain. #19732 $16.99 ($100 value)

Brussels Clutch. 12 x 5”. 16” detachable chain.

#19735 $19.99 ($100. value)

I c o n i c S at i n & L ac e P u rs e Reserved for perfumed evenings when taffeta, velvet and silk come out to play. Gift pouch. 9 x 5”. #19733 $14.99 ($25. value)

Black & Tan F l o r a l W r a p One could not possibly discern this kitten soft drape from cashmere and mink. A soothing blend will drape chilled shoulders throughout the season. 85 million have been sold to date. Hand washable. Gift boxed. 20 x 80”. #18972 $29.99 (was $50.)

Red Roses C a s h m i n k S c a r f A soothing blend will drape chilled shoulders throughout the season. 100 million have been sold to date. Hand washable. Gift boxed. 12 x 72”. #18970 $16.99 (was $30.)

Cashmink L ac e S h aw l One could not possibly discern this kittensoft drape from cashmere and mink. A soothing blend of cashmink dyed in hues of charcoal and ivory will drape warmly over chilled shoulders throughout the season. 85 million have been sold to date. Hand washable. 3” fringe. Gift boxed. 64 x 12”. #11629 $16.99 (was $30.)

M ore C learance I tems :


Hazelnut Creme C oat Tiers of ruffled lace marry with caramelhued velvet in a timeless coat dress with gilded buttons and velvet rosettes and back waist. S-3X. #18428 $169.99 ($220. retail)

“English Garden Roses” C o s m e t i c B r u s h e s A nostalgic floral is rendered to vanity tools that will fill a void in an otherwise contemporary market. Traditionally, a woman’s vanity includes cut crystal and elegant jewel boxes worthy of accessories that transcend mere drugstore quality. Velvet travel case included. Open case measures 6 x 8”. #16878 $19.99 ($28. value)

C a b e r n e t E a rr i n g s

Juicy gems are married into clusters upon a beguiling pin for cashmere cardigans and woolen blazers. Handcrafted in the artist’s studio. Hand painted bronze. 2”.

#12156 $39.99 (was $90.)

V e lv e t S h o e C a d dy Footwear at hand, –all paired up. An antique slipper embellishment is sewn between smaller pockets ideally suited for arch supports, shoe clips and knee-hi’s. 12 shoe pockets, and 2 accessory pockets. 20 x 42”. (Hooks not included.) #20259 $19.99 ($40. value)

L ac e R o s e t t e B l o u s e Hand-turned roses are sewn upon a jabot bodice with tapered elastic waist. S-3X.

#18065 $29.99 ($90. value) Available in Black on our website.

S i e n n a L ac e B l o u s e A Victorian-inspired bodice is embellished with satin-ribbon lacing and an embroidered motif upon dainty stretch lace. Chocolate. S-XL.


Please refer to our website for additional clearance clothing.

#18062 $29.99 ($75. value)


Needlepoint Purses A myriad of glass beads are meticulously hand stitched upon woolen needlepoint blooms. Silk lining. Gift pouch. Ivory. 16” chain. 6 x 5”. #18731 $29.99 ($75. value)

Black. 9 x 3”.

#18675 $49.99 ($100. value)

“The Bath” C a nva s Appearing to have been retrieved from the stucco walls of a European estate, this stretched canvas print offers a museum’s elegance with unframed nonchalance. 28 x 22”. #17398 $29.99 ($100. value)

Amelia Earhart A i r T r av e l P o u c h “...After midnight, the moon set and I was alone with the stars- near enough to touch and never before have I seen so many. I always believed the lure of flying is the lure of beauty, but I was sure of it that night...” (verse on back) A zippered cotton case will hold your flight essentials; gum, ear phones, passport, boarding pass, etc. 100% cotton. 9 x 6”. #18489 $6.99 ($15. value) Save on 2 or More! $4.99/ea.

Ladies’ Manicure Set A lavish crystal ornamental graces a leather case filled with beauty essential tools. Stainless steel tools, faux leather. 6”. #13098 $16.99 ($20. value) Please refer to our website for coordinating Eyeglass Case #17518.

V e lv e t J e w e l r y R o l l

L ac e C o s m e t i c B ag Ooh-la-lah! Pretty practical. A flouncy case for makeup with separate vinyl zipper compartment and breathable netting at base. 13 x 8”. #20269 $12.99 ($27. value)

M ore C learance I tems :

Never lose your treasured jewelry pieces again. Unroll to reveal two zippered pockets along with a clever strap to secure your rings. Royal purple velvet with brocade trim, satin lining. 9 x 5”. #17567 $9.99 ($25. value)


E y e l e t B e lt Ruffled leatherette elasticized waist cincher. Black. S/M. #19159

$9.99 ($25. value)

B l ac k S wa n D r e ss This exquisite tea gown is inspired by Odile, the temptress in the beloved tale, Swan Lake. Intricately embroidered with details that would only be found on a vintage heirloom. #19609 S-XL. $149.99 (was $180.) / 1X-3X. $169.99 (was $200.)

Velvet & Illusion Shrug. S, L. #20150 $79.99 (was $90.) Gypsy Plum V e lv e t B o l e r o & Tulle Skirt Bolero. Regal trim and sumptuous silk velvet embrace the shoulders.

#19605 S-XL. $69.99 (was $80.) 1X-3X. $79.99 (was $90.)

Gored Skirt A windswept skirt with breathtaking allure possesses hand-turned roses and ballerina ruffles on an embroidered ground. Attached cotton slip. Purple. #19606 / Black. #19611 S-XL. $149.99 (was $180.) 1X-3X. $169.99 (was $200.)

Purple Crepe Tank. #19604

S-XL. $29.99 (was $40.) 1X-3X. $39.99 (was $50.)

P l u m V e lv e t C oat Exquisitely embroidered and appointed with beveled smoky crystal buttons, this tailored classic can be belted and accessorized. S-2X. #18289 $149.99 (was $200.)

T r e s B e au B l o u s e Couture styling is sewn directly upon a dressform. Valentine bodice of blush is implied beneath sheer chiffon overblouse. Side zip. S-3X. (Medium unavailable.) #17762 $99.99 (was $160.)



M i d n i g h t G a r d e n D r e ss Threads of raspberry and wine create a meandering floral motif across the empire bodice of an unforgettable tea gown. Mauve underlies a dreamy tulle skirt graced with a bouquet of gathered blooms. Eggplant netted lace over underdress. S-XL.

#19615 $139.99 ($180. retail)

F i n g e r l e ss G l o v e s ...are ultimately romantic. One size. #17608 $7.99 ($15. retail)

B l ac k S h r u g A diaphanous drape veils the shoulders while offering subtle refinement to an ensemble. S-3X. #19608 $39.99 (was $60.)

Cascade Skirt Bias-cut ruffles spill towards those pretty shoes.. an evocative separate is the epitome of ballet-chic. #19607 S-XL. $119.99 (was $160.) 1X-3X. $139.99 (was $180.)

C o v e t e d S h o e C l i ps Footwear jewelry is experiencing a renaissance. Introducing 3 classics: One for the little black dress, another for black tie events, and another for just about everything! Black Stone. 2”. #17562 $9.99 ($37. value) Rhinestone. 2”. #17561 $14.99 ($25. value) Flower w/ Pearls. 2”. #17563 $9.99 ($25. value)

Pointelle Scarf & F i n g e r l e ss G l o v e s Romantic gloves enrobe the arms and hands in warmth while alluding to rings and allowing dexterity. Ballet Pink or Black.

Gloves. $14.99/pr. ($40. value) Pink. #16136 / Black #15730 Scarf. $19.99/ea. ($40. value) Black. #15652

Chantilly Lace S w e at e r Intricately cutaway insets upon a soft cardigan are reminiscent of vintage styles that one might find in a wealthy woman’s closet during the romantic ’40s Hollywood era. Wool blend. S-XL. Black or Ivory. #17707

$69.99 ($160. value)

M ore C learance I tems :


R o s e P e ta l D r e s s Just as with a best-loved bloom, delicate layers marry into an object of beauty. Petite beads are nestled within a lovely trim that grasps the small of the waist. Black sash ties behind. #16985 M-XL $159.99 (was $180.) 1X-3X $189.99 (was $210.)

V i c t o r i a n C a m i s o l e & P e t t i c oat

Concealed beneath those bustles and shirtwaists were pristine cotton underfrocks that often doubled as sleepwear during afternoon naps. Satin ribbon drawstrings adjust a custom fitted bodice. Petticoat has a comfortable elasticized waistband. S/M, L/XL. #15365 $59.99 ($100. value)

Corsage. #16855 $19.95

Also available: Victorian Wash Stand. #20179 $99.95 (additional views online).

Rhinestone Pins When straight pins simply won’t do...a glistening crystal head will secure corsages, adorn collector pin cushions, secure holiday greetings upon a ribbon, anchor home decoratives, assist with elegant crafts, the ideas are endless! Set of 72. 1”. #5075 $19.99 (was $25.)

L ac e W e l l i n g t o n s A century-old lace curtain panel that once stood witness to many a thunderstorm now finds its pattern on the other side of the window pane...puddle jumping, gardening and going to market. Sizes 6-10. #15543 $24.99/pr. ($60. value)

A n a s ta s i a N i g h t g o w n

Our ruffled, romantic nightie of softest cotton is a dream ‘til dawn. Created from a vintage pattern, it is trimmed in dainty hand-covered buttons and spills all the way to the floor. 52” to hem. S-XL

#8071 $49.99 ($140. value)



Hopeless Romantic “Softskins”

Organic Silky B a m boo & S oy B l e n d Our very own designs will serve as dream wear or pretty underwear. Comfortable stretch. Long tunic length top. Slim-fit leggings with stretchy ankle lace. 70% rayon /bamboo 30% cotton/soy. Pink. L or XL. #15793 $29.99/set ($60. value) Black/tan available online.

Petite Hair Clips Pearls dangle from handenameled clips. 2”. #17425 $9.99 (was $20.)

Autumn Chintz B a l l C a p Less preppy and more pretty, a century-old Victorian chintz marries with soft, brown suede to shade that pretty face. Appointed with adjustable suede band, bill and button.

E y e l e t L ac e P a r a s o l Sunbeams demurely filter through a delicate weave, casting a lovely pattern upon a pretty face. Silk ribbons, knotted rosette and ruffled flounce. #17801 $24.99 ($45. value) English Chintz Wallet

An antique dinner plate has been miniaturized upon our slim clutch. Leather trim, satin lining, credit cards slots, photo window, pockets and divided zipper compartment. 7”. #19251 $14.99 ($40. value)

#20284 $14.99 ($30. value) Also available: (view online) Summer Roses Ball Cap, #15522.

Cherry Blossom C a s h m i n k s Wrap yourself in the softest drape. Myriad vintage blooms are woven in a cashmere-like blend that both flatters and pampers. Gift boxed. 12 x 72”. $19.99/ea. ($30. retail)

Pink. #18966 / Blue. #18968

“Vintage Purse” C a n va s T o t e A whimsical notion renders a most elegant hand bag upon a casual cotton bag. Organic cotton. 16 x 18”. #18359 $16.99 (was $20.)

Carmel Roses Scarf

Vintage floral patterns have been rendered to an airy scarf in two color options. 22 x 67”. 3” fringe.

#19684 $12.99 Pink Roses Scarf available online, #19909.

M ore C learance I tems :


Hopeless Romantic

Frothy Cardigan Named for that soft-whipped delight atop a cappuccino, an airy sweater of creamy hue offers swirls of ruffles and a subtle sweetness. Graced with shell buttons and gold signature heart pendant sewn to the side. Silken wool blend. S-XL. #19090 $59.99 ($110. value)

Necklace. (view online): #20025 $69.95

Sterling Roses

Cashmink Scarf Swathe yourself in the softest drape. Myriad violet-hued blooms are woven in a cashmere blend that both flatters and pampers. Gift boxed. 12 x 72”.

September Sonnet B l o u s e Appearing to be a a two piece ensemble, this ruffled confection is a singular entity. View pretty back detail online. M-XL.

#17603 $16.99 ($40. retail)

#16030 $49.99 (was $80.)

Granny Scarf

Inspired by the classic afghan that could always be found neatly folded at the bottom of Grandma’s bed, this kitten-soft wrap is hand knitted in yarns dyed in stained glass hues. 84”. #10308 $19.99 ($40. value)


R i d i n g C oat Inspired by refined English manor house attire, a tailored design is sewn in a rich velvet chenille with silver filigree buttons. Fully lined. 8-20. USA. #17536 $149.99 (was $200.)

V i c t o r i a n S n u g g ly B o o t s An exquisite floral motif is embroidered in jewel hued threads upon a faux suede fleece lined boot. A trendy style offers the comfort of your bedroom slippers! Exclusively from our Hopeless Romantic Collection. Sizes 6-10. Black or Brown.

#14128 $29.99 (was $50.) (Regretfully, size 10 Black and Size 11 Brown are no longer available.)



M i n t P a i s l e y J ac k e t From the time-honored clothier that costumed Jane Seymour as Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, a jacket tailored to a woman’s form is meticulously sewn in a rich weave of mint and ecru. M-XXL. USA. #14636 $119.99 (was $170.)

Aubergine Rose Wellies The once-utilitarian English boots have sauntered into a magnificent trend of florals. Our newest is a Victorian toile of plummish-mocha hue. No longer reserved for rain puddles and gardens, Wellingtons are spotted in boutiques and cafés with flouncy lace skirts. Sizes 6-10. #19268 $24.99 ($60. value) Fleece Wellie Warmers. One size fits most. $16.99/ea. ($30. value) Lace. (view online) #19542 / Faux Fur. #19543

Chicory & Tea Rose s Scarf One could not possibly discern this kitten soft drape from cashmere and mink. A soothing blend will drape chilled shoulders throughout the season. 85 million have been sold to date. Hand washable. Gift boxed. #18969 $16.99 ($35. retail) Also available: Red Roses Scarf. (p. 17.) Black/Tan Floral Wrap. (p. 17)

P o e t i c P e a C oat The double-breasted classic takes a pretty turn with romantic styling. Charcoal wool. Lined. S-XL. #14271 $49.99 ($80. value)

M ore C learance I tems :

Nellie Cashman Embroidered Suede Vest Pretty as a Victorian cameo and tougher than two-penny nails”, this Frontiers-woman wandered mining camps of the 1800s seeking gold in an effort to help others. Faux fur & tooth toggle. S/M, L/XL, 1X/2X. #18925 $49.99 ($100. value) Necklace available online, #19280 $89.95


N u t m e at V a r i e t y P l at e s A revival of a nostalgic concept, antique prints of assorted nuts are rendered to glass. 4 x 6”. #20310 $14.99/ asst. pr. ($25. retail)

Paper Lace C u p c a k e W r a p s The trendy little cake-for-one arrives in finery worthy of a special birthday or event. Transform your cupcakes into expensive desserts found in a confectioner’s case. Intricate cutwork in four colors.

B e l g i a n C h o c o l at i e r P o t Ours exclusively, this unusual cocoa service offers the distinctive wood handle and a magic wand that will whip an airy confection in a mug. A European watercolour circa 1860 is rendered to the pot front. Additional views online. 38 oz.

#18832 $16.99/asst. 36 ($25. value)

#19545 $19.99 ($60. value)

Faux Gateau aka: Fake Cakes available online.

T e ac u p A p r o n The vintage original bears tea stains and moth holes, but provided inspiration to recreate the lovely old pattern. Teacup pockets and gingham binding are accompanied by pretty French-knotted flowers... patiently needled by hand. 100% cotton. 29 x 40”.

Victorian Initial Mugs

Everyone forms a bond with “their letter”. Highly embellished monograms derived from century-old typeface provide a renaissance for exquisite calligraphy. Collect one for every loved one’s surprise visit. (Letters Q , U, X, Y & Z not available.) Gift boxed.

#2256 $14.99 ($30. value)

“Antique Dessert Knives & Fork”

#15731 $7.99/ea. ($15. value) Save on 3 or more! $5.99/ea.

G l a s s P l at t e r A lovely old merchant catalog marketed a variety of cutlery patterns so charming that we provided them a new life on a decorative plate. Glass. 11 x 14”. #20313 $29.99 (was $40.)



Versailles D e s s e r t P e d e s ta l

Worthy of Marie Antoinette’s chocolate-dipped berries, a silvery duet seems to have paid witness to centuries of palatial galas. Stack or use separately. 5 x 12”, 4 x 10”. #19285 $29.99/pr. ($90. value)

Bake-in Oven

P r e tt y P a p e r L oa f P a n s & Muffin Cups Upscale prints upon gourmet caliber containers ensure an elegant presentation. Muffin Cups. 3”. (burgundy & brown asst.)

C a m e o T e a S e rv i c e

#20222 $11.99/two dz. (was $20.) Save on 3 or more! $9.99/2 dz.

Loaf Pan. (burgundy) 7 x 2H”

#20221 $14.99/dz. (was $20.) Save on 3 or more! $12.99/dz.

As tasteful as the chamomile refreshment, French White porcelain is crested by a pressed portraiture. Ceramic. Gift boxed. Teapot. 9”. #18648 $14.99 ($25. value) Sugar (6”) & Creamer (5”). #18649 $12.99 ($25. value) Teacups & Saucers. 4”. #18650 $24.99/pr. ($40. value) Cut Glass C h e e s e D o m e Delicate pastries, cakes, cookies and cheeses can be kept airtight within a beautiful glass dome. 6 x 4”. Glass/stainless steel. Gift boxed.

#19652 $19.99 ($50. value)

Petite Chef B a k e r y C l o c k A helpful baker advertises “traditional breads”. Requires one AA battery. 10”. #19660 $7.99 ($25. value) Also available Clock Magnet #16998. (view online)

M ore C learance I tems : 27

Forget-me-Not S a m p l e r An exacting replica of our antique find, original was created in October 1898 by M.S. Wood frame, under glass. 25 x 12”. #17855 $29.99 ($48. value)

Corset Planter The Victorian waist-cincher experiences a whimsical renaissance. Fill with candy, potpourri or potted flowers. Antique gold resin. 13”. #18052 $19.99 ($70. value)

Cleremont Lace T a b l e T o pp e r A Provencal pattern appears to be a hope chest extract from a century prior. Ecru. 43”sq. #12521EC $24.99 (was $30.)

Victorian Stereoscope We were delighted to unearth a fine leather replica of the once-popular parlour entertainment. Twelve amusing images are included (Utilizes antique viewing cards as well- readily available at most antique dealers and affordable.) Spain. 14”. #18540 $219.99 ($300. value)

Cushy Lamp A whimsical tower of hand painted cushions will contribute a charming air to your sitting room or boudoir. 30”. Resin, metal, fabric.

#20368 $139.99 ($230. retail)

“Bawdy Maude”

V i c t o r i a n “F l i pp e r ” This is an exact replica of a highly collected series created by less refined Victorians. Naughty Nellies and Flippers were porcelain bisque figurals that were missing their bloomers...only detected upon flipping them over. Gift boxed.

Hollyhocks Framed Print 11 x 23H”.

#16386 $6.99 ($30. value)


#19203 $29.99 (was $40.) Additional framed prints available online.


O va l P e a r l W at c h Enhancer From John Wind, the legendary designer to the celebrities, lobster clasp pendants will clip to purses, charm bracelets keys and chains. 2H”. #20606 $29.99 (was $40.)

Gilded Bloom Mirror A perfect rose is preserved in time upon a resplendent antique reproduction mirror. Wood, beveled mirror. 12 x 25”.

Dresden M u s i c B o x Delft blue on gilded porcelain is trimmed in porcelain lace upon the hem. The process in which lace is fired at high temperatures to leave a dainty glass pattern has been attributed to Ireland for many centuries. Hand painted. Wind-up key. Plays “Edelweiss”. 8”. #18493 $49.99 ($100. value. View her sister on p.33, #18494.)

#20037 $79.99 ($150. value)

Bent Leg W a l k i n g S t i c k Handcrafted to endure an indefinite number of strolls. Hand carved bone. 36”.

Lover’s Quarrel F r a m e Given the cost of portrait photography in the late 1800s, the undesirable subject would simply be folded back or scissored off. The slender frame which found the height of its popularity after 1910, later came to be known as a “Dear John Frame” after the war era, thus accommodating the lonely heart beautifully. 3 x 8”. #460 $14.99

#16831 $59.99/ea. ($120. value)

($20. value)


High Top Vase An opulent boot is a perfect fit for a fresh cut bouquet. Resin with glass vase insert. 11”. #18474 $19.99 ($40. value)

Magdalena T o s s P i l l o w Tatted lace encompasses a sweet cotton cushion that will charm a chair or sofa, grace a made bed, and soften a porch swing. Unbleached cotton. Polyfill. 6 x 10”. #16996 $5.99 ($30. value)

M ore C learance I tems :


Rebecca & Elizabeth B o bb l e H e a d s The Victorians are attributed for creating the hauntingly lifelike “nodders” who seem to agree or disagree according to a breeze. Sensitive neck springs breathe life into two lovely hand painted lasses. 12”. $19.99/ea. ($35. value) Victorian Gothic G r a m o p h o n e A highly embellished cabinet takes old vinyls to new heights. Antiqued castings and beaded wood trim enhance a functional fixture that will assuredly invite an occasional slow dance. Plays vinyl records, CD & radio. 27 x 57”.

Elizabeth’s Bouquet #18475 / Rebecca’s Basket #18476 Save on the pair! #18473 $29.99/pr.

Coney Island C a r o u s e l A musical souvenir of everyone’s favorite ride. Hand painted cast-iron. Plays Carousel Waltz. 5”. #19253 $12.99 ($30. retail)

#12343 $899.99 ($1850. value)

Log Carrier

No more splinters or strains. A lovely sling for kindling and firewood is sewn of a durable fabric. An applique of young Victorians gathering wood is sewn to the front. Wood dowel handles. 33 x 10”.

#20260 $9.99 ($30. value)

Dolly’s C hippendale C hair ...or Teddy may want to sit for a spell. A petite version of the traditional English design is cast in iron. 17”.

Paul de Longpré

Roses Night Light The master painter of dewkissed flowers circa 19th c. has left a legacy of painted blooms so perfect. Bulb included. UL. On/off switch. Gift boxed. 5 x 3”.

#19510 $29.99 ($50. value) Dolls available online.

#15790 $3.99 ($20. value) Save on 3 or more! 2.99/ea.



“Do Not Disturb” D o o r k n o b H a n g e r s Tinted tintypes and vibrant Victorian florals are dusted with glitter while the request for privacy is encompassed in filigree under crystal. Sturdy paperboard. 10”/ea. #19669 $7.99/set of 3 ($15. value)

B e l l J a r with Slate Base Also referred to as a glass cloche, the graceful domed vessel has for centuries been used to protect and display fragile objects or as a humid terrarium for orchids and exotic plants. 12”. #17723 $19.99 ($55. value) German Flower Frog available online.

F a n Q u i lt circa 1900 Trade between the Western nations and Japan thrived during Queen Victoria’s reign with a relish for silk, velvet and the exotic hand-held accessory. There were many variations of the fan quilt, most being half-opened using petite prints for each block. 86”. #19465 $79.99 ($200. value)

Corinne Bust

A poised beauty is cast for all to admire in a faux alabaster composite with wood pedestal. Derived from a European antique. Gift boxed. 10”. #9654 $29.99 ($50. value)

M ore C learance I tems :



Earth Bust

Pennies from heaven for her thoughts...a faux marble sculpture is mounted on a walnut stained pedestal. Gift boxed. 10”. #20110 $19.99 ($50. value)


Strauss Wall Panel Worthy of a palatial wall in a European landmark, a magnificent still life is hand painted upon wood with raised scrollwork. 56 x 28”.

#14716 $229.99 ($480. value)

Forever Rose Photo Frames Unlike a rose that fades, a photo will endure. Lovely old watercolors are decoupaged upon wooden frames with index hardware mounted on front. Holds 3 x 4” photos. 7 x 5”. #19674

$19.99/set of 3 ($40. value)

“ Clara Bow ” B o u d o i r D o l l L a m p Brazen hussies and flappers inspired the heavily eyeshadowed dolls that were born in the Roaring Twenties. A replica of our cherished antique allows buttery light to exude her lace petticoat. Requires 25 watt bulb. 17”. #17572 $49.99 ($180. value) F l o r a l C h a l k b oa r d Sidewalk cafés in Paris flaunt the lunch special upon the makes of of our favorite finds! Add some fun to your household...reminders, dinner menu, or messages. 52 x 24”. #10207 $129.99 ($250. value)

“Bindy’s Book” B o x A dear bisque box is faithfully recreated to stash small items. 3”. #15631 $5.99 ($20. value) Save on 3 or more! $3.99/ea.



Violet’s Violin M u s i c B o x A captivating figurine is both melodious and lovely to behold. Plays “Blue Danube”. Porcelain. 8”. #18494 $39.99 ($100. value) View her sister on p.29, #18493.


G r o t t o D i s p l ay B o x

C o r k B oa r d Screened with Victorian imagery that appears to have been extracted from a Parisian salon. Add some fun to your household...reminders, dinner menu, or messages. 36 x 16”. #19714 $49.99 ($100. value)

T u g - o f -W a r Bookends Bookends capture determined schoolboys. Inspired by the beloved painting by Winslow Homer. Bronze colour finished resin. 6 x 5”.

A shrine for a cherished object is trimmed in ornamental tin. A lovely showcase for a slender vase of flowers, framed photographs or shadowbox souvenirs. 21”. #20245 $29.99 ($45. value) “Angel on Earth” Bust on p. 31.

L ac e B e l l S h a d e

A lovely clip shade will transform a lamp into an antique find from the west bank in Paris. 4”. #13573 $7.99 (was $13.) Save on 2 or more! $6.99/ea.

Shade with Lamp Base. 11”.

#13688 $19.99 ($35. value)

Also shown: Elizabeth Bust. 18”. #13736 $89.95

#17277 $39.99 ($70. value)

M ore C learance I tems : 33







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I r o n i n g D ay S tat i o n A fabulous fabric care fixture is disguised as a charming display. Chintz and dove grey cabinet with French door offers stash drawers and cubbies. Caster wheels. 33 x 30 x 13” extended. 58” ironing board. Additional views online.

#19646 $179.99 ($250. value)

Little Red Riding Hood C o o k i e J a r

Hull Pottery of Ohio first created this precious porcelain in 1905. Over a century later, the antique brings more than $1000. That would buy a great many Snickerdoodles! Gift boxed. 11”. #19566 $29.99 ($65. value)

Brush, Comb & Mirror Set

Our cherished antique set was cast in wax thereby preserving every intricate petal on the plump chrysanthemums and ensuring that such a lovely dresser set could be enjoyed by others. Silver-plated brass. Gift boxed. Mirror 9”; Comb 7”; Brush 8”.

#3250 $24.99 ($40. value)

Ordering Information Our Guarantee Our company is dedicated to providing our customer with unconditional and complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not delighted with an item, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for an exchange, store credit or full refund (excluding shipping and handling fee). Delivery Please allow 7 to 10 business days from receipt of order for standard delivery and 2 to 4 days for Rush Delivery. Merchandise shipped directly from the manufacturer may require additional delivery time indicated with the clock symbol and does not qualify for giftwrapping service. We ship to Canada and foreign countries via Air Parcel Post. Shipments to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico require an additional $1.00 per pound if the order weight exceeds 5 lbs. Foreign shipments will be charged the actual postage. Foreign shipments do not qualify for express service. Express Service Orders placed after 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time will ship the following business day. Custom printed material, back orders, and merchandise shipped directly from the manufacturer do not qualify for express service. Next day orders over 5 pounds will be charged an extra $4 per pound over 5 pounds. 2-day orders over 5 pounds will be charged an extra $2 per pound over 5 pounds. Returns & Exchanges General Gift: All returns must be received within 30 days of receipt to be eligible for full refund (excluding s&h). Furniture: Returned furniture will be assessed a 10% restocking fee. Any damages must be reported within 24 hrs of receipt (Custom items are non-returnable.) Clothing/Shoes: Must be returned within 14 days with authorization obtained from our call center. Unauthorized returns are not subject to refund. Items must be unworn and retain all tags with packaging intact. Personalized Calling Cards/Address Labels/Embroidery: Unless type is errored by VTCo., custom printed items are nonreturnable. Type design is subject to our artists’ discretion. Accuracy of information Every attempt is made to avoid errors in pricing and product information. We reserve the right to correct them, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Thorntree Castle

Mirrored Wall Sconce Festooned with plump roses and embellishments painted in old jeweled hues, a wall-mounted decorative will infuse a room with romantic ambience when tapers are lit for memorable occasions. 10 x 24”. #21017 $129.99 ($180. value)

Romantic R u bb e r G l o v e s Dishwashing glam. Whimsy makes the drudgery fun. One size. Gift Boxed. #20270 $9.99 ($20. value)

PROP 65 Warning Some products sold in this catalog may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Delivery of Furniture & Drop Ship Items Expected delivery times may vary depending on the item. We will provide you with an estimated time line when placing your order. Most pieces are shipped by a freight company, and the carrier will contact you via phone to set up an appointment Monday through Friday (Saturday delivery available in some areas for an additional fee). Rush shipping is not available on drop ship items. We regret that these items cannot ship to destinations outside the contiguous United States. Items being delivered by a freight company, denoted by be delivered into your garage or inside your front door.

, will

Customer Service 800-700-2035


Love: Quote s a n d P a s s ag e s From the Heart Over 400 thoughts from legendary greats from Mother Teresa to Einstein, Lord Byron to Louisa May Alcott...offer sage insight into the depth and diversity of the most powerful of emotions. 7”. Hrdcvr, 212p. #16900 $11.99 (was $15.)

Valentine Postcard Book

Thirty different oversized postcards (5 x 7”) are each intriguing and beautiful...reproduced from a rare collection and perforated with antique graphics on back sides.

#18725 $7.99 (was $10.)

H e a r t wa r m i n g B o x e s

19th c. tinted photographs grace the lids of two nested keepsake boxes. 8”.

#20146 $11.99/pr. ($25. value) Save on 2 or more! $9.99/pr.

Tales of Spring Book Boxe s Quaint little stash boxes mimic lovely old books. Pressed paper. Magnetic closure. Bethany Lowe Designs. 5 x 6”. #16810 $24.99/pr. (was $40.)

Le Chic B o o k B o x e s Nested storage boxes are graced with French fashion plates upon the lids. Art is screened on fabric applied to wooden boxes with gold leaf edges. 5 x 6”. #19659 $12.99/pr. ($40. value)

Dry Erase M e m o M ag n e t s For fridge, lockers... jot reminders and wipe clean. Magnetic. 15”, & 9” ea. #19667 $5.99/pr. ($15. value) Save on 2 or more! $4.99/pr.

Flocked G o t h i c B o x e s A dramatic Victorian graphic is applied in raised velvet for elegant presentations. Nested set of 3. Largest 10 x 6 x 5”. Smallest 8 x 5 x 4”. #21454

$6.99/set ($13. retail) Save on 3 or more! $5.99/set



Keyhole C h i n t z R i bb o n B o x Rather than fishing through boxes and bags to chase the ribbon’s end, pull a pretty hair bow or giftwrap tie from a tidy spool box with antiqued escutcheon castings. 12 x 5 x 4”.

#20149 $11.99 ($30. value) Save on 2 or more! $9.99/ea.

C o t t o n E y e l e t P o u ch e s Clean crisp cotton pouches appear to have been rescued from Grandma’s linen chest. 5 x 7”. #19665 $9.99/set of 4 ($30. value) Save on 3 or more! $7.99/set

E m b r o i d e r e d G i f t P o u ch e s Hand embroidered, these dainty pouches will be cherished almost as much as the gift inside. Hand embroidered taffeta, linen & polyester. 7 x 9” ea. #19664 $14.99/set of 4 ($40. value) Save on 2 or more! $12.99/set

Parisienne Miniature 
H at b o x e s Faded pastel tints upon century-old tintype photographs images were retrieved from our postcard collection and adorn perfectly sized gift boxes. 7 x 3” & 6 x 2”. #20145 $9.99/pr. ($25. value) Save on 2 or more! $7.99/pr.

Cottage Wallpaper B o o k B o x An old print is rendered to a unique storage box. Fabric covered. 6 x 8 x 2”. #19661 $7.99 ($30. value) Save on 2 or more! $5.99/ea.

Gift Enclosure Tin An indispensable keeper of those petite to and from cards will stash any diminutive items or serve as a quaint gift box. Enclosure Card Box w/ 24 asst. enclosure cards. 4”. #17397 $7.99/set ($16. value) Save on 3 or more! $5.99/set

Enclosure Card Box.

#16999 $3.99/ea. (was $6.) Save on 3 or more! $2.99/ea.

M ore C learance I tems :

Velvet Beaded D r aw s t r i n g P o u ch e s A gift in itself! Present your gifts with panache...easy and elegant. 5 asst. colors. Velvet. Largest 7 x 9”.

#15673 $7.99/set (was $15.) Save on 3 or more! $6.99/set


D a i ly M a i l O r g a n i z e r

Thirty days hath September...thirty one slots are numbered in gold to ensure timely bill paying, cash flow, and prevent belated birthday cards. A drawer will stash stamps, address labels, check books and envelopes. 16 x 7 x 7”. #16485 $39.99 ($70. value)

“Face of an Angel” Night Light A soft light transcends crystal blue eyes and flawless skin. Obtained from a 19th c. advertising card carefully extracted from a once cherished scrapbook. C7 light bulb included. UL. On/off switch. 5 x 3”.

Ostrich Plume P e n & H o l d e r Scribe your words with finesse! What better accompaniment to guest books or desk registry? Or simply light a candle, add classical music and compose an inspired letter for a deserving loved one. Antique brass finish. Gift boxed. 18”. #20042 $19.99 ($40. value) Fragranced Inks available online, #21289.

Q & A a Day:

#15641 $5.99 ($20. value) Save on 2 or more! $3.99/ea.

5 Year Journal Create a time capsule of the next 5 years of your life starting at any day. Insight for others and endorsement for yourself. 365 Questions - 5 Years - 1,825 Answers. 366 p. Hrdcvr. 6”. #20435 $12.99 (was $17.)

Victorian Scrap N o t e b o o k &

B o h e m i a n D i e -C u t J o u r n a l s Three-ring bound art books with pierced scalloped edge are whimsical notebooks. 6”.

Photo Album

Turn-of-the-century images adorn the covers of crafter books. Notebook (lovers) 5H x 7” Photo album (fairy) 5 x 6H”.

#19670 $11.99/pr. ($25. value) Save on 2 or more! $9.99/pr.

#19688 $9.99/pr. ($25. value) Save on 2 or more! $7.99/pr.

Floral Calling Card Case A vintage floral will help you store your calling cards with style. PU Leather. 3 x 4”. #17776 $3.99 ($20. value) Save on 3 or more! $2.99/ea.



L e t t e r R ac k & P e r i o d i c a l C a s e Brushy florals in muted pastels are enameled upon very non-corporate home office accessories. Metal. Letter Rack. 10 x 9 x 3”. #10347 $19.99 ($30. value) Periodical Case. 10 x 12 x 4”. #10348 $19.99 (was $30.) Silvery Plume P e n & I n k A grand presentation box invites the art of scribed thought that accompanies the ritual of true letter writing. Includes pen, ink bottle, and envelopes.

“New Baroque” B o o k e n d s Fabulous faux footwear is encrusted with florals and crystals, and weighted to prop your books fashion forward. Metal/resin. 6”.

#17683 $29.99/pr. (was $40.)

#20043 $12.99 ($40. value)

Purse Keychain Flash Drive A clever enhancer charm will transport laptop data. This is a popular keepsake gift when photographs are transferred within it. Enameled with pearl and crystal drop. PC or Mac compatible. 4 GB. #20023 $24.99 ($45. value)

Rennie Mackintosh

D e c o R o s e P e n da n t The distinctive art deco rose immortalized by the revered designer will dangle from a chain on your favorite sweaters. 1”. #20041 $4.99 ($25. value) Rennie Mackintosh

M e ta l L ac e D e s k A c c e s s o r i e s The distinctive art deco rose is rendered to a woman’s office collection. French white. 3 piece set: Upright Letter Rack, Pen Holder & Memo Tray with 300 memo pages. #20160 $14.99/set ($25. value) Flat Letter Tray. 14 x 10”. #20156 $9.99

($20. value)

Waste Bin. 11”. #20158 $14.99 ($30. value)

Save on the Complete Set! #20686 $29.99/5 pc. set ($75. value)

M ore C learance I tems :


Elizabethan Journals Pen your thoughts within exquisite blank books worthy of Shakespeare. Inner pocket. Ribbon marker. 160p. Lined. 8 x 5”. $5.99/ea. ($20. value) Gilded Filigree Parchment. #19680 Tooled Roses (right: foldover w/ magnetic closure). #19678 Save on 4 or more! $4.99/ea.

Florentine J o u r n a l s

Opalescent and foiled embellishments appoint heirloom-caliber notebooks in which to pen your daily thoughts. Inner pocket. Ribbon marker. 160p. Lined. 8 x 5”. $6.99/ea. ($20. value) Copper & Gold. #19677 / Charcoal & Silver #19679 Additional Journals online.

Save on 4 or more! $5.99/ea.

C a r t e P o s ta l e B o x Awaiting a love letter, this quaint postal box is graced with romanticized penmanship derived from a French correspondence. Galvanized steel. 11”. #17030 $16.99 (was $20.)

Forever Rose

Photo Frame Unlike a rose that fades, a photo will endure. Lovely old watercolors are decoupaged upon wooden frames with index hardware mounted on front. 7 x 5”. Holds 3 x 4”. photos.

#19675 $7.99 ($12. value)

Keepsake Bookmarks A variety of pendants dangle from silver tongues to mark your last read words. $7.99/ea. Fell asleep here. #20380 (above) Booklovers never go to bed alone. #20379 (above) Photo. #20381 (left) / Heart. #20633 (left)



Prism Inks & Dip Pen A spectrum of wax-sealed hues will quench a thirsty wooden dip pen flourished with goldleaf finish. Revive the joy of a scribed letter...light a candle and compose an inspired message to a loved one worthy of more than ballpoint ink. Wooden pen. Ink bottles 5.5 oz. #20760 $16.99 ($32. retail) Fancy Foil Journals Leave your mark...record your dreams, opinions, observations and recollections in handsome lined blank books. 100 p. each. 9 x 6”. #19881 $4.99/pr. ($30. value) Save on 2 or more! $3.99/pr.

C o tt o n C h i n t z J o u r n a l

A homespun blank book awaits one’s written memos, reflections and anecdotes. Lined 5H x 8H”.

#19882 $6.99 ($15. value)

Kindle T r a d i t i o n a l T e c h C a s e Hopeless romantics prefer vintage-inspired cases for modern technology. Very classic faux croc is embellished with gold-plated adornments. 8 x 5”. #19913

Humorous Card Assortments

$16.99 ($50. value)

Depicting the bawdy side of Victorian life...Even the most dignified let their hair down every once in a while! One should always have a lighthearted assortment of alloccasion cards on hand for the ornery ones in your life. Two different assortments of 12. All cards are 4H x 6G” and include a white envelope and fascinating quote on the backside of each greeting.


Only $6.99 each asst. ($24. value!) Assortment 1 #4085 / Assortment 2 #4086 Save on Both! #17657 $12.99/2 sets (24 cards!)

D e s s e r t M ag n e t s

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” A diet of smiles is the most healthful. A pair of mighty magnets will appease your appetite for feeling happy. Second magnet reads: “Families are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts.” 2”.

#20400 $6.99/pr.

M ore C learance I tems :


S a n c t ua r y V o t i v e Holder Special intentions for each lit candle rekindles faith in something greater than us... and needn’t be reserved for a cathedral. Illuminate your sacred ground with a myriad of flickering candles. 29 x 16 x 52”. #14336 $299.99 ($500. retail)

English C h o c o l at e P o t & F r o t h e r Ours exclusively, this antique replica hot chocolatier offers the distinctive wood handle and a magic wand that will whip an airy confection in a mug. 10”. #19249 $59.99 ($140. value)

Old Hoot

Each is meticulously created using the ages-old methods of glass artisans. Hand painted. Replicated from a German antique...who’s the wiser to know it’s new? 4”. #13626 $4.99 ($28. value) Paprika Paisley C a s h m i n k W r a p The ultimately soft drape for chilly evenings. 20 x 80”. Gift boxed.

Needlepoint Roses

B r i c k D o o r s t o p C o v e r -U p A clever cover-up for a paver will secure the door open. Pure wool. Fits standard brick. 8 x 3I x 2G”. #16589 $17.99 ($40. value)

#18971 $39.99 (was $50.)

S i g m u n d the Snow Owl An exquisitely hand painted heirloom ornament is inspired by a German glass antique. 7”.

T h e S o n ata by Irving R. Wiles 14 x 21”. #19181 $29.99 (was $50.)

Additional framed prints available online.


#17559 $3.99 ($28. value)


Gypsum Vase An auction treasure served as the predecessor for authentically executed replicas. Woodsy hues of moss and bronze are washed in subtle jeweled hues. 11”. Hand cast & painted.

A m b e r M o o n T r ay That big nightlight in the sky was personified by a 19th c. candy maker with this illustration upon the box. The brittle lithograph is rendered to a metal serving tray with gilded rim. 14”. #19248 $12.99 ($25. value)

#18520 $9.99 ($40. value)

Bourbon Bubbler

B o dy S c r u b Fall’s beauty regime is natural and assures an intoxicatingly beautiful complexion. The fragrance is a sublime jaunt through the garden and distillery! 12 oz.

Vintage Wine Poster Art

Postcards Revive a Victorian tradition for less postage than cards. Bound in a booklet, a heartwarming collection of vibrant images are compiled from rare collections. 24 cards.

#19753 $29.99 ($45. retail)

#20568 $4.99 (was $7.) Other postcard books available online.

“I’m Pining For You” H o o k e d P i l l o w Created in the days of Teddy Roosevelt, this nubby “Lodge Chic” cushion is a constant reminder towards someone dear to your heart. 100% wool. 12 x 18”. #16611 $59.99 (was $80.)

Gabriella Firescreen

After the fires have burned...a lovely frontispiece for the hearth during summer months is inspired by European antiques. 37 x 40”. Wood/resin. Hand painted. #16840 $199.99 ($500. value)

Brass Candle Holder An exquisite perch for the flickering candle. 5” dia.

#20409 $9.99 (was $15.)

M ore C learance I tems :


Autumn is sooner than you think !

Phantom Drape Mantel Scarf A sobering underlayment contributes drama to your candelabra and haunted house accessories. 19 x 80”. USA. 100% polyester. #17418 $14.99 ($24. retail)

Whoo’s in the Bell Jar? A precious curiosity preserves the old soul of the wide-eyed bird. Glass & paper maché. 5”. #19301 $14.99 (was $20.)

C l au d i a ’ s C au l d r o n Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...she stirs what appears to be marshmallow fluff soon to be fudge. 8”. KD Vintage. #15515 $24.99 (was $37.)

Glamorous Witch Clock A retro vixen sets the time back to the war-era when million-dollar legs were a woman’s best asset. Requires one AA battery. Metal. 10 x 15”. #19622 $11.99 ($30. value)

H e l l o J ac k A confrontive lass looks a lantern in his carved eyes. Hand painted and glittered. KD Vintage. 5”. #17358 $14.99 ($20. retail)

Pumpkin Ride October affords a perfect day for touring the willing! Bethany Lowe Designs. 8 x 13”. #15556 $59.99 ($74. retail)



N o s ta l g i c F a l l T r i m s Plump acorns and berries are nestled within velvet foliage upon wires that will bend and twist around just about anything. (4 acorn stems & 4 bittersweet stems.) Bethany Lowe Designs. Gift boxed. Stems 9”. #17496 $12.99 (was $20.) H y d r a n g e a W r e at h Petals of plum and aubergine hue are nestled amidst grape leaf. 24”. #19692 $69.99 (was $90.) A u t u m n a l C a n dy M o l d s Coveted auction finds are fond icons of the harvesting season and conjure cozy thoughts of homestead kitchens. KD Vintage. Turkey. 9”. #17361 $19.99 ($32. retail) Pumpkin. 9”. #17364 $14.99 ($22. retail) Victorian Pincushion The spider was an icon of patience as they tediously crafted their lacy webs, and thus were assigned to mending imagery. Inspired by a popular old design, appliqués and embroidery are hand stitched upon wool felt and stuffed with sawdust/cotton blend to keep needles and pins sharp. 7”. #19306 $14.99 (was $20.)

K i t t i e s B e at t h e B a n d An odd postcard dated early 1900s inspired this hilarious figural. The antique correspondence is rendered to the lid of the gift box. 7 x 9”. Hand painted resin. Keepsake gift box. #17943 $16.99 ($50. value)

“ T i dy T i l dy ” We cherish our century old postcard dated 1907 so much that we wanted to bring the industrious little bird to life. Antique print upon gift box. 6”. #17690 $9.99 ($40. value) M ore C learance I tems : 45

“ Toxic” Labels Transform a bottle of soda or beer into a deadly potion! Clever gummed labels will underestimate the contents within. 16 assorted. 4 x 5”. Scary Soda Labels. (above) 2 liter. 7 x 6”. #19596 $3.99/set of 8 (was $10.)

Beer Labels. 4 x 3H”.

#19597 $3.99/set of 24 (was $10.) (Please view additional Halloween estate sale items on our website:

I m m o r ta l M o r t o n This tattered soul will gleefully scare the living daylights out of anyone he encounters...he’ll soar from the darnedest places- fireplaces, windows, hang from coat closets. Foam/Linen. 65”. #11979 $69.99 (was $120.)

(Make supply!)

Hell’s Belle Her wide-eyed innocence is just a deceit! Each is an original art piece mounted on a tinkling bell. Hand painted linen dolls were very popular in the late 1800s because they were inexpensive or homemade and safe for young children. Resin, metal. 4”. Bethany Lowe Designs. #19259 $12.99 ($24. retail)

“Bettina & Orangina”

Toss Pillows Precious punkinheads do a sister act upon the sofa or porch swing. Derived from antique German postcards. Cotton blend. 12 x 9”. #17658 $19.99/pr. ($38. retail)

O r g a n z a C a n dy B ag s Velvet flocking and silver cobwebs upon crisp drawstring pouches are perfect for fall treats or gifts. 7”. #19466 $3.99/set (was $7.) Save on 6 or more! $1.99/set



“H e l l o n W h e e l s ” The spinster’s boot is whimsically mounted in pull-toy fashion. Crafted with a patina that is convincingly antique. 10”. #19690 $34.99 ($54. retail)

Nicole Sayre T r i c k s & T r e at s C a n dy B o x e s Hand formed heads are meticulously painted by the artist’s gifted hands. Each is a collectible that will harbour tiny treasures. 7”. $14.99/ea. (was $20.) Tricks. #17522 / Treats. #17521

Hide & Seek Peekaboo from inside a pumpkin shell. A hand painted figurine will grace shelves, sills and occasional tables. Faux chalkware. 6”. Bethany Lowe Designs. #13462 $24.99 ($34. retail)

C r o u c h i n g K i tt y

A winsome waif goes incognito upon a precious figural. Hand painted. LED color lights. 7”. Batteries included. #19464 $9.99 ($20. value)

Artifacts in A n t i q u e M e d i c i n e B o tt l e s

“Splinters of Cinderella’s slipper that she threw at the prince when she found out that he’d slept with Rapunzel!” Each cloudy chamber is

embellished with shiny findings, old silk and sealed in paraffin. 7”. #19274 $49.99/ea. ($70. retail)

Ramekins Four antique postcards revisit upon fluted snack bowls for nuts or crème brûlée! Ceramic. 4”. Gift boxed. #17629 $9.99/set of 4 ($24. value)

M ore C learance I tems : 47

“B i g T o p ” A miniature traveling circus summons the emotions felt in a dusty summer when colorful vagabonds came to town. Spotlights upon animated acrobats horses and lions. A haunting soundtrack transports one there. 12”. 50 songs. Gift boxed. #19287 $149.99 ($200. retail)

Bertrand on Wheels A soulful eyed polar bear can handle the icy tundra but fears the roller rink! Bethany Lowe Designs. 11”. #18898 $59.99 (was $80.)

“S i n i s t e r S a l ” He offers an evil-eye with an insincere smirk. An exquisitely crafted collectible from the coveted artist. Highly appreciable limited edition 17”. Bethany Lowe

M ac a b r e M o n k e y Don’t let his impish charm fool you...this chimp will do anything for circus peanuts! Hand painted with a nostalgic clown costume. Hand painted. Bethany Lowe Designs. 8 ”. #17323

Designs. #18899 $59.99 (was $80.)

$16.99 ($22. retail)

“Cupcake & Toots” Seals C i r c u s A n i m a l s From the celebrated artist, three-ring favorites are rendered in beautiful antique style. Bethany Lowe Designs. 6”. #18896 $39.99/pr. ($52. retail)



M o o n b oy & S k e l ly An original hand-molded figural is painted and costumed with his boney little sidekick upon his arm. 8”. Bethany Lowe Designs. #18883 $24.99 ($36. value) Gourd Girl Tart Burner A sassy punkin derived from a rare postcard is rendered to a fragrance pot with a chamber for a tea light to melt scented wax or oil. Ceramic. 5”. #17909 $7.99 ($24. value)

Save on 2 or more! 6.99/ea. Autumn Tart Sampler. Apple Pie, Orange & Clove, Caramel Apples, Cinnamon Vanilla & Cranberry. #18331 $9.95

Cinna-Bon Tarts. #21456 $9.95/set of 12 Snowman Tart Burner available online.

B l ac k C at Paper Lanterns A striking image derived from an advertisement for wooden matches graces a nostalgic favorite. 12”. #17625 $6.99/pr. ($20. retail) Save on 2 or More! $4.99/pr.

Also Available: Light Cord. 12’. #13010 $4.99/ea. Save on 3 or More! $3.99/ea.

H at t i e ’ s G o n e B at t y An unexpected October gust sets her skirt a-sail. Hand formed, painted and decorated, each Gothic girl is an original art piece. KD Vintage. 7 x 4”. #17360 $16.99 ($30. retail)

Gothic Headstones Haunting grounds are marked by final wishes to rest peacefully for eternity. Lightweight faux-stone foamboard. 2 assorted. 25” tall. Polyfoam. #19470 $17.99/pr. ($27. value)

M ore C learance I tems :


Pierrot Parisienne

A beautiful buffoon in classic French harlequin form. Includes outfit, hat, skirt and socks. S/M, L/XL, 1X/2X.

#19078 $29.99 ($85. value) Also available (view online): Wig. #20140 $29.95

“Spellbound ” J i g s aw D i s p l ay A Victorian image derived from an old scrapbook is decoupaged upon a charming display for window and centerpiece. 16”.

G h o s t ly B r i d e & G r o o m Be forewarned...this was not a marriage made in heaven! Wicked laughter and flashing eyes give evidence to this. 72”. Batteries included.

#17243 $16.99 (was $25.)

#17106 $19.99 ($50. value)

Gypsy Fortune Teller Bring on the tea leaves, the tarot cards and crystal ball...the future is soon to be unveiled! Includes skirt, blouse, waist scarf and head scarf. S-3X.

#19223 $59.99 ($100. value) Crystal Ball available online #20028. Black Wig. #20126 $29.95

Intaglio Necklace available on p. 15. #20064 $79.99

Ring. #18418 $29.95 Bracelet & Earrings. #13942 $11.95



K i n g ’ s M i s t r e s s (right) Guillotine-bound. And the full regalia is sewn of gilded brocade in fussy Parisian form. Includes gown. Accessorize with a lap-dog! S-3X. #19217 $49.99 ($100. value) Also available (view online):

Golden Tresses Wig. #20137 $29.95 Floral Fan. #10215 $19.95 Floral Hair Clip. #20123 $29.95

Renaissance Maiden Lancelot’s Girl. A Pre-Raphaelite gown of regal fabrications could be found in Guinevere’s closet. S-3X.

B l ac k W i d o w L a n t e r n Inner candlelight flickers through the silhouette of an industrious arachnid. Metal with hinged door. Candle not included. 7”. #17686 $7.99 ($20. value) Save on 2 or more! $5.99/ea.

#19216 $39.99 ($60. value) (Make supply!) Also available (view online):

Golden Tresses Wig. #20137 $29.95 Necklace. #20134 $79.95 Bracelet. #17794 $59.95 Camelot Hat with long tulle train in a keepsake hatbox. #19982 $69.95

Vampira This vixen’s beauty is merely skin deep. Includes gown and jeweled choker. S/M, L/XL, 1X/2X.

#19079 $29.99 ($85. value) Also available (view online):

Wig. One size. #20122 $19.95 Necklace. #20128 $39.95 Earrings. #20130 $29.95

M ore C learance I tems : 51

Halloween Light Garland Rusty blooms against menacing black foliage are illuminated with buttery light. 11’. UL listed. #17624 $14.99 ($30. value)

Witch Masterpiece Soars across a hazy Halloween sky illuminated only by a fingernail moon. Fall guests will delight in this seasonal masterpiece that is brought out of storage annually to take place upon the wall. Stretched canvas. 26 x 21”. #15792 $24.99 ($100. value) Queen of Hearts She’s a “ little tart” ! Out of the pages of Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale, this extravagant ensemble includes gown, and velvet jeweled choker. S-3X. #19222 $49.99 ($110. value) Also available online: Wig. #20125 $19.95

Earrings. #20132


Headless Hans An amusing doll will assuredly evoke a grin on those of us who have kept our heads. 28”. #14237 $49.99 (was $80.)

Bunny Costume Yes, Virginia, there is a big fluffy rabbit that leaves pastel goodies every Spring! His plush coat invites hugs and petting. Includes mask, jumpsuit, furry mitts, vest, bow tie and shoe covers. One size. #19091 $119.99 (was $150.)



G o t h i c L ac e

An eerie brocade weaves subliminal spiders and skulls within a traditional pattern. USA. 100% polyester. Swag. 38 x 40”. #17419 $14.99 ($25. retail) Panel. 38 x 84”. #17420 $19.99 ($30. retail) Coordinating Lamp Shade Slipcover online. #13751

Merry Widow Her soft smile conceals the longing for her beloved. Print under glass. Ornate gilded wood frame. 20 x 26”. #17298 $69.99 (was $80.)

19 t h c . B a mb o o M at A pen & ink rendering of Victorian masquerade invites a party. 24 x 36”. #19869 $19.99 ($34. retail)

B o n e A pp e t i t !

Great advice for a fellow who may have missed a meal! The debonair skeleton offers a tray of fruit and vino. 16”. Karen Didion Originals.

#20052 $49.99 (was $60.)

Bottlecap O r n a m e n t s & P i n s Otherwise discards from a brown bottle of sarsaparilla, icons of Halloween are rendered upon miniature ornaments perfectly suited for a tabletop goose feather tree. 1”. #17402 $6.99/set of 12 (was $15.)

Bottlecap Pins. #17401 $6.99/set of 6

(was $15.) Feather Tree available online #18091.

Masquerade Includes black, floor length velvet gown, handheld mask and feather hair accessory. S-3X. #19221 $49.99 ($85. value) Also available (view online):

Marie Antoinette Wig. #14517 $29.95 Branwyn Pearls. #19538 $119.95 M ore C learance I tems : 53

December Scrapbook Porcelain Teapot A hodgepodge of 19th c. ephemera marries within a dear collage that only enhances the joyous teataking ritual. Fine bone China. Gift boxed. 40 oz. #13681 $19.99 ($45. value) C h r i st m a s C a r d A ss o r t m e n t A beautiful assortment of museum-quality Christmas cards. Sampler includes 50 cards & envelopes (5 images, 10 cards each). Assortment may vary.

C o u n td o w n


S a n ta

The anticipation is celebrated daily as we dial the days away on a charming wall plaque. 10 x 15”.

#21452 $14.99/set ($120. value)

#17203 $14.99 ($20. retail)

S a n ta ’ s “Nose So Bright” With a schnozz to rival Rudolph, this whimsical porcelain light adds both merry and bright to the holiday home. Bethany Lowe Designs. Porcelain. 6 x 3”. #13716 $14.99 ($20. retail)

“Lisette” F o l k D o l l A n g e l A prized 19th c. doll endures another century from a lost wax casting. Tea-dyed angel wings and Venetian lace-appointed gown. VTCo. for Kurt S. Adler. 12”.

#17236 $16.99 (was $30.)

P e a r l e d B u ds G a r l a n d A delicacy of dainty blooms and petite foliage marry in an enchanted bough that reflects the light. 4”. #20083 $11.99 ($30. value)



H o l i day A p o t h e c a r y J a r s

R e t r o S a n ta ’ s B ag A nostalgic design conjures memories of Woolworths during the holidays. Primitives by Kathy.

The suggested storage of holiday treats harboured within classic pharmacy may opt for candy instead? Food safe. 3 assorted styles. Sizes range from 12” to 16” tall. #17882 $39.99/set ($75. value)

#18387 $19.99 (was $25.)

Matching Tree Skirt. Table top tree size. 12”. (View online). #18389 $14.99 (was $20.)

Victorian Glass Balls 19th c. Merchants’ Banner Those who avidly collect the intricate and curious German Dresden ornaments will appreciate this beautiful watercolour canvas that once hung upon German shopkeeper’s walls. Canvas. 20 x 30”. #17214 $16.99 ($30. retail)

Elf Bells Hand painted linen faces revisit the early art of doll making. 4”. Bethany Lowe Designs. #19326 $29.99/pr. (was $40.)

Christmas Botanical O r n a m e n t s Antique florals are applied to the classic ornament shape. Tin/paper. 6 x 3”. #17915 $9.99/set of 5 (was $20.)

Amelia’s Stocking

Anticipating reindeer on her roof, a girl springs to life from a coveted Ellen Clapsaddle illustration circa 1910. Hand painted. 7”. #19292 $16.99 (was $20.)

M ore C learance I tems : 55

Christmas Morning Shoe

Tuck a tiny treasure inside...or dangle from tree bough. Faux leather. Bethany Lowe Designs. 4”. #17328 $9.99 ($15. retail)

Young Misses & Muffs Porcelain Disc Ornaments Inspired by our antique German postcard collection, these three beauties are trying to stay warm amidst winter’s chill while spreading “A Merrie Christmas” wish. Porcelain. 3”.

Musical Church Bell Tower Monks in the tower ring in the Holiday season. A church scene can be viewed through the window behind nostalgic bottle brush trees. Chimes or plays 8 classic Holiday carols (view list online). Resin. AC adaptor included. 8 x 11”.

#17564 $9.99/set of 3 (was $20.)

Greeting Card P h o t o M at t e Glad tidings of the season... 5 x 7”.

#19550 $49.99 ($100. value)

$1.99/set of 6 (was $14.) Save on 4 or more! $0.99/set of 6

Snowbirds. #21504 Holly. #21323

“Santa’s Workshop” Musical Ornament Diorama A rare peek into Santa’s hidden workshop. Plays 8 Christmas carols. Requires 3 AA batteries. 7”. #19710 $19.99 ($50. value)

A dv e n t C a l e n da r

Mounting anticipation continues a lovely old tradition in which a die cut door is opened daily to reveal a seasonal vision. 10 x 14”.

#20265 $7.99 (was $10.)



“Half Doll” F a n O r n a m e n t s Our coveted porcelains once perched atop powder puffs, but now wear accordion pleat skirts with vintage holly prints. VTCo. for Kurt S. Adler. 7”. #17248 $16.99/pr. (was $20.)

“Old St. Nick” K e y O r n a m e n t s A trio of skeleton keys in antique finishes will charm the tree boughs or grace giftwrap. 5”. #20293 $6.99/set of 3 ($20. value)

N o s ta l g i c P i c k s H o l i day T r i m s A variety of velvet poinsettias, pearled mistletoe and holly appear to be estate sale finds. For baked goods, craft and gift wrap. Bendable wire stems. Set of 9 stems. (3 Poinsettia, 3 Holly Berry, 3 Mistletoe.) Custom assortment. Bethany Lowe Designs.

#17497 $12.99/box (was $20.)

“Winter Pastorale” Diorama Ornaments Two idyllic landscapes are preserved under glass. 3”.

#20294 $6.99/pr. ($20. value)

“Candy Cane Kitties” H o l i day A p r o n A wholesome print features festive felines on a gathered sash-style apron. Wipe wet hands, and protect your holiday finery from flour smudges while creating a happy holiday family tradition. If you’re wearing it, turkey and pecan pie are inevitably nearby! 100% cotton. #15923 $9.99 ($25. value)

Central Park in Winter Music Box Lamp posts, cross bridges and contented couples encircle a decorated fir. Plays “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” while figures revolve when the lid is lifted. Wind up. 6”. #19709 $24.99 ($50. value)

M ore C learance I tems :


Kris Kringle’s M i l k & C o o k i e s A magical illustration retrieved from a correspondence card postmarked 1901 will endure further generations upon a porcelain mug and saucer duet. Gift boxed. Mug 4”, saucer 8”.

S n o w y C o t tag e T i n

#17344 $11.99 ($30. retail)

A cherished postcard adorns this keepsake box. For holiday greetings, small gifts, or decor. 10 x 7 x 3”.

T i n M o l d O rn a m e n t s Petite candy molds can be tied to a ribbon on gift wrap or festoon a tabletop tree. 2”.

#19658 $6.99 ($15. value) Save on 3 or more! $4.99/ea.

#17854 $5.99/set of 8 ($15. retail)

St. Nicholas in Rocker A romantic portrayal of Father Christmas finds the weary traveler in a deserved state of repose. Bethany Lowe Designs. 11”. #19327 $29.99 ($60. value)

“Snowbelle” B at t i n g O rn a m e n t Enrobed in the soft cotton found within quilts, the industrious Victorian craft endures. KD Vintage. 5”. #17363 $16.99 (was $25.)

Holly B r a ss S ta m p & Sealing Wax An insignia of the prickled berry foliage will press into melted paraffin to refine gift wrap, crafts and holiday correspondences. A unique gift. #19031 $11.99 ($25. value)

Sugared Mistletoe

Napkin Rings The spry white berry that induces smooches finds itself encompassing rolled dinner linens. 2”. #19351 $14.99/set of 4 Save on 3 or more! $12.99/set



Countdown to Christmas A crimson marker journeys towards the best-loved holiday. Tin. 16 x 10”. #17430 $7.99 ($25. value) Save on 2 or more! $5.99/ea.

“Bells Ring at Christmas”

Heirloom Box A sweet-faced lass bearing a bell in hand stands atop a treasure box wrapped in a vintage holly print. Hand painted antique casting. Bethany Lowe Designs. 8”. #17324 $16.99 ($28. retail)

W a lt z e r ’ s M u s i c B o x

A winter diorama harbours handsome couples who glide and twirl to the tune of Strauss’s Skater’s Waltz while musicians play on. Resin. AC adaptor included. 8 x 10”.

#19551 $59.99 ($100. value) Additional Holiday Music Boxes available on our website.

P o s t c a r d C h r i s t m a s T r ay An antique postcard stamped 1913 has been rendered to a tray for your holiday serving needs. Plastic. 18 x 13”. #17917 $9.99 ($25. value)

Figurine Trivet

Snowman Poop & R e i n d e e r D r o pp i n g s Not! Even the most dignified of us cannot help but be amused by the absurd comparisons!

Stocking Holder A cast iron base for your coveted holiday Santas and angels offers a hook for stockings thus eliminating nail holes in mantels. 7”.

#10782 $7.99/2 asst. pkg.

Reindeer Droppings. Crunchy almonds are drenched in creamy milk chocolate. Snowman Poop. White Hot Chocolate includes a chocolate-dipped spoon that will melt into the creamy, steamy decadence! 1.7 oz.

#18361 $12.99 ($20. value) Additional views available on our website.

M ore C learance I tems :


S t o r y b o o k O r n a m e n ts

Flurries M u s i c B o x Gleeful children peer through a parlour picture window into a wintry wonderland. Blowing “snow” dances upon a hand painted village scene. Plays 8 classic Christmas songs. 11”.

Brittle volumes published in the late 1800s will endure upon a tree. Double sided, reverse features an antique toy ad. Gilded edges. 4 x 3”.

#17311 $7.99/set of 3 ($24. value) Save on 2 or more! $6.99/set of 3

#19547 $49.99 ($100. value)

R e t r o M i n i T r e e O r n a m e n ts A nostalgic design conjures memories of Woolworths during the holidays. 2H” - 5H”. #18390 $11.99/set of 5 ($20. retail) Save on 2 or more! $10.99/set of 5

S i lv e r y I c i c l e s G a r l a n d A myriad delicate spiral cones are as magical as sterling unicorn horns. Silver resin Antiqued finish. 108”. #19297 $8.99 ($12. retail) Save on 2 or more! $7.99/ea.

Mr. & Mrs. Frost T a r t B u r n e r A vintage snowman couple are rendered to a fragrance pot with a chamber for a tea light to melt scented wax or oil. Ceramic. Tea light not included. 5”. Tart Burner. #17910 $7.99 ($24. value)

Save on 2 or more! $5.99/ea. Cinna-Bun Tarts. #21456 $9.95/set of 12

St. Nick Pillows The bearded humanitarian takes to a pair of toss cushions that will comfort a friendly conversation. 12 x 9”. #17659 $12.99/pr. ($40. value)



C h r i s t m a s C a r r i ag e R i d e

Galloping off the brittle pages of a Currier & Ives picture book, a horse-drawn wagon bears a party of well-dressed Victorian passengers. Motion and carriage sounds. 15”.

Christmas Tree Lantern A French white lantern harbours a different glow within. It was customary in Europe to decorate woodland firs outside of the home on Christmas eve. A curious deer and squirrel gravitate towards the light. Plays 15 year-round songs and 15 Christmas carols. Requires 3 AAA batteries. 13 x 6”.

#19549 $59.99 ($100. value)

#19286 $69.99 ($90. retail)

G i f t T ag O r n a m e n t s Antique postcards are given new life as a set of ornaments shaped like gift tags. Tin/paper. 4 x 2”. #17914 $12.99/set of 5

S n o w y J i n g l e B e ll B r a n c h A seemingly freshly-pruned bough is encrusted with faux snow and appointed with classic crimson bells that conjure childhood emotions. 24”. #18373 $7.99 (was $20.) Save on 3 or more! $6.99/ea.

“Gnome Brothers”

Mercury Glass Ornaments The first gnomes were created in Germany in the mid-1880s and are experiencing new interest. 5”.

Keyhole Ornaments Sneak a peek to see what is in store for Christmas morn! VTCo. for Kurt S. Adler. 8”.

#17247 $9.99/pr. ($20. retail)

#15635 $7.99/pr. ($25. value)

M ore C learance I tems : 61

N o s ta l g i c Tree Pin The likes of this could be found on many a ladies’ coat lapels in decades past. 2 x 1H”. #13541 $9.99 ($20. value)

Jacqueline Kent

Mini Christmas Thermometers Use these mini thermometers to affix greeting cards, notes and pictures to the fridge or front door. Magnetic. 2H x 3I”.

M r . S m i t h M u s i c a l J ac k -I n -B o x Inspired by the nursery favorite, a gleeful old jester is a delightful decorative from the coveted artist’s collections. Wind up. Decorative only. Plays “Babes in Toyland”. 16”. #20275 $79.99 ($150. retail)

#20148 $6.99/pr. ($15. value) Save on 3 or more! $4.99/pr.

Gilded Berry Garland A cascade of magnificence will embellish banisters, mantel and doorways. 6’ .

S a n ta T h e r m o m e t e r Jack Frost is a regular visitor and the clanging radiators work fulltime to keep the place toasty warm. Monitor the temperature with this authentically distressed gauge. Tin. 11”.

#18385 $12.99 (was $20.) Save on 2 or more! $11.99/ea.

#20147 $7.99 ($15. value) Save on 3 or more! $5.99/ea.

Matchbox Melodies M u s i c B o x e s Animated miniature scenes come to life to the tune of holiday favorites when the drawer is opened! A delightful stocking stuffer or purse-sized amusement for youngsters. Wind key on bottom. 3”. $9.99/ea. (was $15.)

Jingle Bells. #8698 Deck the Halls. #8696

Save on 4 or more! $7.99/ea. Images of open boxes are available on our website.

B o t t l e c a p M ag n e t s

Indispensable for your “refrigerator gallery”...especially when loved ones’ holiday photographs arrive in the mail. 1”.

#17404 $7.99/set of 6 (was $13.)

Save on 2 or more! $6.99/set

Also available as ornaments (view online)

#17403 $7.99/asst. set of 10 (was $13.) Save on 2 or more! $6.99/set



Embroidered H o l ly A p r o n The stitchery is so pretty upon this crisp white pinafore apron, it is assured to become a holiday tradition worn by the mistress of the house each holiday. A cherished hostess gift! Pure cotton. #7597 $14.99 (was $17.)

“Hidden Room” H o l i day M us i c B o x The gaiety of the season is evidenced as the roof rises to reveal a hidden room in which Mama & Papa place the star upon the tree (shown). 8 holiday songs. (view list online) AC adaptor included. 10”. #19548 $59.99 ($150. value)

Surprise Package!

Unfolding Diorama Box Upon lifting the lid, to one’s amazement appears an enchanted winter wonderland! Bethany Lowe Designs. Opens to 11”. Closed 6”. #19324 $39.99 ($55. retail)

S a n ta & S n o w m a n Memo Pads …sweet die cut tablets derived from centuryold German postcards. Snowman 4”. Santa 3”.

#10257 $5.99/pr. (was $8.)

“Santa’s Delivery”

Car Pillow

He adopts a modern convenience to aid in his deliveries. Holly pattern backing. Cotton/poly. 12 x 9”. #18234 $9.99 ($25. value) Save on 2 or more! $7.99/ea.

M ore C learance I tems : 63

“Frozen Pond ” M u s i c B o x A winter diorama within a gilded bell harbours a pair of twirling skaters who glide to the tune of 8 holiday classics. Requires 3 AA batteries. 7”.

Fabriche Collection F i r e s i d e S a n ta C l au s The best-loved humanitarian is captured in a reflective moment. Includes figure and fireplace. 18 x 12”.

#17531 $19.99 ($50. value)

Hand Mirror Ornaments

#11158 $99.99 (was $180.)

A pair of art nouveau purse mirrors from our antique collections is replicated to dangle from the tree bough. Tintype beauties are rendered to the backs. Crystals and seed pearls on gold plate. VTCo. for Kurt S. Adler. 4”. #17249 $12.99/asst. pr. (was $20.)

Isn’t It Grand?

Music Box

A miniature skating scene adapts a rink beneath a tilttop piano. Plays 8 Christmas songs. Lighted and revolving. Gift boxed. 7 x 8”.

Woodland Lights Transform your holiday home into a magical forest. 60 lights. UL approved. Indoor/outdoor. 20”. 10’ cord.

#20086 $69.99 ($100. retail)

#18388 $24.99 ($30. retail)

Jacqueline Kent S a n ta P i n The highly collected artist is a master of creating characters. Resin. Flocked hat. 2”. #20291 $7.99 ($20. retail)



Cameo Ornaments The three antique originals reside in our owner’s jewelry box...annual gifts from her husband, Randy, every Christmas. VTCo. for Kurt S. Adler. 4”.

#17250 $19.99/asst. set of 3 (was $30.)

Waterford ™ Crystal

K i l r e e S ta n d i n g C r o s s Inspired by the famous 9th c. granite monument situated behind Round Tower in Kilkenny, the mesmerizing ninefoot symbol of faith is replicated in shape and motifs. Inspiration for the desktop. 9”. #12652 $129.99 ($160. retail)

“Gabriel & Sophia” F i g u r a l s Possessing a calm demeanor, celestial children cling to earthly souvenirs. Hand painted faux plaster. 16”. #17807 $29.99 ($75. value)

“Honore” V i c t o r i a n A n g e l T r e e T o p p e r Her sweet face is cast from a once-cherished German doll. Buttery hues of lace, honey-gold mohair tresses crowned by a tiara, and tea-stained bird-feather wings marry to create an heirloom. VTCo. for Kurt S. Adler. 12”. #17239 $29.99/ea. ($45. retail)

“Ethan & Matilda” O r n a m e n t s Hand painted figurines spring to life from the watercolour illustrations found in brittle Victorian storybooks.

Bethany Lowe Designs. $9.99/ea. ($17. retail) Ethan with Gifts. 5”. #19317 Matilda with Muff. 5”. #19318

Musical Shepherd ’s Hooks

P at h way B e l l s

Motion activated lights will greet visitors with 30 favorite holiday melodies. A retro motif adorns the bells. 19 feet. Volume control. 3 bells. Electrical. Outdoor use. Plays 30 Christmas songs. Adj. height 4” max. #19290 $89.99/set of 3 (was $100)

M ore C learance I tems : 65

F a n c y F o o t B at h

A soothing soak for those deserving feet that endure high heels and endless walking. Prior to a pedi or with a good book, your feet will thank you. Porcelain. 21 x 13 x 8”.

#18670 $69.95 ($90. value)

F o o t B at h S a lt s Lavender. #21101 Rose. #21100 $9.95/ea.

P e r s o n a l i z e d S oa p

“M o o n l i t L a k e ” Serenity under can hear the loons, whippoorwills and frogs that sing to the water’s rhythmic waves. 10 x 24”. #17300 $49.95 ($60. retail)

One might hesitate to lather from such an elegant enduring reminder of a thoughtful gift. Engraved name 7 letter max.:Gift boxed. $29.95/set of 3 Lavender. #14992 / Green Tea. #14554 / Freesia. #15255 / Honeysuckle. #14972



R a r e & B e au t i f u l F r a m e d P r i n t s

Visit our online gallery of obscure and romanticized imagery derived from private estates. Ours exclusively. Ornamental museum frames.

Fairies living in Trees T r e e D o o r Any tree is converted into an enchanted abode for the little winged people who are believed to slumber by day and dance in the moonlight. English Tudor styling has faux limestone threshold and hook for reversible sign. Painted resin. Reads: Shhhh... the fairies are sleeping / Sorry we missed you, we’re dancing in the garden. 5 x 7”.

#19166 $19.95 ($45. value) View more images online.

Credit Card Case

“If I keel over in WalMart, drag my body to Neimans” If the

Victorians carried plastic, they would surely appreciate the humorous reference to quality. For over a century, NeimanMarcus has maintained a lofty standard that has dazzled the female shopper. Gift boxed. 2 x 4”. #15291 $19.95 View online: “Can I Pay My Visa with My Mastercard?” Gift boxed. 2 x 4”. #18537

Victorian Paper Co.

$16.99 (was $20.)

Sampler Suitcase A magnificent assortment of our best-selling alloccasion cards and stationery, greeting cards, thank you’s and notecards, labels and a delightful sticker assortment. 14 x 5 x 9”. #14913 $59.95 ($156. value) Victorian Suitcase Only. #14515 $19.99 ($30. value) Sampler Refill. #19226 $39.95 ($126.00 value)


w w w. v i c t o r i a n t r a d i n g c o. c o m

Many ongoing promotions are offered exclusively on-line...hundreds of new items in our clearance section with up to 90% off original catalog price! Or send a free e-greeting to a loved one!


H a n k i e s in Nostalgic Pouch This enchanting satin handkerchief valet was concealed within an antique dealer’s booth and has been replicated to perfection. A dozen delightfully retro floral cotton squares that will wipe tears and accompany ‘bless yous’ arrive in a vintage satin pouch. 100% cotton 12”/ea. 12 asst.

American Beauty U m b r e l l a The envy of Mary Poppins....seventy-two plump blooms encompass a canopy against the elements. Nylon. Wooden handle. 36”, 41” dia.

#15067 $29.95/set of 12 ($35. value)

#14911 $19.99 ($40. value)

C u p c a k e S ta n d s The cake-for-one trend is evidenced everywhere...wholesome, happy thoughts of sprinkles and butter cream frosting deserve to be placed on a pedestal! Ceramic, gilded trim. Food safe. Gift boxed. 3”. #18012 $29.95/set of 6 ($40. value)

Please refer to p.26 for the Paper Lace Cupcake Wraps, #18832.


Queen Victoria’s H at p i n H o l d e r

with your purchase of Beautiful Hatpins (shown below). Must mention item #21508. Online Orders: Please add #21508 to your Shopping Basket. Offer ends August 31st, 2012.

B e au t i f u l H at p i n s A bouquet of century old hatpins experience a renaissance when they are articulately cast, plated in antique finishes, and meticulously graced with hand set crystals in a stained glass palette. #18904 Set of 10! $99.95/asst. set ($170. value)

Hatpins sold individually online.

M ore C learance I tems :


Presorted Standard US Postage P A ID Victorian Papers

F r e s h wat e r P e a r l Collection Like trickling dew drops upon a vine, opalescent orbs dangle from a delicate silver chain. Each drop is a unique gift of nature. Necklace. 16” with 2” ext.

#20211 $39.95 ($50. value. Earrings online.)

Free!F r e s h wat e r P e a r l B r ac e l e t

with any dress/gown purchase from this catalog or online. Must mention item #21511. Online Orders: Please add #21511 to your Shopping Basket. Limit one per customer. Offer ends August 31st, 2012.

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Victorian Trading C


Summer Sale 2012

“Myriad Moondrops”

“Girl-at-Heart” S w i n g Toes pointed, head back and hair dancing with the breeze, a wood seat designed for a mature woman who is fortunate enough to be in touch with her inner-child. Lovely hand painted roses grace a broad seat that is generously lacquered against the elements. Four drilled holes. Rope not included. 24 x 9”.

Sea Moss & Sand G o w n A sublime chemise is the grandchild of a fragile beauty that once hung within a legendary antique shop in Cape May. #18797 S-XL $149.95 1X-3X $179.95

#18825 $29.95 ($50. value)

($190. retail)

Monarch Jar Decanter

Homespun charm only serves to make the lemonade a little sweeter! One gallon. 12”.

#19384 $29.95 ($40. value!)

F i r e f l i e s - i n - a -J a r We’ve chanced upon a clever souvenir of those magical evenings spent under a canopy of stars, gleefully in seeking those evasive, blinking yellow “ lightning Bugs”. Glass. (Requires 2 AA batteries.) 6”. #8263 $19.95 Save on 4 or more! $17.95/ea.

Victorian Trading Co. Summer Sale  

The Sale of your Dreams!

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