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How can one savour spring without first braving winter? Indeed, the sweetest rewards in life are hard-won. So now that we have donned the itchy woolens, scraped the ice and endured the dreary, it is time to revel in a newfound appreciation for bare feet, pastel blooms, perfumed air and the return of that familiar chirp. These are the joys that never cease to enthrall us as the days lengthen. Engage in a budding romance with this unique spring… unlike any other you have known. Let this season rouse your every sensibility. One of my favorite quotes by Albert Schweitzer: “In the hopes of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.” Pay heed to the little things that matter most. Notice the dance of the curtain lace when a breeze is invited inside though an open window. Bury your nose into a perfect rose and breathe deeply. Indulge yourself. Within these pages are your just rewards…gathered goods that conjure pleasant thoughts of past Aprils and Mays and a renewed sense of hope for the springs that have yet to come. Lore has long held that the sighting of a white butterfly foretells an imminent good fortune…may your spring days be filled with white butterflies!


M eadow B lossom W reath

Announce the season upon your door. Seeking a nail: a circle of vibrant blooms in gemstone colors mingled with delicate fern fronds. Polyester silk. Imported. 22".

#27728 $79.95


Victorian C hintz B all C ap Less preppy and more pretty, a century-old Victorian chintz marries with soft, brown suede to shade that pretty face. Appointed with adjustable suede band, bill and button. #15522 $19.95 Imported.

New! P

ro vençal

L avender T ab le L inens

The traditional graphic endures upon crisp cotton from southern France. Pair the napkins and picnic cloth with fresh cut lavender, or a deceptively just-snipped imposter. A woven wicker baguette basket invites crusty bread into its removable liner. Imported.

Tablecloth. 70" round. #27711 $59.95 Creme Lavender Napkin. 19" sq. #27708 $9.95/ea.


Baguette Basket. #27710 $19.95


Faux Lavender bouquet. Imported. 24". #27716 $24.95/pr.



Rose B ouquet L e g g i n g s Antiquarian florals borrowed from European prints are rendered to silky, stretchy ballerina-style leg wear that welcome tunics. More comfortable than jammies. Polyester. Machine wash. Imported. One size.

On the Cover:

T he B utterfly by P ierre Carrier-belleuse (1851-1932)

An elusive fellow with gossamer wings alights upon her shoulder. Victorians held the belief that a landed butterfly was a lost loved one revisited or that a surprise awaits. Exquisitely custom framed in silver #28064 wood under glass. Framed. 15H x 26". $99.95 Delivery Surcharge $12.50


Unframed. 11H x 22". $14.95

#27670 $16.95

Bestseller! C


P ala ce K n o b

Jewelry for your bureaus and cabinets. Glistening stones and classic nostalgic pull transform ordinary cabinetry into #23554 $9.95/ea. palatial chic. Pewter/acrylic. 2 x 3".

Save on 2 or more! $7.95/ea. Moonlit Rose Drawer Pull #24708 $7.95 (online)


New! W

New! R

a in

C ha in

A trickle-down effect creates a fountain when rain clouds burst. Rainwater spills from one overflowing flower to the next. Iron with lovely patina. 58".

#27887 $29.95


Belladonna in the Wilderness B r ac elet Under the watchful guard of two ruddy-breasted birds, a damsel muses serenely. Paper, brass. USA. 4H".

#27885 $39.95


& W oolly M ossy S h e ep

They say you are what you eat…mossy sheep are enrobed in spring green. Polyester/resin. Indoor use only.

Head Up. 10". #27591 $39.95 / Head Down. 6". #27592 $24.95


A D ay w i t h M arie A n t o i n e t t e This intimate portrait of the often misunderstood French diva recounts the life and legend of the indulged queen. Historically documented correspondences, personal objects and recorded events trace the ill-fated story of the bride of King Louis XVI. Hrdcvr, 224p. 9". #27683 $34.95

New! “J

S wall o w ” G ilded S po o n s

ust a

A fanciful foursome of cutlery will stir cream and sugar and spoon sorbet. Stainless steel, gold plate. Food safe. 5".

#27456 $49.95/set of 4


Pip & Squeak S a lt & P e pp er A pretty pair hide demurely beneath their flower bonnets. Ceramic. Gift boxed. 5". #26580 $19.95/pr.


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o . Exclusive.


New! P


G la s s E g g

Believed to draw negativity from the surroundings, the green glass oval frequents many homes abroad. Victorian midwives advised that the smooth egg be gripped within the sweaty palm of a woman in labor, thus absorbing her pain. 3". #27422 $12.95

New! S


New! S


S wan

A graceful expanse of white plumage captures the mystical bird in flight. Paper mache. Clear plastic hanger. 24". #27350 $149.95


Louise Green H e le n a hat An unforgettable classic is timelessly beautiful horsehair, sinamay and sisal wide brim with epic chiffon blooms. Essential for weddings, derbies and Garden soirées. White as milk. Hand crafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles #27862 $399.95 studio. Arrives in keepsake hatbox.

New! F

lo w e r

P ea F airy

The dream child of coveted designer Lori Mitchell, a whimsical, wide-eyed Bo Peep dons a skirt of pink petals and a leafy bodice. Hand painted resin. 6". #27869 $29.95


A delightful collection of fables penned by Louisa May Alcott for the amusement of her beloved friend Ralph Waldo Emerson’s daughter. These fanciful stories enliven the imagination of young and old alike with tales of elves, brownies, and other supernatural creatures. Hrdcvr. 210p. 34 illustrations. 7". #27737 $15.95

New! R


D aisies P illow

Satin stitchery on a flaxen field summon a field of shasta daisies to a cozy couch or wicker porch chair. Polyester. 17". #27812 $29.95


April Cornell W atercolour T unic A fluid top with a silky hand offers flattering side vents and a graceful drape. The beloved artist’s airy blooms and signature are rendered to cool, 100% cotton slub jersey. Solid cream back. Machine wash. Imported. SM–XXL. #27639 $59.95

Dragonfly’s Demise Necklace. #26761 $19.95 (online)


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.



‘S hroom B a bies Pudgy innocents under mushroom caps induce smiles. Includes two figurals: Dozing Tykes, and A Good Read. Hand painted pine resin. 3".

#27723 $19.95/2 asst.

New! P


April Cornell G y p s y T uni c A Bohemian dream is lavishly embroidered with appliqués, delicate pearl buttons, and clusters of French knots and ribbon roses. Gauzy netted lace spills from bell sleeves and a gathered waistline. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Imported. SM–XXL. #27634 $129.95 Myriad Moondrops Freshwater Pearl Necklace. #20211 on p. 29

New! W


Rose Lamp

Claret roses borrowed from a lovely old wall covering are revived upon a fabric lamp shade. Barley twist lamp base. Distressed White. 3-way turnkey switch. USA. 29". #27893 $149.95


W illo w L ight B o u q u e t

The gathering of the fuzzy catkin stalks is a rite of spring and symbol of coming prosperity. Luminescent buds on four everlasting stalks are illuminated by a discreet battery pack. 60 LED lights, UL listed. Indoor use only. 120" cord. Approximately 20" tall. Includes 4 branches. #27321 $29.95

New! G

randmother ’ s

C hintz P u z z l e s

Coveted china patterns mingle with floral diversity, waiting to be pieced together over tea and friendly conversation. Premium grade blue board with linen finish. USA.

Teapots Puzzle. 1,000 pieces. 27 x 19". #27873 $19.95 Teacups Puzzle. 2,000 pieces. 40 x 27". #27874 $29.95


B i r d s & B o u q u ets P e e k -A-B o o N e c k la ce Panels emblazoned with vintage imagery of swallows in flight swing open to reveal a vivid spray of roses and garnered meadow flowers. Printed paper, brass. USA. 16" chain, 3" pendant. #27886 $39.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o . Exclusive.


New! G

azin g

D ome


N est P edestal

A curiosity observatory showcases a discovered object from nature, a cherished heirloom or intriguing artifact worthy of scrutiny. Cast bird’s nest on pedestal base. Resin/Glass. (Nest inside sold separately— pictured above.) 10". Pedestal with Gazing Dome. #27725 $39.95


Louise Green

G r e e n G a b le s D o l l H at Innocence is implied upon an open weave straw bonnet lavished with magnolia and vintage flower spray. Handcrafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles studio. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox.

#27859 $279.95


Byers’ Choice

F lo w e r s e ll e r

Faux Bird’s Nest. Artificial twigs. 4.5". #27625 $9.95

New! H

ydran gea in

P resse d G lass

A variegated snowball of violet and lavender hue seems to have been just snipped from a bush and placed in fresh tap water. Acrylic water in cast glass. Silk poly petals. USA.

#27852 $99.95

A windsome woman bears fresh cut stems. Each figural is hand crafted in Buck County, Pennsylvania with a distinctive singing mouth. Collectible limited edition. 13". #27736 $72.


Sweet Clover Seed S ack P illo w Lean into this soft cotton cushion on a porch swing or easy chair. Skies are blue, life is good and winter is a faint memory. Cotton, polyester. Imported. 16 x 22".

#27706 $29.95


F rench W hite B ulb B lo o m s An iris, hyacinth and tulips promise to never slouch, fade or require water. They know no season and contribute an air of everlasting spring within a romantic home. Resin. 16", 18", 22".

#27813 $99.95/set of 3


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.



April’s Homage to Mother:

K eep sake L inen

New! F

“My home it is my mother, within her heart I live. Her love is like no other, the sunshine it does give. And like the spreading branches of a truly fragrant tree, my mother’s heart and arms have made a perfect nest for me.” Water colors of cabernet, indigo and mustard seem to quench the thirsty linen. Brushy florals that appear to be freshly applied accompany the artist’s handwriting scribed in pewter paint. Printed 100% Cotton. Machine wash. 19 x 27". irefly

#27642 $19.95

H a i r J e we lry

Those luminescent night lights that scurry across the evening sky summon fond thoughts of summer. Tuck a glistening pair of “lightning bugs” within your tresses. Antiqued brass and pewter, Swarovski crystals. Designed by Miss Ellie in her New Jersey studio.


Hair Pins. 2". #27732 $39.95/pr.

April Cornell

Y esterd a y D r e ss

Ring. Adjustable. 1".#27731 $29.95

Prayer Box Bracelet Tuck a special intention into the tiny hinged chamber and then wait for miracles. Glistening beveled beads are strung on a stretchy band. Amethyst or Champagne. #27567 $19.95

New! L

ily - of - the -V all ey

The demure little sprig of dainty white bells only blooms for a short while. A lifelike replica will endure indefinitely. Polyester. 10". #27729 $12.95

A sweet day dress is graced with a delicate fern print derived from an historical quilt fabric. Metallic thread of silver flatters a graceful neckline on a high-waisted bodice. Side ribbon spills to an asymmetrical hem. 100% cambric cotton. Machine wash. SM–XXL. #27633 $119.95 Pearls on p. 28


H ide N’ S eek T rio M usic B ox Precious waifs frolic upon a watering can to the tune of “Doggie in the Window.” Exquisitely detailed porcelain is reminiscent of the coveted Capodimonte figurals created in Italy since the 1700s. Hand painted. 5'.

#27713 $39.95 Mauve Lace on Smoke

C ashmere W rap Swathe yourself in luxurious softness. Elaborate lace encompasses the extravagant silken drape that pampers and warms chilled shoulders. 92% cashmere, 8% blended silk. Hand appliquéd. Dry clean. Imported. 79 x 27".

#27443 $99.95

L ettuce D rea ms Sprawled in a reverie, a relaxed rabbit will contribute an air of wellbeing to your decor. Cast in faux stone. Slate finish. 12". #23966 $29.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o . Exclusive.


New! A

lm o n d

E gg S o aps

A half dozen eggs in sage hues seem to be harvested from the chicken yard and destined for the iron skillet…but rather, the bathtub. A vintage label adorns the carton. Almond fragrance. USA. 1.25 oz. each. 2H" each.

#27667 $29.95/set of 6

New! B


New! G

eese & Quail Matches

To light fruity candles or charcoal briquettes, storybook illustrations are borrowed from a children’s tale and rendered to summery matchboxes. 50 matches per box. 4H". #27715

$9.95/set of 3


D rawer S h e lv e s

A wooden threesome born out of an antique dresser take to the walls as hidden stash boxes for hats, scarves and personal whatnot. Center dividers. Edwardian ornamental on distressed finish and vintage-style metal pulls. Hanging hardware on back.

Short Black Drawer Shelf. 24". #27679 $59.95 Cream Drawer Shelf. 31". #27680 $89.95 Black Drawer Shelf. 31". #27681 $89.95 “Falling Hearts”

Earrings Blood-red crystals punctuate a cascade of gilded leaves that spill from behind the lobe. Brass, antiqued 10k gold, Swarovski crystals.Designed by Miss Ellie in her New Jersey studio. Red or Clear Crystals. USA. 2". #27734 $59.95


New! B

unny i n


Open the door and let him out to play. Give him a name and put straw in his cage. This nostalgic miniature is a low maintenance pet and whimsical curiosity. Wood, resin, wire, coconut fibers. Handcrafted in the Philippines. 3G". #27707 $16.95

New! New! W

Study of Birds in a Bell Jar:

T able L amp

Light is shed on Mama Bird and her chirping brood, sheltered within a glass cloche. Ivory shade. 75-watt bulb. USA. #27891 $99.95 20". ild

D a i s y & F ern W reath

Fringed with fronds, a ring of shasta daisies are punctuated with yellow centers upon the door of your home sweet home. Polyester. 24". #27814 $69.95


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


New! S


W ishing W e ll

With every peck of savory millet, our feathered friends’ wishes come true. Provides weeks of entertainment as a winged variety vie for supper. Should bare spots appear, simply reseed over honey or peanut butter. A bag of seed is included. USA. 11 x 8 x 6".

#27879 $49.95

New! M



Day Basket

An elusive butterfly alights coquettishly on her hat. Each figural is hand crafted in Buck County, Pennsylvania with a distinctive singing mouth. Collectible limited edition. Resin. Polyester. USA. 11".

A Victorian-inspired game of ring & run endures on May 1st. Leave an everlasting doorknob bouquet of Lamb’s Ear and blue violet blooms, nestled in a mossy cocoon with wire hanger. Polyester. Artificial twigs. 11". #27727 $19.95


Byer’s Choice

A melia ’ s C at ch

#27754 $71. Louise Green

“M y L i t t le P i g e o n ” D oll H at Vintage veil and leaves flatter a demure little bonnet tinged in taupe, dove grey and blush. Best tilted evocatively over one eye. Handcrafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles studio. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox.


W ater W ar ble P i pe

#27856 $279.95

New! B

ird on

S phere

An uncaged songbird ponders his freedom upon a metal sphere that invites English ivy. The round trellis concept is borrowed from European estate gardens. Center within planters or stand alone as a decorative piece. Metal. 10". #27589 $29.95

A popular 18th c. child’s toy is revived. When filled with water and gently blown, an ethereal birdsong is emitted that rivals a robin’s chirp. Hand painted ceramic. 3".

#27765 $9.95

P rimitive P ull - toys Such would be found on the wood floors of Victorian nurseries keeping little ones occupied for hours. Decorative versions of the classic animals on carts possess antiquarian charm. Resin. Movable wheels.

$19.95/ea. Rabbit. 6 x 3 x 5". #26843 Sheep. 6 x 5 x 7". #26841


Indicates a Victorian Trading Co . Exclusive.


Burlesque & Ballerina

B unny B rooches Which one are you? Can-can or pirouette? Anthropomorphized rabbits translate pink differently… one is refined, the other a wild hare. Acrylic. Handmade by TheSpangledMaker. Gift Boxed. 3".

Burlesque Bunny Brooch. #25978 $20. Ballerina Bunny Brooch. #25979 $20. Ballerina Necklace. #25980 $26.

C rochet L ace B race l ets Delicate bands of intertwined threads encompass the wrist comfortably. Hook and eye closure. 7H". Black or Ivory.

#27572 $12.95/ea.

Zinnia Sheets Could these be silk? Slip between sublime bed linens and enter upon a restful dream. Cabernet-colored blooms that once filtered sunlight at a window are derived from gorgeous bark cloth drapes. Solid contrasting ruffles on cases and top sheet. 100% Polyester microfiber. Imported. Fitted sheet fits 16" deep mattress. #26332

Twin. $49.95 / Full. $59.95 Queen. $69.95 / King $79.95 Fairy Dreams N ight light Subdued shell pink bisque alludes to a winged cameo when illuminated, casting an ethereal glow. Bonded marble. Hand painted. Gift boxed. 5". #26327 $19.95 Cameo Nightlight on p.47.


Spring Chicken M usc le R ub A renowned down-home remedy, this minty, cinnamon salve soothes aches with a warming emollient of pure cassia and peppermint essential oils, heat inducing Calendula oil (used for centuries for inflammation, pain and cell regeneration). Vitamin-rich canola oil gel. 2 oz. glass jar. #22601 $9.95 Fluffy Bunny

S hea B utter H and C ream Light-as-air silk chiffon swirls you into a dreamlike state with mint julep, and a hint of lavender. Uplifting and delicious, this line is loved by Oprah. Vitamin E, jojoba. 2.4 oz.

#20883 $14. Broderick’s Spring Stroll M usic B ox A dapper rabbit delivers roses to the tune of “Blue Danube”. Hand painted resin. 15". #18075 $39.95

S oap P arfum


G rasse

Six petite guest soaps nestled in a lovely tin are hand poured of shea butter and vegetable mixture in a bouquet of May colors. Scents include Lavender, Rose, Honey, Citrus, and Olive Oil. 1.5" soap. 5" tin. 3.51 oz. Crafted in France. #27409 $16.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading Co. Exclusive.


C ottage G a r den M onog r a m P illow c ase A glorious melange of blossoms in a garden palette of threads attach themselves to a seraph initial. Each pillowcase is patiently sewn by our founder’s mother. Indicate letter desired. Standard pillowcase. Stitched in USA with imported materials.

#27577 $24.95/ea.

W himsi c al W ildlife P illows Vibrant watercolours of woodland creatures in fancy tea cups are screen printed upon flaxen weave pillow shams. 80% Polyester/10% Cotton/10% Linen. Zipper. Imported. 18"sq. $29.95/ea.

Deer Sham. #27440 / Bunny Sham. #27441 Synthetic Down Alternative Pillow Insert. #27439 $14.95 Feather Down Pillow Insert. #21728 $19.95

New! “F

an cy

N an cy ” H a n k i e

Her overlaid petticoat may just reveal the batiste cotton beneath. Replicated authentically from a nostalgic find. Imported. 12" sq. #27720 $16.95

B as R elief


R abb i t

Dating to 16th c. France, a European rendition of a hare on his haunches amidst lush acanthus leaf offers a classical aesthetic. Polystone. 14". #27502 $59.95

Hopeless Romantic

C am i s o le & P e t t ic o a t The epitome of femininity, layer this soft cotton duet beneath sweaters and skirts. Intricate lace insertion on drawstring waisted bodice. Ruffled slip offers a comfy elasticized waistband. 100% Cotton. Machine wash/tumble dry low. Imported. S/M, L/XL. #26325 $49.95


April Cornell M orning N ightie Be lulled to a dream in a whisper-soft cotton gown that softens with each washing. Convincingly vintage, delicate insertion lace marries a flounced ruffle to sleeve and trims a puritan collar. 100% Cotton. Imported. SM–XL. #27411 $89.95 “Pretty You” London

P lush L uxe S lippers Marie Antoinette would approve of these posh slides. Submerge into sumptuous pillow soles that afford luxuriating pleasure with each indulgent step. A crystal-studded button punctuates a prim grosgrain bow. Sukki faux fur. Imported. SM–XL. #27403 $39.95

Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


F leece - lined L uscious L egging s Just like wearing your jammies all day…heavenly soft inside and silken stretch allows for ease of movement right up until bedtime. Regular or Queen. 2 pairs: Charcoal/Grey Damask and Black. Imported.


th e

#27198 $24.95/2 asst.

S e a sho r e

by George Elgar Hicks (1824–1914) The artist summons the cry of seagulls, crashing waves, and first cold snap of September on the sands.

#23364 Framed in Cherry. 27 x 20". $99.95 Delivery Surcharge $7.50

H opestill H eart N e c k l a c e

Unframed. 24 x 17". $14.95


to be a

Destined to endure as a cherished heirloom generations beyond, a heartshaped delicacy is handcrafted of .925 Sterling Silver, cultured fresh water #27538 $99.95 seed pearls and marcasites. 20" chain.


A dawn to dusk guide to Victorian life. A delightful tour through the intimate, gripping details of a day in Victorian England, told by an intrepid historian who has cheerfully endured them all. Fascinating, inspiring and informative. Hrdcvr. 458p. 9 H". #27465 $29.95

P asswo r d B o o k A modest notebook will rival your short term memory. Confide upon the little parchment pages your secret codes, padlock combinations, and the many contrived letters and numbers that secure access to accounts . Canvas paper. Sftcvr. 70p. 4". #27458 $14.95

Lord Byron B oo k B o x es A dignified stack of literary stash boxes will harbour anything from cherished letters to family photos. Each is derived from handsome, gold-foiled volumes bound centuries ago and lined in a vintage damask wallpaper print with magnetic closures. Largest: 12". #27192 $29.95/set of 5 Smallest: 5".

H ound S tapler In sphinx form, a graceful dog presides over mini staples to keep documents in order. Iron. 4H". #27581 $29.95


T ape D ispen ser He rolls over to accommodate a standard roll of tape. Metal. 5H". #27580 $24.95


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


New! B

ird house

M agne ts

A variety of bird real estate is rendered in antique colors to secure memos and mementos. Painted pewter. Range from 1–2".

#27663 $9.95/set of 5

Bestseller! T New! R

us t ic

C lock


T ray


H older & S he a r s

An industrious reproduction of a provençal houseware lends itself to daily tasks with a decorative flair. String #25355 $16.95 included. Cast iron. 8".

Chirpers congregate atop a distressed timepiece that affords a tray for glasses, change, rings or small items. Requires 1-AA battery. Metal. 10H". #27674 $39.95

“Lilykins” M usic B ox Donned in a petaled bonnet, a winged waif twirls to the tune of Everything is Beautiful. Hand painted and glazed porcelain is crafted using the techniques of old world Italian Capodimonte artistry. Twist fairy to begin music. 5H".

#27424 $39.95


B aroque C ard H olders Ornamental valets for business and calling cards will adorn the desk and offer easy access to your unique identity. Metal. $16.95/ea. Burgundy gift box.

Antique White. 5H x 5H x 4". #27659

New! V

Pewter. 4H x H x 6H". #27662 intage

P r i sm M a g n e t

N e e d le work O r n a m en ts

Intricate details of authentic 19th c. handiwork are archived beneath beveled crystals that dangle or mount to metal. Paper under glass. 3 x 2". Gift box. Silver hanger & magnetic backing.

#27311 $24.95/set of 6 Special Delivery M a i l b o x L i moges On the wings of a dove come tidings of love! Hand painted in the sleepy French town where the dainty collectibles have been created for #27481 $169.95 centuries. 2".


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o. Exclusive.



Hot Air Balloon

H u mm i n gb i rd F e e d e r Handblown from recycled glass, beautiful etched gondolas invite the hyper little birds to sip sugar water. Pour a glass of tea and relax on the patio as you witness their lively indulgence. Double rubber stopper, brass, glass. Ruby or Cobalt Blue. 11”.

#27748 $49.95

New! M

Dessert for the Birds A pple F eeder Poke the vertical nail through the core of an apple and be entertained for days as they contentedly peck away. Aged metal. Weather resistant. 11H".

#27600 $19.95

F lorence

on a


R ose M usic B ox

Born from a bloom, a winged waif twirls upon glazed petals to the tune of The Rose. Hand painted porcelain. Use soft cloth to dust. 6". #27423 $39.95


“M ot h

to a

F la me ” V otive

A dreamy flutter of wings lures one into a trance state as the inner candle flicker sets frosty imagery into motion. Use with tin cup tealight (not included). Indigo & Silver glass. Hand wash cold water. 5". #27457 $24.95


B ut t e r fli e s

To tuck into a greeting or book gift. A tightlywound rubber band thorax will launch the pretty paper wings into flight…much to the delight of the unsuspecting recipient! Paper, wire, elastic. USA. Set of 3. 4".

#27449 $19.95/3 asst. Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be” G ar de n S t a k e These loving words composed by English poet Robert Browning beseeched his bride, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, to savour their earthly existence together. Golden lettering on green aluminum. 12 x 7" plaque on 17" post. USA. #27236 $49.95

H azel H are Born of chalked felt stuffed with poly-fiber fill, a “winsome wabbit” wears a gauzy tea-stained gown with antiquarian metal buttons. A skeleton key dangles from a jute cord and her name is stamped and pinned upon vintage label. Her soulful black button eyes give evidence that she is “real”. Decorative use. Cotton, polyester. Imported. 10H". #27389 $29.95

E verlasting D utc h T ulips Surely these were snipped from the garden mere moments ago! Crafted of soft latex that simulates velvety petals. 9 red, 9 white. Imported. 14". #27418

$29.95/asst. set of 18 stems.


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


A L ittl e F lock

New! “A


T r u m p et ”

Once a favorite among the Victorians, the pendulous bell-shaped bloom is experiencing a deserved renaissance. The dangling flower sways with a subtle breeze, molded from a waxy silicone that mimics nature. Imported. 51". #27718 $24.95

New! T


Six yellow glazed birds will perch quaintly on their little wire feet. Ceramic, metal. 3". #27497 $19.95/6 asst.

Parisian Pill B oxes One’s mints, vitamins and meds are secured within lovely lidded boxes. Enamel coating. #25027 1I & 2".


Toe Sign

Shhhh…the fairies are sleeping. Nestle the sweet directive amidst your begonias and marigolds. The fairies will thank you. 2H x 1H" ceramic plaque. 11" stake.

#27722 $9.95

New! F

r a g ra n c e d

Auto Vent Clips

Fragrance is activated by the air flow through the auto vent. Freshens up to 30 days. 2". $9.95/ea.

Kiss in the Rain. A storybook romance of a dreamy embrace of black currant, raspberry and strawberry. #27875 Open Road. Roll down the windows, breathe in the country air and inhale the sweet smell of wildflowers. #27876 Spring Dress. Stroll through the garden of feminine blossoms of peony, magnolia, citrus and mahogany. #27877


Holland’s Gem: T u l i p S t e m A grandiose bulb bloom is tinged with delicate veins of crimson pigment on cream petals molded from a waxy silicone that mimics nature. Imported. 26".

T he H oppe r F am i ly Protective and loving cottontails embrace their wee one. Distressed French white finish on pine resin. 12". #27523 $39.95

#27717 $12.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o . Exclusive.



“L ook H ere , T iger ” C at M irror

New! F


Who’s the furriest of them all? A lighthearted table mirror is inspired by a Victorian advertisement card for medicinal ointment. Resin with hand painted bronze finish. 12". #27888 $29.95

F l am e s

A wistful nymph oversees a box of wooden matches. 60 matches. 4H". #27478 $12.95/pr.

New! A

v ia r y


April Cornell A ntique P anta loons Could these be vintage? To peek out from under the hems of spring dresses or underlay tunics and tops, airy cambric cotton is trimmed in luscious lace and become softer with each laundering. 100% cotton. Machine wash. Imported. SM–XXL. #27631 $49.95

L amp

The illusion of candlelight spills from a songbird’s cozy abode. 25-watt medium base bulb. USA. 18". #27892 $69.95

New! M


M onogr am R ing

Your signature initials intertwine in exquisite scrolls and curves upon your finger. Sterling Silver #27890 $199.95 filigree. Sizes 4–10. USA.


April Cornell

P ri m P or c h D ress As fresh as crisp cotton from a clothesline in May, a high-waisted shirt dress blessed with deep pockets, shell buttons, detachable back waist sashsewn in a vintage print of lemon, cornflower, and French vanilla. Cambric cotton. Machine wash. Imported. SM–XXL. #27637 $79.95 Beguiling Bonnet with Roses #27434 on p. 71.


Louise Green A ngelin a hat Rio inspired, a fabulous hat of violet and moss-hued taffeta shades the eyes and insinuates intrigue. Pistachio Sisal. Handcrafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles studio. Arrives #27860 $299.95 in a keepsake hatbox.



New! S

a int -É tienne

N ecklace

Named for the French town known for its luxe ribbons, a glistening bow pendant is encrusted with smoky Swarovski stones. 28" chain, with 2" extender. 2H" pendant. #27676 $19.95


April Cornell W an d e r lust W eeken der & C osmet ic P o uc h An embroidered butterfly alights upon a melange of quilted vintage florals with preppy pinstripe details. A tulip and signature coin pull on zipper tab. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Sewn in the artist’s village in India.

Cosmetic Pouch. Zippered and lined in lavender cotton. Four inner pockets. 11". #27645 $24.95

Weekender. Zippered with deep pockets on both ends. 21". #27646 $69.95


April Cornell R o m a nt ic O ne si e When a camisole marries with pantaloons, a lovely Victorian classic is born. Shell buttons and vintageinspired details of lace and tuck pleats adorn versatile dream wear by night and creative layering by day.100% cambric cotton. Machine wash. Imported. SM–XXL. White or Soft Rose (shown above right). #27644 $69.95


A S hare d U mbrella M usic B o x Perched atop a cabbage head, a cotton-tailed duo dodge the raindrops beneath a makeshift flower umbrella. Twirls to the tune of “April Showers.” Hand painted porcelain. 7". #27712 $39.95


Louise Green

T al ula h ’ s T o p H a t Authentic vintage lace, veiling and millinery flowers are rescued from wardrobes of decades past to endure upon a dramatic open weave straw hat that speaks volumes about the woman wearing it. Hand crafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles studio. Arrives in a keepsake #27858 $279.95 hatbox.


Mary Frances “I D o ” H an dbag This one takes the cake…to summer soirées, June weddings, and honeymoons. Hand beaded. Opens from top. Inner pocket. Imported. 6" strap. 9 x 6". #27751 $279.95


April Cornell L ilac B ouquet D re ss Sprigs of cut lilacs are scattered upon a lavender field of soft cambric. Sashed at the small of the waist with a sweetheart neckline, flattering gathers minimize hips. Printed on 100% cotton. Machine wash. SM–XXL. #27630 $99.95 Orchid Straw Hat available online, #27974.


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


L o rraine L ace T ank An exquisitely embroidered bodice softens tailored jackets and peeks from sweaters. 50% polyester, 50% cotton. Imported. S/M and L/XL. Machine wash cold. #27555 $34.95


R uby T uesday L ocket Dangle your loved one against your cashmere sweater. A fiery crystal is placed at heart center of a highly ornamental locket pendant that harbours a very familiar face. A smoky crystal catches the light atop. Brass, antiqued 10k gold electroplating, Swarovski crystals. 30" chain. 2" locket. Designed by Miss Ellie in her New Jersey studio. #27733


Louise Green J asm i n e ha t A coquettish design is festooned with vibrant vintage chiffon blooms in a tropical palette. Vintage velvet binding. Sisal straw. Hand crafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles studio. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. #27861 $339.95




April Cornell

M idnigh t G arde n D r e s s A fluid chemise with sweet smocked details on shoulders and bodice is embroidered with fiery blooms. Cross-over bodice and butterfly sleeves. Detachable sash secured with a shell button offers a trim fit. Vibrant printed florals on black ground. 100% moss crepe rayon. Hand wash delicately. Imported. SM–XXL. #27628 $149.95


R ossetti V elv e t T u n i c


A graceful fit diminishes the waist and hips while enhancing the bosom. Sewn of jewel-toned velvet with an alluring sheen invites leggings. 100% Polyester. Imported. Burgundy, Hunter, or Black. Dry clean. S–XL. #27466 $49.95 Freshwater Pearls on p. 28.

Mary Frances F a n O ut H andbag A magnificent array of findings and vibrant glass baubles achieve a luxe accessory. Hand beaded. Magnetic snap closure, one inner pocket. Imported. 6" strap. 5 x 10 x 2", with 5" tassel. #27753 $269.95


Louise Green F la ming B eauty H at A fiery bonnet of sizzling scarlet will leave a lasting impression. Asymmetrical upsweep wide brim of sinamay and horsehair is festooned with filmy organza and crushed velvet petals on a sisal crown. Handcrafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles studio. #27855 $399.95 Arrives in a keepsake hatbox.


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


New! C




P sy che

A classical Victorian design is rendered to a conch shell found tossed upon Italian shores. Each is meticulously hand carved by European maestro carvers utilizing centuries-old methods. Sterling Silver. Assorted #27880 $379.95 pearls in Santa Fe colors. 18". Italy.


Three Graces C ameo R ing Virtues derived from greek mythology and personified as women, Charm, Beauty and Creativity. Hand carved from conch shell in Italy. .925 Sterling Silver. Sizes 5–9. #27483 $139.95

Louise Green

B e ll a d o n n a B o a t e r H at Adorned with authentic vintage florals, a sassy wide brim bonnet will go to market or outdoor wedding with the nonchalance of a June day. Taffeta band on knotted Sisal. Handcrafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles studio. Vintage #27857 $299.95 floral may vary. Arrives in signature hatbox.


April Cornell

B la ck D ove D u s t e r Breeze through summer in a best seller. Smoky shell buttons descend a gauzy cotton voile cover up. Crewel lace collar, embroidered netted lace at hem and sheer pearl button-tab sleeves allow for coolness. 100% Cotton. Machine wash separately in cold water. Leave twisted until dry. Imported. SM–XXL. #27635 $99.95

S ilk V elvet C o r s e t The laced-up bustier or waist-cinch is the epitome of femininity and icon of a Victorian woman. Silk velvet/cotton lining. Hook & eye closures. Lace-up back. Dry clean. Imported. #27433 $79.95 S–3XL.


1889 P aris S treeter T ote Awaiting a crusty baguette and a clutch of zinnias, chalky graphics charm a hefty canvas market bag upcycled from military tents and truck tarps. Antique metal hardware and genuine leather handles. Spot clean. Imported. 8" handle. 17 x 16". #27407 $49.95

New! I


B ow B ag

Vogue circa 1950. Mother approved. This refined classic offers two small inner pockets and a zippered compartment. Outer back pocket. Snap closure. 6" strap. 13". #27677 $59.95


Indicates a Victorian T rading Co . Exclusive.


New! C

orona t ion

L ocket

An immediate esteem-builder, this witty and opulent open-faced locket is adorned with a crystal-studded crown that overlays any face. Brass, antiqued 10k gold, lead free pewter, Swarovski crystals. USA. 24" chain. 2" locket. Designed by Miss Ellie in her New Jersey studio. #27735 $59.95

New! M


U m b rella

r imm i n g

S t o nes ”

China painted roses derived from fine bone china dinner plates are translated to lovely little buttons. Transform an ordinary cardigan or blouse into a vintage find. History is printed on backside of card. $11.95/set of 4 20 mm. Plastic.

Garden Variety (top). #26939 Crimson Beauties. (bottom) #27671

B ib N eck la c e S e t

Louise Green C rea m T ea C lo ch e A beguiling upturned hat alludes to saucer eyes while caked with a medley of filmy organza and silk petals. Hand crafted by the celebrated couture milliner in her Los Angeles studio. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. USA. #27853 $279.95

#27881 $39.95

F lo r a l B utt o n s


Scattered blossoms with iced and pearly centers are clutched by gold chain. Starflower earrings are repeated as a clever dangle on the opulent necklace. 19" antiqued gold plated chain. 1.25" earrings. #27843 $19.95


A personalized rain canopy secures one against unexpected thunderstorms. 3-letter monogram in either pink or black. Folding style umbrella opens to full-size.

New! “T

New! F


April Cornell B oardwalk D ress A nautical sailor’s tie spills from the bodice of a fluid chemise sewn in luxurious crepe of powdery, summertime hue. A bias-cut skirt transcends a slenderizing drop waist. 100% Rayon. Hand wash. Imported. SM–XXL. #27638



April Cornell R ose N ouvea u C over - up

A filmy overlay for spaghetti straps, tees and nighties is whisper soft and sweet. The artist’s brushy watercolor floral is rendered in vintage hues of moss and rose on a mauve ground. 100% cambric cotton. Machine wash. Imported. SM–XXL. #27636 $49.95 Cameo Necklace #26711 available online!


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.



April Cornell B eauty N ightie Our favorite. A vintage-style day dress by sunshine, and romantic dream wear after dusk. Sumptuous Parisian-style needlework appears to have been hand-stitched a century past. Silken spearmint grosgrain ribbon is entwined through embroidered slots. Ultimately romantic when layered with cardigans,pantaloons and slips. 100% cambric cotton. Machine washable. Imported. SM–XXL. #27643 $89.95


April Cornell F rench A rtist S moc k Whether one yields a paint brush or claims to be a creative thinker, a whisper-soft tunic with subtle woven chevrons offers pretty tuck pleats and pearly shell buttons. Waist tabs secure a slender fit while gathered sleeves and tailored seams flatter the form. 100% cotton dobby. Machine wash. Imported. SM–XXL.

#27629 $89.95


April Cornell R eve rie E n s e m ble Crimson roses upon a peach ground are scattered upon breezy cotton dream wear. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Imported.

Dressing Robe. Sashed with contrast cuffs, deep pockets and shawl collar. SM–XXL. #27640 $99.95

Nightie. (below) Insertion lace, intricate tuck pleats and pearl shell buttons. SM–XXL. #27641 $89.95


Happy Thoughts K n e e S o ck s Lest we forget that life is so good... and a reminder to others. Sumptuously squeezable, stretchy socks can be compared to walking on memory foam with comforting compression. Polyester, spandex. One size fits most. Imported. 20".

Choose Happy. #27882 $19.95 Love Socks. #27878 $19.95

New! F

loc k o f

S wallows

Borrowed from the blue sky, a melange of pretty birds with tiny azure stones dangle from a 42" gold chain. Gold plate, faux turquoise. 1H" earring drop. #27846 $19.95/set


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o . Exclusive.



Mid Summer’s Night F a i r i e s A mystical sisterhood will enchant any spot from which they may dangle. Resin/glass. 11–12".

#17279 $19.95/set of 3

C ape C od S wing & G eranium P illo w

S tone C abin

A cushy, deep seat to read, breathe fragrant roses and savour a June breeze...with a gentle to-and-fro. All-weather polyester. Imported. 48 x 33 x 26".

Stripe Hammock Chair & Geranium Pillow. #26410 $169.95

for a


Our winged friends never had it so good. When attached to a tree bough, this enviable escape will lull them to sleep on a summer breeze between voice #26385 $59.95 performances. 10 x 7 x 7".

Stripe Hammock. #26448 $129.95 (online) Small Geranium Hammock Pillow. #26449 $49.95 (online)

W h i t e S p a r r o w on a Maple Leaf Spotting the rare albino bird from Wales is believed to forecast an imminent blessing. For decorative use. 6". #26372 $14.95

L i l li p u t i a n L o d g e A trivial abode for little folk who frolic in flowers by day. Hand painted faux stone. Indoor/outdoor. Interior has a floor. Functioning door. 10". #26145 $29.95 ($45. value)


E merald S lipper Crafted from forest floor findings, a curious heel of faux moss and vine is lined with a water barrier to accommodate potted flowers, succulents and plants. 12". #26772 $14.95

S o n g b i r d G arden R ail

Back by popular demand! A gathering of feathered friends are rendered in wrought iron to provide a boundary for the annuals and such. 21 x 25”. #13114 $19.95/each

section. Save on 3 or more $17.95/ea.

May Day W ellies A spray of watercolour blooms grace robin egg hued boots that transcend the garden...spotted in chic urban venues paired with lace and silk. Gift pouch. 14" tall. Whole sizes only: 6–11.

#21427 $39.95 House Number Y ard S take Lest there be any doubt where pizza and flowers should be delivered, ornamental numbers are hand cut from black metal to nestle within the green grass. USA. Limit 5 characters. 23H x 16H".

#25347 $59.95


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


M onet U mbr ella The French impressionist did not know that someday his interpretation of a garden would reflect raindrops from a hopeless romantic’s pretty head. Nylon. Wooden handle. Decorative cuff link button. #9890 $19.95 Imported. 34". Many additional umbrellas online


S onata W indchime s

Olympiad S o l a r L a n t e r n The classic flame is fueled by sunrays to spill a radiant glow onto the patio by moonlight. 15". #22471 $29.95 7" chain.

F a s h i o n a b le F u n gu s Madame Toadstool and her daughters are delighted to step out of the shade. Whimsy for the garden or kitchen shelf is hand painted‌ each an original. Crafted from coniferous tree #26147 $19.95 resin. Indoor/outdoor. 7".

E n g li s h F a i r y D o o r s Inspired by tudor design, these tree trunk portals lead ones imagination to believe that winged creatures may reside within the bark walls. Made of cement. Lean against wall/tree, etc. Indoor/ Outdoor use (bring inside during inclement #24990 $19.95/set weather). 5 x 4".


A random breeze inspires verdigris birds to perform a celestial melody. #26748 $19.95 20".


Glamping C hintz L awn C hair Glamour + Camping. Sumptuous roses are spattered across a field of buttery yellow cotton canvas with arm slot for drink. Weather treated. Steel frame. Arrives with carrying sleeve. 250 lb. capacity. #22892 $29.95 Delivery Surcharge: $5. Imported. 34". Coordinating Sleeping Bag online.


I vy V illag e S olar C ottage A thatched roof invites sunbeams by day promising to spill radiant light by moonrise. Function aside, this enchanted abode is a poetic garden decorative. Faux stone. Arrives with 1 rechargeable AA #25042 $49.95/ea. battery. 15".

Indicates a Victorian T rading Co . Exclusive.


Stately Manor B i r dh o us e Cozy real estate for a songbird. Lock & key. Reads “Welcome Home”. 18". #23126 $29.95 Old Doorknob Windchimes 26". #23124 $29.95

Sonnet Sunbonnet A perky bow perches atop a split apron back with a lace flounced brim to shade that pretty face from harmful rays. Crushable straw. Imported. #25516 $29.95 22" circumference.

Enchanted Fairy I lluminated C anva s Buttery lights seem to be mystical messages from woodland sprites that hide at the fair maiden’s feet. Screen printed on canvas. Requires 2 AA batteries. 13". #21742 $14.95

L oui s a ’ s L ark

( below ) Reminiscent of the French Art Nouveau movement that captured graceful figures in dance, a faux bronze figure is hand tinted with diaphanous color as found on a dragonfly wing. 11".

#23351 $39.95 Fiddlehead Fairy L og H ouse A hollowed segment of fallen timber has adapted itself to a charmed lifestyle for a wee winged one, gnome, frog prince or other diminutive inhabitants of an enchanted wood. With azure window box a mere glance will muster fanciful imaginings. Resin. 6".

#24465 $29.95


Indicates a V ictorian T rading Co . Exclusive.

G arden P arty H at Chalky florals in muted pinks are rendered to a starched wide brim straw. A vintage-inspired millinery bloom of ombre velvet and organza petals is a detachable corsage. A dainty band of tea and rose leatherette ribbons encompass the crown. Arrives in Keepsake Hatbox. 22¾" circumference.

#25517 $49.95 Harvest Moon T hermometer Those dog days of September lead into crisp evenings after the cicadas are hushed. Monitor the temperature drops with this authentically distressed gauge. Replicated from an antique produce company’s premium. 17 x 5".

#11598 $11.95 Harvest Moon Tin Sign, #8872 (view online).

M oon F airy A lovely Edwardian ink rendering is #23723 exquisitely framed under glass. Framed. 12 x 16". $59.95 Delivery Surcharge $5. Unframed. 10H x 14H". $12.95


S eed M on e y C o i n s Offering new meaning to rich soil, whimsical coins will sprout into flowers and herbs. Drop them in random places, purses, pockets…or offer as a gift with a lovely flower pot. Bag of 30 coins. USA.

A li c e


#24367 $14.95/set Save on 2 or more! $12.95/set

W o n d e r l a n d S tatuaries

Springing from the imaginative pages of Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic, the three main characters will mingle with the garden flowers or grace an interior. Inspired by the antique illustrations of John Tenniel. The story was comprised of ridiculous personalities hailing from Carroll’s own life. The author deemed himself the “Dodo”, given his serious stammer. Imported.

April Showers R ain G a u g e s Birds monitor the downpour upon a removable measured glass vial inserted within a cast iron stand or stake. Stake Rain Gauge. 38H x 7".

#25354 $29.95

Mad Hatter. 20". #18294 $59.95

Stand Rain Gauge. 10 x 7”. #25360

Special! $29.95 $19.95

White Rabbit. 14". #18293 $49.95 Alice. 19". #18292 $59.95

Save on the set! #18295 $149.95

F a i r y W indo ws

Also available in verdigris finish (view online).

Transform a tree into an enchanted condo for winged folk. A pretty pair of curtained windows create a room with a view for a wee one. Hand painted weatherproof resin. 4H".

Enchanted Toadstool B i r d h o u se A thatched storybook cottage will dangle from a tree bough to welcome a feathered nest within. Resin. 11".

#26770 $19.95/pr.

#25487 Special! $39.95 $29.95

Fairy Door, #17011 (view online)

C hurchyard L ayin g L am b Derived from a European church yard monument, this sweet casting offers pastoral calm to the garden. 16" long. Lightweight #26437 $59.95 polystone.

Heaven’s Light S olar G lobe A crackle glass orb captures the sunlight and embraces the night with its celestial glow. Rechargeable AA battery included. Resin. 9".

#27199 $24.95


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


G u m ba ll P e ndan t Enterprising Victorians dreamed up this enduring candy dispenser that continues to delight. This sugar-free interpretation will spread happiness within your circle. Handcrafted by artisans in a California studio. 1928 Jewelry Co. USA. 30" chain.

#25224 $38.

“Bad Ass”

C har m N e c k lac e To convey “Don’t mess with me”...this one is for the feisty and fearless woman. Zinc alloy. Handcrafted in USA. 24" chain.

A esop ’ s F ox C uff

F airy D oor N eck lac e

A sly little bracelet will encompass your wrist with an intricate antique casting of a handsome creature with amber eyes. Pewter fox on brass cuff. USA. 1".

#23268 $49.95

The charming pendant is a conversation piece hand cast with antiqued brass patina. Doors open and are held shut with a magnet. Zinc alloy. 20" chain. #21721 $19.95 1" pendant.

Farsighted Fox

H eiress B rac ele t

P e ndan t N ecklac e He may be sly but his vision isn’t quite the same as during his rabbit chasing years. Nickel-free zinc alloy. 30" chain. 2G" pendant. #27274 $19.95

A mesh of delicate filaments edged in glistening crystal drapes fluidly around the wrist. Gold or silver. 7" w/3" ext. #23453 $19.95

1G" pendant. #25874 $19.95 “ Troublemaker” Necklace #26807 (view online)


“Fan Dangles” C h e r r y B lo ssom E a rri n gs Derived from a painting by great Japanese landscape artist, Utagawa Hiroshige (1797–1858), silver plated fans are graced by the delicate pink blooms that flurry in April. USA. #26350 $29.95

H o ney B ee B rooch Long live the fellow that sweetens our morning toast! Topaz-hued crystals are set upon an enameled casting of an antique. 2".

#22671 $19.95 Ollie’s Treasure Trunk

R ing H older A circus act turned vanity fare. Pewter antique replica. 4".

Crescent & Star E arr i ng s That fingernail moon fellow is cast in pure .925 sterling silver. A delicate star dangles atop. I". #26477 $24.95

M ademoisowl N e ck lac e A demure bird has fashion sense. The chic pendant is a wise investment assured to accessorize winter sweaters. Zinc alloy. 18" chain. 2" pendant.

#23408 $19.95

#27084 $19.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading Co . Exclusive.


W i n d sw e pt B ra c e l e t


A picturesque nymph cast from an Art Nouveau match safe is rendered to the wrist adornment. Ornamental silver-plate embellishments and hinged cuff. Handcrafted by the legendary designer Miss Ellie Mathias. USA. 2H" face. #22086 $89.95

Catherine Cole

P ar isian B ar efoot S andals Savor the bliss of cool green grass or sandy beach underfoot in faux footwear that implies a sole. Stunning rhinestones with pearl detail. Fits sizes 6–12. Extender fits ankles up to 12". #26553 $29.95

T hr e e G ra c e s C a m e o

Alexandria’s Secret

The mythological daughters of Zeus and Leda dance upon an intricately carved conch shell. This classic motif has endured for centuries as the most popular design. Hand carved Italian cameo. Burnished sterling silver. 24" chain. 1G" pendant. #25262 $119.95 Three Graces Ring on p.15.

M ar casite & P ear l R ing No one would ever know where that beauty upon her finger came from... .925 sterling silver, seed pearls, marcasite, and crystal. Sizes 5–9.

#25719 $99.95

Amethyst Quartz Crystal C rescent N ecklace Believed to offer emotional calm, ease stress, aid sleep and soothe pain, the “Purple Ray” is also associated with intuition. The pewter casting is replicated from an Art Nouveau pendant. 24" chain. Nirvana, LLC.

Bestseller! G

#24448 $19.95 othic

P o ison R ing

A hinged chamber once intended for toxins to immerse within a drink is now better suited as a locket for a photo, solid fragrance or artifacts. Sterling silver, garnet. Sizes 5–10.

#21474 Special! $39.95 $29.95

Salus: Wellness Goddess C rystal N ecklace Energy, balance, healing and cleansing properties have long been attributed to the milky stone that dangles from an art deco casting of the classical winged figure. Rose quartz. Nirvana, LLC. 24" chain. #24449 $19.95 Amber & Sterling C uff B racelet When pressed against the skin, amber is evidenced to energize, strengthen immunity and relieve muscle/joint pain. The body’s warmth creates a soft vanilla scent. The ancient stone is flanked by ivy leaves. Sterling silver, amber. Handmade.

Lavender Ice A methyst R ing Palest violet amethyst stone is encompassed by a garland of precious seed pearls. Purest .925 sterling silver, marcasite, #26925 $79.95 seed pearls, amethyst. Sizes 5–9. Crescent’s Caviar B rooch A diligent angel forks over the pearlescent baubles to make the new moon full. Gold electroplate. 2". #13067 $59.95

#23256 $119.95



Emerald Isle F ede R ing “This is my heart which I give to you crowned with my love.” Claddagh rings are cast in the form of two clasped hands, symbolizing faith, trust, or “plighted troth”. Swarovski crystal, .925 sterling silver. Sizes 5–9 (whole)

#24160 Special! $39.95 $29.95 Dubliner F aux E me rald N ecklace Rivaling the most precious of gems for brilliance, these imposters are beveled Swarovski crystal set within a replica necklace and earrings. Sweet Romance. USA. 16" w/ 4" ext. #20395

Special! $59.95 $49.95 Earrings. #20394 $24.95 (online) “Once Upon A Time” P e n d a n t ...because your life is storybook wonderful and all of your dreams will come true. .925 sterling silver. Waxing Poetic. 1" pendant. 18" chain. #27689 $79.95

Y o ur M oo n N e c k l a c e Select a date of significance (birthday, wedding day) and a photograph of that date's lunar phase is preserved under enamel. The pendant absorbs light by day and glows in darkness. Indicate month, day, year. Pewter. Swarovski #26409 $59.95 elements. Black 18" chain.

T ea r dr op T e rr a r ium P endant Lush moss thrives within a moist crystal chamber. The featherlight ecosystem is created by an artist who tenderly tucks life into each orb in her New York art studio. The tiny self-sustaining garden is comprised of reindeer moss, soil, and charcoal. 24" gold filled chain. 1" pendant. #26383 $59.95

Venus’ Hair Quartz Crystal J ewelr y Popular in Victorian England, the mystical stone, Rutilated Quartz, has been attributed with healing, intuition, and protection from ill-will. It is believed that wiping with a damp cloth recharges the inner energy. Natural titanium dioxide creates beautiful golden fibers within the stone. Exquisitely handcrafted.

Prism Earrings. Pierced ears. 1" drop. #22573

Special! $149.95 $129.95 Online. Necklace. Lobster claw clasp. 17". #22572 $99.95

F reshwate r P ear l C ollect i o n Ever appropriate, luminous treasures are hand strung with Edwardian-inspired filigree clasps once found on our Grandmother’s heirlooms.

Ear Drops. 1H". #27738 $39.95 Bracelet. Sterling silver box tab insert clasp. 7I".

#27739 $39.95 Necklace. Sterling silver box tab insert clasp. 17".

#27169 $69.95

Fairy-on-the-Moon Necklace. #26736. (online)

Grace at Hand R ing Always keep an angel close at hand. Gold plated American brass with vintage beveled Swarovski Crystal. Miss Ellie Mathias Designs. Adjustable. #27165 $39.95 Sparkly Ice H eadband s Like glistening flakes that alight your head during a snowfall, stunning rhinestone appliqués upon stretchy bands are a lovely new trend. #25829 $29.95/ea. Crimson Halo or Little Black Halo (view online)


Indicates a Victorian Trading Co . Exclusive.

E mp ress C ameo R in g A slender oval encompasses your finger, giving evidence of your romantic tendencies. Each ring is an exquisite hand carved art piece created from shells retrieved upon Italian shores. Sterling silver. Sizes 6–9. 1". #25211 $79.95


“F a s c i n a t o r ”

S weet heart C ollection

Lavish headbands from decades past are experiencing a renaissance. Covered in sumptuous velvet, this comfy headpiece is festooned with vintage-quality milliner’s blooms and illusion netting. USA from imported materials. #18687 $49.95

Inspired by a historical collection once owned by aristocracy. A dangling deep red pendant surrounded by seed pearls and crystals. Sweet Romance. USA.

Bronze Beauty C ameo N ecklace Her silhouette is preserved within a bronzed cameo embraced by filigree and amber hued stones. 32" chain. #26932 $14.95 3 x 2" pendant.

Earrings. 1H". #20388 $29.95

Earrings. 2”. #27000 $49.95

Cameo Necklace. #18409 $39.95

#20390 $59.95

Sweetheart Necklace. 17" w/ 3" ext. Swag Pin. 3H" (view online) #20389 $49.95

Cabernet Crystal F i l i g r e e R ing Once an Edwardian engagement ring, this gorgeous art deco design is rendered in precious garnet. Sizes 5–9.

#22303 $49.95 Amethyst Crystal Filigree Ring. Sizes 5–9.

#22302. (view online)

B a r o n e s s B la z e r P i n It was customary for the bluebloods and royalty of Europe to wear their insignia upon woolen blazers during casual hours. A vibrant jeweled brooch is well suited to jacket pockets and coat lapels. 2".


Downton Abbey Heirloom Replica Jewelry From 1928 Jewelry Co., exquisite filigree Edwardian jewelry with crystals is inspired by the beloved series. (Full collection online.) Bell Necklace. A delicate lavalier pendant necklace is as fragile and complex as the woman who wears it. Pavé glass crystals.

#23065 $29.95 Crimson Earbobs. #23061 $39.95 Crimson Bracelet. #23062 $29.95

#7483 $19.95


Twig & Berry H e a r t N e c k l ace Sigh. 24 kt. gold sprigs bearing crimson Swarovski crystals dangle from a 28" chain w/ 3" ext. 1" pendant.

#24053 $39.95


...Because love is vulnerable. A faceted crimson heart is suspended within an exquisite gilt heart encrusted with glistening Czech stones. Pin clasp and chain loop offer two options. 1¼" pendant with 24" chain. #27653 $29.95

Rivaling cabernet in burgundy brilliance, the fiery facets are accompanied by lustrous seed pearls and Swarovski crystals. Sweet Romance. USA. 17".

H eart N ecklace


G arnet D rop N ecklace

Swarovski D angling

Necklace. #18414 $29.95 Earrings. 1”. #18413 $19.95


Bestseller! C


L ava lier

Once upon a silk empire bodice, this early 19th century heirloom was indicative of refinement. Hand carved Italian cameo. Burnished sterling silver.

Necklace. 18" chain. 1H" pendant.

#25210 Special! $109.95 $99.95 Earrings. 1H". #25212 $99.95 Save on Set! #25287 $199.95

Swarovski Crystal F l o r e n c e D uet A stunning pair catches the candlelight and everyone’s eye.

Necklace. 16" w/ 2" extender. #25758 $69.95 Earrings. Pierced or Clip-Ons. 1G"


Black Forest

Crystal Ball

C uckoo C lock N e ck lac e

W at ch N eckla ce

#25759 $19.95

#20595 Special! $39.95 $29.95


B eautifu l H atpin s

“Myriad Moondrops”

F r e sh w at e r P e a r l C olle c tion Like trickling dew drops upon a vine, opalescent orbs dangle from a delicate silver chain. Each drop is a unique gift of nature.

Necklace. 16" w/ 2" extender. #20211 $39.95 Bracelet. 6" w/ 2" extender. #20212 $19.95 Earrings. #20213 $11.95

Save on the Set! #20613 $69.95

Sparkling crystals are set upon a fine quartz timepiece with shell face mimics the hand carved German clocks with quaint dangling pinecone pendulums. 28" pendant chain.

A glass sphere harbours a magnified quartz timepiece within a tasseled brass frame. 1" pendant. 32" chain.

#25488 Special! $29.95 $19.95

A bouquet of century old hatpins experience a renaissance when they are articulately cast, plated in antique finishes, and meticulously graced with hand #18904 set crystals in a stained glass palette.

Save on the Set! $99.95/asst. set of 10 1. Pink Intaglio Cameo. #18959 $16.95 2. Round Ruby. #18960 $16.95 3. Emerald Palm. #18958 $16.95 4. Nouveau Lady. #18594 $16.95 5. Pearl Drop. #18955 $16.95 6. Ruby Spear. #18954 $16.95 7. Crystal Flower. #18957 $16.95 8. Brown Faceted Gem. #18953 $16.95 9. Black Onyx. #18956 $16.95 10. Blue-gray Cameo. #18598 $16.95 Hatpin Holder. #23393 $19.95 1. 2. 3. 5.




9. 8. 10.


Indicates a V ictorian Trading C o. Exclusive.



O p h e li a ’ s B ra c e l e t

A r t D ec o D angles

Lest her ring be lost, fanciful black lace encompasses the wrist, thereby securing an antiquarian casting upon the finger. Black lace. Adjustable ring.

Referred to as “ear bobs” by the Roaring 20s flappers, these stately earrings will leave you wondering how you managed without them. Sterling silver. Black onyx stone. Nirvana. 1H".

#26635 $12.95

#24567 $29.95 Azure Crystal E a rr i n g s This blue stone has been attributed to summon inner peace and enlightenment. Lovely regardless, glistening crystals are as azure as an autumn sky. 1".

French Hair F ork C ollecti on To poke gently into hair rolls and chignons, French #7827 Special! rolls and knots. 4 asst. 4".

$59.95 $49.95

Bestseller! Cling to Hope:

M usta r d S eed N ecklace A lone yellow seed dances within the glass chamber of an intricate pendant as a constant reminder. Engraved back: “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed... nothing shall be impossible unto you.” 1H" pendant, 30" chain.

#21998 $19.95

#21719 $19.95

Swarovski Crystal

S ta rr y N ight B obby P ins Dazzling crystals secure tendrils away from those pretty eyes. 2".

F i ligr ee B obb ies A mesmerizing pair of topazhued crystals mingle with crimson and clear stones upon an intricate casting. Inspired by a cherished piece from the V&A Museum collections. 2".

#23935 $12.95/pr.

“Vintage Watches” B r a c e l e t Because there simply is never enough clever is this? A renowned jewelry designer has a fetish for antique watches and creates these wrist fancies from a varied assortment–each is unique. Pretty gold and silver mix. (Some watches may work, not intended for functionality.) USA. Small 7". Large 8H".

#24554 Special! $19.95 $14.95/pr. January Ice. Old October.


#23980 Special! 149.95 $129.95

R e p li c a W e d d i n g R i n gs

Online: Watch Ring.

Cast from original dies retrieved from a warehouse in Holland, these exquisite rings are cast in .925 sterling with Swarovski crystal. Europe. Size 5–9.


Devotion. (left) #15622 $49.95 Virtue. (center) #15623 $49.95 Constance. (right) #15624 $49.95

Bestseller! F

lor a

C ame o

A regal portrait is rendered upon conch shell, tossed to the shores of Italy. Each is an original, hand chiseled by masterful European artists who continue the age-old art form. Hand signed “Artistic” cameo category (superior) is heirloom caliber. Both brooch and pendant. 2".

Sterling Silver. #11240 $499.95 14 karat Gold. #11247 $899.95


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


5 1





M i l li n e r ’ s B lo o m s P i ns Obtained from vintage bonnets and gowns, our coveted vintage collection served as the inspiration for these versatile accessories. Hair clip and pin options. Hand-dyed, variegated velvet, linen and organza. Imported. 4–5".

Special! $19.95 $14.95/ea. 1. Black Organza Rose. #16855 2. Burgundy Organza. #16856 3. Ivory Rose. #16876 4. Dusty Rose. #16860 5. Pink Rose. #16858 6. Tea Stain Rose. #16857 7. Poppy. #16859 Save on Complete Set! #20804 $49.95/set

From the Vatican Collection 19th c. E nam eled

V ictorian L ocket


This exquisite museum reproduction holds a crystal cross within its chamber. Gold/Ruby Enamel. Gift boxed. 30" chain.

Silvery Lace E arrings The epitome of femininity and grace, filigree delicacies dangle coquettishly from the lobes. #21722 $19.95 3".

#11268 $49.95


T in y T ea po t N ec k l a ce A dainty floral bead becomes the belly of a petite teapot with silver handle and spout. Sterling silver chain. USA. 18" #22992 $39.95


B rac elet - of - the -M ont h

A n ge l C a m e o A devout spirit in conference with heaven. Intricately carved by maestro cameo artists in Italy. 1".

Sterling silver. #28051 $169.95 14 kt. Gold. #28055 $349.95

Ornately etched botanicals derived from rare gardening journals have been applied to pewter wrist band bracelets. Each month is a delightful celebration of blooms… an appreciated birthday remembrance for loved ones. Please indicate month. Gift boxed. 1J" band width.

M idnight B rooch As black as the sky with a new moon... A dark ebony jewel is central to a crystal encrusted setting. 5".

#15889 $19.95/ea.

#26047 $19.95

Bestseller! Wing & A Prayer

C ollection

Necklace. A constant reminder that our guardian angel is with us...Swarovski crystals. 1H" pendant. 19" chain. #25735 $29.95 Wing & A Prayer Bracelet. As light as a feather, this delicate filament will weightlessly encompass the wrist beginning with a dewdrop crystal and ending #23532 $19.95 with a glistening wing. 8". Wing Earrings. Czech crystals. 1".


#23531 $12.95


C rystal H eadband A glistening band of crystals will summon one’s inner princess. Not just for dressy anymore.

#19586 $24.95


Indicates a Victorian T rading Co . Exclusive.


Bestseller! C


“Y” N ecklace

Eight freshwater pearls accompany a hand carved beauty rendered from a beige conch shell cast by the sea upon the shores of Italy. Truly of heirloom caliber. 18" antiqued sterling chain. Cameo, 18mm.

#3588 $119.95 Cameo Pierced Earrings. #8641 $129.95

Save on set! #10169 $219.95 Balmoral Victorian S lide B ra celet Industrious Victorians implemented keepsake jewelry parts, stickpin heads, tiny lockets, buttons and loosened gemstones as charms that would slide into chains. Sweet Romance. USA. 7". #834 $79.95

View online: Necklace. 18".

#12368 $119.95 Earrings. 2". #12369 $29.95


S eed P earl N eckla ce Exquisite cultured pearls of heirloom luster mingle upon a delicate. .925 sterling silver with 18 kt yellow gold plating. 1" pendant w/ 20" chain.

#27655 $149.95 “Betrothal” G old V ermeil R i ng Petite freshwater seed pearls and glistening crystals are mounted upon .925 sterling silver with 18K #24117 Special! gold plating. Sizes 5–9

C hime B all N e ckla c e

Never Leaf Me

G u i n e v e r e ’ s B r a ce le t Ultimately romantic, a medieval-flavored hand adornment is effortlessly elegant and comfortable. Handmade in the studio of Lorraine’s Artistic Designs. #26450 $59.95

C r ys t a l B u c k le P ony t a i ls /B r a ce le t s Pretty little delicacies will secure tresses when not on the wrist. Cocoa, cream, and blush. USA from imported materials. #25757 Special! $19.95 14.95/set of 3

$79.95 $69.95

Soothing the sensibilities, calming bell tones exude a precious golden orb housed within a sterling filigree casement. This exotic pendant was created centuries ago to dangle upon an expectant mother’s belly in an effort to comfort the unborn with a pleasant melody. #27564 $39.95 1" pendant.

Bestseller! “C


B ow ” B r o o ch

Once pinned to the lace lapel of an Edwardian bodice, this art deco ribbon of icy crystals is inspired #26930 $14.95 by a circa 1910 classic. 3" .


A nn a K are nina P earl s An asymmetrical bow joins opulent strands of lustrous faux pearl. 20".

#27257 $29.95

P earled C ollar Transform an ordinary tee or sweater into a vintage boutique find or wear as a necklace. Detachable faux pearl Peter Pan collar clasps in back. Imported.

#23426 $19.95

V ictoria L ace C ollar Detachable collar that can easily take any outfit from day to night, modern to vintage. Imported.

#23425 $19.95




Spencerian Monogrammed P ure S ilk S carf Your initial is painstakingly embroidered upon pure silk... a signature accessory of heirloom stature. Each highly ornamental letter has been obtained from Victorian calling cards upon which the bearer’s name was imprinted in a charming rotogravure typeface. Flourished script may include birds, florals, or objects #2372 $29.95/ea. from nature. 50 x 11". Imported. Postscript S ilk S carf A myriad of post-marked correspondences have been adapted to a fluid silk drape. Finest pure silk. Dry clean. 57 x 11". #17607 $29.95 Imported.

P ackable S t r a w H at Shade that pretty face with a straw-hued wide brim that arrives with interchangeable ivory or #24539 $29.95 black lace. Imported.

T eacu p A p r o n The vintage original bears stains and moth holes, but provided inspiration to recreate the lovely old pattern. Teacup pockets, gingham binding, and pretty French-knotted flowers. 100% cotton. Ties around neck and waist. Machine wash. Imported. 40".

Giverny Ja c k e t A painterly princess dress is bordered with impressionistic garden print upon a ribbed raspberry fabrication. Color may vary due to hand made nature of the pattern. Polyester. Hand wash. Imported. S–1X. #24079 $99.95

#2256 $29.95


Hopeless Romantic

T rou ser S tockings Silken knee-highs are graced with lovely old prints. Nylon/spandex. Hand wash. Imported. One size.

$9.95/two asst. pr. Lace. #18803 / Floral. #18804

H epburn C ardigan Pleated chiffon is graced with faux pearl buttons upon a lightweight, taupe ribbed sweater with bracelet sleeves. Imported. 55% ramie/45% cotton with 100% polyester chiffon. Machine wash. S/M, L/XL/1X/2X.

#25280 $39.95 Pearl Necklace. #24401 $129.95


Pampered Princess R uffled R obe One could not possibly appreciate the silken softness of this velvety cover-up unless swathed in it after a luxuriating bath. Falls just below the knee. Machine wash. Imported. 47" S/M, #20949 $79.95 52" L/XL.


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o. Exclusive.


J eweled B looms L uggage Vibrant florals are extracted from a Flemish still life and rendered to a suitcase that will be the envy of many at baggage claim. Combination lock, 2 outer zip pockets, one inner zip pocket, two straps to secure clothes. Roller wheels & extendable handle. Imported. 19" & 23" suitcases, 12H x 9H" #25359 $169.95/set of 3 tote. Delivery Surcharge $10.

Tapestry C a r M a t s Beauty at your feet... beneath the gas pedal for when you can’t be in your romantic home. Universal fit. 26 x 17". Imported.

Lavender S leep M ask A floral embroidered mask invites a tranquil moment with the calming and restorative scent of premium lavender flowers. Excellent for traveling as well. Organza gift bag. USA of imported materials. #25869 $19.95

$29.95/pr. Brown. #17631 / Gray. #15048 Travel Companion O r n a m e n t Request a souvenir of that unconditional friend...a meaningful remembrance for loved ones. 3".

$24.95/ea. Boston Terrier shown here.

Small/Medium Dog Breeds. #27141 • Terrier: Boston/West Highland/Scottish/Jack Russell/ Yorkshire: long haired or puppycut • Pug: Brown or Black • Maltese • Chihuahua: Black or White & Tan • Beagle • Welsh Corgi Pembroke • Bichon Frise • Bulldog Brown & White • Schnauzer Gray • Pomeranian Red • Dachshund Red • Pekingese• Cavalier King Charles Brown & White • Papillion Brown & White Large Dog Breeds. #27138 • Lab: Black or Yellow • Golden Retriever • Sheltie Sable • Border Collie • Basset Hound • German Shepherd • Bernese Mountain Dog • Poodle White • Collie Sable

Save on 3 or more! $19.95/ea.

Melissa Molasses S traw H at A perfect corsage rose is captured in silk, tinged with mint and blush. This detachable bloom adorns a sweet hat of syrup hue and will oblige sashes, cardigans and ponytails as well. Imported. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox.

#25506 $39.95

H awt horne C ardigan Pale roses against loden leaves scatter upon a refined shellbuttoned lightweight sweater with bracelet sleeves. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Imported. #25273 $39.95 S/M, L/XL/1X/2X.

Cameo Necklace: #25209 (online) Hawthorne Rose Floral Beaded Necklace: #19280 (online)

Pink Gossamer I n f i n i t y S c a rf A filmy, soft drape softens the neckline with muted florals borrowed from a rose garden. Hand wash. Imported. #26019 $19.95 70" loop. Chintz C lo s e t S a f e A must-have item for anyone who travels. Conceal money, jewelry, or keep special accessories with particular outfits. Simply place items inside the side zippered pouch and slip a jacket or shirt over the closet safe. Scotch-guard treated. Hanger included. Imported. #1759C 15 x 6" pouch.

Special! $19.95 $14.95




Love, Loyalty, & Length of Days:

Bestseller! C

M o s c o w M u le C u p

e r s o n a li zed

M us i c B o x e s

#24552 $49.95/set of 3

Save on 2 or More! $17.95

Bestseller! P


Hold a melody in the palm of your hand...beautiful remembrances will brighten a loved one’s day. Cameos are cast from antique conch shell carvings in faux stone. Acrylic Elizabethan Rose (Blue Danube). case/brass movement. 2". Classic Cameo (Swan Lake). Sisters/Friends (Fur Elise).

The legendary ginger beer libation could not be served in anything but the classic copper mug. Wellwishes are engraved upon a solid brass oval. Hand crafted of hammered copper and brass. 16 oz. Gift #26717 $19.95 Boxed.

Bestseller! L

S oa p


S louc h S o c k s

Nonchalant casual comfort meets dressy halfway...a dainty detail is sewn upon wonderfully comfortable cotton socks! Black, white or ecru. Imported.

One might hesitate to lather from such an elegant bar... an enduring reminder of a thoughtful gift. Gift boxed. USA. Engraved name 7 letter max. Lavender Mist, Green Tea, White Freesia, White Honeysuckle, Pomegranate, Morning Breeze and $29.95/3 bars Coconut Vanilla.

#6799 $11.95 Save on 3 or More! $9.95

Personalized Name Soap. #22517 Engraved Monogram Soap. #25231

Copacabana E a rr i n gs Hot pink flamingos rendered to enamel discs conjure Tequila Sunrise thoughts. Sterling French wires. Silver, nickel free, lead free. 1.25". #26473 $19.95


Please refer to our website for our

S ize G uide

Heirloom M ood R ing Once a novelty, now a coveted sterling and precious seed pearl-studded gem monitors your peace of mind. Disposition is interpreted by chameleon colors that fluctuate with body #26926 heat. Purest .925 Sterling. 5–9.

$49.95 Additional images online.


Can-Can L ace U mbrella Feminine chic to keep the rain at bay. Opens to 38". #19720 $29.95/ea. Imported.

Pink Chantilly Umbrella. #26889 $29.99 Also available (view online)

Cream #26905 / Grey #27551



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L a v i sh L ace L eggings Dreamy soft like second skin, a stretchy weave is graced with exquisite guipure ruffled lace at ankles. Organic cotton/ spandex. Black or Ivory. Imported. S–XL.

#22002 $39.95

A cinched waist is insinuated upon a soft cotton shirt that is far more comfy than those notoriously tight underpinnings! 100% cotton. USA. Carousel Ink. S/M or L/XL (runs small).

#25706 $39.95

Silk Roses V elvet H at The perfectly packable accessory maintains prim elegance despite it’s crushability! Hand-turned silk flowers upon velvet milliner’s leaves. #18365 $49.95 Imported.

J ezebel L eggings Faux garters and lace stockings are simplified in soft leggings with the intrigue of what was hidden beneath the petticoats! 95% cotton/ 5% spandex. USA. S/M or L/XL.

#25707 $39.95 Hopeless Romantic “S oftsk i n s ” Organic Silky Bamboo & Soy Blend Our very own designs will serve as dream wear or pretty underwear. Comfortable stretch. Long tunic length top. Slim-fit leggings with stretchy ankle lace. Black. 70% rayon /bamboo 30% cotton/soy. Imported. #15793 $39.95/set S–XL. Softskins nightgown #17566 available online

Bestseller! C


S ock s

Yank up your trouser leg and show our spirit. Two versions of kitty are woven (not printed!) from an antique loom into squeezable soft stockings that can double as slippers when “padding” around the house. USA. 9–11.

#10283 $19.95/2 asst. pr.

L ace C amisoles in Color Pairs Femininity underneath it soft and stretchy. 12" long. 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex. Sizes XS–5X. USA. A lt i s s i m o H a t Named for the fragrant rose, a luscious, lipstick red milliner’s bloom upon dupioni silk band overlays a bewitching black straw picture hat. 15" brim. USA of imported materials. Arrives in our signature hatbox. #22490 $99.95


$69.95/asst. pr. Gold & Silver. #23901 Online: Black & White. #23900 Red & Pink. #24032 Cabernet & Chocolate. #25297

Indicates a Victorian Trading Co . Exclusive.


Hopeless Romantic

P r e ppy P u n c h w o r k P ur se s Ivy league handbags with optional shoulder straps are inspired by vintage accessories. $19.95 Faux leather. Imported.

Dartmouth. (Brown) 12 x 9". #23382 Smith. (Black/Cream) 9 x 9". #23381

W oolen C ardigan with China Painted Buttons The sweetest button-down sweater is secured with miniaturized, screened reproduction antique floral plates. Hand washable. Bronze or Rosepetal Pink. Imported. SM–XL.

C ardigan. (without monogram) #26923 $69.95

Bestseller! S

o f t sk i ns

P an t a l o o n s

Ruffled leggings coquettishly peek from beneath skirts and long sweaters. Organic cotton/spandex. Ivory, Black or Cherry. Imported. Size 1 fits S/M, Size 2 fits M/L, Size 3 fits L/XL.

Monogrammed Cardigan. 2" letters.

#21788 $39.95

(All letters available except: Q, U, X, Y & Z)

#27613 $79.95 Teardrop Cameo Crystal Necklace (online)

C ottage G arden S carf Watercolor perennials are rendered to an airy and fluid drape that doubles as a shawl. #24973 $19.95 Imported. 24 x 72".


“Team Paris” B a ll C ap An unlikely mix of exquisite couturier lace and sumptuous tea-hued velvet with suede bill revisit a sporty hat with an elegant spin. Imported. #23873 $19.95

Fingerless Gloves. Black or Ivory.

#24670 $12.95

Vintage Reproduction M a n n e q uin B u st Once residing in a fine department store, her pensive pose displayed necklaces and earrings upon the jewelry case. Resin. 6.75 x 13.5".

#24381 $39.95

F i e r y R os e s S c a r f Airy spun fabric is ablaze with smouldering blooms that grace the gossamer wrap. Imported. #26017 $19.95 $14.99 70".


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.



M y S h oe C li ps


D e von V iolets H at A crushable, black velvet cloche is perky, packable and versatile...destined to become a favorite possession. Detachable millinery velvet flowers pin upon gathered band. Elastic inner band assures a perfect fit. USA of imported materials. #5674 $49.95

Prim black grosgrain ribbon underlies your tasteful insignia at your toes. Attaches easily to any shoe. Gold on black. USA.

#26438 $49.95

E lu sive G own Somewhere between debutante and gypsy: a vision of refined grace and creative abandon. Petal-soft silk meets featherweight sheath. Black and tea. 100% Silk. Dry clean. Imported. XS–LG.

#26938 $149.95 Jet Mourning Dove Necklace, #26702 (online)

Bestseller! J

ewe l -T o n e d V elv et D r esses

B riar R o se G own Out of a fairytale, a profuse garden of crimson blooms is rendered to black viscose organza. Dry #26942 $149.95 clean. Imported. XS–LG. Graduated Pearls #27169 (p.29). Pairs perfectly with our Scarlet Letter Sweater, #18562 (online).

Clones of their opulent predecessors are lavishly adorned with dazzling beads and exquisite embroidery upon luxe fabrications. Replica frames with kiss clasps dangle from rosary-style beaded chains. Polyester/ Rayon. Glass Beads. Brass Frame. 20" Strap. $39.95/ea. Imported.

Pansy Purse. 4H x 11" #25311 Black Velvet. 8H x 12" #25327


Ivory Beaded Purse. 7 x 10". #25316

#26728 $49.95/ea.

Lavish Lace P o u c h Caked with extravagant lace, this zippered case could pass for a debutante’s cherished purse from the war-era. Handcrafted in Australia by Miss Rose Sister Violet. 8H". Imported. #25266 $29.95

V e lv et B e ad ed P ur ses

Burgundy Beaded Purse. 11H". #25320

Soft as a second skin, this dress achieves that supreme balance between comfort and elegance. Onyx, Emerald, or Ruby. Velveteen. Dry clean. SM–XL. Imported.



E dwardia n S h oes Graceful kitten heels know no season and are as comfortable as they are lovely. 2I" kitten heel. Colors: Black, Brown, White, Cream. Whole sizes 6–12. #24756 $59.95 Imported.

Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


L ace S hirt E xtender Lavish embroidered netted lace modestly veils the fanny thereby entitling one to wear comfy leggings. Peeks prettily beneath tunics. Sewn of soft 95% cotton, 5% spandex, pretty tanks have adjustable spaghetti strap sleeves. 6" lace hem. Imported. Cocoa, Black or Cream. S/M and L/XL. #27565 $34.95/ea.


H at S tand Antique replica. Black iron. Adj. 13–21".

#19509 $29.95 Also available:

Milliner’s Hatstand #22878 (view online)

S pectator S hoe s Classic two-toned Mary Janes with the distinctive punch work leather deserve a comeback.Black & White patent leather. 4" heel. Sizes 6–12. Imported. #26846 $59.95

C ro ssb ody S ling A garden variety of vibrant vintage ephemera gather upon an enviable shoulder bag. Zipper closure. Cotton flannel plaid lining. Adjustable 56" nylon strap. 6 x 9". Imported. ArtBird.

#26381 $24.95

R enai ss ance C oatdre ss Silken velvet is intricately embroidered with a magnificent floral motif rendered in stained glasscoloured threads upon both front and back. Flattering tailored fit. Lined. Imported. S–2X.

#25508 Special! $299.95 $249.95 Lace cuffs #10222 on p. 43.

H ibiscus L ariat D rape

Felted Wool

Somewhere between scarf and necklace, a creative drape inspired by nature transcends tradition in a bohemian, romantic sort of way. 100% wool. Imported. 60". #26606 $39.95/ea.

Moonflower #27109 (view online)


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o . Exclusive.


B all erin a D r e ss Luxuriant burn out brocade spills across a vivid second skin. This comely layering piece will carry you through the seasons. Velvety polyester blend. Imported. Launder the old-fashioned way: and wash, line dry. Black or Red. S–XL.

#26838 $49.95


“T h i n e I ntertwin e d ” T e e After browsing our archived calling cards, this one was worthy of rendering to a cotton shirt that peeks through cardigans and denim jackets. Oatmeal-hued, lusciously soft tri-blend tee. Sizes S–2X. Made in USA of imported materials.

#27578 $29.95


Bestseller! C B otton

“Sweet Milk Manor”


Beautiful and crisp white bed linens drip with crocheted lace on pillow cases and top sheet. 100% cotton. Imported.

Battenberg Lace P araso l s A beautiful room accent and functional when providing shade. Cotton lace. Bamboo handle. Imported. $29.95/ea. Opens to 39".

Black. #21573 White. #21572 Coordinating hand fans below.

#22677 Full. Fitted/Top sheet, 2 pillow cases. $99.95 Queen. Fitted/Top sheet, 2 pillow cases. $109.95 King. Fitted/Top sheet, 2 pillow cases. $129.95

Battenberg Lace F ans This demure hand-held accessory was once used to convey messages more importantly than to produce a breeze. Opens to 18". Ivory. Imported. #19619 $19.95

Black Lace Fan. Opens to 20". #21574

L a c e T r i mm e d T u n i c A soft knit of oat hue is vented with embroidered netted lace at cuff and hem. Invites pendant necklaces and compliments. Imported. #22834 $49.95 S–XL.

W indsor L ace

P lush I nfinity S carves with Lace Mimicking freshly sheared Persian Lamb pelts, velvety soft drapes drip with crocheted lace that appears to be hand-tatted. In hues of Chai Latté (Oatmeal) or Sedona Sunset (Coral), these lovelies will soften the neckline and warm the heart. Imported. 9 x 64".

#24992 Special! $29.95 $24.95/ea.


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o. Exclusive.

It was with disbelief that we discovered this was reproduction lace rather than the antique original. Exquisite, authentic, and wonderfully affordable easy-care machinewashable polyester. We’ll keep your secret if you keep ours. USA. Please indicate Antique.(shown) or Ecru (ivory). Swag. (72w x 44" drop). #5077 $49.95/pr. Valance. (60w x 20" drop). #5078 $24.95 Panel. (60w x 63" drop). #5081 $49.95 Panel. (60w x 84" drop). #5083 $69.95

Elizabethan L ace C uffs Embroidered illusion is gathered upon elasticized lingerie lace to peek out beneath sweaters and blazers. Antique or #21449 $19.95/pr. Black. Imported.

Save on 2 or More! $17.95/pr.


Beautiful Dreamer S i l k P i l lowca se Sleep wrinkles and mussed salon hairstyles will no longer become a rude awakening. Finest silk will lull your pretty head to sweet reveries and ensure the safekeeping of your complexion and curls. Soft cotton cluny lace trim and embroidered script reads Beautiful Dreamer. Imported. #22385 $39.95 20 x 26".

E y e l et S a c h e ts Embroidered voile sachets filled with lavender or rosebuds are lovely when tucked into bureau drawers, linen closets or tied around hangers. USA of imported materials. 5". $9.95/pr.

Rose #406 Lavender #407

Save on 3 or more! $7.95/pr.

Bestseller! L


F ooties

Let a lace edge peek out around ballerinas. Soles have grips to help keep booties in place inside shoes. Imported. Black or Nude. #26870 $5.95

C a s hmere & L ace W rap Swathe yourself in luxurious softness. French lace encompasses the extravagant silken drape that pampers and warms chilled shoulders. 79 x 27". 92% cashmere / 8% silk. Dry clean. Imported. Black/Tea #26766 $99.95/ea. Lace & Taupe/Black Lace.

Venetian Lace

C ollar & C uff s

Collar. Transcend an ordinary wardrobe with an overthe-top accessory that proclaims couture. Implement your prized brooches and pearl many as you dare. One size. Neckline circumference 16". USA of $39.95/ea. imported materials.


T he L anguage


F an s

A century ago, the demure hand-held accessory was used to convey messages more importantly than to produce a breeze. We are aware of nineteen of the gestures and their meanings. To mention but a few; handle to lips begged a kiss, dropping meant friendship only, drawing across eyes expressed apology. An intriguing translation is included. Hand screened on fabric and trimmed with lace. $19.95 /ea. Imported. 9 x 17".

Ladies (ecru) #10216 (lower) Bouquet (red) #10215 (middle) Pastorale (black) #10217 (top)

Black. (shown) #16524 / Ivory. #16143 /

Antique. #16525 “Victorian Rose” T a b l e L a c e The original and most historical of lace patterns, this floral graphic softens a room with filtered light. Specify White or Ecru & desired size. USA. #22528 Round. 43". $29.95 / Round. 72". $69.95 Rectangular. 60 x 84". $69.95 / Rectangular. 60 x 108". $79.95


Cuffs. Suddenly, sonnets spring to mind and one becomes in character with a heroine from an Elizabethan novel. Elasticized wrists are concealed beneath the season’s sweaters and jackets. Ivory, #10222 $24.95 Black (shown) or Antique. 6".

Save on 3 or More! 19.95/ea.


M iss R o se & S ister V iolet S achet s Infuse your dainties with the essence of a rose garden. Hand sewn sachets punctuated with vintage crystal buttons exude a most pure essence of tea roses not unlike burying one’s nose in the bloom. Hand crafted in Australia by a mother and daughter creative team. Lovely gift box. Imported. 2I". #25269 $29.95/pr.

Bestseller! Mouthwash Decanter Dazzling cut glass will replace that unsightly, medicinal, commercial plastic bottle with a clever cup/lid. Holds 25 #24346 $39.95 oz (full bottle of mouthwash). 11".

Cotton Candy L ip B alm That soft pink confection that melts on the tongue induces pleasant kisses and smiles. Whimsical replica pillbox remains after Vitamin E-rich emollient is depleted. 1.5 oz.

#16535 $9.95

Love Disarmed C osmetic B ru sh es An art nouveau beauty strikes a modest pose atop vanity essentials. The coveted century-old silver cutlery pattern is revisited. Silver-plated zinc alloy. Goat hair powder brushes, Pony hair eye shadow #21924 $19.95 brush. Set of 3.

P owder P uff


A kitten-soft faux fur puff is crowned with a satin #25197 $9.95 ribbon. Cotton. Imported. 4".

Primadonna S h o w e r C u r t ain This girly-girl drape will have one singing Broadway tunes in the shower...tiers of white flounced lace and organdy offer a private spot for a luxuriating soak. Imported. 72 x 72". Plastic shower liner not included.

#15047 $49.95 Shower curtain hooks available online.

P harmacie First Aid Tin A nostalgic graphic derived from a French first aid kit will keep bandaids and antibiotic creams secure when bees sting and toes stub. 100% Zinc. 5H x 4".

#25117 $11.95

Shower Bonnet Tiny pink rose buds are scattered upon a lined satin bonnet with dainty lace trim and bow. Plastic liner. #23077 $9.95 Velvet bow. Imported. Additional shower caps available online.


Indicates a Victorian T rading C o . Exclusive.


Angel Wing Pendant in


Treasure Soap Lather your way to a hidden gem… cast from a fancy century-old Parisian bar, clean scented coconut oil soap harbors a marcasite casting within. 77 grams. Gift box reads: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Dainty Rosebuds P owd e r M i t t Remember this? Dust yourself after a warm bath. Tidier than powder puffs, an inner chamber disperses powder #25165 $9.95 through soft flannel. Imported.


#25398 $11.95

Cupcake B a n d a g e s Latex free with sterile gauze. 3.75" tall metal tin contains twelve 1.75 x 1.5" adhesive bandages and a free prize. Three different colors. #25866 $7.95

Save on 3 or More! $6.95/ea.

R osebud C hintz I ce P ac k

B rush , C o mb & M irror S et

Soothing relief improves upon a dripping wet kitchen towel or Ziploc bag filled with ice. Rubber laminated #17806 $9.95 with metal neck. Imported. 8".

Our cherished antique set was cast in wax thereby preserving every intricate petal on the plump chrysanthemums and ensuring that such a lovely dresser set could endure. Silver-plated brass. Mirror 9"; Comb 7"; #3250 $29.95 Brush 8".

T al c um T ins Variations on a powdery theme: A threesome of food safe boxes could harbor anything from butter cookies to cotton balls. Green tin has holes in the lid. 6", 5H", 4H". #22495 $19.95/set of 3

Rose Gift Boxed G uest S oaps A pair of perfumed guest soaps are nestled in shredded tissue within a lovely gilded, beribboned box. The lid is graced with an authentic #21792 $11.95/set century-old illustration. Gift boxed. 2H". Victorian P etite V anity V ials A diminutive trio of etched glass bottles nestle together within an ornate gilded base. Once found upon dressing tables, these commonly held witch hazel, mineral oil and alcohol. Glass/Brass. 4".

#24480 Special! $39.95 $29.95




Christine’s D ressing G own Inspired by the ruffled robe worn by the beautiful songstress during the hauntingly romantic dressing room scene in which his voice comes to her. Long bridal train extends behind while tiers of assorted lace patterns cascade coquettishly from a velour velvet sashed robe. Machine wash. Imported. S/M, #21832 $149.95 L/XL.

B eguiling B edjacket A soft velour velvet is companion to your nightgown when chilled shoulders call for a cover up. Dainty French knot roses are embroidered upon the Peter Pan collar, trimmed in lavish Venetian lace that appears to be rescued from a vintage gown. Machine wash. Imported. S/M, L/XL, 1X/2X.

#23348 $99.95

“Bed of Roses” D uvet E n s e m ble So beautiful as to evoke a sigh... luscious blooms are emblazoned upon a European-style duvet that awaits a featherdown comforter. Pure cotton. Includes duvet cover, top sheet, and 2 pillowcases. #25659 Machine wash. Imported.

Queen. $299.95 / King. $329.95 Additional images online.

F lannel N i g h t i e s That familiar sweet print endures upon a floor length gown that becomes cozier with each washing. Soft cotton crochet trims the cuff and collar. Accessorize with a mug of cocoa and bunny slippers! USA of imported materials. $49.95 Machine wash. S–3XL.

Bonnie Blue Nightie. S–3XL. #14887 Rosebud Nightie. S–3XL. #12687

Victorian Q uilt R ack An ornately scrolled valet will dutifully hold cherished quilts and blankets until that stolen afternoon nap occurs. Hand forged wrought iron. Simple assembly. 35 x 26 x 13".

#5642 $79.95 Also available: Towel Rack


35 x 16 x 13". #6133 $69.95

E leanor ’ s B ouquet

F r a g r a n c e N i g h t li g h t A lovely old decal is borrowed from an antique vase that once stood witness to coal stoves and ice boxes. This dainty porcelain outlet fixture offers a place atop for fragrance oil that when warmed will transcend the room. 5". Gift boxed. #22913 $19.95 Oils: Party Blooms, Kiss the Rain, & Remember When. .3 oz. #24354 $19.95/set of 3 (lasts up to 80 hrs)


Indicates a Victorian T rading Co . Exclusive.


Duchess Furrgie & Princess Purrfect

F le e c e P i l lo ws Dignified portraits of personified kitties contribute an air of opulent whimsy to a sofa or side chair. Soft fleece. Zipper closure. Imported.

Princess Purrfect. (Blue). 18" sq. Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down. #24961 $39.95 Feather Down. #25110 $49.95

Furrgie. (Pink). 12 x 18".Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down. #24959 $29.95 Feather Down. #25106 $39.95


A m e l ia N i g h t i e Delicate insertion lace and intricate tuck pleats are inspired by the underpinnings once worn by our great grandmothers. Petite, opalescent shell buttons on sleeveless white cotton gown that spills to the floor. Machine wash. #23994 Special! Imported. S–XXL.

$ 49 .9 5


A W oman ’ s “B l an k i e ” Enter upon a dream within weightless swans down, so soft that the sense of touch can barely detect it. Thus is this airy throw, edged in fine satin and spattered in pale, buttery cabbage roses. Once introduced, you’ll be forever codependent! Acrylic blend. $49.95/ea. Machine wash. Imported. 50 x 60". Scarlet Roses. #22977 / Caramel Roses. #15747


Morning Roses A la rm C lock Shouldn’t the first vision when opening the eyes from a dream be French roses? We thought so. This bedside classic offers the time in the same manner as our mothers’ Baby Bens. Plastic clock face ensures durability. #15929 $19.95 Requires one AA battery 6".


Cameo N ightlight The hand carved silhouette that emerges from a conch shell tossed to the Italian sand is rendered to a lovely outlet light in bonded marble. Hand Painted. Gift boxed. 5".

#24717 $19.95/ea. Fairy Dreams Nightlight.

#26327 (p. 10) “Swan’s Down” L ong R obe Could this be feather down?... Surprisingly no. Encompass yourself within a sumptuously soft plush with a silken touch. Spattered with chalky roses. Machine wash. Imported. One #17374 $79.95 size. French Knotted Roses on S mocked N ightie Palest pink embroidery threads become dainty rosebuds by means of a Parisian embroidery stitch. Delicately hand gathered smocking on bodice and ruffled collar and cuffs enhance a gown that spills to the floor. Petite, opalescent shell buttons on pristine white cotton. #23986 Long-sleeved. Machine wash. Imported. S–XXL

Special! $69.95 $49.95



Little Piece of Heaven S ilk T hrow Light as a cloud, cool as a breeze, and airy as swansdown, this indulgent blanket is a pampering invitation to a beautiful dream. Finest cocoon silk & silk filled. 50 x 60". #26929 $179.95 Dry clean.

“Drippy Old Candle”

N ightlight This imposter appears to have been lit for hours. And like its waxen counterpart, it will light the way with a warm glow. Gift boxed. 5 x 2".

#10778 $11.95 Save on 2 or More! $9.95/ea.

C lovell y Q u i lt


W oman C ave S ign Lest there be any confusion, a declaration of her privacy offers clarity. Foiled in dazzling gold under glass using the methods of old sign makers. Wood, glass. 2 sawtooth hangers. 24". #27309 $49.95

Perhaps the most charming town in England, this quilt could be neatly folded at the foot of a featherbed in wait of a napper to curl beneath. A vintage stripe repeats the hues of the roses. Cotton becomes softer with each hand washing. Imported. #25333 $99.95 Reversible. 86" sq.

Victorian W as h S t a n d Pre-dating indoor plumbing, this makeshift “sink” assisted with bedroom bathing. Towels and soaps were stashed on lower shelves and water was poured into the basin from a pitcher for a sponge bath. Ours exclusively, a petaled iron rose and scrollwork are painted French white. Simple #20179 $99.95 assembly required. 36 x 19".

Roses Pitcher & Bowl. Bowl 14 x 4", pitcher 11". Porcelain. #18040 $69.95

Save on the Set! Stand, bowl & pitcher #20554 $129.95 Hotel Ste. George H o o k One might expect to find this porcelain knobbed fixture in the chambers of a five-star hotel in Europe. Hanging hardware not included. 3H x 5". #27020 $9.95

B elle E poque B eauty R eclining on a S ettee with R oses by Paul Antoine de la Boulaye (1849–1926), French. Oil on canvas. Immersed in blooms, she savours an idyllic moment. #25977 Photograph courtesy of

Framed. 18 x 21". $79.95 Delivery Surcharge $7.50. Unframed. 14 x 17". $12.95


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


V eiled L ady Sculpted in 1850 in England by Raphaelle Monti, this bust is often referred to as “the bride”, and was purchased by the Duke of Devonshire. This elegant statuary is hand made in England from bonded #17190 $279.95 Carrara marble dust. 14".


La Femme C omp a ct M i rr o r For lipstick touch-ups after cappuccino with a friend, a curious mirror will ensure a flawless face. Standard mirror opposite 2x magnification mirror. Vintage floral #27180 $9.95 on back. Leatherette. Imported. 3".

R oses “W e ’ ll B e F ri e n d s U n til W e A r e O ld ” S a ch e t Buds of pure French lavender tucked into stitched linen encourage a moment of reassurance. Reads: “We’ll be friends until we are old & senile. Then we’ll be new friends.” USA. 10". #27333 $16.95

Victoriana Rose V anity J ar s Lidded glass containers provide pretty order upon the dressing table. 2 & 2H".

#24903 $29.95/pr.


C rys t a l V a s e

by Ferdinand G.Waldmüller (1793–1865) A nonchalant arrangement of garden blooms spill #25657 from glistening cut glass.

Framed. 20 x 24". $99.95 Delivery Surcharge $7.50. Unframed. 16 x 20". $14.95

Belle Epoque G o l d le a f M i rr o r Reminiscent of frames that encompass French masterpieces in oil, a palatial wall decorative is quite astounding. Picture wire on reverse for hanging. Faux wood. 15H x 25". #25123 $129.95 Delivery Surcharge: $5.

“Man in the Moon”

P o rc elain L ithophane N ightli ght A Victorian concept, layers of bisque create a buttery, dimensional image when illuminated. Soft light shines through an antique image of the night sky. Bulb included. 3 x 4".

#18148 $29.95

Bestseller! P

ar i s i a n

H an g e r V a le t

Our ornamental antique was cast authentically and worthy of wall display. Sliding hooks accommodate belts and scarves. 7 hooks that can slide for customizable space. Fits standard clothing rod. Brass. 17 x 11".

#26562 $29.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o . Exclusive.



W h i t e R a b b i t C lo ck Lest he be late for a very important date, Alice’s favorite bunny posts perfect time on his lapel. Hand painted coniferous tree resin. 10". Includes 1 LR44 cell battery. #25821 $29.95

Sparrow’s Delight M i rr o r Shiny things appeal to those with wings… Hook on back for wall mount. Hand #26780 $19.95 painted resin. 8 x 11".


T oilette

Old Nell & Fair Tess C hina D o l ls Bearing resemblance to their grandmother, retrieved at an antique sale, sisters are cast from the antique’s fine bone structure. Hand painted heart beneath a muslin frock with a cameo brooch. Hand painted porcelain head, hands & feet. Soft cloth body. For ages 14 & $69.95/ea. up. Gift boxed.

by Rougeron, Jules James (1841–1880) She primps before her vanity, somewhat pleased with the outcome. #23037 $69.95 17 x 22H". Delivery Surcharge $7.50.

Unframed. 13 x 18H". $12.95

Nell. (brunette) #22364/Tess. (blonde) #22363 Thorntree Castle

M irr ored W al l S co nc e

Beguiled Bouquet P a tc h wor k Q uilt A century-old floral print of garden roses is rendered to cotton squares bound together with a gingham check binding. Blush, cream and slate blue. Machine wash . Imported. 86" sq. #25402 $129.95 Additional quilts available online.

Festooned with plump roses and embellishments painted in old jeweled hues, a wall-mounted decorative will infuse a room with romantic ambience when tapers are lit for memorable occasions. 10 x 24". #21017 $129.95 Delivery Surcharge: $10. Save on pair! $199.95 (Save $60.!)

Provencal Primrose

Pendulum Wall Clock Every glance at the time is a pleasure.. lovely old watercolour roses grace the face encompassed by intricately cast frame and pendulum. Resin/Eco-friendly MDF. Requires #22618 $79.95 1 AA battery. 24".

Enchanted Cottage N ightstand An idyllic portrayal of roses rendered with pale blue ribbons adorn a cabinet worthy of one’s charmed existence. 19 x #25429  $199.95 13H x 30". Delivery Surcharge: $20 Daphne Chest #25424 (online)


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o. Exclusive.


Parisian Parfumerie W a l l H ooks Vibrant labels extracted from century-old fragrance bottles are revisited upon metal plaques with triple hooks for $11.95/ea. anything from lanyards to leashes. 11 x 2".

Savon Bouquet. #25663 / Lilas Blanc. #25660 Cotswold Cottage P i l low A beautiful arrangement is framed with ruched velvet upon a polyester velvet cushion. Plump pink garden roses are rendered to a leatherette panel. Imported. 18".

P eaco c k L a m p Victorians held the belief that the majestic bird was a watchful presence in the home. The jewel-hued plumage was a favorite subject of Tiffany studios. Cast brass. Double-bulb toggle pulls. UL listed. 60 w bulbs not #23939 $349.95 included. 28". Delivery Surcharge $15.

Synthetic Down. #26022 $39.95 Feather Down. #26024 $49.95

P ink P rincess T e le pho n e Every girl longed for this. The lucky ones pressed it to their ears for hours. Truly a retro classic. Push button technology with rotary fashion dial. Flash/redial feature. Tone/pulse switch. Ringer volume on/off switch. #25545 $69.95 Earpiece volume control. 9 x 4".

Amethyst Glass B edside C arafe A sip between sweet dreams....purple glass was believed to rid Victorian homes of ill will. #26738 $24.95 8". 30 oz. Hand wash. Jessica McClintock

B e ll e E p o q u e S i d e T a ble Festooned with hand carved garlands and tiers upon pedestals, this exquisite occasional piece is the epitome of loveliness. Rich wood top and roomy drawer. #23678 $795. French white. 32 x 22 x 30". Delivery Surcharge: $100.


Painted Linen T oile C hair A plump seat in an antique palette invites you to sink into it with a good book. Maple wood. Azure & Sage fabric. 8-way hand tied coil spring #24726 construction. USA. 37 x 35 x 37". $1695. Delivery Surcharge: $150.

Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.

Delivered via freight.


Vintage Circus C andle H olders Delightful hand painted porcelain replicas are cast in exacting detail. A rare find. Gift boxed. 1H"–2G".

#25873 $99.95/asst. set of 12.         Individual. $9.95/picked at random. Gold Party Candles. #27896 $12.95/set of 18

B u tterscotch E lep han t This winsome little creature with soulful glass eyes is soft as silk. His woebegone demeanor will assuredly steal ones heart. A growler prompts his sound when held. A limited edition collectible for adults to treasure. #24829 $49.95 Imported. 21".

The Big Book of Nursery Rhymes A handsome reprint of the hardbound classic is graced with illustrations on every page by beloved artist Charles Robinson. 16 color plates. Ornamental initials, fanciful borders and 300 loved verses, from “Baa, Baa Black Sheep” to “Little Tom Tucker”. Hrdcvr. 10". 310p. #22318 $40.

T he F avouri t e B ook


F ab le s

First published in 1890 the fascinating collection of 117 fables from “The Wolf And The Lamb” to “The Archer And The Lion”. Each quite short and many illustrated with fine line drawing and each of course with its own moral. Hardcover. 8". 128 pages. 51 illustrations. #25875 $19.95

Beloved Fairy T a l e C la s s i cs Exquisitely-bound volumes are reprinted in exact likeness to the antique printings. Beautiful color plates. Hrdcvr.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales. 336p. #20584 $40. S tories from H ans C hristian A ndersen. 328p. #20585 $40. The Sleeping Beauty. 208p. #20582 $35.

Bearington Baby Collection

English Fairy-Tales. 408p. #20581 $40.

“L am by P ie J ac k et ” An old concept, wee folk were warmed by the rewards of Daddy’s hunting. Baby appeared to be just one of the flock with ears and all. Chubby cheeks are precious in these soft coats. Satin ribbons. Imported. 6–12 or 12–24 mos.

T h e E n cha n te d D o l ls ’ H ouse Pages of interactive armoire doors and hope trunk lids, hat boxes, jewelry chests, sewing kits and envelopes to reveal treasures. Dressing screens part to reveal lace skivvies. Popout homes allow a panoramic view and intriguing text reveals life as they knew it. Hrdcvr. 12".

Jacket. #16096 $49.95 Special! $39.95 Lamby Booties. #16533 $12.95

#21302 $27.99

C urlilo cks

in a

B ox

“Hello, my name is Curlilocks. I long to leave this little box. Where I have waited many a day. To be set free where I may play.” Beneath the poetic lid lies a sweet bisque doll in wait of a home. She is nestled amongst frocks, nightie, bloomers, her teddy, blankie, flower basket and bonnet. Replicated from a vintage offering from a famous department store circa early 1900s. For ages 14 and up. #25410 $39.95 Imported. 9".

Limited Edition

W ads w or th T eddy B ear with Growler This waif has a nose rubbed bare...presumably from countless kisses. Hand sewn with vintage ribbon, a porcelain name tag, and growler. A limited edition collectible for adults to treasure. Imported. Jointed. 13" sitting, 18" tall.

#18050 $69.95 Special! $49.95 “Eleanor” Teddy Bear (online) #22839 $69.95 $49.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading Co . Exclusive.


M arigol d

Janey Jump Rope N e c k l a c e Down in the valley where the green grass grows, there sat Janey, sweet as a rose. Along came Johnny, and kissed her on the cheek. How many kisses did she get this week? Acrylic. Silver plated 16" chain. Handmade in USA by TheSpangledMaker. Gift Boxed. 3". #25983 $26.

New life is breathed into a once-cherished doll with the face of an angel, saffron locks and an opulent wardrobe. The moonfaced miss arrives in a lavish sashed frock with bloomers, vintage slippers and doll stand. Porcelain. For ages 12 and up. 19.5" tall. #24956 $119.95 Special! $99.95

Marigold’s Wardrobe. Imported. #25358 $149.95 (Outfits available for individual sale online )

Your Dog’s Party Sign “For the fifth time, I told you I can’t come to your dog’s birthday party. My cat is getting married that day!” A solid excuse for regrets. Find a random nail on the wall and hang good humor. Glittered Tin. 7 x 9". #27130 $24.95

Dollhouse P op - up B o o k This beautifully illustrated carousel doll house has two stories and eight rooms. Tie back strings to reveal extravagant pop-up furniture; grand piano, tufted settee, chandeliers and armoire. Press out dolls and many accessories... a little girl’s dream home! 8H x 15H". #25685 $24.95

Young Victoria’s Wardrobe

H i s t o r i ca l D r e s s C o l lection Replicated from the documented gowns worn by Emily Blunt in the recent film, petite versions of her finery are stitched in pure silk and dressmaker lace. Imported. Fits 18" dolls (American Girl Dolls). Yellow Coronation Dress. #19651 $39.95


Blue Roses M iniature T ea S e r v i c e High tea for the young at heart! An antiquarian delft pattern is rendered to a glazed porcelain tea set. Teapot (3H"), cream & sugar, 6 cups & saucers (3"). #27549 $39.95

Red Toile Miniature Tea Service. #27550 $39.95

Emerald Day Dress. #19650

$29.95 Special! $24.95 Ivory Gala Dress. 2pc. #19648 $29.95 Special! $24.95 Sapphire Parlour Dress. #19649 $29.95 Special! $24.95 Save on Entire Set! #20661 $99.95/4 dresses & 2 prs. shoes


Old Maid C ar d G ame This rare version of a classic game was discovered on Martha’s Vineyard and reproduced in exactness to the antique set. 3 x 4" cards. 38 cards, including Old Maid & instruction card.

#18749 $19.95



Victorian Drawn-Work

G uest T o wels The lost art of meticulously pulling threads to create imagery experiences a renaissance. Inspired by cherished antique linens, the angel motif is rendered to a pristine, crisp cotton blend. 45% cotton/55% linen. Imported. 13 x 22". #26361 $12.95

Save on 3 or More! $10.95/ea. Large Towel. 27 x 44". #26362 $24.95 Save on 3 or More! $22.95/ea. Edwardian Cooking: 80 Recipes Inspired by the elegant meals served in the popular television series:

U nofficial D ow nton A bb ey C ook b ook Recipes adapted for the modern cook by Chef Edwards offer an elegant array of savory tea sandwiches and sweets from traditional high tea. Guides through dinner at the Edwardian table. 80 recipes. 9". Sftcvr. 176 pgs. #26774 $16.95


Romantic R ubb er G lo v e s Dishwashing glam. Whimsy makes the drudgery fun. One size. Imported.

#20270 $12.95 “Lady in Waiting” B ottle O pe n e r A most accommodating pose invites one to open a cold one… this delightful antique reproduction was popular among many of our grandfathers while grandmother would probably raise an eyebrow! Hand painted cast #5958 $11.95/ea. iron. 8".

Hand Embroidered P o uches Meticulously hand embroidered, these demure pouches will be treasured almost as much as the gift. #19727 $19.95/set of 3 Imported. 9 x 7".

Save on 2 or more! $9.95/ea.

Roses Lidded W aste B in Discard refuse with a light step on the pedal. A lovely old rose pattern rendered to the metal canister decoratively disguises the truth that garbage lurks #24812 $99.95 within! Tin. 12 x 24". Delivery Surcharge: $12.50 Fairy Tale Roses W o o d e n B r o o m This one will have you whistling while you work...too pretty to hide in the closet! Brush portion is replaceable. #7405 $29.95 Handpainted wood. 56".

Bristle Replacement. #16023 $6.95 Dust Pan. #10364 $24.95 Handpainted Waste Bin. #10817 $24.95 (online)


Primrose P inafore A prons Three sister aprons sewn of sweet old florals and trimmed in crochet lace and homespun trims will secure against cake batter spatters and wipe floured $19.95/ea. hands clean. 100% cotton. Imported.

Striped Roses. #22980 / Cabbage Roses. #22981 Chintz Roses. #22982

Save on set! #22983 $49.95/set of 3 Sister Oven Mitts. #22984 $19.95/set of 3


Indicates a Victorian T rading Co . Exclusive.



V ic torian S hear s Utilitarian grandeur. Baroque handles invite fingers to cut flowers and open parcels with elegant ease. Sophie’s Silver Scissors. Stainless Steel Blade. Brass Handle. 10". #24477 $29.95 Online: Gabriella’s Gold Scissors. Stainless steel blade. Brass handle. 6". #24478 $19.95

Empire C lothe s D r y e r A brilliant wall hanger extends multiple arms for drip dry items, then folds neatly back against the wall. 7 x 18". Extends to 26" wide. Dryer Sticks are 12" long.

#17856 $39.95


Replica E mbroi dery S ci ssors Once treasured by quilters and seamstresses, intricate shears will assist fine motor skills when delicate snips are required. 5". $19.95/ea.

Gothic Pewter. #21520 / French Filigree. #21522

Save on the Set! #22050 $29.95/asst. pr.

Lady Slipper P incu s hion Rotund roses spill to the pointy toe of a silver plated shoe cast from a coveted 19th c. antique. Silver plated brass. 5".

#26647 $12.95 Rhinestone Pins. #22615 $19.95/set of 36 1928 Jewelry Co.

A nt ique R o se s S ci ss or s Dressmaker quality scissors are cast from an ornamental mold with cherubs atop. 7". #17970 $65.

C rank C lot hes line Mother Nature powers a fresh-air dryer Functional. Mounts to wall. Cord extends to 63". 5". #18952 $12.95

Bestseller! I




D rawer /S he lf P ap e r Fragranced underlayment for boudoir and pantry are imprinted with favorite motifs and infused with pleasant scents. 6 sheets. $11.95/ea. 16H x 23".

Save on 3 or more! $9.95/ea. Rosebud. #24544 Chantilly Lace: Lavender. #20619 Grand Mama's P in c u sh i o n A wreath of repoussé roses encompass a mound of velvetcovered sawdust to ensure the sharpness of needles and pins. #25026 $19.95 Silver plated brass.

Rhinestone Pins. #22615 $19.95/set of 36

D ay S ta tion

A fabulous fabric care fixture is guised as a charming display. Chintz and dove grey cabinet with French door offers stash drawers and cubbies. Caster wheels. 33 x 30 x 13" extended. 58" ironing board. Imported. #19646 $199.95 Delivery Surcharge: $20. Additional views online.


Magnificent M ea s uring T ape An embossed rose alludes to a retractable ruler scrolled within. #24751 $19.95 Measures up to 79". Silver plated brass. 2".


Aristocratic Animal M at ches Personified pets in regal attire offer a light. 50 matches per box. Front and back images shown. 4H".

$12.95/set of 3 Dogs. #27019 / Cats. #27023

T h e W i d o w & T o b y by Frederick Dielman (1847–1935) Sporting an Elizabethan collar, a celebrated kitty and a dignified dog have graced the wall of the Boston Public Library for decades. Lithograph circa 1861. Exquisitely framed under glass. 14G x 17".

$79.95 Delivery Surcharge $5. Unframed. 10G x 13". $12.95 “The Widow” Cat. #25361 / “Uncle Toby” Dog. #25895

C la s s i c K e t t le P h o n e The classic 1930s European desk phone resonates with the old bell ringer while offering modern convenience. Flash/redial, push button, tone/pulse, ringer and #20343 $69.95 earpiece volume settings. Black or brushed chrome. 6".

Hour’s Embrace A rt N ouvea u C lo ck The distinctive windblown aesthetic inspired by grace of line saw the end of the 19th c.. This inspired timepiece will grace a desk and mind the minutes. Hand painted. Faux bronze composite. 10".  #23353 $49.95 Requires 1 AA battery. 


Gilded Bunny B o o ke n d s A pair of hares heroically hold up your leather-bound volumes. #24932 $29.95 Faux goldleaf. Resin. Felt lined. 8".

Crazy Quilt T h r o w A beautiful hodgepodge of cotton velvets and jewel hued prints would marry into a cozy and sentimental masterpiece. Hand embroidering may vary. Imported. 50 x 60". Midnight blue #14054 $99.95 border. Dry clean.

Dance of the Larks C ard H o l d e r Adapted from the cover of a rare William Wordsworth poetry book, a hopeless romantic can keep business or credit cards tucked neatly within a slim leatherette case with an iron frame. Magnetic closure. #27175 $9.95 Imported. 4 x 2H". Dragonfly T iffa n y L amp The most beloved design, delicate filigreed emerald wings circle over hand cut and copper foiled leafy rippled glass with colorful jewel dew drops. Illuminated lamp base with bronze feet. Base 40w chandelier bulb. Requires 2 60w bulbs for upper shade. 26 x 18". #22875 $349.95 Delivery Surcharge: $15.


Indicates a Victorian T rading Co. Exclusive.


T hing s a W oman W an ts to K no w : An Edwardian Housewife’s Guide to Life A fascinating glimpse into the insights of Downton Abbey’s peer group offers hilarious, helpful and horrifying insight of the early 20th century. What are the benefits of applying lard to your eyebrows, why you should break a raw egg into your walking boots, and how the teeth may be polished beautifully...hrdcvr. 172p., 7H". #23641 $12.95


H oot O wl N otecar ds T h e S ta i r c a se : Whittington Court, Gloucestershire by Helen Allingham (1848–1926). Her cat awaits an English woman’s descent. Watercolour print ornately framed in gold, under glass. Faux gilding on a classical beautiful frame. 18 x 24".

Framed. #20825 $79.95 Delivery Surcharge: $7.50 Unframed. 14H x 20H". $12.95 ($20. retail)

in Keepsake Tin Whooo wouldn’t delight in finding this handwritten note amongst their junk mail? 10 glittered blank cards & envelopes. 3I x 5G". #23111 $12.95

B elladonna C andelabra Reminiscent of glistening icicles that dazzle through winter’s windowpane, the distinctive artistry of handblown glass endures utilizing centuries-old methods. #19521 $129.95 Holds 5 candles. 16".


C ry stal P rism B obeche s Beveled chandelier drops dangle from a glass disc that protects fine table linens and furniture from dripping candle wax while dressing up a candlestick!

#25169 $19.95/pr.

Storybook Cottage D oor M at Clusters of classical roses are rendered to barefootfriendly chenille. Polyester/cotton. No slip backing. #24640 $29.95 18x30". Imported.

E t c h e d G la ss C li pbo a rd A makeshift lap desk offers a sturdy writing surface while securing your pages 11 x 8". #27024 $29.95 Brass clip.

Gothic S a n d G la ss Trickling sand measures the seconds within Byzantine-influenced ornamental cast metal. Glass chamber. Distressed red paint. Ten #25471 $29.95 Minute timer. 6".


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


Rose Seal & Wax Once securing the confidentiality of the sender’s correspondence, a personalized insignia was pressed into melted wax to proclaim the identity of the issuer. Gift set includes amber glass handled stamp with rose motif and crimson sealing wax. 1" seal, 2.5" #26629 $19.95 handle.

S tationery S ampler

A beautiful assortment of our fine correspondence papers includes china painted roses, French cherubs found on a century-old calling card found in Paris, and a bouquet of other authentic 19th c. borders printed on fine linen and recycled paper. Sixteen printed sheets with coordinating printed envelopes. 5 x 8". (8 assorted styles.)

Sealing Wax in 3 colors. #16656 $9.95/set of 3 (online)

Lady Reading By


W i ndow

T homas B enjamin K ennington (1856–1916). Captivated by her book, the sunlight spills upon her reading. #23509 $79.95 Ornate frame under glass. 16 x 20". by

#9900 $8.90 S ave on 2 or more! $7.90/ea. Many other paper products available on our website.

Delivery Surcharge $7.50. Unfr amed. 12 x 16". $12.95

J ew e le d P a l e tte for Pens Not only for letters, but for crafting, or a journal with illustrative ivy, floral sprigs, bees or butterflies. Five 15ml ink bottles: black, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst, and burgundy inks. Ruby #22644 $19.95 blown glass dip pen. Gift boxed.

Harlequin M agnifying G lass As magnificent as a 19th c. French circus, this reproduction pendant glass will assist in reading fine print on menus, sales tags and programs. From Sweet Romance. USA. 3". 30" chain. #1844 $59.95 (right)

#24712 $9.95 #21890 $29.95

Magnifique Magnifier Pendant. Sterling Silver Chain 36".


A Booklover’s Diary:

T h e R e a d e r ’ s C o m p a n ion Includes sections for book lists, record of books read, books wanted and purchased, shared books, book group notes and comments, favorite titles to remember, significant passages, and addresses of book stores, libraries, and clubs. 144 p. Laminated hardbound gift book. 5 x 7". #9977 $14.95


Hemingway P e n ci l C u p The inspired writer might smile at this desk top catchall... one might find a Cuban cigar mingled with his #24997 $19.95 fountain pens. Hand painted. 5".


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.



Maine’s Mermaid S crim shaw B ox A hand etched scrimshaw on water buffalo bone. Lined with green felt. 6H x 2G". #22735 $24.95

Porcelain Roses S t a m p B o x Limoges-style hinged box offers an easy-feed side slot for stamp rolls. 2". #7399 $11.95 Gift boxed.

Save on 3 or More! $9.95/ea.

C l e r k ’ s B e ll A light-fingered “ding’’ for one’s attention... Brass replica. 3". #6101 $19.95

Young Reader

B o o k e n ds A wee tyke is enthralled with a picture book, though still able to stay on the task of propping your volumes upon the shelf. Bookends are identical; one child depicted. #23934 Resin. 7 x 4".

Written on my Heart I nk P en s A genuine sentiment upon slender writing utensils of petal pink will endure longer than spoken words. Fountain or #23780 $19.95/ea. Rollerball. Gift boxed. 7".

Black Rollerball Refills #20836 $4.95/pr. Blue or Black Fountain Refills. #25859

$5.95/box of 5 Rainbow Fountain Refills. #24925

Special! $9.95 $6.95/box of 8

Crimson Pen. One’s letters are priceless. Exquisitely boxed.

$19.95/ea. Fountain. #20120 Rollerball. #20289 NY Times Bestseller W edne sday L ett e r s One letter on their wedding night...from the groom, promising to write his bride every Wednesday as long as they both shall live. Years later their children stumble upon thousands of letters through which a shocking, secretive, romantic and poignant tale is told. Sftcvr. 288 p. #14712 $13.


French Roses

P a p e r we ig h ts A stack of paperwork seems filed when a lovely block of glass secures it. This ages-old desktop accessory endures. 3". (picked at random).

#22516 $14.95/ea. Save on the set! $39.95/3 asst.

Greeting Card Assortments Only 83¢ per card! ($2.50 value!) Beautiful assortment of 12 museum gift shop quality greetings to have on hand for those special moments $9.95 /12 asst. cards in life! 5 x 7".

Birthday. #24774 / All-Occasion . #26920 Celebration. #11779 / Blank. #26921 Thinking of You. #11780

Schoolhouse Cushioned

L a p D e sk Remember your hinged desk that smelled like fruity erasers, crayon wax and peanut butter & jelly? Inspired by that, a polished tilt surface with pencil well offers a comfy desktop anywhere you wish to curl up. Lap pad stabilizes and two compartments organize. 19 x 14 x 4". #22253 $59.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o. Exclusive.


Victorian F airy T arot Intriguing illustrations question the fates in a boxed set of 78 cards accompanied by a 264 page paperback book. 5 x 8". #23963 $28.99

Bestseller! C

i rc le of

J oy

A blissful dance celebrates a beautiful sisterhood. This is a rare print published in the late 1800’s and exclusive unto us. Highly ornamental museum-caliber gilded frame. 32 x 28" framed. #19196 $199.95 Delivery Surcharge $20.

Vineyard Variety L i g h t G a r land As lovely as sunlight peering through a glass of wine, plump grapes in Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet multicolors are clustered upon a vibrant string of lights. Indoor/Outdoor. 10’.

Coiled Beeswax

C andle Honey aroma inspires a craving for fresh baked bread. Antiqued metal. 13". 80 hour burn time.

#23128 $39.95 Good Luck C r ic k e t Per Charles Dickens’ classic tale “The Cricket on the Hearth”, Victorians postured the little chirper by fireside with the belief that only good would come upon their household. Legend included. Imported. 3". $9.95

Verdigris Brass. #9276

#27656 $29.95 Coiled Beeswax Refill.

#11189 $19.95

Polished Brass. #9380C

Flaming Beauty F irepla ce M at c h es Enough for forty fires in the hearth…generously long wood matches afford enough time to create a blaze or set candelabra afire. Lovely old floral print on 11.5" drawer box. 40 strike-on-box matches. #27438 $9.95/box

P rin cess P ussyfoot The ruler of the roost maintains an air of detached superiority and requires no litterbox. Only jewels. Hand #25822 $49.95 painted faux stone. 12".

Scarborough F irepla ce S creen Whether to hide unsightly coals between fires or to serve as a warm weather hearth decorative, a hinged wood triptych is reminiscent of a Flemish still life. Hand painted. 46 x 36". #14922 $149.95 Delivery Surcharge $12.50.


Indicates a Victorian T rading Co . Exclusive.


C a t h e dr a l K a l e id o s copes A Scottish invention of the early 1800s, the mechanical wonderment has long mesmerized those who peer into its illusory depths. These stately renditions, crafted from copper & wood, are a delight to the eye from the inside out.

Sir Brewster Mounted Kaleidoscope. 10 x 12". #27017

Special! $149.95 $119.95 Debussy Musical Kaleidoscope. 9 x 12". Plays Clair de Lune. #27012 Special! $149.95 $119.95

Crystal B an k er L amp Glistening iced light pours from a dazzling fixture that has frequented library desks for over a century. Satin nickel finish. On/ off pull chain. 60 watt. 14 x 16".


Family Name F i l e t C r och e t L a c e Inspired by a century-old lace surname framed upon the wall, this exquisite piece will endure proudly for generations. We are privileged to be able to offer this artisan’s handiwork. Mounted on fabric suede board, framed under glass in #15430 $169.95 bronze frame. 20 x 25". Unframed: select White or Ecru doily; Black/Golden Brown/Hunter or Burgundy thread. 14 x 20". #27264 $49.95

#26583 $219.95


B ureau C lock A soothing tick-tock is whispered from a flourished metalwork timepiece. Bronze finish. #26599 $24.95

Curious Cats F rame Four kitties peer into an unusual table top frame wishing it was a bowl of cream. 8 x 7". Holds size 4 x 5" photograph. Pine resin. Frame lays flat #26906 $19.95 on table, no hanging hardware or easel stand.

Harpsichord M usi c B ox A Baroque piano celebrates a romantic era with a favorite Strauss melody. Wind up music mechanism. Hand painted resin. Plays: #24989 $39.95 Blue Danube. 8 x 7".

Mousekin’s Duty D oorstop A wedge of Swiss overseen by a field mouse will secure a rebellious #26963 $9.95 door. Faux walnut. Gift boxed. 5".

O rnamental F an A truly elegant statuary in its own right, this decorative is capable of mustering a breeze. Oscillates, 3 speeds.

Floor Fan. 55". #10340 $219.95 Delivery Surcharge: $12.50

Desk Fan. 30". #10341 $149.95 Delivery Surcharge: $10.


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


Lorraine Lace P illo w Toss this declaration of dainty tendencies upon the sofa to serve as a plump cushion upon which to absorb oneself in a good read. 100% Cotton. Imported. Dry clean. 18".

Synthetic Fill. #27541 $29.95 Feather Fill. #27542 $39.95

Bestseller! P


L am p S hade

A replica of an antique that once cast a dreamy light within a well appointed room. This handcrafted, hand-dyed embroidered velvet shade is embellished with beaded fringe and chiffon flower knots in shades of burgundy & #18016 $99.95 amethyst. Imported. 12 x 17". Strasbourg Floor Lamp. 60". 40 watts max.

#18753 $119.95 View online.


L avender S achets Designated for the dearest souls in your life, these assigned petite pillows are fond reminders of you when tucked in loved ones’ bureau drawers. Imported. $11.95/ea.

Save on 3 or More! $9.95/ea. Crystal Encrusted W o o d e n F rames Edwardian era cherry frames are enhanced by inner frames #25418 $24.95/ea. of hand-set glistening crystals.

Mother. #26417 / Sister. #26418

Venetian Glass M i r r o r An exacting replica of a beveled arch mirror, this etched classic reflects an air of European grandeur. 8H x 14".

#24700 $39.95

“M oonl i t L a k e ” Serenity under can hear the loons, whippoorwills and frogs that sing to the water’s rhythmic waves. #17300 $59.95 10 x 24". Delivery Surcharge: $7.50

Rothschilde. (Left.) 4 x 6" photo. 8 x 10". Greer. (Right.) 5 x 7" photo. 8 x 10".

#25435 Save on the Pair! $39.95/pr.

A B ow l

of R oses (19th c. Watercolour) The original lies brittle and tattered in our flat files. It was gingerly extracted from a century-old wooden frame under glass. 20 x 28". #004P (Unframed Print) $14.95

Framed. $99.95 #004G (Gold) / #004C (Cherry) Delivery Surcharge $7.50

C athedral W indow Q uilt Considered to be the most difficult pattern to create, this historical design is revived with antiquarian rose prints. Soft cotton blend. #25340 Reversible. Machine wash. Imported. 86"sq. Special! $149.95 $119.95 View our website for additional quilts.


Indicates a Victorian T rading Co . Exclusive.


Faux Bois

“O wl kins M irror ” Mama and Baby Owl peer within a dear little looking glass. Antique brown finish. Faux wood resin. Easel back. 8".

#23015 $19.95 Tapestry

U pholstery F ab ric Interpreted precisely from our coveted Paris Flea Market find, this tightly woven square is ideally suited for chair seats and lovely enough to frame under glass. Imported. Design 13 x 13".


Save on 2 or More! $17.95/ea. Brown. 29 x 23 1/2". #26317 Black. 27 x 23". #24980 Smoky Mauve V ictorian L ampshade Replica of an antique shade that once cast a dreamy light within a well appointed room. Handdyed embroidered panels and hand gathered rosettes marry with soutache braid trimmings and hand-strung glass beads. Attach to standard brass harp. 10 x 17". Imported. #22873 $99.95 Clawfoot Lamp Base. (40 watt max)

M ona L isa C ab inet A woman with a knowing smile oversees the contents harboured in drawers that are cleverly concealed within her skirt. Hand painted, faux goldleaf (resin). Four functional #26740 $69.95 drawers. 15".

#18800 $69.95

C a t h e d r a l R a d i o with CD Player This is the classic of all antique radios...around which families would gather to listen to continuing mystery radio dramas, the president’s state of the union speeches, and big band melodies. Authentically recreated in handcrafted wood and veneer with a fully illuminated dial scale, authentic woven grill cloth, and full-range speaker with AM/FM and CD player. 12 x 12 x 7".

#14723 $129.95 Also available: Companion Radio. #20342 $69.95


“Sleigh Ride” L ap T hrow A brisk horse drawn jaunt that took couples “over the river and through the woods” once called for this plush blanket to ward off winter’s chill. Now it is found on the sofa in wait of a good movie and popcorn. Faux fur. Imported. Dry clean. 50 x 60". #17949


Swiss Hearts

H ot W ater B ottl es A comforting word is embroidered upon plush faux fur with flannel backing. A soothing rubber water bottle will provide soothing heat. Imported. 800 ml bottle. 100% natural rubber #24871 $19.95 (no latex). 11 x 7".

B onnet C hair A cozy seat is revived from a centuries-old European design. Queen Anne legs, French caning and handcarved ornamental details contribute to this historical beauty. Foam core cushion. Linen fabric. Mahogany wood. (available in Pine or Walnut finish) 63 x 32 x 32".

#25456 Your Cost $1195. Delivery Surcharge: $150.


Delivered via freight.

Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


“Grandmother’s Envy”

N ostalgic T oasters Open the marmalade. Quaint toasters are souvenirs of those found on countertops in war era bungalows. Automatic pop-up. 5 heat options. Slide out crumb tray. Wide slots for bagels and English muffins. 11 x 7 x 8". #27085 $59.95 30" cord. Black or cream.

H andwritten R ecipes : A Bookseller’s Collection of Curious & Wonderful Recipes Forgotten Between the Pages. A scrapbook of handwritten, “found” recipes discovered between the pages of used books is compiled from obscure sources. Savory color photos, and a glimpse into other people’s kitchens, favorite tried and true recipes and traditions that would have been all but lost. Hardcover. 8". 208 pgs.

#23742 $20.


C utlery C ookbook S tand As though to forecast their near usage, an Edwardian patterned fork and spoon secure your butter-stained pages in preparation of recipes. Silver plated Brass. #24703 $19.95 5 x 8".

Mr. Jawdrop B ottle O p e n e r Allow him to flip your lid. Cast Iron. 2".

#24646 $14.95

“P udgy ” P ie I ron Convert your hearth into a campfire... experience a melted cheese “hobo pie” toasted to perfection with favorite ingredients crimped within the sealed edges. For stove tops, gas and electric grills, and open fire. Cast iron, chrome and wooden handles. 5 year warranty. 5" iron. 28". $19.95/ea. Round. #5401 / Square #5402 Recipe Book. #5404 $9.95


F resh N u t m e g & Grater One cannot fully appreciate the seasonal spice until they have experienced it in its purest essence... sublime when grated directly onto eggnog or whipped cream mochas! Pouch of Nutmeg & Grater. 1.2 oz. #3322

$9.95/ set Save on 3 or more! $7.95/ set

P roduce C ans Nostalgic labels with heartwarming imagery are revisited upon cans in which to stash or use as display. Not food safe. Metal. 4".

#23665 Special! $49.95 $39.95/asst. set of 12


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o . Exclusive.


A Pound of K en tucky B ourbo n B a ll s Don’t let the little ones snatch these mouthwatering delicacies made with pecans, cocoa and saturated in bourbon...truly annual delights! #16150 $29.95 16 oz. Elegantly gift boxed. USA.

T h e J a n e A u s te n C o o kbook One of Jane’s dearest friends, Martha Lloyd, resided with the family and recorded over 100 recipes in her household book. An authentic selection of their fare has been adapted to modern cooking, and is illustrated with an intriguing introduction describing Jane’s passion for food with cited letters and incidents. Fruit butters, savory soups and herb pudding are but three of the natural recipes enjoyed by the Austens. 74 recipes. 8 x 10". Paperback. 128p.


S hopkeeper ’ s B ell Once used to herald the arrival of a customer in the old mercantiles, this over-the-door bell will announce family #14299 $12.95 and friends who needn’t knock. 10".

A ntiquari a n C li p s Secure chip bags or anything requiring a firm pinch with lovely enameled iron clips. 2".

#23056 $19.95/4 asst.

#17667 $24.95 Etched Glass O li v e J a r Inspired by our coveted Victorian antique rescued from obscurity at an antique shop in Martha’s Vineyard, this glass replica will showcase your Kalamatas and Sicilian Greens within an elegant jar. 9". 42 oz.

#24753 $29.95 Olive Utensil Set.

#27133 $19.95/set Candy Olives: Chocolate Covered Almonds #25776 $9.95 Save on 2 or more! $7.95/ea.


S’ m o r e s S k e w e r s Sure beats a coat hanger or barkcovered stick! Wooden handles in four nostalgic colors await sticky fingers intent on making a gooey treat. Chrome-plated steel. 22".

#11546 $19.95/asst. set of 4

O wl B o tt le O pener Pop the top off a chilled refreshment. Cast iron. 3".

#24977 $9.95 Save on 2 or more! $7.95/ea. Ruby’s Toast C hampagne F lu tes Let the bubbly be poured and the toasts be made! These festive flutes will gladly rise to the occasion. Hand wash. #26742 $19.95/pr. 7.5" tall. 6.5 oz. capacity.


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.



White House C ookbook Meals fit for a First Lady. Presidential favorites have been compiled within this historic recipe book. Includes portraits of Martha Washington and Mary Todd Lincoln, the White House Kitchen and Great State Dining Room. Presents many fascinating aspects of culinary life in the White House. Hardcover with #18201 $29.95 ribbon marker. 590p. 7 x 10".

T ea R ose C u p , S au cer & S poon Sip your steeped tea from the petaled lip of an everlasting bloom. Earthenware. 4 oz. Food safe. Cup, 5". Saucer, 5". Spoon, 4". #27326 $29.95/set

F iligr ee H oste s s T o n g s

Rosepetal Teapot available online.

Get a grasp on dessert loaves, tea sandwiches and aperitifs. A lovely silver utensil will complement fine china #21834 $19.95 and crystal. Silver plated brass. 8".

Dozen Roses C upcak e M o ld s Plump blooms in your favorite flavor are perfect accompaniments to tea. Includes a recipe for raspberry rose cakes. #22317 $39.95

Perfect Rose Bundt Cake Mold. Includes a recipe for strawberries & cream cake. 9". #22313 $39.95

Ruby & Lace D ri n k i n g G la ss Iced libations are more enjoyable from a magnificent tumbler. A milk-white lace pattern borrowed from old is rendered to glass of Cabernet hue. Hand wash. 5".

#26739 $29.95/set of 4

P a l a t i a l C o mp o t e D i s h Because every woman’s home is her castle, favorite confections warrant a glistening crown upon a pedestal. Nonleaded crystal. Food safe. 5". #27121 $19.95

Stacked Teapots

K itchen L am p A whimsical tower of precariously placed cups teeter their way to a lovely shade. Lamplight offers a softer, relaxed ambience for kitchens after hours when the harshness of overhead lights lessens the joy of hot chocolate in one’s bathrobe. Hand painted resin. 45 watt max. 36".

#1236 $149.95 Make A Wish C an dle H older Happy birthdays happen when this sweet remembrance is presented to the birthday girl. Exquisite capodimonte style porcelain petals and filigree gold leaf rim. 3H". Holds standard size birthday candles.

#25090 $12.95


Indicates a Victorian T rading Co . Exclusive.


Rose Teapot A delicacy of layered porcelain petals longs for water. 11 oz. 6H".


#26069 $29.95

Aunt Polly’s

E lectric H ot W ater K e t t l e

Vintage Tea Party

Plug the kettle in and we’ll all have tea! A pretty pot will quietly sing with its soothing steam. Ideal for desk. Ceramic, electric. UL listed. #21568 $49.95 34oz. 7".

Pleasant comforts abound! Tea lore and recipes for savory finger sandwiches, scones, dessert buns, muffins and tea-friendly tasties. Written by the owners of London’s Covent Garden Café, the lush photos from Cotswolds to mouthwatering baked goods. 127p. Hrdcvr. 7". #21202 $14.95

Jacquard R unn e r s Inspired by a Belgian still life, profuse blooms are woven into a tapestry that will span tables and bureaus. Tasseled Cotton/poly jacquard. $19.95/ea. Imported. 13 x 71".

Bruges Perennials. (black) #23053 Charlotte’s Inn Runner. (pink) #21518.

Vintage Cakes After sifting through rescued recipe cards and old cookbooks, the master chef tested and compiled the most inventive, delectable recipes that include Lovelight Chiffon Cake with chocolate whipped cream, creamiest frostings and airy meringue. Hrdcvr. 176p. 9".


Cape May T ab l e c lo t h This lovely linen is an exact reproduction of one that underlayed al fresco feasts half a century past. Sumptuously thick cotton as our grandmothers knew. #24684 $29.95 Imported. 52" sq.

#22396 $24.


N o s t a l g i c C a k e C a r r i er Rewind to a potluck picnic when layered cakes and deviled eggs were found upon rick-rack trimmed tablecloths. Seemingly a mint-condition antique, a happy vintage floral is rendered to a tin tote assured to reliably transport that pineapple upside down cake. Wire clamps serve as handles. Food safe tin. Hand wash, towel dry. #25465 $39.95 5" x 11H".

F resh C ut R oses Surely these blooms still bear morning dew! Seemingly snipped mere minutes ago, a clutch of realistic silks are harbored in a glass pedestal vase with stems poked in hardened acrylic water. 12 x 13 x 11". USA.

#25511 $99.95


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.



Girlfriends Matter T e a T o w e l Remind your BFF that she is loved and appreciated. 100% cotton. USA. 18 x 30". #27426 $16.95

Genevieve Inn S al t & P epper Worthy of a crisp, pressed linen tablecloth, a tasteful duet of spice shakers nestle upon a spoon-handled caddy. Inscribed within are the words “Seasoned to Perfection”. Ceramic shakers, 2". Antiqued metal caddy. 3H".

Haley Hare Her soulful black button eyes seem to beseech adoption. Sewn of soft chalked felt, she steadfastly stands upon a wooden platform in her dropped-waist cotton frock trimmed with vintage metal buttons. Each is tenderly crafted by hand to tug at the heart. Decorative use. Cotton, polyester, wood. Imported. 15". #27388 $39.95

New! H


P ot & D i pper

The golden nectar is easily accessed to sweeten tea and slather on toast. Dolomite, wood dipper. 5".

#27704 $12.95 Honey in Pail. 14 oz. Made in France. 4.5". #27410 $24.95


#27427 $24.95

Hare’s H a r d -B o i l e d s His hand painted push cart harbors porcelain salt and pepper shakers guised as breakfast. Stoneware. 4". #27703 $14.95

B utte r C r o ck A lark perches atop a charming countertop ceramic that keeps butter soft enough to spread and cool enough to keep. Holds H stick. Ceramic. 5". #26594 $19.95


April Cornell

P arlour M ai d A pr o n A pristine cotton pinafore with intricate lace-insertion detail is resurrected from a 19th c. domestic servant cover-up. 100% Cotton. Imported. One size. #27632 $49.95

New! P



Also referred to as a Pie Chimney during Victorian times, the hollow blackbird vent prevented filling to bubble over by allowing the steam to escape. The funnel also prevented the pastry from center collapse and thus earned the name “Crust Holder”. Ceramic. 4".

#27741 $14.95



S ugar S pooner Whether taking tea or sprinkling on cereal, this curious Victorian favorite harbors the sweet stuff beneath a lark’s lid. Dangling teaspoons invite many to partake. 8 x 7". Silver plated brass. 12 #25024 Special! $79.95 $69.95 spoons.


Beekeeper’s Labels on P la tes A sticky and sweet theme translates to four assorted stoneware plates that welcome summer salads and decadent desserts. Stoneware. 8" dia. #27705 $39.95/set of 4

T iffany T eapot L amp Just enough illumination to dangle a chamomile sachet into hot water, this soft glow rivals the beauty of church windows. 8 x 7". 65" cord, on/off switch. 25 watt max.

#26931 $79.95


Postcard Towel

M y H appy P la ce …where the gulls cry and foamy waves lather the sandy shore. Go there every time you dry your hands. 100% cotton, lint free. Machine wash. Envelope included. USA. 18 x 20".

#27714 $14.95 Alsace Lace

T ab le R unner A slender expanse of creamcoloured lace will underlay your vase of long-stemmed roses. 100% Cotton with Venetian lace trim. 12 x 72". Imported. Dry clean.

#27540 $24.95

T wee t C halk S ign Something to chirp about should be written upon an iron tabletop placard. 7" tall. 3I" x 2H" sign. #27460 $19.95

Bestseller! T


C addy B ox

A flavorful selection of teas are neatly kept within a cherry-veneer box. Fine art detail graces the inner lid. Handles on side and claw feet with “Tea” engraved on oval plaque atop. Offers nine 3" compartments. #27291 $39.95 9I sq. x 4".

Set of 9 asst. teas. Orange Pekoe, Early Grey, Peach Apricot, Green, Ice Wine, English Breakfast, Peppermint, Maple, and Blueberry. Includes 5 of each flavor.

#27627 $14.95/set. Save on 3 or more! $12.95/set


Indicates a Victorian Trading C o. Exclusive.



P orce la i n B oxes


Twelve petite bisque boxes with hand formed florals are wonderful little valentine remembrances. Gift boxed. #7797 $12.95/ 2".

dozen Save on 2 or More! $11.95/set

M y P rairie C ook b ook “ all families, mine loves comfort food-soul-satisfying recipes that fill their bellies and evoke memories of home and love.” Mouthwatering photographs of savory casseroles, bread and desserts on antique china plates lure you to taste! Hrdcvr. 208 pgs. #26781 $24.95

Italian Riviera T aco P urse Once a vogue accessory frequenting the intercontinental resorts, this roomy woven shoulder bag announces the sunny season. Lined with a pretty vintage floral cotton. Straw. Leather straps, zipper closure. 2 inner pockets (one is zippered). Imported. 20 x 12".


“Me. It's All About Me.”

C onfident F ra me Lest there be any doubt who rules the roost! Cast marble. Stand up easel on back. 7I x 6G". 3 x 7" opening.

#25856 $19.95

C rafting


C at H air

Cute handicrafts to make with your cat. Fur real! Put kitty’s shedded fluff to good use with a clever plan for felted products that are softer than lambswool! 94p. Sftcvr. 8". #23740 $14.95

#27432 $49.95 Pretty Bibbies G a r d e n O v e ralls For those girls who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty... Sweet cover-alls in old floral prints are a lovely twist on the denim variety. 100% cotton. Machine wash. Imported. #24764 $99.95 Sizes 2–18. Raspberry Mocha (shown) View online: Tan & Pink Roses. Sizes 2–18. #24759

Music Box M a g n i f i c o Rivaling the delicate Italian Capodimonte porcelain circa 18th c., a gilded stack of “books” is beribboned with a bouquet of cosmos atop. Plays “Memory” from Cats. Porcelain. 4". #26066 $29.95

Dr. Daniels est. 1880

W ooden C atni p B all Wooden ball with screw-off lid to stash catnip. Fresh catnip pouch included. #3244 $5.95

M ousekin ’ s C at C ave Who ate who? Perhaps the only way to reconcile cat and mouse, kitty’s cozy hideout is handcrafted from felted wool by women in Nepal. Your purchase supports these women and their families while preserving artisanal crafts. Imported. 22 x 18". #26949 $69.95 (Entertainment value...priceless!)


Indicates an item that may require additional delivery time.


Beguiling Bonnet w i t h R os e s A tightly woven straw wide brim flaunts an off-center pair of fiery silk roses nestled in berries on black grosgrain band. 5" brim. #27434 $29.95 Imported. Arrives in keepsake hatbox.

Robin’s Song A subtle breeze prompts a pretty songbird to chirp melodiously. The random to-and-fro of his twiggy swing activates a discreet motion sensor. Hand painted pine resin. #26840 $14.95 Batteries included. Approx. 7".

Gothic G reenhou se L a m p Mossy hues of green and gold spill from vaulted openwork, conjuring an ambience of enchantment. 12 x 18". 65" cord, #26928 $99.95 on/off switch. 60 watt max.

Jane Austen E n t e r t a i n s CD Music recorded in her home in Hampshire from her own music library obtained from her surviving manuscripts. #25846 $14.95


F avorite B reed P en & S t a n d Unconditional love...indicate breed desired. 6".

$29.95/ea. Yorkshire Terrier: long haired shown here. Small/Medium Dog Breeds. #27115 • Terrier: Boston/West Highland/Scottish/Jack Russell/ Yorkshire: long haired or puppycut • Pug: Brown or Black • Maltese • Chihuahua: Black or White & Tan • Beagle • Welsh Corgi Pembroke • Bichon Frise • Bulldog Brown & White • Schnauzer Gray • Pomeranian Red • Dachshund Red • Pekingese • Cavalier King Charles Brown & White • Papillion Brown & White Large Dog Breeds. #27120 • Lab: Black or Yellow • Golden Retriever • Sheltie Sable • Border Collie • Basset

Hound • German Shepherd • Bernese Mountain Dog • Poodle White • Collie Sable

Opulent Pet C o l la r & L e a sh Chic accessories are worthy of a strut with your mutt down Madison Avenue. Faux pearl & crystal.

P ossum S ho e B r u sh Wipe muddy boots on his bristled back. Cast from an antique in iron. 10". #26794 $49.95

Collar. XS 8–12". SM 12–18". MD 16–22". LG 18–26".

#27195 $19.95 Pearl & Crystal Pet Leash. 48". Adjustable strap. Recommended for pooches under 30 lbs.

#27203 $24.95

“Spoiled” Pampered Pet Bowl. #27101 $29.95

Take Heed P ointed F inger M agnet s The Victorian icon is immortalized in pewter to make note of prioritized memos. 4 assorted. 2". #26370 $9.95


Indicates a Victorian Trading Co . Exclusive.


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Presorted Standard US Postage PA I D Victorian Papers

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April Cornell L ilac B ouque t D ress Sprigs of cut lilacs are scattered upon a lavender field of soft cambric. Sashed at the small of the waist with a sweetheart neckline, flattering gathers minimize hips. Printed on 100% cotton. Machine wash. SM–XXL. #27630 $99.95


H an ge r V a l e t

(Featured on p.49) Our

ornamental antique was cast authentically and worthy of wall display. Sliding hooks accommodate belts and scarves. Brass. 17 x 11".

Orchid Straw Hat. #27974 $99.95

#26562 $29.95


M eadow B lossom W rea th Announce the season upon your door. Seeking a nail: a circle of vibrant blooms in gemstone colors mingled with delicate fern fronds. Polyester silk. Imported. 22". #27728 $79.95

New! H New! G

la z ed

T oads tool S takes

A fanciful bouquet of speckled fairy umbrellas will poke into the soil amongst your annuals. Ceramic. 4". #27721 $24.95/set of 6

ydran gea in

P resse d G la s s

A variegated snowball of violet and lavender hue seems to have been just snipped from a bush and placed in fresh tap water. Acrylic water in cast glass. Silk poly petals. USA. #27852 $99.95

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Spring Customer 2016  

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