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Victorian Trading Co. Je w e l r y Cata logue

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Elegant Eye M ag n i f y i n g P e n da n t A lovely antique spoon handle was cast into a functional glass for reading menus and small type. 3x magnification. 28” chain. 4” pendant. #21515 $29.95 ($45. value)

S h a d ow B o x B r oo c h

Inspired by the coveted heirloom harboured in the Victoria & Albert Museum, this magnetic press will hold your loved ones’ artifacts against your bosom. Twenty-one crystals nestle between pearls. 1H”.

#21450 $29.95 ($40. value)

A n t i q u e W at c h fac e R i n g

If this exquisite timepiece could speak its story...each bore witness to a woman’s adventures, guiding her through her days. The artifact endures upon a lovely ring- each an antique original. The designer selects from only ornate silver finds, but they may vary. Not intended to function... though possible! Adjustable. USA. #21483 $59.95 ($Priceless) Stargazer M ag n i f i e r P e n da n t When the wine list menu and candlelight call for clarification, an exquisite necklace transforms into an optical lens. Intricately cast sterling is adorned with a myriad seed pearls. #21531 $149.95 ($200. value) Silver Chain. 20”. #12966 $14.95 ($20.value)

On the Cover: At



by Thomas-Francis Dicksee, (1819-95). Oil on canvas, 1866.

The belle of the Royal Opera House enjoys a box seat. New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester, England. Museumquality frame of antique gold under glass. 19 x 24”.

#21564 $89.95

(Opera Glasses available on p. 63.)

C r y s ta l H e a d ba n d A chain of meticulously handset stones is a subtle version of the tiara. (Also available for purchase on p. 52.)



Unbreakable Heart Ring Nestled amidst a myriad dainty seed pearls, a Swarovski crystal attests to undying love. Finest .925 sterling silver. 5-9. #21533 $99.95 ($130. value)

E l i z a b e t h a n L ac e C u f f s

Embroidered illusion is gathered upon elasticized lingerie lace to peek out beneath sweaters and blazers. Antique or Black. #21449 $19.95/pr. ($25. value) Save on 2 or More! $17.95/pr.

(Smooth Chesnut)

Lobster Clasp & Leather I n s p i r e d C o l l e c t i o n Braided leather strands and embossed suede cuffs accommodate interchangeable quotes and findings that simply clip to clasps.

B r aids (2 clasps. Wraps 3x around wrist). Cream, Chestnut or Crimson. #21538 $14.95/ea (shown with “Brass Lark” -listed below)

S len der L eat h er C u ff. (2 clasps) Natural, Crimson (shown with “Dream” -listed below) or Smooth Chestnut (shown upper left) 1” thick. 7-8” adj. #21537 $19.95/ea. Wide L eat h er C u ff. (4 clasps) Natural (shown), Crimson or Smooth Chestnut. 1I” thick. 7-8” adj. #21536 $24.95/ea. Two - cl a sp O p tions (for braids & slender cuffs): $14.95/ea. Dream. #21544 / Blessed. #21545 / Brass Lark. #21548 Fou r - cl a sp O p tions (for wide cuff): $19.95/ea “Nothing is worth more than this day.” – Goethe #21539

Enhancers (for all bracelets).

Beads may vary. $19.95/ea.

Lock & Key. # 21562 Locket. #21563

“I’m not afraid of storms. I’m learning how to sail my ship.” -Louisa May Alcott #21540

“Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.” -Emily Dickinson #21542

“I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.“ -Vincent VanGogh #21543


Autumn Findings

Collection A curled oakleaf, topaz-eyed owls, squirrels and acorns congregate amongst stones and Swarovski crystals in a palette of moss and bittersweet. USA. Necklace. #21556 $199.95 ($250. retail) Bracelet. #21557 $49.95 ($58. retail) Acorn Earrings. #21555 $39.95 ($44. retail)

Earrings shown in silver on p. 14.

Vassar Needlepoint Purse

Parisian Lock & Key J e w e l r y A baroque escutcheon from a French bureau drawer experiences a renaissance as a necklace. Skeleton keys dangle amidst pearls to unlock the charming ensemble. USA. Necklace. #21493 $79.95 / Earrings. #21494 $49.95

A classic old bouquet is rendered in spun wool threads upon a black ground and piped in crimson. Brass zippers. Lined with two zipper compartments. Black cotton velvet. 8H x 14�. #21185 $79.95 ($110. retail) Also available: Radcliffe Tote (shown on back cover), #21184.

Gothic Poison Ring A hinged chamber once intended for toxins to immerse within a drink is now better suited as a locket for a photo, solid fragrance or artifacts. Sterling silver. Garnet. Whole sizes only 5-10. #21474 $39.95 ($60. value)



Guinevere’s Earrings Embodied as an owl, Merlin offered sage counsel to King Arthur regarding his queen. Crimson crystal peepers are set upon a Gothic casting. 2”. #21386 $19.95 ($25. value)

Holly & Ice P i n Intricately set crimson crystals pose as holly berry upon gilded leaves on icy Swarovski. May also be worn as a pendant. 2”.

Costume Ring Assortment

A ring for every wardrobe...a varied palette of crystals, marcasite and seed pearls are set upon antique designs cast from coveted heirlooms. Sizes 5-9. #21560 $99.95/asst. of 10 ($140. value)

#21415 $29.95 ($50. value)

Good Witch/Bad Witch S m o k e d C r y s ta l B r o o c h Who are you today? Offer fair warning... Inspired by art deco costume jewelry, a reversible plaque announces your mood. Lobster clasps.2”. #21523 $19.95 ($40. retail)

A r ac h n e ’ s J e w e l s A macabre ensemble celebrates the handiwork of nature’s lacemaker. Topaz-hued crystals exude a buttery light upon a pewter patina silverplate. 24” chain. #21413 $29.95/set ($50. value)

T a r a n t u l a B r ac e l e t

A galaxy of intricately hand-set crystals marry upon a striking wrist band. Hinged bracelet. 7 H”.

#21414 $29.95 ($55. value) 5

Jill Schwartz G o s s a m e r D r e a m As though zinnia petals, fragile dragonfly wings and filigree cobwebs were married with morning dewdrops, a whimsical necklace appears to be the handiwork of a woodland nymph. USA. Vintage beads, silk, metal, freshwater pearls. Adj. 20-28” #19560 $199.95 ($230. value)

Amethyst Opulence Jewelry

A fabulous 19th c. repoussé design is cast in verdigris patina brass. Swarovski Tanzanite crystal is encompassed by scattered stones in vibrant stained glass hues. USA. Necklace. 4” pendant. 32” chain. #19085 $119.95 Cuff Bracelet. #19084 $159.95 Earrings. 2”. #19086 $69.95

Petit Fleur Bangles Itsy bitsy blooms are rendered to linen, and captured within a pair of enameled bracelets. #20660 $19.95/pr. ($25. value)

Evangeline’s Earring Tree A canopy of enameled mauve roses secure the safekeeping of your pretty pairs. A basin below accommodates posts and rings. 7”. #20531 $24.95 ($37. value)


F a i r y D oo r N e c k l ac e An imaginative world resides behind the tiny hinged door in which to store your tiny keepsakes. The charming pendant is a conversation piece hand cast with antiqued brass patina. 20” chain. 1” pendant. #19152 $19.95 ($30. value)


R o s e L ava l i e r Cotton candy marquis crystals are set within art deco castings that were popularized in the 1920s. Named for the mistress of King Louis XIV, Duchesse de la Valliére, who wore a crystal drop attached directly to the chain. England. Necklace. 16”. #19587 $119.95 Earrings. 1H”. #19588 $99.95

Elizabeth Allen’s Heirlooms Freshwater pearls are intricately mounted upon fine silver filigree. Pendant/Brooch. #12070 $199.95 Pearled Chain. 18”. #12073 $49.95 Drop Earrings. 2”. #12076 $49.95 A bs i n t h e N e c k l ac e

Flamboyant beveled crystals are laid within a baroque setting. Black crystals dangle beneath. Cast from a 19th c. mold. 14” double-strand chain, 4” pendant. UK. #17842 $79.95 ($95. retail)

Earrings. 3”. #17841 $69.95 ($75. retail)

W i n t e r g a r d e n C r y s ta l R i n g An ivy covered Austrian crystal spans two fingers like a neglected Victorian garden. Sizes 6-12. UK. #15756 $59.95

Sunset Bouquet Jewelry The designer creates each piece in her east coast studio. Her fascination is with baubles as our grandmothers knew them...spectrums of color infused into a Bakelite material that casts roses and zinnias in concise detail. Double-strand. 18”. #18306 $99.95 ($120. retail)

Earrings. #18360 $39.95 Absinthe Fairy

Spirit Ring Inspired by the trendy 19th c. liqueur, the green Swarovski crystal depicts a pond beneath which two water nymphs frolic. Sizes 6-12. UK. #15854 $49.95 7

I n tag l i o G l a s s B r ac e l e t Candy-coloured stones feature poised profiles created in the reverse process of shell cameos. Sweet Romance. USA. 8”. #17790 $69.95 ($99. retail) Please refer to p.36 for matching necklace.

Victorian Rings Whimsy Ring. Curious motifs or “whimsies” were used on lockets, cuff links and rings in the 1800s. The Victorians held the buckle to symbolize strength, protection and selfdefense. Sterling silver. USA. Sizes 5-9. #19594 $99.95 Signet Ring. Once reserved for aristocracy, one’s initial was pressed into sealing wax to secure confidentiality of documents. Sterling silver. USA. Sizes 5-12. E ngr av ed . (please indicate initial) #19601 $169.95 / Non-Engraved. #19595 $99.95 K a l e i d o s c o p e B r ac e l e t

The original is a coveted heirloom, absolutely indiscernible from the replica. Filigree and marquis crystals in a myriad of stained glass hues are married upon a hinged cuff. Decorative 3 x 2" brass-plate with Swarovski crystals.

#18961 $29.95 ($40. value)

Hidden Love Locket Pin

Harbour a loved ones’ face or lock of hair within this delicate chatelaine brooch with inset seed pearls and crystals. Sweet Romance. USA. 2”

#13238 $29.95

Hildegard’s P o c k e t W at c h Replicated from an antique timepiece crafted in Switzerland circa 18th c. Wind-up mechanism. 2” with 11” chain. #18008 $129.95 ($200. value)



B u t t e r R u m N e c k l ac e

A beveled topaz crystal is nestled within floral intricacies and opalescent stones and vintage lustre pearls. 26” chain w/ 3” ext. 2” pendant. #21012 $29.95 ($58. value)

Vatican Collection

C h at e l a i n e & P e n da n t Dangling from an embellished brooch originally designed to hold keys, a Cupidesque cherub heart is encompassed by hand set crystals. 1928 Jewelry Co. #11056 $50.

Robin Goodfellow P e a r l P e ta l C o l l e c t i o n Fairy-like, curious findings in miniature mingle with twiggy gold wire that curls and twists upon faceted glass stones and gilded beads inspired by nature. Handmade. USA. 16”. Necklace. Magnetic closure. 16”. #18397 $59.95 Finger Vine Ring. One size. #18396 $19.95 Bracelet. 8”. Magnetic closure. #18403 $49.95 Earrings. 2”. #18458 $19.95 Also available: Black Onyx Collection #18400 (p.23)

S h a k e sp e a r e a n R o s e s

Silver & gold mingle with rum-coloured crystals in an exquisite collection. Miss Ellie Mathias. USA.

Dangle Earrings. 2”. #19141 $59.95 Hinged Bracelet. #19142 $79.95 Necklace. #19339 $69.95 Please refer to p.55 for matching tiara. 9

Rosepoint Spoon Ring

This beloved antique silver pattern was inspired by the lace pattern of a queen’s wedding veil. Too pretty for a mere tabletop, the intricate motif is worthy of being flaunted upon your finger. Silver-plated. One size. I”. USA. #19565 $39.95

Branwyn Pearls Lustrous strands of opulent orbs flirt with the light. Glistening silver opalescence mingles with Swarovski crystal and pearl in a diverse array of sizes with a grandiose clasp that can be featured in front or nestled beneath upswept hair. Sweet Romance. USA. 20”. 1H” pendant. #19538 $119.95 ($139. retail)

The Women of Victorian Trading Co.

C h a r m B r ac e l e t These pretty faces have graced our catalogs and website, and starred upon notecards. Now rendered to charms, they are in the company of fanciful shoes, perfume atomizer, filigree ring, crystalstudded fan purse, and an enameled violet locket in which to tuck your own familiar face. USA. 8”. #20966 $79.95

Angel Cameo

A devout spirit in conference with heaven. Intricately carved by maestro cameo artists in Italy. 1”. Sterling silver. #11257 $159.95 14 kt. Gold. #11258 $269.95 18” Silver chain. #11066 $19.95 18” 14 kt. Gold chain. #11064 $109.95

B r ac e l e t - o f - t h e -M o n t h

Declare your birth month. The font is retrieved from type found within a rare book of days published in 1890 while the porcelain tile is glazed in an aged raku finish. 8”. Please indicate month. #18755 $19.95 ($30. value)

C h i n a B ac k s ta m p B r ac e l e t A fine bone china plate is nothing without its insignia on the underside, which declares the dish’s worth despite its apparent beauty. Silver settings. 7”.

#17619 $39.95 ($80. value)



S e r e n g e t i R o s e N e c k l ac e Appearing to be hand carved from an ivory elephant tusk, this intricate pendant is encompassed by delicate Swarovski crystals and strung upon a double-strand beaded chain. Freshwater pearl drop. 16” chain w/ 3” extender. Sweet Romance. USA. #18324 $69.95

Earrings. 1H”. #18450 $29.95

Mystic Brooch A beautiful, ethereal woman gazes into her seed pearl fortune ball. Finest .925 sterling silver. Chain loop on back allows brooch to be worn as a necklace or brooch. Handcrafted in Europe. 2”. #11678 $79.95 ($100. value)

Crushed Rosepetals

A m e r i c a n B e au t y B r ac e l e t Long after the crimson bouquet has crumbled, the fragrance endures within perfumed beads created from the faded blooms. Each bead is handcrafted and strung with sterling rose beads. Swarovski crystal heart. USA. 8”.

Jill Schwartz A r t i s a n N e c k l ac e s The celebrated designer whose curious and beautiful collections are renowned by many incorporates antique finds and exquisite snippets within her wearable art. Floral.26” w/ 3” ext. #20237 $159.95 Deer. 31” w/ 3” ext. #20236 $99.95 Rennie MacIntosh

D e c o R o s e P e n da n t The distinctive art deco rose immortalized by the revered designer will dangle from a chain on your favorite sweaters. 1”. #20041 $4.95 ($25. value) 20” Silver Chain. #12966 $14.95

Cupidon Brooch

Finest .925 sterling silver. Chain loop on back allows brooch to be worn as a necklace or brooch. Handcrafted in Europe. 2”.

#11676 $99.95 ($120. value)

#20944 $29.95

Rose Petal Rosary available on p.45.

Replica Wedding Rings Cast from original dies retrieved from a warehouse in Holland, these exquisite rings are cast in .925 sterling with Swarovski crystal. Size 5-9. Europe. Gift boxed. Devotion. (left) #12752 $49.95 ($90. value) Virtue. (center) #11667 $59.95 ($80. value) Constance. (right) #12347 $49.95 ($80. value) 11

R e t r o R o s e s N e c k l ac e Nostalgia is summoned by faux-coral castings of lifelike roses that appear to be hand carved. Replicated in exacting likeness to the popular war era favorites. 20”. #19578 $69.95 Matching Earrings. (view online) #19583 $39.95 “L o v e S t o r y ” E a r D r o p s Excerpts from French fiction are preserved beneath a decoupage finish. Cast from very old Parisian molds. Sterling silver. 2”. #19575 $99.95 ($120. retail)

Caterpillar to Butterfly

Collection An opulent metamorphosis is rendered in icy crystals and opalescent stones of turquoise hue. Lead-free pewter. USA.

Necklace. 19”. #18980 $249.95 Earrings. 1”. #18979 $49.95 Bracelet. 7” with 2” ext.

#18978 $79.95

C o n c h P e n da n t N e c k l ac e A silvery miniature of the ocean-tossed treasure is encrusted with glistening Swarovski crystals. 15” chain. Lobster clasp. #18499 $19.95 ($25. value)


“ T wo -L o v e s ” L o c k e t F r a m e

An industrious designer mounts a filigree locket upon a jewel-encrusted base. Very petite and very sweet. Miss Ellie Mathias. USA. 2”.

#19576 $39.95


P e a r l S e ag l a ss S e t Frosted stones inspired by the pastel shards rubbed smooth by decades of ocean sands. Timeworn ocean gems couldn’t rival the icy lustre of dreamy glass that marry upon chains in a cool spectrum of watery hues. Handmade. USA. Necklace. 18”. #19107 $59.95 Drop Earrings. 1H”. #19108 $19.95 Bracelet. 7”. #19109 $39.95

Ruby’s Old Roses Filigree Fan P e n da n t & E a r r i n g s Victorian roses on porcelain tiles are nestled in delicate gold findings appointed with faceted ruby-red stones. Swarovski crystals. Germany. Necklace. 16” chain w/ 3” ext. 1H” pendant. #20935 $49.95 ($75. value) Earrings. 1”. #20936 $29.95 ($40. value)

Mary Frances P r e m i e r C l a ss P u r s e Style and elegance are key with this premier handbag for Mary Frances’ resort line. This new style and color showered in rhinestones is the perfect accessory for that spring wedding. The removable wristlet strap can be worn as an embellished choker leaving you with the rhinestone hook for a clutch. This bag is truly in a class all its own. 8 x 3 x 6”. 15” strap. 7” drop. #21232 $260. Moonshine Handbag (black) available online, #21259.

Sorrento Rose N e c k l ac e Possessing a soapstone luster, a plump rose is patiently carved in Italy by a Master Carver from a conch shell that was tossed to the Mediterranean shore. A chain of intricately strung seed pearls is an option to the traditional chain. Artist’s signature on back. Italy. Rose pendant/brooch. #11238 $499.95 Seed pearl chain. 18”. #11239 $49.95 Gold chain. 14 kt. 18”. #11064 $109.95

Colleen Toland “C r e a m - o f -R o s e s ” C o l l e c t i o n The renowned designer’s coveted jewelry is exhibited at the Bijorhca in Paris, and is offered at exclusive boutiques throughout the world. Her distinctive style possesses an antique quality with a myriad of vintagestyle petals, blooms and glass beads clustered in old hues. USA. Bracelet. 7”. #15807 $59.95 ($64. retail) Necklace. Adj. length. 18-21”. #15808 $39.95 ($44. retail) Ring. One Size. Adjustable. #15806 $29.95 ($32. retail) Earrings. 2”. #15809 $29.95 ($32. retail) 13

Oak Seed Eardrops Treasures from the old oak tree are rendered in an opalescent earrings patiently cast by an artist’s skilled hands. 1”. USA. #18983 $39.95 ($44. retail)

L o v e & L o c k e t P e n da n t A very art deco charm proclaims our best-loved emotion alongside a vintage style sweetheart locket. Double-strand rosary chain. Sweet Romance. USA. 16” with 4” extender. #17924 $39.95

Love Token Earrings. #18427 $19.99 ($40. retail)

H e av e n ’ s T w i n s With ballet symmetry, a winged pair of waifs strike a dramatic pose upon sweaters and jackets. Cast from a century old die in Europe. Hand enameled .925 silver. Holland. 1”. #14629 $69.95 ($100. value)

L’ e n fa n t P e n da n t Cast from a century old die discovered in a Dutch warehouse. Hand enameled. Holland. 1”. #11677 $39.95 ($45. value) 18” Silver chain. #11692 $19.95 ($25. value)

Old Vermont Brooch

Limited Availability

E c l e c t i q u e B r ac e l e t A wisp of weightless silk festoons a wrist adornment that spans the eras: classical Wedgewood-inspired cameo, tortoise and faux bone rose, filigree ambiguous monogram, and retro pearl. From noted designer, John Wind, jeweler for many celebrities. Limited edition. Silk bow. Gold-plated charms. USA. 7”. #15890 $99.95


Known for her vibrant autumns and maple syrup harvest, this exquisite brooch is a reproduction of an antique designed many moons ago. Purest sterling silver, cultured pearls and Swarovski crystal. Handcrafted in Holland. 2”. #11971 $79.95 ($150. value)

“R e b e k a h

at t h e

W e ll ”

This biblical representation of the woman who chose to drink water rather than wine later became the symbol of the women’s temperance movement at the turn-of-the-century. Sterling silver bezel with optional pendant loop and brooch pin. Each is signed by the artist and guaranteed to endure for generations. Italy. 2”. #2799 $399.95 ($430. retail)


W at ch F ac e B r ac e l e t Because there simply is never enough clever is this? A renowned jewelry designer has a fetish for antique watches and creates these wrist fancies from a varied assortment- each is unique. Pretty gold and silver mix. (Some watches may work, not intended for functionality.) 7”. #16597 $129.95 Also available on p 2: New! Watch Face Ring, #21483

V ic t o r i a n P o i s o n R i n g

A soon-to-be widow with evil intent once harboured her toxic secret within the hinged chamber of an exquisitely beautiful ring. 30 freshwater seed pearls, 39 cut marcasites, hand set upon fine .925 silver appearing as white gold. Sizes 5-9. #11956 $99.95 ($140. retail)

I ta l i a n C a m e o B r ac e l e t Filigree encompasses authentic hand carved portraitures sculpted in miniature from conch shells tossed upon Mediterranean beaches. Italy. 7”. #15874 $199.95 ($300. retail)

H e r a B r o o ch Her tendriled hair is as tempestuous as the strong mythological beauty and Alpha Female. Exquisitely executed from a century old die retrieved from a European jewelry factory. Hand enameled .925 silver. Holland. 1”. #14633 $79.95 ($110. value)

“M y H e a r t ” C a m e o N e c k l ac e A classical profile is rendered from a conch shell tossed to the Sicilian shores. Crafted by an Italian maestro carver. Mounted upon 14 karat filigree heart. 18” chain, 1 “ pendant. #18782 $499.95 ($520. retail)


A m b e r I n tag l i o G l a s s

We are experiencing a deserved renaissance of the prized gem born centuries ago. Produced using age-old methods, a cameo mold is pressed into colored glass creating an inverted impression. Baroque multi-strands of chain and pearls. Germany. Adj. 16-20”. #12275 $99.95 ($120. value) Earrings. #12276 $29.95 Platinum Garden J e w e l r y Silvery intricacies speak to each other in an heirloom-inspired collection. Sweet Romance. USA. Bracelet. 8”. #19331 $39.95 Ring. Adjustable. #18302 $29.95

Gothic Rose

C u f f B r ac e l e t A baroque bracelet is handcrafted with antique castings. Sweet Romance. 1H”. USA. #19333 $39.95 Velvet Zinnia C o l l e c t i o n Blushed edges of vintage style millinery blooms are strung together upon fanciful opalescent glass beads and gold-plated links. Colleen Toland. Earrings. #17891 $29.95 / Necklace. #17893 $79.95 Bracelet. #17892 $59.95 / Ring. (online) #17894 $29.95

Artesia Brooch

A myriad stars and roses are nestled within the tendrils of a classic nouveau brooch cast from an antique die in Europe. Hand enameled .925 silver. Holland. 3”.

#14632 $129.95 ($175. value)





B o i s N e c k l ac e

That demure little lily that seeks shady spots was the inspiration for a gracefully composed necklace designed in the late 1800s in Europe. .925 silver with quality pearl. Holland. 14” chain. 2” pendant.

#14627 $99.95 ($115. value)

Cupidon Brooch A celestial pudgy springs to life from a 19th c. French designer’s die discovered in a European jewelry factory that thrived over a century ago. Holland. 1”.

#14628 $79.95 ($110. value)

“Waiting for Fairies” N e c k l ac e A vintage watchface and pearl dangle from a coveted Art Nouveau casting. Each is an original art piece crafted of relics by a noted designer. 16”. #21366 $49.95 ($80. retail)

O w l P e n da n t A rare pattern from William & Rogers is integrated as winged feathers upon a curious pendant. Silverspoon Jewelry. 1H” pendant. 16-18” adj. chain. USA. #19564 $59.95

“P l a n t a T r e e ” B r ac e l e t Since 1875, American Forests is the oldest environmental organization in the country having planted millions of trees. Since 2007, over 10,000 trees have been planted through this bracelet program. In a fight against climate change, your purchase of this glass bead stretch bracelet with sterling tree charm ensures a tree planting in the USA. Plum, champagne. Gift pouch. #16259 $29.95 17

Birth Month Blooms P e n da n t N e c k l ac e s Intricate, pewter castings derived from antique botanical drawings emerge from silvery discs with stamped months on the flip-side. Pendant is 1” in dia. Includes 24” gold chain. 14k gold & sterling silver overlay. Please indicate

R h a p s o dy i n B l u e Sapphire crystals are punctuated by crystal drops integrated upon faux gold. UK. Gift boxed. Necklace. Adj. 13-15”. #15566 $119.95 ($145. value) Earrings. H”. #15567 $99.95 ($120. value)


#20809 $49.95 ($60. value)

Annalise J e w e l r y A r m o i r e

Never again to untangle necklace chains or seek a missing mate to an earring...a slender cabinet intended for the safekeeping of ones precious adornments is hand painted with an antique parchment finish and brown felt lining. Flip top has inset mirror. 2 rows of ring pads, 7 drawers each with square dividers, 2 swing doors with necklace hooks. 19 x 14H x 41”. #14095 Your Cost $495. (Showroom Price $564.)

Dressform J e w e l r y S ta n d A diminutive version of the dressmaker’s model daintily holds your cherished jewels when you’re not adorned with them. Decoupaged floral upon a gilded form. Resin/metal. 14”. #14597 $29.95 Secret Love L o c k e t B r ac e l e t A cherished face is secured beneath an embellished cuff of gold-plated castings and engraved findings. 2” wide. Miss Ellie Mathias. USA. #15368 $79.95



Victoria Regina Marcasite & Pearl Set Suitable for a coronation, this delicacy is a stunning replica of a coveted heirloom. 14”. Necklace. #18004 $129.95 ($170. value) Earrings. #18005 $49.95 ($75. value)

“Cherished Charlotte”

Collection Cast from a very old estate jewel, this lovely replica is handcrafted in Germany by a centuries-old jeweler. A classic pendant is ultimately feminine and appropriate with casual or dressy attire. Germany. Necklace. 18”. #12644 $49.95 Earrings. 2”. #12642 $49.95

Pure Soybean Beauty Candle in

Antique Replica Powder Box

Dip your finger into the warm, velvety emollient after the flame is extinguished and feel its therapeutic becomes silky, replenished. This multitasking candle is more than that...a lotion, healing balm, moisturizer. Soy is a natural source of vitamin E (renowned for its healing properties) and lecithin to assist in maintaining the skin’s moisture and appearance of aging. Heels and elbows become soft as baby bottoms, cracked cuticles mend, laugh lines and neck creases are minimized. Extract the oil as you wish after burning a few minutes. Arrives in an ornate silver-lidded, cut glass powder box cast from a coveted, century-old vanity accessory. “Oh, Baby” Fragrance is an upscale, powdery scent. Smokeless wick. 24% lead crystal. 5” dia. With Candle. #10635 $24.95 ($40. value) Powder Box (without candle). #7398 $19.95 ($30. value)

Maximal Art E n h a n c e r s From John Wind, the legendary designer to the celebrities, lobster clasp pendants will clip to purses, charm bracelets keys and chains. Oval Monogrammed Locket Enhancer. 2”. #20605 $29.95

Oval Pearl Watch Enhancer. 2H”. #20606 $39.95 Please visit our website for Cross Enhancer.

Heart of Gold I n i t i a l N e c k l ac e A lovely old monogram charm once rested against cashmere cardigans, is now cast and gold-plated to endure another generation. 1” with 16” chain. USA. Available while supplies last! Sorry, Q , U, X and Z are not available. #16760 $49.95 19

“Where do the dreams go when you stop believing?

E dwa r d i a n M o o n s t o n e s Opalescent drops of milky hue possess an ethereal glow. A favorite during the late 1800s, moonstones were rumored to award romantic control to the giver. UK. Gift boxed. Necklace. Adj. 13-15”. #15571 Special! $99.95 ($135. value)

Earrings. H”. #15572 $69.95 ($90. value)

F r e n c h C h a r m B r ac e l e t So it translates, engraved upon the chatelaine of a lovely wrist bracelet. Sweet Romance. USA.

#19533 $39.95 ($50. retail)

J e w e l r y T r ee A petite version of the classic coat tree, this diminutive valet is as charming as the gems that adorn it. 13”. #19584 $29.95

Purse Atomizer

Charlotte’s Dream

Heirloom Hand Mirror Our coveted antique was entrusted to our favorite artisans in order that they would replicate it. When the copy arrived, we could not discern the new from the old. Gold leaf on porcelain. Beveled glass. Gift boxed. 9 x 5”. #18498 $49.95 ($76. value)

Barely larger than a lipstick, fragrance is easily funneled into a pretty pump bottle. Swarovski crystals are hand-set into a beribboned finding cast from a century-old mold. Funnel included. Burgundy velvet pouch. 4” .27 oz. #16877 $19.95 ($22. value)

Also available filled with Victorian Trading Co. Signature Perfume: “Hopeless Romantic” is a distinctive scent comprised of pure essence of tuberose and violet infused within a powdery base. .27 oz. #17317 $39.95 ($50. value)


Bluebird of Happiness B r ac e l e t Intricately detailed wings grasp the wrist, crested with a crystalstudded songbird. USA. Miss Ellie Mathias. #18376 $59.95 Also available: Bluebird of Happiness Ring. (view online) #18375 $39.95


P at i n a C u f f & E a r r i n g s A scattering of amethyst crystals are as dewdrops upon a cobweb of filigree. Brass. USA. Bracelet. #19568 $119.95 ($200.00 retail) Earrings. 3”. #19569 $99.95

Sweet Time C a m e o W at c h P e n da n t Life’s memorable minutes are monitored within a lovely rose cameo pendant. Quartz movement. 28” chain. 1” cameo.

#20283 $29.95 ($40. value)

C o n s t e l l at i o n N e c k l ac e A stellar union of seed pearls and Swarovski crystals are inspired by a mysterious night sky. UK. Necklace. Adj. 13-15”. #15568 $199.95 ($270. value)

Earrings. H”.

#15569 $69.95 ($90. value)

S o u v e n i r N e c k l ac e

The French word meaning remembrance was popularized during the Victorian era. This pure silver pendant is cast from an antique once intended to harbor a lock of hair or artifact from a loved one. Faithfully reproduced. Handmade in the USA. 28” w/ 4” ext. #19582 $379.95

19 t h c . I r i s h L o c k e t Dangling from a hand with a crystal ring to denote “ loyalty ‘til death”, an aurora satin art glass face is set into a flowing “ bronze hair” design in the form of a clover leaf. Historically accurate, this locket and elegantly beaded chain are exquisite. Fine antiqued brass. 17” necklace with a 1 x 3” pendant. Sweet Romance. USA. #830 $39.95


C r y s ta l A r t i fac t P e n da n t A faceted chamber for a token or memento awaits your petite and prized keepsake. Whether a crumbled rose petal or special intention folded into a tiny square, this exquisite heirloom allows one to wear their souvenir of love upon their heart. A meaningful keepsake gift. Silver. Handmade in the USA. 26” w/ 4” ext. #19581 $599.95 Rococo Collection

Graceful scrolls meander aesthetically around smoked crystals. Detachable pendant doubles as a brooch with pin back. Pendant/Brooch, 2”. Chain, 17”. Miss Ellie Mathias. USA. Necklace. #15886 $69.95 Earrings. 3”. #15884 $79.95 Save on Set! #15909 $129.95

Hawthorn Rose Floral Beaded Collection Intricately strung glass beads spill from shell-like petals. Colleen Toland. Earrings. #19140 $29.95 / Necklace.

#19280 $89.95

Additional coordinating pieces available online.

S p e n c e r i a n C r y s ta l N e c k l ac e

A Swarovski crystal-studded pendant of graceful swirls dangles poignantly. 16” chain. Sweet Romance. USA.

#18328 $59.95

Earrings. #18415 $39.95 ($50. retail)

V e n e t i a n L ac e B i b N e c k l ac e Delicate silk rosebuds rest upon crystal-studded velvet grace an exquisite accessory. Dress-up a casual tee or add drama to a simple gown. Black. #19453 $29.95 Ivory. (view online) #19455 $29.95



N e w Y o r k A r t D e c o N e c k l ac e

Inspired by New York’s art deco Chrysler building, silvery marcasite mingles with smoky crystal stones. Handcrafted by designer Miss Ellie Mathias, in her studio. USA. Pendant, 2”. Chain, 18”. #15885 $59.95 Earrings. 3”. #15893 $79.95 Save on Set! #15913 $129.95 ($140. retail)

W ay wa r d R o s e s C r o ss The beloved symbol of faith is rendered in gnarled rose vines derived from an old silver pattern. The artist’s collection is inspired by her coveted sterling cutlery inheritance from her grandmother. USA. 2”. #15821 $59.95

Bird’s Ne st Jewelry

Freshwater pearl ‘eggs’ are nestled within twiggy strands of finest sterling. Handcrafted in USA. Necklace. 18”. #15218 $99.95 Ring. 5-9. #15217 $89.95

Robin Goodfellow

B l ac k O ny x C o l l e c t i o n Fairy-like, curious findings in miniature mingle with twiggy gold wire that curls and twists upon faceted glass stones and gilded beads inspired by nature. Handmade. USA. 16”. Pixie Necklace. Magnetic closure. 16”. #18400 $59.95 Finger Vine Ring. One size. #18401 $19.95 Bracelet. 8”. Magnetic closure. #18399 $49.95 Earrings. 2”. #18772 $19.95

Also available: Pearl Collection on p.9. 23

Beehive Purse A coveted design from the legendary artist who renders metallic mesh to fabulous accessories. 8”. Hangs 22”. Handmade by Sarah Cavender Designs in the USA. #19350 $299.95

“Spoon Bird” N e c k l ac e A winged songster is born from a woman’s passion for antique silver cutlery. Filigree wings and teaspoon torso are followed by vintage tail feathers that once appointed a lovely place setting. Silver-plated brass. 3” bird with 16” chain. USA. #18698 $59.95

“Fly Home to Me”

C h at e l a i n e N e c k l ac e An authentic metal button that has endured over a century is accompanied by a lovely old casting of a lark. These charms dangle above an antebellum image derived from a rare advertising card that is rendered in metallic ink to a beveled edge tag. Adj. 20-24”.

“Egg Drop” P e a r l P e n da n t & Ear Dangles Distinctive designer, Robin Goodfellow, dreams up whimsied jewelry using delicate elements. Handcrafted. USA. Freshwater Pearl Necklace. 16”.

#18140 $59.95 (priceless antique)

#18402 $49.95 ($60. retail)

Earrings. #18460 $19.95

Hummingbird Jewelry The diminutive bird that thrives on sugar water inspires a collection that is cast from an exquisitely detailed finding. Handmade in the USA. Earrings. 3”. #18981 $49.95 Ring. Adjustable. #18982 $29.95



La Cage P e n da n t A lovely bird stretches his wings upon a swinging perch. Heirloom-caliber .925 sterling silver encrusted with marcasite and lustrous seed pearls. 1”. #18001 $79.95 ($100. value) / 20” chain. #12966 $14.95

“Happy Days Are Here Again” B r o o c h Skies are blue and the robins have returned to a floral world. Nostalgic image on antique casting with topaz crystal drop. 2”. USA. #16910 $19.95

“Eternal Orchid ” M e ta l M e s h R o s e The exotic tropical is translated into an everlasting pendant meticulously crafted from filigree threads. Sculpted woven wire. Sarah Cavender. USA. Necklace. 24” w/ 3” ext. 4” pendant. #19592 $149.95 Earrings. 2”. #19593 $49.95

Jill Schwartz D e l i c ac y E a r r i n g s Fine details converge upon shell earrings that marry filigree threads, beveled glass and snippets of soutache braid. A vintage illustration of a songbird is preserved under crystal. 2”. #19613 $69.95

“Free Fall” P e a r l N e c k l ac e A nostalgic enhancer pendant dangles from a lustrous strand of vintage style rosary pearls. Embossed gold lark inlay upon black glass. 18”. USA. #16763 $49.95 ($60. retail) Available while supplies last.

“Woodland Wren” J e w e l r y T r e e A rustic valet for your signature jewelry becomes a unique decorative for the night stand. 15”. #19585 $19.95 25

“Gilded Swallow” C o l l e c t i o n A gold-plated mélange of romanticized nature will encompass the neck in true feminine form. Silvery marcasite mingles with gold plated foliage. Handcrafted by designer, Miss Ellie Mathias, in her studio. USA. 22”. Necklace. #15366 $89.95 ($100. retail) Earrings. 2”. #15372 $69.95 Bracelet. #15367 $79.95 Hair comb. (view online) #15373 $79.95

“Hope Springs Eternal”

G i l d e d L a r k P e n da n t Spencerian script underlays a hauntingly beautiful medal in which the symbol of hope soars undauntedly. 1”. 36” chain. Antique brass casing. #21367 $39.95 ($50. retail)

“Rose of Passion” G o t h i c C o l l e c t i o n “The unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be...” Unique black pewter is studded with rubied and iced Swarovski crystals. UK. Necklace. 19” ribbon/chain with 3” pendant. #17847 $49.95 ($65. retail)

Earring Cuff. 2”. #17846 $39.95 ($50. retail) Ring. Sizes 6-12. #17848 $39.95 Save on Set! #17991 $119.95 ($140. retail)



Lovebirds Cameo Feathered soulmates are captured in indigo agate. Hand carved by maestro cameo artists in Italy. 18” chain. 14 kt Gold. #5515 $399.95 ($450. value) Silver. #5516 $139.95

Golden Lark Pearl Drop Earrings Dainty and lightas-a-breeze earrings will complement most any ensemble. The artist is inspired by the whimsy of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Handmade. USA. I” #21271 $19.95

Honey Bee Ring

A magnificent beveled stone conjures thoughts of the sweet nectar, mounted upon an intricate casting. Brass. Adjustable. Miss Ellie Mathias Designs. USA. #19283 $39.95

Victorian Bumblebee P i n & E a r r i n g s Pearl and Swarovski crystal stones grace these antique replica jewels. Pin. #13066 $39.95 Earrings. #13063 $29.95

M e s h B e e B r o o ch The honeymaker is spun in metallic threads that are hand dyed by the noted designer who has celebrated a lost Victorian art. Sarah Cavender. USA. 2”. #19602 $79.95

E a r d r o p D i s pl ay All paired up in perfect view, they seem to say “pick me!” as you summarize your colors for the day’s ensemble. A generous basin accommodates necklaces, bracelets and rings. Vintage crimson with floral motif under enamel. 21”. #20091 $39.95 ($50. value) 27

Flora Cameo A regal portrait is rendered upon conch shell, tossed to the shores of Italy. Each is an original, hand chiseled by masterful European artists who continue the age-old art form. Hand signed “Artistic” cameo category (superior) is heirloom caliber. Both brooch and pendant. 2”. Sterling Silver. #11240 $499.95 14 karat Gold. #11247 $899.95 ($1030. retail)

“ T wo S i s t e r s ” C a m e o

A hand carved beauty depicts the unconditional love rendered from a taupe conch shell that was tossed upon the shores of Italy. Carved by maestro European artists who have perfected the centuries-old art form. Truly of heirloom caliber. 1”. #14720 $299.95 ($320. retail)

Cameo Flip Ring

Very Victorian and ring converts from a carved shell to a diamond studded onyx stone. Sterling. Italy. Sizes 5-9.

#13208 $99.95 ($110. retail) Cameo Flip Pendant. #15940 $99.95

Queen Anne C a m e o N e c k l ac e Her chiseled profile is set in shell, while a freshwater pearl dangles coquettishly beneath. 18” chain. 1” pendant. Italy. #18570 $99.95

Three Roses Cameo

A cluster of blooms is born out of an Italian conch shell that was tossed to the shores of Naples. By European maestro carvers. Sterling silver. 18”. #18569 $249.95



Woman in Hat C a m e o An unusual carving, rarely are the subjects wearing hats. The uniqueness of this hand carved conch pendant will enhance the appreciative value in future generations. Each is an original art piece carved by maestro artisans in Italy from authentic shell. 2”. #19071 $129.95

“Sweet Time”

P o c k e t W at c h P e n da n t The ultimately romantic timepiece dangles upon your cashmere blouse in perfect rhythm with your heart. Cast faithfully from an antique. 32” chain. 2” watch. #19570 $39.95 ($50. value)

Colleen Toland C e l a n d i n e C o l l e c t i o n Each bloom is sculpted by hand in hues of celery and paprika, then married with glass beads and findings into a glorious strand of aesthetic antiquity. Necklace. 18”. with 3” extender.

#16024 $69.95 ($80. retail)

Earrings. 2”. #16055 $29.95 Bracelet. (view online) #16056 $59.95 Ring. #16057 (view online)

F l a s h D r i v e P e n da n t One might think its simply an exquisite pendant but hidden within lies a flash drive. 4GB. 30” chain. Gift boxed. PC or Mac compatible. #18799 $19.95 ($50. value) (Additional flash drives are available on p.50.)

Rare Taupe Cameos N e c k l ac e & E a r r i n g s Three exquisite cameos strung upon a multi-strand necklace appear to be a coveted century-old possession from a wealthy estate. An intricately carved rose is flanked by two beauties, each carved from a brown taupe conch shell rather than the traditional peach. Created in Italy by master carvers. #11216 $499.95 ($544. retail)

Earrings with pearl drops. #11217 $129.95 29

Rose O’Neill: T h e B i r t h

of Kewpie A bittersweet story, by the artist’s 20th birthday, she was America’s highest paid female illustrator. But her beauty and wealth attracted men of ill-intent. While afternoon napping not long after her second failed marriage, Rose dreamed of tiny cupids stealing her blankets and bouncing upon her bed with a forecast for her happiness to come. She sprung from her slumber to the drawing board, capturing the wide-eyed pudgies that later kept their promise and healed her broken heart. Soon her illustrations came to life as jointed and bisque dolls. Celluloid roly-poly babies were born from her pursuit to create affordable dolls for the poor. Rose was a proponent of women’s suffrage and an inspiration to all. She gave us Kewpie, born out of the strings of a shattered heart with a mission to induce joy.

Vintage Kewpies on Old Dominoes:

Stretch Bracelet. #16911 $79.95 Ear Dangles. 1”. #16916 $29.95 Pendant & Heart 1”, chain 18”.

Venetian Mask “C a r n ava l e R i n g ” Mystique and indulgence occur when the wearer dons the baroque mask of the Mardi Gras. Encrusted with vibrant Swarovski crystals and opalescent enamels. Sizes 5-10.

#16917 $19.95

Crafted in England. #20560 $39.95

Old Jewelry Identification and Value Guide A complete volume by Jeanenne Bell, G.G. containing photographs and documentation regarding the origins of heirloom pieces. Includes a fascinating history and is signed by the author. Color. 447 pages. Softcover. 11”. #15791 $29.95 Fleur


L i s C o l l e ct i o n

The French cross is taken to exquisite embellishment in seed pearl and turquoise. Miss Ellie Mathias Designs. USA. Brooch. Seed pearls and turquoise are intricately hand set upon a gold-plated brooch. 2”. #17941 $59.95

Locket. 1H”. 24” chain. #18378 $59.95 Earrings. 2”. #18379 $59.95



“Myriad Moondrops”

F r e s h wat e r P e a r l C o l l e c t i o n Like trickling dew drops upon a vine, opalescent orbs dangle from a delicate silver chain. Each drop is a unique gift of nature.

Necklace. 16” with 2” ext. #20211 $39.95 ($50. value) Bracelet. 6” with 2” ext. #20212 $19.95 ($30. value) Earrings. #20213 $11.95 ($20. value) Save on the Set! #20613 $69.95 ($100. value)

Timeless Watch Case S o l i d P e r f u m e A m u l e t Our signature “Hopeless Romantic” fragrance oil is infused within a vitamin E enriched beeswax emollient. A beveled amber crystal locket will endure after the perfume is a memory. 30” chain 2” pendant. #20655 $49.95 ($75. value)

L av e n d e r D e w D r o p J e w e l s Beveled crystals of amethyst hue dangle from a meandering vine. The designer is inspired by rare museum collections and replicas from century old designs. Sweet Romance. USA. Necklace. 17” necklace w/ 4” extender. #17792 $79.95 ($99. retail)

Earrings. 2”. Post. #17793 $29.95 ($39. retail)

S m o k y F au x P e a r l s This smoky glass pearl strand is the finishing touch for a polished demeanor pretty with casual sweaters, professional suiting or dressy attire. 20”, 3” extender. #19367 $9.95 ($30. value)

Elizabethan Rose Bangle Gold-plated filigree encompasses the wrist, punctuated by a lovely floral stone. Stretch. 7”. #15916 $38.00 33

Hankies i n N o s ta l g i c P o u c h This enchanting satin handkerchief valet was concealed within an antique dealer’s booth and has been replicated to perfection. Within the case are a dozen delightfully retro floral cotton squares that will wipe tears and accompany ‘bless yous’. 100% cotton. 12”. 12 asst. Hankies arrive in a satin vintage pouch.

“F a s c i n at o r ” Those lavish headbands from decades past are experiencing a deserved renaissance. Covered in sumptuous black velvet, this comfy headpiece is festooned with vintage-quality milliner’s blooms and illusion netting. Black or Ivory. #18685 $49.95 Velvet. #18687 $49.95

#15067 $29.95/set of 12 ($35. value)

T h e L a n g uag e



A century ago, the demure hand-held accessory was used to convey messages more importantly than to produce a breeze. We are aware of 19 of the gestures and their meanings. To mention but a few; handle to lips begged a kiss, dropping meant friendship only, drawing across eyes expressed apology. An intriguing translation is included. Hand screened on fabric and trimmed with lace. 17”. $19.95 /ea. Bouquet (red) #10215 / Ladies (ecru) #10216 Pastorale (black) #10217

Milliner’s Blooms




Obtained from vintage bonnets and gowns, our coveted vintage collection served as the inspiration for these versatile accessories. Hair clip and pin options. Hand-dyed, variegated velvet, linen and organza. 4-5”. $19.95/ea. Save on 3 or More! $16.95/ea. 1. Black Organza Rose. #16855 2. Burgundy Organza. #16856 3. Ivory Rose. #16876 4. Dusty Rose. #16860 5. Pink Rose. #16585 6. Tea Stain Rose. #16857 7. Poppy. #16859 Save on Complete Set! #20804 $69.95



6. 7.

F a s c i n at o r s

Nosegays that appear to have been freshlyplucked from the meadow perch coyly upon velvet head bands adorned with a glistening crystal strand. $29.95/ea. Mauve. #19019 Blue. #19018 Sage. #19020 Cameo Necklace available on p.29.



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d ’A r g e n t

Nestled between three-strand freshwater pearls, a French repousse heart is cast from the artist’s inheritance of coveted sterling. 14” choker w/ 1” extender. Necklace. #15826 $179.95

Skeleton Key W at c h F o b Time is captured within a quaint souvenir of grand old homes. Lobster clasp allows this enhancer to be used as a pendant on chains, or clip to key chains and purses. Fine quartz movement. 3H”. #20282 $19.95 ($30. value)

I n tag l i o G l a s s N e c k l ac e A historical concept is experiencing a deserved renaissance. Intricately detailed mount is encrusted with marcasite while opalescent beads possess a purplish carnival glass lustre. Natural pearls, 18” long. Pendant 2”. Sweet Romance. USA.

Santos N e c k l ac e

D i s p l ay

Inspired by the caged-skirt antique, this utilitarian valet for pendants and bracelets is art in its own right. 19”.

#15820 $119.95 Please refer to p.8 for the coordinating bracelet.

M o o n O p t imi z e r R i n g The phases of the moon are a diorama within a picture window frame. Scientists have evidence that man is influenced by lunar stages. This romantic ring is handcrafted in England in fine pewter. UK. Sizes 6-12. #19279 $59.95 ($70. retail)

#20339 $29.95 ($40. value)

Brussels Brooch & Earrings A constellation of glistening crystals are meticulously hand set upon a magnificent .925 silver brooch emblazoned by sleek onyx. This pure example of art deco jewelry design is cast from an antique mold in Europe. Brooch. 2”. #14634 $119.95 ($170. value) Earrings. 1”. #14635 $69.95 ($85. value)



A n t e b e l l u m E a r D r o ps

Gothic chic transcends a centuryold rendering preserved under crystal and dangled from filigree. 2”. #19571 $69.95

Rhinestone Pins When straight pins simply won’t do...a glistening crystal head will secure corsages, adorn collector pin cushions, secure holiday greetings upon a ribbon, anchor home decoratives, assist with elegant crafts, the ideas are endless! Set of 72. 1I”.

Q u e e n V i c t o r i a ’ s H at p i n H o l d e r

#5075 $24.95 ($40. value)

Small ceramic hatpin holders were a common sight atop bureaus, the fancier ones being produced by Limoges & Doulton. 5 x 4” dia. Each holds 10 hatpins. Hand painted porcelain. Gift boxed.

C l u s t e r e d R o s e s H at p i n A lustrous pearl nestles amidst a trio of nostalgic roses cast from an art deco estate piece. Reminiscent of early Bakelite or celluloid designs. Roses are real coral. 8”.

#20066 $29.95 ($50. value)

#13030 $16.95

S o c i e t y H at P i n s Heart Stick Pin. 4H”. #6969 $16.95

Beaded Hat Pin . 8”. #6970 $19.95

B e au t i f u l H at p i n s A bouquet of century old hatpins experience a renaissance when they are articulately cast, plated in antique finishes, and meticulously graced with hand set crystals in a stained glass palette. Set may vary. #18904 Save on the Set! $99.95/asst. set of 10 1. Pink Intaglio Cameo. #18959 $16.95 2. Round Ruby. #18960 $16.95 3. Emerald Palm. #18958 $16.95 4. Nouveau Lady. #18594 $16.95 5. Pearl Drop. #18955 $16.95 6. Ruby Spear. #18954 $16.95 7. Crystal Flower. #18957 $16.95 8. Brown Faceted Gem. #18953 $16.95 9. Black Onyx. #18956 $16.95 10. Blue-gray Cameo. #18598 $16.95



4. 6.




9. 10.

7. 37

P e r s i a n T u r q u o i s e N e c k l ac e

Hand carved by European Master Cameo Carvers, a plump rose is chiseled from a coveted stone mined in Turkey. Each is strung upon a black velvet ribbon and hand signed by the artist. 1 ”. Italy.

#13239 $399.95 ($445. retail)

Limited Supply! Antique Flower B a s k e t P e n da n t A small box of Czech enameled stones were recently retrieved by a vintage button collector. This absolutely exquisite piece will only be issued to forty two fortunate women. 20” with 4” extender. #16922 $99.95

Black Enameled M i r r o r P e n da n t Sterling silver, marcasite, black enamel, seed pearl. A stunning black enamel pendant offers a hidden mirror to allow one to easily check her lipstick. Velvet pouch. 2”. #14565 $99.95 ($190. value) 20” Chain. #14566 $49.95 ($80. value)

Mink & Pearls Two glamorous favorites team up with Swarovski crystal and gold to conjure a winter jewelry collection. Designed by John Wind. USA. Bracelet. 7I-8H”. #20603 $299.95 Mink Earrings. 1H”. #20616 $79.95

Alice’s “E a r P e n da n t s ” The real Alice, Alice Liddell, daughter of the Dean of Oxford, bore dark tresses. Her father was a dear friend of the author, and the plot was dreamed up on a boat when the two men and the Dean’s three daughters were spending a lovely afternoon on the lake. Surgical steel wires. USA. #17144 $19.95

“C u r i o u s e r & C u r i o u s e r ...” N e c k l ac e Alice’s before and after consequences of consuming something she shouldn’t have is captured within pendants accompanied by a vial to hold secret messages. 36” chain. USA. #17147 $19.95



“American Beauty” C a m e o N e c k l ac e An intricate and perfect rose is cast upon a pendant in a dramatic palette of crimson, black and antique gold. Double 20” chain. USA. Sweet Romance. #18409 $39.95 Red Magma C r y s ta l R o c k s R i n g

“A Perfect Fit” Shoe R i n g H o l d e r A dainty shoe will display a six of your most treasured rings. Velvet lined. Gift boxed. 7 x 2 x 4”.

#19363 $14.95 ($20. value) Red Magma Crystal Rocks Ring. #18418 $29.95 Twilight Jet Ring. #18419 $29.95 Ivory Rose Rhinestone Ring. #19562 $49.95 Additional rings available on our website.

The immortal icon of true love embraces the pointer to convey ones romantic spirit. 1 1/4” diameter. One size. Adjustable band fits sizes 6-9. USA. #18418 $29.95

Twilight Jet Ring

Amethyst, topaz and peridot crystals twinkle upon black onyx set in antique bronze. 1H x 3/4”. One size. Adjustable band fits sizes 6-9. USA. #18419 $29.95

“Rose Ivoire” L o c k e t R i n g A casting from an engraved locket pendant is adapted to a stretch-band ring. One size. 1H”. 1928 Jewelry Co. #17606 $19.95 ($28. retail)

“Eyelash Lace” G o s s a m e r C u f f Once referred to as such given the fringed edging, a delicate chantilly weave encompasses the wrist with a delicate chain closure and ivory stone embellishment. Adj. 4” chain. #20830 $14.95 ($20. value) Lace Choker. Adj. up to 14H”. #20831 $19.95 ($25. value)





The subtle ebbs and flows of aesthetic curves on highly polished silver reflect the light in an impressionistic manner. A lone pearl perches regally upon the antique nouveau design inspired by a treasure from the sea. Cast from an antique mold in Holland. Brooch. 1” #14630 $69.95 ($85. value) Ear Studs. H” #14631 $59.95 ($80. value)


K e y P e n da n t Be cautious with whom you share this... .925 sterling silver, Genuine garnet and marcasite. 2”.

#18003 $49.95 ($75. retail)

20” Sterling Chain. #12966 $14.95 ($20. value)

Fleuri Brooch Hand set pearl blooms upon a fine sterling pin will greet the season upon a favorite sweater. Cast from an antique mold in Holland. 1G”.

Venus on the Half Shell R i n g T r ay Our favorite vendor sent this vanity dish as a gesture of her appreciation. We were so taken by the one-of-akind original that we requested that she create more. Freshwater pearl, brass, pewter pedestal base. Miss Ellie Matthias Designs. USA. 3”.

#12996 $79.95 ($100. value)

#21499 $39.95 ($60. retail)

Swarovski Crystal H e a r t & D ag g e r Undying love ‘til death do part. An exquisite brooch will attest to true devotion. Sweet Romance. USA. 1”. #20779 $39.95

Greer Garson J e w e l s A crimson necklace rivaled only in beauty by her flawless face...this stunning choker is inspired by a coveted antique. Handcrafted by European artisans aligned with a time-honored jeweler established in Germany. Finest Swarovski crystals. Adj. 16-20”. #12279 $99.95



Evelyn Nesbitt C u ff B r ac e l e t The flaxen-haired femme fatale who immortalized the Gibson Girl was the personification of Nouveau beauty. France. Antiqued brass. #19577 $69.95

F au x A m e t h y s t J e w e l s Stunning accessories are derived from antique castings. Faceted crystals capture the light. Earrings. #12721 $29.95 / Necklace. #12720 $69.95

H e a r t b r e a k e r P e n da n t The dagger thrust into a heart symbolized a love lost. A favorite icon amongst romantics, the motif was presented in Shakespearean and Gothic literature. Swarovski crystal. Sweet Romance. USA. 20”. #19535 $39.95 Q u e e n V i c t o r i a ’ s C ob r a B r ac e l e t “Creatress”, the Egyptian goddess of regeneration was the inspiration for exquisitely crafted bangles and bracelets that coiled over the arm. Queen Victoria was particularly fond of these as she perceived the snake to be symbolic of healing, protection and passion. The prototype bracelet is housed in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. #15188 $29.95 ($40. value)

O u i j a p e n da n t A miniature of the notorious game board with a mind of its own will dangle as a reminder that our destiny is not for us to know... Two sided. 1”. Velvet ribbon 22”. #17342 $12.95 ($15. retail)

Night Owl S p i r i t H oo d Navajo tribes believed in becoming one with nature and donned wildlife caps to ensure safety from the elements. This romantic concept continues in realistic faux fur with cuddler “paw” pockets. USA. #19616 $129.95 ($140. retail) Also available (view online): Grey Wolf. #20602 / Grizzly Bear. #21257 41

“M y B e l o v e d ” .925 S t e r l i n g L o c k e t Though not nearly as precious as the cherished face that is harboured within, delicate sterling filigree is flattered by marcasite and clustered seed pearls. A lovely old etching graces the backside. Once referred to as a “vinaigrette pendant”, the open silver work allowed for fragrance to be diffused from a cloth remnant doused in perfume as an option to a photograph or lock of hair. 1”. #12963 $129.95 ($200. value)

20” Sterling Chain. #12966 $14.95 ($20. value)

C e lt i c E t e r n i t y Knot Ring Derived from the Book of Kells from ancient Dublin, the woven symbols is an intertwining path without origin or end. The legendary Towle Silversmith Celtic design is rendered to a silver plated brass ring. Adjustable. One size. USA. #20678 $39.95

A r t D e c o N e c k l ac e & E a r r i n g s A classic example of the pure design that is experiencing a deserved renaissance. 16” chain. Europe. Sterling, crystal and pearl. 2” pendant. Necklace. #12985 $69.95 ($80. value) Earrings. #12986 $39.95 ($50. value)

Q u e e n A nn e ’ s L ac e B r o o c h A myriad of crystals are set upon finest sterling in a delicate medallion with a lustrous pearl center. Europe. 1”. #12992 $149.95 ($200. value)

Seed Pearl Bar Pin Lustrous stones parade single file across a slender “under-thechin” pin. This classic has graced many a lace collar. UK. 2”. #15570 $49.95 ($110. value)



B e l l e P e r l e N e c k l ac e & E a r r i n g s Almost appearing to have washed up from the sea, this flowing design is timeless and tasteful. Poetic scrollwork punctuated with dainty seed pearls marries with a quality pearl. The graphite sketches from a 19th century artist were found within the metal mold in a Belgian jewelry factory. 14” chain. 2” pendant. Finest .925 sterling silver. Necklace. #12987 $99.95 ($130. value) Earrings. #12988 $69.95 ($80. value) Royal Van Kempen & Begeer

B l ac k E n a m e l C o l l e c t i o n Intricately cast sterling jewels created from century-old molds are executed by skilled jewelers proficient in the artistry of fine brush enameling. Dangle Lily Brooch. 2”. #12984 $129.95 ($150. retail)

Oval Bow Brooch. 2”.

#12983 $169.95 ($240. value)

C l a r i n ’ s C l o v e r N e c k l ac e A Swarovski crystal-encrusted pendant dangles from a sweet threestrand necklace comprised of pearls and filigree beads. 16” chain with 4” extender. Sweet Romance. USA. #18422 $39.95 ($46. retail)

Earrings. Hand set crystals and pearls. 1”.

#18764 $29.95 ($40. value)

F o u r -L e a f C l o v e r P e n da n t & E a r r i n g s Whether you’ve a smidgeon of Irish in ye, or just be needin’ a spot of luck, this intricate sterling silver pendant will bring beauty to the woman having the good fortune to possess it. Sterling silver, green agate, seed pearls. May be worn as both a pin and necklace. Velvet pouch. Brooch/Pendant. 1”. #14563 $99.95 ($220. value) Earrings. #14564 $99.95 ($190. value) 20” Chain. #12966 $14.95 ($20. value) 43

Ste. Marie Brooch A graceful Nouveau design possesses an Art Deco flavor. .925 sterling & Swarovski crystals. Europe. 2”. #12993 $59.95 ($74. value)

Cameo Rings Pretty profiles are rendered within conch shells tossed to the beaches of Italy. Each is hand chiselled by Maestro Carvers in the centuries-old method. Please indicate size. Size 5-9. Sterling Silver. #6115 $69.95 14 Karat Gold. #6139 $369.95

Narcissus M i r r o r e d P e n da n t A lovely reflection on you... your mirror image is concealed within a tasseled neoclassical swivel pendant. Authentic castings alternate with pearls. USA. 32” chain. 1” round pendant hangs 4”. #15818 $69.95

Grecian Block

With origins that extend millenniums prior on the time line, this classical pendant endures as a tasteful aesthetic encrusted with Swarovski crystals. 16” chain. I” pendant. #12989 $79.95 ($100. value)

Earrings. H”. #12990 $99.95 ($130. value)




The classic fresh water strand is the finishing touch for a polished demeanor - pretty with casual sweaters, professional suiting or dressy attire. 16” with 2” extender. Germany. #12278 $49.95 ($90. retail)

P o e s y B r ac e l e t Obtained from The Tempest by William Shakespeare: “We are the stuff that dreams are made on.” An historical concept in jewelry design, it was customary for sentimental messages to be inscribed within rings and bracelets in Europe during the Middle Ages. #13451 $99.95 ($80. retail)



Tiny Dancer Bell A sterling silver prima donna pirouettes to an ethereal tinkling. The jointed figure bends at the waist while her pointe shoes serve to direct the clapper. Handcrafted in USA. Gift boxed. 2”. Sterling Silver. #15894 $79.95 14 kt. Gold. #15912 $649.95 18” silver chain. #11066 $12.95 18” gold chain. #11064 $109.95

“M ay D ay ” B r o o c h Crystal blooms are tucked within a silver-plated basket. 2”. #18739 $19.95 ($30. value)

“Starry Night”

Solid F r ag r a n c e Amulet An Edwardian design is encrusted with faceted crystals and intricate floral motifs. Whether opting for a loved one’s lock of hair, photograph or tea roseimbued signature fragrance, this pendant will enhance your bodice. 28” chain with 3” extender. 2” pendant. #20964 $49.95 ($75. value) Locket only. #20833 $29.95 ($45. value)

Degas Pin A dainty ballerina on pointe presents a pearl. Swarovski crystals grace her tutu. Finest .925 Sterling. Made in Holland from a century-old mold. 1H”. #12995 $79.95 ($90. value)

R o s e P e ta l R o s a r y A subtle fragrance exudes each bead, comprised of a myriad of compressed rose petals, and hand strung with crystals and silver findings. USA. #7941 $39.95

Rose Petal Bracelet available on p.11. 45

“Shimmering Rose” S c u l p t e d M e s h N ec k l ace The romantic rose is translated into an everlasting pendant meticulously woven wire crafted from filigree threads. Sarah Cavender. USA. Necklace. 16”. #19504 $89.95 ($100. retail) Earrings. 2.5” long. #19505 $89.95 ($100. retail)

Passion Cross

Lavish French flourishes encompass the dangling deep red Swarovski crystal that represents the Sacred Heart. 20” chain, 4” pendant. UK.

Jill Schwartz O l d B au b l e s C o l l ec t i o n

The legendary designer has married very old treasures that she unearthed from war-era factories that closed their doors decades ago. Limited number. Vintage. 29”. Necklace. #19573 $179.95 (Priceless value!) Bracelet. (view online) #19603 $109.95

#17843 $49.95 ($60. value)

Elizabethan Rose Ring The immortal icon of true love embraces the pointer to convey ones romantic spirit. A frosted casting of an old finding is encompassed by seed pearls with adjustable ornate band. One size. Sweet Romance. USA. #18341 $29.95 ($40. value)

Heaven‘s Heart P e n da n t N ec k l ace A faceted crystal is embraced by intricate gold wings that signifies our most sacred virtue. 1” pendant, 26”chain with 3” ext. #20832 $19.95 ($30. value)

Passion Collection:

C h o k er , B r ace l e t & R i n g A tangled garland of silvery thorns cry tears of Swarovski crystals. Bracelet. #20725 $59.95

Ring. Sizes 6-10. #20726 $39.95


Choker. 5”. #15752 $59.95 (view online)


M a da m e B o va r y ’ s J e w e l s

Wine-red garnets and icy Swarovski crystals are meticulously hand set within a double strand necklace and vine bracelet. Designer Shelley Cooper is inspired by coveted European collections. Sweet Romance. USA. Necklace. 18” chain, embellishment 4”. #17796 $59.95 ($80. retail)

Bracelet. 7”. #17794 $59.95 ($80. retail) Earrings. 1.75”. #17795 $29.95

“Deidre’s Deer” P e n da n t She tempts the woodland creature with a quality pearl. The distinctive design that evolved during the early 20th c. inspired architects, painters and designers to project clean, pure imagery with graphic grace and intriguing subjects. Cast from an original die in Europe in .925 silver. 1”. Pendant. #14624 $49.95 ($60. value) Chain. #11692 $19.95 ($30. value)

Baroness B l a z e r P i n It was customary for the blue bloods and royalty of Europe to wear their insignia upon woolen blazers during casual hours. A vibrant jeweled brooch is well suited to jacket pockets and coat lapels. 2”. #7483 $19.95 ($30. value)

Fresh Water P e a r l W at c h Both beautiful and functional, this elegant timepiece implies one’s feminine tendencies. Mother of pearl face/marcasite stones. Adjustable 7 - 8”. #17621 $39.95 ($55. value)

P av l o va P u r s e Possessing a ballerina’s demeanor, softly pleated chiffon overlays nude satin, and is clutched by a replica brooch finding. 10”. #18694 $69.95 ($90. value)

Mary Frances “S pa n i s h R o s e ” C l u t c h The coveted designer’s newest creation is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. 4 x 8”. #19155 $275. 47

B e r i bb o n e d A m e t h y s t P i n

Countless marcasites are painstakingly set by hand upon a vintage replica brooch that appears to be an estate jewel. Genuine Austrian crystals. 2”.

#13539 $39.95 ($45. value)

Dubliner F au x E m e r a l d s Rivaling the most precious of gems for brilliance, these imposters are beveled Swarovski crystal set within a replica necklace and earrings. USA. Sweet Romance. Necklace. 16” w/ 4”ext. #20395 $59.95

Earrings. 2”. #20394 $29.95

Balmoral Victorian S l i d e B r ac e l e t The origins of the concept were the result of industrious Victorians who implemented keepsake jewelry parts—stickpin heads, tiny lockets, buttons and loosened gemstones as charms that would slide into chains at the wrist. The diversity of pieces contributed to the fascinating beauty. This finely detailed replication carries an open fan (flirtation), crimson rose (passion), double bows (devotion), wreath (faith), glove (loyalty), orb (wisdom) and various ring tops and findings. Sweet Romance. USA. 7”. #834 $79.95

Art Deco C o s t u m e R i n g s Glamorous night clubs, galas, and speakeasies called for fashion glitz...satin and lace accessorized by rhinestones and marcasite jewels. Our replicas of those worn by socialites in a young twentieth century are affordably fun, and adjustable. Six assorted marcasite and crystal designs. G”-1”. #10383 $49.95/set ($60. value)

Duche ss Jewelry Che st

Compartments and ring slots assist in accessorizing by providing a beautiful order to costume jewels. 14 x 10”.

#18610 $79.95 ($140. value)



Balmoral Victorian S l i d e N e c k l ac e The origins of the concept were the result of industrious Victorians who implemented keepsake jewelry parts, stickpin heads, tiny lockets, buttons and loosened gemstones as charms that would slide into chains. The diversity of pieces contributed to the fascinating beauty. USA. Gift boxed. Sweet Romance. Necklace. 18”. #12368 $99.95 ($120. retail) Earrings. 2”. #12369 $19.95 ($30. retail)

Bleeding Heart N e c k l ac e Handcrafted with Austrian crystals. 1” pendant.

Eugenie Jewelry Box A regal chamber for precious brooches, bracelets and pendants is cast from a cherished estate piece. Lined with velvet. Silver plated. 5”. Gift boxed.

#14650 $29.95 ($50. value)

#19695 $19.95 ($30. value) Also available: Dolly’s Jewelry Box. #20668 (view online)

Betrothal Ring A Rococo design of romantic tokenism, this pewter ring is emblazoned with an enameled heart of crimson to signify passion. Handmade in England. Sizes 6-12. #15855 $49.95

S a p p h i r o s N e c k l ac e Three crystals dangle from a beveled heart of azure. Fine English pewter is hand cast into an exquisite pendant strung upon double strands of rope and ribbon. 26” chain, 4” pendant. UK. #17831 $99.95

N e c k l ac e K e e p e r Wooden jewelry display with flannelette covering. Easel stand. 14 hooks for display. 12 x 7”. #14850 $12.95 ($15. value) Save on 2 or More! $11.95/ea. 49

“K i t t y ’ s C a p t u r e ” R i n g A petite mouse dangles from a delicate chain. 1”. One size. #20002 $29.95 ($31. retail)

C r y s ta l B a ll W at c h A glass sphere harbours a magnified quartz timepiece within a tasseled brass frame. 1” pendant. 32” chain. #20595 $39.95 ($60. value)

Jeweled Flash Drive

One might think its simply an exquisite key chain but hidden within lies a flash drive. Enamel, Swarvoski crystals. Housed in a velvet pouch. PC or Mac compatible. White 4GB. #16586 $39.95 ($45. value) Red 2GB. #17373 $29.95 ($35. value)

My Cat’s L o c k e t The larger chamber, guarded by a smug cat , provides for a pair of small photos within, while kitty dangles a tinier locket of her own. Chain 32”, Locket 1”. USA. From Sweet Romance. #8338 $49.95


H a r l e q u i n M ag n i f y i n g G l a s s As magnificent as a 19th c. French circus, this reproduction pendant glass will assist in reading fine print on menus, sales tags and programs. 3”. (30” chain.) From Sweet Romance. USA

#1844 $59.95


Beauty Resurrected

M a r c a s i t e C r o s s P e n da n t Dainty seed pearls are interspersed with precious gemstones while sterling scrollwork swirls across a woman’s symbol of faith. Garnet, peridot & .925 sterling. 2”. #18002 $99.95 ($125. value) 20” chain. #12966 $14.95 Ophelia’s Cross A stunning pendant dangles from a chain with opulent crystals in ruby, amethyst and topaz hues that could be rivaled only by the beauty of stained glass windows at sunset. Antiqued bronze chain with lobster clasp. Genuine Austrian crystals. 24”. 2H” pendant. #13548 $39.95 ($45. value)

M ag n i f i e r P e n da n t

Eye watering coloured glass stones are meticulously set within a vintage reproduction magnifying glass that dangles prettily against blouses while awaiting the call to decipher fine print on sales tickets, menus and programs. 4” pendant dangles on a 32” chain. USA. From Sweet Romance. #278 $59.95

Jane Austen S t e r l i n g P e n da n t Her words pay tribute to the camaraderie of women. Chain 18”. Sterling Silver. USA. #11155 $59.95

F r e n c h S e n t i m e n t N e c k l ac e s Remarkable pendants are appropriately paired with exquisite French illustrations and provocative or inspirational-versed cards with envelop, gift box, and grosgrain ribbon. $19.95/ea. ($30. value)

“Your place or mine?” (shown) #20971 Additional styles available online:

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” #20969 “I am not always perfect, but I am always me.” #20972 “Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.” #20971 “Faith makes all things possible.” #20970 51

Brush, Comb & Mirror Set

Our cherished antique set was cast in wax thereby preserving every intricate petal on the plump chrysanthemums and ensuring that such a lovely dresser set could be enjoyed by others. Silver-plated brass. Gift boxed. Mirror 9”; Comb 7”; Brush 8”. #3250 $29.95 ($40. value) Ladies’ M a n i c u r e S e t A lavish crystal ornamental graces a leather case filled with beauty essential tools. Stainless steel tools, faux leather. 6”. #13098 $19.95 Eyeglass Case available on p.63

H y d r a n g e a H a i r C o r s ag e Flowers have been attracted to curly tresses for as long as women have had a fetish for them. A cluster of vintaged silk petals cling to grosgrain ribbon with clip. #19023 $29.95

C r y s ta l Headband A chain of meticulously hand set stones is a subtle version of the tiara. #6834 $24.95 ($30. value)

Starstruck C r y s ta l H e a d b a n d A glistening band of Swarovski crystal will summon one’s inner princess. Not just for dressy anymore. #19586 $24.95 ($30. value)

A u t u m n H a i r D ag g e r

A cool October breeze mingles with just enough sunshine to inspire one to gather her tresses into a nonchalant twist. Enameled hues of acorn and maple leaf marry upon a slender clip. 5”. #10426 $19.95



A n a s ta s i a T i a r a A woman is only as beautiful as she perceives herself to be...a princess for a special evening. Intricately hand set stones upon a silver-plate band with two combs to secure it within one’s tresses. #18197 $19.95 ($30. value)

Mary Frances M o o n s h i n e H a n d b ag This glistening, and intoxicatingly glamorous purse is the latest limited creation from the coveted designer. (Other Mary Frances purses on our website.) Removeable strap. 17" drop. 7 x 3". #21259 $260.00

Love Disarmed

Cosmetic Brushes An art nouveau beauty strikes a modest pose atop vanity essentials. The coveted century-old silver cutlery pattern is revisited. #18519 $29.95 ($45. value)

Embellished Bobbies

Eight assorted pairs will adorn the hair with a dash of coordinating color. Hand set crystals in a palette of colors on antiquated findings. 2-3�. Assorted set of 8. #10366 $59.95 ($160. value)

French Hair Fork Collection

To poke gently into hair rolls and chignons, French rolls and knots. 4 asst. 4�.

#7827 $59.95 ($100. value)

Hair Dangle Exquisite hair jewels cascade from a crystal pin. #7460 $19.95 53

“Silvery Rose”

F r ag r a n c e A m u l e t Our signature “Hopeless Romantic” solid perfume is harboured within a most exquisite two-tone locket on double chain. 24”. USA. #18517 $79.95

G l a sg o w C o l l e c t i o n

Fan shaped grace is embedded with Swarovski. .925 sterling. Europe. Necklace. 15” chain, 2” extender, 2” pendant. #13770 $79.95 ($115. value)

Earrings. 2”. #13771 $69.95 ($95. value)

I c e d C r y s ta l J e w e l s Chandelier chic...beveled glass prisms dangle from filigree cones and heirloom castings. Sweet Romance. USA. Prism Necklace. 18”, 3” pendant. #20386 $49.95 Earrings. 2”. #20387 $29.95

Chocolate Raspberry H e a d B a n d The artist hand sculpts tiny roses and blooms, marrying them with glass beads upon a fabric covered band. Other items are available in this coveted collection throughout this catalog. Mauve & Black / Ivory & Tea Rose. USA. Collen Toland. #16867 $39.95 Colleen Toland “Chocolate Raspberry”

Hand Sculpted Collection

Her exquisite hand formed posies marry with opalescent beads and glass baubles. Necklace. 13” w/ 4” extender. USA.

#16780 $79.95 ($84. retail)

Earrings. #16781 $29.95 ($32. retail)

Ring. (adjustable) #16779 $29.95 ($32. retail) Bracelet. 7”. (view online) #16782 $49.95 ($54. retail)



Claret Jewels

Reminiscent of a glass of red wine held to the light, ruby hued crystals are meticulously hand set within a dramatic collection. Bronze-plated brass. Sweet Romance. USA. View other pieces online. Tiara. #12363 $69.95 Also available: Necklace. #12362 $99.95 Earrings. #12361 $29.95 Cuff Bracelet. #12364 $69.95

Rosemary’s R i n g D i s h A dainty tray for precious finds. 3H x 5”. Glass. #19528 $9.95 ($15. value)

Sweetheart Collection

Ruby Red H e a r t E a r r i n g s Lead-free zinc alloy earrings hang 1H”. #20927 $19.95 ($25. value)

Inspired by a historical collection once owned by aristocracy. A dangling deep red pendant surrounded by seed pearls and crystals. Sweet Romance. USA. Earrings. 1H”. #20388 $29.95

Swag Pin. 3H” (right) #20389 $49.95 Sweetheart Necklace. 17” w/ 3”. #20390 $59.95

Miss Ellie’s G i l d e d R o s e

Headband Tiara

Out of the brittle pages of a Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tale, this enchanted halo is worthy of a lovelorn princess. Each is handcrafted by a lovely stay-athome princess who resides in New Jersey with her little Charlotte. Coordinating pieces on p.9. #19591 $79.95 ($100. value) 55

Dark Desires G o t h i c E a r r i n g s Feminine mystique. Swarovski crystals are nestled within ultimately romantic dangling ear jewels hand crafted in England. 2H”. #21390 $59.95

E l i z a b e t h a n B r ac e l e t & R i n g Handcrafted in England, this duet is inspired by the tracery moulding above the North Entrance of the Kenilworth Castle. The designer created this for his true love of Swarovski crystal and fine pewter. #20722 $59.95 Ring. Sizes 6-12. #20723 $39.95

S t e r l i n g C a l l a L i ly & P e a r l Nature’s graceful art deco creation is cast from a century-old mold discovered only recently within an abandoned factory in Europe. Exquisitely hand crafted. 2G”. #11696 $79.95 ($100. value) Also available: Hooked Earrings.

#11697 $79.95 ($100. value)

G a r n e t W at c h A graceful timepiece encompasses the wrist with dressy functionality. Garnet, black onyx, marcasite, and mother of pearl face. Adjustable. #13992 $29.95 ($40. value)

Royal Velvet J e w e l r y R o l l Never lose your treasured jewelry pieces again. Unroll to reveal two zippered pockets, a clever strap to secure your rings, and an earring holder. Royal purple velvet with brocade trim, satin lining. 9 x 5”. #17567 $19.95 ($25. value)

Velvet & Brocade Sunglasses Case. 8 x 4”.

#17689 $3.95 ($15. value)



Rialto G a r n e t D r o p N e c k l ac e Rivaling cabernet in burgundy brilliance, the fiery facets are accompanied by lustrous seed pearls and Swarovski crystals. USA. 17”. From Sweet Romance. Necklace. #18414 $29.95 ($32. retail) Earrings. 1”. #18413 $19.95

C a m e o “ Y ” N e c k l ac e

Eight freshwater pearls accompany a hand carved beauty rendered from a beige conch shell cast by the sea upon the shores of Italy. Truly of heirloom caliber. 18” antiqued sterling chain. Cameo, 18mm. #3588 $119.95 Cameo Pierced Earrings. #8641 $129.95 Save on set! #10169 $219.95

Nocturnium S t e a m P u n k

C u f f B r ac e l e t

B l e e d i ng H e a r t E a r r i ngs Dripping crystals dangle from vulnerable pewter hearts. 2”. UK. #17827 $49.95

An early scientific instrument for controlling moonlight wavelength emulations, this filigreed band is hand crafted by metal smiths in England of purest pewter and gold brass. #20721 $69.95

“Bella’s Dream” C h o k e r Once bitten, twice shy...a soft velvet band is studded with Swarovski crystals and cascades of crystal drops. Adjustable, 14-15”. UK. #17825 $59.95 ($70. retail)

B a r o q u e M at c h S a f e An exquisite keeper of wooden matches will ensure candlelight, birthday cake illuminations, or the enduring cherry aroma of a gentleman’s pipe. A beautiful striking plate on underside and subliminal skull. UK. #20724 $59.95 C e lt i c R o s e s F l a s k How about a nip of Bailey’s Irish cream infused within your morning coffee? This pewter pocket flask is hand made to the highest standard in Sheffield, England. An historical motif is cast upon brass. 6 oz. #20916 $69.95 57

T e a R o s e C l o ch e Illusion netting overlays exquisite milliner blooms and a sumptuous silk bow. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. #19132 $59.95 ($70. value)

Also available with red millinery roses (right): Cherished Cloche. #15262 $69.95 ($85. value)

E l e a n o r ’ s S t r aw H at A lovely hat casts shade upon a hopeless romantic’s pretty face. Vintage-style milliner blooms grasp a pleated dupioni silk band. Arrives in a

Crimson Dove T e a P a r t y H at Delightful costume millinery is extravagantly garnished with plumage, flounced lace, satin and silk flowers. A dramatic train of illusion netting provides the flourish needed for a grand entrance. Serves as a decorative piece in the boudoir when propped upon a hat stand. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. One size. 36” train. $69.95/ea. Pastels. (shown) #18938 Please view additional styles online: Jeweled Colours. #18939 Scarlet. #6694

keepsake hatbox.

#21270 $79.95

D e v o n V i o l e t s H at A crushable velvet cloche is perky, packable and versatile...destined to become a favorite possession. Detachable millinery velvet flowers pin upon gathered band. Black velvet. Elastic inner band assures a perfect fit. Gift boxed. #5674 $49.95 ($50. value)

Crushable P o pp y H at Tuck within a crampacked suitcase or shove it in your tote...a timeless and resilient cap will assure your chic. Gift boxed. USA.

C r o ch e t e d S e ag r a s s H at Why is everyone so nice to you when you’re wearing this? Possibly because it speaks of someone who is happily girlish with softhearted tendencies. So airy and cool....intricate blooms are placed upon creamy hand-dyed silk ribbon. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox.

#17968 $49.95 ($48. retail)

#21488 $59.95 ($80. value)



Bonnie Blue R i d i n g H at Crushed velvet of robin’s egg hue is premise to ostrich and opulent milliner blooms. A dramatic tulle train cascades the back. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. USA.

#18941 $69.95 ($85. value)

S p i c e d P e o n y H at

This wonderfully crushable hat can be shoved into overnight bags and survive any Autumn adventure with gorgeous gusto. Mossy cotton velvet is softly gathered about the crown while black lace garnishes the brim. Ostrich plume, organza and millinery blooms marry beautifully. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox.

#10310 $49.95 ($60. value)

Marseilles H at S ta n d Faux stone finish. 18”.

#9885 $29.95 ($40. value) Save on 2 or More! $27.95/ea.

N o s ta l g i c B a n d B o x e s A trio of candy boxes have been given a renaissance as hatboxes. Constructed to endure and secure the safekeeping of one’s finest millinery, cherished old letters, or priceless what-nots. Nested set of three. 12 dia. x 14” to 5 dia. x 7” deep.

Filigree Widebrim One is instantly beautiful when donning a hat that marries nonchalance and refined elegance. #19133 $79.95 ($90. value) Also available: Sophisticate Widebrim, #19134 $79.95 (black ribbon).

#11058 $29.95/set of 3 ($40. value) View additional hatboxes online.

Heirloom Roses

S t r aw Widebrim The old tea roses distinguished by tightly scrolled centers and variegated hues are replicated in silk and nestled on cummerbunds of dupioni silk. Bow. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. Raspberry. #19137 $59.95 Other styles available online. 59

Mary Frances

“E n c h a n t e d ” P u r s e Hand-rolled silk blooms are nestled upon a jewel-encrusted ground of antique-garden hues. Highly collectible. 6 x 13”. #19579 $238.00 Many other Mary Frances items available online.

Wallflowers Scarf

Reminiscent of the florals found on the plaster walls of the grand Queen Anne’s, a vintage pattern has been rendered to a chiffon scarf in a creamy hue. Gift boxed. 20 x 65”. #15892 $19.95 ($30. value)

Faded Roses

Six-foot Silk Scarf A dreamy drape is fluidly beautiful. Derived from a very old yard-long Victorian print that was inserted into a newspaper as a premium to encourage subscriptions. Gift boxed. 72 x 12”.

S i l k B r o c a d e S h aw l An airy blend of exotic sheerness will drape the form with a romantic appeal while chasing the chill from bared shoulders. Raspberry-Chocolate burn-out velvet. #15931 $49.95 ($70. value)

#11898 $29.95 ($50. value)

L ac e F a n

This demure hand-held accessory was once used to convey messages more importantly than to produce a breeze. Opens to 18”. #19619 $19.95 Champagne & Lace P u r s e Tatted lace overlays heavy bridal satin with a kiss clasp. 16” chain. Gift pouch. 9 x 5”. #19734 $19.95 ($25. value)

Faux Lace Trouser Socks An old Parisian lace pattern is screened upon silky knee-his. 28”.

#20285 $6.95/pr. ($9. value)



Hopeless Romantic

Trouser Stockings Silken knee-highs are graced with lovely old prints. Nylon/Spandex. One size. $9.95/two asst. pr. Save on 3 or More! $7.95/two asst. pr.

Lace. #18803 Floral. #18804

Postscript S i l k S c a r f A myriad of post-marked correspondences have been adapted to a fluid silk drape. Finest pure silk. Gift boxed. 57 x 11”. #2509 $29.95 ($40. value)

L o v e y -D o v e y G l o v e s

From Waterford City, Ireland, ultimately romantic gauntlets insinuate your innate dreamer. An aunt and niece team hand knit them from skeins of a soft wool blend. The lead glove will complement the supporting one with hand-turned roses that befriend an old lace pattern. A dainty brass tag speaks of love. Pigeon & Petal hues. Ireland.

#20813 $99.95 ($140. value)

Monogrammed S i l k S c a r f Your initial is painstakingly embroidered upon pure silk.. Obtained from Victorian calling card’s rotogravure typeface now obsolete. Gift boxed. 50 x 11”. #2372 $29.95/ea. ($40. value)

Eau de Toilette “H o p e l e ss R o m a n t i c ” For the woman with an affinity for delicate and exquisite, who honors her innate impulse to wear lace and intuitively knows her bliss... The pure essences of sweet violet and tuberose mingle with a powdery scent to create a truly evocative and memorable fragrance. Cut crystal bottle. .185 oz.

#14503 $79.95 ($100. value)

Highland Lilac of Rochester

T h e F i r st L a d i e s ’ F r ag r a n c e

“An amazingly true essence of New England lilacs at their peak- a veritable breath of spring” harvested from a lilac park begun by horticulturist John Dunbar

in 1892. Skilled perfumers have extracted the juice of the fresh lilac from 22 acres of 552 varieties dating back to colonial origins and is limited to quantity and presented to 11 first ladies. The fragrance has been honored with distinctive national and international awards. 1 oz. #8110 $55.00 61

Credit Card Case “If I keel over in WalMart, drag my body to Neimans” If the Victorians carried plastic, they would surely appreciate the humorous reference to quality. For over a century, Neiman-Marcus has maintained a lofty standard that has dazzled the female shopper. Gift boxed. 2 x 4”. #15291 $19.95

View online: “Can I Pay My Visa with My Mastercard?” #18537

Perfume Bottle U m b r e l l a A lovely guard against the rain is harboured within a fragrance imposter when skies are blue. Standard size umbrella is imprinted with a nostalgic floral pattern. Bottle 8H”. #19247 $19.95 ($25. value)

Chintz Ball Caps Less preppy and more pretty, a century-old Victorian chintz marries with soft, brown suede to shade that pretty face. Appointed with adjustable suede band, bill and button. $19.95 ($30. value)

Victorian. #15522 / Autumn. #20284

L o v e ly L av e n d e r U m b r e l l a Worthy of Marie Antoinette’s fickle preferences, an old floral is rendered to all-weather satin. #20056 $19.95 ($30. value)

C a s h m i n k S c a rv e s Swathe yourself in the softest drape. Myriad violethued blooms are woven in a cashmere blend that both flatters and pampers. Gift boxed. 12 x 72”. $29.95 ($40. retail) Sterling Roses. #17603

Cashmere-like Cherry Blossom (pink) #18966 Additional styles and colors available on our website.



L e at h e r D o c t o r s ’ B ag

The classic English doctor bag design is beautifully sewn in vegetable tanned pigskin and traditionally appointed with brass hardware, lock, zipper compartment, fully lined, and extra-strength stitches to endure a lifetime of weekend getaways. The oil from your hands will turn the new leather a ruddy hue over time. 15 x 11 x 8”.

#17573 $119.95 ($200. value)

Opera Glasses Velvet dresses, stoles, chilled evenings where the cabernet flows...this is the season for the ballet, opera, symphony and theater. Tuck this exquisite mother of pearl eyepiece with extender handle into a purse or gentleman’s pocket and share the playbill with a friend. 4”. #10449 $29.95 A m e r i c a n B e au t y U m b r e l l a The envy of Mary Poppins....seventy-two plump blooms encompass a canopy against the elements. Nylon. Wooden handle. 36”, 41” di. #14911 $34.95 ($40. value)

Ladies’ E y e g l a s s C a s e A lavish crystal embellishment spans an elegant faux croc case that will keep your glasses safe. Stainless steel, faux leather. 6”. #17518 $16.95 ($20. value)

Coordinating Manicure Set available on p. 52.

Monet Umbrella The French impressionist did not know that someday his interpretation of a garden would reflect raindrops from a hopeless romantic’s pretty head. Nylon. Wooden handle. Decorative cuff link button. 34”.


Sunglass Case A roomy and rigid haven for your sunshades will protect them from harm. Faux leather. 6 x 3”. (Included free with your sunglass purchase.)

#9890 $19.95 ($30. value)

#20241 $11.95 ($20. value)

3. 1.

Ingenue Sunglasses Three pretty variations on a theme arrive in our elegant signature sunglass case. Arrives in Signature Sunglass Case. $19.95/ea. ($40. value)


1. “Lace Grace”. White lace on clear. #20238 2. “Rae Bonne”. Chintz pattern. #20239 3. “Jackie-O”. Ivory glasses with dabs of gold on pink posies at each brow. #20240 63

Louise Green C a l d e c o t t H at Another coveted bonnet from the legendary designer is caked in sumptuous hand-turned roses, draped silk ribbon and filmy petals that meander upon a frosting pink upturned straw. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. USA. #21199 $339.95 ($395. retail)

Needlepoint C a r p e t b ag This one’s for keeps...a wonderfully roomy satchel will hold over a weekend’s worth of necessities. Manufactured by a third-generation family. Leather trim, brass appointments. Wool. 17 x 13 x 6”.

“Charleston Rose” V e lv e t P u r s e The prototype is a worn souvenir circa 1890. The trend in handbags dictated fanciful velvets, beads and embroidery . 9”, 18” strap.

#14638 $299.95 ($400. value)

#16903 $29.95 ($70. value)

Needlepoint Purse A myriad glass beads are meticulously hand stitched upon woolen needlepoint blooms. Silk lining. Gift pouch. 9 x 3”.

#18675 $49.95 ($100. value)

Midnight Garden

Pull-along A carpet bag takes to its wheels when too heavy to carry. Exquisitely beaded, this handmade tote requires a full day for the artist to create. 22 x 14 x 11”. #13272 $129.95 ($140. retail)

Tote. 16”. #16265 $79.95 ($85. retail) Laptop Case detachable strap. 15 x 12 x 5”. (view online) #15363 $99.95 ($140. retail)

Sleeve. (cream) 16 x 12 x 1”. #15379 $59.95 ($75. value) Midnight Garden Sleeve. (black. view online) #17520 $59.95





Romantic Techno: L a p t op & i P h o n e S k i n s Lavish designs protect your devices from scratches, and are easily applied with a bubble-free 3M removable gelaskin. iPhone Skins. Fits iPhone 4, all models. $19.95/ea. 1. Dreamer iPhone Skin. #20699 2. Butterfly iPhone Skin. #20697 3. Autumn Days iPhone Skin. (view online) #20698 Coordinating Laptop Skins available online. Clara Kasavina

Ostrich Purse The distinctive exotic leather with the pebbled texture goes dressy with a clustered pearl and Swarovski crystal bouquet clasp. 9 x 4”. USA. #13278 $695. ($1050. retail)

Mary Poppins’ C a r p e t B ag Rich velvet brocade woven in hues of wine and gold are handsomely appointed with leather and brass to endure a lifetime of weekend getaways! Zipper compartment and pocket. 100% cotton/ leather. 14 x 16”. #17575 $99.95 ($150. value) Coordinating laptop case #19162 available online.

P ac k a b l e L ac e H at

Stuff it in a tote or cram it in a promises to keep its pretty shape no matter.

#21337 $39.95

Also available in dark brown: #21338, $39.95 (view online)

Kiss Clasp Coin Purse A petite pouch for spare change is sewn in a lovely vintage floral. Our signature casting adorns the pretty purse accessory. Cotton with satin lining. 3”. Ivory or Black. #19252 9.95/ea. Save on 2 or More! $6.95/ea.

Closet Safes A must-have item for anyone who travels. Conceal money, jewelry, or keep special accessories with particular outfits. Simply place items inside the side zippered pouch and slip a jacket or shirt over the closet safe. Scotch-guard treated. 15 x 6” pouch. #1759C $19.95

Tapestry. (view online) #1759T $19.95


Black Lace P a r a s o l Sunbeams demurely filter through a delicate weave, casting a lovely pattern upon a pretty face. Silk ribbons, knotted rosette and ruffled flounce. #17800 $19.95 ($30. value)

Moulin Rouge

M i s s K i t t y ’ s C o r s e t U m b r e ll a Rain or shine...this sassy weather shield is all laced up and ready for a stroll.

L ac e H o s i e r y (left) Beautiful French antique lace patterns are pretty under skirts and frocks.

#20057 $19.95 ($30. value)

#17802 $9.95 ($15. value)

I ta l i a n H o s i e r y (right) Discovered these in Venice...exquisite, silken, created to endure for many seasons. Italy. One size fits most. Knee-highs. #21299 $19.95 ($40. value) Pantyhose. #21313 $39.95 ($60. value) G i r ly U m b r e ll a s Feminine chic to keep the rain at bay. Opens to 38”.

Fingerle ss Glove s

...are ultimately romantic. One size.

$29.95/ea. ($40. value)

#17608 $12.95 ($20. value)

Ruffles. #19720 Lace Print. #19721

C l au d e t t e L ac e C lu t c h A sheer overlay of black netted lace alludes to satin beneath. Satin bow is appointed with a crystal jewel. Optional 16” chain. Gift pouch. 11 x 4”. #18730 $29.95 ($40. value)

Louise Green C h a n t i lly L ac e C l o c h e A band of delicate French lace graces a natural sisal crown and reminds one of handmade bobbin lace from an era when lace was an art. Arrives in a keepsake hatbox. USA. #14979 $219.95 ($262. retail)



Glamorous Glove s

Gala Gloves. A prim bow is sewn upon a lace inset. #19011 $12.95 ($15. value)

Soirée Gloves. Sheer chantilly-pattern lace extends beyond the elbow. #19010 $12.95 ($15. value)

Beaded Collar

An otherwise simple sweater is transformed into a couture design. Jet glass beads are meticulously hand sewn upon a sheer fabric.

#15930 $49.95 ($70. value)

Mary Frances “H e L o v e s M e ” B ag The latest design from the legendary designer is a coveted limited edition. Each petal is encrusted with beads while the removable strap can be worn as a necklace. 9 x 2 x 4”. 32” strap. 15” drop. #21242 $260. (Additional Mary Frances bags online.)

Venetian Lace C o l l a r & C u f f s Cuffs. Suddenly, sonnets spring to mind and one becomes in character with a heroine from an Elizabethan novel. Elasticized wrists are concealed beneath the season's sweaters and jackets. Ivory, Black or Antique (shown). 6”.

#10222 $24.95 ($40. value)

L ac y S l o u c h S o c k s

Nonchalant casual comfort meets dressy halfway...a dainty detail is sewn upon wonderfully comfortable cotton socks! Black, White or Ecru. #6799 $11.95 ($15. value)

Collar. Transcend an ordinary wardrobe with an over-the-top accessory that proclaims couture. Implement your prized brooches and pearl many as you dare. Detachable rose pin. One size. Ivory. (shown) #16143 $39.95 ($50. value) Black. #16524 / Antique. #16525 67

Dewdrops Ring Opalescent seed pearls are randomly set amidst glistening marcasite stones upon a replica ring cast in purest .925 sterling silver. Sizes 5-9 #21530 $99.95

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Victorian Trading C


Jewelry 2012

Presorted Standard US Postage P AID Victorian Papers

Radcliffe N e e d l e p o i n t T o t e A classic old bouquet is rendered in spun wool threads upon a navy ground. Brass zipper. Lined with two zipper compartments. navy cotton velvet. 18 x 12”. #21184 $99.95 ($140. retail) Also available (p.4): Vassar Purse, #21185.

($160. value)

Mandarin Garnet C r y s ta l R i n g Embraced by crystal-studded vines, the fiery gem has been replicated in faceted crystal. The stone is thought to induce joy in life and vigor. Sizes 5-9. #21549 $29.95 ($45. value)

Elegant Eye

M ag n i f y i n g P e n da n t A lovely antique spoon handle was cast into a functional glass for reading menus and small type. 3x magnification. 28” chain. 4” pendant. #21585 $29.95 ($45. value)

Charlotte’s Dream

Heirloom Hand Mirror Our coveted antique was entrusted to our favorite artisans in order that they would replicate it. When the copy arrived, we could not discern the new from the old. Gold leaf on porcelain. Beveled glass. Gift boxed. 9 x 5”. #21586 $49.95 ($76. value)

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